5 things Men need to charge to the game (Episode 398)

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personality either women want all the

accolades to be at the boss without any

of the responsibilities fly from

Philadelphia your man

Donovan sure welcome to the 398 the

digit of TS are live your daily dose of

rental truth wisdom and awareness looks

like I've got to move my camera down a

little bit and I also have to adjust the

lighting so give me just a quick second

here give me oh okay wait a minute

hang on guys there we go much better

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little little production thing there it

is Thursday January 24th 2019 we are

multi casting live to three YouTube

channels three Facebook pages as well as

Twitter until of course my internet goes

out on me I actually did a test this

morning and everything seemed to be

everything seemed to be all right things

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the light is nice and green we'll see if

that sustains if not it is what it is

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here soon anyway like I said we're multi

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it is all good let's get right to it

last Sunday the LA Rams beat the New

Orleans Saints

26:23 in overtime on the strength of

Greg the leg sir lines 57 yard field

goal but all anyone is talking about is

the missed pass interference call toward

the end of regulation now the

significance of that missed call is that

it would have given the Saints a first

and goal from about the five-yard line

at which point they would have likely

scored a touchdown put the Saints in

full control forcing the Rams to score a

touchdown to tie the game late instead

the Saints were forced to attempt a

field goal which gave them a three point

lead at which point the Rams marched

down the field kick the game-tying field

goal sending the game in overtime and we

all know what happened after that so now

the Saints fans are outraged they're

buying billboards they're starting

petitions to have the game replayed I

think a few season ticket holders have

sued the NFL for the blown call Michael

Thomas is calling Super Bowl 53 Super

Bowl why it's been one giant shit show

now we can make fun of Saints fans and

Saints players for still crying for full

days after the game but let's rewind

back to Sunday to the blown call Sean

Payton the Saints head coach did exactly

what we would expect the head coach to

do after a blown call which was turn red

chase the line Judge up and down the

field demanding an explanation for the

missed call ok fair enough this is what

happens it was clearly a Miss pass

interference call Peyton's gonna be mad

but if you watched the rest of the game

after the missed call it was clear that

Sean Payton was not over that call a lot

of coaches get robbed a lot of coaches

are upset about missed calls

ninety nine and a half times out of a

hundred life goes on

yeah there's still a little bit steamed

about it but they understand that they

have a game to coach so they forget

about it and they move on Sean Payton

did not do that you could see that

Payton was still read he was still

following the line judge he was still

demanding an explanation for the missed

call even though there was nothing he

could do about it at that point the

reason that is significant is because

Sean Payton not getting over that call

clearly affected his coaching and more

importantly his team you could still see

Saints players on the sidelines bitching

about the call even though they had won

the coin toss in overtime and had the

ball first they score touchdown and

they're in Super Bowl 53 instead Sean

Payton who is still clearly rattled by

the missed call decides to throw the

football on first down rather than

running the football which don't get it

twisted that that was the strength of

the Saints this season you've got Alvin

Kamara and Mark Ingram that is as good a

one-two punch dynamic duo as it gets

instead of doing what got them to the

NFC title game Sean Payton loses his

head calls up calls a past play on first

down Drew Brees throws an interception

the Rams get the ball back and kick the

game-winning field goal now let's ask

ourselves this had that pass

interference call had that pass

interference had been called with the

Saints of 1 maybe maybe not but I do

know what I do know is that because Sean

Payton did not charge it to the game it

negatively affected him his team and his

play colleague had he forgotten about it

and just kept a level head maybe the

outcome would be different I know one

thing his team certainly would have

played differently but because he

continued to bitch and moan and sulk

about something he had no control

for any longer it contributed to them

ultimately losing the NFC Championship

game as men we have to understand that

there are many things that are outside

of our control our genetics what people

say what people do and feel so on and so

forth we also know that the difference

between an excuse and a reason is that

an excuse usually contains something you

have control over reasons are things you

generally do not for example why are you

late Donovan uh my alarm clock didn't go

off um the Sun didn't come up those are

excuses why were you why were you late


I got t-boned and an intersection eight

blocks from work that's a reason that

said there are things that happen to us

even though we had an element of control

over the situation to some extent just

because again guys just because you do

everything right does not mean

everything is going to go right there is

no better example of this in action then

with your interactions with women you

could run air-tight game on a woman you

approached the club or the bar and she

might tell you peace out

you could thoroughly vet a woman and

train her properly she still might do

you dirty it happens guys that's the

game so what do you do when things like

this happen you charge it to the game

your girl fucks you over charge it to

the game and make sure it doesn't happen

again you get fucked over on a pass

interference call you charge it to the

game and make sure you're not in that

position next time right Sean Payton now

some of you are probably thinking all

right what does charge it to the game me

well it's simple charge it to the game

means understanding that what's done is

done it cannot be changed there is

nothing more that you can do so you put

it behind you you don't beat yourself up

about it

you go back to the drawing board and

make the change

necessary for a better outcome next time

that's it it's as simple as that

some things are easier to charge to the

game than others right okay so you took

a girl out on a date you made a few

mistakes you paid 80 bucks on a tab okay

that's relatively easy to charge it to

the game if of course you know the game

getting hoes in the NFC title game not

so easy to charge to the to charge to

the game but guess what gentlemen it

still has to be done Sean Payton let his

team down because he didn't charge it to

the game did he get fucked over

absolutely then it cost the Saints the

game I don't know but I know that what

did cost the Saints the game was not

charging it to the game what was Sean

Payton gonna do bitch and moan what did

he expect the referees to do all right

Sean everybody stop right now everybody

stop pass interference number 26 or

whatever defense we're gonna take them

all from the Rams okay we're gonna place

the ball on the 5-yard line first and

goal guess what not gonna happen what's

done is done it's over there are many

many things that men need to forget

about and just charge to the game and

tonight I'm gonna point out the five

most important things that men need to

charge to the game when it comes to

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30% via super chat alright let's go to

