3 signs your girlfriend is on the market + What to expect when you start dating attractive white women (Episode 389)

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trust me dude hot girls are overrated

all females are slides until proven

otherwise don't get me wrong they're fun

for a little while but they are a

fucking headache money and looks can get

you in the door but game is what keeps

you fit just never know what the fuck

they want man live from Philadelphia

pure man

Donovan 389th edition of TSR live your

daily dose of read till truth wisdom and

awareness it is Tuesday January 1st 2019

Happy New Year gentlemen hopefully you

guys all made good decisions last night

didn't drink and drive wrapped your dick

and sent that good-morning text those

are all very good decisions if you have

not sent that good-morning text yet stop

watching the show right now and send it

there still might be time to avoid that

false rape accusation had to get it in

there we are multi casting live to seven

channels three YouTube channels three

Facebook channels as well as Twitter so

we are all over the place not hard to

find us later on in the show I'm gonna

talk about what black men should expect

when they start dating attractive white

women for the very first time but I'm

gonna start with something that every

dude has been burned by at some point in

their dating lives and that of course is

being the victim of branch swinging we

all know what branch swinging is have

you guys watched my show if you consume

red pill content you know what Ram

swingin yes but for those of you who are

unfamiliar with it this is it in a

nutshell your girl starts talking to

dating or fucking someone else while

she's still with you and only breaks up

with you when she is 100% certain that

the other guy wants to be with her it is

as simple as that

but what most guys miss are the signs

that his woman is either a serial branch

swinger like the vast majority of women

are or if she is about to branch swing

the simple solution to figure this out

is to ask yourself well does my

girlfriend have hoe tendencies now I

want you guys to keep in mind hoe

tendencies are a little bit different

from slut tells slut cells are things

that you observe in a woman that

verifies that she's a bonafide slut

tattoos piercings green hair we bought

we you know we all know what the what

the average slut tells are so far but ho

tendencies are habits a girl has that

she cannot let go even when she gets

into a relationship in other words she

acts like she's still single even though

she is in a relationship the cars been

sold but it's dry but but it's it's

driving around town with a for sale sign

on it with the phone number in case

somebody calls offering a higher price

than the current owner

hypergamy personified you guys get the

point now some women take the for sale

sign out of the yard in the beginning of

the relationship but most women leave

the sign out there and the quickest way

to deduce whether or not your girl is on

the market back on the market or

positioning herself to be back on the

market is paying attention to her habits

before and during your relationship now

there shitload of hoe tendencies out

there or indicators that she's not

really off the market even though she's

your girlfriend but I'm gonna point out

the three most obvious that will let you

know with near 100% accuracy that your

girl is on the market even though you

are in a relationship with her my

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Abdi I actually if I'm not mistaken I

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that's the fab 5 right there shut it -

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BK from the Rockies excellent CJ said

shit bad timing yeah just got a I just

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Johnny Bravo wants to know how much is

200 milligrams testosterone in ml

oh boy um you're not to put that in a

put that in a converter

patek Napier says not enough yeah 200

milligrams is gonna change your life but

if you want if you want to change the

game yeah yeah Nick Luiz Agha Nick Luiz

Agha wants to know which of the three

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maverick maverick

dude that maverick is the best tactical

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this is this is actually really cool

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so yeah that's maverick is is the one I

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I'll get right to you toxic crusades as

ray in PG alright good stuff men good

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change in the game you guys better watch

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maverick and Durden to be honest blonde

to let me down I've actually heard that

guys get better results with bond than


I love maverick that's that's definitely

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tactical soap let's see if amazon has

technical so technical soap is not

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not available on Amazon looks like it's

only available alright very good well

that's good that's very very good

excellent excellent excellent perfect

good to have you guys in on new year's

day nine one four - oh five five three

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the phone lines haricots $900 them go

