13 Reasons you should NEVER commit to a single mother

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Single mothers are consistently touted as good options for Men. "They're more experienced! They're strong! They don't play games!" The worst of these accolades is "THEY'RE GREAT MOMS!"



Any Man who unwittingly wanders into the clutches of these vapid parasites will have his life turned inside out by a woman who was never close to worth being committed to in the first place. The sad part is that most Men have positively zero clue as to why single mothers are the worst option for them. 


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previously TSR lag it is one thing for

black women to hate white girls because

we are dating and marrying them more but

it is quite another for their sons to

then make that choice black women get

pissed when their sons date white girls

they can act like a they can act like

they don't they can say they don't but

we all know your man how was your

boyfriend look at half of you you're

fucking your boss what you think she was

gonna do tell you she cheated you cannot

out train a bad diet never believe

everything a woman tells you she will

always you're always broke because you

spend your money on dumb shit anymore

if you've only slept with five guys then

why was it so easy to fuck what's up

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Donovan sharp now to the topic at hand

13 reasons men should never commit to

single mothers now I want to make a

couple of distinctions here before I get

started the title of the show is 13

reasons you should never commit to

single mothers right this doesn't mean

that I'm telling you not to fuck them

this doesn't mean that I'm telling you

not to make them fuck bunnies not to

make them side chicks fuck single

mothers all you want they are easy

targets they are easy pussy single moms

know that they are weighed down by the

baggage of having children they know

this this is common knowledge despite

what they say

the benefit for us men who have no

interest in committing to single mothers

is if we're ever in a slump gotten fuck

a single bump she will literally throw

the pussy at you because she of course

is looking for a beta provider to

provide for her children now that

doesn't mean that you have to come at

her as a thirsty beta provider and we

can get into that a little bit later on

the point is is that you should never

commit to single mothers this doesn't

mean that you should that you should not

fuck them use them

fuck them dude listen if there's any

nasty raunchy or dirty thing you ever

wanted to do sexually single moms are

absolutely the best guinea pigs you want

to fuck a girl in the ass you never

fucked a girl in the ass for the first

time guess what you can pop your anal

cherry with a single mom she will give

you that anus on the real I have fucked

many single mothers in the ass you want

to try ass to mouth single moms are down

if you listen public sex single moms are

down if you want a blowjob on the

parking lot

single mom will do it whatever your

degenerate little heart desires a single

mom is down for whatever

so single moms are probably they're the

easiest start some of the easiest

surrogates out there they are the most

open sexually dude whips in shit does

not matter a single mom is down not that

she wants to be but she knows she has to


she's listen she's got a makeup for her

snotty little Rugrats somehow so they do

whatever whenever you can use your

single mom you can use single moms as

guinea pigs they do it all

now net notice I'm not saying single mom

I'm seeing single mothers in episode 109

I think it was I talked about the

difference between a mother and a mom

any woman can be a mother

that's biological mother right in order

for a woman to be a mother all she has

to do is open her legs and let a dude

fuck her ah that's it it takes no effort

so when a bob says oh my god I gave

birth no no no no no sweetheart

there's epidurals for that given birth

is easy getting pregnant is easy being a

mom that's where the real work begins

getting up at 2 o'clock in the morning

to rock your baby to sleep sending them

off to school giving a shit about their

homework paying attention to that

raising them upright teaching them to be

decent human beings looking after your

kids it's easy to be a mother very very

difficult to be a mom so when single

mothers call themselves single moms

that's blasphemy as far as I'm concerned

bitch you are not a single mom because

you are not a mom you are a biological

mother so I just wanted to make that

distinction I always call them single

mothers shout-out to Raynald Sheri with

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in here

let me also make one more distinction

before I move before I move forward with

the 13 reasons why men should never

commit to single moms when I say single

mom I'm not talking about moms who have

split custody right if you're fucking a

woman now this is the only time that I

will advocate starting a relationship

with a woman who has children and that

is if and only if she has equal custody

one month off or one week on one one

week off right she spit the kid spends a

week with with dad spends a week with

mom or two weeks I mean there are

different sorts of arrangement but the

custody split down the middle now there

are there are advantages to this because

