Episode #241: 11 counterfeit female "qualities"

At some point in all of our lives we’ve had to introduce our girlfriends or women we're seeing or getting serious with to our friends and family in hopes of gaining some sort of approval or blessing. We're also looking for a little insight from people we trust. It's much easier to observe situations from the outside in than from the inside out so we bring her around to see if anybody can pick up red flags or slut tells or anything else that could lead to trouble down the road. Just because a man has game doesn't mean he sees everything. 

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The reason we do this is because we know that our relationships are much easier when the girl we’ve chosen gets the seal of approval from the people closest to us. That's always the way it's been. 

But looking at things the way I do through the red pill lens I’ve come to realize that most, if not all, of what I hear from friends and loved ones about their women aren’t really qualities at all. Some of what I hear are myths, some qualities are exaggerated and grossly overrated (I talked about the myth about how important it is for your girlfriend to get along wit your friends and how overrated and unnecessary it is) and, believe it or not, some of what I hear are even red flags. 

What they all have in common is that most of these so-called qualities are merely fool’s gold—a delusional spin on negative traits as a coping mechanism to the reality that there is no such thing as a quality woman in this part of the world. The sad thing is that men actually believe these qualities make her a catch and that he’s lucky to have her.

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you don't put your foot down because

you're afraid of your woman and she

knows it a high car payment is the

quickest way to go through the deadlift

is hard that's why it works

so you're on birth control you don't

have a boyfriend but you're not a slut



wisdom and awareness it is Tuesday April

24th 2018

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I'm looking forward to getting back into

