Episode #260: 7 signs she DOES NOT want to sleep with you


You’re talking to a girl you’ve been trying to hook up with for a few weeks and you think things are going great. You spend time with her, you go on dates with her, and you’re always texting back and forth. You haven’t fucked her yet but you’re sure your time will come if you hang in there just a little longer. Then she drops this on you: “I love you to death! You’re like a brother to me!”



At that very moment you’ve been placed in the friend zone and you don’t even know it. You have no idea that you will NEVER fuck this girl and this where a lot of men end up getting used which leads to sexual frustration.

Platonic male friends are every girl’s dream guys. All the benefits of a relationship without actually having to be in one which means everything but getting laid. These days girls have become more adept at dangling that carrot over your head and giving you just enough hope to keep you around because she knows you want to fuck her. Most of the time this works like a charm because most men don’t apply Red Pill truth.Girls have perfected this skill over the years because, thanks to the internet, more men are aware of friend zone tactics. This has forced them to adapt and use better tactics to keep men in the dark.

Here are 7 signs the chick you’re talking to doesn’t want to sleep with you . A couple of these might seem obvious, but most of them are covert. In other words,  they’re designed to make you think she wants you to fuck her when it’s actually quite the opposite.


dear guys today I'm going to talk about

the signs a woman that you're talking to

does not want to fuck you now some of

you guys might think we'll Donovan it's

pretty obvious isn't it well I would say

this if it were so obvious then why do

so many men end up getting friendzone

and have no idea why or when it happened

I'll give you a quick scenario guys

let's say you're talking to a girl

you've been trying to hook up with for I

don't know a few weeks and you think

things are going great okay

you spent time with her you go out on

dates with her and you're always texting

back and forth typical shit now you

haven't fucked her yet but you're sure

your time is gonna come but because if

you hang in there just a little bit

longer she's gonna give you the pussy

then she drops this little nugget on you

oMG I love you to death you're like a

brother to me at that very moment

gentlemen you have been placed into the

friend zone and you don't even know it

you have no idea that you will never

fuck this girl and this guy's this is

where a lot of men end up getting

getting used which leads to sexual

frustration guys listen to me what I'm

telling you this platonic male friends

are every girl's dream and the reason

why is because they get these women get

all of the benefits of a relationship

without actually having to be in one

which means which means they get all the

benefits it everything but getting laid

right they get all of the benefits of

being in relationship without having to

give out the pussy right these days guys

girls have become much more adept at

dangling that carrot over men's head

giving them just enough hope to keep him

around because she knows that they all

know they want to fuck him right like

you ask her oh he doesn't want to fuck

me dude she knows that she knows these

guys want to fuck like that but this is

how this goes now most of the time this

these strategies work like a charm but

because because most men don't really

apply red pill truth girls have

perfected this skill over the years guys

I mean really because thanks to the

internet more men are aware of the

friend-zoning tactics of the past now

this has forced women to adapt and use

better tactics to keep them men in the

dark so

what I'm gonna do guys is I'm gonna give

you guys seven science the chick you're

talking to does not want to fuck you now

like I said before a couple ladies might

seem obvious but most of them are covert

in other words they are designed to make

you think she wants to fuck you what it

is actually quite literally the opposite

we're gonna go in backwards order here

we're gonna go from number seven to

number one number seven

she doesn't hide her slutty behavior

from you asking a girl

how many dude she's been fucked by guys

guys listen it is always a bad idea

especially if it was especially if it's

a girl you like when asking this

ill-advised question okay one of two

things is gonna happen she'll either

divide her real notch account number by

15 it tells you and tell you I've only

slept with 12 guys or number two she'll

give you an exacta more likely because

she probably start counting stop

counting at 50 but she'll say something

to the effect of a lot she won't give me

an exact number but she'll just say I

fucked a lot of guys right because she

just doesn't know how many a woman will

only give you a number well below

they're not count because she likes you

all right she knows that deep down men

with options red pill aware men

attractive men they don't commit to

females who are sluts they're not wife

enough whores they know that you can't

turn a ho into a housewife listen

they're not here for that nonsense she

doesn't want you to think she's a whore

so she tells you she's only been with

seven guys a girl who gives you her real

number okay a girl who gives you a

number closer to a real number she is

not trying to get with you all right she

may not get listen she may not give the

real number let's say 129 or so but

she'll have no issue telling you that

she's fucked a lot of dudes the reason

