7 reasons you should NEVER argue with a woman (Episode 306)


We all know that NOBODY can be 100% Alpha 100% of the time. It’s simply cannot be done. Myself included. Guys who watch, listen, and read me sometimes think “Donovan is a ruthless savage Alpha Male and NEVER fails a shit test!”



Well that’s only partially right. But I’m not Superman. I do feel a shit test here or there every once in a while. I’m not Captain red pill Alpha. I’m human.

Guys who follow me think “Donovan is invincible! There is zero beta in him!“ Again, that is incorrect. I DO have beta traits.

For example, most of you are well aware of the fact that I have an anger problem… A DOCUMENTED anger problem… There is paperwork, and anger management counselor, and everything. A man who cannot control his emotions, particularly his anger, is in a lot of cases emotionally immature and likely has some growing up to do. I’ve said this many times in my articles and on my show. Yes gentlemen, Donovan Sharpe is emotionally immature at times and I clearly understand that this is something I need to work on.

Another beta trait I have is explaining myself to women. Now I don’t do it often. Most of the time I will just say “Devon do XYZ“ and leave it at that. But every once in a while she’ll ask why or she will express displeasure or uncertainty about my decision and I fall into the trap of explaining myself to justify my decision to her, rather than just saying “I’ve made my decision, and that’s the end of it” Again, I’m not perfect… I don’t even call myself an “Alpha Male”

Calling yourself  “Alpha Male” is like giving yourself a nickname… It doesn’t count. MI and Alpha Male? Maybe. Maybe not. Does the fact that I am not 100% alpha 100% of the time disqualify me for the label of “Alpha Male”? Who knows… And to be honest with you I couldn’t give less of a shit.

All I know is that the vast majority of people in my life respect me on a visceral level in many different ways and on many different levels. You can’t quantify the moniker ”Alpha Male” and you damn sure can’t call yourself an “Alpha Male“. I leave titles and labeling to the people around me. If they say I’m in Alpha Male… Great. If they say that I am not and Alpha Male… Great. Makes no difference to me one way or another so long as I have their RESPECT.

Anyway, another beta trait that you guys have seen me display over the years is ARGUING WITH WOMEN.

Gentlemen, arguing with women is absolutely positively a waste of time. It does neither of you any good, and in the end you’re going to end up with a headache.

For whatever reason I am unable to refrain from arguing with these bitches on the Internet. I also have a weakness for Internet trolls. Now to my credit, I’ve been a LITTLE better as of late, but not much, but I digress…

There are many, many reasons why men should never debate, or argue with women about anything, for any reason. And I’m going to give you the seven biggest reasons why.


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Do not try to engage women in a logical argument



