5 signs you might be a fake ass pro black (Episode 421)




I don't give a shit about your 1500 SAT

score eat under 1500 calories a day and

then I'll be impressed if you treat her

better than she treats you she'll get

bored don't just give her your attention

made her earning she's not your co-pilot

she's your flight attendant fly from

Philadelphia your man 420 first edition

of PS our live your daily dose of red

felt truth wisdom and awareness it is

Monday March 11th 2019 good to have you

guys in this afternoon we are multi

casting as usual live to youtube

facebook twitter and the donovan sharp

mobile app so wherever you are and

however you are watching or listening

thank you for making the sharp reality a

part of your day gentlemen we are about

to trigger some niggas you guys already

know what it is I already see a comment

in here by Corey Busby that says reason

number one your parents are white wrong

answer CB we're gonna get into that a

little bit later on those of you who

have watched me over the years are well

aware of the fact that I have a glaring

weakness for trolls

I cannot stand guys who come on to my

channel or onto my facebook or my

Twitter page and talk shit knowing full

well that the very worst that can happen

to them is getting blocked which really

isn't a consequence at all there's no

risk you know the old saying goes

nothing ventured nothing gained

well trolling someone on Facebook

Twitter social media their YouTube

channel there's no risk to that this is

why they do it now the Internet has

changed the world white a bit but there

are quite a few things that the Internet

has created that are detrimental not the

least of which are ethics keyboar

gangsters internet alphas and by the way

I don't really like I don't consider

myself to be an alpha male I don't you

know to listen as a woman you don't get

to decide as a woman that you as a woman

are beautiful men decide that I don't

get to decide whether or not I'm an

alpha male I've never said I don't have

a sharp I'm an alpha male listen to my

am alpha am i an alpha male I don't know

you guys decide that women decide that

that's how that goes now I'm talking

about the internet alphas these are the

males who hide under the shroud of

anonymity which gives them basically

carte blanche to talk to whoever they

want in whatever way they want

now this angers me because I know that

147 percent of people who troll me would

never act this way toward me if they

actually saw me in public

these males are cowards now part of my

weakness that I have for trolls is

because I have a documented diagnosis or

my bed I have a documented diak

documented tongue-tied here diagnosed

anger problem it's called intermittent

explosive disorder ie D for short now

listen that's certainly not an excuse

but it is certainly a factor when it

comes to my short fuse here's another

reason guys I'll actually I'll actually

it I'll actually admit this to you

part of my intolerance for trolls stems

from immaturity yes gentlemen I know

that I have a lot of growing up to do

even though I'm 41 years old but because

I am self-aware and I realize that I

have a temper problem and can be

emotionally immature at times I've taken

measures to reduce my exposure to my

weaknesses one such measure is that I

now have a separate show for people who

are not likely to troll which is the

creation of TSR primetime I do things to

control my environment because I'm

self-aware enough to mitigate my

deficiencies this is what men do

men know that they're not perfect we

understand these things five percenters

we're not perfect in every way

but if you have a deficiency you control

your environment so that your

deficiencies can be mitigated this is

what happens now trolls would have us

believe that they do what they do for

many reasons but there is only one

reason men troll me and one reason women

troll me I've said it before men who

troll me want to be me and women who

troll me want to be with me it's as

simple as that and of course they never

admit this out loud but if they were

being honest with themselves this is

what they tell themselves the thing is

is that this could be handled

differently in ninety nine point six

ninety nine point nine ninety-nine point

nine percent of the time it is and I'll

tell you why even though I'm talking

about trolls and we'll get to the

fake-ass pro-black ism here in a second

even though the even though I get a lot

of trolls the vast majority of men who

comment on my post ask me how I got

where I got where I am from where I was

guys I used to be over 300 pounds I used

to be broke I was terrible with women

obviously this is far from the case now

and I have zero issue with broadcasting

that and get this guys I will although

readily admit that part of the reason I

make these posts are ego I love

broadcasting my kick-ass life guys I

like showing off my traps I like showing

off my biceps I like showing off my

girlfriend I'm human I like most men out

here I take tremendous pride in the fact

that I am a self-made man everything I

am today is because of the hard work

that I put in and you guys see that

pride and ego on social media quite

often but the main reason I make these

posts is true it is to show you guys

that if a guy like me can come from

where I was which was fat I was a fat

lazy beta male with no money no game no

direction to where I am now then so can


there's nothing special about me guys

there's nothing that I do or that I've

done that you can't do the only

difference really between me and you is

choice that's it oh my god DeSean

Jackson is with the Eagles whole

smokes I know this isn't supposed to be

sports talk but we just got back to Sean

Jackson anyway like I said the only

difference between you and me is choice

that's it I decided to kick life's ass

and I do so I make these posts to both

stroke my ego but I also do it to

inspire you guys to do better for

yourself it is a double-edged sword


males who troll me tell on themselves in

two ways number one they tell me that

they want what I have and more

importantly number two and they tell me

that they are unwilling to put in the

work necessary to live the life that I

live Donovan you big ego ass nigga you

dick you the man you ain't shit nah brah

I don't think I'm the man you think I'm

the man real fucking talk now some

trolls have also said well I don't want

what you have and then put that fake lol

as if they are really laughing out loud

as they troll me when it is plainly

obvious that they are not because if you

didn't want what I have

then why comment on my post in the first

place if I can't listen if I came across

a post of some random dude with a fat

chick bragging about how hot she is I'm

not gonna comment and tell him his girl

is fat because I can see that his girl

is fat and I presume that he is - I'm

gonna laugh out loud to myself and move

on because I don't really want what he


but when a man comments on how my girl

is a busted chick or a bottom shelf

Becky or that she has a flat ass he has

outed himself as a man who not only

wants what I want wants what I have but

is too lazy to work for it and to make

himself feel better about not being

willing to do what is necessary to live

a better life they make fun of men like

me who do they do this to cover up the

fact that they really are just envious

and definitely not laughing out loud now

to bring it back around this episode is

not about trolls

it is about Easter

kind of trolls the kind of trolls that

come after me on the regular

and that troll is what I like to call

the fake-ass pro-black

fake-ass Pro blacks hate donovan sharp

they hate your boy they hate the fact

that I have a strong command of the

English language and I speak it

flawlessly they hate the fact that I

don't look like I have two black parents

they hate the fact that I talk about

racial issues with rationale and reason

instead of emotion but there is one

reason above all fake-ass Pro blacks

hate Donovan Sharpe that's right I'm

talking third-person they hate me for

many many reasons but this is what makes

them show their true colors this reason

stands alone in terms of why these guys

really hate your boy that reason will be

revealed right after the break we'll be

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alright let us do a quick check of the

