15 signs your wife is planning to divorce you (Episode 332)




a woman never belongs to you it's

adjusting your turn you lost your edge

she lost the traction for him it's how

it works what you think she was gonna do

tell you she cheated men cannot afford

to get complacent and relationships get

your fat ass off the couch start lifting

weights and learn game you're welcome

and now your men welcome to the 332nd

edition of TSR play I'm sorry TSR live

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let's get right to it I've been at a lot

of fights in my life and listen I'm

proud to say that I've won a lot more

than I've lost each fight I won I won

decisively meaning I completely kicked

the guy's ass and most fights usually

last around anyone who's ever been in a

fight like a physical altercation fights

don't last that long they last anywhere

between 15 and 20 seconds at the very

most wait 15 to 20 seconds I would say

25 to maybe 30 seconds tops

now most of the fights that I have lost

were not decisive meaning that even

though the guy was a better fighter than

I was at the time I certainly took my

pound of flesh one guy beat one guy who

actually beat me actually beat me pretty

good he gave me a black eye but I broke

his nose right like my I was fat and

swollen shut for like a week but he was

bleeding all over the place even though

he clearly won the fight I still took my

pound of flesh another guy hit me so

hard I almost blacked out before he hit

the ground but luckily for me I kind of

had the presence of mind to to sort of

cover up so that he wouldn't cave my

face in again my eye was swollen and he

definitely won that fight but I busted

his lip open and I think I knocked out

one of his teeth I'm not I'm not 100%

sure interestingly enough we actually

ended up becoming pretty good friends

for a while after that now I'm fortunate

to never have been stomped out like I've

never been curbed I've never been curb

stomp I've never had the absolute

beaten out of me but I've been

sucker-punched a couple of times and I'm

here to tell you guys

sucker-punched is not fun you never see

it coming which of course exactly is

what the guy wants he wants to hit you

while you're not paying attention or

defending yourself and on both occasions

I was knocked to the ground but on one

occasion actually you know a few of the

dudes jumped in and stopped the guy from

jumping on me and finishing the job the

other time I got sucker-punched I got up

in a beat a dude I got up and I beat

this dude so badly his for his

girlfriend actually called the cops on


like I beat the SH I meet the everliving

end this guy was pissed off you

sucker-punched me I wasn't

charged because of course everyone

around told the cop that he

sucker-punched me in other words he

start I was defending myself anyway

getting sucker-punched is something we

never see coming and when it happens it

completely blindsides us both mentally

and physically it happens to us so

suddenly and without warning that all we

can do really is just kind of react to

things like this think things like being

sucker-punched are blindsided and

because we we react so poorly our

actions are never as effective as when

we're actually prepared or that we see

it coming now we do what we can but in

the end knowing that it's coming helps

us take appropriate action well one

thing we figure out in our lives whether

we find really the red pill or not is

that women are always two or three steps

ahead of men in every aspect especially

when it comes specially when it comes to

relationships marriage etc etc if

there's something they want from you

they'll give you great sex all week long

and you'll never know it unless of

course if your red pill weren't happy if

your red pill aware and your if your red

pill aware and you're running a red pill

relationship doing your girlfriend is

gonna be giving it up to you regardless

right like you know that but if you're

if you don't have a red pill type

relationship and all of a sudden your

wife starts having this great sex with

you there's something she wants then

she'll drop it on you on Friday night

hey by the way I want X Y & Z if she

wants to go out with our friends she'll

preemptively give you unsolicited

permission to go out with your homeboys

a lot of girls like to do this oh by the

way I know you need your space if you

ever want to go out with your friends

you you have my explicit permission to

do that you guys get the pick

well when it comes to divorce gentlemen

women are even more notorious they are

meticulous when it comes to planning

their exit she wants to make sure they

want to make sure they land on their

feet when they tell you they want a


listen here's the thing guys you see and

read story after story about men who are

completely blindsided when their wives

tell them that they want a divorce they

find out she's already like again they

find out she's already gotten a fully

furnished apartment they she's bought a

new car she has a new boyfriend right

even still guys never see this kind of

stuff coming even when it happened they

never seen this stuff coming when it

happens to them they see it happen and

everyone else they read the stories and

they can they see the writing on the

wall be like hey you know it looks like

your wife is planning a divorce or it

looks like she's not acting right but

when it's happening to them they don't

really seem to be able to - from the

outside looking in it's easy but when

it's happening to them they don't really

seem to catch on at least not quick

enough it's amazing guys even though we

see in here everything about these long

planned divorces we still get blindsided

so I'm gonna give you guys 15 signs your

wife is planning to divorce you so that

you could avoid getting the proverbial

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Bitcoin that includes your shipping I'm

gonna take a moment here and I am going

to tweet out this link to let everyone

know that I am live I have come crawling

back to YouTube mainly because I

couldn't get the lip sync issues

straightened out with with crowdcast

I crowdcast fur fur for two days and

unfortunately the the audio the the

audio delay to the video was so bad I

mean it wasn't even like I was slightly

lip syncing it was

eh I mean it was absolutely a like you

you hear one thing and then five or ten

seconds later you see it you see it

happening and I worked with them all day

today and for whatever reason and listen

guys I just bought a new beefed up

computer system 16 16 gigabyte speed

I've absolutely got it I've got the

fastest internet money can buy I got

like I said I got a new Mac Mini it's a

loaded with all the extras pay big

money and the software

unfortunately is unable to is unable to

handle is unable to handle I guess the

band I mean again I'm not I'm not a

computer I'm not a computer

expert by a bad bite by any stretch of

the imagination but by the same token

this is this is just how this is so let

me take a little let me let me take some

time here let me go to YouTube I'm gonna

search Donavan sharp and I should have

actually you know what I should be I

should have the link on here

here we are Donovan sharp is live now on

video I know there's a there's an easier

way to do this there we are

very nice let me mute this so I don't

have to hear myself talk actually let me

see here we are Donovan sharp is live

now on video okay yeah so I'm watching

I'm watching myself on the video and it

looks as the eyes let me mute this so I

don't have to hear myself talk yeah yeah

it looks as though it looks as though it

looks as though my my mouth is syncing

up looks like the video and audio are

syncing up so let me I'm gonna tweet

this out I'm gonna Facebook this bad boy

out and it's gonna be back it's gonna be

like old times

hopefully so let me go to alright let's

let's go to Facebook and I apologize

this is I know this is bad radio but I

kind of made I made a last-second

decision actually about three hours ago

and I decided you know what we are alive

call in number and I'll give to this a

little bit later nine one for calling

number nine one for

yeah damn it sorry about this guys nine

one four two oh five five thirty five

six perfecto

so yeah I made an executive decision to

to go ahead and forego crowdcast

and I mean listen man I'm gonna from

here on out I'm just gonna have to I'm

just I'm gonna have to use YouTube I'm

gonna have to be very very careful all

right very good excellent excellent so

let's I face booked it out now we're

gonna tweet it out it's really cool it

actually says it's actually got my

stream labs link on there as well so I'm

certainly certainly glad about that and

in the future guys I know this is like I

said I know I know this is terrible

radio but I'm going to let me discard

this in the future I'm gonna be I'm

gonna obviously I'm gonna be much more

I'm gonna be much more prepared to to

tweet everything out get everything get

everything all squared away and taken

care of good listen good to have you

guys in this morning in the future I'm

gonna be I'm gonna obviously I'm gonna

be much more yeah good to have you guys

in this morning um to to tweet

everything out this year come on

come on get this out of here all right

excellent now we're gonna share it got

it to kind of just use the share button

right like come on come on Donovan all

right let's go with Twitter areare we

are live we are alive we are live call

in number 911 for 205 by thirty five six

excellent so i facebooked it out and

tweeted it out and i'm going to of

course let everyone on patreon know that

of course I am live just bear with me

just for a few moments here guys

I am completely completely unprepared

completely unprepared for this and being

unprepared is not something that I

normally something that I normally

partake in but I promise you

listen this is gonna be a really really

good show I can promise you that and if

you're listening on the replay just

you know skip ahead and we'll level get

you all squared away and taken care of


video all right excellent so I'm gonna

drop and paste that we are live five

five three five six perfect all right

excellent so I'm gonna pump goddammit I

don't want to do patrons only I want to

do to the public goddammit I'll get to

the shoutouts here in just a minute like

I said just you know if you're if you're

listening to this need rib along with

this nonsense you're not I know you're

not used to it just bear with me and

then skip ahead it'll just be a few more

moments here before I get everything to

the public bingo okay excellent

so everything is a go all systems are go

make sure everything is good to go here

perfecto excellent excellent excellent

all right we've got that going

let's get that the out of here


excellent I normally have all of this I

normally have all my eyes got in all my

t's crossed but like I said I made an

executive decision today to I made an

executive decision today to to go ahead

and just jump back on YouTube I've come

back I've come crawling back to YouTube

gentlemen come crawling back to YouTube

so yeah so I've come back to YouTube

like I said I couldn't get the lip-sync

I couldn't get the lip sync issue squirt

away with crowdcast even after God man I

mean I spent all I mean dude honestly I

spent all day on it yesterday and I

could not get it right so

I didn't see that what I actually didn't

see that coming when I did my testing

but oh well but here's the thing guys I

will make sure it good I will make sure

that I take measures to make sure my

channel stays up stays where it's

supposed to be and if it gets taken down

I have many more I have other channels

that I can use I have many more viable

options I also I mean you know they are

more expensive options but I listen I

will always find a way to be on the air

you guys can count on that

it is Wednesday September 19th 2018 I

just found out that Phil Heath was upset

at the mr. Olympia at the mr. Olympia

competition this past Saturday the

reason I missed it the reason I missed

it is because I was so geeked up for the

canola versus triple G fight and it was

absolutely dude it was I mean I

literally found out about it this

morning I woke up and I said to Devin I

was like dude I wonder who won mr.

