5 signs she's damaged beyond repair (Episode 362)




it is the quickest way to go broke the

deadlift is hard that's why it works

so you're on birth control you don't

have a boyfriend but you're not a slut


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beard game let's get right to it we talk

all the time about women who have red

flags right and listen to me clear red

flags are more or less defined as

characteristics traits habits or

sometimes even circumstances that make a

girl less likely to be a good

significant other main chick girlfriend

wife etc now to be clear red flags don't

necessarily disqualify a woman from your

commitment Devon's got a couple of red

flags but I've managed to mitigate those

red flags lesser men would not be able

to do what I do and here's another thing

guys not all red flags are created equal

but they are what they are if a girl has

a red flag you need to be alone you need

to be on the lookout and prepare

accordingly and of course the more red

flags any given woman has the more

likely it is that she will turn your

life upside down in many many ways also

red flags are synonymous with slut tells

in women anytime a woman has a red flag

it always manifests itself through sex

because women can only destroy

themselves there's X they can only

destruct themselves via cock even if

they have self-destructive habits those

self-destructive habits always lead to

sex she drinks a lot

she fucks a lot she cuts herself out of

self-mutilation because she secretly

hates herself she's

but the list goes on and on I don't

think I need I don't think I really need

to explain that so red flags are

certainly a cause for concern so make

sure you proceed with extreme caution

because again if she has too many he has

too many red flags you need to hit the

eject button with the quickness now I'm

not gonna talk about red flags because

I've discussed these red flags

ad nauseam multiple times during the now

what 362 episodes of TSR live sharp

shorts the brother pill and the red man

group no need to beat a dead horse here

we were all aware of what most red flags

are then we have what I like to call

crimson flags okay these are the habits

and characteristics that are a little

more alarming than red flags again they

don't completely disqualify a woman from

a long term relationship but they almost

do if you meet a woman with crimson

flags which and I'll discuss a few today

you will need airtight rock-solid game

because if you don't she will do far

more damage to you than a woman with red

flags then there are traits habits

characteristics and circumstances that

damage a woman beyond repair these are

not red flags these are not crimson

flags gentlemen these are black flags

these are the things that make women

radioactive as far as long-term

relationships are concerned and if a man

does not have game I would strongly

suggest not even sticking your dicks in

these chicks even one time women who are

damaged beyond repair

black flag girls these are the

borderline personality disorder girls

girls who know how to manipulate men on

multiple levels girls who are

psychologically diabolical and will take

their pound of flesh if you so much as

interact with them let alone fuck them

even one time women with black flags are

not to be messed with gentlemen and I'm

gonna discuss five that you need to be

on the lookout for I'm gonna talk about

six crimson flags then a later on in the

show I'm going to talk about I'm gonna

give you guys five black flags my

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well you know the funny the interesting

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he always carried a little bit of baby

fat you know he always carried a little

bit of fat he was never really ripped

like he could be he didn't put in the

work he didn't put in the work and you

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gmail.com alright let's get started here

