2 simple things black women could learn from white girls about dating black Men

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Black Men are ditching sisters and getting with white girls at an increasing rate. The hate and envy in black women is palpable when they watch a black man stroll by with his pretty white girlfriend who looks as though there's no other place she'd rather be than with him. here?"



But why the hate? Why not start asking white girls "What are y'all doing to snag these brothas?" Because we know that's never going to happen, I've decided to point out just 2 things black women could learn from white girls with regards to relationships with black men.


Black Women Lack Femininity

Why Black Women Hate it When Black Men Date Interracially


you're a fucking loser you live in your

mom's basement you probably have a two

inch cock you sound like a white guy for

what you're probably a virgin so that's

a no for Netflix and chill fuck you I

talk about how women ate shit what's up

guys it's your man Donovan Sharpe and

welcome to the 280 seventh edition of

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so welcome and everybody it's good to

have you in here however you guys may be

watching had a great show last night

with with Rollo Tomassi you know

obviously things things things got

heated as they should have I you know we

talked about we talked about a an

attention whore who happened to be a red

pill groupie and we we we finally put

that to rest among I'm not gonna mention

her name anymore you know I'm not gonna

have her name in my mouth anymore I'm

tired of it but listen great great show

you guys should definitely go check it

out on donovan sharp com took a lot of

phone calls and you know set head roll

will come on and set the record straight

and again thank you to roll it to Messi

for coming on and not I mean listen man

not only did we take phone calls

he was droppin knowledge you know people

called in and asked questions and of

course he does what Rollo Tomassi does

and he he drops red pill knowledge that

listen the guy is one of the godfathers

of the red pill and when you are listen

when you are one of the godfathers of

the red pill people like to come after

you for no other reason but to make a

name for themselves this is what happens

to Rollo a lot some people do it more

than most so I was happy to have him on

I was happy to have him on last night to

come in and and sort of clear the air um

Rachael Lindsey is in the news as usual

she is hosting first take this week at

ESPN and for those of you who aren't

familiar with first tickets I think it's

probably the highest-rated program at

ESPN you know Stephen a Steven Naismith

Max Kellerman

Molly kirim who was absolutely useless I

mean Molly kiram is a good-looking woman

with big tits but other than that she is

useless on the show she runs her mouth


but the star of the show is Steven

Naismith Max Kellerman boxing historian

extraordinaire very very good debating

skills but this week it appears that

that Molly kiram is on vacation so of

course they decide to let Rachel Lindsay

the former bachelorette you know come

onto the show and and host the show guys

listen man I said this once and I'll say

it again she's not marrying Brian she's

not marrying Brian Abba solo or whatever

the fuck his name is right nobody knows

who this guy is

guys listen men women don't fuck that up

to do this way women don't marry down

they don't date down they marry up they

date up they may fuck down but if they

fuck down they're not gonna let anyone

know if the if a junior partner at a law

firm is fucking the janitor she's not

making that relationship public but if

she's fucking one of the senior partners

oh yeah she's absolutely making that

relationship public you take Danica

Patrick for example nobody knew

we all knew who Danica Patrick was she

burst onto the scene when she finished

fourth in the Indianapolis 500 back in

2005 unbelievable driver I think she

want to race

at the twin rings of Japan she was an

instant star woman driver she is a good

listen she's a very good open wheel

driver well she was engaged to be

married at that point no surprise as

soon as she as soon as she got her

global stardom

she no longer she was no longer engaged

as soon as she jumped a NASCAR she

decided to start dating Ricky Stenhouse

jr. they dated for a couple years as

soon as Danica jumped out a NASCAR who

is she dating now Aaron Rodgers this is

what happens guys Rachael Lindsay is a

celebrity now she now has more notoriety

than her fiance again who in the hell is

Bryan at a solo doesn't like nobody

knows who this guy is I don't know what

he does for a living all I know is that

he's the guy who won the Bachelorette

and to be honest with you he's the guy

who should have lost the bachelor

because Rachel liked the guy who

finished in second place he wouldn't

commit to her he wouldn't say listen you

know he told her look I like you he says

I might even love you but at the end of

this thing if you pick me I'm not I

can't guarantee you that I'm gonna

propose to you so Bryan waiting in the

wings ends up being the winner and he

proposes to her okay and now that her

status has surpassed his she is less

attracted to him and girls mutton and

it's funny like I know girls are

watching this oh my god dad even that's

so not true

sweetheart you know it's true you know

it's true man listen not only that

rachel lindsay has dated guys like Kevin

Durant now she dated Kevin Durant when

they were both in college at the

University of Texas when but listen it

was clear and listen Kevin Durant was

the one that done it was very clear that

he was going to be the number one

overall pick in the draft I think it was

the number two overall pick of the draft

to the Seattle SuperSonics I forget I

forget exactly who went who went number

what the point is is when she was

fucking Kevin Durant dude she knew Kevin

Durant was on his way that was just all

there is to it that was that was all

there is that that was all there was to

it it's not like she was completely

ignorant of who and what he was she knew