chat before we move on here Charles

cabby arrow comes in first

he's hitting leadoff on the mobile app


freelance Ronan the original TSR og it's

gonna bunt him over mic Chenery is in

the three hold red pill Mambo's hit and

clean up today let's head to the YouTube

side James Martinez says the app is

working thank you yeah you know I mean I

had to get on my app people they went

ahead and and and fixed everything

uber guy I don't think I've ever seen

you in here before he says please

regulate please expose the BS oh yes I

absolutely will Zenit shows clutch I

knew your ass would be in here today man

sir tricks a lot says happy triggering

Donovan oh yeah oh yeah yeah like I said

I'm a trigger some niggas today for real

Corey Busby said reason number one your

parents are white I mean if your parents

are white then you're not black right

well wait a minute Corey Busby might

actually be making sense because if your

parents are white that doesn't mean you

can't be Pro black but pro Blatt like

real pro blacks genuine Pro blacks which

I'm gonna talk about here in a minute I

don't you know listen you do whatever

you want right but you know you can't

really call yourself a pro black if

you're white person I assume that's what

you're meaning I don't know daddy Scott

is in the house is in the towers

freelance Ronin double dippin hey smart

guy says I like these topics because

there's a lot of black men who say

they're Pro black but do whatever is

best for them that is th ey ' or e hey

smart guy yes I am the grammar police

please gentlemen please learn the

difference between there there and there

please Corey Busbee says can you explain

what a pro black is I will in a minute

mr. e 1976 is in the house red beast red

beast says number one you glorify

melanin yeah I don't really like it when

guys say well my bitch after hat has to

have melanin oh please give me a break

this is it's just like instead of saying

listen I like black women no you you

give it extra syllables to make it sound

special well listen I think people with

milling it on so it's got three

syllables instead of one

yeah get out of here get outta here

freelancers you think the black woman is


that's a good one Oh red beasts doing

his ETF 42 impression he says quote you

refuse to admit any faults in the

culture of hip-hop and the gangster

lifestyle I like it I like it red beast

doing it again you jumped it okay I'm

gonna still listen oh whoa whoa whoa red

beast all right hold on hold on man red

beast is red beast are jacking up the

show dude he's going right down the list

here you guys are killing me all right

man I'm not gonna time you out red beast

but man you got to keep your mouth

closed man trying to do a show here

trying to you know listen I you know I

have to do my teases I do my

cliffhangers are killing me loose cunts

Scott says Derek Jackson is a fake Pro

black he is but I don't really have

anything against him Derek Jackson is

doing what's best for Derek Jackson

Derek Jackson doesn't believe dude 95%

of what he says in public

so Derek Jess is also a simp and part of

the 20% of women desire no Derek Jackson

is not a sip

Derek Jackson played a role of a simp

because it is far more profitable to

tell women what they want to hear as

opposed to telling women what they need

here this is why guys like Derek Jackson

Matthew Hussey this is why they're

always gonna have a bigger following

than guys like myself or what Nicole

Michelle or whoever because women don't

want to hear they don't want to hear

what's hard to hear they want to hear

what they want to hear witness and women

black women white women they're looking

for confirmation not affirmation Melvin

Brown says I'm not gonna lie but I love

the troll all right well do your worst

we'll see what happens Lou Scott says

Thank You Donna des for promoting hard

work absolutely BJ Tucker says Mel that

a good troll can be epic but there's a

fine line between a well-placed troll

and bitch-like behavior well said listen

some guys come on here and playfully

troll me all right

Donovan I see you have less acne on your

face today okay that's true right I mean

what am I gonna say about that

freelance is letting them all out

BJ Tucker says I am NOT half-stepping

absolutely black bear 1982 says Pro

blacks are sexually confused they envy

the fact that they can't get hot white

girls but can only get precious or

Florida Evans Cornell Carter oh my god

wizard praying you are not in the wrong

chat my friend I can see you in there

shout out to wizard prang yo comment of

the night by black bear 1982 wow this

dude dropped precious Florida Evans and

Nell Carter taking it all the way back

holy moly

Heath and Alexis I guessed DeSean waited

for Chip Kelly to leave Philly yeah

listen Chip Kelly wasn't a bad NFL head

coach he was a very bad GM never forget

Chip Kelly won ten games Chip Kelly won

ten games in his first two years in

Philly ten games in both years made the

playoffs once good good stuff Nell

Carter oh my god no Carter holy moly oh

yeah oh my goodness okay let's continue

so before the break I left you guys with

a cliffhanger I told you guys that I

would tell you the main reason these

fake Pro blacks hate me I told you that

one reason stands above the way I talk

stands above the way I look

stands above the way I carry myself

stands above the fact that I'm a cocky

son of a bitch the main reason fake ass

Pro blacks hate Donovan sharp is because

Donovan sharp dates a white girl oh yes

and an attractive white girl at that if

my girl really was what they like to

call a bottom shelf Becky or a fatty or

an ugly girl they wouldn't care but

because my girl is attractive that's why

they hate on your boy also because I

have receipts of my long history of

success with hot white girls

and that my current girl has the body of

a porn star

they throw shade make no mistake

gentlemen that's the main reason but

still uneven how do you know this is the

main reason I'm glad you asked

mythical disembodied audience member the

reason I know that this is the main

reason is that these fake-ass Pro blacks

never start throwing shade until they

see my girls apple-shaped

ass on the screen they see something

they want but no they can't have and

then what happens is their female

tendencies take over they can't help

themselves guys they simply cannot

control their envy now there are plenty

of guys who have respectfully said you

know what Donovan I prefer black women

but do you bruh right I ain't mad at you


slay them white girls there are plenty

guys who are like listen Donovan not

really attracted white girls but I ain't

hatin do you bruh you got it and other

things along those lines and that is

totally cool man

to listen to each his own different

strokes for different folks listen I

have never bad-mouthed the black man who

says he prefers to date black women hey

we all have our preferences I get it but

when dudes tell me things like white

girls aren't special or white women or a

novelty nothing more or you better watch

out Donovan white girls or Sneaky's or

my favorite white girls do it too I know

I've got a fake-ass pro-black on my

hands William Wharton says show us her

ass and prove it lol yeah go to my

facebook page go to my Twitter page and

get all the Devon ass you want brother

then you can come back here tell me

she's a bottom bottom shelf Becky and

then they get timed out go on go on

check out my social media go on check it

out go ahead and commit it to your spank

bank cuz I know you will now admittedly

I have gone back and forth with these

guys which I know isn't wise but I'm

working on it right but that doesn't

change the fact that these guys troll me

in a feeble attempt at covering up their

obvious Envy William Warren says he was

just kidding yeah this is another one of

my weaknesses I take things a little too


I have troll fatigue

and sometimes I take jokes a little too

seriously part of the gig anyway let's

talk about the difference between what

is a genuine pro-black

and a fake ass fraudulent pro-black just

so we know what our definitions are now

a genuine pro-black

is a black man or a black woman that

lives a lifestyle that encourages

economic and educational growth and the

development of the black community as a

whole the purpose is to increase the

wealth increase the population and the

relevance of black people around the


genuine Pro blacks spend their money at

black owned businesses they do business

with other blacks in the community or

other areas they promote and advocate

for black education black businesses and

so forth they also promote love for

black people and encouraging young black

people to do the same genuine Pro blacks

are all about uplifting black people in

America to be the very best they can be

in all aspects of life and they are

proud of who they are as

african-americans yes they do point out

negative aspects of black America but

they also offer workable solutions that

can better the black community so that

it can thrive moving forward guys like C

and Vegas who calls into my show

regularly is a genuine Pro black image

consultant who makes regular appearances

on TSR primetime Kevin Samuels he is a

genuine pro black Minister jab who has

