13 uncommon ways Men unknowingly sabotage their relationships with women (Episode 337)




you have a two inch you sound like

a white guy later for what you're

probably a virgin so that's a no for

Netflix and chill you talk about

how women ate what's up guys it's

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let's get right to it

most guys find the manosphere they find

the red pill for one of two reasons

they're either sexually frustrated

meaning they're not getting laid as much

as they want to or getting laid as much

as they think they as much as they think

they deserve to or they just experienced

extreme heartbreak right we've all heard

this before not that the red pill

community is a religion although some

people would call it a cult which is

fine call it whatever you want doesn't

matter I don't care one way or the other

but like religion the red pill doesn't

quite sink in unless you seek it out

these days people don't all of a sudden

decide that they that they want to found

that they want to find Jesus if they're

making a quarter mil a year and living a

great life they don't decide to just

randomly go to church because someone on

the street stops them and asked him if

you were to die today is your name

written in the Lamb's Book of Life

giving you entrance to heaven with the

all-powerful the old mighty God no

people go to church when they've hit

rock bottom

when they've lost their job when they've

lost their family when they can't beat a

drug addiction when the hits the

fan when something terrible happens in

their lives during a tragedy during

strife it's almost like a passive

version of a sales technique called hurt

and rescue the idea of hurt and rescue

is that you tell the customer you give

the customer the worst case scenario and

then you rescue them with your product

is all the time when I sold home

security systems I said mrs. Smith

how old are how old are your kids well

they're three and four well if someone

were to break into your house today you

don't have a home security system what

would you do if someone were to break

into your house and maybe bring harm to

your kids mrs. Smith gets absolutely

mortified because you are now hurting

her well I have a solution for you mrs.

Smith it's called X Y Z home security

system you don't have to worry about

your three and four-year-old being

harmed by a burglar you get the idea

Volkswagon actually use this technique a

little over a decade ago featuring

people having just a random conversation

and then just a random conversation then

when they get t-boned out of nowhere the

commercials scare the any of course

the people you know the people in the

car they get up they walk away from the

accident virtually unscathed

ergo hurt and rescue now religion is

much the same way in that regard the

only difference is that people don't

actively seek out religion until they

absolutely need it this isn't always the

case but these days that's usually how

it goes now obviously the red pill is a

little similar no one no one ever looks

at how to sleep with hot girls if

they're consistently sleeping with hot

girls nobody googles how to get my

girlfriend back if he's still with his


they google why did my girlfriend cheat

on me because his girlfriend cheated on


they do a search for why do girls get

over breakup so easily when they dumped

a girl and he finds out that she's on a

date three hours later one website leads

to another and the next thing you know

you're on the red pill reddit returned

at Kings Donovan sharp calm the rational

male and you're watching the red man

group every Saturday morning at 10 a.m.

