3 outfits every Man should own with Kevin Samuels (Episode 382)

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what's up guys Donovan sharp and welcome

to the 380 second edition of TSR live

your daily dose of red pill truth wisdom

and awareness it is Tuesday December


we are officially one week away from


oh there's Kevin oh damn I didn't even

look you flashed up on the screen like

you were like you were riding in Jill I

don't know I don't know if you wanna I

don't know if you want appear on camera

not while you're I'm good I'm good okay

good stuff man Kevin is on his way to a

store and what he's gonna do is he's

gonna pop into a store to show us some

of the stuff that he's talking about so

a very very exciting show tonight this

is actually this was unexpected because

I didn't mean I figured he'd be in his

studio and he might end up in a school

but I think he's gonna stop by his store

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thanks to 1821 man-made calm okay let's

get to it guys my guest tonight is one

of the best male image and style

consultants out there he's been featured

in 405 magazine he's been featured in

splurge magazine OKC and the Oklahoma

Gazette he's been on the television show

living Oklahoma and he is one of the

most sought-after image consultants in

the country he made his very first

appearance on TSR live way back in

episode 141 so here we are 241 episodes

later that was a year and a half ago and

I remember within five minutes within

just a few minutes of talking to him it

was clear to all of us that he knows the

shit gentlemen please welcome Kevin

Samuels to tsr-2 TSR towers Kevin

thanks for making time for right now we

really no problem not too much and it's

been a it's it's been a it's been a

great day had a good show with Jonathan

from Modern Life dating a lot of my guys

have have been chomping at the bit you

what to get on for you to come on

hopefully starting sometime around the

new year we can get you on regularly

maybe get you a regular a regular

timeslot and get this stuff all squared

away let's do the shout out to the chat

first before we get started

Brian Sullivan pops the cherry Randall

1539 gets his sloppy seconds Miami Jay

305 it's to finish on her face freelance

run and says professional professor

Kevin was on fire on a Citians show

earlier today okay well that's cool

there you go Jerome smooth Winston wolf

what it do women haters Joey Bloggs

Winston wolf is in the house

can't aureus good to see you in here den

says is the stream on can't see

something yes the screen is on it is not

you it's not me it's you

very good let me just make sure I get to

all of these guys very nice very nice

once in a wolf us from Poland cigars are

something stronger okay so you guys are

having a conversation about about cigars

there's there there's modern life dating

right there in the chat what time is it

in Tokyo by the way it's like tomorrow

right now it's unbelievable okay well

let's go ahead and get to what we are

going to talk about today we are going

to talk about the three the three

outfits that meant that most men need to

have now obviously Kevin men I think

most men don't understand that you have

to like like I dress a certain way when

I go places but I think a lot of men

drastically underestimate how important

it is to sort of switch up right like

you don't need to wear a suit and

obviously you don't need to wear a suit

to tie to a baseball game you don't need

to wear a baseball cap to a black-tie

event I think I think that's obvious but

it's the it's the it's the it's the


right like okay I'm going like I went

with Devin to her

to her Christmas party her company's

Christmas party this past Saturday and I

wore I think I wore purple I wore black

shirts and I wore exactly what I wore at

the 21 convention when I did my 21

convention speech so Kevin before we get

started in terms of the three outfits

that every men should wear what's what

are some of the most important things

that men need to understand when

choosing these three outfits well we

need to understand that one these things

need to be interchangeable a simple

classic masculine fashion

it does not need it needs to be it needs

to be appropriate for any time frame so

you don't need to wear something that's

going to be look like it's dated look

like it was from the 80s it and when it

comes down to it it's not that


it takes just as much time to throw on

joggers Jordan's a t-shirt in the ball

cap there's a dust to throw on some cool

boots some nice denim a nice Henley and

a fragrance the same amount of time most

guys honestly really really really

underestimate how important your image

is so consequently we think logically we

really think everybody thinks like us so

we're using our image not as the tool to

get us what we want we're just actually

one step above being naked wow that

makes sense now

you mentioned the word Jordans and I

think the title to one of our shows was

don't wear Jordans if you want to be

taken seriously and we had a young guy

call in I think he was 20 21 years old

they says well look man like I like to

wear Jordans and I want people to take

me seriously why can't me as a 20 20 21

year old wear Jordans

and our message Tim was like listen

there's nothing wrong with Jordans if

