Episode #249: 10 MORE ways women unknowingly sabotage their relationships


Most women never realize that their regular habits within a relationship sabotages their relationships. Their actions and thoughts are second nature to them and they do this stuff so regularly that it never occurs to them why none of their relationships work out.

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Now we all know they never blame themselves when a relationship ends. They’ll never say “well he found out I cheated again and that’s why things went south” or “I was a terrible girlfriend” or “I didn’t treat him that well” they always manage to divorce themselves from any and all accountability in that regard.

But what they don’t know is that these relationship habits that have been a part of them for so long that they don’t realize they’re sabotaging their relationships from day one.

Girls are always asking “why can’t I find a good guy” or “why do my relationships never work out?” Well it’s because they have bad relationship habits.

One bad relationship habit girls have is social media. They get caught up in this fantasy world where they know everyone lies about everything, including their friends. All their friends make it seem like they have the world’s greatest boyfriend so she starts comparing these imaginary perfect men to her real man and starts nit picking. Next thing you know she dumps him thinking he’s not the best she can do.

Another bad relationship habit is keeping in contact with ex boyfriends. There’s no reason for a woman to keep in contact with her ex. Of course the REASOn they text their exes after a breakup is to keep him on standby in case her current boyfriend acts up. A lot of times when a girl cheats it’s with her ex. I have a LOT of ex girlfriends and I’ve fucked just about all of them after we broke up.

Another bad relationship habit girls have these days is not checking in. They never let their boyfriends know where they are, what they’re doing, and who they’re doing it with. After a while he starts to get suspicious as to why she disappears for hours at a time and eventually he leaves because he thinks she’s cheating….and guess what….a lot of times she IS cheating.

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never ever take relationship advice from

