12 lame excuses girls use to justify cheating (Episode 314)

We’ve all had that one friend who had a job they were terrible at. They just sucked at it. They’re constantly at the bottom of the sales board, they never do any research on sales techniques, and they never go to training classes to help them to become better salesman. They were just bad sales people and had neither the interest or the ability to get any better.



We’ve also had friends who are perpetually late to their jobs and miss way too many days. If it’s not one thing it’s another. My alarm didn’t go off, my cat was sick, the sun didn’t come up, traffic was bad, they were slow making my coffee….anything and everything they can think of to justify being late all the time they use ‘em all in rotation.

Then when it comes to missing days it’s I’m sick, I don’t feel good, I need a mental health day, my friend is going through a tough time and I need to be there for them. Having been a supervisor and an employer I’ve heard every excuse there is.

And by the way, the difference between an excuse and a reason is that an excuse is something you have control over. For example, I’m late because traffic is bad is an excuse. You could leave earlier to beat traffic...you control that. A REASON is something you have no control over. For example, I’m late because I got T-boned on the way into the office or I got a flat tire, something to that effect. You have no control over other people’s driving or flat tires. Those are reasons.

Anyway, at some point someone who’s bad at their job for whatever reason is gonna get fired. Their sales numbers suck so they’ve gotta go. The company has to make room for an employee who is potentially a better salesman so they let him go.

Same thing with the employee who misses too many days or is always late. You can only be late so many times before your employer says fuck this….we’re going to get someone in here who can be here on time.

Standard operating procedure, I’m not breaking news here. But the employees who get fired? You think they’re going to take accountability for losing their jobs? You think they’re gonna tell their friends and family or potential employer that they got fired because they couldn’t sell? You think they’re gonna say “They fired me because I was always late and had too many unexcused absences.?”

I once hired a woman to be my property manager when the previous property manager moved to Utah. This chick was ALWAYS late, she took 2 to 3 hour lunch breaks, and missed at least one day per week and those days were usually Monday and or Friday. Needless to say I fired her. But do you think she told her potential next employer that she got fired because she was never at work, took extended lunch breaks, and was always late? Of course not. She either lied and said it was a temporary position, didn’t mention that she had ever works for me to begin with, or just said that she got laid off. And by the way, she sued me for wrongful termination. I won a summary judgment because she was late to court… LOL

Anyway, The same could be said about most situations in life. People simply do not want to say “I fucked up and that’s why I am in this situation“ they will tell you that a cop racially profiled them, but they won’t tell you that they were swerving all over the road and blew a .12 on the breathalyzer…

They’ll tell you that they have a shitty landlord kicked them out for no good reason, but they won’t tell you that they were always late with the rent and that’s the reason the landlord did not allow them to renew their lease.

Well it’s the same with women and infidelity. Women cheat… And they cheat a lot. But when they get caught… When they get found out… Meaning that everyone who is aware of the situation KNOWS that they had sex with a man who is not their boyfriend or husband at the time, they NEVER EVER take responsibility or accountability for their actions.

When a woman cheats it is ALWAYS someone else’s fault. It never has anything to do with the fact that she’s a slut who just couldn’t keep her legs closed. It never has anything to do with the fact that she was only with her boyfriend because she didn’t want to be alone and with a hotter guy came along she decided to sleep with him. It is never their fault.

Girls come up with many creative excuses to justify their cheating. And tonight I’m going to give you a dozen of the most common.


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after having digested the red pill he

