20 bad habits women have that sabotage their relationships (Episode 404)

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you do not have to trust her to love her

that is amen

female haters want to fuck me repeat

after me flush your condoms and male

haters one at feet it's that simple

wait a minute you actually thought you

were the only guy she was fucking love

from Philadelphia your man

Donovan Shaw what's up guys it's your

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the conversation alright guys let's get

to it throughout life we all learn

lessons for many many different things

we learned the way the world works

mainly through trial and error if we

fail a test at school what do we do we

study for the next one to make sure that

we don't fail if we get our ass kicked

we learn to fight so we can kick their

ass or at least not get our ass kicked


if you fail at one business you take the

lessons learned and you apply to your

you apply it to your new business you

guys get the idea for reasons known only

to the creator himself one of the few

exceptions to the rule at least as far

as people who are smart enough to make

adjustments in every other part of their

lives is Russian ships for whatever

reason gentlemen we don't adjust our

habits and characteristics to ensure

that we don't get the same outcome which

of course is the sticky end of a

relationship and by the way I don't

really it really gets on my nerves when

people say well the definition of

insanity is doing the same thing again

and again and expecting the same result

I haven't looked this up but my guess is

that that's not really the definition of

insanity right my guess is that that was

probably made up by some top guy at the

top of a of a pyramid scheme trying to

hawk you some sort of a product sell the

licenses we all know about pyramid

schemes anyway I digress as far as men

go we have the manosphere fortunately -

to help us to make the changes necessary

to reduce the odds of getting burned by

females whether it's getting cheated on

sperm jack divorce rape cuckolded

eternity fraud any of it or any other

number of ways that women can get over

on us and of course subsequently ruin

our lives that is what this and many

other shows like it are predicated or

predicated upon women on the other hand

have no interest in changing their

habits their circumstances or their

characteristics to ensure that they can

secure a relationship of consequence

with a man of value listen any woman out

there can get into a short-term

relationship with an ancient nigga right

and ain't shit dude so I can get a

relationship anytime I want yeah I'm

sure that's I'm sure you can but you

cannot get into a relationship of

consequence that lasts with a man of

value and it's because of their habits

now the reason that women don't make

these adjustments is simple they don't

think they have to females do such a

good job convincing that sell that's

convincing themselves that every breakup

was the guy's fault okay and because of

that they rarely make the changes

necessary to clean up their act

um you know okay sure I cheated on him

but it's totally his fault that he spied

on me or he hired a private investigator

it's totally his fault

well you know he's just yelling and you

know he's just jealous and insecure no

bitch you spent the night at your ex's


you're always staying after hours with

Kevin and sales nobody's buying that

okay but what women don't realize is

that they have habits that they bring

into every relationship that essentially

ends the relationship before it begins

now the reason for that is that they

don't have a clue because these habits

are all packaged as good or healthy or

in the woman's best interest so they

really never they never really see the

need to change until they're on old

maybe 35 and they all of a sudden

realize that sport fucking their way

through their 20s may not have been the

best idea if they wanted to be in a good

relationship with a man that they

respect and love well tonight

uncle Donovan is going to give you guys

20 bad habits that all women have that

sabotage their relationships before they

begin that's right

all women listen women all have the same

bad habits in this day and age a few of

them figure it out a little bit sooner

than others but by and large all women

have the same bad habits will Donovan

not all yes mother fucker off you want a

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speaking of Chet let us see who we have

