5 necessary lies every Man must tell his girlfriend (Episode 328)

Another one of the many relationship fallacies women like to pedal to clueless men is that “communication is the key!” “Be honest about everything” but these are the same bitches who endorse what they call “white lies” that every woman tells their man.



Now to be fair, a level of communication is key but not in a way that our society would lead you to believe. By “communication” they mean “you sit and listen to what she wants you to do and you do it” The communication I’M talking about is quite literally the opposite. Communicate to her when she fucks up and what she needs to improve on and if she doesn’t she can step.

 Same thing goes with the lies you need to tell. Full disclosure is never a good idea with your woman and if you’re the kind of guy who feels like he needs to be honest with his woman about every single solitary detail of everything, then you’re the guy who’s girl is texting me to come over and fuck her in the ass while you’re at work. Don’t take it personal, man, that’s just how it is.

 Now I want you to keep in mind that these lies are for your main chick…..the woman you are in a committed relationship with. You treat your main chick much differently than your side chick so i don’t wanna hear “Donovan, I’d never do this with women, bitches ain’t shit!” and you would be right. But the rules change a little when you’ve invested your time and attention into….I’m not breaking news here but there’s always some meatheaded hardcore red pill wannabe who acts like one size fits all with every woman all the time so he can always point out what he feels are inconsistencies in my talking points.

All of that said, I’m tell you guys the 5 lies that are necessary that Red Pill aware Men must tell their girlfriends, wives, or any woman he is in a long term committed relationship with.


a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn of course her parents don't

have a problem with me being black she's

past the wall get your fat ass off the

couch start lifting weights and learn

game you're welcome so you got drunk at

a frat party even the football team

they're not a rape victim sweetheart

you're a what's up guys it's your


Donovan sharp and welcome to the 328

edition of CSR primetime your nightly

dose of red pill truth wisdom and

awareness let's get right to it another

one of the many relationship fallacies

women like to peddle too clueless men is

that communication is the key right we

hear that all the time

all day every day be honest about

everything but these are the same

bitches who endorse what they like to

call little white lies that every woman

tells their man and they know this now

to be fair a level of communication is

key but not not in a way that our

society would lead us to believe by

communication the world means you sit

and listen to what she wants and then

you turn around and do it now the

communication that I'm talking about is

quite literally the opposite okay

communicate to her when she up and

what she needs to improve on and if she

can't it listen and if she can't or

course she won't then she can step

that's how that goes same thing goes

with the lies you need to tell women

full disclosure gentlemen is never a

good idea with your woman and if you're

the kind of guy who feels like he needs

to be honest with his woman all the time

about every single solitary detail of

everything then you're the guy who's

girl is texting me to come over and

her in the ass while you're at work yes

this actually happens and I'm talking to


now don't take it personal guys this is

just how it is now once again I want you

guys to keep in mind that these lies are

for your main chick the woman that you

are in

a committed relationship with you trees

remain shift much differently than your

psychic so I don't want to hear will

Donna that I'd never do this with women

bitches ain't and you would be

right but the rules do change a little

when you've invested your time and your

attention into a woman I'm not breaking

any news here okay but there's always

some meat headed hardcore red pillar out

there you don't want to be guy who acts

like one size fits all with every woman

all the time so he can always point out

what he feels are inconsistencies in my

talking points love guys like that all

of that sin I'm gonna give you guys five

lies that are necessary that red pill

aware men must tell their wives and

girlfriends or really any woman that

he's in a long-term relationship with

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now had a had a little bit of a medical

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Donovan sharps gonna be around until

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do that Ravens and bangles tonight

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the Ravens absolutely dumptruck the

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big big time

actually a good Thursday night game here

in the AFC North to decide that to

decide who's going to uh who's gonna

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Joe Flacco we played out of his mind

this past this past Sunday so it'll be

interesting to see via the Flacco versus

Andy Dalton listen the the Baltimore

Ravens drafted Lamar Jackson and Lamar

Jackson looked really really good in the

preseason and a lot of people thought

okay the Ravens drafted Lamar Jackson to

either start or to push Flacco well

guess what he pushed Flacco because Joe

Flacco looks better honestly Joe Flacco

looks as good as he did back back in a

Superbowl year is Superbowl 40s upper

Bowl xlvii back in 2013 and listen man a

lot of guys dog Joe Flacco for the money

he makes but I'm gonna tell you

something I'm gonna tell you something

right now number one he's got a Super

Bowl ring number two this dude has gone

up to Foxborough and beaten he's gone

head to head with Tom Brady and beaten

him twice in the playoffs that dude is

not scared and to be honest with you 22

million dollars a year for a Super Bowl

winning quarterback these days now these

contracts that seems to be a bit of a

discount so you Ravens fans out there

bitching and complaining about Oh Joe

Flacco makes too much money yeah you

know what who else you gonna sign yeah I

didn't think so

didn't think so Nick Foles is gonna

start for the Eagles this Sunday which

is a good thing listen if I'm the Eagles

listen dude I sit Carson Wentz until

until Halloween man get Nick Foles trade

value up as high as you can as high as

we can get it make sure Carson Wentz is

100% healthy

I don't want I don't want to take any

chances with Carson Wentz unless if

Carson Wentz is the best quarterback on

that team but he's hurt right now Nick

Foles was playing he's playing well

enough hey listen man we beat the

Falcons he played well enough for us to

win he took us to the Super Bowl he won

the Super Bowl for us last year let him

get his trade value up so that we can

train him get something back for him so

we don't lose him to free-agency the

nick foles guess what Nick Bowles is

gonna he's gonna sign a mega deal with

somebody in the offseason so Nick Bowles

is gonna start against the Tampa

bay buccaneers which is also very good

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let's go to the let's go to TS art hours

here and by the way crowdcast also has

an excellent excellent excellent chat

it's it's crowdcast it's it's it's

fantastic software it really really is

eternal one says love the new studio

yeah yeah I listen man I love my new

digs I actually have a sign in the back

that I'm gonna have to change because

for whatever reason it doesn't really

work the way it's supposed to but yeah

you know I like you know I like

everything around you know I like the

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I'm glad to be able to glad to be able

