5 lies Men need to quit telling their girlfriends (Episode 329)




could do it five wise men need to quit

telling their women

number one you look great in that now

yesterday I talked about the does this

make me look fat test and if you

want to know what the answers to that

are you can certainly go back and watch

and listen to episode 328 wizard praying

actually had a few really good wizard

praying is actually the local test

savant man he's actually gonna really

he's got a very good he's got a very

good test demeanor listen Mike

honestly man my test muscles at

least at least in the PUA sector at

least with picking up girls that's

atrophied I haven't gone out and hit on

girls and in quite some time I'm in a

long-term relationship you know Devin

seems to be the real deal

listen if anything were to happen but we

were to break up you know I don't think

it would take me long to get back on the

horse but either way man wizard praying

certainly certainly has he's certainly

on point with his with his test

with the tests anyway these these

men right when a woman says does this

make me look fat of course not you look

great in that men like this their women

stay looking busted because they don't

have the balls to tell her she does

dudes listen man dudes are afraid not

only to dictate what their women wear if

it's not appropriate for work or if it

doesn't represent you well they're even

more afraid to tell their women what

their expectations are both directly and

indirectly now listen if you make the

egregious mistake of dating a fat girl

dude you're out you can't tell us it you

can't you can't make up that girl your

main chick and then all of a sudden tell

her listen if you get any better I'm not

gonna you anymore or if you don't

lose weight then we're not gonna be

boyfriend a girl for dude it's too late

she's already fat right but when you

make a woman who is not fat right a girl

who is thin girl who's in good shape

you let her know indirectly in

like if you start to gain weight I'm out

yeah you don't tell her that she's gonna

realize that

anyway short listen Chile's again your

high-value guy she's going to assume

that if she gets fat

you're gonna start you you're gonna be

out of there also when you start seeing

her neglecting the habits that keep her

thin or they give her her shape that's

when he start to let your eyes wander

it's funny a lot of guys get confused

about this they say Donovan my girl

doesn't necessarily she's not fat but

like I see her eating McDonald's or she

hasn't gone to the gym in a week well

what happened what's happened is that

girls get comfortable right

she is hot when you met her she's thin

when you met her you know you you put

her through her paces she jumped through

the hoops now congratulations you're my

main chick and it's a natural human

response to take something like

commitment for granted so at some point

a woman is going to relax her her habits

a little bit not to say that all of a

sudden she's gonna start eating pizza

and fried chicken and donuts for

breakfast every day but maybe instead of

eating a salad for lunch maybe she goes

in you know Porter's a burger right her

diets not as tight she used to work out

five days a week now she's in the gym

two maybe three times a week maybe she

skips a week not really watching what

she eats not in the gym quite as much

when you start to notice these things

okay now here's the thing she's not just

gonna all of a sudden blow up right like

you can't wait until she starts putting

on weight to start eyeballing other

chicks because by then it's listen I

mean I don't know that'll probably be

effective but as your as her man you

need to pay attention if you see now

listen man no woman is perfect right

listen even myself I am insanely

disciplined about being at the gym this

week was a tough week for me I was sick

last weekend I had I had the the medical

thing I haven't been to the gym since

what was it Sunday is either Saturday or

so no I've been to the gym since

Saturday right now I can sit here and

say well you know I had a good reason I

don't give a man like I maybe could

have should have pushed it either way

to bring it back when you see her woman

starting to consistently neglect the

habits that make her look like she does

if you see her kind of listen if she

slacks off on her diet every once in a

while listen if she if she has a slice

of pizza to one day okay fine that

listen don't start eyeballing chicks

like that's stupid but if you start to

see this becoming a habit okay wait a

minute she had pizza last week now she

had pizza and now a burger and as she

wants to go and have pasta okay yeah

it's time to send her an indirect

message that if she doesn't keep her

together then I'm gonna be the

up out of there right and if you don't

do that

she is gonna start to put on weight and

then she's gonna get a little bit

insecure she's gonna say does this make

me look fat of course not sweetheart you

look great in that dudes are afraid to

indirectly let their women know that if

they don't stay hot or thin or in shape

then they're out the door they

don't want to look like they're shallow

or misogynistic this is just how it is

don't be dude don't be listen quit lying

to your woman if your woman listen even

if your woman's in good shape if

something makes her look bad or terrible

or if listen if she's if she's getting

ready to go to work and she asks you hey

is this appropriate for work and she's

showing cleavage and she's wearing a

skirt above her knees knob bitch get

your ass back in here need to cover up

that cleavage you need a dress that goes

past your knees neither let your woman

know what the the deal is don't be

afraid to dictate to your woman what's

appropriate and what's not don't be

afraid don't be afraid to indirectly

tell your woman that if she doesn't that

that if she doesn't stay thin then

you're out the door don't lie to your

woman don't tell her you look great in

that don't tell her it's okay for her to

go to work in that be a man

tell her the goddamn truth number two I

love rom-coms now this isn't necessarily

fall just under the romantic comedies

basically you're telling your woman

that you love something that you don't

like to do Devin likes to watch this

show what is it she likes to watch this

show belowdecks

it's it's dude the show is absolutely

ridiculous it's about these

people who are it's basically a bunch of

Millennials who are they they basically

