3 benefits of being a late bloomer

"If I knew then what I knew now" is a common thought that Men who've found The Red Pill at an advanced age have had at some point or another during their renaissance. 



Although there are many pitfalls that we'd have avoided with Red Pill awareness at an earlier age, there are a few advantages to learning the truth later on in life.


The benefits of being a late bloomer (Return Of Kings article)

Seven signs you're a male late bloomer (hilarious article on The Beta Male Library)


today on the sharp reality three

benefits of being a late bloomer

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every one of us and I've said this

before but most men come to discover the

red pill through different experiences

or circumstances heartbreak and sexual

frustration seem to be the two leading

reasons that men Google how do I get my

ex girlfriend back or how to get later

something to that effect

eventually we all kind of come across

that that one article that that catches

our eye and it jobs with with every

circuit of our masculine hard drive

one article leads to another and before

we know it we're hooked my personal

journey to the red pill is not unlike

most men in the red pill community but

the event that finally woke me up isn't

what I can't what I categorize as the

typical aha moment that leads to the

majority of us to to web sites like

return of kings or illimitable man the

rational male etcetera it certainly was

not my my failed marriage to a woman who

before she'd met me she'd been married

lost custody of her daughter who by the

way doesn't know that her dad isn't her

biological father and neither does the


she also proceeded to cuckold me for

religious reasons I remember we were on

our way to joining the Catholic Church

she didn't want to live in sin so we

didn't have sex for like a year and a

half was unbelievable that that was the

excuse she used for for not letting me

fuck her it was not the so might my

ex-wife didn't lead me to the red pill

like that

apparently I'm hard-headed it wasn't

enough that that was enough it certainly

was not the the single mother that I

foolishly tried to rescue by render a

house you know paying the rent and

utilities only to find out that she was

fucking the baby daddy while I was in

jail for a week so it wasn't that either

that is episode 22 if you want to if you

guys want to hear about that particular

story in episode 10 is the that is the

episode I did about my wife not even the

the slutty nine that I felt lucky to

have snagged whose father was in and out

of prison the majority of her childhood

and she did on me so many times I had to

get tested for STDs really to make sure

my dick wasn't falling off that wasn't

enough for me to at the very least begin

to reevaluate what I had been taught

about women my whole life that didn't do

it either interestingly enough what what

eventually made me see the light was a

seemingly insignificant three-week

relationship with a semi attractive

slightly overweight latina who was who

was who was quite possibly the worst

quality significant one of the worst

qualities have been significant others

I've ever had in my life now I wasn't

with this girl long enough to develop

anything remotely close to you know any

real feeling so there was there wasn't

any pain involved but it was it was an

interesting few weeks nonetheless so the

long and the short of what happened was

that we got sloshed at the club we all

got fucked up we all got drunk and her

and I stumbled back to her place we had

wild drunken sex and that apparently

consummated some sort of relationship

and of course like an idiot I took the

bait so the first few days were cool as

is always the case with you

with a hookup but it took me probably

about a week maybe a little longer than

that but it didn't take me long to

figure out that she was an abnormally

low quality woman who was severely

damaged guys guys she was lazy she

didn't have any domestic skills and she

was always playing the victim okay that

stuff was just the opening act and so

the longer I spent with her the more she

displayed these red flags and after a

while guys I couldn't sweep it under the

rug anymore in retrospect I listened in

retrospect I probably stuck around mil a

couple of weeks longer than I should

have on account of her you know on

account of her being able to suck in I

mean listen this girl could fucking suck

with the best of them but again I knew

that I knew that her bedroom skills

would eventually or I knew that her

issues would eventually outweigh her

bedroom skills but my moment of clarity

guys didn't really come until I dumped

her and I did this face to face

and I was prepared I was prepared for

the worst to be honest with you because

this chick was supposed to be into me

and do it I think after the first week

she told me she loved me of course

listen if you're fucking a girl and

within a week she tells you she loves

you you know there's gonna be issues

right out of the jump so when I broke

the news to her she didn't seem the

least bit upset or hurt okay it would

listen it was complete indifference

so I said okay you know no big deal um

you know I'd gotten out clean so later

on that evening I was on the phone with

a mutual friend of ours and she and she

told me that this chick was already out

on a date now admittedly I was a little

bit bummed but but it was because bye it

was because my my ego took sort of a

body blow listen I ended it with this

chick for many reasons

she was someone else's problem now and

and I was more than good with that but

