BANNED FROM YOUTUBE: 13 kinds of women that should scare the hell out of you

One of my most popular episodes aired on Halloween night in '17. There are many kinds of women that men need to watch out for in terms of keeping from getting your live destroyed emotionally, financially, and sometimes physically. 


But there are 13 in particular that men need to be keenly aware of before getting involved with these females. A lot of us know plenty of these kinds of women and if you think about it, you'll realize you do too.

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back when I was a kid basically was cats

devils and nurses those are the only

slutty costumes but now I mean now

everything is like everything is a

slutty costume slutty pirate slutty

superhero slutty construction worker

slutty nun bloody football player slutty

teachers you name it they have found a

way to slut it up and because and

because the sole purpose of Halloween

for females and 2017 is to look as

sluttiest humanly possible while also

avoiding judgment for most people

I've appropriately nicknamed it subtly

Happy's little weenie everybody and now

your man Donovan sharp how is your

boyfriend lucky to have you you're

fucking your boss what you think she was

gonna do tell you she cheated you cannot

out train a bad diet never believe

everything a woman tells you she will

always leave you're always broke because

you spend your money on dumb shit every

month if you've only slept with five

guys then why was it so easy to fuck

what's up guys that your men Donovan

sharp and welcome to this edition of TSR

live presented by happy hippo herbals it

is Tuesday October 31st 2017 and happy

slow Dewayne everybody you know the two

best parts of slutty ween as I move my a

camera here to make sure I get my my

girls pumpkin my girl actually carved a

pumpkin and it looks pretty good and I

had the TV I had the and the angle right

there we go just move over a little bit

yeah so anyway the the the two best

parts of slutty ween as I have

appropriately as I have appropriately

called it is number one of course is the

candy you guys know that I have a major

major sweet tooth the second best part

about slut OE is are the women walking

around in slutty costumes I mean listen

I love seeing women dressed in skimpy

next to nothing wearing wearing slutty

heels they can barely walk in on their

way to Halloween parties to get drunk

and get fucked by whatever do

to make their vaginas buzz tonight and I

definitely hope you guys have a safe

Halloween night in my safe I mean sex

safe sex guys listen wrap the fuck up

guys because if you raw dog that slutty

wonder woman you take home tonight

you're a fourth of July is gonna be

fucking ruined next year so make sure

you use condoms tonight guys and be safe

out there in the spirit of slutty ween

I'm gonna tell you guys about the 13

types of females that should scare the

shit out of you and I'm not exaggerating

here so here we go let's go ahead and go

with number one number one the girl who

claims to have been raped now I talked

about this way back in episode 33

entitled six more half-truths that women

tell their significant others take a

listen this is a no-win situation for

females if the words I was raped comes

out of her mouth because if she's lying

she's radioactive meaning get the hell

out of there ASAP because it won't be

long before she accuses you of rape if

if she feels like it for whatever reason

if she's not lying meaning she was truly

rape which means a which means a man

really did force himself on her she's

damaged beyond all repair which again

means get the hell out of there ASAP it

is eight if a woman mutters the words I

was raped

fucker once maybe twice and then get the

hell out of there don't stick around to

let her mind sort of cook up a scheme to

keep you around or or to work to get you

hemmed up again that's a no-win


now here's the thing guys we all know

that there are false replicas also rape

accusations made all the time by women

but there are women out there guys

listen they have truly genuinely been

raped a man forced forced them to have

sex against their will in either case

just like I said if the words I was

raped comes out of her mouth like I said

in episode 33 guys she is radioactive

you're either you are either risking a

false rape accusation or you're dealing

with a walk with a woman who's so fucked

up in the head she's ruined her life I

talked about women who

really truly victims of rape in episode

34 when I talked about the Instagram

models we sell their pussies to oil