man a yacht it's a reality show they

they're they're a crew on a yacht they

get their customers these bougie

millionaire people and it's all about

yeah you know who didn't do the dishes

or we have a customer who wants nuts or

her shrimp was too cold or her soup was

too hot whatever the case may be

listen I have no time for that show I

don't listen Devin likes it listen man

she's a woman hey fine if that's what

you want to do dude you got to do she

watches that when I'm in here prepping

for the show but if I go out there and I

sit down and belowdecks is on or

something I don't watch us on TV I'm

like no no no turn this off

that get that out of here so

when you tell your woman I love rom-coms

no you don't you put up with that

because you're afraid of her

I'm not afraid of Devin so when she puts

on TV then I don't want to watch

turn that off

okay that'd be like telling her that

that would be like her telling you I

just love watching pornography with you

girl listen I don't know there are some

girls out there I guess that love

watching porn with their max it's really

the only way they can they can be hot

with each they can be hot for each other

but no dude most girls don't like

watching porn with their men that's the

point if you don't like doing something

tell her don't pretend and guys women no

man if you're doing if you're doing

something you don't really want to be

doing they don't think it's sweet they

think it's weak they think in in their

minds they think this nigga is not man

enough to tell me he doesn't like this

you want to know what happens when she

makes that assumption that correct

assumption she starts to lose attraction

hey do you want to come to my underwater

basket-weaving class with me tonight

sure I would love to she knows you don't

want to go to that but because you

said sure she's like god this nigga

doesn't want to come here with me the

is he telling me yes for you want

come to my underwater basket-weaving

class but no I'm gonna stay home and

watch the game

that's preseason yeah exactly have fun

at your class see you when I get back if

she tests you okay if she asks you

if she asks you give her the example of

porn well why don't you want to watch

this with me uh would you want to watch

porn with me now listen some girls would

be into that the point is is that they

would be honest with you because you're

being honest with her at least in that

moment but if she continues to push tell

her listen tell you what I'll watch When

Harry Met Sally with you if you watch

big and tight assholes part 17

with me how about that why don't you

want to watch serendipity with me tell

you what I'll make you a deal right

we'll watch blacks on Blondes part 28

then I'll watch serendipity with you

John Cusack Kate Beckinsale right if she

says oMG that's not the same big yeah

yeah of course it is if she continues to

push now listen some girls just won't

take no for a answer right if

she continues to push she's trellising

she wants she's trying to civilize you

she's trying to make you become her

girlfriend right she sheets sheets she

wants what she sees on TV and in movies

and and in facebook memes she wants you

to become her best friend oh my

boyfriend braids my hair we talk about

our feelings over lattes we watch

rom-coms together we don't Netflix and


we you know we watch movies and talk

about our feelings together guess what

she's gonna lose attraction for you

she's gonna start sucking a guy's dick

who tells her no when she wants to watch

When Harry Met Sally if she

continues to push let her no man I'm not

arguing about this if you want to watch

romantic comedies fine but what we it

won't be with me and leave it at that

she can't pissed off all she wants to

deep down inside that satisfies for a

relative for you just like Sean and

Tampa says if it pisses off our

conscience its satisfies her

subconscious yes it's gonna piss her off

that you don't want to watch romantic

comedies with her or do some girly

it with her dude Devin never gets mad at

me when I took whoa turn this belowdecks

off now if I'm good now if I'm

out there and there's not a game on and

there's Deadliest Catch dude I'm here

for Deadliest Catch right we also watch

the show called dumb ghost adventures

right and I don't believe in the

paranormal but really ghost adventures

is sort of that's more of an educational

program and you know I like all the

theatrics fine but if she wants to watch

something that I don't want to watch and

I'm done and I'm out there no we're not

watching that

we're gonna watch something we both want

to watch I love Rob comms no you don't

and she knows you don't sure Kane says

his blacks on Blondes still out you know

I remember black this is back when I

used to jerk off this a long time ago I

guess I don't know it's always listen

man you know porn movies are porn movies

porn pornography movies right like

movies with an actual plot they're like

sharknado what are they on like

sharknado 6 there's gonna be a fast and

furious 15 there's probably gonna be a

Creed 7 at some point that's kind of

what they're like right Debbie Does

Dallas part 19 you know big black

and tight white assholes part 38 you

know your mom is hot part seven rules

your dad does I like classic porn and

how long it's been since I've watched

bored man I'm talking about that old

school Rollo Tomassi says women

have boyfriends and girlfriends if you

are not banging her you are her

girlfriend yes more solid gold exactly

examined here's the thing guys it's not

that it's not that when you're when your

woman asks you hey let's watch a

romantic comedy gether let's watch a

chick flick it's not I mean like

subconsciously she is trying to civilize

you subconsciously she's trying to make

you into what the world tells her she

should be attracted to the best friend

the man who he's my best friend and my


actor okay listen you can't be both

that's what she's trying to do

subconsciously consciously dude honestly

she just wants to spend time with you

right she's not saying hmm let me watch

her let me watch a chick flick with him

so I can civilize him no no your girl

wants to spend time with you like let's

let's not pretend that that that there

are nefarious intentions when she asks

you to watch a chick flick with her she

just wants to spend time with you maybe

she wants to watch a chick flick with

you so she can Netflix and chill right

maybe she wants to cuddle up with you in

a next another pair of panties and you