that so before we get into today's topic

I'm gonna talk a little bit about the

about the guy in Toronto yesterday Alec

Minassian I think that's I think that's

how is how his name is spelled so I'm

gonna read an article here

from the Daily Mail and I'm just gonna

give you guys my take on this so the

article says the van driver allegedly

who murdered well who allegedly murdered

so I guess they're already getting typos

the van driver who allegedly murdered

ten when he mowed down pizzette

pedestrians on a Toronto sidewalk was

charged with ten counts of murder today

as the social media posts calling

himself involuntary Sullivant emerged

social media posts by Alec Minassian 25

years old paint a picture of an angry

young man who was furious at who was

furious that women rejected his sexual


he spoke admiringly of Santa Barbara

shooter and fellow woman hating social

media reject Elliot Rodger and has been

described as a socially awkward tech

expert meanwhile the first of his 10

victims have been named an anne-marie

D'Amico an employee at Invesco

management in an investment in Invesco

investment management firm which has

which has its headquarters on yon Street

Toronto the same Street where the attack

occurred with the attacker Curtin 15

other people were injured and

hospitalized the suspect made his first

of court appearance today wearing a

white jumpsuit with his hands cuffed

behind him where-where-where there are

so many fucking typos of this where he

was charged with 10 counts of

first-degree murder and 13 of attempted

murder Minassian said very little except

for answering except from answering yes

to whether he understands that he is not

to have any contact with the attempted

murder victims the hearing which lasted

a little over five minutes ended with

the court ordering Minassian to be

detained until his next hearing on May

10th where he will appear via videolink

Minassian father this is important sat

weeping in the front row during the

court appearance as he left the

courthouse he told reporters he hadn't

spoken to his son but told the assembled

press that he was sorry he does not yet

appear to have a lawyer Minassian social

media pages indicate he was someone with

a grudge against women and those who

were more socially successful than

himself in one post he refers to the

billion of quote in sells a term used to

refer to men who have been made and

voluntarily celibate because women will

not have sex with him so I'm gonna read

his tweet he says private recruitment a

Sein infantry zero zero zero one zero

wishing to speak to sergeant 4chan

please the insel rebellion has already

begun listen to this we will overthrow

all the Chad's and Stacy's all hail

supreme gentleman Elliot Roger this is

what we were talking about in the on the

on the on the Facebook and Instagram

pre-show Q&A; when he's talking about

death to all Chad's and Stacy's he's

talking about all of the men with game

Chad Thunder cock the alpha males of the

world the the the men who can sleep with

women with little to no investment and

of course Stacy's I guess he's talking I

guess that's the new term verb for women

or bitches on the red pill subreddit

then of course he he he pays homage to

Elliot Rodger I listen every time

something like this goes down every time

somebody goes into a place runs over

people with a car shoots people whatever

any time there's a male mass murderer

what most of them and I would say better

than ninety percent of these men who

commit these mass murders against

society what they all have in common is

that they are beta males they are men

who cannot get laid

men who are bad with women okay dude the

Germanwings pilot who flew who flew the

the Germanwings flight I don't remember

what number it was he flew a plane with

a hundred and fifty passengers into the

side of the building because of a

breakup with a woman Elliot Rodger

killed a bunch of people in Santa

Barbara because he wasn't good with

women like guys the list goes on and on

and every time this happens I come on

air and I keep telling these people this

is not a gun issue okay this has nothing

to do with gun control this has to do

with beta's as hashim abdullah says he

was omega absolutely if you listen

we as as a society we have a problem

guys the problem the problem isn't guns

the problem is feminism the problem is

our culture I tweeted this out a lot I

tweeted this out right after the whole

Nicholas Cruz situation down in Florida


stop marginalizing boys from birth you

stop mass shootings from birth guys

we're told that were nothing we are

inherently flawed masculinity is bad

treat girls like gold and respect girls

are superior anything you can do they

can do better well you raise boys up to

think like that they're not gonna be

good with women because women don't

really want men like that regardless of

what they say out loud well I want a man

who respects me I want a man who's this

I want a man who's a feminist they don't

really want those women women want dudes

like me who don't give a fuck about them

who's gonna be quick the cuss on the

fuck out if her dumb ass gets out of

pocket freelance Ronan says at best the

red pill saves lives man I'm telling you

I listen I wrote an article on returning

Kings back in the summer of 2014

oh I'll actually link it on my website

because because because now this this

has relevance okay

I talked specifically about andreas

lubitz the Germanwings pilot and in that

article I said game saves lives guys

game saves lives man that this is how it

goes men who are good with women men who

regularly not you don't even have to be

a man who regularly sleeps with

beautiful women you could be a man who

sleeps with two maybe three new decent