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TSR prime time does not exist he has

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again does not exist so so I certainly

appreciate you guys for this new studio

this is because of you Miami J says the

new studio is fire glad to see I'm way

better yep I'm doing doing a lot better

Swain senator good to see you in here

you down with OPP yep yep rule 0 dad

says looking professional as yeah I

try suite senator likes the fat Stacy

and hefty Heather let's do those

bitches man it's unbelievable

rule 0 dad says motto is going around

you know it's interesting I actually had

a really really bad cold over the

weekend and it almost I mean it almost

completely put me out of commission I

dude I couldn't do the Redman group I

had a bunch of to do and I was sick

so I mean I had to make a choice you

know so I barely got my stuff done I was

I was sick of I almost never get

sick but what I do man it's it it is

it's not pretty it is it's definitely

not pretty freelance Ronan likes the

studio very good suede senator says

Donovan's den personified yeah yeah this

is you know I wanted to I wanted this to

look like I wanted this to look like a

den I wanted this to look like sort of a

professional den type studio thing and I

think I think that this is gonna be the

way it looks for a while it really

really is I think this is I think this

is I think this I think I've pretty much

maxed out here pretty much maxed out

here rule 0 dad says Rouge V yeah Russia

is in the news obviously got all nine of

his books on Amazon taken down so the

the world is after Roush Deadshot said

bit shoot yeah you know I

pride bitch shoot before I keep having I

keep having problems with that you don't

really know what the hell is going on

with that rule zero dad says eating as

Big B no no no no no no sir

hell no pine carnivore in the house we

all know who that is

the nikitos specialist oh no dead shot

says is it just me or is the aspect

ratio of the video seem a little bit off

no it's sixteen by nine everything is

good everything is good sharp assist us

in the house rule zero dad says not

Donovan's wide like that no everything

is sixteen by nine men everything

everything everything's looking good

even Deluxe says my cave is looking

righteous minus the Eagle stuff yeah

yeah hashtag fly eagles fly very good

very good

pine says very ESPM looking yeah better

believe it rule zero dad says just

remember there is no man cave it is your

whole house hell yeah man that man

cave nonsense look at here at that 9/11

for two oh five five three five six

let's hit the phone lines area code two

two nine you're on the line with Donovan

go ahead what's that be it Shawn Shawn

what's up brother are you doing then not

so much man congratulations on the new

studio dude looks badass yeah we see

them in thank you thank you absolutely

now yeah I just wanted to touch on one

thing with the topic it reminds me of

Rolla one of rolos iron rules and

basically at women want the truth but

they never want full disclosures right

so they they want you to lie to them

doesn't want to be humored someone I

want you to tiptoe around it a little

bit you know but they still want to dig

at you to get information absolutely

absolutely yeah the thing is is in its

it's it's akin to thee to the plausible

deniability thing women it's like when

you're in a set with a woman right like

you're at a bistro or you're at a bar

whatever you

made out with her a few times you know

you know what her tits look like you

know you know you know dirt it's feel

like you know it's probably a

mathematical inevitability that you are

going to this girl right you know

it she knows mom but you're not gonna

say hey you want to go back to my

apartment and no you have to give

her plausible deniability hey by the way

that dime collection I told you about

you want to come back to my place and

see it oh sure I'd love to come back and

see it dude she knows you don't have a

dime for your hand you're bound there

yeah that's so funny when I read that

paragraph or that chapter in his book I

remember exactly where I was at when I

read that chapter for the first time I

was on a flight headed to Cincinnati

yeah and I remember reading one of the

last parts in it and it said you know

when a girl is asking how many people

you slept with him she's trying to pry

that information out of you and he

basically said never ever tell them and

then it goes on to say that's the first

question that a borderline personality

disorder will ask why she can torture

herself later and drag you through it

emotional help it with her insane how

about that you know that's a big red

flag for it I've never I've actually

never heard that before so so you're

telling me that if a woman asks here how

many guys you've slept with

that's a red flag in terms of BPD yeah

dude go check it out go look it up in

the first series of the rational male

and I mean I just remember reading that

that paragraph and it just blew my

mind because I recall an

instance with a with a female and it's

just happen several times where they

would ask you know so what's your number

you know what's your number I'm like you

mean my age no like you know your number

like they dance around it I'm like what

are you talking about well how many

girls have you like been with you know

and I would tell them and then Rolo

talks about in the book how theses never

tell them you want to be vague because

if you tell them it's a BPD trick

they're they're playing nice they're

putting on the idealization to get the

information out of you and then they get

it and what Rollo says is interesting

he's like

so let's say you say you let's say

you've bang that nine girls and you tell

her right what will happen is she'll say

she's cool with it but later on she'll

start to tick and wonder like huh I

wonder if he took girl number six - this

restaurant or maybe girl number two

did he say the same things to her and

he's saying to me but if you say you've

only been with one woman

you're not the man to be competed for

you have no pre selection sorry it's a

lose-lose right when it comes down

that's a loaded pistol matter yeah no

matter what solutely here's the thing

man like back in the day I used to let

him know I mean of course I don't know

how many girls I've slept with

it's a how many girls I

don't know I stopped counting at 150 you

know I've been called worse

nice yeah see that's the way to do it