what I couldn't understand was that how

she could just hop from one dude to

another after just just a few hours

after being kicked to the curb by

someone she seemed to be head over heels

for well that sequence led to me finding

the manosphere and the rest is history

I mean I'm in the best shape of my

lowest in the best shape of my life

I spend the majority of my time occupied

with hobbies self-improvement and things

of that nature but like many men

who've been unplugged from I guess the

the feminist matrix I often think to

myself the one thought that has crossed

many a man's mind and that is if I knew

then what I knew now like we all say

that if I knew then what I knew now I'd

be so much better off when I think of

all of the potential when I think of all

the Penta all of the potential lays are

getting laid that I missed over the

years all the money I threw away trying

to win girls over or or how ridiculously

ignorant I was when dealing with women

that that's the question that used to

dominate my thought but I mean you have

to think about this guys no matter no

matter what happens no matter how many

times I relive those scenarios in my

mind and think about what I would have

done differently the more I realized

it's pointless to do so guys what's done

is done what's happens happen there's

nothing I can do about it now yes it's

good to reflect on past mistakes every

so often in order to stay vigilant of

avoiding that kind of beta type behavior

but the truth is is I have no idea what

my life would be like had I been armed

with the red pill knowledge I have today

none of us do what I do know what I do

know is that being a late bloomer this

is something that I that I discovered is

that being a late bloomer is much more

of an advantage than I ever realized and

is without question the single biggest

reason I'm able to fully enjoy each and

every one of the benefits of living the

red pill life so without further ado I'm

gonna go ahead and give you guys the

three biggest benefits of being a late


number one no kids holy fucking shit no

kids there are too many nights where you

know we go to a club or a bar and and

and there's always one guy in the club

or a couple of guys in the at the club

or the bar whose gaming you know who's

running game on 9s and 10s and making it

look like child's play alright listen we

all know who he is he's the dude with

the swagger he's the guy with the great

you know with the great with the great

style he's got the supreme confidence

he's kind of sipping away at his whiskey

smoking his sitting you know smoking his

cigarette you know he's he's generating

those tingles you know with the with the

big tittied you know blonde with a

miniskirt and the six-inch fucking heels

while her hot

friend standing by trying to compete

with her attention hoping hoping that

he'll playfully joke about having a

threesome with with with her friend in

that dude and we think to ourselves oh

to be in his shoes right well maybe but

not so fast a guy like this may very

well be a late bloomer and if he is good

for him however a lot of men who are in

their prime their their sexual pro with

their sexual prime which is in their

mid-30s I would say to probably mid 40s

and ultra smooth like ultra smooth with

with high value in hot women they often

had game from a very young age and men

who have game from a young age they get

a lot of pussy during that time which

leads to a few kids children guys

greatly limit a man's options to do what

he wants when he wants and how he wants

to do it discretionary income it listen

discretionary income is nowhere to be

found you're spending all your money on

kids the ability to unilaterally just

decide to just up and relocate is it's

almost completely eliminated and of

course there's always the you know

they're always the the treaded baby mama

drama but for men like myself who who

who hadn't been who hadn't been really

good with women you know until what

seven eight years ago

we thank our lucky stars at this point

that that or men like me I think my I

really think I consider myself fortunate

at this point that I wasn't a Ladykiller

in my youth and guys but listen believe

me when I tell you I know it it was

frustrating as fuck to watch all the

cool kids and all the jocks getting all

the ass while you were relegated to you

know jerking off to subpar nudie

magazines guys I live it and I get it I

understand and while it would have been

awesome to you know fuck a lot of chicks

and our teens the unexpected pregnancies

and children you know they would still

have an impact on our lives today and

for the foreseeable future let's say on

a cup a chick when I'm 18 years old

right well I got a pay child support on

that kid all the way up until four years

ago I wouldn't do not do pay in child

support dude I wouldn't been able to

save the money that I

was able to I was I would have been able

to do the things that I wanted to do do

the traveling that I did things in that

nature whenever I think about what a

pathetic thirsty beta male that I used

to be what I used to do is I used to

pull up but just any number of texts you

know from one of my you know from one of

my buddies tailing you know tell me he's

got a bail you know like on a weekend

mountain biking trip because you know

because his baby mom is pulling some

sort of bullshit I kind of I kind of

shake my head my at my phone and I say

man think kinda was a fucking loser

believe it or not I've actually done

that at times guys um

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we've got going on here okay 247 X says

