Episode #250: 12 things black women need to change to attract black men again



Black women used to be the black man's first and only option. If a brother wanted a relationship, marriage, or children, he looked to black women. Things could not be more different in 2018 and the simple reason is that black women are undateable and toxic to black men. For this reason more and more Red Pill aware black men are dating non black women.

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The real tragedy here is the black women don't have to be this way. They could easily corner the market on black men by locking them down. But it's clear that they choose not to. Their actions, habits, and many other factors have pushed many black men away from pursuing them. So here are a dozen things black women need to change to attract black men again.

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if you take your girl to a club or a bar

you are asking for trouble if you don't

have a budget plan in place you're gonna

overspend every single time what the

hell are you spending 300 bucks on a

pair of sneakers for a great physique is

a game changer if you were drunk when he

fucks you it's still cheating what's up

guys mr. man Donovan Sharpe and welcome

to be 250 at the dish's TSR live your

daily dose of red pill truth wisdom and

awareness my bad for that little

production snafu there I thought I had

everything in order listen you guys know

I do this on my own every once in a

while I'm gonna I'm gonna fudge up the

the production but we're all here it's

all good it is Monday May 7th 2018 and

today of course is Brazilian Jujitsu day

that's why I'm dressed in all black

Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays

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I spun today Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

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it gets me I woke up with a little bit

of a little bit of a little bit of knee

stiffness knee soreness that's probably

just because of the just just because of

the sheer volume you know the miles that

I'm writing but I remember going through

that in Vegas when I had first started

writing seriously it'll probably go away

because riding your bike literally there

is no like there's no pressure on your


it is as I mean swimming is probably the

only other probably the only other form

of cardiovascular activity that is

easier on your knees that riding a bike

or or spin class plus I'm on

testosterone and HGH and it's funny a

lot of people you know a lot of people

have hit me man you know Donovan how do

you have the energy how can you how can

you lift weights and do jujitsu and do

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41 this summer it is testosterone

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you know and normally that would that

would pretty much that would pretty much

wipe most people out who are my age met

like three four o'clock in the afternoon

you know most people would be ready to

you know throw in the towel and say hey

you know what I had you know good I had

a I had a good day's work time to go

ahead and call it a day and try it again

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got in here you GTA

what's going on that I guess this ultra

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there's a full version and it actually

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discussion Captain Crunch 4:20 good to