Eastern 7:00 Pacific not so shameless

plug by and large the general sentiment

of the manosphere blames women for the

deplorable state of the sexual

marketplace we blame feminism we blame

daddy government we get we blame

television we blame the you know the

feminist agenda we blame the media

social justice warriors and so forth but

we very rarely take a look at ourselves

and say you know what my girlfriend

cheated on me because I never told her


my girlfriend left me because I got fat

and laid lazy I say all the time

DARS listen Darcy and I had a bad

marriage okay she was a bad wife guess

what I was equally a bad husband I'm not

gonna sit here and hide from it like you

know a lot listen it's always hypergamy

all women are like that bitches ain't

feminism sucks girls Chi listen

well all those things may be true on

some level we need to understand as men

that we are the leaders of our

relationship we are responsible for our

women if a woman is out of pocket then

that's on you we can talk all this

we want to about how bitches ain't

well no women aren't capable of keeping

themselves in line they're just not

they're just not capable now

you can't control a woman's every single

solitary move they're human they're not

robots but a ment but men with red pill

awareness should always keep in the back

of our minds that our women are a

reflection of who we are as men if your

woman cheats on you it's usually a

two-way street not to say that she was

right for cheating on you or to justify

her cheating by saying well that's how

women are no cheating is grimy it's low

it's wrong but to deny that we had a

hand in our women cheating on us keeps

us stagnant we never improve who we are

as men if we don't acknowledge that we

lost frame or that we didn't address

misbehavior swiftly and severely we

listen we tell this to women all the

time we say the reason why women stay

single is because they never learned

from their relationships win and never

take their responsibilities well I

cheated on well I cheated on him because

of bla bla bla bla bla no listen no

woman ever says my relationship ended

because I cheated my marriage ended

because we just weren't a good match no

no no no no it's always something

extreme my husband was an alcoholic drug

dealer drug-addicted prostitute

womanizing abusive man and I endured it

for 10 years it's always some extreme

like that

it's never you know what he was a bad

husband I was a bad wife it didn't work

women aren't designed to take


we as men we are women aren't designed

to take accountability this is why they

don't improve as women takes the right

man to improve women I talked about that

briefly yesterday all of that said I'm

gonna talk about 13 uncommon ways men

up their relationships with women

now this isn't gonna be the typical red


you lost frame or you didn't establish

dominance from the beginning listen all

that's been done and you know listen

that's remedial red pill 101 and if

you're watching or listening to me today

you already you probably already know

this stuff and if you don't I would

suggest you go back to the archives and

start from the beginning donative sharp

calm go to the red pill subreddit read

the sidebar get a good working base

knowledge of red pill awareness now what

i'm gonna discuss today are things that

most men read bill aware or otherwise

are completely unaware of that are

cutting their relationships off at the

knees before they even realize it now

some of these are gonna make you scratch

your head and raise your eyebrows and be

like wow i never thought of it that way

and some of these are gonna make sense

to a lot of you guys who've been in the

game for a while it depends on where you

are either way i can assure you that

most guys have no idea that they are

engaging in these behaviors or just how

detrimental they are to their

relationships it is Wednesday September

26th 2018 Bill Cosby has been found

guilty of raping Andrea constant and

listen the phone lines are open here's

the thing I'm gonna be honest with you

guys I don't really know much I listen

of course you know the courthouse was

right down the road from where I live

and listen Bill Cosby is a Philly guy

but I relied listen I haven't really

followed I don't really follow the Cosby

case too closely I mean I know he's been

accused of rape I know he's accused of

drugging this and any other

I haven't read through the court files I

don't know what the facts of the case

are I know what the prosecution has I

don't know any I don't know any that you

know exculpatory evidence I don't know

any of the gory details so if anyone has

anything to offer please give me a call

I'm not going to do the research but you

know to be quite honest with you

I don't know I have other things to do

now that I have better things to do I'll

just not as up on the cases I should be

but that seems to be the issue of the

day the interesting thing is guys is

that the outrage seems to be sort of

falling along racial lines black people

say he's completely innocent if you were

a white man he would have gotten away

with it that may or may not be true I

don't know one way or the other again I

don't really know enough about the case

I'm inclined to think that he probably

didn't do the things that he's been

accused of doing but again you know

there listen there are a lot of people

black and white that says yeah man Bill

Cosby's guilty I don't know either way

this is a landmark this is a landmark

decision this is a landmark conviction

so three to ten years in prison

I think he and his legal team cut a deal

after he was found guilty and that's why

I think he only got three to ten years

maybe maybe it's because he only has

three to ten years to live I don't know

let's go to the phone lines nine one

four two oh five five three five six

area code eight one zero you're on live

with Donovan go ahead

Donovan I got too far question for you

okay yep all right the first part is it

of it is this now um my the issue was

doing like this

I've been still talking to the sisters

and whatever and I mean the thing about

it is they seem like they got so many

freaking standards and stuff like that

and got the clothes got the you know

house and stuff like that was it I think

truly a lost cause at this point

honestly because this one defense

looking woman with the only problem is

the guy in freakin headaches attached

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah is oh wow that

you know that's a very good question is

it or black women are they unfixable

listen man I'm inclined to listen I'm

inclined to maybe say no but it's listen

they're not listen they're not

undateable but dude they're on life

support man I think one thing I think

one element that a lot of brothers are

running into is the fact that I mean

among other things is the fact that

black women seem to want the finished

product in other words they're not

interested in potential they are

interested in results what do

you have now not what do you what

potential do you have what do you have


and of course listen you have to

understand that having unreasonably high

standards that is multiracial that

crosses all races listen women women of

all races in this country have

unbelievably high standards and listen

we all talk about the the standard

caricature he's got any 6-4 square-jawed

six-pack ABS six-foot dick make six

hundred thousand dollars a year have six

cars in six homes now of course we see

yeah right we see that kind of

tongue-in-cheek but that really sounds

about accurate the problem is is that

they're never really gonna find a guy

like that but women is most notably

black women they are victims they're

they're victims of their own community

they're victims of guys like Tyler Perry

Oprah Winfrey iyanla Vanzant who tell

these women that there there are plenty

of men out here for you that meet your

standards well the problem is is they're

not telling black women listen you can

have these things but you got to be

worth something to having big titties

and a fat ass does not entitle you to

the best men out there you have to bring

something to the table other than PT a

titties ass

so our black women is our black women

undateable listen man I stopped dating

black women over ten years ago and in

yeah I mean listen and again the thing

is it's in if you know caller asked me

yesterday is it something that happened

instantly or was it just a natural

progression no this is a natural

progression and game the more the more I

improved myself as a man the higher

quality of woman that was available to

me and so I was experiencing femininity

and beauty and kindness and deference

you don't find any of that stuff

okay listen beauty for my beautiful

black women all the time you don't find

femininity in black women you don't find

deference in black women you find women

who want to be masculine they want to be

dominant they want to be head of

household they want all of these things

they want to be all of these things but

they're not really capable and no one

has no one really seems to tell them

Steve Harvey that's another guy I heard

him on TV saying listen it's his job to

prove himself to you no nigga

it's not a man's job to prove himself to

a woman it is the other way around if I

were you listen shoot me an email

Donovan sharp are ok at gmail.com or you

can go to my website and send me go to

the contact tab send me an email I wrote

an e-book about six months ago called

black man's revenge the black man's

guide to dating white women to dating

white girls and other non black women I

endorsed listen man if you don't want

the headaches you got to get off that

narcotic man you really do I listen and

I know it wasn't MIT listen I tell this

to Minister Japp all the time Minister

Japp is notoriously difficult he's hard

on black women and he tells me Donovan I

can't give up all my sisters I said Jack

you've got to get off that narcotic man

you've got to get off of it it's it's

more trouble good this is the side 1 2

alright this is the side one now I've

been in sales like you for 20 years I

worked at Comcast now sale have you ever

had a sibling job where you couldn't get

along with your coworkers I mean I

mainly work with black folks and their

only talent is you know Doolittle just

got to be stuff how did you deal with

the type of environments and sales

because you know how competitive it is

sure and so I'm just liking you always

talked about those I want to become

Kevin and sales buddies and that type of

job is kind of difficult but I'm Sophie

you know your experience is uncertain on

the selling floor right so you want to

be Kevin in sales in what regard in

terms of selling ability or

shape bitches have you ever had

to leave a sibling job do we like I just

can't these people here you the money is

good but then the people you work around

it was like magic can't do it no not

like no no I've never had that I've

never had that I've never quit a sales

job because I couldn't get along with

with my co-workers you have to

understand man

most sales jobs you're not if you're

good at your job if you're a very good

salesperson most people aren't gonna get

along with most men are gonna get along

with you because they Envy you and

that's okay it's a competitive

environment his bonus was three times my

bonus I'm hatin all the ladies love them

etc etc um as far as be if you really

want to be a Kevin in sales now me

personally I'm not going to endorse

sleeping with your coworkers but if you

have a the only time I would endorse

sleeping with your co-workers is if you

work in a call center or a telemarketing

gig because those particular

environments vironment

are conducive to workplace hookups and

if you can sell your ass off if you're

good at your job there okay so so Kevin

is Lisa and you know in in in in

the accounting department again you know

what Kevin sold 180 units last month

we're gonna turn our head the other way

the way to become set the way to become

Kevin and sales is to be the best

salesperson on the floor the more talent

you have the more lenient they will

become not to say that you can't be a

victim of hashtag me too

but you're less likely to become a

victim of hashtag me too if you're good

at your job you are attractive and your

your and you're smart about it you

understand what I'm saying so you can be

a Kevin in sales it is possible but in

2018 I don't know

I'm not gonna tell you that I wouldn't

recommend it but the best way the best

way to avoid the suffice to be good at

your job that's you that that is the

best way to make sure that you don't get

fired over some do not get fired

over man there's plenty of it out

there man thank you so much thank you I

appreciate you brother no problem man

call it anytime nine one four two oh

five five three five six is the number

call if you want to get in on the

conversation let's go to area code 702

here we go 702 you're on live at Donovan

see what's up oh yeah you're in my neck

of the woods brother highs going what's

going on um that's one of comment on the

Bill Cosby thing you know I wanna get

into another thing okay

I think the Bill Cosby thing quote falls

along racial lines only because you had

idiots like Harvey Weinstein you know

Matt Lauer

you know these guys kind of getting off

the hook Bill Koch got hammered by the

way I have no loss under let you know

where I kind of see work being so long

when he asked me something let me ask my

something because I don't I don't really

know I don't really know any details and

again all I know is what I've seen in

the media I haven't studied the Harvey

Weinstein case I haven't studied the

Matt Lauer case I haven't studied the

Bill Cosby case but correct me if I'm

wrong what Matt Lauer and Harvey

Weinstein were accused of was maybe

sexual harassment sexual misconduct Bill

Cosby was accused of drugging women and

raping them so and

but good no that's a very good point

because you know different degrees along

of course yeah right garam st. but

Harvey Harvey Harvey Weinstein was

actually great in women

okay Bill Cosby he was doing the dirty

deeds or whatever in Matt Lauer it was

just you know saying he was running

around in the workplace you know doing

this thing you look at Bill O'Reilly and

stuff so that's why I think a lot of

people in the black community or like

you know what's going on around the base

a lot me Bill Cosby I had to get no love

lost to the guys but I kind of see where

people will say that you know so I these

guys all play for example you look at

Les Moonves and by the way yeah darlin

you know let's let's move it actually

came out and said yeah I did some I did

some dirty deeds you get what I'm saying

you know and he took him forever to step

down from CBS sure I understand some

also but also they I want to point out

is so I turned to Bible because I'm a

brother by the way okay just in terms of

black women Donovan I feel like world a

lot of brothers did it wrong and this is

just my this is my pain I feel like you

know with black women you have to have a

more masculine frame yeah it's just you

just have a more masculine frame and

