5 reasons women keep cheating on you (Episode 390)

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you do not have to trust her to love her

that is a mid female haters wanna fuck


repeat after me flush your condoms and

male haters one a feat it's that simple

wait a minute you actually thought you

were the only guy she was fucking love

live from Philadelphia your man

Donovan Shaw what's up guys it's your

man Donovan sharp and welcome to the

319th edition of csr live your daily

dose of red pill truth wisdom and

awareness it is Wednesday January 2nd

2019 we are multi casting live - 7

different channels on three different

platforms or screaming alive - three

YouTube channels three of my facebook

pages and of course twitter so we're all

over the internet trying to spread the

good word trying to spread the red pill

I've actually found that it helps people

to find my show before she guys know I

shrink the audience about 15 20 minutes

in and a lot of people tell me that they

like that format and encourages them to

come over and and join the rest of the


alright let's get right to it many men

who have been unplugged from the

feminist inspired matrix and have taken

the red pill those guys are now well

aware they're they're now more aware of

the true nature of women here in 2019 we

know about their slutty behavior we know

how they cover it up we know about their

nefariousness they're like census nough

steena swen it comes to dealing with men

and really the general public for that

matter now men like myself know that the

vast majority of women in this country

aren't really good for much outside of

sex and we damn sure know that most

women aren't worth committing

any much of anything outside of maybe a

one-night stand the occasional booty

call or maybe a fuck-buddy arrangement

by the way do we use booty call anymore

I don't know I mean I'm old school I'm

kind of dating myself do we still call

it a booty call I don't know that's the

way it was back in my day back in the

back of meat went back in the 2000s

anyway we complain about how women can't

cook about how they're never lair never

faithful guys like myself say that it is

a fool's errand trying to wife up or

even date these chicks but for the

number of women who aren't worth

committing to there are just as many men

out there who are also not worth

committing to yes we talk about the bad

investments females are these days but

the fact of the matter is is that most

men aren't really much better men like

to talk all the shit about how they

require their women to be attractive how

she's got to know how to cook she has to

have a kind disposition who doesn't lie

or cheat a woman who's gonna stay

faithful well the problem is is that

most men who make these demands those

guys are out of shape they could barely

take care of themselves and they're as

broke as a joke not because they don't

make a shit ton of money but because

they're bad with money if the man wants

a quality woman he's got to have his

shit together first

first and foremost she can't buy

something if you don't have the money

it's a simple exchange you want the

opportunity to turn a woman into a good

woman you've got to be a quality male

gotta be a high-value male that of

course starts with the basics getting in

shape learning game getting your

financial house in order and etc etc let

me know if I'm lip-syncing guys let me

know if I'm lip-syncing anyway without

those basic elements in terms of a man's

overall value you are gonna be just like

95% of the sexless blue pill guys who

simp for single mothers

but because more men want to be in

relationships than men who are worth

committing to women have decided to sort

of shack up and get with the best of the

worst while she searches for a higher

value male 99.9% of the time they end up

finding that man but when they do and

they never go and tell their boyfriends

or husbands hey I'm in love with this

guy at work his name is Kevin he's in

the sales department I want to break up

with you so that I can be with him not

even close

what she does is she cheats on you with

Kevin for a little while and when she

thinks Kevin wants to be with her which

he clearly does not but kevin has game

but as soon as she thinks Kevin wants to

be with her or that Kevin will at the

very least fuck her regularly only then

will she break up with you

and even then she'll rarely tell you

flat-out it's over she'll say things

like we should start to see other people

or we should take a break or I need

space something to that effect then when

you find out she is seeing someone else

the very next the very next day oh my

god Heather dumped me yesterday and

she's out with this dude Kevin the very

next day what the fuck it becomes

obvious to you that she was fucking

Kevin and sales long before she ever

told you hey Donovan we have to talk so

they don't think it's your simple

goddamn this is the third straight

girlfriend who has cheated on me bitches

ain't shit fuck these hoes and you would

be right however there are a few reasons

you may not be aware of as to why you

keep getting cheated on you could be in

great shape

you could be financially responsible you

might even have a little bit of game

okay dude you might even have a little

bit of working knowledge as to how women

work and what makes them tick you may

have read a chapter or two of the

rational male you may have tuned into TS

are alive once or twice but guess what

so do a lot of men and there when

are still running around on them so now

the question becomes why do women keep

cheating on me I mean really other than

you know obvious factors like feminism

promiscuity lack of accountability or

the desire to be in a monogamous

relationship what exactly is it that I'm

doing or not doing that causes these

women to step out on me well if you're

one of those guys asking yourself that

question tonight you're in luck because

uncle Donovan is gonna give you five

reasons your girlfriend's keep taking

dick on the side while you are at home

or at work waiting her for waiting for

her to call or text and lie to you about

her whereabouts

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all right let's get to the chat here