see you in here a day good to see you in

here as well all right well let's not

delay any further let's go ahead and get

right into it now

those of you guys who have followed me

since my return of Kings days I've

written I've I've been on the manosphere

for what is this 2018 I've been on them

and this is my fifth year in the

atmosphere I didn't I've not always had

the presence that I have now now I'm new

now I've got my own show I'm on with

O'Shea I'm on with with the Redman group

I'm on Richard Cooper's I'm on Richard

Cooper's channel by right now for return

of Kings regularly again I'm publishing

anywhere from six to seven articles on

Negro manosphere calm those of you guys

who have followed me from the start

know that I have talked and written

about why I don't fuck with black women

anymore you guys listen you guys know

you guys know that my girlfriend is

blonde she is you know she's a blonde

white girl she's totally of she's

totally what black people call a Becky

white girl through and through

nothing nothing ghetto about her she is

she's as good as they come and

predictably over the years I've also

gotten hate from a lot of these black

bitches so I got a bunch of bitches out

here calling me ugly when they know damn

well they would suck my dick if they

actually gave me a boner

I got bitches calling me and Uncle Tom a

coon a sellout just all the usual shit

nothing nothing I ain't heard before and

what I say to those bitches and again

this is all this is actually a free show

right this isn't just exclusive to

patrons every Monday I make this show

available to the public keep bringing

the hate to keep bringing the hate

bitches honestly y'all are just putting

money in my pocket that that's what is

happening listen you want to talk about

how my mother should have a board to be

teaching I make money when I call me a

don't want to call me a flat nosed ugly

ass nigga chi-ching you want to call me

a show or a sell up for talking like a

white man chi-ching listen you want to

talk about my fucked-up childhood to

ting okay

listen keep it coming y'all honestly all

this does is further confirms why don't

fuck with your ugly asses anymore so by

all means keeping keep making my case

for me keep keep keep putting money in

my pocket now because black women have

been so generous with all of the money

that they have indirectly sent my way

I'm gonna give back today guys that's

right ladies and gentlemen Uncle Donovan

is gonna tell you black bitches exactly

what you need to do to win the

affections back of black men now not

talking about myself there's nothing

that black women can do in my lifetime


ever cause me to go back to Dayton's n

okay now here's the thing men here's the

thing don't buy that bitch

okay and and talk about how you don't

want and I want to I want to make this

clear I want to make this clear for the

black women watching I don't want I

don't buy the notion that you don't let

you don't fuck with black black guys


okay you see all these articles XYZ

singer/actress as I'm done with dating

black men okay because listen we all

know that's not true no one else is

trying to fuck with y'all right so don't

even front like you actually have

options outside of black men nobody's

buying that and you don't believe that

yourself so stop with the charade let's

just go ahead and keep it 100 and admit

the truth that's where it starts yes

there are black women out here who date

non black men on the regular those women

or the exception the gross exception the

gross minority and I mean the miniscule

minority I'm talking about less than one

half nude less than one half of one

tenth percent of all black women walk

around this earth can regularly sleep

with date fuckin marry non black men

so let's just go ahead and start there

now ladies if you guys are watching this

I want you guys to keep in mind now what

I'm about to tell you it is 100% truth

if you take my advice that I'm about to

give you guys today I Donovan sharp I

will personally guarantee that you guys

will be up to your eyeballs in black men

who not only want to start fucking you

again they might even want to start a

relationship with you that's right

ladies again this isn't tongue-in-cheek

this isn't a joke

I'm gonna give you guys rock-solid

bonafide advice for you to follow if you

really want to start becoming a track of

two black men again because I know that

this knowledge I'm about to drop on you

is 100% legit so on that note I'm gonna

go ahead and tell you guys in advance

you're welcome

now I know a lot of y'all listening a

lot of you black women listening you

guys are pretty good I know most of you

guys are gonna laugh right honey you

guys are gonna tear your little friends

can you believe this Uncle Tom

worshiping : ass nigga wait worshipping

Coon ass nigga you believe this nigga

you guys laugh you'll have a good time

you guys will you guys all got jokes but

when you go to bed tonight alone again

because your fuck niggas spending the


baby mamas again and the nigga you

fucked on tinder last weekend ain't text

and back and you're wondering how you're

gonna find a man to take care of you and

your four snot-nosed dis disrespectful

ass kids the joke's on y'all

okay and here's the thing I'm solid you

guys can talk shit about me all you want

to I'm good okay I ain't got no kids I

don't have any anchors I got a white

girl who takes care who takes good care

of my ass dude I'm winning you guys said

listen you guys can come oh you're ugly

got a 2-inch thick listen y'all know

that ain't true y'all know damn well

that's not true I'm winning and y'all

know I'm won and that's why y'all keep

throwing the hate listen I'm not gonna

see her run from it yeah I've been

through some tough shit we all have but

my life didn't change until I started

being honest with myself and make the

changes that I knew were necessary to

change my life and if you guys don't

start doing the same thing you're gonna

wake up at 37 still alone and still

complaining about what you don't have

and blaming everyone but yourself now

I'm gonna warn you guys I'm gonna warn

you bitches up front you black bitches

you you you black women who are watching

this thing gonna send all sorts of hate