what I mean I'm saying cuz I was in the

alpha male strategies and all the other

guys listen to you you guys I'm trying

to support sure I'm patient I'm a

patreon supporter by the way yeah I

appreciate it thank you thank you yes

sir but I was gonna say you need a more

masculine so I think where a lot of guys

get it wrong like you have to be in the

gym oh yeah you have to have a masculine

say a lot of brothers you know the kind

of smoke and we did videos and they're

not on their purpose they want to buy

Jordans stuff like that after a certain

age that stuff doesn't work anymore you

know say hey look I feel for black woman

there's certain respect because you know

a lot of these guys don't throw up you

sure you're in the black community yeah

yeah it's just like yeah I mean listen

listen I agree listen listen man I see

niggas walking around in $500 shoes

smoking weed and walking like they've

got their priorities that away I get it

hey as a matter of fact Donovan

to your point to your point I work at

nightlife industry

I see dudes with chains on your think it

could be fake whatever on assume it's

real okay it's just the shaker are the

real chains on you know they got the

Gucci flip-flops over the Gucci sneakers

on you know they're walking into the

club but it ain't your girl dick to

think your girlfriend is paying for you

to get it to me that's naughty this I

even crunk room now that I grab angry

this is out of whack you know you don't

think so

I think that's where a lot of guys

you're saying also I think black women

you know if they want to stay with black

men you're saying they got to choose the

highest value one so they guys take a

harder line I'm not excusing their

behavior by the way okay takers because

in the black community there's a lot of

dysfunction but you get what I'm saying

but you have to take a harder line right

think about that big a lot of brothers

get stuck in this mentality Donovan

where it's just like oh we I gotta get

to New Jordans whatever I'd like you

like you said no at some point I by the

way think like them when you had that

interview with kid with Kevin Samuels

yeah that was really good at some point

you're still wearing Jordans ate over

the age of 30 yeah like come on guy what

are you gonna do right no I get it

um well listen I agree with you but

again the reason I don't date black

women is because they're too masculine

that's all there is to it

they're too massive yeah yeah they're

there they're there they're too

masculine they they expect too much and

listen the same could be said about

other races of women but with black

women it would appear that I don't know

maybe it's three or fourfold black women

are the most masculine race of women at

least in America they act like men yes

there are exceptions to the rule yes

there are beautiful feminine black women

out there but guess what they are

listening there they're already in

relationship so you know they have

boyfriends name husbands etc etc but the

average are but the average black woman

is just too masculine for anybody and a

lot of times it doesn't matter what kind

of masculine frame you bring to the

relationship a lot of black women are

competitive oh he's masculine so I'm

gonna be hyper masculine you can't be

with a woman who feels that it is her

birthright to be the leader of the

relationship you can't be like I don't

want to use the word toxic masculinity

but at some point at some point you know

you don't want to compete with a woman

not only that you don't want to be in a

relationship with a woman who

is masculine who does not believe that

she doesn't have to do anything to win

you over

she believes that you're the one that's

supposed to win her over that is the

general sentiment in the black woman

community great oh by the way thank you

David I do I do feel like you're saying

on some level

me because me being a black man hmm you

get what I'm saying

uh you know I like all races so you know

I don't but I will say this like

especially with like for example certain

white women or certain black women like

for example but I'm in the gym all the

time right I look good I'm tall whatever

gonna say I get everything especially in

Las Vegas you because you lived on you

especially lost things oh yeah sometimes

the plane is Jamis of white women feel

like all she's entitled to me

you still gotta come correct you just

came to me oh yeah he's black you can

easily be thirsty whatever I've never

felt that way cuz a lot of guys a lot of

guys are here we so thirsty that all

it's a white garage no I got it no yeah

right you still gotta have to come

correct yeah yeah a lot of guys think

that a lot of guys think that all I have

to be all they have to be as black done

being white girls it does not work that

way I feel like mm where if a white girl

searching for a black man oh she doesn't

mind black man she feels like oh he's

black so you know um I could do a lot of

BS he's gonna tolerate it that's just

not true either you say I've gotten that

I've got that vibe from them I'm like

man man you gotta come correct you gotta

find these ray

you say my hair is longer than yours you

got to buy me drinks no no I understand

well at the end of the day

listen based on my experience white

girls does make better cygnus is

significant others than black women

Nessus all there is to it white girls

listen I'm just saying though that sense

of entitlement yeah varying degrees I

think among the races my god I know yeah

it's um you know you yeah thanks for the

call on area code seven so yeah he makes

it he makes a lot of good points but you

know but again

and here's the thing man most black men

date black women like this is just how

like most black women have black

boyfriend's husband significant others

but a large percent of black men are

jumping ship and yeah I mean oh I'll

give I'll give credence to the fact that

a lot of black men you know I don't want

to say that they're weaklings but you

know a lot of them just don't have that

masculine they don't have that masculine

dominance and within black women in

particularly they require a higher level

of masculine dominance but like I said

I'm not trying to date masculine women

that's just again that that's the bottom


but listen some listen some men are

attracted something are gonna be

attracted to black women no matter what

so you know listen if you can solve them

go ahead and solve them absolutely area

code 404 you're on live with Donovan

good good man about this point that

you're making right here so I called in

a blast like two weeks ago and I was I

was I called and asked you any tips

about you know in terms of dealing with

family and strangers burns and things in

terms of things like that about Dillon

Oblast women and I took your advice I

just said I don't give a I'm gonna

do me I'm gonna do me regardless

whatever right good so I'm big I met

this I met this big booty Colombian

chick who had my school last week right

and we went out to this we went out to

like this predominantly blood lounge and

Buckhead this past weekend okay I used

to I used to not believe in this like

stuff about like looks at you give from

you know black women and things like

that man when I went into that loud she

had long hair just a futile feminine yep

like just look really really feminine

the look I got from these black women

the same women that curve be the same

women named bitches right right it's the

same thing you think this is the thing

man the reason why black women give

dirty looks to guys like you and me who

walk around with non black women it will

I think it's for a few reasons and I'm

not a black woman so I'll never know but

it it is literally in their face like

she is everything or she appears to be

everything that you are

and we have chosen her over you and

they're feeling some type of way about

it if if if you were if I were walking

around with a fat white girl do you

think I would get dirty looks from black

women no they'd be laughing this niggas

walking around with a federal fit of

what a fat white girl but when I walk

around with my girl I'll dude up it was

funny a few weeks back I took Devon out

on a date night I took her to get her

hair done got her nails done she was

dressed to the nines she was looking she

was looking badass I think I actually

put the pictures up on social media when

we got off the elevator and it was funny

because in the light you know the lobby

is usually pretty empty people come and

go we live in a really nice apartment

building but for whatever reason on that

night a Saturday night that that

particular our lobby it was filled with

litter there had to be 20 some-odd black

people there maybe they were there for

an event maybe they were waiting on

someone but it was very very talkative

when we had hit the floor when the door

opened and it was me and her everyone

stopped and yo these women were looking

daggers at us they're not looking and

here's the thing they're not looking

daggers they're not feeling some type of

way because um well one of the reasons

is because I'm with a white girl but one

of the reasons is because the white girl

I'm with is hot she's feminine sundress

heels blonde hair nails did and a lot of

black women out here a lot of women in

general but black women in particular

they feel like well I feel like he

should love me for me I don't need to be

feminine to get no of course you do we

want you and listen black men we don't

want strong black women we want hot

black women

listen body type wise black women are

superior they're shapely they have the

asses they've got the boobs if they

would just carry themselves like women

they could corner the market on black

men they wouldn't have to worry about

white girls coming and stealing us away

but because they want to act like men

rather than women because they don't

feel like they have to bring anything or

should have to bring anything to the

table because they feel entitled to us

this is this is where the rubber meets

the road and the last caller in the 702

he actually made a really good point

there are a lot of white girls out there

who feel entitled to black men they

think well hell all I have to be is

white and he's gonna get with me nah

bitch it don't work that way like you

still like you still

got to come correct not only that you're

a white girl you've got white privilege

I know you've got more resources than me

I know you can get into more places than

me so what can you do for me that's the

way that that that's the way I look at

it but yeah listen you're not lying and

if you are with a non black woman black

women will look at you like you are the

devil man it's true the hate is real

it's not it's not even the black women -

because I we we were all we were coming

from Buckhead going back to the cater

and when we get back to Decatur you know

that the predominantly black like black

city I know yes so we're going yeah

we're going on going to one of my

homeboy spots and everything like that

it's not even just the women man it's

the men - a lot of my friends and

everything just as just as I would think

and her cousin different yes something

nobody ever seen like she she oh she's

from Colombia she moved here where she

was like privacy hmm

so they they were like they will always

tell me man who was this worldwide you

with her things of that nature I might

do because she's hot I can't thank you

thanks she's feminine she's hot she

looks good this done the first and spawn

of hell

and I'm sorry but I can't be dealing

with what y'all dealing with no more

Street oh man you guys hit with me

listen and one last thing here before I

let you go I want to make this clear men

like you and myself who have decided to

date non black women who have decided to

forego dating black women it has nothing

to do with skin tone it listen dude I

see black girls all the time that I

would love to stick my dick out it has

nothing to do with their skin tone and

everything to do with what's here like

I'm not I'm just not trying to deal with

that mentality I'm just not trying to do

it it has nothing to do with the fact

that you're black baby girl and has

everything to do it has everything to do

with the attitude the entitlement the

masculinity all of that stuff it has

nothing to do with the fact that you're

black call me a race traitor I don't

give a damn I'm happy Erico 404 men I

appreciate the call man and listen keep

me updated man keep me updated on that

keep me updated on this Colombian girl

this this big booty Colombian bitch you

got going on here man all right man take

care yeah very very good calls listen

the guy that 702 made an excellent point

man there listen a lot of black men say

all sisters just many other

naw nigga the reason why sisters ain't

checking for your ass is because you're

corny you're weak you're smoking weed

wearing $300 Jordans as a matter of fact

I'll keep it real with you guys I'm

thinking about getting a pair of Jordans

right down the road because they're $89

it's like a 300 it's like 350 350 dollar

pair of Jordans they got it in a size 13

I just got the alert I'm like yo they're

gonna discount it to $89 I'll be $89 for

a pair of Jordans I ain't paying 300

that that's a car payment

that's a mortgage payment on that's a

mortgage payment on a low level rental

property I'm not about to do that niggas

you gotta get your act together men I'm

not saying that black women are are or

not I'm not saying that black women are

dateable by any stretch of the

imagination as far as I'm concerned but

if you want to improve your prospects

with women you have to improve your you

have to improve yourself and that

crosses all races Tiger Woods

yesterday was asked who his Mount

Rushmore of golf is and he said Sam

Snead Bobby Jones Jack Nicholas and me

as in Tiger Woods dude I loved

it I loved that Tiger Woods knows that

he is one of the greatest golfers of all

time I think when all said and done

he'll probably end up being the second

greatest because he's gonna fall short

objective Nicholas's 18 major

championships Tiger Woods has 14 he

would have obliterated Jack's record had

his back knocked gone out the whole

cheating scandal or whatever um a lot of

people were were a lot of people were

hard on Tiger Woods because he cheated

on his wife dude golfers cheat on their

dude professional athletes golfers cheat

on their wives all the time people would

jump ship on Tiger Woods we're just

looking for for a reason to jump ship on

Tiger Woods and of course he won the I

think he won that the FedEx Cup and

everybody came rushing back he he is

must-see TV I just thought I'd mention

that I love the fact that he said Sam

Snead Bobby Jones Jack Nicklaus me put

himself on the Mount Rushmore gotta have

that kind of competence if you want to

discuss an uncommon way men up

relationships or if you want to continue

the black women conversation or if you

want to talk more about the Bill Cosby

thing give me a call nine one four two

oh five five three five six if you

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the chat see what's going on exaggerated