before we get this party started all


Thaddeus Scott pops the cherry where a

Jedi get to sloppy seconds chase LeBeau

gets the fucker in the yes Ronnie gets

to finish on her face and Luigi Conti

gets it all on film

captain crunch 420s in the house Charles

cabbie Admiral now not watching the door

caught not quite yet Charles got to be

in the top five for that Rob crews shout

out to you guys

Javon smiley the only black guy in the

chat of course I say that in jest

because my hair trigger my hair trigger

troll temper got the best of me said I'm

the only black guy here I'm like what

the fuck Vaughn he was the only black

guy somewhere in Phoenix oh yeah that

was that was my bad I shoot first ask

questions later I know that's gonna burn

me at some point in the future Kevin

Howard in the house I don't think I've

seen you in here before if you have

welcome back

CJ mutter in the house good to see you

in here somebody asked what about


I think shout-out to Charles Caballero

with the $5 contributions as always

appreciate the knowledge appreciate the

Charles Rasta kill bomani and Charles

Caballero with five dollar contributions

apiece I like I said I appreciate every

penny guys I don't take any of it for

granted yeah I heard that somebody said

well what about Latinas Hispanics if

she's born and raised in America it

doesn't matter what her nationality is

she is going to be a slut she's going to

be the typical American slut a lot of

guys like to say well what about

Brazilian women listen if she's born and

raised in Brazil you know let the good

times roll but if she is Brazilian and

she moved here when she was five years

old and she is 27 now dude she's a

typical American slut doesn't matter

what a woman's nationality or race is if

she's been in America for most of her

life and it doesn't really have to be

most of her life it usually takes I

don't know you have a lot of guys who go

to Russia Ukraine Brazil Poland they

bring over these young pretty girls they

marry these girls they bring them to the

States then a year and a half later my

mail-order bride is fucking my next-door

neighbor my meal my mail-order bride

this fucking the guy who delivers our

packages well of course she is she's

here in America she's

she's gonna be polluted with that

feminist sewage okay see in Vegas I see

you on the line i'ma get you in a second

Eric Oh two one five you're gonna be

next in line all right

Hellfighters in the house good to see

you in here yeah Luigi Conte wants to

know how do Hispanic men rank in the

sexual market in the sexual market play

in the sexual marketplace as race yeah

Hispanic guys are honestly you guys

you're you're nowhere near the bottom

you're honestly you're probably on par

with black guys maybe a little bit lower

I'm not a girl so I don't know but if

you're a Hispanic guy and you have your

shit together right you're in shape

exercise financial prudence yeah you're

gonna be very high on the on the totem

pole all things being equal all things

being equal most women like white guys

first and then Hispanic and black guys

are probably a distant second yeah Javon

smiley says if you're a patron I did a

yeah I did a really good patron episode

about that one that would that was that

was really good

it was a really good one Jevon also says

probably women probably women going to

flock to whoever's in power yeah that's

exactly right

gizelle Ali says what will happen when

the balance of power wealth and

influence moves East to China and India

will men of those countries beyond the

top of the smv period fuck no because

Asian men and Indian men are at the

bottom of the sexual totem pole just

because they're rich just because I've

got all the money doesn't mean they're

gonna be you know fucking all the

best-looking women out there women will

go where there's power but you know

again sexual market value is not just

money that's how that goes

Bozell Ali says since men are seen as

success objects oh wow Iselle like it's

no no yeah listen maybe we are seen as

success objects we are objectified by

women in that regard but guess what we

see we objectify women for their body

parts right if he doesn't look good

we're not interested so yeah we are

success objects and I don't think and

again this is the masculine bird in a

performance performance so yeah if I'm

seen as a success object fine whatever

okay Nick boys a guy likes the t-shirt

God you guys are activists fook

Ricky Bobby says women ate shit James

Martinez wants to know if I can go over

the new tiers on patreon I will later

very very good very very good question

Remi says black chicks hate me because

I'm too sophisticated no black chicks

hate you because they want to fuck you

but they know they can't that's why

Kevin and sales strikes again Jack

Napier says just when I wanted to sleep

evening Donovan good to see Jack Napier

aka the Joker in the house

I'll cast crews Michael Mangan women

cheating with women dude if might if

never would have come to me be like hey

look I kind of mess around with my

friend Desiree the other day not gonna

be mad

were there any dudes involves would be

like no be like all right well bring you

over next time not gonna dump my

girlfriend cheating on me with another

woman fuck that Michael Meghan says

what's behind straight women cheating

with other women I don't know and I

don't care it's not that big a deal dude

it's really not and yes women can't yes

status AEG says women can and do cheat

with women I'll even take it one step

further I will take it one step further

the average woman has had more sexual

encounters with other women

than the average man I'll say it again

the average woman

in this country the average American

woman has had more sexual encounters

with other women than the average

American man has had sexual encounters

with other women

that's absolutely right well I mean what

did I say the average guy is slept with

what seven eight women yeah yeah I would

say the average woman has probably

licked at least a dozen a dozen twats

calm like I see him

Thaddeus Scott is rustic Ilbo money okay

I'm gonna call Eustatius Scott cuz that

is much easier to pronounce

shout out to Thaddeus Scott with the $5

contribution shoutout to james cortez

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exactly exactly 911 for two oh five five

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you want to get on the show 131 people