a woman

she doesn't need space she wants out

stop playing video games and hit the gym

dude if she breaks up with you

she has already found your replacement

guaranteed what's up guys it's a man

Donovan Sharpe and welcome to the 249

edition of csr live your daily dose of

dreadful truth wisdom and awareness it

is Friday May 4th 2018 my Philadelphia

76ers find themselves in an o2 hole

after the Boston Celtics handled their

business last night listen Ben

the Celtics hold serve I got to be

honest with you I thought we'd get out

of there with a 1:1 split I kind of half

expected us to win both of those games

but it would appear that the Celtics are

a better team than I thought they were

and I think somebody I think it was

James Martinez who pointed out the fact

that Brad Stevens is the superior coach

Brett Brown is a good coach but if the

if the Philly Boston series has taught

us anything regardless of how long how

long this goes is that good coaching

good coaching matters okay you don't

just roll the ball out there as a coach

and say hey go put the ball in the

basket Brad Stevens is one of the best

coaches in the NBA if you guys remember

keeps up Butler when he was in college

he took Butler to the national champion

champion ship game two times in a row

two years in a row man and by the way

Butler had Gordon Hayward Gordon Hayward

now plays for the Boston Celtics of

course Gordon Hayward injured himself

the first play of the season where his

ankle turned you know completely

backwards but Brad Stevens is listen he

is a great basketball coach and he is

he's putting together he's putting

together quite a resume and Boston's got

some salary cap they've got they've

they've got some room under the cap when

Kyrie Irving comes back and he become in

if if he can come back and stay healthy

if Jalen Brown comes back and can stay

healthy they might be able to go out and

get out

a Kawhi Leonard and if the Boston

Celtics can go out and get someone like

Kawhi Leonard dude watch out man I mean

we all know LeBrons not gonna be around

forever but I'm gonna I'll tell you what

if how can I put this I'm not gonna say

that Boston will be the Beast in the

East for the next ten years but they

certainly could be right like it would

appear that these that the 76ers are the

heir apparent to LeBron Jameses

Cavaliers and in terms of ruling the

east i'ma tell you what man the Celtics

if the Celtics are up to O on the Sixers

who had with dude we're fully rested

fully you know we've got all our players

that do two of their best three players

are out and they've still got us down in

a notes who hole watch out they start

spending money they start spending money

bring in a free agent man we would we're

gonna be in some trouble so so hopefully

the Sixers hopefully the six or skim the

back can come back and even that Series

in Philadelphia I got Brazilian Jujitsu

right after the show and my girl and I

are gonna do sort of an adventure date

tonight we're gonna go to the batting

cages helmet honestly I haven't been to

a batting cage since I can't remember

the last time I even swung a bat so it's

it's been a while the last time I

actually played the game of softball God

was an oh three when I moved to Florida

with Darcy I just decided to I just

decided to you know sign up for a

softball because I used to be really

really good at softball

I was a below-average bass Bobby I made

the varsity baseball team but I could

never you know I couldn't see anything

over 80 miles an hour so there was no

way I was gonna play college baseball

but I was really really that was really

really good at softball and the last

time I played was was back in oh three

and I haven't been to a batting cage

since so it'll be interesting my armors

probably fall off tonight but yeah me

and my girl are gonna do something

adventurous tonight so you know full day

man I'm listen I'm staying active I had

a had a spin class last night doing

Brazilian jiu-jitsu right after the show

doing the batting cages right after that

then tomorrow morning another spin class

so you know trying to stay healthy

trying to stay trying to try to stay

strong here in my in my in my prime

hopefully my 40s will be the will be the

desk the the best decade of my life well

enough of my yammering

here for ten more ways women unknowingly

sabotage their relationships now you

guys are probably wondering okay ten

more ways what happened to the ten ways

well ten ways women unknowingly sabotage

their relationship was released on

donovan sharp calm this past week so be

sure to check out donovan sharp calm if

you want to know what the first ten ways

that i pointed out that women sabotage

their relationships but so i'm gonna add

a supplement to the ten ways that that i

dropped a little bit earlier now most

women gentlemen they never realized that

their regular habits the habits they

don't even think about the things they

do subconsciously within a relationship

sabotages their relationships their

actions their thoughts their words

they're all second nature to them and

they do this stuff so regularly that it

never occurs to them as to why none of

their relationships work out right now

we all know that women will never ever

blame themselves when a relationship

ends no they'll never say well he found

out i cheated again and that's why

things went south we'll never hear them

say well i was a terrible girlfriend and

that's why he left me or i didn't treat

him well that's why he dumped me women

always manage to divorce themselves from

any and all accountability in that

regard actually they've managed to

divorce themselves for many a tall

accountability and any regard whether

it's relationships work raising children

car accidents it doesn't matter anything

that happens to a woman is never her

fault but what these women don't know is

that these relationship habits that have

been a part of them for so long that

what they don't know is they've been

apart them for so long that they don't

realize that these habits are sabotaging

their relationships from day one i mean

essentially before if they even start so

we had all these girls out here asking

well why can't i find a good guy or why

do my relationships never work out well

it's because they have bad relationship

habits i'll go over a few that i went

over in the first one one bad

relationship habits girls have in social

media i had someone ask me in the

pre-show Q&A; on the facebook

side hey my new yup my new wife is it is

on social media is that bad

stupid question he knows the answer

that's why he asked the question women

get caught up in this fantasy world

where they know that everyone lies about

everything including the people they