you're a young guy dude I own a pair of

Jordans I would probably wear them once

every couple weeks from running to the

store if I'm headed to the gym or if I

gotta you know run a you know run over

to Target or something like that every

once in a while I will throw in some

news sometimes I'll throw on some

Jordans if if we go out to eat if it's

if it's if it's appropriate for that but

this again as a young guy you have

there's a different standard than when


are an older guy guys like you and me

like I'm not gonna wear it like listen I

wore Jordans to the 21 convention did

not wear Jordans on the stage right so

talk to my audience about because I get

a lot of I got a lot of pushback on the

whole Jordans thing and I think you and

I addressed it I think we addressed it

as best we could but take my audience

inside the meaning of hey listen don't

wear Jordans if you want to be taken

soon well the problem a lot of guys have

with it is they understand what I'm

saying they just don't like it look at

me they understand exactly what I'm

saying they just don't like it but the

guy said I I want to be taken seriously

and I want to wear Jordans well when I'm

dealing with image it's fyf fuck your

feelings I don't care what it's about

the outcome everyone knows I mean in

your mind it works on archetypes so

here's this a lot of this stuff is this

so many guys actually raised by momma

and want to do what they want to do look

you can wear whatever you want but deal

with the outcome and this whole

mythology of being a lone wolf or rebel

i'ma do what I want

plays really really well in Hollywood

movies but in life it doesn't work out

so well name me another group of men

that are maybe another group of men that

fight for their right to wear athletic

shoes whoo wow that's dude listen you're

talking real this is real talk quick

question here from Armando Moreno says

yo Kevin I got me some new timberlands

dark-brown any fits that you recommend

well again timberlands the first thing I

would ask you is what is your style

personality work boots are gonna work

better with the hip hop style Street

wear style but it depends also how old

you are I mean if you're not a hip hop

and you then your mid 30s walk around

and Timbaland's I don't know let me tell

you this Armando I think it's 31 if I'm

not mistaken Armando I think you're 31

so I think that

probably around how old he is so does

that make a difference yes it does I

mean here's the thing but between the

ages of 13 and 25

you can dress on-trend you can do all

that stuff you want but after 25 that's

when the age were many to start your

time needs to start being more valuable

than your money and you need to be

starting where to be about being

respected by other folks where are you

wearing timberlands to that you can't

put on boots see this is the thing

timberlands are cool but those are

better oh look at those goddamn I mean

there's just no two ways about it

so again most guys do what they do

because honestly mom put them in a lot

of cool cute clothes but you're dressing

for outcome if you walk around and

symbol in that's cool if you're gonna be

rockin street style but you're gonna

need to be wearing denim you know no

straight cut denim you're gonna look

you're gonna need to be wearing like a

bomber jacket that kind of stuff you're

just gonna look young though are you

looking like a 31 year old man here's

the question and see the thing is if

you're not looking like a 31 year old

man you cannot be upset if people don't

respect you again Dave Chappelle said if

you don't want to be treated like a

whore don't wear a whores uniform if you

don't eat like a boy don't wear a boys

uniform you listen something you said

and I've never and you probably said

this before but I really keyed in on

this you said dress for outcome right

mm-hmm listen we men when we go out to

the club or when we hit the bar when

we're going out with our we're going out

with our lady if we're going out to get

women we know how to dress to make

ourselves look good to give ourselves

the best chance of snagging some pussy

that night so why is it Kevin do you

think men are completely clueless when

it comes to dressing for things other

than pussy

well because guys it's very much

pioneering oh it's like it's like if I

got an interview I need to put on the

suit I'm going out I need to look this

you don't what it shows me is you don't

take your everyday life seriously you

don't realize that your life happens

between your house and where you're

going see I've gotten more business and

I've got more business snag

women in transit because I always look

appropriate you're always dressing for

the event that's why I'll tell a guy to

wear a suit on Saturdays like what am I

gonna wear a suit on say there's a waste

of a suit we think it's very scarcity

mindset versus dress for an outcome look

dude wearing clothes to fit getting

decent quality and dressing

age-appropriate in the style personality

and it's always going to be the best

outcome and I have yet to have somebody

who's actually listening what I said

don't when I tell them to do and they

not come back like damn I should have

been doing this 10 years right right you

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knowledge let's go to the chat here

