6 "password hacks" women use to bypass a Man's common sense about her red flags (Episode 406)

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you're a loser you live in your

mom's basement

you probably have a two-inch you

sound like a white guy for what you're

probably a virgin so that's a no for

Netflix and chill you talk about

how women ate what's up guys it's

your man Donovan sharp and welcome to

the 406 division of dsr live your daily

dose of red pill truth wisdom and

awareness it is Monday February 11th

2019 happy birthday to the luscious

Devin Devin sharp turns 35 today so

happy happy 35th to Devin today actually

took her out I think it took her out for

her birthday a couple of days ago so so

happy birthday to her good to have you

guys in tonight we are multi casting to

three YouTube channels 3 Facebook pages

as well as Twitter I have a big

announcement I will be I will be making

later on in the show so you guys will

certainly want to stay tuned for that in

the meantime let's go ahead and get this

party started here guys everybody has

weaknesses guys me you everybody

watching and listening we all have

weaknesses we all have an Achilles heel

or two or for most of us usually have

more than that now I want you guys to

keep in mind that not all weaknesses are

created equally

most weaknesses that any given person

has are minor and relatively

inconsequential it may in convenience

them this weakness may inconvenience

them for a short period of time or

impede their progress by and large minor

minor weaknesses don't tend to

completely derail you know of course on

the opposite side of that coin

we also have major weaknesses these are

the things that can turn our lives

upside down things that can destroy

cement aliy physically spiritually and

so forth now as we get older and a

little bit more experienced minor

weaknesses can become major weaknesses

and vice-versa right like we live and

learn we adjust we evolve and we learn

to mitigate our weaknesses now there are

two things in this world that make

really smart men really dumb sports and

beautiful women and since we're not

doing sports talk today we are going to

focus on women and to be fair women

aren't necessarily a weakness per se it

is biologically normal for men to want

to as many beautiful women as

humanly possible before we pick before

we kick the bucket it's encoded in our

DNA but the reason women have been

labeled as a weakness by so many men

isn't because of our desire to pursue

women it's not our desire to them

it's because of the inherent risks that

come with pursuing women today now as

recently as fifty maybe sixty years ago

women weren't seen as a weakness for men

because they were well behaved women

knew their place they elevated the lives

of the men that they belonged to and

they raised strong and well-adjusted

children sons and daughters if a man had

six children back in 1959 he was

considered to be blessed and fortunate

that guys live in the life the American


here in 2019 a man with six children is

far from being considered fortunate or

blessed if he's gotten that many kids

there's usually a pretty good

possibility there's more than one mother

which means baby mama drama

child support we all know how

detrimental child support is to a man's

finances his sanity and of course his

well-being even if all of his children

are with that same woman and that woman

happened to be his wife we of course are

counting down the days until she serves

him divorce papers right till she pulls

til she pulls his wallet out of his ass

as we like to put it the point is

is that very few women today are invest

about commodities back in the day you

could pick out a woman and it was far

more likely than not that she was gonna

be a submissive dutiful wife who bared

your children took care of your homes

took care of you and they were happy to

do it they were happy to belong to you

they were happy to be your wife now

obviously that's not - not not the case

today as most women in this country made

bad wives terrible girlfriends and even

worse mothers but here's the thing even

men who aren't red pillow where are well

aware of this

most men are aware of the fact that

women ain't the proof is all around

us every day just watch TV movies

commercials go to reddit Facebook

Instagram any other kind of media and

it's easy to see that today's women

ain't even then men who know this

continue to make the same mistakes with

the wrong women even red pill aware men

are getting tripped up by females their

last five girlfriends have all cheated

on him and they all think the same thing

what they all think the same thing guys

why the do I keep falling for ain't

bitches I know what I'm supposed to

look out for I know how to disqualify

certain women for long term

relationships I know I'm not supposed to

commit to women who allowed me to

them on the first date I know I'm not

supposed to commit to single mothers I

know I'm not supposed to commit to girls

with tattoos so why the do I keep

getting into relationships with women

who cheat on me with their exes or that

kit or that douchebag Kevin in sales if

hindsight is 20/20 why can I never see

where I go wrong with these women well

uncle Donovan's got your answer and the

answer is simple guys the reason why you

and most other men can't seem to find

that point that seminal point in your

relationship where you've lost frame and

all common sense which caused you to

abandon your red pill conditioning is

that these girls are using your password

against you so now you guys are probably

thinking to yourselves ok Donovan what's

what's the password like what do you

what are you talking about I'm gonna

tell you your password gentlemen is a

phrase and act a look or

anything up that a woman does or says

that bypasses your common sense and red

pill conditioning rendering you

completely blind to her red flags

vulnerable to her vagina and causes you

to make bad irrational decisions that

benefit her while damaging you that's a

mouthful I'm gonna say it again your

password is a phrase an act or a look or

anything that a woman does or says that

bypasses your common sense and red pill

conditioning rendering you completely

blind to her red flags making you

vulnerable to her vagina and causes you

to make bad irrational decisions that

benefit her while simultaneously

damaging you now the more experience a

man has the fewer passwords he has the

fewer action passwords he has and there

are differences between action passwords

and stated passwords for example for

most guys their passwords is just sex

right if a girl him he's ready to

commit he's ready to go all-in

another reason for that the reason his

password is just is because of

his lack of options as well as lack of


some guys password is just a blowjob and

because they barely get those she sucks

his dick even one time and he's ready to

pay her phone bill by her kid a new pair

of Jordans for Christmas and pay

her rent now for some guys a fat-ass is

his password right for others it's huge

tits one of my passwords used to be

blonde with fake tits that's why I kept

making strippers my girlfriend my

girlfriends and yes every single one of

them without exception cheated on me

without exception without exception they

all did now we all have very different

physical passwords and with enough

experience we learned to divorce

feelings from what we see right we think

for ourselves okay this chick is a solid

9 she's got great tits a smoke and a

stand here so blonde it blinds me but

the last six girls who looked just like

this all me over so here's what

I'm gonna do I'm gonna I'm gonna

I'm gonna other girls on the

side to keep myself from catching

feelings I'm gonna have fun with this

hot blonde as long as I can then I'm


move on to the next girl as soon as she

gets in a pocket that is a man with game

and experience a man who has found the

red pill guess what guys girls have the

internet too they also read subreddits

they also read return of Kings they also

read the rational male they also know

about what the red pill teaches men

girls are starting to figure out that it

takes a lot more than just sex to get us

to commit they're starting to figure out

that hey listen you know what it's gonna

take a lot more than just regular sex to

keep these five percenters around

they're beginning to understand that

just being hot ain't gonna cut it any

more when it comes to when it comes to

locking down a man of value so these

women predictably adjusted as they all

do when they're always two steps ahead

in the game and they started using

certain phrases to disarm our red pill

conditioning so that they can have carte

blanche to do whatever to do whatever

they say and what to do and say whatever

it is they want gives him a license to

be out of pocket after all my physical

passwords were disabled after getting

over by enough hot girls to

understand that their hotness was the

thing that was bypassing my red pill

conditioning I wasn't as enamored with

one haired bimbos anymore okay but one

girl one girl sat down at my computer

typed in a password and lo and behold it

unlocked my operating system take a


I remember this one Ukrainian girl I was

when I was in Vegas name was

Tatiana it was a beautiful girl long

blonde hair was almost white dude

gorgeous light blue eyes like dude she

had a really small tit but she was

gorgeous like just raw beauty

anyway I remember we were walking down

flamingo road I'll never forget this

I'll never ever freak and we go across

that we go to cross the street and I

pulled her back to the sidewalk because

there was a motorcycle speeding along

the side of the road

now Tatiana was I don't know she was she

was small she's like maybe 105 106 after

she Ashley salad which was her favorite

food in the world so I was able just the

anchor back and she looked at me and

said Donovan I feel so heavy Ukrainian

or Russian accent and I remember

thinking no it was dude it was like when

Achilles caught that arrow in his

Achilles heel I knew I knew she had

disarmed me I knew that she had just

bypassed all of my Red Bull conditioning

but there was nothing I could do about


guys I'm four years into the red pill

when this happened it was like Hayden

Christensen's character in the movie

awake right

when he woke up mid surgery but because

he couldn't move or walk he could still

feel everything he knew he was

vulnerable but he could do nothing about

it well turns out tipsy anna had a

boyfriend the entire time I was

her and when I found out about it guys I

was sick oh my god jesus

christ listen she had scores of red

flags but when she told me she felt safe

with me it blinded me to all of those

things and she was able to play me like

the fiddle

gentlemen women these days know exactly

what to say to bypass our common sense

to bypass our rationality and the to

bypass our ability to compartmentalize

certain things which means we think with

our emotions rather than our reason at

that point they've got us right where

they want us so this evening uncle

Donovan is going to talk about six of

the most ubiquitous passwords today's

women used to completely disarmed even

the most hardcore red pill aware men my

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before we hit the chat let's go and hit

