3 signs she MIGHT be a quality woman (Ep. 283)

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We’re all aware of the obvious signs a woman’s a low quality slut who would make a bad girlfriend or wife….tattoos, piercings, etc. But what a lot of guys are in the dark about that they seem to think they are informed about is how to tell a woman is worth committing to. Guys say “well if she knows how to cook she’s a keeper!” or “if she doesn’t let me fuck her on the first date, she’s wife material” or “If she grew up in a 2 parent home, she’ll make a great wife!”



How to train a female to be a quality woman


a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn you lost your edge

she lost the traction for him it's how

it works what you think she was gonna do

tell you she cheated men cannot afford

to get complacent and relationships get

your fat ass off the couch start lifting

weights and learn game you're welcome

and now your man what's up guys it's

your man Donovan sharp and welcome to

the 280 3rd edition of TSR primetime

your nightly dose of red pill truth

wisdom and awareness it is Tuesday June

26th 2018 had a great show with Ed

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how he became a heavyweight boxer you

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calm over the last six plus years so I'm

gonna address something here quickly

before we before we get started and I'm

gonna let everyone know now closet mig

towels stay the fuck away from my show

man I had a patreon I had a patron who

actually who who engaged in a in an

extremely high level of disrespect I

called him out on the disrespect

personally then I put then of course I

put the the post on patreon to let

everyone know hey listen this is this is

something I'm not gonna tolerate etc etc

and this dumbass decided to double down

and I'll get into that here in just a

second so the comment that this guy put

in the end he's referring to he's

referring to the Redman group volume 18

the one that we did with noted MIG tau

turd flinging monkey you guys should

definitely check that out you can find

that episode on YouTube Donovan sharp

comm you can go to patreon.com/scishow

it was an eye-opening episode to be sure

it was it was eye-opening we'll just

we'll just put it at that um I couldn't

really say what I wanted to say a lot of

us and listen turd flinging monkey dude

I got to give it to him he walked into

he walked into the Lions Den and for him

to admit that he had that he is married

to a sex doll listen as pathetic as that

is the guy's got balls the guy has

intelligence and the difference between

big toes and the red pill community

seems to be just you know hey listen

they're just not interested in pursuing

women now I want to make this

distinction I'm talking about low-level

MIG towels okay I'm not

low-level mcdow's as you guys can see

the asterisk is not interested in

sleeping with women there are many many

MIG tails out there who regularly fucked

chicks into the triple digits right and

for whatever reason I get I don't know

why they I don't know maybe the

difference maybe they describe

themselves as MIG tiles because they're

never getting married they're never

gonna have kids I don't consider myself

to be a MIG doubt and I'm never getting

married and I'm damn sure never having

kids right so listen whatever they want

to label themselves that's fine but who

I'm addressing here tonight is I am

addressing low-level MIG Taos

all right we're talking about guys who

have no interest in pursuing religious

pursuing romantic relationships with

women of any kind anyway

former patron of mine Raymond M wood

that's right I'm gonna call this nigga

out by name so underneath the red man

group comment section he said and I

quote Donovan is one trap baby away from

discovering his woman is not worth the


he continues Rolo has compromised his

needs to accept risk risks the risks

which come with his wife turd flinging

monkey is just in complete denial of his

ongoing addiction to women not unlike

and how an addict takes methadone

instead of some other opioid just say no

gentlemen women are a luxury not a

necessity of life here's the thing man I

do it 90 percent of what he said was

true right listen turd flinging monkey

is absolutely in complete denial he has

completely checked out of the sexual


he is not interested in competing listen

it would appear that the burden of

masculine performance is just not

something turd flinging monkey can

handle your net listen whatever I ain't

mad at you do your thing

alright but then to go and tell me that

I'm one trap baby away from discovering

that my woman is not worth the risk that

is disrespect my friend listen man you

can have disagreements with me but as

soon as you talk about my family or my

woman or me even you can attack me

personally all you want to Oh Donovan

sounds like a white guy Donovan sit sit

dude come after me all you want to I

don't care in the words of Mike Gundy

I'm I'm a man I'm 40 I can take it right

I don't give a shit dude I can drag in

haters and trolls all the fucking time

right but for someone who is a patron to

disrespect my woman

in this way unacceptable there's another

comment he put in here he said all the

men on this call talking about the

Redman group volume 18 were either

married in an ongoing relationship or

were screwing an inanimate object in

pretending it was a live woman none of

them he continues has the willpower to

go their own way as I have for over a


which is code for I haven't gotten lay

in the decade right okay listen if you

haven't gotten laid a decade that's

totally cool but don't tell me that I

don't it's it's so funny it's as though

he wants us it says it is as though

Raymond M what i'ma call this nigga out

by name it's as though Raymond M wood

wants us oh my god dude you haven't you

haven't you haven't gotten laid in a

decade Bravo we're gonna make a fucking

post Bo Raymond over there he hasn't

gotten laid in 10 years but dude how do

you do how do you have the discipline to

do that like how did like oh my god this

is this is an incredible feat dude

Riemann hasn't gotten laid in ten years

ago go over there and talk to him this

guy's got it all figured out fuck you

the fuck outta here so then he respond

now of course I responded in kind I

basically and I forgot what I said you

guys can go to my patreon page and check

it out basically I said actually hold on

I'll actually pull this up I'll actually

pull this so I'll actually pull this

shit up here yeah I'm gonna get my hands

dirty I'm gonna get involved in a little

bit of drama because niggas need to

understand niggas need to understand you

know listen bro you don't come at me I

don't care they don't give a fuck how

much you are you are paying me

I appreciated the support he crossed the

fucking line and I fuckin pulled your

card so so I said in response to his