while she has the kid you can go off and

do your own thing

you can add notches you can fuck other

chicks you can get started on your

projects whatever the case may be and

when you come back on the non custody we

guess what she misses you and then

she'll do all of the all of the

degenerate things that you're wanting to

do and using her as a guinea pig right

so what I'm talking about though I just

want to go ahead and qualify this I'm

not saying that you shouldn't fuck

single mothers I'm not saying that you

shouldn't have one-night stands with

them I'm saying that you should not get

into relationships with them do not get

attached do not marry them do not make

them your girlfriends do not make them

your main chicks

and I'm calling them single mothers they

are not single moms okay a single mother

is very different from a single mom

anybody can be a single mother very few

women are single moms shut out the Traci

wells with the $1 $0.99 super Jets I

love these 99 super jets I like to see


and of course one more distinction is

she has to have full custody so the

women the single moms the single mothers

that I'm talking about our mothers not

moms who have full custody of their kids

not split custody that's a little bit

different I might actually do a show on

that you know that the advantages and

disadvantages of dating a woman who has

shared custody because I think there are

a lot of things that change with women

who have shared custody this isn't to

say that these mothers aren't armed or

any better or worse than single mothers

but there are some advantages like there

are some things that you can work around

a lot of the disadvantages that come

with single mothers who have full

custody can be mitigated by dating a

mother who has less split custody of her

kid so without further ado let us get in

to the 13 reasons why men should never

ever commit to single mothers number one

she is always busy single mothers are

always busy and if she's always busy

guess what she's always busy with her

kids or something having to do with her

kids what's this mean this means that

you never come first you are never the

priority it's always my kids come first

that's her excuse and a lot of times

single mothers use their children for

their children's activities to separate

themselves from you if for whatever

reason she's pissed off at you and she

doesn't want to see you hey let's go out

tonight yeah I don't have a sitter or my

kid is doing XYZ my kid has a play date

right I got to take a little Johnny to a

play date that's what you'll tell you

and by the way

they actually use their kids to create

margins with which to cheat so she might

say I got to take a little Johnny to a

playdate yeah well she drops him off at

the playdate and then she goes get then

she goes and gets butt-fucked by Kevin

and sales and you were none the wiser

because you think that she is at the

playdate with little Johnny or if she's

a hood hood rat it's something like

Jaquan tre or dat like dude well fucking

black woman always got a fucking nigga

fine aims right like they take these

white names like these white names like

Jaden Aiden Kaden Oh like a Ledge Aidan

it's fucking ridiculous fucking bitches

a woman with kids never ever has time

for you

it's always something this is one of the

main reasons men should never commit to

single mothers you were never the

priority she's never gonna have time

this is if she has one kid if she has

more than one kid that are different

ages forget about it it's not going to


but her children but here's the thing

most of the time her children don't come

first single mothers will always say my

children come first that's what come out

it's what comes out of their mouths

their actions are very different really

if your children came first and why are

you at the club all the goddamn time if

your children come first then why does

your mom why does your mother babysit

them more than you do right if your

children come first then why aren't you

willing to put them in a decent daycare

single mothers like to say their

children come first but they never do

they use that as an excuse to

marginalize you and to separate from you

and create the margins with which to

cheat not to them it not to mention the

fact that she's tired all the time so if

you ever want to fuck oh god I'm so

tired my kids too built an excuse

children are built an excuse for single

mothers number two you always pay more

with single mothers and it is never

worth it guys girls with no kids cost a

lot less you don't really have to pay

for that much compared to single mothers

yep pay for a few dates you pay for the

food that you eat alcohol maybe if

you're in Vegas you pay for drugs right

you pay for weekend getaways trips etc

etc anything you do with your childless

girlfriend it's just gonna be you and

her baby mamas it's not like that

baby mamas cost way too much and you

don't get shit in return but a

collective fuck you if you buy something

for her the kids got to get it too if

you take if you go out to dinner guess

what instead of instead of paying for

dinner for two it's dinner for five and

her kids are always fucking greedy you

take you take a single mothers kids who

don't who never have shit she gets her

hooks in a beta bucks and say hey let's

go to Applebee's or TGI Fridays kids or

kids run the mini you want to order