if you take your girl to a club or a bar

you are asking for trouble if you don't

have a budget plan in place you're gonna

overspend every single time what the

hell are you spending 300 bucks on a

pair of sneakers for a great physique is

a game changer if you were drunk when he

fuck you it's still cheating plus up

guys it's your man Donovan sharp and

welcome to the 360 edition of t as our

primetime your nightly dose of red pill

truth wisdom and awareness let's go

ahead and get right to it gentlemen we

all know that nobody can be a hundred

percent alpha a hundred percent of the

time it simply can't be done

myself included guys who watch listen

and read me think Donovan is a ruthless

savage alpha fucking male and never

fails the shit test well that's

partially untrue right but I'm not

Superman okay I'm human I am gonna I

mean I do fail a shit test here and

there every once in a while I'm not

captain fucking red pill alpha on a

human being

guys who also follow me think Donovan's

invincible there is zero beta male in

him no beta again that's incorrect I do

have beta traits for example most of you

guys are well aware of the fact that I

have an anger problem a documented anger

problem with paperwork and anger

management counselor and everything okay

the real shit a man who cannot control

his emotions particularly his anger is

in a lot of cases emotionally immature

and likely has a little bit of growing

up to do I've said this many times in my

articles and on my show yes gentlemen

Donovan sharp is emotionally immature at

times and I clearly understand that this

is something I need to work on another

beta trait that I have is explaining

myself to women now I don't do it often

most of the time I'll just say Devin

just do XY and Z and I'll leave it at

that but every once in a while she'll

ask why or she will express some sort of

displeasure or uncertainty about my

decision and I inadvertently fall into

the trap of explaining myself to justify

my dis

to her rather than just saying listen

I've made my decision and that's the end

of it end of discussion

again I'm not perfect and to be honest

with you guys I don't even consider

myself an alpha man I don't call myself

an alpha male

okay listen calling yourself an alpha

male it's like giving yourself it's like

giving yourself a nickname it doesn't

count now am I an alpha male maybe maybe


does the fact that I am NOT a hundred

percent alpha a hundred percent of the

time disqualify me for the label of

alpha male who knows

and to be honest with you guys I

couldn't give less of a shit all I know

is that the vast majority of people in

my life respect me on a visceral level

in many different ways and on many

different levels you can't quantify the

moniker alpha male and you damn sure

can't call yourself an alpha male hey in

case you haven't noticed I'm an alpha

male doesn't work that way I leave the

titles and labeling to the people around

me if they say I'm an alpha great if

they say DOM is not an alpha great makes

no difference to me one way or another

so long as I have their respect that's

what's important to me anyway another

beta trait that you guys may have seen

me display once or twice every once in a

while is arguing with women gentlemen

arguing with women is absolutely

positively a waste of time

it doesn't either of you any good and in

the end you're gonna end up with a

fucking headache for whatever reason I

can't figure this out for the life of me

I am unable to refrain from arguing with

these bitches on the Internet

I also as you guys have as you guys may

understand it know I have a weakness for

internet trolls now to my credit to my

credit I've been a little bit better as

of late but not that much but I digress

there are many many reasons why men

should never debate or argue with women

about anything for any reasons and I'm

gonna give you the seven biggest reasons

why if you have a story about a woman

who has argued with you or there or how

you figured out somehow that it's

useless to argue with women give me a

call nine one four two oh five five

three five six that gets you on the show

let's set the phone lines there thanks

for holding area code 201 you are on

live with Donovan


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four two oh five five three five six is

the number to call if you want to tell

me a story about how you got into an

argument with a woman and it was

absolutely fruitless all right very good

yeah um went through a little bit of a

technical snafu for those of you

listening on the replay I think this is

like what is this like the 17th time

I've actually introduced the show so

getting off to a little bit of a late

start but thank you guys again for

sticking with me

what my audience man you guys know that

you know I'm not the most I'm not a I'm

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I appreciate you guys not bailing on the

show let's see all right shout out to

the Mod Squad

we got Captain Crunch 4:20 we got NY Kia

31 right down the road here from Philly

Hashim 305 always drops the knowledge I

don't know why I wasn't able to connect

to my other Facebook page but whatever I

am Legend Sherm cane Manish chase LeBeau

Yosef Israel and Redfield Oh seven good

to see you guys in here as well

what's up wait a minute let's take a

look and see what you guys are talking

about here I don't know where man I'll

tell you what guys my shit is going this

this weird shit is going all over the

place I don't know what the hell is

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back up ere we go okay very good all