looking chicks every year right those

men even men who were half decent with

women are not suicidal and they are not

homicidal never underestimate a beta

male the most dangerous members of our

society are beta males and beta males

are created by feminism so no this isn't

a gun problem this isn't a legislative

problem this is a feminism problem this

is a beta male problem we stop

marginalizing boys from birth we stop

these mass shootings Eric Harris and

Dylan Klebold the in Littleton Colorado

Columbine High School same deal

song we'd show the

Virginia Tech shooter same deal James

Holmes the guy who shot up the the movie

theater in in Colorado same deal it look

the common denominator is that these men

need game they need the red pill the red

pill saves live guy saves lives guys and

this guy Alec meant uh Minassian is just

another and listen if we think that this

is gonna stop anytime soon guys this is

only gonna get worse man

feminism is becoming dude this this

problem isn't going away okay our

society is getting worse and worse we

continue to further marginalize boys in

this part of the world we continue to

let we continue to remove the shackles

of sexual temperance from women and

putting them on men this is what's gonna

happen here's another here's something

else that will solve this issue

legalized prostitution you legalize

prostitution we cut down on mass

shootings men who get pussy health men

who get pussy on a semi-regular basis

are not doing this stuff this just

ghosts this is again this is another sad

example in a long line of examples that

the real problem is beta males that's

just all there is to it

okay so let's get to the topic at hand

eleven counterfeit B male attributes

female qualities at some point in in all

of our lives guys we have had to

introduce our and let me actually let me

do something with my screen here

because I think I might be able to get I

think I might be able to actually well

no wait a minute oh there we go

excellent okay very good

bear with me guys I'm just trying to

make sure I can see on the comments

excellent at some point in our lives

guys we have all had to introduce our

our our girlfriends or the women that

we're seeing or or or getting serious

with to our friends and family in hopes

of gaining some sort of approval or

blessing right like we're also looking

for a little insight from the people we

trust it's much easier to observe these

situations from the outside then from

the inside you know so what we do is we

bring her around to see if anybody that

we know anybody that would trust can

pick up red flags or slut tells or

anything else that that that we think

could lead to trouble down the road

just listen just because a man has game

doesn't mean he sees everything right we

miss stuff too it happens we're human

anyway the reason we do this is because

we know that our relationships are much

easier when the girl we've chosen gets

the seal of approval from the people

that are closest to us that's that

that's always the way it's been but

looking through looking at things the

way I do through the red pill lens I've

actually come to realize that most if

not all of what I hear from family and

friends and loved ones about their women

aren't really qualities at all they're

not really attributes at all now some of

what I hear are myths okay some of them

you know some of these qualities are

exaggerated and grossly overrated okay

and believe it or not some of what I

hear are even red flags what all of

these mythical qualities these mythical

attributes have in common is that most

of these so-called qualities are fool's


they're all like like the way they

describe it it's it's a it's a


in on negative traits as a coping

mechanism to the reality that there's

really no such thing as a quality woman

in this part of the world it's almost

like that the sugarcoat it the sad thing

is gentlemen is that men actually

believe that these qualities make her a

catch and that he's lucky to have her

so now some of you guys might be might

be thinking you know okay well done okay

Donovan all women are like that and

you'd be right you're getting no

argument for me but this doesn't mean

that some girls can't possess you know a

few authentic traits that increases

their value a significant others eat

listen even though those traits are few

and far between it's very important as

men to recognize and cultivate the

honest-to-goodness qualities in your

woman by the same token you need to stay

on your P's and Q's to make sure those

qualities maintain status quo and to

recognize and act accordingly when and

if they start to erode guys it's our job

as men to hold our women accountable to

hold them to height to the highest

standards that attracted us to them in

the first place so what I'm gonna do is

I'm gonna break these I'm gonna break

these these counterfeit female qualities

down like this I'm gonna tell I'm gonna

tell you what the what the what the

counterfeit female quality is okay

I'm going to tell you what it could mean

which is the outlier situation and a

rare exception to the rule then I will

tell you what it probably means as what

it probably means which is the norm as

it pertains to the to the to the typical

female so here are 11 of the most common

counterfeit fake false female qualities

that you need to be aware of when your

friends hear them when you hear them

from your friends your relative when

describing their women as far as as far

as you know as far as the women

themselves that they're trying to break

them trying to brag about their women

let me take a swig of water here

throat's kind of dry what's going on

sharp assists

so let's go ahead and get to here guys

number one she's well-traveled now