fucking prime rib and the single mother

never rains their kids and be like look

no no

Donovan's doing us a favor he's he's

taking us out to eat let's not no no no

she's like yeah get the prime rib get

all the appetizers get the ice cream

sundaes get all that shit you don't need

he's got it he's paying he loves me I'm

giving him the pussy if you take her to

the movies

instead of paying for two tickets or one

if you're smart you got to pay for five

tickets and then you got to pay for a

hundred and seventy dollars worth of

snacks because she's above sneaking food

in no she doesn't want to go to the

Dollar Tree and get snacks so she

doesn't have to pay fucking six bucks

for a box of fucking junior meds no no

no she wants you to pay for that six

dollars for that box of Junior Mints for

her five kids that's 30 bucks right


not to not to mention the fifteen dollar

popcorn the eighteen dollar drinks it

ain't just you and her it's you her and

the kids

you always pay more you want to go for a

weekend getaway you want to take your

girl somewhere you want to take your

single mom so where I want to take her

on a trip instead of getting one suite

now you got to get two suites one for

y'all and one for the kids and if you're

lucky you might get a 13 second blowjob

if she's in the mood with single mothers

you always pay more and it is never ever

worth it

number three this is something that most

men are unaware of

the relationship will always end single

mother relationships never go the

distance guys

I listen I've never met someone who says

yes I've been married to my girl for 15

years and when I met her she had three


that never happens that never happens

when she's done with you and the single

mother is done with you she will always

find someone else do you want to know

why because single mothers are always

looking for an upgrade women are

naturally high Pergamus by nature and

they should women should want to

consolidate on the highest value males

available to them this is how the

population improves you don't want dumb

niggas breeding with dumb bitches have a

dumb fucking population no women want

the best genes they want a man who can

take care of them and their brood and

provide them with the best life single

mothers are the same way but here's the


they were stupid and had three different

kids by three different niggas but she

still thinks that she deserves a

high-value male

and so when you decide to get with her

she's always checking for nigga dick

always checking for Sun she's checking

for a baby male who has more value than

you she's always looking to fuck with

Kevin and sales she's never letting that

nigga go

she's never letting the baby daddy go

either but she but single mothers are

always looking to upgrade relationships

with single mothers always end always

they never stay with the same betas and

by the way blue pill beta men ninety

five percenters they are the only men

who commit to single mom to single

mothers and this is why single mothers

cheap guys seriously I'll ask you it was

last time you heard of a man marrying a

single mother of three or four and

staying with her for ten years fifteen


these relationships between men who

don't have any kids and single mothers

who have kids are designed to fail

because of the dynamic the clock starts

as soon as you commit to a single mother

you commit to a single mother that

relationship is going to end and it

usually ends very badly

number four

the children of a single mother are

never well-behaved never single mom

single mothers are bad moms they're bad

moms guys we're gonna get to that a

little bit later well because she's a

bad mom her kids are badly behaved and

two of the most ubiquitous traits of a

bad kid is that they are spoiled brats

and they are attention-starved guys I've

dated single mothers before and their

kids are always begging for attention

why are there why are there kids

attention-starved because mom ain't

paying him attention oh I live for my

kids my kids come first really is that

why your kid always interrupts our

conversation when you and I have talked

for five seconds without addressing them

I think about that if you've ever dated

a single mother before and she has a kid

or kids notice how if the kid doesn't

get the attention that he or she needs

they're always interrupting you mom mom


all the time guys this happens all the

time I speak from personal experience

men single moms are bad parents so their

kids are bad they suck at school and

when they suck at school

single mothers never hold their children

accountable well little Johnny got an

epic want ray got an F must be the

teacher Scott let me go yell at the


Jaquan tree is a smart boy what are you

doing must be prejudiced must be racism

right the school system is rigged

against my against against my bastard

kid Jack want ray because I don't pay

him any fucking attention and when he

asked me for help with this homework I'm

too busy playing games on my fucking

phone or swiping right on tinder

kids of single moms single mothers are

socially bet they can't problem-solve

they're usually bullies or they get


the children of single mothers are never

ever well-behaved

and the two traits of a bad single

mother that always gives them away is

that they are spoiled

and they are attention-starved if if

you're dating a single mother and her

