14 ways you're being a financial idiot (and I roast 2 haters)

I'm not a financial advisor, or a financial savant. But I am acutely aware of the value of a dollar and I'm very good at saving money. That said, there are a few habits that perpetually broke men have that keeps their pockets empty and if you take a look at your own spending habits, you might find you have a few of these too.




3 simple ways to get your financial house in order (Return Of Kings article)

Red Pill Finances, Part 1: How to achieve financial freedom

Financial Advice from a Financier


tell you 14 ways you're being a

financial dumbass plus I address two

haters who called my mama's slut


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now most of us at some point or another

we've all made very very poor financial

decisions you know some of us make the

wrong purchase some of us some of us

spend too much money on paydays and and

we'll certainly get into that a little

bit later on

but the point is is that we all have

financial ticks we all have financial

weaknesses we all have bad financial

habits that hold us back from really

getting a hold of our finances I did an

episode a few weeks ago called I think

three ways three ways you're committing

financial suicide or something to that

effect and I I added I talked about what

I do to save money anywhere from

watching my expenses shopping at the

thrift store you know waiting til things

go on sale not financing a car etc etc

so I decided to go ahead and do a

follow-up on that episode because I know

the red pill is not just all about

fucking girls and getting pussy and this

that and the other you know listen yes

most men come to the red pill most men

find the manosphere because of sexual

frustration a recent breakup or any

number of things most of which are

related to women but once a man takes

and digests the red pill and starts to

become it starts to become good with

women we begin to realize that there are

other things that are important in life

like Fitness you know mental mental

stamina financial obviously financial

discipline which is what we're gonna

talk about today

shout out there too was simply beep 1985

I see you there in the check-check

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woody semaj what's up

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answering the chat section here big I'm

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you said finances your game are you in

the finance industry are you a financial

advisor or anything of as such Zach

rockman I hope I'm pronouncing your name

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who knocked out Lennox Lewis and then in

the rematch got his ass knocked up

it was literally a lucky punch but I

remember then the way his name was

spelled everyone was saying rock bond as

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if rock bond is the is the is the

correct spelling of your name anyway

let's go ahead and get to it and I've

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number one you rent furniture I was