what was she knew was you know what the

deal was and now Kevin Durant is a

global superstar Greg Oden wit number

one Mike's Island on Instagram

appreciate that

yeah how'd that work out for Greg Oden

Jesus Christ guys made a fucking peanut


anyway Rachel Lindsay has dated Kevin

Durant okay and now she's at ESPN where

she's surrounded by these big

personality she's surrounded constantly

by higher-value men on the regular

professional athletes former

professional athletes big ESPN

personalities I'm gonna do a sharp short

on why she's not going to marry him at

some point I'll probably do I don't know

I'll probably do it within within maybe

the next week or so but women like in

there's something else that I pointed

out women like being engaged more than

they like being married for women being

engaged is just a better life than being

married guys when a woman is engaged all

the excitement is there she gets all the

questions like if a woman holds up if a

woman sees that another woman is wearing

a wedding ring there are no question she

doesn't say hey you know oh so I see

you're married what's your husband gonna

know there's no questions oh she's

married it's just an afterthought but

when she sees or flashes an engagement

ring now the excitement starts when when

did you guys meet how did he propose

when's the wedding where's the honeymoon

how many kids are you gonna have if

you're married it's just that okay she's

married right there's more attention to

be had being engaged it's more fun it's

a better life but once you tie the knot

you're a nobody again and think of it

this way guys being engaged is a

standing offer of a lifetime of

commitment a man has gotten down on his

knee and he has proposed marriage to a

woman so now she already now of course

she'll say she says yes but she doesn't

have to follow through with that

shoutout to Jeremy with the with the $10

donation via via PayPal she doesn't have

to she doesn't have to follow through

with that that's a standing offer she

can choose to accept or deny it at any

time and so can the guy but listen we

all know that men aren't calling off

engagement the engagements these days

women call off the majority of

engagements guys listen man

Rachel Lindsay at this point she is high

on attention and once she gets married

once she walks down the aisle most if

not all of the attention that she is

going to get is going to completely

vanish she's not gonna marry him guys

but Dad have been there living together

that absolutely does not matter

Rachel Lindsay is not

marrying Brian Abba solo you heard it

here first alright enough of the gossip

I'm gonna and again you guys can listen

to my bachelorette breakdown me and my

girlfriend like to watch it and break it

down and guys gonna have that red pill

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I'm gonna put a bow tie

on last night's broadcast no I'm not

gonna talk anymore about what happened

on air the original plan last night was

to give my opening take on my on the

whole Twitter beef between the Redman

group and a read bill groobie then I was

gonna have Rolo come on he was gonna set

the record straight take a few phone

calls and then I was gonna talk about

why red pill women don't really exist

well steps 1 & 2 went according to plan

but we ended up taking calls for almost

two hours and most of that time was

taken up by a blowhard gaslighting white

knight who is not nearly as smart and

clever as he thinks he is

so anyway I'm gonna go ahead and talk

about the reasons there are no such

things as red pill women a little bit

later on so does you definitely want to

stick around

that last season on the brother pill

podcast O'Shea Duke Jackson did a show

with Steve the Dean entitled why black

men are refusing to get married now it

was it was an it was a typical episode

you know talking about black women

etcetera etcetera and listen I mean it

those shows have been done to death but

listen they get ratings and everybody

knows why black men aren't trying to get

married to black women well during that

interview a white girl called into the

show and offered up some advice for

black women and I looked at the counter

and the rating on that show went from

250 viewers instantly went to 600 it was

dude it was fucking epic now the

response after she got to know now

during the interview during her talking

the response from black men was typical

basically niggas Wirth's and shit like

man I need to get me a white girl does

she have a sister and so on and so forth

but more than a few of them said

something to this effect they said well

black women need to listen and learn

from this woman and that's what shows me

that a lot of brothers out there haven't

given up on black women and guys that's

a good thing that's a good thing listen

Minister Jeff I have him on the show I

have him on the show all the time he

talks a lot of shit about black women

but he loves black women and he wants

them to do better he wants them to be

better that's why he's so hard on that's

why he's so hard on them

well I woman have been asking things

like why are black men not marrying us

and why are black men no longer

interested in us but in the same breath

they asked well why are black men dating

white women at an increasing rate then

they say things like well fuck these

niggas for fuckin with white girls

basically talking out of both sides of

their mouths what they fail to do

gentlemen is to put two and two together

now what do I mean by that simple they

want to know why we're not checking for

him anymore and why we're not and why

we're fuckin with white girls more and

more these days but never once never

once have they collectively said to

themselves or each other

all right y'all niggas are leaving us

for white girls and it ain't slowin down

what do white girls have that we don't


can we get it in other words what can we

learn from white girls that can help us

get our men back what can we learn from

white girls that can make black men

attractive to us again well the first

thing you can do is you can go to

