6 extreme but necessary measures women need to take to EARN a Man's trust (Ep. 303)

Most women foolishly think that all they have to do is tell a guy that they are faithful, trustworthy, and honest and that he will believe them simply because it came out of her mouth. Another misconception that women have of high value man is that they don’t have to EARN his trust.



They believe the foolish notion “I’ll trust anyone until they give me a reason not to trust them“ and unfortunately for them they end up finding out the hard way when I guy they could see themselves being with for a long time ends up leaving them for what they assume it’s for no apparent reason.

And because they have absolutely no idea that the reason he left in the first place is because she did nothing to EARN his trust, she takes those same habits into the next relationship and makes the same mistakes and get the same results.

Women already know that high value men want obedient submissive women who are in good shape, can cook, clean, never deny them sex, don’t disrespect them in public or private.

But what women these days seem to be clueless about is how to gain a man’s trust and then keep it. They think that if they look good, cook good, and fuck him anytime he wants, that that’s enough to secure a commitment from a high value male.

They also seem to be clueless about the fact that high value men are well aware of how easy it is for women to cheat and this is exactly why they assume that men  automatically trust them based on their word alone.


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how's your boyfriend lucky to have you

you're fucking your boss what'd you

think she was gonna do tell you she

cheated you cannot out train a bad diet

never believe everything a woman tells

you she will always leave you're always

broke because you spend your money on

dumb shit every month if you've only

slept with five guys then why was it so

easy to fuck what's up guys it's our man

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see I've added some graphics there of my