here's what it could mean it could mean

that she has done some traveling guys

she listen because she's traveled she's

been exposed to many cultures which

gives her a much greater appreciation

for different perspectives different

ways of life and you know as it also

happens how lucky she is to have been

born in America as a result she has very

interesting stories to tell which makes

for great conversation we all like to

have great conversations with our women

here's what it probably means she's been

to a bunch of spring break destinations

you know you know another party like

country's notorious you know notorious

for exploiting the overt sluttiness of

American girls Panama City Ibiza

um what's a Rio de Janeiro right like

that's how well-traveled she is all

right you can bet your bottom dollar

guys that her knotch count is exorbitant

she's probably got a notch count into

the triple figures when she reminisces

about trips overseas when she was no

doubt fucking a bunch of dudes so

anytime your woman or any time a dude

says yeah my woman is well-traveled

yeah which means spring-break

well-traveled which means she's taken a

bunch of foreign cock don't buy that for

a minute guys number two she's educated

now here is what it could mean it may it

could mean that his woman didn't attend

a traditional four-year college but

maybe she has numerous certificates in

things like early childhood development

because she enjoys children and hopes to

start a family soon in the meantime she

makes her living by working in a day

care center which incidentally enough

hones her nurturing and child-rearing

skills which have the potential to make

her a very good mother okay

here's what it probably means guys she

went to a typical four-year college got

a useless degree which means she likely

earned it by either cheating or fucking

her way to a passing grade

probably both she did however pass sex

ed 101 with flying colors which was

taught nightly at the Alpha Chi Alpha


at the Alpha Chi Alpha house and by the

way classes at the Beta Phi Omega house

were canceled due to continuous false

rape accusation claims freelance wrote

in talking about the situation earlier

comments quote I think betas purple

pillars are the most dangerous are

especially the most dangerous people in

our society they're like dice you never

know what side they'll land on at any

moment I agree I would agree I would


number three she's spontaneous now

here's what it could mean this could

mean that you that his woman follows his

lead and is up for ever up is up for

whatever he is at any time whether it be

an impromptu weekend getaway

meeting him at the back room at his

buddy's house for a random quickie or a

night on the town at the drop of a hat

well here's what it probably means it

means she's impulsive she has very

little control over her emotions and

rarely thinks things through now women

like this went when women such as this

find themselves in situations such as

whether to buy those new shoes that she

can't afford or the new phone that she

can't afford okay or whether or not to

meet up with that with the guy she's

been texting while you're at work she

yields to temptation more often than not

so when somebody tells you she's

spontaneous that means she's impulsive

and when a girl is impulsive that means

one of two things

she either spends money randomly on

impulsive things or she has impulsive

sex with a lot of guys and a lot of

times it's usually both

number four she gives me the pussy

whenever I want well here's what it

could mean she likes having sex with you

and enjoy satisfying you here's what it

probably means she's either laying the

groundwork to control your behavior by

withholding sex kind of like what drug

dealers do you know they get the first

few times are always pretty gets you

cook then they can price gouge you later

right or she's actually waiting for you

to sort of screw up as soon as you screw

up as soon as you lose frame or show

that vulnerability that she nags you to

reveal her legs are gonna snap some like

a bear trap

so when a guy gets with a girl oh my god

we're having sex all the time

listen she might actually like fucking

him but then she she's probably laying

the groundwork to control his behavior

later never buy into any of that stuff

number five this is a good one

she can cook now here's what it could

mean right she is capable of preparing

proper home-cooked meals for breakfast

lunch and dinner right she rarely uses

the microwave and she's always trying to

improve her cooking as the alerts on her

phone are often the recipe of the day

she's not texting other dudes its

bidding well what tell it's the recipe

of the day you know chicken casserole

recipe I'd like to try for you tonight

here's what it probably means microwave

meals box dinners that are quick and

easy and prepared in minutes and the

nearest delivery restaurants are

probably the only probably the extent of

our overall culinary faculty faculty on

the flip side she just loves to surprise

you with her gourmet hotdog and oven

baked tater tots

number six she has a sense of humor well

here's what it could mean it means she

is self-aware and she playfully makes

fun of herself now she occasionally

pokes fun at you and sort of a

flirtatious way as an excuse to make

physical contact with you or to get your

attention here's what it probably means

she is a loud brash ballbuster wannabe

who thinks she's funny because and again

the reason she thinks this is because

the women she sees on TV are rewarded

for that Manish comedic behavior right

she watches Amy Schumer Amy Schumer is

that drunk she's crass she's slutty but

she's still got guys falling all over

all right she's a comedian okay this is