the chat for the first time and see

who's in the house

ryan sullivan pops the cherry

he'll fighter gets the sloppy seconds

Rob Cruz thinks he was first he's fucked

her in the ass and Luigi Conti is

getting it all on video both the genesis

mic shitter II Lorenzo Davis chase

rubadoux shout-out to all of you

JC pines the word in the house that

would be pine the Quito aka

carnivore diet expert kasev don't think

I've ever seen you in here good to see

you in here Hellfighters said what a

show yesterday yeah listen was a great

show oh hang on as you guys can see I've

been preoccupied with other projects and

the reason why you can tell I've been a

little bit preoccupied is because my I'm

tripping all over myself I'm tripping

all over myself with my with my

production oh wait a minute

can't have that so just bear with me

we'll get through this it'll be all good

that's just a bad picture to have up

right now fuck it I'll fix it later

I'm a note I'm a notorious perfectionist

when it comes to the production of my

show this obviously is no different you

know what I'm gonna leave that picture

up there that'll work

let's continue that II Scott is in the

house I am alpha good to see you in here

wizard praying is in the house

help fighter says no hairline - I don't

know what it is about black people and

hair lines like some dudes tried to

troll me in the red man group he's like

let's talk about Donovan's hairline I'm

like like my hairline is solid like I

don't like I'm not balding like I don't

have a receding hairline I just don't


I'm even if I did what am I supposed to

do like you know run away and hide like

listen listen man I didn't grow up in

the black community I grew up on

military bases please somebody explain

to me why niggas like to make such a big

deal about another niggas hairline is

that I mean is that supposed to be like

no I'm not saying that you did tell

fighter but would Pete I mean is that I

don't know is that it I don't know like

I used to get that a lot in the in I get

that on the red man group and then on

the brother pill I got it a couple of

times when I shaved my head they're like

ah Donovan's hairline haha I mean these

of course are the trolls the niggas who

hate me but I'm like dude why I don't

understand what the big deal about a

hairline is like I have a hairline no

big deal I don't know I don't know he

even deluxe back for the first time in a

while says the Saints were robbed no the

Saints were beaten but what a lot of

people don't seem to realize is that the

LA Rams were also robbed when Jared Goff

was face masked maybe three yards from

the end zone the refs didn't call that

you don't hear anybody listen you didn't

see anybody on the LA sidelines bitchin

and moanin yes the mists pass

interference call was much more

egregious but if the Rams get the ball

first and goal then the game is even

different even more different at that

point no no the Saints weren't robbed

the Saints robbed themselves as it was

listen it was a very bad no call

Thaddeus Scott said kind of like

deflategate you know what I'll look I

will disagree with your premise because

I think you're making this too bit too

big of a deal this is actually exactly

like - this is exactly like deflategate

in that deflategate was no big fucking


you guys have to understand when Tom

Brady deflated the football I think the

Patriots already had like a four

touchdown lead on the Colts the game was

already in hand big deal and by the way

by the way if I'm not mistaken I think

the Patriots went back to the Super Bowl

when he was suspended those first four

games didn't seem to didn't seem to

matter one way or the other

Kyle Mitchell is in the house yes he'll

fighter says they got emotional

absolutely absolutely hornswogglers good

to see you in here Captain Crunch 4/20

says what's up fellas can't chat

commuting home remind you of Murphy's

Law yeah Murphy's Law only applies to

the Cleveland Browns anything that can

go wrong will go wrong if you are the

Cleveland Bal

the Cleveland Browns Hellfighters says

when you accept life that's when your

life changes for the better

equals charge to the game absolutely

absolutely all right Ryan Sullivan says

I just saved my monitor from falling

over okay all right excellent excellent

Kyle said he was gonna call in yeah yep

Charles got me yet Rose says Tom Brady

did that yet it was 28 to 3 before the

ball was deflated the only reason why

people made such a big deal about

deflate gate is because it was Tom Brady

that's all and by the way by the way and

the interesting thing is is that like

Miami Jay hates Tom Brady right but if

Miami Jay were to see Tom Brady he would

be the pea would ask for his autograph

why because he knows Brady's great yes

he quote hates Tom Brady dude listen

back in the back in the early to mid 90s

I hated Troy Aikman Emmitt Smith and

Michael Irvin I really did I was a

teenager the Eagles sucked when the

Cowboys were running three Super Bowls

in four years but a funny thing happened

on the way to maturity I began to

realize that people who resent success

people who hate on successful people

people who try

disqualify clear success are people who

will never be successful think about

anyone who is worth seven figures right

even if you're worth a million five you

think anybody who's worth seven figures

gotta be successful in some way or any

self made any successful individual any

super successful individual you know you

know pick a name do you think Warren

Buffett hates Tom Brady no of course not

he doesn't hate Tom Brady he respects

him because Brady is great he respects

Bill Belichick right think of a think of

any and guys help me out in the chat

here help me out in the chat if the

think of any super successful person who

is from Miami New York or Buffalo anyone

think of any celebrity any any any super

successful person person worth seven

figures eight nine figures from Miami

Buffalo or the state of New York

right like think of anyone from there

who is from Miami um shit man I mean

what I'm trying to say is that even

though it Bradley Cooper huge Eagles fan

huge Eagles fan right he's up let me see

you know see him all around town you see

you see them you see them all around you

know you see Bradley Cooper all around


he's an Eagles fan do you think Brad

Cooper hates Tom Brady do you think

Bradley Cooper hated Tom Brady after

Super Bowl 39 when the Patriots beat the

Eagles no of course not Brady had just

won his third Super Bowl he quote hates

the Patriots but guess what

successful people don't hate success

people who want to be successful don't

hate on successful people so do it

they're perfect Lorenzo Davis boom

somebody timeout Noreen two truths get

the fuck out of here

get the fuck outta here fuck you you're

out of here fuck you you're gone go

somewhere else never seen you in here

before you're already starting to cause

trouble get the fuck outta here fuck off

fuck off eat a dick like

I'm not I'm like honestly man like I'm

not here for the bullshit the fuck out

of here doesn't look like it I could

honestly I couldn't give less of a fuck

about you and those like you this guy

norine the truth hates Tom Brady truly

hates Tom Brady and news flash to

anybody out there who really and truly

dubbed who really and truly does hate

Tom Brady who hates guys like me who

hates Rollo Tomassi anyone who's

successful like this dumb nigga Narine

the truth y'all are never gonna be

successful because you resent success I

heard some guy at the gym the other day

had a Redskins hat on yeah you know we

go into a nice Super Bowl but does that

make him the greatest of all time in my

opinion no really nigga for real dude is

going to nine Super Bowls bruh like dude

you haven't lost nine pounds since you

joined this gym Tom Brady's in his 9th

Super Bowl you're gonna say yeah not in

my opinion yeah that guy never gonna be

successful if you resent success if you

hate on success you will never be

successful if you're the money is the

root of all evil guy if you're you

shouldn't be making that much money

guess what you're never gonna make money

if you resent money you're never gonna

make money that's just how it is that's

just how it is

ya don't phone lines today guys no phone

lines today daddy Scott says who can

hate Rolo besides chicks dude Rolo

listen Rolo has more male haters and

female haters I have more male haters

than than female haters not one

successful person on this earth talk

shit about other successful people

that's it so let us go ahead and get