girl Devin there you see me stamping her

ass smack and harassment of course we've

got the video or it not the video we've

got the we got the slideshow montage

showing off her body why are you doing

that Donovan because I'm proud of my

girls body my girls hot you must be

bragging yeah my kind of in this is just

what I do but but no seriously the real

reason I've started to sort of show her

office to show you guys that that this

can't happen you know I'm telling you

guys that was the biggest fucking loser

ever and listen if a guy like me can can

keep a woman in line like I keep Devin

in line anybody can do it and I'm not

saying that facetiously I'm being dead

fucking serious I was you guys know my

story man I was the bottom I was a

bottom of the barrel Omega simp of the

highest level all right well let's go

ahead and get to today's topic men and

women alike are well aware of the fact

that sexual relations between women and

men have never been more fucked up

everybody knows that I'm not breaking

news here now men handle this in one of

a few ways they either stick their head

in the sand and continue to do the

things they've been doing and hoping

that one day their faulty tools will not

fail them in other words that that

they've been doing things wrong their

whole lives but they continue to do

things wrong hoping that one day they're

gonna work some men completely check out

and don't want anything to do with women

sexually or they take the red pill and

learn how to become successful with

women in this environment now they're

also some men who take extreme measures

like you know suicide homicide elliot

rodger comes to mind alec man

in those guys but by-and-large men but

men most men remain willfully ignorant

they either remain willfully ignorant

they stop talking to girls altogether or

they take the red pill or some variation

in between or both women on the other

hand they handle they handle it very

differently but they handle it the same

across the board what do women do they

bitch and complain but they do not

change anything women lie they cheat

they behave badly and they make no

attempt to to improve themselves as

women then turn around and ask well

where of all the good men gone now say

what you will about involuntary

celibates and low-level MiG taos but at

least they have found a solution they

feel works for them right for better or

worse men seek out solutions while women

seek to complain and uns and expect the

environment to change in order to suit

their own wants and needs every woman

out there has had these fantasies of the

perfect relationship with a guy that

they respect and love contrary to

popular belief okay

as far as as far as fear is concerned

women don't really expect perfection

right like we all think all women want

the perfect man listen women are more

realistic than you think they may act

like they do but at the end of the day

women know that there's no such thing as

the perfect guy don't get me wrong there

are some women out there who have dumped

guys for insignificant reasons because

they really are looking for mr. perfect

but by and large most women out there

are well aware of the fact that even the

best men out there have their faults

their weaknesses in their frailties and

white like men's interactions with women

if the pros outweigh the cons they're

more than willing to give them an honest

try but here's the problem while most

women know how to get and keep a man's


they are grossly unaware of how to get

and maintain a man's trust but here's

another problem okay the women foolishly

believe that all they have to do is tell

a guy that they are faithful that they

are trustworthy and that they are honest

and they expect him to bow

leave her simply because it came out of

their mouth another misconception that

women have of high value man and let me

go ahead and make this clear when I talk

about men tonight I'm not talking about

your run-of-the-mill average ass nigga

right I'm not talking about Joe Blow who

who lives in his mom's basement

low-value I'm talking about high-value

sought-after preferred men another

misconception that meant that women do

have of high value men is that they

don't have to earn his trust they

believe in the foolish notion of I'll

trust anyone until they give me a reason

not to trust them and unfortunately for

them they end up finding this out the

hard way when a guy they could see

themselves being with for the long term

ends up leaving them for what they

assume is for no apparent reason and

because women had absolutely no idea

that the reason he left her in the first

place is because she did not earn his

trust she takes those same bad habits

those same behaviors into the next

relationship and makes the same mistake

and gets results shoutout to Rollo

Tomassi in the house yeah go ahead and

mod him Rollo Tomassi in the house

listen I don't really need to give him

an introduction Rollo Tomassi check out

his website the rational male com role

as the Godfather of the red belt there's

really no other there's really no other

way to say it I lived in the same city

as he did for a solid year and never got

to meet him so I'm gonna have to meet

him or I'm gonna have to meet him in

Orlando Florida for the very first time

so shout out to Rollo Tomassi for making

an appearance here on the chat I

appreciate you appreciate you being in

the show to continue women already know

that high-value men want obedient

submissive women who are in good shape

who can cook who can clean who never

deny them sex and don't disrespect them

in private or in public but what deep

but what women these days seem to be

clueless about is how to gain a man's

trust and then keep it they think that

if they look good cook good and fuck

good ok then that's enough to secure a

commitment from a high-value male they

also seem to be clueless about the fact

that high-value men are well aware of

just how easy it is for women to cheat

and this is exactly why they assume that

automatically trust them based on their

word alone they have no idea that we

know how easy it is for them to G so

what I'm gonna do tonight is I'm gonna

tell women this is this one's for the

ladies I'm gonna tell women what they

need to do to gain a man's trust so that

he will want to commit to her long-term

should be an interesting discussion nine

one four two oh five five three five six

is the number to call to get on the show

let's go to the phone lines

area code six seven eight you're on live

with Donovan go ahead what's up for them

what's going on man hey man this is

Anthony there we had he had a talk about

a few weeks ago that's a single mother I

don't know if he would never be mad I

listen I remember you perfectly so Matt

listen I actually answered your listen

listen I actually answered your text

message did you get my text that I

thought I sent back to you decided I had

another one I was just like just just a

whole masculine frame not to come across

as uh not to come across what hurt but

how would I hold masculine strain in

turn in terms of tribunal me just moving

on from the situation every time I hear

if you would give give my audience a

brief description in terms of what the

situation is you don't have to get

personal but just so everyone knows what

we're talking about here all right

basically basically this is me I had got

into a situation with a single mother

not only a single mother this chick was

uh this chick held Jimmy's I got the

edge rippers she poops you had to man

trains ran on her and uh shit you know

the most devastating thing is I mean I

worked with the chick yeah I work with

the chick man

so man me me I'm just noticing then I'm

just trying to come out of it we pick

blue pill the blue pill symptom man I'm

just trying to just trying to take the

red pill man I'm just trying to take it

the best way I can get myself out of a

situation I have about I have a few more

months to see this check on a daily

basis until I could go to talk and get

transferred to another spot I'm actually

working on in transfer right so uh yeah

my question yeah so are basically

basically just have to see the chick

everyday man and I'm moving on

shakes off of tinder and everything like

that get my body right good I'm a little

bit overweight but I lost 60 I lost

about 60 pounds December all good job so

uh yeah man so so yeah I'm just trying

to get back out there man I caught one

itis with the single mother I mean that

will never happen again happens to

everybody man

we've all been there yeah man yeah man

this chick took me on emotional

emotional rollercoaster bandits this

chick did everything man this chick this

chick it took a fucking steak up this

chick ate my ass and then this shit was

this chick this chick fictional appeal

was was crazy she was a 6.5 with her the

sexual appeal put her on a pin now let

me let me interrupt you for just when

you put on a pin yeah let me interrupt

you for just one second it listen you're

literally telling my audience just what

I said it listen every woman out there

knows how to get and keep a man's sexual

attention okay but none of them really

know what it takes to gain a man's trust

which is ultimately what ended your

relationship so go ahead and continue

hmm yeah man so yeah man uh you know I

just went typically a typical shit and

uh I would I would you know after April

I would start to spend more time with

Jay King

so how would feel more I would profess

my love my real feelings for her you

know I would Ivan I babysat her on one

Oh God yeah yeah man yeah yeah man so uh

I got caught up in that man I even got

to a point where we got to a point man

where sometimes we would be you know let

me tell your audience Donovan I don't

want to keep all rabble in here I'll

call the situation where we were in the

club so he had a club one time she

invited me up to the club whenever we

were leaving the club she told I told

her I'm leaving so she said all right

cool just give me a few minutes I go I

see her come out the club with another

dude talking to him or whatever for a

few minutes bicha gets back in the car

so you know how I was the ultimate blue

pill bitch at the time man I didn't

check her I didn't have the balls to

check her right I was just so she said

about the bitch I was upset about the

situation but I wanted I wanted to check

her but I didn't know how to treasure I

know how you come across the situation

like what to say something but I didn't

want to come across as if I was jealous

right but but her Tom but when I spoke

to you man you definitely gave me the

right mo you just like to let her know a

little bit you know you silly that shit

so basically either you keep it go your

own way right so so what you're asking

me is okay how do I keep my masculine

frame even though I got to see this

woman every day at work right yes yes

basically yeah listen the answer to this

is simple just be cordial with her and

and I think I don't know I forget maybe

it was a maybe it was another guy that I

had a consult with but the best thing to

like the worst thing you can do is to

act like she's not there because if you

ignore her then then the butthurt is

there you still look bad if you see her

say what's up right don't again don't be

you know don't be up our ass but if

you're in the same vicinity if you see

your speak to her you know act like

nothing act like nothing ever happened

and that's and again as long as you in I

mean I'm assuming you still have a

little bit of feelings you know left for

this girl but the best thing you can do

is be completely cordial and be

completely professional so Anthony I

appreciate the call yeah the reason why

you guys can't hear my caller on

instagram is because it's Instagram if

you guys want to hear the caller's if

you want to hear and see all the special

effects come to Donovan sharp calm and

you'll be able to hear the the entire

show I have to explain also to my to my

Instagram followers do not request to

come live on video with me it's not that

kind of party I know you probably I know

you probably want to I know you probably

want to interact with me if you want to

interact with me I'm not going live with

you on a video call my show nine one

four zero five five three five six there

we go excellent excellent

all right um again if you have if you

have a story about a about an

untrustworthy woman or untrustworthy

women the lies they tell in the extreme

measures with which they deceive men

give me a call nine one four two oh five

five three five six at this time I'm

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Instagram and YouTube audience if you

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donovan sharp calm to watch the