let's talk about crimson flags now I've

got six of them and again crimson flags

aren't necessarily deal-breakers but

they are very very close I'll reiterate

again that the more game you have

meaning the better a handle you have on

women and the longer you live the red

pill life the more likely it is that you

can mitigate some of these crimson flags

now that's not gonna be easy no matter

no matter how much game you have and a

lot of men decide it's just not worth

the effort just because you listen just

because you just because you can deal

with crimson flaw or crimson flags just

because you can mitigate them doesn't

mean you want to so listen there are a

lot of black men out here myself

included I could easily handle black

woman doesn't mean I want to black women

say all the time well you can't handle a

strong black woman yeah actually I can

but I'm sure you could handle a brandy

kid too doesn't mean you want to crimson

flags are the same weight crimson flag

number one she was raised by a single

mother now again this is not a black

flag but this is a crimson flag even

still even still just because it's not a

black flag a woman who is raised by

single mother will make your life a

living hell it's not a matter of if it's

a matter of when

now as obvious as this is even dudes who

have red pill awareness they have no

clue that if she was raised by a single

mother she is she is just about damaged

beyond repair not quite but almost if

she is raised by single mother guys

there's a better-than-average chance

that she has no relationship with her

father which of course means daddy

issues and as we all know daddy issues

turns girls into raging sluts and by

raging slut I mean she is not as

selective as she could be right if she's

a seven or an eight

she doesn't have to fuck low-value guys

but girls with daddy issues are


truck loads of dudes who ain't shit when

they don't have to amy was a solid nine

she had a listen she had black flags and

crimson flags and fill-in slut tells to

be sure but she was raised by a single

mother she had an absentee father she

was hot but she was not very selective

now this isn't to say that girls that

are raised in a two-parent household

don't turn out to be sluts because

thanks to feminism most of those girls

turned out to be sluts anyway but if

there's no father in the home you may as

well quintuple her potential notch count

and girls like that rarely missed the

mark as I said before Amy's father was

in and out of prison her entire

childhood so it's not surprising that

she gave birth to a kid at the age of 13

years old who was fathered by a man 31

years old that's right at 13 years old

Amy gave birth to

kid the father was 31 years old now by

the time I met her she had a six year

old and it never and again she's like

yeah you got a six year old little girl

I'm like wait a minute you're 19 years

old had the kid at 13 and if you want to

know who Amy is if you want to know that

backstory look up read till origins vol

2 that will you can always find that you

can google that red pill origins vol 2

donovan sharp you can also find that it

is when you do that it's going to be on

patreon.com forward slash donovan sharp

buckle up that is one hell of a story

trust me number two she rewards you when

you treat her badly this is the second

crimson flag now this one's simple women

who treats you better when you treat

them badly they're not used to good

treatment or they don't think they

deserve it now this can be for any

number of reasons no father in the home

she's been in abusive relationships

because of daddy issues I mean the list

goes on and on but the bottom line is

that if a woman only treats you well

when you treat her badly she is just

about damaged beyond repair she's close

not quite but she's almost there

crimson flag number three she admits to

you that she has hooked up with other


now most girls have hooked up with other

girls is that normal sexual behavior

probably not but that is a bona fide

slut tell okay that's a red flag if you

find out now most girls never tell guys

they actually like that they've hooked

up with other girls and men with red

pill awareness knows that if she's ever

lived alone or if she went to a

four-year school and lived on campus

listen she's probably looked she's

probably lick a pussy or six this is

just listen man girl hook up with girls

all the time this happens but if she

actually if she outwardly is if she

outwardly admits to you that she has

hooked up with other girls that puts her

into the super slut category which means

triple figure notch count not a red flag

that is a crimson flag

Hellfighters says boys with single moms

are as bad we're not talking about boys

with single moms we're talking about

women in this particular podcast so

crimson flag number three she had not

that she's hooked up with other girls

listen you may find out from whatever

friends yeah you know uh Wendy kind of

hooked up with you know Jessica and

college right all right no big deal you

find out I have big fucking deal I don't

give a shit about that

right but if Wendy actually admits to

you that she looked a pussy or two in

college yeah that is definitely a

crimson flag number for crimson flag

number four and again these are crimson

flags these are not doesn't mean she's

damaged beyond repair but she's very

very close number four she tells you

that she is a feminist now I've

discussed this before but most girls

don't identify as a feminist but all of

them have feminist beliefs and

tendencies right they believe in things

like egalitarian relationships they

believe that women are equal to men they

don't think that there's anything wrong

with staying in contact with her

ex-boyfriends they don't they don't hold

women accountable for sexual

irresponsibility and so on and so forth

but when a woman says out loud that she

is a feminist the party's over

truth be told guys you can tell a woman

as a feminist before she tells you right

the sleeve tattoo the green hair the

tongue piercing tells you all you need

to know about a girl before she opens

her mouth number five the number five

crimson flag and again crimson flag a

little more serious than a red flag not

quite a black flag she's been a smoker

for most of her life now

we've all heard of the popular slut

trope if she pokes or she smokes she

pokes that's 100% true I've never met a

smoker who is a virgin I've never met a

smoker who wasn't a slut but if you made

a 33 year old woman who smokes and she

was maybe 14 or 15

that's a crimson flag again guys this is

self-destructive behavior like the

whacky piercings and the neck tattoos

which is the tell-tale sign of

deep-rooted issues some of which I've

already mentioned now I'm sure she's

tried to quit a few times but deep down

she knew she wouldn't she just tried to

see and she just tried to quit so that

she could say she tried but she knows

she's gonna smoke until she dies now

many many people have smoked at some

point in their lives myself included and

Devyn smoked at one point but she quit

now that doesn't mean that if a woman

has ever smoked that she has damaged

beyond repair but if she has smoked for

most of her life again she's pretty


that is a crimson flag number six number

six the number six

crimson flag she is or has a substance

abuse addiction this could very easily

be a black flag it could be but I didn't

necessarily mean flab that could also be

a black flag this would be it now this

is another obvious alarming trade but we

know that men either ignore this or they

don't realize that she has a substance

abuse problem until it's too late

women who have women who are or have

been addicted to drugs or alcohol again

they're engaging in self-destructive

behavior drinking and drugs are forms of

self-destructive behavior which is

standard for most women but when they're

addicted to it right there is some sort

of deep-rooted issues going on and again

I've talked about some already in this

episode ok so a girl got fucked up at a

party once ok fine ok so she did a few

lines of blow when she when she was with

her girls on a weekend in Vegas yeah

she's a slut we get that but if she but

any woman who has ever been addicted to

drugs or alcohol or raging sluts they

get drunk they fuck a bunch of dudes

they get high they get fucked up they

fuck a bunch of dudes women with

substance abuse addictions are always

raging sluts which again are much

different from standard sluts as we

talked about earlier ok guys listen man

I have dude I have dated fucked banged

many many strippers these are the nines

and the tens of the world the upper 5%

the top 5%

of women in terms of looks all of these

girls are addicted to some sort of drug

some are addicted dude some are addicted

to cocaine some addicted to heroin some

addicted to speed crystal meth they're

all raging sluts they don't have to be

but they are they could easily be

selected but because they're addicted to

drugs they fuck a lot more guys and they

have to substance abuse addiction is a

crimson flag straight-up

fuck her and discard her that is

literally all she's for if you were

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Oh give every year Rebecca good stuff

