Episode #255: 7 excuses women make to justify staying fat



Women are expert rationalizers…..we call this the rationalization hamster and for those of you who aren’t familiar with the rationalization hamster it’s basically a woman’s excuse she disguises as a reason or rationale to explain away bad behavior.



So for example if a woman cheats on her boyfriend she’ll say “Well we were gonna break up anyway after he got back from his business trip so it wasn’t really cheating” They do this to make themselves feel better and to avoid judgment from their friends if they find out. Some girls even proactively talk about their bad behavior then hamster the explanation to save face...again, chicks do this all the time and they mainly do it when it comes to cheating or engaging behaviors that could lead to cheating.

So I was watching this show with my girl last night called My 600 lb life, it’s on TLC and it’s about people who are morbidly obese, presumably over 600lbs and it is fucking disgusting guys….to see these people who can’t even get outta bed shoveling crap into their mouths all day long is nauseating…..and you think you yourself “what happens when they take a shit? How do they wipe their ass? How do they take a shower? Fuckin’ nasty man..

I’ve watched this show for a few years on and off….and it’s nothing regular or anything like that….if it’s on and i don’t have any work to do or I’m takin’ a break and a good game isn’t on I’ll check it out outta morbid curiosity…..listen guys we all like trainwreck TV whether we admit it or not

Anyway what I’ve noticed between that show and women out in the real world is that they all use the same excuses to rationalize staying or getting fat and they way they do it is exactly the same way they hamster away other bad behavior.

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never ever take relationship advice from

