4 things incels and THOTS have in common (Episode 388)

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stuck in the friendzone wants to fuck

the girl he's been friend-zoned by and

the girl who is a plate wants a

relationship with the guy she's been

plated by the guy in the friendzone gets

all of her non-sexual attention while

the plate gets nothing but sexual

attention from her fuck buddy neither

wants to be where they are and both

wants what the other has now the guy can

get all of the he can get all of the

non-sexual female companionship he was

that's easy for him that's easy for men

he doesn't even have to try because

girls are always looking for men they

can get all the benefits of having a

relationship with without actually being

in one end of the words not give it up

the pussy any given guy in this day and

age can be up to his eyeballs and

platonic relationships with females and

because of that non-sexual female

companionship isn't really worth much to

men it's the sex he wants from the girl

not the companionship which he already

has in abundance the girl on the other

hand she can get all the dick she wants

that's easy for her she doesn't have she

don't even have to try because men are

always looking for girls they can get

easy sex out of without having to commit

to a relationship any given female can

be up to her eyeballs and cocks and

because of that sex isn't really worth

much to her it's the commitment that she

wants from the guy not the sex which of

course she already has in abundance

there's a pervasive saying in the

manosphere that states that women are

the gatekeepers of sex and that men are

the gatekeepers of relationships now one

could make the argument that young

beautiful females are the gatekeepers to

both albeit for short a very short

period of time and roll is actually

rolled Tomas he's actually made that

argument before but outside of the

finite time when young hot girls have

the world in their hands the gift of a

man is commitment okay the fit the gift

of a female is the sex why do we know

this because neither values that which

this is a tongue twister neither values

that which they are the gatekeepers to

as much as what the other sex is the

gatekeeper to we gentlemen we're the

gatekeepers of commitment because it's

what women want the most from us women

will move heaven and earth women will

move they will they will make bad

decisions to secure a commitment from us

whether X whether its exclusivity shared

residence marriage etc not to say that

we as men don't value commitment but

when we have a girlfriend or at least a

female companion whether it's a sexual

in nature or not we don't really place

much value on commitment as women do

because it's what they want the most

supply and demand right even red pill

guys gentlemen don't make a big deal out

of commitment because every girl we bang

for more than a week she wants a

relationship we get it thrown at us like

this all the time we have an abundance

of commitment and relationship and we

can get it any time we want and this is

an again this is with red pill guys in

cells and blue pill guys every one of us

could have female companionship anytime

we want

now obviously blue pill guys and in

cells are going to have non-sexual

commitment and red pill guys are gonna

make sure they're getting the pussy but

the point is that we as men can get

commitment and companionship whether sex

is involved or not women are the

gatekeepers to sex because it's what we

want the most for men men will move

heaven and earth again this is we're

mirroring one another here men will move

heaven and earth and make bad decisions

to have sex with a woman even one time

we see it all the time guys not to say

that women don't value sex but when they

can summon literally some in a bag of

dicks to their exact location within

minutes sex isn't exactly as important

to them as it is us because it's what we

want the most from them I use this

example all the time to point out the to

point out the asymmetries of sexual

attraction or they're all around us and

this is one of just many examples now

another example is the reason for

non of in sells for those of you who are

unfamiliar to the term in sell in celle

short for involuntary celibate it's

defined as a man who wants to get get

laid wants to have sex but he cannot now

listen their exploits have been well

documented over the years

guys like elliot rodger alec Minassian

nicholas cruz and so forth so r awful

we're all familiar with who they are but

what most people have failed to realize

is that in cells and sluts or polar

identicals now what i mean by that is

that they live very different existences

but their circumstances and their

mindsets are a lot alike sluts and then

cells have much more in common with one

with one another then either is willing

willing to admit or realize and that's

what I'm gonna talk about tonight I'm

gonna give you guys four things that men

who can't get sex and women who can get

sex anytime they want have in common and

how they are eerily similar to one

another and as a side note here when I

talk about in cells I'm not only

referring to them I'm also talking about

your low-level migt owls who famously

and pathetically pretend that they could

get pussy if they wanted to but have

chosen not to pursue sexual

relationships with women because the

juice isn't worth the squeeze

a lot of guys like to call themselves

monks I got a lot of guys like this like

to call themselves monks some of these

guys actually refer to themselves as nig

towels and some guys combine the two

together and call themselves mig towel

monks but whatever they call themselves

we know the truth here at TS r towers

all of these guys are involuntary

celibates masquerading as McDowell's

these guys aren't fooling anybody my

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oh and hit the chat then we'll go to the

phone lines got C in Vegas on the line

it's always good to talk to him out

there in the 702 JC Pop's the cherry

Devon smiley gets the sloppy seconds Rob

Cruz gets to fuck her in the ass

infinite Peaks gets to finish on her

face and BK from the Rockies gets it all

on video shut up - Darius Matthews good

to see you in here I don't think you I

don't think I've seen you in here before

Outkast Drew's you look familiar you

look familiar I don't I don't know that

that name rings a bell

hey kiss ghost says or Hayek's ghost

says I got I got the alert for once okay

okay when I released the mobile app

that's gonna be right around the

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Siobhan smiley says he's going to a