okay all right we're back we're solid if

you want to get it on the show 911 for

two oh five five three five six is that

I'm going to call again nine one four

two oh five five three five six is the

number to call if you want to get in on

the show let's talk about black flags

that's what we all came here for that's

we're all here for again guys these are

characteristics habits traits

circumstances that make her absolutely

radio active on all sexual levels as and

do not even fuck these girls if you

don't have any game and even then you

should steer clear of these chicks oh

thank you man Devin to the rescue I'll

tell you what you got to steer clear

black flag girls girls that are damaged

beyond repair because they will take

their pound of flesh from you one way or

another whether it's trying to trap you

with a kid or making a false rape

accusation against you these women will

find a way to royally fuck up your life

let's get started

black flag number one area code 347 I

see you in the queue I'm gonna get to

you in just a second black flag number

one she has a large visible tattoo a

large visible tattoo now a lot of girls

have these days but a lot of times

they're relatively small maybe a

butterfly tramp stamp or some sort of

profound statement on their wrists or on


or whatever things like that yes these

girls are epic slut so we know never to

make those girls your girlfriend or wife

but when a woman has something like a

large thigh tattoo we've seen those

before right or they have sleeve tattoos

Orton or large neck tattoos she is

damaged far beyond repair tattoos for

women are another form of self harm and

self-mutilation okay and again self-harm

self-mutilation that means self hate and

no amount of counseling is gonna reverse

the irreparable damage a woman with a

mural of a clown on her back has

sustained through her life the bigger

and more visible the tattoo is the more


she is Amy had a huge florrum forearm

tattoo that looked like she had it done

in prison turned out she did it herself

when she was 14 years old again at MIT

listen man no wonder why my relationship

with her turned out the way it did again

red pill origins vol 2 on patreon.com

forward slash Donovan sharp number two

she likes abusive sex yesterday I talked

about a girl I talked about a girl I

fucked who was into extremely abusive

sex take a listen

I remember one girl I used to fuck I

forget her name but she will this chick

limp or just absolutely being abused in

bed I slap her I choked her I spit in

her face call her all kinds of names I

put like I pull her hair she'd be laying

on the bed waiting for me to blast in

her face I'd reach under her head and

I'd pull up I fucking pull her hair saw

her face is like contorted when I'm like

when I'm nothing in her faces just pull

her hair and be like fucking worthless

cumdumpster right she told me she loved

painful anal sex and she wouldn't dude

she would beg me to pound her harder and

she would literally cry while I was

doing it

we'd have hot sweaty sex on these dude I

used to tell her lick the sweat off me

and she

she's the lick the sweat off me like she

was dying a thirst I mean this chick was

damaged beyond repair in every way shape

or form girls who like girls who enjoy

this kind of sex have more than likely

endured some sort of they more than

likely endured some sort of traumatic

event or a series of traumatic events in

their lives and the only way to escape

or somehow get closer to it in order to

what they like to call face your fears

and not be afraid of it which but when

you've really think about it in you know

theoretically it makes sense but at some

point this is the only kind of sex that

these kind of girls enjoy okay to do by

potty the do by porta potti girls comes

to mind which leads me to number three

they were gonna get to the phone calls

the third black flag which makes men

which makes women absolutely absolutely

radioactive she was legitimately raped

as in forced to have sex against her

will or and or sexually abused as a

child now first we all know that a good

number of rape accusations are false but

that doesn't mean there aren't girls out

there who haven't really been raped

going back to the previous one what I

just talked about the girl who liked

abusive sex I wouldn't be surprised if

she told me that she had been raped it

wouldn't been surprised thing is she

never did tell me and most girls who

have really been forced to have sex

against their will they choose to keep

it to themselves they suffer in silence

they don't tell anybody

one of them one of the tell-tale signs

of a false rape accusation is she tells

she tells more than one person but not

the police right if she tells one person

like her best friend hey you know what

Billie raped me last night oh you should

go too please no no no I don't know I

don't I don't want to do that okay fine

but if she tells all of her friends she

talks about it on social media she's not

sexually damaged that's a false rape

accusation so the first telltale sign of

a false rape exes she tells more than

one person but not the police

anyway secondly if you find out that she

was sexually abused as a child guys

there's no coming back

that man again it wouldn't be surprised

if I found if I found out that Juliet

was sexually abused as a kid it wouldn't

I mean it wouldn't surprise me oh I just

remembered that Juliet that was her name

huh Wow Juliet that was her name

Wow dude that's fucking crazy it

literally just snapped into my head

Juliet hmm how about that Carla dude

it's been years dude I couldn't never

remember that girl's name it literally

just popped in my head that's crazy

Carla the woman that I rented a house

for who was fucking the baby daddy when

I went to jail okay and not me she was

raped as a child guys her and her

sisters were all raped as young girls

six seven eight years old their uncle


Carla was six years old when he raped

her for the first time he raped her

until she was 10 years old her and her

sisters were all raped by her uncle and

that that explains why they all have

multiple kids by ultra bite by multiple

men listen as sad as this is guys like

your heart breaks for these women it's

not our problem it's not your problem

guys do not allow a woman who has been

damaged in this way to destroy your life

because you're trying to right the

wrongs of her past that is not your

responsibility guys and if you want to

know about the situation with Carla

search Red Mill origins volume four on

patreon.com forward slash donovan sharp

i actually just posted it right before

this episode so if you are a patron of

mine patreon.com port slash donovan

sharp red pill origins vol for how I

tried to turn a ho into a housewife and

if you want to hear a conversation I had

with Carla on the show go to donovan

sharp calm and look for episode 238 ok

that was a fucking riot shat by the way

shout out to chase LeBeau for suggesting

that he actually suggested that I give

her a call she had I I got a I got a

phone call from an from from from that

particular area code and she left me a

message and I was like what the fuck

like what is she calling me for and

chase little was like you know give

call I was like why not fuck it you guys

gotta check that out nine one four two

oh five five three five six let's go to

the phone lines

area code three four seven you're on

live with Donovan go ahead little bit

Donovan how's it going man doing good

man girls are the same as Psychopaths

yeah it's beyond repair and it to the

level that you know what they got a mule

today today damage you know girl oh

Abbot I made in what they are they got

immune to it you know and to the fact

it's like the new norm and I think just

like if we were saying um you get your

game has to be sort of airtight it's