Olympia and I found out that it was a

guy by the name of Sean and Rodan he you

know based in the US he based in the

u.s. of Jamaican descent according to

the Articles word on the street was that

his abs I guess is what set him apart

now Phil Heath is still in his

bodybuilding prime Ronnie Coleman want

his eighth consecutive mr. Olympia at 42

years old and he was unseated a year

later by Jay Cutler when Ronnie Coleman

was 43 years old he still finished

second in mr. Olympia so Phil Heath

still has a chance to set the record for

nine mr. Olympia titles because he's

still relatively young for a bodybuilder

listen my money is definitely on him

next year because losing hurts more than

winning feels good for sure and the fact

that he was upset by someone and clearly

did not see it coming

you know the bodybuilding community is

still in shock he certainly did not see

that coming but but yeah I mean I expect

them to win next year there was a

Facebook post a couple a couple days

back that it was basically a meme and

this dude posted it and says can a woman

be fat and still be hot

and so of course you know I had to I had

to add my two cents if you have to ask

that particular question it will listen

you already know the answer which by the

way is a resounding no right of course

and of course fat girls can't be hot

there's no such thing as a hot fat girl

how many test holidays or Ashley

Graham's there are well Ashley Graham is

cute in the face no I don't give a

Ashley Graham is fat

well I'd her face no I wouldn't

her I don't fat chicks and

neither should you

no of course fat girls offered their

opinion answering yes and hell yes the

dudes however were actually answering

the same thing they were at they were

going they went one up right they went

one up and they started bragging about

their fat about their hot fat wives and

their their fat hot wives and

girlfriends bra your wife your fat

girlfriend or wife is not a hot man

listen listen here's the thing men and

we talk world rollo tomassi and i

actually talked about this I think he

mentioned this maybe on last week's this

past weeks red man group but the thing

is this guy's you don't men don't prefer

fat women okay men men prefer fit girls

fit thin beautiful women right you say

you prefer fatties because you can't get

with fit beautiful women if you could

fit beautiful thin women you would

but you can't so you act as though you

don't because you chose not to it's the

same as girls who know that they're it's

the same as girls who know they'll never

be able to get married let's say well I

don't I never want to get married no you

want to get married but you know you

can't lock down a man of high value

can't have a relationship of consequence

with a man you actually respect and love

so you are going to pretend as though

you are single by choice when in

actuality you are single you're single

because you if you're single because

you're not worth you're single

because you don't make a good girlfriend

or wife same with these low-level MIG

tails and again I'll make the


low-level MIG towels these guys say well

the juice isn't worth the squeeze and

I'm not going after women I'm gonna go

into monk I'm gonna be a monk no you're


monk because you chose to diesel and

again not all make towels are created

equal guys I say this all the time when

I say low-level MIG taos I'm talking

about guys like turd flinging monkey

listen turd flinging monkey he's as

sharp as a wit and to be and

listen I'm gonna be honest with you as

far as this whole red pill thing

understanding concepts and the

psychology behind the behind the

societal implications of feminism dude

Turk Lee turn Klingon monkey blows me

away the guy listen intellect wise the

guy blows me away he I mean listen I got

nothing on the guy he is clearly more

intelligent in that regard there listen

let's no let's make no mistake about it

my beef with him is well-documented but

here's the thing he would have us

believe that he is in a relationship

with his waifu doll because he chooses

to be men like him like to say well the

juice isn't worth the squeeze as if to

say you can have the juice and you could

squeeze the juice out of the orange but

you don't want to because it's not worth

it no man you can't you can't

women so you act as though it is your

choice to go into monk mode ain't nobody

buying that it's the same as these

out here that talk about

well I love me a thick black fat what no

no no no no no no you don't like big and

beautiful women big and beautiful women

are the only women who will you so

you pretend so you pretend as though

they're your preference and dude you

these bitches for long enough you

start to think maybe I do prefer fit

maybe I do prefer fat big women no you

don't you don't you big women

because you have to so so in order to

save face in order to keep from saying

you know what I fat girls cuz I

can't thin girls you say I prefer

fat girls it's the same thing it's the

same thing you're not fooling anybody

you're not fooling anybody with that one

thing I could definitely say about the

one-on-one testimonials with Donovan is

that he gets clear-cut pragmatic excites


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Gangan gene I think that's gone gen 88 I