just play it vague and it keeps that um

a sense of mystery that chicks love

absolutely they don't want full

disclosure so yeah we're done just want

to chime in about that a little bit man

but yeah check that out in the first

series of rational male in one of the

iron rules you'll find where he mentions

it's the firt it's one of the first

questions out of a BPD's mouth and

they'll drag you through an emotional

help it later good man thanks for

calling in Shawn appreciate the

knowledge brother absolutely bro you got

a man Thea 911 for two oh five five

three five six if you want to be like

Shawn and Tampa listen man Shawn always

calls up and drops the the rock-solid

knowledge man always love it always love

it when he calls in I'm I'm actually

gonna have him gonna try to have him on

the next on the next round table I think

that would be I think that would be

extraordinarily beneficial for for

everyone all right so let's get to the

let's get to the five lies that every

man needs to tell his wife or his

girlfriend and again and this this is

funny this is Kevin Oh

hey Kevin hey well hold on before you go

any further I want to let you know that

I am we are live on the air right now

like I got a brand-new Mac Mini the Mac

Mini I told you about and I had no idea

it could literally answer my phone on my

Mac this is unbelievable I can't believe

this is this is revolutionary yes yes

you came out frame in so much more we

should talk about all your capability

god damn yeah me and you definitely need

to have a talk ladies and gentlemen or

ladies and gentlemen Jesus Kevin

Samuels Kevin Samuels is the the

foremost expert in men's fashion I'm

definitely gonna have to have him on the

show here sometime soon Kevin by the way

I'm moving I'm moving my show from 7:00

in the evening to 10:00 in the morning

Eastern Standard Time and the reason I

will see the reason I did this the main

reason I did this is because the only

time you ever seemed to call me is it

seven o'clock yes yeah totally you know

what dude honestly I follow Gary and

I've actually stopped as much live

streaming and I'm moving my live stream

to the daytime as well because if you

even look at my content it is far more

LinkedIn than it is faithful okay you

know ended on and you look at like the

guys I'm actually trying to speak to

they're working during the day and they

can have me on in their ear keeping them

motivated to make that money to keep the

red kill them

hell yeah real thank you um what's the

defense of your show tonight

well tonight's show I'm talking about

five necessary lies that men need to

tell their significant others and if I'm

not mistaken give me one second hold on

I think one of them actually has to do

with fashion or it might be the other

one no no it's not that one yeah it's

what you know like when girls say does

this does this dress make me look fat

if it does that's when you need to let

her know yes it makes you look fat

number one number two if your girl has

to ask you does this make me look fat

you're with the wrong girl you need to

dump that girl there you go yes well you

know and I want to talk to you about a

couple of things that I got on the

horizon some business stuff behind the

scenes the user o notion of the red pill

is really starting to it's actually

going more mainstream yeah them where I

mean I'm actually have people so my

contacts over at GQ talking about

melding just the modern gentleman and

red pill knowledge Wow don't you yeah I

mean well yeah well you know I know some

so it's not much they're fighters but

they are they are right for them from

time to time and there's a whole

resurgence in the new gentleman's

movement yeah but and it's nothing like

it's nothing like that Oh Chris not the

prism trip actual pick up if you can

imagine Sean Connery's James Bond yeah

that's the matter and gentleman in my

opinion that go back to you know From

Russia With Love

Gold turn yes you know Sean kind of

James Bond he was the ultimate red pill

alpha males but he was still less young

that's exactly right

yeah and that's kind of where I'm going

more towards it's my old style thing

letting guys understand why they should

do it and why it's important just to

have these skills that even if you

choose not to use them just to be able

to have kind of like James Bond right


hey man well you know if you're doing

the show do me a favor can you give me a

call back later will do men thanks for

stopping by the show listen as soon as I

hang up man I'll give me a call because

I'll be walking my dogs all right keep

that red pill down guys the man dude

Kevin Samuels gentlemen again Kevin

Kevin knows just about everything there

is to know about looking your best

he is the guy no listen the guy knows

how to the guy is sharp he really is and

listen check out his website by Kevin

Samuels dot-com that is B why Kevin

Samuels dot-com definitely having him on

here very soon have actually had a pitch

I've had him on quite a few times so

definitely check in mind all right so

man that dude that's awesome man

so I can answer

I can answer phone calls like my phone

is ringing I saw it I saw it right there

on my screen in voila and the sound came

through and everything this is great and

by the way by the way I listen I'm gonna

get to the show guys I promise I promise

the thing is this man I have turned I

used to be anti Apple product and I

wasn't necessarily anti Apple product

per se

I was anti Apple product people um hey

listen you know the type you know the

stereotype the young liberal

anti-establishment you know they go to

Starbucks you know Mac everything you

know and and I tried my best to avoid to

avoid this to avoid being one of these

you know one of these apples one

of these Mac idiots all Macs are the

best I don't want to hear about it

well I got a I got a actually got a an

iPad as a gift three or four years ago

from a buddy of mine in Vegas and I've

had it ever since

iPad Mini 2 and the thing works


then Devin for Christmas bought me an

iPhone and so I started when I showed my


Labor Day this is before she bought me

the iPhone when I showed my face on the

air I used her Mac and her Mac is

superior to any machine I've ever used

so and of course I had a conversation

with Kevin Samuels a couple months back

talking about the fact that I really

really do need to get a Mac and so

finally so finally through it

action of debits I was able to get an

$1,100 Mac Mini at a really nice