for this is that she doesn't like you

she doesn't care if you know how slutty

she's been because she has no interest

in you the only reason why a girl hides

are not to count from you it was because

she likes you she's thinking about a

relationship so when she tells you and

you recoil and say wow that's a lot of

guys she's just gonna laugh she's gonna

shrug it up and say yeah you only live

once why because she doesn't care that

you think she's a slut and if she

doesn't care that you think she's a slut

she's not into you period

number six she uses you as an emotional

tampon now guys you might think that

those three our conversations about our

childhood her past relationships the

ongoing drama with her friends or

greasing the skids for some pussy

plundering but trust me when I tell you

and I've been in a situation many times

before it is not a man that allows a

woman to verbally vomit on him

okay on the phone but we're on text

about whatever bullshit she's yappin

about becomes a unattractive to her very

quickly listening to a woman drone on on

about her problems is just like shopping

with her both are feminine activities

guys being her shoulder to cry on is one

of the quickest ways to getting

friendzone which all which completely

eliminates your chances of fucking her

let's just keep it real let's just call

it what it is number five this one is

pretty obvious but what a lot of guys

are still clueless about this you don't

hear from her at night okay the way this

works is that every morning you get a

text from her saying good morning or hey


now the reason she does this is to

establish contact and reattach the

umbilical cord that feeds her the

relationship benefits that she's been

getting free because your dumbass

doesn't have the balls to cut her off

you know you're in the friend zone but

you don't have the balls to cut her up

you think okay I'm in the friend zone

but I can somehow get out you guys will

text back and forth throughout the day

and maybe have a conversation or two

over the phone but when the evening gets

here when the evening arrives you hear

from her less and less and when the sky

is finally dark for the rest of the

night she disappears now you foolishly

think to yourself well I guess she's

busy tonight well you're right but not

in the way you think the truth is is

she's getting butt-fucked by her flavor

of the week who doesn't text her back

immediately like you two or spends hours

on the phone listening to her Yammer on

about her problems like you do you are

listen you are essentially taking her to

the bar buying her drinks and making

conversations and he swoops in at the

end of the night takes her home and

fucks her in the ass and leaves you at

the bar to pick up the tab

if a chick Ural if a chick that you're

after if the chick you're talking to

seems to disappear when the Sun Goes

Down you can bet your bottom dollar that

she is getting butt-fucked by someone

who isn't you every time number four

this is another obvious one but again

guys hear this stuff and they still they

still don't have the balls to cut her

off she asks you for dating advice and

she brags about hookups when a chick

listen when a chick you're talking to

you asks you hey what do you think about

Mike or does Eric have a girlfriend guys

who can kiss your chances with her

goodbye the reasons for this are

straightforward number two if she liked

you she wouldn't ask you about other

dudes and number two she doesn't respect

you enough not to talk about men she's

interested in around you another

variation is when she regale is you when

she tells you stories about you know

hooking up with this guy or that right


she will happily send you a text in the

morning about how much fun she had with

whoever she met on tinder and fill in

all the details when he talked to her on

the phone later that day now on the flip


she will also talk about her bad

experiences like getting fucked and

shocked by the hot bartender she met at

the club okay or about how she can't

figure out why the unemployed guitar

player for her local garage band isn't

calling her back whatever the case may

be if she is talking to you in detail

about her hookups with other men she has

zero interest in you

number three

actually before we get to number three

let me check the chat here see he was in

the house again this is this is the

maiden voyage of TSR live with donovan

sharp on donovan sharp calm guys be sure

to go to donovan sharp calm for all

things donovan sharp


Tipp Darcy mill says fair enough

freelance Ronan says I think I do

remember the episode who the hell knows

Miami J says as long as we don't get

soup-bone in here I think we'll be dude

oh do you guys remember dude wow there's

a blast from the fucking past fucking

soup-bone god I hated that motherfucker

listen I'm pretty sure soup-bone was a

fucking female

Josh making fun of Darcy it's your

parents fault they named you like a girl

it's your fault for not changing an

accidental Amen that's the world with a

little ribbing right

so we'll Chrisman seems to have figured

out his issues with his internet


josh says women want to be entertained

and engaged they will waste your time

and have no shame in doing it don't have

no shame and no guilt absolutely good

comment there Miami J again rightfully

points out no matter what number they

give you they will never tell you the

truth dude never dude some girls don't

know honestly some girls don't know how

many guys they fuck like it's funny and

I think a lot of times they stop

counting just to give themselves a bull