mail and I'll shut it and by the way

y'all y'all can't shut my shit down okay

you can complain the patreon all you

wants you guess what I'm not in any sort

of violation of anything okay yeah I

mean I read the terms and conditions

that's listen this is an educational

video I'm trying to help y'all out but

I'm gonna warn you guys up front this

shit is gonna piss you off I'm not

sugarcoating shit not for y'all I'm

giving y'all the real straight-up

no bullshit no nonsense advice no you're

not gonna like my tone and I don't give

a fuck fuck y'all the truth isn't

supposed to be comfortable and if you

take it seriously if you take what I'm

about to tell you seriously if you

divorce your feelings and avoid

dismissing what I have to tell you

because you don't like how I said it or

the fact that I'm a light a

light-skinned black guy who sounds like

a white guy if you can do that you'll be

doing yourself a favor so here we go I'm

gonna go ahead and go over the 12 things

that black women need to change to

become attractive to black women again

and we're gonna start with the physical

stuff yes we are superficial yes we as

men are shallow so listen the fuck up

and get ready for some tough love here

number one be feminine look ya'll the

number one reason we as black men don't

fuck with y'all anymore is because you

try to act like men I said try to act

like men you don't actually pull it off

you just talk about it all the time

being allowed and being bitchy doesn't

make you strong and even if it did

that's not the kind of strength we want

I would strongly advise black women to

go back and watch episode actually it's

not even around anymore but go to

SoundCloud and listen to episode 113

okay then head over to Negro manosphere

calm and then read my article mail

strength versus female string and you

will fully understand what kind of

strength is attractive to men and and

and again go to SoundCloud calm look for

it look for Donovan sharp episode 1

episode 113 the different the myth of

female strength and go over to Negro

manosphere come and read the article

number 2 this one's real simple y'all

bitches got a star sucking dick and

listen and don't be that bitch who

writes in or comments on this while I

suck dick all the time because you know

damn well you don't the stereotype that

black women don't suck dick is

absolutely true of all races of women

black women suck dick at the lowest

percentage and everybody knows it the

show insecure I don't know if you guys

watch this or you ladies watch them

strongly y'all do you people and yes I'm

seeing you people literally confirms the

stereotype okay

like dude there are millions of black

women that watch insecure they're like

yeah they they fucking keep it 100 this

is how black women are Issa and her

friends are standing around talking

about how blowjobs are degrading and

gross and this and that and at the end

of the episode at the end of that

episode Daniel the guy that Issa was

fucking blew his load in her face and

she got mad and left because she thought

that he was somehow trying to disrespect

her but the one friend who embraced

suckin dick was engaged to be married

and she straight up told these bitches

that was one of the reasons I can't

remember how she put it but she says

listen you guys can talk about

disrespectful suckin dick all the time

but I got a ring on my finger and that's

one of the major reasons why ladies

don't be scared at the dick right the

cock is your friend the dick wants to be

your friend you want more respect from

men suck dick you don't think suckin

dick is a weakness

is a weakness and that's the dumbass

mentality you guys have if you don't

listen to anything I'm telling you

telling you today and dismiss everything

else at least make this change right at

least make this change if you start

sucking dick that alone will increase

your value I don't care what you look

like honestly you'd be surprised how

many niggas actually stick around if

you're giving a blow jobs suck dick

ladies sisters suck dick give him head

giving blowjobs trust me on this one

number three lose weight listen man

every everybody knows that men don't

want that women and these niggas out

here telling you how they want a woman

who's sick or a big boned or curvy

they're lying viewing y'all y'all

fucking fat-ass bitches know it yes you

will occasionally run into a chubby

chaser every once in a while who will

fuck you simply because he is in a slump

but he doesn't stick around because men

don't want to be with fat women and you

know it quit makin excuses get your fat

ass in the gym and put down the fucking

cheeseburgers there's no such thing as a

woman who is big and beautiful stop

lying to yourselves dude honestly men

aren't men are not turned on by fat

rolls and you guys know it lose the

weight let me hit the chat and see who's

in the house good a shout-out to Michael

says what's up guys first time live on

crowdcast good to see you in here

good to see you in here chant that

normally is active as usual I guess

people are as people are just just happy

to watch so we will move on number four

quit with the fake hair look honestly

ladies grow your hair out right like

what's in all the fake hair with the

Brazilian this and the weave in that and

all that shit that's it's nasty and

looks stupid and it looks fake like I've

seen women who like you can even tell

like even the really good one she can be

like oh my god that's fake hair it

doesn't look like your hair I don't give

a damn how good your hairdressers are

the hairdresser is we know the shit's

fake listen

fake tits look great fake hair does not

stop with the instant gratification take

a few months grow out your real hair and

take care of it nobody wants that fake

ass shit and men wanna pull hair when

they hit it right

look what dude we're hitting it from the

back we wanna pull hair and so do you

you want him to pull out your weave hmm

you want you want him to be afraid to

pull your hair because he knows you have

a weave then grow your fucking hair out

and take care of it number five oh my

god stop getting tattoos and piercings

guys what ladies listen this shit is

unattractive on a woman anyway but it is

