5 signs you're a Purple Pill schlub masquerading as a Red Pill male (Episode 359)




a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn of course her parents don't

have a problem with me being black she's

past the wall get your fat ass off the

couch start lifting weights and learn

game you're welcome so you got drunk at

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daggers the sickle and daggers look you

guys know how that goes got to change it

up every once in a while what's going to

get right to it

a lot of guys who find the red pill make

the egregious mistake they mistake that

taking the red pill and digesting the

red pill are the same thing and nothing

could be further from the truth finding

the red pill and actually taking it are

two very very different things but just

because someone takes the red pill

doesn't mean he's red pill taking the

red pill means that you're now red pill

aware but then digesting and actually

living the red pill life is what

separates men who find and take the red

pill and men who actually digest it and

live the red pill life these are men

that I like to call five percenters

there's two little men out there who

find the red pill and have red pill

awareness but a fraction of these men

digested and live that red pill life

I estimate I don't know roughly one out

of every 20 men who have red pill

awareness actually live the red pill

life one out of 20 men being 5% ergo

five percenters anyway there are a few

things that happened to men who find and

take the red pill without actually

digesting it and then living the red to

life number one they get stuck in the

anger phase and become what I like to

call low level MIG tails which is really

another name for an in cell which is an

involuntary celibate for those of you

who are not familiar with that red pill

vernacular a lot of these guys like to

call themselves monks and would lead you

to believe that they don't have pussy

because they don't want pussy in other

words they want you to think that they

could get pussy if they wanted to but

don't but don't want to so they don't

then they use inaccurate analogies as

excuses not to pursue women like the

juice isn't worth the squeeze and

pursuing women is like playing Russian


and both analogies are lazy and

inaccurate at best the second thing that

happens to men who don't fully digest

the red pill is that they become purple

pill now what this means is that they

have red pill awareness and they

implement some red pill awareness but

because the red pill is hard to fully

digest they end up hanging on to a lot

of their blue pill mindsets in order to

cope with the red pill truth and red

pill truth is ugly guys let's listen

let's make no mistake about it it's like

taking a shot of 120 proof whiskey and

then chasing it with eight ounces of

water so it doesn't burn quite as much

so it doesn't sting quite as much there

we go I can see that a little bit better

now digesting the red pill is not easy

gentlemen the red pill gives you

heartburn gives you indigestion

diarrhea it gives you gas causes

insomnia gives you a headache well this

goes on and on the red pill never ever

goes down easy guys a lot of men like to

take pepto-bismol for some of the

symptoms in the form of rationalizing

female behavior bad female behavior

for example well if we as men got our

shit together females would be motivated

to get their shit together so

technically it's our fault

women are fucked up but because it's but

but it's because of us which means it's

our fault then that same guy wonders why

women still play him like a fiddle once

he gets his shit together not fully

understanding that outside of sex women

don't need men anymore he wonders why

his girlfriend cheated on him with Dave

the unemployed guitar player in a garage

band who may or may not have a permanent

address when he himself has a job he's

got a reliable car he's got a house he's

got a 401k and a diversified portfolio

but he chased that shot of whiskey with

a can of coke rather than letting it

burn so he knows what he's really

getting into that next shot makes him

cough and now he really feels that

burnin ends up throwing up because

eventually that whiskey's gonna get you

no matter how many times you chase it


red pill truth is exactly the same it

will eventually kick you square in the

fucking balls if you don't drink it

straight with no chaser sugarcoating red

pill truth so that you can digest it

easier is not the way and most men who

find the red pill end up becoming purple

pill without even realizing it now just

to be clear this doesn't mean they're

bad people right this doesn't mean

they're terrible people this doesn't

mean they're bitches or pussies or

anything like that I've said before and

I listen I've said this before and I'll

say it again I will never pass judgment

on men who fucks sex dolls or decide to

check out of the dating market because

dealing with women let's keep it 100

guys it's a fucking headache as much as

I care about Devin it is a full-time job

keeping her ass in line simply because

she's a woman but being aware of the

fact that you're a purple pillar

masquerading as a red pill aware male is

the first step in deciding whether or

not you really have what it takes to

live that red pill life because at the

end of the day gentlemen there is no

purple pill there is no in-between

and if you're still holding on beliefs

like if you're still holding on to

beliefs like there's someone out there

for me who's a perfect match or my soul

mate or

if I treat her like a queen she'll treat

me like a king you're as blue pill as

the men who troll me on the regular so

today I'm gonna give you guys the top

five signs that you are a purple pillar

masquerading as a red pillar if you have

a question or comment about fake red

pill guys also known as involuntary

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I've made a couple of minor studio

upgrades here I've got a new mic stand

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studio this is a studio grade microphone

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headphones are very very light they