deniability how many guys have you

fucked I don't know all right well I'm

breaking up with oh my god II you know

he's pissed off at me because I won't

tell him how many guys I've slept with

well I don't know how many guys I've

slept with but dude she knows it's into

the hundreds like what let's let's keep

it real here


Josh says men over tell report the

numbers women on women under report you

know I remember when I was I think I was

in seventh or seventh or eighth grade

might have might have even been in high

school and it was the rule or the factor

three you guys you guys may have heard

this before if you ask him if you ask a


how many girls he slept with take that

number and divide it by three if you ask

a girl how many guys she slept with take

that number and multiply it by three

obviously those numbers have drastically

changed just given the sexual climate

that we now find ourselves in


yes freelance says nope she's using you

as her shrink then using the other dude

for the dick Miami J finishes it off by

saying but at night

she's sucking Kevin's cock yeah listen

Kevin and sales gets all the pussy I

think we all know that

freelancer net says she went to bed

early tonight because of dude fuck

you're asleep right right that's exactly


yeah Captain Crunch forts when he says

yeah as alpha male strategies always

says his fucked he's hostess that's

already guy that niggas crazy he's

always like yo you need to fuck these

hoes to sleep man


all right moving right along on the

maiden voyage of my own ship let's go to

number three

she has no issue being naked around you

and again this is number three this is

number three of the seven signs she does

not want to fuck you a lady's story I

remember one chick that I set up a

same-day meet up with a few years back

you know SAR at the gas station

you know I chatted her up got her number

you know picked her up took her to a

downtown Bistro later that evening you

know you know we can notice it we talked

and drink you know I ran standard

escalation game now the sexual attention

gentlemen was palpable

okay we made out several times at the

bar the Bistro we also made out several

times in my car right dude my hands were

all over her my hands are all over our

tits all on her pussy this and that any

other so I drove her home fully

expecting to be invited in for coffee

she hits me with this instead she says

look I really like you but I can't sleep

with you tonight listen this happens all

the time right girls say I'm not

sleeping with you or sex is out of the

question dude nine times out of ten you

into fucking this fucking these girls

because all that is is last minute

resistance last minute resistance that's

just the shit test are you man enough to

to to persist so I tried to overcome the

last minute resistance but guess what I

couldn't fucker it was it just wasn't my

night you can't win him all guys that

that's part of the game

now I ended up fucking her at my place

the next night but she literally because

she literally got right up and left

after we get after we got done like it

was weird like we fucked we fucked one

time for 15 minutes maybe 20 minutes she

got up got dressed and left and I never

heard from her again okay now my guess

is that she probably had a boyfriend

like most of them do but that was a

weird situation because I actually met

her like a month before we actually

hooked up like she like she gave me the

runaround the same day like when I tried

to set up a date that the same day I got

her number so I was like fuckin you know

on to the next one whatever part of the

game but a few weeks later like out of

the blue she shoots me a text and she's

like hey it's April or Alicia I think

her name was April or Alicia whatever

the fuck her name is I don't remember

and she's like hey let's hang out so you

know my guess is that she probably been

a boyfriend anyway let's rewind back to

the point where she told me

she couldn't sleep with me what I knew I

probably wasn't gonna fuck her that

night when she got out of my car she

leaned over the window and asked if we

could meet up tomorrow night of course

the next night I fucked her but she

leaned over and asked me if we could

meet up tomorrow night to which I

answered okay yeah we'll see she smiled

and went you know she smiled and went

back into her apartment but something

she did grab my attention when she

leaned over gentlemen she covered her

cleavage so I wouldn't see down her

blouse okay dude my hand had been all

over her tits my hand had been under her

panties like I was like dude I'm totally

gonna fuck this girl tonight so you ask

yourself why would she cover her blouse

if your hands have been all over those

private parts the reason she did this is

because I was a threat okay that is a

threat to her slut shield guys listen

she was obviously attracted to me and

she didn't want to fan the flames

because she was afraid that I would try

again and she didn't want me to try

again because if I try it again I

probably would have fucked her like she

knew she was that close

so she covered that up guys girls do

this all the time however if a woman

makes no effort to cover up around you

this is a girl you're interested in and

you haven't fucked her yet if she makes

no effort to cover up around you not

show leg ass or anything else that might

come into view okay

she doesn't view you as a threat to

sleep with her guys listen I've heard

countless stories you don't from all

kinds of dudes who are at their crushes

of their one eye toises or their friends

owns apartment and they'll told me