the phone lines looks like I've got C in

Vegas on the line C you're on live with

Donovan man what's going on brother

C I'm sorry she's going on B what's

going on brother how you doing man

feeling pretty good back in the gym

heavy so that's what's up good good good

excellent another deed I'll be very

quick with this one this is more um this

password it's I would say it's more for

inexperienced but I have experienced

this one a lot so I put it out there hey

I'd like you rot I want you to move in

whoo-hoo that's not on the list bang

yeah damn Wow

oh wow d I guess after they did this one

it really works specially if you younger

as you get older I think men become a

little bit more apprehend to that

butcher for those getting their feet wet

this one could be a doozy okay and you

never see a comment you never see it

coming dude exactly in the garden like

you talked about before you're moving

you're thinking like oh great you know

all the only section I want oh you know

all the board you know the benefits of

stuff no no no no you're in for a rude

awakening especially as you know she has

kids or stuff oh man you give me

flashbacks for library when I get all

serious one can be this one could be a

devastation if you're not careful I came

out mostly intact I wouldn't do it took

one month we put this one guys you've

got to be respectful fast that is a huge

bicep a square book it's like oh my god

this is great

exhale running stuff in my oh my god

dude the money and I've always been a

money miser jesus christ man I

know there's always a pound of flesh to

be had fellas be where we get this one

all right see in Vegas man listen yeah

yeah yeah listen he's right I want you

to move in with me

I didn't even think of it listen I

probably had I probably had a list of 12

and some of them were derivatives of

others so I whittled my win I whittled

my I whittled my list down to six Rob

Cruz's password is women who squirt

I don't like squirters man now I gotta

clean the goddamn sheets no that

that but see and Vegas is right I

had not thought about thee I want you to

move in with me

oh man that is that it listen a lot

listen a lot of dudes password is I want

you to move in with me

let's take a look at the tent here

Hellfire I'm sorry he'll fighter

Pop's the cherry Powell Mitchell get

sloppy seconds BK from the Rockies gets

the in the ass Dennis in Denver

gets the finish on her face whereas

olden gets it all on camera

Ryan says you guys are getting quicker

bro style one says anybody know where to

get the TSR live intro song playing yeah

patreon.com forward slash Donovan's

sharp patreon.com comport slash Donovan

sharp it was actually a custom beat that

I had made and then the guy from the

Phoenix philosophy that's actually

another band that I keep forgetting the

name of this band but it's the Phoenix

philosophy - there - the girl and it's

it's up there it's up there somewhere

but yeah yeah yeah yeah help artists has

never realized how much I needed this

dose of red pill truth thanks Don keep

up the good work preciate that ya listen

my apologies for being on the air late

tonight guys once again I'm experiencing

technical issues so and this was

a really simple technical issue so I use

restream restream is what allows me to

stream to three YouTube channels

Facebook and Twitter and all that and so

I hit the ticker for the for the main

channel and nothing was streaming well

it turns out that every once in a while

the API licenses will sort of timeout

and I just have to disconnect and

reconnect the channel so instead of

doing that first I restarted my computer

than my computer is around on me

I kept my cool

I said alright I'm gonna start my show

at 6 before I start my show me to go

walk my dogs get that out of the way I'm

gonna come back and it's all good so I

didn't I didn't break anything I did hit

my desk one time I did hit my desk one

time and I think the Fenix philosophy CD

was in the line of fire I did not I did

I didn't bust it I didn't bust it

JW JW I did not bust the Fenix

philosophy CD but everything is good

everything is good I'm on I'm on the air

in an hour late because of technical

difficulties I'm just at some point I

just gonna have to get a producer man

I'm just gonna have to get someone I'm

just gonna have to get someone who does

all of this for me so I can just

sit down at 5 o'clock and just talk I

don't know how that I don't know how

that works so a senator is curious about

the announcement I will be making that

announcement here in just a few moments

so stick with me

Charles Cavallaro says he knows my hack

women telling me I'm strong oh my god

that's a good one I like that

Charles is a listen I have always had

the strongest handshake I've ever I've

ever known I've never met anyone who had

a stronger handshake than me except for

Charles the first time I shook Charles's

hand I was like oh wow alright yeah

Charles as Charles is he has he's as

strong as an ox strong as an ox Kyle can

only listen until 7:00 yeah Kyle listen

listen brother I'm gonna make that

announcement well before 7:00 just give

me a few moments I'm gonna make the

announcement everybody everybody just

hold your horses

plant-based is in the house wizard

praying making an appearance red pill

mama Dennis in Denver Richard Appleton

says a ye very good freelance wrote in

the original TSR Oh G good to see you in

here as well very good

Fernando Trejo shout-out to you Miami J

aka Latino menace fear is in the house

wait a minute I said you already know oh

I thought that was a rayon PG good stuff

oh that smells good

I think Devon is making spaghetti

tonight I think she's making that smells

like spaghetti I think it smells like

spaghetti that sounds really good daddy

Scott says regulators mount up dude I

love that track 94 Warren G hell

yeah yes Ryan Sullivan says streaming in

the dark yes there I is major pain like

Damon Wayans lowdown dirty even like his

brother Kenan Falcon Black is in the

house Wow Falcon black haven't seen you

in Wales has just got a fresh batch of

mixed kratom today yes yes I took a I

took a little bit of thunder hippo about

an hour ago

the RB mama says DSR blooper reel you

know dude I have enough bloopers on this

goddamn show

I could probably string some together

all righty godly says my first time

catching a live stream I'm on I'm a

patron so I listened to the podcast at

work or on my Mickey Ora my commute this

is awesome appreciate that

BK from the rocky says this is now

episode four oh six and a half

listen technically I think he's right

yes Kyle Mitchell says Happy Birthday

Donovan's girlfriend yes Devin is 35

years old today so happy birthday to

Devin happy birthday to Devin we

actually I actually I bought her a

personal trainer I'm paying her personal

trainer $600 per month to come to our

place and personally trained Devin for

one hour a day three days a week and I

have now joined them so I go down there

and I do the workouts with them and

listen man this chick isn't going to

that this chick really knows what she's

talking about

when I go down there I'm not gonna build

any I'm not gonna build any real like

physical strength I'll do that at the

gym but as far as core strength and

balance this chick has definitely got it

going on definitely definitely she knows

her for sure and Devin likes her a

