5 tips for Red Pill Men of color (and/or minorities) to be more successful with white (or "white washed") women

People on and off the web assume that because I don’t game or date black women anymore, then I must only approach white girls. Though I couldn’t care less about who people think I’m dating or running game on (though I do have a sweet tooth for Latinas), I have had success with Caucasian women for quite some time.


Cougars, mudsharks, college chicks, and everything in between have all taken a ride on the Donovan Sharpe Express at some point or another. But my ability to slay these girls was anything but dumb luck or good fortune. And you can bet your ass that learning to game them as a man of a different race didn’t happen over night. I had to recognize the necessary changes in my game and work at it to become successful and I'd like to share a few of those with you


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