also a typical projection plane women

see see here's the thing she wants a man

who calls her on her bullshit who makes

her laugh and is unafraid to make fun of

her so she assumes that role herself

thinking that the same tactic attracts

men the same way it attracts women and

an Almond dude it never ever works that

way number seven she played hard-to-get

now here's what it could mean she could

it couldn't mean that she knows she

knows what her value is right she

understood that being too easy would

rent would would misrepresent her she

didn't want you to think that she's a

slut because she's really not so what

she did is she channeled her inner

instincts in innocently innocently

played coil that played coy while

dropping hints that encourage you to

keep pursuing you because hey she likes

you and be because she like all women

they love being pursued and subsequently

taken and James says sex is her weapon

of choice absolutely sex is always a

woman's weapon of choice here's what it

probably means okay her responding to

your texts every six hours that wasn't

her playing hard-to-get guys she was

playing musical packs that's what was

happening her long response time and

delayed commitment was a telltale sign

that your game wasn't tight enough to

secure a seat when the music stopped you

didn't have the game to fuck her here's

a submission Miami J says she is so

smart and opinionated here's what I'll

actually do this on the fly here's what

it could mean she might be really

intelligent and she might have good

strong opinions of the issues of the day

you guys have interesting debates you

guys bounce ideas off each other you go

back and forth but at the end of the day

everything is cool nobody takes it

personally here's what it probably means

she won't shut the fuck up anytime a guy

describes a woman as opinionated listen

smart and opinionated all it means is

that she runs her mouth that's all it

means oh she's so smart and opinionated

and outgoing yeah that means she won't

shut the fuck up

good submission there good submission

there bye bye Miami J

we'll Chrisman says she has a sense of

humor equals she roasts you and

disrespects you in front of others

absolutely absolutely oh my girl has

such a sense of humor yeah that means

she's busting your balls in front of

your friends in front of your homeboys

in front of your family never ever ever

allow a woman to disrespect you dude

never let our woman disrespect you

period especially in public you guys

hear me say all the time make sure she

represents you well in public what this

means is that you need to make sure that

she respects you in public okay

obviously she needs to respect you and

tribe and respect you in private but she

needs to be on herpes and fucking cues

out in public because a man who's woman

is at a pocket that's not her fault

that's his fault because you didn't

check your woman the first time she did

it dude any time you see a woman out

with a man and she's at a pocket do you

think that's the first time she's ever

been out of pocket hell no this bitch

stays out of pocket but her man doesn't

check her that's why she's at a pocket

number eight she never gets jealous oh

we hear this one we hear this one all

the time here's what it could mean

she knows two things right number one

she knows she's a quality team you know

and number two she knows she's holding

it down as your girl okay

she's a kind sexy she knows she's a kind

sexy feminine submissive woman who

understands and abides by traditional

gender roles traditional sex roles and

most importantly keeps her ball chain

keeps her ball strained okay

she never gets jealous because she knows

that she is sucking and fucking you

you're not she's not worried about you

Jamie because she know she's giving you

a pussy women like this are acutely are

acutely aware that they are not that

they are a rarity she knows that she's a

rarity she's not some she's women like

this are not worried about some purple

haired slut with a lip ring and a tramp

stamp taking you away from her when you

do flirt with her when you do flirt with

other girls in front of her remember

guys the game never ends she doesn't get

jealous she gets naked right quality

women when they see you flirting with

other girls in front of her which by the

way is one of the three ways to keep

your woman from cheating and I'll do an

episode on that when you flirt with

other girls I've runner her she doesn't

get mad when she gets home she throws on

the fucking heels the hoops and the

lipsticks and dudn't and fucking gives

you the blowjob of your life a toe

curling blowjob

oh really another woman has his

attention let me remind him why he

sleeps with me at night let me remind

him why he wakes up with me every

morning quality women do this and listen

freelance Ronan just said it best hos

stay jealous hell yeah dude

hos stay jealous because they know

they're hos hos no they ain't shit so

when they see other women flirt with

your man they're like they think

subconsciously they think of

subconsciously that he could leave me at

any moment because I'm a ho like I can

say I'm not a ho but he knows I'm a ho

good comment there al Chetta says she's

very level-headed

yeah translation she's a pothead great

like translation she's she's she's a

pothead she just doesn't give a shit

she's too laid-back she's laid-back that

means she doesn't care about much of


and James says they will fuck you with

the quickness when other hoes shoes

straight up I'm telling you

this is how it works this is outworks

host a jealous but they don't get naked

all they want to do is well who has she

done it about Biff's like don't you

understand you're supposed to be sucking