lot so

so she's and she's from she's originally

from Georgia so you know southern belle

and all that she used to be a fatty so

she knows what it takes so help fighter

says my password is swallowing Jesus

good brah brah they do they used to hack

my system every time if you were

swallowing these kids here will you

marry me put a ring on it yes sir yes


Oh masculine says like when a chick

ferrets out my fantasies and works to

fulfill them doomed bro see fortunately

for me my girlfriend does whatever I

want so I don't really have to worry

about that but I'm with you I'm with you

on that Oh Kyle Mitchell says when a

fine woman starts paying for and

telling me how awesome I am halo terms

my shields are down she has to be one

shot in battle rifles to the head no

respond god damn very good very good

analogy they're very very healthy

shields are down right one shot battle

rifles two battle rifles to the head no

respawn you're not you're not coming

back yeah man yeah man been there

been there done that Denison Denver said

Russian women are smart and sneaky

I think Tatiana was um I think she was

Ukraine II think she is or was Ukrainian

um she listened yeah listen man I guess

they're smart I don't know

she got me excellent excellent

Kyle Mitchell says 121 listening one day

it will be one thousand appreciate that

or unplug says Donovan do you have any

books yes I do I've written three for

O'Shea yeah I will tell you guys where

to get those here in just a second and I

am working on one myself Jack bones as a

woman who is willing to care to your ego

laugh and laugh at her jokes and speak

in the correct frequency and volume for

long enough will get you I agree I agree

I totally agree man no doubt

daddy has Scott my password long-legged

fine Indian straight up Javon smiley

says bro my dumb ass moved in with my

ex-fiance when I was 23 but she left

with no scars thank God whoa Wow Denison

Denver says his password is whoa wait a

minute just I'm stalling for reason guys

I got one more minute that I'm literally

60 seconds before I make this

announcement Denison Denver says his

password is when a girl asks you what

types of girls do you like or qualities

and a woman when a woman asks you so

what kind of girls do you like what

qualities what are you looking for in a

woman the only answer that you need to

give a woman you have just met is you

know what I don't know but I'll know

when I see it you don't want to give her

a road map so that she can

disingenuously follow that road map very

good mo sees in the house mo see says he

has multiple Valentine's Day dates how

can you not get busted been a while

since have you're so well-rounded

Abram outlaw says take pictures did she

shave okay okay the big announcement

gentlemen the donovan's sharp mobile app

is finally here that's right the first

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again the Donovan Sharp mobile app will

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this isn't something I

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Facebook jail losing a Twitter page

there's some Facebook pages okay those

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again this isn't something I want to do

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Donovan sharps real name well Donovan

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that right and it the interesting thing

was is I had a couple of friends who

would let me use their who let me use

their L

sieze but then maybe then they get

harassed and then it dawned on me then

it dawned on me you know what I'm not

gonna make this public the more public

you are right the bigger the target on

your back so and and listen let's keep

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Mt 2 says why is there no video he must

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Javon smiley says you could run the LLC

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you've have a bigger target great right

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mean listen red pill content is not

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Channel to find out if one or more of

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today bypass your common sense when it

comes to women nine one four two oh five

five three five six let's go to the

phone line I think this is Miami Jay

what's going on brother what's going on

my man congratulations on this mobile

app that looks great

breezy appreciate a minute yeah how do

you have nothing like how does it look

man does it run it's nothing fancy it's

getting that I've developed it myself

but you know I think it's I think it's I

think it's pretty good I think it's

pretty good man and you know it'll get

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I've been doing this a while to a lot of

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know some things are not going to work

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eventually it's gonna become hopefully a

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which is awesome and thank you

for putting Latino manosphere ups oh

dude if we can thank you enough for that

oh absolutely of course hey guys be sure

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is an up and coming website oh yeah I

gotta say I told you yesterday if

whether or not you were going to the

after-party I wanted to call cuz I had

something to say yeah I just want to say

I want to apologize because I've been

like completely absent not for not just

from you know chatting on the show but

Latino manosphere suffered from neglect

for the past three or four weeks okay

the reason for that is all the

that's going on in Venezuela oh yeah

very very very busy so I apologize for

that but when it's all over hopefully

I'm gonna come back with a bendin so

good good let's keep an eye out for that

keep an eye out for that quick update

we're up to 12 Democrat presidential

candidates are you selling these women

oh my god this primary is gonna be a

is is gonna be you know

from the wall in right now man dude I am

I am here listen I'm here for the circus

atmosphere no and here's the problem

you know Democrats haven't had a primary

like this and

Clintonville right now when what we saw

with Republicans happening when they had

all these like 17 candidates I think we

had last time was they were all try to

out conservative each other right now

all these Democrats are gonna try to out

socialist yes yes yes and out and all

the women are gonna try to add feminists

each other so it's gonna be out for live

candid and gather news hasn't even

gotten the right yet

oh god gavin newsom he'll be in at some

point he'll ill he'll make his way in

yeah you haven't give it a month or two

he'll be in all right listen you and I

gotta do a pull show here pretty soon

go ahead Oh anytime man yeah absolutely

especially it's awesome

you the man dude Latino atmosphere calm

my man Miami J his dolphins are terrible

all right but he's a hell of a guy yeah

apparently were tanking for the number

one pick there's a hashtag go there I'm

tanking for - uh yeah yeah hashtag tank

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anyway I broke a congrats again and

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i hope you guys for whatever reason the