sheiks in Dubai listen whether she's

lying or telling the truth a woman who

claims to have been raped is dangerous

to you as a man don't fuck her get don't

fuck her get the fuck out of there and

then block her number that's her only

this is your only move in this

particular in this particular scenario

number two the biological clock girl now

the biological clock girl this is the

woman who who no she's running out of

time to have a baby

listen all females are born with the

biological desire to reproduce her

females this is this is exactly what

they do

now she can't lock down a man because

the cock carousel has turned her into an

entitled bitch who doesn't know how to

act like a woman anymore with the kind

of thousand cock stare that scares the

kind of men she'd want to impregnate her

okay now it takes her a few years to

figure this out which takes even more

time and at some point she starts to

realize that her biological clock is

ticking has taken even faster so she

were just she resorts to drastic

measures to get pregnant now guys I

ain't talking about the amateur stuff

like poking holes and condoms or fish

and condoms out of the trash after he

leaves and injecting herself with a

sperm listen that stuff's for young

girls who haven't figured it out yet

that's for young girls who haven't

figured out that it takes more and then

it takes more to that than trapping a

man with a kid these chicks are normally

in their mid I would say to late 30s and

a lot smarter and they take it to a

whole different level gentlemen there is

a website called fake a baby calm you

can look it up and it is exactly what

you think it is it is a website that

women can buy things to make a man think

she is pregnant with his baby I am not

kidding you if you're on computers look

it up right now if you're on her phones

tablet look it up right now

fake positive pregnancy tests fake

ultrasounds fake sonogram see you name

it they've got it and listen I'll link

it into the in the description at the

end at the end of this episode

now it's described

on the website as a gag gift okay but

I'll bet my nest egg that most women

don't buy their products as a joke or a

gang guys these women are dangerous

because if a man thinks a woman is

carrying his carry on his child he feels

obligated to share his resources as he


you know because listen that would be

the right thing to do if a woman is

pregnant with his kid but here's where

the real con happens guys if a man

thinks a woman is pregnant with his kids

guess what he's gonna start doing he'll

he'll start fucking her without a condom

thinking it doesn't matter if he shoots

his loads in her and then when she does

become pregnant

there's no news to break these women

trick men into fucking him raw in order

to get pregnant by faking a pregnancy

and then using this website and others

like it to do it shit man listen they're

bitches out here who aren't even pros at

doing this stuff they do it the amateur

way amateur way and they are still full

in dudes it's unbelievable

in either case if you're fucking an

older woman who doesn't have hope if

you're fucking an older woman who

doesn't have kids okay has never been

married and mentions the desire to and

it mentions the desire to be a woman

even once even once to you watch the

fuck out guys bitches like I'm telling

you guys right now bitches like this

they like to trap men like us there are

no exceptions

number three the pathological liar women

like guys we know this and that's listen

that's one of the main reasons the

manosphere exists in the first place but

every once in a while we meet a woman

who lie about shit that they don't need

a lie about okay shit like what she ate

for lunch yesterday or what color pan is

she's wearing completely benign untruths

that that she likes to tell because

she's a pathological liar women like

this are extremely dangerous to men

because if you can't even believe what

if you can even believe what they tell

you about things that they don't have to

lie about then you know they're lying to

you about anything and everything else

that actually matters catching your girl

in a lie every so often is one thing it

happens it sucks you have to deal with

it but listen it's a necessary evil but

it's not necessarily a deal-breaker at

that point depending upon how how much

time she has in but when you're catching

her in lies on a weekly basis sometimes

even daily you've got a drop or guys

that's just all there is to it

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Bitcoin and let's take a check on the