now has the ability to translate what

she's really saying so what a woman

talks he sees what she means in the

subtitles because he's now fluent and

what I like to call woman he's a girl I

used to date she said to me I don't have

sex unless I'm in a relationship well

any cheated on me more times than I can


I'm pretty sure that when they were

fucking they weren't in any sort of

relationship suffice it to say that most

of the sex that Amy had was outside of

relationships making what she said and

now you're man don't even sharp you

don't put your foot down because you're

afraid of your woman and she knows it a

high car payment is the quickest way to

go broke the deadlift is hard that's why

it works

so you're on birth control you don't

have a boyfriend but you're not a slut


what's up guys it's her man Donovan

sharp and welcome to the 314th edition

of TSR primetime your nightly dose of

red pill truth wisdom and awareness

let's get to it we have all had that one

friend who had a job that they were

absolutely terrible at they just sucked

at it they're constantly at the bottom

of the sales board they never do any

research on sales techniques they never

go to they never go to sales training

classes to help them become better

salesmen and on and on and on they were

just bad salespeople and had neither the

interest nor the ability to get any

better at their jobs we've also had

friends who are perpetually late to

their jobs they miss way too many days

if it's not one thing it's another my

alarm didn't go off my cat was sick the

Sun didn't come up the traffic was bad

they were slow making my coffee at

Starbucks anything and everything they

can think of to justify me justify being

late all the time they use it and they

usually do it in rotation then when it

comes to missing days it's I'm sick I

don't feel good I just need a mental

health day my friend is going through it

of time and I need to be there for them

having been a supervisor as well as an

employer I've heard every excuse there

is ten times over and by the way well

I'm thinking about it the difference

between an excuse and a reason is that

an excuse is something you have control


for example I'm late because traffic is

bad that's an excuse

you could leave earlier to be the

traffic you control that a reason is

something you have no control over

for example I'm late because I got

t-boned on the way into the office or I

got a flat tire something to that effect

you have no control over other people's

driving or flat tires those are reasons

anyway at some point someone who's bad

at their job for whatever reason is

gonna get fired their sales numbers suck

so they gotta go the company has to make

room for an employee who is potentially

a better salesperson so they let him go

same thing with an employee who misses

too many days or is always late you

cannot listen you can only be late so

many times before your employer says

fuck this we're gonna we're gonna get

someone in here who could be here on

time standard operating procedure guys

I'm not breaking news here but the

employees who get fired you think

they're gonna take accountability for

losing their jobs no they're gonna tell

you things like well the product we were

selling was shitty it was trash was crap

the sales training was bad the leads

were terrible they're not gonna say I

got fired because I was a bad

salesperson you think they're gonna say

they fired me because I was always late

and I too many unexcused absences of

course not they'll say well the manager

didn't like me they had unrealistic

expectations then they'll go to

glassdoor.com and leave a review about

how badly the company is run and how

unorganized they are a while back

actually hired a woman to be my property

manager when my previous property

manager got married and moved to Utah

this chick the new property manager she

was always late she took two to three

hour lunch breaks and missed at least

one day per week and those days were

usually Monday or Friday she always gave

herself a three-day weekend The Audacity

needless to say I fired her but do you

think she told her potential next

employer that she got fired because she

was never

Kirk took extended lunch breaks and was

always late of course not she either

lied and said it was a temporary

position didn't mention that she ever

worked for me to begin with or said that

she just got laid off and by the way

this is funny she sued me for wrongful

termination what happened

I want a summary judgment because wait

for it she was late for Court

anyway the same could be said for most

situations in life people simply do not

want to say I fucked up that's why I am

in this situation they'll tell you that

a cop racially profiled them that's why

they pulled them over but they won't

tell you that they were swarming all

over the road and blew a point one two

on the breathalyzer they'll tell you

that they have a shitty landlord who

kicked him out for no good reason but

they won't tell you that they were

always late with the rent and that's why

the landlord didn't allow them to renew

their lease well it's the same with

women and infidelity gentlemen woman's

sheep and they cheat a lot but when they

get caught when they get found out

meaning that everyone who is aware of

the situation knows that they had sex

with a man who is not their boyfriend

was not their boyfriend or husband at

the time they never ever take

responsibility or accountability for

their actions

when a woman cheats it is always someone

else's fault it never has anything to do

with the fact that she was just a slut

who couldn't keep her legs closed it

never has anything to do with the fact

that she was only with her boyfriend

because she didn't want to be alone when

a hotter guy came along and she decided

to sleep with him it's never their fault

girls come up with a shitload of

creative excuses to justify their

cheating to you themselves and the

people around them and tonight I'm gonna

give you a dozen of the most common my

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let's go ahead and get started with 12