stories about how she changes clothes in

front of them and even walk around naked

those girls didn't view those girls

didn't view these guys as threats nor

were they worried about them trying

anything they were perfectly they were

perfectly comfortable prancing around

without a bra and panties and they

because they knew nothing sexual would

happen nor did they want to so if the

object of your affection gets naked

around you on the regular and the two of

you haven't started fucking she and into

you playa not a chance

number two


she never returns the favors you do for

her now here's the thing man first off

never do a favor for a woman that you

have not fucked okay I listen and again

in order to stay out of the friendzone

a guy's always ask well how do i stat

the friendzone Donovan number one quit

making girls your friends there are only

three reasons that you need to associate

with women one if you are trying to

fucker - if you are fucking her or three

if you have fucked her if you have no

listen if you have no intention of

realistically trying to fuck her dude

you don't need female friends female

friends are a waste of time okay men all

over this country who are stuck in the

friend zone are all familiar with this

text series so it starts like this so

she texts you hey

you mind picking me up from work I've

got a date tonight and my sister won't

come and get me oh my oh my god you text

sure I'll be there to pick you up when

you get off she text back oh my god

you're a lifesaver I love you to death

and like the sexless fucking beta males

they are they rush over to rescue their

fair maiden from certain disaster but

hey the more the more favors you do

these sluts the more that the closer you

get to sleeping with them right dead

fucking wrong guys listen females in

this country in America have made

countless men the beta bucks - their

alpha fucks okay they get the beta

orbiters they know that they'll never

sleep with to do the things they know

that the men who are fucking them won't

okay listen

they'll never ask Kevin and sales to

borrow money Kevin I say let's look at

her be like fuck you bar what bitch get

the fuck out of here asking me to borrow

money I'm just fucking you you're not

feeding me bitch get the fuck out of

here right but they'll never ask Kevin

and sales to borrow money

they'll never ask Kevin and sales hey

come pick me up right dude Kevin and

sells me like dude I got a fucking sales

call in 15 minutes

like finds her own fucking ride I get

the fuck out of here with dead Kevin on

sales would never help them move out

okay those are just a few things they

know that they would never ask the Alpha

cocks in their lives to do because they

know the answer that they that they're

gonna get his hell no and if they ask

something like that they're gonna risk

him ghosting on her worst yet is that

they never returned the favors that


it'll be the bitch boys do for them and

listen to this guy's in her mind the

fact that she even lets him hang out

with her and bask in her presence is

payment enough in fact as far as she's

concerned he is the one in her debt so

the things he does for her is the least

he can do to repay her for the privilege

of her mere presence guys listen you

might think I'm exaggerating with that

with with that statement but I can

assure you that I am NOT this is exactly

how girls think and honestly to be

honest with you I might even be

underselling it okay this is how

narcissistic this is how this is how

narcissistic and solipsistic females are

okay this is how this is this is how

fucked up their brains are at this point

they are given this message from birth

they think that they are they think that

people are lucky to be around them for

no other reason but that they have

vaginas if you're doing for a fee if

you're doing favors for a female that

you've got your eye on and you haven't

fucked her yet it is time to hit the

eject button get off the hamster wheel

she has you on and find a new target

number one and this is probably the most


number one she calls you her best friend

oh that is the kiss of death Western

culture jamun would have men and women

foolishly believed that their

significant other should be her best

friend okay

there are countless memes countless

sitcoms countless movies even television

commercials that push the best friend

with my boyfriend as the best case

scenario okay if I think about this

right you should marry your best friend

oh my husband is my best friend he's my

best friend think about this guy's

consider this if this really were the

case if the best case scenario for for

for a woman would be to marry her best

friend then the term friendzone wouldn't

have a negative connotation okay I

touched on this particular fallacy in an

article that I referenced a little bit

earlier and it's actually on returning


basically what women need is a lover and

a protector who keeps her grounded by

not feeding into her emotional

shenanigans holds frame and shows as

little vulnerability as possible girls

need to be able to rely on their men to

be the immovable objects in their lives

guys they're rock it is impossible to be

these things as her friend the moment a

woman thinks of you as her friend or

worse her best friend dude you are

beyond finish even illicit guys even men

with with zero gain zero red pill

awareness know that once they've been

put in the friend zone by being called

their best friend it is game over at the

end of the day guys it's important to

know and understand the signs a woman

sends you to let you know she is not