guilty of this on more than more than

one occasion I remember specifically

right before I got married when when I

was living with my then fiance and

subsequent wife Darcy when we first

decided to move in together

we rented and listen most people don't

go to the extreme like we did but we

rented everything we rented our bed we

rented the we rented the living room

furniture we rented the TV we rented the

washer and dryer I think we were paying

something like 300 bucks per week just

to rent this furniture now we made great

money but 300 bucks a week that comes to

twelve hundred dollars per month and

fifteen hundred if it's a five-week

month the point is is that renting

furniture guys that that is a that is a

fool's errand and it will SAP you

financially every single time

if you ever in my ex-brother-in-law be

the man who used to be a man he used to

be married to to one of my sisters he

used to work for a furniture rental

company in the city that they live and

he would always tell me things like man

you wouldn't believe how many people

don't look at the at the price in the

end you wouldn't believe how many people

just come in and say hey you know we can

just rent this piece of furniture for 20

bucks a month and what they end up doing

is you know for a 300 dollar appliance

they need a pan like 1500 bucks for it

and most of the people don't end up

paying it off anyway renting furniture

guys that is how could I put this that

is what's what's the word

and freeze that that I'm looking for the

that is uh I don't know why I'm drawing

a blank that's anyway it's it's you're

not being patient you have to be

financially patient if you want

furniture save money and get the

furniture there's no need to pay a

company you know hundreds of dollars per

month again guys that will that will

absolutely drain your bank account it

will absolutely SAP you financially okay

so it looks like semaj says he is an

engineer he got his in it he got his MBA

master's looks like he got his MBA as a

business his MBA as a consultant

let's see got a question here from red

beast 2 0 0 9 97 with the book Rich Dad

Poor Dad be a good source for learning

financial game yeah I think that books

been around for a while

black mastic speaks cuz yes delayed

gratification Thank You Man I was

sitting here drawing a blank on on the

word that I was looking for yes exercise

delayed gratification when you when

dealing with your finances the the the

furniture rental industry exploits

people who cannot put off things like

the late gratification buying things on

a credit card

renting things because you want it now

listen go to Craigslist go to go to back

page you don't have to rent you don't

have to rent a couch for 50 bucks a week

you can probably spend 50 bucks and get

a couch just like that so yes Thank You

black mastic speaks delayed

gratification is what you should

exercise in this in this particular case

I don't know how to pronounce this movie

twice see ba ba boo ba you got acne side

effect from test yeah thank you

yeah yeah of course that's that's just

one of the side effects from from

testosterone replacement therapy is you

tend to you tend to get some acne now

and again okay so number two you take

out payday loans payday loans guys are

financial suicide and they don't tell

you this in the beginning


you're getting that payday loan but

penny loans are financial suicide

because when you take out one what

payday loans are for those who for those

who aren't familiar with it and you can

see him advertised on television all the

time they'll say do you need cash or is

your car broke down or is your kid sick

that you miss work come to XYZ payday

loan and we'll loan you XYZ amount of

money until your next payday so if you

need let's say three hundred bucks until

your next payday what you do is you

write the the payday loan institution a

check for $300 what happens after that

is they then give you $300 in cash so

you're basically writing them a

post-dated check well when your payday

comes they cash that check but then they

add an unreduced and if I'm not mistaken

I think a lot of those interest rates

are like they're into the they're into

the hundreds of percents I know that

there has been recent loss past where

payday loans are illegal now in some

states and I know that in some states

the interest rates are capped so in

other words the the the the the payday

loan industry can only charge so much

for the interest rate anyway you can go

online and you can find I mean dozens of

stories where a guy will take out a

Paley payday loan at one at one in one

institution then he'll take out another

one from another institution and so on

and so forth until he's borrowing money

from one institution to pay back another

institution it's it's it's a continuous

cycle and my brother actually got caught

up in this years and years ago and

finally he just had to tell him all hey

fuck you you guys aren't getting my

money I can't afford this anymore and

eventually they had to let him out of it

the bottom line here is that payday

loans is payday loans are it's like take

it's it's legalized loan sharking is

what it is and if you borrow that three

hundred dollars that three hundred

dollars is gonna cost you a shit a

shitload more money then now you're

gonna be thirty six dollars light on

your next paycheck and if you're living

check the check you're gonna need more

money to cover that $36 interest and

again the the interest rate compounds

you keep and they want to get you on

that treadmill

payday loan institutions don't want you

as a one-time customer and they want to

get you hooked on that narcotic and they

want you to get that instant

gratification rather than that delayed

gratification there are some people out

there who take out payday loans who

don't really meet who don't really need

to they say to themselves I need a

computer or I need to go on this

vacation or that they take out a payday

loan for some shit that they don't need

that has nothing to do with their with

their monthly expenses it is


do not take out payday loans again guys

that is financial suicide