right yeah something was weird whatever

happened yesterday on the in my chat is

maybe it was a technical snafu my chat

went out so so anyway all right

excellent excellent

yes Redfield says a lot of people can't

control their emotions a lot of killings

happen because men can't control their

emotions I agree I agree if oh my god I

would love one of these days I'm gonna

get the balls to tell you guys the story

the the event that eventually led me to

getting a to getting an anger management

counselor and and getting into anger

management you know how that goes

Redfield those seven says freaking women

she says yeah I'm a woman by the way I'm

like you had no shit bitch like like

what's your fucking question dude fuck

outta here at that attention-seeking

yeah right blah blah blah blah blah

right exactly yeah I mean exactly I

don't know why people think that they

can just call the show and listen this

isn't this isn't that kind of party

modern life dating Jonathan from MLD is

in the house good to see you in here my

friend I gotta have you on the show soon

man I'm gonna hit you

Yosef Israel keeps it one under he says

I admit I to have some growing up to do

that's the thing man like I'm just I

don't listen I don't know where it

started on with the gin

it is I've always been at I've always

been a hothead man I've been at all.i

dude I've been at a shitload of fights

and I'll be honest with you most of them

I was the common denominator man I get

hot-headed somebody said something out

of the way and I physically escalated it

quickly I've won

far more fights than I've lost but yeah

I mean it's just at some point I'm gonna

run up on sand I've lost fights before

but I've never gotten my ass completely

kicked and so I'm fortunate in that

right now of course my size and you know

my ability to fight and all that

obviously obviously that helps but one

of these days man I'm gonna run up on

somebody who has the same who has the

same fire and the same wherewithal as I

do and they're gonna end up fucking

curb-stomp in my ass and I certainly

don't need any of that happenin so you

know that goes Captain Crunch 4:20 says

we are all recovering beta males it's ok

the red pill is a 12-step program the

hell yeah hell yeah

my anger management counselor he is

awesome man he really he's very very

good at what he does and like I said I

haven't been in a physical altercation

in over two years and and I intend to

keep it that way I intend to keep it

that way red field says before it's on

the red pill I let my neighbors get to

get to me last year especially the

daughter who was 18 she said something

to me I lost frame yelled back and got

into an argument yeah yeah it happens

that's the way it goes that is the way

it goes 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the

number to call to get on the show let's

go ahead and get this party started

7 reasons why you should never argue

with women number one she won't listen

gentlemen women are notorious for

talking out of the sides of their

collective necks for no reason at all

let me stand around doing nothing

nothing on their mind

I thought pops into her head and they

just start running off at the mouth

right like they're clueless about listen

they're completely clueless they're

oblivious about where their are they're

not self-aware they don't know about

who's around they don't know what their

environment is that matter if I thought

pops into her head or mouth starts

moving almost involuntarily this is just

out bitches are well the same thing of

the same thing happens during an

argument or a debate with them she won't

stop talking and listen man we've all

been in arguments and debates with women

she'll take us she'll step out she'll

stop to take a breath at which point you

take the opportunity

to speak your piece but as soon as she's

ready as soon as she's caught her breath

she's talking again with no regard to

what you're saying at all women talk

over you they talk right through you

it's impossible and guess what and if

they're talking while you're talking

they're not listening but even if she's

the kind of woman who doesn't talk over

you and actually shuts the fuck up okay

for a change she's still not listening

right she's listening she's not

listening to your point she's not

listening to your counterpoint okay

she's not listening to anything what

women characterize what women

characterize is listening what they feel

like listening is is simply waiting for

her turn to talk again that's it no

character saying they're interested in

what you're saying they're just waiting

for you to stop talking so that she can

start talking again and when she does it

has nothing to do with what you said

because she wasn't listening so the

number one reason by a landslide as to

why you should never argue with women is

she will not listen number two and this

one's pretty obvious women are

impervious to reason or rationale on the

off chance a female stops talking long

enough for you to get a word in edgewise

and she actually listens to what you

have to say okay we'll make we will make

a counterpoint or or a counter-argument

that is rational reasonable and measured

which is which obviously is this is what

is expected in a debate here's the

problem women don't listen to reason or

rationale they hear it but they don't

listen to it it's as though they're