don't squeeze my fucking skull so now I

can hear better I can you know it looks

more like a professional broadcast and

so everything everything is looking good

everything's looking good Stan Lee the

creator of the Marvel Universe has died

today at the age of 95 listen man I've

always said I have always said that my

favorite marble character was was not

Iron Man it was Tony Stark Tony Stark

it's only stark towards the end you know

kind of I don't know Iron Man 3 he kind

of went blue pill he kind of sort of

went blue pill but Iron Man 1 & 2 the

first two he was red pill med love Tony

Stark rich brilliant billionaire he's

got that devil-may-care attitude runs

that jerk boy game to perfection

chicks dig it wasn't named pepper potts

is that is the woman that she is is the

woman that he's eventually going to end

up with so but anyway

rest in peace Stanley man Stanley's the

king dude he created the moral universe

gone but definitely not forgotten

listened he lived ninety five years so

he certainly got got a lot out of life

so uh rest in peace Stanley I came

across an article recently about a woman

who conned 20 boyfriends into buying her

iPhones and then she used the money she

sold all of the iPhones then used the

money to make a down payment on the

house I'm gonna read you guys this

article here give me one second it says

it's in the New York Post I'll actually

link it in the chat so you guys could

check it out it's called woman gets 20

gets 20 boyfriends to buy her iPhones

there it is right there it's quite a

long it's actually quite you know what

you guys are just have to google it for

whatever reason it's not done the link

is way too long

goddamn it's a lot of fucking lamp jesus

fucking christ all right never mind

fuck it just just look it up it's it's

on my facebook it's on my facebook feed

it's it's real quick it says quote one

crafty female from China has performed

the ultimate hustle to raise funds for a

home deposit the scheme involved a lady

convincing her twenty boyfriends to buy

her 20 new iPhone sevens which see them

sold and now I'm getting the spam from

the New York Post which see then sold

I just lost my place which which she

then sold for enough money to put a down

payment on a house using the pseudonym

proud Cube owed I don't know how to

pronounce Chinese names a blogger gave a

blogger gave a detailed description of

how the Hustle was performed by a

colleague's by a colleague of hers dubs

aioli while the legitimate e.y a little

bit I can't read or talk today while the

legitimacy of the story might sound

dubious at first the BBC reported it the

BBC reported it has been able to

authenticate the plane the claims proud

Qdoba said that she was utterly

surprised Wednesday Olli revealed that

she sold 20 iPhones to a mobile phone


plant 4:17 for just over 17,000 almost

$18,000 and then use that money for her

house deposit everyone in the office is

talking about this now

proud Qdoba wrote in her blog reports

the BBC who knows what her boyfriend's

think now that this news has become

public bribe Qdoba anne's aioli did not

come from a wealthy family so she had to

think outside the box to raise funds for

a home her parents are growing old that

she might be under a lot of pressure

hoping to buy a house and hoping to buy

them a house she wrote but it's it's

this is funny let me finish this and

then we'll get to it but it's still

unbelievable that she could use this

method making the feat even more

impressive is the fact that the iPhone 7

was only launched on September 17th of

this year which means and this is

obviously an older article this came out

November 2nd of 2016 I can't even find

one boyfriend she can actually find 20

boyfriends at the same time and even get

them to buy her an iPhone 7 just to ask

her to teach me such skills however not

all agree other users label label her

shameless all right anyway so I put this

on my facebook feed and a lot of guys

are saying oh my god that book and bitch

guys listen man don't knock the hustle

knock the thirst you got all these

thirsty ass niggas out here they're

they're so goddamn pussy hungry they're

buying women iPhone 7s but it's

interesting that they called it a hustle

and that she's being hailed for it I

don't know wasn't it less than a year

ago or this dine and dash guy like

people were talking about arresting this

Dinah - guy this guy was getting wet

it's 80 $90 dinners and hitting the road

putting a tab on the girls this woman

managed to this meant this woman managed

to cannot even con this woman managed to

get twenty dudes to buy her at iPhone 7

sold them for almost eighteen thousand

dollars but we want to hail and praise

women for this so which is it is the

diet was worse the dine and dash guy or

the iPhone or the iPhone girl listen man

I think they're I think they're both

equally I don't know I don't want to say

palette you know you know how able


there's no culpability here man people

only do what you allow them to do to you

and at the end of the day man like I

said it ain't about the hustle this is

about the thirst and this woman this is

the sad state

this speaks to the sad state of today's

men whether it's in China the US doesn't

matter man

men are so fucking thirsty we are buying

women iPhones girlfriends iPhones dude

you buy your wife an iPhone right you

don't buy a fuck-buddy an iPhone you

don't plan girlfriend an app but yeah

your fucking minds so listen man you

guys can hate on this girl for doing

what you did all she is doing is

profiting on male thirst it is no

different than what girls on Instagram

do and that's all there is to it I have

the opportunity of booking Donovan for

one hour and it was money well invested

Donovan is a student of human behavior

more specifically female behavior if you

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pill guys also known as involuntary

purple Pilar's alright let's go to the

chat here give a shout out to the Mod

Squad razor edge cuts the tape first

good to see you in here jack bones a

shout out to Donovan for the excellent

theme who composed that I haven't heard

anything like this since 1988 it's

actually a custom beat a guy I hired a

guy on soundcloud two years ago and he

sold me this beat and it's been my theme

song ever since

shout out the fattiest Scott mosy it's

good to see when here the GIMP says

maybe I will finally understand what

purple pillow means yes you will

one askew Laurentiis has really loved it

when the show was earlier it's midnight

in Romania but still listening that's

what you call write or die Reinaldo

Betancourt aka Rey in PG in the

motherfucking house ant James says it's

about to be a here Charles merchants my

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good to see you in here fam Ontario Rush

says we in here baby fellas get ready

for this game I think Ontario is a

first-timer so welcome Kevin Ibanez has

done it csr fam how's everyone doing

shout out to you nursin Yeager says my

audio seems slightly low

alright alright guys let me know if my

if my audio is a little bit low maybe

maybe the mic wasn't close enough let me

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good let me know if it's good bad


that's a nerds interupt Ryan Sullivan

says you interrupt you disrupted my

Latin lessons curse you you know I can't

miss a live show my bed week after news

at 5:00 p.m. eastern Pacific Time packs

Gucci good to see you in here well Carol

oh 1977's has finally caught a live show

gentlemen we have cracked a hundred

viewers holy shit we are at 100 viewers

guys i remember what i had nearly ten

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episode but here I am with literally

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guys for the support charles Caballero

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game was rough man listen I don't want

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but I am going to the Flyers game

tomorrow night so hopefully hopefully

the Flyers will lift me up off of this

temporary dip listen man I don't live

and die with the Eagles I love the

Eagles they've been my team since I was

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mean I was bummed for maybe 10 minutes