ahead from New York Leon what's up

brother how you doing then good good

first of all let me just say Happy New

Year to brother you too man Happy New

Year thank you yeah I'm gonna just keep

this short I just wanted to just let you

know like it really appreciates the show

that you did about when you talked about

testosterone and I thought that was

something that was really important I

was one of the people that asked the

question because you got excuse me some

sustain with a cold um but I was one of

the people that asked the question where

I think I said that my testosterone

level with like in the mid 200 range and

you were saying like that's too low and

you were saying like at the minimum

should be 400

so I just want to just thank you for

doing that show because you know that

was something that was important to me

and I hope a lot of the other losers say

they got something out of it yeah

definitely and if your testosterone

levels are around 200 nanograms per

deciliter if you get it to six or seven

hundred your life is going to change in

every way so I'm glad you got something

out of it man yeah yeah so and also just

to let you know I've been putting me off

for a long time I was donated to you I

mean wasn't much unfortunately no no

listen man don't even worry about that I

got that yesterday actually I remember

it was you actually did it through the

PayPal listen one dollar five dollars

doesn't matter man every little bit

counts not all of us can be Bob in

Sacramento but guys like Bob in

Sacramento while I greatly appreciate

him there aren't too many guys like him

it's the guys who contribute $1 $2 $5 $7

that's what keeps the show afloat so I

appreciate it man thank you yeah anyway

again just want to say happy new year I

hope everything goes well would you keep

up the good work and of course I'll keep

listening excellent thanks for the call

Leon appreciate the the New Year's love

let's go to area code seven five seven

you're on live with Donovan go ahead

what's going on down to me what's up man

hey doing this is the freelancer owner

what's that there he is

this is like the second or third time

I've ever talked to you dude yeah

there's a second no good stuff so what's

gonna happen I'm doing good I've been

under the weather unfortunately you know

I have a second strand called in to you

man good go if something bad going

around man some better knock yelling yes

if you ain't Castle right you know them

but put brothers man I just called to

wish you a Happy New Year and much

continued success man you're doing a

wonderful thing man thank you very very

wonderful thing a very Armand if you

have just really reminded me that I

wasn't going crazy in this world you

know just seeing a lot of the things

that they go on in society and just you

know between men and not only between

men and women just put a society in

general and I really appreciate what you

and Rollo and

the rest of Redman group of doing it's

just just a beautiful thing man and you

guys are changing people's lives day in

and day out and I mean I can't describe

you know I mean I get up and I watched

TSR as much as I can brother be reason

cuz cuz where I'm from there's nobody

really talk to you about this guys right

and and it's like it's like that

barbershop that virtual barbershop did

oh yes make a community they can sit

down listen the game and then share

ideas and it's just a beautiful thing

and I like how you're very staunch and

the way you run is good you know have

you know it ain't a bunch of women in


you know distracting from the chat and

going crazy

yeah the lessons are always do it's like

being in a dojo man and I really

appreciate your format and so anything

is you how I found the real feeling

every time I turn around this is exactly

where I am every day well I appreciate

that man thank you

thanks for calling man I appreciate that

and lay in real quick before you go one

thing that one thing that you mentioned

that a lot of guys don't realize that

they realize is that and I've heard I've

heard this a lot lately they'll tell me

Donovan when I found the red pill and

let me know that I wasn't crazy I've

been thinking these things and I see

things and I thought there maybe was

something amiss but when I found the red

pill I thought oh okay so I'm not crazy

I'm not the only one that thinks it's

kind of fucked up that women have

eyebrow rings and pink hair and tongue

bars and shit like that at a baby Dino

exactly and what I've noticed is um I

think I lose the audio a little bit you

know you're okay but uh okay good yeah

but what I've noticed is on because for

many years I started bloody Eastern

philosophy and all and I noticed a lot

of dualities between hitting the rear

tube and things about putting yourself

first looking inward taking care of your

health and all this that's pretty on

point with the right man and you don't

get that the average kid that just grows

up in the hood that doesn't get any

lessons besides what a single mom

someone's not going to get that he's

gonna get to be nice take care of the


pay your grant and do all that other

crazy stuff and it's just not gonna work

for you you know and hey man I just say

you know ripped red blood in a red pill

man that's what we got a piece

freelancer owning the original lucky s

ROG man thanks for the call man hey

listen you gotta call him more often

dude no problem brother I will brother

you know like I said I've left the call

last week man but I was that's when I

was really under coming back now so good

good thanks for the call freelance uh

listen freelance is under the weather

Leon in New York was under the weather