i hope that i think that's how you

pronounce your name is the first in the

the first in the towers CD a god one

robbed crews robbed send me an email

send me an email man we got to talk

because you send me an email man cuz i

got some I got some good news for you if

Anthony has I'm told you already a

political guy in the house

Nick Lloyd's Agra I think that's how you

pronounce that cheers from Mexico City

excellent be coast in the house Jose SS

we are designed a league to lead chase

Lobo apparently t SRS his alarm clock

very good very very good wave every man

says feminism has been successful in the

West because men have been weakened are

becoming weaker as time goes on the red

pill is helping to reverse that men's

silver swig good afternoon from Germany

Ben let me know if I'm pronouncing your

name correctly

I hate pronouncing people's names

incorrectly I think it's been a Silver's

Weig or Zweig let me know give me the

give me the rundown on that D we says

you must keep game

even when you get into a relationship

gentlemen the game never ends ever ever

oh my god you play games no I'm just

making sure I stay attractive to you so

you don't go off and Kevin in sales

Jonathan from modern life dating MLD in

the house Emily could also mean my

little bit yes modern life dating has

told me the tide is turning I didn't

believe him I stand corrected

alpha bucks I like that good to see you

in here 11 p.m. in Tokyo probably 11:30

p.m. in Tokyo d Wiis is in Atlanta

yeah D we says go to Atlanta and see

their unfixable at this point here's the

thing man I don't God like I talked with

Minister Japp all the time man and like

we talked about how broken black women

are and this and that and the other I

don't have listening here's the thing I

can't really like I can say black women

I can't say that black women are

unfixable because I haven't had any

sexual interactions with them in forever

but I can sigh I know enough about him

that I don't want to date anymore but we

need guys like the guy in the 702 is on

the front lines who can see and listen

man some men are just attracted to only

black women so they're gonna hold out

hope they're gonna do what they're gonna

do it's necessary to be able to to be

able to date these women and to get what

they want and need out of them so listen

I can understand hey I mean listen black

women are undateable but a lot of us are

undateable too so I gotta fix myself to

make sure that I give myself the best

possible opportunity with them I get it

I get it

B wheeze D we says black men have become

caricatures of themselves at this point

I agree Armando says Beyonce is the new

gospel that's why black women stay out

of pocket right modern life dating says

my Japanese girlfriend watches the show

with me and says Donovan looks young and

handsome tear Golic all give me call MLD

Jew to run a dude dude we can run a

train on one of your girls right of


I kid because I care I'm not really

gonna do that so I appreciate that

listen I'm 41 years old I've been

blessed with good genes I stay looking

young so

I appreciate that Rat Wayne says that

18:21 body wash is great thanks for

recommending it dude I love it it is

absolutely fragrant it stays in your

skin very very good thanks for the shout

out and likea 31 in the house 90 minutes

from where I'm at right now says I

learned of all my communication and

social skills as my days as a

stockbroker I hated the industry but

those skills have carried me through the

rest of my life I am going to do a an

episode on how being in sales helps your

helps you with women I've actually

talked about this before I think it was

a year ago on a broadcast and I think

this is why I was able to catch on the

game so quickly because I've had nothing

but to say almost nothing but sales jobs

my whole life when you have look when

you're in sales for long enough man you

got the gift again and listen even if

you're a beta bitch boy you're in there

you can still converse if you if you

have a sales background and red pill

awareness red red pill knowledge you're

in there man this is why Kevin in sales

D we says hashtag meets you only applies

to unattractive women with no game told

men with no game totally agree totally

agree yeah I mean modern life dating

asked if there was any proof in the

Cosby case again if you guys know

anything about the Cosby case give me a

call man and why Kia 31 says didn't

several of the Cosby accusers admit they

lied I heard that I don't know

yeah pretty yeah okay yeah I mean Modern

Life dating says this caller is what the

establishment fears an educated black

men um I don't think the establishment

well the establishment fears the

educated black man what the

establishment really fears is the

rational black man the liberal media

trades on the anger of african-americans

this is how they keep us under control

so if you use logic and rationale that's

not good for them that's why they stay

putting out that propaganda to piss

people off excellent excellent

josè SSI date black women and certain

women need to be tamed than I usually

find that in the bedroom I can tune that

out see there you go there you


very good

Johnny Bravo says died welcome back

darling Bravo I think your your another

old school TSR guy says Donovan would

you would you consider having a live

show with Chris from good-looking loser

that would be epic that's actually a

very good idea Christie Otis who runs

good-looking loser is the owner is one

of the owners of happy hippo herbals so

that would be that would be a very good

show he is very very knowledgeable very

very knowledgeable Brett Lane asks when

in a marriage is it more important to

maintain frame when just spinning plates

also as Dredd game a valid tool to get

that back if you've lost it the answers

to both of those questions go to donovan

sharp calm i did a two-part episode how

to get your wife back in line then I

forget what the episode number is if

someone could look that up for Brent

Lane and let him know how to get your

wife back in line parts 1 part 2 it is

loose league it is loosely based on the

red pill subreddit article called the 12

levels of dread it is an it is an

excellent excellent way to get your wife

back in line ray from Prince George's

County is currently in month two of how

to get your wife back in line so I would

highly recommend I would highly

recommend checking that out very very

good ganj in 88 making a late appearance

closely s is what is kratom the happy mo

stuff how does it work go to happy hippo

herbals calm and you will find out let's

go ahead and get this party started

thirteen uncommon ways that most men

13 uncommon ways men unknowingly

sabotage their relationships Jesus

Christ can he remember the name of the

episode number 1 you never deny her

sexually that's right you never turn her

down for sex gentleman let me let me

clue you in on something

denying a woman sex when she wants to

have sex is extremely powerful

most women assumed that the dick is a

foregone conclusion

she knows that as soon as she comes home

from work she note and this is why a lot

of women don't their husbands or

boyfriends because they take it for

granted they know that the dick is there

they don't even think about the dick

until he puts the dick in her face I

don't want it the reason a lot of women

turn their their their husbands down is

because the dick is always available

they know you'll if they want to

but when you're the one who tells

her I'm not in the mood she goes

crazy and guys when you do this don't

explain anything just say look I'm not

in the mood don't make excuses don't

make promises like well I'll you

later I'll you tomorrow no I'm just

not in the mood if she gets mad let her

throw a fit and listen women are not

used to being rejected sexually dude

especially not from their significant

others so she's gonna hit you with

everything she's got are you cheating

agreeing amplifi Oh totally I'm totally

cheating I'm Kelsey in

accounting she'll go crazy are

you not attracted to me anymore this

one's simple if you weren't I wouldn't

be with you I just don't want to

tonight you're playing some sort of game

yeah that's it I'm playing mind games

just say that sarcastically or if she

says you're playing games yeah well is

it working or is it working

seeing it with a smirk and a wink

gentlemen women are never ever denied

sex if they get on their knees to suck

your dick and you say no I'm not in the

mood they go bananas it's gonna

give her a complex she's gonna wonder

what's wrong with her now here's the

thing don't carry this too far don't

deny her too often or she'll think you

are cheating or that you're not

attracted to her because if she thinks

you're cheating or that you're not

attracted her or not attracted to her

that can only work in your favor for so

long before she starts to really get it

into her

we out listen we all know that passive

an act of dread very very it's very

effective but you can't run dread game

on a girl for two weeks because she's

gonna be like what the does this

guy not does this guy not want me to do

this you can't withhold sex from me girl

for two weeks because she's thinking

okay well if he's not gonna me who


oh yeah Kevin in the sales department

he's showing interest let's do that no

no no don't over game her just do it

every so often once every three weeks

once a month something like that now

I've done this with Devin before but I

haven't done it intentionally

it's a matter of fact I would say maybe

a month month and a half maybe a little

bit longer ago I went through a period

where I just didn't want to we went

four days in a row without she

went absolutely berserk she couldn't

figure it out like she was bitchy dude

she actually cried dude one night I

actually gave her a pity just to

shut her the up and she was the

happiest girl in the world true story I

was like dude like I gotta get the

to sleep I was like it I just

pulled off her panties I don't know I

made me her for three minutes she

was good she was good denying your woman

sexually denying her sex this also lets

her know that you are not a slave to

this also means that she knows she

cannot manipulate you sexually girls

love men who can't be manipulated

sexually it shows her that is no

big deal to you her trump card has

effectively been trumped she's got to

step up in other areas and step up

sexually men up relationships

because they let their women take their

dicks for granted then silver-sweet

wants to know which cameras are brands

do I use to broadcast my stream and

where do I buy them I bought I got a

logitech 680 it was she actually got it

at Best Buy I got it for 60 bucks I'm

actually gonna upgrade my camera here

here in the not too distant future the

one that Richard Cooper uses is a one it

is crisp I mean I know the picture looks

good here but I'm always looking to

improve the show for you guys

so yeah it's I think it's a Logitech 680

something like that CDA god one says wow

I really wanted to deny my chick last

night but she insistent so I gave it to

her listen there's nothing wrong with

her insisting to have sex with you

there's nothing wrong with making her

work for the dick a little bit more but

every once in a while I'll be like you

know what I don't want to it lets

her know that you were not a slave to

the vagina

doyon or doyen says yep

my ex used to physically attack me when

I said no accuse me of cheating

constantly that's the gig I cannot

pronounce this dude's name mo Mohican

ooh I just call I'm gonna call you empty

too says first stream as a patron how

much did I miss I usually spend about

the first 30 to 45 minutes talking about

current events taking phone calls so you

haven't this much we're on number one of

13 so you're you got here just in time

the second way the second uncommon way

men unknowingly sabotage your up

their relationships you don't take her

on emotional roller coasters women women

love abusive men for many many reasons

the main reason is the emotional ups and

downs when he beats her ass it scares

her it turns her on it makes her hate

him and make some it makes her love him

all at the same time

no women don't like getting their ass

kick but you want to know something

they're not bored in an honest moment

most women would tell you they'd rather

be in an abusive relationship than a

boring one no I am NOT endorsing being

abusive to your woman I'm not endorsing

I'm not telling that you should beat

your woman's ask to give her the

emotional roller coasters the emotional

the emotional roller coaster the one and

only reason you should never beat your

woman's ass is because it's illegal

that's the only reason but you should

regularly make her laugh make her cry

make her love you make her hate you make

her scare dude

scare her make her obsess over you make