this party started I'm gonna give you

guys five things that men need to charge

to the game with regards to women number

one she cheated on me fuck women they


dudes get mad and butthurt when girls

cheat on him and listen who can blame

him when a woman betrays you by fucking

someone else while she's your girl it is

a painful experience I speak from

personal experience she could have

cheated with her ex could have cheated

with her boss a dude she met at a club

on girls night out a dude on Facebook I

mean it could be anybody

for any reason all right I'm deleting

the callin number so you guys can stop

freaking out but men need to understand

that women are always looking to upgrade

depending upon their sexual market value

they've always got plenty of options

this way of course to reduce the odds of

this happening to you is to keep

yourself as high value as possible stay

fit run red pill game stack paper and

execute your plan to become a better man

all around even then you're a girl might

still cheat and there's nothing you can

do about it women cheat for many reasons

whether those reasons are legit or not

doesn't matter if your girl wants to

cheat she gone G listen I know

everything Devon does at least I think I

do right keylogger on all of our devices

you know GPS all that stuff total

transparency if Devon wanted to cheap

she could do it quite easily and I'd be

none the wiser let's keep it 100 this is

this is just how it is that's the game

that's not fair Donavan maybe maybe not

either way you need to charge it to the


the sexual marketplace isn't fair and

that's all there is to it guys but

attempting to get revenge on women and

I've done this before well not only blow

up in your face which has happened to me


it makes the pain and embarrassment much

worse again I speak from personal

experience that's I've tried to do some


revenge type shit sometimes I'm

successful sometimes not so much

charge it to the game and make sure it

doesn't happen again set boundaries for

your girl monitor her social media be

territorial rather than jealous or

insecure make her give you her phone

when you ask for it and again this isn't

fuck buddies or or friends with benefits

we're talking about the woman who has

gone through the gauntlet that is your

training who is now your main chick

girlfriend wife whatever you want to

call her this is what you have to do do

the things necessary to reduce the odds

of getting cheated on but understand

that it could still happen it sucks it's

not fair but again there's nothing you

can do about it at least after it

happens so charge it to the game move on

with your life if you are watching on

facebook twitter or one of my backup

youtube channels come on over to my main

channel to watch the rest of the show

search for donovan sharp on youtube and

the first channel you see with my face

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watching on facebook twitter or one of

my backup youtube channels come to my

main youtube channel to watch the rest

of the episode let me check the chat

here one more time ya know Ruth Noreen

the truth yeah yeah well this is why and

this is a weakness of mine I give these

trolls way too much run but people who

troll me will never be successful that's

one thing that is one thing I know that

I can take I take personal satisfaction

in knowing unequivocally beyond the

shadow of any and all doubt that the men

and women who troll me will never ever

ever ever be successful


they're not gonna be successful they're

fucking losers and they know it they

know it shout out to HS Lee 169 for the

$5 contribution I don't know if you put

a message up or not but it didn't show

up on the screen I do apologize if there

is a message HS Lee do me a favor and

put it in the chat I appreciate that and

listen speaking of hating what you'll

never have if you if you really and

truly hate women it's because you know

you can't have the woman you want right

like any man who genuine who genuinely

has a contemptible hate for women


that's an listen this is a man who will

never be successful with women dude you

can't conquer what you hate doesn't work

that way it's the same with women and

men if women out there truly hate men

they will never be in a relationship of

consequence with a man of value that

dude feminists they don't hate guys they

um how can I put this feminists don't

hate the fucking losers they don't hate

the 90 they don't hate the bottom 95%

fuck those guys those guys no no they

hate dudes like me they hate to fight

they hate they hate the top five

percenters why because they know those

men will never commit to them and they

genuinely hate them for that and all

they're doing is perpetuating the cycle

the more listen the more you truly hate

something the less available it's gonna

be the more you hate on success and

successful people the further you are

from success so you can hate on Tom

Brady all you want to if you really and

truly do hate Tom Brady and Bill

Belichick and you're constantly trying

to qualify their success well

deflategate and what was the other one

the spar game if not for this I've got

no no no man you don't accidentally get

to nine Super Bowls and win five right

well if Russell Wilson doesn't throw the

interception to milk Butler hey it


we listen we don't discredit the New

York Giants for winning Super Bowl 25

because Scott Norwood missed the field

goal nobody is saying well if not for

Scott Norwood missing that 47-yard field

goal in Super Bowl 25 the bills would be

the world champions nobody's saying that

they're saying that the Giants are the

Super Bowl 25 champions that's what

happened you scroll down a little bit

further mister supreme says poverty

mindset mt2 says next week I'll get my

first job as a real estate broker any

advice I'm afraid I cannot give you

advice I've never been a real estate


I have dabbled in real estate I have

owned rental properties but that is very

different from being a real estate

broker I do a Paul I'd like I apologize

cuz you're a good dude and I would

really like to help you out but I don't

like to I don't like to give advice on

things I don't have a personal

experience with I've actually been

thinking about getting a like getting

some guys maybe in the real estate

business maybe a financial consultant to

come on to the show and do you know sort

of educational cuz listen I've got drew

bang he's the fitness guy there's pine

Frank he's the keto he's the keto guy I

mean why not get a financial expert on

the show why not get a real estate

expert on the show right I don't know

that's um I'm actually looking to doing

that here in the not-too-distant future

any DSS trolling can be a form of hate

no listen I hate to be an asshole Eddie

but yeah like that's yeah lion sin says

Donovan has negative one tolerance

probably a little lower than that

probably a little lower than that

Denison Denver says she cheated on you

when she went to Vegas on a girls trip I

hate to say it but she cheated with me


dude I fuck I have fucked so many wives

and girlfriends who came to Vegas for a

girls trip

oh my god honestly like don't listen

don't take it personally

right it's just how it is Charles cab a

yet it all says if she if she cheats you

get your freedom back yeah absolutely I

agree Internet is still holding stable

if the internet does lose stability I

can I can assure you that Ryan Sullivan

will know before my computer does I love

Ryan man he pokes me he I like our Ryan

pokes me in the ribs a little bit I like

it I like guys who push back a little

bit ah Steven Guzman says ask Richard

Cooper okay very good mister waves as a

tax auditor there we are right I've got

I've got Kevin Samuels the fashion

consultant absolutely I was actually

gonna have him on yesterday but because

I missed Tuesday I had a migraine

headache on Tuesday so I didn't do

Tuesday's show and I know you guys were

waiting for the are Kelly thing so I

decided to do our Kelly yesterday so I'm

gonna have to reschedule I'm gonna have

to reschedule Kevin Samuels all right


the last four things that mend me to

charge to the game plus more of your

comments after the break we'll be right

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is why the phoenix philosophy listen

those guys that knew those guys are

awesome those guys are awesome i don't

normally listen to that kind of music

all of their tracks

all of their tracks are on man straight

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red pill lyrics and everything men so