been on my show several times is a

genuine Pro black a lot of people say a

lot of bad things about Minister jab

listen he Minister jab loves black women

he gives him tough love they don't want

it or need it these guys love the black

community and seek to uplift it in any

way they can sometimes it does require a

bit of tough love but it's easy to see

that their criticism of the black

community it comes from a good place in

that they want to see the black

community do better for itself a fake

Pro black however it's someone who says

they're Pro black but they don't really

do anything to uplift the black

community in ways that actually make a

difference other than posting on

social media these are people who only

talk about the negative aspects without

offering solutions they post slanted

stories on social media without doing

any research to verify its merits that

are designed to incite anger and

hostility fake Pro blacks use rhetoric

they don't believe in like

nation-building knowing damn well they

don't really care about it

fake Pro blacks are not about creating

collaborative relationships with other

races no no no no no fake-ass Pro blacks

want to create adversarial relationships

with whites Hispanics Asians and so

forth as if none of these other races

could help the black community we can

all learn from each other according to

fake-ass Pro blacks I'm not gonna work

with white people no they're always

trying to they're always trying to get

what we got but most of all fake-ass

fraudulent Pro black ass niggas promote

anger and hostility above all they don't

use rationale or reason to defend their

positions they gasp light and they

filibuster their way through what they

like to call debate by saying outlandish

things like white people poison the

water in Flint Michigan to kill niggers

as if to say that all whites in Flint

somehow got a memo to stop drinking the

water out of the faucet so that all the

black people could be extinguished and

people actually believe this nonsense

black people actually believed it or at

least they pretend to fake-ass Pro

blacks go after men who date outside

their race with the fury of a thousand

suns calling us things like race traders

Coons sellouts and other typical

rhetoric they see on social media

another telltale sign of a fake Pro

black is that they never ever hold black

people accountable for their role in a

racial event and they do this on purpose

to create more confirmation bias they

leave out any and all details that puts

the african-american in a bad light

so that they can accuse the white devil

of doing whatever he did for no other

reason but that he hates niggers we all

know racism

guys and it is definitely still a

problem in America no one's denying that

but fake-ass Pro blacks like to

embellish they like to exaggerate and

sometimes even fabricate fake stories to

keep stoking the flames of anger in the

black community the bottom line here is

that genuine Pro blacks actually care

about the black community and fake-ass

Pro blacks they only pretend to care now

some of you might be thinking well thank

God I'm not a fake-ass Pro black or well

there's no way I'm one of these fake-ass

Pro blacks you sure about that

hmm there are many many signs that a

black person might be a fake-ass Pro

black and at the bottom of the hour on

TSR primetime on Donovan sharp calm I'm

gonna give you five of the many signs a

person is what I like to call a fake ass

Pro black and a lot of you guys might

find yourself that you have a fake Pro

black tendency or - so you don't want to

miss prime time all right let's go to

the chat here I'm gonna run over on time

again I always run over on time but

listen the guys who have access to TSR

primetime are also watching TS are alive

so it's not you know it's not like oh

why are you late Donovan mmm they know

how you know they know how excited and

giddy I get with this stuff all right

let's see we got here

hey smart guy says Richard Cooper said

people don't hate people they're not

jealous of exactly exactly just like

Jason Varitek said to a-rod listen we

don't throw at guys who are hitting 240

people don't boo Tom Braden people don't

boo Blake bortles right I mean people

don't boo Ryan Tannehill people don't

boo Johnny Manziel they boo guys like

Tom Brady Ben Roethlisberger they boo

those guys drew Brees see who else we

got in here so mark I says Pro blacks

are conceited and racist maybe maybe yes

freelance Ronan says a pro black person

a pro black white person is a social

justice where yeah I would agree with

that red pill mama says white people who

are Pro black wish they were black no

one respects them not even the blacks

lay claim to represent no there's not a

white person in this country well you

know what scratch that most white people

do not secretly wish that they were

black they just don't maybe the

occasional white guy who doesn't have

game and sees these niggas fucking like

these hot-ass white girls okay god I

wish I were like them but they don't

really wish they were black they just

wish that they had better genetics they

wish they had the game and they you know

they conflate genetics with game and all

that other kind of stuff but Chris Rock

I forget which which comedy special he

did he was you know he looked at a guy

in the audience he's like it was a white

guy he's like dude you wouldn't trade

places with me and I'm rich I'm black

I'm black you're white you wouldn't

trade places with me and I'm rich that's

what he said so no I would disagree with

that red pill mama I think white people

who are Pro blacks I don't think they

wish they were black I think they want

black respect

suade senator asks why would black women

want to hear the cold our truth how it

is men

freelance ronan says give me a break man

the 80s give me a break

Helen Nell Carter reference to whoever

said that to L Johnson says fake Pro

blacks are hypocrites yes they are yes

they are

LJ LBJ lob um so I guess this guy hates

hates LeBron James says if you are in

public and white guys get jealous then

you might have a top-shelf white woman

well yes yes of course he got to change

that name LBJ lab um like dude no dude

you don't hate LeBron James man you're

only envious of him like it any or that

KP 94 77 says lol spank bank no this is


shots as pro black women are usually

dating white supremacist men no they're

not dude black women can't beat white

guys just because the occasional black

woman gets lucky and ends up dating or

marrying a white guy doesn't mean that's

the norm person for person like person

for person white dudes are not chicken

for black women

LBJ laboum says Donovan with all respect

dude you can never be loyal to either

race it's in your DNA embrace both

cultures that are within you stick to

your topic bro red pill you do them damn

good so I guess he's telling me to stay

in my lane with all due respect well I

mean I can respect you saying that but

you're you obviously haven't watched or

listened to my show so I'm gonna give

you I'm gonna give you a pass on that

and stop hating LeBron quit it

divine Concepcion Concepcion concepciĆ³n

says half these Pro black state white

women anyway maybe maybe shot says

hashtag ados

crowd I have no idea what that means

Tony H wants to know what LBJ said LBJ

literally just said hey you have no

business talking about black people and

fake-ass Pro blacks you do well with red

pill that's what you should talk about

so me to stay in my lane

I'll Drive in whatever Lane I got a damn

1 2 so it is what it is

freelance Ron says number 7 they got

their Pro black ideology from prison and

social media right shot you're gonna

have to define to me what hashtag a BOS

is i don't know what that is

ah here we are american descendants of

slaves i think do abs is better but you

get the idea meaning your ancestors were

freed during the Civil War red beast

says Jesse Smollett yep absolutely


shot says for Oh black isn't specific

enough I am Pro ados

okay shot you're starting to start to

come off like a fake ask for a black I

know we might have to put it to the jury

on TSR prime time I don't know sanneh

toes clutch says fake Pro blacks are

very bitter either because they want the

power of whites or want the acceptance

from whites that make sense

Miami J of Latino manosphere comm chimes

in says white dudes don't check for

black chips chicks unless your name is

Travis Kelce yo Travis Kelce tight end

for the Kansas City Chiefs white guy

this dude swims and black women oh my

god yo he is all about black dis dude is

all about black women shot says na

Donovan you are wrong my dude this goes

back a couple of hundred years check out

daughters of the trade about

african-american women marrying white

men in the 1600s shot my friend you are

8 what you know what actually I'm gonna

put it to the TSR jury right so so shot

contends that I am wrong about white

dudes not checking for black women and


is citing something that happened what

in the 1600s or almost over 400 years

ago right times were different 400 years

ago okay I'm talking about here in 2019

and you listen you know I'm right about

this in 2019 white dudes aren't checking

for black women listen maybe a white

