Episode #252: 3 reasons why women choose to be single



We all know that the divorce rates are way up, cheating is commonplace in most if not all relationships, and as Anthony Dream Johnson pointed out this past Saturday on the Red Man group, the dating market is a shit show. As men we’ve figured this out and have decided to opt out of marriage and men who go MGTOW opt out of relationships altogether which is understandable considering the way things are now.

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Now women, have predictably have followed suit because of course they always do what men do...they’re always emulating us thinking they’ll achieve male contentment and all the rest of that which is for another show, but the main reasons they choose to remain single are very different from the reasons men do.

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how's your boyfriend lucky to have you

you're fucking your boss what'd you

think she was gonna do tell you she

cheated you cannot out train a bad diet

never believe everything a woman tells

you she will always leave something else

you're always broke because you spend

your money on dumb shit every month if

you've only slept with five guys then

why was it so easy to fuck what's up

guys it's your man Donovan sharp and

welcome to the 250 second edition of TSR

alive your daily dose of red pill truth

wisdom and awareness it is Wednesday May

night 2018 I got my Sixers playing for

their lives against the Celtics tonight

and listen man I you know listen I mean

the the Sixers are obviously a better

team the Boston Celtics are hobbled with

injuries but it is clear that the

Celtics are a much better coached team

that is why they are up three games to


if we win Game five if we win Game five

here I think the game I think the game

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let's look this up Sixers and Celtics

I'm pretty sure it's in Boston if yeah

it is in Boston if we win if we can win

Game five okay that gives us a really

good chance to win Game six Game five is

always it's a it game five is extremely

pivotal especially for the lower seed

because then we get to come back home to

Philly for Game six and if we if we can

if we can parlay that momentum from Game

five winning Game five on the road into

Game six Game seven anything can happen

like I said just that's the New York

Yankees about Game seven of the American

League Championship Series back in oh

four listen I'm not gonna sit here and

say hey listen the the Sixers are gonna

come back down from you know oh three if

it happens I'm not gonna sit here and

say that I knew would happen the whole

time the Sixers are done we're down all

three out no team has ever come back

down from a no three deficit to win a to

win a to win a series

but I mean the Sixers are good enough to

do it could they win could listen could

they run the table after being down o3

sure but it's certainly not likely so

I'll be pulling for the Sixers tonight

hopefully we can hopefully we can extend

the season and you know continue to

continue to continue to run things like

like like we normally do I'm having a

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so it looks like we're having looks like

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so all right excellent so so so anyway

I'm on a little early today because I've

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normally my spin classes are at 6

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my spin classes are at 6 o'clock but on

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Fridays they're at 5:30 and I'm skipping

Brazilian Jujitsu today and Friday so

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right now

I'm at four straight days of spinning

spinning is not easy you're burning

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when I was in Vegas I rode my bike I

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that's right guys at least 15 miles a

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now I was able to do this in Nevada

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love I love I love being able to

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I'm on a little bit early today today's

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Rob Crews one of the TSR towers oh jeez

yeah day says there's some nice bike

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what can I say it you know I've spun for

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jiu-jitsu on the self you know for you

