7 words of wisdom that are complete bullshit (Ep. 280)

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"What goes around comes around!" Bullshit. "Karma" and other bullshit axioms we've been raised to believe to be the gospel truth are hurting Men. Blindly giving credence to these sayings simply because they've been recited for generations is foolhardy.


There are many aphorisms that are patently false but I'm going to break down the 7 most prevalent. 


3 maxims men should stop believing (Return Of Kings article)

Why Karma doesn't exist

Trump 'living proof' karma doesn't exist


a woman never belongs to you it's

adjusting your turn you lost your edge

she lost the traction for you it's how

it works what you think she was gonna do

tell you she cheated men cannot afford

to get complacent and relationships get

your fat ass off the couch start lifting

weights and learn game you're welcome

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things done at a sharp go to donovan

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watch the show well let's go ahead and

get to it guys back in my early 20s I

was invited to a meeting my really

really good friend of mine right he said

it's a lucrative business opportunity so

I figured what the hell

right I mean I'll go and see what this

is about I've always had a little bit of

an entrepreneurial spirit even in my

even in my early 20s no problem well of

course it turned out that this was

another pyramid scheme being peddled by

some fake celebrity or some low-level

high roller who had given up his

seven-figure income to pursue this


opportunity to become rich financially

independent and be my own boss

we've all heard of these at some point

in Our Lives these pyramid schemes

anyway the one thing that stuck out to

me aside from of course the terrible

acting and the fake applause from the

audience were all of the slogans and

acronyms this dude was using he was

throwing these acronyms and slogans out

like every 30 seconds and every one of

these bullshit acronyms he threw out

made these people even more excited to

throw their money away while

simultaneously making fools out of

themselves in front of their families

and friends like they were excited to do

this stuff for example the word poor was

a Khurana mised as passing over

opportunities repeatedly as if to

somehow implicate or imply that the

reason people were poor was because they

didn't they didn't get involved in

pyramid schemes

unlike the brilliant people who happened

to be at that meeting and for the low

price of $599 could change their lives

even though I wasn't as hip to the

script as I am now I could sniff out a

hustle a mile away

Josh bar my friend I am on the air for

those of you guys who were on the

Instagram side you guys know once I go

on air I am NOT bringing you on the

camera it is not that kind of party Josh

bar please do not do that again

I'm not bringing you on camera anyway

obviously I didn't sign up for that

bullshit proposition but you know

thinking back on that night made me

realize that there are quite a few

slogans that we as a people have

accepted as gospel truths for no other

reason but that we've heard them our

entire lives but if you break them down

and really think of I mean really think

about I'm almost line by line

a lot of them we find don't really make

much sense and some are even patently

false now we've all heard expressions

like beggars can't be choosers and

better late than never since we were

kids right these these things have been

around forever now while there is truth

in some of these things there are quite

a few that are complete bullshit more

importantly is what a lot of men don't

realize is that these sayings are

holding them back as men and will

continue to do so until they actually

see them for what they really are and

eliminate them from their thought

process but here's the thing guys what

most of these things have in common

is that females accept these as hard and

fast truths regardless of context or

circumstance that fact alone gentlemen

should set off alarm bells because we're

raised to believe that women are

infallible right because we're raised to

believe that women are infallible we

dismissed that basic instinct not to put

our trust any woman's intellect or

rationale now believing in bullshit

sings because they make sense link we

stick linguistically or poetically

that's par for the course for this this

is just what they do this is actually

one of the easiest way to hack a woman's

brain and make them believe anything if

