Episode #249: 10 MORE ways women unknowingly sabotage their relationships


Most women never realize that their regular habits within a relationship sabotages their relationships. Their actions and thoughts are second nature to them and they do this stuff so regularly that it never occurs to them why none of their relationships work out.

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Now we all know they never blame themselves when a relationship ends. They’ll never say “well he found out I cheated again and that’s why things went south” or “I was a terrible girlfriend” or “I didn’t treat him that well” they always manage to divorce themselves from any and all accountability in that regard.

But what they don’t know is that these relationship habits that have been a part of them for so long that they don’t realize they’re sabotaging their relationships from day one.

Girls are always asking “why can’t I find a good guy” or “why do my relationships never work out?” Well it’s because they have bad relationship habits.

One bad relationship habit girls have is social media. They get caught up in this fantasy world where they know everyone lies about everything, including their friends. All their friends make it seem like they have the world’s greatest boyfriend so she starts comparing these imaginary perfect men to her real man and starts nit picking. Next thing you know she dumps him thinking he’s not the best she can do.

Another bad relationship habit is keeping in contact with ex boyfriends. There’s no reason for a woman to keep in contact with her ex. Of course the REASOn they text their exes after a breakup is to keep him on standby in case her current boyfriend acts up. A lot of times when a girl cheats it’s with her ex. I have a LOT of ex girlfriends and I’ve fucked just about all of them after we broke up.

Another bad relationship habit girls have these days is not checking in. They never let their boyfriends know where they are, what they’re doing, and who they’re doing it with. After a while he starts to get suspicious as to why she disappears for hours at a time and eventually he leaves because he thinks she’s cheating….and guess what….a lot of times she IS cheating.

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