she led you to blue balls absolutely

Taylor walleston my man a Taylor

Taylor's in the house good to see you in

here Taylor good to see that you made it


hit the fucking like button you got damn

right it's her battle says golf pull

through a Cardinals

yeah Manson listen man there are chicks

out there who give head like that trust


yet and and true battle rightly points

out uh good easy chicks are always crazy

good listen any listen girls who listen

that the girls who fucking drawer

experts at drainie or balls they're

always the fucking craziest man

absolutely absolutely

true battle also says that children will

put you under the state yep yep family

courts are evil yeah I mean listen women

are the de facto winners it's it's you

know the the court system is set on

their default is set to a ward full

custody to the mother and if if a man

attains full custody somehow it's

because of the effort he made if a woman

loses full custody of her kids man you

know she is a fucked up parent and I

know dude I know multiple women multiple

single moms who lost custody their kids

and I think to myself man they must have

they must have done I mean they must

have been terrible fucking moms they

must have been alright so the number two

reason that the number two benefit to to

being a late bloomer is what I call

great looks plus wisdom one of the many

advantages of being a man is that our

physical sequence are our physical aging

sequence is the opposite of women

females as we all know they're they're

the most attractive from their late

teens to their mid twenties while our

attractiveness skyrockets as soon as he

as soon as we hit 30 and listen it

continues to sort of smolder well into

our 40s and sometimes even longer

depending on your genes in genes in your

habits now when we're teenagers we look

gangly we're scrawny and we look like

kids we look like adolescents and really

outside of a little peach fuzz there's

obviously no facial hair to speak of

oh hell I wasn't able to start growing a

beard until I was like I don't know 27

28 years old and of course our raging

hormones don't do our complexions any

favors either

now we look a little better in our

twenties you know having filled out a

bit of course providing you know we're

lifting and eating right we have a

little bit more mature look to us of

course our facial hair started

a little bit but it still always off

from giving us that rugged masculine

look that women are attracted to we're

getting a little more attention from the

opposite sex

but the real fun begins as soon as we

hit the big three oh all right and if

you've taken the red pill after 30 you

will find yourself smack dab in the

middle of your sexual prime

with the knowledge and wisdom to not

only maximize it but to keep your sanity

your lifestyle and your independence and

this is what happened to me being a

good-looking guy is great right

obviously but if you don't have red pill

wisdom or the game to go along with it

your life can still be made a living

hell by a woman after I McGinnis a while

back I did an article on Andrew stern

and I'll include the link in the

description he wrote an article about

and rooster and he he married he married

some he married some bimbo some some

slut I think who used to work it was

some some game show she used to open the

cases for Deal or No Deal that's what it

was and you know she got some status she

got some fame and Andrew Stern was a

rich guy's a good-looking guy but his

wife ran around on him you know she was

right there smack dab in the middle of

Hollywood she was fucking Leonardo

DiCaprio all these a-list celebrities

but that particular article that is the

quintessential example of a man who and

read the ago I said read the article

this is a man who was blessed by the

genetic guts but his lack of game led to

his tragic undoing the guy ended up

killing himself over a fucking woman the

guy was rich and good-looking and one

woman caused him to commit suicide late

bloomers obviously and rooster never

found the red pill that's the point late

bloomers had the distinct advantage of

of having better looks of course due to

age combined with wisdom from having

experienced more in life now these

traits certainly have value by

themselves but when they're united so to

speak they're greater than the sum of

their parts you know listen for example

I'm 40 years old I just turned 40 and

guys I'm here to tell you I've never

looked better okay my older appearance

these days gives me more opportunity

with women than I ever did

when I was in my 20s all right you put

that together with with the knowledge

that I had with the red pill of course

you know the true nature of women had a

handle and it's helped me achieve a

level of personal satisfaction I've

never even approached in the past and

I'm not listen I'm not exaggerating guys

I am as content and his happy as I've

ever been in my life

now I know I've been very fortunate in

in my life and I'm very fortunate in

that over the past few years I've had

I've had the benefit of spending you

know a lot of time with like-minded men

and but one thing that remains clears

that we all bear we all still bear scars

from our blue pill pasts okay but only a

few of us are lucky are lucky enough to

say that there's nothing tangible

linking us back to our bata days like

children or anything or anything like

that now my ex-wife and I we didn't have

any kids we didn't have any money so our

divorce was couple was uncomplicated and

as a result I came at at situation

unscathed not a lot of men are okay most

men have have kids when they when they

get married my ex-wife fortunately for

me was not able to get pregnant had she

been able to get pregnant and I knocked

her up my life would be very different

today fortunately for me she had a

Barren womb and I listened I got out of

that marriage without anything I that

was it now the woman I ended up trying

to save she ended up with the baby daddy

for a little while that she had that

week-long slumber party with that gave

me sort of a stay of financial execution

because as you guys remember from

episode 22 I would listen I was still

paying you know the rent the electric

the cable and all that and as soon as I

found out she just fucking the baby

