6 tired ass shaming tactics black women use to shame Black Men for dating white girls

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When sisters finally realized black men were giving up on them for anything resembling a relationship, they didn't trip. They figured we'd be back. After all, they're our only option right? Unfortunately for them, they found out the hard way that white girls are replacing them and it has pissed them off.


Predictably they reacted like every woman does when men reject them: Shame. They've used the same tired ass shaming techniques in an attempt to make Black Men feel ashamed and self conscious about dating blonde haired, fair skinned women. Here are the 6 most ubiquitous.


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what's up guys it's your man Donovan

sharp and welcome to this edition of

sharp shorts let's get right to it when

black women finally started figuring out

that we as black men have had enough of

their bullshit and started dating women

of other races they tried every way they

could to shame us and to stand with them

and let's not kid ourselves guys we're

talking about white girls we as black

men we date women of all races but the

one race of woman that black women

seemed to have the biggest problem with

us dating is of course white girls we

know it they know it and everybody knows

it ain't nobody buying that nigga you do

you you be happy bullshit they talk they

mad at white girls and that's all there

is to it anyway black women used the

same tired ass rhetoric to shame us out

of seeking better options nigga you a

sellout for dating more feminine

obedient women who know how to take care

of men and actually want to do it how

fuckin silly does that sound these women

want to shame us out of doing what's

necessary to hang on to our money our

freedom and our sanity which is staying

the fuck away from them that's black

women so I'm gonna give you guys the six

most common shaming tactics that black

women like to use when trying to

discourage us from dating outside of our

race and by outside of a race I of

course am talking by what I'm talking

about white girls let's just call this

what this is so let's go ahead and get

to it here number one white women are

poisonous they're dangerous fuck with

them if you want you'll end up in jail

nigga who hadn't heard that before

this is funny black women carry the same

risk but fucking with them will also get

you 18 years of child support payments

which will also land you in jail if you

are even a minute late with those

payments the fact of the matter is guys

is that all women are poisonous messing

with any of them carries an inherent

risk regardless of race black women are

the riskiest to deal with because of the

bottomless pit of bullshit that you can

get caught up in if you make even one


yes gentlemen white girls are every bit

as crazy as black women yes white girls

get up to just as much fuckery if not

more fuckery than black women but at

least we as black men are treated well

in exchange for the nonsense they bring

to the table black women don't give a

shit but headaches we'll take our


number two who hasn't heard this one

before you hate yourself this is the

typical projection plane and let me

explain what I mean here black women

hate themselves because they know that

they're almost nobody's type so they use

this self-hate bullshit to deflect their

own pain all they're doing here

gentlemen is trying to make themselves

feel better about the fact that black

women are fucking women other than them

any black man out here getting regular

sex from females who are feminine

submissive and live for suckin dick is

far from hating themselves and I speak

from personal experience because trust

and believe donovan sharp loves him some

donovan sharp get the fuck out of here

with that straw man self-hate argument

that shit's old guys try something else

number three yo momma and your sisters

are black this is a ploy that black

women like to use to shut you up about

the truth now as a black man with red

pill awareness you have the ability to

separate the truth from familial ties

just because your mother is black does

not oblige you to ignore the flaws of

black women I have written and talked

about ad nauseam about the fuckery the

licentiousness of my very own mother and

sisters multiple times and have had no

problem doing it guys I love my mother

and I love my sisters dearly but that

doesn't mean that I don't acknowledge

their poor decisions just because

someone's related to you doesn't

separate them from what you know to be

the truth women use this week when women

use this weak-ass argument they may as

well just wave the white flag we give up

they have nothing better to say well yo

mama black well that means that you have

no other arguments number four this is a

funny one we've all heard this one y'all

date only fat ugly white girls yeah keep

telling yourself that this shit is so


because it's such bullshit because of it

because if this if this were really the

case if white girls we if the white

girls we were fucking were really all

fat and ugly

then black women wouldn't have such a

fucking problem with it think about it

guys why would black women get upset

about us fucking with white girls if

they were all trailer park flea-infested

fat bitches well the answer is that is

that they would not they shoot us dirty

looks and we stroll by with pretty white

girls because they know that these girls

are everything they're not and black

women and listen black women who have

seen my facebook page and pictures of my

main chick they know they never use his

argument with me I wonder why number

five and again we've all heard this one

before you can't handle a strong black

woman the moniker strong black woman

that's just a code word for black woman

fuckery gentlemen a men a man should

never have to handle a woman yes we

understand that relationships aren't all

peaches and cream but having to deal

with the constant nagging the bitchiness

the complaining you're eight kids with

your six baby daddies in your flate in

your inflated entitlement complex isn't

worth it anymore

so i'm not a real man because i don't

want to handle your fuckery i'm not a

real man because i'd rather spend my

time with a woman who understands men

and treats us like men rather than

extensions of themselves or accessories

then I guess I'm Peter fucking ban then

number six these white girls are just

rebelling they're using you they don't

want to marry you now to be fair this is

partially true white girls do date black

guys for attention sometimes they even

do it to rebel against society or their

fathers and white girls do rarely look

at brothers as husband material now

obviously that is drastically changing

every day but it would be disingenuous

to say that when white girls think about

their ideal mates they're rarely

thinking about black dudes okay now once

they get with us and see what's up a lot

of girls do end up changing their mind

as we're starting to see more and more

more white women are may are marrying

black men besides who says we're looking

at white girls for wives anyway again

the guys they hole around as much as

black chicks do a lot of brothers are

out here just looking to bang as many

white girls out here as until they can

kick the bucket and more black men

and are looking to live that lifestyle

than black men who aren't so black women

telling us that they don't really want

to marry us big fucking deal they want

the D we want the pussy everybody wins

at the end of the day we're still

getting the pussy and dealing with a

white girl who is less likely to marry

us than fucking with a black woman black

woman who were always talking about

nigga you better put a ring on it that's

just a better life guys plus plus one of

the main reasons pretty young white

white girls date black guys is because

their fathers are pussies when the most

influential males in their lives their

fathers are poor examples of what strong

masculine men are supposed to be they

are going to look elsewhere for a man

who will lead them a man who will keep

them in line a man who will demand their

best this is where we come in as black

men does that sound familiar black women

no let's try again but this time we'll

make a couple of key changes when the

most influential females in their lives

their mothers are poor examples of what

caring feminine women look like they're

going to look elsewhere for a woman who

will take care of them respect them and

bring out their best this is where white

girls come in thanks for watching

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