think I remember you from my last

youtube channel the one that the one

that got banned if that's you welcome

back swayed senator of course is in the


Gon Jinn 88 says SJW gan-chan if you

would put in the put in the

pronunciation because I don't like I

don't like I don't like mispronouncing

words it's one of those it's one of

those things that that really bothers me

so just but you know put the

pronunciation because I don't want to I

don't want to up your pronunciation

Molly good to see you in here Marcus

says hello all 15 signs I probably

shouldn't get married as well yeah


Armando Mariano says good morning

Donovan what happened to crowdcast

and your home page well give me one

second here my home page my home page

Jean crowdcast my home page on crowdcast

is absolutely fine but the reason I am

back on YouTube is because I could not

solve the I couldn't solve the the

lip-syncing issue

I mean yesterday's show was just like it

was unbelievable like I actually watched

it back and I

mean it was I mean that we weren't we're

not talking milliseconds or microseconds

we're talking like two and three second

delay I mean was that this is why I only

posted the audio version of episode 331

because the video version is is

literally no good it's no good so and

I'd listen I worked all day with

crowdcast to get the I have all day on


I spent all day with crowdcast trying to

get this straight now and I still

could've get I still couldn't get it

straightened out so I tried it once

before things didn't work out

they you know they assured me that

things got taken care of things you know

things got taken care of they address

they address the issues that I had

before but then another she came up I'm

done I'm done so I'm just good like I

said I've come crawling back to YouTube

and and like I said I'm just gonna have

to take measures to make sure that my

channel doesn't get taken down which

includes of course taking down these

videos taking down these videos when

they're done so let's listen at the

conclusion of this broadcast I'm taking

down the video immediately I'm and

listen I've got everything backed up

everything is good to go I'm actually

I'm recording it on I'm actually

recording it on on on OBS right now so

so the recording is gonna be the

recording is gonna be good to go so

there's really no need for me to to

continue on with with grad casts but

like I said in the event that I do end

up losing my platform my youtube channel

I have other YouTube channels and I and

I have other options I like I said there

are more expensive options I'm certainly

trying to cut costs because my monthly

expenses to run this show are certainly

not cheap listen man and I'm not listen

man I mean don't feel sorry for me you

don't worry about that but but but by

the same token I have to do I got to do

what's best for the show and right now

what is best for the show is for me to

be on YouTube even if even if even if I

have to have to stay cloaked sharp

assist says she is still having synching

issues I'm not really understanding

hmm jesus christ yeah let me

know guys if if you guys are having

sinking issues give me a second drop

assist says she is still having sinking

issues I'm not really understanding yeah

it looks like it looks like yeah let me

know guys if if you guys are having

sinking issues drop assist says she is

still having seat yep damnit I don't

know what to do man I really really



Wow I mean I spent this is this is this

is extraordinary because I spent a

I spent a shitload of money on this

system and it is it is betraying me I

mean I spent a load of goddamn

money and the fact that it is let me try

something here now I don't know I think

it has something to do with I don't know

I'm actually looking good now on my end

let me know guys if I'm still having

sinking issues I look I'm looking pretty

good now and I think I know I think I

might know what the problem is let me

know guys let me know in the in the

meantime Oh Captain Crunch 4/20 says

have you placed your YouTube channel in

the 18 plus category I don't know I

didn't know that you I didn't know that

you could do that I didn't know that you

could put your YouTube channel with the

with the 18 to 21 with the with the 18

plus category I don't know maybe I'll do

it maybe I won't but like I said at the

conclusion of the show everything is

gonna be good yeah this is funny this is

how it listen again guys I'm not I'm not

a computer dummy but by the same token

like I'm looking at it right now and

everything is good to go this is funny

the mistake that I keep making is that I

have this is that I figured it out I

figured it out huh Captain Crunch 4:20

is schooling me here he says because if

people flag you they tend to be more

forgiving well I think that's what I'm

gonna do I think that's exactly what I'm

gonna do so I just figured out the

problem guys that listen I'm a red bill

guy I listen listen um I'm intelligent

to a point right there are a lot of

things I don't know I'm not gonna

pretend that I know something that I

don't know but there are two things I

know the best I know money and I know


I don't proclaim to be any kind of any

kind of computer any kind of computer

expert so here's what

so I had I actually had the stream up in

three different windows so I've got OBS

trying to push out the stream then I had

an I had the then I had the YouTube

stream up in one window and the YouTube

stream up on the other so I've got four

different streams and out listen I don't

care how beefy your computer system is

you're gonna have syncing issues you're

gonna have syncing issues when it comes

to this stuff so here's what I'm gonna

do because I like to watch I like to see

how many viewers I have so what I'll do

is I will go to then sharp and I know

this is bad radio guys I'm still in the

beginning stages of this year there we


so I'm live now so so I'm gonna watch

this on my iPad all right very good

excellent excellent excellent okay very


so now I don't have to watch this I

don't have to watch this on my computer

I can actually watch it on my on my iPad

so I can so I can keep an eye so I can

keep an eye on the on the on the sink

here or on the on the on the show and

okay very good all right well the reason

why the reason why it was the reason why

it was it was it was sinking the delay

it's because because of the fact I had

the stream on on five different on five

different platforms so all right very

good so that seems to have been solved

oh man I was pissed cuz I spent some

cash man god damn oh yeah II

Miami Jay is in the house says what's up

gents how come we're on YouTube today

because crowdcast can't get their act

together i dude I spent I spent a bunch

of time with crowdcast yesterday and I

can't get the syncing issue squared away

so I'm gonna do what Captain Crunch 4/20

says I'm gonna mark my content 18 or

over that way if anybody does flag me or

report me hopefully they'll be a little

bit more forgiving so yeah there are

certain measures I can take but listen

without further ado let's go ahead and

get to what we are talking about here

there's no need to do on-air tech

support 15 signs your wife

is about to divorce you number one she

all of a sudden becomes overly concerned

with your finances right she never did

this before right you did what you did

with your money she did what she did

with her money as far as she was

concerned as long as the mortgage was

paid as long as the bills were paid as

long as the car payments were made she

didn't give a okay you guys may

have had a savings account or two here

you might have you know you you you you

you might have some cash stashed away

but by and large she wasn't really too

concerned about the finances now all of

a sudden it's well how much did you make

last year and what are your tax

liabilities wait bits you don't know

what tax liabilities are why are you

asking me these things all of a sudden

well this is because her attorney is now

advising her on getting information

here's the thing man the reason why your

wife your soon-to-be ex-wife is asking

you questions about your finances is

because she's doing this to calculate

child support and potential alimony

before it was general right she knew how

much you made she knew how much you had

safe but now she wants to know exact

numbers down to the decimal point so she

can get that exact figure women are

never concerned with your finances until

they're thinking about a divorce they're

selfish solipsistic creatures by nature

so if it ever comes to a point where she

wants to get a divorce her lawyer is

going to start asking these questions

and when she says well no I don't have

the answers to any of these questions

she's gonna say he or she's gonna say

well you need to find out which is why

she starts asking you about 401ks and

tax liabilities etc etc number two she

asks you to go to marriage counseling

this is guys listen man if ever there

was a telltale sign that your wife is

about to take you to divorce court that

your wife is about to serve you with

divorce papers this is it now when when

your wife asks you to go to marriage

counseling guys this is just posturing

okay merits counseling never works it

and the reason why it doesn't work is

because it's not designed to work

Rowlett smash they actually talked about

that on the red mat group this past

Saturday we talked about divorce and I


highly recommend going to the Redman

group YouTube channel subscribing to

that channel we had a very very good

discussion where of course yours truly

dropped that hot fire anyway marriage

counseling is not designed to work

basically what marriage counseling is as

the woman says he's not taking care of

my knee and the marriage counselor says

okay what's your site well bla bla bla

bla bla bla bla okay it's the husband's

fault right the only reason why women go

to marriage counseling is to say I tried

everything to give the impression that

she actually gives a to give the

impression that she really wanted the

marriage to work

it's like that women who have their mind

made up that they want to get gastric

bypass surgery they all right they

already want to get liposuction they

want to take the shortcut but they don't

want to go straight to the shortcut they

want to give people the impression that

she actually tried to do it the right

way so they buy the workout equipment

for their cost they they buy the

treadmill they get they may sign up for

Zuma they get a gym membership they try

Jenny Craig they try all these

ridiculous diets and in the end she'll

say well I tried everything and nothing

works so I need gastric bypass bitch you

want a gastric bypass anyway it's the

same with marriage counseling when your

woman says we need to get a marriage

counseling she already has her mind made

up guys

so when she tells you hey you know what

I want a divorce don't be like oh my god

wait a minute I thought marriage

counseling was working well it didn't

work it's not designed to work and she

didn't want it to work she just took you

to marriage counseling to give you to

give you in the court system that she

actually gave a about maybe saving

the marriage number three she loses a

bunch of weight very very quickly after

eight years and three kids she's gotten

fat and she's never given a right I

talked about this in I did an episode oh

god I can't remember the episode number

go to donovan sharp com2 find out what

that with that particular episode number

is I actually wrote an article referring

to this called called girlfriends are

better than wives right do I still sit

listen I took off the I took off the pop

filter I think I still I think I still

sound I think I still sound the same I

think I still sound decent

I get self-conscious sometimes when I'm

on the air I don't really know if I'm if

I'm sounding good do I still sound good

even though I took this even though I

took this this pop filter off just let

me know guys anyway now that she's ready

to divorce you now all of a sudden she

gives a right now she gives a damn

about her fitness you think she's doing

that for you do you think she's all of a

sudden getting into the gym to try to

you someone she wasn't interested

in as soon as she popped out

baby number three no now she's at

the gym now she's taking it seriously

and the reason she's at the gym is

because she wants to increase her sexual

market value for her newfound single

life wives never lose weight for their

husbands guys they lose weight because

they're gonna get a divorce or they want

to Kevin in sales those are the

only two reasons only two reasons take a

look at the chat here Miami Jay says he

is getting critics like he's getting

creamed at fantasy football yeah yeah

looks like Miami Jay is gonna have to

wear that shirt and post the it's got to

post that picture online this is what a

feminist looks like and when he loses

I'm gonna spam that I'm gonna make that

go viral this is what a feminist

looks like guys his name is Miami Jay

he'll be at the 21 convention this year

Marcus or mark SS marriage counseling

good talk on this forum a good talk on

this from last read man group you see

how women cover up their their cover up

their get out and buy time with it

yeah that's exactly how it works so that


number four she starts to spend more

time on her computer her tablet and her

phone now

the reason she's on her phone is obvious

she's cheating right she's she probably

has online dating profiles that she's

checking up on tinder Ashley Madison

OkCupid plenty of fish and center etc

now the tablet could be the same thing

same with the same with the with the

computer but there she also could be

apartment hunting she could be looking

for furniture deals

she could be printing off coupons for

home decor for her new place guys again

man net women never get wet there's

always another rat this is with regards

to dick and regards to divorce oh and

again women never went when a woman

serves you divorce papers she's already

got everything in place she's already

bought her new car she's already got her

new apartment she's already got her new

boyfriend right so during the time you

notice she's on she's she's been on our

tablet now for what six seven months

straight then when she hits you with

divorce papers you think well where the

hell are you gonna go right like you

guys get to this argument dead and I

will you I'll see you in court she

leaves you like where you going I'm

going home you're like what you're going

home yeah that's what that's because she

was spending more time on her computer

her tablet and her phone tell me you

gotta pay attention man

to it listen too many guys out here are

sleepwalking and Richard Cooper talked

about this on the red man group there's

so many guys out here who sleepwalk

through their marriages they never

notice behavior in there why they never

notice when the patterns change Devon my

girlfriend I listen I have written not

only do I have a razor sharp it's well I

don't want to call up instincts I think

I've been through I've been through so

much and I've seen it all that I can you

know I don't want to call them instincts

it's just experience either way I pick

up on pattern recognition like that like

all of a sudden if she goes to bed or

she's doing something five minutes early

or five minutes late I'm like whoa what

the what's going on right and it's

not like I'm always looking for

something it's just that I pick up on

this stuff because I don't sleepwalk

through my relationship dude listen

I don't take for granted that Devin

would never go and somebody at the

local gas station you kidding me yeah

does Devin love me yeah she says she

does she certainly acts like she does

but guess what

a woman's love is as fleeting as the

weather just because I'm Donovan sharp

doesn't mean she's obliged to love me

forever dude that could change at any

time I'm a heavy dude to be with

I'm a handful yes dude yesterday

morning I had to air her ass out over

some that she did this is just what

happens I'm not the type of guy who's

gonna just hold it in if if Devin does

something or says something out of the

way if and in it for what if for

whatever reason I'm not in position to

address it or it doesn't quite it

doesn't quite register with me at that

time not like not that I'm sleepwalking

but dude I got a lot on my plate

sometimes I just don't catch on to

things quickly it doesn't happen often

but it does happen right well yesterday

last uh no actually the day before