Devon's mom is under the weather so yeah

I guess they're I don't know maybe it's

a holiday sickness who knows I don't

really see I only know what's what's

going on there but either way guys stay

safe out there stay um you know take

care of yourselves

etc etc all right let's get to an area

code five four oh I see you in the queue

I'm going to get to you shortly but now

we are going to get into what we're

gonna talk about today one of the one of

the two things were going to talk about

today three signs your girl is back on

the market or three signs your girl is

on the market but of course you don't

realize it number one she draws

attention to herself when she's with you

in public I had to break Devon of this

particular habit of hers we went on

vacation to Hawaii back in 2016 and we

were at had to actually had to check her

on this a couple of times no big deal

wasn't a deal-breaker but it was what it

was part of that I guess this was part

of the training and when we were on

vacation neither one of us was thinking

about a long-term relationship at this

point but just because you're not

thinking about a girl for a long-term

relationship doesn't mean you let shit

slide you have to understand that okay

so the girl that I'm fucking right now

I'm never gonna be in a long-term

relationship with her

that doesn't mean you let her get away

with shenanigans that doesn't mean you

let her get away with disrespectful

behavior this doesn't mean that you

allow for bad behavior anyway we were at

breakfast one morning and if I'm not

mistaken I think it might have been it

was a Sunday I'm almost 100% sure it was

a Sunday and the Eagles were playing the

Vikings and the game happened to be on

in Hawaii so at halftime it was like

seven o'clock is like 7:00 8:30 in the

morning so the game came on at 7 o'clock

in the morning Hawaii time and Carson

Wentz is a rookie so I think we're I

think we're three an O at this point but

we know no the Vikings were three you

know and I think we were one and two we

ended up winning that game but anyway so

we're at breakfast and all of a sudden

she just starts getting loud and

animated she starts talking with her

hands and I'm like what the fuck is

going on well my instincts my spidey

senses started tingling I look behind me

and there's a dude sitting right behind

me who look who may as well have been

Thor long blond hair and muscular

probably no probably speaks with an

accent that's right guys Devin was

displaying who tendencies I shut that

down with the quickness here's what I

did I said if you want to fuck him all

you gotta do was all you have to do is

tell him I'm sure he won't turn you down

I mean I'll tell him if you want I said

it loud enough for both of them to hear

I didn't see his reaction but Devin she

turned a brilliant shade of magenta and

was noticeably silent for the rest a

breakfast if you're out with your girl

and she suddenly starts talking loudly

or starts to become animated she is

trying to draw attention to herself

which is a bona fide ho tendency they

don't even know that they're doing it

guys this is just something they're

programmed to do if an attractive male

is in your vicinity

it is in a woman's nature to get his

attention this is just how it works

they're bad people but you have to check

this behavior when women are around

attractive men they subconsciously draw

attention to themselves to get their

attention now that in and of itself

that's not a ho tendency per se because

men and women alike are going to do

things to get the attention of

attractive people of the opposite sex is

human nature sis what we do but if your

girl is trying to get a man's attention

around you even though she knows she's

in a relationship with you what do you

think she's doing when you're not around

if she has balls enough to do the things

to get a man's attention when she is

with you what the hell is going on at

work what happens when she's out to

lunch what happens when she goes to

Kevin's office to talk about the sales

number to talk about the sales numbers

so the first sign your woman is back on

the market she draws attention to

herself when she's with you in public

be Wiis says that's a low-key shit test

probably but here's how you handle that

you can do this one of two ways you can

either tell her a quiet down you can get

his number when we're outside or you can

simply say to the guy hey my girl here

thinks you're kind of hot you guys want

to talk that will embarrass the shit out

of her listen guys listen your woman is

going to be attracted sexually attracted

to other men this is just how it works

I'm sure Devin sees men in her daily

life that she would love to fuck okay

doesn't make her a slut makes her a

woman wanting to fuck other guys wanting

to fuck multiple men doesn't make a

woman a slut actually succumbing to that

pressure to that impulse is what makes

them sluts

there are whit there are going to be

other men that your girl is going to

find sexually attractive what

she doesn't hurt time you're never gonna

know but if she can't help herself when

she's around you if she can't even think

to herself first what second wait a


my boyfriend's around and she goes into

Auto attention-seeking mode and you're

around your girl definitely has Co


shoutout to HS Lee 169 with the $10

contribution since 2019 is the year the

red pill Niccolo is a guy with the $10

contribution says keep up the great work

spread the red wisdom Happy Happy New

Year from Mexico City excellent shout

out to HS Lee 169 and Nick Lowe saga $10

contributions a piece I appreciate that

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to area code five four oh you're on