mansion a mansion party for New Year's

Eve good stuff JC's got a plate coming

over after work Javon smiley says I'm

like the only black guy here what the

fuck dude come on get out here with that

what the fuck dude alright come on

smiley says I haven't seen one black

person since I okay I'm timing your ass

out that's not funny

strikes wanted to men like seriously

enough of that nonsense fuck out of here

I haven't seen ah get out of here break

BK from the rocky says new intro nice

yep got a few more got a few more

improvements in store for you guys this


Lorenzo Davis Happy New Year

Luigi Conte says ready for this new

knowledge good stuff good stuff

Kevin Ibanez checking in from DC

checking in from the district chase Lobo

co-signing on the intro appreciate that

I worked very very hard on that but I'll

be great good to see you in here


Luigi Conte says thanks to the knowledge

that Donovan gave me I got a girl I'm

going to New Year's Eve with good stuff

hopefully you will fuck her gotta close

the deal if you can't close the deal on

New Year's Eve man you got some work to


kevin says done I got the Eagles

upsetting the Bears we're gonna talk

about that later I don't to get

sidetrack I don't want to piss off my

audience I want to piss off my audience

I'm fucking dude I'm fucking psyched

that the goddamn Eagles snuck into the

playoffs and I really want to talk about

it but I'm gonna refer it I'm gonna

restrain myself

Rickey quadratus ma says are you still

thinking kratom yeah yeah I still take

kratom know just about every day

the toxic crusade says it can't wait to

see how you break this down coach yeah

man check this out

Ricki quite a spot says are you an

insult when you had sex before no no no

just because you lost your virginity at

16 years old doesn't mean you're not an

insult if you haven't fucked anybody

since good good stuff

lion sense ed is the show on Oh God

lion sand dude you smell of troll never

seen you in here you come in here asking

if the show is on when the show is

clearly on you are on thin ice straight


Oh outcast drew says he's called into

the show before my bad dude my bad

he's like Nicky you don't remember me

fuck out of here Charles Caballero is

going to a party with a plate tonight

very nice Jay Mark says block him damn

James hold on now James Martinez coming

up in here with that 404 banquette

justice ah James says when you talk

about the Eagles I'm gone go Falcons oh

yeah this is great man we're gonna talk

about the Eagles much much later we're

not gonna talk about the Eagles until

the end I want to give the people I want

to give the people what they came for

9/11 for two oh five five three five six

is the number to call let's go to see in

Vegas see do you read me B what's going

on how was your Christmas dude listen

man Christmas was off the charts

Devin and I spent a lot more money than

we should have but everything is still

on track we didn't spend ourselves into

oblivion we still plan on we actually

plan on taking a trip to if we have time

taking the trip to Lake Tahoe she can

get some time off and if I can take some

time off we'll be good to go how about

you men it was very good I saw my dad by

the way on you know I saw my family it's

very nice uh you know my dad's kind of

old-school masculine so it's always good

to be around their energy you know no

I'm saying I so hey so my little

brothers scuffles very nice indeed

things be that deep that three things

for you dude go ahead you guys

bring it up yo fuck the Cowboys so he

did I'm so fucking easy to mount that oh

I'm gonna say right now if all the

Cowboys fans in the chat I said it but

no it was a good game listen it was a

good game good game and the Cowboys got

you a better draft Nick like if you want

to look on the bright side you guys can

move up a little further to get Dwayne

Haskins absolutely that's all gonna stay

- as you say it is - those funny because

I actually predicted a shootout between

them because I didn't think these guys

was gonna show out and that's completely

what happened there's one of those games

were whoever has our last wins yeah sure

yeah yeah and also D I can tell cuz I

knew we would operate

I knew this game is not fuckin over I

just know you know that anything I give

the screams not fucking over

oh yeah and the second thing yeah that

was really good game also you know think

congratulations to Eagles by the way

reciate it yeah yeah I said that a

little too a book recommendation okay

the laws of human nature by the laws of

noumic human nature by Robert Greene

excellent it's clearly good I suggest

you pick it up to D because you don't

divide a whole bunch of shit from it

okay excellent I can't go in depth with

it okay all right now second is the same

guy he wrote it was about reveal also

two bit yes yes exactly how are how

indeed now

and now back on topic real quick cuz

actually I got a question to you could

use you said you know um women don't

value sex the same as men I want I don't

want a push back because this might be

out life situation okay but that's a

text listen I have encountered this many

times where you know you might you know

you might have a one-night stand or you

might know fuck a female so good she

just goes nuts

if she keeps meeting it she died you

just I've had that happen to be plenty

right now it out life situations you

know you know we don't know no face game

on that no but doesn't you make a good


no no listen your listen you're right I

will concede I will concede that point

we know that all sex is not created

equal and the fact of the matter is is

that good sex listen

have an abundance of sexual options but

when it comes to good sex not many guys

and you know listen what's good sex to

one woman could be bad sex to another

right and then of course you know women

women have their preferences but if

women gets what she knows to be good

dick yeah that does become a commodity

that is something that they will move

heaven and earth for so I will

definitely yeah I will I will say this B

I will say this though D you don't think

to your point though because because you

know you can see the depth I will go to

your point out there will say this beta

sex is worthless they can guess I they

know this

yep 1% so I took so we've kind of said

also one more thing do you um I think

for a job all right it's so funny

because I listen I listen to the listen

to the with you in a little bit of a

liveable man

the latest one oh yeah and you said you

like to Final Fantasy Tactics oh yeah I

like Final Fantasy Tactics yeah that was

my favorite final fantasy game I swear

to God

also absolutely if you remember by the

way that game probably had the most kind

of adult story yeah all the fun things

about politics

yeah heard yes that's real all that

stuff it's a matter matter of fact D I

just think like you know that game

hasn't won the mobile probably be the

best story I'm ever playing them and I

was like 11 or 12 oh my god what the

fuck I was in college man I was in

college and listen no one still knows

the pronunciation of ramesses last name

like is it Bailey Bay is at Bay all day

I mean like how is it pronounced yeah

you know I mean like you try to

pronounce that nobody can pronounce it I

will say this don't be the arm

apparently it's loosely based off of

France so I guess we'll go over the

French because okay I got me the creator

for the series of the series of creative

ii ii this based on frank ivelisse was

based off the frame kind of in the globe

of those shirts i what they call the

galapagos church was short for the

catholic church so yeah yeah listen good

yes yes don't compete by the way tonight

no I wish I can get some honey but I

gotta make this money hey that's what's

up she's the crown dude

all right see listen have a good New