Donovan is one trap baby away from you

know you know discovering this woman

it's not worth the risk I said first off

I will not get my woman pregnant nor

will she trot me with a kid of that I am

100% certain for many many reasons

gentlemen there is no way no way my

woman and I are having a baby I'm not

gonna tell you how I know this I'm not

gonna tell you why I know this but I

know with 100% certainty she's not

trapping me with a kid that's just all

there is to it not getting into details

you guys can draw your own conclusions

next I decide whether or not a woman I

am with is worth the risk not Raymond or

anyone else and I'm reading right

from patreon I continued that I said no

my woman is not special she's not a

snowflake she's not a unicorn and yes I

am well aware of the fact that she could

go completely feral at any time for any

reason at all but I've put in a lot of

time and work training habits out of her

training bad habits out of her and

training good habits into her that not

only reduce not eliminate the odds of

that happening but also make her worth

the risk

for the time being we all know how women

can be ok so then I said it's ok to have

disagreements when I talk when I talk

about with what I talk about but when

you bring my woman in the car into the

conversation you have crossed the

fucking line I said I appreciate your

support Raymond but if you disrespect me

one more time you are gone now here's

the thing before I made that post I

actually addressed him personally I told

him look bruh you're out of line you

disrespect me one more time and you're

fuckin gone right so here was his

response to me this nigga doubled down

he says damn young brother please tell

me that you did not just threaten to

white knight for your woman if it wasn't

that easy for a stranger like me to

manipulate you into forgetting about

game your woman must be shit testing you

and getting away with a 24/7 nigga don't

you wish this is another case of these

hatin ass sexless fucking insel MIG tau

and low-level Midtown niggas mad at me

cuz I'm getting ass right like you're

gonna tote for good nigga what the fuck

do you know about game you haven't

gotten pussy in 10 years fuck do you

know this is the problem gentlemen with

bottom-dwelling mig towels they're

mentally fucked up in so many ways and

listen guys to be fair we all are right

like I know I am any man who's red

pillow any man who has who has red pill

awareness and lives the red pill life

has definitely gotten some mental shit

going on no question about it guys

listen we all bear the scars of our blue

pill pasts and I'm dissing I'm certainly

no exception you guys listen that is

front and center each and every day I

put my story out for the world to see

but a bottom-dwelling mig towel okay his

fucked up state his fucked up mental

state that manifests itself into

voluntarily removing himself from the

dating market they have decided to stop

competing for women they either jerk off

they hire a prostitute

or they do a turd flinging monkey did

and get a sex doll and you know what I

don't blame him I do not blame them guys

listen women are fucked up and even if

you know how to deal with them and keep

them in line it is still a fucking mine

job there is zero margin for error when

it comes to women guess listen you make

one mistake and you will pay the game

never ends ever get that through your

thick fucking skull z' guys you can

never rest on your laurels now granted

the longer you've been with a woman and

have kept her in lined with red pill

game the bigger the margin right okay

the bigger the margin for error that you

have if you run an air tight red pill

game on your woman for I don't know a

year year and a half one slip-up isn't

gonna cost you right like like nothing

like like she's not gonna use that as a

referendum on your overall character as

a man but if you start to make it a

habit after that eventually she will

make you pay for this reason you have to

be on your game every fucking day guys

and it gets fucking exhausting trust me

listen man dude my woman is in pocket

the bitch never gets out of pocket you

think it's easy to do that but no so if

a man decides that he doesn't want to

deal with women because of the costs

involved like I said you're getting no

judgment for me man okay you listen yes

I can certainly acknowledge the fact

that you are mentally fucked up for

voluntarily deciding not to associate

with women on a sexual level and denying

your sexual desire right like I listen

I'm I can I can acknowledge that but by

the same token I certainly understand

the reasoning in the rationale but then

to turn around and call men who do

pursue women sexually to call us

weak-minded or pussy slaves or or or or

tell us that we have no quote willpower

that is fucking laughable you are listen

here's the thing you are doing the easy

thing by not pursuing women and jerking

off to hentai porn letting yourself get

fat and not accomplishing things but I'm

the guy with no willpower the reason why

sluts are admonished okay the reason why

people slut-shame sluts is because they

are doing what is easy to do it listen

it takes absolutely zero willpower for a

woman to sit for a woman to decide to

fuck about you guys all she

to be is there and willing what is hard

is doing what's necessary into making

yourself a quality female worthy of

relationships and possibly marriage

we're gonna get into that here just a

minute it's the same thing with these

bottom-dwelling fucking mag towels okay

again the reason why sluts are

admonished is because they're doing

what's easy to do right like we

understand that but guys listen it takes

absolutely zero discipline or willpower

to spank your fuckin monkey

it's a part toon porn every day it takes

absolutely zero willpower to decide not

to pursue women this is why

bottom-dwelling MIG cows do not have my

respect they certainly have my empathy

but they do not have my respect all

these so-called commenters in the red

man group were saying turd freakin 3rd

turd flinging monkey totally on ruler

turd flinging turd flinging monkey wins

wrong you fuck faces ok

wrong turn flea dude Rollo is married to

a beautiful woman and has a kid ok and

he has changed more lives than he

probably even realizes turd flinging


fucks a doll right and buy her clothes

and buys her clothes guys listen Rollo

wins you fucking idiots rope turd

flinging monkey totally no no no turn

flinging monkey doesn't own anything

except for a fucking sex doll the

bottom-dwelling mig towel movement guys

will always have more support than the

red pill movement because it is easy

living the red pill life is hard this is

why way more women endorse being sluts

than they do motherhood and being a good

wife because that's hard being a slut is

easy now here's the thing man raymond

made a comment about something he knows