you're on live with donovan go ahead hey

Donovan what's up this is r.j. Thomas on

Facebook hey what's going on hey how you


yeah I know yeah what's going on man

yeah not too bad man got a couple

questions I want to ask well first off I

want to add well first off

congratulations so you're Philadelphia

Eagles the first thing I wanted to ask

is well do you think the little necks

are some ways to look bad give us nick

foles is to get into the Super Bowl

again yeah it does I don't think it

makes Carson Wentz look bad but if let's

just run the scenario let's say that

Nick Foles wins another Super Bowl for

the Philadelphia Eagles right now your


female emotional

male fans would say oh we got to get rid

of Carson Wentz and we got a we got it

we got to keep Nick Foles not a good

idea okay not a good idea

Carson Wentz is the quarterback of the

future let's let's not get that twisted

the team seems to play better with Nick

Foles than Carson Wentz and there are

other reasons for that but here's what a

lot of people don't realize Jay is that

Nick Foles has a lot more experience

than Wentz whence is that wimps is a top

three Talent

in terms of raw ability in the NFL in

terms of talent but Nick Foles I think

he's been elite for eight nine years he

has started one two three first started

five playoff games there was one year he

threw 27 touchdowns and two

interceptions he's been in the league

forever he's got more experience than

went that's not an excuse that's just a

reason so if Nick Foles wins us another

Super Bowl guess what the Eagles are

still going to let Nick Foles go that's

all there is to it hmm insurers

insurance never hurts but when your

insurance policy has won you two Super

Bowls that insurance policy now becomes

somebody else's starting quarterback oh

yes definitely definitely now my

question in regards to your topic now

you're familiar with us this was comedy

special bigger and blacker hundred years

uh you remember when he said a woman

knows that in the first five minutes of

meeting you she wants to fuck you or not

I've heard yeah I remember that part but

it usually happens all this sooner than

that but yeah go ahead yeah but see

here's the thing is like there's men

don't understand that there's three

different levels of that women already

know if they want to fuck you in first

five minutes of meeting you're not but

it goes like this level one is I'm gonna

fuck you like I go to the club tonight

the next level is hmm I like this guy

but I want to test him to see if he

sticks around so I'm gonna make him wait

a month or two and the third level is no

we not fuck you next but thing is how do

what is women's breaking down process

know that how do they decide who they're

gonna fuck that night and who they're

gonna make wait it's really it's

actually really simple and it's not a

it's not a cognitive process that

they're thinking about in the front of

their mind they're not doing any

calculations well Tyrone has the

six-pack abs but Donovan has more swag

so which guy no no no

women can't really describe what they're

aroused by they they can only describe

me they can't really describe what they

perceive to be an alpha male their

panties do it for them when a woman's

vagina moves when it buzzes that's the

guy she's gonna fuck even if her friends

said okay why did you fuck DeAndre

instead of take one listen she'll list a

bunch of reasons but at the end of the

day she doesn't really know she can't

explain what her biology is telling her

to do that's why they call this the

subconscious but in terms of what how do

women decide and here's the thing it's a

moving target okay so let's just say

there's take one and be Andre at the

club she might think oh yeah I'm

difficult fuck to you Andre

right but then take one all of a sudden

now he starts running an airtight game

oh fuck it alright I'll fuck the Andre

tomorrow night fucking take one tonight

but then take one starts to show a

little bit of one itis and D Andres over


you know freaking with with the blonde

white girl what the fuck is he doing now

I got to fuck B Andre to make sure I

don't lose DeAndre to another one of

these white girls out here that's how it

goes so it's it's a it's their

decision-making process is very fluid

they don't just lock on and say okay I'm

going to fuck this dude no matter what

happens oh no no no no you can't fuck it

up at the goal line

okay listen just because its first and

goal on the 1 does not mean your your

your your scoring a touchdown you can

and will fuck it up many many reasons

with women yeah so what do they do to

decide what guy you want to fuck that

night I don't know they they they let

their vaginas be they said well I'm

gonna follow my heart follow your heart

no you're gonna fuck the guy that you're

most aroused by that's what it really

comes down to pretty much because I've

been dealing with this woman who's a 13

beard well she'll be she'll be 43 next

week On January service me I'm 28 I'm

fucking 43 year old woman right now well

she's kind of taking me through hell

with you know with a pregnancy scare and

her ex-husband whatever I mean I know

about the pregnancy scare what happened

there uh well she ended up losing it

because she had a she had um clamps on

her to prevent her from getting pregnant

and then it caused an ectopic pregnancy

no she couldn't carry the baby anyway

yeah that's that's that happened back in

October okay so you know she

yeah yeah okay and then the whole

ex-husband situation whole ex-husband

situation well found out that I was

talking to her and then that's when he

decided he wanted to try to come back

into the picture and I've had that

should happen before where I was dealing

with a woman with a child I've dealt

with several single mothers and the

thing is it all ended up and all of them

either ended up fucking him you know

when they didn't done deal with me or

they went back to where they went to the

next guy

Yeah right um you're 20 years old you're

good-looking dude Jay there's no reason

for you to be fun listen it's okay to be

fucking with a 43 year old woman so long

as she is maybe third or fourth in your

rotation okay I got like you yeah yeah I

got listen I mean she's 43 okay if

you're 43 bitch you better be bet in a

thousand that means don't get out in

most women in their 40s know the score

they think okay I'm 43 don't really have

much time in terms of fuck ability so I

need to be on my P's and Q's I need to

stay in pocket I need to do all the

things that I need to do to make sure

this guy doesn't go anywhere but this

bitch is still talking to her ex-husband

and there's a pregnancy scare you need

to leave this chick alone there's really

no two ways about it

you dude you're dude you're a

good-looking dude you're articulate I

mean there's no reason for a guy like

you to be fucking with a 43 year old

woman unless she is number three or four

in your lineup that's all there is to it

yeah and that's the thing you know she's

going see the thing is she says that she

won today but our friends at benefits

relationship only and that lasted for a

few months but then it comes to the

point where she's who was this picked on

through my phone who was this bitch

going through I left my phone I was

going to the bathroom and then yeah

exactly I left my phone yeah exactly

yeah then I was the bathroom and then

she went to my phone stuff and then I