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appreciate it I do appreciate it

James Martinez has booked his

consultation on the mobile app so James

Martinez pops the mobile app

consultation cherry good exciting

exciting times here at TSR towers more

changes to come guys I'm gonna be the

guy I'm gonna be the guy who figures out

how to not get D platformed okay I'm

gonna be the guy to figure it out

that stung like a last

year when I lost my channel and I said

to myself dude there has got to be a way

and I have worked very very hard to make

sure to make sure that that doesn't

happen and it

been a long listen Richard Cooper and I

we used to talk God up until about a

month ago we talked about once a week

just trying to iron out and bang out how

can we how can we insulate ourselves

from being B platform he and I actually

I've actually I'm actually gonna talk to

him tomorrow at length and tell him what

I've got so far exciting exciting times

here man

exciting times dude hey Zeus T Gordo

says how does CBD oil affect assess room

not that I know of I don't think it does

very good excellent excellent ok let's

get started here these six passwords

that women use to bypass our common

sense these six passwords that women use

to bypass our common sense our common


can't talk right now our common sense

number one is my password I'm gonna

start out with that one I feel safe with

you okay that's the one that I played

earlier in the episode I feel safe with

you statements like that make us feel

like a man right we start to think I'm

the only man she feels safe with when

Tatiana told me old Donovan I feel so

safe we'll duel you'll make me Hey I

just feel so safe you should just feel

become strong right with my terrible

Ukrainian accent see a man's instinct is

to protect a woman okay when a beautiful

woman physically trusts you physically

feel safe with you

and verbalizes it guys this has a

profound effect on you without a doubt

no doubt about it

he thinks yourself she feels safe with

me there's a lot of pride there guys

don't get it twisted there's a lot of

pride that comes with that and women

play on that they know what makes us

tick women are very good at tapping into

a man's instincts we as men we want to

protect women and we want to

for them so if a woman wants to lock you

down she will give you the impression

that she feels safe with you that she

feels protected that she feels secure

with you I feel secure with you because

you can provide for me I feel safe with

you because you can physically protect

you you can physically protect me that's

the epitome of manhood to be able to

provide and protect a woman and your

subsequent children now to be fair we as

men we also exploit female biology and

we do this through game women are

attracted to boldness so we become bold

we become very forthright very upfront

women are physically attracted and

aroused by physical strength so we lift

waves to become big and strong women are

aroused by men who can defend themselves

this is why we learn how to fight women

are attracted to talents we try to

cultivate talent we tap into their

biology too

the difference is is that when we do it

it's manipulation and exploitation but

when women do it oh no no it's okay

they're just playing the game think

surviving are Kelly

the reason they're gambits female

gambits are more effective than ours is

because more men far more men are trying

to impress women than women trying to

impress men I mean obviously that's the

case with listen women get dick

commitment strength boldness they get

all that thrown at him all the time

it's a lot of supply so it's worth a lot

less to them so when a woman sees a man

with physical strength ability to take

care of okay he might be on a radar but

when a woman shows true feminine any

kindness looks him in the eye it has a

much as an ism and is a much more

profound effect on men because not as

many women or expressing that again

supply and demand the more of something

is available to you the less you value

it the less something is available to

you the more you value it anyway women

don't even have to say I feel safe with

you they just have to show it they have

to imply it if there's a loud noise they

get behind you and grab your arm

like I've had women do this before it

feels good she feels safe with me right

if there's a skirmish with earth or if

there's a flight that breaks out she

grabs her arm she gets behind you she

gets close to you when a woman says or

shows that she feels safe with you she

might actually feel safe with you

but you need to be cognizant of your

reaction when she does this and do not

let her see that it has affected you

it's like when a woman compliments you

hey Donovan that's a nice shirt really

Thanks I appreciate that I picked it out

just for you

she now knows that she can manipulate

you with compliments unattractive if she

says I feel so safe with you just

nonchalantly say cool and don't even

look at her do not give her the

impression that her statement or her

action has affected you in that way that

is by design her statement her action

was meant to move you do not let it move

you mt2 I think that she want the line

I'm gonna get to you in just a second

number two the second password women

like to use the second password hack

that women like to use to bypass a man's

common sense about their red flags you

have the biggest I've ever taken or

you I have never had a better lover you

me better than anyone has in my

life this is another male instinct that

they're trading on to be a woman's best

lover to have the biggest she's

ever had now why is that why is it so

important to us why is it why does it

why does having the biggest that a

woman's ever taken why is that important

to us I'll tell you why

and this is probably something you

haven't thought of being the biggest

a woman's ever taken it's almost

like a secondary virginity yeah okay so

she's fifty nine dudes or so she


which probably puts her real nuts count

closer to maybe 180 but I'm the biggest

dick she's ever had so nobody's

penetrated her that deep so she

never felt that kind of sex before she

may have felt sex with all those other

dicks but my is different because

it's the biggest hell I may as well a

popped her second Terry we also want to

be her best lover but that's never

possible guys you will never be a

woman's biggest or best dude as much

dick as women take these days there's

always someone out there who has

her who is bigger and better than you

guys listen I am 100% certain that I am

NOT the biggest dick Devin's ever taken

and and the sex that we have is not the

best she's at her head now she hasn't

told me this but I know but guess what

guys I couldn't give less of a

would you like to know why because I

don't sweat what I cannot control stop

caring about her neatly this is why I

tell you guys to stop caring about a

woman's needs in bed because if you

don't this password never works on you

if you don't give a about a woman's

needs a bed Donovan you've got the

biggest dick I've ever seen big

deal I don't care Donovan you've got

such a small dick yeah I don't care it

doesn't matter one way or the other as

long as I get as long as I get my rocks

off as long as you continue to open your

legs for me I guess I'm not terrible

that's the way I look at it the minute I

really stop caring about what a woman

what she wants in bed that is the very

moment that this password started to

fall on deaf ears for me and listen I've

had girls tell me I have a huge oh

you have a big dick you have the biggest

dick I've ever and dude I dated this one

girl she this is funny she actually told

me like at the second time I her

she's like oh my god you're totally the

biggest dick I've ever taken right and I

said like you're serious with that she's

like yeah yeah like you're totally and

I'm like dude like we both know that

you're lying and I told it was funny

because I listen I know you like me but

you don't have to you know have to blow

sunshine up my ass like you don't have

to do that right she's like okay well I

don't know I don't need details no now

now they didn't listen I thought I told

it that doesn't give you permission to

talk about the biggest dick you've ever

taken but we both know

I'm not the biggest and that's okay I

don't care I'm not on an ego trip I

don't give a as long as I bust a

nut that's all I care about now maybe

she's telling the truth maybe maybe

she's telling the truth

probably not either way I don't give a

and that's why when they all tell

me this I ignore him I flushed the


I take a shower and it bounced like a

bad check that's how this works