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facebook instagram you

tube and Twitter audience come on over

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remainder of the episode thank you guys

very much for tuning in and I will see

you guys over here on the mothership

alright so roll it to Massie's in the


very good we've got Rollo Tomassi we've

got that we've got red pill chicken here

we've got Yosef Israel longtime follower

of mine good to see you in here as well

Redfield yeah Redfield o7 says one one

way to do this is to delete all social

media absolutely

sharp assists rightly pointing out about

Anthony's ex 857 red flags with this one

yeah absolutely

Anthony's a good dude mani actually you

know what's interesting people who pay

me for consultations listen they

definitely need the help but a lot of my

guys have more red pill awareness than

they really give themselves credit for

so you know listen man like I'll take

some credit for helping guys out but at

the end of the day these guys really

know what's up because like during these

consultations they're telling me you

know they're telling me things like oh I

knew I did this wrong and did that wrong

and listen he knew he had to check her

for you know for her disrespecting her

him outside the club he just didn't know

how and that's the main reason why that

that's the main reason why guys reach

out to me okay so let's get to the topic

at hand six extreme but necessary

measures that women need to take to gain

a man's trust now I don't usually give

advice to females this is a male show I

don't really give a shit about giving

females advice because they never take

advice anyway but listen uncle Donovan

is feeling altruistic tonight so I want

to help the ladies here's the thing guys

don't let these bitches out here fool

you every woman wants to be in a

long-term relationship that is her end

game listen listen they can talk all

they want to about wanting to sleep

around to get it out of their system

every woman's endgame is to be in a

long-term relationship with a man that

they with a man they love and respect no

woman wants to be fucking six guys at

the same time they only want to be

fucking one even if she's fucking seven

guys she only wants to fuck one of those

seven guys that's the guy who gets anal

snacks that's the guy who gets blowjob

that's that's the guy who gets good

treatment that's the guy she makes

herself available to no matter what okay

now what I'm gonna do tonight is I'm

gonna tell women what needs to be done

to gain a man's trust because like I

said earlier women know what how to get

and keep a man's sexual attention but

ladies I'm gonna let you in on a little

secret here if a man doesn't trust you

he is not going to commit to you at

least not in a long-term relationship

now ladies of course if you've decided

that you want to be with a man you've

vetted him he is who he says he is right

you trust him you know you trust his

judgment you know said he's a man of

value you want to be with this guy right

but your man has to trust you for him to

want to lock you down now right listen I

understand that women won't do this just

for anybody right better than 99% of

women who hear this they're gonna laugh

at this stuff no way no way that I've

ever do this stuff Donovan's off his

rocker he's full of shit that's fine

that's perfectly fine but for the 1% of

you out there women who know that this

is necessary keep listening anyway women

aren't gonna do this stuff for just

anybody right and if you've decided that

you want to be in a long-term

relationship with a man okay you already

know he's the real deal

you know he's confident you know he's

masculine you know he demands your best

you trust his judgment he keeps you in

life you see a real possibility for love

and respect long-term so you've got your

guy you know you see the potential so

what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna give you

guys again six extreme ladies six

extreme but necessary measures that you

need to take to gain and keep your man's

trust actually labeled this to earn a

man's trust again I'm gonna forewarn you

guys this is extreme nobody ever talks

about doing this kind of stuff but you

have to understand this ladies with all

the technology the ease with which you

can cheat and not get caught that's why

these measures are necessary so let's go

ahead and get to it number one check in

regularly with a picture and a text now

oh wait a minute lost my place there

right there we are there we are in order

for a man to trust you he has to know

where you are what you're doing

and who you are doing it with I talked

about a woman I was sleeping with a

while back who happened to be cheating

on her husband basically I was fucking


and listen spare me the moral istic

fucking there and if spare me this

O'Donovan you shouldn't fuck wives

listen fuck you guys listen if she's not

gonna listen if a woman wants to cheat

she's gonna cheat and if she wasn't

gonna fuck me she was gonna fuck someone

else meet listen these women are they're

gonna do it with you or someone else it

may as well be you there's in and here's

another thing there is no such thing as

karma so spare me with this karma

bullshit you're being a fucking coward

and hiding behind this karma doctrine to

keep from stepping out there to keep

from stepping out and fucking these

bitches yes there is risk to fucking

married women but if you know what the

fuck you're doing you can get in and out

without anything taken their pound of


anyway what you'll do and this is a

fucked up way I've actually talked about

this before so I was fucking this woman

right and she this is a great

arrangement she paid for the hotel room

we met up every third Tuesday and

Thursday it was great she actually goes

to that she'd go stood on me after a

couple of weeks I don't know it didn't

matter maybe she found maybe she found a

guy with a bigger dick than Diana yeah

anyway anyway what this woman would do

and this is unbelievable is that

diabolical women are what she would do

is she would get a friend of hers to

take pictures with her and her friend

okay in the same outfit that she came to

see me and so they would take pictures

of like a Starbucks or the mall or

whatever shopping plaza that they were

in so the day she came to fuck me she

would wear that same outfit okay her

friend would also post those pictures on

Facebook and of course hacker on

Facebook of course the husband is

friends with both of them on Facebook so

her husband sees the pictures of her and

assumes she's doing what she says she is

doing and that she is where she says she

is according to Facebook clearly that

was not the case he didn't know that my

dick is in his wife's ass while he

thinks that she's you know snipping

frappuccinos at Starbucks okay here's

the thing ladies believe it or not most

high-value men know you guys are

it's okay most of them don't say it but

they know men of value don't have time

for this nonsense they don't have time

for all this confrontation

he's not gonna require you to check in

he's not gonna he's not gonna tell you

that if you want to show him that he can

trust you you have to be proactive when

you get to work checking hey babe just

got to work got a hefty workload Devin

will actually send me her work schedule

so I'll know if she's in a meeting or

working on a project I know I know where

her meetings are who she's in her

meeting with so if I don't hear from her

you know between the hours of 3:00 and

4:00 I look at the schedule oh she's in

a meeting

now why does she do this because she

wants there to be no doubt in my mind

that she's doing what she's doing

ladies I'm here to tell you if there is

any doubt in the mind of a high-value

man whatsoever he is not going to commit

to you he's not gonna lock you down

he might not say it he might not

confront you on it but if you're

disappearing for hours that our time

with no explanation he's not gonna trust

you and if he's if he's a five percenter

okay if he's a man with red pill

awareness we know all the bullshit

explanations we all the bullshit excuses

oh my friend is going through a bad

breakup and he need in and she needs me

then four hours later she's calling you

and telling you she's too tired to come

over or oh I got called into work and

they really need me right and she text

you the next day because she told you

she fell asleep right when she got back

home again he might not call you out on

it but he's gonna end up next in you

very quickly and you're gonna wonder why

girls always wonder why a guy who seems

to like them all of a sudden goes

completely cold and ghosts on him well

it's because you're disappearing for

hours at a time and doing god-knows-what

probably fucking somebody else and don't

front like that's not what it is because

that's the only thing you could or would

be doing and don't act like we don't

know okay just because we're not there

doesn't mean we don't know this is

another notion that women fuck up well

he's not there he doesn't know did you

see his cock answer my mouth we don't

have to we don't have to see you fucking

a guy to know you're fucking a guy we're

not stupid

we know how slutty you guys are so check

in periodically to let him know your

whereabouts the more

frequent the better number two and this

one is this is this is where I'm gonna