got in the house you guys are lively

today already he'll fighter Pop's the

cherry Thaddeus Scott gets sloppy

seconds unfortunately for him there we

go Rob Cruz gets to fuck her in the ass

BK from the Rockies gets the finish on

her face ryan sullivan thinks he gets to

finish on her face but he's the guy that

has to hold the camera there we go is

that oh well that's that's wait that's

that that's that's way too loud okay I

don't have to speak too loudly to uh to

get my point across I'm gonna give

myself a headache yep um I was a little

bit ill over the last couple of days I

got hit with a stomach bug it actually

hit me on Super Bowl Sunday and it

double it cleared up for it cleared up

at half time so I was good to go

after the I was I was good to go for the

third and fourth quarter of Super Bowl

53 unfortunately it came right back and

then I ended up in the hospital

the very next night but everything is

good I spent the night at the hospital

I'm good everything's good I'm on an

ante I'm on an antibiotic alright let's

see who else we've got in the house here

oak town's finest good to see you in

here lion sin is in the house Rob Cruz

Lorenzo Davis is in here still talking

shit it's still the Rams house

Lorenzo bruh I got to time y'all for now

bro I'm yeah I got twitching timeout

listen dude you don't get to listen man

listen listen your rams got to the

Superbowl right credit enough but bruh

your team lost man like and listen

there's no shame and losing in the

Superbowl but you can't then come in and

talk shit about it's still the Rams

house no no no no it's not the Rams

house the house belongs to Brady dude

come on man

get any of that sweet senator likes the

song Ryan Sullivan says opinions on the

State of the Union not gonna do it guys

I'm not a political guy I'm not gonna

talk politics

I'm gonna watch it but I'm not I'm not

gonna give my views on politics that's

not what this is yeah listen listen I'm

telling you guys right now can the

political talk can the political talk I

am NOT here listen I'll talk about

politics when I want to talk about

politics but I don't really like to talk

about politics because I don't really

know that much about politics if you

want the political talk listen I'm more

than happy to have my mej on he knows

more about politics that he's forgotten

more about politics than I'll ever know

but this is about 20 bad habits women

have women bring to the table that

sabotage their relationships and

politics has absolutely positively

nothing to do with that as far as I'm

concerned I don't give a shit I want to

hear about that I don't want to hear

what's going on in Venezuela I know

that's very close to Miami J don't want

to hear that don't want to hear about

Trump I don't want to hear about the

State of the Union address

I'm gonna be watching I don't know if I

missed it I'll be watching it or I'll

catch it on the on the flip

I'm not gonna not not not not talk about

that not doing it Fernando Trejo is a

newcomer says if you like defense Super

Bowl was a good one yeah absolutely

Rob Cruz has made a good book to read

well here wondering if Donovan's doing

the audible version no no not gonna do

album audible version this time maybe I

don't know we'll see uber guy says I

need to call in today 911 for two of

five five three five six my men give me

a call I'll put you right through hey

guys want to be like uber guy call in

nine one four two oh five five three

five six chase rubadoux was in the house

Thaddeus Scott is in the house as well

need to straighten up my posture here

got some neck issues going on might be

the beginnings of a migraine headache

wizard praying is in the house greetings

mortals yes no sound no sound yes I got

it yes the mime okay got it

that was good yeah that was off I was

off for about I don't know what ten or

twelve seconds before I realized it

Brandon store ball in the house

Hispanic Chris obviously just now

getting the memo not gonna talk politics

don't give a shit

seriously mods listen mods if anybody

talks about politics time them out I'm

not having that no I'm not gonna turn

this into I'm not gonna turn this into a

political show that's not my lane oh

there we go Kyle Mitchell says the

definition of insanity when your

behavior is not congruent with your

environment well that could that could

describe pretty much every woman out

there right shoutout to HS Lee 169 with

the $5 contribution appreciate that

shoutout to Modern Life dating who wants

me to get him some porn mags no ie

all right let's see here modern life

dating says may the great Alpha Chad in

the sky bless you all

excellent excellent oh you guys are oh

wow okay whoa wait a minute wait a

minute Wow okay it's weird because my my

my comments will refresh and I think I'm

almost at the end and then BOOM

here they come Kyle Mitchell says want

some bad advice ask a woman for

relationship advice


Armando Moreno says Lorenzo you're a


yes Lorenzo you are a moron you can't be

in here to Hillerman's are just one of

those he's one of those clueless fans Oh

still the Rams house okay absolutely

hmm JTC ex is in here trying to do his

his or her best ETF 42 impressions

that's nagging mmm making ultimatums ah

we'll see red beasts has been a while

Donovan what's good yeah man

stomach is good everything is good mmm

Fresno State appreciates the fact that

I'm keeping it about the sluts up in

here yeah I mean again you know like I

said man I don't mind talking about

politics but I'm that that's not really

my lane

not really good at that not really good

at that okay let's get started here

gentlemen 20 habits that women have that

sabotage their relationships before they

begin number one they try to fix or

change you women do this without even

thinking about it

it starts with Donovan I wish you'd trim

your beard then it escalates - you look

so much better

clean-shaven one thing leads to another

and before you know it you are a

completely different person than you

were when you met her and guess what

that's the reason she'll end up

believing you and she'll say it's

because you're not the same person I met

no shit if you think to yourself but I

did everything you asked which is

true but women are designed to try to

change men okay

they don't really want you to change

even though they're convinced that they

do women might not know what they want

but they know what they don't okay and

what they don't want is a man who

follows orders and changes who he is on

a woman's whims women don't understand

that if a man makes the changes that she

nags him about all the time he's gonna

become something she despises she

doesn't realize it at the time but one

day it'll hit her when a dude who is

just like you actually when a dude who's

just like you used to be hits on her and

starts fucking her when a woman asks you

to change something about yourself

it is a shit test and she doesn't even

know it she doesn't want you to change

she wants you to stay who you are and by

doing so you will keep her respect and

attraction number two they comfort test

too much a lot of women will do

something that we like to call comfort

testing and they do it and if they do in

a couple of different ways the first way

is a test of masculinity they want to

feel safe with you a second way is to

make sure that you're not going anywhere

and that is where they fuck things up

now here's the thing you're supposed to

keep your woman in a mild state of

insecurity at all times because it keeps

her on her toes and prevents her from

you know really taking you or your

relationship for granted but every so

often you will find a woman who lives in

a constant state of insecurity so their

comfort testing their men all the time

they'll say things like hey let's go to

Hawaii next year sometimes they take the

more direct approach and just

straight-up ask you hey are we okay are

we solid the the kinds of women that do

this all the time

okay that shit wears very very thin on

their boyfriends and unless she's a 9 or

a 10 who's worth more to him than the

way she looks he's gone that's all there

is to it number three this is a good one

and they try to act like they don't need

you or that the future is in doubt if

we're still together this is the

opposite of number two okay and the

reason they do it doesn't matter we

don't give a fuck why they do it it's

unattractive and try hard we don't care

the way this works is that a guy will

say something to a girl okay and the

girl will respond with something like

well if we're still together that'd be

great or they'll start a conversation or

those start a conversation like if we're

still together it would be fun to do XY

and Z now this is obviously a

transparent ploy at least two men who

have red pill awareness it's a

transparent ploy that women use to try

to flip the script on men they want us

to think they want us to think that

they're thinking about leaving or that

they're not thinking about a future with

us or a future with them or us but red

pill aware men we see right through this

bullshit okay because we know that if

she were thinking about leaving at or

not thinking about a future with us she

sure as shit not gonna tell us right

listen women that do this are trying to

be unpredictable and unattainable and

unfortunately for them okay men aren't

attracted to unpredictable women who

play games by trying to give them the

impression that she's thinking about

walking out on it so at anytime okay

listen it works for men women like that

kind of they like that kind of gameplay

they like they like the fact that a man

is unpredictable unattainable she's not

sure where this is headed not the same

for men men like us red pill aware men

five percenters we commit to women who

are predictable and in it for the long

haul and are not afraid to admit it out

loud the game players the game player

the the women out there they get fuckin

shocked we don't have time for that

number four this one's pretty obvious

but I think I need to mention it anyway

they get fat gentlemen women know damn

well that men lose attraction to them

when they get fat we know this but but

once again the world tells them that a

real man would love them unconditionally

so they get fat and they stop take care

of taking care of themselves wet well

guess what happens when that happens men


options are gonna find another option

which means women who are actually in

shape ladies don't get fat number five

this is a big one they get comfortable

and they stop doing the little things

this is kind of sort of a continuation

of number four but most actually most

girls take this a step further and they

stop trying in every aspect they stop

trying to be kind they stop trying to be

generous they let their manner slip by

burping out loud or scratching

themselves in front of you sitting like

a man or saying better not go in there

for a while after taking a steamy shit

basically abandoning looking acting or

sounding like a lady in any and all

forms when they're in front of you guys

listen we know that women burp shit fart

and have to scratch themselves in

uncomfortable places guys they're human

beings they have to do this stuff but

when they when they stop making an

effort to keep up the appearance of a

lady men subconsciously check out and

again I'm talking about five percenters

red pillow where men listen guys with

options they let that shit go why or

guys without options they let that shit

go why because they don't have any

options okay so she first she Martin she

burps in person in front of me it sucks

and it's repulsive but I don't have any

other option so I guess I'll deal with

it no fuck that

that is absolutely disrespectful

behavior and men with options five

percenters they're not with dude we're

not going to stick around for that fuck

that noise

we check the chat one last time here or

the check the chat one more time here

all right Kyle Mitchell says example of

girl advice have a slut phase wait till

you're 30 to look for husband focus on

your career and have kids later and he

is just intimidated by your intelligence

oh my god I love go dude this one girl

named Desiree said men are intimidated

by me I said why she couldn't dude

knocked her off her block fucked her two

days later Desiree whoa that bitch was

crazy yes red B says tries to justify

situations where she is in the wrong

absolutely finds the word in the house I

need to make you a mod pine me add pine

the moderator says never change if you

do you'll become something she hates

good good

daddy Scott - sloppy seconds we've all

had it was just my turn

Ricky Bobby said Desiree definitely a

stripper no actually Desiree was one of

the call center hoes that I was bangin

back in the day that is a good stripper

like in and here's the thing I've opened

up the chat hey give me your best

stripper names right but I'm gonna open

it up again but wait don't give me the

girls stage name I want to know what her

real name is give me the give me the

birth name of a stripper

I like Desiree Tahoe Sierra of course

yet a lot of those living in the Sierra

Nevada mountains

shadynasty was the stripper name yeah we

don't want we don't want stripper stage

names okay we want to know what Hearn we

want to know what her name was

before oh here we go here we go here we

go we got Britney Joanne Yvette Chandi

Chanda legacy Mercedes amber yes yes

well yeah at Lisa's um I don't think I

ever fucked a stripper his real name was

Lisa at least I never found out

Brenda that's kind of old Pamela's an

old name Jenna but her stripper name was

Genesis Alexis talisha Fitzgerald that's

a little specific Irene

Melissa crystal kicked Candace Kaitlyn

Nicole Jessica AB City Tonya Stacy

Heather Valerie Ashley Ashley with an

eye Maria Lisa and Katie who else we got

Marika Jessica Lynne listen if a girl

has a double first name and the last

part of the double first name there it

is is if it's Lynn she's destined to be

a stripper destined to be a stripper

Yolanda she's either gonna be Hispanic

or black

anything with a Lynne yep that's right

that's right

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episode 9/11 for 205 5 3 5 6 is the