know maybe she just really wants to suck

your dick right that's fine you're just

not gonna do it to a chick flick oh my

god let's watch let's watch Twilight uh

yeah let's not well what's wrong with

vampires and werewolves okay you want to

watch vampires and werewolves let's

watch evolution with Kate or is that

evolution with Kate Beckinsale I think

is that what that's called let me look

that up yeah that that punch light

definitely fell a little bit short

evolution with Kate Beckinsale very very

good series actually very good series

you know the lichen and the in the

vampires basically that's it's a mature

version underworld that's what it is

underworld 'evil okay okay all right

let's let's let's let's do this take two

here right I'm gonna try to I'm gonna

try to recover here okay if she says OMG

let's watch Twilight together no we're

not watching Twilight well what do you

have against vampires and werewolves you

want to watch vampires and werewolves

cool let's watch underworld with Kate

Beckinsale Netflix underworld bingo

there you go

right look you get what you want you get

the vampires and werewolves I get the

violence right I don't have to deal with

them with the team Edward and team

whatever the his name was Jacob

whatever the fight I don't know the book

Taylor whatever the his name is yes

machine 305 same 305 you guys get the

point though do not watch movies you

don't want to watch with your woman do

not do you don't want to do with

your woman don't do it don't do

it man number three

sharp assists as evolution is a stupid

comedy with Jeff Goldblum yes yes yes

yes underworld

that's what I was looking for why number

three that men need to quit telling

their women you don't need to lose a

pound babe and I know I talked about

this a little bit earlier but again

dudes are afraid to indirectly tell

their women okay that if they if they

get bet that they need to lose weight

right nothing listen look and here's the

thing what are you doing dating fat

chicks in the first place right and the

reason why is because you have no game

but you still like thin girls and like I

said before in some cases the girl

starts thin but then she gets

comfortable and like I said that's

natural but men are afraid to say look

sweetheart you're starting to put on

weight it's time to hit the gym like I

said earlier man men are afraid of the

backlash girls take advantage of this

then they test you every day by

saying like I talked about in

number one do you think I'm fat and you

say no baby more cushion for the flesh

in show me a man with a fat wife or a

fat girlfriend and I'll show you a

liar sharpest this comes in with

you're perfect just the way you are

bitch no you're not out of here

good one thereby sharp assist yes give

her something to work for absolutely

you're perfect just the way you are and

fat girls love hearing that but

they know damn well he's lying through

his teeth well some guys are

just chubby chasers some guys are just

attracted to fat women no they're not

get the out of here

what listen just because some guy here's

the thing man this drives me

crazy dudes hit me up on Instagram old

any any time I talk about fat chicks on

Instagram there's always four or five

different niggas well there's niggas out

there who like plus-size girls listen

man just because a man

girls doesn't mean that's his preference

niggas who but here's the deal

niggas with options don't that

bitches y'all I'm here to tell you well

I know a guy who fat bitches all

the time that's because he can't

pretty thin bitches he fat bitches

because he has to and let's keep it real

fat bitch this is better than

jerking off right so they would have you

believe that they could buck thin girls

if they want to but they fat girls

because that's their preference that's

what they're leaving out no no no I know

a guy who fat bitches all the time

I believe you that that's not his

preference that's not his preference my

man that's all there is to it listen

just because he fat girls doesn't

mean that's what he wants because if he

had the choice between a fat girl and a

fit girl is choosing the fit girl not

ten times out of ten right don't give me

that well some guys get imprinted by fat

girls you can get imprinted dude you can

on the first hundred girls you

can be 300 plus pounds guess what you

meet that 115 pound hottie with the fake

tits guess what all of a sudden you

don't like fat girls anymore the

out of here with that niggas who a

bunch of niggas who fat girls on

the regular do so because they have to

not because they want to the out of

here at that fat girl perfect nonsense

boom and listen Rolo hit me dude role of

Rollo signs off on it he says men

develop preferences and fetishes for

whatever type of women they can

consistently get laid with that's it a

man prefers a man prefers what is

available to him right

oh I just love Honda's I'm sure you do

but if you had the money to buy a

Ferrari guess what wouldn't buy a Honda

if somebody if somebody were to tell you

listen man I'm gonna give you a Honda

I'm gonna give you Ferrari which one of

you picking you're picking the

Ferrari idiot right you prefer whatever

is the most available to you that's how

that goes

kevin says you can find skinny girls

with ass fat girls with tits and ass

it's like an ultra skinny dudes with

hands that doesn't count yeah I actually

tweeted something out that something out

like that a while back yeah you know

it's funny man they're like well the

reason why I like fat girls is cuz I I

need curves dude there are skinny

bitches out here with big tits and nice

asses right look dude there listen there

are girls out here with with nice saw

and listen dude man I always have to

tell you this listen I'm a black man

right I don't want a concave I don't

want a woman with a flat ass I like a

nice ass I don't need these huge

gargantuan no no I don't need a

caricature ass I want a nice ass I don't

want a huge ass I don't want shelf booty

like I put a glass of water on your ass

your ass is too big

I knew this dude in Atlanta man the

bigger the better like I'm like that oh

god listen now listen That's not me

That's not me yes Rollo Tomassi says men

return to what is consistently his shirt

thing I swear to god dude Rollo I swear

to God I hope you never start a podcast

because if you do man I'm in serious

trouble see here's the thing

Rollo's like I've been on the air for 47

minutes now Rollo has quite literally