know for a couple of days just to see

how far I can push this to see how my to

see how my body to see how my butt

performs all right well let us move to

the topic at hand which is three reasons

why women choose to stay single now we

all women have no problem getting

boyfriends and husbands because listen

mail thirst and mail desperation that's

at an all-time high and a lot of people

would say well Donovan didn't you say

doesn't roll it's a mass they say that

men are the gatekeepers to sex what were

men with the gatekeepers to to to

commitment and women the gatekeepers to

sex absolutely however women can women

men are the five percenters red pillars

they are the gatekeepers to commitment

that girls want okay girls can get girls

don't want commitment from blue pill

beta males they know they can have that

that that's a carrot they've already and

that's a mountain I've already conquered

they want commitment from men like us

men like you men like myself they want

commitment to to to to to us right the

guys who get it the guys who understand

women so when I say women have no

problem getting boyfriends and husbands

because of male thirst well yeah they

have no problem getting boyfriends and

husbands because of the blue pill of the

blue pill thirst there's another

pervasive for now another pervasive

narrative in the in the red pill

community that's they say listen we can

talk all this shit all we want to women

post well or not they always land on

their feet

they always manage to always manage to

win they can fuck a bunch of guys still

end up with a happy family still end up

with a guy who's gonna rescue her from

her bad decisions nah that's the wrong


yes a woman who rides the carousel the

former party slut will absolutely find

someone to wife her up but it's not the

man that she wants to it's not the man

she wants to be with she wants to be

with the guys long-term that she was

fucking back in her 20s she wants to be

with the guys on the carousel the guys

that are left over when she is off the

carousel those aren't the men she's

attracted to so yes they do find someone

to you know wife them up take care of

them you know take care of their two or

three kids that they got fucking around

with all the alphas but these aren't the

men they want to be with so yeah they

have no problem getting boyfriends and

husbands and commitment but these aren't

the men that they want commitment from

now all that said even women knowing

that they can get these things even


or opting out of marriage and long-term

relationships for in favor of the single

life okay

now we all know that divorce rates are

way up cheating is commonplace in most

if not all relationships and as Anthony

dream Johnson recently pointed out this

past Saturday on the red man group that

I was on I think was episode 11 he said

that the dating market is a shit show

and he's absolutely right now as men we

have figured this out and we have

decided to opt out of marriage and and

and men who go mgtow extreme exile they

opt out of relationships altogether

which is understandable considering the

way considering things are the way they

are now now women have predictably

followed suit because of course they

always want to do what men do there are

always throws trying to emulate us

they're all trying to copy us thinking

that they'll achieve the kind of male

contentment and all the rest of that

which obviously is for another show but

the main reasons they choose to remain

single are very different from the

reasons men do so let's go ahead so

again we have to understand we have to

understand that their that their reasons

are very very different and this was

actually a topic that a that a commenter

I forget who the comments or he

submitted this he says listen why is it

that women choose to be single so truth

be told guys I could probably come up

with a hundred reasons as to why women

choose to be single but I'm not gonna

I'm not gonna talk all afternoon I got a

spin class I got stuff to do you guys

have places to go so I'm gonna give you

guys the three biggest motivators for

women to stay single based on what we

have seen and heard number one

they think they've got all the time in

the world they think time is on their

side now back in the day a woman who was

single was single for a reason maybe she

had some sort of a disease maybe she

maybe word got out that she was an

aversion meaning she had the scarlet

letter of being a slut maybe she

couldn't have children whatever the case

was whatever whatever happened a female

who was unwed by the time she was in her

early to mid 20s and sometimes even

younger than that was more or less

looked down upon by the community now

things are literally the opposite now

okay if the old woman gets engaged and

let's say she's I don't know 20 22 years

old everyone gets confused as to why

she's getting married at such a young

age okay her friends are asking things

like why are you jumping into this or

they'll ask you're still

young why don't you wait and date around

get it out of your system see what else

is out there women who get married young

and by young i mean late teens early 20s

I'm talking 18 19 21 those are the

exceptions to the rule these days women

rarely get married when they're 18 19 20

21 those are the exceptions most girls

wait until they're in their late 20s or

early 30s before they even start

thinking of settling down and the reason

they do this is that because in their

minds they have time and they're mostly

right they do have time but not in the

way that they think and here's what I

mean and I explained this earlier most

women will find a man who is willing to

wife her up when she starts losing her

attractiveness she still worried she

still has has remnants of her

attractiveness she's not completely ugly

she's not completely off the radar okay

it doesn't matter that she's been a slut

for a decade it doesn't matter that she

can't cook that she can't really cook

anything but hot dogs and tater tots it

doesn't matter that she's got a bit of

bitchy disposition and doesn't respect

men if a woman is even half decent

looking she'll find a man to commit to

her but here's the flaw in that plan the

men available to a woman who waits to

get married aren't the men who were

available to her when she was younger