had to recently block her for my

Instagram page because I get a whole

bunch of likes and comments from

different females you know exactly say

who is this bitch who are you talk to

but wait a minute if we're not together

then why are you worried about and

useful and you then don't have your

ex-husband wants to talk to you again or

tries to get back when you find

you're fucking someone else you see you

can't have your cake and eat it too oh

my god yeah yeah you got her ex-husband

she has three kids by him she has three

kids by her ex-husband and she still

talks to him yeah yeah dude get out get

out get out she's fucking her ex-husband

dude okay and listen here's another

question this this is gonna be the nail

in the coffin does she talk shit about

her ex-husband oh yeah yeah listen Jane

listen listen he ain't shit means he

ain't shit but I still want to fuck him

right listen I was dude I was just

talking to somebody about this today the

opposite of love isn't hate the opposite

of love is indifference if if the very

presence of someone elicits I don't want

to say an emotional if if the presence

of someone or mention if someone's name

elicits an emotional response for better

or worse there are still feelings there

it's time to get out of that right she

had three kids by this dude and he ain't

shit yeah it's time to go dude well

alright Donovan that's all I want to ask

Thank You Man hey Christie thanks for

calling in gee I appreciate it man area

code 865 I see you in the queue I'm

gonna get to you in just a second let's

move on and then I'm gonna check the

chat here in just a second I actually

have to cover up the chat when I'm on

the phone because I'll get distracted

you guys know you guys know I do number

two the second sign that your girl is

back on the market or is on the market

this is real simple

she shows cleavage when she is not

around you in the same vein as attention

whoring women who show cleavage when

they're not with their boyfriends or

husbands they are definitely 100% hos

guys I have fucked countless wives and

most of those wives they show skin 24/7

with or without their husbands around it

now it's okay for your girl to look good

for you

when I take Devon out she wears short

dresses slutty heels her huge tits are

always on full display but when she goes

to work it's plain Jane attire t-shirts

jeans and sneakers that's it

understand this gentleman a woman takes

herself off the market not her man

if she's really happy and then she

eliminates any and all situations that

could lead to getting attention from men

like dressing up and going places

without you

entertaining conversations with men and

so forth so if your woman is dressed to

the nines when she rolls with her girls

for girls night out and she wears

dresses heels shows cleavage when she

goes to work she's on the market number

three she does not post pictures of you

on social media ever been on Facebook

and see a good-looking girl you see all

kinds of booty pics cleavage pics

etcetera etcetera then you go to her

relationship status and it says ask or

it's complicated you've got yourself a

hoe gentlemen when a woman is in a

relationship with a man that she loves

the first thing they want to do is tell

the world every picture is of her and

him doing whatever whatever women love

for people to see that she has been

chosen by a man when she is proud of her

boyfriend or her husband she makes sure

that everybody knows it and they do this

via social media but if you look at your

girls page and you see that pictures of

you are noticeably absent she is still

on the market

bottom line 942 oh five five three five

six is the number to call to get in on

the show area code eight six five hold

tight we're gonna get to you in just a

moment what black men should expect when

they start dating two attractive white

girls for the first time and more of

your calls and comments after the break

we'll be right back TSR live with

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let's go to the phone lines

area code eight six five thank you for

holding you go ahead okay what's up

Donna Happy New Year thank you happy new

you look happy New Year to you too man

thank you hey we'll take I'm a Titan fan

and we'll definitely take bolts in a

trade you know over Marcus oh that's


it doesn't read interesting it had the

testicular fortitude to play quarterback

hit hit FL I make them all man he's got

the physical tools but I don't think

he's really like to listen he's an NFL

quarterback but he's gonna be in that

middle upper tier well as type Titan

fans we always measure our quarter

backs up against the late great Steve

McNair so they'll never be another one

like him yeah you rest in peace uh

anyway I'm calling Donovan because I'm

42 years old

I live in East Tennessee and I'm


got a daughter that's 14 so I really

appreciate that Red Mill a red pill talk

on red pill fathering red pill parenting

I think that's extremely important that

needs to be discussed probably on a

regular basis but I'm calling to talk

about modern life dating I'm calling to

ask your advice regarding these apps

that are out there bumble especially I

recently have met a girl she's 33

smoking hot and these girls on bumble in

these patch so they want to like act

like they're oval I met you and I'm done

with the app you know and then you're

like fucking around with them and you

look on their phone they get boom

another bumble notification pops up on

their phone you know even though they

say oh they're not even on there and

they're not paying attention to to those

kind of apps I'm the kind of guy I'm not

like most guys like if I see like a girl

a guy looking at my girl like I take

this a compliment you know I mean like I

love that shit so I you know that to me

is you know that like I said it's a

compliment but he took it being lied to

you know to me and like the pussy is

good you know and you're just kind of

getting going with this girl she looks

great with you like do you want a busca

bubble and be like you know you said you

were done with bumble but now you

getting this notification and you know

and you're kind of shady a little bit

you know the text it's all about the

text game to which I'm not really that

great at you know I'm trying I'm trying

to do less of it because less is more

you know kind of a set up dates and go

from there and not really get into the

whole bantering back and forth via text

but I want to get some advice from you

on how to you know go about doing like

the the app game yeah it you can sit to

attend I got another question too

regarding testosterone replacement so

just to just to make sure I understand

correctly you want to know what's going

on with the app game in other words you

would like to know how to get women to

stop using dating apps once they start

dating you even though you met them on a

dating app no I really don't care if

they do it you know I mean this my guess

is the honesty

you really can't you know it's just like

just be real you know yeah we're on the

app we're just dating you're free to

date whomever you want you're gonna know

who your best option is at the end of

day and it's gonna be me you know like

that's my kind of attitude about it but

I just hate being high to like these

girls they think they're freaking like

Mother Teresa or like the Virgin Mary

