2 HUGE mistakes most Men make on the first date (Episode 360)




how's your boyfriend lucky to have you

you're fucking your boss what'd you

think she was gonna do tell you she

cheated you cannot out train a bad diet

never believe everything a woman tells

you she will always leave something out

you're always broke because you spend

your money on dumb shit every month if

you've only slept with five guys then


welcome to the 360 at the dishes a PS

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it as my dog walks in behind me she

can't jump up on the bed so there she is

alright anyway let's go and get right to

it you see her tail Waggin in the bottom

right corner sorry about that a lot of

guys who do what I do talk about first

date logistics and rightfully so we talk

about the fact that you want to make

sure you pick a spot close to where you

live because you don't want to

extinguish the flame with a long Luba

ride right you don't what both my dogs

are back there now and now they're gone

ok let's get to it

sorry about that in other words if you

escalate with a woman properly during a

date you don't want a 20 to 30 minute

uber ride or 20 to 30 minute cab ride

which will extinguish the flame it'll

sort of slow down your attraction /

arousal momentum we tell you to never

take her to a restaurant on the first

date because it places her value above

yours we tell you never to take her to

the movies because it's very difficult

to utilize your gift of gab to escalate

and flirt verbally we tell you to have

drinks at the ready at your place so you

can keep the party going

you get there keep that momentum going

we tell you to implement what I like to

call a temporary shoes off in the house

rule in order to get her to take off her

shoes which not only makes her more

comfortable but it also causes her shoe

to subconsciously continue to undress

herself later on if I got my shoes off

it's easy to take my bra off simple

baths all of these things are standard

operating procedure for veteran players

but there is something that has seldom

discussed and these are and what a

seldom discussed are the days and times

you should or should not agree with and

should not agree to on a first date the

days and times you should and should not

agree to on a first date but there are

only I'll put it to you this way once

you fucked her a few times it doesn't

matter when or what time because you

know you're gonna fucker right but there

are only two particular days and two

particular timeframes for that matter

that you should ever agree to a first

date on and anything outside of these

two days and timeframes means that

unless you're in the top 1% in terms of

looks and verifiable dick size you're

not getting laid and if you tell me that

your objective on the first date isn't

getting laid then you're a fucking liar

guys say this because they're afraid of

failure and they settle it and end to

this I say don't sweat it right guys

listen man I've been on hundreds of

first dates and while I have fucked a

shitload of these girls on the first

date the fact of the matter is that most

of the time I couldn't close the deal

that's the game nobody bats a thousand

but your objective on any first date is

to fuck her and guess what that is also

her first objective unless of course

she's using you for a free meal at which

point when you tell her that you'll meet

up for drinks or coffee or ice cream

she'll end up flaking on you and save

you from spending time and money on a

woman who has no intention of sleeping

with you in the first place but as a man

you should always assume that a woman

that a woman you take out for the first

time wants to fuck you unless proven


and with this mindset

you should only agree to meet up on two

particular days and two particular

timeframes the problem is is that men

are making these two huge mistakes in

terms of the days and timeframes and

shooting themselves in the foot before

the date even happens and I will be

discussing that in today's episode my

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want to talk about that Devin is

treating me to the game tonight this is

why I am on early today and I mean I've

been to plenty of NHL hockey games I've

been to a shit ton of Carolina

Hurricanes games when the Carolina

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Carolina by the way won the Stanley Cup

back in 2006 the ESA which is which we

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so the Carolina Hurricanes when they

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well me being a college student at the

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looking forward to that

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Bruno goats asks do you think the NFL

should hat Norm's are the NHL should

have a more mainstream fan base or do

you think hockey is primarily a niche

sport to most people hockey is primarily

a niche sport to people up north but we

do have teams now in the south I

mentioned the Carolina Hurricanes

earlier the Florida Panthers go the

Tampa Bay Lightning they have a they

have a hockey team the Dallas Stars I

think are still around the Dallas Stars

used to be the Minnesota North Stars

they moved to Dallas

let's see who of that the Nashville

Predators who were in the Stanley Cup

Finals this past this year

San Jose Sharks the LA Kings so yeah

listen hockey is mainly a niche sport

but but it is a niche sport to most you

know for most people you know most

people who live up north most people who

live in in northern Europe but but yeah

I mean listen that's a good question

probably will stay a niche sport I love

all sports i watch hockey on the regular

don't let me don't get it twisted I mean

I can talk hockey probably not as well

as football or baseball or a basketball

but I know I know more hockey than the

average fan I can tell you that much

right now I have the opportunity of

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all right let's check the chat quickly