absolutely nothing about what the fuck

does he know about women if you haven't

gotten laid in ten fucking years he

wants to say that i white knighted for

my girlfriend the fucking idiot doesn't

even know the proper definition of white

knight nah brah you talk shit about my

girl we got a fucking problem ok that's

not white knight and it's called being a

fucking man something you clearly know

nothing about so I said all that to say

this if you're a guy who has sworn off

pursuing women romantically on any level

I would highly suggest that you not

watch my show this is

for you I'm not gonna get into a debate

or or or a back and forth to someone who

jerks off to cartoons I'm not gonna

allow someone who fucks a fucking

plastic doll to tell me to tell me

what's what with women okay

yes guys I welcome healthy disagreements

and a healthy debate I have always

maintained that I learned just as much

from you guys as you guys do for me but

I absolutely positively will not

tolerate disrespect you talk about my

woman you talk about my family we got a

fucking problem bottom-dwelling migt

house stay the fuck out of here

I don't want you I don't need you my

content is for men who actually want to

live a life of dominance become good

with women and willing to pay the price

good riddance fucking Rayman happening

have fun being a monk or whatever the

fuck in cells are calling themselves

these days so you guys can sleep at

night stay the fuck out of my shit okay

that took a little longer than I had

originally thought let's check the chat

here before we before we kick it into

high gear all right let's see

oh yeah sharpest system yeah you know

married to a sex doll dude I learned on

air that turd flinging monkey was

married to a sex doll like that's when I

found out dude I was I was completely

fucking shocked it was unbelievable

Sherm cane says is there a video on the

sex doll guy

yes there is his name is turd flinging

my keys on you jeez got like 200,000

subscribers it's unbelievable it's

unbelievable ny Kia 31 says low-level

MIG tiles are essentially asexual yeah

yeah right dude basically owning a sex

doll is just that it's just an advanced

way of jerking off that's all it is

that's all it is men Miami Jay in the

house Miami Jay says if women are a

luxury he's a poor motherfucker listen

Raymond was right women are a luxury

they are not a necessity to to for a man

to live a life of happiness and

dominance that listen debt I'm not

denying that but you're not gonna tell

me that because I don't have the

willpower to leave women alone that I'm

some sort of white knight for defending

my girl nigga fuck you get the fuck out

of here man dumbass


Oh and then and then of course he he

canceled his

dollar pledge and keep your fucking

money but good go fuck yourself for a

fucking plastic doll

you probably jerk off the fucking hentai

porn fucking cartoon porn like turd

flinging monkey does but but you want to

tell me I don't have the with


I can't believe these guys it's just

unbelievable 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the

number to call let's go ahead and get

started gentlemen we are all well aware

of the obvious signs that a woman is a

low-quality slut would make a bad

girlfriend a wife tattoos piercings etc

and obviously if you've watched any of

my Donovan's dense on Donovan sharp calm

you're also aware of the not so obvious

signs that a woman will fuck around on

you like the fact that she lives alone

the fact that she's you know you know

works at or has ever worked in a call

center works at her to meathead gym

definitely check that out Donovan sharp

gum but what a lot of guys are in the

dark about is that they seem they seem

to think that they're informed about

about about how to tell a woman is worth

committing to guys say well if she knows

how to cook she's a keeper or if she

lets me fucker on the first date or she

doesn't let me fuck on the first date

she's white material or if she grew up

in a two-parent home she'll make a great

life well those things could certainly

those things could certainly make a

woman more likely to be a quality female

right but a lot of other things have to

be inflated in place all right listen

guys I fucked a lot of sluts who could

cook right and listen girls who else who

don't let you fuck on the first date are

usually putting on a facade to make you

think she's never done that before but

little do you know that she went on

three three first dates the last three

nights and all three of them fucked her

and 99% of this 99% of the women in this

country are sluts whether or not they

had two parents in their homes growing

up or not those are all superficial and

very lazy ways to evaluate to evaluate a

woman it takes a long long time to both

vet and train a woman to be your woman

your wife your main chick saying well

she can cook she had both parents and I

didn't fuck her on the first date so let

me wipe this bitch up I found my

snowflake nobody can tell a woman is

worth committing to long term in under

six months and honestly it might even be

longer than that as far as minimums go

but there are a few traits that she will

display within the first six months to a

year if she's a

worth committing to and I'm gonna point

out like I said I'm gonna point out

three of them for you tonight

what I will also do is I will show you

how to spot an imposter the girl who is

trying to make you think she is a

quality woman so let's go ahead and get

to it here number one she rewards good

treatment now let's not mistake this for

beta treatment right like I'm not saying

that that that women reward beta traits

beta male behavior is supplicating it is

disingenuous it's manipulative which is

why women despise beta male behavior

beta behavior is passive aggressiveness

not being direct complimenting her when

she doesn't deserve it

oh I love that outfit when you both know

it looks fucking terrible telling her

you love her after a week because you

just want to fuck her dude Allen Raja

curry talks about this all the time

don't come at a woman and try to make

her think that you want a long-term

relationship when you just want to fuck

girls no when you just want to fuck

don't be stupid

beta male behavior is not attractive

it is not masculine which is why women

friends on these guys this is simple

math now being a gentleman on the other

hand means holding the door open for her

pulling her chair out for her opening

her car door not letting her drive

ordering for her at restaurants listen I

do this with my girl all the time she

dude she never utters a word it doesn't

matter if it's a waiter or waitress she

only directly addresses me okay you

wanna you know you want a vodka and coke

and you know steak over okay yeah she'll

have a vodka and coke and a steak over

me or mistake medium-rare right when the

relationship starts being when the