quickly Kevin I think Kevin is probably

where he wants to be to show us what's

going on with with what you're gonna

show us today is that correct are you

not there yet I'm here okay go ahead to

the chat oh yeah let me let me go

through the chat dents as Kevin rocks

the dapper style all right uh-oh modern

life dating wants to know what fashion

advice would you give a man who is a

minimalist that's a good question

Melissa still it's still the same see

what guys really often mean by

minimalist is you cheap it's really

cheap and and a lot of stuff does not

cost if you do it right go ahead go

ahead yeah listen that is an that's an

excellent point I remember the very

first episode you did with me episode

141 you talked about the fact that hey

you're gonna have to spit listen if you

want to look good you're gonna have to

spend you can't be cheap you don't have

to spit you listen you'll have to pay

$300 for a t-shirt because Paris Hilton

may or may have may or may have looked

at it but by the same token you don't

you can't buy you can't buy cheap you

have to go for the best value you need

that you need the highest quality right

for the best value because the cheapest

isn't always the cheapest isn't always

the lowest quality the expensive

expensive doesn't necessarily mean it's

the best quality what you want is the

best value and I think I think that is I

think that's an excellent rule of thumb

to go by especially when it comes to


definitely definitely you buy cheap you

buy three times better to go ahead and

get quality and and you'll see there's

the thing you know the different swing

quality liquor and she yes yeah

hangovers and all the other comes yeah

well if you understand that you also

understand that in clothing cheap shoes

cheap liquor cheap anything that's why I

said at 25 years old you should be

working your butt off 60 plus hours a

week to where your time is more

important than your money so when you're

actually going out with the fellows the

boys or whatever you want to have your

closed your image working for you to

maximize the outcomes there so are you

ready for the first outfit yeah let's do

it then all right so I'm I'm here at Rai

51 it's a place in Oklahoma City I love

to shop over here

I'll leave a link down in the

description guys the first thing every

guy needs is quality denim okay this is

a brand called J brand but see how this

is the pima cotton this is like a raw

denim this is the straight fit I always

tell guys they need to get

straight to the slim straight this denim

can actually be just down or dressed up

and then what you see on top of this

it's just a simple black Henley it

always works simple black Hanley and

since we're in the fall oh dude that

leather jacket is another jacket and

then if you don't want the leather

jacket you can go with a version or a

trucker jacket so look at how all this

works together

denim Henley and then I would easily

throw on these kind of bad boys yeah you

could throw those on you could even with

the guy we asked about the Timberland

you could throw those on and change the

look up oh I don't mind these guys any

style personality this will work those

jeans that shirt you either one of those

jackets to work Hank you could even have

something like that over there but it

starts with those jeans

so we'll be better to invest several

hundred a couple hundred dollars into

some quality denim right that you're

gonna actually rock and wear because you

only need a blue pair and a black pair

so this is the first outfit jeans and a

t-shirt that's really just a

long-sleeved t-shirt and you got

anywhere like you can clear that to a

gathering a party I mean you really can

just like you said it has to be

interchangeable at us to be recyclable

so you could easily throw on some tennis

shoes with that or you could throw on

boots or you can throw on anything and

it's a cool looking outfit go ahead

solid man let's go back here to the chat

while Kevin goes to this next location

dude this is the coolest fucking show

I've ever done like this dude is going

on location showing us what what what

should be worn man this dude this is

awesome and this is this is great

Joseph's sensor can jello says and tech

everyone has runners Lara reloaded says

I have a closet full of Jordans but I

wear them less and less no man should

dress like a son see I agree I have one

pair of Jordans and I wear what I mean

when I wear my Jordans I wear my black I

mean I mean it's I mean it's the fall

now I want my black jacket usually a

black t-shirt blue jeans and Jordans you

know that looks good I mean I don't wear

when I wore him every couple weeks I

paid $79 for him plus tax nothing wrong

with Jordans just just like you said man

there's nothing wrong with having

Jordans it's a cultural thing cultural

icon blah blah blah blah blah but you

can't in it and I think it's kind of

different when you're talking about guys

who are sneaker heads right guys who

make like the sneaker industry like it's

a hobby dude hey listen if you want

people to take you seriously in that

industry and that hobby in that field

yeah you got to own 24 thousand pairs of

Jordans but when it comes down to it man