discount thanks to thanks to a hookup

she had with a longtime friend of hers

so so yes so I am I am officially 100

percent iPad iPhone everything

there's my iPad there you guys can see

it so I am officially I'm officially all

Apple doubt alright let's get to it

oh wait I maybe we got a couple of

questions here got a couple of questions

here you know with OPP says Donovan can

you please elaborate as to why you

should dump a girl who asks you if she

looks fat in a dress yes because she's

fat Devin never asks me does this dress

make me look fat no dude no girl I ever

banged in Vegas ever asked me does this

make me look fat the reason why they

never asked me does it make me look fat

is because they're nowhere near being

fat that's it

that's all there is to it of course I

say that tongue-in-cheek but you guys

understand it is what it is Captain

Crunch 420 says Apple is great when it

comes to integration with their hardware

I do - I love it it's like it's

like I have one machine all the time

it's it's it's it's marvelous I

love it it's great it's great all right

looks uh all right let me let me quit

dicking around and and get to the topic

so line number one line number one you

are a good cook now the reason you are

telling her this is to encourage her

right it's almost as though how can I

quit this it's almost as though when you

tell it like a girl who gives you a

blowjob she gives you a lackluster


it's not a bad blowjob but you see that

she's really trying well in order to

keep her in order to in order to

motivate her to continue to give you the

best blowjobs possible actually did with

did this with a girl never forget her

name was Allison cook I used to do this

all the time with her and she was okay

at giving blowjobs but she got

progressively better because they should

be like oh my god

Allisyn I love how you suck my dick

she's like really I'm like oh yeah I

love how you just try to get as much of

my dick in your mouth to see me Picasso

she's like well that's the idea dude

I swear to God the next time she sucked

my dick I thought dude I swear to god

I'm by the tip of my was in

her lungs right like she this is what

you do there are four kinds of girls as

far as cooking goes number one they're

girls who cook very well Deb it happens

to be one of those girls number two some

kind of girl there are girls who are

decent cooks right they're not Michelin

star chef chefs they're not Devon's but

they know their way around the kitchen

number three the third kind of girl are

the girls who can't cook but they at

least give an effort I actually dated a

girl in I dated one girl in Vegas who

was not a very good cook at all but she

really she really did try she wasn't

terrible but but she tried so I gave her

credit the fourth kind of girl

our girls who can't cook and don't try

and those are girls that I absolutely

cannot with and that reminds me of

another girl I dated in Vegas by the

name of Chrissie I tell you guys about

her all the time

I met her when she was 19 dude dude

she's a hard ten long thick black hair

huge fake tits absolute perfect body

perfect toes everything right she could

not cook nor was she interested in

cooking of course because like we always

say hot girls are not useful hot girls

are useless because they don't have to

be useful that's just how that goes now

I can work with the first thing I can

work with girls who cook well I can work

with girls who are decent cook so I

could world

I can work with girls who can't cook but

at least try but I cannot work with

girls who don't cook and don't try well

Krissi was so hot that I actually paid

for her to go to cooking classes I spent

a little over $300 she went to three or

four cooking classes and it was an

abject disaster cheap dude she never

improved him and my guess is that she

probably really didn't even try she just

went to these cooking classes because

she thought all she had to do is go to

the cooking classes and I would stay

with her well no unfortunately for her

that was the beginning of the end that

that is that unfortunately is what led

to the beginning of our downfall now at

that point I was already thinking about

moving to Reno but that was a straw that

broke the camel's back even if your girl

sucks at cooking tell her she's good


and don't be don't be disingenuous about

it if she serves you Burt macaroni and

cheese don't eat it be like ah this is

absolutely the best macaroni and cheese

I've no no no no no the girls aren't

stupid right no just tell you know what

this actually tastes pretty good or say

something to the effect of you know what

this tastes a lot better than it looks

kind of joke with her the next time she

cooks that mac and cheese she's going to

give that effort okay this will

encourage her to try to get better

sometimes you just have to choke it down

maybe it really doesn't taste that good

right but if you want it if you want her

to want to get better you got to fake it

till you make it

choke it down now don't be a meathead

hardcore red pillar and say you

bitch this sucks and throw the plate

against the wall guess what

she will not cook for you again but if

you make if you make an effort to at

least act like you like it

it will motivate her to get better I can

assure you of this now she'll know that

you are baking but she'll appreciate

that ok and girls appreciate when you

encourage them to be better ok they

especially when it comes to things like

cooking things that they're not good at

and subconsciously in her mind she's

like ok I know it probably wasn't that

good but you know something he really

tried to choke it down I know guys like

girls who can cook maybe I'll take a

cooking class maybe I'll watch a couple

of YouTube videos maybe I'll surprise

him with something and maybe he'll

actually like what I cook next time

girls will girls appreciate when you

make an effort to encourage good

behavior they again they want to do this

for you they really do appreciate that

number two the number two lie that you

have to tell your woman it didn't cost

that much the reason you do this is so

she doesn't get too big-headed now I

want you to keep in mind guys keep in

mind never ever ever reward an

being woman if she doesn't deserve it do

not reward her girls love asking how

much it was to gauge how much he loved

them women equate love with how much you

spend that may quantify this stuff in

that way

now look I'm engaged oh my god what's