lame excuses women give or I'm sorry

women used to justify cheating number

one I was gonna tell you no she wasn't

she was gonna branch swing you see

here's what happens when a woman when

you catch a woman cheating and you say

and she says I was gonna tell you she

tells you this to fool you into thinking

that she was that she's being straight

up and honest so I a quick story about

an older woman I use I actually dated I

actually liked her quite a bit I've been

seeing her for a little while

didn't didn't really commit to her you

know following the protocol all this

other kind of stuff well I had access to

her alarm system or not her alarm system

her door you know opened in the close or

whatever the case may be I think she was

39 40 years old anyway

so I remember I got up on a Saturday it

was like a Saturday morning or something

like that and I saw that the door had

opened at 3:14 in the morning and that

the door had opened again at like I

don't know 4:30 that morning so I called

her up and I'm like what's going on and

she says uh I think I'm ready to start

dating again

right so of course I'm pissed off I'm

airing her out I'm like yo what the fuck

like all you had to do was tell me she

says well I was gonna tell you after we

watched the eagles-cowboys game like

she's to come over and watch football

with me and apparently she was going to

break it off after the eagles-cowboys

game no she wasn't she was gonna fuck

this guy until she was 100% sure that he

liked her enough to commit to her and

when she and when she figured this out

when at that point when she had figured

this out that's when she was going to

drop the hammer on me or just fade off

into oblivion I was going to tell you is

always always a flat-out lie you know

the interesting thing is is that earlier

that night I had actually aired her out

and she gave me the impression that it

bothered her she sent me a text message

I hate disappointing you blah blah blah

blah blah well guess what she was on

match.com that entire week unbeknownst

to me she set up a date with that guy

fucked him that night she actually told

me that she she actually told me yeah

actually like him I'm gonna meet up with

him again she had she had another date

set up with somebody else I was gonna

tell you yeah bullshit number two you

felt distant or we grew apart this is

another shitty excuse and area code 678

I see I'm gonna get to you in just a

second she cheated because she met

someone she'd rather fuck period right

distance can mean anything it could mean

emotionally distant it could mean a long

distance in relation to listen and by

the way long distance relationships are

a no-go that's just sort of a side note

here right you say anything you say

anything out of the way you make her cry

she gets upset she considers that

pushing her away or meeting meeting or

needing her space right you get into one

argument and she characterizes that as

we grew apart we grew apart by

we've been together for a week and a

half well we got into that argument not

at all sweetheart you met someone you'd

rather fuck and instead of telling me

hey I want to fuck somebody else you

decided to fuck somebody else and when

you secured said commitment from the guy

that you fucked that's when you were

going to break up with me that's how

that goes

9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the number to

call if you want to get on the show area

code 6 7 8 you were on live with Donovan

go ahead what's up brother how you doing

then I'm fine about yourself good good

what can I do for him alright I got a

good I got a good few stories I'll keep

it to a short short list about it

alright let's do it let's do it

I got a few of my head alright so my ex

let me see one of the excuses was you're

always working your neck ah yes I love

it I love it

and the funny thing is this bitch got

home she cheated on me like around my

birthday I March early this year I know

that she didn't have a period but I was

so busy working I put two and two

together and really a goal she tells me

she's pregnant right after doing our

dead hello I love you and I don't want

anything that happened to you like that

she was trying to put off she had been

trying to fuck me water cause I'm like

nah but she was trying to do what that

baby off on me to the moving on you knew

you fucked up your home like just a

place I did there it is there it is you

got another story Branum yeah a female

friend my business my smells wrong

because I'm just like man she's about

retarded and it was really a single mom

you know how they are they get the

little guys niggas only want a good man

um she was telling me about how she was

thinking about cheating on her baby

daddy is she wanted doing that I'm like

yeah I'm telling her no but she is like

oh well I'm tired of it it's like you

try to tell her she said oh well he's

just not the same

oh I think he she want me to what and

then the funny thing is she's doing the

same thing a lot of them do you know how

to get to where they fuck around and

fuck of all the opportunities and then

so they're 40 like we're all good yes

yes well this look this is what happens


I don't date any guy who's under six

foot I I text my ex and you know there

you don't need to check up on me I don't

need to earn your trust and then when

they're 42 42 years old we're both a

good man god it's always the same thanks

for the call area code six seven eight


listen this is what it is he actually

actually prognosticated something that

I'm gonna talk about a little bit

earlier but yeah there it is you're

working too much don't you hear that all

the time right

again girls never ever do the right

thing and just dump you a girl listen

when a girl actually breaks up with you

like physically says hey look it's time

for us to break up dude she broke up

with you a long time ago a woman will

never ever break up with you

when she decides to break up with you

she will start fucking somebody else and

when she knows that she can get the

commitment from the guy she's fucking

that's when she'll break up with you

she'll break up with you in her mind and

give herself permission to go off and

fuck somebody else but she's not gonna

tell you until it's too late I dated one

chick this is funny she was separated

from her husband right and she had but

they were still living in the same house

so officially they were separated like

he had served her divorce papers

according to her that this is what

happened well she started fucking other

people right like she's fucking like

she's still living in the house with her

with her soon-to-be ex-husband in it are

they're sleeping in separate rooms she's

still going off to hotels fucking other

dudes and then kissing her daughter


right well that's not cheating yeah

maybe not that's still some trifling ass

shit women can get dick anytime they

want gentlemen and they will use any

sort of excuse or hamster they will

hamster any excuse to justify fucking

around on you but we were separated okay

well mate you listen you couldn't keep

your legs closed until you can keep your

legs closed for 30 days 45 days until

you got the hell out know you had to

start you had to start fucking other

niggas this is just how it goes this is

how women are gentlemen and they listen

they're always the same they are not


alright one thing I could definitely say

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give me a shout so we can take your game

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alright 904 205 5 3 5 6 is the number to