a woman

she doesn't need space she wants out

stop playing video games and hit the gym

dude if she breaks up with you she has

already found your replacement

guaranteed what's up guys it's Herman

Donovan sharp and welcome to the 250

best episode edition of TSR live your

daily dose of red told truth wisdom and

awareness and it's Monday May 14th -

2018 and the Supreme Court handed down a

landmark decision today making it

unconstitutional for states to prohibit

sports gambling in all 50 states now

that doesn't mean that it's it's legal

to support it's legal to to place wagers

on on sports in all 50 states yet but

what what the court decision means today

what the decision means today is that

states can now decide to make sports

gambling illegal in their particular

state so little by lana and i think it

was the state of New Jersey you know

right next door that that basically went

to the went to the Supreme Court and

said hey you know the state of Nevada is

the only state or one of the only states

where you can legally place you know

place of Sports bet they're making

boatloads of money right they're making

they're making millions probably

billions of dollars in revenue off of

sports gambling why not us and so the

Supreme Court decided by a vote of 7 to

2 that prohibiting sports gambling in

all 50 states was unconstitutional so a

landmark landmark decision today at the

at the Supreme Court so so yeah listen

listen get your bets ready because now

you're gonna be able to play sports bets

let's listen let's let's let's not let's

not sit here and pretend that people

weren't making sports bets illegally

anyway but now you can do it legally and


a few years the the black market the

underground black market the offshore

sports gambling sites those are gonna

disappear you know I'm sure there will

probably be a few but I mean now that

it's gonna be you know potentially

legalized in all 50 states there's

really no time there's really no need to

go underground there's really no need to

break the law it's gonna be legal and

everybody wins here

everybody wins through the state wins

the taxpayers win right you know the

people who want to place bets when

course the only people who probably

don't win are the families of degenerate

sports gamblers and sports bettors but

um you know 1-800 stop gambling right

every call the number so uh landmark

court decision today so a very very

exciting day for sports gamblers very

and I got to tell you maybe not such an

exciting day for for the state unto that

I think that a lot of people listen it's

not listen Las Vegas and listen I lived

in Las Vegas for eight years and one

thing that became very clear to me that

it is absolutely I don't know if you

guys know this but that is the tourist

capital of the world

more people visit the city of Las Vegas

than any other tourist attraction in the

world it is the biggest tourist

attraction in the world I don't think

that's gonna change but I think the I

know the William Hill sports book that

you know the the the big sports books of

the world of the United States they

might take a little bit of a hit but I

think at the end of the day I think the

state of Nevada is still gonna be fine

again listen Las Vegas doesn't matter

listen Las Vegas is and always will be

the gambling capital of the world I

don't think the fact that that sports

gambling now potentially being legalized

in all 50 states is gonna change that

maybe I'm biased because you know you

know Las Vegas is my it's sort of my

adopted hometown that's where I learned

to become donovan sharp but you know

listen II cannot I'm not an economics

major but my guess is that my guess is

that the Las Vegas sports books they

might take a hit initially but still

there's something to be said about being

on a casino floor you know coming to Las

Vegas to experience you know the strip

and all that good stuff

that the people that people come to Las

beforeit that people go to Las Vegas for

I'm still talking like I'm in Vegas

Kev's got boat raced by the Boston

Celtics last night

I don't remember what the score was but

it was a lot to a little so well well

we'll certainly see what happens there

got a few changes in the works 40s are

alive nothing major just a few minor a

judgment just a few minor adjustments

for those of you you guys probably know

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okay now Vimeo the stuff I put on Vimeo

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okay let us get to today's topic seven