know their friends their friends all of

her friends or any given woman all of

her friends make it seem like they live

the best lives and that they have the

world's greatest boyfriend so your woman

starts comparing these imaginary perfect

men to you and then she starts

nitpicking next thing you know she dumps

you thinking that you're not the best

she can do another bed relationship

habit is keeping in contact with

ex-boyfriends guys there is no reason

for a woman to keep in contact with her

ex now of course the real reason they

they text their exes after break-up is

to keep him on standby in case her

boyfriend acts up I'll listen a lot of

times when a girl cheats it's with her

ex gentleman I have a lot of

ex-girlfriends I have fucked just about

all of them after we broke up

another bad relationship habit that

girls have these days and this is one

that's not up and talked about is they

don't check in they're out very

transparent they never let their

boyfriends they never proactively let

their boyfriends know where they are

what they're doing and who they're with

after a while he starts to get a little

bit suspicious as to why she disappears

for hours at a time and never calls or

texts nothing and eventually he ends up

leaving because he thinks she's cheating

and guess what guys a lot of times she

is cheating so what I'm gonna do guys is

I'm gonna talk about 10 more ways women

unknowingly sabotage their relationships

knowing the habits knowing the habits

that women have the bad habits that they

have coming into relationships that

effectively end them before they start

is a good knowledge base to have this

way you can nip these problems in the

bud and keep your girl from blowing

things up before they start let's go

ahead and get started we're gonna go

ahead and started with number 11

they take relationship advice from their

single slutty friends one of the most

detrimental things women do to

themselves in their relationships is

taking advice from their single slutty

friends not their married friends who

have good marriages know they take

advice from their slutty friends their

single friends their married friends who

are cheating on their husbands their

friends who are in a new relationship

every other week now one might ask well

why don't they take advice from their

married friends why don't they take

advice from the women they know who are

in good solid relationships well advice

from women who are good marriages or

successful long-term relationships is

that the advice they give that's not the

advice women want to hear okay

she's asked her friends who are in good

relationships for advice and the advice

that they gave her was difficult to hear

and even more difficult to follow okay

she was told that in order to gain trust

from her boyfriend that she needed to

give him access to her phone and be open

and honest about her whereabouts at all

times but because girls ain't trying to

do that she ends up getting advice from

her other friends the ones who cheat on

their boyfriends and fucked three

different guys a week these girls can

never say listen these girls can never

say to themselves

it never occurs to them to ask

themselves something like why would I

take financial advice from someone who's

broke or why would I take fitness advice

from from a fat girl right and then

equated to why would I take relationship

advice from Courtney who fucks different

guys from the club every weekend it

never occurs to them to to ask these

questions of themselves so when they get

relationship advice from their single

slutty friends you know girls who are

never in good solid relationships she's

she's sabotaging her relationships

number 12

she desires she denies her desire to be

objectified this is another feminist lie

guys feminism tells girls that it is bad

to be objectified and that women need to

respect them for so much more than just

their bodies in their holes but what

they don't tell these girls is that if a

man isn't sexually attracted to them

he's gonna bounce

so aside from getting fat girls take

exception when their boyfriends ask them

to put on a thong or slutty clothes or

slutty heels because they're being

objectified wear this thong oh my god

you're objectifying me no I just want

you to look good so I want to fuck you


newsflash gentlemen girls love being

objectified females live for male

designer they love it when men look at

him like a piece of meat they love it

when men when men openly show that they

are sexually attracted to them and this

includes by the way their boyfriends and

husbands there's not a wife or a

girlfriend alive that wouldn't that

wouldn't absolutely love seeing their

boyfriends or husbands mouths drool when

they walk in the room when they walk

into a room where nothing but heels and

handcuffs they love this shit guys

so when a girl tells her boyfriend LMG I

will not allow you to objectify me he

says to her cool I'll just fuck your

friend who thinks as hot that I think

high-heel should only be pointed at the

ceiling or the wall

number thirteen

this is one that is not often discussed

she watches too many romantic comedies

this is similar to the social media one

that I pointed out yesterday but the

difference is that rom-coms they've been

around for a lot longer

right when Harry Met Sally you've got

mail we've all heard them we've all seen

him John Cusack

you know what's his name Hugh Jackman

you know Gerard Butler's been at a

couple of them when girls see these

movies once again they internalize

something that isn't real a tall dark

and handsome man with all of the

physical alpha traits who acts like a

beta who can't live without them that's

what they see they think that these men

exist they're too fucking stupid to

realize that men who look like that are

never fixated on one woman okay and will

not follow her to the ends of the earth

in a hilarious whirlwind romance filled

with laughter and love starts tomorrow

and selects a tease rated R doesn't work

that way guys this is real life there's

so many girls out here looking for that

perfect awkward funny romantic chance

meeting in a grocery store with a tall

tan gorgeous blond-haired blue-eyed stud

and they never get it because life ain't

the fucking movies and even if they do

find it they don't know what to do after


because after the movie ends right app

because the movie ends before now see

they watch that they watch the entire

movie they see all this fun and all

these fields and oh I love you love me

but guess what guys before because

before the movie ends okay John Cusack

and let's don't know Katherine Heigl

they get married

okay have three kids they're up to their