watching Z in Vegas you're on live at

Donovan what's up brother do you what's

going on well I know it's a little bit

under the weather because you know

anyway alright so I'm gonna try to do my

best done and and self impression with

this one all right alright cuz I'm gonna

be a little bit I'm with you on topic so

which I number one she cheated on you

because you got to six-month

relationship you stopped

wait and you start learning game you

wouldn't know the problem that's the

problem you're welcome

ok ok fortunately listen fortunate

listen fortunately for the audience that

is a reason that you know that every

girl is cheated on you that's not on

this list though so I appreciate that

definitely needed to be said and I'm

glad you didn't torpedo this to

appreciate that

not the I'll give like my top three you

know about jump but my god sorry to be

told thee that's number one no seriously

okay I think and this is especially true

because your witness be honesty I think

lifting way suggesting like oh you know

let's get wasted simple but it also

creates it also keeps her on her toes

because she knows wait a minute this

guy's always in shape he's always doing

this thing he's only you know out there

lifting heavy weights getting more and

she didn't I gotta do the same or I'm

gonna fall behind I'm the one who's on

the O's on the back foot if you stop

listening we cuz you got to release he

says that that's a signified she sees

those attraction for you okay no I agree

okay I mean it and in my second one is

now deed is a person one of my life I've

said it before to you moved into early

you know I like it now I get D D D

listen I'm gonna be honest with you

presume now look here's the things you

might you guys might think like oh you

know wow you look a lot of games would

want to move in with you

fingers though just because you moved in

with her doesn't mean like she wants a


you don't say if you move in right away

right it means oh he's got one itís you

know what he's doing

mean I never have to worry about what

he's doing and you stop twisting wigs oh

someone is great dude

that's the giveaway and in my third one

and I think the third one the most I

think were a lot of guys do to get the

frame to get the game they're out there

they're doing it and this one's pretty

basic Donovan but you know what you've

got to relationship it's been six months


too comfortable right got you just got

so comfortable seriously I think guys

and uh you get too comfortable you know

and also think deed it was actually

scientific study about this father like

speaking of which will quit now John

sure dad

if you if you domesticated with a female

and you know you live with you whatever

your testosterone goes down for whatever

reason they've done studies about this

so if you've been cohabiting with you

know living with or would have this

matter the testosterone goes down full

stop it probably does I hope you could

very fun no listen I mean I've never

heard of that before but it makes sense

and the reason why your testosterone

goes down is because the thrill of the

chase the thrill of filling a fulfilling

your burden as a man is gone because

when you're pursuing the woman when

you're pursuing the girl your

testosterone is up right you want to be

bigger faster stronger you want to fuck

are better harder blah blah blah blah

blah but as soon as you move as soon as

you move as soon as you start

cohabitating there's a little less but

there's a little less motivation to a

lot less motivation now there are

exceptions to the rule like myself I

mean dude I've lived with Devin now for

over almost a year and a half now I've

not lost my edge I still go to the

weight I still go to the gym I still

lift weights

never comfortable at dude if anything I

have I actually have less time for her

because I immersed myself in this stuff

but for everybody else see and Vegas is

telling the absolute truth the first

time your girl asks you hey should we

move in together I want to move into

never ever agree to it the first time

put her through her paces

it also be this take you to your point

by the way um cuz cuz you know I take my

lumps on this I moved in with two

females we finally learn my lesson okay

but to your point to those are just

outliers because average dude what's

done moving with the chick do you think

it's all ponies variables and gold oh


oh yeah every stupid thing you get what

I'm saying yes

guys listen you guys listen keep your

edge you see also if you I get it

sometimes I don't want a movement i want

a movement on one movement I get that

make her work for it that's right bare

minimum if you just like you're gonna

get scoot over

yep d take care it's great talking to

you just get it done

you the man see in Vegas and here

dropping that knowledge I say this all

the time and never ever ever deprive a

woman the privilege of working for your

affection if she asks you to move in and

you say okay the first time she's not

really gonna value your shared residence

because you let her do it the first time

if your girl says hey I think we should

move in whoa whoa whoa whoa hey whoa

slow down like we are what dude whoa we

are way far off on that what makes you

think I want to move in with you oh my


make her work for it all right let's go

to haricots two one nine two one nine

you're on live at Donovan go ahead I was

going on down a bit not Bruce Wayne shot

father you're instagramming them I'm a

huge fan of yours good stuff man yeah

yeah definitely definitely a pleasure

finally saw the video absolutely well

yep so you know I got to know you what

you threw the brother peel podcast and

uh you did me a favor also you

introduced them to run on some ices you

know that that guys Google you know yeah

yeah well agree but but yeah yeah you

know let me you better act later I had a

question that uh is somewhat pertaining

to this subject and I think this was

like an outlier in hyperbole okay do you

feel that uh do you feel that there are

certain situations where a woman has

made you know be physically like the

team at the top of the food chain but

she may meet a guy who she feels

intimidated by because that's all she

has going is a look and this guy might

have to look along with you know status

and you know abundance or income did you

feel that that you know both so so let

me just me just make sure that let me

just make sure that you're that I'm that

I'm understanding so you're asking me is

it possible that a ten a woman who's a

tenant looks raises the sexual market

value okay

raises the sexual market value of

another game okay so what you're saying

so what you're asking is is do you think

a woman who's a ten raises the sexual

market value

of the man that she's with is that what

you're asking

no no not rain okay okay okay like let's

say you like you said most black men

will dog other black men for dating

white women because they can't do that

right so what I'm saying is you might

have a woman who all she has going for

the looks he doesn't really have a car

yeah that's most women you know Romany

would a brick

yeah right she might meet a guy that

that's like that has been going on for

but might have boy who might be invasive

because she doesn't feel like she's

brave yes yes yes yes gotcha

this is interesting I actually wrote an

article on return of Kings you can look

this up the name of the article is

what's called Kenny man ever have too

much game and I'm gonna look this up and

I'm gonna read this to you and I'm gonna

start lip-syncing because because of

course my um you know I'm I'm searching

on the Internet

but what I asked I said can a man ever

have too much game and I talked about

the concept of over gaming women using

too much asshole game not understanding

your value as a man etc etc well I also

talked about the fact I also talked

about taking too much and I'm not gonna

get into the golden ratio and and all

that stuff but the fact of the matter is

is that a lot of times you are

unattainable okay

and I'm actually here's the thing dude

and for whatever the reason the article

is coming up believe it or not caller

there will be times where your sexual

map market value is actually too high

for some women even the good-looking

ones okay so I'll take you so I'll take

a gross scenario ten out of ten times

when you number close a girl that you're

talking to she's gonna jump on social

media okay she's gonna jump on Facebook

Twitter Instagram okay to vet you and

she's checking your social media to make

sure that you are who you presented

yourself to be in other words it's a

sort this you know what kind of

congruence do you have when she sees

pictures of you with other pretty girls

living the good life etcetera etcetera

she's gonna know that she's dealing with

a high value guy high you know a man and

demand now here's the thing understand

your game has got to be rock-solid

you've got to be an above-average

physical condition and you have to have

a substantial amount a female social

proof for this to occur in other words a

woman to think that you're unattainable

high value women hot girls they don't

choose men who don't check off at least

two of those three boxes so let's just

get that straight that said that said

the last I would say three and a half

actually the last three a half years in

Vegas when I was doing them doing enough

blow they showed what those three plus

years showed me was that some women

won't respond to game because they think

you're too good for them even if they're

interested in you okay I remember there

was one year there was one there was one

girl I forget her name but I set up a

date with her and you know I met her at

a bar I think I either met her at a bar

casino I can't remember and she she said

to me she says I was afraid you were

going to flake on me I had one girl said

I was surprised that you even that you

asked for my number now again most of

the time this is this is great but

here's the thing this is gonna answer

your question when a hot girl when a

sexy look at woman places your value

well above hers not listen getting her

nigga is gonna be like taking candy from

a baby but there are times where this

will sort of impede your progress with

her okay now girls know that they're

really not worth much more outside of

sex they can go on and on do Facebook

memes and I'm a woman and I'm worth all

this and then the other but deep down

they know the score call her they know

what's really up if you take a man who's

a ten and a female whose attend guess

what the male 10 is worth more than the

female 10 okay so when a high-value male

shows interest in her and he shows her

that he is not the least bit phase by

her looks she is the one who's

intimidating because her trump cards

been trumped now this obviously works in

your favor but every once in a while

it can sort of work against you now I'm

you know some guys are probably asking