the first thing they say how many carats

wasn't how much did he spend three

thousand but he spent $12,000 gee must

really love you and if a girl comes out

with a small ring huh well he must not

love you that much right

girls quantify girls their attempt to

quantify love by the amount of money a

man spends on them unfortunately a girl

who loves you will never buy you a cheap

gift but and because of this they think

the same of men but it's different you

see a man's time and attention or what

they really want but girls only know

this subconsciously so they ask how much

did you spend to gauge how much do you

love me how much do you care how much do

you think about me and again I mentioned

wedding rings right how much did you

spend on my well it didn't cost much


and of course listen I mean if you're

her fiance I don't think there's a need

I don't think there's any need to really

let her know as long as she knows it's

real and it's not cubic zirconia but

there are three there are three main

reasons you need to tell an area code

937 I see there in the Kuban that gets

you in a minute there are three main

reasons you need to tell her it didn't

cost that much number one if it does

cost too much it won't inflate her ego

too much see because if a woman is under

the impression that you've spent that

shitload of money on her then at some

point she'll start to think that maybe

her value is higher than yours okay he

spent I don't know how much Versace

purchase I mean oh he spent $700 on a

coach bag for me he just took me to you

know Santa Monica we stayed in this

hotel I don't know how much that was but

that had to be expensive and now he just

bought me this diamond necklace


I must be really something never ever

ever give a woman the impression that

her value is higher than yours it is the

beginning of the end the number two

reason you tell her it doesn't cost that

much it shows her that you are

financially shrewd see a woman might

think she wants you to go broke making

her happy but subconsciously she needs

you to not go broke buying her gifts

well she'll thank you all thank you for

spending X amount of dollars on whatever

it is that you gave me but three months

later if you're broke-ass is telling her

you can't pay the bills or you can't

take her out because you're broke she's

not gonna appreciate she's not gonna

appreciate that bit

she needs to know that you're good with

money listen if you've got it and she

deserves it hey spend all you want to

but this is why you don't this is why

you don't reward an undeserving woman

the third reason that if there's no need

to tell her how much it was at the end

of the day they appreciate the effort

the cheapest gifts as especially with

women who genuinely like you who

genuinely want to fall in love with you

those are the best especially if they're

well thought out right and I'm not

saying you have to be some sort of SAP

like writing her a little note you know

on a post-it note but thoughtful gifts

like that me more to women than the

expensive stuff when it when a woman

when a woman gauges or quantifies the

way you feel about her when she equates

that with how much you've spent then you

know you've got a gold digger right

you've got a woman who's priorities are

out of whack but women don't really like

you doesn't matter how much it costs so

long as she thinks you put some effort

and some thought into it nine one four

two oh five five three five six is the

number to call if you want to get in on

the show haricots 937 you're on live

with donovan go ahead yeah Tony what's

going on brother how you doing then

oh man a background you know yes sir and

fact of the matter is this from my

experiencing what I've seen is that we

live in a world with a lot of brutal

truths and from my experiences from what

I've observed is that at the other movie

line says you can't handle the truth

that's right and I don't think that

women are built to handle ugly clues so

you almost get yourself into a situation

where lying is a necessity right right


I personally don't advocate lying I

personally anything I don't want to know

I don't tell them I don't wanna

know there's no telling right right but

I still have to say that women really

again we've always said their women are

like all the wrong children and they are

and they are yes women really are

overgrown children because when if you

have to tell them the truth the truth

clashes with the fantasy that has been

created for them by this Hollywood

Dinaric and affair the best real complex

yes that is exactly right and you shut

that illusion when if that scene is

personally you should the illusion that

you shadow woman illusions she actually

not only knew this interest but she also

loses respect yes that's right and

exactly right but what I've seen is

women you you for me with the term free

style deserve then hip-hop yep women

love and covet the ability to freestyle

they love they love creative thinkers

they love men that have vivid

imaginations women like and then exist

nothing gets a woman's panty wetter than

a fantasy that's right

you were speaking the truth and as long

as you continue as long as you give her

the impression that you are perpetuating

that fantasy as long as she thinks there

might be a chance for that fantasy dude

chill chase you like a fat kid chases an

ice-cream truck straight up

absolutely what what did you just say

you said where if you tell her how much

it cost you'll be banned if you do and

you're damned if you don't because if

you tell her what it cost if she gets

this past imagination of her all self

worth then you're going to have to

expend a whole hell of a lot more energy

trying to put her back in check you want

to know something Tony I like you and me

we ain't got the time for that no no nah

her ego is entirely Ottawa yes because

now she thinks that she has somebody

that's going to spend untold sums amount

of money on her then you're going to

have a respect issue with that one on

the other hand if you tell her what it

is and it's too cheap according to her

estimation you're going to be someone

that outside of that fantasy and you're

still on appeal right so you're in a

situation where you might as well keep

your damn money but limit your loss that

was they keep your money I would say

limit your losses and you know run run

that the way you want to run it

because either way ago women are not

equipped to handle the truth because

women don't live in a world where the