nine one four two oh five five three

five six is the number to call I think

this is Mt 2 on the line is that right

dude three for three man I'm starting to

recognize these numbers how you doing

man long time I'm good how are you I'm

good man just released the mobile app

working on finishing up my book I

originally wanted my book to come out on

Valentine's Day but because of the

mobile app and the and the the Donovans

sharp the TSR merchandise store that

kind of took a backseat but other than

that so what's going on man what's yeah

well I kind of want you to help me give

you some perspective on something let's

do so told you video my girlfriend for

over a year and the waters girlfriend

yeah and I got to go to party and all

our relationship and the last party was

two days ago and told what to do goobers

do that be like this like that message

me whatever come home no longer than

three P City in the morning okay okay

everything goes good I don't give a

she's message I got work to do she's

messaging me calling me I'm Bo I'm bored

and and I'm whatever um come at the end

of the night it's like 2:30 in the

morning I kind of wanna fall asleep she

calls me up and says I'm home I was like

okay you're early

okay call me when you're up like in your

room whatever she called me like

everything okay she's like well no

there's been one problem it's like what

tell me she tells me like Carl there was

a slow dance like everyone was dancing

she was invisible

oh boy and well wait and it was that

when you're dancing like everyone is

dancing and you switch partners and

suddenly she switched to a boy and she

was like I was shocked because I did

because that's happened I really like 10

seconds and excuse myself

she ran I mean she went out she got out

gathers things and went home and to tell

me this and she told me I was so

ashamed that I did this and whatever

that I just couldn't like do it I

couldn't stay anymore she told me the

name of the guy I know the guy he's

younger than me I'm kind of out of not

like intimidated by him sure and oh I

played it off like whatever I don't give

a she was like almost crying

because she was a shame like she was

like I know I upset you I like to let

you down I'm gonna whatever you want me

not to do I won't do any more I was like

give me a break I don't give a I'm

gonna get three in the morning and I

fast forward to today I said look

because I actually looked at it III saw

like this all she did everything I told

to do we're good I mean she's still

submissive I still however I

wanted right I decided to give that

situation some leeway I was like okay

I'm gonna give you Creedence this time

but what do you think about this yeah

that's not a big deal that's a

non-factor I think he reacted perfectly

you reacted like it was no big deal okay

so she's listen here's the thing she

said ten seconds right she probably slow

dance with a guy Sheila she probably

liked it and it made her feel guilty all

right fine whatever right so he slow

dance with a guy I didn't blow him you

didn't suck his dick you didn't cheat

whatever the case may be or at least not

as far as you know now but you do have

to now here's what you should be

concerned about once is a coincidence

and usually with women once isn't a

coincidence but once is a coincidence

twice is a trend right so it's it's it's

no big deal it's no big deal you held

frame but now your antennas are up right

because and here's a lot here's what a

lot of girls will do here to mt2 is

girls will girls will sort of confess

something to you though girls will


something to you that didn't even happen

so that they can lull you into thinking

that they will confess every bad thing

they do for example hey Donovan

um listen something happened and I just

want to be upfront but I ran into my ex

at Starbucks okay well why you telling

me this well you know I mean I ran into

my ex we exchanged pleasantries nothing

happened we just said hi you know caught

up but that was it I'm not gonna call

him I'm out on Facebook bla bla bla bla

bla right now a lot a lot of girls do

that to set you up for something else so

in other words the guy's a guy think so

you know what she hasn't confessed

anything so nothing must be happening

then when there is something to confess

hey by the way I went to a party and I

kind of slow dance with a guy but

nothing happened it was only ten seconds

and I ran right home to you well that

first instance that's where she laid the

groundwork you're thinking to yourself

foolishly well she did admit to me that

she ran into her ex at Starbucks

so that Liam she didn't have to tell me

that I would never have known so it

stands to reason that she would be

telling me the truth about something

here at the party meanwhile later on

you'll find out the person she ran into

at the party was her ex and they met

there and he her upstairs right

but because she lulls you into a false

sense of security by admitting something

right they confess something they didn't

give you any details right she wants you

to think that he's just gonna be open

and honest that gives her carte blanche

to really do whatever it is that she

wants to do and I listen I've been a

victim of that plenty of times so so

again understand this empty - the story

she told you was not all the way true

listen she was at a party and she did

dance with a guy okay but she danced

with rest assured she danced with him

for more than ten seconds right and you

don't know because you weren't there but

you're going to assume that she danced

with him for more than ten seconds so

from here on out guess what sweetheart

you're not going to you're not going to

parties without me that's it lay down

the eat it yeah yeah yeah that's what

you do just call her that and and like

apart from that I'm like I exactly as

you said I instantly thought that must

not be the whole story right right I

knew it that's really sad I'm sorry

that's her instinct like when she's

telling you the story you

no it's not the whole story why would

you tell me that you dance with a guy

like you know that's out of bounds so

why are you telling me she's telling you

these things so that she can she can

make you think that you can trust her

hey I told you something I didn't have

to tell you Oh trust and believe there's

more to that story you're never gonna

find out right and for all you know she

might have cheated on you but for now

you can't prove it so you proceed with

caution but you keep your eyes open and

from now on no more parties without me

yeah I said just no she said that

actually it's like if you want I'm not

gonna go to parties anymore like

whatever you say I'm like yeah whatever

but in my mind I'm like yeah I kind of

charge this bitch anymore not that I not

know we're like oh my god I truthful no

I don't give a but yeah I mean I

don't know it was weird like they're

actually so weird because they thought

it was like they angry because I I kind

of thought that something was not right

and right to me this was like a very big

like like she missed step a lot like I

hadn't even I feel like I didn't even

want to be with her anymore I don't know

what got anything I had yeah yeah that

instinct that the instinct that the

thing that you felt in your gut told you

that she wasn't being completely

truthful with you and dude yet for all

you know she might not have even gone to

a party she might have might have gone

and somebody else the point is is

that when here's the thing empty too and

I'll let you go after this a woman will

never ever ever volunteer detrimental

information about themselves unless it

is a means to an end

you listen women avoid blame and and and

admitting bad behavior like a like the

plague women are allergic to

accountability so now all of a sudden

we're supposed to just believe that she

was just being open and honest about

something that she she didn't have to

tell you but she did what are you

kidding me like you're just

telling me this out of the kindness of

your own heart no no a woman will never

volunteer detrimental information to you

about herself unless it's for an

ulterior motive

unless it's a means to an end that's all

there is to it got it

thank you Donovan not a problem mt2

check it in that is his empty tubes

actually got a lot of game

Kim is 19 I think he's probably 20 years

old he's probably 20 years old by now

but yeah good story there

very very good story excellent excellent

the last four passwords women use plus

more of your calls and comments after

the break we'll be right back

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okay let us continue with number three