and her kid is attention-starved dude

she is not a good mom not a good mom if

it honestly she's got a seven eight or

nine year old kid who's always

interrupting you she's a bad mom if they

can be left to their own devices in

front of you

she might be a decent mom that doesn't

mean you commit to a single mother

fucker and chucker bang and bounce

nail-and-bail you guys get the idea

number five she is not in your world you

are in hers

by default single mothers have their own

program and agenda they have different

priorities than single listen the

priorities of a single mother are

different from girls who don't have kids

that's just how this is single mothers

every decision a single mother makes she

has to have her kids in mind she has to

if she wants to go somewhere what do I

do it to get so I leave him here do I

bring him do I get a sitter right if

she's at the grocery store buying

groceries kids come first all the time

single mothers are in their own world if

you want to just do something with your

single mother girlfriend dude she can't

just say yes drop her bags and just go

with you on a whim you are in her world

you are not in hers

because of this they don't follow you

because they can't like I said earlier

all of their choices all of their

decisions are dictated by their children

every time

and here's another thing anytime anytime

that there's an argument or a

disagreement she'll pull the well I've

got kids car I've got kids card I have

kids I'm a single mom what would you

know my advice you know but like I'm

winning the argument my side is valid

yours is invalid because I have kids in

you know single moms are single mothers

rather are untrainable and they are not

trying to be on anybody's program guys

if you think

that you can get a single mother to

adhere to the Donovans sharp a long-term

relationship training guys you're

wasting your time you're wasting your

money you're wasting your resources man

you want a woman to be a part of your

world you want a woman on your train on

your program see the mama's not single

mother's not jumping on your train dude

you were on her train this is why

relationships in because you were on her

train and when you're on her train she

decides where you get off that's how

this works

number six


her kids will not respect you oh they'll

like you and pretend to respect you if

you buy them shit if you pay for them to

go see a movie and buy them 178 dollars

worth of snacks they'll like you and

pretend to respect you if you buy them a

whole spread at Applebee's or TGI

Fridays wherever you decide to take them

but as soon as they get out of pocket

and you decide to check one of her kids

you're not my daddy right how many of us

have heard that before you're not my


and guess what a lot of times mom backs

them up if you try to discipline her

kids you're gonna catch heat from the

kids the mom and the baby daddy guys


that the children of a single mother

will never ever respect you and you

listen you can't buy their respect no

matter how much you try doesn't matter

how many toys you buy them doesn matter

how many fuckin video games you give

them doesn't matter if you give them the

latest greatest iPhone they will never

respect you oh they'll love you oh

they're gonna like you Oh Donovan you're

just the best stepdad ever they're not

gonna respect you you don't know why

they don't respect you because she

doesn't respect you

single mothers don't respect the men who

get with them because single mothers

know they ain't shit this is how this


and single mothers would never ever they

would never say this out loud or admit

this out loud shout out to wet naps with

the $20 donation via the TSR donation

link said had a marathon with some of

your vids this is for services rendered

Cheers preciate that man looks like wet

naps did some binge washing and decided

to decided to break me off thank you for

the support wet naps I appreciate that

but but single mothers actually women in

general the reason why they punish men

who don't realize that they're not shit

is because it's it's that they're

subconsciously telling themselves this

guy doesn't realize that I'm not worth

shit I've got three kids and this nigga

doesn't get that I'm like he thinks I'm

an angel I'm not an angel I'm a fucking

hood rat with fucking four kids by three

different niggas this guy treats me like

gold fuck him this is why women don't

respect you if you treat them well

because they know that treatment is

unwarranted its undeserved they know

this to be true all of them

and if they know this to be true they're

not going to respect you and if the end

if the single mothers going to not gonna

respect you her kids damn sure not gonna

respect you

but guess what they're always gonna

respect the father via lore of the

unknown he's never there so they imagine

he's off doing dangerous things doing

cool stuff

they don't know he's a hood nigga type

douchebag but he spoils him when he's

home so they think he's a better man so

when you try to reprimand them for

something that he wouldn't or couldn't

do you're not my daddy


at Donovan's sharpest where I can be

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could not agree more it is alpha fucks

beta bucks personified very good comment

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cynical nitro says all the same reasons