excuses women make to justify staying

fat now we all know that women are

expert rationalize errs right in the

manosphere then for those of you who

aren't familiar with the word

rationalization hamster the

rationalization hamster it's basically a

woman's it's basically a woman's excuse

that she disguises as a reason or

rationale to explain away bad behavior

so for example if a woman cheats on her

boyfriend she'll say well we were gonna

break up anyway you know after he got

back from his business trip so it wasn't

really cheating I'm gonna take these off

because these are starting to hurt my

ears okay they do this to make

themselves feel better and to avoid

judgment from their friends should

people find out that she's been fucking


now some girls even honestly some girls

even proactively talk about their bad

behavior then they hamster the

explanation to save face again guys

chicks do this all the time and they do

it mainly when it comes to cheating or

engaging in behaviors that could lead to

cheating behaviors that are conducive to

infidelity so I was watching this show

I've been watching this show with my

girl every once in a while it's called

my 600 pound life it's on TLC and it's

about people who are morbidly obese

presumably over 600 pounds and it's

fucking disgusting guys again to see

people who can't even get out of bed

shoveling crap into their mouths all day

long guys it's fucking nauseating and

you think yourself do what happens when

they take a shit how do they wipe their

asses that how do they take a shower

dude it's fucking nasty now I've

actually watched this show for a few

years on and off and listen it's nothing

regular anything like that if it's on

and I don't have any work you know if I

don't have any work to do or if it were

from taking a break or if a good game is

on I'll check it out out of morbid

curiosity listen guys we all love

trainwreck TV whether we admit it or not

okay this this is just how it is anyway

what I've noticed

between the people that they feature on

that show and women out here in the real

world is that they all use the same

excuses to rationalize staying or

getting fat and they do it and the way

they do it is exactly the same way that

they hamster other bad behavior this is

what they do so what I'm gonna do is I'm

gonna give you guys the seven most

ubiquitous excuses that women use to

justify staying fat before you do that

I'm gonna take a look at the tower see

who we've got see we've got going in


chase LeBeau in the building DIY is well

Miami J freelance Ronin freelance Ronin

says yeah that chick on the thumbnail is

bigan yeah she's a big and masculine

chase lobos's fat chick sir he said spat

chicks are good at blowjobs because they

are always hungry


I've heard that fat chicks are good at

blowjobs because they know they're not

getting fucked right the only sexual

attention they can get is by giving head



all right we just got questions and

eared or old rapido okay all right all

right okay

masculine says seems quieter than usual

Donovan don't really know what you're

talking about there at masculine um be a

little more specific

sharp assist in the house what's going


Oh Miami J says correction it is illegal

for the federal government to ban it

states aside for themselves okay yeah

right okay there's there's the there's

the legalese

there's illegal use of that so Miami J

corrected me on that yeah the point is

that states can now decide states can

now decide whether or not they want to

legalize they wanna legalize gambling in

their state so good correction there

Lorenzo Davis says r.i.p Chuck Knox did

Chuck Knox die today hold on guys I'm

gonna get on with the show in just a


oh shit he did dude he died he died on



Wow okay well Chuck Knox um I think it's

uh you know

listen hall-of-fame think is a former

coach of the the LA Rams so r.i.p to to

Chuck Knox good looking out on that

Atlantic City yep

Vegas yep yeah Miami J says all the

gambling sites will have the

headquarters in Las Vegas yeah

listen Las Vegas is where all of the

sharps are all the wiseguys all the all

the guy how can I put this oh my god

dude I have thought to do it off to do a

whole other show

there are Jesus people who know sports

as far on the gambling side they all

reside in Las Vegas

this is why Vegas sets the line on this

stuff so just like Miami Jay said all

the gambling sites their headquarters

will be in Las Vegas because that's

where all the knowledge is so

cioppino man says we read pillars meet

our own network I agree I agree

okay let's go ahead and get to it seven


women women make to justify staying fat

number one I don't want to starve myself

girls love gentlemen to use what we call

apex fallacies to justify bad behavior

and lack of discipline girls also say

shit like my boyfriend or my boyfriend

of my husband doesn't want me to go out

my girlfriend because he because he

doesn't trust me he basically wants me

to stay locked up in the house all day

no her husband doesn't want her to stay

locked up in the house all day but she

characterizes it in a way that shames

her husband into letting her go out and

troll for dick well girls who want to

justify staying fat say things like I

don't want to starve myself to lose

weight or when they step on the scale

and see that they've gained weight they

say well I guess I'll just starve

they'll cry why I guess it just start

myself for two weeks because that's the

only way I'm gonna lose weight knowing

full well that they're not really gonna

do that now as far as a woman's diet

goes in terms of getting fit and staying

in shape they don't have to starve

themselves to do this and they know it

okay all they have to do is cut out the

junk food stay away from sugar stay away

from simple carbs like wheat grains

reduce their sugar intake guys listen

it's it's not about the amount of

calories you eat it's about the quality

of calories that you eat not all fats

are created equal guys not all carbs are

created equal

fruits and vegetables are loaded with

carbs but those carbohydrates are better

for you than the carbs and Donuts

cookies and cakes okay and deep down

guys we all know what's good for us and