you give anything in acronym or some

sort of ironic poetry that

simultaneously strokes a female ego

they'll believe anything doesn't matter

what it is you see it in advertising all

the time the ridiculous memes they post

but again we expect this from women but

we as men we have the ability to see

through this bullshit and make up our

own minds the problem is that we're not

so I'm gonna give you guys tonight I'm

gonna give you guys seven of the most

prevalent words of wisdom that are

absolute complete bullshit here we go

we're going to tack the first one


the notion of karma and of course I'm

using air quotes now another variation

of this particular fallacy is what goes

around comes around

now this particular Maxim states that if

you are a good person if you do right by

people and live a good life then you

will be rewarded with a good life and

good things will happen to you on the

other side of that coin if you are a bad

person and do bad things you will live a

terrible life and bad things will happen

to you because of karma now the reason

this proverb is untrue is because

gentlemen there's no such thing as Karma

there are many many people in this world

who do good things continually but they

get shit on my life no matter how much

good they do life continues to kick them

square in the balls we see it we listen

we see it all the time this incidentally

enough is what gave birth to the phrase

no good deed goes unpunished we've all

heard that right well if what goes

around really did come back around if

there really was such a thing as this

cosmic force that keeps everything in

balance and rights all wrongs and


then good deeds would most certainly not

go unpunished

now there is no greater example that

shines a light on the erroneous 'no

sconce eped of karma than the state of

today's sexual marketplace that's right

guys listen all of this has red pill

implications and connotations we as men

are told that the better we treat women

the better they treat us if we're loyal

to them then they are loyal to us if

you've had any experience with women at

all then you know that there is no such

thing as Karma in fact it's quite the

opposite because most women respond more

favorably to poor treatment from men

unappreciative disrespectful and

outright abusive men both verbally and

physically those guys enjoy more success

with women than men who are respectful

accommodating gentlemanly and provide

what goes around comes around is also a

statement that people cling to in order

to cope with a wrong that's been done to

them right so if a girl cheats on a guy

he'll keep repeating what goes around

comes or I went to himself to make him

feel better about the fact that she's

getting pounded by someone other than

him and the fact that she brought end

the fact that she cheated on him women

use Karma

on the other hand for as an excuse for

bad behavior that will fuck their

boyfriends bed

friend talk it up to Karma because he

was so really to me the other night so

he deserves at hashtag Karma now some

guys might think well would a bow to

Jason Donovan he got away with murder

but he went to jail for like a decade

wrong Oh Jay went to jail because he

trusted the wrong people who and he

allowed those people to lead him into a

trap had he exercised better judgment he

would not have spent he would have spent

the last nine years in Las Vegas up to

his eyeballs in women and cocaine

instead of cleaning prison toilets in

Lovelock Nevada Nevada now don't get me

wrong guys I am a firm believer that for

every sequence there is indeed a

consequence if you drive drunk enough

times you're eventually gonna get caught

you're either eventually gonna get

caught or you're gonna kill yourself or

somebody else if you work hard at your

crap you'll get better but the

difference between that and karma is

that these are things you have direct

control over but if you screw someone

over or you get screwed over whatever

happens after that has little to do with

what you did or with what you did or

what got done to you guys shit happens

people get away with murder and other

terrible things and people suffer

terrible things when they've done mostly

good in their lives that's all there is

to it

men who believe in karma are weak-minded

lazy fucking cowards they'd rather let

the universe handle things because

they're too fucking scared to handle it

on their own by taking control of their

own lives if you are watching on

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one six six six six 9 9 6 8 let's

