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I started my podcast back in May of ‘17 and thanks to like-minded Men, TSR: Live has made great strides in both content and production. The show has gotten over 4 million views and that’s on just one of the many platforms I stream to.

The truth isn’t pretty, gentlemen. This is why I’ve been banned on every social media platform out there. Even now my content is de-ranked and de-monetized. But that hasn’t stopped me and it NEVER will. Tune in every Monday at NoonEST.

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Men need each other. We need experienced mentors who can guide us through today’s treacherous dating market that can leave a Man broken and defeated.

My extensive experience with women and dating allows me to help Men just like you. But if you’re looking for short cuts, cheat codes, or magic bullets, I cannot help you. However, if you’re willing to accept hard truths and consistently put in the work, book a consultation.



Over 650 Men are benefitting from my 7 hour, 5 part step by step audio guide: HOW TO BUILD A QUALITY WOMAN FROM THE GROUND UP.

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Walk the walk

Being a Man of high value has its benefits, but it takes hard work and consistency. If you’re looking to improve your life on all fronts, and are willing to do what it takes to kick life’s ass, you need access to daily content.

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Become a leader of men

The Red Pill doesn’t just apply to dating and relationships. It applies to life, work, family, social situations, and everything in between. The 21 Convention is where you can meet Donovan and Men like him. Get discounted tickets now.


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