lose 99.9% of those one percenters

listen closely give him access to your

phone oh I can't believe it yes I didn't

stutter give him access to your phone no

password no locks none of that stuff a

telltale sign that a girl is a slut

here's a slut tell is if she puts her

phone facedown all the time or has a

lock or a code on her phone

now some girls might say well that's my

personal information that's my private

business he has no right to that

information and you're right he doesn't

have a right to that information but he

also has - right - he also has the right

to dismiss your slutty ass if you're

hiding shit from him and if you have

nothing to hide

like all sluts say that they do then

you'll have no problem giving him access

to your phone listen man most cheating

is done on phones this is this is where

most cheating happens dating apps like

tinder OkCupid Ashley Madison whatsapp

snapchat all that stuff giving him

access to your phone just about

eliminates all of the doubt any time and

here's the thing man here's the thing

anytime you're in your man's presence

you have to listen you have to know this

okay and if you don't allow me to clue

you in if you're at your man's house any

- were sitting there watching TV you're

on the couch or whatever and you start

messing around on your phone okay and

listen he can't prove what you're doing

he can't prove what you're not doing but

if he's a man with red pill awareness

which is the kind of man you're gonna

want to be with in the first place he's

going to assume that you are texting

someone you shouldn't be texting now

some girls might disingenuously say well

I could be texting a friend of mine yeah

and that friend could also be your fuck

friend that you're setting a meet-up

with after you leave this place because

you're too tired and you need to get

home because you have an early day in

the morning leave no doubt give him

access to your phone if you really want

to be with him if he is really the guy

that you can see yourself with long term

then you're gonna have to give up your

privacy and eventually all autonomy

if you don't want to give him access to

your phone fine that's your choice but

don't be surprised when he tell you when

he tells you it's time for the two of

you to go your separate ways if you

don't want to give him access to your

phone then you're not ready to be in a

relationship of consequence with a man

of value period that's all there is to

it again I'll point this out to you

again you might have a great

relationship with a great guy

you guys seem to be solid everything is

going great but he won't commit

long-term and when you put the squeeze

on him to propose he bounces he leaves

and then girls ask why why did he leave

everything was great I didn't see this

coming he doesn't fucking trust you

that's why you're always on your goddamn

phone and when you okay and when you are

you don't think he notices that you turn

your phone away from him when he looks

in your general direction he knows that

you're doing that because you're doing

shit you're not supposed to be doing why

would you turn your phone away from your

man oh that was my mom really that's why

you didn't want me to see the

conversation of Court listen here's what

you're doing your fucking other guys

you're texting ass ex-boyfriends past

fuck buddies etc high-value men are not

going to commit to you if they don't

trust you a hundred percent not to be

fucking other guys and by the way I was

gonna go ahead and get this out of the

way now I know a lot of you people

that's right I said you people on black

I can use that term I know a lot of

first-timers in here or listeners that

don't follow me on social media and

you're thinking to yourself okay Donovan

you're telling us to do all this shit

but there's no way you're doing this

with your woman oh yes sir I am

everything I'm talking about in this

episode in an episode Pat and episodes

past Devon does okay I have full access

to her phone she has a key logger I'm

gonna get it I'm gonna get to that more

a little bit later there's a GPS tracker

on her phone I listen I know exactly

where she is at all time but Donovan

that's just too much access then you're

not ready to be in a relationship of

consequence with a man that you love and

respect long term look if you're not

ready to settle down yet then this is

all gonna sound absolutely crazy of

course it is right but if you meet a guy

you know you want to be with long term

you'll have no

I'm doing these things I need my privacy

you're not ready I don't need him

knowing where I am all the time really

why not if you've got nothing to hide

then why not because you're fucking

somebody else or you want to be able to

listen the only reason why women want

their privacy is so that they can

reserve the option to fuck around

without you knowing it that's it like

listen let's not make any bones about

this the only reason why a woman wants

privacy so she can fuck around

honestly outside of medical information

or some serious family shit which

incidentally enough can both be handled

over the phone is in talking on the

phone or at the hospital there is

nothing a woman needs to keep private

from you on her cell phone except for

the fact that she's arranging a meet up

with her ex two and a half hours gone in

the afternoon you're at your ex's

getting butt-fucked three hours gone at

night you're on a tinder date he will

assume this if he has red pill awareness

and again this is the kind of men you

want and even your life you see this is

extreme you're goddamn right this is

extreme but we are in extreme times and

if you're a woman

and you really want to be with a man of

value then he has to trust you men of

value I'm gonna say this a hundred times

men of value men with options do not

commit to women they do not trust period

yes this is extremely yes this is gonna

cost money but for the right men and is

absolutely worth it number three avoid

telling him about your interactions with

men okay you should do this especially

if you're attractive listen if you're

attractive your man knows that other men

talk to you because they want to fuck

you even if you innocently entertain

conversation you're violating his trust

my girlfriend actually saw a post on

reddit a red pill woman's read it which

is a which is a fucking it's a joke it's

a fucking dumpster fire anyway to

paraphrase what was going on a woman was

having trouble with with her gym

equipment and every time she had trouble

with it these men would come over and

help her she went on and

about how it was so nice to have men

help her for no reason at all guys she's

full of shit

she's obviously attracted and she wanted

everyone to know that she was attractive

she also knows that every one of those

guys would shove their cocks down her

throat if given half the chance she

knows this if you're an attractive woman

and you talk about this stuff with your

man oh I had lunch from Kevin and sales

today or my boss wants to start meeting

with me one-on-one to discuss my future

or oh yeah I ran into Justin at the

coffee shop again he knows these men

want to fuck you but he's my boss and

it's professional women fuck their

bosses this is normal behavior we all

know this when they tell you this stuff

okay when you tell him this stuff rather

and they sense that you're feeling some

type away they start giving excuses as

to why they'd never fuck him oh he's fat

he's overweight he's not my type he's

married he asked kids he doesn't want me


here's another game here's another pro

tip the more a woman tries to convince

you that she doesn't want to fuck a guy

the more she wants to fuck him wait you

had another one-on-one with your boss

and he took you to lunch this time baby

you have nothing to worry about he's

short scrawny balding ugly blah blah

blah blah blah then six months later you

find out she's cheating on we own you

with whom her short fat ugly balding

boss ladies when you talk about your day

avoid talking about interactions with

men listen you're meant listen your man

knows why men talk to you it's not your

fault it's not something you can control

we get that but deep down you know the

reason you talk about this stuff is to

put him on notice you want him to know

that other guys want to fuck you other

guys want to talk to me right you want

to convey this to him and you think this

makes you more attractive to him

newsflash ladies you're not helping your

cause the things that make him

attractive to you do not make you

attractive to him sexual attraction is

asymmetrical dude women still haven't

figured that out yet male attention is

easy for women especially

attractive women being a slut is easy

being a stud is hard so while you may

find your man more attractive when women

flirt with him and talk to him again

sexual attraction is not symmetrical

he's not gonna find you more attractive

that your boss wants to fuck you he

already knows your boss wants to fuck

you he's not gonna want you more if

Justin at the coffee shop wants to fuck

you male attention is par for the course

and he knows it don't talk about this

stuff he knows if he's red bill aware he

knows that if you were entertaining

conversations with men you are opening

the door for behaviors that lead to

cheating and you both know it

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change your life let's hit the chatter