when it comes down to it for everyday

guys like like you and me one pair of

dirt listen it's cool if you have a

closet if you have a closet full of

Jordans but by the same time just like

he said you find yourself wearing them

less and less shout out to Miami Jay

with the $10 donation says style changes

lives they used to be the guy wearing

baggy jeans with socks and flip-flops

and an old t-shirt no wonder she cheated

and divorced me hashtag sim tails Thank

You PO very good very good comment there

by it by Miami Jays shout out to Miami

Jay with the $10 contribution let's

seize Anna toes clutches and it's those

clutches in the house good to see you in

here Thanatos says these dudes want to

fight for the right to wear urban gear

but wonder why they can only get urban

Scrabble tech a real fuck right and it's

so it's it's so funny how men and women

alike do this right you got these ain't

shit niggas out here spending $300 on a

pair of Jordans right another $500 on a

chain and walking then they want to talk

all the shit about chicken heads and

black women ain't shit and bitches ain't

shit well if you and ain't shit nigga

you gonna attract ain't shit bit just

like that's how that goes

same with women if you an ain't shit

bitch you gonna track ain't shit niggas

but I think I like Santa so his clutches

I likes kragle dangles better that's

funny as fuck I've never I think you

might have said that when we were on

snow bunny sundaes a little while a

little while back that was funny Mike

shitter II says just be yourself only

works at family gatherings Yeah right

JC says 42 rugged bearded blue collar

wear steel-toed boots every day still a


listen I'll ask Kevin when he comes back

on when he gets his next location but if

you wear steel-toed boots every day my


that you're probably wearing them for

work if you're wearing them for work

then yeah but if you're wearing

steel-toed boots just out and about

everyday if your rugged bearded blue

color etc I don't know Kevin what do you

think it's a no-go okay Kevin it's a

no-go because that is that is what you

wear to work I see that's the thing you

know you need to dress appropriately

when you're away from work so you notice

the first outfit I gave you it was jeans

Henley now we're gonna have the same


okay okay okay now we're going to go

into what could easily it could be a

button-up shirt but this long sleeve

polo yeah yeah is incredible you can

have a long sleeve polo or you can have

the ubiquitous black v-neck cashmere

sweater I can so that none of this is

out there or crazy no more easy patterns

crazy colors it's all very simple but it

looks great and then either one of these

jackets oh you see a nice gray jacket or

this is a little bit more casual it's a

unstructured so you could easily throw

this on again you could what about that

black on the bottom right Oh get to that

so this is a this is an structured

jacket this is a much more relaxed look

easily works with a t-shirt or you could

dress it up this is a little bit more

like what guys are used to it you could

actually put a business shirt up on

there but business button-up under this

but you still went with those jeans now

I left the same black boots because you

got a black shirt you can easily change

those boots out to something Brown okay

now is there monk strap boots right or

am i no those are those are chelsea


learn it these are chelsea boots but

since my guy keeps on asking about the

ruggedness yeah JC pay attention here we

go oh look at those dude those were

fucking clean those do so you guys

talking about the ruggedness that just

you go automatically from more European

sleek to much more americano rugged even

hip hop

three and then you put it all together

with I love this coat I'll just go to

man oh just oh yeah yeah yeah right 51a

q Chloe man classic men's fashion like I

said I'm gonna leave the link down in

the description

okay guys and again look all this is all

of this is universal I haven't changed

the pants I haven't changed I haven't

put a bunch of craziness on here it was

a black Handley it could have been a

white Henley but black or white always

works and then I didn't go with black I

went with grey to give you some color

contrast and then I gave you some

texture again guys this is not overly

complicated so the person knows which

all you can switch it all there this is

green I'm sorry go ahead I mean

interrupts OH I'm gonna say so the first

look was just an everyday Saturday

beater look okay this you could easy

wear this to work you can wear this out

because again if you don't have the

v-neck cat v-neck merino wool this long

sleeve polo gives you the benefit of

being a polo but it still has the kind

of button collar to looks like this the

way this thing fits is incredible is

that a button and now is that a zipper

on that long sleeve polo because that

isn't really cool this is just yeah and

like instead of having the lazy floppy

collar it sits up like a sits up like a

dress shirt so again it's those little

details that separate the men from the

boys again what are we how difficult is

any of this so this is outfit number two

okay okay I'm gonna go ahead and go back