done 47 minutes of podcasts of mine and

four sentences Rollo it's a bad idea to

start a podcast that would be a terrible


terrible idea swear to god dude I don't

is why I'm on the air because I'm I'm

long-winded that's how that goes

Rolla says look at the niches of poor

Niecy that men go for what's worked in

the past Wow absolutely

Deadshot says black women can have a

flat stomach and a big ass you are

listen man this is the thing about black

women man this is the thing about black

women black women are genetically

superior a black woman is built to have

curves they are some curvy

bitches they can have a flat stomach

huge tits and a really nice ass

then of course he goes on to say Devin

isn't outlast Devin is absolutely an

outlier Devin is not Devin has not built

like the typical she's not built like

the typical white girl right like you

guys know what she looks like a lot of

guys asked me how much does Devin away

Devin weighs 140 she weighs like 140 243

pounds right you wouldn't know by

looking at her Devin is it Devin is it

extraordinarily dense like she is like

like she is like she is a lot heavier

than she looks

but Jen but dude she was genetically

blessed by the gods huge bouncy boobs

right unbelievable ass you guys note her

leash dude beautiful shapely legs

she's the outlier like you know she's

she's the outlier but black women like

all black women out there have the body

genetics of Devin they just choose not

they just choose to blow their winnings

on fried chicken pizza and

doughnuts for breakfast I don't know why

I keep talking about fried chicken and

doughnuts for breakfast maybe that's a

secret desire of mine yes fat ass white

girl rule zero dead yeah yeah yeah yeah

yeah dude listen man Devin Devin's a

black girl trapped in a black girl's

body man that is absolutely true

distance she's got listen she's got the

hourglass figure man listen go to my

social media you guys know what she

looks like yeah she looks like you guys

will be able to see her up close and

personal if you come to the 21

convention light number four this is

another this is another good one number


trust you 100%

gentlemen no man ever completely trusts

his woman in 2018 guys women get

throwing at them all the time I use this

analogy all the time as soon as a woman

steps out her door blam what was that

it's a dick

women get dude women get dick thrown at

them as soon as they leave their houses

man dudes dude this is just how it is

then you add and that's called mail

thirst right then you add the fact you

couple that fact let me get this


yeah come on now quit that damn it give

me a second here there we go then you

couple that with the fact that women

have they have this device right they

have this device called a smartphone

where they can summon a dozen to

their exact location at any time hide it

from you because of course the iPhone

dude smartphones not only make it easy

to get dick it makes it easy to cheat

and get away with it right this is why

no man ever trust his woman guys it is

easier for women to cheat now than it

ever has been in human history plus

feminism tells there tells them they're

empowered when they cheat or to teach

him a lesson or to show him what you're

worth right here's the thing that women

don't understand that sexual arousal

does not equal respect right just

because I you doesn't mean I like

you women foolishly think well he wants

to me so he must respect me no

wrong answer sweetie arousal and respect

are mutually exclusive men always say I

trust her 100% if she goes out for if

she goes up for girls night out I trust

her if she goes out to the bar I trust

her no you know

then when they passively aggressive when

they passively aggressively express to

their women right like okay I'm going

out with the girls tonight and he's kind

of got an attitude about it because he

doesn't really because he doesn't really

trust her right he has a problem with

her because this woman is going out to

the buffet without her with her

girls for girls night out she's like

what's wrong baby don't you trust me

what do they always say what do they

always say it's not you I don't trust I

don't trust them then women try to

manipulate you with if we don't have

trust we don't have anything listen that

is that is cheating if that's not the if

that is not the the preamble to I'm

about to go out and get tonight

if we don't have trust then we don't

have anything I don't know what is

dude when a woman tells you if we don't

have trust we don't have anything dude

she is about to go out and get

butt-fucked in a club if we don't have

trust we don't have anything well I

guess we don't have anything dead if she

asks you what's wrong don't you trust me

sweetheart I don't trust anybody when

you lie to your woman and tell you you

trust her you eliminate your ability to

stop behavior conducive to infidelity

let me see your phone you said you

trusted me who were you with last night

you said you trusted me I'm not

comfortable with you going to lunch with

Kevin and sales every day you said you

trusted me a woman's definition of trust

as far as her boyfriend is concerned is

him leaving her alone so she can go blow

Kevin and sales in his car after lunch

a woman's definition of a healthy

relationship is a relationship where it

is easy to get away with cheating

a woman's definition of an unhealthy

relationship is a relationship in which

it is very difficult to cheat think

about it anytime anytime you hear girls

talking about relationships

um it like like you over here these

conversations these women oh my god my

boyfriend you know asked to go through

my phone and he doesn't want me going

out to the bars of the clubs without him

and he's always questioning my

whereabouts what I'm doing that doesn't

sound like a very healthy relationship

really well what she literally just said

to you is because he is engaging in all

of this activity he wants you to oh my

god be accountable and let him know

where you are what you're doing and who

you're doing it with that makes it very

difficult for you to cheat and if it's

difficult for you to cheat on your

boyfriend and listen any characteristic

a man has that makes it difficult for a

woman to cheat on her boyfriend every

single time if you pay attention that is

an unhealthy relationship right then you

hear a woman oh my god Seth is he's the

best boyfriend he trusts me a hundred

percent he doesn't question me he lets

me go out with my girls he doesn't go