much less attractive on a black woman

you don't look sexy you don't look

strong you look stupid like a fucking

circus clown how the fuck do you expect

black men or any man for that matter to

take you seriously if you're walking

around with a thigh tattoo in an eyebrow

piercing yes he may look at you he may

holler and he might even fuck you a few

times but he ain't sticking around

because he knows you're a ho all those

tattoos and piercings say to the world I

have no intention of getting married or

having a serious relationship with a man

that's exactly what it says and niggas

treats you that way don't blame the

honestly don't blame men for fucking you

and leaving you if you look like a

fuckin circus clown crossed with a porn

star is what you guys like to do take

that shit out and start and stop getting

ink number six

stop having kids listen if you want to

fuck use condoms use birth control

listen y'all listen man y'all bitches

out here getting raw dog by every nigga

and everything you everything you

fucking then wonder two things right why

you have seven kids and number two why

you can't keep a man newsflash

dudes ain't trying to take care of

another niggas kids y'all he's not if

you had one maybe to a dude might stick

around if you were worth it but y'all

bitches who have four or five and six

kids y'all need to understand nobody's

trying to deal with that so if you're a

woman who has a kid or to get on birth

control and quit having kids being a

single mom is not attractive and

speaking of kids number seven quit

giving your kids these fucked up names

like listen honestly honestly given

giving your kids some ratchet ass

made-up ghetto ass name that's not

unique it's stupid as fuck and it's

selfish as fuck not only do you look


you hamstrung your kids job

opportunities before they learn to walk

because you want to be different and

unique and here's the thing man I used

to work for a company that that dealt

with kids on Medicaid under the age of

18 so right out the gate you already

know I'm gonna see some fucked up

nicknames some fucked up stupid-ass

names right Jaquan trae shamanic alike

what kind of what the shit is that and

your friends will tell you these names

are cute those bitches are laughing

behind your back at your dumb ass quit

using apostrophes and dashes and symbols

and that numbers and letters to your

kids fucking names that's some selfish

ass kid you're not doing your kids any

favor how the fuck can a man take you

seriously if you tell him your

daughter's name is Chris and Renisha wet

givin your kids fucked up names that

shit's not cute you know what

obey this rule of thumb right if you

have to press the shift button more than

one time if your kid has to press the

shift button more than one time on the

keyboard when spelling their first name

that's a fucked up name I'm gonna say it

again if your kid has to hit the shift

button more than once which is the

capital first letter of his first name

if he has to hit that more than once

that's a fucked up name

number eight sisters stop lying about

white men who want to date you and who

want to fuck you just because a white

boy struck up conversation with you once

doesn't mean that white men are lining

up around the block to wipe y'all up

okay this is the reason you want us to

think white guys wants you is because

you want the same reaction from us as

we're getting from you for dating white

girls but because y'all don't know y'all

don't understand that sexual attraction

isn't symmetrical y'all keep telling

these lies thinking that we believe you

just stop it okay listen

it doesn't make you attractive it

doesn't make us jealous it makes you

look stupid quit that shit you're making

yourselves look bad and it's it's it's

it's transparent nobody's buying that


number nine be submissive and this is

this is where black womens are on the

line and no submissive is submissiveness

in a relationship doesn't mean letting

him boss you around while you walk

around scared and fearful of his temper

when the black eye you know damn well

that's nothing we're talking about here

being submissive within the context of a

sexual relationship with a man means

putting his needs before your own in

other words stop being selfish ass

bitches listen we as men we like women

who take care of us and that requires a

woman to be non selfish it's that simple

number 10 stop trying to be the man in

the fucking house again this goes back

to the whole being feminine thing I

talked about right up right off the top

it's called man of the house for a

reason it's supposed to be a man men are

attracted to women who act like men okay

we don't listen we don't want women who

think it's her birthright to be the

leader of a relationship I can hear

y'all now well if niggas would actually

be a man I wouldn't have to be okay fair


that that that's fair enough okay so

what the fuck you staying with him in

the first place for right like if we

were if you're if you were some bum ass

nigga that you have to lead around the

fuck you sticking with him for y'all

bitch and moan about how your man won't

take charge but don't want to leave the

relationship honestly y'all are happier

complaining about your men than taking a

few months off and stop riding dick to

actually find one worth staying with and

when you do when

you're trying to compete with him to be

the leader because you think following a

man as weak and when he leaves your ass

because he's tired of competing with

your stubborn asses then you want to

complain about how niggas ain't shit

rinse and repeat shut up - Carlos says

what's up Donovan new member to your

patreon love to content I appreciate

that Carlos thank you very much oh my

god Ultra gamer said Davy Yount a bone

cliche oh my god Oh nigga you need to

stop are you serious

Davion teh oh my god chase LeBeau says

names like Sharda Dee Dee Anthony lament

lemon-yellow unlike sharky sharky shaaa

but it's like and it's funny what they

like to do is I like to add apostrophes

and dashes so whatever like whatever

name is out there like just take the

regular American name Michael there's a

tight end for the for the Green Bay

Packers whose plays name of Sir Michael

fiddly D Anthony Thomas Lamonica