well how the hell can movie well here's

the thing they say well how can having

too much value work against her this is

simple and this is releasing and this is

this is this is women being cognizant of

the way the world looks at them when a

girl has it in her mind it doesn't

happen often but when it when she has it

in her mind that you are out of her

league she will think long and hard

about flaking on you okay not be

she doesn't want to fuck you but because

she doesn't expect you to stick around

after you fucked her a few times which

makes her a look and feel like a slut

you understand what I'm saying

so the engine so right right okay well

there you go

so the short answer to your question is

yes there are tens out there who who

will place your value well above hers

rightfully so and it'll make them

they'll sort of pause and think okay I

really like this guy and I really want

to fuck this guy but I know this guy's

kind of a player I know he's got his

choice in women so I don't want to fuck

this guy a few times because I know

eventually he's gonna dump me we're

gonna end things so you know what fuck

it wizard praying says in the chat women

don't want to compete no I I get it I

get it so the short answer to your

question is yes there are some tens out

there will be intimidated by your value

but what I'm saying is you know for this

particular case like how do i how do i

navigate through that like because I

feel like I have to like kinda break the

red pill code of ethics oh no no no no

no no no no you don't have to listen

understand what you're saying you don't

have to go blue pill right right but I

feel like you know the whole the whole

be existence because you know like uh

miss familiarity that kind of like

destroys you know any type of love any

type of attraction that's like in this

case I kind of like have to like do

things to put a mind at ease that you

know hey you know how because I you know

I click on the date I got hit on the

first date or whatever okay so you know

you're not going to wipe her up at all

right all right let's just making sure I

had to quiz you attractive uh you know

for lack of a better word okay but you

know I actually I actually enjoy our

company cool look out right you know you

know she put me at a UH you know a nice

chill you know state of mind or whatever

I I don't want to fuck with this chick

for a nice amount of time like I'm not

coming down on anybody I don't kind of

settle down uh that's it

wait but what I'm saying is I feel like

I can't really go by like the red pill

code of ethics

entirely but this is a situation I feel

like it's certain things I have to do

you know certain new one

except into because I have to get a

truck now I think that's really what it

is and I reply even like dole gives

eternal life because I barely contact

and chicken anything like that but I I

see now like this is different for most

situations where I'm just able to just

be an asshole to a chicken in why I

gotta gotta in my back in wheel you know

that right

right and what you're also up against

with really good-looking girls is two

things they're very cognizant of looking

and feeling like a slut

number two they're worth getting more

for their looks than the average girl so

if you run too much asshole game she's

gonna think oh my god this guy's a

douchebag so navigating this is actually

fairly simple okay don't make yourself

more available to her just engage her a

little more right don't tell her you can

trust me okay show her that she might be

able to okay be ambiguous because the

questions are gonna come hey what kind

of what she's gonna ask you call her

she's gonna say hey look so what kind of

woman are you looking for the answer to

this question is you know what I don't

know I've never really thought about it

but I'll know it when I see it

that's gonna keep her that's gonna keep

her attention don't give anything

definitive try to spend a little bit

more one-on-one time with her give her a

little more attention but make sure she

earns it because this girl is obviously

used to avoiding high value men and high

value men aren't gonna be locked down or

tied down but here's the thing she only

got herself to blame because she gave

you a head on the first date so you know

I mean how much I mean how quality can

she be

listen you enjoy her company that's

great but when she places her value well

above hers you're not going to scare her

off you understand what I'm saying she's

gonna keep fucking with you because

she's she sucked her dick on the first

date so even if you were to go full like

crimson capsule black bill she's gonna

get mad she's gonna throw a fit but

she's never gonna leave you alone bro so

don't don't contradict sort of the red

pill like there's no need to do that but

I think you need to maybe engage her a

little bit more and don't like don't try

to put her mind at ease just kind of try

to show her look like I may look like a

player but I am I am a human being you

know what I'm saying you know what I

mean like don't share a bunch of

personal information with

but just be a little bit more just be a

little bit more affectionate with her to

hutch her a lot if you touch a woman a

lot and yeah and bad things don't happen

they tend to trust you a little bit more

yeah okay yeah that's the best advice

yeah and go ahead yeah you know it

starts from the first time I've been at

the type of like fork in the road you

know hey listen listen this is a good

problem to have no no it definitely is a

unique problem I think it's a lot of

cars up and it probably may have

encountered situations like this it

didn't know absolutely they just didn't

know yeah they're like dude like it's

funny because they think man I got this

girl's number and she was feeling me and

I set up a date but like why did she

flake on me dude she flaked on you

because she knows that dudes like you

usually fuck her in chuckers she's just

trying to protect herself it listen it

doesn't happen often but it does happen

white woman that's a nigger look right

you know she just love niggers and you

know I'm probably one of the first you

know guys they really have my shit

together she came across you know a lot

of them was just be boys he fucked with

or whatever I'm not even trying to like

throw my own ego just again no no no no

hold on hold on listen brush stroke that

ego like there's Anna listen man listen

listen I don't masturbate

I don't masturbate but I'll stroke my

ego listen I'll listen I'll stroke my

ego does I'll masturbate fuck that I'm

the man I'm the goddamn man straight up

like don't ever don't ever sell yourself

short all right well thanks for the call

area code to 119 listen he makes a good

point every once in a while guys we'll

run into situations where your value is

a little bit too high

that doesn't mean you this doesn't mean

you dial back your player power level

but the way to sort of combat this is to

is to spend one-on-one time with her

instead of taking her to the bar to the

go-karts take her someplace where you

guys sit close together where you guys

can have conversations not meaningful

long conversations or anything like that

but make her earn your attention but

when she does the right thing by earning

your attention dude give her that

attention you got to show her you have

to show her that listen if he if you

earn the attention I'm gonna give it to

you because part of

he'll awarenesses you have to make a

woman work for your attention well

listen being a 10 doesn't being a 10th

gets my attention you still have to work

for the attention good problem to have

alright let's go ahead and get started

with five reasons women keep cheating on

you number one you are

non-confrontational you're a coward

most people don't like confrontation

myself included

okay but just because I don't like

confrontation doesn't mean I don't

realize that it is sometimes a necessary

part of life if I need to address the

situation with a friend a colleague a

woman or whoever I never hesitate to do

what needs to be done no I'm not the guy

who looks for confrontation or looks for

a fight anymore okay but I don't shy

away from it either but if your woman

gets the idea that you were non

confrontational she is going to lose

respect for you and when she loses

respect for you she'll start to behave

badly why because she knows you won't

confront her and check her ass to keep

it 100 to keep it 100 the root of our

non confrontational culture that stems

from our comfortable lives nobody fights


anytime anybody gets in a fight somebody

calls the cops

dude have the cops called me a dude up

at the cops called on me so many fucking

times ridiculous like I remember one

time I almost got in a fight with a guy

I pushed him somebody called the cops

I'm like what the fuck I still look like

I'm lip-synching let me know guys if I'm

if I'm lip-synching if I'm not that's

fine a man who has never been in a fight

with another man is naturally going to

be non-confrontational because he's

afraid of the unknown he doesn't know

what it's like to be hit in the face he

doesn't know what it's like to be on the

ground with someone on top of you trying

to cave your face in he has no idea what

it's like to be in that situation he has

no idea what it's like to be

nose-to-nose to someone knowing that a

physical confrontation is about to

you are about to get into a fight most

guys have never been in that situation a

man who's never verbally or physically

checked any one okay it's not gonna

verbally put a woman in her place okay a

man who's never verbally checked a

female and put her in place is going to

be non confrontational with her because

he's not sure what her response will be

he's afraid of that gentlemen a woman

has to know that you are a man who will

confront uncomfortable situations if

you're out at a restaurant she tells you

her steak is overcooked and you tell her

to eat around it rather than call a

waiter over and demand another steak she

knows you're a coward

if your woman disrespects you in public

and you don't pull her aside and tell

her and and tell her to cut the shit she

loses more respect for you your woman

has to know that in any and all

situations that you will be the man

you'll be the guy who's gonna man the

fuck up say what needs to be said and do

what needs to be done to rectify any and

all situations that come your way

women women don't want to have to do

these things for you but if they're with

a coward she's gonna end up having to do

the dirty work and eventually she's

gonna leave him you and if you're dating

a woman and she figures out that you're

a non-confrontational coward she will

end things well before they even get

serious women respect men who are

unafraid to be direct with them and

others if you're not you will be cheated

on period I don't care

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all right oh god dude I'm telling you