through my phone I can be out until 2

o'clock in the morning he greets me with

a kiss oh my god girl that sounds like

such a healthy relationship yes it is a

healthy relationship because it is easy

for you to get away with cheating let's

keep it real and call that what that is

women only play the trust card when they

want to create enough space for her to

cheat women who are serial cheaters

women who cheat on everybody there with

don't like being with possessive or

controlling men women who cheat all the


don't like being with men who holds her

accountable women who cheat all the time

don't like being with men who called him

out on behaviors that are conducive to

infidelity possessive or controlling

women have no idea what those two words

mean but they think it means a man who

wants to know where she is what she's

doing and who she's doing it with and

because she wants to be able to cheat

anytime she wants she avoids men who

call her out on her bad behavior who

don't put up with her and nips

her bad habits in the bud from the jump

listen man

listen I got a lot dude I'm at a

shitload of who wanted to be my

main chick over the years but as soon as

I let them know that they've got to get

me access to her phone right as soon as

I let her know listen sweetheart you got

to delete all your social media accounts

I gotta listen I gotta see that phone

you're getting off social media all of a

sudden they want to explore their

options good riddance oh never ever tell

your woman you trust her because you

both know that's not true

listen had this conversation the other

day right Devin the other night was

telling me I think it had something to

do with she tells me when she goes into

meetings and this net because she's very

very transparent with me

right and I think she was telling you

all the reason like there was there's

actually a legitimate it was actually a

legitimate reason because I had recorded

that span of space now I didn't tell her

that I recorded that particular span

that particular time slot right but she

came in and she let me know hey listen I

forgot to bring my phone into the

meeting or something to that effect and

I knew she did I knew what she was

up to I had I had her schedule in my

phone it was all good but as soon as she

started said listen as I said you know

what Devin sweetheart seriously I'm

really not worried about that stuff

anymore right and I could see that she

had a little bit of relief like wait

he's still not worried about does he

actually trust me you know sweetheart

don't get it twisted just because I'm

not worried about that particular

situation anymore doesn't mean you have

any more of my trust right what what I

what I was saying to her at that point

is listen you're on point with check it

in I know where you are what you're

doing and who you're doing it with to be

honest with you you'd be stupid to do

anything stupid that doesn't mean I

don't trust you

that just means that I have a little bit

more confidence in you never ever tell

your woman you trust her never

yeah Rolla this is a good one

Rolla says I want a woman who's so into

me that she that she never thinks about

going out with her girls yeah exactly

exactly if a woman is into you and up

dude she's not interested in going out

with your girls going out with her girls

man that's I mean like think about it I

actually had a consult with a guy I

don't know a couple weeks back I think I

mentioned this on a show in the past and

you know he said he said I told a girl

that I don't want to go into the club

without me and she said well then that's

fine but I don't want you going to the

club without me either right and he

wants to know how you handle her throw

in the back of your face well number one

your value isn't high enough number two

you weren't with her long enough okay

the point is is when you lay down an

edict like that if a girl is into you

she doesn't what she doesn't feel the

need to go out to the clubs or bars

without you because she wants to be with

you his second mistake was that he here

now this was sort of an atypical

situation she had tried to become his

main chick make it but he kept shutting

her down right so I asked him well how

long has she been your girlfriend well

she's not my girlfriend I'm like what

dude you can't expect a woman you

haven't given the title of girlfriend or

main chick to to act like your

girlfriend or main chick he's a smart

guy I think you figured it out

the point is you can't ask a girl to be

your main chick you can't say hey would

you like to be my main chick sure by the

way you can't go to the clubs and I need

access to your phone wait what

nigga you asked me to be your main chick

you can't ask me to do something and

then give me rules nah this is why you

never ever ever ever broach the subject

of exclusivity first with a girl this is

why you act this is why you wait for her

to do it hey um I know we've been seeing

each other for a while and what do you

think of being exclusive yeah you're not

ready for that

I am ready really unlock your phone and

hand it to me

blue nope not quite ready yet okay well

we'll talk about this in another six

months all right that's how it is so

then she'll be ready it's

months if you haven't dumped her already

okay I think I want to be exclusive okay

well I don't think you're ready I'm


unlock your phone in hand to me she does

it okay so you think you want to be my

main chick huh well tell you what if

you're gonna be my girlfriend you're not

going out to bars or clubs anymore that

girls night out stuff that's got to go

guess what guys that is an easy decision

for her why because she likes you she

wants to be with you all of that has to

be in place it's not just if she likes

you enough she's not interested know if

she's got the time and if she's invested

her time her emotion her money if she

brooches the topic of exclusivity first

yes she will have absolutely no problem

with not going to the club she'll have

absolutely no problem with handing you

her phone when you ask her for it let's

take a look at the chat here before we

get to number five Deadshot sells says

Devin has built like a brick

yeah she is she is she's she's

definitely blessed genetically rule zero

death says he doesn't stress he doesn't

dude he doesn't trust gravity hundred

percent yeah you and me both

silva 1989 says donovan what are your

thoughts about using women's body count

i know i know what her body count is as

a criteria to select girls that could be