the third password hack that women like

to use to bypass a grown man's common

sense about her red flags you're the

first guy I have ever done XYZ with or

you're the only guy I've ever done

XYZ without a quick story when I was in

Vegas I had a bunch of people I had a

shitload of people over to watch the

Manny Pacquiao Floyd Mayweather match

was made second 2015 had a bunch of

people over had a bunch of girls well

one girl in particular I forgot what her

name was

okay she was over I talked to her a

buddy of mine talked to her and I

remember him coming up and asking me hey

what like are like I'd like do you know

this girl like is she a girl like are

you I'm like no no go ahead go

ahead dude it's all good right well two

weeks later actually this girl

and she actually said to me I've never

had a guy be so rough with me it's the

first time I tried it and I loved it she

she had me thinking that I was the first

guy who would ever pulled her hair and

smacked her ass well a week later I

found out my homeboy who came up and

asked me if that was my girl he actually

her the week before and she told

him the same thing hmm

pardon me girls will tell you all kinds

of things to make you feel like you're

the first and only you're the first guy

I've ever had unprotected sex with

really that's way you got two kids right

you're the you're the first guy I've

ever had anal sex with right well when

you first met her she drunkenly told you

about the anal gangbang she had when she

was in college you're the you're the

first guy I've ever swallowed just yo

you're the first guy I've ever swallowed

his load really so that wasn't you that

made jokes about protein shakes when I

picked up at the club this is the first

time I've ever been tied up wait aren't

you the aren't you the girl who said

your last boyfriend was like Christian

Grey this is the first time

I've ever worn heels while well

apparently her boyfriend was some

douchebag named Donovan sharp who never

met a pair of heels he didn't like and

girls don't girls don't just do this

with sex they do this with emotion as

well they'll say things like well you're

the first guy I've ever you're the I've

never fallen for a guy so fast like I

don't fall hard but for whatever reason

with you I seem to just fall hard

something about you you're the first

year the first guy introduced to my

parents are the only guy I've introduced

to my parents services don't put the

number in the chat the call the the the

calls are down I've run out of time no

problem yet you're the first you know

you're the first and only guy I've ever

introduced to my friends I usually don't

bring my boyfriend's of my around my

friends but you are special you are

different you're the first man I have

ever introduced to my kids ever since I

broke up with my ex I don't bring guys

around my kids but I bring you around my

kids you're the first guy I've ever

cooked for you're the only man I've ever

cooked for the list goes on and on if a

woman ever calls you whore her first or

her only it is 100% she has

told her last boyfriend's exactly the

same thing number four I want to have

kids with you

this taps into a man's instinct to

spread his seed again all of this is a

biological level this is why women are

so good at this because they're tech

they're tapping into our DNA the things

that were biologically hardwired to be

attracted to to be drawn to every man

has a biological desire to pass on his

genes and legacy and women know this

gentleman she doesn't want her kids she

wants your commitment and if kids are a

means to that end than fine but she

doesn't want kids just to be having kids

saffiano she also told me she wanted

kids she says Donovan I want a small

copy of you she's tell me this all the


yep dude do I used to eat this up

she said oh you're so rich she's to just

laugh and say you're so rude you're out

of control

you're hot-headed you're I'll bet you're

a troublemaker and you were kid and I'm

just eating this up she's like I love

the mischief I wanted she said I want a

small copy of you

she said if he's a boy we are going to

have to baby-proof the house because

he's going to jump all over the place

like this is what she told me and guys

we talked about it all guys again I'm

five years into red pill awareness we're

talking about having kids

dude we used to send each other pictures

of mixed kids back and forth it was I

was on un-fuckin'-believable

all because this bitch told me that she

felt safe with me and she wanted a small

copy of me dude we used to come up with

names for them we were naming our dude

we were naming our children of course

firstborn son was gonna be Donovan right

we would talk about where he or she

would go to school guys it was sickening

man like this is how far in I was in

with this girl I'm living in Las Vegas

Nevada I am a red pillow where I Drive a

badass car I'm good this woman knew the

password took me for a ride now here's

the thing

Tatiana never wanted to have kids with

me in the first place remember she had a

boyfriend the whole time she just used

that to keep her hooks at me I feel safe

with you was to get her hooks in me I

want a small copy of you because I just

can't live without you that's what she

used to keep her hooks at me and it


women know men want to have kids guys

it's in our DNA when they voiced this

it's like she is choosing you and in the

back of our minds we know that women can

only give birth to so many children and

the fact that out of every man on the

face of the earth she chooses you to

procreate with that has a profound

effect on the male psyche and the male

ego guys that's powerful stuff guys I'm

here to tell you and men can't help

themselves you have to understand this

women tap into this in particular to

exploit it and to keep you around and

make you think she wants to have your

children for no other reason but that

she wants your DNA to make a baby with

guys that's not even close not even

close number five I don't know a lot of

us have heard this before I've never

felt I've never felt this way about

anyone ever before this is a go-to

favorite for girls and dudes still fall

for it guys right we've all heard it we

all know it's but we still fall

for it girls are steady telling us I've

never felt this way about anyone and we

fall for it guys you know she's been

engaged twice you know she's had at

least two abortions you know she said

six boyfriends in the last six months

she told you it took her forever to get

over her ex but you still believe that

the way she feels about you is unlike

anything anything she's ever felt about

anyone if you believe this lie this myth

guys I hate to say it that's on you man

even dudes who are white knight to the

core know that that's

they know it's if she says this

to you just ignore it do not give it

credence number six the sixth and final

password hack that women like to use to

bypass your common sense and become

blind to their red flags this of course

is the Hail Mary I think I'm falling in

love with you women used this one when

all else fails she's tried all the other

passwords so she's trying this one women

tend to use the I think I'm falling in

love with you to either finish the job

to get her hooks all in you or when they

sense you're about to leave they sense

that you're not going to commit so when

they tell you I think I'm falling in

love with you this is out of desperation

guys guess what

bachelor comes on in 45 minutes this

happens on the bachelor watch it after a

girl has a bad date or she's involved in

some sort of drama they want to get

Colton a site listen um

it wasn't what she said she talks

about you and I defended you and I'm

telling you what she said because I care

about what your needs are

and oh by the way Colt and I think I'm

falling in love with you rinse and

repeat bitch you've known me for a half

an hour how the do you know you're

falling in love with me women either

love or they do not they don't fall in

love guys they just love I think I'm

falling in love with you is a litmus

test to see if they can manipulate you

and if you're all oh my god I love you

too she's got you she's got you I think

I'm falling in love with you this is

another one you just have to ignore if

she asks you I just told you I think I'm

falling in love with you do you have

anything to say that yeah thank you I

appreciate that

that's very nice of you to say let's go

to Outback tonight gentlemen there are

many many more passwords but what they

all have in common is that they are all

designed to make you feel special or

unique that she can't get what she gets

from you anywhere from anywhere or

anyone else she won't cheat on me she

feels safe with me I protect her she

won't around on me I've got the

biggest dick she's ever had I her

the best she's ever been she wants

to have my kids so why would she step

out on me here's what most men don't

consider when women tell them these

things and you need to listen very

closely ok so she feels safe with you

even if that were true do you really

think that you're the only man she has

ever felt safe with did it ever occur to

you that even though she feels safe with

you that she is maybe felt safer with

other men in the past or feel safer with

other men even now see the first guy

she's ever had say no sex with huh right

and why did she suggest it why did it

seem like she had done this before oh