call let's hit the phone lines here um

looks like you're calling from out of

the country

area code 491 you're on live with

Donovan go ahead hello yes hello you're

on live with Donovan sharp yeah yeah I'm

from Germany sorry right um I have a

question I don't know exactly that it's

the topic from you today

I dating a girl that for a couple of

month and she begins to sneaking and

says things that I don't have exactly I

I don't have time and some something

like that and I would know exactly what

I have to do to get a better way to

communicate with me okay so if I'm

understanding you correctly you've been

dating a girl for a couple of months and

lately she's been flaky in other words

she's not showing up for dates she's not

coming over she just doesn't want to

spend much time with you is that it yeah

okay yeah

listen this is really simple to diagnose

and the interesting thing is is that a

lot of guys sort of fall into

what is happening and what's your first

name if you don't mind me asking my

Roland Roland Roland from Germany what's

happening is that you are giving her too

much of your time you're giving her too

much of your attention and I'm like I

don't know what the economy is like

there in Germany and forgive me I'm not

an economist but in the u.s. there's

something that we like to call supply

and demand and I think this this is the

case with the world economy and it's a

basic concept that everyone's familiar

with including yourself the more

available something is the less

expensive it is right t-shirts are

available all over the world that's why

you can get them for five bucks on

Amazon okay diamonds however gold

precious metals those aren't so common

this is why we pay exorbitant prices and

costs for them right it takes a long

time to build automobiles right as many

cars as we see on the road guess what

there's still a commodity this is why we

pay a lot of money for them what happens

is is that when you're giving your

girlfriend too much time and too much

attention she's not valuing it as much

okay as far as her as far as her

economic status is concerned if you will

if you want to stay with the analogy

here she has too much of your time and

attention so she doesn't value it as

much oh it's coming from all different

directions so what she's doing is she's

trying to separate herself from you okay

when a woman doesn't value your time and

attention she's going to lose attraction

for you because she doesn't because she

she she doesn't she doesn't that she's

not taking you seriously and the reason

for that is because you're texting her

too much you're trying to you're trying

to make arrangements too much hey let's

go out on a date come over to my house

I'm gonna come over to your place here's

the the the the solution to your problem

is very very simple all you need to do

Roland in Germany is to withdraw your

attention a little bit okay

don't text her quite so many times if

she texts you instead of texting her

right back maybe wait for an hour hour

and a half before you text back okay if

if you guys usually go out on Friday

nights you know shoot her a text message

you know what let's take a break this

Friday night if she asks you hey would

you like to come over yeah you know I've

got plans maybe some other time

now you have to understand this rule and

you can't be afraid to lose her this is

where a lot of guys fall short they say

well I don't want to do this I don't

want to I don't want to start

withdrawing my attention because if I do

she's gonna get mad and break up with me

well this is exactly why women cheat

because men are afraid to lose their

women and when and this is what we call

the scarcity mentality okay you have to

have an abundance mindset an abundance

mentality you have to understand that

there are many other women out there who

would love to be with you but everybody

knows that but you so when it comes time

to put in your girlfriend in her place

in withdrawing your attention you're

afraid to do it because you're afraid

she's gonna get mad and break up with

you and if that's what's going on in

your mind you're not gonna do what's

necessary to get her back in line

so when you withdraw your attention

rolling in Germany one of two things is

going to happen okay she is either going

to be more drawn to you because guess

what if you're withdrawing her attention

there's less of it and what do we talked

about before supply and demand the less

available something is to anybody

including a woman the more valuable it

is to her so when you withdraw your

attention after a couple of weeks you

say hey by the way would you like to go

out on a date or let's go on a date yeah

sure I'll be there at 7 o'clock sharp

she now values your time in attention

because she doesn't have as much of it

that's the first thing that will happen

the second thing that would happen is

she might actually break up with you but

guess what here's the thing Roland if

you withdraw your attention and she

dumps you because you're not paying

enough attention to you she was gonna

dump you anyway because she would

because she was already being flaky you

understand what I'm saying so what you

need to do is you need to withdraw your

time and attention listen you're the

most valued one of the most valuable

commodities a man has is his time and

attention girls have the pussy okay men

we have our time we have our time our

commitment and attention listen here's

the thing man the thing that girls want

the most from men is our time attention

our commitment you take those things

away and you are in the driver's seat

you can get pussy from any eating a

pussy anywhere that's not a commodity

pussy is extraordinarily cheap because

girls are given away like Halloween

candy right and listen and if girls want

attention guess what they

get that - they can get that on

Instagram Facebook YouTube they get that

all over the place they can get all that

attention they want that's cheap

attention but what they really want is

they want your they they want your time

okay they want your attention you

understand they want your commitment

they want your link they want your

emotional investment and if you take

those things away from her they're gonna

be much it like I said one of two things

is gonna happen she's either gonna value

it more she's gonna be much drawn more

to you or she's gonna dump you and if

she dumped you she was going to do that

anyway thank you

not a problem rolling in Germany thank

you for the call um if you are listening

or watching on Facebook and aeri code 3

to 3 and to 400 I see you there in the

queue I'll get to you guys in just a

second if you are watching on Facebook

YouTube or Twitter come on over to

donovan sharp com to watch the remainder

of the episode again my Facebook YouTube

and Twitter audience come on over to

Donovan Sharpe common to watch the rest

of TSR primetime I thank you guys for

tuning in we are talking about the 12

reasons the 12 the 12 late 12 lame

excuses women use to justify cheating if

you have a story about a woman who gave

you a lame excuse to justify cheating on

you or somebody else give me a call nine

one four two oh five five three five six

let's at the phone lines area code three