ltr' so just fuck-buddies greetings from

brazil um here's the thing man here's

the thing we all know that the more

women or women the more men and by the

way girls are so

here listen before we get to that one

there's actually made me think of

something else

we got bitches out there who have slept

with more whoops

wait listen we got women out here we've

got women out here who are so

a lot of them have slept with more women

than a lot of men out here stay with me

listen I don't know I mean this is kind

of a thought experiment but I would

venture to say that there that I would

venture to say that most women have

probably slept with most men then let me

start over most women out here have

probably slept with more women than most

men right like that's how up the

game is this is how thirsty and game

liske eyes are so getting back to

Silva's question here's the thing man

do not make good long-term

relationship material at least most of

them don't there there could be

exceptions to the rule but that doesn't

depend on the girl that depends on the

guy I again I bring my can bring my

girlfriend Devon in here guys listen man

definite no snowflake she ain't no

unicorn you know I'm saying dude you

don't dude dude you don't think I know

Devon's been out there on the

carousel you don't think I know that

Devon hasn't a bunch of dudes by

the truckload look at her you

don't know you don't know you don't know

what you don't think I know she's been

out there gobbling dicks you don't think

I know she's had dudes and come on man

like I'm not an idiot you don't think I

know that Devon was a at one point

you don't think I know you don't think I

know Devon was probably being a

when I met her of course she was she's a

woman look at her

well that means she's a unicorn

Donovan you said all women are like that

yes I did but here's the difference the

difference is this guy

Donovan sharp all right the reason why

Devin is my main chick now is because of

me dude I put this bitch

through her paces man dude I listen man

I put this woman through a

year-and-a-half of solid training

investment emotionally financially this

what dude this woman invested so much

into this dude she had no choice not I

mean like this isn't to say that I

tracked her into this she really wanted

to be with me and I let her know from

the get-go look sweetheart if you want

to keep listen you can give me the

all you want that gets you my initial

attention giving me the that gets

you in the door but if you want anything

more if you want this to go any further

then you're got to make some serious

lifestyle changes and to her credit she

made those changes yeah there

are a few bumps on the road nobody's

perfect right but she stayed with it she

stayed with it and now she is the main

chick of one Donovan sharp this is a

woman who has dude this is a woman who's

a bunch of guys this is a woman

who is a so what are my thoughts on

using a woman's body count to select

girls that could be a long-term

long-term relationship material go to

donovan sharp calm how to select a girl

to be your main chick how to train a

woman to be your main chick I'm gonna

tell you something else Silva 99.9% of

girls who want to be your main chick

don't not only not only do they not have

what it takes at the time and listen

Devyn didn't have what it take to be

Devon did not have what it took to be my

main chick she didn't it took her a year

and a half to get there she's gotta want

to dude most girls are not willing to do

what it takes man you can't turn a ho

into a housewife I'm not mean I'm not

sitting here saying that you can do that

right but most girls out here are

and if a really really wants to be

with you guess what gentlemen you got to

make her work for it if you think that

you're gonna have multiple women trying

to work for your commitment if you're

doing it right you're gonna be sorely

disappointed because the vast majority

of them are gonna fall well short gonna

fall well short

rule zero dad says iPhone equals

portal it's a good one


goddamn alright I'm at you for that one

that was that's actually pretty good

hi phone equals I forgot me upper that's

funny oh my god he's right though he's

right dude spin says sex with a

woman I hate it was the best sex I ever

had wasn't so stuck up with her ankles

behind her my tears yeah dude hate

his awesome dude

Rolo says if a woman has genuine focused

urgent desire for a man the idea of

going out on a girls night out is never

even in Aptus yeah right exactly exactly

listen if your girl comes at you with

hey I'd like to go out with my girls

dude that's the beginning of the end man

that is the beginning of the end

sharp assists says answering Silva's

questions that's a poor barometer

considering all women lie about their

nonchalance you know what it doesn't

really matter what a woman's notch count

is most girls out there have most

girls out there have enough men

to almost completely eliminate their

ability to pair bond with a man

listen Devin is not pair-bonded with me

right like she isn't like listen I'm

sure Devin loves me and I'm sure she if

I were to walk out the door right now

yeah she would be devastated right but

she's like we are not sexually

pair-bonded she has enough guys

to the point where she loves me for

reasons dude I'm gonna tell you what man

Devin loves me for for many many reasons

other than sex when you are pair well

when a woman is pair bonded with a man

sex is probably the number one reason on

an emotional and physiologically

connected connected level right it's not

like in like a like if a girl is a

virgin and she has sex with a guy she

automatically loves him it's not because

the sex was so great no because it's the

first man she has shared her body with

she willingly let this the first man

that she willingly let enter her body

there there's something immensely

powerful when that happens to a woman

this is why virgin brides are the best

brides because that's the only man

they've ever known and we'll hopefully

and hopefully that will be the only man

they will ever know this is white virgin

brides brides with low knotch counts

tend to stay with their husbands but do

debit listen man and again listen to

slay on Devin man like she was doing

everything that doesn't make her any

better than worse than any other woman

out there but dude she's not pair-bonded

with me right Devin loves me for many

many reasons

dude sex honestly probably an ambiance