number to call to get in on the show

let's go to see in Vegas see what's

going on brother DOM is going on how you

feelin today well I'm a lot better man

it was a rough beginning of the week a

dude's licks in Real Talk I lost 9

pounds I walked into dude I walked into

the ER at 230 pounds I weighed myself

yesterday morning 221 lost 9 pounds in

two days that's wild this is crazy dogs

and beginners kind of on that point

I missed the gym for a week and a half

sorry I know it's not good boy I lost so

much weight after that to all the game

you could just wait back up yeah yeah

I'm saying this is I don't like losing

non gym weight you get what I'm saying

it's not good but I got a quick one for

you all right what you got oh I guess it

I guess is a habit Donovan but you know

this is not common but she insists on


friends don't like that one I keep my

eye I keep my lives kind of sad I don't

do it and by the way my bitch dishes

because even before like you know I got

pretty good with women there's something

instinctual about that works like I just

keep them separate I don't I don't like

them intersecting I don't know why I

just something kind of primal there but

I just know I don't want you to meet my

friends I don't want you hanging around

my friends all the time X wine it's not

that I'm jealous whatever it's just

something I like to keep those life

separate it makes it that much easier

especially like debating goes wrong with

everything nobody's domains in the

middle in all that tough stuff you give

it a plane don't listen listen see

listen you are 100% on point as a matter

of fact I think episode 400 or think

episode 400 401 was 21 signs your

homeboy is trying to fuck your girl and

we you know we have the 21 signs but you

know and I started the episode off my

lettin guys know dude it is a myth that

you have that your girlfriend and your

friends have to get along it's a myth

that your wife and your friends

acknowledge fuck that okay and a lot of

guys say well why are you in a you know

a lot of people why are you insecure no

no no no no no no the difference between

insecurity and territorialism is

insecurity is reactive being territorial

is proactive okay I'll give an example

right being insecure is watching one of

your homeboys flirt with your girl and

you rush in and you make card that's

being insecure being territorial is not

allowing your girl to meet your homeboys

in the first place dude fuck that my

girlfriend is best friends with my best

no no no no listen if you guys want to

be best friends I'm happy for you I

can't be in a relationship with either

one of you so again just like you said

that's that point you can't explain it

that's that primal instinct you are

territorial over what belongs to you and

that's your woman no don't feel bad

about that at all man I did an entire

episode dedicated to that point

excellent excellent di that's all I got

to do by the way be take care and be

healthy okay man yeah will do man hey

get back in that gym I did today all


wait I'm already on it all right man

dude I'll sit I'll see you man seeing

Vegas dropping the knowledge

Kyle Mitchell wants to know if I had

gastro intra nightĂ­s I

thought I did but the medication they

put me on gave me explosive diarrhea but

somewhere in there

I caught a stomach virus so along with

the explosive diarrhea and the stomach


that's what put me in the hospital as a

matter of fact dude I was so dehydrated

that they put of course I have the IV at

my arm all night they put three bags of

fluid in me three bags of saline

solution or what is it saline solution

as the three bags of fluid whatever they

whatever it is that they put it in your

system I took three and a half bags of

fluid that's what I really really

started to feel better that and of

course the tour it all you know that the

the the tour at all you know help with

the pain so uh listen shout out to the

the downtown Philadelphia hospital they

took very very good care of me it was a

busy busy night that night guys I was in

the waiting room for a good four hours

like no doubt but I still watch The

Bachelor my ass still watch The Bachelor

goddammit but no everything is fine I'm

on antibiotics you know things are still

pretty loose but not as painful shout

out to Ricky Bobby with the five dollar

contribution for whatever reason my

alerts my notifications aren't showing

up on the screen so if you make a

contribution and you don't see your

message just make sure you just make

sure you put you know put the message in

the chat Abram outlaw says what about

your dad what about when your dad wants

to meet your girl will then introduce

her to your girl dude like come on man

you're killing me you're killing me okay

let's continue with the last 15 habits

that women have bad habits that women

have that sabotage their relationships

number six she spends too much time on

social media Facebook and Instagram or

the places where women create false

realities about themselves every girl is

in a fabulous relationship with the man

of their dreams everything they do is

wonderful everything they're eating is

the bed

they've ever had every place they go is

an experience of a lifetime and so on

and so forth I can actually hold this

thing there we go

now if Facebook and Instagram were

truthful then no one would ever get

divorced and we'd all have happily after

wrap ever after

now everybody including women they know

people lie and exaggerate on social

media they know that their friends their

friends lead live the lives that their

friends lead quote-unquote friends

they're not as great as they would lead

them to believe but they still

internalize it as truth because they see

it all the time

at some point they're gonna start

comparing these mythical relationships

that they see every day on social media

to their own to their own relationships

in real life and guess what ten times

out of ten the grass has gotta look

greener on the other side even though

that even though she knows that grass is

fake and by the way this is the other

reason that YouTube ban your woman

from social media I think you guys know

what my stance is on that anyway

eventually she'll be unhappy because her

relationship isn't as glorious as the

fake when she's seeing on Facebook and

Instagram which leads to number seven

they start they start nitpicking little

stuff so when girls can no longer

distinguish make-believe from reality

they start to nitpick they say to

themselves well Heather's in a great

relationship with a great guy why can't

Donovan be more like Charlie and before

long she starts to nitpick about dumb

shit and starts comparing you to Charlie

and eventually you go back to number one

when she's trying to fix you you guys

see how this Michael works listen guys

again women never women grow old they

never grow up and they never change this

is just all there is to it

number eight then the the ape habit the

eighth bad habit that women have that

sabotage their relationships is they try

to compete with you feminism tells women

that men are attractive to competitive

women feminism tells women that men are

attracted to all masculine qualities but

competitiveness gentlemen that's the one

that gets old quick

elicit men there is nothing there is

absolutely nothing wrong with having a

friendly competition with your girl if

you're out bowling or you're playing

weave you're playing Wii tennis or video

games are something stupid like that but

when women but but but women who try to

compete at every turn they wear out

their welcome very very quickly guys

especially five percenters they think

that being right about everything or

being overly competitive is turning him

on but it's doing the exact opposite and

they never realized until it's too late

number nine this is a bird one they put

their ex on a pedestal most of the time

when a girl talks about her ex she's

blaming everything on him it's always he

was in a he was abusive and an alcoholic

and a drug dealer and a gambler and a

criminal and an ex-con and he was just

rotten to the core through and through

and there was just nothing good about


par for the course because obviously

girls never own up to their part in the

demise of any given relationship they

have to exaggerate everything but a lot

of these girls gentlemen well pedestal

eyes their exes even after talking shit

about him baked listen I listen I see

this stuff happen all the time they'll

say things like well he was abusive but

oh my god he fucked me so good right or

yeah we've had our bad times but nobody

loved me like he did and the more stuff

she says like this the more she starts

to romanticize the past like all girls

do with their past boyfriends and if you

say anything at all about her ex while

she's telling these stories like damn he

sounded like a douchebag she'll

literally do a 180 and start defending

him which makes you look like a jackass

and before it dude and before the dude

knows it she starts to sound like an

alpha Widow which probably means she is

and she starts comparing her ex to her

current boyfriend and eventually starts

fucking the starts fucking the ex again

before that happens a five percenter

will either shut that shit down in the

beginning or we just bounce I dude I I

cannot be with a woman who Pines about

her ex if you care so much about your ex

why were you with him for five years if

you still care

that much about him and get the fuck out

see you later number 10 they leave out

pertinent details about the men in their

lives now I'm not talking about the

typical shit like I've only slept with

five guys my entire life or I've never

cheated on anybody you know no I'm

talking about everyday situations where

they leave out the fact that they were

ran into their ex at the grocery store

or that the co-worker she's going to

that conference with in Vegas is a man

by the name of Kevin who has a really

cool mug that he bought on Donovan

sharps merchandise store when girls

leave out these kinds of details

there's only one reason - one reason

only it's because they don't want you to

know about whatever guy there with or

the guy that they saw and the reason for

that is because she was attracted to him

now gentlemen that's not a crime because

her girl is gonna be attracted to other

men she's human she's gonna be attracted

men other than you get used to that fact

gentlemen that's life that's the game

part of the gig fine because you are -

this is just how it is

dude Evan sees guys she's attracted to

all day every day I see girls I'm

attracted to this is just out works but

when you find out that her yoga

instructor is a 6-4 Adonis with movie

star looks you're gonna be fuckin pissed

off because she never mentioned the fact

that he was a man you assumed that he

was a woman because his name was Kelly

or Jesse or Cameron and your woman knew

that you would assume that he was a

woman because of his name and your woman

knew it but didn't tell you because she

knew you'd have a problem with it

this is the kind of stuff that causes

that inherent mistrust with men and

women never realize how detrimental this

is because they're you know because

they're confused and frustrated when

their boyfriends start quizzing her on

the details about something that she

just told him she can figure out why he

doesn't take what she says as absolute

truth and at face value because he knows

that she has left out details in the

past regarding men around her and sooner

or later he's gonna leave because he

can't believe anything she says he can't

leave is not gonna leave anything to


the last 10 habits that women have that

fuck up the that fuck up their that fuck

up their relationships with men plus

more of your calls and comments on the

other side we'll be right back TSR live

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here sheet you guys are talking about