before we get started here B came from

the Rockies says yeah he likes the

countdown because YouTube keeps giving

late notifications yeah listen man

YouTube's not perfect where's the dunk

says I was trying to watch her

livestream called purple pill something

but it went air I guess you deleted it

yes I did yes I did and of course you

know now

CJ mutter in the house says he's right

on time shout-out to HS Lee 169 Charles

Caballero good to see you again then

silver swig says good evening

I think I'm not mistaken I think bad I

think you're in I think you're in

Germany or Europe I forget hnr Elrod

Olli says the og Donna been much love

from Norway's a guy without a father and

failure of finding a mentor I really

take your views and opinions star keep

it going bro yeah will do men will do

spins e says if you're not trying to get

laid on the first date what is your

objective catching up on the Kardashians

a lively conversation about shampoo yeah

if you're not trying to get laid on the

first date dude then why go on the first

date you know I'm saying like dude

you're not taking a girl

out for conversation you're not taking a

girl out on a first date so that you

could make a new friend no you are

trying to fuck her if you're not trying

to fuck her than white then there's no

reason to take her out motives says I am

from the Hartford area sorry about that

Armando Moreno has never given one in

full disclosure you want to be like an

onion that she peels back to discover

something about you layer by layer good


good advice yeah Lorenzo Davis says does

Vegas have a hockey team yes they have

the Las Vegas Golden Knights who were in

the actually I made a mistake the

Nashville Predators were in the Stanley

Cup Finals the year before last the the

Las Vegas Golden Knights were in the

Stanley Cup Finals against the

Washington Nationals and I think they

lost that series three games to one I'm

sorry four games to one or four games to

two I can't remember I think it might

have been four games to one because they

they actually won the Cup in Las Vegas I

think it was Game five that they want to

come motor says Donovan I'm still

conflicted over how we can leave women

better than we find them I know red man

consensus is no but I actually get off

on imagining women are better for having

had me know get out of that mindset get

out of that mindset listen you're not

responsible for leaving women better

than you found them like this isn't a

fucking charity this isn't a like this

is not a moral thing I'm not listen man

I'm not about leaving women better than

I find them I'm about getting what I

want out of them for as long as I can

and as long as it doesn't take my pound

of flesh get out of that mindset listen

if you want to know how to leave women

better than you found them you're

listening to the wrong guy

I don't know how nor am i interested in

knowing how yeah so Ben silver-sweet is

in Berlin he's in Germany good good good

good Isaiah says so I don't want to fuck

her what do i do then don't take her out

you idiot what are you doing man why are

you taking women out of you're not

trying to fuck them come on guys

guys seriously like seriously is the 12

o'clock crowd really gonna be this daft

we're talking about guys leaving women

better than they found them and got two

guys now are asking me well if I don't

try to fuck him what's the objective

there is no objective the only reason

you take a woman out is to fuck her

that's it I don't really know how to

answer that question you guys are

killing me here guys are killing me oh

yeah yeah alright alright okay let's

talk about the two days and two time

frames you should only agree to meet up

with a woman on the first date let's

talk about the days first gentlemen

never I repeat never ever agree to a

first date outside of a Friday or

Saturday night

in other words never agree to a date on

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday or

Thursday night

why Donovan I'll tell you why because

she probably does not want to fuck you

how do I know this you remember all

those first dates I told you that I had

been on and could not close the deal on

the first night well the ones that I did

close on the first date almost never

came on a work night Sunday through

Thursday night honestly man when I think

about it I may have closed maybe a half

a dozen girls probably less than that on

a first date that happened on a Sunday

through a Thursday night and even then I

can admit that look probably played a

huge role as in she was ovulating she

had plans with someone else but he

flaked and she was super horny so she

was gonna settle for any dick so long as

he wasn't a total loser that's where I

came in

listen guys the excuses that come up on

a work night which are also school

nights are I have to work tomorrow my

kid has school tomorrow which means I

have to be up early tomorrow which means

she has an excuse not to fuck you

never mind that fucking doesn't take all

night long

never mind that she could be in

nevermind that she could be in and out

of your place or vice versa inside of an

hour if sex happens all she needs is

that excuse and if you meet up with her

on a Sunday through Thursday night you

were giving her that excuse now some

guys might think well Donovan when she

tells you she has to get up early when