to the check all right let's go back to

the jet here

dude that was dude that was fucking

awesome I like listen JC I like those

fucking boots and by the way I put the I

put the the description or I'm sorry not

the description I put the rifle one

website in the chat it's rife if t1 comm

are ye5 one.com and my guess is that

they can probably could probably send in

measurements and all that I'm not really

a fashion guy but we'll see what happens

ozzie 411 says cool way better HD now I

can see Donovan's pimples yes don't tell

anybody dude okay dark blue denim with


yes I think dark blue denim yeah dark

blue denim with brown shoes I think it

I'm looking at at my mind I think that

works I figured wear denim dark blue

denim works with any color shoes it just

depends on what color copy rocket okay

James Martinez wants to know are those

made for big guys I think he was talking

about one of the shirts or one of those

jackets okay I'll wait on him to come

back Monty the great says Becky Madison

and the snow buddies get so wet when a

brothers in Nice business suits wearing

cologne yeah you're goddamn right

supremely sublime says grown men don't

need to wear sneakers outside of the gym

or vacation on the beach you know I

think I think I agree I think I agree

man I think and it's weird I'm not

embarrassed when I wear my Jordans but I

know for whatever reason that it like

people are gonna look at me differently

they're just gonna look at me a little

bit differently freelance when it says

hood clothes equals so it bit just

straight-up moderate like dating says

the Tokyo suit game is next level

goddamn and he has five one for each day

the business week very solid solid prod

by kit Elise has got my first pair of

Jays this year on my 23rd birthday wish

I could wear a suit but I'm severely

disabled alright well no big deal no big

deal so Bream sublime says only way you

get tens wet wearing Jordans is if

you're 10 or you're rich hahahaha

very good very good let's see Sun King

wants to know what brand are those jeans

Kevin if you're listening if you want to

let us know what brand those jeans were

the denim jeans J Brand J bread okay J

Brandon again I put the link for Rai 51

in the chat yeah and I would rather you

put rock 51 Oklahoma City

okay I know the folks here this let them

know I sent you okay hold on oh here it

is Oklahoma City Oklahoma City alright

51 very good all right cool then I'll

put that in the chat as well our mando

Moreno says those are dope whatever it

is he's talking about I'm okay oh let's

Steve the Dean and

you know what hang on a second let me

accept this call hey yo Steve I'm

actually on the air right now

no no that's okay but my audience can

actually hear you because when you call

it got like I I have a way to turn off

my phone when I'm on the air but I

forgot to do it this time but yeah so

yes shout out to my shout out to my

audience man Steve the Dean yes sir yes

I listen I'm gonna call you as soon as I

get off here right before I do the

brother he'll then all right brother

all right so there you go there's a man

I'm getting calls from all kinds of red

pillow guys all day every day Monty the

great says looking for white women Gere


well fighter says yeah that dude I'm

telling you man um here is a question um

wait a minute hold on Oh Guillermo

Garcia Kevin wants to know the the

reddish-brownish brutes you just showed

what brand are those I'll have to pick

them up okay well guys it's just it's

just it's it's called like a hiking boot

or work okay all right it's really not

anything you know only the top those are

clean I'm sure you can find it on the

right 51 website as well um Jacques 220

or Josie 220 wants to know what your

thoughts are on converse all athletic

shoes are the same they belong they

built they belong in look you don't wear

cycling shoes swimming this is the thing

athletic wear belongs where athletic

wear belongs okay and the thing is are

you it's cool but it has its place my

question is this why I'm getting more

questions about how to make it

acceptable versus just wearing it where

it's supposed to be worn yeah I got

another question for you camel hair

jacket in or out I have no idea what

that is

yes camo hair jacket is fine good very


okay excellent Sun King says thanks for

answering his question


see Kevin Donnell says Kevin simplifies

your wardrobe while making it effective

dude absolutely agree were sent well

let's take it to the last level again do

we still we still have the same jeans

you can switch these out to slacks if

you want to but now you need a button-up

shirt this is where you actually you

could actually wear this to any kind of

business meeting simple black this could

very well be white and then a nice

blazer guys this is quintessential man


hold on Donovan okay take your time go

ahead well well Kevin takes his time

with this yeah Winston wolf says this

man is ringing my sneaker dreams listen

I bought a pair of Jordans for $79 men

and don't get me wrong I like my Jordans

but like I said I only wear them every

two weeks every two weeks guys don't

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ford slash donovan sharp and the number