chat here see who he got in the house

Alex Garcia comes right out of the gate

happy slaughter Wayne that's right good

to see in here Alex and some bastard

says the sluts were already out and

about here in Boston that's right that's


hunt seem extreme says Halloween listen

man Halloween has turned into slut away

man it literally gives women permission

to dress like complete sluts


see here Dominic Lewis says hey what's

up Donovan apologize for missing last

week's videos but I caught up by

watching all of them I had to get the

LCD part of my phone fixed okay I got

yeah I know how that phone stuff can be

Koby Anthony says happy Halloween

shout-out to you deep 1985 good to see

you in here

Vaness tarleton says that scenario came

up amongst my friends they'd stay with

the girl who was raped who never guys

never ever ever stay with the girl who

says she was raped again it doesn't

matter whether she's - whether she's

telling the truth or not it does not

matter if a girl says she was raped

she's radioactive whether it's true or

not I do not care

old-school writer good to see you in

here shout out to you

Fellon bullets echoes my sentiment I

wouldn't even fuck a woman if she had

claimed to have been raped before that's

right that's right man a lot of women

don't tell you that no see here's the

thing women if a woman wants to say I

was raped or a woman wants to claim that

she was raped she's not gonna tell you

she's not gonna tell you before you fuck

her she's gonna wait until you have

fucked her already so that you can you

know develop some sort of bond whether

it's lust or whatever but but yeah

listen I was raped that's radioactivity

man get the fuck away from that

jessamine says I had my he said I had my

ex but a false rape claim against me

spent the night in a Cell and two months

waiting to see if I was gonna get

charged but they threw out the case

thank God you see guilty till proven

innocent men guilty till proven innocent

he probably didn't even have a mail


yeah they're also usually the biggest

feminist that's what unseen extreme says


you know I think I saw one text

conversation someone put on Facebook the

other day that said you know hey I slept

with a guy had buyer's remorse it wasn't

rape I was just irresponsible and then

one girl Hamm stirred up some no no no

no you were really raped because of

because you couldn't consent you were

too drunk and I thought to myself you

gotta be kidding me man

like this is why this is why there are

so many false rape claims because listen

there is only one requirement and one

requirement only for rape to occur the

sex was unconcerned xual if a man forced

himself on a woman if he forces a woman

to have sex with him if he fucks her and

she doesn't want to be fuck if she says

no stop help she's fighting him away and

he fucks her anyway

that man has committed the crime of rape

if she gets drunk and she fucks a guy

that's not rape doesn't work that way

guys hit the like button as soon as you

come in be sure to do that Jamaican

Peppa good to see you in here shout out

to you

Bobi Anthony says found this in mig tile

video yeah right

see what else let's see

Koby Anthony also says hey Donovan you

know what I never hear about black women

calling fake rape yeah that's because

dudes don't want to fuck black women

like and and it's listen the reason why

black women don't make false rape

accusations is because they know no one

will believe them and no one would

dude no listen man no one is out here

trying to fuck black chicks man they're

just nut

unseen extreme says they're already too

many fat-ass Harlequins ooh god that's


God dude listen I love hot I love hot

sluts I love hot women who dress up in

slutty Halloween costumes but god damn


I cannot stand fat wannabe sluts the

biggest compliment that you can give to

it the biggest compliment that you can

give to a fat girl you want to make a

fat girls day call her a slut

oh dude she will love that shit because

a girl who is a slut is presumably

sexually attractive and fat girls are

always trying to prove their sexual

attractiveness so if you call her a slut

you'll make her fucking day

jessamine says i wish i knew of you

earlier yeah don't we all man you know I

listen I wish I'd found the red pill in

my my mid-20s but you know it is what it

is men is what it is

shout out to you Alan LT good to see you

in ear

I can't read I can't read this I can't

really read this name it says ëi

Hawthorne a says thinks none of them for

talking about kratom it is amazing what

this stuff does man guys I'm telling you


kratom is the real fucking deal listen

I've used it I've used it for over three

years now and the very first time I used