Cornelius Edwards shout-out to you

appreciate it man I love what I do I've

got my hands on a lot of pies right now

including this one I write for returning


I write for Negro manosphere com so

definitely check out my check out might

work there let's see here

okay black mastic speaks s why are women

so addicted to payday loans they try to

get around use usury laws usury laws I

don't know if I'm pronouncing that that

correctly and looks like semaj is again

I listen I don't have a background in

finance I just know I couldn't tell you

what to do to become rich I'm not you

know I've gotten lucky on a few rental

properties here in my recent past and

you know managed to you know recover

financially from from the abyss that I

was in a while back but I could

certainly tell you what not to do and

number one don't rent furniture number

two don't take out payday loans I've

done those both number three you spend

more money than you make

now this one's obvious this means that

you are living above your means this

means you are living in an apartment or

you have a mortgage or you're driving a

car that is too expensive for you sure

yeah you can cover your monthly expenses

you can you can you can certainly cover

your bills but at the end of the month

you don't have any money left over to

save and I'll get to that here in just a

second there are there are only a few

ways that well there are many ways

actually that people can can spend more

money than they make number one is with

credit cards if you are you know I mean

if you want something you can just swipe

the credit card and you got it

number two is payday loan

you know if if you want to spend more

money than you make take how to pay they

take out a payday loan right III refer

back to you guy I'll refer you guys back

to I think it was episode 73 three

things men can do I'm drawing a blank on

a lot of different things right now but

but go back i think it's i think the

episodes in the 70s episode 73 or

something to that effect reduce your

monthly expenses like I said personally

I pay very very little in monthly rent

all of like my my monthly expenses as

far as where I live everything is


my electric my cable everything I make

one lump sum payment and all that's all

that has taken care of all most of my

clothes I get from the goodwill on a big

thrift store a guy I don't I don't wear

hundred I don't wear $300 Jordans I you

know I rock a pair of skateboard shoes

that I got it and then I got a Walmart

more than a year ago my my smart I don't

even have my phone with me now but I

carry a Windows Phone I don't carry an

iPhone I'm a carry a Samsung Galaxy S 25

or whatever the hell it is we have to

finance your fucking phone or pay 900

bucks for a phone and I'll get to that

later too look man I paid $30 for my

from my Windows Phone and I got half off

because it was refurbished there's no

need for me there's no need for me to

have a phone that can do everything but

make a fucking bagel I just need my

phone to be able to make and receive

calls you know do the occasional thing

on my phone do some banking and that's

it you don't have to do any of that kind

of stuff when you are doing things like

that when you are living well above your

means it is very easy to spend more than

you make the best way to avoid spending

more than you make is simply by living

below your means check out that episode

I think it's episode 73 you can also

google how to live below your means and

you guys will be surprised at how many

different simple ways how many how many

simple changes a man can make to start

living below his means and at the end of

the month you'll have a lot more money

than you did before which leads me to

number four you don't save anything

guys I can't tell you how important it

is to put away something every month

whether it's in a 401k I don't care if

it's in a shoebox I don't care if it's

between their mattresses put something

away every month whether it's for a

rainy day for peace of mind the most

financially irresponsible people people

who live check to check people who live

for the moment things of that nature

they don't have any concept of saving

any money even if you don't make them

even if you're making even if you're

making 10 bucks an hour which i think is

below minimum wage but just a nice round

figure let's just say you're making 400

bucks a week and your monthly expenses

that's sixteen hundred bucks a month

number one you should get your monthly

expenses down below a thousand dollars

for a month after that you don't if you

can just make it a habit

make it ah excellent praxis zero 0 you

have nailed it on the fucking head Total

Money Makeover who's the guy that wrote

it it's by Dave Ramsey is an excellent

book too is an excellent book for anyone

looking to looking for ways to save

money I actually I read that a little

while back but that is an excellent

source again Total Money Makeover by

Dave Ramsey is an excellent source he'd

probably get it on the Amazon I think I

read it for a little while in target but

yeah very very good suggestion there now

let's see here

Justin cross says this is stuff that

that a man should know upon graduation

from high school unfortunately we aren't

taught to spend we are taught to be

consumers exactly listen man it's a

shame that I have to have a show like

this it's a shame that I have to have a

show that it sucks that we live in a

world where we're we're men like myself

have to have a show that teaches men how

not to get fucked over by women and then

today I'm talking about shit that we

should learn just like Justin says right

out of high school we should learn how

to balance a checkbook the importance of

saving money things that listen most of

us come in out of high school don't have

a basic concept of money management know

you don't have to be some financial

adviser you don't have to pass the

section 7 you don't have to be

Wall Street tycoon just have a basic

concept of living below your means and

saving a little bit of money every month

and you'll be ahead at 95% of men out

there so good point there by justin

cross but the number four the number