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that is I listen I could not have said

that any better that's not on this list

but that should be on the list when you

when you date a single mother you are

opening yourself up to these accusations

and again the standard of proof is not

the standard of proof is just word of

mouth all she has to do is accuse you

and you're behind bars

very good comment there Banks audio

group welcome

Frank in

bragging says frigid here only 75


I think dude I think it's like 28 that's

like 28 and windy out here man like it


oh wow Oh Willis Willis says 110,000

people have lost power in New Jersey so

far oh yeah I shot at the freelancer

owner with the $4.99 super Chet says

let's Prometheus as like Prometheus keep

splitting that spit in that fire brother

burn him up he actually donated that

through the TSR contribution link so

shout-out to freelance ronan with the

four dollar 99 cent contribution via the

TSR alive contribution link Raekwon

wimbush says New York looks bad and snow

and raining right now yeah man oh yeah

one of the main adjustments that I've

had to make moving here to the Northeast

from the state of Nevada is the weather

oh my god oh yeah

3:9 for 1602 good to see you in here as

well Kevin snowball Stovall rather

well shibby says say no to drugs and say

no to single mothers actually swap that

say yes to drugs say no to single

mothers actually you can say yes the

drugs in single mothers if you're

they're just a fucker this of course if

you were in Vegas

Donovan says Donovan I'm sorry ill

Willis says Donovan did you argue with a

single black mother that will explain

the headache no but you're you're right

about that



oh Jesus fuck don't don't argue with

black women as it is a black single


nigga forget about it forget about it

Jack says if you committed to a single

mother before your red pill journey

should you uncommit

yes Jack get the fuck out of there do

not commit to a single mother get out of


there are way too many women out there

who are childless who are willing who

are ready willing and able to suck your

dick on command because I can promise

you that single mother is not going to

do that in six months get up out of


get the fuck up out of there

yep and everybody agrees get the fuck

out of there dude Roman tea go first

time I've seen you in here welcome he

says what up Donovan you legend

appreciate that

my buddy just committed to a single mom

and I'm praying for him I'd love to ask

for advice to open up his eyes but I

guess there's no sense he'll find out

the harsh way guys listen I've said it

before and I'll say it again there's a

read but you can't like you can't tell

people about the red pill man the red

pill Oh men only take the red pill when

they are ready to take it when they seek

it out if you say hey let me tell you

about this guy named Donovan sharp

they're gonna say yeah I see what you're

saying but or let's say yes he's

absolutely right and then absolutely

changed nothing I understand you want to

help your buddy but as I always say some

lessons can be taught most of them have

to be learned and it looks like he is

going to learn this the hard way as we

all have to do

john smyth good to see you in here baby

John Smith Smythe John Smith likes the

name Jaquan Trey

Klee Angelo like dude oh my god dude

black women come up with the fucking

craziest fucking names Tangela

starik a-- like dude oh my god like I've

heard all this stuff sure Annika like

the name Veronica Lamonica

tange a lot get the fuck out of here man

oh my god

oh no b-real says beat her kids hard no

don't do that listen I know you wanna I

know you I know you would want to the

kids of a single mom are in sufferable

man god damn

b-real says have a special belt for

single mothers kids a hard don't spike

oh my god oh my god

andris Chapman good to see you in here

moving right along number seven

nothing is ever her fault

the single the single mother mentality

is the victim mentality I'm single

because my baby daddy ain't shit I live

in the projects because my mom fucked up

my credit I don't have a car because my

baby daddy crashed mine I don't have I

have a shit job because of my kids if

she gets fired for missing too many days

it's well I got fired because my kids

were sick too much right

I made the egregious mistake I used to

own a few properties in thing I seized

to have a few rental properties and I

made the egregious mistake of hiring a

single mother to be one of my property

managers dude she was never ever at work

on time she would take three hour

lunches and get this what I fired her

she sued me she said she took me to

civil court right she wanted to get

unemployment she was denied unemployment

she sued me for firing her without cause