yesterday I was again I was really busy

trying to prepare for the show I just

gone on 10 o'clock and I've got all this

stuff going on

Devin her behavior kind of deteriorated

no she didn't disrespect me shouldn't do

anything like that but I noticed that

she was not herself

clearly it was weird right she had done

and said some things just little things

here and there and I always tell her

this and it's never one thing that sets

my alarm bells off it's a confluence of

events if you do a okay big deal you do

because you're a woman if you do be okay

now my antennas are up if she happens

now I'm gonna say something about it

that way when I come to her I don't just

say well you did it I'm like no the

reason why I'm airing you out now is

because of a B and C what the is

going on well guess what

two days ago Devin had an a-b-c-d-e-f-g

and I aired her ass out I noticed these

things Kidal because I don't sleepwalk

through my relationship you got to pay

attention guys you have to pay attention

that doesn't mean you have to spy on her

and keep your eye on her just have the

presence of mind to know your woman and

know what she does men men we're very

pattern oriented that doesn't mean that

women don't have patterns too women are

not consistent

men are that doesn't mean women don't do

certain things consistently pay

attention to your woman now after I

aired her out what the does she

come home and dude she surprised me cuz

while I'm on with crowdcast trying to

figure out my streaming thing she's in

the shower

right I listen is she almost never takes

a shower right after work she only takes

a shower right before we're getting

ready to because I require her to

take a shower before we I don't

want a space on my dick I don't want

dude no I don't want that too no no no

you need to be clean shaved clean that's

what I require man I want you

right out the shower so I'm on I'm on

with with crowdcast and all of a sudden

she walks in there she is in a

see-through fishnet dress stripper heels

her hair is done she's got makeup on and

she's like dinner's gonna be ready in 20


what I go in there there's a Caesar dude

at a Caesar sell it had a four-course

meal had a Caesar salad had steak had

steak green beans and and cherry

tomatoes that's my favorite meal and a

nice thick slice of chocolate cake for

dessert not keno but she knew what she

was doing she took good care of me

afterwards sucked the color off my dick

great sex this is what quality women do

and I know that has nothing to do with

what we're talking about here but the

point is is he got to pay attention I

paid attention I called her out on it

cuz I don't hold things in she says oh

Donovan's pissed off I got to make sure

I let him know remind him why he's with

me and she reminded me cuz I was feeling

some type of way yesterday and

she tried to give me the excuses I'm

tired I'm on PMS no that I'm not

here for the excuses man you can dude

you can be you can be snippy and and

short with other people you're not gonna

do it with me message received she more

than made up for it yesterday and this

morning she pressed she wasn't feeling

so hot this morning but guess what she

and act like she did yesterday that's

how that works anyway the reason why she

did this is because I pay attention

right it's not like I'm concentrating on

here don't sleepwalk through your

relationship if your wife normally gets

home at 5:15 in the afternoon and all of

a sudden she starts coming home at 6:45

dude say something what the are you

doing for an hour and a half

don't just let that go this is why

men always say to themselves and their

friends dude Ashley left me oh my god

she did dude I didn't see it coming well

where she said she got an apartment she

got a brand-new apartment she moved her

and the kids in she's got a different

car how the did you not see this

dude she's doing it right in front of

you she spends more time on her computer

tablet and phone number for Joby Wan

coyote says sleepwalking goes beyond


I feel the red pill has made me aware of

everything women's bad behavior low

quality friends exploiting work

acquaintances acquaintances everything

oh yeah yeah dude that's a very good

point and listen man work is where so

much of the cheating goes on this is

listen this is why I've made up a

mythical legend of Kevin and sales Kevin

and sales all the wives dude so

many dudes out there yeah I'm going to a

happy hour with Kevin and sales oh it's

okay because he's Kevin and sales he

works with her nothing's gonna happen

dude he's dicking her in the parking lot

at lunchtime and he told her listen if

you suck my dick I'll let you buy me a

drink she was intrigued that's why

they're going to happy hour I've got a

conference in Las Vegas with Kevin and

sales no uh-uh

oh there's a there's a there's a

team-building activity after work is it

no no no no Devon don't play that when

there's a work function if there's a

team-building activity guess what she's

like yo can I go and she knows she knows

if she asks to go I'm coming with her

she already assumes that she didn't

travel with her company no she

ain't doing that not without me good

comment there by jwc so wait senator

says there are none the wiser they walk

through thinking it's all good and bam

she's been cheating on you with Larry

Chad and Kevin and sales every time men


droppin knowledge as women love

opportunistically fellas not idealistic

like us man do Wow Wow

Wow very good mr. mink likes my mr. mink

and ganjam 88 like my a space listen I'm

serious man like think about this guys

think about this dude if your woman gets

up right she takes a shower and she goes

to work she's walking she's pissin she's

taken at least one right she comes

home after 8:00 dude so she gets up at

6:00 let's say she takes a shower at

7:00 you guys at 8 9 o'clock at

night by 9 o'clock at night she's peed

three or four times she's taken at least

one right even if she doesn't know

no no no no no and if you hit it from

the back yes gentlemen listen man not

all women are created equal some women's

is a little bit more pungent some

women there's a little more oily

now some women can take eight shits you

hit it from the back you don't smell a

thing I'm not taking that chance no

and even if you don't smell it

I don't want ass based on my I

watch dude I want you a hundred percent

clean to me it is disrespectful to take

a shower and smell good and look your

best for the people you work with and

then come them and then come home and

give me the leftovers no no no

no no no your ass is getting in the

shower you're scrubbing everything

scrubbing the scrubbing they're as

scrubbing all of that I want you brand

new that ass paste nursing nursing

Jaeger nursing Jaeger I think that's how

you say that I'll get to nursing Yaga in

a minute Oscar says do the concepts of

alpha and beta apply to women I read

somewhere that women that women are

intrinsically beta know there's no such

thing as an alpha female this or such

thing as a beta female there is

dominance and then there are submission

right there are some women out there who

act dominant but when they get with the

dominant man they are clearly in the

submissive women are not beta they are

naturally pre they're naturally

predisposed to some to being submissive

to answer your question there and why

Kia 31 says sign number one she says I

do right

that's plenty of you guys are

having fun with this a space thing

that's pretty funny I'm serious I don't

want the a space it I want you nice

and fresh

I want you nice and fresh dude I

them in at night she doesn't shower in

the morning no sir no sir

she's been chewed mark your territory


make sure dude and of course listen I

know I know Devon is a hundred percent

on birth control dude

I'm mark my dude I nut

all in or mark my territory dude she's

at work right now

guess whose kid she's gotten her right

now right she's what dude she swallowed

last night too oh yeah yeah yeah

stomach uterus and all that yeah she's

marked that even if she wanted to

cheat dudes gonna be like whoa wait a

minute the was this ass based Oh



number five she dresses more

provocatively so now she's lost weight

right now she looks better now she wants

to wear less clothing why is she dressed

more provocatively this is easy she's

doing it for male attention she's

getting a purse she's getting practice

and she's probably already cheating

she's wearing more makeup shorter skirts

lower cleavage getting her hair done

wearing perfume getting her nails done

panties if all of a sudden you

notice your wife who hasn't you

in a year and a half all of a sudden you

notice she's got panties in her

drawer dude Kevin and sales is tapping

that ass and she is up listen she's

about to leave your dumb ass straight-up

number six

she starts silly arguments girls do this

all the time

they do this it's like like the stuff

they do they argue about the most

ridiculous things why'd you leave the

cap off the water bottle why don't you

tell me you were working 13 minutes

overtime why are you wearing jeans for

the second day in a row dumb guys

women start small arguments to turn them

into bigger ones right see this is what

I'm talking about first it's 13 minutes

overtime at work then you're working on

Bank neglecting my needs

then you cheap

this one's obvious but dudes ain't

holding frames so they don't know if my

woman were to ever come home and say why

did you tell me that you worked in 13 13

minutes overtime because I don't have to

say man I go in I crack open a beer and

I turn on the game that one silly

argument every once in a while that's

okay she's gonna do that because she's a

woman right Devin's on dude Devin's PMS

and she's gonna start a period soon

she's gonna be all out of whack okay


she said testy because she's on PMS

maybe she's bored maybe she's come for

testing in the form of a test

whatever but when they but when their

everyday that's when it's a problem

that's what it's a problem number seven

shout-out to Lorenzo Davis what's up


number seven she wants to travel the

Loom my stance on making a woman who

travels for work your main chick is to

not to write I had actually had a guy

that I counseled he dated a woman he's

actually a Russian guy dated a woman in

Russia I think she he they don't know

she lived in Russia but she was

Ukrainian right she had this hot she had

this high-powered I don't know what the

fuck's he did for a living but

apparently she worked for the Russia I

don't know why a woman whatever worked

for the Russian government that's kind

of weird I don't know that Putin would

would would allow that anyway this is

what he told me he sent me links and all

that I don't know anyway I don't know

the details anyway she traveled all the

time like once every three months she'd

go to the United States right well guess

what he found out that she was she

he found out that she was guys

in the States

and he would never know and they would

never know like he found out that she

had guys actually thinking that they

were boyfriend and girlfriend of course

these guys are are thirsty well

she made the egregious mistake of

sending him nude pictures so what he did

and this is some Beta fide but I

can't say that I wouldn't do the same

thing to get back at her he blasted her

nude pictures all over her he sent nude

pics he got all the email addresses to

all of her co-workers and emailed all

the new pictures all of the nasty

they said to each other right and he


you know nothing happened to him I think

he ended up getting like a cease and

desist order or whatever and you know

what I haven't heard from him for a

while I don't know so he might be he

might be dead or in a Russian prison

somewhere anyway if all of us so in it

and so I get I said that to say this

never ever make a woman who travels for

work your main chick just her when

she's in town and just understand she's

other guys but as far as her

wife is concerned if all of a sudden she

wants to travel alone or she wants to go

to exotic places with her girlfriends

she's looking for dick dude and if she's

looking for dick she wants out man I'm

trying to tell you

here's another favorite visiting her

family she'll make up an illness right

or she'll make up an illness as an

excuse to travel frequently right my mom

has cancer or my dad might might my dad

had a stroke or something to that effect

and how can you prove it how can you

prove that her family is not sick and

remember remember let's go back she's

lost the baby weight so she's gonna get

more attention she's impulsive she wants

out she will cheat when your woman

travels for work conferences workshops

conferences workshops seminars she will

cheat at them all that's it don't give a

mr. Jackson says that's facts

that's how my daughter came out because

she conveniently forgot or didn't feel

like taking birth control that sucks

Hispanic Chris says how can you tell

your woman is a narcissist

or just being a woman all women are

narcissistic to a point but I don't

listen here's the thing if you if your

game is tight if you know how to handle

woman if you know how to handle women it

doesn't matter she's narcissistic or not

did I many many narcissistic women

in Vegas those those bitches are soft

just baby oh I'm a tiger

not as soon as I get a hold them they

purr like a kitten now all of a

sudden they're not a narcissistic

whether a woman is narcissistic or not

doesn't matter here's the thing Ben when

you have red pill game doesn't matter

what the other woman is like man all

listen all women are designed the same

way okay the hardware

might be a little bit different they

might be motivated by slightly different

things but guess what the software is

all the same some girls might be running

Windows 7 others might be running

Windows 10 doesn't matter they all work

the same way oh my god how do I handle a

narcissistic woman you put the bitch in

her place wanna know why because

that's what the she wants I'm

narcissistic yeah I'm sure you are now

suck my dick oh my god you're so hot why

can I not get enough of you I'm a

narcissist shut the up suck my dick

I want rainbow dick look out here

so wait senator says that goes for

vacations with their girlfriends as well

if you allow her to go guarantee they

will more than likely cheat on you trips

to Miami Vegas Cancun all that of course

dude that's easy do you know how many

bitches I who were on vacation in

Vegas you kidding me gauging Gaugin 88

says there's a scoober driver that tells

me his wife goes to Miami on a frequent

basis to visit family yeah somebody in

Miami is dicking ER yeah 305 till I die

oh that's what's going on

Gunjan 88 says I don't trust a woman

that claims birth control yeah listen

and again I took listen I tell people

all the time that Devin is on birth

control the people I say yeah Donovan

she's gonna trap you in not on it I see

here's the thing guys I'm Donovan sharp

you understand I'm not gonna get got I

know there is a 100% certainty that

Devin is not gonna get pregnant this I

know I'm not given details I have to

prove anything to anybody but listen

here's the thing I'm not saying you

should trust your woman cuz you're not

me and your woman is not Devin right and

I'm not gonna sit here and act like I'm

the exception to the rule or that Devin

is some snowflake no no no no no my

shits taken care of um I know I'm not

gonna be a father anytime soon like I

know that to be fact absolutely

number eight she stops going to bed with

you when your woman when you're married

you go to bed at the same time all the

time even when you hate each other you

still go to bed at the same time when

she's about to divorce you she stops

going to bed with you and she does this

for many reasons number one to avoid sex

right she's tired of rejecting you but

the second thing is if she wants to go

on her computer to continue planning her

divorce talking to her lawyer shopping

online apartment hunting etc etc she

wants to be on her phone to text her

boyfriend she wants to text her friend

about her plans she wants to go on her

tablet to update her dating you know her

her dating app right she says listen she

just doesn't want it she doesn't want to

fall asleep with you anymore that's

another reason she doesn't wanna fall

asleep in you anymore and when you're in

bed and she's up with all of her devices

she could be doing anything and she is

doing everything alright

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number one donna sharp one number nine