man I am running on fucking fumes whoop

god fucking damnit we go ahead and

shrink the audience here check the chat

again oh my god

yeah man I'm putting in to time probably

putting in anywhere between I don't know

10 and 12 hours a day so god I slept

great last night but I had a shitload of

work to do today and I got it all done

Javon smiley says demonstrate not

explicate very good j-train says women

want rewards without working for it

absolutely Devon smiley says ducks at

coffee is my code to play aah

spins says her being a 10 gets her

interest not your attention very good

very good

Lorenzo Davis says I will fight you yeah

freelance Ronin says listen sometimes

she's got to put foot in s that's what

comes down to men

Charles Caballero says being a bouncer

confrontations were forced upon me there

we go

there you go man I'm not afraid

physically of many people I have fought

and beaten guys who are bigger than me

but I'm afraid I'm afraid of hey soos

this dude is like six six six seven

probably 400 pounds big biggest dude

biggest person I think I've ever seen oh

no wait there's another guy who I knew I

didn't know in Reno probably about as

big as hey soos definitely oh my god I

watched this guy deadlift and I'm not

kidding you guys couldn't look it up on

the Internet I don't want to give this

guy's name

because I don't want him to ah shit man

you have to take my word for it I

watched this guy deadlift 700 pounds

boom just like that now he's up dude

he's a he's one of those big thick

people huge fuckin arms man strongest

dude I ever saw hey soos is just like

that guy hey soos is poulos fuck

but hey soos and the guy at the gym in

Reno would not dude no way

fuck no well haha damn foot listen I'm

glad I was cool with hey Suz I gotta

shoot him a text it's been a while since

I talked to him Oh excellent excellent

who is Bo Oh book of alpha Rana me okay

that's actually pretty funny Michael are

says man that has me never been in a

fight and non-confrontational dude join

a jujitsu gym take Krav Maga take boxing

it'll increase your confidence for sure

for sure

reason number two the second reason

women keep cheating on you you put too

much responsibility on her years ago

during my fledgling years as a player

just having found the red pill I was

fucking a single mom yeah I know I know

we all gonna start somewhere and she had

a nine-year-old daughter now I met the

me I met the kid a few times and you

know she seemed to be well-mannered she

seemed to be obedient right she's a

pretty good kid

I don't really spend much time with her

but the short interactions I had with

her she seemed to be a pretty good kid

well one afternoon the single mom calls

me up and she starts bitching and

complaining about how she gave her kid

ten dollars for lunch at summer camp and

rather than buying a sandwich and apple

and a drink surprise surprise the kid

bought sour patch kids french fries and

a soda so she's going on and on

Asians were there about making good food

choices she talked she told me about how

disappointed she was and her kid I tried

to explained her I had to explain to

this woman that her nine-year-old

daughter her nine-year-old kid shouldn't

be given that kind of responsibility I

said something to this effect I said

she's 9 what you think she was gonna buy

an organic kale salad and cucumber water

now she laughed and said I was right she

never really thought of it that way but

the point was that she was putting too

much responsibility on her kid to make

the right choice which was a mistake

kids want to be kids this shouldn't be

required to make decisions on their

health or anything else important for

that matter let him be kids the same

goes with women gentlemen as men we are

the bigger sex were the faster sex were

the stronger sex and we are the smarter

sex we are the superior sex women know

this for this reason she wants and needs

you to be a control freak she wants you

to make the plans she wants you to

decide on the restaurant she wants you

to decide what you're watching on TV and

so on and so forth as the man you

gentlemen you are the leader of the

relationship and as the leader you must

take responsibility for everything that

goes on which means making any and all

decisions as it applies to you as a

couple don't get me wrong there are some

decisions that she will have to make

minor decisions that she'll have to make

unilaterally just to keep things from

being a headache this again is the

masculine burden of performance there

are many women out here who are the

leaders of their respective

relationships and guess what they're

fucking miserable is stressed out

because that's not the natural state of

a woman I've got on a few vacations in

my day and I've seen many many couples

where the woman looks like she's like

like I see families and the woman the

wife looks like she's having the worst

time of her life she's stressed out her

hair is disheveled kids are running

around her husband's got a dad bod well

the reason for this is that she probably

made all the plans she set up the


she said she booked the hotel

she made the reservations okay she said

everything up she made all the

reservations at the restaurant which by

the way she had to choose which takes

more time and brainpower she set up the

Car Rental she's miserable because she

was indirectly given all of the

responsibility women don't want

responsibility guys no matter what they

tell you they want all the accolades

that come with it

but they are ill-equipped to accept and

execute it it is your job to recognize

this in women be the captain of your

ship and lead the relationship don't put

any significant responsibility on your

woman simply allow her to be a woman who

is relaxed and along for the ride on

your train that's it number three and

this is a big one this is a big one the

third reason women keep cheating on you

but Rollo Tomassi is in the house says

there is quote first mate

there is no first mate totally agree if

you are the pilot she's not your copilot

she's her flight attendant that's who

she is

she's not the copilot she's not the

engineer she is the flight attendant

said it's a Rollo Tomassi who was in the

house number three the third reason why

most why women keep cheating on you you

don't protect her from herself

in 2019 guys women are safer physically

safer than they've ever been in history

if any harm were to befall them it's a


we know this there are a law set up to

protect women from any and all perils of

the outside world the only protection

she needs from you as a man is if she is

in imminent physical danger and even

then you'll seldom be required to step

in and defend her person that said women

do needs they still need to be protected


need to be protected from themselves

really more than anything

why simple females are self-destructive

by nature and they pose a greater threat

to themselves than really anything else

out there and if you're a man who

doesn't know how to protect a woman from

herself she will self-destruct and take

you with her if you are anywhere near

her blast radius I speak from personal

experience guys protecting a woman from

herself guys means one thing and one

thing only and I want you to listen

closely protecting a woman from herself

means one thing and one thing only

it means eliminating any and all

activities habits or circumstances that

are conducive to or could lead to slutty

behavior and/or infidelity

now it's not that simple guys you cannot

protect a woman from herself if she is

not your significant other you don't

need to protect fuck-buddies you don't

need to protect friends with benefits

you don't need to protect one-night

stands from themselves there's no need

to because you're not invested in her

and she's not invested in you only when

a woman starts investing more in you and

then she makes a play to be exclusive

can you then take measures necessary to

protect her from herself so when she

asks you well where's this going or

gives you any indication that she wants

your sexual relationship to become

exclusive then you tell her what is

necessary to be in a relationship of

consequence with you things like giving

you access to her phone no more girls

like night out checking in on on command

eliminating ties with ex-boyfriends ex

flings ex fuss of ex fuck buddies and

Center etc no you're not going to the

company party without me no you're not

going on the weekend conference with

Kevin and sales no all that shit's got

to go again any situation or

circumstance that could lead to cheating

but don't even what if she says no to

all that stuff then guess what she

doesn't want to be your girl bad enough

now and I know I'm getting into the

weeds here but this has to be talked

about because I mention it as a sight

note a lot of guys asked me well what if

she says okay well fine

but only if you do these things to the

answer to this is simple if she demands

the same from you when you tell her

what's required to be your girlfriend or

tries to negotiate with you he did it

wrong not only did you make it too easy

for her just like seeing Vegas says

meaning the first time she angled for a

rate for a relationship you gave her the

road map instead of making her ask you a

second or third time she doesn't think

you're she doesn't think you're worth

going to all the trouble of earning your

trust in order to be in a relationship

with you which means your value is it

high enough you didn't run airtight game

or probably a combination of both if a

woman wants to be with you bad enough

she'll do whatever it takes to keep to

earn and keep your trust I used them as

an example Devin doesn't Devin did not

hesitate to do these things when we

first discussed the possibility of a

long-term relationship because she

really wanted to be with me and it was

very obvious and it was the second or

third I think was probably the maybe the

third or fourth time that she asked me I

said okay well here's what it's gonna


if a woman now getting back to what I

was talking about if a woman allows you

to protect her from herself

which means eliminating any and all

situations or circumstances that could

lead to suspicion mistrust cheating then

she really wants to be with you guys

it's that simple

a while back I did a podcast that listed

eight things that women should do to

build ironclad trust with men of value

in an effort to gain a long-term

commitment from him it's also a de facto

guide on how to keep tabs on your woman

to make sure she is where she is and

doing what she's supposed to do a

double-edged sword of sorts here's the

thing most men don't have the balls to

implement these techniques and most

women would find it laughable to

volunteer this level of transparency to

any men but like I said before if you

want a good woman if you want to reduce

the odds of your woman running around on

you you have to know how to protect her

from herself and you need to be unafraid

to enforce these edicts

if you don't it is only a matter of time

before your woman steps out on you

because again you did not protect her

from herself the last two reasons you

keep getting cheated on plus more of

your calls and in chat on the other side

we'll be right back TSR live with

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before we move on okay okay so freelance