eyeballs in debt and they hate each

other because she's having an affair

he's lost his job and their 14 year old

daughters fucking a 32 year old who just

got out of prison for grand theft auto

then they wonder where all the good men

have gone and why their lives aren't

going according to plan that's because

you think your life should be a fucking


let's go to the chat here and see what

we've got


okay it looks like we've got some yes

mark do I actually asks a very good

question he says Donovan if men are

biologically designed to be polyamorous

and not monogamous why are you in a

monogamous relationship nothing personal

just want to get an insight you are my

guru well this is simple and if you've

listened if you've listened or listened

to me a read me for an extended period

it's on you you already know this answer

but that's okay I'll go and answer the

question the reason why I'm in a

monogamous relationship is because being

in a monogamous relationship is a lot

easier than fucking a bunch of chicks

it's a better life listen don't get me

wrong man dude my dude my 30s in Las

Vegas dude that that was the greatest

decade of my life man dude I was fucking

pretty girls here dating so well fucking

strippers dating strippers that's not

really anything to brag about because

strippers make bad girlfriends but dude

I was fucking 8 9s and 10s like it was

going out of style

dude I was up to my eyeballs and blow

dude I was getting into strip clubs free

this you know getting comparably dude it

was great okay

but at some point a man has to grow up

at some point that that life kind of

gets old and if I'm listen if I'm gonna

be honest with you guys that life

damn near swallowed me up I got to a

point to where I was on the brink of

cocaine addiction I was doing cocaine I

was doing cocaine every weekend and I

had it under control for about six

months then there was one period it's on

I did it for a week straight that's what

I knew okay I need to dial this back I

need to take control of my life okay

but that's beside the point fucking a

bunch of girls is a great life it really


but being being in a monogamous

relationship being in in a committed

relationship with one woman from dude

that listen this is what men want

biologically were designed were designed

to be polyamorous okay but as a man like

as far as what we want as far as what we

really want we all want one woman that

we can trust in love right any men and

listen most men would choose hey listen

if I can have one girl I was attracted

to who took good care of me we love each

other we have a good relationship or I

can go out here and

a bunch of sluts you don't know who had

dude there's STDs risk of pregnancy just

it's just listen don't get me wrong I'm

not saying that fucking a bunch of girls

isn't a great life but it is a much

better life to be in a committed

relationship with one woman truck listen

I've lived both lives and right now I'm

in the best committed relationship I

have ever been in and the committed

relationship that I am in absolutely

blows away that Vegas life had a lot of

fun in Vegas there's no doubt about it

but at some point that gets old and

every man has to grow up


so he says I guess I guess other people

are in seeing this question samarth I

think what you need to do is I think we

need to have a consult you ask very good

questions you ask very good lengthy

questions and I think I think you need

to I listen as a matter of fact hit me

and my email go to my go to my website

Donovan sharp comm sign up for consult

because you have a lot of you have a lot

of very long-winded questions and

they're they're much appreciated but you

know I don't mind answering questions

every once in a while but you tend to

take up a lot of time with these long

questions that require long answers not

a problem this is what my consults are

for Miami Jay says I miss super Ted

right you miss super jet and Sun says

it's because one can fuck hundreds of

women but in the end we are also

designed to connect on a different level

with one woman at least one time there

you go very good

so tricks a lot says a lot of technical

issues says the video is slid up in



all right well listen


yeah just make sure make sure guys

okay aunt James says what's up dawn

finally able to catch a live show I've

been getting ready for my trip to San

Jose for work red pills on the move good

to see you in here as well good to see

you in here yeah guys listen let me know

if I'm running smoothly make sure that

everything is everybody's video running

okay just give me a quick thumbs up or

hit the number one

make sure make sure everybody can see me

and hear me I'm looking good on my side

I'm on a Mac I'm on a I'm on a really

nice Mac I've got a direct Ethernet

connection and you know my bitrate looks

good resolution looks good so I don't

know maybe Oh sharpest this actually

says yes I have issues when driving and

jumping towers okay yeah so sharp assist

is this way in there as well yeah if

you're if you're moving or driving you

know the video might cut in or out so um

so just be okay very good okay all right

every everybody's good okay yeah listen

listen okay perfect if every if anybody

ever has any problems right let me know

because you might not be the only one

okay if one person says hey Donovan I

can't really hear you that's why I asked

hey does everybody can everybody see me

and hear me that if I get a consensus

then I'm like okay well maybe I need to

change something so excellent excellent

okay let us move to number 14 the number

14 read the number fourteenth way women

unknowingly sabotage their relationship

is they over think everything okay so

many girls out here overthink everything

and listen in their defense

this is kind of how they are women are

neurotic they analyze every like oh my

god dude my girlfriend was on reddit the

other day red pill women and this chick

was talking about a 35 year old doctor

who was disqualifying men for the

stupidest things like he drinks yoohoo

like what would i look like being with a

guy who drinks you or like the stupidest

things women overanalyze everything and

and and unfortunately for them

it ends up fucking things up like for

example if he doesn't put the period at

the end of a text okay she's at she send

him screengrabs to all our friends

asking her what it means or if he's

cheating or if he's if he's not in love

with her anymore if he decides the

fucker at at his place okay she starts

to wonder if he doesn't like her place

anymore or if he's suffer if he's

fucking someone in her apartment complex

like all these things go through their

mind women dissect anything and

everything because girls have