read give her a feeling of dread

hopelessness give her a feeling of

elation euphoria then make her feel

dread make her feel sad girls love this

torture guys why did they love this

torture because it activates their

feelings great listen on a first date

girls rarely remember what a man says

but she remembers how he makes her feel

making her Latin I don't go extreme with

this making her laugh too much second

soul she likes his sense of humor but

she doesn't want to she doesn't want any

Murphy 24/7 right making her cry

all the time

is equally stupid eventually she's gonna

start to resent you never make her feel

one feeling all the time or for too long

that's when she gets bored even if you

make her laugh all the time eventually

she gets bored with that if you make her

cry all the time

she's a little less bored but that gets

old change it up don't be afraid to yell

at her make her cry runs read game scare

the out of her by saying you know

what that's the kind of that gets

you dumped I've said this to Devin on

very few occasions she doesn't like it

but she respects it because she knows

I'm serious I've made Devin cry

many many I've made her cry many many

times guys I make her laugh a lot she

tells dude she tells me I'm one of the

funniest people she knows I make her

love me to the point of infatuation and

I know every once in a while she wants

to stab me in the eyeball with an ice

pick because she is so pissed off at me

Devin has a lot of things bored with me

is not one of them and if you were

unafraid to take your woman on the on

the emotional roller coaster she wants

for better or worse she will stick

around that I can assure you number

three she is way too important to you

now here's the thing guys when you

invest in a relationship you've got skin

in the game right I mean listen as a red

pillow air mail it's natural for her to

be important to you right listen you've

taken time you've trained her

training a woman takes time it takes

effort it takes consistently consistency

it takes investing money time emotion

etc I get it it's natural for her to be

important to you because you've invested

so much in her which is fine but guys

guess what man wake up it's 2018

relationships are not the end-all be-all

for all men yes when you have a woman in

your life life is better not listen I'm

not gonna lie to you the life I live now

is so much better than the life I used

to live in Vegas the life I lived in

Vegas was wonderful it was a magic

carpet ride I'll never forget it

was the you it was the it was the it was

the nine year adventure of a lifetime

the life I live now is a better life

when you have a woman that you have

trained that you can count on at least

for the most part regular sex

home-cooked meals kindness femininity

dude listen life is better when you have

a good woman but understand this

gentleman life okay women do not

complete you don't listen to

Jerry Maguire talking to Renee Zellweger

you complete me now women ain't trying

to hear that they don't want you to

complete they don't want to complete you

the minute a woman thinks she is that

important to you the minute a woman

thinks she's the missing piece to your

happiness she gets turned off women

don't want to be responsible for your


guys you make me listen you make me

happy you are you make me happy but you

are not the reason for my happiness she

has to know that you would be just fine

with or without her no don't tell her I

don't care if you're with me or not

don't be meathead red pill guy

but if Devon and I were to break up

today of course I'd be bummed guys I

care for her very much I've known her

for two and a half years I've invested a

lot in our relationship but I wouldn't

be devastated I wouldn't cry I'll sleep

just fine and life goes on yes gentlemen

Devon is very important to me but not

that not that important a breakup would

not destroy me and it would not derail

Abe okay I listen I take a few days to

relocate or get her out of here

whatever we decided to do and I'd be

right back on the air and she knows this

and she respects this your woman needs

to know she needs to know the same thing

and you let her know with your actions

that you would be just fine with or

without her never ever ever allow your

significant other wife girlfriend or

otherwise that she is too important to

you she doesn't want to be that

important she wants to be important she

doesn't want to be the reason you live

oh you're the reason I live you're the

reason I get up every morning no no no

women are neither interested women

aren't interested prepared nor are they

capable of shouldering that burden women

don't want to be responsible for a man's

happiness dude dad no way mt2 says

Donovan says you can call me mc2 no

problem since I have a question

regarding my girl nine month

relationship best so far submissive and

all that I'll be off to uni in three

days I don't know what you needs give me

a little more detail in the comment

section there mt2 and i'll be more than

sure i'll be more than happy to answer

your question looks like there's plenty

of meat on that bone number four the

number for uncommon way the number for

uncommon way that men unknowingly

up their relationships okay

College okay I got you okay I'll answer

that after I get to number four number

four you're trying to be relatable and

agreeable now it's a natural instinct

for people men and women alike to want

to keep the peace you want to avoid

confrontation listen man just because

listen just because I'm not afraid of

confrontation doesn't mean I prefer it I

don't want to be stressed out I don't

need a stressful situation I want to be

fighting with my girl all the goddamn

time I don't need that but doing this

making too much of an effort makes you

look weak

trying to be too agreeable means

you're afraid to ruffle her feathers

you're afraid you're gonna piss her off

you're afraid she's gonna put you in the

dreaded dough I'm in the dog house

disagree with your woman if you disagree

if you don't want to do something that

don't do it if she gets irritated or

pissed off good as Shawn in Tampa loves

to say if it pisses are off consciously

it arouses her subconsciously this is

white girls love assholes assholes are

not afraid to piss women off and women

and listen girls love men who aren't

afraid to piss them off and you don't

have to be relatable to a girl I want a

girl I have I want a girl I oh we have

so much in common

no listen having things in common guys

is over rated

listen Devin and I have alt dude we have

nothing in common

I'm loud she's quiet I'm aggressive

she's passive I'm disciplined she's not

I like hot weather she likes cold

weather I'm a morning person she is

definitely not a morning person we like

different kinds of movies we like

different kinds of food and guess what

that's part of what makes us work I

don't want to date myself I don't want

to date Donna Vina I want to date a

woman and she doesn't want to date

herself either yes we do have a few

similarities we do like a few of the

same things but not many Devin and I are

literally like night and day both

literally and figuratively

it is yin and yang with us we are

complete opposites in every way and with

it listen if you guys are coming to the

21 convention you guys will meet her you

will find that she is completely the

opposite of me we are nothing alike

that's not to say that you should look

for your complete opposite but trying to

be trying to be relatable with her or

acting like you have so much in common

when you don't that's stupid don't be

afraid to disagree to be disagreeable

embrace your differences

okay so mt2 is going off to university

okay what should you do yeah I need to

break up with her dude I mean I know


best relationship ever and all that but

you have to understand that when you go

off to college you're not gonna be there

out of sight out of mind you know I

don't care how much facetiming you do

and listen man I know you probably like

your girl you probably think you love

her maybe you do but if you're going off

to university keeping your girlfriend

all of a sudden you're not in a

relationship anymore you are in a

long-distance relationship and

long-distance relationships never work

ever now I know you're not gonna break

up with her because it would appear that

you probably love her but I'm telling

you right now I don't care how good you

think you have it as soon as you go off

to university or college your

relationship is effectively over it's

never gonna be the same mt2 seems pretty

young yeah yeah listen man you're about

to swallow

listen empty and I'm not trying I'm

listen I'm not gonna insult you empty -

empty - you're young so you probably you

probably think you love this girl you

were going to stay with her she is going

to cheat on you and you're probably

gonna cheat on her but it's gonna hurt

you a lot more when you find out she

cheated on you what you should do is

break up with her you're probably not

gonna do that and you guys are gonna

have a very fiery hindenburg type

breakup this is just how it is

welcome to the red pill man joby Juan

coyote likes the Donna beena comment

MTG says this you're right I discovered

the red pill at 17 after a one and a

half year relationship with a BPD

depressed ho damn Wow

Dorian wants to know can some of these

examples be applied to dating in general

absolutely absolutely it can be applied

to fuck-buddies it can be applied to

marriage now so listen some of the

advice some of the things I talk about

our relationship specific some of the

things I talk about are just fuck-buddy

specific so when I say hey try to

arrange a threesome I'm not talking

about your wife not talking about your

girlfriend arranging a threesome with a

woman is strictly for your buddies

do not do that make her make her cook

for you right these are women that you

are training don't make your

buddies trying to cook for you there

listen don't do that if she wants to

fine but by and large the advice that I

give I don't want to say that it applies

to everything but it applies to most

situations exaggerate says the long

distance relationship is light cuckoldry

huh Cree I agree

Armando says rule number four reminds me

of the egalitarian lie that

feminism tries to impose gentlemen men

and women are not equal oh we have so

much in common we're both disciplined

we're both domineering we both have

goals and try again

I want a woman who's ambitious no you

know ambitious women are a

headache the only thing that you should

be ambitious about is taking care of me

you only the only ambitions you should

have it's having a family I'm not here

for the nonsense not here for all that I

remember Kristine Leahy when she used to

be on the herd I'm competitive no you're

not sweetheart you're hot that's why

you're on TV

you think you're supposed to be

competitive because you think that's

attractive to men no no

no there is nothing more unattractive

than a competitive woman or a woman who

tries to be ultra competitive I want to

datum I want to date a woman not a man

missed me with the competitive nonsense

Isaiah says what about the long distance

relationship that actually works I'm

confused because I've seen some success

stories no you haven't you've heard

success stories you haven't seen success

stories any person man or woman who says

oh I've been at a long-distance

relationship for two years and it works

perfectly they're lying get the

hell out of here with that oh my girl

lives 3,000 miles away she would never

cheat dude she's sucking a nigga's dick

in the parking lot right now and when

she facetimes you oh I just got out of

the shower look at my tits yeah she

washed all of the semen off of her tits

no no no long-distance relationships do

not work you haven't seen them work

you've heard about them work oh I've

heard long-distance relationships work

all the time you know what I've heard

marriage works - I've heard what I've

heard that men cheat more than women

I've heard feminism is good for society

I've heard a lot of things I ain't seen

it I ain't seen it look just dude

long-distance relationships are an

abject disaster it is an atom bomb

waiting to happen listen then again mt2

is not gonna break up with his girl cuz

he's 19 I know listen I know what it

feels like but that's what needs to be


doyon wants to know what does plates

mean just catching up on the knowledge

yeah spinning plates means dating girls

dating girls without exclusivity dating

multiple girls like if your two

girls at the same time but you're not

exclusive or dating one of them you

don't have a girlfriend

that's essentially spinning plates

number five the number five way uncommon

way that most men unknowingly sabotage

their relationships and this could fall

under red pill 101 you