my dick so that I don't get my dick

sucked from the number from the girl

that the girl's number I just got like

get on your knees digging into debt

why aren't he cheating on me bitch

because you stay talking you states do

too much talking less suckin here's what

it probably means when a man says that

she never gets jealous you are not

running dread game or openly flirting

with women it with other girls in front

of her so guess what she doesn't think

you're going anywhere guys smart money

says that your woman that woman has

backup cop on standby and ready to be

deployed if you continue to fail if you

continue to fail to generate the tingles

that only the drama of impending

fidelity can provide if a woman has it

in her mind that you might cheat or you

may be cheating trust and believe they

dude they will give you the pussy

anytime you want if they think you might

be a think you might step out on them

dude they will suck and fuck you dude

until the cows come home nothing gets a

woman in line like dread game and what

dread game is withdrawing your attention

not responding to her texts quite as

quickly right not coming not coming on

not going over to her house at the same

time every day right not listen you run

dread game on a woman who doesn't act

right if she's out of pocket for three

days in a row runs read game withdraw

your attention and if you withdraw your

attention if your game is tight enough

dude she will come to you trust of this

this is a go-to strategy this is a go-to

strategy of red pill brothers the world

over when a woman ain't actin right dude

you fuckin run that Dredd game withdraw

your attention

number nine this is a good one cuz a lot

of people get tripped up about this she

spends money on me now here's what it

could mean within the context of a

quality one of the exception to the rule

she doesn't mind picking up the tab from

time to time because she wants she wants

to do her part to help you she wants to

contribute to the relationship

monetarily and and ease your financial

burden a little bit the reason she does

this is she wants to express her

appreciation for you and she wants to

let you know that she doesn't view you

as a meal ticket or an ATM she wants you

to know that she's not a gold digger

here's what it probably means when a

girl spends money on a man what it

probably means is that you have been

fucking her brains out for two weeks

while simultaneously running extreme

asshole and Dredd game to perfection you

dominate her body her mind and her soul

dude you fuck her in the ass you cum in

her mouth you dude you fucked this girl

six ways from Sunday you make her feel

like an absolute slut you fuck her

disrespectfully every chance you get she

is addicted to you and when a woman is

addicted to you she thinks she's in love

girls who fall head-over-heels in love

with a man who's been fucking him for

two weeks they are severely damaged and

they will do anything to keep you around

to get tho to get those hits of euphoric

ups and downs that you steadily supply

her you are her drug of choice and she

will gladly compensate you handsomely

both sexually and financially for your

pharmaceutical grade emotional roller

coaster rides women pay good money to

men who fuck them good and run extreme

asshole and read game they can't women

love this torture they loved oh my god

Alicia Keys came out with a song year I

think was her first hit I keep on

falling in and out of love with you and

one of the lines is how can you give me

so much pleasure and cause me so much


dude this is what women want they love

this torture and and again if you are

giving them the torture this kind of

torture they want dude they will buy you

whatever you want

dude they'll give you the pussy they'll

pay for everything absolutely

mr. mink said

the good ones keep your stomach full and

your balls empty goddamn right that's

what my woman likes to say she says what

got to keep your stomach full and your

balls empty or your balls drained as she

says good comment there freelance run

and says that dread that dread game

works great works bro

appreciate that well Crispin says yep my

dad told me at 12 years old son always

keep your options open you never know

when you're gonna need to dump er sounds

like will had a red pill dead good shit

Miami Jay says the bitch I'm grooming

gets major dread I never see her more

than twice a week and I rarely text with

her never allow a woman to believe that

she has you fully net listen today's

women if she knows that if she knows

that she has you completely and wholly

she starts to lose interest then it

escalates if she knows that you are her

if she knows that she is your only


then she's gonna cheat on you

very very good advice there and Miami J

continues and she can't get it up what I

do see her that's how this works that's

how this works

aunt James says they will give you the

keys - oh my god yes they will give you

keys to their house car or wherever you

want when you dominate her dude

oh my god I'll never forget I was

fucking this bitch out in Summerlin and

dude I've been I think we had been

fucking for like three weeks straight

matter of fact it was weird like we

hooked up

we hooked up on a Friday we hooked up on

a Friday night she spent the night on


and dude I mean dude I missed a fucker

910 times this is what I is actually

right around the time I first started

testosterone replacement therapy so dude

dude dude I'm waking up with a fucking

hard-on it's the first time I done that

I'd done that in years and dude like I'm

oh my god like the sex with this girl

was unbelievably amazing three weeks

after I went so I was actually over at

her house she unceremoniously said here

here's the key I said a key nor what key