I'm good

appreciate that see see Lorenzo Davis at

the house mr. mink Winston wolf drew Bay

is in the house the fitness experts has

knowledge without action is impotent

Jubei doing his best ETF 42 impression

you guys will find out later on Axel

Foley says damn Donovan you were all the

way right yeah I know I know it's a

burden being right all the time

I love this mic stand I can literally

move it anywhere I paid a lot of money

for this motherfucker but it is worth it

to be sure alright freelancer in and

says I'm loud and clear sharp assess

that shrimp assist says I'm loud and

clear Tariq says it's a bit low yeah I

think I think I'm just gonna have to

have the mic close I I try not to have

the mic too close because I don't

I don't want to you know okay see how

see how that sounds but I think I think

I can keep it under control I think I

can keep it under control all right Ryan

Sullivan in the house Winston wolf says

I agree the red pill kind of messed up

my life but I can't have it any other

way now yeah listen man the red pill

yeah I wrote an article on return to

King's called three unintended

consequences of the red pill and one of

those unintended consequences that you

don't really like women as much like

women used to be the shiny mysterious

mystical objects they're not anymore

they're really not Merritt with me guys

I'm gonna catch up here freelance Ronin

in the house the original TS ROG says

man Amazon stripping man Amazon's always

trippin men fuck those guys ray from PG

likes the garage band analogy yeah well

we've got a few characters here at TSR

towers we've got beta Donovan then of

course we have every woman oh my god I

told my want to suck your dick we have

Kevin in sales who I have not gotten a

voice for we have Billy the cocaine

dealer and now Dave the unemployed

GarageBand player who may or may not

live in a tent just outside of town he

still gets all the ass still gets all

the yes Marcus says it reminds me of the

guy in China who bought 99 iPhones and

arranged them in the shape of a heart to

propose to his crush of course he got

rejected what somebody send me that link

stat this dude but 99 iPhones arranged

them in the shape of a heart he proposed

to a woman and a boy oh my god these a

lot of fuckers man yeah dude Armando

Moreno says the thirst is real in China

look yeah it's real and China goddamn

199 fucking iPhones and I swear to god

man I hope it wasn't the most expensive

one dude I hope was the iPhone one even

still 50 let's see let's just say he got

a bunch of iPhone ones for 50 bucks

right that's the 5 grand

fucking hell these oh my

these motherfuckers these motherfuckers

Brian Sullivan says DC heroes suck

Superman is a captain save-a-ho Aquaman

is a fish Wonder Woman is a dyke Green

Lantern is replaceable

okay let's not listen listen man let

lets let's let's let's not nerd out on a

Monday man let's not get into that

fuckin Christ

oh boy infamous underdog says hey

Donovan being in a relationship make you

purple pill or can it still be red roses

ship well yeah a port listen just

because you're in a long-term

relationship primary does not mean that

you are purple pill but you have to

maintain those in listen to look at

Rollo Tomassi he's been married for 22

years he's the Godfather of the red pill

but we always say do as I say not a

knight not as I do and I'll talk about

my relationship here in a little bit but

yeah listen I'm in a long-term

relationship and Devon will be the first

ability there is not there is no purple

or blue and me oh no no no I am read

through and fucking through King Nick

says he's just googled it boy button 99

iPhone 6s top oh man please don't tell

me that oh my god

not this motherfucker jesus fucking

christ man fucking hell

99 iPhone 6s is jesus fucking christ

somebody emailed that to me Donovan

Sharpe are okay at gmail.com fucking

hell man oh my god hmm okay let's go

ahead and get started five signs that

you are a purple pill mail who thinks he

is red pill

number one you still believe that you

need a long-term relationship to be

happy when I first met Devon I was still

living that fast

Vegas lifestyle I was doing blow with

strippers every weekend different girls

every night doing wild shit all the time

it's on and so forth the last thing on

my mind when I met her was a long-term

relationship wasn't even

about that now Devon knew how to be a

female but she had no idea how to be a

woman she even even have her dude she

didn't have her ears pierced she didn't

know she didn't own a pair of heels well

she owned a pair of heels that were like

I don't know an inch inch and a half she

didn't know any thongs fingernails not

painted again she's got to be a female

had no idea how to be a woman now

she was definitely fuckable as you guys

all know and that's all I really wanted

out of her at the time but the more time

we spent together the more I began to

like her outside a sex Devin was a great

company she was kind she was very

generous and she was selfish selfless

she appeared to be you know a good woman

now don't mistake me here guys don't

mistake me before you guys start in on


okay she wasn't a unicorn or a snowflake

then and she's not now like all women

out there she had some shit with her and

she still has it as part of the gig

gentlemen this is why red pill awareness

is necessary anyway eight months after

we met we went to Hawaii we went on

vacation to Hawaii for a week had a

great vacation and that was when things

started to change for me I didn't

realize it at the time because I'm not

looking for a long-term relationship but

that's what things decided to change

long story short a few months later I

loaded the idea of a long-term

relationship and she immediately jumped

on it we used to have this joke a let's

just say in bizarro world when we're

together I never I never thought in a

million years that it would actually

come true so we had this come-to-jesus

discussion in January of 2017 and I said

listen what if we could make bizarro

world happen right it was it was

unbelieving I was serious she was like

please don't fuck with me Donovan like

are you serious I'm like yeah I'm I'm


now she was not out of the woods yet

right she still had to prove to me that

she could not only be the kind of woman

I wanted it needed but she had to prove

it she had to prove that she could

maintain it right any woman can be super

girlfriend for a few weeks very few

women can keep it up for that long so

over the next few months I put her


her paces I trained her I corrected her

bad behavior I rewarded her good

behavior taught her the concept of

sequence and consequence and drilled

into her head that my requirements were

non-negotiable make no mistake gentlemen

this was not a smooth write all the way

through there was a lot of yelling there

was a lot of tears and a lot of

introspection on both ends what Devin

stayed the course and in August of 2017

a year and a half after we met we moved

in together and we've been together ever

since the life I have with Devin is far

better than my life ever wasn't Vegas

yeah listen man let's not get it twisted

here I had the time of my life out there

there's no doubt about it but gentlemen

there's something to be said about not

having to get tested for STDs every

couple of months because you were so

fucked up you don't remember using a

condom on whatever stripper happened to

be there at the time right there's

something to be said about knowing you

have pussy at the ready every night

rather than wondering if the girl you

met at the MGM Grand is gonna flake on

you there's a big difference between

home-cooked meals from your woman and

Chinese takeout from whatever girl

you're fucking at the time but hey she's

got big tits right the bottom line

gentlemen is that a long-term

relationship it's a better life not

gonna sit here and tell you it's not but

like I said earlier I wasn't thinking a

long-term relationship when I met Devin

she happened to be in the right place at

the right time and got discovered by a

man who happened to be in the beginning

stages of transitioning to the next

stage of his life who turned her into

the best woman she could be the stars

aligned but make no mistake gentlemen

had I never met Devin I'd still be just

fine I still had my podcast I'd still be

content as a man and I'd still be

kicking life's ass my life is better

with her in it but I don't need her to

be happy

most guys who find the red pill hold on

to behold on to the belief that true

happiness involves a relationship with a

woman and that's simply not true

yes if you train a woman correctly

listen she has the potential to elevate

your life but women are far from

necessary for a man's contentment so

many guys out there meet a girl

they like and immediately they start

thinking about a long-term relationship

some guys even start thinking about

marriage and kids dude what the fuck are

you doing you've known her for two and a

half weeks are you kidding me

shout out the freelance Ronan with the

five dollar donation via the stream labs

link says my do drop in five on it keep

it red-blooded and red pill salute

appreciate that my friend freelance

Ronan with the five dollar donation via

the stream labs link appreciate that man

freelance one is the original TSR og

anyway this is where they trip up when

they start thinking about a long-term

relationship like you've known her for

two weeks what the fuck are you talking

about introducing her to your parents

for you don't even know who the fuck she

is a lot of guys don't even know they're

a lot of guys think about long-term

relationships with women they don't even

know their last name no seriously listen

listen we got motherfuckers out here by

99 iPhones for their crushes and getting

turned down trust me when I tell you

this happens so they start dating the

girl they start giving her time and

attention that only a woman who earns it

should enjoy and at some point she's

gonna take that for granted and you are

back to square one looking for that

special girl red pill aware men know

that women are a luxury not a necessity

purple bill and blue bill men still

believe that women are a necessity and

because of this they get tripped up time

and time again because they continue to

search because they still buy into that

there's somebody for everybody myth

knowing that quality women are made not

knowing rather that quality women are

made by red pill aware men if you are

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if you are listening on soundcloud and

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- listen to the rest of this episode if

you want to find out the last four

reasons you're a red pill male or I'm

sorry you're a purple pill male who

thinks he's red-billed let's go back to

the chat here for a bit

oh so the only one says pull back the

mic you're clipping I have no idea what

that means but I guess that I guess at

some point I'll figure out what's figure

out I don't know what clipping is but

Angry Beyonder says you always say men

shouldn't consider settling until they

are around 35 is that a rule for all

countries yes freelance run it says 99 I

phones at bitch better half thunder and

lightning coming out of that pussy right

straight up

mondo Moreno says I got 99 problems but

a bitch ain't one you got that right

ray mpg says Billy the cocaine dealer

got me kicked out of the army you look

at me started on that cool and Kofi says

iPhone 6 is not that expensive you can

get it for $300 depending on the gigs

here's the problem he bought 99 of them

Alexa what's 99 times 300 Jesus Alexa

stop what the fuck was that Alexa what's

300 times 99 this dude spent 20 stood

spent almost 30 large

on iPhones do what the fuck are you

doing V wheezes juggling women can be

exhausting you got that right listen go

back to my episode being a player is a

full-time job listen listen man having

multiple women that is a full-time job

guys straight up

Khulna Kofi says the red pill could be

depressing at times

it is an awakening that every man should

go through I totally agree

Winston wolf says that all boils down to

that abundance mindset Ontario rush says

a well-trained woman is only an added

benefit to a wholesome man not the end

all women need to know women need to

earn our consideration totally agree

totally agree

Barrett buckle who says three months and

my ex had met my entire family and my

daughter listen we've all been there

we've all been there

Hashim Abdullah says the vast majority

of women cannot do or not want to be

trained you cannot know to negotiate

desire I listen listen man listen I told

you guys that I have tried to train

multiple and I think I've tried to train

maybe like ten women three of them

agreed to the training the first two

didn't work out there was only one that

ended up working out she's in the next

room that's how it goes yeah Tarak says

the guy was an idiot hell yeah oh god

Ryan Sullivan says but what about the

tax on those iPhones right holy fucking

shit man dude now listen I'm not one to

talk listen I rented a 3-bedroom 2bath

two-bathroom house for a woman I had not

fucked yet and down to right near

downtown Raleigh when I got locked up

for a week she was fucking the baby

daddy who had just gotten out of prison

so listen man listen we all have our sim

tails this is how it goes this is all

goes if you liked the show

subscribe to my channel then tell every

man you know to subscribe make sure you

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live now if this is the first time

watching the show there's no need to hit

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broadcast is over I take down this video