it I was like man this is this is grace

probably one of the most productive days

I've ever I've ever really had in my

life so when I got the show man when

when the when the show really started to

take off you know I reached out to Chris

and I said yo look dude like you know

I've got a show I've got a pretty

sizable following I love kratom I love

your company it's the only crowd um I've

ever used you know why not you know why

not does I why not sign up and be a

sponsor he I mean he jumped right on the

bandwagon so so yeah listen kratom is

the real deal guys it's not it's not a

joke and the thing is as kratom is also

used by people who are trying to they're

trying to beat opioid addiction it's

used by people who are heroin addicts so

then listen again this this stuff is the

real deal man this is not snake oil it

absolutely works and it's inexpensive it

really is

yet terminal says Neil deGrasse Tyson

absolutely yeah so I guess we're all

rapists now right so some chick accused

Neil deGrasse Tyson of raping her I

don't even I don't even know the

timelines when people are coming out oh

he raped me or he sexually harassed me

35 years ago yeah convenient you didn't

tell anybody and everybody automatically

believes these broads listen it's easy

to accuse someone of something when you

know when you know that in the court of

public opinion the burden of proof is

not on you but it's but but here's the

thing the reason why they don't go to

the cops when they were when they

claimed to have been raped is because

the burden of proof is on the accuser

men we don't have to prove in a court

and the court of public land in the

court of law that we didn't rape you you

have to prove that we raped you but in

the court of public opinion didn't work

that way these women who are coming out

against all of these actors and

actresses and millionaires and

celebrities dude they're not looking for

justice they're looking for a payday and

because in the court of public opinion

the all it is is a the the the the legal

standard in the court of public opinion

of court of law is beyond all reasonable

doubt okay the court of public opinion

the the the legal standard in the court

of public opinion is a preponderance of

the evidence the difference is the

preponderance of the debt of the

evidence states that it is more likely

than not that the crime occurred and

because of course we're all trained to

listen and believe to women whether they

say somebody looked at him funny or

somebody raped him that's all you need

fuck out of here with that

yes sharp assists sharp assists

correctly points out a lot of new faces

tonight guys check out check out the

latest content on on Donovan's dead go


you can also set up a personal consult

for all things d shorb donovan sharp


oby Anthony says hey sharp you think all

the men in Atlanta wane gay got tired of

dealing with their dick teasers and

always taunting men Atlanta nah nah I

don't buy that

listen man listen I don't care how

terrible women to get if men if men

don't if women become I guess we can use

it landed as an example if you're a

black man living in Atlanta dude you

gotta move away from Atlanta okay come

to Vegas you know I'm saying like dude

move west it's it's much better for men

here I'm not saying that this is the

land of milk and honey I mean they're

stunning listen it's it's a feminist

it's still a feminist heavy heavy

country that we live in but but no

listen if a man listen if a man starts

fucking another man it means he was gay

in the first place like you don't like

men don't get so fed up with women that

he says uh

fuck it I'm just gonna start fucking men

no you you start having sex with men

because you were already attracted to

them so listen I'm not giving black

women that much credit

shout-out to Jamaican Peppa a

five-dollar superjet appreciate the

contribution there brother

I mean listen man you contribute every

day man I greatly appreciate that thank

you thank you

terminal says many cops estimate 50% of

claims are false I would put the number

even higher than that

straight up mr. so it is

Vanessa Carlton says I like I like

fucking white girls but from the time

but from time to time I wouldn't mind

fucking a black chick who can throw it

back yeah why not you know why not

freelance Ronin in the house he's on the

road but freelance is on the road but he

is still still in full effect good to

see you in here man shout-out to you not

to you

good shit all right well let's move

along here along here let's go with

number four the fourth kind of woman the

four kind of female that should scare

the shit out of men onto this Halloween

slut oween Knight is a woman who has

raised by single mother women who erased

