6 ways to tighten up your beard game

A beard is one of a precious few possessions a man has that epitomizes masculinity. Men with beards are more sexually attractive than Men without them. However, being clean shaven is better than sporting an unkempt beard. 



Growing a beard is only the beginning and to be honest with you, is the easy part. Maintaining a healthy beard is where the real work begins. Here are 6 ways to keep your chin bristles looking their best.


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Grow a beard

Tips on growing a beard



how's your boyfriend lucky to have you

you're fucking your boss what'd you

think she was gonna do tell you she

cheated you cannot out train a bad diet

never believe everything a woman tells

you she will always leave something

you're always broke because you spend

your money on dumb shit every month if

you've only slept with five guys then

why was it so easy to fuck what's up

guys at your man donovan sharp and

welcome to this edition of TSR live

presented by happy hippo herbals it is

Tuesday December 12th 2017 Tuesday night

is bowling night for these sharpshooters

looking to redeem myself after last

week's abysmal performance that's some

practice in this past weekend so I'm

looking forward to getting out on the

lanes tonight so um should be a fun

night for Bowling League so of course

we're gonna do an H and T show that is

high and tight that's a fancy way of

saying we're gonna keep it short on

Tuesday nights earlier this afternoon

I posted my review of the beard products

that i received from 1821 man-made

dot-com I actually opened those products

live and on the air I think I showed I

think I should I forget which episode it

was but it's about a month a goes a

little bit after episode 141 when I had

Kevin Samuels on who incidentally enough

introduced me to that company so in the

spirit of that review I'm gonna give you

guys 6 ways to tighten up your beard

game and keep it looking and feeling

great so let's go ahead and get to it

number one do not forget to condition

your beard a lot of guys put all sorts

of beard products on and in their beards

but they don't get any results and more

often than not it's because they're not

conditioning their beards they wash it

with shampoo but they leave out the

conditioner and that's where they go

wrong it is very important to condition

your beard because it adds it adds and

keeps the moisture in your mirror

it also prevents it from getting dry

getting brittle making it hard to manage

etc we see a lot of dudes walking around

with frizzy sloppy beards that are dry

and crazy-looking and the likely reason

is that they are not conditioning their

beard so always remember to condition

your beard number two this is and again

I do all of these myself but this is

something I'm not sure that a lot of

guys are doing I don't talk to guys

about beard care I just gonna do it


obviously the results speak for

themselves for the for those of you guys

for those of you guys watching my beard

game is tight you guys can always see

that I'm sporting I'm always supporting

a always supporting the good facial

salad here facial hair number two brush

two or beard in the shower this is one

of the main reasons my beard looks this

good and I actually do this in

conjunction with conditioning it so what

I'll do is I'll jump in the shower

I'll get my beard wet I'll get it nice

and soaked then I'll put the conditioner

in I leave the conditioner end while I

wash up and when I'm ready to rinse it

out I don't rinse it out with my hands

all right I brush it out I stand under

the showerhead I let the water cascade

down my face and through my beard and I

brush out the conditioner gentlemen this

is the best way to train your a beard by

brushing the conditioner out of your

beard you are reinforcing the way you

want your beard to lay the way it should

lay which is down and close to your face

then when you get out of the shower and

get ready to apply your beard products

and I'll get to that a little bit later

on your mirror is already halfway

halfway to where it needs to be

scrubbing you're scrubbing the the

conditioner out with your hands

drastically slows down the training

process of your beard rush out that

brush out the conditioner trane your

beard properly

number three use two brushes so some of

you are probably just thinking okay

Donovan I get the brushing my beard and

the shower thing but won't that mess up

my brush won't water cause it to a road

faster want to soften up my bristles

well the answer to that is yes the

solution is to get a brush for the

shower and then a brush for regular use

these are the two brushes I use here all

right this brush the one in my left hand

is the one that I use in the shower all

right this is what I use to brush the

conditioner out of my beard okay the

shower this the darker brush this is the

beer this is the brush that I use on my

beard when I'm not in the shower this

side right here has very firm very hard

there this side right here is very firm

very hard bristles this has very soft

bristles I always recommend getting one

of these brushes that has two sides

because you need to there's a time and a

place to brush your beard with the you

know with the hard bristles the more

sturdy the more coarse bristles and then

there's a time to brush with the soft

bristles I generally after I apply my

beard products I brush with the soft

bristles first to get things spread out

cuz because of course when your beard is

wet it it's much softer when it's wet

and if you use hard bristles you could

irritate the skin underneath you're not

really changing anything because your

beard hasn't your beard hasn't hardened

up yet hasn't dried as it dried up yet

so yeah so use two brushes one for the

shower this is the one I use for the

shower this is what I use otherwise when

you use a brush in a shower like I said

earlier the bristles do soften up much

more quickly because it's exposed to

water regularly and while soft bristles

do have their purpose like I just

explained you need the firm bristles to