Abram outlaw likes the fact that I used

the word loose when describing the

plumbing mic shitter he says bachelor

dude is too soft listen Mike Chenery

dude the bachelor dude is clueless

he is absolutely clueless men absolutely

clueless Rob says bruh Instagram is out

of control with women of course dude of


Thaddeus Scott wants to know any sites

where we can display our acquired sharp

merchandise I don't I don't understand

the question if you would please clarify

that mister obvious says yep hey

competitive women big-time yeah what

dude and women oh my god women are not

really competitive they like to say that

they're competitive I remember one time

Kristine Leahy on the Colin Cowherd show

she's like totally I'm very competitive

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm like mature

I'll come hit it if you were fucking

cheerleader I got fucked by everybody on

the football team the only thing you're

competitive about was how many cocks you

were taken hey you're that competitive

freelance run it says black women the

notorious are notorious for trying to

compete with men yes this is because

Tyler Perry Steve Harvey Oprah Winfrey

iyanla Vanzant teach women that women

that men are attracted to competitive

women it's ridiculous I'm hyper

competitive no you're not

no you're not yeah the Phoenix

philosophy is dude those guys are the

truth man that really are amber mount

law says I want to do your voiceovers I

will do it for free no that's alright

I'm I'm good I appreciate it Antonio

Kattan says when you watch these dating

shows you feel so many guys really need

to read the rational male dude you ain't

kidding you ain't kidding man okay let's

continue number 11 the 11th bad habit

that women bring into relationships that

end up sabotaging them they take

relationship advice from their slutty

friends gentlemen one of the most

detrimental things that women do to

themselves is taking relationship advice

from their friends not their married

friends who have good marriages no no

they take advice from their slutty

friends right their married friends who

are cheating on their husbands their

friends okay or their friends who are a

new relationship seemingly just about

every other listen every woman knows

that girl or that or or or or a group of

friends they got a boyfriend every other

button right they got a new boyfriend

flavor of a week flavor of the week

every single week those are those are

the girls they take that those are the

girls they take their cues from now the

reason women never take advice from

women who are in good relationships or

good marriages or successful long-term

relationships is because the advice that

they give isn't the advice that these

hoes want to hear she's asked her

friends who are in good relationships

for advice before and the advice that

she was given was too difficult to hear

and even more difficult to follow she

was told that in order to gain trust

from a boyfriend that she needed to give

him access to her phone and be open and

honest about her whereabouts at all

times but because girls ain't trying to

hear or do it she ends up getting advice

from her other friends the ones who

cheat on their boyfriends and Fluxx

three different guys every week these

girls can never say to themselves why

it's interesting these girls never just

stop and think to themselves why would I

take the nancial advice from someone

who's broke or why would I take fitness

advice from a fat girl and then equated

to why would I take relationship advice

from Courtney who fucks different guys

from the club every weekend

number 12 she denies her desire to be

objectified way back in episode 85 I

talked about the fact that when I was

training Devin to be my main chick that

I required her to allow herself to be

objectified during

sex watchin listen I'll use my own woman

as an example when she goes to work she

looks professional she never ever ever

shows any cleavage she never wears high

heels and all of the dresses she wears

to work are down to her ankles she does

this because I told her to she

understands the reasons I require her to

bare certain things and she's well aware

of the reasons why I don't let her wear

certain things even if she didn't

understand it guess what because I said

so that's why

you can see maybe 5% of her body her

face in her hands that's it and maybe

her ankles depending on the shoe she's

wearing now when she's at home and it's

time to drain my balls only 5% of her

body is then covered up and I talked

about this at episode 85 take a listen

and watch the next thing she did is I

made her my slutty clothes guys listen

no exaggeration guys Mike owns an entire

since we met since since I met her she's

bought I don't know something like 15 to

20 pairs of thongs

she's got all kinds of seasoned lingerie

she's she's got a few pair of heels

listen these heels she'll never win I

mean she'll never wear them outside and

I mean she can barely walk in them in

the first place one of those heels is a

pair of clear stripper heels that

strippers wear on stage yes those kinds

of heels guys okay she's got all kinds

of slutty clothes G but listen guys she

bought so much we had to make a

spreadsheet to keep track of it all to

keep them in rotation to make sure she

didn't wear the same thing twice her

were the same things more than once to

keep it fresh okay she's bought certain

kinds of jewelry you know wrist and

ankle restraints anything and everything

I told her to buy sheep on

when I fuck my girl I want her to look

like a porn star that's the look I want

guys she's got the girls these days

think that if men objectify them that

this is a bad thing this of course is

another feminist life feminism tells

girls that it's bad to be objectified

and that women need to respect them for

so much more than just their bodies but

what they don't tell these girls is that

if a man isn't sexually attracted to

them he's gonna bounce

so aside from getting fat girls take

exceptions when their girls take

exception when their boyfriends ask him

to put on ass long a thong or slutty

clothes or slutty heels because oh my

god I'm being objectified

newsflash gentlemen girls love being

objectified females live for male desire

go take a look at Instagram there's your

proof right there they love it when men

look at them like a piece of meat they

love it when men openly show that

they're sexually attracted to them and

this includes their boyfriends and

husbands there's not a wife or a

girlfriend alive today that wouldn't

absolutely positively love seeing their

boyfriends or husbands mouths water when

they walk into the room wearing nothing

but heels and handcuffs and a smile they

love this shit guys so when a girl tells

her boyfriend OMG I will not allow you

to objectify me he says to himself cool

I'll just fuck your friend who thinks

it's hot that I think high heels should

be only pointing at the ceiling or the

wall number 13 she watches way too many

romantic comedies this is similar to the

social media one that I pointed out a

little earlier but the difference here

is that rom-coms they've been around a

lot longer okay when girls see these

movies they once again internalize

something that isn't real right they see

a tall dark handsome man with all of the

physical traits who acts like a beta who

cannot live without them the loyal alpha

as alpha male strategist likes to put it

these bitches are too fucking stupid to


that the men who look like this are

never fixated on one woman and won't

allow and whoa no and will not follow

her to the ends of earth in a hilarious

whirlwind romance filled with laughter

love starts tomorrow in select cities

rated-r life ain't a fucking movie guys

there's so many girls out here looking

for mr. for that perfect awkward funny

romantic chance meeting in a grocery

store with a tall tan gorgeous

blond-haired blue-eyed stud and they

never get it because the life ain't the

fucking movies and even if they do find

it they don't know what to do after that

because the movie ends before John

Cusack and Katherine Heigl get married

have three kids they're up to their

eyeballs in debt and they hate each

other because she's having an affair

he's lost the job in their

fourteen-year-old daughter is fuckin a

32 year old who just got out of prison

for grand theft auto then they wonder

where all the good men have gone and why

their lives aren't going according to


anyway Kia 31 says Kevin in sales in

about that shit you're goddamn right

he's not number fourteen they overthink

things all the time oh this is

mind-numbing Lee oh this is my numbing

so many girls out here out think

everything if he doesn't put a period at

the end of the text she's asking her

friends well what does it mean or if

he's cheating or if he's not in love

with her anymore if he decides to fuck

her at his place she wonders if he

doesn't like her place anymore or if

he's fucking someone in her apartment

complex these bitches out here dissect

anything and everything because girls

have nothing better to do than to

overanalyze the most inconsequential

actions by their boyfriends and husbands

and when you think about something long

enough especially especially as a woman

you'll start to find something wrong or

find fault or Seaside's that something

is happening bad is happening and they

start doing things based on bad things

that aren't really happening at this

point one of two things is gonna happen

either she'll end up cheating because

girls never just leave a relationship

they'll cheat their way out of them