for improper whatever whatever the laws

whatever the lawsuit said okay fine

I show up to court guess what she's late

to court I got a summary judgment

because this bitch walks in 20 minutes

late 20 minutes late I said you see Your

Honor this is exactly why I fired her

this bitch sued me because I fired her

for being late all the time not coming

to work when she said she did this is

single mothers if she spends all of her

money it's because while I had to buy my

kids X Y & Z if she fucks up it is never

her fault

single mothers trade on the victim

mentality and this is why they are where

they are

number eight their inflated sense

of sexual market value the world tells

single mothers that they are the cream

of the crop date a single mom she

doesn't play games she does have time

for that stuff

daily single mom she has sexy battle

scars stretch marks or not sexy date a

single mom she's already a good mother

bullshit date a single mom they'll take

good care of you no they won't they're

selfish they only take care of

themselves I know you take care you'd

see my mother's don't even take care of

their kids what the fuck makes you think

they're gonna take care of you

daily single mom she's experienced yeah

at sucking dicks single mothers are

glorified and pedestal eyes to the

masses as if single and this is funny

the way single mothers are how can I put

this the way single mothers are sort of

packaged and sold to the public it's as

those single mothers are better than

childless women like women proudly

proclaim I'm a single mom like bitch

don't you know you eliminated like 95

percent of potential suitors out here by

saying that shit out loud

now because everything they hear because

of all of this glorification they have

an inflated sense of sexual market value

and what ends up happening is they're

too selective right they ride the cock

carousel because they always think they

can do better remember so you know moms

are always checking for dick they're

always looking for that upgrade then

when the men that they want holler Adam

don't holler they say well what's wrong

with these niggas or something wrong

with these niggas as if we're the

problem everyone everyone knows guys and

this is red pill and blue pill men alike

we all know that single mothers are a

bad bet but they still want the world to

think that they think that they're not

they're foolish they know they're full

of shit and everybody and everybody

knows they know they're full of shit

number nine single mothers have a

bipolar persona yes Jekyll and Hyde

sometimes she loves you sometimes she

hates you now the only time she loves

you is when she wants something from you

other than that she's a bit too all the

time oh she's cool the beginning because

she's trying to reel you in with her

best behavior she's sucking your cock

you're fucking her in the ass she's

making she's making you meal she's

always available for some reason she can

always manage to get a babysitter when

you want the pussy but as soon as you

commit all that's over with

yo come over tonight oh I can't find a

sitter suck my dick I don't feel like it

I'm not in the mood I have a headache

Jekyll and Hyde single mothers have a

built-in bipolar persona it is literally

dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde 24/7 number 10

the number 10 reason men should never

commit to single mothers is a lot of

times they're just using you to make the

baby daddy jealous dude I fucked a

single mom once and it was it was a

one-night it was a one-night stand that

I thought would go a little bit further

but she never called back and here's why

I remember after we fucked she wanted to

take a picture with me she's like oh

let's take a selfie she's like aw we

look so cute together

okay whatever come to find out she sent

that picture to the baby daddy to try to

make him jealous and then that's why she

never called me again because she was

likely fucking the baby daddy

single mothers never stop talking about

their baby daddies why because they

still wanna fuck the baby daddies they

talk all this shit about he ain't shit

and that he did me dirty and he left me

and he ain't shit and this nigga no no

no no then they like to bring you around

the baby daddy to show you off and when

he win the baby daddy acts like he

doesn't give a shit then she talks shit

about him even more and then she turns

up the heat

single mothers gentlemen only date bein

us to make the baby daddy jealous

because she cheat because when she

cheats and she will it's gonna be with

the baby daddy or with Kevin and sales

every single time if you date a single

mother a single mother will absolutely

cheat on you with the baby daddy it is a

mathematical certainty

number eleven

single mothers