to my house I'm like you're gonna give

me key here this is like yeah you can

come oh you can come and go as you

please you can come and go anytime you

want and I was like wow dude and this

could do oh my dude this girl used to

buy me cigarettes

dude she used to feed me she used to

cook for me oh my god dude this end dude

I used to absolutely I remember one time

dude I fucked this girl

I fucked this girl doggystyle dude I

must have smacked her ass dude 50 times

that Monday she sent me a picture of her

ass and like the side of her leg she was

a white crow it was completely black

like it was in dude dude I was hitting

this girl with all my might and dude she

would wince but like she loved the pain

I used to choke this bitch while I was

having sex with her dude dude I used to

yank her hair Bex you I used to yank her

hair back so far she'd be looking at the

ceiling like she was in physical pain

and she could not get enough like I dude

I used to do I used to abused this girl

and she could not get enough so she gave

me the keys to her place dude she used

to bite dude she bought me cigarettes

dude she would bring meals to my dude

she she's there's a there's a place in

Vegas I don't know if there anymore it's

called Papa Murphy's and you pick up

like you pick up a premade frozen pizza

like you can you can get a customized

you take it home and you cook it love at

425 degrees I think was their slogan


bring me those like oh my god so this is

that perfect example if you are dude if

if you get the right one if you are

fucking hurt like it's your last fuck if

you are absolutely dominating her then

running that extreme asshole and Dredd

game and here's how this worked I only

fucked her on the weekends she very

rarely heard from me on the weekdays

right so she was like where are you what

are you doing blah blah blah blah blah I

just feel like I'm I'm working or I'm

busy then on Friday night dude she'd be

like hey come over done it and I dude I

show up she'd be dressed to the fucking

nine she's looking like a porn star I

would do whatever I wanted with this

chick and this chick like me to fuck him

spanked it in her face dude I remember

one thing she's like why don't you

finish on my face she's like why don't

you finish on my face that often I was

like alright cool

so dude for like I don't know don't let

in the next like seven or eight times I

fucked her fucking splooged all in her

face the bitch fucking loved it oh my

god oh my god dude the bitch this I

never had to spend any money when I was

with this girl I forgot what her name

was though she had a weird name it was

like it was like Zara or as poor zora or

something anyway anyway good comment

thereby aunt James very very good

comment he is 100% correct

number 10 she made me wait for sex so

she's a good girl now here's what it

could mean it could mean that she really

is a good girl a high-quality female

with a low notch count which means two

nudes or less

she women like this know her value so

they don't just give it up to anybody

she only she gave up the goods when and

only when that she was damn sure that

you weren't a beta and alpha scrolling

right she wanted to make sure that you

were congruent with who you were here's

what it probably means when when she

made you wait for sex

she was fucking other dudes on the side

showing that once again your game didn't

warrant sexual submission by her and by

the way this is what you get for paying

for dates without fucking her first

right if you pay for if you pay for a

full date with a woman and you haven't

fucked her first dude you're gonna wait

the fucker it's gonna be a while

the only reason she started paying the

only reason why she started fucking you

is because her pipeline dried up and she

needed validation so when a guy says

what she made she made she made me wait

for sex so she's a good girl

now her pipelines right up and you were

the last one available that's why she

started fucking you

we'll Chrisman says I've seen friends of

mine get girls to spend thousands to

bail them out the same night they get

booked dude I'm here to tell you they

absolutely will are they absolutely will


hahaha Miami J says let's get her ass on

the phone if if you're still waiting

there's a problem I dude I don't have

her number anymore dude

like I really don't like oh my god this

was shit man I think this was back in

like maybe twelve or thirteen like this

was a while back like dude I used to AB

dude I used to abuse this chick like

dude the harder I fucked her like oh my

god like she was lame she used to love

debris I remember she texted me from

work she's like yeah I'm like she'll be

like she texted me that her pussy hurt

and she says she liked the pain and

she's like yeah like when I move a

certain way like I can feel the pain a

little bit

oh she's like it turns me on and then

she kept saying my pussy my pussy and

then I said and then I texted her I'll

never forget this I said that pussy's

mine I'm just letting you carry it for

me and her next message to me was okay I

have to change my panties now with a

smiley face with the heart eyes and dude

like oh my god I totally had this chick

rent totally had this chick rat

freelance Ronan says wait for sex means

that she is looking for a mule while she

fucks other dudes completely agree

spot-on 100% correct my friend 100%


you go to my website and make sure I'm

streaming live pink I'm streaming live

on my website

I think it's there

yep yep I am absolutely streaming alive

on my website very good so it appears

that this software is as advertised

still a few still a few bugs a few

little quirks you know they've got to

get the iOS thing figured out with

patreon but all in all I'm pretty happy