first or he will because she's like like

a fucking psycho paralysis by analysis

every girl does the sharpest nails

ahead they are neurotic number 15 this

one's pretty obvious they stop sucking

dick girls will never truly understand

the immense pleasure that a man gets

when he watches a woman suck his dick

there aren't too many things in this

world that are too much better than a

girl on her knees stroking your dick

with a mouth with her with her mouth and

because of this ignorance they assume

that once they have our commitment they

don't have to do it anymore so they stop

sucking dick then they get mad and ask

well why did you fuck my friend uh

because she sucks dick and you don't now

get out of here she's on her way over

number 16 they try to weaponize sex I

remember I was fucking this one girl

from Indian Springs and for the first

month or so we were pretty solid the sex

was I don't know it was it was above

average I would say but she was dude she

was hot she was a fucking smoke show and

she was really nice probably an ugly

duckling because girls that look like

her usually aren't nice unless they were

ugliest kids right so anyway I drove

down there one night and Indian Springs

is hotter than Vegas Indian oh my god it

in spring stuff it's a fucking oven so I

drove you know I drove down there one

night and we're hanging out and I come

up behind her and I grab her tit spider

like bite her neck you know let her know

I'm trying to fuck this bitch has the

gall to say to me you haven't earned it


now she laughed while she said it so I

thought she was joking around and tried

to be playful I put my hand down her

panties and she wrenches away and she

says no I'm serious

you haven't earned it yet so I was

confused I said are you serious

and she looks at me she says I'm dead

serious she said you can't just waltz in

here and fuck me without wining and

dining me a little bit I said to her

well I ain't the wining and dining type

and she said well I guess you're not

getting laid tonight I said that's what

you think and walked right out the door

you see what this bitch didn't know is

that she was the side chick I had a

girlfriend at the time and I knew she

was coming over after I got after she

got off work so the fact that this bitch

tried to pull this bullshit on me didn't

faze me not one bit

that's the power of abundance oh by the

way anyway girls try to do this shit all

the time they give up the pussy in the

beginning okay and then they try to take

it away to control you now the average

man would have fallen for Lucis bullshit

that that was actually the girl's name

it was loose not loose like loose but Lu

Zhi she was Mexican and you know you

know in you know when you're speaking

Spanish si is s her name was loose I

think her last name was Mendoza loose

Mendoza anyway so just like every other

girl out there who plays her hand with a

man she knows could do without her she's

blowing up my phone all the way home

come back I was kidding why are you

being stupid I'm sorry bla bla bla bla

bla and no I didn't turn around and no I

didn't respond

I put her dumb ass on ice for a while I

texted her back the next week and oh

it's a miracle

that straightened her ass out and she

was my side chick again for a little

while longer never turned me down for

sex again any other man gentlemen would

have stayed there and jumped through her

ridiculous hoops and they would have

lost her respect they might have kept

fucking her but failing a shit test like

that is the beginning of the end five

percenters we ain't here for that we

expect the pussy everytime all the time

and when we don't get it we bounce to

the next chick on the roster that's how

this works

girls who try to weaponize sex to

control men they they actually like and

this is funny girls actually do this

with guys they actually like it always

fucks up their relationships and once

again it's probably because one of their

slutty friends told them to do it to

gain control of the relationship stupid

fucking bitches Charles Martin says

Indian Springs is ripe with hoes you are

goddamn dude oh my god mmm yeah Indian

Springs is fucking crawling with fucking

bitches dude listen listen if you can't

if if if you're slumping in Vegas go to

Indian Springs for sure

number 17 they overestimate their value

this is where feminine feminism leads

girls astray again girls think that

because they're more valuable in a

reproductive sense that they must be

more valuable in a relationship since

and girl and girls figure this out the

hard way at some point or another and it

usually starts the first time a guy they

actually like walks out on when girls

get fat it's because they've

overestimated their value when girl

starts when the girls stop sucking dick

it's because they've overestimated their

value when girls stop making an effort

to act like a lady it's because they've

overestimated their value and the fucked

up thing is that all a girl has to do to

maintain her value to a man is to stay

fit cook represented well in public not

get out of pocket not disrespect him

suck his dick and give him pussy that's

it that's not difficult to compared to

what we have to do to maintain our value

to women which encompasses a hell of a

lot more not complainin this is how it

is but there's a lot more we have to do

but today's females think that all they

have to be is their and her boyfriend

will think his lucky fucking stars that

he is so blessed to be graced by her

very presence because that's what

feminism tells them then when she gets

dumped for the eighth time in eight

months she wonders where she went wrong

girls need to understand that pussy

doesn't equal commitment plus he gets

you in the door the rest gets you my

time and attention and females think

that they shouldn't be required to do

any of that stuff and unfortunately for

them they sabotage their relationships

in this way before it even starts

let's go back to the chat here before we

hit these last three area code 404 I see

you in the queue I'm gonna get to you in

just a second okay well you guys are way

way back Jose says someone needs to put

Megan Markel in check yeah whatever dude

I mean anybody who expected Megan morkul

to stay in pocket is you know not paying

attention you're you're you're obviously

not read bill aware Winston wolf given

props to the production quality

appreciate that B Ryan says that's why

Fifty Shades of Grey exists and women

have no problem with it

yep mr. obvious says rom-coms it's blue

pill for women listen rom-coms are is

equivalent to porn for men right

rom-coms is female you know romantic

comedies that's female porn Armando

Moreno says eyewall I recommend you all

watch Blue Valentine a red pill movie

for sure yeah

boom Valentine is absolutely a red pill

movie very very good very good rental


wizard Frank said loose wanted to be

paid in advance he I fucked that bitch

yeah Jose Jose says that's what you

think damn that's a next-level game

it's next-level game but it's also

having an abundance mindset even if even

if even if I didn't have a girlfriend

even if I didn't know even if I didn't

have a girl coming over Layla later that

night I still would have bounced dude

listen at some point you have to

understand that allowing a woman to get

away with withholding sex that's gonna

end the relationship eventually at some

point guys never realize this why isn't

my woman fucking me because you have

allowed her not to fuck you well what if

she didn't feel like him okay what if

you didn't feel like being her boyfriend

what if you feel like what if you felt

like withdrawing your time attention and

commitment that kind of changes things

yes obviously Harry has definitely not

been paying attention

boiled nappy says when are you running

for president Donovan you have my vote

that's funny 911 for two oh five five

three five six is the number call let's

go to area code 404 you're on live at

Donovan good hey what's going on

Donovan I'm gonna make this really quick

man I want to talk about rom-coms


are two women what shoot-'em-up movies

like The Matrix are two men okay what

women want from rom-coms are similar to

me think and I'm getting to a gunfight

and run on the walls and shoot wild I

that exact that's how that stuff seems

to go for me oh no it's good it's

absolutely true it's absolutely true you

know especially in John Woo movies where

it's always some guy shooting shooting

to the side dude no or here's another

example guys that get into fistfights

and movies like nobody ever misses a

punch right like in real fights you

swing and miss and real fights lasts

about 10 to 15 seconds but these fights

where guys are just wailing on each

other and then at the end of the fight

everybody's face is clean no teeth are

missing though you know

no no puffy guys none of that stuff

right pretty much dude that I just

wanted to make a quick man because I

know you got a lot going on that I hope

you feel better you keep it going I look

forward to this at five o'clock every

day stay out appreciate it man Kyle

Mitchell in the house I think that was

Kyle if I'm not mistaken

very good caller let's go to area code

754 I think this might be Jerry numbers

yes sir start to memorize the numbers

man yeah yeah you're good be good you

got me yeah

no it's nothing women do I think it's

also a shit says this it like on a first

date you know I always do the the coffee

coffee and then we'll feed the ducks

thing yeah leave the bean that's

recommended but I noticed if they if

they pull out their phone and they start

texting and they start looking at their