one again all contributions from today's

show will be split down the middle

between the show and the guests like I

said Kevin let's kevin was on his way

home and he decided to like this is the

this is the coolest thing I've ever seen

on a podcast like this dude this dude is

like in he's in a store like putting

together ensembles and they all look

good they're all very simple all very

simple oh wait a minute hold on Kevin

he'll fighter wants to oh wait a minute

hold on this is actually not a statement

this is a question he'll fighter wants

to know is $100 too much for jeans how

can you tell it's quality denim that's a

good question $100 denim actually that's

$100 is really inexpensive when it comes

to jeans again we I don't like to talk

about price I like to look at value I'm

turning on investment let me go ahead

and finish this okay let's do you see

how the black jacket fits with our black

shirt yeah oh you can tease the throw

they don't want blue jeans and have

these same boots you could switch out

have a white shirt you could put a

pattern shirt and if you want to you can

either throw black jeans on with it

guys and you could throw a white shirt

on with that yes these can be trousers

but what I try to do is keep it with the

same one pair of pants and guys you

could be walking down the Vegas strip


in that you look appropriate anywhere

you go and the other shoes too you could

switch them all of that out with the

other shoes so Kevin you literally just

created I've counted like I don't know

what like eight or nine outfits I don't

know probably even more than that like

you've created almost a dozen outfits

using just a few basic principles so you

don't need a closet full of clothes I

think you said on my very first show

when you were when you were on with me

you said dude like people don't wear

eighty percent of what's in their closet

and this is exactly why yeah and that's

true and then also those loafers right

there okay hold on let me put the focus

on you those loafers right there yeah I

like those because easily that's when

you just if you decide to put on

trousers or slacks again a whole

completely different look this is a

little bit more it's a little bit more

formal over touch to it you can wear

without socks this is a very popular

look you could easily wear that with

that shirt without a jacket again all of

this stuff is massively interchangeable

I left the black chelsea boots because

they work no matter what

right right I thought man I thought I

was learning so it was like I said are

those mug strap boots kit was like nah

bro like you're you're not you're not a

black belt yet those are those are

chelsea boots I was also trying to

figure out the name of the Ferragamo ''s

I don't know if those are shoes or

ferragamo shoes or no no I don't know

Colette me no Jeff Ferragamo is

Ferragamo is a brand like Dolce and


okay so they do it all mm-hmm shout out

to rob Cruz with the $5 contributions as

supporting as always yeah Rob actually

contributed five dollars to my earlier

show so shout out to rob Cruz longtime

fan of mine if I'm not mistaken Rob you

are going to be at the 21 convention in

November of 2019 if I'm not mistaken you

bought a ticket you couldn't make it but

Anthony Johnson told you that you it

would be able to carry over to

next year so if that's the case I'm very

much looking forward to meeting you and

shaking your hand and if your handshake

is anywhere as good a grip as Charles

Caballero then we're gonna be very very

good friends Charles Caballero is the

only man who probably has a spur Mohenjo

because I do let me show you this again

look at that same jeans just a variation

on the theme every I'm gonna show you

some several different looks here okay

okay okay

again just a different kind of jacket I

like theirs though there's the white

shirt instead of using a black sweater

black zip-up sort of use a grey one

again I'm not big fan on distressing

except unless it's just aa personality

okay look as I start to move down this

stuff how it all works together

yeah brown instead of black I have this

jacket right here you could throw that

on with a white t-shirt and some of

those jeans and keep it moving or

sunglasses man that's it I love that

jacket let me show you some now as far

as when you want to be taken a little

bit more seriously oh those are those

same genes in a colder climate every guy

wouldn't need that pea coat I have that

coat right here you can actually still

pull off white pants with it guys what

I'm ultimately showing you is none of

this stuff is over-the-top Oh classic

masculine fashion yeah you don't need a

hundred dude like you showed us two

pairs of jeans you don't need a hundred

pairs it like in other words Kevin I

think it's probably best to spend $200

on one pair of jeans than to spend I

don't know $200 on four pair of jeans

because what did all our jeans are gonna

last you forever that is exactly right

so when you start buying quality it

lasts longer even when it comes down to

t-shirts you can go to H&M; and buy you

know 10 t-shirts for $10 each and you'll

get two wears out of them maybe two

maybe three you start washing them

they'll start shrinking up all kind of

stuff like that but if you go ahead and

spend $30 on a t-shirt a little bit more

get some pima cotton PMA it will just

last longer

right what's a Mo Garcia is speaking

your language he says chicks

he says Stan's socks are awesome chicks

noticed stylish socks you and I had a

conversation off the air where there

were dudes who were getting custom suits

where the inner lining of their suits

matched their socks

yes yes because that's one of the few

places where a guy could actually show

some style in a constructive work

environment see I'm no probably a lot of

guys expecting me to throw a suit on

sure in this broadcast but a suit isn't

necessary as long as you just have a

good sports coat you can interchange

that with so many different things yeah

I think a lot of guys you know I think

they assume that the only way to look

good and not to say that guys think ok

well the only way to look good is in a

suit but I think a lot of guys what they

don't understand is when you google

well-dressed man you'll see just as many

men in suits as men who are not in suits

if that makes any if that makes any

sense at all well yeah because it's not

necessary to wear a suit every day

classic men's fashion has taken a broad

step see most guys know how to do well

at work if you wear a uniform that's

cool and if you have to wear business

outfits that's cool blue wear guys

really mess up is in there

what I call it the casual trap when

they're not working because guys

honestly you're still you're dressing

for comfort

you're just like for comfort and

convenience instead of for outcome had a

high-top pants or in fashion