quickly go to the chat see what you guys

are talking about here Theo says exactly

the girls who gave me the most attention

were the ones I barely spoke to

absolutely absolutely this is why we

know there's no such thing as karma it

if if there were if there was no other

proof that there was no such thing as

karma no other proof the only listen the

only thing you would have to do the only

place you would have to look to see that

there really isn't such a thing as karma

is the dating market the the worst you

treat women the better they treat you

though the the the the better you treat

women the worst they treat you it's

listen man this is this is the way of

the world this is what proves it what

goes around comes around bitch please

dude there are bitches out here cheap

dude there are bitches out here who have

cheated on every boyfriend they've ever

had all through their 20s and they're

married and gainfully employed that's

just how it is just how it is all right

let's see who else we got here

sharp assist has been on hold with the

power company for 45 minutes starting to

get really ain't ya exactly calling the

power company sometimes is like calling

the so it's like calling the DMV

certainly I certainly I certainly would

not recommend it I would not I certainly

would not recommend it alright excellent


good to have you guys in here tonight

good to see you all in the towers five

one six six six six nine nine six eight

is the number to call if you've got a

question or a comment let's continue

number two if you don't stand for

something you will fall for anything

now this is a huge one in the black

community no one no one really knows

where this particular saying started or

what it means but my guess is that

someone said it during a conversation

and because it makes sense in an inverse

poetic way it kind of stuck kind of like

internet memes if you can't handle me at

my worst you don't deserve me at my best

that makes absolutely no sense what

makes you think your best is worth

dealing with your worst right men

shouldn't have to handle women so that

makes no sense right handle me at my

best yet blah blah blah anyway the fact

is is that there are a lot of people who

don't really stand for much of anything

these are selfish people who are only in

it for themselves and are always asking

what's in it for me and all when they

survey a situation they think okay well

I might want to get involved with this

but what's in it for me

now this particular breed of human is

normally fairly financially true they're

extremely calculated and only look out

for themselves and maybe a small group

of people that are closest to them but

the characteristic that defines these

people that most is that they are

impossible to get over on you can't scam

these people guys they see right through

the bullshit and are highly skeptical of

everything meaning what they don't fall

for anything again guys just because

something sounds great lyrically or has

ironic polarity

you say it out loud stand fall doesn't

mean it's true

and this particular axiom is a prime

example number three

you gotta give respect to get respect

false respect gentlemen is earned it's

not given you know the funny thing is

99% of the mouths I've heard this come

out of or female and as we all know

females these days aren't really good

for much of anything outside of sex so

it stands to reason they say this all

the time knowing full well that they

don't really possess qualities or

characteristics worthy of the respect

that they demand something else to

consider is that men who disrespect

women seem to get the most respect from

them crazy how that works right and

consider this women are confusing

respect with liking someone just because

you don't like someone doesn't mean you

don't respect him a lot of people out

here guys hate their bosses but they

respect them yeah but he only respects

his boss because he's just boss he

didn't do anything to earn it uh yeah he

did he rose through the ranks and became

a fucking boss he earned that title

meaning he earned that respect just

because you didn't sign off on it

doesn't mean he doesn't have it

you don't just all of a sudden decide oh

yeah you know III that guy has earned my

respect no no no no he he he listen it's

it's got to be nonverbal just because

you didn't sign off on well you know he

has my law never said I give him respect

nigga that doesn't mean that he doesn't

have your respect same with women I

don't respect men who hit women yeah you


if your man put hands on you and for the

record I do not endorse or condone

hitting a woman but if a man puts hands

on a woman he earns her respect she

might not like him he might go to jail

he might catch a felony charge but okay

she'll isn't she definitely doesn't like

getting hit but she definitely respects

him you wanna know how I know because

she won't disrespect him after that

now Donovan that sphere yes sweetheart

that is fear and respect and fear go

hand-in-hand if you fear someone you

respect them you might not want to but

you do so the next time a woman utters

this particular falsehood ignore her

because she probably respects the men