Ronan says boa is good people I have no

idea who he is Oh book of alpha rata me

that's who he's talking about okay

that's actually a pretty cool name I've

never heard of book of alpha Rana me

until he made an appearance in the in

the chat but yeah I'm gonna have you in

here men chase LeBeau dropping the red

pill truth he says women don't want to

win they want a winner ain't that the


Rollo Tomassi says there is only one

captain who book of alpha Rana me says

the art of the 50/50 relationship yeah

there is no 50/50 there is no 50/50

yet listen Rolla says god forbid my wife

would be my quote best friend she's my

wife there is a difference huge

difference listen Devin and I get along

great she is not my friend

are you kidding me yes we do friendly

things we enjoy each other's company

she's not my friend dude she's my woman

I'm her man

huge huge fucking difference dude yeah I

don't buy that light yeah you see the

the commercials on TV oh you and one

diamond for today forever and the best

friend no no no no fuck that fuck that

man your son says Rolo they say Y hot

chicks are with ugly guys out there I

have no idea what that is I have no idea

what that was asking is Rolo will okay a

Chesley 169 likes the Donovans property

stamp likes the commercial

Thaddius Scott says Dawn's big time now

for broadcasting next to the window to

what we see in here

great job sir and listen guys I have

done all of this all except for the

voice-over guy all of this stuff

everything that you see before you I

have created on my own like the

commercials the sound effects the music

all that stuff living in Dane says what

type of information do you withhold if

your girl is not your friend I'm gonna

time you out living in Dane because you

need to write English brah what in the

fuck wasn't that like dude what type of

information do you withhold if your girl

dude no no no man I'm not answering

questions that are spelled in millennial

EES like dude seriously if you're

watching it if you're watching on your

phone your phone has autocorrect

like don't type Ebonics don't tighten

nigga like what the fuck was that let's

try this again in 300 seconds you can

ask the question like a civilized human

being fucking hell dude like dude get

out of here with that next thing you

know I'll be fucking typing and Moe uh

typing in emoji emojis fucking hell man

all right let's move on to number four

the fourth reason why women keep

cheating on you

you are a mail slut no not in the way

you're thinking a male version of a slut

is a man who freely gives away his

commitment to any and all women for

little to no reason at all like females

who give their pussies away for a little

to no reason at all up the guy's hot I'm

gonna fuck him first exam

a male slut been out on two dates and

decides to make her his girlfriend

female slut been out with a guy for two

hours and fucks him the same night and

they are both the same thing example to

a male slut has had eight girlfriends

and eight months a female slut fuck

eight guys on the last eight days here's

another example a male slut proposes to

a female he's only been dating for six


a female slut she sent her fiance six

times in six weeks he I see a pattern


like Rollo Tomassi says men are the

gatekeepers to commitment women are the

gatekeepers to sex now when they were

young and hot in their early to mid 20s

they're sort of the gatekeepers to both

at any rate is very easy for them to

give away what they're the gatekeepers

to a female who gives up the pussy too

soon loses the respect of a man we as

men think well damn she was easy to fuck

I met this chick two hours ago and all I

did was buy her a drink Mead

conversation and she gave it up that

quick so obviously she's a slut I'll use

her till I'm done with her

a man who commits to a woman too soon

without making her work for it is

unattractive a woman thinks will hell

all I did was fuck him a few times and

he already wants to be exclusive I'll

use him for free food and companionship

for a while until a man who makes me

work for his time and attention comes

along men who give up commitment too

easily are just as unattractive as

slutty females who fuck every dude they

meet it's easy for them to do so which

is why they are shamed for doing it

women value what they are required to

work for and if you're ready to put a

ring on it after just a few months she

will see you as a male slut and look

somewhere else

number five the fifth and final reason

women keep cheating on you you're a

closet blue pill sip guys your closet

beta male even though you frequent

websites like return to Kings

illimitable man the rational male you

watch the Redman group every Saturday

you watch me Monday through Thursday at

five o'clock Eastern you're starting to

understand the true nature of women you

are still secretly holding on to

concepts like not all women are like

that or that women should love me for me

or any other ridiculous notion that you

have that you claim to have seen the

light on shout-out to HS Lee 169 with

the $5 contribution says what's the best

way to punish my cheating woman aside

from next incre next her the only way to

punish a cheating female is to dump her

if you don't no matter what you do she

will lose respect for you I don't care

you can give her the silent treatment

you can take away our toys stop spending

money on her stop giving attention

doesn't matter if you don't next her if

you don't get rid of her if you don't

dump a woman who has cheated on you it's

over it's already over

it's already over no matter how well

getting back so I was talking about and

area codes 207 and 32 3 I see you guys

in the Kuban to get you guys in just a

second no matter how well you think you

hide it guys females will eventually

sniff it out they'll sniff out your blue

pill and when that happens she'll be

gone she'll be gone before you even

stick your dick in her

women have positively zero respect for

men who worship their vaginas or don't

understand how to handle them renouncing

your sim would verbally is one thing it

is quite another to actually do it in

real life there's what I call five

percenters there are a lot of guys out

there with red pill awareness not many

guys really live in the red pill life

women have a supernatural ability to

detect even trace amounts of incongruity

incongruity if you are a closeted symp

posing as a red pill aware male dude

she'll run circles around you if she

decides to stick around you in the first

place at the end of the day guys you can

talk all you want about what women are

and what women are you can dude you can

talk shit about how slutty they are how

terrible they are everything in between

you list all the things that you

requiring a woman before you commit to


and know that few women will actually

measure up and that's perfectly okay we

have to have standards as men but if you

are a non-confrontational coward who

also puts too much responsibility on

your girl has no idea nor the balls to

protect her from destroying herself via

Kok commit to her too soon because

you're a closet simp your woman is going

to cheat on you just like your last

seven girlfriends it's inevitable as

story as Sameer says is it never ending

self-improvement oh my god he says what

it what's a red pill lifestyle donovan

sharp calm that's the best way i'm gonna

answer that question you can't come in

here and ask questions like that you're

killing me

let's go to the phone lines arey code

three two three

you were on the live with Donovan go

ahead slow down fuck yeah what's up man

I have a question regarding number three

when it comes to like women testing

you're against the manhood giving you

Sid says how do you know when the cutoff

time is for if she's really like holding

back maybe about three or four dates in