shout out to the phoenix philosophy for

hook on your boy up with the lyrics

let's go to number two the second thing

you need that we as men need to charge

to the game number two she used me oh

that fucking bitch she fucking use me I

have talked extensively in the past

about how I foolishly tried to buy a

woman's affections by renting her a

three-bedroom two-bathroom house but all

the utilities in my name now thinking

back on how stupid and thirsty I was

makes me cringe it also makes me laugh

we've all been there or at least I was

but here's the thing guys that was my


Harless saw me as a target and I made it

easy for her to use me I had zero game

to speak of she knew it and acted like

girls act obviously that's an extreme

example which unfortunately happens more

than it should but there are other

examples of women who use men on a lower

level girls will show interest in you at

a bar club when you buy them a drink

they disappear there are girls who use

dating apps just to get fed then go get

fucked by the men that they're aroused

by guys girls do this shit all the time

and listen most of the time you're gonna

get got at some point or another it's a

mathematical certainty guys fortunately

we have a little control over this then

the first one I pointed out and it's

rather simple don't put yourself in

position to be used guys never agree to

an early date I've done an episode on

that don't pay girls bills don't pay her

rent don't make a car payment and don't

let her borrow money it's that simple if

a girl has ever used you in any way

don't sweat it

it's over with charge that shit to the

game and move on just make sure it

doesn't happen again

Rob Cruise wants to know Donovan is that

Puerto Rican chick in North Carolina why

yes she is and we actually called her

shout out to chase Lobo who suggested

that I call Karla back cuz she called my

phone for some reason

and we made TSR history in episode 238

when we had a conversation with Carla

the Puerto Rican now Carla I know what

Carla looks like now or at least as of

what five or six months ago she don't

look the same

she does not look the same the years

have not been that the years have not

been kind to Carla Martinez

Espinosa Toro Cruz no I'm not making fun

of Mexicans this is how they a lot their


Tonya had three last names actually oh

yes yes yes yes Miami Jay says I got to

pull it up yeah listen yes I got a

political guy to listen Miami Jay dude

this this motherfucker Miami Jay no dude

he knows more about politics than anyone

I know right like I'll have him on the

show and I'm trying to sound like I

might know what I'm talking about I'm

like to dis motherfuckers over my head

I'm like yes totally I agree that's a

battleground state and they should

absolutely carry the state and Miami Jay

is like no no that's the wrong say yes I

totally knew what you were talking about

I was talking about the 1984 election

yeah em young pz says why do I always

hang up on Kobe there Zack wake up know

Kobe Anthony man I love Kobe Anthony but

it just depended on the mood I was in

man if I was tired I didn't have time

for the Kobe Anthony stuff very

long-winded very needy right if I was

ever gonna like if I was ever tired her

in a bad mood my man Killzone would pick

me right on up

Kobe Anthony I was like dude come on

listen I love you you're a little too

heavy for me right now man I love you

but it's all good it's all good

mine's the word says Donovan where did

you get the stamp I've been meaning to

get one for all of my new tender Ella's

I think it's called stamp champ or

something like that I think it's called

stamp champ calm I think

definitely yes the wall is definitely

undefeated Thao Caen Honma says I've

never heard of the early date rule fill

me in fellas okay okay here's how this

works and I I did a video on this but

I'm gonna I'm gonna hook Thao Channahon

my up here's how it works okay it's real

simple if girl meets up with you for an

early date like five six even seven

o'clock at night and it's a dinner date

she's using you to get fed before she

goes to fuck somebody else this is just

how it is

so if so if you so when you schedule a

date with a girl for the first time you

need to schedule it for nine o'clock and

after if she says no I'm gonna no you

know actually I'm free at five o'clock

or six why don't we do a lunch date no

no no no if you agree to an early date

with a woman she is literally telling

you she is not gonna sleep with you that

night she expects you to feed her and

then she's gonna go along her merry way

and and again and it anecdotal evidence

no less than a half a dozen times I have

had girls come to my place with a little

box of food yep you know I you know

brought this brought to you from Outback

or Red Robin or you know Hard Rock Cafe

or what wherever their date took them I

mean do not even had girls I've even had

girls text me two or three times text me

hey I'm out on a date what do you want

me to bring you and I'm like are you

fucking serious yeah let me get a

bloomin onion in some fucking kookaburra

wings and these bitches will get the

dude to pay for that put to pay for her

meal she brings it home feeds me fucks

me shuts the fuck up

these dates only happen early in the day

here's another tip for you tayo kendama

never agree to a first date on any night

except for Friday or Saturday night if

you agree to a Monday night date or a

Wednesday night date guess what I gotta

get up in the morning I gotta work


etcetera etcetera so never agree to an

early date with a woman because she is

using you to get fed so that she can go

get fuck and she is more than likely

gonna feed the guy that she's fucking

the food that you paid for listen up

this is a real talk this app this

happened to me I'm telling you this is

exactly what happens ah and why Kia 31

said this is a very good point he says

women use early dates as a test to see

you if to see if you have an actual life

that's a good one very good the third

thing that men need to charge to the

game girls are sluts a lot of men are

stuck in the anger phase of digesting

the red pill it happens it's part you

know it's part of the part of that part

of the process while it may be

beneficial to keep a low level of anger

in the back of your mind accepting that

girls are sluts is part of that process

complaining about something you can't

control such as the promiscuity of women

it's counterproductive and doesn't get

you anywhere you're a man adapt to the

environment don't bitch and moan about

it like women do coming to the reality

that most women are sluts it's a tough

pill to swallow guys being told that

girls are made of sugar spice and

everything nice and then finding out

they are quite literally the polar

opposite and probably bipolar

that's a hard reality to accept don't

get a twist it's tough man I would do it

myself but denying reality doesn't help

or change anything stick your head in

the sand all you want girls are still

gonna be sluts no matter how much you do

not want them to be low level migt owls

have gone to the extreme head have sworn

off all sexual interactions with women

they have completely checked out and

taken themselves off the dating market

they have no interest in women

whatsoever no marriage no relationships

not even one-night stands

red pill aware men however and no

comments about certain flinging monkey


none I haven't talked to him but I'm

done bashing him the guy drops drops

rock-solid knowledge not gonna be

sophomoric about anymore anyway red pill

men understand that we need to charge

this to the game guys we get in shape we

learn to run at we learn how to run

asshole game and fuck these bitches to

sleep we fuck him

we chuck him we don't spend money on him

and don't do shit for him but give him a

stiff dick in the ass and an uber ride

home too many niggas out here thinking

they can find a girl who isn't a slut

they won't Devin's a good woman no doubt

about it

she's she sucks she fucked she does

whatever I want

guess what when I first started dating

Devin she was a slut she was fucking

around this is just how it is now did I

say fuck her you're nunu nunu no no you

charge it to the game now one thing led

to another she got through the training

and we are where we are now but if I

decided well Devin's sleeping around you

knew I wouldn't be here you know I

wouldn't be at least not in this part of

Philly so too many dudes out here

looking for a girl that they can find

who's not a slut then when they try to

commit to said slut they get butthurt

when the slut uses him or cheats on him

rather than charge it to the game and

avoiding these situations they bitch and