dude will sleep with a black woman as

maybe a slump-buster maybe try something

exotic you might date her for it listen

I had a white roommate in college he

dated a black girl for maybe two weeks I

knew he was gonna marry that girl right

but white dudes aren't chicken for black

women man they're just not and the

reason why white dudes don't check for

black women is because black women are

at the bottom of the sexual food chain

so how about that wanted to make me

about that shut what do you contend when

I say this I'm gonna ask these Pro black

here we go here we go

he said nada but I said it's been going

back that far just because 90% of white

men don't check for blacks don't mean

black women aren't checking for them oh

no listen you're right about that black

women are definitely definitely checking

for white dudes right they're definitely

checking for white dudes

I'm telling you that white dudes ain't

checking for black women and it's not

90% of white men that don't check for

black chicks it's probably closer than

99% my friend all right let's see Sam

epoxies as I find black women attractive

just not the typical hood rat thoughts

absolutely James Martinez says white men

check for black women to fulfill a

fantasy I agree and I would say that a

lot of times black dudes check for white

women too favela fantasy - it goes both

ways the difference is is that barred me

the difference is is that for more white

women entertained thoughts of a

long-term relationship then with a black

man then white dudes entertain a

long-term relationship with a black

woman now I will say this most white

women would never entertain a long-term

relationship with a black man this is

just how it is but the percentages are

skewed far more white for more white

girls or checking for black dudes then

white men are checking for black women

this isn't even a debate like you just

walk around

LBJ says not sayingnot saying staying in

your lane brah I just feel your time is

better spent where you sign the most

hash tag don't waste time on haters I

want I watch you on the brother pill the

Redman group here so I'm well aware no

that's what you said that's what you

said told me to stay in my lane

tell me stay my thing okay Zen it so

says shut is semi accurate at best okay

let's hear it white women don't need to

check out black men because black wait

because wait white men don't need to

check out black women because black

women who want and get white men

approach them okay all right

very good

very good excellent freelance Ronin up

this is gonna be the last comment that I

got a switch over to primetime he says

he says black women back in the 1600

were probably far more feminine today's

black women are masculine as f yeah


of course woman of the past says hi

everyone and woman of the past is gone

why because I do not allow women to

comment on my channel you can watch but

I could not give less of a shit about

what you have to say I strike trying to

hijack the chat shot says Donovan didn't

you see what happened with Camilla

Harris and Angela and it was on CNN see

here we go yep all right I'm putting it

to the jury I'm putting it to the jury

so already already I don't know what

Camilla Harris has to do with Angela

right I don't know what that has to do

with black women being at the bottom of

the sexual food chain and white dudes

not checking for black women I have no

idea what that has to do with but I

contend judge Donovan sharp presiding I

need to get I need to get a gavel I

contend that shut is a fake-ass pearl

black disguising himself as hashtag ados

I think that shut is a fake-ass Pro

black and I think to sort of rise above

the fray he's

calling himself something else I'm

putting it to the TSR jury is shot with

a zero it shot a fake-ass pro-black TSR

jury if you have a wrench you are on the

jury guilty or not guilty

dude you're talking about for example

the 14th amendment in the supposed

birthright citizen dude again this is

what I call filibustering the Fourteenth

Amendment has absolutely nothing to do

with the fact that white dudes are

checking for black women man come on

come on James Martinez says he should be

blocked now we're about to find out oh

we have people in the cabinet we got a

guilty guilty TSR jury where we get

guilty guilty

KP says I should get he should I should

get a hammer like Steve the Dean yeah

that is funny he actually did it on the

red man group guilty guilty guilty on

rockin the ados label I had no idea what

a TOS until he told me and as soon as he

was guilty by confusion guilty guilty

guilty guilty guilty sharp assist says

off with his head

Steve the bean has a sword too I think

see here's another thing that a fake-ass

pro-black does right you change the

subject the only thing that I am

contending is that white guys aren't

checking for black women that's what I

said I don't know what people foreign to

subject powers are excluded from white

what are you talking about talking about

Camilla Harrison CNN what does that have

to do with what I said uh-oh Miami Dan

shot yeah listen you're guilty shut

you're full of shit you're a fake-ass

pro-black and you are gone on this

channel I don't give a shit I don't care

you're gone

ah a BOS is another pro-black hashtag

for them to get handouts but call it

reparations another etf 42 moment there

man I got carried away

I listen I knew I would bring out the

fake-ass Pearl blacks and they never

really exposed themselves right away

they always try to weasel their way in

guilty by conferred by conclusion by

confusing you that's going to do it for

this edition of t sr live make sure you

subscribe to my newsletter and be sure

to tune in to TSR prime time in just a

few minutes on donovan sharp calm thanks

for watching guys we'll see you next










trust me dude hot girls are overrated

all females are sluts until proven

otherwise don't get me wrong they're fun

for a little while but they are a

fucking headache money and looks can get

you in the door but gay is what keeps

you fit just never know what the fuck

they want man live from Philadelphia

pure man

Donovan Shaw what's up guys it's your

man not even sharpen welcome to the 420

first edition of TSR primetime your

headquarters were unfiltered

straightforward no bullshit red pill

truth wisdom and awareness it of course

is March 11th 2019 for those of you who

have come over from TSR alive it is good

to have you guys in tonight

of course I greatly greatly appreciate

your support if you have a question

about girls game your relationship

Fitness finances hobbies or anything

else that pertains to increasing your

value and agency as a man book a

one-on-one consultation on donovan sharp

calm forward slash consult i'm gonna

take just a quick second i'm gonna try

to reopen blog talk radio there's gonna

be a little bit of lag because my

internet bar is searching but miami j

just shot me a text he said he wanted to

debate the dude on the 14th amendment or

something listen even though that

doesn't have anything to do with the

topic at hand

miami jay is a very good friend of mine

and if he wants to call in about

something like that i'ma let him call in

so let me try and go live on this bad

boy there we go

excellent excellent oh okay let us

continue alright

OC and Vegas is on the line oh here we

go alright alright we'll see you in

Vegas sit tight sit tight i'ma get to

you in just a minute

I'm just doing some just doing some

production stuff here just give me a


BlogTalkRadio okay all right hang on

okay so BlogTalkRadio is now

okay so BlogTalkRadio is now up and guys

let me know in the chat I don't see any

lag on my end that doesn't mean that I

don't have any lag actually I do see it

now so let me know guys if I have lag if

I have lag I'm gonna have to make a

change somewhere somehow but that's why

I killed BlogTalkRadio there in a minute

in the meantime while you got away I'm

waiting while I'm waiting for you guys -

okay so sharp assist says barely any

yeah yeah yeah I just think that OBS

uses so much RAM and I'm maxed out on

RAM up freelances it as smooth as a

freshly waxed car okay alright may get

another me get another opinion

Steve Stephenson says we're good Steve

Stephenson sounds like a news report

this is Steve stephenson channel 5 I

love it there's actually a guy in North

Carolina I think his name is Neil McNeil

ok sharp assist says it looks good now

alright perfect

perfect excellent excellent all right


mmm but wait a minute there's a little

bit of lag now damn it this is killing

me ok the lag goes in and out obviously

if I guess if I move anything or do

anything alright whatever whatever

earlier on TSR live I talked about what

I like to call fake ass Pro blacks and

compared them to genuine Pro blacks you

guys can go back and watch if you want

to hear the comparison I know most of

you guys saw and watched all of that

listen listen I knew I was gonna get a

few fake ass Pro blacks didn't expect

this hashtag

adios thing I've never even heard of

hashtag adios and as soon as that dude

said I'm not fake Pro black I'm hashtag

audiosurf a dos or whatever I didn't

know what the hell that was I was like


dude is a fake-ass pro-black in disguise

but I put it out there