Year man stay safe out there and make

listen you listen listen you know how

crazy can get out there on the strip man

take care of yourself dude New Year's

Day shoot oh my god that's some of the

wildest shit do people fucking out in

the streets and shit Bink I'm playing

think I'm playing Javon smiley I get a

big III Oh Javon a big time my bad he

was actually talking about out there in

Phoenix he said he was the only black

guy there and I was like wait a minute

what the fuck are you talking about no

he's in Phoenix I guess for a bowl game

and so that's what he was talking about

so yeah I do have a I do have a I've got

a hair-trigger but that's how it goes so

my bad my bad

Javon smiley the laws of human nature by

Robert Greene I think I'm definitely

gonna check that out okay let's get this


four things that in cells have in common

with sluts number one they are never

accountable for their actions or

circumstances other than the fact that

they can't get laid complaining is one

of the most obvious telltale signs of an

N cell then cells are always complaining

about how difficult girls are how bitch

they are in cells like to bitch and moan

about the impossibly high standards of

today's women and so on and so forth now

that complaining gives them an excuse to

check out of the dating market when

people ask in cells why they haven't had

a girlfriend or at least a short-term

fling with a female and they can fall

back on these shitty excuses ah bitches

are so fucking rude they're difficult

and they don't want if they don't want

anything about hot rich guys this is why

I always push back on guys who say shit

like motive looks is all you need

because it's fucking lazy and it's a

defeatist attitude yes money and looks

it helps to get you in the door but game

is what keeps her around rich guys and

hot guys get cheated on just like

everybody else guys and insults use this

as an excuse to play video games

jerk off the cartoon porn and eat

Cheetos all

rather than go out and kick Weis ass in

sells blame everyone but themselves for

what they are girls only what hot rich

guys I was I wasn't born with great

looks I'm short I'm not six foot nine

I'm five nine I don't have great looks

or my favorite I tried everything and

nothing worse but what they are not

telling you what they are not telling

themselves is that the only reason

they're not successful with women is

because they are either unable or

unwilling to do what's necessary to be

attractive to attractive women they're

not no they're not lifting weights

they're not even clean they're not

saving money and they're not driven or

motivated now a lot of McTell low-level

MIG tau guys might say well I don't do

anything to the press limit fuck that

and to that I would say you're full of

shit you don't do anything to impress

women now but before back then your life

was all about women and when they didn't

reciprocate your interest you decided to

base your current lifestyle around women

you didn't decide to become a big towel

or a big towel monk because you woke up

one day and you decided you wanted to

live a life completely devoid of female

companionship nah uh-huh you did it

because women don't want you you guys

call men like us pussy beggars vagina

worshippers but you are the ones who are

making daily decisions based solely on

what women are or aren't doing let's

look at sluts let's look at sluts it is

well documented that sluts never take

responsibility for their actions or

circumstances I'm a single mom because

my baby daddies ain't shit no you're a

single mother because you have

unprotected sex with random men I

cheated on my boyfriend because he

wasn't attentive to my needs no you

cheated because Kevin and the sales

department told you that you were

mates and your dumbass believed him

doesn't want to be with me because I'm

just too strong for them no guys don't

want to be with you because you have a

tramp stamp a lip ring and he found out

you're still on tinder where he met you

my man doesn't trust me because he's

insecure no your man doesn't trust you

because you still text your ex you still

at the club every Saturday night and at

the time he calls it goes straight to

voicemail all women are blame shifters

guys but sluts are experts at it other

than a bad mom the worst thing you can

call a woman is a slut

girls know that being a slut is easy

that's why they do their level best to

make sure that people don't know that

they're fucking dudes by the Dozen sluts

in their 30s and 40s blame anything and

everything for the reason they're still

single Minnie shit men are intimidated

by my intelligence men are insecure men

can't handle a strong woman men need to

man up and date single moms the list

goes on

any woman over the age of 25 who isn't

married has only herself to blame fuck

enough dudes and at some point you're

not gonna be good for anything but

fucking and that's all there is to it

they can blame whoever or wherever they

want but women like this know the score

sluts and in cells are where they are

because of their decisions but they are

both hell-bent on trying to convince

everyone that it's not their fault that

they get no pussy or far too much dick

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alright let's check the chat here or at

least before we before we shrink the

audience let's check the chat you guys

are active in the chat let's get a

location shout out city and state city

and state city and country example

philadelphia PA ryan Sullivan says but

women love giving giving organism

orgasms even more Ryan Sullivan says

it's raining in New York yeah it's it's

raining out here in Philly - it's been

raining all day mr. nice-guy says this

is what n cell say you can never

understand women you ever seen those

Facebook memes where they say

understanding women and it's like this

book that's like the size of 19 Bibles

like Jesus fuckin Christ

like women this is why women hate the

red pill because they like being viewed

as these mysterious complicated complex

creatures men are as simple as a fucking

cereal box man they're not hard to

understand they're not complicated when

you act like a masculine male it's funny

women women then become very simple

they don't become too hard to understand

at that point these are got a yellow

Maserati says these are guys who get

nothing and then the guys who can't get

the women they attracted to I think this

is a much bigger group of guys in the

manosphere shout out the JC with the $10

contribution JC with the $10

contribution I don't know why my I don't

know why my alerts aren't I see I see

the $10 contribution there on the screen

I didn't see the message if there was

i'll definitely read it tomorrow I

appreciate it

yo llamas already doing its best ETF 42

impression I will get to that later

Brendan Webster from the six one five

healthy smash this when your game is on

point engaged and married women are the

easier targets they need a new toy to

play with yep I agree I agree okay all

right we got Miami Beach minute all

right we got a Long Island New York LA

got Denver Miami Berlin James Martinez

checking in from the ATL Yola Maserati

checking in from Saskatchewan Javon

checking in from Phoenix but lives in

Sarasota used to work down there right

now right down there toward right down

there around Bradenton Luigi wants to

know who do I have on the Manny Pacquiao

Adrien Broner fight runner

runners gonna destroy him Pacquiao's

broke this Weiss fight he's a shell of

myself Hampton Roads Virginia

that's where michael vick is from area

code 951 i see you in the channel but it

gets you in just a second london orlando

memphis san antonio Wow Buffalo Raleigh

North Carolina

Remy RP says where can I get the

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Lorenzo Davis says that I watched the

