Over 25 hours of game knowledge is packed into this course! If you’re looking to take your game with women to the next level, this course will definitely get you there.

I get hundreds of emails and messages from guys just like you every month asking me to teach them sleep with hot girls. Guys ask me things like

“What’s the first step to learning game and getting better with women?”


“Donovan, I just got divorced or I just got out of a long term relationship and I’m back on the dating market for the first time in years...where do I start?”

This course will answer those questions.

Over the years I’ve done hundreds of videos discussing the red pill, girls, game, pickup, and sexual attraction But because of YouTube’s restrictions and censorship, I’ve had to delete thousands of hours of videos in order to keep my channel from getting taken down….again. Fortunately, I had most of it backed up. The content I had to hide contains a wealth of knowledge pertaining to every aspect of game and it hasn’t been available to anyone, anywhere, until now.

This course will teach you the ins and outs of dealing with women on a sexual level. There are a few principles that apply to relationships but the overwhelming majority of the information you now have access to will increase your success with women strictly on a sexual level.

You’ll learn how to stop bad behavior like delayed texting and sexual manipulation. You’ll learn what 2 critical mistakes to avoid when setting up a first date. You’ll learn how to use social media to increase your sexual market value. You’ll also learn next level game principles like how to turn out a slut for personal gain and how to get a strip club on lock. Guys that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a shitload of content and all of it is going to increase your game level by leaps and bounds.

Now I want you guys to understand that every bit of knowledge in this course is based on my own personal experience. I’ve had countless sexual encounters with women so I have a clear understanding of what works. I’ve also FAILED with countless women so I also have a clear understanding of what DOESN’T work. 

Something else you need to understand is that this is NOT going to be easy. Yes, this course will certainly shorten your learning curve but make no mistake…getting good with women takes a lot of work, a lot of time, and a lot of practice.

But you can be rest assured that this course will drastically improve your conquests with women. You can also take solace in the fact that you’ll start seeing results almost immediately. No that doesn’t mean you’ll turn into a Casanova level player in 24 hours but you will definitely see a marked improvement provided you put in the work, and use the techniques I will teach you.

Chapter one will cover the basics. This will lay the foundation for your success with girls. You’ll learn how to destroy your approach anxiety and become fearless when talking to 9s and 10s. I teach you my principles of text game and explain the whens, the whats, and the hows. You’ll also learn how to overcome shit tests as well as deciphering the difference between a girl shit testing you and disrespecting you and much, much more.

Chapter two teaches you the dos and don’ts of first dates and first meetups. First date logistics, why you should ALWAYS try to sleep with her on the first date, and avoiding the two biggest mistakes when setting UP a first date will all be covered in this section.

Chapter three will teach you the unbreakable rules of game. I teach you my 10 immutable slut rules, my 10 side chick commandments, how to handle getting caught cheating, and my 7 ironclad rules for dealing with single mothers.

In chapter four, you’ll learn about the preventative measures to take to mitigate your risk when dealing with women. You’ll learn how to avoid blue pill backsliding, how to stop bad behaviors like delayed texting and sexual manipulation, and how to avoid the friend zone.

Chapter five is for the advanced players out there. Strip club game, how to tell the difference between a woman who will sleep with you and a woman who’s just looking to get free drinks, and the secrets to making any woman invest in you is just the tip of the iceberg in this section. Chapter 5 is next level game and will separate you from 99% of Men out there.

And finally, as a huge bonus, I’ve included the lost game podcasts. Tinder game, dressing better, and how to deal with a woman’s bad behavior will all be covered in these podcasts with special guests black label logic, Alan Roger Currie, and Alpha Male strategies. These podcasts can’t be found anywhere but in this course.

Gentlemen I’ve just scratched the surface. This course contains over 25 hours of real world, actionable advice and step by step guidance on how to deal with attractive women. But remember, take your time. Girls aren’t going anywhere. There’s no need to rush. Drink in the knowledge, and apply it. The rest I leave to you.