disrespect or the most number four don't

be so hard on yourself now to be fair

this isn't completely false

right there are times in situations

where people can be much harder on

themselves than they need to be right

which can be a hindrance on one's

progress but once again guys this is

another slogan mostly used by women and

the reason for this is that they make

terrible decisions and engage and stupid

and irresponsible behavior almost daily

a chick gets fucked and Chuck for the

third time this week

don't be so hard on yourself mr. Wright

is out there somewhere you just gotta

keep looking a woman gets fired for

missing too many days don't be so hard

on yourself that job was never right for

you anyway your boss had it in for you

a woman's kid gets kicked out of daycare

because of bad behavior don't be so hard

on yourself you're a great mom while

it's important not to beat yourself up

for too long over something it's equally

important to hold yourself accountable

being hard on yourself is just being

honest with yourself as men we have the

ability to say I fucked up because I

fucked up and that's that and move on

females have two hamster they have to

rationalize whatever they can to sleep

at night they can't wrap their minds

around the fact that they might have

just fucked up the most successful men

in the world guys are extraordinarily

hard on themselves and almost live in a

constant state of malcontents such as

the mindset of a dominant male kick and

life's ass number five blood is thicker

than water this is another big one in

the black community blood is thicker

than water

the loose definition of that means that

you should always put family first

because they are your blood but anyone

over the age of 20 knows that family

members will fuck you over quicker than

people not related to you by blood and

I'm sure a lot of you guys can speak to

personal experiences now this particular

saying is usually used when one family

member is trying to borrow money or to

keep you around or any other it any

other number of schemes or things

they've got up their sleeves

I'm not suggesting that it's used in

this way all the time but I've seen and

heard this way too much not to include

it on this list yes gentlemen blood is

thicker than water physically but it has

nothing to do with what it means further

just because you're a lady to someone by

blood does not oblige you to favor them

guys if a family member has fucked you

over multiple times and one of your best

friends has not you'll gravitate toward

your best friend as a matter of survival

and common sense

number six you can't always judge a book

by it's cover I remember back I was 18

or 19 years old and I was driving to the

store with my youngest brother who's six

years younger than I am and we saw this

dude driving around we saw him pull up

in this in this tricked-out

gold acura legend had these big shiny

chrome rims you know he pulls into the

gas station well another dude came out

of the store came out of the convenience

store leaned into the into the window

for a few seconds they look like they

exchanged something and he left I

remember saying to my brother jokingly

man I'm in the wrong business right

implying that hey I should be selling

drugs and my brother said and my brother

said well how do you know what he does

he could be a doctor I calmly said maybe

but would you trust him if he were your

doctor he fell silent right and shrugged

his shoulders in agreement he knew I was

right the fact of the matter is guys as

we all judge people by the way they look

and act a man in a suit who is

well-spoken gets treated better than a

man and tattered clothes who sounds like

he's from the hood guys women who are

dressed modestly modestly are looked

upon with more respect than women who

are dressed as sluts more respectfully

women are just as slut as let's get more

attention than women who are not but

that respect or or that attention is not

respectful attention now again it should

come as no surprise that females that

that that that females who spew this

garbage obviously far more than males

are the biggest hypocrites when it comes

to judging books because they dismiss

men as potential suitors based solely on

the way he looks dresses acts and speaks

now guys listen this isn't a bad thing

because their biological hard drives are

programmed to weed out weak low value

males if the man dressed in tattered

clothes approaches her and tries to

strike up conversation she's got every

right to dismiss him this is just how it

works but here's the thing the pendulum

swings both ways gentlemen if the high

value man in a suit sees a fat Slaven Li

unfit woman in his presence he quickly

makes the judgment that she has no

discipline that she is unattractive and

would make a steerable significant other

as her hover tells him everything he

needs to know about her within the

context of a sexual relationship further

this so-called word of wisdom this diss

reeks of social justice warrior

droppings they would have us believing

that abandoning common sense and

personal sensibilities would make the

world a better place even when they're

the first to lock their doors when they