she told you her kids have to go to

school clearly this is a shit test

normally you

be right on a Friday or Saturday night

but if she met up with you on a work

night she's not trying to fuck anyway so

that's not a shit test guys that's her

flat-out telling you she ain't fucking

you and because you didn't figure it out

when she suggested that you get dinner

with her on a Wednesday night you've got

nowhere else to go

all you can do is tip your cap and

congratulate her for hustling yet

another dude out of a free dinner

without giving the pussy without giving

up the pussy she never intended on

giving up to you or any other guy in the

first place

now you also have to watch out for the

bait and switch which girls are doing a

lot these days for an example I'll give

you a scenario you see an attractive

woman on a Tuesday Tuesday afternoon

Tuesday morning you approach you run

game right you get her number tell her

tell her to meet up with you for drinks

on a Friday night and she agrees so far

so good right well on Thursday afternoon

she'll text you and say she's got plans

with her girlfriend on Friday night the

same night that you were supposed to

meet up with her for drinks but she

loved to meet up with you for dinner

tonight which is Thursday night now you

better in players out there and know

that the proper response to this is nah

got plans tonight maybe another time

enjoy going out with your girlfriend and

leave it at that we know that if she

says okay maybe another time then she

never planned on fucking you in the

first place at which point we saved

ourselves time and money on the other

side we also know that if she backs

track and cancels plans with her

girlfriend and keeps her date her Friday

night she genuinely likes you and she'll

probably give you a chance to fuck her

but most of you guys out here aren't

doing that you're saying okay that

sounds great I know this great Italian

restaurant I've been dying to try see

you tonight beautiful you take her out

you drop a hundred bucks on food and

drinks and you don't get laid then you

wonder why you don't see pictures of her

and her girlfriends night out on

Facebook which is

because there are dozens of pictures of

the two of them out last Saturday night

and the Friday night before she always

posts pictures of her and her

girlfriends when they have a girls night

out as all girls he all see him at the

bar they're all on their phones so why

aren't there any pictures up for her

girls night out that she told you about

I'll tell you why you don't see those

pictures because she's not with her

girlfriend she's doing lines with Dave

the unemployed guitar player who may or

may not be on food stamps and getting

ass-fucked in the back seat of a car he

borrowed from his friend Kevin and sales

and by the way Dave will return the

favor by telling her to go fuck Kevin

which she'll have no problem doing

because women love being used as nothing

more than a human toilet by men who

treat her like absolute dogshit but you

took her to dinner so guess what that's

never gonna be you player do not meet up

with her Sunday through Thursday only

meet up with her on a Friday or Saturday

night which brings me to the neck which

brings me to the time frame and I'm

gonna paint I'm gonna paint another

mythical scenario for you here well

before that I'm gonna go to the chat

seat we've got going on shout out the

freelance Ronan the original TSR og who

was in the house

spin Zhi likes the human toilet analogy

he also likes the he also likes the the

Dave on food stamps yeah yo listen man

IIIi come up with I come up with

different characters I try to I try to

mix it up with you guys you know that

goes motive says wow that helps man I

appreciate it

JC says because of my work schedule my

last three dates were on a Monday night

sex happened once on the Monday twice on

Tuesday could have been initial initial

interest for the two of them though yeah

listen man listen

totally totally listen this isn't to say

that you'll never get laid if you agree

to a

work night or school night date but

you're drastically reducing your odds

JC here yeah and he admits that you know

listen that's the exception to the rule

and the exception never makes it the

rule but listen we don't know what JC

looks like JC might have a nine and a

half inch dick if you have a nine and a

half inch dick and a six-pack you send

that to girls you chill fuck you any

night of the week

spins e said he said he spilled his

coffee hey just leave 169th says the

twelve o'clock crowd needs coffee yes

you do yeah this is the lunch hour crowd

I guess you guys are a little different

from the five o'clock crowd who's

already probably already started

drinking by the time I go live on the

way home all right

let's get to the timeframes

right I'm gonna paint another mythical

scenario here for you guys so you guys

can get the full picture of what's going

on here okay you're at the grocery store

and you're shopping for Bute for fruits

and vegetables on a beautiful Saturday

morning you spot a redhead with an ass

like a Georgia Peach she obviously

passes the boner test so you make her

way over to where you strike up

conversation now she reciprocate her

interest as the two of you engaged had

about a 10-minute conversation talking

about juicing Fitness that's trover

therefore in the first place turns out