what are high-top hands I don't know

what he's talking about as far as

high-top pants because the same guy

because the trolley says which dress

shoes have the best comfort brown or

black all right I think that's two

strength yeah all right one more strike

and you're out um let's see somebody

wanted to know what story right yeah

right 51 in Oh

Homa city uncle sander says hit the gym

and wear slim fit clothes you will look

good in anything what do you say to guys

because again the there are a lot of

guys out here who have this idea that

listen as long as you look good as long

as you have a good physique you'll look

good in anything what are your thoughts

on that absolutely wrong okay that's

what I'm absolutely wrong you can you

can look like crap just because you

think your body looks good and see what

that really is is a guy trying to be

lazy and cheap you can't cheat on image

you just can't but here's the thing if

you have a nice body and you can

actually dress your body well even

better right again look at something

like that and a simple simple classic

masculine fashion this not like that

this is fall is the best time of year

guys because you can throw all this

stuff on and none of this the stuff

looks tryhard none of it stands out a

lot decocking right there's none of this

stuff says look at me

it just works it none of the stuff says

quote look at me but it makes you want

to look at that person

um Stan 219 says do you like nudie jeans

those are my favorite I don't know what

nudie jeans are nudie is just another

brand they are fine okay I'm nudie Agee

I like fidelity there la brand Joe jeans

honestly I've actually bought my first

pair of my first pair of Saint Laurent

see the thing is guys here's the thing

like anything else when you really start

paying attention guys you only need two

pair of jeans so even if you drop $250

for a pair of jeans alright but if you

can have that pair of jeans and it lasts

you for years its border that is it

that's it I have a quick question for

you for myself if you were to advise

Donovan sharp on what brand of jeans to

get what brand would you recommend and

would you recommend getting them custom

fit like should I go to a tailor and

having them custom-made no I would

recommend you getting a Rob pair

something like J Brand a J brand and

getting a pair like the Cain Cain is a

straight fit slim straight wouldn't

really be your style personality and see

in raw denim you just allowed them to

wear and you know these are jeans that

you don't really have to wash except

every now and then you just allow them

to wear in and see this is the reason

why people look at that your style is

not um your style is kind of like David

Beckham but what is David Beckham always

come on David Beckham has the

combination between bad-boy and European

style look at when David Beckham's

rocking around he is wearing just a nice

fitted denim and a simple solid t-shirt

he has the tattoos he has the muscles

but he's never went a bunch of jewelry

and a bunch of this a bunch of that

classic masking fashion just like idris

elba all this stuff blends seamlessly

see what guys need to just understand is

this it is massively important that

admit that admit I don't know how to do

it but it is important it needs to be

done and then work with somebody who can

help them because here's the thing once

it's done it's done you don't have to

continually buy new clothes and I think

that's what a lot of people think god if

I start dressing well I gotta buy new

clothes every month or every two months

no that's what celebrities do because

they can't be seen in the same outfit

you know for for at least five years and

by the time there are five year mark is

up there on to the next fashion no we're

normal everyday people

dude get it over with spend $175 on a

pair of jeans $300 on on a nice pair of

ferragamo shoes and call it a day

listen you might have to save up for it

but you'll never you'll never have to

save up for those again I got a quick

question here from Miami Jay he says I

was gifted a pair let me put the screen

on you he said wow okay he said I was

gifted a pair of Joseph's uh gifted a

Joseph Abboud jacket is that a quality

brand no oh it used to be labeled else

in the mood

Carrie but here's the thing Joseph

Abboud is like IKEA alright so a lot of

a lot of the brands you find at your

local mall is like IKEA okay um you're

better off going to someplace like a Q

clothier and getting some neck brands

that you don't know anything about their

name but it looks cool nobody cares

about what's in your tag right okay

cares about what it looks like so yeah

this is another thing what I really want

guys to stop worrying about is cost you

want to worry about value because

honestly when when you're rocking that

leather jacket or you're rocking that

coat how long how long you're gonna have

that I kick the bucket go back to that

leather jacket yeah - yeah jacket is so

clean right

and so again you're not really worried

how many gray leather jackets do you

need one as long you don't gain a

thousand pounds you'll have it for a


well this is why red pill aware men need

to hit the gym this is white this is why

we preach in the gym that way when you

go out and you spend six seven hundred

dollars on a leather jacket they're

gonna have forever you're getting the

most out of it um Joey Bloggs wants to

know what about the turtleneck love it

love turtlenecks okay and I love and I

think is we're talking to men I prefer

cashmere over merino wool thing is it's

softer it lasts longer and it feels

better women love rubbing their face

against it

the thing about it is you have to hand

wash it but I expect me to learn how to

take care of their clothes shine their

shoes you know none of this see what it

is is from baby boomers the baby boomer

generation rejected the traditions of

their fathers right

they went anti so masked men's classic

men's fashion they rebelled against it

they grew their hair longer the whole

hippie thing

so when Generation X came along we had

to look we didn't have fathers who cared

about this kind of stuff we wanted to

look at somebody who looked

like a man it was our grandfathers it

was you know back in the days of FDR and

all that other kind of stuff but see

here's what's happening millenials to a

lesser to a larger degree but Generation

Z they are harkening back to the

greatest generation they are they're

picking up on all the classic means

traditions it's a huge push from guys

from 13 to 27 who are really

understanding the value of image and

guys that's your competition

right I mean when it really comes down

to that I mean I can't really think of I

can't really think of another argument

for that

modern life dating wants to know how

does Kevin feel about Zara I don't know

what that is

Zara is another brand like H&M;