like oh you know you're the only guy I'm

talking to this nobody else right it's

just bullshit like shit she tells me she

sucks dick he fucks like a porn star but

I've only been with three guys come on

yeah come on man this is you see listen

I agree with you right and you hit

listen Ricky Bobby literally just said

what I was about to tell you you're just

gonna have to accept it man part of

accepting red pill truth and navigating

the sexual marketplace with red pill

truth you're gonna have to understand

that women are going to lie to you

they're gonna lie to you so if this is

funny women like to proactively say oh

I'm done with the dating app bla bla bla

bla bla if a woman ever says that to you

number one never believed her but the

answer to this is hey you know I deleted

my app or I deleted the Bumble app yeah

well what about tinder and OkCupid oh

wait a minute when he talked about not

Ani of that said listen sweetheart

listen that's what they all say listen

listen what you do when your time is

your business I don't want to know about

it don't tell me you are to tell you

don't tell me you aren't it's fine I

don't care I don't want to know I don't

need to know now let's just move on um

right there's one there's an episode

that I'm gonna do next week it's called

password like what is your password and

I spoke briefly about men having their

password and the password is defined as

the statement that women tell he tells

you that sort of bypasses your natural

instincts to their pre - to their to

their proclivities to lie so in other

words when a woman tells you a certain

thing like my password used to be

Donovan I feel safe with you then all of

a sudden

wait a minute like all the red flags are

gone everything she's the perfect girl

some guy's password is I think I'm

falling in love with you with her

especially girls on dating apps most

guys actually believe what these women

say when they say well I like you so

much I'm not even on dating apps anymore

and it's never true

so you listen

I understand the frustration but dude

you're just gonna have to accept it and

deal with it

it is what it is yeah and I'm gonna keep

around cuz she's like I said you fuck

like the world star course um yeah but

you know it is so good I just like it

them more venting like it's funny how

they just think that you're so naive

you know I've instead arrested baby you

can't bullshit a bullshitter Yeah right

it takes one to know one

I know right right alright anyway my

question is about testosterone places

therapy I've been on it for a number of

years okay I've got a great doctor and I

what I do I do one see I did what cc

every week I divided into weekly doses

so I do a shot on Monday and then a shot

on Thursday but you mentioned in your

talk on trt that there are different

esters and I know about the esters

nothing uses a sipping a version but you

said during a cutting phase I like to

work out you use a different blend a

different ester and I was wondering what

that was and I get a chance to write

down yeah testosterone propionate PR o P

I oh na te testosterone propionate

there's also testosterone thinner

propionate but that's not the one you

want you want testosterone propionate

that is very quick acting testosterone

stays in the system between 24 and 30

hours the drawback is is that you have

to inject every day okay and it is app

it is literally a pain in the ass listen

I've listened right now I'm on

testosterone propionate I inject every

day is there something that you're gonna

have to get used to but yes that's the

one that I was talking about do you

inject in your leg injecting you're

always in the glue always in with me


yeah yes I've been on a sub-q method

which is in the lace a small needle and

it's great right like sub to Tina like

just under this like just under the skin

yeah like it's really good you know

all right you know what I've actually

heard that before I was actually

thinking about trying that probably this

probably this fall or winter just do

this sub cutie because I watched a

documentary called Icarus and you know

one one guy like one Russian doctor who

is an expert you know testosterone and

HDH guys for is for the for the for the

Tour de France was

instructing a guy to do it just

subcutaneously and apparently that gets

a much better result so we'll see what


are you premiere with the Esther and a

fait testosterone and Aniyah thate you

mean enum feet it begins with an A

there's acetate ok I'm not there's

there's one that's more quick releasing

but you have to inject maybe every other

day so I just you know I need to go to

my doctor just see what he says I don't

think ya acetate yeah I'm right acetate

is another very quick acting ester that

stays in your that stays in the system

for 24 to 48 hours so that's where the

that's where the every other day comes

in I just want to say this and I've got

the line and clear out for another power

test on place therapy is great yes I

wouldn't call the Fountain of Youth like

you do but it definitely will make you

feel like a man again at 42 we all come

on there's an open up shortage of

remember floaty and this society that's

why the countries in the state that it

didn't in my opinion no you're right it

is not it is when it comes to IDI issues

which some of us have it's not the cure

for that you've got to take that's a

whole other subject and that be another

good topic I think for you to address at

some point you know just there's no

shame and that particular issue you know

as you get older it's gonna happen right

right yeah I've never had fortunately

for me I've never yeah thanks for the

call area code 865 yeah fortunately for

me I've never had a rectal dysfunction

and I've had guys ask me hey this

testosterone replacement therapy help

with Edie I don't know cuz I've never

had it so he's telling you that it

doesn't alright fair enough it might be

a good episode to watch alright let me

get caught up on the chat here shout-out

to O'Shea Duke Jackson in the house

Rollo Tomassi is in the house as well

O'Shea with the $5 contribution says a

nice commercial bro preciate that Nick

louis-auguste says great song yeah that

is what's that song called again shit


damn what the hell is that called um I'm

gonna play it again at the end but that

was by the the Phoenix philosophy the

Phoenix philosophy you guys can find

them on iTunes

do a search for the Phoenix philosophy

I'm gonna play it again at the end on

the way out the bigwigs are in the house

O'Shea is in here Rollo Tomassi is in


okay Bronx okay agreed you'll be very

good primal man apparently just dumped

his LTR very good decision mic shitter

he's in the house all right

wow you guys are active Oh Shay says

great commercial break okay good stuff

all right very good

you guys are active in the chat which is

also very good

shout out to my contributors Niklas Agha

freelance Ronan O'Shea Duke Jackson 10

10 and 5 respectively let's move on

we're gonna talk about what black men

should expect when they start dating

attractive white girls for the first

time the myth that black men only date

white women who are fat unattractive or

both is patently false yes there are

plenty of dudes out here there are

plenty of there playa brothers out there

who do date bottom-of-the-barrel white

girls or I think they call them bottom

shelf Becky's or whatever but these are

either low value or ain't shit niggas or