and I replace it with an abbreviated

version this isn't something I want to

do but you guys know damn well that

content like mine is under constant

attack because of that I have to take

these measures to make sure I can stay

on the air and have the ability to

broadcast live no I don't like it

but this is the world we live in let's

move on to number two the number two

sign that you were a purple pill mail

who thinks he's red pill you just like

somebody just said it you don't make you

don't make women earn your trust

forgive me if I forgot who you were I

literally just read your comment but who

ever said something about making women

earn their trust listen this is the

number to sign that you are a purple

pill mail masquerading as a red pillar a

lot of dudes who find the red pill but

don't fully digest it still believe in

this silly notion I'll trust you until

you give me reason not to and it gets

him burned every single time this

mindset is the embodiment of purple pill

thinking you admit out loud that your

trust can be broken but you still give

lemon the chance to break something that

they haven't earned in the first place

gentlemen this comes from fear nothing

more men are afraid to show their

inherent distrust for women because

they're afraid of being called

possessive or controlling or jaded not

knowing that a lot of times these are

just shit tests listen man women know

damn well that they are not to be

trusted no matter what they say they've

cheated on their last six boyfriends

with that same Garage Band guitar player

who may or may not live in a storage

unit and she still texts him even though

she told you she'd love to be your

girlfriend after you asked her which of

course is a mistake in and of itself by

the way never ever be the first to

suggest a long-term relationship ever


purple pillars know that women cannot be

trusted remember purple pillars are red

pill aware but the blue pill in them

paralyzes them with fear when the girl

says don't you trust me rather than

telling her I don't trust anybody until

they give me a reason to trust them

no instead he tells her of course I

trust you I'm so sorry

you could totally go out with Dave


slo-mo somebody timeout Shlomo I'm

listen I'm doing a fucking show right

now right I'm not gonna take the time to

answer your question what's this channel

about shut the fuck up quit chatting and

fucking listen and you'll figure it the

fuck out man time is that sound time out

fucking Shlomo f you fucking ask the

same goddamn question twice you want to

know what the fuck it's about shut the

fuck up and listen dude I hate my listen

you got a hundred and nineteen other

people in here man I don't have time to

pay attention to you there's your first

time in here shut the fuck up and listen

and you will figure it out fucking hell

man I hate newbies who come in here and

think that they can just no fuck that

and fuck you fucking hell like I didn't

see it the first time god damn

anyway purple pill men take a purple

pill mail takes a woman at her word when

she says she was raped on a business

trip by a douchebag in the sales

department by the name of Kevin even

though she told him that one week ago

that she hooked up with Kevin several

times during the summer red pill aware

men know women are liars blue pill men

have no idea that women are liars purple

pill men are the worst because they know

the truth but they're afraid to act on

it at least blue pillars can live

blissful ignorant and live in blissful

ignorance for a while alright let's see

we got here Big Brother and life says

what is purple pill you will soon find

out joby Wan coyote T s ro G says nature

of woman's simplified a woman doesn't

want to eat cupcakes women no cupcakes

are bad but will most likely eat one if

it's offered to that this is principal

this is the principle behind feminism

they know that being alone an

independent makes them miserable but

they are told that it is better than

being dominated by a man it is therefore

within their own interest very good

explanation the guid says sent tales

that would be a great call in episode

jesus fucking christ yeah nine one four

two oh five five three five six give me

your symptoms oh yeah

that would be wouldn't it JC says I

don't see how women could ever earn my

trust I will trust them to be women

I've told Devon this several times

before listen I care very much for you

but I will never trust you ever I will

never ever fully trust Devon if we don't

have trust we don't listen

Devon wasn't stupid enough to tell me

this but when you tell a woman you don't

trust her flat out if we don't have

trust we don't have anything well I

guess we don't have anything don't let

the door hit you with a good Lord split

you see you later Winston wolf says shit

tests are like are funny like

stereotypes to me now I used to see them

as life or death questions yeah but now

that we know Joe be one coyote given the

run down to slum Oh F says rule number

one you do not talk about Fight Club all

right take it easy on him take it easy

first-timer I just can't stand what

people come in here and ask me the same

goddamn question Oh spooky Midtown make

Tye you motherfucker he says Donovan

your take on last night's game we should

have won it man we shouldn't want it

listen man the Cowboys are celebrating

this list if the Cowboys are no better

now than they were last night this is

all there is to it they're gonna be a

miserable fucking put like Cowboys fans

like oh we got our guy back Prescott a

news flash Carson Wentz outplayed deck

Prescott last night that Prescott is not

a good quarterback and you know what

Jerry Jones if I can get off on sports

here Jerry Jones would be wise to sign

dak Prescott lowball I'm on a long-term

contract dak Prescott snot a terrible

quarterback quarterback but it's not a

very good one either but the formula

these day is to win Super Bowls is to

have a quarterback who doesn't make that

much money and load up around him this

in part is the reason why Tom Brady has

been to eight Super Bowls and won five I

think the last two years a deal or the

Tom Brady has never been the

highest-paid player on his own team

until these last two years he's always

been somewhere down in the bottom yeah

Zeke ran all over us last night that is

that is absolutely for sure absolutely

for sure yeah dude listen there's

nothing to do about Zeke Elliott I

listened I knew he was gonna run all

over us Zeke runs all over everybody

that's that that's just how it is that's

how it is

reason number three that you are a

purple pill male who thinks he is red

pill shout out to rob Cruz with the five

dollar donation says salute to all

veterans United States Marine Corps

happy Veterans Day it's all you veterans

out there

DJ sharp my father David sharp my

brother DJ sharp David sharp my brother

my father served in the he served in the

military for 27 years half of it in the

Air Force half of it in the army I don't

know how he pulled that off but listen

man I talk shit about my dad all the

time was a beta bitch boy but guess what

man it was it was because he was in the

service because he was in the military I

was able to have the child that I had

listen I had a great childhood I really

did right okay so I had a blue pill

father and my mom cheated and it's not

any other but listen man we got to we

got to live all over the country all

over the world this is why I don't sound

like I'm from the hood this is why but

this was really why I don't have much of

an accent so Barret Buckelew says

Elliott is the only reason why Dallas

one totally agree totally agree yeah

happy Veterans Day guys I should have

mentioned that at the top of the show my

bad dad my dad's little brother kid

brother nine one four two oh five five

three five six let's go to the phone

lines I think I have a foreign caller go

ahead hello yes hello

yeah no no what I just want to tell you

alone tip period when our the book feels

better okay

yeah you know a couple years ago you

know and just start doubling with the

red pill and you know you know there is

other time when you know you wanna

and then you fuckin you know a lot of

those everything is running smooth for

you right and you know girls is becoming

easier shit Frank we're in all that I

end up meeting as I got a sense huh

she was attend but like you know she

will try to fool me and tell me like you

know although I I will never cheat on


oh and she was cheating on her boyfriend

but she was she told me I would be

probably would stop I would give her you

know you know the fucked up shit about

it is three months later we broke up and

stuff like that and she was too

possessive of me

Wow and I look stupid to like leave a

woman alone but she was fucking her out

like five other guys of course she was

right or she was right

not that anything I guess what

everything you know you know that it's

wrong but just because you operated yes

here paralyzes men and thanks for the

phone call listen he tells he tells the

story of a lot of a lot of a lot of

different men like you don't act on your

impulses because you're afraid to piss

her off and really and truly that comes

from the the scarcity mindset

yeah I've been guilty of it too I'd

better say this or I better not do that

or I'm going to lose her we don't think

about that consciously we think about

that subconsciously the scarcity mindset

is a subconscious thing you don't think

that you'll ever get a girl who looks

like this again I'll never get a girl

who will suck my dick like a me suck my


I'll never get a girl with tits like

that or and asked like that dude there

are three and at least three and a half

billion women on this earth and a good

number of them will suck the fucking

colour off your dick even if you are a

white guy the scarcity mindset is always

the reason why we never act on our

impulses and this is what purple guys do

alright let's go to number three again

guys call in with your questions nine

one four two oh five by three five six