I'm sorry you thought you thought it was

your golden that made her want to

take you in the ass yeah that's right

you're special you you need your girl

wants to have kids with you huh did she

explain her first two abortions to you

even your the first guy she's wanted to

have kids with you think you'll be the

last the point is gentlemen is that you

are not special you are not unique

she has swallowed other men's loads guys

you're not the first guy she on a

ferris wheel or in an elevator or in a

car you're not the only man she's told

she wants to have kids who has she's had

bigger in her and she's definitely

been better gentlemen do not make

the egregious mistake of allowing a

woman to make you feel unique or special

do not allow a woman to make you feel

like you are one in a million no you are

not one in a million you are one of a

million you're a dime a dozen

myself included yeah but I'm red pill

aware and I live that red pill life oh

so that must mean she's telling the


when she tells you that she's never felt

this way about anyone before right so

because you're living the red pill life

she's telling you the truth when she

says she wants to have a tea or kids

right she's telling you the truth when

she tells you that you're the only load

she's ever swallowed right you determine

your worth gentlemen not her you decide

whether or not you're unlike anything

she's ever experienced not her and again

even if she were telling the truth in

any of these incidents guys don't you

think for one second that you're

the only one on her radar women always

have a back-up plan in case you don't

take the bait it's just like modern life

dating says Jonathan bara like dating he

says imagine when your girl is not with

you she's just gobbling same

concept if your girl tells you I want to

have kids with you

she's probably told that to three other

guys this year if your girl told you if

your girl told you I think I'm falling

in love with you dude she's told four

other guys that in the past four months

remember if one password doesn't work

women will keep trying until they find

it I feel safe with you Donovan yeah I


damn okay that didn't work I want to

have your children Donovan yeah get in


damn okay that didn't work you have the

biggest dick ever Donovan of course I do

okay that didn't work and so on and so

forth if a woman tries to make you feel

unique or special or give you the

impression that what they get from you

cannot be gotten anywhere else she is

manipulating you guys she's manipulating

you of course your girls had bigger

dicks in her she went to the University

of Miami and hung out on the athletic

dorms of course she wants to have kids

with you her last 10 boyfriends no she's

batshit crazy and her with eight

condoms on you are not special

I had a client recently tell me that a

woman he's sing says that she's a

germaphobe doesn't like touching anybody

or anything

everything is nasty and disgusting but

for some reason she said I just can't

seem to keep my hands off you well

apparently she couldn't keep her hands

off the guy she walked up to her hotel

room with what a private investigator

caught all of that on camera so she

can't keep her hands off you can't keep

your hands off him or him or him women

are only as genuine as their mission

dictates guys if something she does or

says makes you feel unique or special

you need to tamp down those feelings

wash away that ego shrug off what she

just said and understand that all she's

doing is trying to lull you into a false

sense of security so that she can drain

you of your resources drain you of your

time and drain you of your sanity while

she Kevin and sails in his office

every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon all

right let's go in here and check the


all right yeah the dick police beat is

tight shout-out to will the coldest

luigi Conti says I am a girl

talent evaluator yeah you know

freelancer on and says the app is nice

appreciate that I want to see you guys

posting on Donna on Instagram or insted

on I want to see you guys sign up and

post on instead of shout out to Russell

NYC with the $20 contribution says

congrats on the app got to keep up the

great red pill work brother

appreciate Russell in the NYC Russ in

the NYC NYC rush appreciate that my

friend with the $20 contribution always

appreciate that hey Miami Gio Miami jail

wow you guys are posting this is great

so I am EJ posted a picture of an ass

his main chick school oh I guess that's

his main chick's ass all right

red pill mamba says he's had the app for

10 minutes love it already appreciate

that loving the insta Dom instead on

what a great idea this is great awesome

awesome very good so you guys are using

the app that is wonderful and

again guys you can buy if you want in in

I've got I've got the 21 convention

patriarch edition tickets on sale you

can buy that right you can buy those

right from the mobile app when the event

moves to Poland I'll be selling those as

well and then when it moves back to

Orlando this coming fall I think it's an

either October or November you can buy

those as well Dennis in Denver says you

are the first guy that anal with one

chick told me

Corie Busbee says man every woman has

said one of these to me dude I'm telling

you man I'm telling you all bitches are

like that man

it's not a Walt it's a bald hell fighter

says he's heard of all these Jack Bowen

keeps it all the way real is his still

I love these hoes listen man I hear you

ant James says you were never her first

aunt James said he's gonna send in a few

tracks yes send those tracks in guys TSR

at donovan sharp calm TSR at donovan

sharp calm mr. Universal Sports says one

woman got butthurt because I told her I

didn't want to have kids with her yeah

sharp assists wisely says that's why if

the mold your own damn right

yeah sorry Charles the the time actually

started that I actually started the

phones at five o'clock so by the time

six o'clock came around we are already

an hour in excellent excellent hell

fighter says he vomited on the last

moment I think I'm falling in love with


like we're halfway through our first

date with the who Michael Milano

Michael Milano just made the comment of

the night says do these apply to the ad

quote right now to the end of the


listen man well some girls cannot bring

themselves to lie to you like that so

they'll say I'm not looking for anyone

right now you're the only one I want to

be with right now right that's that

qualification right now well that means

five minutes for now you gonna be

somebody else

I remember one stripper I knew I dude I

knew she was cheating on me I knew I was

laying in her bed I'm like look dude

like I know somebody's been here blah

blah blah she's like no no there's

nobody else she's like I promise you

there's nobody else I looked at her and

I said yeah there's nobody else

right now there is of course there is

nobody else I'm the only one here she

looked at me and said damn you're

sharp that's what she said to me

she's like you're sharp you don't miss

anything I was like dude like I'm not

like I'm not stupid man like it is what

it is what the it is she continued

to deny it

two days later I found out she was

on me she's around on me

yeah man Stevie says yes Donovan they

play to a man's ego absolutely that's

all they're doing that's all women do is

they they they played it ego they play

to your biological ego

a Vermont law says my woman is listening

to you on her YouTube page dawn please

be nice if she texts the show no

no Abram let's get the out of

here with that not gonna be nice to

women dude that and she

wisely stayed the away women are

not to be seen and not heard

I don't give a about woman's

opinion get the outta here

straight up this is Abram listen you've

already violated you've already violated

the first rule Abram my friend the first

rule of Fight Club is you do not talk

about Fight Club the second rule of

Fight Club is you do not talk about

Fight Club the third rule of Fight Club

you do not talk about Fight Club Abram

you're about to lose frame my friend

your woman is about to see how the

sausage is made I've got a client who's

woman is also aware of red pill

awareness and all of the changes that he

is making she sees him coming from a

mile away so you know what that says to

her these aren't genuine changes you're

doing this because Rollo Tomassi said so

you're doing this because donovan sharp

said so making a big mistake Abram you

should never have told your woman about

my show you have literally

yourself you have literally

yourself you might as well have bent

over cage a snake meter says what's up

Donovan cage I'm about to time you the

out you do not call me Donny you

call me Donovan what the it what

the is this New Kids on the Block

dude what the am i 15 years old

Donovan is my name Donny get the

out of here man I love you to death KJ

you the man but don't call me Donny

KJ's think meter is ladies as how do you

spell the app the app is do Nov ans har

PE but here's the thing the Donovan

start mobile app is not available to the

public it is only available if you are a

patron you cannot download the Donovan

sharp mobile app unless you are a patron

and if you want to know why if you want

to know why go back and listen to this

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five or six minutes or even become a