phone during that that's that's the

thing that especially these younger

younger chicks that's the big thing that

they do kind of it's a difficult habit

to get them breaking no lo listen I

agree if you are ever out on a date with

a woman and and thanks for the call

Jerry if you're ever out on a date with

a woman and I don't care if it's a first

date or a two hundred and fifty fourth

date okay if she's on her phone you tell

her to put it away

dude Devon and I do Devon and I I've

known Devon now going on three years we

we were dating for a year and we were

dating a year and a half before we

actually got together we've been

together almost a year and a half right

so that's how this goes Devon never ever


the only time Devon touches her phone is

when she's looking for a coupon to get

us a discount at whatever restaurant we

are we're eating at okay do not allow

your woman do not allow women to be on

their phones during a date it doesn't

make it well what if it's a first date

Donovan doesn't matter well how do I

handle it if a girl pulls out her phone

on a date you just look at her be like

put that I wait for me would you

right you don't have to be like hey can

you well I would really appreciate it if

you would well like no but you

have to be an asshole about it either

put away your fucking phone don't be

meathead red pill guy just be assertive

and be direct Kay but that a way for me

would you

I just got it you don't give her a small

smile let her know what's going on

she'll know that you have both touch she

knows that you have the presence of mind

to understand the situation not a

dickhead but you're being very direct

women respect that women respect that

and then of course the further along you

get into the relationship if she pulls

out her phone what the fuck are you

doing put your phone away that's how

that works

yes this is a segment a part of the show

that I have actually neglected in doing

the last couple times on the Redman

group last weekend we had a guy call in

and he wanted to know hey how can we how

can we find other like-minded men and

because it's very difficult for red pill

aware men to find groups and communities

with each other we all get in and and no

one understand that well what I'd like

to do is and it's actually something

that I've gotten away from on my show as

of late is we do what's called a

location roll call right so everyone put

in your location I'm gonna do it now the

idea is of course to see where my

audiences but the second idea the second

idea is to see where other men are like

Kyle Mitchell I think Kyle is down in

Miami if I'm not mistaken yeah Kyle

Mitchell yeah Kyle Mitchell's in in

Miami and if you're a guy who's in Miami

or if you live in Homestead you watch

the show hey maybe you may convoys with

with with Kyle hey let's meet up let's

you know let's chat let's get together

there we are see caught yeah Kyle

Mitchell's in South Beach we got

Baltimore Houston Texas we've got LA

Illinois the Bay Area Maryland East

Hollywood Cali Eatontown New Jersey not

too far from here Pompano Florida

Toronto Orange we've got Calgary very


Louisville Brooklyn Fresno San Antonio a

permit law says Ellicott City where is

that is that in this country

Jacksonville Florida LA fĂȘnix

Dublin Ireland

very good excellent dude Pakistan see

Rob lives in the seat listen to guys in

here from Philly at least and I know

that 27 books is also from Philly

Detroit I'm sorry Craig you live in

Detroit okay so a promote law is in

Maryland we got Brazil in the house good

very very good excellent yeah I'd like

to do this I'd like to do this once

every show so if you guys see somebody

in here who is watching the show and you

want to start a community start a group

you know start meeting up I don't you

doing me meet up every other Tuesday for

beers just to kind of talk this is how

it gets started Tucson Arizona all right

good good very good and listen if you're

from Las Vegas New Mexico just say

you're from Las Vegas New Mexico right

don't say I'm from Vegas New Mexico if

you're from Miami of Ohio Miami Ohio

just say Miami Ohio Sacramento DC

excellent excellent Birmingham very good

Greenville I've been to I've been to a

lot of these places xyn excellent Salt

Lake City perfect there we go

very good listen listen Armando Moreno

says okay now we need to put a group

together here in the Bay Area listen

there needs to be ten groups in the Bay

Area Jose is from Fort Lauderdale

Orlando Las Vegas Nevada there we are

and by the way it's Nevada not Nevada I

don't consider myself to be in Nevadan

but I lived there long enough I can I

can call Nevada sort of my home away

from home

it's Nevada guys not Nevada excellent


great show okay let's go ahead and

finish this off the last three bad

habits that women bring into

relationships that sabotage them before

they start number 18 they try to do

everything to avoid being labeled as

needy this is one that we can blame

female magazines and relationship

experts for

we can blame this one on those bitches


women are consistently told that being

needy is a bad thing because it makes

them look weak and it'll scare guys away

wrong on both counts newsflash

ladies as men we don't mind needy

females okay females need guidance they

need protection from danger and from

themselves they need us not to feed into

their emotional shenanigans they need

our strength they need us to keep them

from self-destructing they need us to

demand their best and hold them

accountable they need us to put shit

together and carry heavy objects they

need us to fix their cars or hook up

their cable so in that regard needy

women are a good thing especially when

they can acknowledge to themselves that

they need these things nothing wrong

with that that doesn't make you weekly

does it makes you a woman media is being

mischaracterized as high maintenance the

bitch who needs reassurance every half

an hour that you don't have one foot out

the door that's high maintenance the

chick who needs constant validation of

her attraction because she asked you

shit like are you sure he's still

attracted to me after you fucked her

three times in less than an hour high

maintenance the girl who insists on you

bringing on on bringing you to meet her

friends to show him you're not a

make-believe boyfriend that's high

maintence what ends up happening is that

girls end up trying to do everything

themselves to keep themselves from being

the wrong definition of needy you offer

and I'll give you a few examples you

offer to bring up her rosh easter

apartment no thanks i got it

while her face turns purple halfway up

the stairs you tell her you're put

together the bookshelf she just bought

it's no no I got it I don't want you to

feel obligated if you offer to fix her

swamp cooler because it's 173 degrees

out you know inside her house she tells

you not to worry about it and that she'd

rather pay someone else $200 to do it to

do what you could do in five minutes

okay that's ridiculous

at some point men say to themselves what

the fuck does she need me for we end up

ghosted on them

number 19 this is a big one 18 19 and 20

guys these are all huge this is a big

one and listen up closely ladies if

you're watching you guys really need to

listen up yeah I took a quick look at

Devon stats there you know it's you know

it's funny

on a quick tangent here I still I still

look at Devon's ass when she walks out

of the room

like it's every time like she gets up to

go to the kitchen I look at her as she

gets up to go to the bathroom

I look at her ass listen if you if you

still look at your woman's ass a year

and a half into your relationship she's

probably still attractive number 19 they

do not try to build trust because they

assume they already have it this is

where most women end up fucking up

fucking things up okay because they

foolishly believe that a man who fucks

them must also trust them okay they

think that if a man is speaking his dick

in her on the regular and decides he

might want to spend time with her

outside of fucking that they don't have

to proactively build trust you see back

on the wet back in the day women didn't

have to proactively build trust there

wasn't nearly as much temptation as

there is today females back then didn't

have devices that could literally summon

a dozen cocks right to her exact

location with a few taps and a few

swipes so when they started dating a man

that trust was already in place there

were very few ways that women could get

away with cheating but what girls don't

understand is that men are now keenly

aware of how easy it is for them to be

hoes we know how easy it is for women to


select L number one she owns a

smartphone and the reason for this okay

is that women don't realize that they

have to proactively build trust with a

man of value a five percenter I'm not

talking about your everyday clueless

blue pill beta male who assumes that

every woman says honest and virtuous

those dudes are a dime a dozen girls

aren't worried about those guys I'm

talking about the men who have options

men who can come and go as they please

and not give a second thought to drop it

a bitch if she gets out of pocket

regardless of how hot she is those are

the men that require women's who

proactively build trust with them so

when a girl wonders why her boyfriend

just dumped her out of the blue she

would do well to think back on the many

times he asked her who she was texting

and she responded well don't you trust

me or

just flat-out lied to him not knowing

that he knows what girls like her or