fucking drama queens all of them are

drama queens guys they make a big deal

out of everything

why were you three minutes late picking

up Jaquan Jaquan tray from from daycare

why did you leave the cabinet open why

didn't you come over last night the kids

were almost asleep all six of them

then they talk about their jobs and

about how it's so unfair that she's

about to be fired for missing too many

days she talks about she then she talks

about the fact that she hates Tasha and

customer service because she's always

flirting with Kevin and sales who she

hates even more if you get my drift

everything in a single mother's life is

like a bad movie they over dramatize

everything and it's a fucking headache

number 12 single mothers lie all the


shut out the troops from Troy with the

$2 super Chet says single mom babysitter

is car with the window down ha ha ha ha

that's fucked up ad right gentlemen

single mothers are professional liars

it's what they are and who they are this

is how they survive guys they lie about

their taxes they lie at work they lie

about work they lied and their friends

they lie to their family they lie to

their kids let they lie to their baby

daddies and you know there's and you

know she's gonna lie to you I didn't

have money I didn't have any money for

lunch so Kevin took me right I'm a

single mom because my baby daddy said he

would marry me but never did I'm a

single mom because because I was because

I was responsible I just I just fucked

the wrong niggas right they'll never

tell you that they fucked three

different niggas and she was married and

that's why she had three kids she'll

never tell you she spent $150 on Jaquan

trays Jordans and that's why she's broke

she'll never tell you the truth about


they lie all the time guys women lie

right single mothers lie with impunity

they do it without even thinking it is

on autopilot it is their default never

ever believe anything

a single mother tells you

and last but certainly not least oh yeah

David Johnson says they lie to the

courts absolutely that's what they do

most of most of their lying number

thirteen single mothers are bad are bad

moms all of them guys guys I've never

met a single mother who was a good

mother okay

the bitch Carla I tried to turn a ho

into a housewife she was a bad mom did

she smoke weed around her kids right

she cuss around her kids she would talk

about sex around her kids this bitch was

she was Puerto Rican she was hood oh but

this was the funny thing right she

wouldn't allow her kids to watch Family

Guy she's like oh no I will never let my

kids watch Family Guy like bitch you

smoke weed in front of your kids you

talk about masturbation in front of your

kids but now you're super mom because

you want to let the world know you and

then he doesn't believe that you don't

let him watch Family Guy bitch get the

fuck out of here

Carla's sister was also a bad mom five

kids by five different men not to

mention the fact that Karla had four

kids by three different men had custody

of one of them Darci my ex-wife was a

bad mother how do I know because she

didn't have custody of her kid

the courts are overwhelmingly biased

towards mothers and the fact that Darcy

didn't have custody of her kid when I

met her you know she had to be a bad mom

set up the brainwaves with the $5 super


I knew a girl down in Vegas terrible

mother again she smoked weed around her

kid let the baby daddy Cup dude she was

to have dude she told me she told me yes

we have sex in front of our kid it's not

gonna hurt him

what are you kidding me

had a couple of friends in Reno there's

one girl I knew who was from Hawaii she

was a bad mom had custody of her

fifteen-year-old son didn't have custody

of her nine-year-old daughter if you

lose custody of your kid and you are a

mother you're a bad mom I don't I don't

give a shit what the circumstances are I

don't care don't don't tell me shit all

you have to do is show up and the courts

give you your kids if you lose custody

of your kids and you're a woman you're a

bad fucking mom and then her friend was

also a bad mom dude her dude her friends

her her friend used to cuss out her kids

all the time just all the time and by

the way she's got one I think he's

probably 17 years old now he's brilliant

kid probably gonna drop out of school

does mom give a shit nope she says he's

a grown man he can make his own choices

every single woman I know who has full

custody of her children is a bad mom

there are no exceptions

so the 13th reason why men should never

commit to single mothers is because

they're bad moms do you want to have

kids with a woman who's a bad mom

fuck no of course not

shut up to Dan Evans Isel dizzle Huck

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