truth is sexy today

wow man so you almost in a position to

where you have to lie you have to lie

almost you know in order to maintain

that balloon unless again you just don't

want to tell them anything because

nothing will drive a women off the cliff

faster than an adorable lie a woman

affair however for an adorable lie that

she will and ugly truth very very well

said listen guys Tony Maceo he's one of

the best out there you guys can find him

on Negro manosphere

dot-com his latest article actually

dropped on the fifth I want to say that

was a little over a week ago it's

entitled we should know our history very

very good article very very good read he

also runs his personal blog social

commentary and chess blog you can visit

you can go to power and strategy dot-com

so check Tony may co out anytime Tony

again thanks for the call you're welcome

to call him to the show anytime brother


let's do it one more thing I have a I

have a min store on power strategy calm

it is a store they are dedicated to

masculinity without the gynocentric

metro sexual overtones okay will be

taken so my stores dedicated to male

culture lifestyle and philosophy guys go

Phil check that out check out my chest

wall and check out by my video logs and

also my stores yeah absolutely

good I'm a close eye by saying this show

is very important because again like men

we don't get an education on female no

on the female psyche we be getting

indoctrination it's right and that's a

gay place to be woo absolutely very very

well said Tony power and strategy calm

you guys can find him on Negro Menace

fear calm Tony thanks for calling in men

Oh Tony Maceo gentleman you know I you

know that's one thing I love about this

show about the Alliance's that I have

with the guys that I do you know Sean

and Tampa Fillmore my man ray in PG you

know Armando aka you done with OPP you

know listen Kevin Samuels

dropping by you know I know I can have

any of those guys call in at any time

I mean Minister Jeff those guys can hit

me anytime man I love it when those guys

just drop by and just drop knowledge and

listen man I learned from that listen I

learned from those guys as much as they

learned from me I really don't listen

I'm I've never been one to sit here and

act like I know it all okay yeah sure

okay I've got more fans in the average

man you know I've got

I've got more experience with women than

the average man but that doesn't mean I

can't still learn something that doesn't

mean that I can't add something in the

way of you know in the way of dimension

in terms of my own knowledge is

concerned so I certainly appreciate guys

like Toni and Sean and Kevin calling in

all right let's see ah yes yes yes yes

rule 0 dad says be a skittles man

somebody put that article somebody

linked that article in the chat be a

skills man was a it was an article

written by Roy C Chateau hearties I

don't really read Chateau heartiest too

much anymore he's got a lot of racial

undertones and I'm just not here for


call me sensitive call me whatever you

want I'm just I'm just not here for that

anymore but the guy knows his and

when it came to and I read the article

long time is back when I was was really

hitting my red pill stride but I

remember in that article it said

something to the effect of you know you

make a big deal out of giving a girl a

gift you give her a bag of Skittles okay

it's sort of underwhelming but she

thinks it's sweet or something to that

effect like give her skittles for your

birth and for her birthday or something

then when it comes to Valentine's Day

you don't get her I'm probably getting

it all wrong but what she yet there you

go freelance has it in there so

basically she when she calls you out

well you never buy me anything hey

you I gave you skills for your birthday

it's it's just absolutely brilliant love

that be a skittles man classic classic

article on Chateau artiste very good

number three the third necessary lie you

need to tell your wife or girlfriend you

look better than your sister or your

friend right if you weren't if you

didn't look better I her and not

you listen man girls always ask this to

gauge your sexual interest and get this

women know which women look better than

them and which women do not but they're

trying to see that what they're trying

to do is they're trying to see if you

think so right

here's the thing and a lot of guys might

think well me isn't that beta to say of

course you look so much better than your

boyfriend your sister I'm gonna get to

that in just a minute right here's the

thing guys

your opinion matters the reason you lie

to them is to keep them from becoming in

completely insecure if she's insecure

guess what now a lot of guys might think

okay well if she's insecure

that's dread game and if it's dread game

no no no no no there's a little bit it's

it's different okay not all dread game

not all insecurity is created equal

see because here's the thing if a woman

is insecure about this particular issue

so let's say you meet her sister and her

sister is hotter than her right and she

says do you think my sister's pretty

yeah she's attractive prettier than me

yeah she looks better than you you're

gonna make her insecure now you're going

to give her a complex and she is going

to stop you no this isn't saying

oh you're not fat or I love you just the

way you are those are very very

different what you were what this is

doing is taking the focus off of her

sisters and her friends if she thinks

you think they're hotter she'll get

neurotic she's gonna get bitchy she's

gonna start fights all the guys all of

that is a headache so how do you handle

that question well I'm gonna tell you

how right now do you think my sisters

pretty bit prettier than me this look

this is a two-stage answer stage 1 are

you kidding me with this sell it as

ridiculous okay

this net again this is assuming that her

sister is hotter than she is right do

you think my sister's hotter than me are

you kidding me with this right this

satisfies mmm this satisfies about half

the girls but some girls actually have

hotter friends and sisters and they know

their sisters and friends are hotter and

some have had boyfriends cheat with

their hot friends and sisters so they

press on and say well do you well here's

what you say if I thought Michelle was

hotter than you I'd be her and

not you and you want to know something

we would be having the same conversation

about you right now