see a dude with sleeve tattoos wearing a

hoodie walking down the street I blame

this on what I like to call outlier TV

that I talked about this before there's

a show called called Grey's Anatomy it

is one outlier after another the head of

surgery is a short fat black woman who

is married to a tall good-looking black

man head of surgery

all of the head doctors are women it's

dude it is just one outlier after

another it's unbelievable

well don't judge a book by it's cover if

I see a short fat black woman dude I

would bet my life on the fact that she's

probably not the head of surgery

somewhere but because you see it on TV

well then it must be true it must mean

listen I'm sure that there's a fat short

black woman who's the head of surgery

somewhere but that ain't the norm that

is the outlier there's another TV show

called the resident probably the best

medical show on TV and quite a while

this also deals this dealt in an outlier

situation give me quick synapses so a

homeless looking woman kind of wanders

into the ER she's her hair's messed up

she smells bad her clothes her tattered

she looks at she looks like she was

homeless and they decide to take her in

well the head of surgery says no we

don't want to take her and she obviously

doesn't have insurance

like we're not gonna do this so of

course you know the the female nurse

wants to help her out well listen we got

to do this we got to do this undercover

to make sure that we get her the help

that she needs

anyway you know they make her all better

well during that show one of the other

doctors recognized the purse that this

homeless girl had she said this is a

hundred and forty thousand dollar purse

who is this girl after some digging they

found out that she was the daughter of

some Billy of some Texas billionaire who

had just wandered in off the street

so then the doctor who had made the

judgment that listen we don't want to

treat this woman because she probably

doesn't have insurance they said see

this hundred forty thousand oh that bad

she's the daughter of a billionaire you

can't host judge a book by its cover and

of course because it's TV

he looked ashamed like no you know I

guess I guess in the future every person

who looks homeless will get what will

get unbelievable medical care because

we're going to assume that they are the

air or the heirs of a billion-dollar

fortune now are there people out there

who are more than meets the eye sure

guys listen guys listen there are people

out there who are well-off financially

but live a modest lifestyle and men who

know all the pickup lines but couldn't

pass such a test even if they knew it

was coming but those are the exceptions

to the rule and as we all know the

exception never makes the rule so can

you always judge a book by it's cover no

but you sure as shit can most of the

time number seven the grass isn't always

greener on the other side back where I

lived in Vegas

my best friend from college used to come

and visit me him and his wife used to

come and visit me every summer now back

in the day when we were in college dude

he was more dude he was more red pill

than anyone I knew

dude he treated girls like absolute

dogshit and guys they fucking loved him

for it of course

he got married right out of college and

it did not take his it did not take his

wife long to not only civilize him but

to get fat so she attained him

long story short guys she turned him

into a sniveling blue pill beta and no

time flat and every

I am we all got together the vise she

has on his balls get squeezed tighter by

the second like you could see it

happening with his appearance his body

language etc needless to say she didn't

really like me very much because I

represent the life that he can have

without her he would listen he was

headed for my lifestyle I was headed for

his I don't know how that God Miss could

mixed up right I'd seen pictures of her

back when she was hot okay great but

you're fat now juice ain't worth the

squeeze I mean anyway any time I would

tell them a story about this pic or that

that I was fucking I would always notice

that she would shoot him a glance that

has this the grass that isn't always

greener on the other side look written

all over her face now this particular

falsity sounds as though the grass isn't

greener on the other side it's almost as

though it was specifically designed to

keep blue pill men unaware of how

awesome his life would be if he had if

he takes the red pill as if giving

feminism the finger getting fit saving

money learning game fucking beautiful

women is a bad alternative to being

married to a fat bitchy female who's

gonna divorce rape you the minute she

gets the seven-year inch now in a red

pill context the grass is always greener

on the other side the red pill lifestyle

is far more gratifying than living the

blue pill lifestyle if the matrix and

men here know this very well

yes guys sometimes a new situation isn't

all it's cracked up to be and yes

sometimes sometimes it'll burn you to

venture out into what you believe to be

greener pastures but there's another

proverb that flies in the face of this

one that every man should internalize