daddy I cut her ass off and of course

you know my my my STD tests were all

negative thank God for that one thing

I've never taken for granted gentlemen

is how fortunate I have been when it

comes to missteps with women okay make

no mistake about the fact that had the

pendulum swung swung in the other

direction and any one of these

situations dude my life would have gone

sideways in a hurry but it doesn't and

that leads me to the that leads me to

the last and most important benefit that

comes with being a late bloomer and


appreciation over the last year or so

I've talked about how the grind of game

and self-improvement has taken its toll

I did a couple episodes talking about

the unintended consequences of taking

the red pill and why men reject the red

pill and in each one of those episodes

each one of those shows I talked about

the fact that even though the red pill

life is extremely rewarding it's not

easy we and red pill guys like myself we

write articles and we do shows we record

podcasts about this girl I fucked or

that place I traveled or this crazy

story that happened with my buddies and

we had a great time and all that but

again as great as living this lifestyle

is it isn't without its challenges

isolation guy listen part of the part of

living the red pill life means isolation

and I don't mean just being physically

by yourself I mean in every part of life

listen fucking girls you have nothing in

common with and you know you know that

you don't really make a connection with

it gets old after a while

and at some point loneliness does start

to set in all right you listen guys you

could have five different bitches and to

replace on five different nights of the

week doesn't matter you still feel

lonely so what do you do you end up

calling your buddies to maybe hit a

casino go out and grab a beer and even

still all as some of your buddies will

separate themselves from you because

their girlfriends or wives they don't

want them around you I fix I've

experienced that a lot here in in the

not-too-distant past man like I've

listened I have lost friends over this

shit but while there is a downside to

living the red pill life guys I'm

telling you right now I wouldn't trade

it for the fucking world man and the

fact that I didn't open my eye the fact

that I didn't open my eyes and saw all

this in my early 30s that makes me

appreciate the wisdom I was able


it makes me appreciate it more now than

I ever done I ever could have had I

discovered it at a younger age don't get

me wrong I'm not listen don't get me

wrong my life would have it would be a

lot better now had I had red pill

awareness from birth but when you all of

a sudden find yourself having success

with women beautiful women live in a

better life getting into shape making

better decisions making better decisions

when you spent the first three plus

decades of your life in the dark it's

like it's like being led out of jail and

sleeping in an actual bed then you know

what I guess I'll equate it to jail but

the longest I've ever spent in jail was

was one week and when I got out man dude

I didn't take anything for granted man I

appreciated my bed the food I ate the

freedom all of it and listen this was

after spending eight days in jail not

even prison I just I was in that was in

the fucking county jail imagine every

part of your life guys imagine every

part of your life changing for the

better when you didn't have a clue about

anything for a third for over 30 years

okay I mean think about think about this

guys imagine not knowing how to be

attractive to women your whole life

getting married to a drug addict slut

okay but then you find the red pill in

less than a year later you're fucking

more girls and you ever imagined you

could okay and listen look at the

difference guys look at the difference

the woman on my left okay that's my


that's Darcy you see me all right I'm a

little bit overweight got this big

cheesy smile on my face look at the girl

on the right that's my main chick now

obviously there's a big disparity in

quality that's blue pill life that's the

red pill life all right the girl on your

left this was again on the left hand

side this was beta Donovan I tried dude

the girl on the girl on the left I tried

to fuck this girl countless times I was

such a thirsty fucking mangina she

wouldn't give me the time of day the

girl on my right fucked her the first

time a blue pill Donovan red pill

Donovan okay the girl now the girl that

you guys are seeing on the far left-hand

side of your screen guess who that is

that's that low-quality latina that I

was telling you guys about

and there's wannabe gangster donovan

sharp in the middle posing in the middle

of a couple of a couple of fucking fat

girls like them

like I'm the king of the fucking world

okay and then there's there's red pill

Donovan obviously in the middle of girls

who look much better much higher quality

women and then of course you guys have

all seen this this is what it looked

like at three hundred and twelve pounds

man the picture on the right that's what

I look like today guys I'm here to tell

you the red pill changes lives man I

mean look at this the red pill really

does work this isn't just a theory this

isn't some idea that we peddle to people

for clicks and likes and money no look I

am living fucking proof that the red

pill changes men's lives for the better

there is no question about it anyone who

doubts the effectiveness of the red pill

life guys dive in man it's gonna change

you that's what I went through when when

I found the red pill and and like I said

I am every bit as appreciative of living

the red pill life now as I was when I

first started yeah I've gone through

some changes yes you know running game

on fucking mindless fucking hot chicks

it's it's not something I do anymore

it's just you know and listen I've got a

main chick I'm trying to be good you

know but as far as I'm concerned the

biggest benefit of finding the red pill

later in life is appreciation for

something I didn't have for most of my

life and that's really what it comes

down to don't forget guys you guys can

tune in tomorrow right here on the sharp

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all right let's see what we got going on