LaMichael like like what are you doing

what are you doing that shit's not cute

that's not original everyone's doing it

michael says black men hat black women

rather have such a problem being

submissive had to break up with my

ex-girlfriend about a month ago for that

the only time she was submissive is was

when I was fucking her her and most

black women black women meant like oh

you want me to be submissive

oh no nigga none cool man go man listen

welcome to the single life like again

the only men who stay with women who

boss them around are not the kind of men

they want to be with in the first place

they stay with these men because they

don't really have any of their options

that's just kind of how it goes good

comment there by Michael Davey auntie oh

my god

Jesus Christ and lay beyond bow listen

he's one of the best players in the

league lay beyond is absolutely a

fucking a hood rat ass name oh my god oh

Jesus Christ

add add Quan to anything like say Quan

Berkeley hood fuckin name love the kid

he's a good kid but eat but

unfortunately he strapped with it ghetto

ass listen he's let listen he's lucky he

got drafted by the New York Giants he's

gonna make a guarantee 28 million

dollars before he even touches the

football field hey good for him you can

be his ghetto as you want but what if

sake won Berkeley didn't turn out to be

a star running back at Penn State what

if he wasn't the second overall pick in

the draft

right so he goes to college he gets his

college degree and he puts his resume in

front of in front of a hiring manager

they say okay this kid's name is c'est

quand c'est quand come from the hood man

even if they don't it's that even if

they don't it's that dumb it's the

connotation that's how it is ultra gamer

says I'm like you said many black moms

misspelled classic oh my god and listen

white moms actually starting to do this

too now like they'll take a name they'll

take a name and they'll purposely

misspell like they were placing C's with

Ches they're replacing eyes with Y's um

oh my god I remember this girl that her

name was Xabi era I said oh my god so

you know so now there's a feminine name

so now there's a feminine xaviar xavi

era unpadded

unbelievable Michael spelled my ke LL

you know Jennifer I've talked about this

before on the air GYN and Phu are e what

like what are you doing what are you

doing braided B are AE dy in camera CA m

ry I mean it's like it never ends just

to be unique well I want to have a name

that nobody has listen you were

hamstrung listen white moms too right

when white moms give their when when

white moms give their give their sons

and daughters these these fucked up

names now they obviously don't suffer

the consequence that black people do

because they do in a different way but

still they think well what kind of

mother what kind of mother would name

their daughter Christina and spell it k

ry sty na h what are you doing what are

you doing

Ultra gamer says bon Qui shit was

probably the worst ghetto name I ever

heard every Hill High I've heard bon Qui

Jie a few times but I've never I've

never known of anyone who's named buck

wish I'll isn't that that was sort of an

internet meme bonk bonk bonk weecha a

slow Moses went to school with a

santosha and Julio Jones name is yeah

Julio Jones his name is Clint Aris yeah

Clint Aris Julio Jones that's why he

goes by Julio Jones yes James Martina

says then they get mad when you

mispronounce those names it's like it's

like you're you're looking at somebody's

name and you're like I'm sorry J J's

it's James J a ym easy what like what

are you doing

uh yeah yeah unbelievable man vulture

gamer says yet white mobs are doing the

same thing to mud sharks hanging with

black single moms I'm telling you I'm

telling you everybody's doing it with

these fucked-up names and white listen

white moms they're starting to do that

shit too they're starting to do that

shit too man but listen black women are

way ahead of the curve on this like dude

they just dude they just make up a bunch

of names then they add dashes and

apostrophes dude your ham dude you were

hamstringing your kid man oh oh my god

you just made me think of something yo

check this shit out I'm gonna type

something in the chat okay listen ice

listen I listen my hand listen I used to

work for this company in Morrisville

North Carolina right there and Research

Triangle Park I am going to type in a

name you guys see that name do you guys

see that name okay do you know what that

name says

I'm gonna let you guys catch up cuz I

know I'm on a 20 second name so so what

I just typed in in the chat was la okay

- hey this girl's name was Latasha and

this is exactly how she spelled it

here's another oh my god man hold on

hold on here's another name okay I just

typed I just I I just typed it in the

girl's name was spelled ABC de do you

know what her name was

her name was absentee I mean I got

listen guys you can't make this stuff up

you can't make it you cannot make this

stuff up

how the fuck like honestly in class and

in third fourth grade fourth grade see

just like a be seated that's AB City are

you kidding me with this nonsense

honestly black honestly black women and

here's the thing black women who give

their sons and daughters fucked up names

then they wonder why niggas don't want

to put any more babies in them because

they don't want you they don't want a

kid with a fucked-up name

it is guys I'm fucking telling you

apostrophes dashes symbols it dude in

his apps it is absolutely fucking


black mob sisters quit giving your kids

these fucked up names it's not cute it's

not dude it's not unique that shit is

stupid let's move on here number 11

quit being entitled sisters ladies y'all

deserve shit if you're a basic ass bitch

with a bunch of kids who's overweight

you can't be out here talking about how

you met about how you want your man to

look like some are more make six figures

have a six-pack and have a 16-inch dick

if you want a man like that fucking earn


lose the weight stop with the fake hair

be feminine and then you can start to

raise your standards it listen it's

funny when women of all races actually

they ask well why do I only attract

losers or wire bum ass niggas always