reassure her too much magazines and


when you look up 10 relationship

mistakes that men make 15 relationship

that men do is you don't sure

her enough really how's that working out

for you telling your woman or giving

your a woman the the impression that

you're not going anywhere it's a bad

idea guys I've talked about comfort

esting and testing as far as

comfort testing is concerned don't

reassure her ever simply let her know

that she's on the right track or she's

not up and women will say

like I just feel like you've got one

foot out the door well make sure I don't

put the other foot out the door they'll

say well where do you see us in a year I

don't know I don't think that far ahead

anything could happen I don't the

crystal ball I just need to know you're

not going anywhere sweetheart you know

damn well I can't promise that giving

her too much reassurance makes her

complacent gentlemen she gets fat she

gets bitchy she would cheat she

withholds sex next thing you know she's

cheating why because she took you for

granted people don't value what they

know is gonna be there remember number

one you don't decide you know you don't

deny her sex you don't want your

girlfriend her wife knowing that if she

takes off her clothes that she's gonna

get the dick you need she needs to have

a little bit of doubt in her mind so she

gets a little extra for you it's

powerful if she knows you're not a

guarantee she will value you more this

is simple mathematics

josè s actually makes a very good point

Fillmore says the same thing is so he

says women cheat more than men they are

just better at it um listen women are

definitely better at cheating than men

but I think women cheat more because

they have more opportunities women just

have more opportunities guys are thirsty

guys are looking for this is just

how it goes well I mean you take two

equals sexual market value men and women

put them on tinder

if the guy gets 10 matches she gets 150

matches women's sheet more think about

this not only do women have more options

they have less impulse control so if you

give someone more options who has less

impulse control mathematically they're

going to they're gonna cheat more women

are better at cheating that's why they

do it more than men so I will have to

respectively respectfully disagree with

you there

number six the sixth way the six most

uncommon way that men unknowingly

sabotage or up their relationships

you do not have goals give me a second

here there we go

like I said guys if you like the show

share your support stream labs.com fort

slice donovan shark one I put it in the

chat every little bit counts you don't

have goals your woman likes to know that

you are going places or at least have

the desire to a woman would rather date

a guy who's making 13 bucks an hour

working in a warehouse but wants to

start a business or start a podcast or

become a recording artist a man who

wants to advance his station in life

grab grab the bull by the horns she'd

rather date him than day the guy who was

satisfied making $40,000 a year girls

don't want stagnation guys they want a

man with a plan and they will help you

with your goals they see that now this


of white women black women they're not

here for helping any man build black

women want the complete product that I

can assure you on not black women if

they see you've got potential dude they

will do they will there they will ride

that train whatever you need baby I got

you they see the potential and they want

to be a part of it if you don't have

goals she's gonna leave you for someone

that is a man with goals is exciting

most men don't have goals and

aspirations listen if that's not you

fine don't be someone you're not but

understand that if you don't have some

sort of goal you're working towards

she's gonna look for someone who does

guys you don't have to want to take over

the world you don't have to have these

grandiose plans to become it no you

don't have to want to become a

millionaire I get it but you what but

but do something start a blog restore

old cars write a book be a freelance

photographer just use something that

adds to your value and agency as a man

anything that improves you as a man

anything that improves your station in

life adds to her life women are

attracted to that number seven the

seventh way the seventh uncommon way

that most men unknowingly cut their

relationships off at the knees sabotage

their relationships you pay too much

attention to her listen man listen I

know she's your girl and I know you like

her but when you texts all day when

you're calling her all the time when

you're up our ass when she gets home

guys that gets old man understand

this this rock-solid iron-clad truth

never give a woman attention she has not

earned just because she is a woman does

not in does not entitle her to your

attention I don't care if she's your

girlfriend or not here's what gets

listen you wanna know what gets my

attention here's what kitchen here

here's a gets my attention

blowjobs anal steak dinners Oh

idiots kindness back scratches deference

submission and not being a

headache too many men out here give

their wives and girlfriends way too much

attention for nothing

then you wonder why a wives turn around

me I just feel so crowded I need my

space you're the guy who sends her

flowers at work just because what does

she suck your dick last night

did she make you a seven-course meal

like what the just because of what

she got it you just gonna give her

for nothing

nah man there's no free lunch you

whisper sweet nothings in her ear you

know you do all that sappy romantic

that you see on Roz on rom-coms

newsflash gentlemen showering a woman

with attention she has not earned only

works for John Cusack doesn't work that

way for the rest of us guys you give a

woman too much attention if you have a

woman if you give a woman attention she

does not earn a deserve

she doesn't value it guys your attention

should be earned and it should be sparse

otherwise she takes it for granted

she has abundant so she does not care

just like when a man has an abundance of

women he cares about those women less

when a woman has an abundance of your

attention that she has not worked for

she doesn't really give a about it

paying too much attention to her just

for being your girl huge mistake huge

turnoff women only value what they are

required to work for period why did you

buy do this just because no no not good

enough now when you reward your girl

don't tell her I'm doing this because

you did XYZ no no no if she cooks you a

seven-course meal comes out dressed like

a porn star lets you her six ways

from Sunday gives you the bowling ball

treatment and you take her out for a

nice dinner she'll know why you not to

tell her but never give her something

for nothing modern life dating co-signs

so true and when you suffer while

chasing your goal if she stands by you

you she is a keeper I agree

I agree women like to see listen women

like to see men endure the struggle man

that's a masculine that's a masculine

virtue women are attracted to that

they're aroused by that and why kia 31

says black women will go black women

will go for joe Cuevas the wannabe

rapper who lives with his mom as opposed

to the guy busting his ass in college

working two jobs to get himself

somewhere here's the thing man

joke way vyas the wannabe rapper who

lives with his mom okay they're not the

same person but they're you know they

both have a purpose the guy who's in

college working two jobs that's trying

to do something

chuckwei vyas the wannabe rapper who

lives with his mom guess what he still

wants to be a rapper right like I'm not

gonna pass judgment on a guy who wants

to be a rapper chances are he probably

won't be but again girl listen girls

like a man who has a purpose she's gonna

be just as attracted to the college guy

and she well depending upon his game and

frame but jacobians in the college guy

in her mind kind of the same person

they're trying to improve their station

and life they're not stagnating mt2 says

his girlfriend is two years younger than

me and was talking about long-distance

relationships until she moved in until

she moves in with me red bill kicked in

and I started laughing oh dude dad

we can be along so we can be in a

long-term relationship until we move in

together bitch you don June 88 says

I'm doing photography made 120 after my

first advertising on Craigslist very

good very good

Michael Swint says always have her

chasing validation could not agree more

that's red pill 101 brother good job

James Martinez James Martinez is a

savages and the man she is cheating on

you with the sleeping in the bed next to

her while you FaceTime her and that

long-distance relationship I'm trying to

tell you trying to tell you doyon says

quick example I used to smash this girl

all the time and gave her no attention


we link back up I gave her all the

attention she never let me smash once

the second time around telling you

telling me man

chase logo says I remember a guy was

ready to punch his ex-girlfriend for

stealing his baby's mother's transit

pass he came to her job ready to fight

everyone I pulled him to the side and

gave him Donovan's website good move

spin says she Cuevas has Jacobi has ever

been on an album with loti that's funny

that's funny

loti is our imaginary rapper with a low

testosterone that's that's actually

pretty good

number eight the eight uncommon way that

most men unknowingly sabotage their

relationships this is important guys you

are too reactive and not proactive

enough sometimes you have to you

sometimes you've got to react to

situations with your girl and she gets

out of pocket you got to put her back in

pocket I've told you guys several times

about the polite the the trip to Hawaii

that Devin and I took a couple years

back we're on the tour bus headed up

Mount mauna kea and the tour guide big

rut rugged looking attractive guy beard

and all that hey you know my name is

John you know we're going up Mount

Monica it's gonna take us about eight

hours etc etc and he says who's having a

good time in Hawaii Devin says whoo I

looked her right in the eye said cut I

said I said rein that in

she said yes sir didn't utter a word

after that yes she was attracted to the

guy that's not a crime but if you want

to bring attention to yourself don't do

it in my presence don't disrespect me if

you want to flirt and that guy do

that on your own time you're not gonna

do that with me but when you again you

have to be sometimes you have to be

reactive but when you find yourself

reacting too much you're not being

proactive enough my girl is texting your

ex yeah because when she asked to be


girl you didn't proactively tell her

that texting your ex was not gonna be

tolerated if she wanted to be your girl

my girl isn't sucking my dick yeah

because when you her you don't push

her to her knees which is a very

proactive way of saying suck my dick my

girl won't cook for me because again you

weren't proactive in telling her that

she's going to cook for you if she wants

to keep you around women respect men

women don't respect men who are not

proactive you're afraid to be proactive

and tell her what you want you're afraid

to say hey wear this tonight you're

afraid to be proactive and say you're

not gonna show cleavage at work get your

ass back in here a man who is reacted is

waiting for things to happen instead of

making things happen women love and

respect men who are movers shakers men

who make things happen especially when

it comes to voicing their expectations

of them women want boundaries they want

expectations they need this stuff they

want a man who was unafraid to

proactively set both sometimes again you

do have to be reactive that's life

sometimes on it listen sometimes the

picture is not gonna throw you 300

fastball sometimes gonna throw you

sometimes gonna throw you a curveball

but women adore proactive men if you're

too reactive and not proactive enough

she's gonna lose respect and

subsequently attraction Hispanic Chris

is there's an old Mexican saying and

morter de lejos is a motor defend a hose

I have no idea what that means dude

gonna have to translate that for me in

English modern life dating mails it on

the head reactive is feminine that is

why these dudes waiting for women to

approach them no game exactly Alan

listen Alan Roger Korean I'm we had a


al Roger curry listen he's one of the

most world-renowned whatever one

disagreement that we have

is is whether to give a woman your phone

number or to get her phone number giving

a woman your phone number that's

reactive no it's not Donovan it's

proactive you're giving no no no no no

no you're waiting for her to call you so

that you can react to that no no no no

no no no the proactive activity is you