interested in fucking you okay

but it's far more important to know and

recognize the signs that she isn't okay

and again I misspoke it's important it's

important to know and understand the

signs that a woman sends you to know

she's interested in you but it's more

important to no one recognize when she's

not okay like I stated at the beginning

guys girls have become experts in giving

men just enough to make them think they

have a chance to fuck her and that's how

they keep him around to keep him around

you favors make them

emotional outlets etc etc guys do

yourself a favor and start paying more

attention to her actions and start being

honest with yourself about what she's

telling you verbally and non-verbally

you're gonna save yourself a lot of

money you're gonna save yourself a lot

of time chasing a fucking female who's

never going to fuck you

all right let's check and see how we're


very good all right


okay yeah freelance Ronan correctly

states too many guys doing that

brotherly shit for these bitches I agree

I agree

Miami Jay says these are the beta's who

will make the who will make a deal with

bitches saying it before oh yes if we're

not oh I've heard this before if we're

not married when we're 40 let's get oh

yes yes I've heard that before

I've actually read this um I think I

read this on the roof before him when I

was one of the monitors over there years

ago and I think dude it's like a girl

says listen listen your she says you

were totally husband material

I would totally marry you if neither of

us is varied by the time we're 40 years

old or whatever let's get married

like literally it's unbelievable it's

unbelievable simp tails you better

believe it some art duo says make make

women your bottom priority don't be

fascinated by them in fact when you look

at them look at her right in the eye and

show her that you are a guy who

understands that she is not a princess

but just another woman

Josh says marry your best friend equals

sexless marriage too many of too many of

them plus guys with kids with a best

friend won't leave since he wants to

keep access to his kids yeah exactly



oh well Sosa mark dua is added again

with the marathon questions here see if

I can answer these

samarth says donovan for a black man to

date a white woman he has to be

extremely good in almost every area

confidence health game etc as hypergamy

comes into the equation he continues he

says hypergamy because she wouldn't want

a black offspring when she herself is

white and white skin tone is considered

the best in social construct we live

today she may fuck a black guy but she

wouldn't want his kid and definitely not

a long term relationship with him don't

you think black men are at a natural

disadvantage there and have to compete

with with compete with that great

confidence health game what are your

thoughts yeah listen um

yeah listen it listen and so mark I

think it's funny I think what you're

trying to do is you're trying to elicit

my that these headphones I actually

forgot to put in my to put in my

earpiece because those headphones are

giving me a headache lately but listen I

said it before and I said I'll say it


all things being equal all things being

equal you know white girls prefer white

men okay it doesn't matter

it doesn't matter what it doesn't matter

what the you know what what the what the

statistics are all things being equal

white girls prefer white men white guys

are at the top of the sexual food chain

okay um the guy route dude there's a

hater that I used to have from back in

my early TSR days from like the you know

back when I was in my double digit

episodes um he was he was basically

hating talking about you know you know

why are you seeing white guys are at the

top of the sexual food chain you devalue

yourself and the house nigger this and

any other

nah bruh like that listen that no no

white guys at the top of the sexual boo

Jane dude like that that's how that is

so if that's what you want to hear me

say then listen I listen I've said that

before you're definitely a late comer

let's talk about this back in back in

episode I think it was 32 samarth again

says Donovan as I live in India it will

be extremely difficult for me to attend

that the 21 convention but I will try my

best to says I want to give you a hug go

onstage and announce my dream team


Donovan sharp Rollo Tomassi Richard

Cooper Anthony Johnson and Aaron Clary

will give you a big shout out 20 you all

at the age of 19 is indeed a blessing

guys listen like um I know samarth

sounds kind of like a fanboy maybe he is

maybe he isn't but I'm telling you man

like I understand I understand his

excitement man like like finding the red

pill at the age of 19 dude if I found

the right honestly if I found the red

pill at the age of 19 I might have some

kids by now you know I'm Sam

okay good the unregistered glitch is

fixed sharp assist to the rescue

oh the bills release Richie incognito

goddamn you remember that situation

between him and Jonathan Martin actually

wrote an article on that dude that was

actually my fourth ever I highlighted

that situation on my fourth ever article

on return of kings called how white

knighting is killing the NFL dude that

got released back in I think it was like

September of 2014

something like that so that was a long

time ago I remember that Richie

incognito Jonathan Martin thing

see who else we got in here


hang on a second

samarth with another marathon question

here bless its heart says Donovan you

are in a monogamous relationship you

know that monogamous relationships in 20