see guys here's what I want you guys to

it doesn't matter you're still looking

for brand I don't like to really focus

on brand cuz there's so many Zara is a

brand with fast fashion kind of like hmm

gap Banana Republic but all these things

that you're not gonna really have long

long lasting value it's great for a year

or two that's what it's intended to do

like H&M; you can get some really nice

the cool looking stuff at H&M; it's just

not going to last you a long time and

that's how they get you mm-hmm got a

really good question here BK from the

rocky says recently someone recommended

Ferragamo Cologne does Kevin Samuels

have opinions regarding Ferragamo

cologne versus their shoes Ferragamo

makes us some great fragrances Ferragamo

F black it's an inexpensive for less

than 30 bucks yeah Ferragamo warm oh

it's a really nice fragrance this time

of year about 30 bucks you know what

you're finding is a lot of these fashion

houses are starting to branch out into

many different things but when it comes

down to I like to keep it on on own

style the amount of choices overwhelmed

guys that's why I like to keep it simple

I don't want to overwhelm guys that's

why the outfits I showed you right you

any brand can make those

the linchpin and all of it was the shoes

and the denim the top the stuff you want

top interchangeable got a question here

what are Kevin's thoughts on Levi's

jeans great for junior high in high

school junior high school even in mono

but Levi's jeans that I mean you know

they're an American staple but I'm not

gonna sit here lying set at the quality

denim and at some point guys you start

realizing you get what you pay for

right that's why when it comes to your

clothes man right so if you only need

two pair of jeans why we still keep

asking about brands friends we keep and

see what you're seeing this guy is

really just trying to what they're just

they're resisting yes here's another guy

says so is it worth buying a Ralph

Lauren Polo for $70 to last a while I

think he's talking about maybe cologne

no he's asking about a Ralph Lauren polo

shirt and again look Ralph Lauren polo

shirts only makes sense if you have an

Americana style personality the shirt

see I can't fault people this is how we

were probed we've missed program

programs just that's right that's

exactly right man so what guys keep

doing is I keep saying the simple stuff

in there rejecting the program and you

keep trying to go back to sleep in the

matrix you gotta take these thoughts too

bad like I'm thinking what their weekend

right because because because see here's

the thing I wished what would happen


whatever you woke up tomorrow and I had

a diabolical plan and I blew up all the

malls oh shit man and no longer could

you go to the malls and you actually had

to get clothing the old-fashioned way

you actually had to go to a habanero or

somebody to make you a suit of clothes

that's why I love stuff like The Walking


a post-apocalyptic world will you take

away all these conveniences and Men have

to start thinking

see right now it's easy to get in your

car drive 45 30 to 45 minutes to a mile

walk in and have a sales assistant tell

you what you want in here buy something

that doesn't work for you drive back

home and then stick in your closet and

never really wear Wow

right that's that's a lot of effort

versus actually knowing just my

personality upfront doing some research

and getting your measurements made know

your sizes and then saying I need a

black shirt or I need a cashmere sweater

what is the best cashmere sweater for my

style of my body okay and then going

online and ordering it and having it

shipped to you two days and then you get

instead of you save more I save more

money ordering across the world then

because I don't have to drive to a mall

so when I come to the place like Rai 51

this place I love little stores like

this coast they get to know you and they

have small-batch clothing you're not

gonna see their stuff everywhere right

okay last question by the way last

statement last question Joby blog says

Steve McQueen had a style which would

still be relevant today I would agree

with that um

Miami Jay says do you have thoughts on

all of these quote monthly subscription

wardrobe change services a lot of that

going around don't like okay why not

well because a lot of stuff is if it

doesn't go for style personality you

don't get so when you get stuff in a

monthly box it's it's basically thrown

in from all different nine style

personalities so you and I'm getting a

bowtie a plaid this you'll end up

getting one or two things over the year

that really works and then the rest of

it just goes to junk see I need to do a

broadcast and show you know what let me

show you something oh here we go you

know let me show you guys something

because because because here's the thing

you guys don't seem to realize that I'm

a guy just like you and I'm a victim of

this shit too so what you need to

realize is this those subscription

services and all other kind of stuff

just selling you junk okay they're

selling you junk and what ends up

happening will you buy a bunch of junk

it doesn't look good on your body you

don't feel like the man when you rock it

and wear it and then you end up with

that you end up with you end up with

this shit you see this I got bags and

bags and bags and bags of shirts that I

don't wear see this this is this is

subscription stuff look at all that this

is junk I mean yes this could work with

somebody but it doesn't fit me right it

doesn't fit my style first now but I

want you to understand this look at this

gentleman this is dude it's like a

duffle pack my trunk is full of shirts

that I don't wear cuz I bought them just

like I'm telling you not to do and I

bought them over that's just shirts I've

got I went and looked at jeans did I

spent 20 here 30 there and I'm like you

know what when I add up all the money I

spent when I add up all the money I

spent I could have easily just put a

couple hundred dollars into really good

stuff and not wasted that money all

right well I think I think that says it

all man I think that says it all I think

listen Kevin this was a dynamite episode

man the fact that you were on location

and you actually showed us what what you

were talking about that was unbelievable

man thank you very much for making the

time for tonight man no problem my

battery's running out so guys talk at

you later all right

that's gonna do it for this edition of

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