know what you seem cool let's hang out

sometime here here's my phone what's

your number and we'll hang out I'm gonna

wait for the girls to come to me nah

you're afraid to be proactive women

respect men who are proactive number

nine and this is very important very

very important guys you give her too

much responsibility I talked about this

in episode 324 entitled the male end of

the bargain

take a listen you're not reducing her

stress you asked her too many questions

putting suit and putting too much

responsibility on her especially you

dad's out there you dad's out there

putting everything on your wives no

wonder she's not you at the end

of the night she's having to make all

the decisions speaking of which you're

not making all the decisions you make

her make all the decisions which

stresses her the out your woman is

not relaxed guys that's why she's not

you that's why she's acting like

a man that's why she's drinking every


you can't leave all the decisions to

your woman because eventually those

decisions will start to overwhelm her

and stress her out and if she's stressed

out what does she not stay with me class

relaxed women don't up they're not

relaxed guys I'm here to tell you if

you're going on a vacation you planted

last summer my girl and I visited New

York City I handled everything the

transportation where we were going how

we're gonna get there what we're gonna

see the schedule everything I did this

so that she could turn her mind off


usually the city never seen a family on

vacation and the wife is being a

complete bitch she's not relaxed why

it's because she planned the whole

vacation from the flight to the hotel

to what you're going to do while you're

there all of this is on her mind

then he complains to his buddies that

they didn't have as much sex as he

thought they would of course you didn't

she wasn't relaxed


there we go women say all the time they

want to be boss bitches they want a run

they want to be queen bee I'm in

charge no they know they want the

accolades they want the good that comes

with being the decision maker

not the man they don't want the actual

responsibility they are incapable of the

actual responsibility relationships fail

because too many men put too much

responsibility on their women you are

listening to your woman too much when

she says she wants to run that

stresses him the out guys even if

she says I'm a control freak no she's

not what she means is that she wants a

man who was a control freak don't get it

listen do not get it twisted gentlemen

women love control freaks control freaks

handle everything control freaks make

all the decisions control freaks handle

all the nonsense control freaks handle

all the stress girls can relax around

control freaks because they don't have

to think about anything they can just

exist the more responsibility a woman

has the less they can focus on what's

important which is you if she has too

much responsibility she has too much on

her plate she's making too many

decisions that leaves less room for her

taking care of you your girl wants to

take care of you they don't want

responsibility they don't want to make

the decisions they want to provide input

they want to be in on the decision but

they don't want to make the final call

because if the hits the fan that's

on your watch not hers this is why women

blame shift they make the decision but

then when it comes to they make the

final call you wanted to be boss bitch

the didn't work out well it's not

even swap because he's not oh no no no

sweetheart you made the final call I

gave you the input you made the final

call clip that responsibility on you

this relaxes her don't give your girl

too much responsibility she will love

you for it if she put if you put too

much responsibility on her dude she's

gonna go find a guy who relaxes her a

guy who takes care of everything be a


three do not give your girl too much

responsibility that is counterproductive

and it kills attraction Hispanic Chris

translated what I read earlier says love

in the distance love of idiots I agree I


nt to co-sign she says bitches

absolutely bigoted when you lead and it

becomes relaxing for a man if he is used

to that absolutely

Sean C says love the soft core back the

soft core porn background music Spence

this is that music bisexual chocolate no

no no no I've got I've got a custom guy

who who does beats for me he's the guy

that created the intro and all that

stuff Joby Wan Kenobi obi-wan coyote

says when they say they have this big

plan to travel but go all out but go out

all the time and waste money party they

expect the man to make it happen I think

you're right you're right

don't let your girl plan the entire

vacation guys that's on you you take

care of that and it's funny I know that

it seems normal for the woman to plan

everything women are such planners no no

no get that out of your mind

if you guys want to go to Trinidad and

Tobago if you want to go to port of

aorta if you want to go to Cancun you

get online you plan the vacation that

way when you get to the hotel all she

has to do is relax and do the

surroundings she doesn't need to be

arguing with you with the attendant no

we we wanted one king bed not two queen

beds you take care of that let her mosey

on over to the bar and have the mimosa

so she can relax you worry about the

rental car you worry about the


she just won't listen it's just like

relationships women don't want to be in

charge they just want to come along for

the ride number ten this is a huge

mistake that men make they unknown this

is out this is this is big-time

this is how they unknowingly up

their relationships they give too much

credit for that she's supposed to

be doing already

here's the thing guys Devin cooks and

Devin do you guys know this it's

impressive but guess what that's par for

the course guys that status quo I

appreciate it and I show her appreciated

appreciation by staying with her and

giving her a small compliment every now

and again but I don't shower her with

praise for that she should be doing

anyway when chicks when she cooks for me

I don't oh my god no that was good

thanks when she comes out looking like a

porn star i the life out of her now

every so often I'll say man that was

good but only if it was good but I don't

drone on and on and on about how awesome

the sex was when you do this your woman

stagnates she doesn't have incentive to

be better because you're giving nothing

you're giving her the high compliments

all the time Devin is always looking for

ways to be hotter she suggested spray

tanning and a new tan line pattern to

change it up and guess what it's better

she is hotter she wants to change up her

hairstyle she's always trying new

recipes for dinner she knows that I

appreciate what she does because I tell

her every once in a while and I show her

but I don't lacks poetic about what an

awesome woman she is to everyone who

will listen I give her just enough to

stay motivated but not so much to where

she thinks it's enough to keep me around

and keep me interested listen I did an

episode called girlfriends are better

than wives I don't know I think it's

maybe episode 232 or something like that

wives aren't motivated listen wives

aren't motivated anyway right they've

got the state on their side they've got

you by the big got you by the

balls but when men compliment their wife

so much thinking that it's gonna

motivate them to do better it literally

does the opposite it makes them lazy

it makes them complacent don't give your

girlfriend too much credit for that

she should be doing anyway thanks for

not texting your ex thanks for not being

a bitch ty thinks for just being you

some girls will even fish for credit

didn't I do a good job tonight yeah you

did alright sometimes Devin

I remember Devin made something I said

that was good thanks

I said that was good thanks she's just

good not I said Devin don't don't don't

do that

what's up what to your wife now you're

gonna bitch at me for telling you thank

you and that it was good you want me to

put you you owe me the rent a

sky plane at sky right thank you now it

was good thank you

I'm not gonna shower you with praise you

I'm not gonna show you this you

should be doing anyway

Sean see says I wish I knew this a

long time ago it's a big borough father

talk 1988 says too much validation is

bad absolutely actually you know what

it's funny I compared this to credit

scores I told the story on one of my

podcasts a long time ago I used to sell

I've sold news car in news cars and one

thing that happened to me a couple of

times is that I'd have customer come in

and they'd say yeah we need you know we

need to use car but our credit is

so I'd run their credit and their credit

would be like 620 or 630 which isn't

good but it's not bad either more

importantly it's the kind of credit

where they can go to a new car line now

they're gonna get listen they're gonna

get they're gonna get raked over the

coals with it for straight but yeah go

over a four-door Toyota or Honda and and

and drive off the lot with a brand new

car with a 630 credit score I tell them

great news your credits not as bad as

you thought you can have any car on the

lot and what they would end up doing is

they would say okay thanks we'll be back

tomorrow and they never returned why

because they went to Toyota and got a

brand new car they didn't care what the

interest rate was 24 hours ago - then

they didn't think they could rent it

Nick they didn't think they could buy a

junk bucket but when they learned that

they had better credit than they thought

they exercised their option to upgrade

well women are the same way when you

complement her too much when you when

you give her too much credit for

that she should be doing anyway it goes

to her head and eventually she's gonna

start to think hey you know what maybe

I'm not as ugly as I thought maybe I am

a better cook than I thought maybe I do

have better credit than I thought and

before you know it your wife is that the


is that the Ford dealership buying a new

car with her newfound credit or

Kevin and sales because you tell her

she's the greatest thing since peanut

butter and jelly when she's

probably closer to a stale peanut butter

sandwich never ever ever compliment your

woman too much do not give her do not

give her do not give her too much credit

for that she should be doing anyway

thank you for being you thank you for

being you get out of here with dead spin

says if I do the cooking you're way

better at it what should be another role

for her she should still be doing the


she's mean listen hey listen if you're a

better cook than her that's fine right

like I guess if you have that dynamic

but I don't know I don't have an answer

for that one

MT - actually you listen - washing

cleaning the house etc yeah yeah I mean

if you if you're a better cook than she

is listen if I'm cooking you're doing

the dishes good answer good answer

number eleven the 11th uncommon way that

most men unknowingly sabotage their

relationships you watch porn guys think

that this is guys think that this is

harmless but there are a lot of dudes

out here in relationships who jerk off

to porn on the regular listen if that's

what you do that's fine you're getting

no judgment from me but there are

consequences guys less energy less

testosterone no motivation and most of

all you don't have motivation to

your girl I talked about this in episode

296 11 ways your life will change when

you stop jerkin off the porn take a


another obvious effect another obvious

way your life will change when you stop

masturbating you will your girl all

the time now some guys might think well

of course Donovan but that's not the

case we got a lot of married men out

here a lot of men in relationships with

porn addictions and if you have a porn

addiction you're not your

girlfriend you ain't your wife

and guys get this

we can talk all the we won about

how nefarious girls are about how

they're hyper goodness about how they

cheat dude girls no matter how tight

your game is women aren't gonna stick

around if you ain't them

especially if they know you have a porn

addiction if you don't your girl

somebody else will trust me they're

gonna go out and get dick as they should

because you're not your girl if

you stop jerking off you're gonna be

your girl all the time and she's

gonna love it dude listen I

my girl so many times last week

she told me her uterus hurt she texted

me dude go to my Instagram Facebook and

Twitter feeds she says my uterus hurt

when you stop jerking off you're turned

on by real women your girl is a real

woman is better than jerking off

seven out of seven days guys when you

stop masturbating to pornography your

attraction level to your girls skyrocket

again I know this sounds obvious but if