with you man sex probably doesn't even

crack the top 15

it doesn't listen man I listen I listen

and by the world's greatest lover I

don't know who knows I don't know do

that had some girls tell me I'm a

sex God right

and of course girls will tell guys

anything dude dude I girls who are

and listen I know the difference between

a girl fake and not big dude some girls

man I make

squirt all over the place some girls

dude like some girls I'm like goddamn

like I am definitely the best she's

ever taken dude there are some girls I

slept with I'm like goddamn I'll be

surprised if she calls me back I'll be

surprised if she calls me again so it

really just depends on the girl with

Devin I don't know I'm probably

somewhere in the middle I know about the

biggest her best she's ever had I know

I'm about the smallest or worse yeah

listen she keeps open her legs for me so

I know I'm not terrible but the many

reasons why Devin loves me I can promise

you sex does not crack the top 15 not

even close

not even close okay listen I'm just

being honest me I'm just keeping it real

you know this is just how it is this is

2018 this is I'm just keeping it 100

with you guys I'm not gonna see there

and say well I'm the best I'm the

biggest and best she's ever had

the reason Devin loves me I'll tell you

right now such is number three no dude

sex is number 13 maybe number 33 this is

again this is this is where being red

pill aware separates you from being

plugged into the matrix man like dude

I'm honest with myself I'm not gonna sit

dude I'm not gonna sit here and try and

trick myself into thinking I'm somebody

or something I'm not - a woman who loves

me no man dude just because I'm not

Devin's biggest and best lover that

doesn't mean that she doesn't really

legitimately love me that's just how it


right I'm sure there are some nights

where she wishes I like her

greatest biggest best lover ever okay

whatever man I can't control that it is

what it is as long as Vishal as long as

I busted I don't give a damn I really

don't some listen some nights I care a

little bit more than others most nights

I'm like look just make me and we're


sometimes I've tried to put in a little

extra effort okay she cooked me a good

meal tonight let me okay it of

course you know quasi exaggerating but

you guys get the point you guys get the


roll out some ass he says lie number

five my woman is my best friend I love

it that would be a good one wouldn't it

that'd be a great one

Kevin says if she says 50 why would you

want to be 51 if a girl ever tells you

she has slept with 50 guys I

if she tells you she has slept with 50

guys I promise you

her real number is somewhere north of

150 and I guarantee you she probably

doesn't even know what that is 50 nudes

is a lot of dudes and if a girl

admits to you that she is 50 guys

dude I can promise you I can promise you

it as well into the triple digits trust


oh listen how cute if Kevin this is how

cute of sylva kevin says but nowadays

most girls around 25 who are sexually

active from it for at least seven years

have body counts over 20 easily I love

your innocent naivety dude if a woman is

sexually active the bitch has body

counts over a bitch will have a body

count over 20 in a month do there girls

out there dudes into the double

digits in a calendar week you guys think

I'm exaggerating I have not dude women

are hoes man it is so easy to and

get away with it in Mack and check this

out we got women who are women in

relationships imagine if a girl is

single and lives by herself this means

she can whoever whenever she wants

without having to worry about getting

caught or any judgment 7 years over 20

easily no no no try over a hundred and


that's cute of you to say that but that

yeah you need to you need to start

keeping a real on that one man or debate

90 says no need to keep getting married

with these hoes

absolutely no problem Donovan no problem

Donovan no problem Sylva straight up

freelance frontin says show me the whole

facts alright let's go to number five

the number five lie that men need to

stop telling their wives and girlfriends

of course I never fought her right too

many dudes fail this test when you

walk up on a girl that you used to know

and she asks you straight up did you

her or did their was there

something going on between you two you

say of course not

gentlemen I'm here to tell you right now

she needs to know don't proactively tell

her don't say oh yeah by the way that

girl that we were just talkin to you

know I her only tell her if she

asks don't lie to her Stan was a

standard tenet of game is that discovery

is far more powerful than disclosure if

you tell her proactively yeah that girl

over there I her she's not gonna

believe you

but when you run into an ex whether it's

an ex-girlfriend ex buddy ex

one-night fling your woman's gonna know

that you her she'll ask you once

again she'll ask you to see if you've

got the balls to tell her the truth why

is this important why is it important

for you to stop lying to your woman when

she asks did you her what happened

between you two or we were just friends

re-selection guys a woman knowing you

a particular girl this confirms

your attractiveness women are hive

minded gentlemen they don't listen

women don't trust their own judgment so

they rely on other women to sign off on

you for them Oh what was it a woman can

have a woman can be dating a man who is

absolutely drop-dead gorgeous

square-jawed big muscles

six-four ever listen to her he seems

like he seems like

everybody's type but if she doesn't see

women looking at him and she doesn't see

women actively trying to flirt with him

and she's not seeing the sign if she's

not seeing signs from other women that

he is indeed attractive doesn't matter

what kind of tingles he gives her she's

gonna start to question her own judgment

well goddamn my friends haven't told me

that he's hot women don't really

actively try to flirt with him for it

with him right I wonder is he really

attracted because he's really attractive

as I thought he was they're high minded

creatures if the group doesn't sign off

on his attractiveness then he's not

attractive I remember I dated this one

girl in Vegas she'd like it was so funny

were laying in bed after sex she's like

and we're listen it's Kanye West and

she's like you know what I know I'm not

supposed to like Kanye West but oh my

god I love him so much you see what that


I know I'm not supposed to like Kanye