I gave him enough rope to hang himself

with and he did exactly what fake-ass

Perot blacks do they talk about

something completely off the subject so

that they can mention other things the

14th amendment and Union Union Union

yeah he's banned for my channel so fuck

that guy

I also said that I'm going to give you

guys five signs you might be a fake-ass

pro-black and I'm gonna go ahead and get

started now and these are in no

particular order see in Vegas again I

see you on the line I'm going to get to

you cuz I would love to get your take on

this see in Vegas like I said on the

live side is a genuine Pro black he is a

genuine Pro black like make no mistake

about it he and I don't see eye to eye

on a few political things doesn't matter

I still I consider him to be very good

friend of mine I like that he pushes

back on certain things we can have a

good respectful debate number one the

number one sign that you might be a

fake-ass Pro black you say you believe

Oh Jay didn't do it

uh-oh here we go we got pangs in the

stomach yet so here's the question right

was OJ guilty well the answer of course

is no OJ was found not guilty he was

found not guilty by a jury of his peers

listen he was rich enough to he was rich

enough to hire the the best legal

defense team money could buy he deserves

his freedom this is just how it goes

but Odate did it gentlemen Oh Jay did it

plain and simple guys there was a

mountain of evidence against him

there's no I mean dude we can talk about

the glove and of course if it doesn't

fit you must acquit there were so many

mitigating factors in terms of why the

glove didn't fit number one Oh Jay had

severe arthritis in his hands Johnnie

Cochran advised OJ and you guys can

watch this on the 30 for 30 ESPN 30 for

30 won an Academy Award for Best

Documentary deserved it

and for my money Oh Jay made in America

that is the final word on all things OJ

Simpson anyway there's a part in the

indie in the documentary where I don't I

don't think I don't know if it was

Johnny Cochran I think it was actually

his agent

that was he was visiting oj in jail and

no she was like man you know I need to

get my hands on my arthritis mentees

likewise like yeah you know my hands are

killing me

so cool like what happens when your head

well you know they get swollen might my

knuckles and everything like that being

his agent said really your hands get

swollen larger word on the street is

that not Marcia Clark Chris Durden what

is his name Chris dirty chris darden is

gonna make you try on the gloves right

the gloves were soaked in blood before

the glove has now dried out which means

the glove probably shrank you put that

together with the fact that oj stopped

taking his arthritis medication swelling

his hands up just enough to where they

didn't fit an already shrink glove and

you have the most epic moment probably

in criminal trial history if it doesn't

fit you must have quit hey listen say

what you want the glove didn't fit

obviously the jury was biased they were

gonna let him off anyway but that oh yes

the glove didn't fit we have to acquit

if it wasn't that it was gonna be

something else anyway all of the

evidence point to to OJ and OJ alum OJ

Simpson was the only person who had

motive and opportunity and I've heard

all these crazy theories out here Oh Jay

had an accomplice gentlemen there was no

evidence of an accomplice of an

accomplice both Ron and Nicole were weak

Nicole's a woman Ron Goldman is a

beanpole was six to 125 pounds soaking

wet Oh Jay Simpson on the other hand is

an ex-football player bigger stronger

faster than the both of them and there

is nothing that says that he killed them

both simultaneously

Nicole came out he killed her Ron came

out he killed him that's how that

happened or allegedly that's how that

happened and the interesting thing is is

that neither of them ran away so let's

just say that Oh Jay was killing Ron

first Nicole wouldn't have tried to save

him she had Iran right so it was Nicole

who if Nicole is who Oh Jay accosted

first Ron trying to be the white knight

trying to protect women tried to save


he was already done with Nicole or

either that or she was in critical


he calls Ron maybe comes

Slash's Nicole's neck one more time for

good measure either way there was no

evidence of an accomplice I've altered

well it was a mob she had gambling debts

she was on drugs guys listen men if this

really were a mob hit number one her

body would never have been found and

number two it would have been much

cleaner that was a crime of passion

dude mob hits are not messy number one

and if it is the body is not

discoverable it would have been a bullet

to the head wouldn't have been blood

everywhere dude mob hits are clean if

they're not there's no crime scene

oh jeez guilt was plainly obvious and

guys listen I'm gonna admit to you I

wanted oh gee to be innocent when this

happened the OJ trial happened when I

was 18 years old as a freshman in

college I wanted Oh J to be innocent I'm

a young black man I saw the Rodney King

thing I wanted justice too it's it's

almost the same way that black people

pulls for Deontay Wilder listen I want a

Deontay Wilder to win the fight against

Tyson Fury

why because Deontay Wilder is a black

American he is african-american I have

much more in common with Deontay Wilder

than I do with Tyson Fury we identify

with people that we have the most in

common with I'm sure white people in

America probably sided with Tyson Fury

that doesn't make them racist that just

means that they identify with people

they have more in common with now win

and if there's a rematch I'm team Tyson

Fury I like the guy I think he's a

fucking lunatic and it's amazing to me

that a guy who is shaped like King Hippo

for Mike Tyson's punch-out can box and

move the way he does I'll never

understand it anyway we all saw the

Rodney King thing we know that we know

that the LAPD racist cops we know about

the whole what was his name Mark Fuhrman

all of that stuff right we heard about

all that we know that the justice system

is skewed against black people but

endorsing black crime is wrong simply be

simply because he is black so if you are

black and you claim to believe Oh Jay

didn't kill his ex and his wife his

ex-wife and Ron Goldman you might just

be a fake-ass pro-black

904 205

five six is the number to call let's go

to see in Vegas who's been waiting on

hold for a while see what you got for me

men yo do you hear me yes sir okay bro I

got a couple things to say on this um

number one do you put in something yeah

let's get to the first part you know

I've always been of the mind I'm like

you in the sense that a lot of these

guys who claim to be throw black or you

think they're Pro black they fall on the

sword for the wrong people like I'm not

gonna down the source of Robert Kelly or

Kelly oh right I got down the source of

Bill Cosby not gonna down the sword for

OJ okay it's mean that is ridiculous

that makes sense so you make your mean

you made a really good point about that

you know I'm not falling on the sword

for these guys you get what I'm saying

yes 22 and also nothing nothing I think

Donna up ladies - you know there's a lot

of guys well you know you didn't worry

women you send a third dude

oh listen you're saying at the end of

the day it's not like you're feta sizing

them you get what I'm saying I did both

weight and black women this is my

preference my shirts black way mostly

but you get them say but I'll have the

cons down I mean one thing I go through

is that a lot a lot of black let me not

want to mess with me I don't know why

honestly say I guess it's the weirdest


real quick to interrupt you here real

quick listen see boogie who is this red

pillow at dude now that's a genuine Pro

black but see boogie says don't fuck

with women who ain't trying to fuck with

you don't listen it makes no sense to

try to deal with women who don't want to

deal with you so if there are black

women out there who don't want to deal

with you in particular Gen Y deal with

black women it just doesn't make any


here's the thing but like I've made my

peace with that yes as a matter of fact

I live in Bob Wills Rob will that you

made it made of episode about that you

know say there's a lot of black men who

see the whole black woman just look them


right yes you know saying it's like okay

way back I'm not gonna start with it but

however that doesn't mean or will let me

give you some very other groups of women

the number to work I don't I'm saying no

I'm not gonna be me because I understand

the 101 is they say whatever 101 states

that you're saying you know where the

woman change you but also not a thing to

Donna then you're saying and you do

touch upon us to earlier

education a lot of these guys oh I saw

Toby I know we're pro black no you gotta

be books by no sir you gotta be the

Bucks Donovan I'm subscribed to New York

Times The Wall Street Journal's Reuters

AP I'm really I mean two books right now

power impaired anomic by dr. Claude

Anderson I'm reading Kant for the

beginning by Eva Max Candide you're

saying a definitive history of braces

ideas in American McGee has you have to

read dude you're saying women that's