my single moms guys are guaranteed sluts

all right yes I am making a

generalization and I will say it again

what listen no fewer than 100 percent of

women raised by single mothers are sluts

meaning that they have fucked at least

50 guys by the time they're 20 don't

give a shit I don't care you can give me

whatever statistics or whatever listen

girls who are raised by by single

mothers always end up sluts hundred

percent of the time listen guys single

mothers are single for a reason all

right they have no discipline they have

no impulse control they have no respect

for men and they have a huge entitlement

complex you put that all together and

you've got a woman who is either had an

STD or an abortion before she's 30

guaran-fucking-tee these women are

dangerous to men fuck em once or make

him a side chick nothing more

number five the drug addict /

pill-popper / party drug user shit like

ecstasy crystal meth cocaine that shit

really fucks up your system if you do if

you do a lot of it over an extended

period of time with no break it really

fucks up your system because they cause

a they they cause a dopamine and

serotonin overload everything looks

better everything feels better

everything I mean of course including

dick which is why there's so many girls

out there who can't enjoy anything they

can't enjoy anything anymore because

their receptors are fried okay so

they're either complete bitches all the

time like my ex-wife was because she's

fucking miserable because she can't

enjoy anything all the time you know

most of the time or they have to use

these drugs in order to feel any sort of

enjoyment or excitement

now obviously women like this are

dangerous because if listen if you're

with a girl who uses drugs and you get

pulled over she's putting your freedom

at risk yeah or if you're with her when

she buys the drugs she could be also

putting your life at risk

guys don't get serious with girls who

use drugs on the regular guys fuck him

and Chuck them and keep their numbers in

case you keep her phone number k she had

a slump thrown the option

number six the chick who is on

antidepressant anti antidepressants and

or anti-anxiety meds now one of the

consequences of becoming of being a

former drug addict is that it's only a

matter of time before they need

antidepressants anti-anxiety meds to

feel normal but here's the thing guys

women are extremely volatile by nature

anyway they're women all right women are

never chemically or hormonal e identical

from one day to the next

one day she loves you the one day she

wants the next day she wants to kill you

the day after that she wants to have

your children the next day she wishes

you got hit by a bus and on and on then

her menstrual cycle makes her what makes

her want cock in every hole for ten

straight days when she's ovulating then

it makes her hate the world when she's

PMSing then it bloats her makes her body

hurt and causes and causes her to be

lethargic while her pussy bleeds and it

all starts again on day number one you

factor all of that in and then you want

to throw an antidepressants and

anti-anxiety meds which can cause

suicidal and homicidal ideation on top

of that guys either proceed with caution

or treated like a single mom or a drink

treat her like a woman raised by single


number seven she's been engaged more

than once but has never been married

women want nothing more than to belong

to a man guys they also want access to a

man's resources now the easiest way to

get both is to get married simple math

but if you meet a woman and she tells

you she was engaged to be married but

the wedding never happened that's a red

flag for obvious reasons but if she

tells you she was engaged more than once

but has never been married you need to

watch her back because she is hazardous

to your mental health your emotional

health and your financial health women

like this guys are parasites and their

listen there are more of the there are

more of these kinds of limit out here

than you might think

these are females who never and who

never really who never intend on getting

married but they like to go through the

motions for no other reason but to

inflict as much emotional and financial

damage to men something really bad

happened to her and it's warped her mind

to the point where she's a danger to

herself and men she wants to punish men

for whatever for whatever fucked-up

thing happened to her these women are

called black widows for a reason and if

you find out she's in she's been engaged

more than once but has never tied the

knot you are playing with fire if you

stay with her

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over there some good stuff in there