number three the number three reason you

are a purple pill male who thinks he is

red pill you don't take action this is

what drew Bay talked about a little bit


I can't give you percentages on this

because no one will ever know but there

are so many dudes out here who have red

pill awareness they've read the rational

male they watch and read guys like me

they watch the brother pill they watch

the red man group they can recite every

answer to every shit test known to man

they know all the red pill vernacular

they know all about the wall they know

all about her I hypergamy all women are

like that the cock care cell and so on

and so forth these guys are on 30

different subreddits giving dudes red

pill advice telling them what to and

what not to do

they even came to the 21 convention they

shook my hand smoked cigars and met the

Godfather Rollo Tomassi himself but when

push comes to shove and they find

themselves in the presence of an

attractive woman they freeze like a deer

in the headlights and don't see a

goddamn thing when their girlfriends get

out of pocket they don't check him and

get him back in line when the new iPhone

comes out they wait in line overnight

for the privilege of paying of spending

a thousand dollars on a phone and a lot

of make payments on this which is really

fucking stupid all the red pill

knowledge in the world doesn't mean shit

if you don't apply it and if you have

red pill awareness but don't apply what

you know you're no better than the blue

pill beta's having red pill awareness

and not putting it into action is worse

than not having red pill awareness at

all like I said before at least blue

pill men can have their blissful

ignorance then silver swig says the name

for those guys is keyboard jockeys yeah

I call them keyboard jockeys keyboard

Casanova's that's pretty funny

then silver swig says sounds like it

sounds like he calls in from the

bathroom maybe he needs a private space

maybe your room share maybe Oh ray from

PG says on the Cowboys fans and we are

some shit ray from PG also says

baskin-robbins baskin-robbins I've been

at baskin-robbins on forever that

explains why I look more like this than

the opposite let's move to number four

part of unplugging wait a minute give me

one second here I need

make a quick give me one second guys I

need to make a quick change here again 9

1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the number to call

their prop there we go

excellent I had to make a quick

production I think part of unplugging

from the matrix means accepting the fact

that men and women are not the same no

I'm not talking about the obvious ways

like men are bigger faster stronger etc

those are obvious and even beta bitch

boys they know that Ronda Rousey

wouldn't last 3 seconds in any ring with

Floyd Mayweather even if you were

fighting as a flyweight no no no I'm

talking about things like intelligence

gender roles and most of all education I

talked about the fact that educated

women are frauds and used their

fraudulent college degrees as an excuse

not to stay in shape in order to

consolidate on a man of value take a

listen to this because this this rant is

epic take a listen

they're probably laughing right now

right feminists male and female and

leave us to live out in Silicon Valley

are probably condescendingly chuckling

and saying oh this guy is so lost and I

would expect that because of the college

statistics out there but here's where

we're gonna get into the meat of this

myth let's take a look at the

professions that really matter the

professions that take 8 that take

post-secondary education and careers

that require critical thinking and

deductive reasoning and deductive

reasoning skills in a stressful

environment let's go down the list here


65% of all physicians all doctors are

men 68% of lawyers attorneys men 68% of


men 70% of engineers are men and over

80% of engineering students are men 81%

of surgeons people who cut other people

open for a living men commercial pilots

96% of commercial pilots are men and I

don't think I've ever seen or heard of a

female pilot and listen guys I grew up

on military bases and I've gone to more

air shows than any listen I can promise

you I've been to more air shows and sat

in more cockpits of more every type of

plane than all you can find man I've sat

in every cargo plane fighter playing

fueling plane every helicopter chopper

chopper imaginable at least a dozen

times each and I've never seen a female

pilot in any of them never seen an f-22

Raptor pilots never seen a female f-16

pilot never seen a never seen a woman

flying a mig-28 an f-18 Hornet an a-10

Thunderbolt b-52 b-52 bomber stealth

bomber never seen a woman fly an sr-71

blackbird spy plane never seen a female

pilot on a cargo lure fueling plane

never seen listened never seen a woman

fly kc-10 dc-10 c-130 c-141 c5 c-17

never seen a pilot never seen a female

pilot for the Thunderbirds the Blue

Angels not even as a publicity stunt so

when you have a health issue or your

freedom is hanging in the balance or you

need a root canal or you need a lung

transplant or you you or if you need a

skyscraper to be built or if you need to

be flown in a steel tube in excess of

550 miles an hour 35,000 feet in the air

for hours at a time who do we turn to in

situations like this I can tell you who

we don't turn to all these educated

bitches out here running around with

their fraudulent 4-year degrees let me

ask you something would you feel

comfortable with a woman giving you

triple bypass surgery to save your life

would you feel better if you looked in

the cockpit of your Delta Airlines

Airbus 318 and saw a woman sitting there

of course you won't of course you

wouldn't and any woman would answer

exactly the same thing if they're being


here's the thing guys all studying is is

memorizing that's what you do to get a

four-year degree you regurgitate what

you read and once you see that's easy

that's why women excel at that but when

you have to come up with an effective

design to build them to build a bridge

over a body of water where the

barometric pressure changes by the

season and then figure out a way to do

it within a certain budget in terms of

dollars that's where women drop out when

a patient goes into cardiac arrest

during heart surgery and you have to use

your training to think your way out of a

situation save the patient's life and

preserve their quality of life

all at the same time women drop out when

the prosecution shows a video of your

client entering of entering the building

that the victim was killed in and you

have to come up with a creative defense

and find a case where the defendant was

acquitted under the same Sturken

circumstances marry that with case law

and sell it to the jury to get your

client off that's where women fail women

act like having a degree automatically

makes them a higher class of people and

that's simply not true and the reason

for that is because a college degree in

this day and age is fraudulent and proof

of that is all around us as women are as

dumb as they've ever been in human

history education does not equal

intelligence gentlemen women think that

if they get a college degree then

they're entitled to having a doctor or a

lawyer or a surgeon or an engineer as a

husband and y'all bitches are dead

fucking wrong it's a lot harder to stay

in shape be feminine and submit to a man

then it is they get a useless fucking

degree and that's why y'all that's

that's why you fucking lazy fat bitches

rush to college so that you can avoid

doing something that actually challenges

you that will actually catch the

attention of a man I don't give a shit

about trophies I don't give a shit about

your 1600 SAT score eat 1600 calories a

day and then I'll be impressed I don't

care about your fake educational

participation award otherwise known as a

bachelor's degree I don't care about the

fact that you graduated in the top 10%

of your class get under 10% body fat and

then we can talk education is a

fraudulent currency that women have used

to say look

me I'm a quality woman because I have a

four-year degree I deserve the very best

men out there bitch you've had three

abortions and you fucked your mom's

boyfriend and you were 15 all you

deserve is asked amount and it Liuba

ride home and you should thank your

lucky stars you even get that from guys

like me

yeah pretty fucking savage but pretty

fucking true so many men who think their

red pill still don't understand that the

best relationships are the ones where

men are the primary breadwinners and

women are the primary caretakers as far

as household chores are concerned men

take up men take care of everything

outside the house well you know like

mowing the lawn trimming the hedges

cleaning the gutters taking out the

trash and so forth and women take care

of all of the chores inside like doing

the dishes cooking cleaning vacuuming

laundry etc now to be fair feminism

isn't the only reason it's not the only

thing that has fucked up gender roles

and gender relations these days it

requires two incomes to sustain a decent

household in terms of a decent place to

live a decent car appliances and all the

rest of that but that doesn't mean that

women aren't still responsible for their

end of the bargain as far as household

duties are concerned men work all day

and many of them are in blue-collar

labor intensive jobs and women still

expect them to come home take out the

trash fix the water heater and change

the filters as they should but women

think that because they sit around in an

air-conditioned building all day

chopping away at a keyboard means they

don't have to cook clean and fuck I'll

use Devin as an example she has an

office job that happens to be that

happens to require quite a bit of

brainpower she is very good at what she

does and by the way she makes more than

I do a lot of times she comes home she

is mentally exhausted and every once in

a while if I know she's had a long day