here again oh you guys are oh wow you

guys are dropping and you guys are

dropping Nuggets very good very good

red-billed chick says you should give

women more advice women need it no this

is funny women when when women get

advice from sluts they always love the

advice that gets they get from sluts

because it's easy advice well if he's

not paying you attention go fuck his

friend well they were gonna do that

anyway right when women get advice from

men who know what the fuck they're

talking about or women who know what the

fuck they're talking about they don't

really act too kindly to that me giving

women advice listen me giving women

advice would be just wasting my breath

I'm making an exception here in the

three hundred and third edition of TSR

primetime you're absolutely right women

definitely need more advice but

unfortunately for them they don't really

take the advice that makes a difference

sharp assist says men demand metadata of

the pics you cannot fake location and

timestamps next level game very nice

read feel those seven says and women are

always on their phone or it's near them

so they don't text back or call its BS

exactly that's exactly right man you

guys know what I'm talking about let's

see well let's see what else is going on

in here

alright I hit the wrong button here

Joseph Israel says those are bullshit

lies let women tell ya absolutely

they're always lying about this shit

guts an instinct tell us New York Kiev

31 says we all we know from ket we know

Kevin from sales as getting it in of

course he is Kevin and sales fucks

everybody at the office man even fucks

that even fucks the female supervisor

yep machine 305 99% of women will say no

one returned absolutely Redfield o7 says

she can be sitting right across from you

and she's cheating on you with Kevin and

sales on her phone and you have no idea

of man I'm telling you this how it


sharp assists another gem a woman who

wants to prove her fidelity and gain

your trust won't push back listen 100%

if you lay down the edict and tell her

hey look this is what's required if she

pushes back then she's not ready that's

just all there is to it when she's ready

she'll do it

unfortunately there 48 years old by the

time a very good Swede senator agrees

excellent red peel those seven says he's

only a friend she says Yeah right

exactly yes the jack man dropping red

pill knowledge says women Loki tell men

about interactions in at in an attempt

to build up her value like he should

keep her I'm trying to tell you bitches

do this all the time

I am legend nails it women give advice

enabling bad behavior women take the

eight listen women take terrible advice

all day long they love bad advice well

if your man is not paying attention to

you then you should flirt with your

friend or flirt with a friend or if your

man isn't fucking you so much did you

know fuck somebody else it's your face

his fault you cheated in the first place

absolutely if you have a story about the

lies women tell give me a call nine one

four two oh five five three five six

let's move right along to number four

this is another big one if you want to

build and earn a man's trust when in

public with him do not talk to other men

when you're out in public with your man

don't make conversation with other men

well what if he talks to me ignore him

what if he asked me what time it is or

ask for directions tell him my boyfriend

knows ask him well what if I'm what if

I'm just being polite

sweetheart you're not being polite your

attention whoring because you know the

only reason men talk to you in public is

because they want to fuck you when you

make conversation with men in public

when you're with your man you are out

right disrespecting him if you're at a

restaurant and you have a male waiter

shut the fuck up and let him order for

you well what if he gets my order wrong

then look your man in the eye and say

honey I didn't want my steak medium-well

I wanted it well-done now if you're out

by yourself

obviously you're not gonna be a mute

right like we understand you have to

listen to you you can't keep yourself

from talking to anybody who has a penis

obviously but when you are with your man

in public you already feel safe with him

you know he handles his shit you know he

has a domineering persona you know he's

handling your business and your business

so there is no reason for you to talk to

other men in public when you were with

your man period let him handle

everything defer to him let him order

your food if you guys are taking a

flight and there's a male flight

attendant same thing yeah honey get me

you know get me some peanuts and a

ginger ale oMG this is extreme I'll say

it again these these are extreme times

because by talking to other men ladies

when you're with your man you're being

disrespectful and violating his trust

right in front of him because in the

back of his mind he's thinking well shit

if she's this this chatty and talkative

with men right in front of me then

what's she doing when I'm not around

that stuff that stuff has never ever

lost on high-value men 911 for two oh

five five three five six is the number

to call to get on the show let's go to

the phone lines

area code seven six nine you're on live

with Donovan go ahead hey darlin it's

Yosef how you doing hey Yosef what's up

brother how you doing I'm doing good I

got a quick question it may be kind of a

dumb question but my question is after a

certain age women want to calm the fuck

down after they become damaged goods

why why is that in their their psyche

why are they hardwired like that I've

never been able to really understand

that at all well this is simple it's

because it's because they don't have as

high a value right this is like

this is like somebody having $20,000 and

he can buy any car in the lot he wants

he can get $20,000 even by he can buy a

brand new car every year well at some

point he's gonna run out of money so

what does he have to do he has to buy a

car that is not $20,000 I own it and I

put it like this if women knew that they

had 100 years of a sexual prime right if

women knew that they could if women knew

they had a hundred years of peak

fertility peak sexual attractiveness

they would spend ninety nine years 11

months and 15 to 20 days on the cot

carousel women settle down because they

have to they don't want to they don't

calm the fuck down out of they don't

calm fuck down by choice they calm the

fuck down out of necessity because they

know that their attractiveness is gonna

leave them abs that listen they know

that they're attractive level they're

attractive this level is dwindling so

they got to find someone quick before

they become unfuckable that's the reason

okay I hope that answers your question

I really appreciated my face not a

problem brother calling anytime Yosef

Israel calling in on the line excellent

red Jedi says what's up with the chick

who only has male friends yeah she's a

ho I took who only has male friends is a

ho that's just all there is to it

you should knit you should absolutely

never ever be involved with a woman who

has all male friends because she has she