two three you are on live with Donovan

go ahead Donovan yes sir hey what's

going on brother are you doing in hey

man I'm fucking struggling over here

dude like I'm I'm bitching out like I'm

trying to really get with these like get

out these chicks but shit I'm always

getting either chicken up I don't know

what to fucking say it's mostly like

white girls and Latinas that I'm

targeting and I'm like fuck I get up to

it then I freeze up or I'll start

talking and I'll say like some dumb shit

and it says go south what's the man I

was on the stairway do it good

listen a little easier here's to them

I'm trying to stay away

I'm trying to stay away from know what

we talked about last time I'm trying to

focus on these main three Latinas white

girls but it's just not trucking working

I don't know what is going on I'm in the


I'm watch this he could fly I don't

think I'm an ugly cat but I'm fucking

struggling I don't know what's going on

I have a fucking one-bedroom apartment

like I just fed up it's perfect like I'm

good I'm clean but I'm like with the

foot okay let me ask you this how many

approaches are you doing everyday like

how often are you going out and talking

to girls well every day I'm a leaf

protein and leash well beyond my okay

there you go there it is

listen rule zero dead all right listen

rule zero dead all he already hit the

nail on the head he said you need reps

here's the thing dude listen

you're a good-looking dude I've seen

pictures of you you are in fantastic

shape okay you're doing you're doing

everything right you're a single guy you

don't have any kids you're young you're

good-looking your personal trainer this

is and a lot of guys who give what's

called PUA advice they give what I call

the rich advice they say well what you

need to do you need to take a shotgun

approach don't approach unless she gives

you an indicator of interest now they're

half right but what they're really

telling you to do is don't approach

unless she basically takes down her

panties in front of you well of course

you're gonna approach if she does that

you know she's interested in you what

you and I are talking about his cold

approach and we're talking about cold

approaching all right you can't use you

can't use sniper game you have to use a

machine gun approach that listen this is

the hardest part of game it's blunt

force trauma if you listen if and what a

lot of guys cease to understand we've

talked about this before what a lot of

guys cease to understand is that they

may hear guys like me they say oh my god

Donovan was killing it in Vegas he was

smashing this chick and he's got all

these crazy stories and that's all true

but here's what a lot of guys fail to

understand is that that was a full-time

job i dude when I was at my peak in

Vegas for at least a three-year period

five to six um

seven days per week I would dedicate

dude I would dedicate three to four

hours of just going out on the biggest


Tropicana Boulevard Fremont Street just

dedicated to just approach it cold

approaching and picking up girls the

most girls I've ever been fucking at one

time is five and that lasted for about a

week and a half because they drop off

and you and you add them on but you

cannot keep a where everybody every guy

wants a rotation of hot chicks all my

notation of hot chicks listen that's

entirely possible but you have to

understand that it takes a lot of time

it takes a lot of consistent time and it

takes a lot of effort so if you're

fucking five-year-olds you are not them

you are not at the peak a player dumb no

you listen if you're fucking five girls

and this is this is where it gets

challenging right if you're fucking five

girls you're thinking fuck like I made

it I've done it you still got to be

motivated to go out and talk to girls

because guess what you're fucking those

five girls for that one week and a you

know week and a half later okay one girl

her boyfriend caught her cheating with

you so now she's not in the mix anyway

anymore uh-uh you know girl number two

found a nigga with a bigger dick than

you and decided she doesn't like you

anymore girl number three has decided

she wants to secondary virginity girl

number four isn't texting you back for

whatever reason and you find out that

girl number five is married so over a

two-week period you've lost all five

girls because you aren't going out and

approaching consistently now you're back

to square one having a steady rotation

of girls that you're fucking is a

full-time job

and it absolutely takes repetition so

what you need to do at this point is you

need to you need to dedicate more time

and here's the thing make it make it a

round number just make it a point to go

out and approach 10 to 15 girls every

single day I'm telling you right now if

you if you approach 10 to 15 girls 5 to

6 days per week I promise you knowing

what no what you look like what you do

for a living

dude you will bag at least two girls you

will have at least two girls in your

rotation at the end of two weeks imagine

if you kept doing that you can add a

girl a week to your rotation now after

week three girl number one might might

fall off at week four girl number two

might follow up but guess what you still

got girls number three and four you're

still down to two right now you might

pick up two girls in week number five

and then one girl might

but it's it's it's a it's a steady

pipeline and listen you're gonna hit dry

spells there are gonna be times where

you don't have any girl stuff up there

gonna be times are gonna have seven

potential girls to fuck but the point is

is you must remain consistent you must

always be approaching and you have to do

it a lot listen man you have all of the

factors in place you live in LA you're

close to Santa Monica there's baby dolls

everywhere there there is no reason a

guy like you can't have five to seven

girls he's fucking at any given time

dude you're a young guy you're

good-looking you got all the time in the

world all you need to do is put in the

work put in the hours approach 10 to 15

girls daily 5 to 6 days per week and I

promise you I promise you you're gonna

luck out and have two tens that you're

banging at any given time okay I can do

that thanks for calling man 911 for two

oh five five three five slips let's go

back to the phone lines area code two

four zero you're on live with Donovan go

ahead hey what's up Donald man is ray

from PG ray what's up brother man same

MO same I'm just getting off work so I'm

really good to catch the episode but I

got two excuses that a lamest shit that

I used to always hear even when I was

purple pill whoo haunted I was another

bullshit hit me so no yeah always man

when I was when I was in the military

you know there was a guy who that was in

my unit and his wife she was a civilian

so you know he met her this is the

classic scenario he met her she already

had like two kids or whatever the case

may be he's been talking about all year

she's a nice girl see this is that so

I'm getting question marks or whatever

so the mid and during the middle of my

deployment you know come to find out she

ends up cheating on him and she ends up

cheating on him because he wasn't there

you know just listen just keep it real