fluent in English until they hear a

reasonable statement and all of a sudden

it sounds like you're speaking another

language this is how women are now to be

fair this isn't entirely their fault

women are not designed to be reasonable

or exercise rational judgment so it

would be foolish it would be foolish to

expect women to be rational during a

discussion a debate or an argument this

is part of the female hard drive guys

nothing can be done about that you add

that to the fact that she's not gonna

listen your points are literally going

to go in one ear and out the other nine

one for two oh five five three five six

is the number to call to get on the show

area code 602 you're on live with


go ahead okay what's up no actually no I

actually can't hear you clearly are you

am I on speakerphone damn you better not

yeah much better Wow loud and clear all

right go ahead

so Werner reasons why I don't pry

personally don't really bother arguing

because I know a lot of chicks tried to

you know cassia how confrontational you

are personally I'm not a confrontational

person like I like you know I'll get

I'll do what I got to do if I need to

but one of main reasons why would we

really avoid conversation with a chick

is because you want to be conversation

with somebody what a knock you the fuck

I know you can say that on the radio

listen man this is Red Bull radio home

you can curse and all that you got it

yeah yeah unfortunately you know you got

a cook you all you have to leave you to

us I really said about that yeah okay

I'm not we're not gonna knock you in the

jaw did it makes those different getting

competition with you cuz I'm not gonna

get in a screaming match with you right

right like I like even with a chick

getting China's sorry I remember like I

always remain calm and just look at him

like a child like look what are you

doing drama leh okay you know what's

interesting it

listen no I listen I understand

completely and it's interesting that you

make that point I actually should have

added that to the list because the

reason why women and I'm not talking

about like domestic arguments like hey

you said you would take up the trash no

I didn't know I'm not talking about that

I'm talking about women who confront you

it I'm tell you what man

nothing pisses me off more than people

who talk to you like you won't knock him

the fuck out like when somewhat like

one-on-one like no seriously what a

woman is confronting you especially in a

public setting and she's in your face

and this has never happened to me

fortunately because I would still be in

jail but if a woman when a woman

confronts a man you see videos on

YouTube all the time

women are hitting men they're hitting

him in the face they're pushing him but

let's take it down a notch

when a woman confronts a mad and she's

yakking at him back of course she's

Yammer and did it

that kind of stuff dude it makes my

blood boil because the only reason she

is talking like that is because she

knows he's not gonna break her fucking

face that's the only reason why

otherwise you would shut the fuck up you

it it again point like that's what I'm

saying these internet trolls they get on

and they're keyboard gangsters and

they're talking all sideways I'm like

nigga if you were in front of me right

now you wouldn't be talking like this it

would be a whole different tune niggas

changed their tune when they get on the

phone with me if you are in front of me

I don't listen listen man I'm a big I'm

six I'm six one two two probably 229 at

this point if you were and for me I

don't care how big you eat me six-four

six-five you're not talking like that to

me I don't give a fuck but women but but

again because women are protected by

society they know it they know that if

you look in her general direction in a

threatening way then they can call the

cops this is why they're confrontational

and I agree with you

don't argue with women in public man

because if it escalates dude I'm telling

you what man I mean I'm not saying that

I would I'm not saying that I wouldn't

but hands is gonna be thrown it might be

her it might be me but it's gonna be me

I know that but the thing is looking I

grew up you my mama told me late and

won't let nobody put your hands right

even if me my own mama told me not come

the fuck out that's what I'm saying get

away that shit you know the problem is

yeah the problem is is that the laws are

so skewed and the laws are so skewed

heavily against men that all a woman has

to do is say he hit me there is no

standard of proof anywhere yeah operator

I'd like to report a domestic

disturbance and there to your house in

ten fuckin minutes we're gonna lock you


unless you have some sort of a video or

or audio evidence to to suggest

otherwise and I've been through that

before that's why we can't knock women

the fuck out and women know this this is

why they are listen this is why they're

confrontational because they know you're

not gonna break her fucking eye man they

know you're not going to do it yeah

that's what are you at a damn self just

let them run off the amount go in the

carnal there you go there you go well

good call man I appreciate you calling

in from the 602 Phoenix absolutely good


yeah listen I should have pointed that

out the reason you shouldn't argue with

a woman in a public setting is because