maybe I'll load the dishwasher back in

the floor do a load of laundry here

there that way when she gets home all

she has to do was cook and fuck I told

her all the time

listen check this out yeah I'll do

chores around the house every once in a

while but do not get it twisted I'm not

doing this so that you can think I'm an

awesome guy I didn't like I like I

didn't clean up the house so that you

can so you call your mom and say oh my

god Donovan is such a great boyfriend he

does torque Lena

the reason I do this is to remove as

many speed bumps from my dick

to your vagina that's why I do it and

she'll come oh my god the house looks


thank you I'm like yeah thank me later

sweetheart that's the reason I did it

anyway most of the time regardless of

how long or arduous Devin's day is she

doesn't skirt her household

responsibilities every so often she will

leave the dishes for tomorrow morning no

big deal but not a deal breaker but she

takes care of it before she gets before

she heads off to work the point is that

one of the reasons Devin and I have what

appears to be a solid relationship is

that we understand and abide by it by

gender roles we know understand

acknowledge and execute our

responsibilities to each other as man

and woman men out there who think they

are red pill alpha dudes don't require

their women to keep the house clean and

do all of the cooking and these guys are

married dude listen Devin and I will

never be married but guess what

she handles her business because that's

what I require why because I'm not

afraid to demand this from my woman

purple pill men know what a woman's

place is regardless of the stress her

job requires that's part of the gig

women bitch and moan about how they want

their how they want men to man up and

engage in masculine responsibilities but

when it comes time to cook clean do the

laundry and give up the pussy oh no they

don't want to all pull their end of the

bargain while simultaneously expecting

men to continue to uphold their end of

the bargain and these purple pill guys

out here they don't put their foot down

because deep down they still believe

that women are equal to men in this

regard not even close

just because she's mentally tired when

she gets home doesn't mean she doesn't

have the energy to throw a steak in a

pan and suck some dick listen man I know

Devin doesn't always want to do it's

necessary but she pulls up her

bootstraps and powers through because

she knows that in return she gets my

protection she gets my attention she

gets my time she gets my affection she

gets access to my resources and my

loyalty what purple pill men have to

realize is that what women have to do to

get what they want out of you

is not the same as what we is what we

have to do to get what we want out of

them men and women aren't equal and

neither are the tasks involved with

upholding their end of the bargain the

only thing they're equal in is

importance but unfortunately most red

pill men don't understand that let me go

to the chat here Marcus says serious

question apart from feminism and trying

to act like men why do women think a

degree as something that will make them

more attractive very good question

Marcus because feminism has foolishly

taught women that the things that make

them the things that make us attractive

to them are the things that will make us

attractive to that will make them

attractive to us let me run that back

because I totally fucked it up feminism

has taught women that do the things that

men do to become attractive to women

with men right so women think that

getting a college degree makes them

attractive because a man who is educated

is attractive to them women think that

being strong and independent makes them

attractive to men because because that

is what they're attracted to I always

say a first date hack first date hack

you ask a woman what kind of woman are


whatever her answer is that's the kind

of man she wants dude every woman you

ask her what kind of woman are you well

I'm strong I'm independent I'm decisive

I know what I want and I'm highly

competitive guess what she just

described to you the man of her dreams

proceed accordingly women foolishly

think that sexual attraction is

symmetrical and nothing could be further

from the truth

women women in feminism has taught women

that masculinity is attractive to men

what did they get that wrong mr. meek is

in the house mr. mink I need to go ahead

and mod him mr. meek is a mod I know a

lot of new guys look good through Lord

'majide you're goddamn right

I've had this check I've only had this

channel for a short time but most of the

guys who are watching this have been

with me from the start and if I see

familiar face I'm gonna mod you guys

too many poking wrenches yeah well then

watch your fucking mouth loan revolver

in the house good to see you in here

Hashim Abdullah advises Marcus to read

rolla's essay the myth of the alpha


very good our mando Moreno says that's

why you see and drogyny in the picture

there you go man dude there you go

that's the comment of the night comment

of the night the fifth and final sign

that you are a purple pill male who

thinks he is red pill you still believe

in not all women are like that and

notions like true love listen never mind

that purple pill men still cling to the

book to belief that their person is out

there somewhere never mind that these

guys still believe in the bullshit

notion of a soulmate jesus fucking

christ there's no such thing as a soul

mate no no that's not nearly as bad as

men who claim to be red bill who will

say shit like yeah women are fucked up

they'll cheat on you and they'll fuck

you over and they'll take you to the

cleaners and Family Court but not every

single woman it's like that like you

can't tell me that a hundred percent of

women out there is infected my feminism

you can't tell me that every single


coach president of women will fuck you

over if you give them the opportunity

interestingly enough that is absolutely


100% of women won't fuck you over or

divorce rape you 100 percent 100 percent

of women out there won't cheat on you

but 100 percent of women are female

which means they are a slave to their

biology which means yes all women are

like that just because a woman happens

to be the exception to one aspect of a

Walt doesn't mean she's a fucking

unicorn okay so she doesn't blame shift

but trust and believe that if you get

fat lose your job and stop keeping our

line she will upgrade in the name of


me and she'll make sure she has your

replacement firmly in her grasp before

dropping the hammer on you in the form

of what we call branch swimming branch

swinging Oh women are like that

okay so your wife didn't Branch Lee she

can't be like a woman and told you

straight up that this isn't working and

that she wants out but you can bet your

bottom fuckin dollar that when she tells

her family and friends why she's leaving

you she'll blame it all on you that's

called blame-shifting what's that you

say you know of a woman who doesn't

blame chip you know the woman who

doesn't Branch Ling or si Pergamus even

if I even if I believed you Oh women

shit test that's right all women should

test all women test men that they're

attracted to to make sure that he's

either the man he presented himself to

be or to make sure he's still the man

she fell in love with every woman on the

face of the earth shit tests men and

that's not a bad thing gentlemen denying

one element of all women are like that

doesn't mean she's not like that and

just because she doesn't engage in a

particular act to the same degree

doesn't mean she's the exception to the

fucking rule all women are like that

guys and the sooner you get that through

your thick fucking skull the better you

and your woman will be I use Devon as an

example Devon's a good woman but make no

fucking mistake

she is who she is because I made her

that way yes she has many qualities that

elevate my life because what when I met

her she was out there doing the same

shit every woman does when they're

single she ain't no fucking unicorn guys

she is like that you want to know

something she knows and understands this

too she knows that being like that means

that she's not a bad person or a

terrible woman she knows that her

proclivities to blame shift when it

comes to her ex and she has done this

before his typical female behavior but

she also knows that because we're both

aware of it she can do her best to at

least avoid the behavior every once in a

while I may give her a let's call it a

gentle reminder that she is engaging in

a Walt behaviors but she doesn't take it

personal because she knows I'm trying to

make and keep her the best woman she can

be and she knows she can't do it without

facing some hard truths about her

biology that's as simple as that guys

men of different shades red pill blue

pill purple pill we all know and

understand that we are

roused by attractive women we freely

admit that we want to fuck the best

female physical specimens out there we

don't deny our biology for beautiful

women at least when at least when we're

not in the company of women and blue

pill and purple bill guys I'm talking to

you red pill guys we don't give a shit

yeah listen my woman's gonna look like

this if she's fat she's fucking gone

blue pill and purple guys Oh No

love comes in all shapes and sizes but

then when they get around each other oh

yeah yeah I gotta have some big titties

and a fat ass so the question is is if

we freely admit that we as men are

beholden to our biology as males then

why the hell are purple pill men so

quick to dismiss female biology I'll

tell you why because they are afraid

they're afraid to call their women out

for trashing their ex-boyfriends or

ex-husbands and that you're aware of the

fact that there are two sides to every

story and you know she shares in blame

for the demise of the relationship

they're afraid to admit that their wives

would drop them in a New York fuckin