sweetie you cheated you cheated because

you were more attracted to him than you

were your husband that's it

you are never there no it's that has

nothing to do with it that has nothing

to do with anything it's just an excuse

exactly and then they use I heard it

just happened before I'm like oh

fuck at night not last night for real

man it just kills me man but you know

other than that man I'm reading the

articles I'm yes sir listen man keeping

and call anytime ray you're more than

welcome to to call on the show anytime

brother thanks for the call I surely

appreciate thank Yemen ray in PG always

comes with that always comes with the

Thunder man like that guy's passion 911

for two oh five five three five six is

the number to call if you want to get in

on the action let's move on to number

three the third lame reason women used

to justify cheating you deserve better

really then why not just let me off the

hook and dump me then gentlemen this is

a flat-out lie

women say you deserve better to make

herself sound heroic and virtuous I

cheated on you because I realize I just

don't deserve you you deserve better I

actually did you a favor like listen me

going and fucking Kevin and sales this

is actually good for you you now realize

that I realized that by cheating that

I'm not shit I don't deserve you and you

deserve better you deserve better and I

didn't want to hold you back so you

decided to do me the favor of taking

another cock on my watch the thing is

here's the thing guys

she knows you deserve better because

she's a slut but girls are never woman

enough to do what's right they do what's

easy which is cheating and that's why

they cheat number four I thought you

didn't love me anymore well if that were

the case then why not voice your concern

if you really think that I'm falling out

of love with you if you really think I'm

slipping through the cracks and you give

a shit why not just

say something about it bitches are

steady talking about communication right

so if you think that I don't love you

anymore then why not tell me I'll tell

you why because you didn't care about

whether or not I loved you anymore if a

woman doesn't feel loved she either

checks out and starts cheating or if she

likes you she ups the ante she dresses


she starts cooking you meals she's more

available she lets you fuck her in the

ass she starts swallowing your load she

steps up her game to keep you this again

is designed to blame you for her

cheating is and this is your fault I

cheated on you because I thought she

didn't love me anymore no no sweetheart

if you thought I didn't love you anymore

and you actually wanted to stick around

you would have just dumped me or you

would have voiced your concern no no no

whether or not you thought I loved you

had nothing to do with it you're a slut

and you do what every slutty girl does

you decided you didn't want to be with

me a long time ago you got caught

cheating and it's I didn't think you

loved me anymore

number five you weren't attentive to my

needs this is a good one girls never

know what they want gentlemen bigan want

one thing one day and something else

something completely different the next

what they really want is what you give

them if you have game and understand her

again this is another again this is

another excuse to justify cheating and

blaming you for it again say a quick


this actually is this is actually about

a girl I didn't I actually met this girl

a couple times she was a friend of a

friend in Reno right so this girl was

married to a guy who was an electrician

made fantastic money they lived in this

beautiful high-rise in Reno beautiful

apartment overlooking the city overlook

the Truckee River bla bla bla bla bla

here's the caveat her and her husband

were both pill addicts they were they

were addicted to they were addicted to

oxycodone right percocets

vicodin I mean listen oxycontin you name

they had to have it well they met this

one pill they started getting their

pills from from a dude named Trey right

and this girl are like if he was a white

guy think she was like of Asian descent

Trey was a black guy she started fucking

tree on the side Trey gave her chlamydia

she then gave her husband chlamydia

bad situation okay the friend of mine

that told me about this I'll never

forget she called me up she's like yeah

karena needs me to go get plan B again

I'm like dude she's still fucking with

Trey I'll never forget she told me that

she says yeah sure you know they're

fucking without a condom

and she says Trey said to her I'm gonna

get you pregnant and she said I don't

care and I said sweetheart

your friend Karina is a slut she is

fucking up her life she says well

Donovan he's not attentive to her needs

he's always working I said look here I

said you need to understand I said I

know she's your friend but you know

she's in the wrong right like listen man

and listen I kind of sort of lied to her

I said listen I said you need to you

need to reconcile the fact that a woman

being a bad wife doesn't necessarily

make her a bad person I said sweetheart

you need to listen your friend Karina is

a slut she is cheating because she's a

slut that doesn't make her a bad mom

doesn't make her a bad person but don't

like you know damn well that her husband

meet being inattentive to her needs is

just an excuse no Trey had more game

than her husband provided her the pills

that's why she started fucking him it

had nothing to do with being attentive

or inattentive to her needs

that's just all there is to it number

six you objectified me you just wanted

sex this is another flat out white

gentleman girls want to be desired they

don't want you to love them for their

brains they want you to want to fuck

them that's it then when you start

appreciating her other qualities she

wonders why you're not fucking her


why don't you

anymore why don't you pull my hair

anymore why don't you call me names

anymore why don't you smack my ass


a woman's want are a moving target a

woman's needs are not but the thing is

is they don't know what they need which

is why they confuse it with what they

want and it's never what they're looking


if you objectify a woman she's not gonna

cheat on you because guess what

or if you objectify a woman and you have

your shit together you're a five

percenter you're an alpha male a triple

awareness dude she will allow you to

objectify her until the cows come home

she will have no problem with that

yeah my man dude dude I can do Devon

dude Devon probably brags to her friends

yeah Donovan makes me wear nothing but

heels and hoops when he fucks me yep he

objectifies me he looks at me like a

piece of meat he makes me suck his dick

I let him fuck me in the ass all he does

is fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me he

objectifies me she loves it why because

she knows I am sexually attracted to her

right you objectified me you just want

to be for sex is a lame excuse because

guess what

that nigga's she's cheating with

objectifies her the nigga she's cheating

with only wants her for sex wrong answer

it's another lie gentlemen if you want

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game go 218 121 man-made calm for all of