more like yeah you're crank back your

crazy has to match that woman's crazy

yes yes patrol the other day it's sort

of like you know with the Joker Harley

Quinn yes Wow very good analogy yes but

for anything about even that


yohko feel he could be tamed by his

Batman Batman

Nichols is mine Audie Quinn was just a

woman that you know what she's giving me

pussy and like a manipulator to give me

some pussy and shit yeah yeah yeah


excellent excellent analogy yeah thanks

for the call area code 347 yo he brings

up a very good point the reason why the

Joker could handle Harley Quinn is

because he was just as crazy if not

crazy as she was right listen if you

want to tame a BPD girl if you want to

tame a crazy girl you gotta be just as

crazy if not crazier than she is that's

the only way contain those girls

Thaddeus Scott says dawn is that the

phone call you had on air when you told

her what I talked what'd you talk about


yeah I actually put some of that

conversation in one of my in one of my

episodes so you know tell me you know so

I'm curious you know what your show

about tell me what you're talking about

I was like yeah I talk about how women

ate shit and she pause for a second she

was like oh and then earlier in the


I might play for you guys again man that

was some funny fucking shit

she said and I told her about I told her

about Devin I told her that I'd taken

out Devin as I try to get comfortable

here and she said congratulations I was

like for what she said he said you got a

girlfriend do a fucking lab I fucking

laughed my fucking ass off that was that

was unbelievable to be honest with you

man I might do truthfully dude hold on a

second man I might just keep that

motherfucker up again I might just go

ahead and play that at the end of the

show because that is just dude the the

the Carla the Carla soundbite the Carla

conversation was just it was just I mean

dude it was just oh there it is there it

is I got it cute at hang on a second

chase chase LaBeouf all right very good

all right so I've got that queued up I'm

gonna play that at the end of the show

so you guys definitely listen I want to

get to what I'm talking about now I've

got two more black flags and I've got

one more phone call but at the end of

the show when I get done with that I'm

gonna play the Carla fucking phone call

it was absolutely fuck it was classic it

was a classic moment here it's ours that

was fucking crazy all right let's go

back to the phone lives uh looks like we

got someone calling from out of the

country I think this is mt2 is that


yeah yeah listen I'm starting to

recognize you guys as phone numbers mt2

man as a very young guy with rock-solid

red pill knowledge what do you got for

me today mother first of all I want to

ask you a quick question uh have you

changed your podcast hours because I

find myself listening to your podcast

live they wait later in my area that it

was before yeah yeah yeah I changed it

to to 5:00 p.m. eastern standard time

because I get a bigger audience what

time is it where you are like 12:30 1:00

oh wow

so it's tomorrow yeah but I'm still

listening no problem you got a bundle I

wanted to I wanted to have I wanted to

give you a quick props you said earlier

I mean every time you say that Jim girls

that go to meathead gym yeah really

really big thought

horse you're right I see that coming

from a big city to a small city to a big

city now to uni I go to real meathead

gym and yeah it's really true every girl

that in there look and act like a bitch

yes but they're good look in a second

they're now looking another black like

in my opinion any girl with a diagnose

like a medically diagnosed no no stop it

stop it you're doing an ETF 42 you're

doing an ETF 42 that's one of the that's

one of the black flags man you're

killing me oh no no listen listen I I

say that in jest that is one of the

black flags if she is diagnosed with a

mental illness and I will talk about

that but give me your take on why you

think that's a black fly okay I don't go

that I found out or they've told me like

in an activity that there is diagnose

depression or bipolar disorder and I've

been like well diagnosed as in like by a

doctor and they're like yeah I'm on


like what yep yeah my pills and those

pills fuck them up yes it's something

from that fucked them up now I'm gonna

let you just go on explain better prefer

they're gonna get to it but I want to

give my because you asked me to come in

with a bad date I want to give my

ultimate opinion on ltrs and business

relations yeah somebody actually just

asked that in the chat they want to know

if you're still with your long-term your

long-distance girlfriend yeah I'm gonna

say this it is absolutely working the

way I wanted to work but I'm so fed up

with it laughing like I know the girl is

I mean she's completely up to a tee

everything I asked for she's doing it

she'll come over again next weekend but

I'm like I feel like I'm stagnating with

this girl I'm like no what I want

something bigger I want something better

and I'm like not even done with LDRs I'm

kind of I kind of want to be done with

the relationship

for a while then it's late or because I

don't know what I'd like

I feel like relationships are holding me

down actually okay because I want to do

so much shit in life and I want to I

want to make so much money that I feel

like women actually hold me down listen

you are absolutely correct you are way

too young to be in a long-term

relationship however you are not too

young to be in a long-distance

relationship so you're probably thinking

what I'm thinking just leave the girl to

believe that you two are still in a

relationship and just fucking fuck side

chicks if you're a long-distance

relationship yeah she's not gonna give a

shit hey listen I'm gonna be I'm gonna

move into the United States for a year

right I'm making a boatload of money fly

your ass out here you can spend a week

or two with me then go back home there's

no reason why this girl wouldn't follow

you to the ends of the earth to keep

fucking you now obviously you don't want

to let her move in with you or live with

you but dude she's guaranteed pussy she

is one of the few women where you can

guarantee that you're getting that side

pussy so dude do whatever it is you want

to do she's not gonna find out one way

or the other

yeah that's true I mean I'm I was

thinking these days I'm like I'm

watching you and I'm watching all the

Redman group because I'm like all right

am I really like a nun I say I'm not

gonna go into our it anything like that

no I like my Chrissy I'm a man but now I

just limiting myself to one piece of

pursuing worthless it's worthless listen

I got pregnant listen I got I got Craig

the swinger in the chat he says start

swinging go to a swing club uh yeah in

the city the swing the thing is like

really big but I'm gonna I thought about

this one but I know it kind of makes me

nervous I don't know what to think about

it I going like trying out like a luxury

escort because I just want to have that


sure blah nomina I'm gonna I'm gonna try

things out it was an experience yeah at

the end line is now just whatever you're

doing in loves is don't fucking commit

from one piece of pussy as long as

you're young as long as I'm not gonna do

that anymore New Orleans and I think I'm

actually gonna come I'm gonna be like

you know if you still want to be my my

date so to say hmm I'm gonna go

fuck the mother pussy and you're gonna

have to deal with it if not just go find

yourself another picture on that cuz I'm

not gonna be one of them yeah if I were

you at listen I don't know you're you're

a grown man obviously you're gonna do

what you want I wouldn't even tell her

that I would just lead her to believe

that you were still her boyfriend just