you stop but if you stop jerking I'm

gonna be you roll all the time

because your sperms gotta go somewhere

now quitting porn is obviously easier

said than done but it still has to be

done listen guys it was hard for me it

took a while but eventually I beat it

dude I haven't jerked off in I don't

know a little over three years now I

don't know the exact date I don't know

the exact date but I remember well

actually I might I might because on my

on my 38th birthday I remember thinking

you know what I haven't drunk off in two

months it just kind of snuck up on me

now there are a couple of solutions to

stopping jumping to stopping

masturbating number one is edging and

you guys can google it but the long and

the short of what edging is is you jerk

all to you you masturbate to porn and

you stop yourself from blowing your load

I'm told that it can add sighs I don't

know I don't know if that's true or not

and I would also cut back on caffeine if

you start edging because when blue ball

sets in caffeine can make it worse the

second solution is what I did turn your

girl into your personal porn star you

like what porn stars look like when

they're when they wear heels tell your

girl wear heels you like tan lines like

I do get your girl to get tan lines

you like the schoolgirl look make your

girl wear make her girl wear her hair in

pigtails make her wear glasses problem

glasses a plaid skirt knee socks don't

watch porn be in the porn and turn her

into your porn star girls love being

objectified guys no matter what they say

they love this but too many men are

putting themselves off at the knees like

jerking off the porn too much they have

no idea then it's up their

relationship because you're not turned

on by real women all right let me let me

get to a couple of questions here

mt2 says how many days a week do you

work out and are up am I still doing 5x5

yeah I work out I lift weights three

times a week and I spin twice a week and

yes I am still doing strong lifts 5x5

it's the one and only exercise program

I'm never gonna stop doing let's see

what else we got here

see da god one says what do you do when

your girl wants a kid and you don't and

she constantly wants sex with no condoms

because scared I won't pull out in time

don't your girl without a condom

see da yeah do your mind dude if your

girl says she want oh my god dude listen

six signs your girl has baby rabies

listen you need to wrap your dick twice

you only handle your condoms

use only condoms that you use and after

you you flush you flush your

condoms down the toilet oh my god

scared that I won't pull out in time

jesus christ man here's what

here's where a lot of guys up dude

my pullout game is tight

oh guess what there's called pre-cum

pre-cum is like you're her

six ways from Sunday guess what a little

sperm leaks out of your dick dude sperm

comes out of your dick before you blow

your low and homey dude my pullout game

was airtight guess what that doesn't

mean that the sperm stays in your dick

until you blow your load no man dude if

your girl wants the kid and you don't

dono do not rod listen see be a god one

is gonna continue raw dogging his girl

you're gonna do it I know you're gonna

him do it and before you know

you're gonna disappear for about six

months and then you're gonna be asking

me Donovan do an episode on how to raise

kids with red pill awareness you're

gonna do it man you're gonna do it you

need to rap the up on me straight


number 12 number 12 the 12th uncommon

way that men unknowingly

sabotage their relationships you are

slow to correct bad behavior you don't

correct it swiftly and severely you

correct it but you wait till time goes

by no no one morning last week

Devin had a serious attitude

problem she tried to leave the house I

said well we'll get your ass back in

here sit on the couch I said you're

being a bitch I said I don't

know what dude I don't know who pissed

in your cornflakes I don't know what the

is wrong with you but you better

correct that right now cuz you're

not gonna be a bitch to me and

it goes smile on everybody's faces at

work no no no that

save the attitude for them don't bring

it here as you know I'm sorry I'm you

know PMS and I'm tired no I said

your excuses your excuses I'm

me like I am me I corrected that

on first date I am quick as to

tell girls to put away their phones if

they don't check please it sets the tone

the Hawaii example I gave earlier it

would have been much less effective if

we had gotten all the way up to the top

of mount Monica I've said hey you know

Devin I kind of didn't like the way you

said whoo

and she'll remember but she'll pretend

like she doesn't wait what I don't even

remember doing that Devin has an epic

rationalization hamster she's very good

at moving the goalposts wait I don't

even remember uh no no nah bitch

you remember Devin's the kind of girl

you got listen you got a catch her in

the act and you have to say look cut

that out no listen I don't get it

right every time sometimes it is a

little bit of a delayed reaction on

human but gentlemen women are like dogs

that's right I said it women are like

dogs if you don't correct bad behavior

immediately swiftly and severely they

don't know why they're they will pretend

they don't know why they're being

punished got dogs don't know why they're

being punished

girls will pretend why they're not being

punished but to not know why they're

being punished oh my god that happened

three hours ago I don't even remember

yeah yeah yeah yeah right this is why

you have to this is way

to do it immediately you don't correct

the dogs bad behavior before you know it

they're pissing eating your

shoes destroying the house too many men

are slow to correct bad behavior they

want to wait for the right time right

girls look and here's the thing girls

love to get out of pocket in public or

around people because they think you're

not gonna do anything in front of other

people they think that you're not gonna

check them in public I do I don't give a

where we are or what time it is if

she gets out of pocket I pull her ass to

the side I'm like cut that out now

do I make myself clear yes sir

some girls like the test few late in the

day when you're tired some girls like to

test you when you're busy or distracted

rise above all that

let her know that you will check her ass

anytime any day anytime day or night in

public or private straight-up no don't

correct her in front of people right

pull her to the side you don't want them

perimeter your conversations but take

her to the side let her know what's up

or give her a look

she'll know what's up men are afraid and

women know it and this is what kills

attraction because she doesn't respect

you if your woman disrespects you if she

does some that you're not cool with

let her know right now exaggerate says I

was with my ex for three and a half

years used protection

just uh just the first time thank God

I'm kid less damn ya dude that yeah

women are like dogs you gotta train a

men you have to train women right listen

dude I mean dogs don't come fully

trained you have to potty train them you

have to teach them you have to teach

them commands women are the same way you

can't leave we can't leave them to their

own devices

they are or they are self-destructive

children the same way you leave a kid

alone they're gonna destroy themselves

they don't know any better

same with women mt2 says how do I break

up with my girlfriend and most

importantly how do i loads at

college while keeping studying up how do

I break up with my girlfriend dude you

just dumped her that's what you do men

like listen I'm going off to unit listen

I'm going off to college right and I

know you care about her I know you love

her but dude just do it and here's the

thing man I think what you're really

asking is how do I what is the easiest

way to break up with my girlfriend in

other words how do I break up with my

girlfriend so she takes it well dude she

ain't gonna take it well

there's going to be tears she's going to

yell she's going to shame you she it is

not going to be easy just like Jonathan

from Modern Life dating says be a man

look her in the eye no she's not gonna

react well dude she's not gonna take it

well well you're not asking me how do I

break up with her you're asking me how

do I break up with her so she doesn't

react poorly no she is going to react

poorly my friend you also want to know

how to a bunch of in

university while getting your studying

done listen just don't make your

top priority that's just all there is to


if you have to choose between study and

getting your work done or a girl

dude pussy's always gonna be there it's

not going anywhere

number 13 number 13 the thirteenth and

final uncommon way that men unknowingly

sabotage their relationships you expect

too much of your woman you don't know

what her limitations are a lot of guys

out here are meathead red bell guy my

girl's gotta suck my dick cook my meals

to stay in pocket she's gone

okay that's all well and good but is she

capable is she willing too many men out

here are trying to fit a square peg into

a round hole yes you should train your

women but most women just aren't

trainable most women just

have it in them and that listen if they

listen that's not your fault

but if you go out here and you try to

train a woman who doesn't want to be

trained or Roman who can't be trained

that's your fault you didn't vet her


you didn't put her through her paces you

can't expect a girl to cook for you she

has no interest in cooking you can't

expect the girl that stay then if she's

lazy and doesn't watch what she eats

understand this guys what's a girl

reaches 25 she is who she is some habits

cannot be trained out of a woman no

matter what you no matter who you are or

what you say you have to recognize when

to walk away and cut your losses with

some women man and that's gonna be most

of the time too many guys out here

thinking they can be super red pill guy

I can break any woman every woman that's

not true wasn't man Devin's great but

she has her limitations yes she can cook

yes she has a great body yes she does

whatever I tell her to do in bed yes

she's obedient yes she's pleasant to be

around but guess what guys she's

terrible at laundry she has an epic

hamster she can't wake up in the morning

and is a notorious procrastinator about

everything outside of her job here's the

thing though I knew these things going

in so I knew what to expect she has more

than enough redeeming qualities to

mitigate these idiosyncrasies that she

has now for the record the only deal

breaking tendencies a woman has that you

should train out of her or behaviors

that are conducive to infidelity social

media whore texts her ex likes to party

girls night out things of that nature

I'm not telling you that you should be

okay well she liked to go out with her

girlfriends every Thursday night so

those are her limitations I have to

accept that none of mm oh no the habits

that are conducive to infidelity they

gotta go

if she can't or won't she's got to go

but you have to understand your woman's

limitations and you have to decide for

yourself if you're okay with those

limitations a lot too many dudes out

here expect too much from their women

she has limitations but you still expect

her to defy those limitations she can't

and bitching at your woman about some

she can't or won't do that gets old

and eventually she's gonna eventually

she's gonna find someone who recognizes

her strengths and her weaknesses and

demands her best based on her

capabilities you got to pay attention

listen you got to pay attention guys

NY Kia 31 says I having sex in college

is literally the easiest thing ever I

totally agree

King creator says they're more like

hamsters than dogs dogs are easier to

Train I disagree when they're like dogs

like you're out thinking they're in

their King creator we aren't thinking

the room they're Asia wants to know

quick question how do you tighten up

your mouthpiece so you talk to women and

sound more intelligent that's that just

takes practice

trial and error practice blunt-force

trama modern life dating says man plans

everything she needs to shut up and show

up I like that I like that

no MLD cosines on my practice very good

Hispanic Chris's full ejaculation can be

10 to 100 million sperm pre-cum is like

maybe 1.2 million sperms 7 billion

people on the planet their pre-cum

people all over the place man I'm here

to tell you a lot of guys out there my

plot game is tight I don't know how she

got pregnant brah it's the pre-cum

that's how it is fantastic episode today

my thanks to all of my callers the guys

who called in you guys definitely came

with the knowledge that's gonna do it

for this for this edition of TS are

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