four way that most people are financial

dumbasses that you guys don't save any

money even if you're making four or five

hundred bucks a week try to make it a

point to save five 10 percent of your

money five percent of your money if you

save 10 percent of your money and you're

making four hundred bucks a week that's

$40 a week you multiply that by four

that's sixteen hundred dollars I'm sorry

that's one hundred and sixty dollars for

a month you save one hundred and sixty

dollars per month for 12 months

I think that's somewhere and I mean look

I'm not a mathematician but at the end

of the year you got a lot more money as

you become more financially disciplined

now you can take it from 10 percent to

maybe fifteen percent if you cut back

your expenses even more now you can save

20 percent of your money and it goes on

from there saving begat savings if if

you make good good sound financial

decisions and you can put away money

every month

yeah maybe every once in a while you can

buy that that that nice expensive

smartphone maybe you can afford to do to

live a comfortable life where you enjoy

a few in the extras but not saving money

every month that again is another way of

of performing instant gratification you

have to have some sort of delayed

gratification while meeting your basic

financial needs let me take a look at

the the chat section here yeah as far as

starting your own as far as starting

your own business I own my own business

back in the mid 2000s I actually owned a

mattress business and it did quite well

but the reason I was able to start the

mattresses business is because I saved

my money it was it was basically a

turnkey operation I saved I think I

saved six thousand dollars and and and

and started was it was a mattress

business and I had the business for two

years I made good money was able to save

save some from that and and parlay that

into into some other financial interest

that I had

but you can't listen if you don't save


your your your ass late your ass your

you're a slave to yourself it's it's

it's crazy anyway number five you don't

have a budget plan the old cliche is

that people never plan to fail they fail

to plan if you're getting paid every

week and you just pay your bills and oh

look at this I've got 160 dollars left

what can I do with that no I don't care

if you have to write it down on a piece

of paper I mean look it's 2017 me

personally I use a spreadsheet that I've

designed specifically for myself I have

you know I have my incoming I have my my

income that I get in and then I subtract

all of my monthly expenses I subtract my

Saviour or I said I subtract what I save

every month then of course I have what I

have designated as my discretionary

income etc etc the point is it doesn't

have to be some big fancy anything just

make sure you have a plan you're a man

if you make a plan you're more likely to

follow that plan if you if there's if

there's tangible evidence of the plan if

it's on paper if it's on a spreadsheet

if nothing else come up with come up

with a budget plan put it on paper put

it on a spreadsheet because when you

have a plan now you can now you can say

to your a lot of people say to

themselves well how can I save money if

you put your if you put your finances if

you make your finances tangible by by

creating a budget plan again it doesn't

have to be fancy but you'll start to

you'll start to see how much money you

can save oh look at this and six months

I can save you know fifteen hundred

bucks you know maybe I'll put that in

maybe I'll put that into a Roth IRA or

something like that not to get all Wall

Street or Dave Ramsey on you guys but

you guys get the idea if you don't have

a budget plan it's very easy to fall

into a financial abyss and you'll ask

yourself man like how did I get here

well one of the ways is that you don't

have you don't have a budget plan people

who are perpetually broke someone who's

always asking to borrow money someone

who's always taken out payday loans

someone who lives above their means they

don't have a finance they don't have a

budget plan people people who are

perpetually broke do not have a

financial plan don't be that guy

number six and we all know about this

one is you blow your tax return there

are plenty of memes plenty of jokes

about people who who blow their tax

return you get six I mean listen I

haven't I think the last time I got a

tax return was back when I was in my

early 20s but I've had to pay taxes you

know because because I'm not married now

I have any kids you know I don't live in

the hood I don't have a you know I don't

I don't have I don't have any kids I

don't have any kids sometimes during tax

time I wish damn and I wish I was I wish

I was a hood you know I wish I was a

hood nigga when they well actually if

even if I was the baby mamas would

probably be claiming my kids and all the

others but I digress

the point is is that when you do get

that tax return for those of you guys

who have kids you guys see people all

the time who are tax return rich they go

out and they buy these flat-screen TVs

especially women women women are so

financially irresponsible and all these

bitches in the hood with five and six

kids they're getting these twelve

thousand dollar tax cheques guess what

they have enough money right then and

there to get up and move up out of the

hood twelve thousand dollars would

change anyone's life I don't care how

much money you have 12 grand that's a

lot of money you got these bitches who

are living in the hood with five six

seven eight kids or more getting these

huge tax returns and blowing it on

flat-screen tvs getting their hairs done

getting their hair done getting a five

hundred dollar manicure buying six

hundred dollar Jordans for you to their

kids and then in a month and a half

they're broke they're broke and a lot of

them do something even stupider and they

take they take like Abba their tax

return and they put it down on like a

Mercedes so so another drone I've seen

this with my own two eyes you got a hood

rat who gets a huge tax return she

finances some luxury vehicle to show