if I have this one situation well I'm

currently in the situation where we get

to the end I write when you know not to

get into the pant and if she pushed me

out of all well I got thirty or I got it

in there so I got to do that and then

she said well I just want to wait I want

to see you know pretty much just testing

me on if I'm a pretty much just fucking

duck or saying commit myself to what I

do you know when like when it's time to

really like leave or she's really shit

testing you so the thug it out okay let

me ask you to make know it makes sense a

couple questions how old are you how old

are you 26 25 okay

how'd you meet her we met at a bar like

a lounge kind of like dad bar lounge

okay very good how many dates have you

been on with her so far so far last

night made number five

what did you do on your first date first

day we went we went got yogurt and we

went to like this comedy show okay

what are you doing date number two we

went back to my date number two she came

to my apartment we cooked okay all right

let me wait wait I wouldn't came back

okay quick time out what happened after

date number one he went to the comedy

show then what happened did you try to

fuck her then yes okay all right fair


date number two you said you did what

cooked at your house gate yeah day

number two we cooked in my house listen

to music whose idea was that Becky was

it yours was it yours or her idea to

cook at your place it was my idea okay

and what happened after date number two

at the day number two that's when she

came with the excuse that she had to

study for her finals

okay date number three by that time it

was about 11 per day number three we

went to her place and I helped her I

hope to relax in schoolwork and we hung

out we don't eat and you guys you guys

hung out and went in and you a Twitter's

where did you eat we ate at some Thai

food restaurant down street from her

exactly she made who paid you were her

we went dead I'll pay my part she played

her okay what happened date number four

day number four we went to a movie we

went to our Kaede and then we went back

to my place for about an hour I tried to

smash van and nothing happened okay who

paid for the movie we get to the point

she paid for the movie on that one okay

cuz I drove all right what happened on

date number five day number five last

night we went out with some of her

classmates of one other classmates I

like wait time out date number five you

went with her and some classmates where

well no we met we met them at some

rooftop now for the new year like a New

Year's party time okay we left there

about ten o'clock and got back to my

place again and still nothing at okay we

were both drunk

don't up an app yeah she's not gonna now

let me know no I got you I got you I got


listen listen alright stop talking I

already have enough information she

doesn't want to fuck you dude

mistake number one listen you were good

with the yogurt and the comedy show okay

that was cool that might have been a

little bit too much money you probably

paid for the comedy show too right yeah

okay right so you bought yogurt took her

to a comedy show listen that's that's a

pretty good kind of a first date

probably a second date okay but date

number three wasn't a date call her that

wasn't a date okay you went over there

and helped her with her schoolwork and

then you went out to eat so now you're

doing friend things date number five a

couple nights ago at New Year's Eve that

wasn't a date either because her friends

were there so you haven't been on five

dates with this girl you've been on

three dates okay so she's telling her

friends I've been on three dates with

this guy she's not gonna fuck you okay

was your first date on a Friday night or

Saturday night have you ever taken her

out on any of these five quote-unquote

dates have any of those dates been on a

Friday or Saturday night just one three

okay this is no accident call her she

doesn't want to fuck you she doesn't

want to fuck you the first mistake you

made is that you helped her with her

schoolwork the second mistake you made

is you fed her before you fucked her

okay the third mistake you made was gut

was was characterizing these

get-togethers as dates if she didn't

fuck you after the second date

she's never dude if she didn't fuck you

after the second date and again I'm not

trying too hard on you you don't

understand this is why you're calling me

because you don't understand but if you

guys are drunk on New Year's Eve and

she's still not fucking you she don't

want fuck you bruh she does not want to

fuck you

okay she doesn't listen she doesn't want

you she listens she likes being around

you because you do fun things with her

you helped her with her schoolwork you

take her to comedy shows you guys do

Thai food together etcetera etcetera but

she doesn't want to fuck you she doesn't

want to fuck you that that's just all

there is that's just all there is to and

then honestly drop her next door and

move on to a more interested target

listen it happens sometimes right maybe

you picked up a girl at all

maybe she wants to fuck you at that

point but maybe something you did or

didn't do during your 3-5 quote-unquote

dates maybe turned her off but she has a

good time with you non-sexually so what

she doesn't a lot of girls like to do

this they like to let you get close to

the pussy and then they don't fuck you

and they make you think that they're not

fucking you because they want to make

sure that you're not the smash and dash

type nah brah she has no interest in sex

with you she is letting you get that far

so that she can secure date number six

and at that point now you're paying now

you're in the friend zone yeah she's out

of there dropper thanks brother

all right last caller of the night area

code 207 you're on live at Donovan go

ahead nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger

nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger

nigger nigger okay let's go to the chat

yeah the and again a lot of girls a lot

of girls really like to sort of string

you along listen I actually had a

consultation with one guy who actually

fucked his one itis he said I ate the

booty and everything but he hasn't

fucked her since he takes her out on

dates they get close but they never fuck

girls have stepped up their game man

like at this point like they like they

they they get guys in the friend zone

but they know guys know what

friend-zoning tactics are says alright

I'll give him a little bit of ass I'll

give a little bit of booty up front

right and then I'll never give it to him

again that way he's not pining for

something he has never had he's fighting

for something he's already had which is

far more effective girls are doing this

now girls are doing this now girls are

fucking there girls are fucking guys

they put in the friend zone or like area

code three to three like area code three

to three did she lets him get close and

then he puts her off his first date with

her was not it was on a Sunday night and

I've said this before never ever take a

never take a girl on a first date that's

not on a Friday or Saturday night she

always has that excuse that I got to

study for finals no she had to study for

finals she

want to fuck you I mean listen don't

take it personally but this is this is

this is just how it is all right very


Nicole Michelle I love you I support you

but you are not gonna be I don't want

you chatting on my channel Nicole but

listen I'm timing her out but Nicole

Michelle is the truth she actually gives

gives good advice but she gives good

advice to women

this is a male channel you're more than

welcome to watch don't need the comments

appreciate it

I got one more caller on the line

area code 405 404 oh no I say 404 mr.