like I just explained so to make sure

your bristles stay nice and firm and

your brush doesn't a road early use two

brushes and I would recommend the two

that I just showed you guys um I don't

know I think this one was maybe six

bucks I think this one was like maybe

four bucks or whatever I'll probably

replace this one here in about a month

or so and this one this one actually

just got I just replaced the the other

one so when I replace this when I

replace this one I'll end up using this

one for the shower and then using the

new one for outside of the shower so

that's how I did I rotate it

number four use tweezers for the inside

of your goatee area now even though I'm

not the guy who's looking for a crispy

razor sharp beard lineup and if you guys

are watching you can see that my beard

has character it has it has definition

you can see you can see the purpose of

my beard you see that my beard has

purpose you see the look I'm going for

but I'm not listen I don't have the

money to pay a traveling barber before

hundred bucks an hour to keep my lines

crispy all day I don't need the kind of

beard light up that after a few hours

everything is out of whack because one

hair has grown out of place don't get me

wrong I mean listen we all see the

YouTube videos we all see guy we all see

dudes walking around with like these

razor sharp crispy beards but what

happens six hours later what happens

when the five o'clock shadow hits no you

want to be and you can see here that my

beard line even though it is tight you

can see that the hairs do still grow

even though the hair still grow because

I don't have it all shaped up and lined

up which isn't bad but for my beer and I

like to keep it like this that way as it

does grow it looks the same all right I

don't have to worry about lining up my

beard every six hours or every day I

probably line up my beard maybe twice a

week at the very most and that's just to

trim up any stray hairs anyway

while I'm not the guy who has to have

like an extra crispy beer line it is

important that your beard does have some

definition some character just like I

explained the inside of the goatee area

guys can literally make or break a beard

if the inside of your goatee area

doesn't have a definition if there's no

purpose if people can't tell what you're

trying to do with it then it makes you

look bad some dudes attempt to try to

trim the inside part of their beard

inside part of their goatee to give it a

cleaner look naturally so well a lot of

times this is where mistakes are made

because a lot of T liners okay that you

use to trim the inside are too long and

when they trim the inside they're taken

off more than they want to like if they

go too far this way they go too far on

the outside they end up they end up

having to go with a thinner a thinner

line than they want I like nice thick

lines on either side of my goatee and

let it it makes my beard it gives my

beard volume it gives my

your depths I like that look maybe

you're a little bit different but this

is the this is the beard that this is

the kind of beard that best fits my face

maybe you'll use something different

well anyway the way I line up the inside

of my goatee area is with tweezers what

I do is I pluck out the hair one by one

until I get the look that I want if I

want if I want to move the hairline on

the bottom of my goatee down a little

bit I'll just pluck I'll pluck the hairs

right along there and if I want to go

even lower then I can pluck it a little

bit more this is an easy and clean way

to make sure that you don't cut into

your beard or make mistakes and fuck up

your entire beard like fuck up your

entire entire facial hair it takes a

while okay and it's gonna take some

getting used to with plucking your beard

with tweezers because some hairs are a

little bit more sensitive than others

but it's well worth the trouble as you

guy as you guys can see like the inside

of my goatee does not look sloppy at all

again there is a clear definition you

guys know exactly what I'm trying to do

with my beard everything lines

everything lines up properly I try to

get it as symmetrical as I can but I

don't spend a bunch of time obsessing

about it this is another mistake that

guys make with their beards when they

ship up their beards you're trying to go

for exact razor sharp symmetry and

that's where you can make mistakes look

if it looks the same okay just at first

glance then it's gonna be it's gonna

look just fine when people look at you

they see your face they see her beard

and they see hey he's got a nice beard

but they're not examining your beard

like you are you're not oh man I got a

hair out of place let me trim that up oh

shit now I got to start all over again

no go for go for the symmetrical look be

as symmetrical as you possibly can but

don't be obsessive about it because if

you're obsessive about it you're gonna

make mistakes

I speak from personal experience I've

had to start listen I've had to trim

everything down many times because I got

obsessive about the symmetry of my beard

you guys didn't listen I can sit I can

point out three imperfections

imperfections of my beard right now but

because you guys aren't really I don't

know you guys are probably paying

attention now but but but because people

don't really pay attention to your beard

as closely as you might then you're

gonna mistake that for you know a

messed-up looking beard no my beard

looks good on first glance everybody

knows that I have a good-looking beard

so it does no good to obsess about it

and continue to you know spend three

hours trying to correct mistakes nah

make sure it's as symmetrical as


and move on with life now I trim that I

actually trimmed the tuft area with the

with the with the t liner I kind of push

it in sometimes because this this gets a

little bit wide but I tweeze the inside

borders here right in here and I tweeze

down here and it's guys it's impossible

to make the mistake to make a mistake I

get exactly the look that I want every

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shoutout to Eric P with the $2 super