has likely fucked most if not all of

those male friends listen women get

along with guys better than they get

along with girls not necessarily the

only reason guys are nicer to you than

girls is because the girls don't want to

fuck you yeah if a woman has all male

friends through that as a dude it's

probably slut cell number 3 she has all

male friends number 5 let's let's move

to the number 5 way that women the

number 5 thing or whatever strategy

technique that women need to do to earn

a man's trust never ever ask him to take

you to a bar or a club

I had a friend down in Vegas whose

girlfriend was always wanting to go to

the bar in the club now he always told

her no because he knew that bars and

clubs are fucking sausage vests right

now here's the thing she was

she was half decent-looking maybe a six

six and a half but mail thirst makes

sixes look like tens so as soon as she

walks into that bar of the club dude

she's got cock sitting her in the face

from every direction oh shit oh god

Dixon to me everywhere right here's the

thing the reason she started asking this

stuff is because she got bored and she

wanted male attention

but women never just let a guy go she

didn't want to be with him anymore they

liked a branch swing well maybe she just

wanted to go out and have fun ladies

fuck your bullshit listen you know good

and goddamn well that's not why I did a

podcast with a limited man about a year

ago and we talked about the fact that

you know how girls get together and they

go to the club like they're all dancing

in a circle right you go up and you try

to hit on one we're just here to have

fun and dance but if a nigga like me

walks 'madam oh now all of a sudden

you're not here - it's so funny like

dude I've hit on girls at clubs fucking

for years it's unbowed ancing in a

circle and a lot like some of them will

say well we are here just dancing no no

no no no when I walk up on these bitches

oh no hi I'm Donovan a you are oh I'm

Shelby better did it up well aren't you

here to dance with the girls I don't

know let's go talk this is how it goes

guys no exaggeration okay and listen if

you guys think I'm full of shit let me

ask you this would women ever go to a

club if there were no guys allowed do

you think they'd ever go to a bar for

girls night out if there were only women

there of course not so if you so if you

as a woman suggest going to a bar or a

club number one you're not ready for a

relationship and number two you're

telling your man you're looking for his

replacement you want to do it right in

front of him on his dime you want to go

there because you want the attention you

want to flirt you want to show your man

this is just like telling him about

seeing Justin at the coffee shop where

Kevin and sales if you want to say hey

look I'm attractive and guys want to

fuck me we already know you don't have

to tell us and you indirectly trying to

tell us is a manipulation tactic and

five percenters we don't have time for

that nonsense dude if Devin ever asked

me to go to the bar or Club I'll say

sure but when you come back I'll have

your shit packed and because you be the

fuck up out here dude fuck that noise if

you look in ladies if you real

want to go to the bar or the club you

want male attention and if you really

love and respect the man you're with

then you shouldn't need male attention

outside of his well what if he's not

giving me any attention

then you're not trying hard enough

remember what I said earlier about

dressing slutty getting his getting his


don't tell me listen don't tell me your

man's not paying you enough attention if

you're walking around wearing a ponytail

and it sweats all the damn time right

like don't solicit it so funny women

will cheat on their husbands and then

make all sorts of excuses well he wasn't

attending to my sexual needs he wasn't

fucking me enough really it's because

you had gained 50 pounds he didn't wear

anything you didn't wear anything to

make him want to fuck you I get an

example personal example last night

Devon wanted to fuck but I didn't know

she wanted to right now I usually

initiate this by telling her what to

wear right

and listen you guys know this I put her

pictures up listen you guys see the

screenshots in the in the slideshow

right so when I walked into the room

last night I expected to just lay down

and go to sleep but when I walked in

Devon was actually laying on her stomach

with a pair of these hot panties on no

bra and bouncing her ass up and down

it's fucking hilarious

I pulled my pants down I stuck my cock

down our throat and then I fucked her if

you want your man's attentions late

attention ladies you gotta work for it

you gotta earn it don't expect a man of

value to give you attention just because

you're a fucking woman it doesn't work

that way not with guys like us if you

have a Pitt listen if you absolutely

have to go out and shake your ass with

your girlfriends and you're not ready

for a relationship and that's okay but

again don't complain that he's not

committing when you're not showing him

that you're ready to come in asking him

to go to the bar the club lets him know

that you're not ready he'll let you go

to the bar at the club and then he'll

let you go all together number six and

this one is really really important

never ever talk about your sexual past

now this is one that girls can get

behind but girls don't get behind this

one because they're interested in

building a man's trust no they do this

because they want to cover up their

slutty tracks women who talk about their


with men automatically take themselves

out of the running for a long-term


you're not only a slut you are a proud

slut well what's wrong with sleeping

with a few guys absolutely nothing but

men of value don't want to know about

the threesome you had with Kevin and

sales and his manager we don't want to

know about the football team running a

train on you in college we don't want to

know about that we don't want to know

the fact that you fucked seven guys in

seven days or that you fucked two guys

in 24 hours well what if he asks a five

percenter with red pill awareness will

never ask you about your sexual past why

because we know that you will always lie

about it as a five percenter we already

know you're a slut a telltale sign of a

man of value is a man who does not

express his concern about your sexual

past guys like us we know we're gonna

find out one way or another because most

you can't keep your goddamn mouth shut

most sluts can't hide their slut tails

no matter how hard they try at some

point we're gonna figure it out so we're

not gonna ask you about it in the first


but if you proactively talk about your

sexual past again you are taking

yourself out of the running to be in a

long-term relationship with him period I

dated girls who have told me how many

times they've cheated who they've

cheated with how they got away with it

then three months later asked why we're

not boyfriend and girlfriend because you

bragged about he cheated on your last

boyfriend with his best friend and his

boss's bitch that's why

are you kidding me with this girl's