waves says Donovan what if you got other

hoes lined up though for Friday and

Saturday then you line her ass up for

next Friday and Saturday again man

listen and again remember the general

rule the rule of thumb is if you vote if

you fucked her already

you can take her out you get up with her

any night of the week because you've

already fucked her but if you have not

fucked a girl yet never ever ever go on

a date or a meet up with her that's not

on a Friday or Saturday night don't meet

up on a school night or a work night

because there's always that backdoor

excuse that's how it works

all right let's go back to the phone

lines area code 404 you're on live at

Donovan go ahead hey Donovan man was

crackin what's up how you doing that is

good man is Atlanta man back in the

house just one dollar I thought it was


funny as hell how you actually let that

dude call it in with his little trolling

you actually let him get higher you were

like now look let this play out he's

gonna hang up and they didn't get the

response he was looking yeah I mean well

the thing is it's just not original like

you got to be original like I mean I

mean dude like people are called people

been calling as niggers for 200 years

it's a little old like you got to be a

little more creative than that you know

yeah yeah it was any guys run I want to

run a couple things back by you real

quick let's do it uh as I was telling

y'all man I'm down here Stroud South

Beach Villas Beauty game I wanted to

bring up two quick things man I've got

my brain one that's kind a little bit

off-topic that's okay with you and I'm a

brain stop month it's all the way on top

let's do it then uh I went out for New

Year's man and I was alone ain't afraid

to say it I went out dolo that's what's

up and I had every intention of just you

know calling it quick but then I walked

up on a chick cuz I thought it's gonna

be a sausage fest but I walked up on it

shit while I was in this club man and uh

I'm 65 during the process a lot of

conversation and this by the way this

chick was at my chin level she was I

thought she was a tall chick that's why

I had her because look easy pickins

right right dude she could suck your

dick stand it up homie get worse after I

started walking around the club and I

noticed man like straight up and down

75% of these broad we're like short

broad with these humongous heels

somebody's shoes were literally eight

inches yes platform heels so take a

stand up and you know I'm talking about

women that are five three five two

appearing five nine appearing five in

all it was our man the general rule of

thumb with girls like that if she's

wearing stripper heels in public she

definitely wants anal on the first date

there's there's no doubt about it

I took a chick home and I was making out

with her in the elevator and everything

dude I guess in my house I might take

off your shoes and I went to go for a

drink while she took her shoes off I

turned around and there couldn't see her

behind the bar

where the hell did she go she had birth

she wasn't a dwarf was she okay man oh

my god Wow I was gonna be like oh wow

okay all right just just making some in

Miami I'm running into five three five

three is a common height here and that's

why I was tripping is I'm with a club

dude I'm seeing dues five eight five

seven and they're struggling but then I

realized man most of these chicks are

the right height to talk to these guys

if they're excluding them artificially

all right that's what's up man yeah

really well back to the point a hand

harder to run this run this man I know

that I know what the last caller I don't

want to pile on but about to just tell

your listeners if you get a girl be it

online or you meter and a game Oh

however you meter for the love of God

your first date should be at an

establishment that serves alcohol within

10 minutes right where you want to have

sex you don't need a woman so that the

alcohol doesn't work as well as she can

tell you or bulid cars and I don't feel

sexy no you get her shots at a bar you

have lockdown and you try to get it back

to the crib and that's what and if you

meet a girl at a bar oh I'm in Miami I

don't know I just

nationwide but I almost look at a phone

number as a polite way for her to to get

away from my conversation I try to pay

that night yeah straight up yeah yeah

first night listen first night lay it's

Friday Saturday night you're out you're

wearing stripper heels what's up that's

that's all the way man love the show

love your content you know I'm listening

every day man I work like a slave and I

look forward to your show at the end of

my shift

he's a man dude I appreciate you calling

man thanks for dropping that knowledge

man all right good call very good call


listen Steve the Dean likes to take

women to feed the ducks

take him to the museum take him for ice

cream this is just what happens take her

for shots never ever and I dude I've

said this five times already never ever

ever take a woman on a first meet up

that is

on a Friday or Saturday night that's all

there is to it men that's all there is

to it

all right very good dude

excellent excellent show tonight I am

absolutely exhausted man holy shit I got

some kind of still gut I still got stuff

to do holy crap

hang on a second Devon sent me an

attachment Oh Devon's making roast beef

for dinner tonight

oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah all right cool

that'll perk me up that'll perk me up

Massey says what if she works weird

hours and has the following day off work

well you wouldn't know that right

again listen man Hey

I mean if she works Friday you know if

he works Fridays and Saturdays I don't

know but shout out to Ryan Sullivan

Shana - Ryan Sullivan who's making a

good who's making a who's making um

making an appearance yeah she works

weird hours and has the following day

off of work then I don't know I don't I

don't know how you would I don't know

how you would know that but listen what

if she works at the mall right if she

works at the mall doesn't matter she's

still gonna fuck you she'd have to be at

work till 10:00 11:00 o'clock anyway

doesn't matter doesn't matter mr.

Universal Sports s still on keto Donovan

no kedo ended on Thanksgiving and it's

been carbo ever since but I'm actually

gonna go back to eating clean here I'm

gonna go back to eating clean here I'll

probably discuss that I've already

discussed that in an upcoming episode

let me take a screen grab here you guys

definitely came with the knowledge today

great callers today great callers

tonight I always like when my callers

have good questions and airy code three

to three

don't take it personally you know I mean

these things happen right I did I've

been in those positions before I'm on

the third date with a girl like dude

like what the fuck hasn't she fucked me

for what why hasn't she fucked me yet

well because he doesn't want to fuck

this is all there is to it it happens it

happens you can't win them all guys that

is that's the game that's gonna do it

for this edition of TSR live shout out

to rustical bomani i think which was

another named charles kebaya rollin HS

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knocking deal what extras no I can do


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