complain just like the women who used


I didn't bitch a complain about Devin's

promiscuity I said sweetheart if you

want to be in a long-term relationship

with me can you let all that dick go

this is what happens you charge it to

the game and you move on girls are hos

gentlemen there is nothing we can do

about it charge it to the game

exploit their sluttiness fuck him in the

ass command uber give them an uber ride


rinse and repeat and let the good times

roll let's check the chat robert penny

says I got to get Andrew Tate on the

podcast I've heard the name Andrew tape

before enough to do some research finds

the words has Donovan one of my tinder

girls did that for me I got a free rib

eye that's what's up

see that that's what I'm talking about

pine that's how you do it instead I say

what she doing on her to do with another

good man you knew what if she fucks him

trust me she ain't fuck dude I've had

many many many many fuck buddies tell me

I'll text him yo my place tomorrow night

10:30 they'll be like okay but I've got

a date at 6:00 just be at my place at

10:30 I don't give a shit I know she's

not fucking that guy right then when she

brings me some breadsticks and leftover

chicken carbonara I know what's up don't

be the guy who pays for the meal be the

guy who fucks her and eats the free meal

tayo can Hana says if my future son ever

gets all simp i'ma beat him I'll beat

the beta oh boy Hashim Abdullah says

just make sure she's giving you her best

too many dudes out here are angry

because they aren't getting that girl's

best very good very good

heathen Deluxe's incredible gospel but

can we seriously impregnate a known slut

with good conscience Riggs right like

it's so funny they say make an honest

woman out of her marry her too soon as

you marry the bitch she's even more

dishonest because she's got you by the

balls Kyle Mitchell says stop Donovan I

am the only guy she's ever done this

with before you don't know her she is


my bad Kyle

by Ben Ryan Sullivan says no game can be

complete without a solid pimp an you're

goddamn right

Hayek's ghost says I'm not yet cut out

for this battlefield very few of us are

in the beginning but stick with it and

eventually you will get there let's go

to number four he took my girl now this

falls in line a little bit with she

cheated on me she cheated on me she told

me she needed space I questioned her and

I found out she was fucking somebody

I'll see in somebody else and if she

cheated another dude another dude stole

your bitch this is just what happens now

don't get mad at the dude he's just

being a min if your girl looks good

dudes are gonna holler this is just how

it is listen you don't think dudes want

to holler at Devin when her and I are

out together you don't think dudes try

to holler at Devin at work you don't

think dudes try to holler Devon when

she's at the gas station or you know or

if you know if she's at the store of

course they do

comes with the territory but too many

dudes blame the dude she's cheating on

with you don't do that don't blame the

man you blame the bitch she's the one

who cheated we got a lot of spineless

men out here who get all up in arms when

she gets texts from a guy she works with

at work hey who are you texting oh you

know it's just Kevin you he's in the

sales department we exchanged numbers

because you know he likes to run ideas

by me because you know I work in

accounting and you know sometimes he

blah blah blah blah blah okay you think

that's appropriate are you really gonna

do the jealous thing now well no no no

no sweetheart no no it's not you that I

don't trust it's Kevin I don't trust

Kevin get the fuck out of here with that

nonsense fuck out of here

it's not you I don't trust I don't trust

them how many times have you said or

heard that yourself bullshit you don't

you don't trust her and if she cheats

it's because she wanted to not because

Kevin and sales hypnotized her into

doing something she didn't really want

to do well we were in his office and

before I knew it my dick was in his

mouth bitch you wanted to do that if a

dude stole your bitch charts that shit

to the game man there's nothing you can

do about it learn from it and make sure

it doesn't happen again and by making

sure it doesn't happen again that

conversation never happens

B why are you texting Kevin from your

sales department that never happens

because she knows that you can ask for

her phone at any time she knows the deal

now could she'd text Kevin and sales and

get away with it of course of course

that's for a whole nother podcast but

again we put safeguards in place him and

I get a lot of hate oh you have all this

stuff on Devin's phone that doesn't mean

she can't still see it no no no no

listen dude Evan could sheet right now

she wanted to but I'm not gonna make it

easy for her to cheat none of my methods

are cheat proof no I'm gonna make it as

difficult as humanly possible to get

away with it Devon might cheat on me be

very hard for her to get away with it so

at some point she has to ask herself is

it really worth it for me to go and fuck

this guy and then try to run some

bullshit gambit on Donovan I know he's

never gonna believe and he's gotta

fuckin walk out because he told me that

if he sniffs anything out there he's out

of here like dude this ain't the court

of law it's not it's not guilty beyond

all reasonable doubt no no if I even

sniff anything is afoot he's out no man

forces her to have a choice oh I really

want to fuck this guy how can I get away

with it then she has to ask herself okay

is sex with this guy a few times gonna

be worth blowing up my relationship with

Donovan now I don't know the answer to

that but if the answer is no then guess

what she's not gonna cheat if the answer

is yes she's gonna come to me and say

hey Donovan can I got a crush on Kevin

and sales things aren't working out

I mean if you want to stay here that's

fine I'll stay if you want blah blah

blah blah etcetera etcetera when you

make sure this stuff doesn't happen when

you charge it to the game because we've

all been cheated on you make it clear no

texting your exes no company hangouts or

parties without you know hanging out

with dudes after work during happy hour

no girls night out if she has a problem

with it tell her this look I'm not gonna

tell you what you can or can't do I'm

not your father and I ain't trying to

babysit you but if you go to the club or

the bar if you go to this company outing

where there will be drinking somebody

timeout Zuri Perez anybody who comes

into the chat that says hello that reeks

of troll so go ahead and time Zuri Perez

out if you go to the club or the bar do

you go to this company outing where

there will be drinking involved then you

can forget about me forever

that's it forever oh my god you're

giving me an ultimatum nope I'm giving

you a choice so make your decision now

because I've got shit to do and leave it

at that she'll either go out with her

girls or she won't in either case you

will act accordingly

women always like to say well I don't

respond to ultimatums well I don't like


nobody does sweetheart but sometimes

they're necessary the reason why girls

don't respond well to ultimatums well is

because they want their key can they

want their cake and eat it too and it's

not in ultimately girls characterize it

as an ultimatum because there is no

obvious choice

there's no win-win for her you can

either go out with your girls and lose

me or you can stay it or you can keep me

and stay here as here to a girl that's

an ultimatum

why because I got to give something up

this is not a win-win there's going to

be some sort of loss some sort of

sacrifice some sort of collateral damage

I don't like ultimatums no sweetheart

this isn't an ultimatum this is a choice

ultimatum quote unquote or verbalize

choices with verbalized consequences

don't go to the don't go to the club

with your friends or else that's an

ultimatum a choices listen if you go to

the girls if you go to your to the club

with your girls we're done are you


well yeah make your choice oh my god you

give me an ultimatum no it's not an

ultimatum it's it's it's a choice and

there are consequences to your choices

so listen I got shit to do like I mean

like if we're broken up we're broken up

the shit off dude I might I might hit

the club I might be at the same club be

honest with you so what's up you going

or not you go understand what's up can't

have it both ways

come on my time is valuable to me sound

that works if you told her to stop doing

something stupid and inconsequential

like stop eating M&Ms; or we're finished

stop eating plane M&Ms; we only eat

peanut butter M&Ms;