chef says for the tip jar appreciate

that every day Dre asks first yeah

absolutely good stuff yeah you were

first again Jon Paula good to see you in

here says hell yeah captain Donovan

sharp alive yeah listen every weekday at

6 o'clock p.m. Eastern Standard Time X

caliber says piece to the chat room I

guess he wanted to get in and get out

wanted to get in to get out John Paul

says he's trying to get his John B ha I

don't know if it was John B I don't know

if it was John B who had that I don't

even know what that beard was called man

well like with the with the really

really thin like beard line that's funny

as shit man

ah John Paul says do you use Beijing on

the beard no this is 100% all-natural

guys this is all my hair I don't use

markers I don't use Beijing and listen

I'm not gonna hate on guys who use

Beijing because listen girls respond

better to do to have thicker fuller

looking beards but no I do not use

Beijing I use 18:21 man-made products

and I'll get into that a little bit

later but yeah thanks for asking listen

it's funny man like people it's sort of

a compliment with it's sort of a

compliment when people well I'm not

saying that you accused me JP but you

know my haters are saying oh you used it

Beijing on your beard or you color it in

your hairline or whatever you're 40

years old you're balding nah nigga like

I appreciate that I appreciate that my

hairline is crispy enough for you to

accuse me of using Beijing but it ain't

like that

so appreciate the love there man thank

you thank you deep 1985 good to see you

in here

see our wisdom says kingly and Knight is

in the building that's right hashtag

beard gang I'll add to that hashtag

beard game but stuff ah excalibur says

four brothers with really thick beards

use a wooden beard comb yes yes I assume

you're talking about this one right here

and before and now again I had an I am

always rotating my my beard my beard

brushes this was the beard brush that I

used for my nun you know on the outside

my dry I'll pull up my dry B might dry

brush in my wet brush so before I use

this was my dry brush and the bristles

were extremely extremely firm but I knew

I needed a soft bristled brush so I took

this to the I took this to the shower

and then I ended up buying this one

right here so this is my dry brush and

this is my wet brush I assume that

you're talking about a wooden beard

brush I guess let me know in the chat if

if I got that right

if so yeah I definitely concur with that

for sure mister old school writer in the

house he says the beard man himself

appreciate that appreciate that

John Paul says off-topic what's your

thoughts on twist up where do you rank

him um listen I'm not gonna discuss

things that I'm not talking about no

disrespect on Paul but let's let's keep

it two beards let's keep it a beards I

assume you're talking about the dude who

did that cut with the Jamie Foxx and

Kanye West back in the day that's the

old I mean that's the last thing I'd I'm

listen I don't keep up with music man I

listen to hip-hop and R&B; like the next

guy but I don't I'm not into that stuff

really not pro style one good to see you

in here

ah Excalibur the chinstrap that's

exactly what that was it was the

chinstrap oh mighty man the chinstrap

used to be the chinstrap used to be all

the rage and this was before I could

grow beard this is like in the late I

want to say in the late 90s because John

B came out with that listen to me

talking about I don't know about hip-hop

and RB Jambi came out with he released

what was his seat a cool relaxed back in

the summer of 98 and that's what he had

that that's what he had that chinstrap

and people are like yo John B whatever

whatever and see this is a habit that I

have there we are

see hariya I was I was a little itchy on

this side so instead of using my fingers

I just you know brushed the itch I'm

always working the beard guy's beard

game is tight

Jaime Morales has not niggaz as man I

love this show John Paul says Donovan

keeps it all the way 100 hell yeah dude

hell yeah dude I had some hater who is

saying something like oh your hairline

is this net there I'm like are you

serious with that like you're making fun

of my hairline like this dude is like 55

years old or some shit had a fat ass

wife not pH 80 like as in fat wife I'm

like dude your wife is fed why are you

worried about my hairline fuck out of

here with dead

all right well let us continue the show

with number five wash your beard every

two weeks with shampoo this is another

huge mistake that dudes make when they

are taking care of their beards they

wash their appearance every day or every

other day or or even every third day and

that is way too often guys watching your

beard too frequently strips out its

natural oils and it dries out and what

ends up happening is that your beard is


all right it looks sloppy it's brittle

it's dry it's frizzy I don't it looked

it looks bad personally I wash my beard

about every two weeks sometimes I wait

two and a half weeks but again you guys

like to worry about buildup or smell if

you are conditioning your beard every

other day or every third day and

brushing out the conditioner all right

smell will not be an issue which leads

me to number six which is use 18:21

man-made beard products as I said at the

top of the show I did my review of 1821

man-made make sure you guys check that

out but the longer this short of it of

that review is that these are the best

beard products on the market guys hands

down and listen I've got a tip my beard

is tough to manage because listen I'm a

black guy and you know it's it's easy