let's check the chat again

see we got going on

jamaican peppa says i'm in Jonesboro

Georgia and fuck bitches easily by being

an asshole this shit is easy cuz they

want the dick bad Jamaican Peppa I lived

in Atlanta before I moved out to Vegas I

worked for a company in Forest Park

which is literally right next door to

Jonesboro Georgia right there of tahra

Boulevard my friend unbelievable it is a

small fucking world man unbeli

am acutely familiar with Jonesboro in

the force Park Georgia area so big shout

out to you big shout out to you

I'm gonna go ahead and make Jamaican pet

by a mod here

all right Jamaican you are officially a

moderator 40s are alive you're in here

you're in here literally every episode

your regular contributor and I feel like

I can trust you so

aunt James says been waitin on this

black bitches waitin on their daddy on

their baby daddies to come back right

the night man says damn missed the first

hour no actually you have not we are

only we're only about a half an hour in

I got got started at 6:30 so 6:30

Eastern 3:30 Pacific

ah Coby Anthony says he added me on

Instagram good stuff good stuff

Adie Doulos as you were in Duluth haha

all right so we got people from the four

oh four seven seven oh and six seven

eight listening I fucking hated Atlanta

oh my god I hated Atlanta I man I

fucking hated it out there I lived there

too I actually lived there twice once

when I was set once when I was separated

from my ex-wife for the first time and

then in the one I was literally kicked

out of the state of North Carolina I was

living at I was living in a quasi crack

house and their landlord found out that

I was living there and he kicked me out

so my brother sent me he sent me a bus

ticket and $20 to eat on for the trip

down and I have not looked back since

so Wow it is a small fucking world

Jonesboro fucking Georgia about that


tat BB says tuning in straight from

Amsterdam the Netherlands alright good

so we got international players in this

motherfucker good to see you in here tat

BB I don't think I've seen you in here

before but shout-out to you my friend

all right let's move along here

number eight she has kids but doesn't

have custody guys we know that the

American Family Court system is

overwhelmingly biased towards women okay

listen we've all heard we've all heard

about stories about women who are drug

addicts who have drug addict boyfriends

who put the kids in danger all the time

and are still able to keep custody of

their children despite having an

ex-husband who clearly has a better

living situation there listen there are

other there are many other situations

and circumstances where the mother is

clearly unfit but the court will not

take her kids from her wait listen guys

we hear about this all the time it's

well documented knocking prayer I'm not

breaking news here if you start dating a

woman and you find out that she has a

child or children that she does not have

custody of or has relinquished all

parental parental rights to or has had

her kids taken away from her you can bet

your ass that she's got some sort of

habit or personality trait that makes

her far worse than the most unfit

mothers out there because you've

listened you got to do some pretty

fucked up shit as a woman to get for the

state to take your children away all

right listen I can't think of what those

things could possibly be because again

alcoholics drug addicted mothers they

keep their children all the time so

whatever it was whatever it was that

compelled the state to take her kids

it's gonna be dangerous to you as a man

you just you can safely make that


number nine she has a criminal record

now the family court system isn't the

only municipality biased towards women

the criminal court system is to and

illicit guys it extends from the judges

to the DA's down to the street table

down to the street cops and I talked

about this back in episode 13 take a


anyway later on in the show a cop you

know stopped a young white girl who had

quickly changed lanes when she saw him

in her rear like when she saw him in a

rearview mirror and cops will do that

like if they see suspicious behavior if

they see you trying to avoid or evade

the cops when they get behind you or

turn off and peel off into some shopping

center you know that that's that's off

their red flags like okay maybe they've

got a warrant maybe there's something

going on so let me pull them over so

that's what he did with this chick now

the girl is a typical Tweaker you know

purple hair neck tattoo lip ring eyebrow

ring the whole nine the cop runs her

license and it's suspended then he finds

out she has three outstanding warrants

then he finds crystal meth and cocaine

in her possession and he let her go

it takes more than than just breaking

the law for most women to get arrested

all right it has to be an egregious

offence or she has to have been caught

more than once doing whatever it is she

was doing for it to actually stick to

her record all right

listen she may have been popped for

drugs but judges give women they give

women all sorts of privilege they give

women first offender program

opportunities community service felony

diversion etc so if you find out a woman

has drug possession assault larceny

shoplifting or prostitution like one of

my buddies down in Vegas found out about

once it's not the it's not it's not that

it's the first time she's come in to

these crimes it's not even the first

time she was caught it's the first time

the court actually acknowledged that she

is a serial offender that's just scary

man stay away from those women

number ten she is financially

irresponsible and/or has bad credit now

women are financially they're

financially irresponsible by nature

because they make decisions based on

emotion and feelings including decisions

regarding money now this inevitably

leads to more debt than they can handle

which leads to bad credit and endless

and keep in mind guys that just because

a woman has good credit doesn't mean

that she's financially responsible

listen there are plenty of women out

here who make enough money to cover up

their financial impulses because they

barely because they barely have enough

left over to pay their bills every month

alright if a woman makes good money but

doesn't have but doesn't have anything

saved up she's bad with money just like

every other woman out there anyway one

man who is bad with money and has bad

credit will ultimately end up costing

you one way or the other if she's our

long-term girlfriend she'll spend money

thinking in the back of her mind that

she can get she can just get the rent

money or her phone bill from you and

look guys listen I know girls like this

I listen I've had multiple girls tell me

that it is easier to ask a man for money

for her electric bill or her car

insurance than it is than it is to ask

him for money for those new shoes or

that new phone or that new outfit that