in the chat oh wow you guys are oh wow

ok there we are

whoo man you guys are you guys are

lively as usual yep true battle says a

lot of bad single moms listen all single

moms are bad fuck'em I don't give a shit

oh you're generalizing yep because

you're all fucking bad fuck y'all


Darren brown says due to college

football I attracted a lot of women by

problem was keeping the women I really

like I didn't understand how I could

keep some women and lose others

basically I was being a bitch listen

it--was it I've been there

dude he saw them fat bitches I was

trying to fuck and couldn't fuck like

I've been there D I've been there I

ain't mad at you db9 even mad at you 247

ex says I think as time goes on for a

man confidence comes part of the package

self-assured shit yeah let the older we

get the more sure of ourselves we are

listen like I said men get a tract of

the older we get you know that that's

just how it is

hey our four says the red pill saves

lives you're damn right that's her

battle makes an interesting observation

she says I think game needs to be

upgrading needs to be upgraded during

many life milestones high school game is

different from college versus an adult I

agree I totally agree and it also

depends on your motivations like when I

first discovered the red pill

I think dude by the time I was 32 years

old I had only fucked I think like 18 or

19 maybe 20 women at that point and so

dude like I wanted to fucking I wanted

to fucking fuck right so dude as soon as

I found the red pill and figured out

that it worked dude I was dude I was

trying to foot in it as long as they

were as long as they were at least a six

or seven I was trying to fuck em all man

and then when your game it's funny when

your game tightens up and you start

fucking bitches left and right all of a

sudden you start to get a little more

picky like you're you have a more

expensive taste and when you fuck a six

you know you're just you're like okay I

don't want to be fucking sixes anymore

it's time to it's number

after eights nines and tens mr. old

school writer says there was there was a

good divorce

that was a good divorce with no money in

kids involved you're the real MVP in the

Kevin Durant voice hi Kevin Durant man

hi boys that he's talented he's worth

almost a half a million dollars but

because he was raised by single fuckin

mom he's a train wreck from the neck up


Jesus Christ and high school social

status is big as a full grown man with

money and financial independence is a


that's what turf battle says totally

agree um listen all the popular or

whatever I don't know what the word is

for him now but all the Alpha kids in

high school the football players or

whatever guys they're all fat and

fucking disgusting now because they

married you know they married the

fucking cheerleader that they married

the cheerleader that they fucking

knocked up that's just how it is now all

the guys who were popular in high school

they're fucking losers now so

247 X says Wow couldn't believe you were

the same dude in those photos salute let

me go back to that man let me show you

guys this again this is the this is Mike

Ronnie listen I have fucked a lot of

women I have fucked a lot of tens like I

have fucked some hot chicks I am I am

this is the I am this is what I'm proud

of the most men like it's hard to

believe that I went from the guy on the

left to the guy on the right I mean it's

it's it's unbelievable man you know it

took a lot of hard work it's a

dedication but but yeah that's that's

what I'm the most proud of because I

quite literally look like a different


and I mean I am it I mean I am a

different person but yeah to go from to

go from that to this and just so you

guys just so you guys know I didn't you

know you know I mean it wasn't easy all

it - all it took was consistency and

there I was so yeah I'm definitely proud

of that Terr battle says upgraded nicely

oh yeah yeah dude Mike dude my main

chick blows away my ex-wife and you know

what it's funny like my ex-wife in in

the picture that I showed you that was

on our wedding day

that was that was exactly one year to

the day we started dating you can tell

she was already getting a little chunky

in the photos about six months after

that dude she was probably about around

180 she got fat with the fucking

quickness oh yeah yeah Kevin II banya

says I took the red pill after almost

getting fired for asking a girl on a

date at my job yeah can't shit where you

sleep there Kevin like I mean listen

dude we've all fucked coworkers you know

I fucked plenty of coworkers but yeah

it's it's kind of risky there

Derren Brown says Donovan is living

proof to get on your shit that's what

I'm saying and this is the this is the

reason I share this stuff with you guys

it's because it's because I want you

guys to see that I'm not just talking

shit like I'm not some oh wait a minute

hang on all right hang on