you're gonna knock her the fuck out now

does Donovan endorse knock and women out

I'm not gonna say I do I'm not gonna say

I don't but i'ma tell you it is when you

argue with a woman you're opening

yourself up to a whole world of legal

problems because if you got a temper

like I do it wouldn't end well for

either one of us like somebody would be

going to the emergency room and somebody

would be going to jail I'm not gonna say

who would go where but you know I think

we can I think we can draw those draw

those conclusions by the way don't hit

women and the only reason why the only

reason why you shouldn't hit women is

because it's against the law if you guys

know what I mean number three the number

three wait there are number three reason

ooh man Devin's making barbecued chicken

and cauliflower foreigners tonight I

can't wait I might cut this motherfucker

short cuz I'm hungry now I'm just

kidding just kidding

Miami Jay in the house good to see you

in here oh by the way Miami Miami Jay

did you get that worked out we talked on

the phone earlier just let me know if

you got that worked out if not I'll give

me a call after the show number three

the reason what the number three reason

you should never argue with a woman is

her arguments will be emotional again

this isn't their fault women are

emotional by Nature we know and

understand this so if you make the

egregious mistake of arguing with a

woman be prepared for emotional

responses if you say something like I'll

put it to you like this this is this is

what happens if you say something like

well if you look at the sky you can

clearly see that the sky is blue right

she'll say well of course you think the

sky is blue because you're an asshole

and assholes think skies are the sky is

blue so fuck you expecting a woman to

remove any and all emotion and and to

inject reason or rationale into her

arguments dude if you're expecting that

you're gonna be disappointed 911 for two

oh five five three five six is the

number to call to get on the show let's

go back to the phone lines you were on

live with Donovan go ahead hey Donovan

it's me buddy my man Jonathan what's

going on brother oh you appreciate some

gospel right now man I tell you what I

can tell you man

a punch in the face it sounds like down

because you know society looks down on

it right but I could tell you that punch

in the face is a righteous ass thing

because I've been doing combat training

for a while now yes okay I was 50 and a

lot of people a lot of people just in

general in America need a good solid

punch in the face it's very sobering

it's like yes baptism you know you

realize that holy shit I can't just run

around talking shit to anybody and doing

whatever the fuck I want because they're

replicas for this right and I see it I

see these bitches you know they're

getting to the point that's getting

physical I will say do you remember that

one video of that dude on the subway yes

listen as soon as you started I knew he


so he's yo he smacked a black off of

this bitch and then some other dude

tried to jump in and white knight for

her and he got his ass beat

that nigga beat his ass unbelievable but

she was talking all that shit because it

dude the way she walked around her hands

were like you're if I'm talking shit to

someone my hands my hands are right here

because I don't want to listen I've

never been sucker punch but I don't want

to sucker punch me right when women talk

shit they be all in your face because

they know they're not gonna get it yo

that dude took two steps back and said

back and yo the bitch didn't know where

she was was unbelievable unbelievable

yeah I just want to say I'm actually

seeing it like you know women's

confidence has gotten to a level in the

United States that they're getting

physically confrontational but I will

say I've been well I got deep deep deep

on the web and I I'm starting to see the

beginning of a change

really I know it's really no I really am

because these videos are going viral and

these pictures are seeing other women

get knocked up and so they're not doing

it that much anymore I ought to say

that's what I see happening I really see

it like it sounds terrible I call you

should never hit a woman but no a bill

burr does a couple of yes

you can wake up out of a drunken slumber

and I can quickly tell you ten reasons

right off the bat I remember that stand

of skinny biddies like people say

there's never a reason to hit a woman

he's like oh yeah I can think of about

thirty reasons to hit a woman right and

the only reason I think you guys can

read between the lines here when I say

this vo and people people will say we'll

the reason you shouldn't hit women is

because they're weaker and it's your

morally bankrupt no the reason I tell

you not to hit women the only reason you

should not hit a woman is because it's

against the law

that's the only reason you shouldn't hit

them hell yeah man that's why they never

get out of pocket so that's all I wanted

to say man I've been I've been gone for

a while but I'm finally back and I'm

listening again regularly so you know

you saw what was going on on Instagram

yeah I'm finally back in the back and

grime yo by the way man I saw your video

you had gone to an aquarium and I think

you took a video of a whale shark yeah

yeah listen up listen me and Devin we're

going down to Atlanta next weekend and