2018 are too much work keeping a woman

loyal and most importantly maintaining

that genuine desire is too much work

wouldn't you be so much happier and free

if you were just playing the field

focusing on your work and enjoying the

red pill merit merits I know that a

monogamous relationship has its merits

but still what would you say samarth

dude you've asked me this question dude

you've asked me this question three

times in three different ways and I'm

gonna give you the same answer this time

as I gave you the last two times here's

the deal Ben yes I am in a monogamous

long-term relationship okay so your

question is is wouldn't you be happier

playing the field being out there this

and that any other at this stage of my

life no okay dude the last episode I did

before my YouTube channel got shut down

is if you want to fuck hot girls on the

regular you got to pay the price it's a

full-time job okay don't get me wrong

man I spent eight glorious years in

Vegas and dude I slept with more girls

than did I sleep with more girls than I

even care to think about okay that was a

wonderful life it was a great life I had

but guess what dude I grew out of it all

right listen some guys don't grow out of

sleeping with a lot of girls some guys

are gonna be players for life some guys

don't want some guy there are very few

men out there there a lot we're actually

relative to the number of men who really

want monogamy a long-term relationship

there are very few men out there who

just want to be players for life I get

it okay but again at some point we all

grow out of it and deep down inside most

men want to be with just one woman that

they can count on and yes as awesome as

my life in Las Vegas was as great as it

was to fuck this girl in that and sleep

with a bunch of girls and have a

penthouse and all this other kind of

stuff and getting free cocaine and and

and you know getting into strip clubs

and doing all that listen that was a

great life okay but the life that I live

now is much better right listen fucking

about just let's do it that's a great

life okay but most men would prefer to

have one girl that they can count on

rather than a

girls that they probably can in other

words it's almost like a bird in the

hand is worth more than two in the bush

yes that life was enjoyable I'll never

forget those years but as far as I'm

concerned I think I speak for a lot of

guys when I say this most guys desire a

monogamous relationship with just one

woman this is just how we're hardwired

as men

this is just how it is so to answer your

question wouldn't I be wouldn't I be so

much happier dude I've been there and

done that okay dude I was a man-whore

for eight years I had never been good

with women all of a sudden I got great

with women and dude I've had dude I've

had my fill of pussy man

and I'm not gonna sit here and say I'm

not gonna sit here and say well no I

would never

you know those eight years in Vegas were

terrible no I had fun fuckin hot bitches

man it was great it was a lot of fun but

I don't want that life anymore

let's dude if I wanted that life I'd

still be in Las Vegas right now but I

didn't want that life okay I met a girl

I met a girl who whom I met a girl who

made herself who I thought was worthy of

a long-term relationship so I took a

year year-and-a-half grooming her to be

who she is now and luckily for the both

of us it has worked out and life is

great life is grand yes I do miss that

life in Vegas but dude I grew out of it

I don't want that life anymore okay it

was a lot of fun but that's just not

something I want anymore and again like

I said I think I speak for most men when

I say that you know you know having a

long-term relationship with a woman that

you trust a woman that you can count on

is a much better life than fucking a

bunch of sluts worried about the

pregnancies STDs all that nonsense so

for the third time that is the answer to

your question

all right


all right let's see here

guys go easy on some art man like eat

listen he's he's a kid he's 19 I

understand he's got a lot of questions

and I think the thing is I think some

Marth I think some Marth I don't think

he's challenging me

I think some Marth is I think he's the

kind of guy like the most of us most of

us want a long-term relationship with

one girl and he's asking me he's like

look dude you're in a monogamous


you used to live that player life which

one was better listen they're both great

but at this point in my life I'm I was

ready to settle down that's why I did

what I did

free thanks Vernon says samarth ask

yourself just because one is stuck at a

disadvantage would you put down your

sword there's a meditation for you bro

man I guess that makes sense

yes Josh says fit white guys are at the

top if you're black and fit as a

basketball player you will be rolling in

pussy compared to them skinny soy boys

Josh are absolutely right but again this

is why I qualified my statement all

things being equal white girls prefer

white guys Ralph a said Ralph Hayes said

well yeah really all things being equal

what if a white girl brought home LeBron

I'll bet to her I'll bet you their

mother and father wouldn't have any

problem with that and their mother and

father wouldn't have any problem with a

white girl bringing home LeBron James is

her boyfriend / husband but guess what

if they're a white version of LeBron

James okay if they're our Brandon James

who who who made the same money as

LeBron was that skilled a basketball

player guess what she prefer him all

things being equal you can't compare NBA