minute for Kevin and sales who makes

more who's in better shape is more

confident and is flat-out a better

option than they are purple pill men

still believe in the notion of romantic

love they still dream of unconditional

love Devin and I have recently started

watching the series Mad Men on Netflix

and in the second episode of the first

season Don Draper brilliantly sums up

the bullshit notion of romantic love

when incidentally enough addressing a

woman who told him that she's never felt

love in her life he said quote the

reason you haven't felt it is because it

doesn't exist what you call love was

invented by guys like me to sell nylons

you were born alone and you die alone in

this world just drops up just drops a

bunch of rules on top of you to make you

forget those facts but I never forget

that's red pill fuckin truth guys it's

Don fucking Draper red pill men never

forget blue pill bin never knew it in

the first place and purple pill

try to forget but he's quickly reminded

of this when his woman tearfully admits

that she got drunk in a company party

and went back to Kevin's place where he

and his friend Dave who plays a mean

guitar and his friend Billy the cocaine

dealer ran a train on her and now she's

pregnant and doesn't know who the father

is because nobody used a condom that

night there is no purple pill gentlemen

there just isn't you were either living

the red pill life or you are not there

is no in-between all right

BK from the Rockies says women are all

the same they will automatically fall

behind another woman going against a man

even if the woman is wrong and crazy

yeah listen women default to other women

they look out for the they look out for

the vagina that's just that's just all

there is to it spins e says feminism is

like cancer you don't have just the

touch of cancer no I agree totally agree

let's go back to the phone lines

area code 571 you're on live with

Donovan go ahead hey I met you on the

Redman group for tea this past Saturday

that's how I actually discovered you so

uh and then I subscribe to your channel

good good to have you hear something

yeah so just want to share something

with you based on like you know how

women should kiss men like I recently

went on a date with this woman she was a

feminist and then like you know when she

started talking about that you know men

and women should be treated equally they

should get the same pay and all that

stuff so I kind of like asked her a

quick question I said okay so what

happens like you know when you go out on

a date and immediately she flipped the

switch and she's like yo you know what

I'm kind of old-fashioned no they're

making like right you know guys the guys

to take the you know the the lead and

all that stuff so what I notice is like

when it's convenient they'll play their

cards right say okay I want guys to do

this but when it's kind of when it's

convenient for them then they'll try to

play the equal

right so just wondering if something

that like that you experienced in the

past and what are your good what are

some good ways to clip out people like

that who only plays card for their


yeah that's a very good question yeah

this is this has happened to me several

times caller and I would suggest I did

an episode you can probably google it

cuz I'm very bad at indexing things but

Google eleven signs you are dating a

feminist some of the signs that you're

in see I think what you also have to

understand this understand this - most

women don't identify as feminists but

most women hold feminists ideologies

right so you could ask a girl straight

up are you feminists oh no I'm not I'm

not a feminist but I believe in the

Galit Aryan relationships I believe that

women should be equal to men I believe

that women should make the same pay as

men for this you know they they say that

they're not feminists but they have all

of these feminist views so and the thing

is as feminism has become it's not

really as chic as it used to be only the

extreme purple-haired you know neck

tattooed and bullring those are the

girls that you know are feminists the

quickest way the quickest way to sniff

out oh well now you're gonna have to

understand is that all women have

feminist ideologies but if they meet the

right man

they will forego those ideologies but

just like you said women who have

feminist beliefs are always quick to

abandon them when it's to their

advantage right so we should be equal

except for when we're out on a date

you should pay so I can so I can save

money the best way to deal with these

kinds of women is to fuck them once and

leave them alone the only and you have

to understand this too is that is that

feminists do have their utility notice

that was singular not Pro plural the

only utility that feminists have is

they're easy lays they're easy fucks

right so my suggestion to you would be

never ever ever take a woman let me ask

you this you probably took her out to a

restaurant on your first date is that


yeah well know that okay so see there

you go and you already you already

recognize that you made a mistake so

even if you meet a girl who appears to


exception to a few rules never take a

woman out to eat on the first date take

her for coffee take her for ice cream

take her for a couple of shots at that

point when you converse with her you can

figure out okay I'm dealing with a

feminist or okay I'm dealing with

someone who may not be as extremist some

women out there every woman out there my

friend every woman out there caller has

feminists feminist ideologies a woman

could be completely 100 percent

traditional but she could still be

pro-abortion a woman could be a hundred

percent traditional and have no respect

for men because she was raised by single

mother a woman could be a woman could

look like she's traditional but she has

daddy issues because her dad was in and

out of prison the best way to ferret

these women out is to take them on a

cheap date

just like Steve the Dean Williams talks

about take her to feed the ducks

take her to a museum take her to the

fire station take her wherever it is you

have to do never ever invest more than

10 or 15 bucks on that first meetup if

if she if she acts right meaning she

doesn't come off like a feminist or

someone who's going to exercise her

feminist ideologies then the next time

maybe you say okay let's maybe go out

for appetizers if she's really Pleasant

on that first date Wolvie I have a crazy

idea card and you can go back to my you

can go back to one of my episodes on

that thanks for the call area code five

seven one and listen I do appreciate you

discovering me on the Redman group and

and I do appreciate you uh subscribing

to my channel did you have any other

questions yes I'm in every I'm in just

about every right my group I will

absolutely 100% be there yep

my man I'll see you there all right man

thanks for the goal very good question

we always Alyssa man guys all in C

listen guys are starting to understand I

asked him did you take her out to a

restaurant he said unfortunately yep

he's already starting to get it he knows

he fucked up by taking her to a

restaurant so now the next time he's not

gonna take a girl to a restaurant very

good very good caller

Tarak wants to know when does a woman

earn flowers never a month after consent

alpha sex I'm taking Devon out to Red

Lobster tonight right

matter of fact Devin and I have actually

eaten out quite a few times over the

last few weeks and I've dropped 120

dollars on both meals I'm not gonna

spend that much tonight but the reason

why I do this is because she's earned

that I've known her for nearly three

years she's been my girlfriend now for

just over a year she spent the year and

a half of her life earning my earning my


earning my commitment so yeah that's I

mean does I mean I don't know that I

don't even know that Devin likes flowers

I think I may have I don't think I've

ever sent her flowers I may have I think

I did I don't remember but no no no

never listen dude listen check this out

never feed them before you fuck them


so never feed them before you fuck him

number one dude never send a girl


the only time you send a girl flowers is

if you are married which is a bad idea

or if you are in a long-term

relationship so when does a woman to

earn flowers I would say after a year of

proving that she that she's gonna make a

good girlfriend straight-up finds the

word says I've seen Donovan and Devin in

real life he walks the walk I appreciate


spooky MiG Tao says never give women

flowers guys Chad or Tyrese gets laid

without a dime truer words never spoken

good comment there the Holy Bible says

love the bluntness how it goes man oh

wait shot right past that had a


a freelancer Ronin whoa all right

excellent excellent excellent

okay darks Atari says in Uganda the

women much respect the man yeah I mean I

wouldn't I wouldn't doubt it then silver

squeeks has put a spider in the bathroom

then you know the stronger sex men are


smarty smart wants to know how to call

in zero zero one nine one four two oh

five five three five six but you better

hurry you better hurry because I'm

getting ready to go I'm get ready to cut

this short I'm hungry and I'm ready for

some Red Lobster Rob

Cruz says the red pill is a sour pill to


absolutely absolutely Jimmy Juan coyote

says oh man just ask a feminist if they

would rather a guy lied and agreed with

her ideals in hopes of getting laid or

had a guy straight-up admit that he

found her attractive and wanted to fuck

her there you go there you go Marcus

says anybody heard about the Scottie

Pippen thing if I never knew a blue pill

betta simp I definitely know when now

dude buy his ex-wife a four million

dollar apology ring after she cheated on

him yes Larsa Pippen has filed for

divorce from Scottie Pippen think they

have like four children together Larsa

Pippen cheated on Scottie Pippen with

the rapper future as luck would have it

he fucked her she cheated on him and

Scottie Pippen me I listened me and