John Jones fight I did not I fell asleep

I fell asleep BK from the rocky says the

name says it all with regards to my

locations good

drew Bay is in the house as manny

pacquiao should stay retired I agree man

I agree 904 205 5 3 5 6 is the number to

call if you want to get in on the show

let's go to area code nine five one

you're on live with Donovan go ahead

what's up Donovan this is Charles

Caballero's brother how you doing man

I'm doing great just close up the shop

for the new year so yeah good do it good

good good yeah have you have you and

your dad settling up on what's going on

with what we talked about like is that

going forward you know I haven't talked

to him about he's just been busy

we've long story short we got he got

stuck on this a Honda car just basically

it was just not a Honda van Thor just a

pain in the ass okay all right but keep

me posted a pair of the men boy then

okay oh yeah yeah definitely eat me

posted on that I'd like I'd like to see

how that goes man but go ahead go ahead

with your on with your question oh yeah

so uh first off I'm a Niners fan I hate

the Cowboys oh boy but I hate the

Seahawk more really Oh where's your

dongers man all right yeah yeah I don't

like this yeah but anyway man yeah so

hopefully they win and then like what

you said with that Prescott getting a

big ol contract and yeah it gets screwed

over in the coming years but up my other

questing' is yeah when you were talking

about how in cells and thoughts always

makes excuses for each other like yeah

just point out my quicksort for me yeah

I felt that way for a few years myself

before I found the red pill ah

in a sense that yeah yeah like you know

like I told you before and like I told

us before like I went through like a

four year and five months dry spell

before I got laid earlier this month

right and yeah and I've had you know

opportunities to do it like you know I

was a bouncer in Chicago I have planning

chances there you know and but I

realized like with myself it's just I

always felt like I wasn't good enough

like I wasn't worthy of that I feel like

a lot of these insoles act the same way

as like they're not good in about just

putting the blame on the woman's just

they don't feel that sense inside I'm

saying no this woman is should be you

know wanting my cock yeah like my dick

bitch like come on yeah exactly you know

we're the man we make the money we you

know we got the power the strength it

should be that way I like the fact that

but anyway I just want yeah I was gonna

say I like the fact that you owned your

your baggage you say hey listen man when

I was on a dry spell I blamed everybody

but myself yeah oh yeah but what yeah

and that sense yes because no no it's

like I just couldn't figure out how to

do it so like I would always use

something else that he's like well I

can't go out with you I'm at work right

oh yeah yeah yeah gotcha okay okay yeah

I'm with you or I didn't want to do that

or I didn't do whether I got you know I

don't feel you know cuz I used to be

drenches where it's like found to use

that as an excuse right right so one day

I realized you gotta fix that anyway so

yeah I just wanted to you know just let

that out and point that out that's all

good stuff man hey listen Charles thanks

for the call listen call in anytime man

I love talking to you Oh anytime brother

hey listen you too listen have a safe

new year man drive safe out there thank

you I will go eagle all right man

appreciate it

yeah I agree listen man listen I hope

the Dallas Cowboys beat the Seattle


I hope the Dallas Cowboys get to the NFC

Championship game right

I hope they do I even hope they make the

Super Bowl would you like to know why

because with every win in the playoffs

that dak Prescott gets this increases

his price tag if with some crazy miracle

the Dallas Cowboys were to go to New

Orleans and shock the Saints and and go

to the Super Bowl

dude dak Prescott is now a 30-30 133

million dollar quarterback why would you

want that Donovan I'm glad you asked you

paid at Prescott market value for his

skill set guess who they can't pay they

can't pay Lyle Collins

okay they can't pay uh their offensive

lineman is already now decimated Travis

Frederick Leighton van Dhiresh Jaylon

Smith two of the best linebackers in

football not gonna be able to pay those

guys either DeMarcus Lawrence not gonna

be able to pay him Aaron Rodgers it is

experiencing that very same phenomenon

in Green Bay and oh by the way even

still gotta pay Amari Cooper Aaron

Rodgers makes 33 million dollars a year

largest contract in NFL history guess

what they're not gonna be able to afford

Davante Adams after next year so Aaron

Rodgers is going to be stuck in football

purgatory where he's super talented but

because this contract eats up 40% of the

salary cap they can't put pieces around

him this is why Brady has five Super

Bowls and nobody else does because Brady

has continued to give the hometown

discount now I've never been one to say

hey you should put your team over your

own listen if a team offers me 33

million dollars I'm taking it I don't

give a shit but I'm never gonna be in

that position so I can talk shit about

the fact that I hope that Prescott has a

deep playoff run so that Jerry Jones

will then be obliged to pay him market

value which will hamstring the Dallas

Cowboys for the next decade let's go

back to the phone lines area code a

seven one three you are on alive with

Donovan what's going on down of it

what's up brother

Vidia me I can hear him it was going on

as kids came out of Houston man yeah

good hearing hey I got a quick question

right um do you ever go out

when you're out you come across

situations where you have chicks that

actually trying to talk to you in front

of their boyfriends or their husbands

yeah yeah that's a mostly happens with

white chicks on me for the most part I

mean I guess what I love like shakes

just not sure of course thing yeah but

ya know yeah I mean so I mean how do you

handle that man do you actually have a

method of going about getting them

because I mean these are ones it's

trying to you know take up most of your

time when you're out right right yeah if

if a woman is with her boyfriend or

husband and she's trying to get at you

you don't let that go yeah let that go

because not only does your boy her

boyfriend knows that you look like her

husband knows what you look like you now

know that she's in a relationship not to

get all on a more or have some sort and

I'm not gonna bring the moral Cathedral

into the red pill that's that would be

disingenuous on both of our parts but

there's something to be said about

sticking your dick in another man's

woman there was a time where I didn't

give a shit I was like fuck it she's got

a wedding ring because what if she

doesn't fuck her if I don't fuck her

somebody else will but it's just not

worth like they're seriously it's there

there's so many women out here who are

not in relationships literally just

giving away pussy like Halloween candy

to try to take up all your time fucking

with a married chick we're fucking with

a chick with a boyfriend yes all right

if you guys get into some sort of quasi

relationship then what makes you think

she's not gonna do the same to you

there's nothing special about you

there's nothing special about me right

so yeah my quick advice to you is if

girls are trying to halt listen man it's

just yeah it doesn't happen to be in

Vegas all the time sometimes I didn't

realize the girl had a boyfriend until

they left the shop or with the casino

wherever the hell they were right but if

a girlfriend is trying to talk to you in

front of her boyfriend that's a bad sign


that is a bad sign okay yeah leave that

alone man leave that alone

now now listen here today if you'd

listened to me earlier on and she's not

with her man and then maybe let the good

times roll but if she's with her man let

her go all right thanks for calling in

Kent appreciate it yeah man you gotta

leave them um I've said I've said before

in the show that of all of the women

that I slept with in Vegas I would

estimate that it will opportu dude 60%

of them probably in relationships and I

knew a lot of more in relationships

really they really were men alright

let's go to number two the second thing

we almost got off on a football tangent

there that would have derailed the show

the second thing that in cells and sluts

have in common is that they both believe

that they deserve what they are not

willing to work for I'll say that again

they both believe sluts and M cells both

believe that they deserve what they are

not willing to look to work for a huge

problem that I have personally with

low-level mcdow's and in cells who bitch

and moan about what's fair and what's

not is the fact that they think they

deserve female companionship sexual

female companionship simply because they

were born with a cock and balls I am a

man therefore I am entitled to sexual

favors from females they believe that it

shouldn't matter that they're

unmotivated they believe that it

shouldn't matter that they lacked

discipline to get and stay in shape or

exercise financial prudence or are

steadfast and their beliefs into the

system they clearly understand by now

that it does work this way but that

doesn't stop them from still believing

that they deserve a woman by virtue of

being born with a Y chromosome sluts had

the exact same mindset sluts believe

that because they are women that they

deserve the best men out there they

believe that they deserve a guy with

underwear model looks who's 6 foot 3 235

pounds ripp with a square jaw a 5

o'clock shadow who makes six figures has

six-pack abs and has a six-foot dick

even if she's 5 foot 3 maybe 195 in a

notch count of 195 dicks give or take a

dozen in either direction more likely


and sluts are even more delusional why

because the world reinforces this flawed

thinking television movies media

advertisements are all consistently

telling women that beauty comes in all

shapes and sizes except for men that

doesn't apply to men because well it

just doesn't okay even though they see

women that they know that it doesn't

really work this way they still

foolishly believe that huge acts that

Hugh Jackman's wife is the rule and not

the exception but here's where the

mindsets of them cells and sluts are


identical I know that doesn't make sense

right now but stay with me here men are

made women are born as the saying goes

what this means is that when a male is

born there are things he needs to do

things that he needs to become in order

to be viewed as a man by people most

notably women in cells rarely possess

even the most basic masculine traits no

I'm not talking about beards or tattoos

or a criminal record although you know a

combination of those will definitely get

you plenty of attention from attractive

women right not that I have experience

with that but I'm talking about the

ability to change to change it's higher

the ability to defend himself in the

event in in the unfortunate event of

maybe a physical confrontation with

another man the ability to speak with

confidence and conviction to both men

and women basic masculine traits

the thing is males aren't born with

these abilities none of us are we have

to learn these we have to develop these

we have to cultivate these abilities and

then we have to use them to navigate our

way through life these things don't just

magically appear just because we were

born with a cock and balls we have to

make ourselves into men

have to lift weights we have to learn

and cultivate skills that allow us to

make money exercise financial discipline

learn to fight all of these things

gentlemen require a proactive approach

we don't listen we don't just get to sit

in a chair and learn kung fu in stin in

10 seconds like Neil doesn't work that

way we don't build physical strength but

just sitting around and waiting for our

muscles to grow no we have to go to the

gym we have to go to jiu-jitsu we have

to proactively learn how to be good with

money we don't have the luxury of just

existing and growing into men we have to

proactively build ourselves into men

females on the other hand do have the

luxury of simply existing and growing

into women females gentlemen don't

really have to do much of anything to

become women they don't really have to

go to the gym to become sexual

attractive sexually attractive because

all they have to do is not eat junk

every day and their bodies will be

better than more than two-thirds of the

women out there real talk

it's all they got to do in order to stay

viable for a long-term relationship and

possibly marriage all women have to do

is not jump on the cot carousel and rack

up a triple digit knock out before

they're old enough to drink all females

have to do is not fall asleep at the

wheel and they're golden by simply

refraining from junk food and sex

females are allowed to simply grow into

the kind of woman who could have just

about any man she wants which brings us

back to in cells and sluts listen up

sluts proactively fuck up their

womanhood sluts proactively fuck up

their femininity in cells they sit

around and do nothing they sit around

and do nothing to build and cultivate

masculinity and manhood and neither one

of them understands why they aren't

getting what they want out of the

opposite sex it's not easy for for women

to refrain from fucking a bunch of guys

or eating junk all the time it's not

easy to build yourself into

kind of man that attractive women are

attracted to but sluts Ihnen cells still

believe that they deserve what's

difficult to attain by doing what's easy

it's easy to be a slut and like I said

it's easy to be a slut and in selling

I'll have more on that later as a

commenter just put but for reasons known

only to them these people bitch and moan

about not having what is difficult to

get and maintain which is commitment

from men of value and regular exclusive

sex from attractive women in cells and

sluts both believe that they are

entitled to the best of what the

opposite sex has to offer by virtue and

only by virtue of being born a man or a

woman and that is not how it works more

of your calls in your comments after the

break we'll be right back TSR live with

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keep it on topic guys it is New Year's