women logical don't be yourself go black

no stupid you kind of read your form

abstract ideas you get what I'm saying

yes listen socialism social media yeah

that's okay social media is the

antithesis of common sense and one

telltale sign of a fake pro-black

is someone who gets all of their

information on social media absolutely

absolutely sudana because you ask you

something a da stands for African

descendants of slaves

okay hashtag got it they're saying and

um and and they're basically they're

talking about you know African

descendants of slaves deserve

reparations in reparation songs in the

political mainstream and now Bernie

Sanders is war a lot of lives they're

talking about it against so that's

what's been going on Andy Andy believe

Africa descendants of slaves deserve


IIIi couldn't agree with that you say I

tend to agree with that but you know the

stipulations and stuff that I'm saying

it's not easy easy

but that's what Africa descendants of

slaves that's what a das me okay let you

know because yeah I listen to I was I

was confused to sell I was like dude I

am not even like I thought like when I

saw it I was like is that adidas is that

audios like is the guy Hispanic like I'd

never Luda I've never heard of it until

15 minutes ago

was amazing right so a lot of people

want to be pro but you're saying the

like you know not and you made a good

point where it's like these guys were

talking for like you're dating a white

girl or for all the stupid shit but they

never tech like your ideology

all right I've never seen them attack

you say like you know what you think or

whatever you're say oh well you look

workers oh whatever stupid you're saying

come up through the middle be like hey

look III don't like a B's they for

example none because remember last time

I called you about roofs by Louise

Brooks Brothers one of the reasons why I

didn't really like

Bruce is because he hung out with Matt

Forney probably Matt Forney is he went

something called the National Park yep

this is a white nationalist organization

so you can see that is because oh well I

don't like roots or roots well I don't

give a fuck about that yep see I do my

research though you get what I'm saying

term you actually take the time out to

do my research right you don't just hate

people because of something you might

have read on social media like listen

like you like you're saying here saying

listen I can't swim with roofs because

roof swam with Matt Forney know the

thing about Rousseau was interesting

that was a good interview because it

would you so you bout him what you read

about roof he seems like I want to take

a clown but like but you know she seems

kind of more on the level didn't seem

like this while the guy running around

raping women it's but you're saying no

no no seriously you're not saying

anybody Cubert eight points you know

saying so it was pretty interesting but

you know a lot of these guys just a

bunch of on bareback oh damn it one more

time sorry well go ahead go ahead good

Oh do a lot of these conscious like for

example done because you talked about

earlier I saw I saw you with uh Tony

Maceo or no one twenty may so it was you

got to chronic city AG o minister jet

yeah yeah minister Jam yeah yeah yeah

take that

oh yeah okay I think you're just fake

bodies died was out there I guess I am I

gonna go to the whole bit but though but

those type of idiot there's no

particular I think there's a whole bunch

of these those clients popping up

everywhere any for money talk shit about

black men delight stuff never say there

anything about black men in the last

shit or you know like photo like I'm

gonna say he's a bonus a he's Pro black

but like I don't like tiny it sounded

like Tommy Tommy he's I was Gavin

McGinnis that's another guy I don't

weigh okay Gavin McGinnis very

questionable but there's a lot of these

people out here Donovan you get what I'm

saying more completely fraudulent have a

following 50gb one of them Robert

Perkins yes

oh my go in that news hit I was Leo Jack

called me right he called me like I

no he called me up I picked up the falls

like what's up man he said ah had to

hang up I'd to mute him I had a hang-up

on I was like what the hell like maybe

he like butt-dialed me he called me back

he said yo Cynthia gee got knocked up by

Robert Perkins I said nigga you need to

shut your mouth man like you ain't got

to lie to kick it man like I'm still

gonna be your boy he said naw man like

it is true I said but I gotta get you I

gotta get you on the show and then on

Super Bowl Sunday we had we had no the

worst part about a lot about this big

guys fighting about that city G we don't

to say well brother Perkins he's a good

family man XYZ and blah blah blah

this clown has a three or four baby

mamas he's saying either cinnamon and

you also claim to be Pro black I

remember Jimmy G major thing talking

about black male black build me baby

please thanks for the call of aigis yeah


Cynthia G all of a sudden reversing

skate on Robert perkins is just like I

was on I was on Aaron Clary's show the

other day asshole consulting and there

was this 53 year old therapist in the

chat who says oh I love being single and

free and blah blah blah blah blah bitch

of course you do you're 53 you ain't got

a choice Cynthia G has to say that

Robert Perkins is a family man and a

good man because that's her baby daddy

and that's not really a statement so

much as it's maybe wishful thinking

right so I understand what C and Vegas

said they're very very good call yo see

in Vegas pulled everybody's goddamn card

on that one number two the second sign

you might be a fake-ass Pro black as you

post like share or retweet fake news

about racial incidents which is a fan

named for fake ass Pro black propaganda

now I'm sure you guys are probably

wondering now well what is fake ass Pro

black propaganda

fake ass Pro black propaganda it's

simple it's a one-sided story without

all of the facts designed to incite

anger among black people that's it and

I'm gonna give you example actually was

gonna add this photo so that I could

show you

what I was talking about here all right

okay I'm gonna I'm gonna kill a

BlogTalkRadio at some point I'm gonna

stop taking phone calls because at this

point it's not worth it for all the

delays I think what I'm gonna do an idea

that I have in the works and my bad for

the TSR STFU subscribers I know that you

guys don't sign up to listen to this but

I guess you guys you know hear it too is

that I'm thinking about doing a

voicemail where people can call in and

leave voicemails with questions comments

etcetera etcetera and then I'll you know

do a segment on TSR prime time called

ask Donovan or something like that but

anyway there was there was a woman her

name was um I forgot what the hell her

name was she's a black woman and she

posted this picture of a black man who

was a who was in the Navy and here was

her caption it said quote Navy sailor

Curtis AB Curtis Adams was just killed

in San Diego he got out of his car to

help us stranded motorists and the

motorist opened fire Don it opened fire

on him

she continues I don't see this in the

media so our IP sailor prayers and then

there's an ellipsis no link to the story

no commentary and no other facts just

the picture and that caption so I did a

little digging because I know how this

stuff works

didn't have to do any research didn't

have to really dig too deep I just did a

quick google search and found out that

the shooter was a man by the name of

Brandon hakuna or hakuna Miami Jay

please correct me if I am pronouncing

that incorrectly mister hakuna is a

hispanic man with a long criminal record

who was trying to steal the car that

Curtis Adams got out to help him with

yes it is a tragedy that Curtis Adams

was shot and killed but the way this

female characterized this post

insinuated that he was killed by a

racist white man who opened fire on

Adams because he was black the comment

quote I don't see this in the media and

this implies that the media didn't

report this because Adams was black and

the shooter was white as if they the


intentionally covered up the story to

protect the white man from public

persecution again this is a tragedy but

it's not a racial tragedy this was a

tragedy of humanity when people leave

out details and stories like this it

makes and keeps the black community

angry for the wrong reasons right shal

Lane I think that was that Elena Hoka

Jackson or something like that she

should have either told the whole story

or include a link so that people would

be privy to all of the details rather

than an obvious intentional

mischaracterization of the events but if

she did that she would not have gotten

the response she wanted which was more

black anger towards white people guys

this stuff is all over social media man

white supremacist lynches black

four-year-old that's fake news black man

killed by white girl's father for having

his baby

obviously there are details left out of

that white man calls black man a nigger

during a board meeting amidst tears from

the CEO again fake news I read one story

I actually watched the documentary on

this is called um it was about Flint

Michigan right the Flint Michigan cops