donovan sharp comm and you can listen

and watch the episode 12 things women

black women need to do to become

attractive to black men again okay

now we know that listen here's the thing

we all know that that's never gonna

happen right like even if a black woman

had these very thoughts she'd never

admit she would never admit them out

loud so I'm gonna do them all a favor

and I'm gonna talk about just two things

gentlemen and ladies that black women

can learn from white girls that would

help them change the fucking game

two things that would put them miles

ahead of any black woman out there let

me give a shout out to my Mod Squad

heathen deluxe good to see you in here

sharp assists as well freelance Ronan

the TSR og and why Kia 31 good to see

you in here Sammy B says he's 28 20

years old from London thanks for

everything Donovan amen

I do this for y'all I do this for y'all

and I'm being serious I'm being serious

Sammy B says the black girls out here

are ridiculous - Wow Wow Sammy listen

man call into the show I don't know man

I know if we can take London phone calls

if you can find some way to get a hold

of me I would really like to know what

what British black girls are like

because I don't know I mean I mean I've


I've never interacted with with black

girls in Great Britain I don't know I

mean are they gonna fight like yeah

Sammy B man you need to you need to call

in with that if you can or at least or

at least give us a few comments in here

shout-out to my Instagram Facebook and


audiences all right here we go gentlemen

without further ado here are two very

important things that black women can

learn from white girls when it comes to

dating black men number one this one is

simple stop being fucking selfish black

women think it is all about them it's

all about me it's all about what I want

it's all about my needs what can he do

for me how does this make me look

etcetera etcetera

black women what a man to be an

extension of them which if you have red

pill awareness you know that that is a

projection plane and the reason I say

that is because black women yearn to be

the black women urine took the urine to

belong to a man they want to be an

extension of a man they want to be able

to represent a man so they again that's

that projection they think that they

want a man to be an extension of them

not knowing that if they really got that

they wouldn't be attracted to him well

goddamn why am i fucking all these

niggas even why I gotta even though I

got a boyfriend well because you want

your man to be an extension of you at

least that's what the world tells you

and we'll get into that later men don't

want to be extensions of women they want

a woman to be extension of them it is

the natural state of both black women

don't seem to understand that men want

women who are unselfish men of all races

we want men who we want women who are

kind we want women who are giving we

want women who are generous we want

women who are feminist feminist M&S;

jesus fucking christ no feminine oh yeah

I have to block that out black women are

notoriously selfish in all aspects their

mentality is it's it's all about what I

want he has to cater to me he has to

take care of my kids he have what can he

do for me they don't understand that

bringing ass and tits into a

relationship isn't cutting it even

though they're getting fucked and

chucked by niggas all the time then they

wonder why niggas don't stick around

after hit it a few times right like they

again they don't they they don't really

put two and two together well the answer

sweetheart is that you have to bring

more to the table than sex but when it

comes to sex they're even selfish in bed

these bitches are out here steady

bitching about what that nigga better

make me cum or I am sucking his dick

into uh unless he eats this ass fuck his

orgasm these niggas need to satisfy my


so so then they think they can keep a

man around with that they're still takin

more than they give the average white

girl gentlemen and I think this is

pretty obvious is far less selfish in

bed than the average black women yes

there are some selfish ass white girls

out there but the percent but

percentage-wise guys it's not even close

it's not even close

most white girls been

over backwards literally and

figuratively to make sure their men are

taking care of mine I know my girlfriend

does straight-up she does whatever the

fuck I want they put the needs of their

men before their own needs

white girls never ask or white girls

rarely ask what's in it for me okay they

ask what can I do for him to show him I

appreciate him

they're never looking for a man to build

for them they're looking for a man to

build with black women say they want a

man to build with but then they get with

one and then they then they ask

themselves a why is this why isn't this

nigga further along in life if he can't

do shit for me I'm out white girls don't

have that bullshit mentality man white

girls are extremely generous extremely

kind guys listen they will give you the

shirt off their backs for the right men

you can't just be anybody he'll give you

the shirt off their backs for the right

man you can't listen you can't just be

listening you can't be a bum ass nigga

out here running the streets with no job

and eight kids and expect a white girl

to treat you well not gonna happen not

gonna happen not letting her hold on now

she may use you for some dick but that's

about it but if you're the right man if

you've got that game and-and-and if

you've got that game if you can keep her

in line if she sees that you were going

places white girls will give you the

world and not expect that goddamn thing

and return but your time and attention

which is really what they want in the

first place black women want everything

you got and more and even then they

still bitch and complain about what you

ain't giving them being unselfish is one

of the most attractive qualities a

female can have black women would do

well to emulate white girls in that


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here alright alright very nice very very