fortune favors the bold got a few bonus

false got a few bonus falsehoods you

can't love someone unless you love

yourself now I'm not sure where this one

came from but I bet the farmers probably

cleaned by a woman women gentlemen who

are notoriously insecure and are utterly

incapable of loving themselves for a

number of

seasons fall in love all the time dude

women hate them dude you get fucked by

enough cocks you start to hate yourself

these bitches fall in love all the time

my guess is that they probably use this

bullshit expression when breaking up

with a guy with the typical it's not

even to me right either way self-love

isn't required to express or feel love

and they fucking know it

it's bullshit shout out to Miami Jay

making it to the towers security

wouldn't let him in

I said he's cool he's cool age ain't

nothing but a number

here's another bonus one this is funny

age doesn't matter to females when

they're underage and fucking men in

their late 20s early Thursday in early

30s or when they're passed the wall and

embracing the Cougar lifestyle but when

they see a man that they want dating

younger hotter tighter versions of

themselves they're always the first ones

to call him a pedophile typical don't

put too many irons in the fire a man

should never stop looking for ways to

improve himself and better his situation

now using myself as an example I do a

podcast right I was practicing Brazilian

jiu-jitsu I lift I do spin class I write

at one point I was looking to get my

helicopter license now listen don't get

me wrong a man does have to take time to

rest and recharge his batteries but so

long as he masters the time of the

Masters the art of time management and

takes advantage of his downtime he can

have as many irons in the fire as he

wants don't let anybody tell you

different here's the last bonus one the

squeaky wheel gets the grease

another falsehood used by women when

complaining about what they're not

getting rather than go about getting his

attention the right way by losing weight

being kind acting feminine and taking

pride in her personal appearance women

are taught that bitching and complaining

all the time is the best way to get what

they want from us they'd rather bitch

and gripe and moan about the promotion

they didn't get instead of I don't know

working hard and earning it

now like I said at the top of the

broadcast guys there are plenty of

Proverbs out there that do make sense

never bite off more than you can chew

think before you speak those two come to

mind but it would behoove men it would

be to a man's advantage to stop and take

a look at the slogans and the mantras

we've been privy to our entire lives

break them down and decide for ourselves

if there's any truth to them just

because it's clever or poetic or makes

sense economically or rhymes doesn't

make it true guys a man should never

believe everything he hears or sees

leave that shit the females listen they

can do all that shit all they want to

now again it's important to keep in mind

that there are shards of truths embedded

in some of these conjectures that we

hear albeit very minimal but we should

always be keenly aware that most

conventional wisdom that comes from a

culture steeped in feminism is going to

be extremely damaging to men just like

the ridiculous

happy wife happy life bullshit that we

hear so the next time you hear one of

these so-called words of wisdoms guys

take a moment and really think about

what it says and decide for yourself

whether or not it benefits you as a man

that's a question you should always ask

yourself if you do this enough you'll

see that most of the time they probably

do not guys be sure to tune in this

Saturday June 23rd at 9 a.m. Eastern 6

a.m. Pacific for the latest edition of

the red man group and DeAndre Aten just

went number one overall in the NBA Draft

good for him it'll be hosted by Richard

Cooper of entrepreneurs and cars that

just had him on the show a couple days

ago the panelists of this discussion

will include Richard Cooper of

entrepreneurs and cars

it will include psychologist dr. Shaun T

Smith who is the author of the

best-selling book the tactical guide to

women it will also include one of the

most influential mgtow youtubers turd

flinging monkey it will also include

Rollo Tomassi of course author of the

revolutionary rational male series

and of course your man Donovan sharp

guys we will be engaging in the very

first debate of its kind MIG tau versus

the red pill and listen this is going to

be huge guys

the MiG tile community and the red pill

community appear to be diametrically

opposed on a lot of things and both

sides are steadfast in their beliefs but

there are a lot of misunderstandings on

both sides that need to be cleared up

now don't get me wrong I'm a hardcore

red pillar and I will never call myself

a Big Town and the main reason is that

big tiles have a reputation for being

nothing but angry losers who live in

their mothers basements eat Cheetos and

play video games for 18 hours a day they

have a reputation for swearing off any

and all relationships with women be at

marriage dating fuck-buddies even