really this oblivious they they don't

understand that talking about their

slutty pasts takes them out of the


these girls never realize that as soon

as they start telling me these stories

I've already placed them in the

fuck-buddy category as in I'm never

going to call you for anything but sex

and sex alone meaning I'm coming over

I'm fucking you and then I'm leaving I'm

not sticking around to chat not sticking

around to watch TV I'm getting the pussy

and then I'm getting the fuck out of

there because that's all you're good for

if you want to build a man's trust do

not talk about your sexual past again if

you're a five percenter he's not asking

and if you've got what you think is a

solid guy it and he asks do not tell him

just say just keep it vague listen I've

made him I've made a few mistakes like

most women but I really like you

and your opinion of me means the world

to me I don't want you to think less of

me so I'd rather not talk about it if

that's all right with you guys he's not

gonna press you he's not gonna press the

issue after that and if he does you've

got a beta male on your hands which

means you're not gonna be with him in

the long term anyway now some girls

might say well I tell him anyway

yeah after you told them about another

story about a guy you fucked at work or

in college like it was no big deal and

now he's got you now he's thinking

you're a slut now you want to bust out

thee that's in my past so he shouldn't

hold that against me and that's exactly

why he should shut the fuck up

yeah ladies got at least you have to you

always have to understand a man can't

hold something against you that he

doesn't know about he can make all the

assumptions in the world listen you may

have fucked 30 guys you may fucked 300

guys but if you don't tell him he

doesn't know for sure and if you do the

things you need to do to earn his trust

and be wary of your slut tells you're

not going to end up telling on yourself

girls will handle the knotch count

question perfectly but then they'll turn

around and be on their phones all the

time or disappear for hours at a time or

talk about another team-building

activity trip that you took with your

boss at some point he's gonna figure

your ass out you also listen you also

need to be very very careful about the

stories you tell that could potentially

involve guys you fuck because

five percenter or not okay men are going

to put two and two together and if you

mentioned too many stories with the same

guy or too many stories with too many

guys that how many guys you slept with

question that's gonna come up eventually

think about what you say before you say

it don't talk about things that involve

guys you've been sexually involved with

and for God's sake do not proactively

talk about or brag about your sexual

past again women who openly discuss

their sexual pasts proactively

automatically eliminate themselves for

long-term relationship material with men

of high value and when he starts the

distance himself you say to yourself

damn I let him see my phone I've never

turned him down for sex I never get out

of pocket yeah I may have mentioned

Justin at the coffee shop a few times

and I may have mentioned my boss a

couple of times and we had an open

dialogue about our sexual pasts but why

did he not commit well he dumped you

well the reason he dumped you is because

you talked about your sexual past five

percenter or not ladies no guy wants to

know about your previous sex life we

don't want to know about how you hooked

up with your best friend and her

boyfriend when you all got high on

cocaine we don't want to know that you

gave a guy a blowjob at the club in the

bathroom we don't want to know that you

got butt fucked in the parking lot at

work while your boyfriend waited for you

inside right now when you tell these

stories they may laugh and chuckle but

in the back of his mind he's thinking

dude this girl's a fucking hoe the only

thing she's good for is sex I've got a

bonus one for you for you ladies and

again this is listen I know no woman is

ever gonna do this but we're I'm gonna

die I'm gonna listen I'm gonna tell you

guys anyway here's a bonus one number

seven put a keylogger on your phone your

tablet laptop or anything that gives you

access to the Internet well I let them

see my phone why do I have to get my key

locker because beep because you could

erase text messages again Donovan you're

off your rocker you're crazy and that's

fine nobody seeing that you have to do

this but if you have found a man that

you know is worth committing to long

term and all Clisson all girls know when

they see a man

committing to sluts or not listen a

woman's slutty past and her inability to

pair a bond with guys doesn't strip them

of the ability to know when a guy's high

value or not right

make him spot high value guys a mile

away they can spot a fake a mile away

they only ignore their instincts when

they're desperate lonely or horny or

about to hit the wall but if you really

want this man to take you seriously as a

woman that he can trust and see himself

with long-term then this is gonna do the

trick and if you volunteer to do this

that definitely lets him know that

you're serious because how many women

have suggested this to him right none

but if you're the one who says hey

Donovan I'm gonna put spy software on my

phone and give you access to the account

so that you can see that I am faithful

to you at all times ladies that's gonna

make an impression on him and if you

keep it up for an extended period of

time and let him see that you're not

just faking the funk dude you'll get

that long-term commitment that you're

looking for now fellas you might be

thinking you might be listening to this

and thinking yeah you'll need to do this

shit if you want us to take you

seriously and to that I say slow your

roll there Speedy Gonzales most men out

here don't deserve this kind of

treatment from women so if you want your

woman to give you this level of

servitude transparency and commitment

you've got to be worth it to her now I'm

obviously listen I'm not gonna go over

what's required to make that happen

because that's what my and my entire

show is predicated upon but you guys

know what I'm talking about I give you

guys red pill wisdom every night but I

wanted to throw this bone to the ladies

because sadly most women have no idea

what it takes in this day and age to

gain a man's trust they just don't know

they know what it takes to get his

attention they know what it takes to

keep his attention but they don't know

how to gain and keep his trust and this

is where they fall short now a lot of

you listen now I me

I've required this of women as of late

okay matter of fact I actually started

this protocol a little over two years

ago I've acquired this of five women two

of the women the first two told me to go

fuck myself okay the third one tried to

negotiate with me and when she saw

I wasn't gonna give in she said go fuck

yourself another one tried and lasted

all of three weeks and the last one was

Devon and our one-year anniversary is