they want so they buy what they want

then they hear the book then they hit

their boyfriends up knowing that it's a

lot harder for him to tell her no I will

not give you money to pay your rent

rather than the other thing women are so

fucking sneaky men and if you actually

marry a woman with bad credit guess what

guys her debt now becomes your debt

there listen there's a shitload of

stories like this on the web where a

girl marries a guy and doesn't tell him

about her debt or a bad credit until

they try to buy a house together that's

some fucked up shit man and they do that

on purpose I'm

eleven she has a violent temper these

guys at chicks can get you arrested with

the quickness because they're the type

of bitches

listen they're the type of bitches

that'll assault you but when you

retaliate they'll call the cops and

guess who they're locking up not her

dealing with a woman with a violent

temper can get you injured by her or

locked up neither of which is something

you want or need as a man stay away from

these chicks

number twelve but this is an obvious one

but still guys guys are steady guys are

steady fucking with chicks who associate

with criminals men women are drawn to

criminals guys they can say that they're

not but they are I remember when I was

nudie game every once in a while girls

would ask me about my criminal history

and I'd always I'd always lie and tell

him that I'd never been arrested never

been to jail nothing on my record but

after a few years I stopped lying about

it I just kept it real because I because

the more I learned about the true nature

of women the more I realized that on a

sexual level that they don't hold your

cum in a record against you on a sexual

level they don't hold it against you

anyway they're putting women out there

who regularly associated with criminals

drug dealers violent criminals criminals

who have served time in prison gun

possession and so forth knowing the guy

she buys her weed from ok that's one

thing but if you also find out that one

of her friends went to prison for

aggregate aggravated or so aggravated

assault or grand theft auto or gun

possession or something extremely

violent guys the dangers are obvious and

the funny thing is is you'll know the

signs because women like to brag about

this shit so she knows dudes like this

she'll tell you and when she does bounce

like a bad check you do not need those


and number 13 she has no history so you

strike up a company you strike up a

conversation with a girl while you're

pumping gas you get her number you set

up a first date and you start fucking

her and you think you kind of like this

girl you might want to keep around for a

while but when you look for her on

Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or

snapchat or any other social media you

don't find anything then when you notice

that she doesn't talk much about her

family and friends and you find out that

she moved from Miami Florida all the way

to Las Vegas and won't give you any

rhyme or reason for it other than it was

time for a change

it hits you she doesn't want you to know

about her past and any woman who is

protective about her past is hiding

something big gentlemen

women are attracted to mysterious men

alright they're aroused by men they

can't completely figure out who is he

where did he come from what is he doing

he's intriguing women women crave

complicated mysterious complex men we as

men on the other hand are not attracted

to that we don't like mysterious women

because women who aren't forthright

about their past about their pasts in on

this level always have something to hide

and it's always ten times worse than you

ever thought

listen even when Jay Gatsby was exposed

as Jay gets guys guess what it didn't

kill Daisy's attraction to her to him

okay but but if Daisy were attracted as

they form a prostitute or let's use

words back about Lee as a former floozy

or a tart or whatever the fuck they said

back in the day or former drug addict

Gatsby would it nexton her in a hurry

all right sexual attractiveness is not

symmetrical and any woman who has erased

her history does it for a reason

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we have 45 people watching which is



right hunts emic Street unseen extreme

says plus she's probably fucking them I

assume you probably talking about the

criminals yes listen any to listen women

are attracted to criminals okay and if

she associates with criminal and

criminals and you are her boyfriend she

is absolutely fucking those criminals

you can bet your bottom fuckin dollar

men you can bet your bottom dollar

aunt James says if she's making six

figures she's probably spending at least

75% of that income I agree I agree

jessamine says yep I've had them chicks

talk about her drug dealer guy friends

and he put some quotes I I'm like I

ain't trying to hear about other dudes

nevermind your criminal friends right

fucking bitches

do you do law says that bitches to be a

gangbang and a game Bingham bored star

back in Miami

Pepa says she's hiding her pants or her

past so she can run future game listen

this is what women do this all the time

right if they have an extremely slutty

past if they're if they fucked up a

relationship if they were just the Town

bicycle everybody fuck them

dude they will they will uproot they

will uproot and completely rewrite their

history in another town they'll start

another Facebook page and they'll just

make that they'll completely they'll

completely make new friends and start

another history this is what girls do

they can't help themselves

Beulah shout-out to you my friend $5

super Chad he says great show man

appreciate that

aunt James shout-out to you too my

friend $2 super Chet

unseen extreme $5 super chat appreciate

that guys definitely definitely

definitely I appreciate that guys

mr. old school Raider says don't let the

Simpson yeah dude I'm gonna let him in


do not listen man I love one thing I

love talking the reason why I love

talking to feminists and Simpson and

these haters is because we got the truth

on our side we speak the fuckin truth

all they can count the only hour are the

only argue the only time they can the

only their only argument is just to try

to talk over us when they see that we're

making a point they just cut us off well

didn't try to cut me up all they want to

I've got control I'm gonna mute their

I'm gonna mute their asses and then I'll

let them respond but they never use that

they never use logical they never use

logical arguments for for anything you

know they so yeah let them on I'm fuckin

fillet those it awfully those bitches

like a like a fish

Jamaica Peppa says yet you can't counter

red pill truth no you can't because it

is the truth that is all there is to it

well that's gonna do it for this episode

of TS are alive guys be sure to follow

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