we're going to the Georgia Aquarium and

we're gonna go see whale shark so I'm

gonna shoot a video for him a tag in it

yeah it's so like you know as red pill

and there's wild animals as we are it's

very calming and majestic to see that

kind of stuff oh you know III definitely

recommend to all the guys you know take

you know take a break from the

manosphere and stuff once in a while and

go out and find you and you enjoying

life and do it can't be angry all the

time you know no I agree listen what

what one more thing before I let you go

man one more thing before I let you go

we got it we got it we got a fantasy

football league dude if you want to join

man dude shoot me an email and I'll send

you an invite we'll see here's the thing

man listen I'm a good listen I'm I'm a

four-time champion and the reason why is

because I don't draft Carson Wentz in

the first round

I don't draft all Eagles right like I'm


man like listen if I gotta go and listen

if I gotta go and pick up dak Prescott

and that's exactly what the fuck I'm

gonna do so I have the ability to

compartmentalize my fantasy from my

reality but in you know hey listen I'd

rather my real team win then my fantasy

oh yeah that's right who won Super Bowl

52 that's right the Philadelphia Eagles

hey you the man Jonathan call it anytime

brother all right man

yeah so Jonathan from modern life dating

is obviously a Cowboys fan so he gets

his man car taken away oh yeah yeah oh

why do you I'd have to be a Cowboys fan

we'd have to be Cowboys man all right

moving right along number four the

number four reason you should never

argue with women when she knows you're

on to something she will talk and yell

over you we've all experiences now to be

fair both men and women do this but

women are the biggest offenders in this

regard like I said when she closes her

mouth and opens her ears and actually

listens to what you have to say if she

does that and digests your argument at

some point she's gonna figure out that

what you said makes more sense than what

she said in other words she knows you're

right so what women will do to keep you

from striking the deathblow and win the

argument is they'll start to talk over

you and they'll do it loudly so the both

of you can't will think that she can't

hear it it's like an immature kid who

doesn't want to hear what you say and

she puts her hands over here's ago right

like we've all seen that and adults do

this jokingly and this isn't an accident

guy she does this on purpose so that she

can win the argument when a woman starts

talking over you loudly or starts to

insult you or call you names arguments

over as soon as she stops debating the

topic at hand and resorts to


okay and and and the belligerent talking

listen you both know she's lost but she

wants to feign ignorance by putting her

hands over her head and saying women

hate to be wrong about anything and a

lot of times they'll stoop to this

technique to make sure that you don't


proof or wrong when you start to see

when women start to see that you're

making more sense than she is they'll

use another technique which leads me to

number five

she'll muddy the waters give an example

so you'll say okay so you say well I'm

soso your your an argument with a woman

right you're going back and forth so you

say quote I'm telling you Ashley with an

i which isn't really your name because

you changes it to sound younger because

you're 43 and still single and you want

to appear younger on your tinder profile

the reason the sky is blue is because

blue light is scattered by tiny

molecules of air in the Earth's

atmosphere and blue light travels in

shorter smaller waves she'll say well my

dad's favorite color was blue and he

beat my mom's ass all the time see

that's the problem with me you guys

always want to control us by hitting us

because you know he can't fight back

because you're all fucking carriage with

small decks so rather than making an

argument to what you said she brought in

domestic violence to change the focal

point of the discussion why because deep

down she knows you're right she knows

that you know more about what you're

talking about than she does so to avoid

being proven wrong she'll change the

subject to something that she can vilify

men about that is subjective and if you

take the bait if you take the bait

you'll be arguing about domestic

violence which is something that number

one can't be proven without some sort of

audio or video evidence which almost

never happens in these instances and

because we all know that most men are

guilty until proven innocent she's

already at an advantage and number two

it's open to subjective analysis

domestic violence and sexual assault

don't mean the same things anymore

domestic violence used to mean beating

the shit out of a woman sexual assault

used to mean that raping a woman having

sex with a woman against her will these

days if you raise your voice at a woman

she can call the cops and have you

locked up for using a threatening tone

which can be twisted to fit the elements

of any domestic violence law if you ask

a woman for her phone number and suggest

that the two of you maybe hang out

she'll characterize that as sexual

assault and go to the cops yes gentlemen

bitches are really doing this now

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austere Tryon says bro I see that gif in