patron yeah oh oh wow you guys already

know you guys already know man yeah I

don't like being called I don't like

being called Donny do not like that

Hellfighters says don't give your girl

kryptonite absolutely absolutely

Antonio Catan says don't let your girl

be watching red pill content stay ahead

of the game straight up straight up

Glenn pace says sounds like a mob

nickname yeah you guys remember the

movie Donnie Brasco but I'm not Italian

nor am I in the mob so this is one of

those things those are that's one of my

pet peeves I'll make the announcement

one more time for those of you who are

just now joining me oh dude I hate

it when it up oh wait a minute you

want to know something hold I'm gonna go

back to the main screen here hold on yes

loser you're a loser

yeah that's uh that is the that is the

great and powerful Devin call me a loser

tell me you have told me I have a two

inch two inch dick etc let's bring up

the mobile app there we go Delmon the

Donovan's sharp mobile app is now

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the Donovan sharp mobile app will only

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something I wanted to do but I am far

more concerned with the preservation of

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growth yes guys I want to grow I am

growing and I will continue to grow a

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mobile app spiel there we go


all right hmm hell fighter is

downloading it as we speak hey Zeus -

Gordo says my girl is scary vault scared

of all might changes absolutely very


Benjamin Newkirk is in the house

good to see you sweet senator just

downloaded the app looks clean

appreciate that sad boy says I know

making that app wasn't cheap no it was

not and it it took a while it took a

while it it did but but by the end of

the year

by the end of the year my goal is to

stream directly to the app listen I'm

gonna stream live I'm gonna stream the

first few minutes 15 20 30 minutes to

YouTube and Facebook and Twitter okay

but I will get to a point in the show

where I woke cut everything off and you

can only access the remainder of my show

on the mobile app yes the app is

absolutely a game-changer sharp assesses

right he says Donovan invests in you

guys with your solisten exactly men you

guys support me I support you I'm always

looking for newer and better ways to

improve your experience with TSR Towers

and you know and again I always try to

give back to you guys because you guys

have given me you guys have given me a

lot and I can never do enough to make

sure that you guys stick around and

continue to get the elevated experience

up listen I'm not trying to be the

biggest or the baddest right because if

I become the biggest then you get taken

down no no no no I'm trying to be the

best I'm trying to be the best that ever

did it I'm trying to be the best in

terms of content I'm trying to be the

best in terms of value I'm trying to be

the best in terms of you know studio and

oh by the way oh by the way at the

beginning of April at the beginning of


I am upgrading the studio once again

that's right

studio upgrades coming in April Devin

and I are upgrading our apartment we're

getting a bigger more luxurious

apartments gonna be in the same building

okay it's gonna be a few floors up we've

got a better view more square footage

and there is an entire area in that


that I will use as a CC right now my

studio is in my room right like there's

my bed right there I Devin on the

bed right there so if I accidentally

leave the camera on or the mic on you

guys might get a show right that's how

this works

but when when we're out of here the new

studio is gonna be bigger better and

better bigger better and better so again

all listen always looking to upgrade

always looking to upgrade men

yes sharpest this is right I live

breathe and sweat this to my

detriment sometimes I will give myself

headaches thinking about this stuff and

listen to Devin's credit like she really

she's very supportive but she also knows

when I'm pushing a little bit too hard

she's like all right Donovan you gotta

listen I'm not trying to be a nag but

really you need to get up get out of the

studio take some time off it is what it

is this kid just think meaner it's all

good no problem no problem

great black shark says new to TSR Chet

what's the rules in here mods yeah trial

and error my friend if you up

you'll know you will know hope you're a

quick study hope you're a quick study

Musa cos OC says dude you're setting a

trend with that app in the manosphere

listen man I'm telling you I'm trying to

do I'm trying to do what nobody has has

ever done I'm not doing it for status

I'm just doing it so I don't get my

cut off dude it was a

Sunday when I got my youtube-channel

taken down that day when my

youtube-channel take him down I was

pissed off for maybe ten seconds

and I said okay what I need to do is I

need to figure out a way that I can get

my message out there without anybody on

the outside having control over what I

say or what I do and the mobile app is

it goes a long long way and

accomplishing this so I'm gonna put

again I've got a few more steps on it

put a few more things together and we

are going to we're gonna change the game

man we are gonna change the game

no but listen nobody stop at me I don't

give a dude I don't give a I

don't give a man

I'm always always looking for new ways

to insulate myself from would be haters

great black sharp shark says no problem

I remember Donovan from his brother pill

days you're talking like that was like

two years ago bruh like I stopped the

brother pill what is this February the

11th at my last episode the brother

pills right at the end of December been

absolutely Charles Caballero says I

appreciate everything you do Donovan I

appreciate you too man Charles is

definitely 80s art hours OG and the only

man that I know of who is a stronger

handshake then I do I'm hatin on Charles

I mean I'm eight ninety Charles I'm

hatin I need that strength Abram outlaw

says dawn I would love to see you debate

dr. Umar do dr. Kumar has no idea who I


so I'm not gonna I'm probably not gonna

debate that guy you know that goes

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TS or alive download the donivans our

mobile app and sign up for the email

list peace that's gonna do it guys d see

you guys tomorrow at least

telling me get away from me a layman

it's only me peace always trying to say

I show them feel that shake the real

reason wise cuz you want that bitch but

you ain't never been are tight I said it

you always want hey guess I'm doing it's

alright it's telling me I broke do

what's new have a money never gone on

lay on top of that all these gold

diggers gonna take you won't break you

wanna tell you rape you or a loved one

saw my is what he said boost a

police in my pity if they haven't nobody

can't tell me acting more like bridges

and a man may be flying over chicks

trying to throw hands they don't even

like gone on sad yeah I'll Lord now I

already do it Ted a thirst is where I

with this one god damn y'all get not a

dick police gonna bitch the dick police

telling me to take your away from where

your lame ass only me in peace

you know



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