really like finally number 20 the 20th

and final bad habit hmm pardon me that

women bring into relationships that end

up sabotaging them before they get

started they push to lock down before

building their value this is kind of

sort of 17 B or 17 part two in that they

overestimate their value so they assume

that they deserve a five percenter to

commit to them long-term and the biggest

mistake that bitches make in these cases

is that they act like they're entitled

to commitment just because they look

good and because they let him fuck her

for a few weeks now again the average

man the 95 percent of the man with no

red pill awareness would succumb to her

pressure but a man of value absolutely

positively will not tolerate a woman who

feels entitled to his commitment for the

sole reason that she happens to open her

legs for him and that she acts kind to

him he knows these women turn bitchy as

soon as she moves in or as soon as he

puts a ring on it

so when females like this push for

commitment before they've actually paid

their dues by being a feminine kind

woman who stays in shape sucks his dick

gives up the pussy on command cooks for

him puts his needs before her and does

it for an extended period of time

meaning at least the year they get

dropped like the basic ass bitches they

are all right let us go back to the chat


alright okay look man here we go see

this is what I'm talking about man this

is good see there we go man we're

already starting to see guys we're

already starting to see guys putting

stuff together this is good this is very

good wizard pranks as men are attracted

to vulnerability yes we are women are

not toys surprise basket says my

daughter's account

it's kind of weird all right Jay pill

represents shy town in the House

Minister Japp is out there excellent

excellent excellent very good very good

good very good

fresh prints exclusive says I'm in LA so

many betas dude they're there bait there

are so many betas everywhere man Kyle

Mitchell wisely says smartphones and

social media or why I do not trust women

evolution is not ready for technology

ooh very good good comment mr. obvious

says is it a red flag pushing early

commitment yes or yes he said it's a red

flag okay got it

so Super Bowl 53 has come and gone and

of course I didn't get a chance to

comment on this you guys didn't really

get my take on this but yes the New

England Patriots are Super Bowl

champions once again listen now I picked

the right I picked the winner did not

pick the score I thought it would be 45

40 Patriots in a wild shootout of course

I predicted the high I think the

highest-scoring Super Bowl ever was last

year if I'm not mistaken 41:33 I think

was at 74 points scored in Super Bowl 50

too but um yeah company banya says yeah

yeah oh yeah yeah Kevin I already know

but dude I already know about to buy his

hair is homie come on man Brahman the

to15 you already know I know about tbh

yes sir we got to buy a saris the Sixers

got to buy his Harris that is insurance

against Jimmy Butler Jimmy Butler's a

better player Tobias Harris is a better

shooter spreads the floor a little bit


a lot less drama a lot less drama than

the Jimmy Butler but yeah so the

narrative many many narratives coming

out of Super Bowl 50 - one of which is

that well first thing I'm gonna address

is that Gronk is done like he hasn't

announced his retirement yet but he's

gonna retire his body's beating up Rob

Gronkowski is a surefire first ballot

hall-of-famer he's gonna get in on the

first ballot he's one of the greatest

tight ends we've ever seen his

statistics rival some of the greatest

tight ends we have ever seen he's not

even 30 yet or he just turned 30

there are guys out there talking about

the fact that Julian Edelman is a

hall-of-famer and I disagree I disagree

Julian Edelman has a very listen he has

an excellent he has a sterling

postseason record Heat listen he's money

in the postseason that's very very true

okay but I'm gonna put up a graphic here

I'm gonna put my graphic here I actually

saw this on a on a sports show I saw

this on their heard actually give me a

second here oh hang on a second

of course I need to add it first all

right there it is forgot to carry it

over from the other scene oh wait oh

shit man it got all fucked up damn it

alright let's do this I'm gonna go back

to the give me a second here I'm um you

do not have to trust her alright there

we go all right okay so what you guys

see on your screen I don't know why OBS

is fucking around with my my pictures

are for whatever reason my pictures are

not rendering the same on Oh be like I

had this all set up okay there we are I

have this all set up but what for

whatever reason for whatever reason it's

it always fuck's up the rendering I

don't know if it's probably this new

operating system anyway so people are

saying that Julian Edelman is a Hall of

Famer he is not a Hall of Famer okay

very very good postseason player but

we're gonna put his statistics up

against another player who is not a Hall

of Famer so for those of you guys

listening alright listening to on the

audio replay in his career Julian

Edelman has 499 receptions 5300 5390

reception yards and 30 touchdowns

meanwhile player X has 1,024 receptions

10,000 208 yards and 91 touchdowns who

is this player Isaac Bruce Isaac Bruce

is not in the Hall of Fame as a matter

of fact Isaac Bruce has tried he's been

out he's been on the Hall of Fame ballot

going on five years now and he's still

not in he's still not in right yeah see

you you guys yeah those of you guys who

guessed it probably saw it on the the

herd with Colin Cowherd that was uh that

was the graph that they put up listen

Julian Edelman is a great player if he

has five or six more good years than

yeah he's in he's he's in the Hall of

Fame he's in the Hall of Fame but um but

no Julian Edelman it's not a Hall of

Famer yet he's certainly on his ways not

there yet Isaac Bruce and Isaac Bruce

beyond the Hall of Fame and Isaac versus

in that Tim Brown he's in that Tim Brown

area right yeah I dude Isaac Bruce was

good for the Rams even when they were

sorry even before they got uh before

they got Kurt Warner

now all the Julian Edelman dick suckers

and be like well Eli Manning they talk

about Eli Manning being a hall-of-famer

he's got two Super Bowl rings he sucks

in the regular season right well that's

just it if people are putting listen

just because you're putting in Eli

because Eli Manning is being talked

about in those same discussions just

because he has two Super Bowls doesn't

mean that you now put in Julian Edelman

Wow ny Kia 31 makes a very good point he

says Isaac Bruce is the victim of

everyone having inflated receiving

totals now but he should be in I agree I


Armando Moreno wants to know what are my

thoughts on Phillip Rivers being a Hall

of Famer dude I don't know and you know

what you know what this is it I just

answered my own question when you're

thinking about think about look think

about it like this guy's when you're

talking about no not quite that bad

Kevin no nobody thinks Jeremy Shockey

should be a Hall of Fame dude come on

come on Edelman's better than shocky

when you think about this if you have to

think about whether or not a player is a

Hall of Famer he's not a Hall of Famer

it's just like a marriage proposal

if you

don't know you know if a guy proposes to

a girl and she's like oh I don't really

know well if you don't know you know

which is you don't want to marry him if

a guy gets down on his knee and a girl

is already crying because she can't wait

to say yes yeah she wants to marry that

guy of course she does right so if we

say is player X a hall-of-famer if you

have to go yeah they're not a

hall-of-famer there's no such thing as a

borderline hall-of-famer

you can't be a little bit pregnant

Philip Rivers is not a hall-of-famer not


oh dude listen man perfect burrito

dude dude that Rams offense at 99 was

ridiculous dude dude listen Torry Holt

Isaac Bruce Marshall Faulk don't forget

about Oz Hakeem who was the fastest play

dude Oz Hakeem was sneaky was sneaky

fucking fast that was the fastest player

on the field at all times

Fernando Trejo says a poor man's Michael

Irvin okay I'll buy that I'll buy that

cuz Michael Irvin didn't have gaudy

numbers either but he's in the Hall of

Fame he should be won three Super Bowls

Optimus to me a Hall of Famer you have

to have ten years of dominance you

either have to have ten years of

dominance or seven years of absolute

dominance to me Terrell Davis is not a


sorry Broncos fans TV is not a

hall-of-famer he broke mm he broke - yes

Lorenzo you can talk about the Rams now

okay he broke the two thousand yard mark

and he got John Elway two Super Bowls

but Terrell Davis wasn't a hall-of-famer

he didn't do it for long enough yes des

Aikman didn't have gaudy numbers either

no Troy Aikman did not have gaudy

numbers either but he won three Super

Bowls in four years so I think the

standard is a little different for four

quarterbacks Eli Manning is not a good

quarterback but he want Eli Manning is

not a good quarterback okay the reason

why he's being considered to be in the

Hall of Fame is because he is undefeated

in Super Bowls against the greatest

coach quarterback combo in history Kyle

Mitchell wants to know if Kurt Warner's

a Hall of Famer I don't think so oh my


you know oh man if you have to think

about it the answer is no he's close


just because he's in the Hall of Fame

doesn't mean he deserves to be there in

my opinion oh my god

I gotta see the numbers man I gotta see