this covers whether this covers whether

you think her sister is hot or not you

never say no right you're not lying to

her right let me go over that answer

again well do you think she's hotter

again you know her sister is hotter than

she is listen listen if I thought

Michelle was hotter than you I'd be

her and not you you want to know

something we'd probably be having the

same conversation about you right now

you never denied you never said yes you

never said no right but stay just one

and to give the strong impression that

you don't think her sister is hotter

than she is right now you know yet you

might think she's hotter and she may

very well be hotter and you may be

her but this is the best way to

answer that question if she still says

you never said no this is when you get

loud with her and be like are you

kidding me what hold on wait a minute do

you want me to your sister is that

what this is about do you want me to

listen do you want me to tell her that

she's on her like are you on PMS like

whatever the is wrong with you you

need to work that out right now cuz

you're being stupid you get on my

goddamn nerves listen if you want me to

go your sister I will just shut

that down

right now make her think it's all in her

head and that works worth girls a

hundred percent of the time because

girls know they can't even trust their

own thoughts guys if you want your best

beard ever go to 1821 man-made calm my

beard has never looked felt or smelled

better and it's as healthy as it's ever

been and it's all thanks to the pasted

pomade and clay from 1821 man-made calm

the only way to tighten up your beard

game is 18:21 man-made calm that's

18:21 man-made dot-com 9/11 for two oh

five five three five six is the number

to call if you want to get in on the



yeah Deadshot says I'm not down with the

alt-right either yeah yeah I'm not

really with that you know and listen I'm

a black man right like you know a lot of

that a lot of that stuff is quasi racism

I'm not I'm not I'm not doing you that


rule zero debts as a green apple I set

it up do you think my sister's hotter

than me I don't set it up let's find out

that's actually a good one it's actually

a good one

number four no I wasn't looking at her

ass even if you were admit it now here's

the thing guys I've told a story about a

girl that I was seeing right around

right around Thanksgiving right around

Thanksgiving her so right girl walks by

I turn I turn to look at her ass she

says did you just look at that girl's

ass with me standing right here I'm like

boom yeah I did and of course we had

this big blowup I took her home she

ended up coming over apologizing and I

her so now you guys are thinking

Donna but you just contradicted yourself

no no no no no that girl was not my main

chick she eventually kind of became my

main chick but I was just her at

that point and I've told you guys many

many times I had never considered

Chrissy to be main chick material for

many many reasons the only good thing

about Chrissy was that she was hot guys

that's it dude this girl this girl was

as dumb as a cardboard box man she was a

constant headache her voice made me yeah

anyway she was my buddy she was

just a girl I was right now guys

might say will Donovan you told her the

truth and that worked out great again

she wasn't like I never considered her

to be long term it's a long-term

relationship material listen man as a

man with red pill awareness how

seriously could I take a 20 year old

with a boob job she conned out of a rich

guy again who's as dumb as a

cardboard box who has no interest in

learning to cook same bitch I talked

about at the top of the show was she hot

you bet your ass she was hot the girl

was a hard dude

was a hard 10 as in get marriage

proposals from men with 8 figure net

worth hot guys I'm not exaggerating but

I never took her seriously not for a

second actually I took her seriously for

one second I said if I can just teach

this girl to cook maybe maybe I can

stand being around her 10 minutes at a

time didn't even try so that was the

beginning of the end that was a big in

again you know the interesting thing it

the interesting thing was she actually

moved to Reno in an attempt to win me

back but by then it was too late I was

already making plans to come out here at

Philly this is how crazy stupid

this girl was and a lot of guys might

think oh my god I would no no no no no

no no if you've had enough experience it

doesn't matter how hot a girl is dude

when she is that much of a headache dude

you can't oh my god like I'm getting a

headache thinking about her right now

again dude she listen she's the hot

honestly I put her in the top two or

three girls I've ever in my life

there is no way no way I would ever ever

ever be with her long-term no way man

no way but if you are walking with your

main chicken you actually like the girl

you guys are in a long-term relationship

and you turn and look at a girl's ass

don't get caught

guys girls aren't stupid they know when

you're looking at other girls if they

see you looking at other girls they get

insecure which is good for side chicks

bad for main chicks and again you guys

are probably thinking well that's

passive dread right kind of if your main

chick is getting out of pocket yeah

that's when you allow her to catch you

looking at other girls right if your

main chick hasn't gone to the gym in a

while if your main chick is starting to

put on weight if your main chick is

starting to get bitchy if she's starting

get a little bit too comfortable yeah

let your eyes wander and let her catch

you wandering but if your main chick

isn't doing anything to warrant passive

dread then there's no need to activate

passive dread this is when they get

insecure and their minds are thinking

dude I him I suck him I cook for


I pick up his dirty smelly socks I wash

his underwear I do everything this man

tells me to do and he's still looking at

other women what the what am I

doing wrong

no no no no insecurity is good for is

good for sidekicks not good for mein

takes who don't deserve it runs read

game on the main chick if if if her

behavior warrants it but do listen if

your listen if your main chick is in

Pocket treat her well you won't listen

we always say reward the good punish the

bad right we talk more about punishing

bad behavior we talk more about

punishing bad behavior then we talk

about rewarding good guys listen

rewarding good behavior is jazz