nice 9 1 4 2 o 5 5 3 5 6 9

1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the number to call

if you want to get on the show

share your thoughts let me hit the chats

here see what's going on in the towers

freelance run and said he saw that

episode yeah it was dude dude dude it

was dude when she called in it was

unbelievable she's like yeah you know

she's like I'm a white woman and I date

a black man and I've got some advice for

her for black women out there and dude

Steve the deans face is like oh shit was

funny as hell man bunny Zell so Sammy B

says that black women in London are

obsessed with these strong women and are

super masculine goddamn so I guess I

guess they're fallen victim to guess

they are to freelance run it says 99% of

black women bring nothing to a

relationship but bastard kids bad credit

go for spending at a vagina very few of

them Kennedy this nigga said bastard

kids bad credit overspending in a pussy

Wow but it's true

it's true man sharpest is says you

forgot attitude no am i good and why Kia

31 says black women are extremely

short-sighted also they give up the ass

to Jafar

oh my gosh well I guess see if I could

pronounce this they'll give up the ass

to Jafar Quan tree from the hood and

ignore the guy in law school and then

wonder why they date other races once

they're established JibJab are Quan tree

you know it's funny I remember on O'Shay

show he had a contest to see who could

come up with the absolute most ghetto

funny names

yo debt I swear to God that was the

funniest shit ever the foot I'll never

forget the funniest one that I heard

this guy wrote in oxycontin Misha

oxycontin Asia was unbelievable some

creative some creative ass niggas in

that one that was unbelievable let's

move to the second thing that black

women could learn from white girls when

it comes to dating black men and this is

gonna this is a little trigger some

bitches it's gonna trigger some bitches


to him that's right sisters be

submissive just let that sit for a

little while cuz I know you guys are

cool isn't honey guys our pearl

clutching I knew you guys oh oh my god I

know doesn't make it just ain't telling

me I got to submit yeah that's exactly

what I'm telling you listen man well I

couldn't believe it is their birth word

birthright to be the head of the

household the moniker of strong black

woman has been mischaracterized and

bastardized by people like Tyler Perry

Oprah Winfrey iyanla Vanzant and Steve

listen I love Steve Harley Harvey

that nigga's not doing black women any

favors man we got niggas out here like

Derrick Jackson doing the same thing

these people are mischaracterizing a

strong black woman who is the head of

household makes all the decisions runs

the relationship and I'm not looking at

that chat because y'all are already Cl

are already welling out over there I'm

not looking at the jet I'm up to look at

that later cuz y'all I'm not doing it

I'm not doing it anyway I talk about the

definition of female strength a few a

few episodes you can I forget which

episode of would you guys come check him

out on donovan sharp calm but females

string at the end of the day guys is

very different from male strength you

want you want to know who a strong black

woman was Coretta the Coretta Scott King

right the wife of the late dr. Martin

Luther King jr. you know who else was a

strong black woman

Myrlie Evers the wife of the late civil

rights civil rights leader Medgar Evers

she was a strong black woman Angela on

why did I get married and why did I get

married to wasn't a strong black woman

we all remember those movies this woman

literally bitched and complained and did

her level best to be as insufferable as

humanly possible and instead a divorce

in her ass like her husband should have

he gave her yet more attention more

commitment she was a fucking headache

she want a strong black woman yawn

lavon's and ladies and gentlemen is not

a strong black woman

she's a pissed-off female who passes

herself off as this sage with with

infinitely with infinitely more

knowledge with relationship and Zen

right like you see how calm she tries to

be dude you can see you can see the

storm boiling just below the surface

with the Yama

fuck that bitch I fucking hate her Aeon

lavance and who talked it all quiet like

she's some sort of now bitch

you sweetheart you're just as mad as the

rest of them fuck out of here at that

nonsense the strong black woman that is

petal to the black community is one of

the main reasons that black women are so


about what men want and needed a woman

which leads directly to the S word that

black women are absolutely allergic to

that's submissive black woman would

rather walk across hot coals and lay in

a bed of nails than submit to a man but

here's the thing the reason they don't

want to be submissive is because their

definition of submissive is completely

wrong they have no idea what the word

submissive is see to a black woman the

word submissive means walking around the

house with a black eye with her head

down afraid to make eye contact with her

husband as she timidly hands him his

plate of food they take the literal

definition of sexual submission and they

apply every element of that dynamic

directly to every element of a

relationship and that is intellectually

dishonest guys they know damn well that

submitting to a man doesn't doesn't mean

allowing him to put a ball and chain on

her so she doesn't leave the house but

they give credit to this definition

because they have no interest in

relinquish any power they want all the

power they want all the accolades and

all the credit with comes that being the

leader so when someone says you have to

be submissive they say oh hell no I

ain't gonna submit to no man this is

just being lazy guys surrendering to a

man isn't difficult at all but for black

women it's a blow to their egos they

think that they're so strong and so

independent that to them submitting to a

man is a mark against him they ask you

to the girl why you submit him like that

you're a strong black woman

being submissive to a man simply means

putting his needs before your own that

doesn't mean to collect yourself

it just means you think of him first and

foremost you think about how your

actions were effective you think about

how your words affect him does this help

him or hurt him being submissive means

doing what the fuck you are told to do

and in order to do that you've got to

put your trust in your man like when I

don't want to take orders from anyone

they want to be told what to do

inframan says look sweetheart you really

should put half of your bonus in a