what's not fat girls like to say oh they

like to say shit all the time like well

ice cream is actually good for you

because because of the calcium in the

milk that they used to make it then they

wonder why they can't wipe their own

asses when they end up on TV on my

600-pound life the truth is guys is that

fat girls just don't have the discipline

to watch what they eat eatin 2500

calories of fruits and vegetables and

unprocessed protein unprocessed proteins

is better than eating 1,500 calories a


they can't give up junk food so they

characterize it as starving themselves

to make people think that they have to

do some sort of inhumane activity to get

and stay fit

a second excuse that women make to

justify being fat men only want women

who look like supermodels again this

this is another disingenuous Apex

fallacy that most fat girls like to use

as if the same that no man on the face

of the earth would ever be attracted to

a woman who had less than perfect looks

like we all want to fuck nothing short

of a 10 like I'm not gonna give any I'm

not gonna give any woman any attention

if she falls short of a 10 ever girls

know that this is absolutely untrue

now do we like fucking girls who look

like porn stars fuck yes of course we do

do we like B and C what girls who are

beautiful absolutely of course do we

want our girlfriends to have big perky

tits that you know that have nipples

that have nipples that that you can see

you know when they're wearing a tight

dress you better believe it

but preference is not a requirement and

if it because if it was America would be

even more of a sausage fest than it is

already because we'd all be hitting on

9s and 10s and ignoring every other girl

out there okay

women know that men don't expect

perfection physical perfection but they

tell themselves this as an excuse not to

watch what they eat and exercise

regularly because they know that

nobody's perfect and that beauty is

highly subjective for a man to men we

don't want perfection but we don't want

that roles either

number three we hear this one all the

time oh my god I don't have time so let

me get this straight you can watch two

hours of the Kardashians another out you

can spend another hour on Facebook and

another hour sending hate mail to

donovan sharp but you can't take 45

minutes to walk on a treadmill or get on

an elliptical or ride a bike or take a

spin class I heard this excuse on my

600-pound lifeti I don't have time thing

and I thought to Matt and I thought to

myself dude you are bedridden you can't

go anywhere you ain't got nothing but

time I mean get some hand weights

something when females say they don't

have time to do anything it just means

they don't want to do it it's just like

when you get a girl's phone number hey

this is Donovan I missed you a blah blah

blah blah blah I'm going to XYZ bar ten

o'clock meet me there oh I don't have

time what she's saying is Donovan I

don't want to meet you at the bar I'm

not attracted to you enough will should

give me your phone number dude girls

give their phone numbers out all the

time okay when a girl says I don't have

time she's telling you that she doesn't

want to do it is just another excuse

number four you only live once and I

want to join myself oh my god now this

is a popular one guys the rationale here

is that you only have a finite number of

years on this earth so you may as well

indulge well you can because eating

right and exercising is a terrible life

in a miserable existence that's the

rationale well here's the flaw in that

rationale the pleasure that comes from

food lasts only as long as it's in your

mouth that's it

so if you eat a triple cheeseburger you

eat some fries some sort of dessert then

you wash it all down with a soda that's

loaded with sugar you feel great while

you're doing it but that pleasure stops

as soon as you were finished eating so

the pleasure that comes from indulging

in gluttony doesn't even last that long

but eating right and exercising that

makes you feel great 24/7 even when

you're doing it yes working out is a

little uncomfortable guys yes sometimes

it sucks to have to make food sometimes

that sometimes it sucks to have to make

food that's good for you rather than

just ordinary ordering in and eating

junk right eat ordering an eating junk

eating junk that you don't have to make

dude that is guys it's easy okay but

people who eat right and exercise and

workout they feel great all the time

plus when they do allow themselves to

indulge and enjoy you know the

occasional junk food binge every once in

a while they enjoy that even more

because the novelty hasn't worn off

right if you're not a person who eats

pizza a night and ice cream and

hamburgers all the time when you

actually do allow yourself to cheat you

actually have a actually have a good

time that girls can only get so much

pleasure out of eating pizza if they're

doing it every night it's just like sex

they're fucking guys every night by the

time they're 28 their pussy's worn out

they don't even enjoy sex anymore

they're gonna be high on meth the guy's

gotta have a 12-inch cock for them to

feel anything down there the only time

they're really enjoying themselves is

what is when they're eating all of that

crap but the other 22 hours of the day

they feel like shit that is a miserable




just look at the chat here guys big

would say semaj in the house

good to see you in there my friend Miami

Jesus phat Girlz by 2 liter cokes by the

12-pack Jesus fuckin Christ I hope not I

hope not

masculines has had a woman show me a

music video of some fat chick seen about

how she is so beautiful not your sex

toys stop objectifying her it's

ridiculous yeah she wishes she was women

it's so funny women who are fat who say

don't objectify me bits you wish we

objected you this is what you want the


oh no my mej says fucked an orca which

is a killer whale and Orca fat chick

once out of pity at a penny Tim showers

and two hot chicks later I still look at

myself dude listen I am so listen man I

don't know how I managed to do this

never fucked a fat girl

not even once in my whole life oh my god

oh my god oh I couldn't do it dude how

do you do it how do you fuck a fat girl

