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***ATTENTION*** Be thorough when filling out your questionnaire. I need stories, details, and examples. Be as detailed as humanly possible. Do not be vague, short, or ambiguous (in other words, don't be lazy). Don't be afraid to write me a "novel." I'd rather comb through 2,000+ words in a consultation form than read "I wanna learn how to get laid" or "My wife/girlfriend isn't fucking me." If I see forms like this, you will be issued a refund immediately. I cannot do my job effectively if I don't have absolutely all of the pertinent information pertaining to your situations(s). 

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Be specific and detailed as possible. You can never give too much detail or information. DO NOT BE VAUGUE OR GENERAL. DO NOT WRITE "I wanna get laid more" or "I'm terrible with girls" or "I need help with this girl I'm fucking". BE SPECIFIC AND DETAILED