this is what women women are not

supposed to like Kanye West right I know

I'm not supposed to like him in other

words I'm not supposed to like him

because women don't like Kanye West but

I like him that guy that I just started

three days ago let me admit to

him that I like Kanye even though I know

I'm not supposed to admit that I like

Kanye if you tell her you didn't

her she'll know that you're afraid of

her and that she can manipulate you what

does that do she loses attraction for

you gentlemen

you need to know or rather she needs to

know that she is not the first

attractive female that you have

and that if she doesn't keep her

straight she won't be the last

when you first meet she'll definitely go

to your Facebook she'll go through your

Twitter guys let her see you with all

the hot girls man let her see you with

the club with your arm around two girls

let her see you getting tagged in

pictures of you and her at Starbucks let

her see you getting tagged in pictures

of you at such-and-such girl's house let

her to let her let her see you getting

tagged with the hot blonde with you and

her on Santa Monica beach let her see

all that don't deny it if she asks

did you her he like yeah I did

and leave it at that and if she decides

to further test you and acts like

she's got a problem with it did you

her well yeah this is what you tell her

what did you really think you're the

only girl I've ever in my life

that'll that'll that'll set her ass

straight let's go to the chat here one

last time she fifty-five sixty eight

says Donovan you said another podcast he

wrote an e-book called black man's

revenge try looking it up and it was it

was straight gay porn lol okay alright

so he got a troll yeah congratulations

alright you got in tell you what gee why

don't you get why don't you give me a

call nine one four two oh five five

three five six and and and tell me over

the phone actually you know what cheap

55 68 I bet that's a black woman black

woman he hated my black man's revenge

bug if I were a black woman I would say

the same so I can't pull you for

that Silva says I dated a six-month

bisexual Portuguese chick at the age of

26 she has slept with 50 girls - time -

dude I'm trying to tell you I'm trying

to tell you dead shot nails it by women

had even higher notch counts yes of

course they do women who listen women

are not bisexual well you don't see this

way women are sexually attracted to both

men and women like this is just a

natural thing dude

Devin even admitted to me that she may

have may or may not have fooled around

with one of her friends here right and

it's funny she didn't tell me but she

kind of told me like this just listen

women smell better they look better

women are naturally attracted to other

women right like if you told a girl

would you kiss that girl for a million

bucks of course they wouldn't she's a

woman right you have

would you kiss that guy for a million

bucks no no sir

right like women don't even have to

think about that stuff but like I said

most women out here have slept with more

women than most men I'm telling you man

there's something to that there's

something to that freelancer Onan says

bisexual chicks are as messy as it gets

they're not counts probably rival that

of sex workers you're probably right -

oh my god

yes sir rule zero no no no that that

wasn't me that wasn't the Kanye song

that we were listening to it was

actually it was actually the one that uh

of the oh three track slow jams the cut

that he did with a twisting feature and

Jamie Foxx she said she wants a Marvin

Gaye some Luther Vandross a little Anita

all right very good Silva says good

condition I've never had some

experiences if I did not date her I

learned a lot of it yeah that's how it


rule zero dead says trickle truth some

girl ate Devon L watch her mouth rule

zero dead let's not start making let's

start let's listen you can assume all

you want to keep those thoughts to

yourself I understand the premise let's

let's let's let's watch let's watch the

boundaries they're talking about my girl

here Oh

so it looks like she was not who look at

this Sochi 55 68 says you know I'm not

trolling this is the first link that

pops up when I type in and oh hold

on let's okay well let's check it out

yeah she you understand I have a very

quick trigger finger yeah listen I'm not

gonna make any excuses for it I've got a

I've got it I have a I have a famously

I'm a famously hot temper let's check

this out black man's revenge yeah dude

again the name of my ebook Qi is called

black man's revenge the black man's

guide on dating white women and other

non updating white girls and other non

black women if you want a copy of the

book do like sharpest has said go to

Negro manosphere and request it or you

can shoot me a an email Donavan sharp

are okay at gmail.com orion go to go to

donna by sharp calm

click on the contact tab and i will send

you a copy myself so so yeah yeah yeah

yeah we have a vigilant yet she 55 68

appears not to be a troll

yep that's that's that's kind of how

that goes black man's revenge the black

man's guide to dating white girls and

other non black women brilliant


love it love it excellent very very good

show tonight

excellent excellent show tonight I have

now reached 520 patrons well um dude I

got three new patrons while I was on the

air how about that so the show is

definitely growing definitely love

having all my patrons here again guys a

couple of friendly reminders red man

group tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m.

Eastern I am moving the show this is the

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very much looking forward to to that to

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have all you guys to thank my posh new

surroundings my my Moran I listen I love

my studio man this is awesome

this is awesome

spin says how about a guide for white

men who like black women number one I'm

not a white guy number two I don't like

black women so that would be very

difficult that would be very difficult

form it for me to write

and of course Deadshot says it best says

don't waste your time with American

black women so yeah there's no no no no

matter what your race is with

black girls is never ever a good idea

that is going to do it for the last

official edition of TS our prime time I

will see you guys on Monday morning at

10:00 a.m. Pacific

I'm sorry 10:00 a.m. Eastern 7:00 a.m.

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