this Sunday now we've been official for

one year but she spent a year and a half

gaining my trust so I met her two and a

half years ago this woman worked a year

and a half to earn my trust and

commitment and she still has it one year

later now got a lot of guys out there

calling this kind of behavior make you

your mate dirty no wrong answer jealousy

and insecurity is reactive being

territorial is proactive not allowing

the situation to happen in the first

place that's what this protocol is for

now here's the thing let's listen let's

let's let's ask the obvious question

could Devon cheat on me of course she

could right but listen how can she do it

easy she can get a second phone right

she could take the day off not tell me

leave her phone at work take her second

home and go fuck the guy and I'd never

know right or chances are I probably

never know

but the measures that she would have to

take though hoops that she would have to

jump through to get away with it

wouldn't be worth it it would be ten

times easier for her to just tell me it

looked on even I'm not feeling it

anymore I don't like your nose your dick

isn't big enough your dick is too big

it's over no this Prudhoe this protocol

isn't bulletproof it's not cheap it's

not cheap proof but cheating would be so

difficult it wouldn't be worth it

women would have to make a choice

between going through all of the

measures to get away with the cheating

or just be straight up with the guy and

most of the time what do women do they

do whatever is easier which means that

if she really wants out she'll just have

to tell her guy she wants out without

branch swinging like most women do you

see how that works if you make the

easier option the one that keeps you

from getting fucked over things tend to

work themselves out nut listen none of

what I've talked about today none of

this none of this means that your woman

can't lose attraction for you happens

all the time dude Devon could lose

attraction for me tomorrow this is just

the man-woman thing happens all the time

what it does do is it drastically

reduces the odds of getting cheated on

because it is easier

in this particular circumstance for her

to just be a woman and tell you that

it's over that's what this protocol

accomplishes a lot of people think well

if she wants to cheat she's gonna cheat

yeah absolutely

this protocol is not to is not designed

to keep her from cheating this protocol

is to make cheating as difficult as

possible so difficult in fact it would

be easier for just to tell for her to

just to tell you hey look it's over

girls cheat because it's easy they

branch swing because it's easy but

making that but making cheating the

tougher option means she is far more

likely to do the easy thing which means

being straight up with you there are

also a few websites that you ladies need

to bookmark and they're all donovan

sharp endorsed the first one you need to

check out is judgy bitch calm this woman

is actually quite funny the next one is

real red pill woman calm notes from a

red pill girl is number three number

four is actually red pill chick um I

don't I think it's red pill chick dot

wordpress.com I think it is red pill

chick if you're in the chat please

correct me if I'm wrong all of these

websites give hardcore honest advice

about what it really takes to be a good

woman and they don't pull any punches

there are too many websites out there

who advise women right

they sugarcoat shit and they don't hold

women accountable these four websites

absolutely do not do that they are 100

percent hardcore red pill but they all

tell women shit or I'll put it to you

this way they're not like hardcore red

pill but one thing that they always do


is they tell women's shit that most

women don't like to hear and that most

women would never be honest with them

about right they don't indirectly blame

men for their shortcomings they don't

back handedly take accountability and

responsibility away from women and they

don't endorse the notion that women

deserve good men just because they're

women all four of these websites are

they give legit bonafide advice that

will make a woman better if they take it

seriously so ladies if you're watching

this and you

really want to change you need to visit

those four sites on the rigs you need a

book you need a bookmark those sites and

stay the fuck off of red pill women's

subreddit dude red pill women's

subreddit is not for red pill women man

not - not even close not even close

guys if you're grooming a woman to be

your main chick make sure you director -

these four sites all right very good

show tonight all right you guys they

gonna hold up for a second let me let me

go I saw something about chat or

something oh they still oh yeah yeah


Redfield oh seven says they still act

like they're a dime yeah right right

sharpest it says I don't get along with

other women that's a slut tell

absolutely slut tell red field says of

Chad come if Chad comes girls night is

over yep it's exactly right yep red

field says girls mouths always get him

in trouble

100% man 100% sharp assists again

droppin red tall bombs he says beware

the trickle truth from women yes women

do what's called trickle truth they'll

tell you well my boyfriend cheated on me

so I left him right then she'll tell you

a story about how she went on a date and

you're like we'll wait a minute

weren't you with XYZ guy oh yeah well we

were taking a break at the time now you

know she cheated on him yes thank you

guys for the congratulations yeah it's

hard to believe that we've been together

for a year

Jesus Christ

yes miss Fermi wants to know if I can

list the website I'm actually gonna put

them on my website in this blog post

it's episode 303 I'm gonna put all four

websites all four donovan sharp female

red pill endorsed websites on my on my

on my blog

yosef israel says i've learned that

certain words or phrases women speak is

a dead giveaway

well-traveled for example means she's a

woman of many dicks could not agree more

could not agree more here's another one

when women say they're open-minded when

a woman says she's open-minded

that means she changed his views like

she changed his cock she doesn't have

any steadfast beliefs how she in 305

says definitely keeps you from getting

blindsided and fucked over again listen

man if you put this protocol on a woman

if she actually follows it and comes

with these strategies look man like I'm

not feeling this anymore I don't I don't

like being under this protocol I've lost

attraction to you so it's over hey you

can't get mad at that you just can't get

mad at that this is not designed to keep

your woman from leaving you this is

designed from you getting blindsided

just like a sheen 305 said absolutely

sharp assist is uh

putting all of these putting all of

these websites in the chat excellent


very good well that's gonna do it for

this edition of TS or prime time my

thanks to Anthony as well as Yosef

Israel for calling in today my thinks

also goes to the Mod Squad also to roll

up to Messi

and the Mod Squad see you guys Monday

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