the side where you stamp that fat white

ass as your property mad props to you no

that's actually not a gift that is a

video that is that is a video of Devin

bending over in a micro thong and me

stamping her ass as my property because

Devin's ass of course is my property

appreciate that appreciate that

yes listen to Miami J we've got a few

spots left in the tea in the in the the

TSR red pill fantasy league shoot Miami

J any email at my aunt mi a 305 j at

gmail.com that's mi a 305 dot J at

gmail.com if you want to join so far

we've got chase LeBeau

we've got myself Miami J Robo two masses

in the league modern life dating so yeah

it should be an interesting interesting

fantasy league hashim 305 says whale

sharks at the Georgia Aquarium are huge

how about that yeah I can't wait I can't


Devon's been wanting to visit the

Georgia Aquarium for a while and she

keeps them and she keeps telling me we

need to get

am i all right and keep putting it off

but you know we're going down there to

see some family down there so I'm gonna

take this opportunity to take her she's

excited so am I so am I like aquariums

and we've been to all sorts of aquariums

we've been to that we've been to you

know we went to an aquarium on the other

side of the bridge in Camden which is

just out which is just outside I think

of Cherry Hill so just on the other side

of the bend so Redfield says my jets

will probably go season 10 as usual oh

boy don't get me started man don't get

me started my prediction for the Eagles

I think this is why listen man it's hard

to repeat as Super Bowl champions but I

think I think we might have a shot

because Carson Wentz still has that fire

right he watched his backup quarterback

win the Super Bowl okay

we lost Torrey Smith right we lost it we

lost a few key but listen of course we

lost fuckin LeGarrette Blount I fuckin

love that guy but we still have 48

running backs on the roster but dude we

still have jaya jaya which we stole for

miami james dolphins we've still got

Cory Clement we've stood we still got

Darren Sproles I got dude dude we're

solid we're set I would love to have 29

back there I really would he's the only

dude in the NFL fourth and goal on the

one everybody in the stadium knows 29s

getting the football and they still

can't stop him I'm gonna miss that but

JJ is very very good very good that that

was the trade I think that sealed the

deal for the Eagles it really really was

appreciate you that preciate you Miami

Jay appreciate that send my best to

Steven Ross or wherever the Steven

Ross's the owner of the GM is predicting

that the Dolphins will win the Superbowl

hey listen anything's possible right

anything's possible

excellent authored a cert Ryan says

would you ever consider being a porn

star I could imagine you being in those

vids where you cook some weak-ass white

dude no no dude I could never oh my god

dude sticking my dick inside bitches who

have been fucked thousands of times by

hundreds of dudes I don't know man

that's this yeah nah man and Plus here's

the thing a buddy of mine who lives in

Southern Cal

in he lives in Oceanside California

right outside San Diego he is a lab

assistant for not a major porn company

but one of the second-tier porn

companies he's the guy he's the lab

assistant he's a guy that tests all the

actors and actresses for beedis STDs all

that stuff what he told me that it is

that if you want to be a male porn star

you got to start in gay porn first all

the guys you see in porn those guys have

been involved in gay porn at some point

or another so yeah yeah and there isn't

and that's the thing the reason they do

that is to filter out the guys who don't

listen every guy wants to be a porn star

but as soon as you get in there like all

right that's cool you can fuck the

bitches but you got to fuck a few dudes

first no sir not no mm-hmm not happening

nope not happening the only ass is I'm

fucking belong to females not dudes not

dudes all right

the sixth reason the sixth reason six of

seven the sixth reason why you should

never argue with women you will never

change your mind when someone is engaged

in a debate or an argument with someone

else it is generally assumed that both

individuals are open to having their

mind changed if if presented with new

information we as human beings we

reserve the right to change our minds

now this isn't always the case with

women or men but most mildly intelligent

people most fair-minded individuals

usually go into a debate with an open

mind they understand that they could be

wrong about certain things that are

willing to listen to counter arguments

to what to what they think about any

given topic

news flash guys women ain't here for

that you see guys women don't want to

get it right women want to be right

they're never gonna change their minds

for no other reason but that she wants

to be right because being right is the

only currency women have these days

listen most women are useless outside of

the orgasms they give us during the 12

minutes we're fucking them so they gotta

clean to something right there's got to

be something they can hang their hands

on right there their hats on right

right is a badge of honor for bitches

like this and even if you do change her

mind she's never gonna acknowledge it

out loud least of all to you listen man

in my 40-plus years on this earth I have

never ever heard a woman say you know

what Donovan you were right and I was

wrong never heard that when you argue in

a woman when you argue with a woman you

can nuke her argument from orbit and

leave zero doubt in anyone's mind as to

why you're right and she's wrong you can

make it a hundred percent obvious that

she's just talking about you nonsense

and that you've effectively disproven

every element of her argument in every

different direction and she still won't

verbally acknowledging she does this to

save face because god forbid that a

woman be proven wrong in any sense of

the word

god forbid a woman actually says I was

wrong has anyone ever hurt has any has

any woman ever said the words I was

wrong in that order to anyone anyone

right like has like has it been

documented anywhere did someone get it

on recording and send it to the

Smithsonian to be put on exhibit to show

proof that it's actually happened once

in human history I didn't think so if

you think a woman is going to verbally

acknowledge that she's wrong or that

you're right you're in for a long wait

guys if your attention if your intention

is to get her to say Donovan I was wrong

don't hold your breath guys not gonna

happen not gonna happen

number seven the seventh reason why you

should never argue with a woman she will

do what's called playing the reverse

blame game so for example if you say

single moms are bad she'll say well

single dads are bad - right here's

another example women need to stop

cheating she'll say well men need to

stop cheating - any time a man makes a

claim or an accusation against a woman's

character or tendencies their knee-jerk

reaction is to say well men do it too

and they do it worse doesn't matter what

it is

women have attitudes well so do men

women don't appreciate good treatment

well that's because of men that's the

boilerplate response to anything

accusatory that's their go-to technique

never gonna happen at the end of the day