players to just your average skinny

white guy no person foreperson white

girls prefer white and white girls

prefer white guys if there was a if

there was a skinny white guy and it's

gonna Mike I guess what the licker wants

the skinny white guy right now of course

there are other factors like game it

masculinity etcetera etc but but again

all things being equal if two men of the

same masculine dude I give it the

perfect example one of my best friends

I've known him for I've known him for

over 20 years I've known him since I was

in college okay lives in Atlanta dude he

is as close to my equal as it gets we

make this it were bleep actually he

makes more money than me now you know of

course of course because I do this but

we made we made the same money right

st. dude we have the same good looks we

listen we both have red pill awareness

we're both sluts layers back in the day

but guess what all things being but when

we used to go out together he used to

pull chicks easier than me why because

he's white we're dude we're as close to

equals as possible girls preferred him

this is just Newton he and I dude I

remember he came to Vegas we hit on the

same girl my game was dude my game was

so much tighter than his but guess what

he ended up winning out and he listened

he even knows he's like dude why your

game was tighter but she chose me and

dude this is like a Hawaiian Filipino

girl right

wait but listen we went to this it was

funny we went to this rooftop meet up

shit that our friend norm dragged us so

he's like dude guys come with me I don't

want to go by myself and you know he

could use a couple of girls who's good

with women okay no problem or like all

right fuck that's what let's go do this

dude all of the girls there were

complete trolls man

they were dude they were all hideous so

there was one girl she was a solid eight

and we just kind of looked around and me

and my homeboy looking at each other and

said all right may the best cock when we

clink our glasses together it was so

cool oh we did this so what we did is we

basically we basically we basically

tag-teamed her okay I would go in I

would go in and hit on earth and then

when I was done with my set then he

would go and hit on her we kind of we

kind of did this back and forth thing

and it was it was really it was it dude

I swear to god it every time I talked

him on the phone we all we always talked

we always talked about her and we called

her and it's funny we actually nicknamed

her we nicknamed her a Lois Lane and the

reason and again the reason why we

nicknamed her Lois Lane is because he

and I always talked about the fact that

in the world of pee away and pick up I'm

he's Superman

and I'm Batman and let me actually

called this Batman and Superman so

here's the thing

we listened we talked about girls all

the time this is you know all we talk

about red pill truth in business and all

that but an analogy that we apply to

ourselves is Batman and Superman okay

again me being Batman him Superman now

again guys listen I'm a good-looking guy

right but I'm not the textbook Anglo

ideal women are looking for I'm not the

tall like dude my boy is tall blond blue

eyes I mean dude is I'm good-looking

this fuckin underwear model right no

homo as a result I rely on my wit my

game okay my bantering skills to get

pussy my homeboy on the other hand like

I said he's a good-looking guy dude

everywhere we go girls look at him he

got underwear model looks and he

utilizes this to his full advantage like

I said earlier guys this isn't to say

that he has game but in a lot of cases

next level game just isn't necessary for

him to get laid now here's the

juxtaposition Batman can't go after the

bad guys the way Superman does because

if he does he's gonna get killed right

so Batman relies on his intelligence his

keenness his razor-sharp instincts

whereas Superman's immortality allows

him to just fly right in and you know

with a reckless abandon and start

tearing shit up right he doesn't have to

be as careful as Batman doesn't have to

be as smart as Batman because it's

Superman so so so this is this is what

this is this sort of the moniker that we

applied to ourselves so so anyway I'll

just tell you this quick story here

before right before I wrap this thing up

cuz I could spit I got spin class here

in about an hour so so we're at this

we're at this we're at this rooftop

we're at this rooftop farm and we see

this girl we see you Lois and you know

when we tell the story we always call

her you know we all we always call her


and so we clink our glasses we said may

the best cock win so you know I was up

first you know be me me being the mere

mortal at all so I sat next to her and

I'll actually tell you guys what um

I'll actually show you picture of that

night I'll actually show you guys the

picture of that night the next time I'm

on the air in the beginning of the show

when it says TS our live will start in

just a minute you'll see on the rent

you'll see my blue pill Donovan then

you'll see red pill Donovan there's a

picture where I've got my customary red

shirt on and I'm between two girls that

are kissing me on both cheeks the one on

my left is Lois so anyway so I sat next

to her and I start you know striking up

a conversation with her as soon it will

with her her friends as soon as the

subject of age came up right I knew was

too I knew it was time to go in for the

kill she asked me how old are you and

it's just so cool how you can control

girls with what you do so she asked me

how old I am

which means that she expected me to ask