relationship starts you have to be a

masculine gentleman okay

treating her like a lady when she

deserves it texting her every morning if

she doesn't text you first right with a

good morning text calling her beautiful

when she's beautiful and she deserves it

taking her out on dates when she has

earned it basically treating her with

kindness fairness treating her well

treating her like a lady okay here's the

deal guys

quality women reward this behavior when

you send her a text good morning

beautiful she texts right back and asks

you how you slept when you tell her she

looks beautiful she blushes and says

thank you so do you

we need

you're out to dinner when you take out

on a dinner date she gives you the

blowjob of her life and lets you fuck

her six ways from Sunday then makes you

breakfast in the morning before you wake


quality women reciprocate good treatment

low-quality women on the other hand do

exactly the opposite if you send a slut

a good morning text show wait until

after she's fucked her co-worker in the

parking lot Kevin and sales to text you

back if you call a slut beautiful she'll

say yeah I know

or she'll say everyone's been telling me

that lately right you take a slut on a

date she'll run up the tab with

expensive drinks then she'll tell you

she's got a go control her friend who's

going through through a bad break break

up then go get ass fucked in the parking

lot by Kevin and sales the better you

treat a slut the worse she treats you

this is an immutable truth guys it's

because she and the reason why this is

what why did why do why do sluts treat

you better

wetter sluts treat you bad when you

treat him better it's because she knows

she's not worthy of good treatment no

matter what they say gentlemen sluts

know they're fucking trash they know

that they don't deserve to be treated

like ladies because they don't act like

ladies and any man who is too stupid to

recognize sluts for who and what they

really are are punished with bad

behavior sluts are literally telling the

world I am a slut I am NOT a lady if you

treat me like one I will teach you that

treating women like myself as though we

were wife worthy material wife worthy

females is something you should not do

sluts know that they don't deserve good

treatment which is why they misbehave

when a man treats her like a high-value

woman she know she doesn't deserve it

high-value women or I'm sorry high

quality women reward good treatment

sluts punish good treatment if you are

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and why Kia 31 says dude

passive-aggressive trying to shame you

by saying that he was mentally playing

right it's like oh yeah if the stranger

can knock you off your game then your

girl must be shit test new 24/7 nigga

you talk shit about my girl huh me you

didn't mentally fuck anybody see me in

the streets nigga fuck you man I hate

niggas that talk shit online man I

fucking hate that shit masculine good to

see you when you're gonna get a

shout-out to my mod squad mr. mink miami

j NY kia 31 champagne jewels kills the

jack man yeah buddy that's an

interesting name interesting name see

here it looks like sharp assists posted

the link to the mig tile episode good

nye 31 says question guys a woman who i

dated for a couple of months a couple of

years ago just texted me out of the blue

even spoken to her in over two years she

wanted a favor out of me of course i

deflected it then she starts going in

and asking me what's going on in my life

and missus talking to me is this a woman

on the rebound or trying to set the

friendzone trap listen dude what you

need to do in why kia 31 is need to head

over to negro manosphere calm sharp

assistive you can go to negro manosphere

calm go to the go to the donovan sharp

the donovan sharp archive I've got an

article that I think it's seven reasons

your your ex-girlfriend text you added

the blue

excellent excellent article to point out

you've actually pointed to you actually

pointed out to the seven one she wants a

favor for you and to she might be trying

to put you in the friend zone might be

trying to put you in the friend zone

excellent excellent question very good

shrim Cain offering some guidance here

says sounds like a rebound to me I'd be

direct and ask her if she wanted to fuck

you go cat damn nine one four two one

five five three five six we had a caller

on the line

area code nine one seven you're on live

with Donovan what's on your mind hey

what's up brother great I'm smoking like

did you like why most women in there so

you're asking me why are most women

messed up yeah

you know it's a very it's a very long

answer but you know I guess I listen of

course this is what this whole show is

predicated on really in short the main

reason most women are fucked up is

because it's because of feminism

feminism literally tells women that no

matter what they do no matter who they

are no matter how much they weigh that

they are quality women worthy of the

utmost respect

feminism teaches women that they deserve

the best of everything simply because

they're women

on the other hand feminism also they

don't hold men to the same standard

right so a woman will say well I gotta

have a guy who's six four six pack you

know six-foot dick week six figures blah

blah blah blah blah but when men turn

around and say well listen my woman I

don't want her to weigh over 120 pounds

she's got to be able to cook she's got

to look good

cook good fuck good they're like oh my

god you should love us for who we are

bla bla bla bla well again that's you

understand like like when we have

standards it's all of a sudden its of

core it's a crime we're a misogynist but

when they have standards that's just

part of the game

um yeah listen women are fucked up

because of feminism and that's that's I

mean there's so many other reasons but

feminism like I said it removes the

sexual it removes the sexual restraints

from women and places those sexual

restraints on men those shackles on men

with the with the yes means yes the

hashtag me too etc etc etc so a

shout-out to Modern Life dating in the

motherfuckin house

Modern Life dating is gonna be on the

show this Friday um I usually Street I

usually I'm usually live on the show

Sunday through Thursday night at 7:00

Eastern but I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm

gonna have a Friday show with Modern

Life dating the guy knows his shit this

dude told me hey listen I knew that you

and I were simpatico when you said you

had to train your woman so we've been

texting back and forth exchange and

story some I'm very much looking forward

to having him on the show 9 1 7 I do

appreciate the call thank you for

calling in hopefully I answered your

question though like it's ridiculous it

is yeah it is listen absolutely thanks

for calling in to the show man 9 1 4 2 o

5 5 3 5 6 is the number to call let's go