Eve if you are recording artist and you

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welcome except for country music alright

let's check the chat here drew BAE's in

here dropping some serious knowledge man

yeah talking about married women he says

that it's not worth it not worth the

risk I been talking about married women

I wholeheartedly agree

Charles Merton says it's so easy in

Vegas I was out at Sierra gold last

night oh Jesus Christ

yeah easy pickins out there dude Luigi

Conte says in cells don't deserve crap

totally agree that drew paces Beauty

doesn't come in blood sighs right

Charles Bergson says now that's Packer

tradition lowball and ship out wide

receivers and pay top dollar so they're

yeah top dollar their QB yeah it's gonna

be listen if you're a Green Bay Packers

fan it's gonna be it's gonna be a long

hard slog until Aaron Rodgers retires

like the Packers are not going to win

another Super Bowl that they're they're

done they're done BK from the rock he

says holy shit brought commercials

didn't see that coming

yeah man told you guys I'm stepping

things up here stepping things up all

right good good stuff all right let us

move to number three the third thing

that sluts have in common with in cells

they make fun of people who have what

they want those of you who have followed

me over the years know that I've had my

share a ders now that doesn't make me

special because a lot of guys who do

what I do also have haters and trolls

and all that but what those haters and

trolls all have in common is that they

want what we have they want our lives or

certain elements of our lives using

myself as an example

yes I've had great success with women I

got to live the fast crazy hangover

Vegas lifestyle without any serious

consequences like STDs or children and

then I managed to seamlessly transition

to the next stage of my life by making a

great living doing what I'm good at and

what I love to do I also work for myself

which means no clock no boss or any of

the other bullshit that comes with a

nine-to-five I'm in the best shape of my

life and I've never been more attractive

I was in the best shape of my life on a

few months ago but of course you know we

all put on the holiday pounds but those

are coming off anyway I'm more

attractive than I've ever been in my

entire life and I am in what appears to

be a solid relationship with an

attractive woman who loves and respects

me at least for now a lot of guys want

what I have and the ones who

at the most but are willing to do the

least work for it the ones who want it

the most but are the least willing to

work for it or always the loudest trolls

guys like Ralph Hayes

soup-bone nigga they talk all this shit

about me because they want to be me but

they neither can or won't do it needs to

be done to be Who I am and do what I do

guys like that dumb ass nigga real

brother radio call my show and they talk

shit about Devin's body about how it

mixer makes him throw up when in

actuality they're going to all of my

social media feed saving all those

pictures and jerking off to that those

guys aren't fooling anybody the females

who troll me are so transparent

gentlemen it is comically tragic they

told me I'm ugly

they say Devin's got a flat ass Devin's

trashy that's why you have her they say

shit like black women dodged a bullet

with this one bitches like Jackie in

Louisiana call me and tell me I'm not

shit three episodes in a row but these

women troll me because they want me

their uterus is their uteri

or akin for my semen so badly it's

coming out of their pores and that

desire that conflicting desire manifests

itself in the form of trolling me when

all they really want is my attention

can't blame them okay Donovan we get it

male haters want to be you female haters

wanna fuck you but what does that have

to do with in cells and sluts well I'm

glad you asked in cells like to call men

like myself pussy bangers and vagina

worshipers turf flinging monkey calls us

cocks they want us to believe that they

don't what sexual relationships with

women they want us to believe that they

don't want to pursue even one-night

stands with women they want us to

believe that they believe that pursuing

women is something they just don't want

they actually think that because they

shame us that we believe that they must

not want women like May but they believe

that we believe that it's unbelievable

but in cells in low-level MiG Taos want

women the most guys this is why they're

angry because they can't have what they

covet more than anything else in the

world and that Finley veiled facade they

put up to make the world think they're

actually happy being in relationships

with fucking sex dolls or happy jerking

off to cartoon porn or happy pan

Instagram models ten bucks to show the

top part of their nipples it's not

fooling anybody in cell shame men like

us because they want what we have and

that's the adoration and the sexual

availability of attractive women and

they can't fucking stand it in cell

shame men like us because they want what

we have that's all there is to it guys

what a douchebag I'd never get a tattoo

like that

he's too muscular he looks weird he's

probably steroids all his girlfriend to

dumb blonde with fake tits

no thank you on the other side of that


sluts love to make fun of housewives

they love to make fun of stay-at-home

moms right I'll bet she's miserable

staying at home all the time

she's oppressed I never want to submit

to a man being a stay-at-home mom is

overrated Abram outlaw you are not new

on timing you out Abram you followed me

Abram I'm about to call you out homie

you have followed me for damn near a

year and you wanted to book a consult

with me but you didn't really want a

consult you wanted my advice without

having to book a consult or become a

patron look he tried to swindle me yeah

I remember that I think that happened

back in like April maybe May so stop

like seriously quit with all that that's

nonsense yeah I'm the newbie what's a

MIG tell nigga go read man get the fuck

out of here with that you were not new

abram outlaws not new he's not new to

the game

anyway the interesting thing is that

married women who are stay-at-home moms

rarely catch any hate from young women

why because young women are already

having the time of their lives why would

they care about what other women are

doing if they're busy having a good time

by themselves it's the reason that we

can say with 100% certainty that men who

troll me just aren't happy with their


me personally Donovan sharp I have never

felt the need to talk shit about men who

are more successful than I am because

I'm successful in my own right and I

live a good life I'm good at my life


young women don't shame stay-at-home

moms but older women do and the reason

they do that is because they want that

life they know they can't have it they

know they've pissed their lives away

drinking and slutting around and they

know that men of value don't want to

start family with 37 year old smokers

who are on anti-anxiety meds to deal

with their two abortions in the 15 times

they've been raped so what do they do to

cope with the fact that they will never

have what they really want they pretend

they don't want it and make fun of those

who have it haha look at Sandra she got

married at 20 when she was still young

and beautiful to a man nearly twice her

age she has three kids and stays at home

because her husband makes enough to take

care of her entire family okay so he's a

really good-looking and makes a really

good money but I would never want to tie

myself down at that age I feel so sorry

for Sandra it ain't the young women who

are saying this guys it's always the

women in their 30s who are trying to

convince us that they're happy with

being alone that they're happy not being

taken seriously by men of value that

they're happy getting passed around that

they're happy that they would have us

believe that they'd rather have the

lives that they have than the lives that

stay-at-home moms add but deep down deep

down these women know that they would

trade places with Sandra tomorrow if

they could they want that life guys do

not get it twisted don't get it twisted

just because she says it on social media

doesn't make it true

women like this want more than anything

to belong to a man of value and to bear

as many children as he wants but she

knows that's never gonna happen so what

does she do

well in order to cope with the fact that

she will never be loved by the kind of

men she had plenty of opportunities with