the numbers but but Kurt Warner I think

is in the Hall of Fame because of his

story do current Warner's story was

unlike anything we'd ever seen and

listen for those of you guys old enough

to remember I remember when it happened

dude the Rams were supposed to be a

tenant 6 team they had Trent Green they

had all these weapons Torry Holt was a

hall-of-famer oratory Holt was a rookie

that season by the way I've met Tory old

before right

Tory submit up Torrey Smith Torry Holt

Oz Hakeem Isaac Bruce Marshall Faulk

Trent greens the triggerman

spent some time in Washington in Kansas

City very good quarterback Trent Trent

green Trent Green gets hurt in comes

Kurt Warner who oh by the way was

bagging groceries just six months before

the Rams go thirteen and three out of

nowhere and when Super Bowl 34 dude one

of the greatest out-of-nowhere stories

ever Kurt Warner then goes to a second

consecutive Super Bowl where they lose

to who the upstart Patriots and

second-year quarterback Tom Brady the

rest is history is Brady Kurt Warner

then goes to the Cardinals and is one

Ben Roethlisberger immaculate throat -

psycho Niall Holmes at the end of Super

Bowl 43 away from being a two-time Super

Bowl champion with two different teams

with two with with with two different

teams right so it's I don't know that's

a tough I don't do you listen if we're

using that standard if you don't know

you know Charles Martin said eli road to

excellent defenses to Super Bowl wins

yeah and as a matter of fact I think Tom

Brady ran I think Tom Brady road to good

defenses to Super Bowls early in his

career Larry Fitzgerald surefire

first-ballot hall-of-famer

Larry Fitzgerald is absolutely all of

Famer definitely definitely Kyle

Mitchell said Kurt had a busted wife but

she was there when he was bagging

groceries a listen man say what you will

about Brenda Warner right Brenda Warner

was on camera more than Kurt Warner was

dude but that bitch was listen and she

was a sink oh my god he was such a

fucking sip

Kurt Warner married this single mom but

i'ma tell you what man Brenda Warner

rode for her fucking guy man this dude

was bagging groceries in and out of the

CFL dude she never stopped believing in

him he's 27 years old when he finally

got a shot Charles Martin says Edelman

has never been a number one receiver on

his team yeah he has this year Edelman

is the number one receiver man he is but

he's got to be a number one receiver for

ten years Antonio Brown Hall of Famer

like we know that uh you know listen you

know listen man I listen I know that we

all get caught up in this you know

prisoner of a prisoner of the moment

type stuff Julian Edelman is one of the

best receivers in football he's not a

hall-of-famer yet I need five more years

of dominance the donovan sharp criteria

for a 4a Football Hall of Famer I need

ten years of dominance or at least seven

years of absolute dominance running

backs don't get ten years dominance

Adrian Peterson Hall of Famer don't have

to think about it don't have to don't

don't have to think about it

damn Boyle women are hard to find man

whoa yeah listen Brenda Warner was

busted like a motherfucker man but the

bitch rode for Drew Brees Hall of Famer

Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri Hall of

Famer absolutely positively know again

if when you put the names up there you

know instantly let me think of some

other Alexis at a Antonio Browns a Hall

of Famer God who are some other drew

Brees is a Hall of Famer Philip Rivers

not yet I can't really can't really

think of any my mind is kind of blown

Donovan McNabb

is Donovan McNabb McNabb a Hall of Famer

no Donovan McNabb is not a Hall of Famer

he's not a Hall of Famer and again

Donovan McNabb is a very good listen

he's on that listen Donovan McNabb went

to five NFC championship games and a

Super Bowl appearance okay listen I have

to think about it and I'm trying maybe

I'm trying to overcompensate for my

Philly bias Donovan McNabb obviously is

my favorite Eagles player of all time is

Brian Westbrook a Hall of Famer no Brian

Westbrook is not a hall-of-famer a berm

outlaw just set Dalton are you talking

about Andy

Abram is that a series question Zack

Thomas not a hall-of-famer dude

Emmett Smith definitely Hall of Famer

hell yeah Frank Gore listen Frank Gore

is a hall-of-famer on longevity dude

Frank Gore is 87 years old still getting

four point three yards of carry he's a

hall-of-famer do stay lead not a

hall-of-famer yeah Abram you're trolling

with that dude it's Andy Dalton the Hall

of Famer listen Andy Dalton is about as

much of a Hall of Famers play portals

deep we says maybe Dalton from Roadhouse

beforehand Tito listen and heed all see

there's a thing Andy Dalton isn't good

but he's not terrible and Andy dogs been

to the playoffs a bunch of times which

is more than what a lot of quarterbacks

can say Roethlisberger's definitely Hall

of Famer without a doubt Aaron Rodgers

Hall of Famer Drew Brees is a Hall of

Famer shit Russell Wilson is a Hall of

Famer did a brady obviously in the

central Joe Flacco is not a Hall of

Famer AFC West there's nobody in the AFC

West that's a current hall-of-famer nope

DeAndre Hopkins is not a hall-of-famer

yet but he's on his way he's on he's

definitely on his way

DeAndre Hopkins Philip Rivers not a

hall-of-famer not yet Philip Rivers

needs two more really really good years

and it needs a ring yep I already said

that DeAndre Hopkins

I saw it Doug Johnson Jesus Christ I

remember when I was old enough well yes

yes Jim Kelly is absolutely all a Famer

Andrew Luck isn't a hall-of-famer yet

but he will be Blake bortles

listen who Sam Mills that's a good one

ooh that's a really good one man it's

Sam Mills on the I think Sam Mills is in

the Hall of Fame right

I think Sam Mills is in the Hall of Fame

that is who borderline

dude I dude I don't know I don't know if

you guys are members but back when the

Carolina Panthers were new back in 96

they had that hella fied linebacking

core it was Sam Mills Kevin Green and

Lamar Lathan you guys dude you remember

those guys dude those guys were this is

why the Panthers almost went to the

Super Bowl in their first year of

existence because of those three dudes

okay so Sam Mills is an end and yet yeah

listen Sam Mills should not be in the

Hall of Fame then I agree Jim Kelly Hall

of Famer suede senator says Russell will

be in the Hall of Famer he'll be a Hall

of Famer twice

he'll be in the Pro Football Hall of

Fame and in the sim Paula Fame yes


and by the way it's not the NFL Hall of

Fame guys it is called the Pro Football

Hall of Fame a Warren move spent half of

his career in the the first half of this

career or so in the CFL and then it came

over and and then he came over here and

and lit up the league yeah dude that

linebacker group they were fucking scary

dude oh my god they were crazy crazy


yes Roethlisberger is definitely in show

Sean Taylor absolutely a Hall of Famer

are you kidding me oh hell yeah dude

Sean Taylor honestly the two best

safeties that I have ever the two best

hopefully well we'll just keep it to

safeties the oh my god oh now here I go

okay the three best safeties that I have

ever watched play in my lifetime Sean

Taylor and Reed Earl Thomas John Lynch

was good those are the three best

safeties of oh god dude Brian Dawkins

Brian Dawkins yep John Lynch was dude

John Lynch was really really good yeah

listen D we says Sean Taylor and Ed Reed

best ever dude dude maybe Oh Ronnie Lott

forgot about him yep yep yep yep yep yep

definitely Ronnie Lott

abso-fuckin'-lutely JaMarcus Russell

Richard Sherman is a hall-of-famer camp

Chancellor could have been in the Hall

of Fame he didn't play long enough kam

chancellor no Randall Cunningham is not

a hall-of-famer can

Chancellor could have been a he could

have been the base he could have been

the best strong see and by the way not

to go football one-on-one here but a lot

of guys who watched football don't

really understand what the difference is

between a strong safety and a free

safety a a free safety is like a fifth

cornerback okay

the free safety is usually a smaller guy

the faster guy a strong safety is like a

fifth linebacker he's usually the thick

guy think Earl Thomas who is small and

fast and kam chancellor who's a

pterodactyl troy polamalu definitely

hall-of-famer Rodney Harrison not all of

Famer nope nope Wow D wheezes Lester

Hays had 16 picks in one year I know I

can't base I can't base my Hall of Fame

votes now Ryan Clark didn't play long

enough Matt Ryan will be all of famer

Matt Ryan's gonna put up stupid numbers

Carson Palmer Chad Johnson absolutely

absolutely absolutely man good show

tonight guys very very good show very

good discussions I will be releasing the

the conversation that I had with

Minister Japp regarding Cynthia G some

time this weekend I knew that I couldn't

leave that up on YouTube I think what I

announced it it had like 16 dislikes 16

16 thumbs down no Doug Williams not all

of famer Doug Williams is not a


but I'll be releasing that soon the

minister Jap conversation about Cynthia

G so be sure to stay tuned be sure to

stay tuned there's gonna be my patrons

big time major major major announcement

coming on Monday huge huge announcement

coming on Monday so guys be sure to be

sure to tune in obviously I'll be back

on the air tomorrow but I've got a major

announcement coming up on Monday so you

guys definitely do not want to miss

that that's gonna do it for this edition

of TS r lie be sure to subscribe to my

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