she's a spin instructor and a

nutritionist which is no surprise to you

she's got a hot body you're trying to

fuck that ass now knowing that it's

useless to stand there and talk to her

all day without making a move which by

the way it's one of the quickest way to

get put into the friendzone you pull out

your phone and say you seem cool

what are your number we'll hang out

sometime she smiles takes your phones

takes her phone takes her phone puts in

a number you say your goodbyes you go on

with the rest of your day

later on you whip out your phone to

arrange a meet up with her hey it's

Clarence we met at the grocery store

earlier oh hey I was wondering when

you're gonna text me yeah I'm headed to

the sky bar around 9:00 maybe 9:30 come

with me she responds I'd love to but can

we go a little earlier

maybe boorish and this is where most men

would get tripped up gentlemen I'm here

to tell you from personal experience

agreeing to an early date is always a

bad idea especially with an extremely

attractive woman and there are two very

important reasons why reason number 1

alpha fucks beta bucks and the

friendzone now I'm gonna go red pill 101

here for anyone that's new so the guys

so you guys who are already familiar

with this stuff

try to be patient so I can bring the

newbies up to speed here so they can

fully understand what I'm getting at do

my alpha male strategies impression here

the concept of alpha fucks beta bucks is

prevalent in the manosphere and it's

very simple women of 2018 used beta

males to take care of all of their

non-sexual needs while using alpha males

to take care of all of their sexual

needs simple bad so for example a woman

could have a friend in the it and she

could have a guy in the friend zone

right that friend that guy who's in the

friend zone takes her to dinner listen

to her problems helps her with her help

Sauveur the chores around the house or

anything else she needs him to do that

has nothing to do with sex for example

okay come over and do my come over and

help me with my lunch you go over there

and help her with her laundry she has

another guy were there to fuck her that

night right then she has another guy who

literally does nothing but fuck her

brains out this guy's got a double make

hair attitude he's in great shape and

fucks her like a porn star no she knows

this guy is never gonna buy her meals

she knows this guy is never gonna listen

to her droning on about her problems she

knows this guy is never gonna give her a

right if she needs one but she's okay

with that she's got a beta buckston to

hear that and he will never fuck her she

knows it he does not agreeing to an

early date sets you up at best to be

beta bucks at worst to be put in the

friendzone the reason she wants to move

the date up gentlemen is because she's

not really interested in you sexually

something about your vibe made her want

to put you in the friend zone maybe you

tried to impress and qualify yourself to

her maybe you came off as thirsty

desperate it could be any number of

things regardless of what it is if she

really wanted to hook up with you she

would have agreed to the nine o'clock

meetup and by agreeing to the four

o'clock meetup instead of the nine you

were quite literally putting yourself in

the friendzone from there on out every

time the two of you meet up it will be

at or before four o'clock p.m. because

that's the tone she sets and what

happens after she hangs out with you

what happens after you feed her for the

fourth time in three weeks she goes to

Kevin's place and gets a protein shake

she comes to my place and gets asked to

mouth she goes to the studio where

Dave's Garage Band practices where he

may or may not sleep at night and gets

pounded out all night long these are

guys who would never allow her to move a

meet up to the afternoon guys who come

at her from a position of strength and

abundance and create sexual tension

without giving off a needy or thirsty

vibe a lot of guys wonder how they get

friend-zoned by women agreeing to an

early date is one of the quickest ways

to get there without her at without her

actually having to put you there and

that's all there is to it

I guess Alexa is trying to remind me of

something reason number two you should

never agree to a to an early an early

date free meals gentlemen free meals

believe it or not believe it or not

there are women out there who are on

dating apps for no other reason but to

get fed yes you heard correctly they

agree two dates or meetups for the sole

reason of getting free meals that's it

the guys there are scores of articles

where females tell you straight up in no

uncertain terms that they agree to go

out with guys just to get a free meal

one girl said in an article and I quote

there are a lot of places to eat but my

budget doesn't always allow me to try

them a great way to supplement my budget

is to go on a first date even if I'm not

personally feeling it she literally just

said I will let him feed me but I won't

let him fuck me this isn't an article

women aren't freely admitting this we

all know that girls live

there means a lot of them have figured

out that feminism combined with male

thirst has created an army of men who

are ripe for the picking in terms of

being taken advantage of he feeds her at

5:00 p.m. I fuck her at 8 o'clock p.m.