in the past she makes fun of the kind of

women she makes fun of the kind of woman

she wants to be to cover up the fact

that she cries herself to sleep every

night because men don't want to spend

the night with her anymore in cells want

sexual companionship from women as much

as sluts want commitment from men of

value neither can have it

so both make fun of it to keep up

appearances somebody asked in the chat

Outkast drew says who was that on the

trek that is Lib Li B I don't know if he

goes by liber Li B actually met him at

the 21 convention and what I will do is

when I post this on when I post this

episode on my website when I post the

the abbreviated version on YouTube what

I will do is as I'll include the I'll

include the soundcloud link so you can

go and listen to his tracks Li bean

alright let's see

yeah Abram Allah I hate it when people

come in here and to like newbies just

for attention it's just weird it's just


sharp assist dude you got to learn how

to spell homie making me look bad in

this motherfucker see now you know I'm

not sharpest this because sharp assists

just misspelled something I'm just

fucking with him he's alright

Javon smiley says our BR is probably an

in cell um no I think you're wrong about

that our BR is an N cell dumbass nigga

nigga want to call my show talk about

Lou like I thought he was gonna come up

I thought he's gonna call my show and

try to have like a serious conversation

nah fat nigga tried to come on and be a

comedian so who look you and the thule

advice show I'm like what the fuck does

Phil the advice show I have to do with


you both wives look the same but

separated at Birth I'm like what the

fuck is this like what the fuck is this

like Stan defeat the Apollo like dude

that was some like amateur comedy our

shit I was like dude get the fuck out of

here honestly he's pursuit he's probably

streaming right now our be our our be

our network has been streaming since 12

o'clock this afternoon doing the 24th

let me lay that nigga alone man

got a guy shea butter in the house red

pill mama says in cells only proclaim

that they're in cells because they want

high-value men like Donovan to tell them

it's okay and justify their laziness I

agree I agree no good

Thurston there's there's Stan a bursary

that's funny

yep spirit of gazook says he has no

content or followers troll yeah get him

out of here man fuckin Abram outlaw it's

probably somebody who it's probably

somebody who is probably a female who

went to my Facebook page and just made

up a Google account with the name of

somebody from Facebook it's just so

obvious man like we have a different

language in here Yolo Maserati says what

would you say about guys who are getting

laid but not getting the women they want

ie guys who date down is this just

another case of guys not willing to do

the work I will answer that shut out two

hdj red line with the $10 with the $10

contribution hdj red line with the $10

contribution I appreciate that you guys

can make a contribution at stream labs

com4 / donovan sharp yeah Yolo Maserati

for guys this is actually most guys most

guys have to date down it's not now

that's really not a matter of not doing

the work sometimes it is like sometimes

guys say hey you know what I'm not

fucking than that the eights the nines

and the 10s than I want but I'm good

with fucking fours and fives some pussy

is better than no pussy let's see here

James Martinez says bringing it oh no

James Martinez says bringing in the New

Year with a 24-hour broadcast with three

viewers right use me like we are on fire

here at the RBR radio network the real

brother reenact where we have now we now

have 8 people watching

we're on fucking fire here ivar

McCormack says would you do something on

a porn induced erectile disfunction in

young men I've already done that

Ivor it was the episode was called

eleven ways your go to my website

Donovan sharp calm I did the episode

within the last few months talking about

eleven ways that your life will change

when you stop masturbating to


and in that episode I talked extensively

about the fact that a lot of young men

guys in their 20s who have erectile

dysfunction and it's for no other reason

but the pain spanked monkey too much

excellent excellent

freelance wrote it in the house alright

let's go ahead and finish this puppy up

the fourth thing the fourth thing that

in cells and sluts thoughts have in

common their lives are easy I've talked

about how easy it is to exist as a

low-level mgtow or an in cell a few

months back when addressing turd

flinging monkey a while back take a


wait a minute hold on just come up oh


oh man it's on the other screen hang on

hold on guys hold on give me a second

I'm gonna do some existing what does it

sound bite number one dirt flinging

monkey also said that I was in nobody

now here's the thing I agree with him on

this dirt cleaning monkey is right I am

in novi compared to him I have a nobody

listen all props to him he's got

something like two hundred thousand

subscribers on YouTube dude before my

YouTube channels got taken down I barely

had ten thousand turd flinging monkey

has more fans than I do and he has a

much farther reach than

there's no doubt about it so compared to

turd flinging monkey I'm definitely

nobody knows who the fuck I am right

maybe a few red pill guys but nobody

knows who the fuck Donovan sharp is but

you know listen there's no doubt about

that but you want to know why that is

you want to know why more men follow

turn flinging monkey and why most men

have no idea who's this nobody Donovan

sharpest it's the same reason why most

people aren't in good shape it's the

same reason most people live check the

check and it's the same reason most men

reject the red pill it's hard the red

pill life is fucking hard guys

you got a sustain shape you got to

deprive yourself of useless indulgences

to save money you got to be fearless

with women you have to keep your woman

in line which is really fucking hard

these days trust me you have to do and

literally be the polar opposite of what

you were raised to believe that you have

to be and in order to maintain that you

have to do that in the face of a culture

that does everything in its power to

make sure it's as difficult as possible

to live that life it is literally us

against the world guys turtling monkey

has much more of an influence than I do

because being a MIG tau is easy all you

have to do is sit around bitch about

women and make fun of guys who admit

they actually like pussy it's easier to

sit at home and jerk off to porn or buy

a sex doll than to pursue actual living

breathing women now mixed owls are in a

lockstep with everything the red pill

endorses except for pursuing women which

incidentally enough happens to be the

most challenging element of the red to

life make Taos have decided to eliminate

women because it's just too hard

women should love me for me I should be

able to fuck beautiful girls because I

have a dick oh wait it's not like that

you actually have to work to get in

maintains the affections are beautiful

with it fuck that you are fuck women

bitches age hit

living the migt howlite is far easier

than living the red pill light and

that's why big house will always

outnumber the red pill guys something

like ten to one now as a side note

speaking of New Year's resolutions

I have softened my disdain for TFM

lately for a number of reasons number

one listen the guy drops rock-solid

knowledge man before I go in on him I

always talk about his brilliance but

listen that's never that's never been

that's never been lost on me the guy is

as smart as they come he's a historian


okay he also did a really good job

responding to the to the alexander grace

video that fucking dumpster fire but

what's really sort of changed my stance

on TFM have been my interactions with

DDJ okay and BBJ he's written a book

called the feminist sly he's made a

couple of appearances on the red man

group DDJ is the guy is the guy is he's

awesome he really is but what I found is

that both of those guys DDJ and TFM are

remarkably similar and I happen to like

DDJ a lot like I like the guy I really

do man he's a cool guy he knows a shit

he's fucking funny and dude he is a

fucking douchebag I fucking love it

now there appears to be I guess a

substantial age difference between TFM

and DDJ I'm not a hundred percent sure

but I probably put TFM maybe in his late

20s early 30s

well DDJ is probably in his mid to late

40s could be in his 50s he's got four