nothing better to do than to overanalyze

the most inconsequential actions by

their boyfriends and when you think

about something long enough guys

especially as a woman you'll start to

find something wrong or find faults and

then start to see signs that something

bad is happening and then they start

acting upon those things based on bad

things that aren't really there so a

woman all of a sudden now is starting to

flirt with guys because she thinks that

her boyfriend is no longer in love with

her because he didn't put periods at the

end of his sentence right and and who

told her that he might be in love with

someone else if he doesn't put periods

at the end of a sentence oh that's right

her slutty friend was a who has a new

boyfriend every other week oh yeah I've

dated tons of guys and when they stopped

putting periods at the end of their

sentence they're always fucking somebody

else well this is why you shouldn't take

advice from your slutty friend

sweetheart now at this point one of two

things is gonna happen

either she will end up cheating because

girls never just end a relationship they

cheat their way out of first or he will

end up cheating or he'll end up cheating

or leaving because she's acting like a

psycho this is called paralysis by

analysis gentlemen every girl does this

every one of them

number 15 this is a big one they stopped

giving head they stopped sucking dick

man girls will never truly and this

might seem superficial right but we're

all men here and when a girl stops

sucking your dick dude that's a problem

girls will never truly understand the

immense pleasure that a man gets when he

watches a woman suck his dick listen

there aren't too many things in this

world that are too much hotter than a

girl on her knees stroking your cock

with her mouth

and because of this ignorance they

assume that once again they have our

commitment they don't have to do it


so they stop then they get mad and ask

why did you fuck my friend because she

sucks dick and you don't now get out of

here she's on her way over

number 16 the sixteenth way women

unknowingly sabotage their relationships

as they try to weaponize sex I remember

I was fuckin this one girl from Indian

Springs it's it's south of Las Vegas

it's actually even hotter than Vegas at

you know for the first month or so we

were pretty solid the sex was I mean the

sex was above it was above average you

know but she was hot she was she was a

fucking smoke show and she was really

nice she was pleasant to be around

um I mean looking back she was probably

an ugly duckling because girls who look

like she did usually aren't one aren't

that nice unless they were ugliest kids

anyway Raisa drive down there you know I

drove down there one night and we're

hanging out and I come up behind her and

I grab her tits and bite her and let

bite her neck you know letting her know

I'm trying to fuck that's my move on

grab your tits and bite your neck hand

goes down south next thing you know my

dicks in your mouth this bitch has the

gall to say to me something she had

never done before she says you haven't

earned it yet

now she laughed while she said it so I

thought she was just joking around just

trying to be playful so I put my hand

down her panties and she wrenches away

from me and says no I'm serious you

haven't earned it yet so I was confused

and I said are you serious and she says

I'm dead serious

you can't she says I'm dead sir she's

like you can't just waltz in here and

fuck me without whining me and dining me

a little bit I deserve that and I said

to her well I ain't the whinin and dinin

type and she said well then I guess

you're not getting laid tonight and I

said that's what you think and walk

right out the door my dude my hand to

the fucking man what this girl didn't

know is that she was the side chick I

had a girlfriend at the time as a matter

of fact I was actually dating Chrissy at

the time okay and and Chrissy knew I was

coming over after she got off work so

the fact that this chick down in Indian

Springs tried to pull this bullshit on

me didn't faze me not one bit one guy in

the pre-show Q&A; asked his living is

spinning plates essential to the red

pill life and basically what he was

asking is fucking a bunch of girls is it

necessary to do that to live the red

pill life it's not necessary but if you

want to keep that abundance mentality it

is because let's say this girl in Indian

Springs was the only chick I was fucking


time if she says well you're not getting

laid tonight I'm like well shit they're

gonna go home and jerk off I got a wine

and dine this chick and if either way I

lose right I'm jerking off with my

computer or I'm whining and done in this

girl and guess what the next time I come

over I got a wine and dine her a little

bit more then two weeks later she's

fucking act she ends up fucking somebody

else who doesn't give a shit about

wining and dining here you guys see how

that works that's the power of abundance

guys she says while I guess you're not

getting laid tonight and I said that's

what you think I walked right out the

fucking I walked right out the fucking

door anyway girls they do this shit all

the time they overplay they and they

give up they they give up the pussy in

the beginning and then they try to take

it away to control you now here's the

thing the average man would have fallen

for the girl her name was loose and it

was actually pronounced loose she was

Mexican and it was spelled Lu Zhi Miami

J if you're in here you can you can you

can verify that her name was her name

was loose Mendoza

and it was spelled Lu Zhi so I don't

want you guys thinking her own you dated

a girl named Luce no her name really was

loose but it was Lu Zhi anyway any the

average man would have fought for Lucis

bullshit right

but and just like every girl out there

who over plays her hand with a man she

knows could do without her she's blowing

up my phone

all the way home she's texting me come

back right I was just kidding she's

texted me why are you being stupid

I'm sorry bla bla bla bla bla no I

didn't turn around no the fuck I did not


I put her stupid ass on ice for a good

two weeks I said two weeks later I

texted her back and oh it's a miracle

that straightened her ass out and she

was my side chick once again for a

little while longer again guys any other

man would have stayed out there and jump

through her hoops and they would have

lost all of her respect they may have

kept fucking her okay but failing a shit

at failing a shit test like that because

that was a shit test that that that

loose pulled on me that is the beginning

of the end but a fuck but five

percenters guys we're not here for that