looks like I'm having some internet


okay all right well it looks like

there's some buffering going on so so

just bear with me here guys cuz I really

want you okay there we go

yeah everything looks smooth now yeah

this is why this is the reason I show

you guys this stuff is so that you guys

can see proof with your own two eyes

that that that what we talk about here

is the truth yeah like I said maybe you

got a lot of keyboard gangsters who say

well I used to fuck fat bitches but no I

fuck hot bitches and bla bla bla bla bla

and they talk all this shit about about

there's just no verification unless a

man most of the red pill guys out here

doing this are listen there I guess

they're the genuine article but I you

know I'd like to let my audience know

hey look man like this is this is who I

used to be okay like look look at my

ex-wife on the left you know and listen

she was choose if she was very

attractive she was Colombian she was

beautiful in the face but you can see

right there she's a little bit chunky a

little bit chunky you know the fucking

fat bitch that I try huh unbelievable

unbelievable like I look at this stuff I

look at these photos a lot just to

remind myself what I used to be so I

don't slip back into my blue pill ways

so yeah man yeah

247 XS holy fuck well done getting on my

cycle tomorrow yep

dude the log those miles men L&L; T my

god bro you you're really living proof

I'm here to tell you I'm here to tell

you I'm here to tell you mr. old-school

writers as you had that dirty dick

Rodney outfit to say man to shave the

nail on the fucking head with that one

yeah I was trying to go for some like I

was trying to be so fucking cool I wore

this like Cuban shirt we got married in

Dillon South Carolina that justice of

the fuckin peace dude I felt like the

luckiest guy alive

I remember Darcy in the card she was

crying and telling me I feel like I'm

the look she was she was she's from

North Carolina deep said she's like I

feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the

world and this doesn't happen to man

I was like wow like this is really how

it is like you really can't have a fairy

tale like a fairy tale life and then of

course as soon as he got the floor to

where we were moving to all of a sudden

I had desert dick

so mr. Dmitri says got my question ready

looking forward to tomorrow absolutely

guys listen hit us with everything you

got man I am and I we are there for the

duration so we're gonna do like I said

we're gonna do that live QA and we're

gonna answer it we're gonna answer all

your questions man and I love doing

podcast with that dude because I always

like I always learn from him mister old

school writer rightly points out but KB

is a simp like LeBron 100% fuckin agree

listen I love LeBron James man he is

like dude he's a fuckin business mogul I

can't even go into the many ways that

LeBron is kickin life's ass but guess

what he also was raised by a single mom

and he's got some beta ways about him

he's got some beta ways about him like

you think about this guy's it's funny

especially in the world of it there's no

how can I put this if you want to really

think about the importance that have in

in in in a young boy's life look no

further than professional athletes you

think about guys like you think about

guys like lebra LeBron James Alex

Rodriguez for a time Mike Tyson Terrell

Owens those guys all work they listen

they're all great players but their

lives went sideways because it looks

like my stream is offline again all

right bear with me guys bear with me

come on okay there we go

are we back all right Mike listen um my

bad guys I'm gonna I'm gonna call my my

ISP this weekend and get this shit

straightened out like you guys shouldn't

have to

yeah you guys shouldn't have to sit

through this shit so my apologies I need

to get things I need to get things

shored up on my end I don't want you

guys to tune in and see a bunch of

buffering and shit but but yeah so you

know you got guys like like Mike Tyson a

rod tio Terrell Owens and you can tell

that they weren't raised by fathers but

then you get guys like Tom Brady Derek

Jeter Michael Jordan

those guys were raised by strong fathers

and two-parent household and their lives

are very very different you know they

seem to be they seem to be more


so okay all right okay very good all

right some I'm told that everything is

is good to go let's see yes like sharp

assist says you can email it ahead of

time to Donovan sharp are okay at

gmail.com and and the ones that I listen

the questions that I get via email those

will get top priority so if you guys

want to get your questions in if you

wanna if you want to send me questions

just send them to Donovan sharp are okay

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sharp reality com click on the contact

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put put in the subject line question for