savings account

she says nigga you can't tell me what to

do never mind he's looking out for her

best interests

never mind that men are better with

money than women all she sees is a man

trying to tell her what to do with her

money I don't need to submit to him I

don't need to listen to him I'm a strong

black woman being submissive means

allowing him to make all of the

decisions where you're eating tonight

what you're cooking for dinner what

you're wearing on the date how much

money gets put in one mutual fund or

savings account how to handle your kid

having trouble in school etc etc being

submissive means putting your trust in a

man and allowing him to be a man I can

hear all you black women out there

saying well if a man was we're

submitting to we submit there aren't

many black there are many black women

weren't being somewhat men weren't being

submissive too so why should we and to

that I would say I would simply say this

there are plenty of men out there worth

submitting to but they're not finding

you you want to know why they're not

finding y'all because masculine men who

are worth submitting to aren't attracted

to women who act like men that's why you

want to know where all the good niggas

are there with the women who aren't

selfish there with the women who don't

feel entitled to them just because they

share the same skin tone there with the

women who trust and submit to them

listen these women attracted these men

by being feminine by being behind by

being selfless by showing them that they

understand the difference between being

a strong woman and a fucking headache

y'all are out here steady bitching about

how niggas ain't shit and that there are

no good men out there without realizing

that your own culture and personality

repels good men black men ain't trying

to get with bitches

handle or tolerate you can't handle a

blast on black women no I don't want to

fucking tolerate you listen you can

handle it you can handle a bratty kid

that doesn't mean you want to we want

women who are easy to get along with we

don't we want women who are non

combative we want women who understand

the real definition of being submitted

submissive women who don't make our

lives fucking hard and unfortunately for

black women a higher percentage of white

girls embody these qualities than a

higher percentage of black of white

women embody these qualities at a much

higher rate than black women that's just

all there is to it

black men understand that women aren't

perfect and that they take work we get

it we understand that women and

relationships don't come without their

challenges but black women seem intent

on purposely making themselves as

difficult as possible to be with in

order to make sure he can handle me

listen and white girls are every bit as

slutty bitchy and high pergamus is black

women guys listen white girls fuck over

men all the time - I've been fucked over

by more than a few white girls you

kidding me they are far from perfect

little angels you can believe that but

the difference is is that at least at

least when a white girl fucks you over

we get something out of the deal we get

at least get regular sex at least we get

our dick sucked at least we get blowjobs

femininity we get spoiled we don't get

looked at as ATM machines yes it sucks

getting fucked over by any woman but at

least white girls give us something in


black women fuck us over and when we

look back and think to ourselves we

think man all that bitch all that bitch

did was complain spend my money and gave

me more headaches and gave me more

headaches than blowjobs okay that with

white girls we say yeah you know what

that slut fucked me over but she stuck

to me in cock you know she brought me a

few dress shirts and she never got out

of pocket and she was submissive those

are the two things that black women

could learn from white girls 9 1 4 2 O 5

5 3 5 6 9 1 4 2 0 5 5 3 5 6 is the

number to call if you want to get in on

the show oh jesus fucking

Christ URI all right I'm looking at the

chat now guys damn crunch for to what he

says absentee was my favorite oh my god

yeah I thought I told you that story

about how I used to work for that for

that company that looked after kids on

Medicaid and kids on Medicaid man listen

they got them hood ass mamas ABCDE I

said how do you pronounce the name she

said absentee oh my god

was unbelievable freelance Ronan says

lilo Shan Tanisha shit Tanisha fuck

sweets insane oh wait senator okay oh

okay okay so so swayed sensei says the

security that Alice wasn't trying to let

him in sorry about that sorry about that

let's go down there and you know tell

Hugo and Emmett to ease up on my man

swayed senator good to have you in here

freelance rodent says Iyanla tries to

play that Shaolin monk persona but that

bitch is as angry as a disturb hornet's

nest man you are not lying dude I'm

telling you what man

the anger dude you can see the anger in

a Yanis face man

oh my god you can just new you can tell

that woman will fucking rip the bitch's

head off she tries to play this calm Zen

like uh nah nah that bitch's nah calm

that bitch cries herself to sleep every

night just like every other black woman

my Kia 31 says because they think the

patriarchy is horrible yeah how's that

working out for him right

XANA toes clutch is in the house

good to see you in here man he says the

problem is that they don't know how to

submit it's like they are unwilling to

submit black women know how to submit to

non black men and to a certain extent

thugs right right that's because slut

best because thugs make them submit so

the reason they submit the thugs because

thugs are steady beating their ass they

can't get enough of that shit welcome

Fred in the house he says I I hear that

quote black men aren't worth submitting

to all that's it Yeah right whatever man

like hear that shit all the time

and why Kia suspense are handled right

right right

so wait senator says black women are

more of a liability than an asset

unbelievable man unbelievable dude

you're absolutely right freelance says a

lot of thugs are huge simps ummm like

like they'll stand up to their homeboys

rent to go take care of business but

when it comes to women

now they'll listen not at all you know

women are their weakness when are their

weakness Fred says black women would

hear this advice and call it bashing I

don't give a fuck what they call it they

can go fuck themselves this is on

Donovan sharp calm you can't can't tell

can't tattle on this fuck y'all

9 1 4 2 0 5 5 3 5 6 is the number to

call as promised I'm gonna go ahead and