trying to holler maybe it's not them

maybe it's you sharkeisha maybe it's you

Swan Tasha maybe it's you al-qaeda maybe

it's you de Cameron the reason why you

get hollered at my basic ass niggas is

because you're a basic ass bitch the day

you're no longer

and here's the thing maybe these basic

ask niggas think they can get with you

because they see that you're a basic ass

bitch that's why they hollered in the

first place the day you're no longer a

basic ass bitch is the day basic ass

niggas stop trying to fuck with you you

don't deserve anything go out there and

earn that shit listen if you don't want

basic ass niggas to holler at you stop

being a basic ass bitch

you're not entitled to anything you

don't deserve shit not trying to hear it

number 12 the last and final one shut

the fuck up and listen listen I said it

earlier running your mouths all that

goddamn time doesn't make you strong it

makes you stubborn okay

do nagging your man all the time isn't

challenging him it makes you a fucking

headache dudes aren't trying to put up

with bitches who run up at the mouth

just to hear themselves talk ladies now

if you want to have an intelligent

conversation about some interesting shit

cool talk away have a two-sided

conversation but the problem is y'all

never listen to nobody when you're

talking to a man you're not listening

okay a black woman's definition of

listening is just waiting for her turn

to talk and that shit gets real old real

quick trust me

black women are steady talking about how

men are intimidated by them

that's not intimidation baby girl that's

them being fucking annoyed because you

run off at the mouth on the goddamn time

shut the fuck up open your ears and quit

talking over every goddamn body that may

work freaking listen that may work fine

for your four kids but a man ain't a kid

and he's not gonna stick around if you

never listen I got a bonus one here for

you I got a bonus one here for you and

listen the ladies are gonna love this

the black one there to love this bonus

start listening to black men oh my god I

know I'm gonna hear it now listen men we

as brothers we as black when we've told

y'all for years what we want and what we

need Eddie all and all we've gotten in

return over the last 20-30 years as

nothing but a collective fuck you that's

what you guys are telling us you dumb

asses listen to Oprah y'all listen to

Iyanla you've listened to Wendy Williams

Steve Harvey and all these other strong

women and strong women advocates you let

these women lead you astray you're

taking advice from women about

what men want what sense does that make

well I know what a man wants happen just

be good listen just because you have fun

and it's so funny

so let's always say this kind of stuff I

know what men want

so you've been fucked by 348 Dickson you

know what men want okay you know men

want pussy what else try again like

seriously that's your fastball what's

your changeup what's your number two

pitch what's your backup what what

what's what's your backup well I know

what men why okay just because you have

fucked every nigga on the block doesn't

mean you know what men want you know

they want pussy everybody knows that

it's only something we don't already

know then you wonder why their advice

isn't working you wonder why black men

are checking out and datin white girls

now like yours truly you've been told

that being and honestly indirectly this

is unbelievable men you've been told

indirectly that by beat but that by

being as insufferable as you possibly

can be is the best way to attract men

you see Angela's dumb ass on the movie

on the Tyler Perry movie why did I get

married act a goddamn fool the entire

fucking movie and then see her rewarded

for it and you actually believe that's

how that shit works then you wanna then

you want to laugh at us for telling you

some real shit

Oh nigga you don't know she you just

don't know what it is you want to make

jokes about what you're not gonna do did

you really honestly honestly like like

sisters I'm asking them I'm not asking

this facetiously I'm asking this

seriously after all this time after all

of this bad behavior after all after you

guys have just become completely

insufferable and toxic for as long as

you've been did you really expect us to

stay fucking what y'all like honestly

like seriously did you think that black

men we're gonna continue to continue to

listen to y'all talk shit about us and

tell us we'd shit and tell us what you

weren't gonna do and tell us that you

weren't changing and expect us to come

back for more did you really expect us

to say fucking what y'all fuck no we're

gonna use common sense and date women

who actually listen to what men want and

make sacrifices to be in our company and

you want to know something honest

seriously it might be too late for y'all

already because myself and Oshea do

Jackson we've already had an e-book out

there that seems us black men

step-by-step how to get with non black

women it's called black man's revenge

the black man's guide to dating white

girls and other non black women you

heard it correctly I have written a book

that shows black men how to become

attractive to every race of woman in

America except for black women this is

where we are the jig is up ladies like I

honestly sisters the jig is up more

black men would rather be with non black

women than black women who want to be

with black chicks and even those guys

are fed up with y'all those niggas have

had enough most of us at this point most

of us are starting to figure out that

you're not our only option and for

listen for those of you black men out

there who don't realize it yet for for

the black men who are still fooled by

black women trust me they will soon

they're gonna wake up soon enough and if

you don't get your shit together and

time to lock down the last few quality

black men who still want to be with

y'all y'all are fucked so you can laugh

at this stuff all you want to you can

make fun of me you can call me names you

can make jokes but none of that negates

the truth black men we have had it with

y'all so you can either get your shit

together or you can continue to bitch

and complain about how we have it wrong