the number nine sign I should have

brought what should have brought more

whoa there we are and I think had any

water I'll tell you what doing these to

our shows require requires a lot more

right Perry and planning a lot more aqua

planning that's for sure

number nine the number nine sign your

wife is about to divorce you she's not

jealous anymore right in the beginning

it was who's texting you where have you

been what are you doing it's not like

that anymore it's not like that anymore

she doesn't give a damn who you talk to

and why you talked to her she doesn't

care because you're not high value


you're fat your hygiene has slipped you

have become civilized you make less

money women don't give a about high

but they don't give a about low

value men she's not jealous because she

doesn't care anymore girlfriends too if

you're listen if you're if your woman

wife or girlfriend doesn't care who

she's talking I care who you talking to

dude she's out it's only a matter of


chase LeBeau making an appearance good

to see you in here my friend says now I

can listen to donovan sharp on the go

absolutely Spencer Larkin says he's

still laughing at the booty paste


nurse and yogur says a space actually I

need to go back up to your nurse and

your comment cuz I got off on a tangent

there give me a second

somebody's going back and forth with me

on instagram until he dude it's so funny

I was talking about Roy Jones jr. I said

yeah he never needed one you never

needed a channel til he dude dude shut

the up man you know it's

interesting I don't mind when people

disagree like if you disagree you have

to have a point right like don't just

disagree for the sake of disagree don't

be a I hate the heat

Internet assholes man nursing yoga says

this week's sponsor a spaced TSR live is

brought to you by ass paste for guys who

are a little bit nasty spread some ass

paste and your woman's ass shakes in you

too will get that faint smell of

odor when you her from the back ass

paste buy yours today

nursing younger earlier says Donovan if

you're the only guy a woman never

explicitly calls a friend act in other

words she actively avoids it but hangs

out most of the time with you isn't that

open door for Pune absolutely absolutely

if she hangs out with you and doesn't

call you her friend and you're not

engaging in friendly activities yeah

yeah yeah yeah you can definitely just

try to put that behind me yeah yeah you

can and will absolutely that girl

you can it absolutely will will the

girl absolutely good question

matter of fact let me go block this

this dumbass til she didn't I just can't

I can't stand dudes like this

I cannot stand I can't stand it man so

good until we didn't until he did does

this guy even follow me

I'm sorry I'm being petty I'm being


actually hold on I'm gonna be petty on

the on the area Roy Jones jr. I was

actually watching some of Roy Jones

juniors knockouts you see what is uh

alright let's see here oh wow

Roy Jones jr. is American and Russian at

a Pensacola Florida dude was 70 dude the

dude oh my god the dude was 7th oh my

goodness the dude was 66 and 9 with 47

knockouts shut the up yeah yeah

yeah until he didn't you're a dumbass

this guy's being a dick I'm

gonna be ok dude is or dude was 66 and 9

with 47 knockouts

shut the up dude

all right all right I'm being petty

being petty there we go

no I'm not gonna block him so he can't

reply because if he replies you know

what I'm gonna do I'm gonna say it I'm

on the air right now

why don't you give me a call at

904-247-1818 your's greatest knockouts

the guy was the guy was unbelievable the

guy was unbelievable yeah I don't like

walking people so they can't reply

listen I'm petty listen man I'm petty

listen man like I'm a red pill guy and

I've got all this frame in-game listen

one of my glaring weaknesses is trolls

man for whatever reason I cannot seem to

I cannot seem to ignore these and

a lot of these trolls follow me

this guy's a last word type of nigga

right yo until he didn't nigga you

nigga if you saw like if you saw me in

the street you wouldn't talk to me that

way right get out of here with that I

can't stay up here he goes not never

mind hate that no no no no shade

mr. Jackson no shade mr. Jackson I got

you I got you I got you up listen I'll

block him after I challenge him to come

on and talk to me live right I did this

with turned flinging monkeys her

flinging monkey and I went back and

forth he said be masculine so I said

alright dude

alright so now you're starting with the

name-calling why don't you call me up

and debate me one-on-one he said talk to

my producer I said no I'm challenging

you right that was a whole big thing

with me and TFM I challenged him to a

live debate on air and he totally

chickened out

and then he had people like Bob Lewis

defending Apple don't even know you

heard you email whose YouTube manager

nah if I'm a fighter and I want to

fight you I'm challenging you right

you're the one that makes that decision

not your manager can advise you hey take

this fight or hey yo don't take this

fight cuz this guy can whip your ass now

if I challenge you man to man

it's on you you do turd flinging monkey

knows his schedule you're nobody

I'm gonna do good no you were afraid

this is why you didn't accept the

challenge you tried to put me you tried

to insulate yourself is what he tried to

do turtling and monkey smart smarter

than me I'm not even gonna lie about

that but this guy's the typical

sexless coward who talks all this

on the Internet but man and he's done

other podcasts with other guys before

the problem is he's never talked to

anyone live mouth to mouth voice to

voice who disagrees with him and we had

him on listened we had him on we didn't

fight we had him on to the Redman group

I'll never forget in the back channels

like we're all talking live right we

found out that he had a relationship

with a sex doll five minutes before we

went on the air and me and Rollo and

Richard and Rand are like uh what we

didn't see this coming

right and I didn't have listened I had

nothing against the guy nothing listen

if you want to sex balls cool man I

get it like real girls it's a

pain in the ass man the RET dude taking

the red pill listen listen I'm

not hatin on that at all but then when

you turn around

and you make fun of me for a

actual women that's where I draw the

line so I challenged him to it and again

we're going back and forth and he's

starting well that's not very masculine

he started using feminist rhetoric I

said okay all right I'm gonna challenge

you to a debate live on there let's

handle this mano a mano he says well

email my manager make a you if

you're scared just say you're scared man

like it's okay I've listened I'd scare

me too but don't hide behind have your

people call my people no you were scared

you didn't want to in the first place

and he still hasn't responded so after

he did that I went on the air and

roasted him then I blocked him because

he's the type of that would respond

via social media no no no no no if you


something to say you say it to my

face the out here at that

nonsense I hate the man I hate dudes

like that oh my god I hate dudes

like that I listen I don't talk to


I don't talk to anybody unless I

know unless I know I'm willing to throw

hands right and I know that seems kind

of primitive but it's just so cowardly

for people to be so Internet weedy and

no no no no no no no no are you witty

are you really that smart let's see how

you handle a live debate stupid I

hate like that my bad on going on

off on that tangent sorry about that

almost there guys I'm gonna hit the chat

here one more time see here chubby one

she'll be one coyote that's actually

funny I just now I just now understand

what that means that's funny I have

noticed says j-dub see I've noticed that

women well have a clear lack of respect

and interest when done with a dude she

will openly ignore him and be distant

for all to see I have seen several

couples like this yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

yeah yeah women are some disrespectful

man they really are chase LaBelle

said didn't know you were a lefty so am

i yeah I mean I wear my watch on my

right hand so yeah yep I'm a southpaw

wayfaring man I think I've seen you in

here before

says true that the first time it happens

you're like what the then it

happens more after that you're thinking

what the hell is wrong with you thinking

like that mr. Jackson is also a lefty

Trading Orthodox until about six months

ago southpaw stand up yeah I listen I

think that's probably why maybe I have

one more flights than I've lost is

because it's because I'm left-handed I

don't know who knows that okay

Spencer Larkin says he wouldn't show up

for something that's not an echo chamber

yeah exactly

coward talk all this and

it's funny I actually tweeted out the

link I'm like yo TFM here's the number

I'm about to go live he puts up this

this clever little witty little gift no

one cares yeah you yeah you were

scared you were afraid dumb

I hate man I me dude I hate

niggas I hate that talk

online but won't challenge you man

to man I hate that cowards

man oh dude there's an there I'm telling

you I swear dit listen man there's

nothing that boils my blood more than

men who are cowards I hate that

oh my god man oh Jesus man I

remember I was at a grocery store one

time I've told this story before this is

actually when I was in Reno and I'm in

line and the the girl who's checked the

girl who's who's at the cash register

she's trying on some silly hat and um

though I'm like I'm like I'm gonna hurt

and try to get the out of there

right she's trying on this hat and I'm

trying to like buy my groceries and I

said to her hey can can you go ahead and

check me out this skinny little fungal

bet beanpole 18 year old dude couldn't

have been out of high school yet pimples

on his face says you don't have to talk

to her like that

I looked him dead in the eye said junior

stay out of this oh my dude I was so

pissed the only reason why that little

talked to me that way is because

he was surrounded by people i dude I

could have literally broken this kid in

two but he felt emboldened enough to try

to check me for disrespecting his woman

like little man she's not you

yeah you're about to get curb-stomped

for taking up for a woman who's not

trying to you you better close your


you little bastard that's some cowardly

ass confronting people in public

oh my god alright alright let me let me

let me lower my blood pressure here Wow

Joe b1 coyote is also a lefty Wow

if you're a lefty uh press 1 if you're a

lefty do a capital L in the chat

left-handers unite there we go let's

move along number 10 the tenth sign your

wife is planning to divorce you she

mentions bankruptcy she asks questions

about it right she asks her friends

about it it's in her search history then

listen a woman who's talking about

bankruptcy that is a telltale sign that

she is ready for divorce okay and here's

the thing she's talking about individual

bankruptcy she's not talking about she's

not talking about regular bankruptcy

she's not trying to clewd she's about to

divorce your ass she wants you to be

left holding the bag on credit card dead

the mortgage the car payments etc and

here's the thing she'll refinance her

car or she'll go by she'll go buy a new

car with her with her good credit and

she'll go get an apartment before the

hits the fan right

she knows she's about to divorce you all

the bills are paid her credit score is

still in the seven 80s so she'll go and

get so she'll go and get that new Honda

Accord she'll go and get that new that

that brand-new apartment they check your

credit so everything is already in place

than when the hits the fan now she

can file for bankruptcy if she mentions

bankruptcy only one time just one time

she is definitely planning a divorce

Wow we got a lot of lefties in here

about that

Spencer luckam says I use my left to

jerk it and sometimes I call it the

stranger that's funny

number 11 the 11th sign your wife is

planning to divorce you she stops

talking to you now I'm not talking about

the silent treatment right every I'm not

talking about a woman going mute but she

just doesn't give a about what you

do this is why she doesn't talk to you

as much she used to ask you questions

like how was your day what's going on in

your life what are you up to but now she

comes home and she just does her own

thing she sets down her bag she goes and

takes a shower because Kevin and sales

her ass right she jumps on her computer

or tablet planning her divorce she

doesn't include you in anything because

she's not talking to you she's not

running anything by you she used to call

it listen she used to call you twice a

day and texts all day but now it's radio

silence because Kevin is now getting all

that attention chase LeBeau says her

credit score will dip 200 points but it

but it'll pick up it'll pick back up

fast yeah absolutely

yeah yeah I know a woman who was

divorced filed bankruptcy

I think her credit was down in the five

teams or whatever within two months it

was already at 600 so it is number 12

the number 12 sign your wife is planning

to divorce you she's spending more time

away from home she doesn't want to be

around you and the kids now ironically

this actually makes her a bad mother but

she won't mention that to her lawyer or

her judge right when she talks about the

fact and we're gonna address this a

little bit later when she talks about

the fact that all you know he's such a

bad father but I was a great mother

she's not gonna talk about the fact that

for the last seven to eight months she

was never home at night right she'd

sometimes come home the next morning and

the husband have to get the kids ready

for school she didn't give a about

the kids so if she's spending time away

from home where exactly she going she's