go fucking around and if she ever finds

out alright I guess you caught me

cheating so you can either stay with me

or not but I'm not gonna stop doing what

I'm doing not for you

that'll make her pussy even yeah yeah

yeah that's an option too

I guess mt2 yeah calling from Eastern

Europe and picking up an Eastern

European accent listen keep giving me

updates man this is this is great I will

thank you thank you

mt2 in the motherfucking house we got a

couple more calls but I want to go over

the black flag before we get back to the

calls black flag number four she

mutilates her body with non traditional

piercings if a woman has too old if she

has two holes in each ear

that's a slut tell might not sound like

much but more than one hole in each ear

that's one of those undercover slut

tells right you see a girl who looks

wholesome and you know she dresses

modestly but she's got five or six

earrings and even one ear that's a bona

fide slut up might even be a crimson

flag but when you see a girl with her

ears gauged out or a bull ring in her

nose or a labret piercing the little

beret being right there at the bottom of

the lip or a tongue piercing or some

sort of freak show piercing like a cheek

piercing or you know or or maybe like

the bridge of her nose piercing or if

she has her nipples or her clit piercing

that is a telltale sign that that woman

will make your life a living fucking

hell we already know she's a slut as

soon as she puts a third hole in her

body but it goes way beyond that it goes

way beyond that getting again that's not

a red flag gentlemen that is a black

flag 9/11 for two oh five five three

five six let's go back to the phone


area code four one five you're on live

autonomy good how are you sir doing good

so I got a I guess a pretty short


there's obviously this common trope of

women being able to essentially hide

their true intentions their identity or

you know damage beyond repair for

roughly about six months or so I mean

that's been repeated within the

manosphere literature and the various

content creators out there now I'm

wondering if I mean I've certainly had

that experience of you know letting the

the true person come out after six

months or so and in your experience have

you had probably similar and what are

some of the the better Liars out there

that are that's able to you know maybe

sustain the image it was longer yeah

yeah definitely

um and thanks for the question area code

four one five yeah I do have experience

with these kinds of girls there are a

lot of girls out there who don't have

any discernible slut tells right listen

I'll you listen I'll use my own

girlfriend Devon for example when I met

her she didn't have her if she'd had no

ear pierced she had no ears piercing

didn't even have her fingernails

polished she owned

she the highest pair of high heels she

owned was one inch but guess what

literally to 48 hours after meeting her

and this is only because I have the game

to understand this right I knew she

didn't have any discernable slut tells

but learning about her habits the thing

that she told me guess what she was no

different sexually from any other woman

that I had ever met no again she was

much more receptive to the training and

all that you know the the rest is

history you guys know the story about

that so so yes I have had women who I

have been with women who don't have

discerned will slit tells that can sort

of get over on you a little bit quicker

but two things number one is a more game

and experience you have the less time it

takes you to figure out that she has a

red flag a crimson flag or a black flag

girls can only fake the funk for so long

right they can't keep up the charade

forever but if you're experienced with

these kinds of things if you have that

knowledge then you will quickly figure

out okay this girl is not who she

pretends to be or she's not who she is

trying to be again the more game you

have the longer you've lived that red

pill life the more it drastically

shortens the time between the the more

it drastically shortens the time between

when you meet her and

when you find out who and what she

really is the second thing is that women

who get over on men the easiest are

women who have no discernible slut tells

again no piercings no no no piercings or

anything like that she treats you well

she dresses modestly she has an

introverted and again if she's an

extrovert we know she's a slut she's gay

she's an she's an introvert she doesn't

have any physically or personality

related slut tells right those are the

ones that are particularly hard to

figure out however I released three

Donovan's dens that you can find on

Donovan sharp comma patreon.com four

slash Donovan sharp it is a total of

fifteen undercover slut tells that most

men are unaware of okay I'll give you

you guys know that it you guys have

heard of a couple of them that I talk

about right now then I talk about often

on my show number one she lives alone

when a woman lives alone again we're

talking about the woman who has no

discernable slut tells right no no

piercings no tattoos she seems to be

sweet a woman who lives alone can't fuck

as many guys as she wants to and no one

is no one has any the wiser because

she's not living with a roommate or her

family him guys might say well what's

the deal with that no women care about

what other people think and when they

don't have to endure the gaze of their

roommates or their family members or

worry about them passing judgment on her

as yet another guy comes through the

door or leaves the next morning women

who live alone can they can fuck as many

guys as their slutty little hearts

desire and no and no one knows that's an

undercover slut tell em t2 talked about

another undercover slut tell she works

out on a meathead gym okay so no body

Pierre no no piercings no tattoos but

she's an unbelievable shape you find out

she works out at oh I don't know

rock solid gym you don't find rock solid

gym on the Internet rock solid gym is

kind of off in the cut oh yeah there it

is rock solid gym that's where she goes

to guess what this is where the steroid

guys go and if women work out at these

gyms they're taking steroids too and

steroids are all testosterone based

testosterone raises your sex drive in

men and it raises their sex drive in

women so she looks even half

wait decent and she works out at a

meathead gym she's fucking every dude

there again if you want to find out what

the rest of those undercover slut tells

are go to donovan sharp calm or

patreon.com for it / Donovan sharp four

one five I appreciate the phone call

very very good question let's go back to

the phone lines I got C in Vegas in a

house what's going on brother hey do you

chat about the show so number the gym

anyway so I'll make this short

okay by the way the last episode about

the password you know brain hacks that

was a really good episode

yeah house you have to be right about

that that was really good one but

preachings but that said please write to

mom about to tell you alright that is

been after me deep I'm like you and a

goat so this one I made this I made this

mistake for this red flag

two times without girls a proper game

about the proper mind frame she wants

you to move in

Wow I realized that she wants you to

move in that's happened to me twice I've

made that mistake and its problem I mean

sometimes badly so you know you might be

you might be doing a thing with her

you're saying things might be going

great for the month or two whatever it's

happened to me like they're like more

like one two all you come move in with

me bah blah blah I've made that terrible

name guys I know it sounds great

especially if you're not aware of the

game stuff it sounds great yeah you know

connection ought to be paid all the