and if that's what you choose to do cool

we've got plenty of other races out

there who want to be with us so don't be

mad at white girls for doing what you

won't be mad at yourselves

bitches James Martinez asks how do you

get your girl to start back sucking your

dick dude it's over I'm not there so I

don't know but once your girl starts

sucking your dick okay it's over with

she's not attracted to you anymore

listen any girl can open her legs but

when a girl sucks your dick that's what

a woman really likes and possibly loves

you if she sucked her dick in the

beginning she liked you possibly even

loved you but when she stopped sucking

your dick she's not listen she's

probably not gonna start sucking it

again unless you run absolute dread game

that's the answer but the way to get

your girl and I actually counseled the

guy and he's actually gonna do a

testimonial for me I'm gonna meet him

down at the 21 conference down in

Orlando in October his woman he's been

he'd been married to his wife for seven

years she haven't sucked his dick in

five that's why this is this is why he

this is why he wanted a consultation

listen all I want is for her to suck my


well the reason she wasn't sucking his

dick it was a whole listen it was it was

a byproduct of all of the issues of

their marriage it's the typical stuff he

wasn't being a man wouldn't put his foot

down he was settling for X Y & Z guess

what he ran shred get and this probably

took he spent a lot of money with me

and this took three to four months now

his wife sucks his cock every night

okay this is what you have to do it

listen if you're gonna Blissett if you

really do love your woman right if you

love your girl dude go to donovan sharp

calm it's a lot of consultation a lot of

consultation a consultation for him I'll

be more than happy to consult you but if

if your girls stop sucking your dick it

is over the only way to rein her back in

if she isn't sucking somebody else's

dick already is to run absolute black

pill hardcore red but hardcore dred game

on her and that means withdrawing your

attention completely only giving her

enough attention to let you know that to

let her know that you exist other than

that it's over Michael says James

Martinez as you know says to Lieber

let's see who else we got in here


Ultra gamer says he's laughing his ass

off over there somebody's name is the

first five letters of the alphabet man I

swear to god it was ABCD and I'll dude

I'll never forget I called a mom I don't

even remember what a fucking mom it was

like Tascha or something and I was like

yeah you're a daughter

I think somebody may have just typed

something and just you know I'm just you

know calling to correct the information

so that we can go ahead and move forward

with this community treatment and she

said well what's on there I said it's

ABCD she's like I don't know that's


her name is AB City yeah like on the

real I said okay hold on one second I

had to put that I had to mute the

fucking phone and I said to Ben dude

I'll never forget dude my co-workers

name was Todd I said Todd do you know

what this bitch she just told me that

her daughter's name was then and this is

a running joke man because it was always

some crazy shit he's like not nothing

can top what I told you cuz he's the one

that found the latasha

I said nah man I got some I said I got

something even I got something even


he's just try me I said ABCDE

he says how do you pronounce that I said

absentee his yo his ass start cracking

up Levin it's just unbelievable the

first five letters in the alphabet

that's how unique you want to be


michael says we love black women with

nice curly natural hair looks much

better than weaving wigs I agree I agree


Terrence likes the basic ass bitch

comment freelance Ronan making an

appearance says the prettiest black

chick can make herself ugly just by

running her mouth I swear to god dude


freelance freelance says only simps fall

for that strong black woman stuff hell


ghetto Denzel says bruh you are really

preaching like O'Shea no nigga O'Shea

preaches like me goddammit now dude me

at me and O'Shea we were we are

definitely cut from the same cloth

Oh shame I'm gonna tell you what of

O'Shea's many talents one of them is

talent accumulation he has the unique

ability to accumulate talent writers


I'm not saying that I could have gotten

to this point without him but he you

know the things that he opened my eyes

to the the platforms that he put me on

have definitely sped up the process

O'Shea and my girlfriend are probably

the two biggest reasons why I am where I

am today

Ultra gamer says one thing worse than

feminism is black feminism ain't that

the goddamn truth just like freelance

Ronan says Carlos says no dick-sucking

that's a real deal that's a deal-breaker

from the start she's out listen dude

listen man you can't expect a man to get

on one knee if you won't get down on two

baby girl we need the fucking head there

are a few clap men listen there are

fewer things in this world more

gratifying than watching a woman suck

your dick sucking a man's dick is the

most submissive thing a woman can do

this is why black women don't like to do


James Martinez says black women need to

stip need to stop having that mean mug

face yeah they walk around like the

fucking angry all the time like who that

like who the fuck's gonna approach

someone who looks mad all the time

shout out to James Martinez by the way

who correct listen I don't know that she

made a prediction on the Boston Philly

series but you said it and I agreed

because I didn't see it that way you

said that that Brad Stevens outcoached

Brent brown filly on paper is the more

talented is the more talented team I

will tell you that but Brad Stevens is

absolutely dude he is probably honestly

he might be the best coach in the

Eastern Conference

he might be the best coach in the NBA

I'm listen I'm taking nothing away from

Steve Kerr or Mike D'Antoni but and you

can't really punish Steve Kerr for

having the team that he has because just

because you have the fastest car on the

track doesn't mean you're gonna

automatically win the race you gotta

know how to drive the car so I give

credit to Steve Kerr he's a brilliant