in this household she's not gonna get

mad because guess what she gonna live

without playing and playing M&Ms; right

wait a minute you mean all I have to do

is not eat plain M&Ms; and I get to keep

him okay no big deal if you tell her to

stop texting her ex she gets stupid

because she wants to text him don't fall

for this never give me an ultimatum

because I won't respond well tell her

well I guess you won't respond well

because there will come a time where you

will have to make a choice because you

can't have it both ways with me so be

ready sweetie

all right all right I'm gonna check out

Andrew Tate if rolla's had him on then

that's all the belching I need Charles

can be a turtle says she's looking for

her backup plane yeah if you're if your

girlfriend wants to engage in behaviors

that are conducive to infidelity she's

on her way out the door before she never

did this kind of stuff and all of a

sudden now well I want to do this that

and a third listen man this is this is

just it this is this is it at which

point you have to put your foot down now

some girls will ship test you in this

way some girls have no intention of

doing whatever it is that she tells you

she wants to do yes women will do this

you know what I like him subconsciously

this is all running in the background

the hard drive is telling her the

programming is telling her you know what

I love him he's attractive but I just

need to make sure he is who he was when

I first met him let's figure something

out hey what can I go to the club with

my girlfriend's this weekend that's cute

shit test past there you go in the back

of her mind she says okay okay he didn't

budge he made it a joke etcetra etcetra

Dennis in Denver says plan B and C

actually if she's going out with her

girl she's looking for Plan C because

she's gonna get plan B at the CBS

tomorrow morning after she gets raw

dogged by Dave the GarageBand player who

may or may not be sleeping in a car that

may or may not be his that may or may

not be part illegally who is very good

friends with Kevin in sales

mr. wave says have you ever been to a

club and a chick is just dancing with

her girls not any dudes all the time n

all the time that's just what happens oh

I guess he was on the Redman group all

right well I am stood I am so up to my

eyeballs in work I just oh my god at

some point at some point and I keep

talking about it but at some point I'm

gonna have to hire some help to do to do

to do some of the the menial tasks the

menial daily tasks so I can concentrate

on just on just creating content

James Martina says what if she tells you

about the guys at work or strangers

trying to holla very good question so

let's say your girlfriend comes home and

she just kinda sorta mentions yeah I was

at the gas station and you know the guy

you know the guys the register was you

know he was really nice and you know he

asked for my number I said hey I have a


blah blah blah blah blah how do you

handle that well this is easy well you

gave him your phone number right that's

how you handle that that's the that

that's the only way you handle that

maybe it's true maybe it's not just just

listen just keep your eye on the

situation this is just how it works if

your woman is talking about men at work

or she's talking about dudes who hit on

her you just have to ignore it keep an

eye on it

but don't let her know that it bothers

you big fucking deal now if there's

history with a guy at work like if you

like if you see some shit like in

company chat that ain't that is not

conducive to you know the relationship

yet you got to be on her about that but

that's how that works

oh this guy he hit on me blah blah blah

blah blah he gave me your number didn't

you oh my god why would you ask

that well clearly you thought it

important enough to tell me so my guess

is that you gave me your number right oh

my god why would I do that why would you

tell me about a guy who hit on you

Touche that's it you win right and again

that is you letting her know that you're

not listen it's not that you're not

worried about some dude fucking your

girl you're letting her now listen if

there's somebody else you want to be

with dude hey knock yourself out not

gonna sit here and say won't be bumped

for a few days but life goes on I can do

this with or without you so I mean like

did you suck his dolly I mean like what

happened did you get his number what's

his name what's he look like does he

have a big dick that just in did he send

you dick pics and at that point you're

gonna get her laughing you're gonna make

a whole big joke out of it she now knows

okay this is a joke to him he's not

worried about anybody else fucking with

me which incidentally enough turns her

on number five the last and final thing

that men need to learn to charge to the

game she flaked on me she stood me up

girls flake guys girls stands you up

it's part of the game there are many

many reasons that girls flake on guys

or that girls stands you up but the top

two reasons are number one a better

option came along and number two she

didn't want to meet up with you in the

first place now sometimes the reasons

are legit but 99.9 percent of the times

it is for one of those two reasons well

why would she agree to go out with you

if a better option came along because

she meant that option between the time

you set up to date and the date and

girls will attempt to try to flee and

won't listen but we're gonna go back to

what's-his-name's question about never

agreeing to an early date next level

game here let's say you strike up

conversation with a hot

big teddy blonde with an ass that looks

kind of like that you get her number you

get the digits you run text game etc etc

you set up the date so you guys are

gonna meet up at nine o'clock at I don't

know whatever nine o'clock at a bar

coffeehouse whatever she texts you and

she says hey by the way I can't wait to

see you tomorrow night you're like yeah

you know you know you're when a girl

says hey I can't wait to see you

tomorrow no I can't wait to see you


tonight your response yeah should be fun

don't make a big deal out of it if she

texts you hey by the way would you mind

moving up our Meetup

like I know we're supposed to meet at

9:00 9:30 but can we move it up to like

6:30 maybe 7:00 my friends and I are

gonna go out a little bit later your

answer is no no I've got I've got plans

for earlier in the day but listen if

you've got plans later I mean hey listen

do what you got to do now if she likes

you she's gonna say no no that's okay I

can cancel with my friends but if a

better option came along should be like

okay we'll some other time then

better up listen better option came

along of course the second reason if she

didn't want to meet up with you in the

first place girls make time for the men

that they want gentlemen period if she

flakes on you the very first time do not

give her a second chance

charge it to the game I'm listen I'm

telling you right now there are many

many men who are in long-term

relationships and most long-term

relationships start off as fuck buddy

arrangement my relationship with Devin

we started off as fuck buddies it

progressed into what it is now but when

the girl gets disrespectful she gets out

of pocket and you know she's about to be

out the door village that eventually she

cheats on him guys are always left

wondering where did I go wrong what

happened well you probably did many

things wrong but what a lot of guys

fail to realize at the time is that they

fucked up the relationship they allowed

the tone to be set when she texted you

and the night before your meet up to

move that date up you were supposed to

meet her at 10 o'clock but she said hey

do you mind if I do you mind if we meet

up a little bit earlier I've got plans

later on with my girlfriend's oh no


yeah yeah of course yeah that's fine I

can't wait to see you either so you meet

up with her you pay for dinner you pay

for drinks right she comes to my

apartment later that night she fucks me

okay so while you're fucking her you

guys certainly you met up with her again

surprise surprise you fucked her well

while she's fucking you she's also

fucking me so you're like oh man this is

great she's giving me good sex I'm

getting better sex then all of a sudden

my fuck buddy all of a sudden she ghosts

on me what happened to Shannon yeah big

fucking deal like this has been a while

since I've heard from Shannon yeah

whatever I'm gonna be the next girl

might rotation well what happened with

Shannon she is now in a long-term

relationship with you well lucky you

things are going great you're in that

honeymoon period everything is wonderful

but as time goes on you start to get

used to each other the passion isn't

there unless you guys know how it goes

right all of a sudden she's spending

more time with her friend there's this

hot new garage band called toilet wine

their lead singer Dave you know is a

friend of your friends I think she

mentioned something about the fact that

Dave I think lives in the garage that