and more attractive I talked about this

earlier the men who are still interested

in her when she's 35 are not the men she

wants guys when females are young and

attractive they think foolishly that the

same quality of men will be around when

she's older which is mind-boggling

because to me it's mind-boggling to me

because they know that the older they

get the less attractive they come but

for some reason every woman out there

seems to think that they're exceptions

that they're the exception to the rule

meaning that she thinks that she can

still attract the same kind of men even

though they can see what their own own -

ice what's really happening they're

seeing their sister they see it their

sisters their mothers their friends they

see all the females around them who are

no longer able to attract high-value men

when they get older but they don't think

it'll happen to them

it's a it's amazing that every woman

thinks like this I mean honestly it

blows it blows me away as to how

ignorant these bitches really are so yes

they do have time a man at some point

will put a ring on it but the longer she

waits the

lower the caliber of men who are willing

to commit long-term these young girls

out here if they want a party they want

a drink they want to go out they want to

live that single life they want to fuck

a bunch of guys and hold out until the

last possible minute until they start to

slowly start taking their futures with

men seriously and one day they wake up

and look in the mirror they've got

crow's feet around their eyes their tits

aren't as perky their skin isn't as

tight their asses are starting to sag

and all of a sudden they realize oh my


I'm 36 and I'm still single but by then

it's too late it's too late for them to

get a man that they can respect and love

because they waited too long they wasted

their prime fertile years being hoes and

didn't realize that the men that they

were used to getting attention from

wouldn't pay him any attention once they

hit the wall I tweeted I think I tweeted

this out a while back and I might tweet

it again because it was my time on my

new Twitter and by the way could follow

me on Twitter at Donovan's den I said if

a woman knew that she had it the wool of

a woman knew she had 100 years of prime

attractiveness she would spend 99 99

years and 360 days on the carousel and

spend the last five days trying to lock

down a man this is the very nature of

women got 22 watching very very good


JW says first-timer longtime viewer

first crowd caster absolutely absolutely


rob crew says that it is a shit show at

the Iowa State Fair

Dave da y says trick is on them time is

not on their side that is very very true

yeah Rob crew says the wall has no

losses listen father time is undefeated

the wall is undefeated

Matthew Lyons has looked up a porn star

at Doug in the in the 2000s in the 2000s

to see what she looks like now the wall

always wins actually you guys should

look at there's a there is a miniseries

I think it's on either Netflix or Hulu

it's called after porn ends and it

documents the life of port of porn

actors and actresses after they have

after they have after they left the

business and you know some of the women

some of the women they document it and

they're live in pretty decent life some

of them are actually doing quite well

some of them are living very bad lives

but guess what the women that are living

bad lives the women that are living

decent life still good lives those are

the exceptions to the rule there are far

far more female porn stars than male

porn stars so they would have us believe

that it's about 50/50 when it comes to

the life of a female porn star after

porn ends but it's honestly it's

probably probably about 3% of women who

are involved in porn for an extended

period of time at some point their lives

ended up getting fucked up so what we

see on the screen is not the whole truth

the point is is that the wall is

undefeated absolutely JW says you

mentioned starting to track periods but

how do you deal with birth control where

her period varies so much or are or are

they or aren't or they aren't occurring

at all how are you able to navigate and

how can you use an app to track it what

you have to do now number one you have

to verify that your woman is on birth


what I used to do with my ex-girlfriend

down in Vegas hot Mexican big fit you

guys know all about her she said she

wanted she didn't want us to use condoms

anymore she's

I want to feel the connection blah blah

blah I'm like alright well I'm not

trying to have any kids she's like well

I got a birth control well again I'm

like okay well you can get on birth

control but I need to be there when it

happens so we decided to go with the

depo shot and so and yes she gave me

permission to come to the doctor's

office ah dude I saw him drew I saw him

draw the needle I verified the the

contents I saw a needle go into a sore

hip or wherever it went and just to make

sure that I wasn't gonna add I was gonna

accidentally knock this chick up so she

said she was getting on birth control I

said that's fine but I'm gonna be there

to verify it now her period came like

clockwork on depo okay it was a

different kind it was a different kind

of shot as a matter of fact I don't even

know that it was depo the point is is

that whatever birth control that you

decided whatever okay there you go you

inserted the IUD yourself the the

whatever birth control you decide to put

your woman on whatever whatever you

decide is the best option for you do

some research asked ask the doctor hey

how will this affect her period I would

like to start tracking her period on my

cycle calendar but you know but hey how

is this going to affect her period is

she not like dude the girl Amy that I

was fucking in North Carolina the one

who broke my heart a sowed for the worst

heartbreak of my life she was on some

sort of shot she never had a period

right but that doesn't mean that she

didn't still have a cycle so I was

completely clues and of course I was

blue pill back then but yeah do some

research on whatever kind of birth

control most of the time as far as I

know birth control isn't really gonna

fuck with the period unless it's

hormonal birth control fortunately for

me with my girl even though she had the

shot she still had her period every