kids and I think he said he had at least

one grandchild so he's probably pushing

50 all of that said all of that said as

similar as TFM @dd JR I can't I can I

can probably imagine that TFM will

probably be a lot like DDJ when he gets

to be in his mid to late 40s and if

that's the case you know he's alright

with me not only that not only that guys

it just doesn't make any sense to keep

harping on this minor dust-up that never

really came to fruition and at some

point I've got to be a grown-up

and move on so my new year's resolution

is not I'm not gonna talk shit about

turd flinging monkey anymore listen man

the two of us we have very different

solutions and we might have a few

fundamental disagreements but at the end

of the day we are on the same side and

you know friendly fire doesn't really

benefit anybody so that's that that

that's my that's my five minutes of

goodwill on the air for 2018 anyway

being an N cell is easy guys

it requires zero effort you don't have

to get and stay in shape you don't have

to watch your diet you don't have to

exercise financial prudence you don't

have to have drive and determination you

have to do any of that stuff an area

code for three do I see you in the Kuban

it gets you in a minute all it takes to

be is it all it takes to be an N cell is

to wake up it's an easy life granted the

mental anguish and regret that comes

with not talking to pretty girls when

your dick responds kind of haunt you but

all of that goes away when you fire up

the laptop to whack off which is also

very easy like I said that last

soundbite there will always be far more

low-level MiG cows who endorse giving up

and exiting the sexual marketplace

completely then red pill guys who preach

self-improvement on all levels which

includes the pursuit of and subsequent

conquering of women and the reason for

this is that it is a much easier life

you want to know what else is easy being

a slut in fact I would contend that

being a slut is even easier than being a

nun so like girls are getting bombarded

with dicks 24/7 some girls even complain

Jesus Christ like everybody these

fucking guys all the time when she walks

out the door she's getting hit in the

face with dick well balls here and cock

there smack her in the face dick all

over the place on our way to work dudes

are throwing dick at her on our way home

more dick and when she is finally safely

within the confines of her home and she

opens up her phone dick sir pitner in


it's coming out of the phone at

rapid-fire even when she's asleep she's

getting dick thrown at her if being an

in cell is easy then being a slut is

effortless dude

sluts these days can and have easily

racked up double digits in a calendar

week and they they could probably

sandbag those last couple days real talk

guys it takes zero effort to be a slut

just be a female that's it you don't

have to you don't even have to be a

woman you know what to be kind you have

to be feminine you don't have to dress

like a woman you can go out in baggy

sweat to baggy shirt and your hair

pulled back like you just woke up and

dudes are still gonna holler any female

and I mean any female can fuck as many

dudes as she wants with little to no

effort both in cells and sluts have

extremely easy and carefree lives so at

the end of the day guys familiarity

familiarity breeds contempt which

probably explains why sluts and in cells

literally hate each other go figure

nine one four two oh five five three

five six is the number to call to get on

the show

let's go to the last phone call of the

evening area code four three eight you

were on live at Donovan go ahead hey

Donovan are you doing real good fighters

from Canada no what's up brother what's

up buddy um I just want to add two

things I wanted to just congratulate you

man on your evolution it's really cool

they just you know so you just blow it

up and you know you keeping your cool I

love with the studio looks and you keep

it professional so we seem to lose you

on that and basically I was a quick

question buddy I what's your best advice

to keep um to keep your posture right i

I've been out of the game for a while so

I kind of had a date and while I was

with the girl I kind of I kind of

started simple right and I can catch

myself every time I make any sense

yes listen I it makes all the sense in

the world the best way to keep your

posture when you are

ending up is to pretend that your dick

is on a string and that that string is

pulling you by your dick okay walk

behind your cock

you'll be upright and you'll not that

you're leaned all the way back but if

you walk behind your cock you will have

better posture when you sit down make

sure that your make sure that you can

feel the back of the chair with your

upper shoulders even if you're slumping

over it you know what I mean even if

you're even with your upper shoulders

like if I'm sitting back in my chair and

I know you guys probably not hear me

that well but I'm sludged over right if

I just raised if I just raised my

shoulders guess what even though it

looks a little awkward guess what my

posture is much better so again when

you're when you're when you're walking

walk behind your cock and when you're

sitting make sure the top of your

shoulders in the back or touching

whatever and listen you don't want to

look like stiff as a board but that will

eventually train you into better posture

posture excellent now just a quick

clerks and maybe it was my fault that I

used like the right thumb the right

terminology okay but how to keep your I

mean she's shit testing me the whole

night you know what I mean yeah in that

regard how do I keep from not posture my

manhood how to keep mine I mean acting

red pill is what gotta know your frame

dude I'm talking dude I'm actually

talking about regular I'm actually

talking about real posture so in other

words you want to know how to go yeah

you want to know how to keep your cool

keep the frame okay so give me an

example give me an example of your Roman

shit testing you oh man oh good good

good good one I mean so your question

was hey how do I keep my posture pardon

I am any girl do you see in how many

girls are you see here right now right

right so she asks you how many girls are

you seeing is it's your girlfriend

number one no this is just the first

time we're getting together perfectly

perfect cause she's vibe is I guess it's

a new vibe for her okay okay so so

you're so so you guys are hanging out or

whatever so how many girls are your

seating are you seeing your answer what

including you and just gonna look at her

what including you and then she says

yeah I don't know like seven eight no

actually no seven cuz one just dropped

off actually right before I came over

here so yeah seven including you seven

and just be totally sorry

justbe this is that that particular shit

testing technique that's called agree

and amplify right so if a girl says

you're are you a player well I've got

three girlfriends and two wives so yes

right or if or if the girl says look I

saw you with a hot female yesterday like

was she your girlfriend

we don't cuddle after sex so no right

like that you can't you kind of roll

with the punches you let her know listen

I know what you asked I'm not gonna deny

it like I'm fuckin other bitches but I'm

gonna make fun of you for asking such a

stupid question bitch of course I'm

fuckin other bitches you want to fuck me

don't you right like get out of here

with that that's that's the attitude

that you have to have is agree and

amplify I see awesome perfectly and it

puts me to the wall finally like I give

it what if I give it too much good this

mine that she goes me that's the wall

where we have to be exclusive if I give

her too much if you give her too much

good dick and she and she puts against

the wall and she wants to be exclusive

right okay so how would she how would

that come up in a conversation tell me

how a girl would ask you to be her to be

her boyfriend like okay hey well damn

bro you know I I've been calling you

right I call you last night right every

time I call you up to ten no not else

okay I don't know woman takes some

features a yesterday right so you

weren't answering the phone right right

she's basically just assuming I was with

somebody else good so now she just she

just she flips the dime and that's it

I'll set up you know you did it last

week you did it yesterday okay don't

take me for a fool right okay and then

what so now so now she okay so I want to

be you know I want you to loose if I

want you to stop sharing that and I want