bells wrong Express easy to say

especially you see it's a financial

upper hand on you in the third place

yeah man oh that's not bad

you even reverse

stop by even reverse oh yeah with you

wrong movement also your sip if you do

that so I'm just letting guys know this

is from my personal experience you might

be like oh yeah you know you guys are

five where but she wants you to move in

red flag women were like I just say hi

wanna party they're not going to tell

you to move in right off a rib that's

just a bad no I get it so bad this is he

goes a lot of up like okay keep going

but you're going to good content man

that's my keys then see in Vegas you got

a man appreciate your calling him Colin


speaking of which I remember I told you

MT to wants to know why I keep smelling

that bottle because there there's a

scent on this bottle and it smells

okay I'm gonna go off on a tangent this

is gonna be bad it smells like a black

woman like black women for whatever

reason black women of a certain age like

in their 50s and 60s I don't know what

perfume it is but it all smells the same

it smells like what I describe as rotten

candy and it smells like this actually

smells like and not not a stinky black

woman but when you pass by an older

black woman at the grocery store this is

what they always smell like so I'm

wondering if Devon got this from an old

black woman or if she got it at the

grocery store maybe a black woman had

had her hands on it oh you guys know

what I'm talking about man and listen

and I'm not I'm not I'm not trying to be

funny here it's not like it smells bad

like it's a very distinctive smell

but it's older black women like black

women in their 50s 60s and 70s they

smell good that's fine and they're all

clean and hygiene and everything but

they all smell exactly the same like

they all have this distinct smell and I

think it's to me it smells like rotten

candy not that it's stinky but it just

all they all have but I don't know

anyway I don't want to yeah

maybe incense I don't know it just it

just smells weird it smells right hang

on a second oh there we are okay okay

okay okay

all right oh look at this listen Devon's

listening to this show so check this out

so this is funny I can't believe that

you guys gotta listen to this this is

fucking nutty listen to this shit so I

shot her a text I said where did you get

this water she said she got it work in

the tap so she filled it up with tap

water okay fine she says it was in the

fridge at work left over from the party

her job had some had some party

some-some party

she didn't go we were supposed to go but

I was tired and I had the brother pill

she says it was it was in the fridge

leftover from the party the new janitor

is a black woman so this is unbelievable

so it was leftover from the party and

she put it she she must have taken it

and put it somewhere she touched it and

it is obvious that I'd swear to god guys

I swear oh my god I don't know I don't

know I don't know oh my god anyway

I don't want to get listen I'm not

trying to be funny but black women over

the age of 50 they all wear the same I

know what kind of perfume it is but it's

all the same from sea to shining sea

from California to fucking North

Carolina they all smell the same huh

yeah Hashim Abdullah says Donovan got

that crime dog nose Yeah right like I

smell everything

yo b1 coyote says no sister oh my god

that is funniest shit

Thaddius gut says Donovan the black

woman whispered dude I smell but I kept

smelling the bottle I was like dude like

something's up and then it hit me

I am Elvis's cocoa butter for the win

mt2 says important question Donovan did

Devin throw a fit because you didn't go

know Devin didn't go and neither did I

know she didn't throw a fit um dude when

Devin gets home from work man what she

does is very taxing and she actually

told me about the party she told me cuz

it's it's a special thing at work you

know they celebrate like the Alumni the

people who have worked there before and

um and she tells me about all her work

get-togethers and parties and she brings

me to all of them and so I said yeah put

it on the calendar we'll go ahead and go

and it happened to be yesterday and so I

got off the show and you know we're

sitting there I'm you know I'm sitting

there trying to rest before the brother

pill she's like yeah you know the the

work party was tonight and I was like

okay well I guess we're definitely not

doing that

but anyway so yeah so no no she wasn't

she wasn't pissed off at all she's not

she's not worried about that I don't

know I listen I don't know man maybe

Devon if Devon's ever hooked up with a

woman maybe she likes old black women

maybe that's the way maybe that's the

reason for the smell I don't know

Thaddeus Scott says he knows listen you

guys know what I'm talking about

you black men out there know what I'm

talking about all right let's go back to

the phone lines irie-kun nine one six

you're on live with Donovan go ahead hey

what's up Donovan how are you doin good

you I'm doing pretty well and so uh my

name is Larry I've been a patient for

about about a couple months now grants

been listening in just excited food in

life but I definitely

today's topic definitely has some things

that can relate to it okay I have a have

a good friend of mine known her for

about eight years and I've known her it


and for a while in college a lot of

people told me la hey like yo Larry stay

away from this girl because she's kind

of you know she does this kind of crazy

shit I'm like okay whatever but then you

know so decide not to pay attention to

listen to it and then you know found out

she had like this huge tattoo on her

back cover from like shoulder blade to

shoulder blade and such okay that's a

cool tattoo right now but then uh you

know III liked her you know this is that

when I was so pretty blue sure you know

I liked her and then I'm trying to play

I try to play you know Captain save-a-ho

you know my own and she's been through

all these bad relationships and shit you

know and uh you know I try to keep on

staying her friend this and that but

then you know she really only like saw

me as a friend and such and so I kept

seeing her go through all these crazy

badass relationships because her way

that shit and she's like oh I want

someone to love her for for who she was

and like okay that's me but you know

clearly I didn't shit apparently and so

earlier this year I found the red pill

and I became a believer because of this

woman cuz ah so she was so she was the

red pill Genesis she has the red pill

point of origin yes definitely

and so like in reading rationalizing

something like damn like this woman is

the embodiment of everything yep you

know that's the way usually happens man

had so yes yeah

and so she could tell me how she gave

her life on it and then give me more

applause look you know what women I

don't really want to hear this shit if

you want how many done do something

about it

don't just keep complaining about it and

then eventually I was like you know what

I'm just fed up with it I'm tired of

trying to be your best friend trying to

play captain save-a-ho right you know

keep trying to listen to all this shit

while you go through all this other

stuff right like you know what I'm done

I don't want to see you ever again and

then I just could I realized she was

damaged beyond repair right you know

what I wasn't like that like she was not

worth it don't do it and I get for eight

years eight years and nothing changed of

it screw it we're done like I can't we

can't do this anymore

let me ask you this how old is how old

uh right now g29 to taking the wall Oh

perfect so in about a year

year-and-a-half she'll be reaching out

to you again so be ready yeah I remember

when I when I told her I didn't want to