ahead and continue the show the second

sign that

might be a quality woman is she

genuinely appreciates the little things

listen every woman says I appreciate the

little things but they really don't

wallah t women genuinely appreciate the

little things now when I was a teenager

I treated my high school sweetheart

very well I treated her like gold her

name was Jill dude beautiful long blond

hair green eyes dude listen I wrote her

love notes every day by hand because of

course you know this was back in this

was back in the 90s right we didn't have

we didn't have cell phones back then I

gave her a rose every other story it was

a tradition obviously a long story for

Valentine's Day I bought her balloons

flowers chocolates the whole night she

absolutely loved it I did all that

stupid sappy shit and she loved it if

you want to know why she loved it

because we were young right like listen

I was 16 she was 15 and the reason that

significant is because she hadn't had

the innocence fucked out of her yet of

course she liked all that sappy shit she

never really experienced it before I was

her first everything I was her first

kiss I was her first date I was her

first fuck her first Christmas first

Valentine's Day first everything and by

the way I didn't fuck her until she

turned 16 she wouldn't let me she won't

let me fuck her until she turned 16 I

was like well you know I'm 16 you're 15

whatever I don't know is maybe I don't

know maybe I guess maybe she was afraid

of the Romeo and Juliet law or whatever

like you guys have heard this stuff like

especially in the South where like a 17

year old black kid will fuck like a 15

year old white girl and they want to try

him as an adult

look up budge and Arlo Wilson George as

something like that like he was 17 she

was 15 he fucked her and they put him in

jail all right

anyway I guess she was afraid this was

long before that I guess she was afraid

of that happening I don't know either

way listen it was it was a great

relationship okay she absolutely adored

what I did for her because she's never

had that kind of treatment now how does

this relate to women well this is simple

women who appreciate the little things

are far less superficial superficial

women are women who have all been there

and done that and they say it out loud

they'll be talking to their friends and

they'll say and he you know and he had

flowers for me when I got home and I

appreciate that but I was like been

there done that right

obviously Courtney the slut has had many

men buy her flowers and her unfortunate

husband is the latest in the long

men who had done this for so it's no big

deal but her reaction wasn't the same

when she got them for the first time


like when she got them from her high

school sweetheart for the very first

time or probably middle school did they

start fucking a middle school now right

or the second or the third time but

every time a man does something romantic

for a woman okay like leave a post-it

note on her car telling her that he

loves her or sending her sending her

like a short video to let her know that

she's on his mind I'm you know I'm

trying to make it relevant to today back

when I was a teenager in the mid 90s

we're surprising her by taking her to

taking her to maybe grab an ice cream of

cream cone or take a walk in the park

dude I remember one dude one afternoon I

think was a Thursday night I just showed

up at Jill's house man knocked on the

door of course her her fucking father

was you know didn't really like me that

much of course because I was black he

didn't like me because he couldn't like

me right like I'm a well-spoken smart

guy he wanted a reason to dislike me the

only reason that was that I was black

anyway I took him to go get ice cream

and she was just over the moon about it

right but here's the thing man by doing

these things for a woman she becomes

more doing these little things she

becomes more and more desensitized to

this stuff okay now that's not her fault

guys because the more you experience

something the less of a novelty it is no

matter what it is yeah which

incidentally enough includes sex the

more sets you have the you know the more

the novelty wears off but a woman who

truly appreciates faint gestures like

this little gestures like this are women

worth committing to why because it shows

that she probably has an experience that

it that much which also means she hasn't

had a bunch of boyfriends or husbands

she hasn't been there done that now

there's a commercial I think it's like

Extra gum or or or something like that

and a real short commercial you guys can

probably look it up real sweet

commercial you know the guy and the girl

are sitting in the car there's music

playing and they're they're kind of shy

but they lean in for you know for her

for really short kiss uh musics playing

in the background she goes in he says

bah he's the gentleman he doesn't take

her and fuck her right probably because

there was somebody there was somebody

there already that that fucked her but

then the next morning she comes out she

comes out of her house she looks in her

little mailbox slot and she she opens up

a little piece of you know extra

sugar-free gum

paper and he drew a sweet little picture

of them kissing in the car okay now a

slut would have been like man been there

done that the girl on the commercial

smiled and blushed unfortunately that's

not the way it really works why did she

smile Donovan because it's a commercial

but if that commercial were accurate she

had told her friends oh was so cute but

I don't really feel any chemistry with

him like I did the guy who but fuck me

in the bathroom at the club that's last

week I think I'm in love with that guy

women worth committing to appreciate the

little things they love all that

romantic sappy shit they recognize that

it takes time effort and thought they

don't take for granted that you took the

time to orchestrate it because not many

men have done that for her and if not

many men have done it you can probably

safely assume that she's probably had

two maybe three serious boyfriends which

means she takes relationships

relationships seriously which means

she's gonna take your relationship

seriously now you might think it's a

stretch to make this assumption but I

can assure you that it is not sluts have

had the innocent the innocence and

naivety fucked out of them right these

are bitter sullen women who have

experienced a lot of good men and a lot

of bad men here regardless it's a lot of

men which means she's a fucking slut

these are the girls who say I don't like

flowers right and they say this to try

to make themselves sound strong a

progressive these are the chicks who say

well flowers die or I don't like the way

they smell or where would I put them

right did they say this to the first guy

who ever brought them flowers did did