get to the second half of last night's

show now like I said Rollo Tomassi and I

did a show yesterday it was entitled red

pill women do not exist now here's the

thing guys there is no such thing as a

red pill woman the only time a woman can

truly be red pill is when she is being

led by a red pill aware male not a man

who says he's red pill a red pill aware

man male my woman is red pill but as

soon as I decide to let her go she's no

longer red pill why because when a woman

is not under the control of a man who

has red pill awareness and practices red

pill awareness she's gonna destroy

herself women are self-destructive by

nature when left to their own devices

they are self-destructive this is why

women have to belong to men when women

are given any measure of control over

themselves or the sexual market this is

what you get we get abortions we get

women fucking more than one guy in a

24-hour period shit like that these red

pill women they want in on the boys club

and I point out to the you know I talked

about this a while back there's a reddit

out there called the red pill women

women's subreddit

and they have literally tried to copy

everything we done over here over here

at the red bill right they have this

they had this well don't listen to that

don't listen to what he says watch what

he does because that's what we say we

say all the time don't what don't listen

to what she says watch what she does no

sweetheart listen to what we say we're

we're men were literal we're literal we

mean what we say and we say what we mean

I mean honestly it's it isn't it's a

joke over there they endorse threesomes

then they reject Rhett to actually

reject red pill advice like dude my

girlfriend used to go do my girlfriend's

got in two or three accounts ban because

she drops flat-out red pill truth that

they don't want to hear the truth she'll

say well listen if you want your man to

trust you you need to let him have you

need to let him do to give him access to

your phone nope

34 thumbs down and she's like well wait

a minute why all the hate if you want

your man to trust you you're gonna have

to give him some level of transparency

what I do on my phone is my business

yeah so much for the red pill

dude she goes over there and talks about

all you know talks about transparency

giving up all autonomy allowing man

allowing the man to make all the

decisions all of that is met with

resistance over there see women want to

be labeled red pill without actually

having to be red pill living the red

pill life guys is difficult for both men

and women but it's for the best

listen nothing worth doing is ever gonna

be easy we know that like ever and like

everything women always want the credit

without the work they want to be thin

without going to the gym they want to be

rich without working for it they want to

be hot without putting in the work they

want to be leaders without actually

leading they want to be strong and

independent without actually being

strong and independent they want all the

accolades without what it takes to get

there it's like a woman who wants trust

right I'll go back to the trusting so so

it's like a woman who wants to trust of

her boyfriend she won't let her

boyfriend see her phone she keeps her

phone log she doesn't check in when she

gets to work or school or whatever she

she's friends with her ex on Facebook

she's all over social media then they

asked well why doesn't he trust me well

you're not doing anything that's trust


sweetheart okay you know what a real red

pill woman is a real red pulpit there's

actually two kinds of real there's two

kinds of real red pill women right

online a true red pill woman is to be

heard and not seen in public a real red

pill woman is to be seen and not heard

if you are a woman who associates with

red pill men online and they know what

you look like you're not a red pill

woman sorry

no sorry and I'm not gonna mention her

name again but that's that red pill

groupie there was another red pill

groupie out there who was actually a mod

for married red pill women or red bull


she was a mod on red pill wives and she

sending me pictures asking if asking if

another red pill guy of mine knew who I

was because she wanted to know she could

trust me this woman was supposed to be

married my if you know the interesting

thing is is my girlfriend actually

called this woman out and they banned

her for saying such things then I was on

the red man group I don't know maybe two

months ago and it just happened to come

up red pill women right I said yes

there was a one red pill woman who used

to be a moderator and this and that the

other and I said her name on the air

Ryan stone himself said oh yeah I

remember her and I'm like whoa you too

and then there was and then there was

somebody and then there were two other

confirmed there were two other confirmed

red pill guys who had gotten pictures

from this woman that's a red pill

groupie my girlfriend sent the

moderators a clip of that video because

I mentioned the girl's name guess what

they still didn't unbanned her account

they said well that's the past this is

an accusation the truth is staring them

right in the face and they still won't

acknowledge it just like red pill truth

red pill there's no such thing as a red

pill woman because they don't really

want to live that red pill life they

want to be associated with red pill guys

because we're the top five percenters we

don't we don't take their shit we don't

lick their ass and pretend to like to

taste we don't do that stuff you don't

worship women now here's the thing this

isn't to say that women who fashioned

themselves as red pill aware don't have

anything to offer I'll give you guys a

couple of

apples on Twitter at red pill chick on

Twitter she seems to be the real deal

okay also at real red pill woman seems

to be the real deal here's a here's

another few websites websites like judgy

bitch now we know what judgy bitch looks

like but I'll give her sort of a half

but I don't like the fact that we know

what she looks like but she really holds

women's feet to the fire she listen go

to judgey bitch calm or whatever her

website is dude this chick is hard

fucking core her slogan is is the the

radical notion that women are adults

hates feminism she calls one out all the

time to guess what she's not a red pill

groupie she does what she has to do and

gets the fuck out notes from a red pill

girl Google that that's another legit

red pill woman's website dude nobody

knows what this girl looks like or where

she came from she just drops right and

guys listen I've done extensive research