everyone that she's ballin and flossing

and then two months later the repo man

comes to takes her car well guess what

now you're out five grand and you don't

have any of the money because you've

spent it all on dumb shit men are listen

we as men a lot of times were the exact

same way when you get that check for two

three four or five thousand dollars

trust me guys I

know how tempting it can be to just go

out and and and buy a new car or or buy

a motorcycle what you need to do with

your tax return yes set some aside so

that you can have a little fun there

there's there's nothing wrong with

having a little fun with your return but

if you get a four figure tax return you

need to save most of that money that's

all there is to it if you don't save

most of your tax return you're getting a

four figure return every year you're a

fucking idiot that is listen this is one

of the biggest ways people are financial

dumbasses as they blow their tax return

if you even if you saved 50 percent of

your tax return every year you can

honestly man in 30 years you could

probably retire just off of your tax

returns now that might be a little bit

of an exaggeration but you guys get my


don't be the fucking idiot who goes out

and buys a new jet ski because he got a

ten thousand dollar tax return pay your

mortgage for a couple of months pay some

bills get ahead Sox them away for a

rainy day and then you go off and you

have a little fun and make sure you have

a little bit of money in your pocket

when you do it don't blow your tax

return guys number seven you financed

your car and a buy here pay here a lot I

know listen I've done this in the past

myself there was a time I had terrible

credit and I couldn't get financed

anywhere and so I went to a buy here pay

here a lot now it was great because I

got I got a you know I got a newish car

but my payments were out of this world

and I think it was paying like 20-25

percent interest which is which is

borderline illegal if you have if you

have bad credit if you have to if you

have to finance your vehicle at a buy

here pay here a lot if yet listen if you

have to have a car you have to have a

car you have to get a work if you can

avoid it avoid it buy here pay here lots

are almost as bad as the payday loans

because they charge you a ridiculous

amount of interest it like if you buy a

six thousand dollar vehicle at a buy

here pay here a lot if you look at the

paperwork when you get done paying for

that car you end up and thirteen

fourteen thousand dollars for that

vehicle and the vehicle usually isn't

worth shit anyway they end up doctor in

the paperwork and

rolling back the oedometer I mean it's

like I said I've been there I've had bad

credit and if you need a vehicle and you

don't have enough saved up to buy one

outright you do what you have to do but

if you can avoid it don't buy your car

at a buy here pay here buy at a buy here

pay here alot shrug before you go to a

buy here pay here lot make sure you

exhaust all possibilities and at that

point and at that point then you do what

you have to do but but but a buy here

pay here a lot that is that's the

quickest way that's the quickest way to

gut your bank account number eight and I

keep it guys I cannot I cannot figure

this shit out for the life of me and I

don't know guys I don't even know when

this happened I was talking to I was

actually talking to Paul my the buddy of

mine that I've talked about in numerous

podcasts I think he got the Samsung

Galaxy S what I don't even remember

which one it was and I remember I was

like yeah you know yeah you know you got

a new phone that's nice yes the Samsung

Galaxy yes whatever I think it was like

the s4 s5 or whatever was anyway he said

yeah he's like I just walked right into

the store and you know I got it and it's

got this that and you know like I said

does everything but cooker breakfast for

you and I said and it looked like a cool

phone I said well how much did you pay

for it he said well I pay monthly

installments I said I'm sorry he said

yeah you know they just add the monthly

installments to my bill I said well how

much is your bill every month and he

sheepishly told me $180 per month

I said you gotta be fucking kidding me a

hundred I said how much would your bill

be had you bought the phone outright he

said well I think he said his bill would

be half of that so he's paying $90 per

month on his phone I said well how much

was the phone well the phone was 800

bucks guys have bought cars for 800

bucks he got people out here making

monthly payments on their phones and

guys listen check this out I don't even

know do they please answer me in the

chat section do they actually do they

charge interest for do they actually

charge interest on the how can we see



how can I put this do they charge an

interest rate when they finance the

phone I don't know and I don't know

exactly how I don't know exactly how

this works but I want to know in the

chat section ok black plastic speaks

says that ok black best acceso a even

still there's no need if you have to

make monthly payments on something then

you don't fucking need it outside of a

car or a house and even a house is

marginal in terms of what your needs are

and I'll probably do a podcast I'll

probably do a show on that why buying a

house literally tethers you to whatever

state or area you're in there's no need

to buy something like that

I understand finance and cars and houses

but finance and fucking phones that guys

that's fucking stupid and I listen no

Shay but I know some of you

motherfuckers watching are looking at

your phone and saying goddamn like I

financed his phone listen you signed a

contract you did what you had to do but

in the future don't finance a fucking

phone think about how much you're paying

per month i I just I I can't get over

the fact that people are financing the

device that they use to make phone calls

with it blows my mind ok

Darren brown says that donovan sharp

looks like he doesn't take shit from

anyone fuck no I stop taking shit from

people when I found the red pill

semaj says cars are a depreciating asset

you are a clairvoyant my friend I'm