your facial hair needs 911 for 205 5 3 5

6 is the number to call if you've got a

story about a woman who gave you a lame

excuse for cheating on you or so

what else if you got an unrelated

question about girls game you need

advice you want to get something off

your chest you can also hit me to let me

hit the chat here before we continue on

with number seven

Miami J wait a minute

Miami J rightfully points out that

Latinas are hard

listen Latinas are notoriously hard to

game there is no doubt about it guys no

doubt about it looks like I've been

disconnected from my chat all right well

my Wi-Fi is down but thankfully for me

I'm still connected I'm still I'm still

connected to the I'm still connected via

ethernet but I'm telling you man my

internet is really pissing me the fuck

off because the computer I've got two

computers I've got the Mac that I'm

running this through and I'm still

online with the Mac but my Wi-Fi seems

to have gone down so my laptop computer

that I'm using I can't see the chat

right now hopefully that comes back up

soon let's continue number seven I

didn't think you were attracted to me


listen check this out guys you're gonna

go through a dry spell with your woman

right and it's funny it's funny

Devin freaks out when I don't fuck her

for like two or three days like if it

like like we had sex yesterday looks

like my Internet's back up like we

fucked yesterday right whether we fucked

tonight or not I don't know right maybe

we fucked tonight maybe we don't if we

don't fuck tonight and we don't fuck

tomorrow night she starts to get a

little bit antsy if we don't have sex

three nights in a row she freaks out she

has laid in bed and cried like you know

like you're not attracted to me anymore

blah blah blah blah blah like guys I'm

not kidding you I'm not kidding you I

have given her not really pity sex

because it's not like I don't want to

fuck her sometimes I just don't feel

like fucking I go through dry spells

right I'm human yes I have given Devin

pity sex just just so she knows and

understands that yes I do still want to

fuck you no I'm not fucking

anybody else right you might not want to

fuck your girl for a couple of days guys

but when this happens just like I was

talking about before girls step up their

game if her guy doesn't want to fuck her


they either step up their game or they

bitch complain and cheat which is what

they wanted to do anyway they were just

looking for an excuse so rather than put

on heels and a thong walk out in the

living room and say hey use my body do

whatever you want they're lazy and they

do that they they do they do the easy

thing and go cheat they were gonna do

that anyway

this whole you I didn't think you were

attracted to me this a lot of times is a

lie because dudes who want their

girlfriends more than anything still get

cheated on like there are guys out there

who want to fuck their girlfriends all

the time the problem is is he's just not

attractive enough right I remember I

fucked this one girl in Vegas she

cheated with me on her boyfriend her

name was Cassandra I'll never forget it

her name was Cassie I called her Cassie

dude heute dude ridiculous fake I think

she was a stripper huge ridiculous fake

tits they were like they look like beach

balls it was fucking stupid her excuse

he's not attracted to me but then later

on she said to me jeez like all this guy

wants to do is fuck which is it


un-fuckin'-believable bitch bitches are

something else man I swear to god there

un-fuckin'-believable number eight you

didn't open up to me or you weren't

vulnerable oh my god listen dude if

you're to open with women they see it as

weakness this is this is a fundamental

red pill truth what a woman says why

don't you open up to me I need full nur

ability that's a shit test when they try

to get you to open up to them that is a

shit test they don't know their shit

testing you they don't know that they're

testing you for weaknesses but that's

what this is because if you open up and

show her your weaknesses and

vulnerability they cheat on you because

they see it as weak and then when they

cheat on you they say it was because

you've never open

to them you see how that works open up

to me open up to me you don't open up to

her you finally do now she goes and

fucks some guy because now she sees it

you're weak and a friend of mine in

Vegas he actually lived in Henderson did

the same thing right

opened up to his girlfriend well what

does she knew she was she actually

fucked a guy moved to him moved to

Pittsburgh with the guy right moved to

Pittsburgh with the guy she cheated on

what is my idiot friend do he drove all

the way to Pittsburgh to try to win this

girl back watching too many fucking

romantic comedies needless to say she

didn't want him back right like he found

out where she lived she she was happy

she's like dude you drove all the way

the fuck out here whatever like he could

have called her Texas yes yeah but I

wanted to show you that I'm willing to

drive all the way across country brah

this ain't John Cusack they sing at the

fucking movies this is real fucking life

if she meets a guy here's the thing

right if you're fuckin a girl if you're

with a girl and she meets a guy who is

not you who opens up to her and is

vulnerable to her guess what she guess

what she does with him she friends owns

him right this is what they do they

friendzone those guys so when she tells

you you didn't open up to me you weren't

vulnerable that is a flat-out lie she's

simply using that as an excuse to

justify cheating number nine

I was drunk or high again 100% bullshit

guys here's the thing man alcohol and

drugs simply make people do what they

want to do sober but removes one's

inhibitions right I read a story

somewhere about a man whose ex-wife was

talking to her ex-boyfriend right came

to her job like did like I think this

was on reddit somewhere came to her job

did cocaine and meth and fucked her in

the parking lot on on her lunch break

right then women ask things like what

you don't trust me to be drunk around my

ex-boyfriend I've been texting in the

bathroom for the last two months

oh my god get the fuck out of here

number 10

here's a good one he seduced me

translation I confess it's his fault

listen gentlemen girls don't fuck dudes

they don't want to fuck he seduced you

because you wanted him to seduce you

Gert listen before you stick your dick

in a chick a girl decides along before