we're not here for the nonsense

we expect to pussy every time all the

time and when we don't get it we bounce

to the nest to the next check on our

roster girls who try to weaponize sex to

control men they they actually like they

actually try they actually try this shit

on men they like they always fuck up

their relationships in this way and once

again once again it's probably because

one of their stupid slutty friends told

them that this is what to do to gain

control of the relationship stupid

fucking bitches men

number 17 they overestimate their value

this is where feminism again leads girls

astray girls think that because they're

more valuable in a reproductive sense

and they are I mean women are more

valuable than men as far as the species

is concerned they think that because

they are more biologically valuable that

they're more valuable in a relationship

sense and all girls figure this out the

hard way at some point or another and it

usually starts the first time a guy they

actually likes walks out on them when

girls get fat it's because they've

overestimated their value when girls

stop sucking dick it's because they've

overestimated their value when girls

stop making an effort to act like a lady

it's because they've overestimated their

value and the fucked up thing is that

all the girl has to do to maintain her

value to a man is to stay fit cook for

him you know represent him well in

public not get out of pocket not

disrespect them suck his dick and give

him the pussy that's it that's all you

got to do that's not that difficult

compared to what we as men have to do to

maintain our value to women which

encompasses a hell of a lot more than


but today's females think that all they

have to do is be there and that her

boyfriend will thank his lucky stars

that he is so blessed to be graced by

her very presence because that's what

them and until feminism tells these

bitches then when she gets dumped for

the eighth time in eight months she

wonders where did I go wrong

girls have to understand that pussy

doesn't equal commitment pussy gets you

in the door okay the rest listen being a

lady being feminine cooking cleaning

acting like a woman not getting at a

pocket represent me well in public that

gets you my time and attention and

females think that they shouldn't be

required to do any of that stuff and

unfortunately for them they sabotage

their relationship in this way before it

even starts

number 18 they try to avoid being

labeled as needy now this one we can

blame on we can blame female magazines

and relationship experts for women are

consistently told that being needy is a

bad thing because it makes them look

weak and it'll scare guys away wrong on

both counts guys as men we don't mind

needy females guys females need guidance

they need they need protection from

danger and themselves they need us not

to feed into their emotional shenanigans

they need our strength they need our

brainpower they need us to keep them

from self-destructing they need us to

demand their best and hold them

accountable they need us to put shit

together and carry heavy objects they

need us to fix their cars and hook up

their cable so in that regard needy

women are a good thing especially when

they can actually acknowledge them to

themselves that they actually need these

things Nene is being miss characterized

as high maintenance okay the bitch who

needs reassurance every half an hour

that you don't have one foot out the

door the chick who needs constant

validation of her attraction because

they ask you shit like are you still

attracted to me after you have fucked

her three times in less than an hour

the girl who insists on bringing you to

meet her friends to show them that

you're not a make-believe boyfriend what

ends up happening is that girls end up

trying to do everything themselves to

keep themselves from being the wrong

definition of needy okay you offer bring

up her groceries you offer to bring her

groceries up to her apartment no thanks

I got it well her face turns purple

halfway up the stairs right you tell her

you'll put together the bookshelf she's

but no no I got it I don't want you to

feel obligated if you if you offer to

fix her swamp cooler because it's 174

degrees outside in her house she tells

you not to worry about it and that she'd

rather pay someone 200 dollars for what

you can do in five minutes and by the

way swamp coolers are desert air

conditioners like those are prevalent in


at some point men say to themselves what

the fuck does she what what the fuck

does she need me for and we end up

ghosting on them

let's check the chat here



all right good good good good good so

mark says it runs perfectly if you have

a great download speed and proper and

preferably connected to a high-speed

Wi-Fi yep

yep Eric Wynonna's has given me the the


because as some of you niggas need to

rid yourself of that acer pc i used to

have an Acer man don't hate on a sirs


sharp assists come in with the knowledge

he says paranoia kills attraction day

says weaponizing sex bye bitch

Miami J we have enabled the

weaponization of sex by listening to the

media dude you guys are spot-on man you

guys are spot-on

oh so Hashim Abdullah says loose equals

light okay all right

anton says social media fucked

everything up fucked up everything de

good comment he says you literally have

fives and lower thinking that they're

eights nines and tens oh my god dude

dude oh my god dude like there's I swear

to god there is nothing like an ugly ass

bitch acting like she's a ten it's like

you ought to look at her and LAPI like

yo how many people have lied to you like

seriously who the fuck is telling you

you look like this like bitches think

that because they get a lot of dick they

must be hype nah bitch there's just a

lot of thirsty ass niggas out there and

you were the last one available at the

bar at last call


ah samartha actually dropping some

knowledge listen to this he says the

higher the the sexual market value of a

girl the more difficult it is to keep

her from cheating string or staying

committed if you want to enter a

monogamous relationship enter it with a

girl who is about two to three points

lower and sexual market value as you are

she has low maintenance power dynamics

are on your side she will always be

committed won't she just took the

hypergamy jackpot yeah you make you make

a lot of good points yeah I would agree

I would agree with most of that I mean

and here's the thing when he says 2 to 3

2 to 3 points lower in your sexual

market value I know where you're going

with that but but I'm gonna correct what

he said you need to make sure that she

has two to three points lower as far as