going to get to that here in just a

little bit so let's go ahead and get to

number 9 I won't spend too much time on

this one number 9 you cash out your 401k

early to buy something you need listen

guys you don't need you don't need a

computer you don't need another car you

don't need listen your 401k is there

it's there for you when you retire it's

there it's there as your savings don't

catch that your 401k for something dumb

if you're hitting a midlife crisis

listen if you're driving a Honda Accord

and you just turn 50 don't quote don't

cash or 401 cap to buy a fucking

Corvette wait until you retire and buy

the motherfucker outright and wait till

that 401k

wait till that 401k has accrued some

value again and listen if there's an

emergency like there's a financial

emergency like a real emergency or

somebody gets sick or somebody gets put

in the hospital yes there are there are

good reasons to take out your 401k but

taking out your 401k for for a

depreciating asset like a car or

anything of that or or anything like

that or something that you just want to

buy just because you see it that you

want to know if I cash out my for one I

knew one chick who cashed out our 401k

and use it as a down payment to buy an

Audi and then she wrecked it like two

months later it's unbelievable it's

unbelievable um let's see elite class

trucking says what if you're making two

hundred and forty six thousand dollars

per year is it okay to buy a smartphone

then listen you can do whatever you want

but financing one that's you're a

fucking idiot you sign it's a phone

listen if you're making a

quarter-million dollar Siri yeah I mean

I guess you could pay $900 for a smart

phone I could sit here and say well if I

made $250,000 per year I would never pay

that much for a smart phone listen I've

never made a quarter of a million

dollars in one year so I can't say what

I would or wouldn't do if presented with

that situation I would like to think

that even if I made a quarter of a

million dollars per year I would I would

at least look for a smart phone that was

refurbished so I didn't have to pay

close to four figures for one that's

that's absolutely right I don't know I

mean listen man smartphones are as

awesome as they've ever been but eight

$900 for a smart phone it just it just

blows my mind man like I cringe when I

have to pay 50 bucks for a pair of

sneakers eight 900 bucks for a smart

phone man that that man that gives me a

heart attack just fucking thinking about

it um all right if you're making 250 K

yeah you can write it up oh yeah that's

it that's a good point

black mastic speaks that's a good one

yeah you absolutely need to eat when you

get old exactly exactly

all right number 10 oh my god number 10

I again this is something I look love

look number 10 you refinance your car I

understand that some people want to

refinance their car because maybe their


are out of whack maybe they lost their

job maybe maybe they're just looking to

save some money every month but when you

refinance your car you are literally

telling yourself in the world I have no

interest in a long term approach because

you can bet your ass that if you

refinance a depreciating asset not only

not only are you refinancing a

depreciating asset which means you're

already taking a loss when you sign on

the dotted line you're gonna end up

paying more for longer and you're gonna

end up paying a longer so let's say you

buy a $20,000 vehicle and in a year you

let's say you're your payments are $500

per month you just said you know I can

save 150 dollars per month

let me refinance my let me refinance my

vehicle do you think the bank is gonna

take a loss on that know what they're

gonna do is they'll lower your payments

to $350 per month but now instead of

having 36 months left to pay now you've

got 72 months left to pay guys listen

down and listen anyone who's familiar

with casinos I lived in Vegas for seven

years the house always wins

the casinos always win if a bank

refinances a vehicle or a depreciating

asset they are going to make sure they

win they're not in it for you they are

there to make money off of you if you

refinance your vehicle if you refinance

your vehicle because you need a lower

payment number one number one you should

have got a car with it you should have

gotten a car with a lower payment that's

number one if it couldn't be avoided

refinancing your car just means you have

a longer car payment and a car payment

not having a part of car payment every

month guys that's one of the most

liberating feelings that anyone can have

again we live in a consumerist society

do not refinance your cut listen unless

you lose your job and you take a 30

percent pay cut okay we'll listen at

that point you do what you got to do but

if you refinance your car because your

payments are out of whack but you're not

gonna take any sort of hit as far as

lifestyle don't refinance your car

because now now you're a financial now

you're a financial slave from 36 months

all the way to 72 months and sometimes

even pushing out to 84 it's not

and again people who are perpetually

broke live outside of their means they

get payday loans they rent furniture and

because they spend more than they make

they end up having to refinance their

vehicles and there they stay broke

that's just how it is number 11 so oh my

god number 11 you finance your car right

after paying yours off this again is

that instant gratification so you you

got the instant gratification by

financing a vehicle in the first place

then as soon as you paid it off you had

to go off and get another one

that's one of the dumbest things that

you can do the nancial ii especially if

your car is still a good burning car

listen people everyday pay off their

vehicles they get pink slips they they

get their car title what do they do

instead of driving that car until it

doesn't work anymore and saving that

money they go right back to the lot they

get 12 bucks for their juice they get 12

bucks for their trade-in and then they

find that's another vehicle often often

a newer vehicle they get a bigger car