month so I was able to track everything

so definitely do your research on that

good question though very very good

question alright let's move to the

second reason why women prefer to stay

single marriage and motherhood are


I did a show with Alan Roger curry a

while back and I actually recently just

posted it on donovan sharp comm is as

well as patreon and he said something

that really really stuck out to me and

what he said was that most women don't

identify as feminists most women don't

call themselves feminists but most women

have feminist beliefs and he was

absolutely right guys I can't tell you

how many dates or meetups that I've had

with this girl or that who went out of

their way to tell me that they weren't

looking to get married or start a family

soon okay it says so someone told them

that that's what to say on a first date

with a guy to get him to like you all

right it's a it's the craziest thing

they sit there and they talk shit about

how miserable it must be to be a

stay-at-home mom or how they get or how

they'd regret getting married and having

kids if they were too if they were too

young because they'd always wondered

what else was out there for them well

listen guys there's no mystery as to why

these chicks are talking like this and

it's because our culture shames marriage

and motherhood now we can say that

feminism is is responsible for it and

we'd be right but most females most

females have bought into the idea of

marriage and motherhood being borderline

slavery and that getting married and

having children is beneath him and be

grating and oppressive guys and guys

listen most women actually think this so

they choose to be single rather than

being what they characterize as a

married slave forced to have a man's

children against her will and ruin her

body that's the second reason reason

number three the third reason why women

are choosing to stay single is the

single life as glamorized right as much

as married life is as much as married

life and motherhood are you know are

ridiculed and shamed the single life is

even more glamorous not would probably

say ten full girls want to be single

because it looks a lot more fun than

being married and guess what they're

right they're absolutely right listen

being single is a lot more than being

than being married they get to come and

go as they please they get to date

whoever they want to get the fuck

whoever they want

go wherever they want no

responsibilities no one to answer to the

list goes on and on but what gets left

out of the single life promotional video

is that it you know talking about how

much fun it is they always fail to

mention that the single life isn't a

sustainable lifestyle women who are

perpetually single are only happy for

the first new year are only happy for

the first few years right so they're

always single they're only at this

they're always happy when they're 20 21

22 23 right

but once they hit their mid to late 20s

it stops being fun because then by then

they've been fucked by so many cocks

they've lost the ability to love a man

the club and the bar scene is old and

they get tired of feeling alone even

though they're sleeping with three guys

yes gentlemen yes ladies the single life

is fun for a little while but the

long-term effects are irreversible

even when it listen even when they get

married at some point down the line and

they will they're not gonna be fulfilled

they're not gonna be happy they'll be on


they'll be on anti-anxiety medications

because depression and anxiety are a

side effect of being a slut this is how

this works

okay I recently I did I actually

recently posted this on my website

comparing rescue dogs to perpetually

single women and I made I made I made

the comparison that the single life was

just like a dog being in a shelter that

was actually my latest episode on return

of Kings so you guys might want to go

over there and take a look at that

return kings.com

and just do a quick quick search for

Donovan charm no matter what women say

they want no matter what women think

they want they don't want to be fucking

a bunch of dudes guys okay they want to

belong to one man and one man only but

when they see the single life glamorizes

as this awesome life that's that's all

fun all the time without any of the

consequences they're gonna think they

want to be single one of the worst

things that feminism has done to women

is made them think they want to do and

be the opposite of what they are

designed to do and be women don't want

to be single but feminism has convinced

them that the single life is better than

being a

relationship and it's funny when you

listen to girls in their 20s who are

good-looking enough to be married to

high-value men right now they could be

married to high-value men talking about

how much how much fun they're having

being single about how much they love

being single not about how they couldn't

imagine being tied down then listen to

women in their mid 30s wonder where all

the good men have gone where all the

time went fuckin hilarious yeah Miami J

is a little bit late we're on the air 30

minutes early

Miami J absolutely absolutely

Hannah late sales call no problem no

problem so Marc do aa very good comment

says quote the most important prominent

reason for women to remain single is

that they have horny needy men throwing

themselves at them they can achieve

whatever they want just by remaining

single a woman should always be a

compliment to a man's life never the

focus exactly men exactly I listen I

could not agree more could not agree


michael says that that number two is

spot on Michael also says that also

notice that women who are married to

masculine husbands who provide and take

care of the family while she takes care

of the kids at home arm and her husband

are much happier of course dude they all

say happy wife happy life

well maybe that's true but it's not

happy in the way that they would have

you believe a happy wife is a woman who

submits to her husband lets him take

care of everything well that's gonna do

it for this edition of TSR live like I

said guys I'm gonna have to cut this one

short I've got my spin class in an hour

and I've got some things to take care of

there I will be back tomorrow on the air

Sam bat-time same bat-channel at 4:30

Eastern 1:30 Pacific thanks for watching