Donovan and I am so CD wants to know how

many years was that transformation

here's the thing this is this is the

interesting thing it was actually sort

of a yo-yo type a deal so that picture

let me go back to it

okay so this picture here the picture on

the left

I was I was 28 years old and the picture

on the right is me at 40 years old so

I'm not gonna I'm not gonna say that it

took me 12 years to go from that to this

it was it was definitely it what it did

obviously didn't happen overnight

I had to develop I had to develop

consistent habits but I probably and

listen I was still a young guy when I

was fat so it didn't take me long to get

back into shape but when you hit your

30s it becomes a little bit harder to

get and stay into shape well you know I

got on I got on testosterone replacement

therapy um looks like four years ago now

and that helped tremendously so I got on

TRT testosterone replacement therapy at

36 and that was the extra push that was

the extra edge that that I needed that I

needed to get from the guy that you see

on the left and the guy that you see on

the right when I got on testosterone

replacement therapy I did I had already

lost all my weight I think I was

somewhere around to 40 to 50 and I was

still a little bit soft but I was in

relatively good shape I had red pill

awareness I'm banging girls you know

left and right whatever but I really

wanted to I really wanted to look

younger I wanted to feel better I know I

wanted to perform better at the gym and

guys listen and like I said man as a 40

year old it's it's and I listen I'm in

great physical condition but I mean

listen I'm getting older I've got a I've

got a bad in my left shoulder I've got a

bad rotator cuff an old injury from back

in the day I've got arthritis that I've

got arthritis in my left elbow and I

have bad knees so yeah sometimes it can

be a challenge but but testosterone

replacement therapy helps to helps to

mitigate a lot of that stuff and helps

me stay in the gym and continue to do

this stuff on a regular basis so so so

yeah yeah it took me quite a while but I

could have gotten there sooner like if I

really put my mind to it I could have

gone from I could have gone from before

to after in a couple of years you know

you just got to be consistent with it

gotta be consistent with it

okay let's see

247 X says sometimes we have to learn

game the hard way so we don't go down

them roads again yeah one thing that I

that I always like to say is a lot of

lessons we can be taught but most

lessons especially when it comes to

women those lessons got to be learn men

you know if you're listen if you're good

with women if you're good with women

it's because you have very few men are

born with just the natural with just the

natural ability to be attractive to

women but if you are really really good

with women dude ninety do better than

ninety nine times out of a hundred it's

because you've had some epic failures

with women you gotta crawl before you

can walk

so sky teen flyer says I myself as

getting back into shape and now I can

see when over me over now I can now when

I see overweight men and women I say to

myself they're not competing anymore I

agree dude I fetch dude I fucking fat

shame like a motherfucker

oh I don't give up dude I don't give a

fuck up to it I will make fun of fucking

fat people I sure as shit will and a lot

of times in my comments have you ever

been fat well yes I have that's why I

fucking thatching because there's no

excuse to be fucking fat 247 ex says you

look younger than the 40 a.m. I would

listen if if I had to guess if I looked

at me and didn't know me I would guess

that I'm I don't know 35 36 years old

Kevin Ibanez asks during your red pill

journey were there any realities you had

to deal with and say to yourself man

living the red pill life is harder than

I thought wow that is a good Club man


dude you bring the fucking Thunder who

making a motherfucker think um yeah yeah

um I've got several of those moments but

I think the I think the something that

happened recently my best one of my best

friends in college came to came to Las

Vegas him and his wife came to Vegas to

visit you know he you know you just to

come to Las Vegas to visit me every year

and his wife hates me and so when did it

what ended up happening is I got a

couple I've got a couple of fucking

chicks that I used to fuck from back in

the day to come in and run interference

with the wife while me and my homeboy

can go out and have a good time so we go