payment and they're in the hole again

for another 36 48 72 months that's


guys if you have a vehicle that is paid

for it is lit it is that is freedom fuck

the 2017 model if you just paid off your

2012 vehicle and it runs well and it's

reliable don't don't go out and fight

it's another car because now your

insurance rates are gonna go down

because now your vehicle is paid for now

you only have to carry in certain states

you only have to carry liability

insurance even then full coverage that

covers both you and the other driver

it's still miles miles let that oh my

god listen listen guys I'm here to tell

you not having a car payment is it's one

of the most liberating not having a car

payment paying off your car is like

dumping a ho that you know that you know

you that you know has been cheating on

you both both both have feelings of

elation don't break up with one ho and

then go wipe up another don't pay off

one car and then go and then go finance

another one if you have a car that is

paid off

don't refinance another vehicle that's

one of the stupidest things that people

can do I've never understood it

number twelve this is sort of a

throwaway one you stole my DVDs yes they

are yes there there are still people who

buy them and people make excuses well

you know I want to see you know the

deleted scenes or all the or all the

special features guys you can go to

youtube and find the same thing

buying dvds let like you watch it once

and it's over with I know these people

that have these extensive DVD

collections why buy something tangible

and take up space and money when you can

just watch it online you paid five bucks

to rent it one time and it's over with

there's no need there's no need to pay

twenty dollars for something that's

gonna collect dust in your attic at some

point when you can just rent it for four

or five bucks watch it once maybe twice

in 48 hours and then forget about it

don't guys don't bite DVDs I still can't

believe they're there people out there

that still do that number thirteen this

used to be a weakness of my ex-wife's is

that you buy something only because you

have a coupon for it

they're coupons all over the place they

save and I'll save fifty cents on five

gallons of mayonnaise you know save two

bucks on five gallons of peanut ice

you're not gonna eat two yellen's of

mayonnaise if you don't eat peanut but

now I love peanut butter so I mean I

would definitely use that coupon but if

you get a coupon for something that you

wouldn't normally buy then there's no

need buying it people people waste money

people waste money all the time buying

things they have a coupon for that they

have no business they've never bought

what like like they get a coupon for I

don't know any they get a coupon for I

don't know spaghetti and they they don't

eat Italian why are you gonna go out and

buy and buy pasta what because you have

a coupon for it don't buy things don't

listen the only time you should use a

coupon is shit that you buy on a regular

basis don't buy things that you don't

buy things you wouldn't normally buy

just because you have a coupon for it

you're not saving money you're spending

money you wouldn't have otherwise spent

had you not had the coupon

and the number 14 the last one is this

is this is one that I'm sure we've all

been guilty of is you overspend on pay

day you know you get that paycheck and

you think oh good you know I just got

paid all my bills are paid and oh look

at this I still have 687 dollars left

from my paycheck

what can I spend it on well instead of

saving 500 of that and then maybe going

to have fun with 197 you don't have a

budget plan you end up overspending you

get you know you go out you you go out

for a meal here you buy a new outfit

there and before you know it you've only

got 87 of that 687 left and now you're

struggling you know now you're

struggling until payday when people ever

spend on payday they tend to do a lot of

fast food a lot of sit-down restaurants

they buy unnecessary things like smart

phones new up it's things of that nature

people who are perpetually broke are

never people are perpetually broke or

broke six out of the seven days per week

actually six-and-a-half out of the seven

days per week if they get paid weekly

they're broke Saturday Sunday Monday

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday come Friday

all right they're rich for I don't know

maybe five or six hours then they've

blown their entire paycheck again people

who are broke all the time overspend on

payday have a budget plan and you won't

overspend on payday listen man treat

yourself enjoy the fruits of your labor

what - I what's up cool Koli shout out

to cool Koli definitely a regular listen

and listener of mine appreciate you

shouting out on that let's see let's see

what else we got here oh yeah never buy

a brand-new car ever totally agree with

with love incorporated that's I again

I'm not a financial expert but I know

enough to know that you should never

ever buy a brand-new car ever as soon as

you roll it off the lot I think it was

something like 15% of the value or

something like that but anyway the the

the fourteenth way that people are

financial dumbasses is that they

overspend on payday don't be that guy

who's always broke until payday have a

plan live below your means buy groceries

treat yourself but don't be but but but

don't go overboard and and you'll have

more money at the

the month just by not overspending on

payday so I have you don't rip furniture

guys don't do payday loans don't spend

more than you make you need to save at

least some money I don't care if it's

five percent per month save something

create a budget plan don't blow your tax

return on useless junk do not finance a

car at a buy here pay here a lot unless

that is your last unless that's your

last resort

don't make payments on your fucking

smart phones just just buy one don't

make payments on it don't cash uh don't

cash out your 401k without a good reason

do not refinance your car do not finance

a car right after you paid your other

one off don't bite DVDs that's stupid

don't buy things just because you get a