and there was a story if you guys can

look it up online labeled environmental

racism in Flint Michigan long story

short I guess the city the city decided

to use pipes like use old pipes to I


bring in more water or something

something to that effect they opened up

pipes that hadn't been used in a while

okay but the pipes were bent they're in

bad shape there was lead chemicals

etcetra etcetra black people fake-ass

Pro blacks blacks cried racism right I

asked this earlier on the live side did

they send out memos to white people that

said hey don't drink the tap water we're

trying to kill them niggers one idiot

actually posted this shit and tried to

debate me on it you guys can go to

donovan sharp calm i forgot what the

hell his name was the guy was dude the

guy was effeminate he moved and talked

like a female he was oh my god dude he

was a fucking fag it was unbelievable

and the reason he got my attention is

because he posted something that said

trusting whites will get you killed or

some dumb shit like that when I posted a

picture of my girlfriend Devin see how

that works


knew he was a fake-ass pro-black because

as soon as I posted a picture of

something he wanted but knew he couldn't

have well let me throw shade at him

trusting White's will get you killed

bro you would fuck my girl if you had

the chance anyway one thing led to


and then he mentioned the Flint Michigan

case and that's how that's what I knew

that's what confirmed to me that that I

had a fake ass pro-black

on my hands if you post like share

retweet or retweet this stuff you might

be a fake-ass pro-black alright let's go

to the chat here freelance Ronan says a

dose is a very new thing says it's the

new trendy buzz acronym ya see in Vegas

describe that the best mic shitter he

says this is where we are gents need to

bring folks into reality and help

themselves wrong mic you need to bring

folks into the sharp reality not so

shameless plug there no I agree is he

mic absolutely

freelance says see booyah is absolutely

one of the good guys on the black side

administer yo sea boogie that dude keeps

it all the way real man what dude I was

actually binge I was actually binge

watching binge listening to his stuff

while I was doing my show I was like

yeah this guy's got a lot of good ideas

Hashim Abdullah says that's Tariq


whole shtick that's the thing man the

only thing I know really about Tariq

nasheed is and I didn't know that he was

in this fear I thought Tariq nasheed was

into like game and girls and all that

right cuz he talks a lot as I stretch my

legs here he talks a lot about how men

should handle women you should give her

instructions like I like the things

actually you know what Tariq not she'd

almost led me to the red pill when I was

going through a when I was going through

my divorce with Darcy almost led me to

it because I think I bought a book of

his called like the holy book of game

and I start a nice

started to put the pieces together I was

like dude are you serious then I met Amy

and then I thought that my ship had come

in and of course the rest is history

there it would be what another two years

before I landed in the high desert of

Las Vegas Nevada

one month later I found the right pillow

the rest is history anyway I didn't

really know much about tariqa sheet I

thought he was just a game guy

apparently this is this is how he swims

this is how he rolls freelance writing

says Cynthia G was a was super Pro black

stick it to the man until white

supremacists come after her and shut her

channels down then she switched to the

black men ain't shit business model yeah

right I had one bitch call me up on the

brother pill and she bragged about how

her and her friends swirl which was an

abject lie but then she says well you're

sleeping with the enemy's daughter I

said so let me get this straight you can

sleep with the enemy but I can't sleep

with this daughter silence hashtag

bitches ain't shit okay let's continue

the third sign you might be a fake-ass


you believe in reparations now see and

Vegas just told me that he agrees with

reparations okay that doesn't mean that

see in Vegas is a fake-ass pro-black

I want you guys to understand that you

don't have to have just because you

believe in reparations or you you know

you put well I don't know if you post

like an the reparations thing that's

kind of a thin line right if you believe

in reparations and you post fake news

and you do some of the other stuff you

were probably a fake-ass pro-black but

there are genuine Pro blacks who do

believe in reparations you know I'm

talking about the fake-ass Pro blacks

who pretend to care about the community

but don't really do anything about it

and oh by the way we need to get

reparations this is the biggest crock of

shit out here today gentlemen you mean -

so let me get this straight

you fake-ass Pro Blatz and not that any

of them are watching or listening now

maybe so you think that you are entitled


payment for services rendered by persons

other than yourself simply because you

share their blood or their skin zone

that's like going to a company that your

grandfather used to work for and saying

hey my granddad was underpaid at this

job for 20 years

you owe me fucking ridiculous this is

that nigga mindset man always trying to

get something for nothing I I tell the

story all the time I used to work in

Atlanta and the guy that I work for ran

a mattress business dropped out of high

school the most brilliant business savvy

man I've ever known in my life

I have print listen I have profound

respect for this man I was actually able

to see him for the first time in almost

a decade

last summer great guy dude I'm gonna

love that man till the day I die I owe

him I owe him a lot I really do because

without him I might not have been able

to transition to Vegas like I did anyway

we used to get the same thing out there

niggas trying to get something for

nothing right

like they buy a twin size mattress and

then they live in Alpharetta yo I can't

you free delivery we're like no man I

thought y'all was a pro black business

I'd even know what Pro black was I was

like no we're pro profits oh so it was

like that I'm like well that's the

purpose of a business is to make money I

can't give free delivery I'm like no

like even if I wanted to I couldn't I

got to put it on the invoice people come

in they're talking about ridiculous

discounts and I'm not talking about hey

this bed is eight hundred ninety nine

dollars okay so people negotiate all

right listen

899 let's call it 750 and you got a deal

no no no yet niggas coming in that's 899

can I get that for 300 what I thought

you always pro black okay but like

that's what we paid for the bed man and

of course we paid a lot less than that

but dude you're gonna go from nine

hundred to three hundred you want a 66%

discount what the fuck

one dude actually this is unbelievable

one dude actually asked me for a free

mattress this guy asked before a free

queen mattress and free delivery for his

homeboy after buying a twin guys this

happens to me too hashtag me to the only


who try to get free and free advice for

me niggas guys not even dude do not even

patrons right just rent not even my

patrons try to do that my patrons

respect my time nah just random dudes on

Facebook who maybe happened to tune into

the free TS are alive maybe they see my

shit floating around they're like yo I

got a problem and I need help they send

me a wallet text I shoot him the you

know I shoot them the link to my

consultation page Oh what I can't get a

little bit advice nah bruh my time and

knowledge are valuable but niggas are

the only group of people out there who

don't respect that not one white dude

has ever hit me slid into my DMZ oh I

got a problem real quick or you know I

got one quick question

nah it's always niggas and they're never


oh you can't pay me five bucks a month

you can't pay me five bucks a month for

the right to a discount so I can make

nope can't do it let me ask you

something guys do successful people

believe in reparations do men of value

believe in reparations do hard-working

men believe in reparations think about

it guys

most people most uneducated people fake

pro-black ass niggas who endorse

reparations or working at Burger King or


and if they're not if they're lucky

enough to have a decent job they won't

have that job for long because they

believe in getting something for nothing

which means their work habits will

reflect that which will eventually lead

to their termination and they will of

course end up at Burger King or Wendy's

and don't give me these ridiculous

theories and reasons like we're still

paying for slavery today no we're not

listen race relations are far from where

they need to be but we ain't slaves guys

we're far from it listen then racism

sucks guys no doubt about it

newsflash overseas blacks have it much

much worse if you don't believe me you

need to go in YouTube the beautiful game

turned ugly oh I love this one

the Jews got rep

Asians yeah to the actual Holocaust

survivors not their children or

grandchildren and oh by the way oh by

the way of the nearly 100,000 Holocaust

survivors living in the United States