basketball mind but dude Brad Stevens he

over achieves with the team's he has he

took Butler to two straight national

championship games right the best player

he ever had was Gordon Hayward so Brad

Stevens is clearly a superior coach and

that is on full display on this listen

I'm not hating on the Celtics dude like

we're down oh three hey you got a tip

you cat Brad Stevens is doing a hell of

a job michael says resting bitchface

hell yeah like what the fuck is that

Terrence says Paul George is rumored

coming to the Sixers my thoughts I won't

believe it until I see it I think Paul

George is headed to LA I think that was

always his plan Paul George is from LA

he's still young he can get it he can

get a supermax deal from the Lakers you

know I got Lonzo ball over there

distributing LeBron is listen LeBron is

definitely not gonna be in Cleveland

anymore this is this is his last year in

Cleveland if it's not I'll be very

surprised but listen if we were to get

Paul George that'd be great because

here's the thing the Celtics are gonna

win this series whether it's in four or

five or six games the Celtics are going

to in this series they're gonna put in a

bid for Kawhi Leonard because Gregg

Popovich the Spurs head coach and RC

Buford the GM for the Spurs

they're not they don't want Kawhi

they're not gonna trade kawaii

to the west they're not doing that James

Martinez says pop is the best coach you

know what I can't disagree with that I

can listen oh dude I remember in 1998

when I think it was Del Harris who had

been coaching the San Antonio Spurs was

replaced by then

Spurs GM Gregg Popovich like I was like

why man what the hell does a GM know

about coaching a basketball team five

championships later here we are

Gregg Popovich is a Hall of Fame coach

so I would I would I don't disagree at

that Gregg Popovich just debt listen he

is one of the best ever

he's got five rings man you can't argue

with that but you listen if Paul George

comes to the Sixers listen that would

make us one of the best teams in the

East but going back to what I was saying

about Kawhi Leonard the Celtics are

going to put in a bid for Kawhi Leonard

man because the Spurs don't want to

trade him to that they don't wanted to

train him to the west so Kawhi Leonard's

coming out east so now you're gonna have

if hypothetically you're gonna Hammond

Brown you're gonna have Gordon Hayward

Kyrie Irving and Kawhi Leonard dude that

is a squad and they're all young they're

all 26 27 years old now the Sixers are

also very young so if we get a young guy

like a Paul George or maybe you can get

or maybe even get on the broad the

Sixers and Celtics could be a big time a

budding rivalry here for the next I

don't know six seven years so also I'll

certainly I'll certainly be on the look

up at that but yeah Paul George to the

Sixers that listen listen put that that

listen that would that would make us a

better team tomorrow for sure

Ultra gamer says many sisters are too

masculine turn-off for me listen I wrote

an article on return of Kings called

five reasons I no longer need black

women and the number one reason is that

most black women are just too masculine

they act like men michael says once

LeBron leaves the Sixers and Celtics

will run a once abroad leaves the Sixers

and Celtics will run the East this

series is a prelude of what's to come

totally agree I agree it's this listen

it is it listen the Eastern Conference

is gonna be run by Philly and Boston for

the next five to six seasons you better

believe it

cuz LeBron listen once just like you

said LeBron has had a lockdown on the

east he's been to seven eight straight

NBA Finals he is gone after this season

LeBron is too good for the Cavaliers

he's too good for the players he's too

good for the coach he's too good for the

fucking owners who could from the GM

LeBron needs a better team he needs a

better organization he listened he came

back to Cleveland because he owed

Cleveland is solid that's that's the

city that raised him he says listen I

had to go how to learn how to be a man

had to go how to learn learn to win

titles I'm bringing all that knowledge

here and I'll be goddamned if this

motherfucker didn't deliver this guy was

down 3-1 to a 73 win team and won the

first championship in Cleveland since

nineteen fuckin 46 man unbelievable

he doesn't know that's India goddamn

thing LeBron better leave but I agree

with Michael spot-on

what's LeBron is out of cleat once the

Browns out of Cleveland it is the

South's mo Sixers all day every day

James Martinez says once Kyrie and

Heyward are healthy the Celtics are the

subjects are one more piece with Stephen

with having a position yeah I agree

listen they're all young they're all

young if they go out to get a Kawhi

Leonard or even a Paul George

dude watch I'm telling you man I'm

telling you that would be very very that

would be very very interesting great

show today guys got a little bit of a

got a little a little sports talk in

freelance said he missed the beginning

so what I'm gonna do now after this I am

going to head to Brazilian Jujitsu and

so my schedule is like this now got

Brazilian ji I've got jujitsu tonight

I'm gonna wake up update my website get

all that stuff done get everything

started then I'm gonna go lift weights

come back finish that up do my show then

go to spin class tomorrow at 6:00

so then Wednesday I'll get up I'll hit

the gym I'll do core exercises then I

will do spin class and then and then Jiu

Jitsu at night Thursday I'll lift

weights spin class at night so yeah it's

it's it's an active lifestyle I like it

I do I'm feeling a little bit of aches

and pains but my guess is that that'll

go away over time as soon as my body

adjust to it the testosterone and the

HDH is definitely gonna be definitely

doing its job James

Martinez hit me go to my website Donovan

Sharpe calm and I will tell you

everything you need to know about

getting on testosterone replacement

therapy and HGH and we will discuss this

was a great Monday show like I said this

is available to everyone not just

patrons this is available for patrons

and non patrons so my thanks to you guys

all my commenters thank you for your

support I will see you guys tomorrow

thanks for watching