out we'd you know we're drinking we're

doing blow having a good time and and um

you know we you know we go to a strip

club we get a fucking cut you know we

get a couple of blow jobs or whatever

you know you know par for the course

it's fuckin Vegas anything goes well my

my buddy ended up telling his wife what

happened and it wasn't either and it

wasn't either as a girls they didn't

know what we got up to I sigh I

purposely didn't tell them where we were

going or what we were doing but when she

can what when she texted me and

confronted me with this like she was

specific with it and I said okay the

only like the only logical conclusion is

that he told her and she said yes

so-and-so told me about what happened

and I haven't talked to him since man I

haven't talked to him since and that's

when it really hits you man like when

you start when you start losing friends

when you start losing friends like that

like this dude was one of my best

friends in the world man he was red pill

dude he was red pill in college and then

he got married to get civilized

I think another I think I think you know

the living the red pill life is

especially difficult when you wake up

early in the morning I wake up at 4:30

every on weekdays I wake up at 4:30

every morning I

get up and I go work out so that's you

know but yeah I mean living the red pill

life is difficult but every once in a

while you'll have that I'd rather have

the aha moment and say men live in the

red pill life is harder than I thought

rather than having yaha mama goddamn

little livin the blue pill life is

harder than I thought you know I'd

rather deal I'd rather have I'd rather

have the problems that comes with living

the red pill life then comes with you

know that we all live in that blue pill

life I'll take that all day long

good question Kevin good question mr.

old school writer says you were right

about bike riding riding bikes works

your whole body started back riding a

few days do to you bro running is

killing my knees dude listen man at the

gym earlier I think it was either

earlier this week man I'd ran on the

tread well it's a treadmill on Monday

right on the treadmill for 15 minutes

dude I felt that shit for the rest of

this goddamn week dude I told my girl I

was like dude the treadmill has reminded

me that I am every bit of 40 years old

that this is white bike riding swimming

elliptical stuff that's easy to stuff

that's easier on your knees as the best

cardiovascular activity so okay it's

looming says but I got three

progressively hard questions for you


sharp assist you need to ban it's

looming right now because it's looming

if I if I if I'm not mistaken you'll see

here you go asking the personal

questions sharp assists ban this fucker

wants to know how tall my girl is fuck

you you don't need to know shit no fuck

you not dude I'm not answering shit the

fuck out of here

ban that fucker so you're the type of

motherfucker like I remember you I

remember you from last time it's looming

later the fuck out of here

question mark nothing get the fuck outta

hold on I'm about to ban you my goddamn

self get the fuck out of here see you


hold up yeah that's it that's it all


it's looming is gone the fuck out of

here man yeah like dude when you start

asking because here's the thing it's

looming asked me a question for those of

you who don't who don't remember this on

one of my shows I think it was either

probably earlier this week asked a

pretty good question he said hey look is

your main chick the chick that who was

in Hawaii that she mentioned in episode

45 about checking her and that's not any

other I said why yes it is and then he

said something about Trump or blah blah

blah blah blah and I was like okay well

whatever alright then I kind of called

him out on it and then he then he said

something about the the the the real

estate market in Phoenix so I said okay

yeah you know I looked at some real

estate in Phoenix I was I was interested

in that at that area for a little while

and then he came back with he said be

honest Donovan sharp was the girl

laughing in the background during your

episode of I am was that your and I was

like whoa you're getting too fucking

personal so it's looming you are out see

you fucking later fuck you you don't get

to know me fuck out of here good shit

yeah all right P motherfucker well

that's gonna do it for this episode of

TS are alive thank you guys all for

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