Jesus Christ jesus fucking christ what's

his name Doctore you can follow him on

Twitter at sports droppings we talked

about this almost a year ago we talked

about this when I was living back in

Reno about the fact that Scottie Pippen

had purchased his wife Larsa Pippen a

four million dollar ring as an apology

for her cheating on him we started the

clock it was the countdown dude when you

apologize to your wife or girlfriend for

her cheating dude you're done you're

done that was easy

dark suit Ari says chasing women at

first world countries is a false economy

a very good comment Lucas dimple says

never buy her drinks unless you are

banging her um

listen some guys gonna buy buy that to

me that's right that's to me that's

meathead red pill listen man there's

nothing wrong with buying a girl a five

or six dollar drink to kind of socially

lubricate the action right like listen

you want to let her know that you're not

an ATM but you also let her know that

you're not a cheapskate right and here's

the best way to do it I always listen I

told my guys this take a girl out on the

first date right

ask her what are you drinking I'm

drinking a bodkin coke okay perfect I'm

gonna get a whiskey sour

the bartender comes over and he says all

right what'll it be well guess what

my date here tonight is feeling generous

she's gonna buy me a whiskey sour and in

return I'm gonna buy her a vodka coke

right so you've literally bought it

you've essentially bought each other

drinks you're still split down the

middle don't be a cheapskate 9/11 for

two oh five five three five six this is

going to be the last phone call I take

ere we go three two one you're on live

with Donovan going

Donovan what's up buddy here t12 t21

surfer boy yes sir what's going on Tony

how you doing man oh good just wanted to

let you know I pay tree on your today so

I did the $8 tier because I cannot miss

this stuff man appreciate that

obviously you know my brother well and

this is a great episode man I got home

from work and I didn't even unload my

truck yet just so I could listen oh wow

appreciate that man and listening I've

met Tony in person he's a listen listen

I talked to your brother about you

you're a tough son of a bitch man

well I tried this show this show is

hitting home tonight it really is good

you know it's just it's just a lot man

it's digesting I think I talked to you

about that before yes and it's not as

easy as everybody thinks it is no it's

just not you know it is not but you know

if it wasn't for you man I'll tell ya

just uh just the way you talk man just

brings me just brings me up all the time

all the time so that's good just wanted

to let you know that man I appreciate I

appreciate that very much man that that

means a lot coming from you

well it's a great show and I never want

to miss an episode again don't don't man

listen weekday afternoons at 5 p.m.

Eastern brother well I'm a patreon now

so I won't miss any you won't miss a

damn thing yeah and listen you can

actually you can actually listen on the

go right so if you miss part of the

episode you can always just download the

audio version and listen right there in

your truck or at work and not have to

worry about yeah that'll get fired

ya know I worked myself man oh that's

not good never mind alright yeah no no

no human resources cows right yeah but I

just wanted to say man I mean you've got

you know what you say is the truth buddy

and it is a hard pill to swallow

sometimes you dead the truth you know

I've been listening to you for the past

past whatever it's been probably about

an hour so and and man some of it is

just it's brutal but it's true you know

yeah a lot of guys get it yeah a lot of

guys you know it's it's interesting man

like a lot of guys and I remember when I

first discovered the red pill and like I

was excited because I was like holy shit

my life is gonna change all I gotta do

is implement the stuff and then I

started to discover a truth that the

truth and I remember thinking wow like

I've always thought this was like this

but now that I'm out here live in this

rental life it listen it's totally worth

it but it is not all peaches and cream

my friend no it's not but you know I've

got I've got the support of my brother

and it's sport of all you guys it's made

a huge huge difference

good you different good very very good

you gonna be the next 21 anything man

that that is the most important thing

you said digesting yes see that's the

hard part

listen a lot of men discover Red Bull

truth right I mean listen we all have

the internet now right and I don't know

I can't put a percentage on it but a lot

of gut and like a lot more men than we

realize have discovered the red pill but

very few of them actually digest it and

then even fewer of them live that red

pill life dude guys who digest it a lot

of times they end up saying shit man

like this is the fucking truth

I'm out like I'm either I'm just gonna

fuck prostitutes I'm gonna have a

relationship with a sex doll I'm just

gonna live in my mom's basement and be a

big town monk for the rest of my life

and dude I I don't blame those guys but

but for those of us who are out here

living this red pill life you guys think

to yourself a man Donovan's awesome he

kicks ass he's living that life Devin's

hot you know she gives him head and he's

living this rip alive listen the red no

life is worth it but there is a price to

be paid it is not easy it is far from


yeah I'm paying the price right now

and I really am but but I'm digging it

I'm enjoying it the only issue I have is

friends of mine I just I just don't see

them in the same light anymore him as

really don't that's tough

you're gonna make me stay so that that's

kind of where I'm at right now but you

know it's

I almost feel alone I get that I feel

good alone yes yes I mean that you no no

listen I know where I'm at right now

yeah listen and listen it fortunately

fer for us as men we listen don't get me

wrong no man wants to be wants to feel

like he's alone but fortunately for us

we're better equipped to handle

isolation and at times even thrive in

isolation and what a lot of guys have to

understand is when you fully digest the

red pill you find yourself to be alone

because nobody around you fort listen

fortunately your brother is as red pill

as they come but a lot of guys don't

have a brother like yours a lot of guys

you know don't don't have I guess what

girls would call a support system that

actually happens to work to our

advantage but because if you can thrive

if you can learn to thrive in an

isolation based existence based on you

know again just based on digesting those

red-billed truths then once you actually

get out there you're gonna go through

periods of isolation at least now you

know you can survive it and like I said

men were we're designed to be isolated

we don't like it but it doesn't mean

like we handle isolation a lot better

than females do and fortunately listen

fortunately for you and me we pieced

ended up so yeah you know and it's not

isolation from women women our problem

right now that I'm doing really well in

that department not an issue it's just

it's the friend issue I just some of my

friends I just I can't be around them


like it's difficult Jesus it's difficult

you know just listening you know and and

and it's hard for me to say anything

because I don't want to sound like a

preacher right right you understand I

don't know how I'm like I'm preaching to

somebody but it's just you know as far

as being alone

it's not a problem you know but I know

it's for the it's for the best at this

point in my life yeah absolutely listen

I wrote an article and I I'll text it to

you it's called three reasons why most

men are not your friends and I think

that that will I think that'll give you

a little bit more insight on on what

you're going through all I'll definitely

send that to you after I get up to show

men well I appreciate it man I

appreciate it very much love you show

dude awesome you the man dude listen

halt listen call me call me whenever you

want man because unfortunately like guys

like you like hearing stuff like this is

the reason I do the show now that I'm

starting to make a little bit more waves

I'm getting a lot more trolls so you

know hearing from guys like you always

makes it worth it man I appreciate you

calling well I appreciate you man thank

you very much he's a man dude we'll talk

soon okay okay camera see ya

TF the surfer calling in good call there

man I love it when I hear from guys who

tell me hey Donovan you've made a

difference in my life it makes it makes

dealing with these makes dealing with

these trolls a lot a lot easier like I

said earlier I'm taking Devin to Red

Lobster right after I get off the show

actually and and so so I'm gonna be

doing that so Devin's got the night off

from cooking and and I am going to see

I'm going to a hockey game tomorrow

night going right down the road to the

Wells Fargo Center to watch the Flyers

take on the Florida Panthers so I'm not

gonna be on the brother pill tomorrow

night I am gonna do I'll probably do

I'll probably do a short stream I know

maybe I'll do like an hour stream maybe

I'll jump on between 2:00 and 3:00

o'clock but I don't know that might even

be too late because the game I think

starts at 7:00 and so we got to be the

hell out of here at 4:30 or 5:00 so I'll

definitely do a stream tomorrow but it's

not gonna be at 5:00 p.m. Eastern

2 p.m. Pacific so just just be on the

lookout for that but like I said I'll do

a sharp short I'll do a short you know

I'll do a short version of something so

um so yeah just just wanted to give you

guys a heads up on that that's gonna do

it for this edition of TSR alive

my thanks to all of my callers be sure

to go to patreon.com/scishow and sharp

to become a patron and visit donovan

sharp comm for all things donovan sharp

thanks for watching gentlemen we'll see

you tomorrow




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