like honestly how does it work like

anatomically you ever see a fat couple

like a really like I'm like a woman

who's like 250 pounds and the guys like

350 how do you fuck dude he's gotta have

like a three-foot dick dude

like honestly how does that work


James Martinez says fat girls can have

that deep-fried pork chop smell and they

wonder white god damn yet hey do you

smell like food don't they

that's what they call the meat sweats

right where they eat so much meat and

pork and fat that that that their their

their skin starts to secrete the smell

so what they call the the the meat

sweats goddamn oh my god

suade senator says there's one check out

my job

who was the personification of a land

whale she wants a baby in the worst way

but her husband her husband has no plans

to put a baby in her because she eats

chicken pot pies and other disgusting

shit when she's on our lunch break

exactly exactly

Miami J correctly points out ironically

number four is also the same excuse

that's let's use totally agree totally

agree Rob Wright says enjoy spending

your last ten years in and out of

hospitals right right let go I want to

enjoy myself dude by the time you're

fifty five dude do you're just about


yep des says she wants to enjoy yourself

until she has a heart attack absolutely



says a small bottle of Mountain Dew has

as much calories as a piece of steak but

as no nutritional value is full of

preservatives and the body has trouble

processing ie

captain crunch 426 fucking effect it's

like climbing a mountain oh my god oh my

everything says you don't wanna know how

fucking a fat chick works Matt dude oh

my god no way no way oh my god

Lorenzo Davis says fucking fat bitches

that bit just makes your dick look small

right exactly


JW t JW says we all we've all had to

slay a few dragons to save our kingdom

and jump a few couldn't hate for dude

I'm so fortunate never to a fucked a fat

girl holy fucking God holy fucking God

you guys are you guys are you guys are

coming up with some good ones today

alright let's move right along here

number five

I had bad genetics or my ex-wife used to

say I have a thyroid disorder I love it

when women make claims they know they

don't have to prove okay when a woman

says I was raped when I was a teenager

so that's why I'm fat because I ate my

pain right this is what they say and it

again on my 600-pound life you know a

lot of these chicks are females

dude almost all of them say yeah I was

I've been fat all my life and when I was

14 somebody raped me so I ate my pain

and it's a bunch of bullshit

like who the fuck has raping a 300-pound

14 year old like no there's no there's

no allure in that and if you question

the validity of her claim you're the bad

guy it's the same with this genetics


that women like to talk women know that

they don't have to have proof of what

they say so when they get really fat

they just blame it on bad genes or

they're bad thyroid guess what guys my

girlfriend has no thyroid got a removed

a few years back she has zero thyroid

thyroid but she ain't fat you guys can

go back to episode 238 or 239 I got

pictures of my girl up there she ain't

fat that's a woman with no thyroid okay

she aint skipping she ain't tipping the

scales at 250 you guys seen her you guys

seen her you guys listen do you guys

know what she looks like listen you guys

wanted all my girl looks like go to

Episode I think it's 239 right

and it listen if she weren't fat she

would know that it's because her lazy

ass and her bad eating habits caused her

to be fat and she'd have no problem

selling her new boyfriend because I'd be

out of there right well my boyfriend

left me because I got fat right and she

knows this girl's also like to say I'm


I'm Bay bounded bitch you ain't big

Bonin you big that's how that works

again guys girls listen girls will

always deflect blame on something they

claim they have no control over to

excuse their weight and the genetics and

the thyroid bullshit that ain't fooling

anybody guys it doesn't matter what your

genetics are if you eat right and work

out you won't be fat it's that simple

number six I've tried everything and

nothing works oh woe is me I've tried

everything and nothing works this is

another one that I saw on my 600 pound

life right these big bitches they go and

see this doctor and he tell him look

before I approve you for weight-loss

surgery you've got to show me that

you're willing to put in the work and

made not an agreement ready to do this

then they'd go home and they're still

eating junk and they're still laying

around and when they go back and the

doctor sees that they haven't lost any

weight they always say well I'm not I'm

not eating anything I'm not supposed to

eat I exercise every day and then they

get mad when the doctor calls them on

their bullshit and then they throw a fit

girls do this all the time gentlemen

they'll complain about how fat they are

and they'll tell everybody that they're

up at the crack of dawn working out

every day and eating rabbit food but

none of it seems to be working and it's

bullshit bitch you ain't trying you're

telling everyone you're trying but

you're not women lie like this all the

time and most of the time they do it so

they can have an excuse to go get

weight-loss surgery surgery to get that

shortcut okay

listen I know a girl down in Vegas she

actually lives in Reno now I know a girl

who's had to count up to weight loss

surgeries and they both worked

she lost a ton of weight both times but

guess what guys she now needs a third

surgery because she is fat again

but getting back on track here bitches

are always lying about eating right and

exercising even though they're fat

once again they still want to deflect

the blame I don't know what it is okay

I don't know what it is but nothing is


so diet and exercise to stay thin is

bullshit so I'm just going to do what I

want to do that this is what they're

thinking in their minds

number seven and the last and final

excuse that women make

to justify being fat I don't want to be

thin anyway this is what they declare to

the world I want to be big and beautiful

a guy listen it's fucking hilarious

when chicks talk shit when chicks talk