coupon for it in the mail and don't

overspend on payday okay so real quick

I'd like to address a couple of haters

and actually I get I get this I get this

comment a lot I'm always talking about

you know hoes and girls are sluts and

this and that and the other and a lot of

times I get people asking me what what

about your mother is your mother a ho

would you say this about your mother

your sister and as you can see on the

screen this idiot Vinnie Durham says

well my tweet was females are literally

programmed to self-destructive left to

their own devices if you quote disagree

look around and then he says does this

include your mum and repo Jones says so

you're saying your mom is a nasty slut

guys guess what the minute you use a

family member to counter a point you

fucking lose we all know that women are

epic sluts they're proof of this is all

around us they are psychologically

slutty they're physically slimming women

know that other women are sluts that

what that's why most of the slut-shaming

comes from women so when people come at

me and disingenuously

ask me so what are you saying your

mother's also a slut would you would you

call your the answer is fuck yes I've

done podcasts I've written article

listen I love my mother and I love my

sisters but guess what guys

they were sluts - yes my mother was a

slut when my mother when my mother

separated from my father the first time

dude she was fucking every nigga on the


I got listen I love my mom but the fact

that I love my and love and respect my

mother as a mother that has nothing to

do with the fact that her behavior was

slutty just because someone's related to

you just because you happen to like

someone or just because you're biased

does not negate the fact that their

behavior was slutty that's all there is

to it I'm not gonna sit here and say

well well oh when it comes to me no dude

sisters aunts mothers grandmothers

they're females too they are privy and

susceptible to slutty behavior just like

everybody else my mother and my sisters

included I have listened and I hate to

say this but my mom and my sisters all

of them have had abortions those are

terrible decisions I love my mother and

I love my sisters that was irresponsible

behavior now I'm never gonna tell my

mother to her face I'm gonna say okay

Mama's sharp you were a slut of course

I'm not gonna say that because she's my

mother I love and respect her I'm not

gonna do that my sisters I love and

respect them but yeah I mean you know

I've got a little bit more Liberty in

terms of that but denying the true

nature of females just because someone

is related to you that if that's

disingenuous and when people point out

and they try to trump your undeniable

argument by saying well you wouldn't say

that about your mother yeah actually I

would and if that's the only point that

you can make that tells me that you have

no argument that tells me that you know

that I am 100% right you just want to

shut me up you just want me you just

want me to deny the slutty behavior

women by trying to bring my family or my

friends into it that's not gonna work my

mother was a slut my sisters were sluts

I love them both dearly but the truth is

the fucking truth listen I say this

about myself I can talk all this shit I

want about Darcy my ex-wife and about

how she committed paternity fraud

about how she was a bad wife and a drug

addict and this and the other all of

those things may be true but guess what

I was a shitty husband

I was dude I was the pole I was a poor

excuse for of a man I couldn't fuck I

was 300 pounds I was a sniffling betta

my hygiene was bad I was a terrible

fucking husband I don't know if my

ex-wife ever cheated on me but if she

did I'm not saying it was right but I'm

not gonna sit here and blame it all on

her it is what the fuck it is at some

point you gotta look yourself in the

mirror and say you know what Donovan

you're fat you're out of shape you're

not a man you need to man the fuck up

same with slutty behavior women this is

the problem with women they can't look

themselves in the mirror and say okay

Heather I'm a slut and I need to know

there's always an excuse always an

excuse so by using the oh wow black

Nasik speaks just drop the bomb black

women see abortion that's right listen

man you don't get me started on black

women holy fucking shit you're gonna

black the dude man you're gonna derail

my ah no are you talking look white now

six are you talking are you talking

about Lawrence from from insecure is

that who you're talking about

oh no nigga no you did not just say that

I'm waiting to see this motherfucker

listen man my main chick is a white girl

and she loves the show insecure it's she

loves insecure oh my god Oh black dust

exposure you're fucking killing me man

yes I was Lawrence yep yeah oh yeah yeah

yeah yeah yeah well I said black my six

weeks is an OG man him Alan Reggie curry

all those boys but but yeah just because

someone is related to me as a man as a

red pillow where a man I have the

ability to separate the truth from

familial ties so asking me if asking me

if I think the same thing about my mom

or does do these assertions include your

mother guys I'm impervious to that

because I have the ability to separate

the truth from familial ties nice try

you dumb motherfuckers you guys got to

come a little bit stronger than that

fuck that and fuck you guys

all right let's see insecure is a

hoodrats Bible yeah that's um that's a

dude insecure is is a very interesting

show I was putting something together

and my girl was watching it on TV and I

heard this girl on stage rapping about

broken pussies and I was like whoa what

the fuck is this and so I'll watch it

with her I'll watch it with her every

now and again it's um it's an

interesting show but there's red pill

truth all around that to be sure guys

that's going to do it for this edition

of TSR live guys make sure you like the

video if you're watching on youtube

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slash Donovan sharp thanks for listening

guys talk to you next time


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