going to her boyfriend she's gonna

go hang out with her friends who also

cheat on their husbands she's going to

bars she's going to girls night out Amy

did this the worst heartbreak of my life

read though origins vol 2 you can find

it on Donovan sharp calm or patreon.com

forward slash Donovan sharp Amy did this

to me several times and the whole night

God like when I think about this stuff I

think to myself holy man

here's what she used to do right I used

to be at her place

seven eight o'clock at night just

hanging out with her and her kid she

used to leave me home with her kid well

she'd go out and other dudes like

this is what she was doing had no idea

right she would tell me I'm going to my

friend's house or whatever and I

believed it I believed it what this is

funny after she broke up me and got back

with Ben and all that

one guy actually told me this is funny

so I'm not gonna get into the story

anyway Amy and I were in this

relationship it was it was bad like I

said go and check it out so I ended up

losing my dude I love dude I lost my

house my car I lost everything

trying to keep this girl dropped out of

school all of that I

dude I was destitute I ended up living

with a couple of Amy's friends who were

both on felony probation for drugs so

I'm living in this quasi crack house

people used to come in there a date to

come in and out all the time

oh yeah Amy oh yeah she was this

guy yeah I her and this guy

it was just unbelievable like I

had to be an audience to all of these

people coming in here coming in here and

telling me that amy was all these

dudes are in the eight nine months we

were together us unbelievable anyway one

guy told me that she came over and

sucked his dick so that she could get

pills right Amy and of course I was

doing pills too I was in a bad way man

dude I was doing cocaine I was doing

pills dude percocet oxy I mean was doing

all that vicodin we'll we ran out of

pills one night she says I'm gonna go

get pills I was like all right cool I'll

stay home and watch the kid because she

had more contacts than I did obviously

at that point now had we been in Vegas

I'd have been the one to do that but

that of course is for another day a time

anyway so she went out and got I'll

never forget this like she went out and

got pills I don't know she's maybe gone

an hour hour and a half I figured that's

about how long it takes the guys like

yeah I made her blow me it's like give

her three vicodin or three firk percocet

or whatever it was and I'm at home

feeding her kids SpaghettiOs man

it's unbelievable

your wife wants to spend more time away

from home she doesn't want to be around

you so she'll come up with any excuse

she can to get out of the house or knock

a home or stay out of the house I'm

working late my friend is going through

a breakup so she needs me my friend is

sick there's a workshop after work that

I have to go to I'm having dinner with

my co-workers I'm having dinner with

Kevin and sales right when your wife

starts spending more time away from home

dude trust and believe she's about to

dude she's about to leave your ass

see what else we got here

mr. mink asks do I beat myself up when I

think about it no not anymore

dude this was Jesus man this was

back in 2000 this was 10 wow this was 11

years ago this was back in 2007 2008 wow

it's unbelievable so it's been yeah it's

it's been 10 years since then and I

don't beat myself up about it I mean

dude I mean that was stupid I didn't

know I don't around with that no

Marcus is it mark and Marcus let me know

is that Marcus or Marquez cuz it looks

like it could be Marquez I don't wanna

mispronounce your name let me know in

the chat he says I feel like I knew all

this stuff when I was boob hill how I

didn't acknowledge any of it I don't

know the way they pollute your mind as a

young boy is mad wish I knew my value so

much earlier you know you make a very

good point Marcus or Marquez the thing

is this man is what you gotta understand

is that men we already have red pill

truth I'll never forget the the very

first and actually the second red pill

side ever found was return of kings but

the very first red pill side I have

found was men are better than women calm

and it's it's satirical but it jive with

every circuit of my masculine hard drive

we already know this stuff we know that

we're supposed to act like men and women

are supposed to act like women but we

get this tamp down from an early age

you're supposed to respect women bla bla

bla bla bla and if you call it and if

you call a woman out on her and

I say this all the time a woman's

definition of the healthy relationship

is one where it's easy for her to cheat

right but if a woman if you engage in

behaviors that makes it hard for a woman

to cheat they call the relationship

unhealthy and and moms listen we trained

our boys to do this what he asked you to

look at your phone that's a toxic that's

not healthy relationship he asks you to

check in he wants to know where you're

doing what you're doing who you're doing

it with all the time that's toxic that's

an unhealthy relationship right we know

this stuff when you're when you're woman

of your wife is going

out for the third night in a row and

coming home at 11:00 at night you know

she's around but you don't want

to call her out on it you don't want to

tell her to stay her ass the home

why because you don't want to come off

as controlling or possessive we know

this already man everyone has red

pill truth

everyone knows red pill truth were born

with it the guys that thrive are the

guys who are not afraid to live that red

pill life the blue pill betas dude they

know women are up they know women

get up to no matter what they

say they're just not men they're just

not man enough to act on it that's what

it comes down to okay it is mark it's

okay got it got it very very good Oscar

says an alpha friend has multiple plates

game lifts almost everything red pill

but when I asked him for advice on women

he just says be s be yourself and

discourage me and discourages me from

reading red pill stuff the reason why is

because here's the thing is because your

alpha friend is listen your alpha friend

is high-value guys who have natural high

value and he's probably a good-looking

guys probably all he's probably he's

probably always lifted weights got like

my friend Paul tall blond hair blue eyes

good-looking guy can have any girl he

wants right guys like that think girls

are great because they've never

experienced the worst girls have to

offer because girls throw themselves at

him your friend thinks you shouldn't

read read bill stuff because he's never

really had to use red pill game it's

like hot girls aren't use of art use hot

girls are useless because they don't

have to be useful right like if a hot

girl all of a sudden starts talking

about the fact well I need to learn to

cook and clean and her other friends are

like why and and and in their minds

they're thinking why do you need to cook

and clean we get enough we get marriage

proposals every day we get attention

every day why do you need to cook and

clean hmm your friend has natural high

values probably had this value for

pretty much his whole life so heat so so

in his mind he doesn't really have to do

anything differently to be attractive to

girls because he has natural gambia

Snatcher 'value so he discourages you

from being read till stuff he says be

yourself it's easy for him to be himself

and get because he lifts he spends

plates everything he does

red pill he doesn't know he's one of

those guys who has red pill awareness

who doesn't know he has red pill

awareness that's why number 13 and this

is this is an interesting one

the number 13 sign your wife is about to

divorce you and you can actually file

this under your wife could be or is

cheating on you

she drastically changes her hairstyle I

a married girl in Vegas a while

back her name is Sabrina I think I've

talked about her before in my episodes

her her husband was a cop he was a beta

anyway when I met her she

had long beautiful like long brown

straight hair very very conservative

look she even had the bangs but listen

she was hot right like me and she was

really hot well I was her for

about nine I ended up actually

her for about three four months before I

guess and she go stood on me probably

because maybe she didn't want her

boyfriend to find out the guy's name was

Eddie anyway after about the second or

third week I'll never forget this she

shows up at my house no problem Oscar I

got you covered brother she shows up to

my house with blond shoulder-length

curly hair with pink and purple

highlights and I was like what dumb

jib again long straight black hair had

the bangs very conservative look all of

a sudden now her hair is just below her

shoulders it's curly and I'm talking

like stripper blonde right like bleach

blonde red and purple highlights was

unbelievable and I was like why did you

do this she's like do you not like it I

was like well it's I would have liked it

I said if you had kept it the same

lengthen it'd be hot give him right

I'm the one I'm not wife in the

bitch up she's a cheater right but she

says she doesn't know why she did it but

she all but but she used to tell me how

guilty she felt about about our affair

about the affair that we had together

right so didn't think anything of it I

had a conversation with another girl I

know I only this girl one time

her name was Lauren and Lauren listen

Lauren was really not that hot well

I'll put it to you this way Lauren was

not the best-looking girl she's probably

a five in the face had this bitch she

had a huge nose but she had the perk she

had the perfect ass and she had these

huge faces and she had these huge these

huge fake tits

so I her in the ass doggy style

you know the one time I we had a

one-night stand asked him out

just all over her face and she liked it

anyway she when I when I ran game on her

when I met her she had actually met her

I think I met her at a party or a

get-together at like one of my homeboys

like one of my homeboys was dating a

stripper and the stripper friend that

the stripper brought her friend Lauren

and of course I'm not trying I'm not

dirty macking like and dude his

girl was hot she's a stripper and I'm

not dude I'm not money listen

I'm not his friend like I'm not

doing that I didn't really know the guy

that well but we were we were close

enough like I'd go into the strip club

he give me free shots free lines with

free lines of coke you know whatever so

I'm not I'm not not dirty back and

plenty girls in Vegas and not to have to

anyway so he introduced oh she

introduces me to Lauren I'm like okay

well this girl isn't really that

good-looking but she's got huge fake

tits and she has got a nice ass so

anyway she had a Skrillex haircut and

for those of you who are unfamiliar with

what a Skrillex haircut is it's a girl

who has regular long hair but they shave

one side of it it's like a half mullet

kind of a Skrillex haircut I think the

girl dude she was 32 and I think she was

married so many married

chicks anyway I remember like I don't

know weeks Liam I kind of sort of stayed

in touch with her she was actually

pretty cool to talk to but she said she

got that Skrillex she I asked her why

did you get the Skrillex the Skrillex

haircut you have this long beautiful

hair she said she got that Skrillex

haircut after the first time she cheated

on her husband and she told me that a

lot of girls do this after cheating she

told me that when something traumatic

happens in a woman's life they changed

their hairstyle she doesn't know why but

she said it was but but she said it was

like a psychological thing you want to

know something listen man I don't have a

degree in psychology like rollo tomassi

but it makes sense to me right any time

something drastic happens in a woman's

life like she maybe loses a loved one

her husband dies she

cheats on her husband that's what she

says she says the first time I the

first time I ever cheated on my husband

I went out and got the Skrillex haircut

maybe it was to punish herself I don't

know so if your wife drastically changes

her hair she is definitely cheating and

if she's cheating you already know

divorce is probably right around the

corner especially if she's engaging in

the other activities listen if she's

asking you about your finances if she

stops talking to you she's spending more

time away from home and all of a sudden

she comes home with bleached blond hair

and it's a Skrillex if she's got all

sorts of colors in it oh yeah yeah

bitches out the door bitches up the door

that's an interesting one very very

interesting one number 14 the 14th sign

your wife is about to divorce your ass

she loses her job on purpose now

the reason she does this the reason she

loses her job on on purpose and again a

lot of you guys will say well how do you

know she loses her job how do you know

she lost her job on purpose I'll get to

that in a minute but stay with me here

the reason she loses her job on purpose

she uses this as an excuse to behave

badly right she uses this as an excuse

to become distant I lost my job so I'm

not in the mood to have sex I lost my

job so I don't like why are we not

having sister I just lost my job it's

it's been traumatic right why are you

not talking to me oh I'm going through

some Donovan I just lost my job I'm

not gonna be the most community good

person right now why are you being you

know why have you shut yourself off I've

lost my job she's gonna use it as an

excuse to have alone time she's gonna

brew she's gonna be in a bad mood she's

gonna act badly she's gonna disrespect

you she's gonna cut you out she's gonna

be a bitch and you being the

beta male that you are you're

not gonna call her out on it because

okay maybe Brent baby Brent is acting