she tell the first guy whoever whoever

left her a love letter that you're

wasting paper of course not

so when you do little romantic things

for a woman and she blushes or smiles

it's another mark on the pro side in

terms of being being being worthy of

commitment sluts will give you excuses

as to why you shouldn't have and

shouldn't do it again

sluts aren't impressed by the little

things guys they need much bigger and

much more extravagant gifts to accept to

impress them like the size of a dick the

more cock she's taken the bigger the

cock the bigger a cockatoo it takes for

her to be impressed that's just all

there is to it the third thing the third

sign that she might be long-term

relationship material is that she spoils

you but she doesn't keep score

a staple in true femininity is putting

the needs of your man before your own

making sure he's taken care of

okay preparing his plate and handing it

to him before he sits down to eat after

cooking having his favorite drink ready

when he gets home if he likes whiskey

sours and you know he's had a bed and

she knows he's had a bad day

whiskey sour right there whiskey sour

right there on the table here baby

here's the remote let me put the game on

I got you covered

being unselfish in bed swallowing that

salty load she knows is gonna taste bad

taking it in the ass even though it

hurts making sure he blows his load not

bitching about how you didn't come okay

a woman who is worth committing to does

these things because she genuinely

enjoys doing them

she doesn't require anything in return

guys she does them because she loves her

man and loves her man and wants to make

him happy now there is a trade-off right

obviously you don't get all this stuff

for nothing what isn't gonna spoil a man

not worth spoiling women want it she

wants a man who loves her protects her

desires her makes her feel relaxed makes

all the decision and the decisions and

handles his shit relationships are

trade-offs guys that doesn't mean a

woman who spoils her man expects

anything in return

she's already getting it to begin with

she saw that he was strong masculine and

a gentleman she already felt desired

protected and relaxed and you have to

prove to women that you have true

masculinity you got to be in good shape

you got to know how to handle women you

have to have a good financial outlook

you know the drill you can't expect

quality women if you're not a quality


low level closet McDowell's listen up

but once a woman recognizes your value

she spoils you because you provide her

with these things guys okay not in order

to get them they don't keep score and

this is where spotting disingenuous

sluts comes into play sluts will spoil

you from the jump before you've proven

yourself she only thinks you're high

quality because of the car you drive or

because of the watch he wear or because

the ferocity with which you fuck her

right she sees you as a meal ticket not

a man so she takes good care of you to

get you to commit to her she'll look

great all the time she'll cook for you

she'll blow you every night etc but the

difference between what between quality

girls and sluts is that quality girls

want to spoil you because they don't

want to waste their time on a man who

was unworthy of a woman's true

femininity slut spoil their men

immediately because she thinks she's

gonna get something out of it like gifts

trips getting asked to move in or god

forbid a ring and when a slut doesn't

get what she wants after having spoiled

you she'll start to point to the

scorecard right she'll say Donovan I

cooked for you I do your laundry I'm

always available I let you have access

to my phone I come over whenever you

want I always let you spend the night at

my place I do this I do that but it's

been six months and you haven't asked me

to move in yet you haven't taken me on a

trip yet gentlemen this is what's let's

do this is what Impostors do quality

girls worth committing to spoil you only

after you have proven your worth

spoiling but guess what they don't keep

the score because they don't want to a

quality woman will never say well I did

X for you so you owe me why she'll say I

do this for you because I love you so at

the end of the day quality girls spoil

you and don't keep score

slut spoil you only to get something out

of you and when they don't they throw a

fit and reveal themselves as fakes

some other signs that a woman might be

worth committing to long term if she

insists on paying at times right if

you're out on a date or whatever right

and you get to roll it she says no baby

I got this right

now listen we're not looking for sugar

mamas listen as men we should be able to

take care of ourselves financially

straight-up young feel good to see you

in here man good to see you in here

young thing I want to make you my I'm

gonna make you my project man you're

gonna be my prodigy you definitely you

definitely got the chops man we got to

talk sometime young Theo ladies

gentlemen okay but a woman who insists

on paying at times that's a quality

woman she doesn't see you as a meal

ticket who would she be doing even if

she tried it no no she's trying to show

you that she appreciates what you do for


she wants to eaten she wants to ease

your financial burden a little bit and

picking up the tab for me once an oil is

the way she shows that if you decided to

say you know what baby we're not cooking

don't worry about cooking tonight let's

go out to dinner right you've been great

all week she'll say you know what I'll

pick up the tab this is what quality

girls do here's another sign of a

quality woman Steve the Dean actually

actually pointed this out a while back

on a podcast she serves you your

appetizer first and you know I don't

want to plagiarize but it's interesting

he says like the sign of a quality woman

is if you take her out on a date

obviously not a first date but if you're

out on a date with a quality woman in a

sit-down restaurant and the appetizer

comes out she takes one of the two

plates that they give you as an


she spoons some of the appetizer dish

onto your plate and hand you yours first

could not agree more that is absolutely

and again it's the little things I

totally agree with that one that is

spot-on by Steve the Dean other signs

one more sign that she might be worth

keeping long term if she doesn't stop

these behaviors once you start to show a

little bit of commitment once you start

to spend time with her exclusively once

she starts to see that you guys are

turning the corner in terms of your

relationship is concerned those

behaviors don't stop right a lot of

girls say okay well this is in the bag

shit I can start wearing granny panties

I can start wearing flip-flops on dates

I can start wearing jeans I don't the

seconds dick anymore

now quality girls stay wearing high


quality girls stay stuck in your dick

quality quality girls stay in your