see her again she liked all but when we

see each other again and like no women I

told you I don't ever want to see you

again oh shit I just kind of left it at

that yeah you know see listen real quick

before I let you go you don't he got wet

when you told her that like just that

quick that's how quick that listen

that's how long it takes

well Larry listen I bring up the call

and I greatly greatly appreciate this

appointment hopefully gonna be a pager

to my fur off for quite some time

hopefully I can offer hopefully I offer

you some value in terms of understanding

women yeah for sure man thank Donovan no

problem but take care Larry in the nine

one six again listen man we take calls

all day about you know about about women

who have red pill let me let me go to

the chat here before I go to the fifth

Black Flag's I'm gonna play them I'm

gonna do the fifth black flag then we

are going to do I'm gonna play the Carla

phone call from episode 238 thanks to

chase LeBeau shoutout to Hashim Abdullah

for the show topic he is the one that

submitted the show topic this is a very

good show top appreciate that shout-out

to mr. old-school writer for the five

dollar donation via the stream labs calm

Ford / Donovan sharp 1 give me one

second oh boy wait a minute hang on a


alright so Devin ordered looks like

Devin has mailed it in she has ordered

food tonight so I got to keep an eye on

the phone we live in a very secure

building and they got a call up and we

got a buzz a min and all that so doors

on the way there okay

um let's see here let me uh cocoa butter

for the win

yep dude I can still smell it I can

still smell demet taught me that the new

janitor is an old black lady and I can

promise you that old black lady touch

this bottle cuz I can smell I could

smell it on her I can smell it man

I'm smell that my whole life dude dawn

the black woman whispered that is funny

as shit Thaddeus Scot like I said

earlier says he I know that too

ah freelance Ronan has shed a little bit

of light on this he said that is that

that that old gimje perfume from the 80s

it was hi Karate for women Wow how about

that so I've never known what it's

called I just know that since I was a

fucking kid every black woman over the

age of 50 smells just like that it

doesn't smell bad it's just a very

distinctive smell

mister old school writer said it smells

like old ass Ava

fuck dad says I valet in Vegas and yes

I've noticed the same perfume when I

park cars for older black women I'm

telling you man you guys know what I'm

talking about we'll Chrisman in the

house says good lord sounds like one of

my sip tales from back in the day right

see you guys see you guys are fortunate

you guys you guys stick around women who

friendzone you my dumbass fucking rented

a house running a fucking three-bedroom

house for this bitch so you guys did

better than I do

okay Jimmy one Kylie says she's at that

stage where alpha male strategies

wouldn't make them eat his head haha

everybody's rooting for that Carla phone

call I'm gonna play it I'm gonna play it

man cuz that was that was a classic

moment in TSR life history thanks to

chase LeBeau for suggesting that all


Black Flag number five and this is

exactly what mt2 was getting at on the

phone Black Flag number five which makes

her radioactive she's been diagnosed

with a mental illness no I'm not talking


girls who have bought a few xanax bars

from Billy the cocaine dealer that she

may or may not be fucking right now to

take the edge off I'm not talking about

girls who on mild anxiety drugs for the

same reason anti-anxiety no no these are

red flags to be sure but with rock solid

game you might be able to manage that

that's a red flag probably not a crimson

flag okay I'm talking about women who

have been clinically diagnosed with

mental illnesses like borderline

personality disorder depression manic

depression bipolar disorder social

anxiety disorder schizophrenia psychotic

psychotic disorders and so forth it is

amazing to me that men still get mixed

up with these girls and they have no

idea that she's on lithium or lamictal

depakote lexapro cymbalta celexa Remeron

now you guys are probably thinking they

have Donovan you know a lot about this

shit and you would be right and the

reason for that is that my ex-wife Darcy

had been on every one of those drugs I

just mentioned at some point or another

in our marriage I'm gonna take you guys

back to November 7th 2008 I will never

ever forget this day as long as I live

so Darcy's outside smoking on the deck

getting ready to go to work we work for

the same company at that time making

great money I work remotely she worked

on site so I walked out there to smoke a

cigarette with her and I noticed that

she was crying and shaking

uncontrollably to this day I don't know

what told me to do this maybe I sensed

it right maybe I don't know but I

immediately took her to Johnston mental

health which was a mental facility in

Smithfield North Carolina we lived in

Clayton North Carolina was Johnston

County I took her to Johnson mental

health and there she was diagnosed with

bipolar disorder social anxiety disorder

and schizoaffective disorder which meant

she heard voices in her head that were

not there now I'm not gonna get into the

details but you guys can check out Red

Mill origins vault volume 2 and learn

all about my failed marriage to Darcy

Marcus says BDD body dysmorphic disorder

every every woman has body dysmorphic

disorder thanks

kardashians that's not that I don't

think that's a clinical thing now

incidentally enough incidentally enough

so so basically my ex-wife had a slew of

undiagnosed mental illnesses when she

was married to me

that's a black flag but check this out

Narcy was also addicted to crystal meth

at one point in her life she lost

custody of the daughter she had by

another man while she was married to her

first husband that's right paternity

fraud father and daughter still have no

idea and the daughter is now 23 years

old and has another kid by an abusive

guy guys this happened all before I

married her so when you tack on all the

mental illnesses she was diagnosed with

it's no shock that our marriage didn't

last Darcy was due Darcy was damaged

well beyond repair

long before our first date so where's

Darcy now she is now married for the

fourth time in the last 15 years I want

to make the distinctions again so that

you guys can act accordingly red flags

are not deal-breakers

they are definite listen but they're

definitely cause for pause right you

need to be aware of the effects that red

flags have on women and that they have

on you now some guys some guys can

handle certain red flags better than

others a red flag for one guy might be a

crimson flag for another and vice versa

and also keep in mind that a man's level

of game has aged his experience with

certain red flags his level of tolerance

for certain red flags and his

decision-making skills will determine

whether or not he can he can or will

attempt to handle or mitigate red flag

or red flags plural now typically older

men are far less tolerant of red flags

because they simply do not have the time

or the patience to deal with them

younger guys may decide not to deal with

red flags because of their lack of

experience either way red flags are not

to be taken lightly

if in doubt guys walk away there's

plenty women out there a general rule of

thumb is that if a woman has three or

four red flags or more than that bounce

like a bad check and find another girl

crimson flags are much more

serious again they're not deal-breakers

but if you've got next-level game to

handle crimson fly if you've got to have

next-level game to to handle women who

have crimson flags if you decide you in

the first place

younger men should never deal with women