out because she just lost her job I

understand never ever give your wife an

excuse or wife or girlfriend an excuse

for shitty behavior when I air

this and when i air devin out yesterday

morning she tried the same I'm

tired I'm PMSing dude your excuses


you can be tired and PMS and around your

co-workers you ain't doing that

with me but because wives know that

they could treat their husband and this

is interesting

Ryan stone actually made this very point

and Darcy and I went to marriage

counseling and I remember telling my

marriage counselor you know I really

hate the fact that Darcy treats everyone

so much better than I do right like

everyone gets her best they get her

courtesy they get her respect but when

it comes to me she's a bitch

and the marriage counselor was like wow

that's something I'm like dude you're a

marriage counselor supposed to know

about this stuff right when you're a

woman when you're a woman starts

treating you when your woman starts

treating other people better than you

that's a red flag man she's on

her way out the door homie so

when she loses her job on purpose that

gives her an excuse to treat you worse

than she treats everybody else

here's another side of this this is a

double-edged sword the reason she loses

her job on purpose is now she does this

to go out and pretend to be looking for

another actually you know what let me

rewind that strike that when she loses

her job okay now she has reason to be on

her computer she has reason to be on her

phone her tablet she has she has an

excuse now going go out during the day

to go job hunting she can tell yeah you

know I'm out and about I'm doing you

know I'm go to temp agencies I'm you

know hiring resume companies right if

you guys are her home at 4 or 4:30 she

can leave the house at random to go to

interviews she can go to other cities

for interviews if a job happens to be in

another city all of these behaviors are

okay if you're looking for a job but

guess what they're also behaviors that

are conducive to infidelity she's on her

phone or tablet okay she could be

looking for a job but she could also be

on dating sites she could be on Facebook

she could be texting her boyfriend up

she's out during the day right she could

be you know hitting the pavement going

to job interviews job hunting she can

also be going on tinder lunches she

could be going on lunch date with

Kevin and sales for the third time that

week oh honey I have an interview at 7

p.m. tonight at such-and-such office no

she doesn't she

a date but you don't think about it

because that's what she told you

well you're not going on in every of

course I am I lost my job and I need a

job don't you want me to work they try

to shame you in that way so let's answer

the question how do you know she lost

her job on purpose she starts going into

work late she starts taking more sick


she starts missing work or just not

going no call no show her work

performance suffers dude some women even

go as far as to tell you tell to tell

their husbands the company's gonna lay

off employees right so when she does

lose her job you won't question anything

now and she can say she got laid off

maybe she gets a sever and she can

disprove it that way but again you're

the beta schlub you can say well I

research and they're not doing they're

not doing they're not doing any layoffs

that I know of right

I talked to herb he works at the same

company he didn't say anything about

layoffs she of course it's not gonna be

in the news they don't want to scare


any excuse she can think of man

all right let's see we got here

Hispanic Chris says I believe men kill

chivalry women are gonna be women it's

us that have to stay straight strong and

stern no Chris no no you are a thousand

percent wrong

chivalry listen Dave Chappelle Dave

Chappelle said it best chivalry is dead

and women killed it dude no no

no no no no listen I hear what you're

saying but you're wrong the reason why

men aren't chivalrous anymore is because

women are not deserving of chivalrous

behavior I'm not gonna listen I'm not

gonna continue to be a man and a

gentleman regardless no women are

terrible they're fat they're

they're tattooed and they're

poorly behaved I'm not hold the door for

bitch you're gonna suck my dick we

regardless of whether or not I hold

you're not very chivalrous well you're a

so that's kind of how that goes nah

man nope men didn't kill chivalry homey

women killed it men we would love to be

chivalrous but guess what there are no

women out here worth being chivalrous

toward just doesn't work that way Marcus

says I experienced women get angry or

funny to me holding the door for them

more than once - okay they probably

weren't feminine but I no longer do it

by default just because she's a woman

yeah exactly

Marcus you gotta quit typing in don't

type in millennial E's dude come on

you're killing me you're killing me you

said okay day probably no okay th ey

Marcus you're better than that

smell the words completely it's one

extra keystroke cause coz no cause

because B EC au se listen I can't read I

can't speak millennia leaves man I can't

read it looks like Japanese to me of

course I say that tongue-in-cheek but

come on help me out of here help me out

sweet senator says I'm the only one who

should have a paid not her Oscar Captain

Obvious says Skrillex equals red flag

gap obviously right

utter tell ya yeah weight-bearing

man chivalry if for anything is for

quality women who have already proven

themselves I could not agree more

looks like we are making transactions

fantasy transactions here in the TSR

towers sweet senator okay all right I'll

let you all let that Spencer Larkin says

merits councilors don't know no

they don't no they don't


wait ferryman drop in the game by the

way if the chick doesn't continue to

prove herself he says she shouldn't keep

getting chivalry that's for women who

maintain their femininity and

submissiveness exactly we got too many

bitches out here wanting to do what I

call the pyramid scheme approach they

want they want to get paid every day for

work they do one time and they suck your

dick one time they act feminine one time

they cook you they cook you one meal

they dress up in panties one time

they expect you to put a ring on it

forever not a bitch that you got to

keep no no no no run that you got to

keep doing it sweetie

if you want my company listen I've known

Devon now for two and a half years I've

been dude I've been her for

two and a half years okay guess what she

listened she wore for me

yesterday this is what happens Armando

says at Hispanic Chris you're a beta

chump read the rational male you're

welcome uh-oh now I got to go back and

read Hispanic Chris's past comments and

Hispanic Chris listen man I'm not trying

I'm not trying to pick on you right I'm

an abrasive guy when I disagree with

guys it might sound like it's personal I

can assure you that it's not unless of

course you make it personal then then I

gotta roast you but if I disagree with

you it's gonna sound personal I can

assure you it's not it's it's it's fine

I know I'm aggressive I know I'm very

you know forward I know it might you

know rub you the wrong way but now I got

to go back

oh no Hispanic Chris no he says I hate

when men open the door for other men

stop doing it be a man and just walk

through the door I don't open the door

for nobody except women old people in

the handicapped oh yes Oh Chris listen

Chris listen I got news for you man

women don't watch my show oh dude you're

not getting validation Oh

sweet he holds an oar for girls old

people in the handicapped but what a

second's dick dude that's not gonna win

you any favors listen Mike listen I tell

you this because I love you I kid

because I care right I'm trying to save

your soul

don't hold doors for women that don't

deserve it homie don't do it

she gets an end soon dude that she

slept three dicks last night she doesn't

deserve to get anything held for being

dude being chivalrous does not make

you a man I'm here to tell you oh no now

I got to go back a bit I got to going

back in the Hispanic Chris's Hispanic

Chris we are going to listen this is

gonna be an intervention we need we need

an intervention with Hispanic Chris we

need to we need to save his soul Spencer

luckin says a layoff of 1 equals fired

yeah exactly yeah I got laid off well

who else got laid off

nobody bitch you got fired like that was

that wasn't oh that wasn't a layoff

James Perl says big reason number 3 for

losing a job on purpose to set up

alimony payments after the divorce wow

that's a good one totally missed that

one very good all right let's see here

yeah well said men sweet Center said oh

stop the show no I'm not O'Shea I'm not

gonna I'm not into roasting niggas like

that you know and like you know I listen

I say these things to Hispanic Chris out

of out of red pill love right help me

help you

right and to be honest with Hispanic

Chris you don't hold doors you don't

tell people you hold doors open for

women because that's really what you

want to do you're telling us that

because you think it makes you more of a

man no no no that doesn't make you more

of a man it makes you a chump

hold the door for elder for elderly

people and the handicapped don't do it

for women Marcus says constructive

criticism is best that's the best way to

learn here props to yes I agree but my

criticism is not always constructive

right up listen you got to read between

the lines with me don't take it

personally men you know I'm saying like

I you know

I'm an abrasive guy that's that's us out

is con gennadiy he says save Chris from

the dark side Hispanic Chris we are here

to save you Hispanic Chris we were here

for you yeah dude James James Paul talks

about O'Shea he talks about how Shay's

stop the show oh here we go oh he

responded he responded okay you know


check this out he responded the guy

responded yeah tell you once oh no yeah

yeah yeah yeah I'm gonna have him call

the show I'm gonna have him call the

show man I'm actually gonna have to use

another account here because that's

about to end

I hate it when guys go back and forth

goddamn I hate like this


you're a coward call him you're

done you're such a dumbass hang on a

second why are you being so emotional

I'm on the air right now I'm on the air

right now call me

and this is funny he's doing all the

feminine stuff to feminist stuff right

91 he says and you do realize the

fighters don't fight for he says why are

you being so emotional the fact is the

fact I know what his chin did now uh and

now how would you know who I would fight

and why would I even have to sway over

what I choose to express yeah call me so

I'm gonna call him up so when he calls

me I'm gonna ask him alright nigga would

you fight Roy Jones jr. like out of

here man dumb call me I'm is

about to be this is about to be some

real right here man I'm about to

end this right here I'm gonna end the

call right now and then I'm gonna get on

the other one what I choose to express

you know his chin it's so funny man guys

talk about boxers not having Chin's

really what you fight him dumb this

is what I'm talking about man this is

when you can tell cowards are cowards

Roy Jones jr. is 66 and 9 with 47

knockouts but this guy wants to talk

about his chin the out of here

how do you know who I wouldn't fight you

know what I don't but I know you

wouldn't fight Roy Jones jr. don't

pretend like you would I hate

guys like this man call my show now you


oh no no no I'm definitely no no I got a

switch phone numbers here I can't man I

can't stand guys like this man they talk

all this oh wait I gotta I gotta do

it in a new window here give me a second

and I got a hit dude I gotta hit the gym

after this too I'm all geeked to up

I called him a coward this guy

is he says why are you getting so

emotional that is feminists that dude

that is feminist talk I'm not listen

you know it's funny people call it being

emotional this you can call be an

emotional I'm fired up the

reason I get fired up is because

guys talk guys to say things on social

media that they wouldn't say that that

they wouldn't say out loud they wouldn't

say to someone face to face okay so

we're gonna go alive now I'll make the

duration 45 minutes give him plenty of

time to call I'm not gonna wait 45

minutes for this fight here we go

you like soup this chin same guys who

talk about Tom Brady Tom Brady's a

greatest quarterback ever yeah but he

those three Super Bowls you dumb

dumbass call my show call me

coward all right your show now press 1

give you important instructions

president your show is scheduled to

start in 32 seconds

your show will go live in five seconds

for three time to finish out the show as

well so we still got one more we've

still got one more all right here we go

excellent all right come on very nice to

be a favor guys do me a favor I you

don't really have to hit the like button

cuz at the conclusion of this show I'm

taking this video down so but subscribe

to the channel tell your friends that

would be that would be very very nice

let's see if this

let's see if this unbelievable

why are you being so emotional and so

basically what I said I said Roy Jones

keeping it 100 here and I'm always

saying this is why I tell people to call

me he said it might help if he could

take a punch

really idiot man I hate dudes

like this I hate

like this man oh my god man I'm like oh

my god I hope this calls in


all right let's read some of the Spencer

Larkin dropping knowledge if you choose

to be chivalrous if you choose to be

chivalrous for free do it because you

want to if you are giving it away when

why will they earn it exactly exactly

very very well said dumb no God

Karolina Hermes no no about to hide the

user on this channel don't want women

commenting on my channel so now you're

now carolina hermes is shits gonna be