guys you should never argue or debate

with a woman about anything anywhere it

is an exercise in futility at best and

is a headache at worse the sad part

about this is that women are intelligent

enough to have rational debates and

arguments okay they're not stupid guys

it's not like they're unable to

comprehend what you're saying to them

but because of their female hard drive

which doesn't allow them to process

anything without some sort of emotion

and their inability to stop being

stubborn and prideful it is impossible

to get anything through their thick

skulls and even if you do just like I

said she's not gonna let you know so if

a woman ever wants to engage in an

argument or debate with you just ignore

her and save yourself the headache man

then again listen admittedly so this is

something I need to learn to do and if

you guys are being honest with

yourselves you probably do too

you probably do too all right let's go

to the chat here one more time all right

Cap'n Crunch 420 says like a well-worn

glove you know it says some of these

those have a pussy that can burn a DVT

that's funny as shit sharp assists as

gay for pay I'm telling you listen I'm

trying to tell you if you're a guy who's

got a 10-inch dick okay great that might

mean listen you might be thinking

alright I'm gonna get the fuck out

bitches all the time they make money no

brah you got to pay your do you got to

pay the piper listen there are plenty of

dudes with big dicks running around you

don't think those guys want to be a porn

star they fly out to San Bernardino

which is poor in heaven they fly into

San Bernardino hey great you're in

you're in decent shape your decent

looking guy you've got a 12-inch cock

perfect when can you start well I can

start okay excellent so who's gonna who

am I gonna be acting with yeah Daniel

over there you're gonna be doing a scene

with him wait I'm sorry Daniel

don't you mean Daniel no no Daniel no

he's gonna suck your dick you're gonna

fuck him in the ass you're gonna blow a

load on his face oh yeah no I'm not

gonna be able to do that if it were that

easy to get into porn every guy would do

it every guy with a big dick would be a

porn star this is how they filter them

out guys

this is how they filter them out 942 oh

five five three five six is the number

to call to get on the show area code two

five two which I believe is in North

Carolina you were on live with Donovan

go ahead most definitely North Carolina

yes sir oh man what's up with the naves

I've actually listened to you now 4c

Harper out in two years because I

remember when you come on you can run a

thing you can show your face right I

think it was it an O'Shea or bgs it

actually kind of introduced him to you

and uh Kevin Chanyeol yeah yeah yeah

yeah I actually showed my face for the

first time last Labor Day that's when I

showed my face for the first time so

yeah I'm listen thanks for this

appointment oh thank you man you telling

it but good truth man

yes sir hey but for the topic one of the

stupidest arguments I always had and you

may have did it too because I grew up in

North Carolina like you that was my

defect I graduate alone yeah I'd be a

college that I Fayette no teachers

oh yeah baby you know what it is hey

listen hey what's up for the Merc right

Murchison Road no sir I know all about


yes and I always remember a college kid

I also work at the local strip club oh

come on now that's right every listen

and it's so funny strippers are always

I'm going to school or up no bitch you

ain't going to school like if you sell

it as okay hey listen you're right but

then they figure out well what the fuck

am I in school for to get a job that I'm

gonna make in one single year that I can

make in a month here selling my ass

right it's the way it always goes well

you gotta pay tuition alright lad listen

listen listen I'll support the habit I'm

not gonna support you right pretty much

hey but like back on your top of the

light man I had some of the stupidest

arguments as a kid check this out

alright well my English teacher used to

give me shit you don't light enough in

your journal I was like well it's not

rocket science I came to school it did

homework and we went back and forth back

and forth till one time I said look I'm

not a girl I'm not gay and then to talk

about I just came to school and this is

like junior high school right the same

apart from junior high school running

right on into college where you just

have all these dumb unnecessary

arguments I was like you serious it

wasn't it's it's in it's and it's always

with women right don't get me wrong man

you get into arguments listen it's okay

to debate men but when you get into an

argument with a man it's just different

because they actually listen but women

you like you it's like it's like you're

like Jimmy like I want to shoot myself

in the face because it's like whatever

you were saying bounces right off of him

and then they take it personally

so then it becomes not about the army

and then just then then them just

attacking you personally it's

unbelievable man it was completely

ridiculous it was unnecessary and one of

the like the jabs that I really did at

one teach I said you know what this

school needs I hire more married women

and what see the look of light really

yeah I by then I was just like I'm sick

of this list

it was Langford man who that's awesome

you read of course listen they were

gonna do enough to do but dude you

burped you cooked their ass with that

because she knew listen she knew you're

right she knew you're right she want to

say it but you knew you're right

oh yeah and like the thing was I just

remember thinking myself like this is

unnecessary I was just like it must

because I'm I'm Ashley and I'm being

because we had that back and forth for a

whole semester I was its dumbest most

unnecessary nonsense I'm getting low

grades because I don't feel like talking

about people talking about shoes and

clothes and bullshit

I'm just talk about your feelings yeah

talk about your feelings and then get

the fuck out of here man get the fuck

out of here man well hey listen man

listen listen thanks for thanks for the

call man representing the represent in

North Kerala key as they as they like to

say it listen I lived in North Carolina

on and off for for the better part of

twenty years man I'm very familiar with

the area he's talking down so he's

talking about poor breath oh yes yes I

know all about it man well thanks for

the call man calling anytime brother you

fare later take care brother all right

yeah a little-little north carolina home

cooking there I hate North Carolina I

fucking hate that state oh my god like

I'll go there to visit cuz I got family

there but goddamn man who the only city

in North Carolina that I would live if

somebody held a gun to my head and said

Donovan you must live in North Carolina

Greensboro North Carolina

maybe High Point but definitely great

swear I love Greensboro great a very

very good city very good City

well that's gonna do it for this edition

of TS r primetime

tune in tomorrow at 7:00 Eastern 4:00

Pacific might be doing another show with

O'Shea on his channel tomorrow afternoon

thanks for watching guys I will see you

tomorrow same bat-time same bat-channel

have a good night


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