how old she was so I was going to give

her the answer that would both turn her

on and force her to use the same answer

this is next level game stuff anyway so

she says well how old are you I said

well how old do I look she's like I

don't know 33 34 I said well I didn't

even acknowledge it I said how old are

you knowing exactly what her response

would be predictably she said how old

look I looked at her for a second I said

I don't know 38 she said oh my god dude

dude her jaw hit the floor her eyes

twinkled with intrigue right and she's

hit me on the chill did you thank you

all I can't believe you just said that

guys she dude she delivered every word

with a smile now her friends had similar

reactions with their hands over there

about dude again no one had ever talked

to her in this way like she had a bunch

of ugly friends they'd never seen

they've never seen such boldness with a

guy so I you know I kind of leaned over

you know I kind of smirk to my homeboy

who raised his drink you kind of raised

this drink it with an expression that

said all right Touche you're in there

basically asshole game was Lois's

drugged and dude the more that I threw

at her the more I like dude she said to

me on multiple occasions she says you're

such a dick but that's why I like you to

which I replied and you fucking loved it

Mike didn't oh my god it was extreme

asshole game so later on in the set like

later on in my later on when I was

trying to hit on her I actually upped

the ante a little bit I picked up my

phone and I purposely started scrolling

through a text through a text thread

from a girl who has sending me naked

pictures every few dude this was fucking

poetic was great everything was

everything just the line so I had this

girl that I was fucking on the side

sending me naked pics so I picked the up

pulled out my punishment rye to hide it

from her I'm just scrolling up she

couldn't help but take a look she says

is that your next conquest said it would

you know all smartass Mike my responses

and maybe if she plays her cards right

right dude guys listen her arousal was

palpable again there's a but there was a

blonde sitting on sitting on my other

side again I can show you guys the

picture but that allowed me to sort of

use the push/pull game with you know to

perfection I'd make a little

conversation with the blonde you know

just completely ignore Lois and then

turn back to her and then sort of neg

her into submission

so it was Lee after after a little while

my homeboy actually had his phone out

and he's taking pictures of the both

girls kissing my cheeks and of course

you guys can see those pictures as well

I had this girl eating out of my hands


like dude like I like she would have she

had like a drink or whatever the fuck oh

that's dude I would just drink out of

her drink without asking I would just

grab her drink and just take a sip and

she was shocked when I did it but guess

what she offered zero resistance not

that time were the next few times I did

it I would tell her to I'd be like hold

my drink I'm gonna go to the

through every listen and every time I

did it okay

every time I told her to pull out her

phone to take a picture she dude she did

it without hesitation she never

hesitated to to to comply okay so now so

basically now it was my friend's turn

and he immediately went to his strong

suit which was physical escalation so

long story short you know we kept going

back and forth hitting on her and as the

night to one she ended up choosing him

so so yeah that's just that's just kind

of that goes and again I ran airtight

game but again because all things being

equal well you know most girls this girl

isn't even white most women most women

prefer white guys this is how this is

this doesn't mean that I'm saying black

men are less valuable than white men

this is just strictly within the context

of the sexual marketplace white guys are

at the top of the sexual food chain man

that's just all there is to it oh my god

yeah yeah talking about Megan Marvel

some are do bajas says Donna yes I

believe that you're 19 samarth I believe

trust me I believe that you're 19

believe me


no shit Miami J Miami J says the article

about that biggest night is the one my

ex-girlfriend sent me through which I

found the red pill how about that how

about that

yeah yeah it's dude it's it's a great

article I think it's called oh god I

forget what the articles called but it's

called something about my night in Vegas

it's on returning Kings

etc etc




whoa whoa wait a minute wait a minute

wait a minute

so samarth says he got a vasectomy at 19

all right well good for you men

freelancers I smell a whopper we all

right well whatever I'll let you guys

settle that amongst yourself

there it is yes timeless truths about

game from my weekend in Vegas that dari

Wow good find there Miami J good find

there well gentlemen that is gonna do it

for this edition of TS are alive again

like I said we we still got a few bugs

to work out here you know we got you

know the chat needs work like like sharp

assist says but listen all in all I

think this is I think this was a good

first-time show you know we got we got

plenty of views and and don't worry I'm

listen I am listen I'm recording this

I'm recording this podcast as we speak

so this is not going up on any public

platform for those of you interested in

watching or listening to the replay it

will be on patreon thanks for listening

guys I will see you right here tomorrow

on donovan sharp comm for episode 261

thanks for watching



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