kitchen cooking you food quality girls

stay doing your laundry quality girls

absolutely do not stop that behavior

alright back to the Chet here well you

guys are alive today man this is great

this is great modern life dating says

Donovan is 100% the real deal appreciate

that follow modern life dating on

Instagram and his Instagram shit is gold

he's the man dude hi yes very good Miami

Jay said he just got his monthly supply

of happy hippo love this stuff dude I

fuck it dude it's happy hippo kratom is

unbelievable dude I love it

alright 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the

number to call if you want to tell me

what's on your mind

area code 6 7 8 you were on with TSR

prime time with donovan sharp what's on

your mind brother hey how are you today

doing good menu I'm alright um hope

y'all don't mind I'm 24 years old I can

vouch for everything Donovan Sam Donovan

misses you a while back I'm um oh you

too I was cynical nitro oh yes about all

the craziness I'd won all the females

Jesus yeah yes I do remember that

stalker bitch that still hit me up on

Facebook made multiple accounts whoa

whoa hold on stop right there little

hold on she's still hitting you on


yeah dude I got this crazy shot and

everything Wow okay so made multiple

accounts Wow okay so modern life dating

has just verified that he's got an

18-inch dick right because girls don't

stock niggas on Facebook who don't have

big dicks right yeah he was putting it

down he was put it down in the bedroom

so so she made multiple accounts and

stayed stalking you on facebook brah

yeah god damn dude what are you gonna do

about it man like listen man I got no

advice for that like I don't know what

do you do actually you know what I do

have a little bit of advice what you

should do is you should deactivate you

should deactivate your Facebook page for

a couple of days at a time you're a man

you don't need to be on Facebook every

day anyway

what you should do is deactivate like if

here's what you should do when she

creates a fake account okay what you

should do is block that fake account and

then immediately deactivate your page

that way when she creates another fake

account and she tries to find you on

facebook she can't find it she thinks oh

shit either deactivated his pager he

already knows that I blocked as a killer

that that is a that his account is gone

what you're doing is you're making her

jump over a few more hoops to get ahold

of you it's not a bulletproof technique

but yeah I mean it's it's worth giving a

shot just every couple of days just you

know do you activate your Facebook page

that that you know that that's probably

what I would do it first yeah shit I try

that I tried that already believe me

changing my name blocker there and then

I use some of the stuff I learned from

talking to you cuz you know how you've

heard of this maybe these girls like to

deal with okay right yeah yeah right


hello yeah I was like look at me talk to

tell cooking a right way or what were

you dealing with a good a job this bitch

was disrespectful the tail you know had

like one of multiple kids on most omegas

of course I'm like look I'm trying to be

a good man but on top of that I admit

Donnelly he'll write about the whole

statistic of a single mom think is what

I was no I was definitely a violent

period after losing my dad and perform I

step in it came I was I had to get

sorted out right I just add mess and

left me okay so I had to get away from

her I'm like look it's not safe for you

to get around me I can't get away from


gotcha gotcha Wow and now and then this

relationship I just got out of childhood

friend I ignored all the red flags and

gave her this chance after chance after

chance once I got a started back in 2014

we launder fuckin she took my virginity

second or third time we had sex I try

wrong that didn't work out we learned we

short got to a point where there was a

pregnancy scare of life further I'm not

doing wrong in this bitch trying to

break my condom I gave her another


oh my oh yeah yeah do I've made every

mistake I think you put online so far

gave her another chance at the condom

break my condom

gave her another chance after she sent

herself up to have her mom legally steal

her car after she was corrected in a

ballon she didn't she didn't have a call

when I got back in college had what I

did made a shit go of her so this is a

fucking saver mom boyfriend ain't shit

don't want to do shit I was kidding when

she left she thought a minute oh so she

was taking care of her sister's kid and

her sister being at a job and herself so

when I finally got it she thought about

other well you've awoken their stuff in

me and Nadia's but she invited drama

every chance she got so we decide she

want to go to a hotel party either and

shit like that

sure on a good of course we fast fast

forward to my first time saying you know

what fucking I've had enough now I don't

have enough money to get out of the

house and I sure didn't want to move

back in with my parents when we're in

the same house but I said you could

sleep in a bed I sleep on the floor

right she invited her sister to stay

with us of course so I couldn't go in

that room because every time I went in

there it's only he just want to hang out

with my sister

a lot of fact my fucking Xbox is in

there and that's what I because I play

my xbox this bitch is always complaining

this to live as she's trying to sleep so

bitch fuck you okay yeah so again I was

trying I was trying to be the good guy

trying to childhood friend trying and we

pass all this up without the person

break up a lot of fucking somebody else

and that's when I got the fucking bitch

I mention to you and then after a while

she people got together to him like you

know it okay I'll give you another


oh god no I yeah

it is bitch but then you could try me

over the over time again and again and

it would be different stuff like one you

know how females like to think they're

equal to minute of course of course

so of course she thinking she'd be a

cute hey put on the boxing gloves let's

have a match we shouldn't do that oh my

god she's a long way

she she's a bangle she's obese so she's

in like 230-pound rage I once she fell

over my vision why I don't watch with

you we are not equal right right Wow

well Salaam yeah well yeah I was gonna

say well cynical nitrile I gotta go I

got I got I've got another caller on the

line but listen I do appreciate you

calling up and and check it in and

listen man feel free to call the show

anytime and listen shoot me an email man

because I would like to know like I need

a little bit like give me a little bit

more detail man I'd certainly like to

know where this where this thing goes

all right all right man take care all

right buddy okay let's go to area code

205 area code 205 you were on live with

Donovan what's on your mind Harry code