your overall value you could date a 10

but you could date a 10 and looks if

she's a 10 and look so she's a hot girl

you know pornstar body beautiful face

blah blah blah blah blah okay that's

fine if you're dating her in order to

keep her in line you don't have to be a

10 yourself but you gotta have your shit

in line right you got to make good money

listen there are a lot of guys out there

dating tens who have far more value than

tens ugliest all made sin but he drives

a Lamborghini and he's got a Ferrari in

his vacation home down in Miami right

next door to Miami J right so you have

to be 2 to 3 points higher in value than

they are not necessarily and I guess

your value as a manager sexual market

value so yeah I guess I guess the

Martha's right

Hashim Abdullah says there's always an

army of betas ready to inflate their

perceived value absolutely

Miami's he says there's a razor-thin

line between good between good needy and

batshit crazy needy all right I'll buy

that I'll buy that

all right sir tricks a lot it's good be

good okay good good good good pretty


Eric Winona says they need to get rid of

filters makes ugly girls look like ten

if they hide their bodies there was

actually an article on and this was one

of the old school red pill websites

called um finally you know what let me

look it up here hang on a second I'm

gonna put in secret internet fatty oh my

god this is funny

so yes guess the the the secret internet

fatty offices on return of kings holy


oh wow this was this was before I even

started writing for return of Kings I'm

gonna put this link in the in the chat

here guys it's called ten signs of the

secret internet fatty and basically what

this is is it's a woman who is fat but

you can't tell because of the filters

and the angles

so number one has no body shots only

tightly cropped face shots or very few

pictures of the profile here we are

picture pictured with food and talks

about loving food has fat friends

yes uses uses myspace angles or similar

forms of photographic subterfuge this is


ah you can't see her collarbone right if

you can't see her collarbone or she has

triangular fingers she's a she's a

secret internet fatty

ah here's a good one over emphasis of

one feature to the exclusion of the

others that's a good one

yeah definitely take a look at that

definitely take a look at that that at

that website but yeah yeah man like this

is um this is like all the filters like

you see girls with the flowers on their

head and then they've got the dog ears

like all that stuff is just nonsense

dude the fuck outta here

sharp assists says social media and

divorce rate likely have a direct

correlation spot-on spot the fuck on

Vico says if they only post face pics

they fat straight up fat binges have

more head shots than an actual model oh

my god man I love you guys I swear to

god man I have the I I think I have the

most intelligent audience some art duo

says when is your book coming out you

know I have kicked the idea I have

kicked around the idea of putting out a

book and I'm definitely gonna get

started on it sooner than later because

I want to have it before the 21

convention in in October so um when is

my book gotta come out definitely before

October O'Shay keeps me busy though man

like I've written three books for I've

written three ebooks for him he's got me

you know good Lauren I got nine articles

in the queue for him I'm writing for

Attorney Kings again but I will

definitely I will definitely definitely

be I definitely will come out with a

book and I'm gonna try actually gonna

try to get it published so that so that

there's a tangible you know hard copy so

day says those chicks are precision escs

with the cameras especially when hide

these bitches are surgical with these

fucking cameras bruh like real talk I'm

trying to tell you like the man I swear

to god these bitches will have you

thinking she looks like a fucking

supermodel you get there and Jesus

should be on my 600-pound life for some

shit like that

Samar's says I gotta keep up the legged

continue the legacy of Rolla to Messi

listen I will never ever

I'm not holding the candle to tenacity

that guy's a fucking genius I can only

try but yeah I'm definitely gonna I'm

definitely gonna write a book this year

at at some point when when things start

to when things start to calm down yeah

but for now Samarth I've got new weekly

articles coming up on returner Kings



excellent excellent all right let's

continue number 19 the 19th way women

unknowingly sabotage their relationships

they don't feel the need to build trust

this one is huge guys this is where most

women end up fucking things up the most

because they foolishly believe that a

man who fucks them trusts them they

think that if a man is sticking his dick

in her on the regular and decides that

he might want to spend time with her

outside of fucking that they don't have

to proactively build trust now back in

the day women didn't have to do this

there wasn't nearly as much temptation

as there is today

females didn't have devices in their

hands that could summon a dozen cocks

right to her location with a few taps of

a few swipes so when they started dating

a man that trust was already in place

there was really no way she could step

out without him finding out but what

girls don't understand is that men we're

aware of how easy it is for girls to be

hos we know it we know how easy it is

for them to cheat guys slut tell number

one she owns a smartphone and the reason

for this and the reason women don't

realize that they have to proactively

build trust with a man of value a five

percenter a man who has red pill aware

and I'm not talking about join up guys

I'm not talking about your average

everyday clueless beta male who assumes

every woman is honest and virtuous those

dudes are a dime a dozen right I'm

talking about men who have options men

who can come and go as we please and not

give a second thought to drop in a bitch

if she gets out of pocket regardless of

how hot she is those are the men that

require two proactive those are the men

that require women to proactively build

trust so when a when a girl wonders why

her boyfriend just dumped her out of the

blue she didn't see it coming how could

I not see this she'd do well to think

back on the many times he asked her who

she was texting and she responded don't

you trust me or just flat-out lied to

him not knowing that he knows what girls

like her or really like number 20

the 20th way women unknowingly sabotage

their relationships they push to lock

you down before building their value

this is sort of a number 17 be kind of

in that they overestimate their value so