I hope this calls in to man

I really really hope he does but you

want to know something he's not going to

he's not going to me and it's the

interesting thing is his people anybody

can debate debate on a on Facebook or

Twitter or Instagram right and the

reason why it's easy to debate is

because you have time you have time to

think and do research right like

everything everybody's a world-class

debate artist online because you can

respond when you want to make a call me

and we're gonna find out how smart you

are dumbass

I'm dude I swear to God I hate guys like

this man too bad he couldn't take a

punch dude Roy Jones jr. is one of the

greatest fighters in history he's that

dude that'll talk about guys like

Muhammad Ali yeah well he lost his first

fight to Joe Frazier you dumb that

doesn't make him any less great

number 15 let's finally let's go ahead

and get to this I hope this

responds number 15 the 15th and final

sign your wife is about to divorce you

she starts going to counseling on her

own here's why she's doing this

gentlemen she is doing this not because

she feels like she needs counseling

she's not doing this because she wants

to better herself she's not doing this

because she wants to solve an issue

she's doing this to build a case against

you she goes to her counselor and she

says he's emotionally and verbally


he's neglectful he's a bad husband he's

a bad father and I just can't handle it

no he's not emotionally and verbally

abusive no he's not neglectful he's not

a bad husband and he's not a bad father

the reason you're doing this is so that

this is now on the record then in the

reason this is on the wreck you want

this on the record is because in court

her attorney will bring up her

counseling sessions her attorney will

say yes and she told her psyche at she

told her her her counselor that her

husband is emotionally and verbally

abusive and he said that he's a

neglectful father he's a bad husband

he's a bad father she just couldn't

handle it and you know something the

judge is gonna buy it because the

counselor is a professional and anything

she reveals to that counselor has to be

true right this is akin to case law and

I'm not trying to get too far in the

weeds as far as legal stuff is concerned

but I went and I'm not him I'm not a

legal expert but here's one thing I know

what the left or Aetna's really not the

left people who attempt to change the

laws change like landmark laws trying to

make crazy laws if it doesn't work in

the general election right if it doesn't

work by putting something on the ballot

what they try to do is they try to cite


slaw right they say okay it's not a law

but the reason why and I don't and again

I don't know what the laws are right I

don't know if in I guess in different

states it's it's it's it's it's whatever

it is but I don't really know of any

states that have banned abortion I don't

know that it is against the law I don't

know that and somebody please correct me


someone please correct me here please

correct me if I'm wrong correct me if

I'm wrong on the fact that I don't think

the law for abortion being illegal is on

the books right I don't know I don't

know that again I'm not a you know I'm

not a legal professor okay here's the

thing if abortion were illegal if it

were a federal if it was a federal law

that if you get an abortion that's a

crime guess what

abortion clinics would still be open why

because of roe v wade that's case law

they can take they get a rut neck and

say you're under arrest for an abortion

why it's against but getting an abortion

is a federal offense

no yeah it's a federal offense but guess

what roe v wade oh case law right

the law didn't get passed it's against

the law but because because it was

because in a Highwood because in a law

or higher court somebody got away with

it okay that's an error of law this is

why people on death row and in jail are

always trying to appeal this is why they

want access to the law library they're

looking for cases similar to theirs

where the person was freed or when their

appeal they're looking for that error of

law they know what they did was against

the law they know what they did was a

crime right but because but but but what

they want to do is they want to point

out case law and use that as a

precedence to set themselves free this

is what women do when they start going

to counseling on their own they get it

on the record and if the counselor if

the chem and the counselors not going to

accuse her of lying it's almost a

foolproof way of making your case

against her husband account if

woman comes in to a counselors offices

yes my husband's abuse if he's

neglectful he's a bad husband bad father

what's the counts we're gonna do say

you're lying no counselor is gonna say

yes now of course the counselor is bound

by my client privileged information

the attorneys not bound by that and why

is the attorney not because they was

told by the client here is what I told

my counselor I don't know listen here's

the thing

maybe that's admissible in court maybe

it's not but we already know the odds

are stacked against us in Family Court

and all all her attorney has to do I see

yes Sheila has been in she's been in

psychiatric counseling for the last year

and a half well why is that

well Donovan here was so emotionally and

verbally abusive guilty as charged by

the way he's neglectful he's a bad

husband Sheila just she didn't know what

else to do so she had to get counseling

to deal with it

that is automatically gonna be believed

by the masses man it's automatically

gonna be believed by the judge when she

starts going to counseling on her own it

is to build a case against you here's

another reason she also does that to be

out of the house to do whatever she

wants hey I've got a counseling

appointment at 7:30 tonight

then all of a sudden she says she's got

counseling on Tuesdays and Thursdays

so she can go and Kevin for an hour

that's how that is

joby Wan coyote says hence why Tupac

said money over bitches hell yeah dude

hell yeah this bastard hasn't

replied yet of course he didn't to baby

couldn't take a punch dumb yeah

that's what I thought

dumbass I can't believe this dude

follows me man damn IIIi cannot I cannot

stand I can't I can't stand it I can't

stand it when when dudes talk about

men who are superior than they are Roy

Jones jr. is one of the greatest

fighters the sport has ever seen no Anna

listen Roy Jones jr. yeah he listened he

had a glass jaw didn't really need much

of a tin to begin with right swayed

senator said he's not showing up yeah

it's been 10 minutes he's not gonna he's

you know I don't see him in the queue

i'ma call them out where you act tough



yeah exactly

yeah where you at like he was responding

quickly then he's responding in five

minutes now all of a sudden now all of a

sudden he's gonna tell me yeah yeah

we're is it um no no gonna call your

stupid little show yeah whatever no my

show is not big but guess what you

didn't call it I cants man I can't

standing is like that man Oh God

this white dude dude dude 'he's like him

is why i'm an anger management now man

that's just how that works alright let's

make one last check one last check of

the chat here spencer Larkin says watch

out for the watch out for the personal

counselor who turns into the couple's

counselor that's a wicked yeah

it happens all the time listen watch

divorce ink or divorce corp some

up that happens there man

absolutely way very man says roe v--

wade if it out if it if it overturned it

goes to the states that determine

whether or not you can still kill your

baby before it's born okay alright

appreciate that wait three men yeah I'm

not a I'm not a legal aficionado I mean

I went the paralegal school for a year

and change but that doesn't that by no

means qualifies me as a legal

professional jo bhi Wan kenobe says

spending some time with Ray Ray

uh no it's on YouTube as far as I know

it's on YouTube Hecht aureus 401 5 says

you demand II appreciate it mr. Meeks

says where's this other conversation :

ah my bad I guess I should have told you

guys it's going on on Instagram I posted

an Instagram video of Roy Jones jr.

actually you know what hang on a second

I'll actually if I can play it I'll

actually I'll actually let you guys hear

it because I have a sound mixer and

basically Roy Jones talks about the fact

that anybody can say any goddamn thing

right like you're going back and forth

on social media saying this and saying

that nigga two words let's fight that's

what he said let's see if let's see if

two please don't sit there and keep

treating antics they're talking obvious

house so I'm not the guy that can sit

there off you chew on social media and

say oh yeah you did oh yeah two words

that's fine that's right that's what I'm

talking about

right he said I'm not the do that's

gonna go back and forth your social

media your this you know no no no no no

two words nigga

let's fight that's exactly what I'm

talking about and this and this nigga

falls right into the trap he starts

talking yet too bad he couldn't take a

punch that has nothing to do with the

conversation then he wants it to then he

takes the females How Do You Know Who I

would or wouldn't fight I don't but you

wouldn't fight Roy Jones jr. nigga like

shut the up with that nonsense man

you know you wouldn't fight him it was

funny I was actually talking with

somebody about this the other day um I

was always talking about Devin about

this and I asked her I said do you think

a guy like me a guy my size right I'm 6

foot I'm 6 1 I'm 230 pounds probably 232

right now do you think I would ever

fight Floyd Mayweather who is almost

half my size Floyd Mayweather is

probably 150 pounds right do it as gift

dude Floyd is hell tallest let me look

up as measurables Floyd Mayweather I'm

gonna give this nigga 5 more medicine

then I'm gonna clown his ass and then

I'm gonna block him let's see what's

going on here and sometimes I get the

sound not syncing up because I'm doing a

search on the Internet

50 and oh 27 knockouts yes so point

mayweather is 5/8 I don't know 150 155

pounds right so this a nice listen I

know my jealous and I know my reach is

longer than this is I'm just the bigger

dude do you think I would fight if do

you think I would get in a street fight

with a guy like Floyd Mayweather hell no

of course not no way number one I

wouldn't touch Floyd right I do it I do

it I try to hit him I'm not hitting him

Boyd fights like he's on radar right

number two he hits me one time he knocks

me the out but Donovan he's only

154 pounds

he's a professional fighter his hands

are registered as lethal weapon if I go

out and I hit someone that's assault if

Floyd Mayweather or Roy Jones jr. goes

out and hit someone that's assault with

a deadly weapon you are a professional

fighter dude Boyd Mayweather as small as

C's would cave my face in with a jab and

this nigga wants to talk about well who

would you how do you know who I wouldn't

fight I don't know who you wouldn't

fight but you wouldn't fight grow

jealous you and your nigga don't come at

me with that nonsense don't even try it

you man you I hate guys like


okay Marcus okay yeah 5:8 Martin said if

you grew up wrestling you could take

Floyd but boxing hell no yeah right well

of course yeah yeah you know it's it's

it's interesting um a lot of guys were

like why doesn't flow it because Floyd

Mayweather front Conor McGregor and a

boxing match and it wasn't close and

guys are like well why wouldn't Floyd

fight Conor McGregor and an octagon

because the fight would last seven


Conor would destroy him in the Octagon

in a street fight Conor wins every time

this is in Floyd is smart he's not gonna

fight Conor McGregor in the

Octagon he fought a minute he fought him

on his turf suede senator says I'm not

messing with Floyd or Roy hell no dude

hell no dude Roy Jones jr. check this

out Mike Tyson is what 53 years old

would you listen way past his prime lost

four of his last six fights would you

pick a fight with Mike Tyson hell no

dude I wouldn't dude I wouldn't fight

Manny Pacquiao I wouldn't fight Julio

Cesar Chavez today wouldn't do it

professional fighters Sugar Ray Leonard

looks like a fungal bet would never

fight him that

hell no man no no not doing it I am NOT

here for that no sir but this but this

nigga wants to ask me how do I know how

do you know who I wouldn't fight now get

the out of here with that nonsense

I'm gonna check

I'm gonna check Instagram one more time

yeah that's what I thought


yeah that's what I thought yeah yeah

yeah thought so thought so yeah thought


hmm stay the out of my comments

bitch the out of here unless you

listen dude unless unless you want to

call me and talk to me shut the up

can't stand niggas like this man oh here

we go

Hecht aureus 401 5 says how much money

would you take to get knocked out by any

one of them brah you got to pay me nine

figures man cuz I'm getting dude I'm

gonna have to get reconstructive facial

surgery chase Lobos I saw Sugar Ray

Leonard to a bag regiment hell no hell

no Oscar says if I was getting paid 100

mil I'd fight Floyd well if you fought

Floyd Floyd we get 100 mil cuz Floyd

Floyd Mayweather would say listen I'm

the a side you're the B side but I got

you Marcus says I'm five eight and

around 86 Cade 86 killing kilos I'd be

scared to fight a flyweight their hands

are quick and what floor me I swear to

God but that something wants to talk

about how do you know who I wouldn't

fight the NER that nonsense

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TS are alive my thanks to all my

commenters thank you guys for your

support you want to donate Patriot I'm

sorry stream labs.com ford slash donovan

sharp 1 go to donovan sharp calm for all

my content thanks for watching guys

I'll see you in less than 22


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