that that that the band practices on

practices and I don't know but in your

mind yeah no big deal he's a fucking

garage band guy fucking sleeps on a

couch in a garage big fucking deal oh no

that's a big fucking deal because after

a little more time

she keeps visiting toilet wine with her

friend now she's visiting toilet wine

without her friend hey by the way

toilet wine is playing at the

amphitheater Friday night do you mind if

I go yeah knock yourself out

yeah can I take my friend shaundra yeah

absolutely you guys go have fun knock

yourself out

she and takes on Chandra she went by

yourself and they fucked her backstage

so when your girlfriend comes to you and

says hey Donovan I think it's time to

start seeing other people you're all

devastated blah blah blah blah nothing

you can do later two days later you find

out Shannon is now Dave's girlfriend

wait a minute she's dating Dave from the

fucking GarageBand

- toilet wine like what the fuck why did

why did they call their band toilet wine

it will be wobble date dave has been to

prison and in prison they make wine in

toilets clever name right toilet wine

Dave told her all about it Shannon was

fascinated right before she sucked his

dick for the 19th time and you always

wonder where did I go wrong well you

went wrong in many different directions

but your very first your first and most

egregious mistake was when you allowed

her to move your date up instead of

keeping your date you showed her two

things number one you do not have an

abundance mindset you changed your plans

for her number two you don't have a life

wait a minute what the fuck was he gonna

be doing before he met up with me just

sit around and wait on me yeah I don't

think I like that guy too much that's

how this happens guys so if she flakes

you if she flakes on you if she tries to

move your date up don't let her move the

date up if she never sees you again

charge it to the game if she texts you

not gonna be able to make it tonight

don't respond block her number move on

and charge it to the game

even if she texts you and suggest other

another time

don't confirm just tell hurry you'll see

if you can fit her in or something to

that effect girls are gonna flake on you

guys they're gonna stand you up and the

reason why girls flake on dates is

because they want to fuck somebody else

that they like better than you this is

part of the gig guys

the recent girls flake on you is because

they didn't like you that much when you

approached her she was in her ability

she was ovulating she probably would

have fucked anybody at that point you

happen to be at the right place in the

right time with the right limes she gave

you her number then realized wait a

minute I'm not attracted to guys like

that I'm attracted to guys like Dave

lead singer for toilet wine wait a min

he's got a girlfriend isn't he isn't his

girlfriend's name Shannon yeah fuck it

he doesn't like her that much anyway

don't get mad when she flakes don't get

mad when she stands you up guys charge

it to the game it's going to happen be

ready all right let's hit the chat one

last time shoutout to cognition

cognition says he's appreciating this

game bitches don't act right and I'm

just not the one cuz yeah fuck that dude

I deal dude I don't deal oh my god I am

NOT here for scheanette listen you guys

see and listen to my own detriment when

I see something is afoot in the chat

i'ma shoot first ask questions later guy

like I've done you know I've done that

before like somebody will say something

I'll take it the wrong way time them out

then of course hey Donovan I'm in XY and

Z or I was talking to that person

alright no problem as sure to fuse it as

short as my fuses when it's on this show

it's even shorter when it comes to my

woman I have his dude I'm 41 years old

man I work 12 hours a day and then I

talk for an hour and a half I got no

time for shenanigans I just don't have

the time man I don't the patience

Abram outlaw says so done why should you

care about her social media sites if

she's telling you about someone at work

I'm confused sir oh no no no there's no

confusion you should care about her

social media and you should be concerned

that she's telling about someone at work

those two things those are two separate

issues that's how it is you should be

concerned about her social media and

dudes who try to fuck her at work

that's how it works Shawn Anderson says

Jessie's girl that's a good song by the


Charles Caballero says every band member

even the bassist you know what I think

Kevin and sales is in the band toilet

wine and so is Billy the cocaine dealer

yeah listen I think we've got our crew

dave is the lead singer Kevin of course

is the lead guitar why wouldn't he be

and Billy the cocaine dealer is the

drummer I like it there's our three man

band our three man Garage Band toilet

wine I like it Kyle Mitchell said he's

gonna kick Dave's ass this is all his

fault yes it's all Dave's fault LM a 463

says what if she works at a nightclub

all right if she works at a nightclub

what in the fuck are you doing

committing to a woman who works at a

nightclub in the first place that's the

answer to your question why dude why are

you committing to a flight attendant why

you could why are you committing to

someone who works in a kitchen why are

you committing to a woman who works in

sales why are you committing to a nurse

why are you committing to a stripper

I've done this pole

of times it always ends badly why on

earth would you commit to a woman whose

very work environment is conducive to

infidelity if she works at a nightclub

fuck her and Chuck her dude don't come

into port yes yes

again don't commit to bartenders don't

commit to oh my god waitresses are the

worst waitresses are the worst

yes mr. waves we're at a nightclub a bar

hooters absent dude oh hi excuse

hairdressers yes yes yes yes

Abram outlaw says what's wrong with

flight attendant very good question B

Scott says what's wrong with seriously

dating nurses oh this is good I like

this let me deal with the flight

attendant first let me let me let me let

me let me let me just deal with the

flight attendant first again flight

attendants have a very unstable work

schedule right never mind all of that if

you are dating a flight attendant she is

indifferent dude she's in three cities a

day without you given the state of

today's American females they're

encouraged to be sluts they are

impulsive they are opportunistic if your

woman spends most of her time away from

you in other cities she is going to

cheat that's why you don't date flight

attendants now why not nurses because I

have fucked plenty of nurses who were in

relationships I think I fo actually know

I tell a lie I think it was I think it's

two maybe three

I think it was - but yes nurses are

sluts right listen I don't have an

explanation for it

and a lot of nurses smoke guess what

smoking is a slut - help if she smokes

she pokes why because a woman who smokes

doesn't really care about her body

shouldn't take her her health seriously

women who don't take them their health

seriously don't take their sexual

they're theirs their their their sex

life seriously either they don't give a

shit women who smoke will let you hit it

raw every single time I'm here to tell

you I'm here to fuckin tell you most

nurses smoke if she smokes she pokes

dark man Jeff says anything food and

beverage related as a no-go straight up

LM a 463 says to hope forget customer

service yes call center ho dude call

center hos oh my god oh yeah of course

of course of course

chase LeBeau says nurse the first girl I

ever fucked was a nurse yes dude nurses

are hoes Steve the pilot who is a pilot

I've talked to before Travel equals

opportunity absolutely

Demetri watch says call center girls are

freaked here in Jamaica told you told


Ryan Sullivan says what's wrong with

sluts actually the only exception are

sluts you can commit to sluts just not

flight attendants

oh yeah a line listen flight listen

flight attendants dude they're great for

being you know fur for fuck buddies hey

next time you're in Vegas dude I live 15

minutes from the Karen Pippi freelance

Ronen says I work in a building full of

nurses and other female staff yes

they're off the hook attractive girl

dude if she oh my god yes never ever

date a girl in the military or whoever

was in a military mr. supreme says what

professions do you deal with for

long-term relationships I'm glad you

asked there are only two professions

that I can think of that you should deal

with a woman in a long-term relationship


I'll give you the yaer name number one

elementary school teacher elementary

school teacher yes

but boom pediatricians now a lion says

don't say teachers if she's a high

school teacher no not even a middle

school teacher no elementary school

teacher that's the first profession

number two women who work at daycares a

line says no sir I disagree about

teachers authors no no definitely not

authors yeah pediatrician if you're

dating a woman who's appeared if she's a