they're men who don't believe there are

men who don't believe that they can

attract attractive white women now

people who perpetuate this particular

myth these guys tend to use internet

memes and false rhetoric to research in

order to prove their point now nothing

could be further from the truth because

proof is around us all day every day I

have never dated a fat or unattractive

white woman in my life even when I was a

low-value beta male a lot of black men

out there would cosign on this

if they're being honest so now that

that's out of the way let's talk about

what black men should expect when they

start dating attractive white women for

the very first time well the first thing

you should expect is hate from black

women that's obvious listen this is the

first and most immediate effect in

haricots 347 I see in the cumin to get

to you in just a second when black women

see you strolling around hand in hand

with your pretty white girlfriend

they're not gonna like it and they are

not gonna hide their disdain gentlemen

be ready for dirty glances in your

direction snide comments just audible

enough for just the two of you to hear

expect your black female cashiers

waitresses or other occupations in the

service industry to treat you poorly

they'll give you the silent treatment at

the register they'll take forever to

bring your meals or drinks and they will

do their level best to inconvenience you

any way they can now does this happen

all the time of course not but it

happens enough to get my attention and

if you are a black man who has an

attractive white girlfriend be prepared

for this because it is coming you can

count on it the second thing that's

gonna happen when you start dating white

girls from the first time you're gonna

get judgment from your female family

members gentlemen be ready for your

mothers your sisters your aunts to call

your choice of women into question

sometimes they'll be overt and tell you

that you're dating white women you're

dating the wrong white women but most of

the time they'll ask you loaded

questions kind of designed to make you

look bad regardless of your answers shut

out to Ricky Bobby with the five dollar

contributions let's keep it up Donovan

keep growing the brand and Empire all

the best

appreciate that Ricky Bobby with the

five dollar contribution some of the

questions they'll ask are you haven't

found a good black woman or maybe you're

dating the wrong women what kind of

women have you dated in the past

those are just a few of the barrage of

questions that these people will ask you

in an attempt to shame you into jumping

back on to the sinking ship otherwise

known as the unattainable black woman

now the solution here is to either

change the subject or just tell them

that you don't want to talk about it you

don't owe anyone an explanation for

anything you do least of all your female

family members the next thing that

you're going to get the next thing that

you should expect is hate from other

black men interestingly enough most of

the hate that I get for datin white

girls comes from other black men I get

called all kinds of names guys race

trader Coon Uncle Tom sellout all that

dude all the usual tired tired ass

sophomoric names niggas have used for

decades to signal their envy of you take

a look at the comments section of any of

the brother pill podcast oh sure I don't

know if I che stole in here but take a

look at the comments section of any

brother pill podcast season two and

you'll see that most of the name-calling

that comes in my direction or from other

brothers with regards to my choice to

date large breasted blonde haired white

women I've even had a couple of them

call in to give me a piece of their

collective minds area code for one three

comes to mind just gotta let it roll off

your shoulders guys if I'm being honest

it used to bother me

but I learned a long time ago that when

you catch heat from other black men for

dating white girls it's because they

wish they themselves could date white

women the sad truth is that they could

but they allow their own community to

shame them from expanding their horizons

and they hate

black men like myself who have had the

strength and the zero fucks given

attitude to break free and do whatever

the fuck they want to do something else

you need to be prepared for when you

decide to eat white girls for the first

time as a black man is eight from other

white guys now they hate that you're

gonna get from white guys is gonna be

much more covert but it is far more

dangerous guys they're not gonna be as

vocal as black men or black women but

depending on the situation they could do

a lot more damage than just name-calling

or shooting you dirty looks if a white

cop pulls you over and you've got a

pretty white girl in the passenger seat

or vice versa guys be ready for anything

keep your wits about you keep your cool

follow the law know your rights and

don't escalate verbally all it takes

guys is getting pulled over by a white

cop whose wife cheated on him with a

black guy or whose daughter is dating a

black guy or any other situation you

could think of and he is looking for any

reason at all to ruin your fucking day

if you work for or with white guys be

ready for the same thing they'll be cool

with you until they see your wife or

your girlfriend they're all everything

is all fun and games but when you bring

your Becky to the company party or the

company bowling party things things tend

to change sometimes this isn't to say

that things will automatically change

for the worse but you need to be

cognizant of that possibility

here's a positive thing that happens

when you start dating attractive women

as a black man for the first time you

can expect attention from other pretty

white girls this is red pill game 101

and the concept here is pre selection

you'd be surprised

you would be surprised at the number of

white women who wouldn't who would never

consider dating a black guy all of a

sudden changed their minds when they see

their friends with one eye bated

countless white girls who told me that I

was the first black guy they'd ever

dated now whether that's true or not I

don't know but when it but when

attractive white women see other

attractive white women with black men it

piques their curiosity and eventually

they succumb to it and come over to the

dark side now remember guys women don't

want to date men that other women don't

want so when a white girl sees that

you're pre-selected by other white girls

you need to be ready to start getting

more sexual attention from them just be

ready for that ya plug that I see that

the stream is going in and out no no

there's something weird going on with my

internet but I'm all green now so now

there are a few other things that you

need to be aware of okay like your black

friends asking you for advice on how to

attract white girls if and when they

ever get past the Envy and of course the

benefits of their pussy pass white men

may inconvenience you when they see with

a white girl but white women and

sometimes black men in the service

industry like waiters waitresses

bouncers will definitely treat you


guys I have zoomed to the front of

countless lines at the nightclub and

have been given preferential treatment

with my white girlfriends bath their

eyelashes and pull back their blonde

hair this is how I this is when I