to say had given it to me only here's

the answer to that oh you're not ready

for that sweetheart you're not ready you

don't you don't you don't want to be

exclusive with me oh my god why not

listen sweetie you do not listen I like

you and I love spending time with you I

have a really really good time with you

but I'm telling I like you enough to

tell you that you are not ready to be in

an exclusive relationship of may not

even close

well why am I not ready well I want to

know listen listen don't fuck up what we

have like I like what we have okay

listen if you want to be exclusive or

whatever the case may be and then then

you're just gonna have to you're just

gonna have to walk but I'm telling you

you don't you don't want those problems

why don't I want those problems you know

I can't get into it I can't get into it

that's how you do that

you totally you totally just evade her

that's all listen that's all you do man

that's all you wasn't never ever ever

let a bitch try to hold you hostage

well we need to be boyfriend and

girlfriend or else else what you said

don't wait for any girlfriend are also I

said else that's how that works and the

minute you cave in the minute you cave

in to a woman's whims in terms of her

ultimatum we either need to make this

thing official or I'm gone if you cave

in and make her official it is only a

matter of time before she cheats on you

with someone else who doesn't want to be

exclusive Wow

so it's always a game oh it's all

brother it's always a game with women


it is always it's only not out

kudos I'm getting on your patreon

tonight shout outs to all the brothers

in the chatroom

appreciate it shout out to the towers

you don't men Donovan appreciated man

Colin anytime brother happen to happen

to everybody you two men yeah I totally

misinterpreted his first question he

says how do i improve my posture and I

gave him like this 10 minute I gave him

like this 10 minute workshop on how to

improve what's posture he's like no like

I appreciate the answer but no I'm not

talking about posture I'm talking about

frames oh that's funny that's great oh

my god all right let's go back to the

phone lines

area code five one six you are on live

at Donovan go ahead hey Donovan how's it


doing good brother quick question I

gotta settle this question in the chat

all right what is worse being a slut or

being in cell

in answer the guys are saying that they

always get married to you get married in

the long run but you're just seeing them

they're getting married debate is day

never wanna fuck that's true that's true

which is a work which is work well I

think the better question is which is

the worst existence with which are which

existence is worse I would say the

existence of in cells is definitely

worse because while women don't enjoy

getting fucked and chuck they're still

delusional enough to think that the five

guys they're fucking want to be in a

relationship with her so he tricks

herself into thinking uh well at least

three these five guys want to be my

boyfriend so it's not really that bad

that I'm fucking five guys but in cells

never get a significant so it is

absolutely definitely now here's the

thing if you were to ask a slut which is

the worst existence and insular slept

she might have a different answer for

you I can just give it to you from a

male point of view thank you no problem

budget alright I did not didn't didn't

expect that question alright just some

quick housekeeping before we draw this

bad boy to a close like I said earlier

like I said earlier today is the last

day to sign up as an $8 or a $25 patron

and get the grand fathered rate at this

point in time I charge $100 an hour for

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my I'm not gonna raise my rates to 600

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substantially more than 100 if you want

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okay midnight Pacific on the west coast

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up after that everything else goes up

yeah Leon from New York I literally just

saw that man shout-out to Leon from New

York with a $5 contribution I don't know

why it didn't show up in my feet I guess

I'm having some I guess I'm having some

I guess I'm having some some issues

there like I said I got got a lot of new

bells and whistles but we should be good

to go congratulations to one and a half

armed men the TSR fantasy football

champion he upset the undefeated Kevin

in sales Kevin in sales man yeah no

problem he'll fighter appreciate you

calling in one and a half our men is the

TSR fantasy football champion you need

to get a hold of me so I can send you

your trophy was a good season

um I finished five and eight I was five

and three at one point I lost five in a

row and I think I'm dead last so I think

I'm the guy who has to do that this is

what a feminist looks like t-shirt I may

or may not have done that on purpose but

congratulations one and a half armed men

the TSR fantasy football champion and of

course congratulations to my

Philadelphia Eagles we got into the we

got into the playoffs last yesterday man

Devin and I were intently watching both

games Chicago versus Minnesota and

Eagles versus Redskins we had that game

in hand we had that game in hand very

very early and when it became clear that

Chicago was gonna beat Minnesota we were


so James Martinez wants to know CBD oil

with HGH is that a good mix are you

talking about putting CBD oil into the

growth hormone or injecting HGH and

doing CBD oil under the tongue Abram

outlaw won his league Kyle Mitchell says

goddamn Eagles dude

I think the one reason the one advantage

that we have one advantage that we have

okay is that we are far more experienced

dude we won the Super Bowl last season

mitt strabinsky he's never been to the


Kaleo Mac is awesome as he is ain't

never been to the playoffs Kyle fuller

that whole bears defense those guys are


those guys are green they are the three

seed we might not listen man we might we

might fuck around and get a win in

Chicago now if we do win in Chicago now

we got to go to New Orleans and if we go

to New Orleans let's just say we go to

New Orleans and we knock off the Saints

right they're gonna stir up the echo so

Carson Wentz got his doors blown off

against the against the Saints but then

Nick Falls came in and beat the Saints

yeah I'm not trying to hear that I love

how people of other football teams like

to say oh you got a trade Carson Wentz

keep Nick Foles really if you had the

decision would you make the same choice

twenty-four-year-old Carson Wentz bigger

faster stronger than 29 year old Nick

Foles he's a Super Bowl MVP yeah

absolutely best backup quarterback in

the league probably gonna make somewhere

north of 100 million dollars but who

would who would you rather go into the

future with as your starting quarterback

I'll take 11 I'll always love number

nine number 11s the guy uh James you

know what James I will let you know I

will let you know book of alpha Rana me

says Saints won't lose in the dome there

it is I agree no one is beating no one

is beating New Orleans in that building

I don't care who you are dude dude the

dude the Saints took the lot dude they

took the LA Rams best shot and they

still won Charles Martin is going San

Diego Philly Houston and Seattle Wow NFC

title game in Seattle huh

yeah no problem James how about that I

do by San Diego um it's gonna be a great

playoffs man it really is really really

is yes I am going to be on the air on

New Year's Day I'm going to be doing a

show tomorrow on New Year's Day just

like I said I work I don't take all the

days off guys I work Thanksgiving I work

Christmas I'm gonna work New Year's I'm

gonna work New Year's Day as well I'm

gonna be a little bit slower to start

because I'm actually gonna stay up until

12:00 this there's gonna be the first

year I've stayed up until midnight since

I left Vegas so Devin wanted to you know

do all the festivities you know we don't

stay up but we need to kiss at midnight

and listen any other so we can fuck at

midnight that's what you wanna do no

same time Abram

same bat-time same bat-channel

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TS are alive be sure to follow me on

social media just do a quick search for

donovan sharp sign up for my weekly

newsletter go to donovan sharp calm do

not be left out of the bolts Happy New

Year guys I will see you tomorrow drive

safe and wrap your dick


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