205 are either area code 205 going once

going twice and area Rico 205 is gone be

sure to call back I don't know if you I

don't know if the I don't know if you

have been there all right Terence says

Donovan just knowing about your woman's

past sexual experience bother you if you

are in a relationship with her yes

absolutely absolutely listen no matter

how much you think you love a woman

knowing about a woman's sexual past

listen it never goes away man anything

that you know she's dead anything you it

listen it never goes away it never ever

ever goes away so I would I would

absolutely not I would not poke her prod

that way actually just did a show about

that never ask a woman about her sexual

past in her past etc etc Miami gee this

is funny hold on let me scroll back up


Miami Jay says Donovan that girl I dated

in Arizona used to tell me don't ever

bring me flowers bring me cigarettes or

wine there you go right and then of

course he asks slut - yeah exactly

and girls think it's so cute don't bring

me don't bring me flowers bring me line

bring me cigarettes I'm so badass now

bitch in Miami J you ended up fucking

her in the ass didn't you like you went

back to where on the bench right I think

you did I think you did sharpest s says

if you're a man if you are a man trust

your instincts you know all you need to


we get it Captain Crunch 4/20 says if a

woman gives you something and expects

nothing in return it is a true gift if

she expects quid pro quo it's business

so treat her as such could not agree

more modern life date modern like dating

MLD says my lady took me to Indian this

past Sunday Donovan is preaching take

notes guys this is gold for free listen

MLD man he knows what he's talking about

he knows it he's talking about sharp

assist us call her out and publicly

shame her goddamn right goddamn right

him LD says I would financially extort

her I would I would I would financially

extort her is she is she wanting me that

bad hashtag darkside right

chase LeBeau in the house good to see

you in here

looks like chases smoking that herb

hashtag getting high Taryn says a lot of

women suck dick and men don't know and

men don't know kiss them on the lips

women make me skeptical right yeah ml D

says damn talk about the dude on the

phone man cynical nitro said dude gave

her too many chances if she fucks up

consistently lose her three strikes and

she is out listen ml D is a better man

than me dude it usually takes two or

less light and it honestly depends upon

how long I've been with her right if

I've been with her for two months and

she fucks up nah she's gone man you

don't have enough equity right but you

know listen over a six-month period you

don't expect a woman to be a hundred

percent great a hundred percent of the

time I get that listen man like I'll

give you stay of execution I'm gonna

tighten the screws a little bit but okay

fine but the earlier you fuck up the

quicker that trigger is no doubt no


Miami J says this sounds like a

nightmare sharp assist says she's a

fucking she's a parasite Miami J says I

am yes Miami J did end up fucking her in

the ass love it love it great great show

tonight guys great show tonight man

this was this was an excellent show like

I said man I and listen to all my

patrons out there let's just just so you

guys understand I fucking love you guys

man you guys you guys are the reason

that I have a show like you listen man

like my monthly expenses to run this

show are not cheap and I've got some

things I've actually got some things in

the work as we speak my monthly expenses

to do this show everyday they are

expensive and because of you guys I'm

able to do this right

so I greatly greatly appreciate that and

the reason I the reason I'm telling you

that is because obviously I do

appreciate it but I don't want you guys

thinking that I'm gonna go after you

guys or roast you if you guys disagree

with something I say you know I posted

you know I posted a something on patreon

I think it was yesterday or it is either

yesterday or the day before that talked

about the fact that you know who's the

goat MJ or LeBron James and it might

might in my estimation LeBron James is

the boat the best player of all time MJ

is the gout right Tom Brady is the goat

Aaron Rodgers is the boat this is the

the best player of all time greatest of

all time one dude said hey listen

Jordan's the greatest blah blah blah

everybody says Jordan's race no problem

and if you disagree with something or

listen if if you want to disagree hey

Donovan I think that it's a better

strategy to give your woman your phone

number than to get her phone number and

here's why I'm not gonna attack you man

that's it listen that's what that is a

fundal diss that's a fundamental

disagreement between two guys on the

same team but when you go after my woman

and tell me that I'm one trap baby away

from understanding that my woman isn't

worth it isn't isn't worth the effort or

or or we're sticking our it isn't worth

the risk

nigga fuck you you don't know dude you

don't know anything up I don't know

anything about the birth control methods

that I employ right and like I said man

like you haven't gotten laid in 10 years

but you wanted a kid he was think I

wanted to characterize him not getting

laid for 10 for 10 years as going his

own way congratulations

fuckface you had the willpower not to

get laid for a fucking decade


what do you want a fucking cookie so now

all of a sudden now all of a sudden he

now the sudden he wants to be an expert

in he one he wants to be an expert one

after me and went after Rollo Tomassi

the fucking godfather of the manosphere

nigga you got too big for your britches

and then he wants to say when you're

waiting for your girls I'll shut the

fuck up shut the fuck up so I want you

guys to understand that if you are a

patron of mine I'm never listening I'm

never gonna go after anybody unless you

blatantly disrespect me we can't listen

we can have a we can have a lively

debate we can have a conversation we can

we can disagree and listen man I'm

always open to having my mind changed

when it comes to you know just you know

basic little fundamentals you know here

and there now you're never gonna tell me

hey listen man Oh women not all women

are like that now of course we all we

all know and understand that but you

know strategies techniques shit test

theories etc okay we can have

fundamental disagreements but we can

talk about my family or my girl

nah bruh you crossed the line you

crossed the line so good riddance to to

Raymond Wood who exposed himself as a

bottom-dwelling big town that's gonna do

it for this edition of TS or prime time

tune in Sunday through Thursday 7:00

Eastern 4:00 Pacific 40s our primetime

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in guys I'll talk to you in 23

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