like read this stuff all the time dude

my girlfriend reads notes from a red

pill girl she reads judgy bitch calm

like we like she says hey check out this

article like yeah this is actually some

real shit now there are girls out there

who think that they are red pill and

they have these little red pill that you

know they have a different little red

pill website so no no that that's not

red pill sweetheart no no just because

you say you're red pill just because you

say like again this red pill groupie

calls herself a dating she fashions

herself a dating and relationship expert

but she's a single mom and doesn't have

a man so how are you out here telling

women about what men like and you don't

have a man and they want to get on me

for calling you an attention whore let's

get the fuck out of here real red pill

woman calm that's another one now see at

red pill chick I don't know what her

website is um notes from a red pill see

at red pill chick I know she does she's

on Twitter I don't know she has a

website judgey bitch is on Twitter but

she's not active notes from a red pill

girl is not on Twitter but you can go to

her website real red pill woman dot-com

is a website and I know she's on Twitter

I don't follow her because I do it I

just don't follow red pill women but

yeah real red pill woman calm actually I

mean look now this website actually it's

not been around for too long she's I

don't know she's got

got about a dozen articles up here but

again she drops real red pill shit these

women give hard advice man they let

women know no it's not all about you yes

you have to give him access to your

phone yes you have to tell him where the

fuck you are what the fuck you're doing

and who the fuck you're doing it with

they're not here for this they're not

here for the nonsense well tell me yes

oh well is this a no you don't have to

but you don't have to commit to you

either these women drop real red pill

knowledge now these women are few and

far between but they are out there but

at the end of the day guys there are no

red pill women only red pill groupies

red pill women most red pill women out

here or feminists in disguise like they

say that their red pill okay but they're

not they're just feminists in disguise

because when you pull their card and you

actually put there when you actually

when you actually put the screws to them

tighten the screws there feminist

tendencies come out oh my girlfriend oh

that's right you know what at red pill

chick does have a website um let me see

what is it red oh it's called red pill

chick wordpress.com yeah red pill

checked-out wordpress.com and I'm not

making this one giant I'm not making

this oh yeah you listen red paw at red

pill chick was the one who wrote the

article about female Sol obsessive role

of versus kitten she dropped that she

dropped the hammer on her so um in

listen I mean listen hey I'll tell you

what guys I tell you what men it's like

as a man you can't tell your woman hey

you need to visit red pill calm you need

to go to the red no no no women women

women can't read the stuff on the red

pill they that's never a good idea but

tell him to go tell him to you know give

him give him the website judgy bitch you

want your woman to improve you want to

honor are no way to improve it judgy

bitch calm okay

real red pill woman calm red pill chick

wordpress.com okay notes from a red pill

girl those are those are and again these

are Donovan sharp endorsed dunno

paying me listen I don't know any of

these chicks right like I'm like new no

I've never met any of these chicks these

chicks aren't sucking my dick I don't

give a fuck right now the red pill and

listen I'm not I'm not gonna get into

that Dee I'm just gonna say that the red

pill groupie that I was talking about

yesterday yeah yeah she may have um yeah

they call him groupies for a reason I'll

just I'll just leave it at that there

was some odd behavior by people I didn't

expect the odd behavior from and it was

brought to my attention that that may

have been a situation that didn't

surprise me but the point is is I don't

know any of these women these are just

websites that I happen to stumble on I

see him on Twitter oh wow okay and dude

more often than not guys these red pill

women are full of shit let's go check

out my red pill women website yeah

there's just the same old drivel but

every once in a while you come across a

few websites um dude I've discovered

these websites last four or five years

I've known about judgy bitch for what

three four years you know red pill chick

dot WordPress com I just found out about

that today real red pill woman I was

aware of that a couple weeks ago tell

you we're gonna go check that out man so

know that so no there at the end like I

said the longer the shorter that guy's

is that there are no red bull women

that's just all there is doing okay

swayed senators says that show was

classic watch the clip

yeah Jose was something else man he was

he was something else that listen that

guy's nothing but a troll

he's just man so yeah you and your 40

viewers yeah on my own website platform

dude like you you don't get it fucking


so wait senator says if you have an

Instagram you aren't a red pill woman no

social media fuck yes

fuck yes and why Kia says a single mom

giving relationship advice wait I just

lost that oh he says a single mom giving

a relationship advice that's hilarious

red Jedi one good to see you in here

sharp assist says here's a tell when you

pull their card they block you

right this red-billed groupie she

blocked me finally finally blocked me it

was funny because I actually put a

during during that episode when I

roasted this red pill groupie because

she tried to come on to the show and I

was rude to her

I had him give a fuck don't have been

you were unprofessional yes I was you

were rude to her yes it was you didn't

have reason to listen man doesn't matter

what you thought I don't give a fuck I

was rude route I'll do it again you guys

were both foot no we're about fucking

fairness we're about common fucking

sense the bitch came on trying to be an

attention whore and I treated her as

such like a whore

give us what give us the dribble Lulu

and I get the fuck out that was all

there was to it but yeah she she she

finally blocked me I don't know where I

don't know where I was going with that

but but um oh yes the burger so direct

toward the end of that episode my girl

brings me in a keto cheeseburger right

doing what a woman supposed to do I'm

like hey look guys this is what you know

right you know real red pill woman is

supposed to do