shit about about the fat about what they

don't want this but they know they can't

have like chicks say once you go black

you don't go back or lie in their asses

off because once they get done riding

the black cock carousel and they're

ready to settle down they know that

white dudes aren't going anywhere near

so they made up that slogan to make it

look like they could go back to dating

white guys if they wanted to but they

know damn well they can so they tell

everybody that they won't as if it's

their choice it's the same with fat

bitches who know they don't have the

discipline to get fit they pretend they

pretend that they have no interest in

losing weight or increasing their sexual

market value to cover up the fact that

they know they can I put a Twitter pull

up while back long time ago asking what

percentage of plus-size models wish they

were thin listen doesn't matter what the

results are doesn't matter what the

results of the Twitter poll was all of

them do Ashley Graham test holiday and

all these on all the rest of these fad

models do they these bitches pray

everyday that they could wake up and

magically be fed juice don't kid

yourselves guys they absolutely fucking

do it's like the basement-dwelling

sector of the MiG tales that I talk

about all the time talking about how

they don't hit on girls because it's a

waste of time it's the same thing you

don't want to be thin because you know

you can't you don't want to be you tit

you say you don't want to be thin

because you know you're gonna stay fat

you know you don't have the discipline

not to be fat at the end of the day guys

girls don't want to lose weight because

they don't have reason to and as long as

dudes around here fucking fatties and

wipin up wife and I'm up there gonna

stay that way that's all there is to it

let's go back to the chat here


oh my god whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

TripIt oh man says to fuck al and well

you need a deep pressure you need deep

pressure diving gear yes

Rob right says sometimes what a woman

eats is a turn-off

I had a chick over years back and at a

giant bag of Cheetos even though she was

fine it was a turn-off just eating

cheetos and pepsi she wasn't that but it

was disgusting right like do it like do

that away from me right I agree with you

on that I agree with you like it like

dude she's got the cheeto dust on her

fingers and if you kiss her she's gonna

smell like Cheetos that's dude and dude

Cheetos and corn chips dude you can

always smell them smell on their breath

like a year later it's unbelievable

big whoop a semaj says damn even their

hamster is fat right

freelance Roden says they don't realize

that the weight loss surgery is just a

temporary fix dude a hundred percent


cioppino menses so many bitches are land

whales now that's the bullshit of the

that's the that's why the bullshit of

body positivity pop I can't talk to any

of body positivity is so prevalent body

positivity is nothing more than it's

okay to be laid well right body

positivity is literally just making it

okay to be fat that's all it is

that's all it is


Rob right says it is scientifically

impossible to be 300 pounds and walk two

miles a day and eat healthy and not lose

weight I agree I agree

Miami J says big and beautiful is the

biggest paradox in the English language

bra that is the biggest paradox oxymoron

dude misnomer dude there is no such

thing as big and beautiful the listen

the only thing that's big and beautiful

when it comes to a body part is the

penis that's the only thing you can call

big and beautiful or maybe a fake tit

that can be big and beautiful but dude

bitch you ain't big and beautiful if you

big you ain't beautiful oh but she has a

pretty face no actually doesn't matter

dude if she's 300 pounds doesn't matter

what your face looks like dudes are not

trying to fuck you swayed senator says I

don't feel sorry for the men who married

Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday one bit

totally agree

and it's funny girls are like well she

might she might be she might be fat but

you know she makes money like the reason

why he likes her no no no no no like

again again Ashley Graham doesn't have

it she doesn't have sexual market value

she's an above average attractive woman

listen she you see Ashley Graham is the

best-looking fat girl out there right

dude ask how many guys with fluffy

average six walk in the streets or

Ashley grant two hundred and forty eight

thousand percent of them would say I'm

gonna fuck the six nobody's trying to

fuck fat bitches guys I don't care if

she's a plus-size model or not


big boot a says the fatties I run into

are always into black men it's all

they're attracted to they know it's

their last bet dude

a hundred percent right 100% right and

dude shame on these niggas who are out

here fuckin these fat white bitches well

then listen niggas is all that I'm

attracted to not bitch you like white

boys for white boys ain't fuckin you so

you got to go fuck niggas that's what's

wrong with you

Miami Jay says bitches be going on be

going on suicide watch when they lose

the weight and find out they never had a

pretty face day says Cheetos and Pepsi

is the cardi B fan base diet I don't

really follow cardi me like I do not

only hurt a cardi B like the last six

months like she just don't know I don't

know I'm not really into music I'm into


freelancer and says I just googled

Ashley Graham she is right husky yeah

dude that's one big bitch bruh I'm

talking like defensive end type big no

but she's got a pretty face so I don't

have a fuck I'm not trying to fuck that

bitch's fuck outta here at that

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TSR live again guys for those of you

guys where we're in the the live

pre-show Q&A; I am NOT doing the live

pre-show q and A's anymore I'm not doing

them on Facebook or Instagram I am

probably going to I'm on that tier now

that I'm thinking about it the new

upgraded tier the new donovan sharp tier

will probably include I'm thinking maybe

an hour to an hour and a half of live QA

on patreon so stay tuned for that thanks

for watching guys I'll see you guys in


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