only 90 of those claims were approved

that is less than 1/10 of 1% if you

believe in reparations not only might

you be a fake-ass pro-black

but you'll never be successful so long

as you continue to believe this bullshit

number four the number four sign you

might be a fake-ass pro-black you give

actual credence and credit to racial

porn like the movie get out guys I will

never understand this now for those of

you guys who don't know what I'm talking

about and I imagine that most of you do

but listen might have some first-timers

get out was about a black dude who dated

a white girl who lured the black dude to

her family's place way out and rural

whatever where her father was a surgeon

performed surgery and turned him took

his DNA took his genes to make white

people last longer and you know and in

control his mind apparently this white

girl had done this with with several

black men and he was just another in a

long line of black men that's what that

was utterly ridiculous guys the movie

was hailed as revolutionary it was

hailed as groundbreaking spellbinding

all that ridiculous hyperbole that's in

listen that's fine right I don't listen

I don't mind that

that's the movies they gotta sell it I

expect that but when niggas give

credence to this shit I just laugh go

listen you're going back and forth about

white girls then they pull out what they

think is the trump card bruh say what

you want but have you seen the movie get

out nigga how ignorant are you to point

to a fictional movie as the basis for

your argument like I don't get it

like I'm in danger of a white girl

luring me to her family to harvest my

DNA to save other white people and

subsequently control my mind through

mind control get the fuck out of here

but and by the way black women do this

too right they're like well nigga you

need to watch get out bitch please

look dude black women are so fucked up

I'd rather be in the get out scenario

than to be with a black woman and that's

real fuckin talking I'm not just saying

that fuck that control my mind I'm not

dude I'm not trying to be around black

women fuck that want to get the fuck out

of there too but but here's the thing

guys they really don't believe it they

don't believe in get out they just use

it as another weapon in their arsenal in

an attempt to scare black men from datin

white girls gentlemen get out with

fiction and science fiction at that it's

not real and now Jordan Peele is gonna

put out more shit like this and further

warp the minds of the black community

just like Tyler Perry has done with his

ridiculous Madea movies which are funny

but they suck

thank God he appears to be done by the

way if you give credence to this kind of

bullshit you might be a fake-ass


number 5 the last and final sign that

I'm gonna again there are many signs you

might be a fake-ass pro-black I'm only

pointing out 5 otherwise I'd be here

until 5 o'clock the next morning you

call any black person who holds people

who holds black people accountable a

coon Jason Whitlock who works for fs1

Fox Sports one he gets called a coon all

the time because he keeps it real about

the Colin Kaepernick situation he kept

it real about Lamar ball listen I like

Lamar ball and Jason Whitlock called he

said listen the bar bomb he ain't doing

it right he is basically listen

congratulations Lamar you are now the

proud owner of a t-shirt company I

thought levar was gonna take off man he

was revolutionary he talked his way you

know he a little too much talking and

his boys weren't as talented as he

thought they were but listen

Lavar listen love him or hate him Lavar

ball listen he does more listen he does

more for his kids than most black

fathers do for theirs just keeping it

real anyway he was right about that guys

like or people like Candace Owens gets

called a coon Brandon Tatum Anthony

Brian Logan the list goes on and on any

time these people including myself they

hold black people accountable for their

role in a racial situation you're a


Yakub fake Pro blacks always presume

black innocence 100% of the time before

all the facts around fake-ass Pro blacks

always take the side of black people no

matter what the situation

fake Pro blacks remain willfully

ignorant of the facts they want again

confirmation not affirmation fake-ass

Pro blacks are not interested in the

truth gentlemen they're interested in


the king of all fake-ass Pro blacks and

there are many out there al Sharpton

Jesse Jackson but the king of them all

Malik Zulu Shabazz oh yeah aka Harris

Lewis his slave named Malik Zulu Shabazz

I was first exposed to him during the

Duke Lacrosse case this guy was all over

the news talking to anyone who would

listen trying to condemn David Evans

Reade Seligmann

and call infinity he swore up and down

he knew that these boys did it and they

were gonna Burt they were they were

gonna rot in jail he made the egregious

mistake of going on to the O'Reilly

Factor and debating Bill O'Reilly who

was and still is even though he didn't

work there the crown jewel of the Fox

News Channel he's going back and forth

with Bill and Bill says listen she kept

changing her story Shabazz kept coming

back he said look the DNA didn't match

kept changing a story he said listen man

her timeline doesn't add up on the phone

records at that point Shabazz was

cornered and then he said well well I

know things about the case that most

people don't know you can look this up

on YouTube really that's your rebuttal

that's your trump card Shabazz base your

opinions on facts

guys not emotions that is female

behavior if you even use the word Coon

you might be a fake-ass pro-black

at the end of the day guys yes

racism absolutely exists it does but

when you characterize all whites as

Devils and all blacks as angels that's

where you lose me and every other

fair-minded level-headed rational male

pun definitely intended but me I'm me

Donovan sharp I'm not pro black I'm Pro

male because at the end of the day

listen a black woman can be as Pro black

as she wants to when the rubber meets

the road female side with females a

black woman will slide with a white

female before she ever sides with a

black man you can believe that if you

listen if you want to be Pro black great

but do it

rationally and reasonably and make sure

you have all the facts before running to

social media to proclaim your blackness

all right let us let's check the chat

here one last time

freelance says tarik smack lessons are

still floating around on YouTube yeah

yeah that's all I knew about tarik I

didn't know that he was a that he was in

that sphere Winston wolf says I confirm

any question will be answered with vast

knowledge helping you beyond what you've

asked I would agree make sure he says

gotta earn your keep sharpest this is

right up there with the Black Panther

people oh my god Black Panther dude

Black Panther has a lot in common with

Captain Marvel and listen Black Panther

was wildly entertaining it was

unbelievable it really was but it was

almost as though Marvel Studios was

trying to pander to the black community

Black Panther they had access to

vibranium which is literally it's the

fountain of everlasting life they have

it in their clothes I love but Michael B

Jordan Skerritt was about to die they

could have risen him back to life he's

like nah don't want to do it they save

people if you live in in Wakanda you can

never die like vibranium is so

invincible the Black Panther people are

so dominant like dude there were no

weaknesses no well the only weakness of

course was the dissension and of course

the head to Center ironically was the

same guy who played the boyfriend in get

out how about that just came to mind but

yeah the black listen Black Panther was

wildly entertaining and listen I like

watching it and yeah but but again

looking back it was just too much the

same thing is being said about Captain

Marvel Captain Marvel she was too

dominant like you like literally you

could not tell you could not tell that

Captain Marvel was a female

other than her long hair and her you

know small tits I guess I guess she had

a shapely ass

everything she did said talk like a male

she was invulnerable not even

emotionally like she just dominated


the future was never in doubt you watch

listen you watch movies like Superman

which is DC Superman had some trouble he

actually died in one of those Batman

wasn't I mean this is just how it goes

nope not Captain Marvel totally

invincible never fazed by anything

freelance Ronan says basically they're

trying to one-up us they're trying to

use a subtle I'll use the scientific

movie as a scientist IFI movie is their

argument yeah it's ridiculous sweet

senator says why people that I work with

go apeshit on me when I tell them I have

never watched get out man get out with

such a ridiculous fucking movie like it

was like it actually looked pretty good

until you started seeing the weird shit

I was like oh my god this is ridiculous

yes and Jordan Peele got him a white

woman right there you go Corey says it

right here female solidarity Trump's

race every single time guys that's gonna

do it for this edition of TSR prime time

I'll see you guys next time








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