they assume that they deserve a five

percenter to commit to them long term

and the biggest mistake bitches make in

these cases is they act like they're

entitled to commitment just because they

look good and because they let him fuck

her every few weeks now again the

average man 95% are blue pill beta the

man with no red pill awareness would

succumb to her pressure but a man of

value will do to man in value absolutely

positively will not tolerate a woman who

feels entitled to his commitment for the

sole reason that she opens her legs up

for him and that she acts kind he knows

that these women turned bitchy as soon

as she moves in or as soon as he puts a

ring on it

or as soon as he gives her some sort of

long time commitment so when women ask

when women push for commitment before

they have actually paid their dues by

being a feminine kind woman who's who

stays in shape sucks his dick gives up

the pussy on command cooks for him puts

his needs but puts his needs before her

and does it for an extended period

period of time meaning at least a year

they get dropped like the basic ass

bitch as they are everything I just

described is exactly what my woman did

for what actually I think it was

probably a little longer than that for

one gear and change my woman jumped

through these hoops I tell you guys all

the time I didn't just I didn't just

decide to be with my woman my woman

earned the right to be with me I did not

make it dude she will dude she will tell

you I dude I had her dude the apartment

she was living in I had her put a camera

in her apartment so that I could see

everything that was happening in her

apartment I had complete access to her

phone I knew what apps she was using I

knew where she went what time she left

who she was texting who she was calling


all that stuff she checked in with a

picture every time she got to work when

she sat down when she left work hey can

I go to the grocery store to pick up

some bread yes there's the bread there's

the receipt

she did this for a year plus and oh by

the way when she got home do you know

what she did she would do she would take

pictures and videos to my liking that's

right she put on slutty clothes to do

dozens of pictures a day maybe four or

five videos I tell her dance to X Y Z

50-cent song dance to X Y Z Eminem song

she'd give me a striptease right there

on the wall and dance for me I gave her

a task to build her a value to show me

that she was serious and to keep her ass

out of trouble at night how can she go

out and suck dicks if she's dancing for

me right she did this willingly not

every night was easy guys and I'm not

I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that

she did all of this with a smile no

there was some tough times but she

stayed the course this is how this is

how my woman earned the commitment of

donovan sharp

not listen not every meant dude I don't

know a man out there who would put his

who have the boo would have the balls to

put his woman through what I put her


that's listen that's why I know a guy

asked me in the in the and the pre-show

Q&A; well can I get him how many dates

until I can ask her to use birth control

I told him brah you can't do that don't

do like like what are you doing you're

looking at raw dog a single mom look at

the fuck out here she's not saying I

birth control well you live with your

woman you tell me you don't run under

yeah nigga I do raw dog her well how can

you trust her I think you know what how

I can trust her

because I put her through her fucking

paces nigga you're talking about raw dog

in a bitch you've known for ten minutes

and three days homie right so before

niggas come at me with while you do it

why can't I nigga this is what I put my

woman through this is how it works

complete listen complete dissing she

gave up her she gave up all of her

autonomy there was no privacy dude I

know dude I knew F dude I knew where she

was and what she was doing every minute

of every day

dude for I'm gonna say like a year and

two months solid it is not easy to be

with a man like me I'm not just gonna

give up the commitment oh no no no no no

no no no you got to earn that shit and

you wanna know something you want to

know something we've been together now I

think for seven or eight months and to

this day to this day she never stops

expressing to me how much he appreciates

me why because she worked for what she

got she earned it and women only value

what they are required to work for so

when a woman pushes pushes pushes you to

lock you down before building their

value uh-huh that's a no-no you got to

make sure she earns that shit let's

check the chat for the last time here


because as I also noticed that is

usually post work or office photos right

oh my god

the secret internet fatty

yeah gender Nam expel a clay Bowl logic

god no I actually have not read that I'm

actually good friends with him um i i i

do the the i do the red mat group with

him every other every other weekend day

says somewhere there is a beta male who

trusts a girl

he is only known for one month that she

has at work not knowing she's gobbling

dick like christmas cookies man I'm

telling you

hashtag bitches ain't shit hashtag bees

hoes ain't loyal

Vico says is it really 95% beta hard to

believe bra 95% that's probably a

conservative number men that's probably

that's probably come through a

conservative number straight up


aunt James says they push for a

commitment after coming after fucking to

cover up their slut trail right right

well that's gonna do it for this edition

of TSR live like I said at the top of

the show I've got Brazilian Jujitsu

tonight and then right after that me and

my girl are gonna go and I think I don't

know there's some sort of deal where we

get like a half an hour in the batting

cage for like I don't like 30 bucks or

something like that so um then I think

we get a bucket of golf balls we get the

swing out so yeah you know little

adventure date you know it's you know

the weather is uh the weather's starting

to get a little bit nicer here in Philly

so we figured what the hell let's let's

go out and have an adventure Dayton and

and see what's going on my thanks to you

gentlemen for joining me today I'm not

sure if there's gonna be a red man

podcast tomorrow I know that I've been

texting Anthony because they're gonna

start with the they're going to start

with the marketing of the they're going

to start with the marketing of the of


of the 21 convention by which by the way

is October 11th through October 14th so

October 11th 12th 13th and 14th is going

to be the 21 convention that's when

that's going to be

excellent excellent thanks for listening

guys I will see you on Monday