for for the black beard to get frizzy

and out of control because we have kink

we have very thick very kinky hair and

if it gets dry for even a millisecond it

just goes everywhere in the end up

having to start all over again well when

you get out of the shower after

conditioning your beard and brushing out

the conditioner apply the pomade or the

clay or the paste to your wet beard and

then you brush it in at some point I'll

do an instructional video but I think

that's pretty self-explanatory you rub

it okay you apply it to your beard you

let it sit for maybe one or two minutes

you take your dry brush now and you

brush it in that's what you do and this

is the direction that I brush my beard

guys I guess I'll just to give you guys

a quick tutorial here I always brush my

beard down because my because my beard

is trained to be brushed down the goal

of the goal my goal is to keep my beard

hairs as close to my face as possible

alright and in in the in the 1821

man-made review I talked about the

and why these are the best beer products

on the market and the reason for that is

because this is the longest I've grown

my beard in years if I were to fan it

all the way out I'd look like James

Harden or Rick Ross okay but because but

because these products adds weight to my

beard it-it-it my beard lays close to my

face so I have a good thick black dense

beard okay it's even it's thick it's

dense I'll probably grow it out from

maybe another two weeks I don't want it

to get I don't I don't know I don't

really want it to get too much thicker

than this but I do honestly I do want a

little bit more volume I want a little

bit more depth so I may let it go a

little bit longer but I don't have to

worry about getting freezing out of

control because I use the 1821 man-made

products now personally I use a

combination of all three and there are

many benefits you know many of which I

pointed out in the review one of those

benefits is the way your beard smells

without giving away what's in the review

by using 1821 manmade beard products you

never have to worry about your beard

smelling bad alright if you are looking

for a healthy beard that looks great

feels great and smells good head over to

1821 man-made calm it's not the cheapest

stuff out there guys but it is well

worth the extra coin and a little bit

goes a long way so one jar should last

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let's head back to the Chet

John Paul says see me talking about 1821

I might have to look into cosine in if

if you're co-signing it yeah listen you

guys know that I never ever about a

product pusher I'm not I'm not the guy

who I'm not the guy who's just gonna

take product and money from everybody

Kevin Samuels introduced me to the guy

said look your guy obviously who takes

good care of the hair on his head it's

obvious that you take tremendous pride

in your beard your hair your hairline

blah blah blah blah let me introduce you

to this company I think you're gonna

love their products and and he and

listen he wasn't wrong and I let the guy

who's gonna come on here and say well I

was skeptical nah man I had high

expectations for these products and they

delivered hands down so I'm glad that

I'm glad that I was able to glad I was

able to work something out with them

Berry CEO says having a beard and

tattoos will get you 100 percent of

women's attention 80% of the time that

is 1000% correct that is a thousand

percent correct as soon as I grew when I

lived in Vegas that's why I first grew

my beard as soon as I and I already had

tattoos what when you grow a beard it

when you grow a beard and you have

tattoos you are automatically more

attractive than 95% of other men out

there you don't even have to be in great

if you are in half decent shape you have

a beard and tattoos you're already

getting looks from women doesn't matter

what dude does matter your skin tone

didn't matter who you are or what you do

does not matter beard plus tattoos

equals more opportunities that's how it


ah John Paul says no hobo Duty thinks

got sick beard game and why

who's got the tightest beard game out

there let me think and that's a good

question there are a lot of there are a

lot of fucking fed dude David Ortiz

former Boston Red Sox slugger future

hall-of-famer his beard game dude be on

point half of the Kansas City Royals

their beard game is on point

Eric Hosmer Alex Gordon all those guys


oh dude Dallas Keuchel pitch it these

are all baseball guys right none of the

hockey guys because they're all you know

sloppy beards or whatever but but yeah

in the world of sports which is my main

realm yeah dude Dallas Keuchel probably

the best beard in baseball yeah yeah I

would I would say those guys I would

definitely say those guys Dallas Keuchel

is dude Dallas Keuchel that oh yes

sharpest it's a splinter cocks yes

Fletcher Cox's absolutely has that tight

beard game that's for sure I forgot

about him he's gonna have that he's

listen he's gonna have to have that

tightness that beard games gonna have to

be tighter because he's gonna have to

carry that defense well that's gonna do

it 40s are alive I'm gonna go hit the

lanes and hopefully hopefully I won't

sneak up the joint and we should be good

to go thanks good thank you guys for

watching shout out to Eric P for the $2

super chat follow me on instagram the

sharp reality all spit a one-word

no-spaces taste our life without even

sharp on facebook follow me on twitter

at donovan underscore sharp thanks for

listening guys see you tomorrow


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