well this fucking red this fuckin

groupie tries to make fun of me she

tried to make fun of the fact that my

woman brought me a cheeseburger keto

cheeseburger she says is this guy really

red pill or cheeseburger

I said no sweetheart it was a keto

cheeseburger made by my woman she

commented hahaha I'm on your mind more

than your quote girlfriend I'm occupying

all that space and then I replied

totally with a picture of me and my

girlfriend didn't hear anything from her

sense yeah that's right gentlemen yeah

that's right she said holy shit ton of

his girlfriend is hot I just made him

his make-believe I just made fun of his

make-believe girlfriend holy shit her

tits are bigger than mine but she's

thinner than me how is that fucking

bitch and then and then Jose wants to

come on talking about yeah because

kitten is fitter than your girl my god

Oh what an oh my god dude

oh yeah anyway I'm done with that I'm

done with all that nonsense doing all

that nonsense

Captain Crunch 420 says she was on the

red pill movie and I'm not sure who

you're talking about there the honey


who the honey badger is i me there's

only one honey badgers are there they

know that's Tyrann Mathieu free safety

for the Houston Texans not really sure

who the honey badger is but Captain

Crunch 420 says she's more of an MRA and

talks about how unfair the courts have

been damn it okay

all right well red Jedi says I need to

start a red pill I need this I need to

start a red pill here in Alabama a lot

of brothers are getting screwed without

wd-40 right Johnny that's a bad idea my

friend the first rule of the red pill

you don't talk about the red pill and

listen listen I know your hearts in the

right place man and your when when you

take when you take the red pill man you

um how can I put this and you see men

going through what they're going through

and you want to tell them look go to

donovan sharp calm go to the rational

male calm right like you want to tell

them hey this is what the red pill is

all about dude it never works to it

never ever goes well men the only time

men take and digest the red pill is when

they seek it out and unfortunately for

them it comes it comes from a tragic

situation they either got cheated on or

they're tight or not being laid some

sort listen men don't find the red pill

if they're fucking three different girls

right and the red pill is not all about

getting laid but but that's what we all

come here for right like we come here

because we're they're not getting laid

or we want to know how to get our

girlfriend back and then we find out

what the truth is then when you actually

start living the red pill life we figure

it out well holy shit living the red

pill life is not all about chase an

asshole the time it's all it's not all

about chasing pussy all the time you

figure out after a while after really

seeing sin that having access to

beautiful women at all times is merely a

side effect of the red pill life but of

course you know outsiders would have you


oh that you know they want to exploit

women and yes we want to exploit women

women are sluts and we are absolutely

going we are absolutely going to exploit

that but the red pill is not all about

women it's just not women would like to

that it's all about women and yes listen

most of my content is is is is female

centric how to pick up women how to fuck

them how to not get got how to how to

how to get in and out of the pussy

without getting your pound of flesh

taken and the reason why most of our

material is like that is dude we're

trying to get guys in man like a lot of

this stuff has to be red pill 101 so yes

women is if women is what brings us to

the red pill community most of the time

but after a while you figure out women

aren't really as important as we once

thought listen up now listen I'll be the

first to tell you dude my girlfriend

elevates my life men okay

I am listen I absolutely adore her we've

been together we've been talking for two

years I spent a good year-and-a-half

training her I put a lot of work and a

lot of time and a lot of resources into

her you can believe that but if for

whatever reason we were to break up I'm

not gonna sit here and tell you that it

wouldn't hurt not gonna sit here and

tell you that it wouldn't be a bummer

but guess what I'll be I like I'm not

I'm not worried about that one way or

the other

I don't know why I'm not live anymore

well there I am there I am all right

sorry about that guys I froze up a

little bit but yeah so I'm so again a

lot of people want to say well you think

women are useless no women are very very

useful women have women have very unique

ways of elevating the quality of a man's

life but guess what guys they are not as

essential to our lives as we once

thought they were and if my girl were to

just decide you know what Donovan

that's it your dick is too small I don't

like the I don't like the way you look

your nose is crooked I am cool she goes

it would be a bummer but guess what I'll

be I I know that much Miami J says I'm

gonna disagree there are red pill women

they're called grandmas I mean 85 year

old senile grandma not 45 year old

smoking Newports at a bar well the kids

she had at 16 it's watching your third

kids oh my god yes yes there are red

pill women in the world and they are

very very old people very old people yes

old women are old women are absolutely

absolutely 100 percent red pill you can

believe that

Miami Jay may get a late appearance good

to see you in here he was he was

actually on Instagram a little earlier

great show tonight guys

it is almost 8 o'clock which means it is

almost Bachelorette time my girl and I

why we we like to watch The Bachelorette

we are both extremely red pill aware and

so she kept she kept telling me she's

like dude you need to do episodes on The

Bachelorette you need to break this

stuff down there's another show that she

introduced me listen my girlfriend's a

white girl she introduced me to the show

insecure like she says though there's a

show i watch insecure you love it all

right can't get enough of it red pill

toe dude red pill connotations

everywhere so tonight is bachelorette

night and tomorrow between the hours of

11:00 and 12:00 noon I'll be releasing

might breakdown of tonight's

Bachelorette episode so you definitely

do not want to miss that that's gonna do

it for this edition of TS or prime time

shout out to the Mod Squad my thanks to

you guys for watching tune in tomorrow

at 7 o'clock Eastern Time I will have

modern life dating on to the show thanks

for listening guys I'll see you tomorrow


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