with the software

number eleven the number eleven

counterfeit female quality counterfeit

female attribute she tells me she loves

me now here's what it could mean it

could mean that she is verbalizing

genuine appreciation for a man who

protects her a man who provides her

great sex takes good care of himself and

doesn't allow himself to be emotionally

manipulated by her she is so grateful

for these attributes that you have that

she can only describe it with those

three magic with with that with that

with that magical four-letter word now

you of course know better than to

reciprocate right if she tells you she

loves you for the first time don't say I

love you to say I know or be snarky but

join the club

which only really solidifies her

feelings here's what it probably means

guys and this is sad but true she's

throwing out the beta bait and the

reason she did this is because she

sensed you were scarcity mentality and

she wanted to confirm her suspicions

tossing out that beta chump is a shit

test to end all shit tests and if you

tell her you love her to the very first

time she tells her you the very first

time she tells you you are finished

you are absolutely finished

Ultra gamer turbo says many on this list

sound like undercover slut tells Loki

I don't need be undercover slut tells

I've heard in certain circles that a

woman who spends money on a man that's a

slut tell you no I mean that that's

really the only one that I think they

could probably call I mean she's

spontaneous that could be a slut oh I

don't know

sergeant zipper says I'm always

concerned about rough sex because of

because of false rape accusations these


um maybe but if you record all of your

sexual encounters you have nothing to

worry about right like dude oh and of

course I don't have to do that with Mike

I don't do that with my girlfriend now

because of course you know she's my

girlfriend she's not gonna accuse me of

rape or at least I don't think so

but dude irie-kun I recorded just about

every single solitary sexual encounter I

had with a woman and when the sex got

rough I would ask several times do you

like that and she would say yes louder

do you like that yes do you want more

yes cool got the recording out of the

way right now I could now I can do

whatever the hell I want to do so yeah

sergeant zipper if you're gonna have

rough sex with a girl make sure that you

are recording your sexual encounter

student it's not dude it's it's it's an

app on your phone it's a recording app

record it store it he had all kinds of


it is smelling good something smells

good in the kitchen I guess my girl is

about to is making something


will says false rape accusations only

happen if you piss her off rough sex is

unlikely to do that I well I would agree

with that um men who get accused of and

I'm actually gonna do another I'm gonna

do another show and I'll probably

entitle it you know three or four signs

a rape accusation is false false rape

alpha males men who are five percenters

who know how to handle women they never

get a they never get accused of they

never get false rape accusations they

know because women are attracted to

these men they wanted to keep around ah

Miami Jase has taken a page from the

book of sharp and taking the Colombian

bitch Bowlings and I very good very good

you can make all sorts of contact with

her here let me show you how to hit the

tenpin oops is that my hand on your ass

my bed

freelance ronan says love don't love

nobody Cal Jackson says slut so number

30 57 she's a nurse well yeah like

there's some professions out there that

are they're very conducive to slutty

behavior nurses anyone who works anyone

who works in a kitchen

flight attendants you know all kinds of

slut tells whole chicky Bert servos says

says make porn just in case she falsely

accuses right hey you want to make a

porno or E or you can just wheaton just

fuckin videotape the interaction me like

officers you see me fucking her she's

not telling me no stop but you don't

listen like you can tell she is

voluntarily sucking my dick like there's

you know come on officer

like that's not rape absolutely

well that's gonna do it for this edition

of TSR live my thanks to you gentlemen

for taking time out of your day to make

me a part of your day tune in tomorrow

same bat-time same bat-channel for

episode 2 for 2 episode 2 40 - uh what's

episode 2 42 now let me go in here and

give you guys a little bit of a preview

I've got some really really good shows

coming up here guys oh my god

yes Hall Center yes yes yes yes oh of

course dude that's the number one

profession of hose is call centers if

she's if she is or ever if she is or

ever has worked at a call center she's a

ho al jenna says a game of pool works

for that too could not could not could

not have said that better myself

let's see tomorrow is for 25 tomorrow's


ah yes hold on let me let me let me

confirm that okay that was just Amazon

yes yes yes yes tomorrow's show 8 types

of thoughts 8 types of hoes and how to

fuck them so tomorrow I'm gonna talk

about different kind of hoes that listen

not all hoes are created equal not all

sluts are created equal

there are different things that motivate

one slut from another so I'm gonna talk

about the I'm gonna talk about 8 of the

most common hoes that I've come across

I'm gonna give you guys the game to fuck

him how that to screw it up

so tomorrow show should be a very very

very good show very good show culture

gamer says she's voluntarily taking the

d up the ass yes she is Harold Jackson

says thanks for what you do mr. sharp

Harold I appreciate that my friends I

will see you guys tomorrow at 4:30 on

TSR live thanks for watching


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