figured out the concept of trade bait a

little later on it game just understand

that when you start dating white girls

the way some people treat you will

change some will treat you better some

not so much

some people may not change at all

if you expect your life to be exactly

the same when you start fucking with

white girls blondes brunettes redheads

be ready be ready W Hawkins says never

liked Donovan's show but now I'm hooked

not really understanding why not

everybody likes my show nine one four

two oh five five three five six is the

number to call let's go to the phone

lines hairy code three four seven you're

on live at Donovan go ahead hey Donovan

how are you this is CJ man from Brooklyn

New York what's up man how you doing I'm

good I'm good I just wanted to say you

know I love what you're doing you guys

are O'Shea Jackson um you guys have

helped me so much tremendously I found

the red pill last year um due to a

relationship that I've been to for four

years where I was dealing with this girl

um it was pretty much you know

controlling disrespectful and you know

just hurt me many times over and I could

definitely say that I was a super beta I

was I was sipping to the 10th power

pretty much right you know and um you

know I you know no matter how to

disrespect I will always stick around

and be there and it got finally got to

the point where I had nothing I left and

you know for I would say like about

eight or so six months later I started

to get my stuff together and how my team

across you guys the reticle was by

accident because I was looking for like

relationship advice as far as dealing

with breakups and everything like that

and I came across your station and I

started listening because and I could

say like first taking a red pill and

being better away at first it was such a

shell shock because it's not advice that

I was used to getting before from before

right so it was kind of foreign to me so

it kind of took me you know I you know

at first it was kind of like I didn't

want to believe it I didn't want to take

it in but as far as time went along you

know it became more and more you know I

went to the red toe stage I went to the

different rectal rage went went to

different stages and finally got to a

point where

um it's really helped me a lot and you

know I met to the point where I'm

getting my shit together

you know I'm looking to invest in

properties this year and do things have

and things are starting to happen and lo

and behold my ex guessing gets back in

contact with me recently yeah she's

calling me Oh huh I said the plot

thickens yeah yeah the plot thickens so

now she's telling me that oh you know

she wants me back and she you know she

was talking to different guys and the

guys are not like me

you know I bid it I mean even though I

was simple I made it to a point that I

was a hard act to follow after that that

any guy that came after me after that

that you know they would really have to

be on their game so and now she realized

that and now she wants me back and I

could tell like she's trying to control

the situation because now I'm seeing

that the wall is starting to approach

really bad she however sagadam baccala

she is about to be 29 is you oh yeah

there it is yes she's in the Epiphany

phase yeah so now she's realizing like

oh shit I don't have any kids I'm not in

a relationship you know and now she's

telling me that like oh I want a child

within the next year Wow Wow she wants

to be in a relationship but now I'm to

the point now where bitch I really don't

care anymore right those things that I

wanted before I really don't want it

anymore and now she's upset and pissed

off due to the fact that I'm very

indifferent I you know I let it be known

I said look whether in my life of

whether you're not in my life I'm gonna

be fine I really don't give a shit

you know I'm there and all you got it

you know that's added right and that's

the attitude that I'm going along with

and she's like well you know I don't

like this change in you I don't you know

seem like you're different you're

changed now and yes I am yes I have

changed yes yeah

I said yes I have changed so I just say

that to say that you know you guys don't

know how much you're helping brothers

like myself good you know change their

life not just relationship wise but

professional wise and just really

telling us to really be about a purpose

and get our shit together because I know

once man once I get my shit together

I'm not gonna get crazy gap today hold

are you oh well I'm 38 Oh perfect

oh dude you're right in the middle of

your sexual prime dude of course he is

an interesting CJ how the more shits you

give the less shits they give but then

the less you give the more shits they

give it's exact it's it to me and and

thanks for the call CJ I appreciate you

calling in man calling any time one of

the one of the more sobering realities

of the red pill and knowing what you

know is the immutable truth that states

that the better you treat women the

worse they treat you it shouldn't be

like it shouldn't be that way you should

be able to treat women well and they

reciprocate that treatment but

unfortunately what what feminism has

done is it is it has it has incentivized

bad behavior in women and when you treat

a woman well she treats you badly it

sucks but this is how it is I get it I

get it

me take once one last stroll through the

comments now yeah I know I'm in and out

on the buffering this is actually it's

funny it was I had a consultation today

and I was bragging about the fact that I

have the fastest and beefiest Internet

and I haven't had any buffering issues

in like six months and then of course

today I've got buffering issues so I

don't know what's causing those I

restarted my computer

it's the IOT man the Internet of Things

goofy zig zag says my mom hates it when

I date white women yeah of course she


of course she does chase LeBeau says

concern troller what kind of women have

you been eating that's fucking hilarious


j-train says I'm okay with you on liking

busty white women shears on that bro

okay Anthony right cash for houses LLC's

does I want to sponsor the show um I

mean listen Anthony I mean I've got I've

actually got a couple of title sponsors

here for the next six months but I don't

know shoot me an email and maybe I can

get you in for the 4q3 third-quarter

freelance Ronan says keep that social

media private alright good stuff man

good stuff


Remy says Donovan got the struggle

Wireless going on yeah listen man this

is this is an anomaly I usually don't

have these these issues but yeah you

know it is what it is first you know

first day of the year maybe a lot of

people in the you know the Greater

Philadelphia area are using are using

the internet Anthony wants to pay me for

a commercial alright dude go to Donovan

sharp calm hit go to contact send me the

send me the information I'm not gonna

get back with you tonight

no cuz I am tired and I got other I got

other shit that I got to be doing pug

dad says the black chicks hacked his

Wi-Fi that's fuckin hilarious

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TS are alive

shoutout to HS leave 169 lick ploys agha

freelance Ronin O'Shea and Ricky Bobby

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thanks for watching guys see you




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