you ever pull out your dick that she is

going to fuck you so you're not gonna

sit here you dirty Risinger convinced me

oh my god I had no intention on fucking

this guy but he just seduced me it just

happened there no it didn't happen that

way they make it sound like it was some

sort of long elaborate scheme that he

set up like he sort of triple he seduced

me tricked me he bamboozled me and she

fell for it I was powerless she says

like it's a spell that he put her under

and she had no control over her actions

he seduced me he pulled the magic trick

there was nothing I could do

no sweetheart you put yourself in

position to be seduced you wanted him to

fuck you

but seduced is code for he made me

things he made me do things I didn't

want to do bitch please you knew you

wanted to fuck him as soon as you saw on

number eleven you were jealous insecure

possessive controlling etc etc etc

listen guys insecurity is a two-way

street right why are you so insecure I

was just meeting my ex every night for a

drink all I'm doing is texting a guy

work with after hours and going to lunch

with I mean you're getting all jealous

what the fuck that's a shaming technique

now to be fair to be fair insecurity

will get you cheated on but if you don't

stop the behavior before it starts if

you don't nip it in the bud it's already

too late you gotta put things in place

that prevent these things from happening

that's not being insecure that's called

being territorial I talked about that I

think in Episode two forty something or

other I forget the difference between

jealousy and insecurity right if you

find out she's doing things that are

conducive to infidelity you have two

choices you can either a get jealous or

insecure why are you doing this

or you can to stop the behavior right

here's how you do this so you're texting

your ex listen check this out you got

two choices you can either stop texting

your ex or we're not gonna be in a

relationship oh my god you don't trust

me sweetheart I don't trust anybody make

a choice I got shit to do and leave it

at that oh my god you're jealous and

insecure call it what you want you got a

choice to make are you in or out

that's how you do it that's how you do

it but when your girl starts shaming you

for being controlling and possessive

then they mix in insecure and you make

the egregious mistake of backing off

you're doing exactly what it is she

wants you to do which is to give her the

room to cheat and when she does she's

gonna point out the fact that you were

controlling possessive and insecure as

if you had no reason to do so number 12

the 12th and final lame excuse women use

to justify cheating I thought you were

cheating right we've heard that before

right I thought you were the one being

in security oh yeah I thought you were

the one fucking around so why not call

me on it or break up with me

if you thought it was cheating you never

said anything about it listen guys

women never hesitate to voice their

discontent when they think you're

cheating dude listen man Devin's quiz me

on this stuff before right she will

listen she will inadvertently say listen

man X Y Z happened you said ABC I'm

starting to be I'm starting to be a

little bit concerned that you might be

fucking somebody else she's not just

gonna hold that in right don't go

through your phone who is she

what is this if your woman thinks you're

cheating you will know that she thinks

you're cheating which makes this excuse

absolute bullshit if you thought it was

cheating you would have said something

about he would have done something about

it I catch you with someone else's dick

in your mouth and all of a sudden it's

what I thought you were cheating get the

fuck out of here with that

and men who suspect their men of

cheating they don't cheat they step up

their game and they do what it takes to

keep you from cheating or to keep you or

to keep you from continuing to cheat

again this is a bad excuse let's go back

to the chat one last time all right

let's see we got let's see what else we

got here

oh we're getting into talking about

Japanese girls well this is definitely

right up

it's definitely right up Jonathan's

alley but Jonathan says Jonathan says I

love Latinas but they are too

disobedient for my liking yeah listen I

love Latinas they are wild fillies they

are very they are very very difficult to

break now once you do break them they do

whatever you want but it ain't easy man

it ain't you dude Horo Rican girls have

zero tolerance for betta pensions like

dude latina girls are some of the

hardest to game out there man and the

reason why is because traditionally

Latino men they're fuckin alphas then

dude they don't deal with the shit so if

you come at her with this American betta

game these bitches are gonna fuckin

swallow you up and spit you out

Jonathan says Japanese girls are the

creme de la creme for obedience I've

never fucked a Japanese girl before

so I kid I certainly can't speak to that

modern life Jonathan says you weren't

vulnerable translation hamstrung because

she wanted some yes she wanted to dick

exactly I don't know why the chat is is

censoring the the swear words I fucking

hate that shit hate that shit Jonathan

says but the trick is not to give a fuck

if a woman cheats on you or not if you

catch or deal with it

oh there it is dude Jonathan is dropping

that game he says stop debt stop that

self defeating bullshit talk I love it I

love it Miami Jay says I think Donovan

is testing out excuses for what he loses

at fantasy football you seduced me into

drafting desperate a man he might be a

fantasy steal like don't get it twisted

dez bryant might not be a bad pick up

because dez bryant is playing for a

long-term contract like don't get it

twisted word on the street is that he's

supposed to be talking to the i supposed

to be talking to the Browns today like

Cleveland might pick him Michael even

like pick his ass up I know we'll see

that'll be interesting

Miami gee Miami Jay says betas outnumber

us 1 million nine hundred and thirty

away one hundred and ninety three

thousand eight hundred ninety two two

one I totally agree totally agree

totally agree that's gonna do it for

this edition of TSR primetime be sure to

tune in this Saturday at 10:00 Eastern

7:00 a.m. Pacific for the Redman group

we're gonna be talking about why men

date single mothers

until then I will see you guys on Monday


take care


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