that's how it goes where it's and repeat

one girl said quote you want to enjoy

the city but you don't really want to

waste two hours of your paycheck waste

two hours of your paycheck eating out so

it's pretty easy to so it's pretty easy

to kind of just say yes if someone is

offering to take you out you know it's

funny how she characterized it as

someone's offering to take you out as if

she's not putting out the bait by being

on a dating app as if he approached her

out on the street and insisted on taking

her out to dinner like I said before

guys if you agree to an early date with

a girl she will not listen she not only

may put you in the friend zone but she's

more than likely just using you to get

free food that's it she'll go out with

you at 4 o'clock p.m. you'll pay for the

meal she gets full tells you she has to

go home tells you she has to go she goes

home gets all doddle gets all dolled up

comes to my place to get her hair pulled

while I fuck her hard and call her names

which she'll absolutely love here's

another quote from one of these articles

it says quote so to live a slightly more

luxurious life that doesn't consist of

microwave ramen noodles and tap water

and tap water shout-out to Charles

Caballero says always love the content

brother I've had my best days in the

shop since 21 con meeting you and the

knowledge of today's episode will keep

me out of the beta zone much love

appreciate that Charles Kelly yet oh

thank you man appreciate that

anyway the quote says so too so to live

a slightly more luxurious life that does

not consist of microwave ramen noodles

and tap water she started booty calling

men she met on tinder twice a week who

would take her to pricy restaurants and

bars around the city and never hear from

her again think about that guys never

hear from her again

there are so many guys out there who

have been on dates with women who think

actually have a chance they have no idea

that she is literally just using him for

free food back in the early 2000s the

Pittsburgh Steelers had two quarterbacks

one went by the name of Tommy Maddox who

is your classic drop back quarterback

they also had another guy by the name of

Kordell Stewart whose nickname was slash

because he could run and he could throw

now Maddox was Stewart's back up until

Maddox won the job in 2002 but Bill

Cowher who was the head coach of the

Steelers at the time would put in

Kordell Stewart when the Steelers were

inside the 5-yard line he wanted to take

advantage of Stewart's dual threat which

made sense having a quarterback who

could run and throw allowed him to open

up the PlayBook and get creative with

this play calling inside the 5-yard line

now here's the thing guys that work to

perfection because defense has now had

to game plan for two quarterbacks and

the Steelers are able to score at will

but Maddox didn't like the game plan of

course he didn't as a quarterback you

want to be in there all the time

especially when the team scores nobody

knew that Tommy Maddox was a malcontent

because every time the Steelers scored

Maddox would be the first guy over there

Patton number 10 on the head Kordell

Stewart until a reporter asked him how

he felt about the two quarterback system

this quote was golden he says quote I

don't like it

the reporter asked him why Tommy Maddox

said quote it's like picking up your

girlfriend in a limo taking her to the

prom showing her a good time then

dropping her off at the hotel now he

couldn't say dropping her off at the

hotel for somebody else to fuck her but

we knew what he meant

don't be tommy maddox gentlemen be

Kordell Stewart and the way to do this

is to never agree to a first date with a

woman Sunday through Thursday night

before 9 o'clock at night period that's

the only way nine eleven for two oh five

five three five six is the number to

call if you want to get it on the

conversation let's go to the phone lines

area code six one five you're on live

with Donovan go ahead Donovan Craig the


hey Craig what's up brother how you

doing men oh you know what dude you're a

swinger if we shall live in the dream

yeah just have some thoughts on this

from you know again the great Patrice

O'Neal yes he boiled it down to women we

fuck women for sex and women fuck us for

our time our time our money our

attention that's what that's them

fucking us so you have to be on guard

for the horseshit that you're talking

about the food date the time and

attention stop don't be her time or yes

don't let her fall out your time listen

that is 100% true and I'm gonna go back