pediatric nurse yeah I don't think I'm

ever fucked a pediatric nurse Millie

military hose oh wow hyukoh says AIDS

army induced divorce syndrome ooh any

other any other suggestions

I am alpha says how about nurses I

literally just talked about nurses for

37 minutes not a rewind loaner vulvar

says any female doctor hell no oh my god

dude new stay away from female doctors

holy fucking shit stay away from female

lawyers dental hygienist no no no listen

basically what it comes down to and as

far as professions are concerned now

listen this doesn't mean that

pediatrician pediatric nurses can't be

hoes this doesn't mean that how can I

put this this doesn't mean that if a

woman is an elementary school teacher

she's not a hope listen of course listen

this is how it is but when you're

looking for a long term relationship if

you're looking for a long term

relationship look for women who work

with children young children not high

school kids not middle school kids women

who work with children elementary school

teachers and women who work at bakers

Chace LeBeau says hairdresser I dated my

blue pill life once let me hit it once

let me raw daughter as a birthday gift I

finished on her face hell yeah

the real did the real oh jesus oh no

corrections officers fuck no yeah my

girlfriend's a corrections officer

corrections officers are fucking me dude

every time you turn around you find out

about a female corrections officer

fucking the inmates she's getting that

straight alpha dick look the real OG

knew that was or D real OG knew that was

that was funny ah sharp assist special

needs educator right any woman who works

with special needs children any woman

who is a physical therapist for disabled

people basically you want a woman who

works in an environment of nurturing

women are nurturers they want to help

people they want to help well actually

you know what you're helping people as a

flight attendant to so I guess I

couldn't really say that Keaveney banya

says how about veterinarians man you

guys are you guys are twisted me here

this is actually this is actually pretty


veterinarians Wow Wow a female a female

veterinarian is a female doctor shit

would I would I commit to a veterinarian

I don't know you know what put her

through the training and see what

happens put her through the training

that's a good one

Kevin that's a really good one mine's

that word said hell no to social workers

hell yeah erections officer yeah right

you don't dude you know what I'm telling

you female corrections officers up there

they're sucking nigga dick all day long

hitting hitting it straight raw Abram

outlaw says

Devon does not work with kids is she

still a slut she was when I met her

she's not anymore

listen Devon's not a snowflake right and

listen if she's watching she listen she

hates when I talk about this stuff she

really does but guess what she knows I

keep it all the way fucking real this is

how it was man Devon wouldn't know

snowflake man dude guess what she was

fuckin multiple dudes when I met her I

was fuckin multiple girls when when we

met yeah Devon was sluttin at the fuck

up this is how it works

she has qualities that make life a

little easier for me she stayed the

course and now she's my girl

so no Devon is not the exception to the

rule and and yet the interesting thing

here is is because of and listen Devon

works in internet marketing

dude that's rampant with all kinds of

nonsense going on right she's an

attractive dude she's a super attractive

woman she works with mostly men in a

male-dominated industry no she's not the

exception to the rule listen um my

relationship with Devon

I got listen don't get me wrong there

was definitely skill involved like I had

to put measures in place but I want to

know something else

luck was involved because then I dude I

didn't put a gun to Devon's head man I

didn't put a gun to her head and say you

must do this X but no listen Devon

submitted to me but don't get it twisted

she submitted to me because she wanted

to if she didn't want to submit

she wasn't submitted listen I don't make

her do anything she doesn't want to do

except for maybe anal sex but she

technically lets me do that but all

jokes aside Devon is no angel she's no

snowflake and here's another thing

here's another thing Devon was she's 34

she's gonna be 35 next month Devon was

32 when I met her past the wall of

course she's ready for a relationship

now that doesn't that doesn't mean that

there wasn't anything disingenuous about

her like or love for me but this is how

it is even the great donovan sharp I

didn't find some snowflake man Devon was

no she was no angel and I met her she's

either doing what all these other

bitches do

she thought that I was worth committing

to that's why she committed that's just

how this works oh no you guys hold on

LM a 463 this is a good conversation so

stay away from women and blue-collar

jobs hell yeah I met my first wife

Dorsey as a forklift driver three months

after I started dating her I found out

she had fucked pretty much every guy

there but I was the idiot that married

her so I can co-sign on that Ryan

sullivan suggests waitresses totally

totally date waitresses absolutely

Jessie says strippers nope oh dude

female personal trainers no no no no no

no never ever commit to a woman who

works out who works at a gym dude she's

fucking dudes there man no no no no no

this is great man hey Lian says this

might be too personal but how long after

did she quit the other dudes I'll tell

you this I don't know but what I do know

is that when she her and I had a talk

she told me that she had started to

catch some feelings for me and she says

listen I know this isn't something that

you normally do we should talk about

bizarro world all the time

I said all right if you really want to

be my girlfriend if you really want to

be my girlfriend I'm gonna have to make

some changes okay you're gonna have to

listen listen I boot listen exactly what

I talk about on the show access to your

phone blah blah blah blah blah and guess

what you're not fucking anybody else no

you're not my girlfriend

and I'm not your boyfriend yet but if

you're gonna be taking other dicks on

the side I'm not mad at you but you

can't be with me okay so listen for

listen for all I know she might have a

cute here's the thing that's real talk

she might have fucked a dude the day we

actually had that conversation I'll

never know all I know is that after we

had that conversation that's the only

time we're on almost 100 almost now no

can I be a hundred percent sure I don't

know my answer is I would like

think it was starting the day that

starting at the time we had that


now if listen if I had to gamble I would

say I you know it's more likely than not

that she didn't fuck anybody else while

she was in the training it would have

been very difficult for her to I

wouldn't listen I wouldn't put it past

her any other woman but I'm confident in

saying that went the the at the time

when she quit other dudes it was after

we had that conversation now listen

that's a song that's a hundred percent

real and if she fucked anybody during

the training I'll never know I'll never


that's his real talk man I'm not gonna

see her say no she she absolutely

stopped fucking other dudes I'm done

today she saw me please me a break look

at me seriously honestly you think she

dude did she quit other dudes for just

me she let me know anything about me nah

no good question though Jose says I can

always tell when Donovan's about to go

off on someone he takes a deep breath

before this is my suck at poker man oh

my god mr. Caballero 0 for 3 says

psychologists never mr. Caballero are

you related to Charles by chance Kyle

Mitchell says do not date women in the

mental health field oh hell no yes no

personal trainers ever no barista

alliances and how long from the time you

guys started talking to the training

starting so I met Devon in it was either

late March or early April of of 2016 so

we had that conversation in January so

what is it April May June July August

September October that's when we went to

Hawaii November December January 10

months so from the time we first met

started talking to the time we had the

conversation 10 months 10 months

great great show this evening you guys

definitely came with the knowledge I'm

actually physically tired from talking

this is what I know I had a good show

um when I'm physically tired from

talking women studies equals rampant

seemeth disposed no actually you got

that wrong pine Women's Studies equals

rampant semen suppository there we go

great great show tonight

shout out to HS Lee 169 for the $5

contribution shout out to the lynch mob

the wrench mob aka the TSR a jury so

when it starts calling you guys the TSR

jury we're keeping it for keeping it all

the way real straight up oh Jesus Christ

alright alright I can't be on forever

that is that's gonna do it for this

edition of TS r ly be sure to subscribe

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