who have crimson flags these women dude

these women will chew you up and spit

you out

men with ironclad rock-solid game like

myself you can deal with these women but

you probably don't want to fuck up and

chuck em that's all you do black flags

don't fuck with these broads guys don't

don't mess with them dude diagnose

mental illnesses right you know but you

know mute Allah you know body mutilation

if she cuts herself if she has extensive

piercings and tattoos nontraditional if

she was legitimately raped or as

sexually abused as a child okay if she

likes abusive sex guys get the fuck out

of there you're not doing yourself any

good by messing with women who are

damaged beyond repair

okay as promised I am going to play the

Carla phone call smarty smart says what

about the ones who smoke Ella weed yeah

that's not a black flag that's the more

of a red slash crimson flag dude dude

pothead dude girls who are pot heads or

a fucking headache man I've dealt with

them before it's just just use them for

sex because they only because girls who

smoke weed all the time you know they

can never enjoy sex if they're not on

weed you know so anyway all right let's

get to it the Carla oh the Carla phone

call take

chase LeBeau says yo what the fuck is

she call it for you want to know

something man

I might this fucking call this chick

back god I wish I had a sound mixer I

would dude I would totally I would

totally fucking clown this bitch I

wonder it dude I wonder if I can't pull

this shit off hang on a second I'm gonna

do an experiment man hold on this is

gonna be a TSR first I'm gonna put her

on speakerphone you guys have to let me

know if you can hear her okay

I'm gonna call her up and by the way

this bit this bit just Puerto Rican she

sounds black can you guys hear that

phone ringing Shh not gonna tell him

right there hey what's up not too much

just kind of doing my thing got my own

show no you know I talk about women

dating etc etc not to women to men yeah

so it is you know what no no no you you

know you you definitely you definitely

do not want to watch my show for sure

well first of all well you have to pay

for it so it's it's it's like paid

content stuff like that I mean it I

don't give a shit whether you watch it

I'm just saying like women don't like my

show you don't you don't you don't

strike me as the type of woman who would

like the kind of stuff I talked about so

anyway how's dating good

um-um thought you had send a message and

I thought it was you this number I knew

a message I don't know who the number

whoever says you know what we'll hold on

hold on whoever sent you the message

definitely was not me well I mean listen

I mean you can say whatever you want

definitely wouldn't me I was interred in

my show was it so you said the message

was this morning

yeah I don't even I don't even have your

number in my phone so yeah I mean so how

you been how's Melissa how's destiny

Alex pretty much good good Melissa how

she doing now Melissa just had a fourth

kid right

mmm yeah time flies so her first kid was

with her first kid was with machi right

and then her second two kids were with

Aaron and then her fourth kid was with

the guy from Brooklyn yeah okay that's

right Oh medical score okay what do you

what are you looking to do with that

okay there you go

you know nurses make a lot of money

really go back embarrassing okay

much stickier off yeah I guess we all do

that's a point right you know it's funny

I was actually just thinking about the

you remember the house that I rented for

you near downtown Raleigh the

three-bedroom two-bathroom house yeah it

was funny I was actually talking to my

friend the other day about the fact that

you remember I left her house that one

day and I got pulled over and I got

locked up for a week remember that some

crazy shit right was going to the store

or something no you wasn't even supposed

to be gone on you was becoming my bed

yeah you know those Raleigh cops are man

they get behind you that was bitch do I

have any kids fucking wrong with you I

talk about how women ain't shit

yep yeah I mean we listen listen no no

of course I'm not talking about you like

obviously obviously you're very very

different from most women in a lot of

ways right like you understand that

right no no no no I mean obviously I'm

very I'm very very different from who

you like like I'm very different from

who I used to be like obviously right

but like what I'm talking like but what

I talk about women ain't shit like I'm

not talking about women like you like I

want you to understand that you are the

exception to the rule all right well

look I gotta go

like I said to take care of my girls

actually gonna be taking me out to

dinner here in a little bit so for what

you're congratulating me for a

girlfriend right oh yeah yeah what's up

dude oh my god I used to be such a

fucking loser this is unbelievable I

can't believe it oh good god don't get

me started don't get me started

alright I'm gonna run I'll talk to you


and that was all she wrote I still can't

believe like dude like like everything

about that phone call it had all sorts

of tones you text somebody from Nevada

texted me and blah blah blah blah like

bitch I didn't text you this this is

funny and this is something that you'll

notice that girls do back in your

symptoms and dude Carly's to reach out

to me every couple years when she'd get

in trouble and that was the time I

actually did something about it so she

obviously thought that she could get her

hooks in me so she's like gasps somebody

from Nevada texted me that I know

sweetheart when she was trying to make

it look like is that I reached out to

her I didn't mean to have her fucking

number number one number two did you or

did you remember when she asked so do

you have any kids I'm just wondering in

other words are you sharing your your

new life with someone else right like

it's so funny how girls are so like you

could hear her pokin and proddin mt2

correctly correctly stated that she was

very very nervous on the phone call the

reason she was nervous is because her

ass was in trouble and that's why she

reached out to me she thought that she

could get me back on the hook she

thought that I would somehow come back

and rescue her no sweetheart it has been

far too long

she must be in a real trouble so um so

anyway anyway helped fight her says Wow

she's missing that D I never fucked her

guys I never fucked her she says I'm

your ex-girlfriend no this girl was

never my girlfriend never my girlfriend

and I said I was a fucking loser she's

like what why do you think that oh my

god give me a fucking break

Jesus Christ oh yeah yes mt2 also talks

about oh my you're not the exception to

the rule I'm not talking about you and

this is where women know who the fuck

they are I said you're an exception to

the rule not talking about I'm not

talking about you she says Am I she

knows she's the typical ain't shit bitch

no she's not a black woman she is a

she's a Puerto Rican and she has all the

black woman traits men all the black

woman traits so yeah that is the Carla

conversation again

definitely definitely one of the more


that was TSR live history man straight

up yeah Craig siak the Craigslist waiter

said she was searching for that password

no sweetheart nope

you ain't got that hack anymore it's

great oh my god I have no idea what

we're talking about on the brother pill

tonight so I guess you guys are gonna

have to you guys are gonna have to find

out I have the opportunity but wait a

minute anyway that is gonna do it for

this edition 40s are alive yes and catch

me on the brother pillow no shade Duke

Jackson's channel in just over a half an

hour we're on nigga time again guys go

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