to what you said earlier what you said

it first men we fucked - fuck that's it

women and and what a lot of guys don't

understand here Craig and you again your

lifestyle you know this to be 100% true

is that with women there's always an

ulterior motive when it comes to sex yes

women out there do fuck because they

like sex and they love getting but but

it's never just for sex it's always for

something else we'll Donovan what if she

loves you and she wants to fuck you

we'll listen she knows that if she

doesn't fuck you you're going to leave

it's still age it's still a transsexual

is always transactional for women truer

words never spoken I totally agree with

you Craig great statement there Oh

to your point if you're a low-value man

so you're a bait in there right mm-hmm

if they will push a little bit and if

you allow the situation to exist where

she can have you around your protection

your attention your money right yeah

fucking you right yeah she's gonna

default to that very quick every single

time and if you and thanks for the call

did you have any other points to me cuz

I'm gonna go off on a ten I mean there's

one time in real quick thanks for the

ball great listen call in anytime or

they'd appreciate that listen men Craig

makes an excellent

and it's something I talked about

earlier you cannot let a woman set the

tone with the day and time with these

early dates if you agree to meet up with

her for at Fir for an afternoon date and

you don't fuck her guess what that's

what she expects every time she's mixed

to get fed but not fucked do not listen

I don't care how good she looks do not

let her set the tone

Nicholas Agha says it best she must earn

everything nothing for free or you

become the beta or her friendly and

foolish sermon a hundred percent

anti-gravity 74 says what about an early

morning coffee date negative you're not

getting any pussy in the morning dude no

not an early morning coffee date no no

way says to screen out the the crazy

bitches and chicks looking for free food

listen that makes sense but you don't

have to take her to an early-morning

coffee day you can take her to a coffee

date at nine o'clock at night this

Starbucks is open until what ten eleven

o'clock right take her to ice cream like

Stephen Ian Williams says take her to

feed the ducks take her to the museum

take her out for coffee take her out for

just drinks motive says beta bucks

versus alpha fucks never chicken option

one don't know what that means

good stuff pug dad says I'd rather have

lunch during the day with the buddies

then with a woman on the first one on

the first date money well spent yeah I

agree I agree

oh never choose one option of course of

course that makes sense that makes that

makes perfect sense and why Kia 31

making an appearances and guys get so

thirsty for the woman's company I always

tell women that are busy during the day

because I am I have things going on when

you turn down her beta test she'll

respect you more 100% true not only was

she respect you she knows you can't be

taken advantage of listen I got shit to

do I'm working on my 64 Corvette

Stingray I'm doing other shit I gotta

meet dude I'm not gonna just drop

everything that I'm doing to come in

beads you know I'm trying to

dude I'm trying to get laid I'm gonna

fuck obviously this is the this is the

one show that I'm doing today I'm going

to there's gonna be no brother pill

podcast on obviously because because I'm

gonna be at the hockey game tonight

going to the Carolina her Carolina

Hurricanes going to see the Flyers

against the the Florida Panthers be sure

to visit donovan sharp calm for all

things donovan sharp and if you want to

become a patron go to patreon.com ford

slash donovan sharp again to get your

hands on all of my content Mon says what

if you had to travel more than 20

kilometers just to see a girl if you

tell her you went that far they see us

as a provider even though ya never

travel dude never ever try dude and make

her make her come to you man never ever

I listen listen we're on that retarded

Imperial system I have no idea how many

how many miles kilometers are but never

never ever travel to see a girl always

this is a first date listen if you're

fuckin her yeah by all means go 20

kilometers and go 50 kilometers I have

yeah yep that's gonna do it for this

edition of TS are alive I will be back

to my regular time tomorrow at five

o'clock p.m. Eastern Standard Time

I will enjoy the hockey game tonight

thanks rose to the guys we'll see you

next time



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