rewarding good behavior is not as

important as punishing bad behavior but

it is important nonetheless because if

your woman is good to you and she knows

she's good to you but you don't reward

her then guess what she's not gonna

she's not gonna continue to act right if

she dresses in clothes if she

swallows her and she unless she

her in the ass and she's checking in

every 30 minutes if she's cooking your

meals washing your clothes do whatever

did you tell her to do and all you do is

smack her on the ass every once in a

while you're still looking at girls no

no no that shit's not gonna fly if she

doesn't deserve it do not runs read game

on her but if they see you looking at

girl but if they see you looking at

other girls okay and they went and and

they're wondering what is what is it

that I'm doing wrong what more do I have

to do they get insecure yes you want her

to stay motivated but keep her motivated

by keeping yourself together

girls will notice you and your girl will

notice girls looking at you you know

what the flip listen you don't have to

flirt with girls or look at girls ask to

motivate your woman if you have your

together she'll see girls looking

at you and flirting with you so there's

no need to proactively activate Dredd

with your main chick if the situation

doesn't warrant it she'll see and hear

enough proof that girls want to you

without your help trust me

so if she asks you did you just look at

that girl's ass tell her no

if she accuses you by love she accuses

you of lying all you have to do is say

you asked a question I answered it this

conversation is over and leave it at

that but in the future do not get caught


number five the number five and most

important lie that every man should tell

his woman no I have not cheated on you

guys listen listen to me listen I've

made this egregious mistake more times

than I can count

I thought I was being captain

red pill captain Donovan sharp

I'm writing for return to King's dude

and Russia's rucious telling me my

articles are great I'm

invincible did you cheated me yeah

I cheated on you

uh-huh never a good idea never ever

admit that you have cheated on your main

chick guys it opens up a world of

trouble now some guys might say Dredd

game but again that's with buddies

right it's okay for your buddies

and friends to find out your

other girls buddies respond

well to bad treatment which is why she's

your buddy and not your main chick

your main chick should never find out

that you cheated because if she takes

you back to very bad things are gonna

happen guys

number one she might plan to cheat on

you to return the favor

c oj simpson Oh Jay and I've talked

about this before Nicole Brown knew OJ

was other girls he's O'Day

Simpson where AJ went wrong as ed he

constantly threw it in her face at some

point Nicole finally had enough she's

like you know what this thing keeps

telling me about all these white girls

he's well I'm gonna go

somebody else she the younger

better OJ Simpson at the time Marcus

Allen and OJ ended up merely

decapitating I think he stabbed her

40-something times in the neck the

second thing it does is it places her

into the side chick category

and here's what I mean by that if you

cheat on a woman if you cheat on your

main chick and she takes you back

she is rewarding bad behavior you might

think to yourself oh my god you know

Lauren is such a great girl I cheated on

her and she took me back she no no no no

Lauren is not a good woman she is

rewarding bad behavior

any woman who rewards bad behavior

that's sidechick material that's

fuck-buddy material that's

one-night-stand material if you cuss out

a woman and she loves you more for it

nope not main chick material not a


so if you cheat on a woman if she takes

you back not a good thing guys a woman

might be 99.9 percent certain that you

are cheating but unless she has proof

ironclad proof as in pictures video

texts she won't believe you if you don't

admit it so if a woman comes at you with

well this person said this and I saw you

doing that and and I think that you're

doing do not admit anything so long as

she doesn't hear it come out of your

mouth you have never cheated as far as

she's concerned this is where the female

rationalization hamster comes in handy

for men right the truth might be staring

her right in the face but unless

she has hard evidence or an admission of

guilt from you

she cannot allow herself to believe that

you actually cheated she won't do it all


let's go back to the chat one last time


rule 0 dad said he went on a date with a

girl from Liberia it's interesting Pine

carnivore is out good to see you in here


rule 0 dad says wife goggles are real if

you actually like a woman you find her

attractive for much longer I agree with

that I agree with that rule zero dad's

as I cringe to admit it but I want to

nail my wife every day 18 plus years I

hey man that's not a bad thing it's not

a bad thing

swayed senator says denied until

you die hell yeah hell yes

I forgot who Jesus it was back when I

was in my 20s it was basically a song

about a guy who had cheated great and

the course was like it was at me like

the like the bitch caught him cheating

and he kept saying it wouldn't be like

at the beginning of the song you know

you know they they they they got the

music plane as I killed my girl caught

me cheating this than any other he said

what happened music man you know I was

in there banging on the bathroom floor

she came in he's like I don't know what

to do man he's like we'll see it wasn't

you oh my god you guys are on it shaggy

freelance wrote it well let me let me

look that up now that I got this big-ass

50 inch screen shaggy it wasn't yet it

wasn't me by shaggy yep that's it he

says who wasn't true oh yeah yay


rule 0 dad says burden of performance

never stops totally agree

totally agree yeah sharp assist if you

would mod okay looks like you've already

done that okay cuz rule 0 dad seems to

know his for real you know with OPP

says women break rules for alpha alphas

and make rules for betas yep red pill

101 men straight-up deny till you die

straight the up that's gonna do it

for this edition of TSR primetime tune

in tomorrow night yes I'm doing a show

tomorrow night where I'm going to tell

you 5 Plymouth 5 unnecessary lights went

lying to your woman 5 lies you need to

stop telling your women thanks for

tuning in guys I'll see you tomorrow



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