one-night stands they they want nothing

to do with pursuing women sexually the

stereotype is that mix house have

actively decided not to pursue women

romantically and that's the main reason

I'll never call myself a mig towel but

i've been on record several times saying

that not all mig towels are created

equal the bottom rung mig towels are the

ones who have this loser in cell chino

dusted finger reputation now me

personally i know quite a few minkowski

crush pussy day-in day-out modern life

day dating who lives in tokyo japan

black mastic speaks etc etc I don't

think alpha male strategies is a mig

towel but either way that's the reason

we're having this debate we're gonna

clear all the misconception and all of

the miss person or all of the miss miss

communications and all the misperception

it is my assertion that the red pill

probably has more in common with mig

towels than we realize by the same token

we are all we are also going to debate

the fundamental differences in our

belief systems because regardless of our

commonalities there are absolutely

differences in our mindsets and we're

gonna debate those differences so this

is gonna be a great red man group

probably one of the best ones we are

we're gonna have to date so tune in this

Saturday 9:00 a.m. Eastern 6:00 a.m.

Pacific on Richard Cooper's channel

entrepreneurs and cars where we will


be taking live calls on air alright

let's see let's check the chat here

Miami Jay finally get in here Miami Jays

usually one of the one of the one of the

first guys here getting ready to win the

showdown guys if you guys want to call

and give me your thoughts five one six

six six six nine nine six see if you

want to get on the show tell me what's

on your mind Captain Crunch 420 says

remind me reminds me of that bum

character from the old TV Night Court no

one found out that he was a rich man but

he had mental illness right exactly

exactly a mental illness until he was

dead exactly exactly

Miami Jay says house is probably the

only medical show that is ever worth a

damn listen I would agree but you get

listen you gotta check out you gotta

check out the resident dude there are

red pill troops and that motherfucker

all over this there's some there's some

SJW bullshit but I'm gonna tell you what

man it like dude it keeps it 100% real

man like you've got doctors in there

making decisions on whether or not to

treat patients based on whether or not

they have insurance this is what really

goes on and I don't want to give away

any spoilers but the bad guy in the

first season was a woman like it well

it's a man one of them was a man but the

really bad guy was a woman dude she was

fucking terrible

she was dude she was treating cancer

patients who didn't really have cancer

and and she is she indirectly killed a

patient and set up another nurse to take

the fall it was unbelievable you guys

gotta check that out I do agree with you

until the resident I'm not saying that

the resident is better than house

because house is the best like there's

no question about it but I'm gonna tell

you what man the resident is not too far

behind I'm looking forward to season two

Theo wants to know is Californication a

red pill show I don't really know I've

never seen it yeah I don't know I don't

know I've never watched that before

Miami Jake says you won't find them

young Theo most TV shows like 99.9% are

filled with liberal bullshit man I'm

telling you this is how it is it's hard

to find red pill TV shows brother I'm

trying to tell you Sophia says

Californication is about a womanizer but

he has a girl and a kid he loves he's

just on break so he's always sleeping

with other women all the time

all right whatever Miami J giving us

this giving us the scoop here says the

girl I am grooming to be my main chick

got me a free three-day crew she's

investing in me very nice very nice get

your consults gentlemen he says told her

to make sure we are back by Sunday night

to catch TSR prime time oh I love it

that's great Oh Rob Cruise just dude hit

the nail on the head here's another

bullshit axiom oh my god Rob Cruise

comment of the night god only helps

those who help themselves oh my god that

is 100% true like you have these new

Christians who say well if there's a God

then why does he allow bad things to

happen or if there's a God why am I

going through financial strife and

people who are in the Christian

community always hit him with this God

has a plan or god helps those who helps

them who help themselves well how do I

help myself well go out and put out job

applications well here's the thing if

you put out job applications you get a

job if you get a job you make money you

make money you pay bills right get out

of here with that nonsense very very

good Rob excellent man dude I'm hating

cuz I should have put that one on the

list very good one god helps those who

help themselves oh my god this is

unbelievable oh that was great that was

good comment of the night there Rob

Cruise man

Theo says I think McDowell is about

focusing yourself focusing on yourself

rather than women but if women come your

way you can smash but you don't need to

keep them around

Theo you're wrong that's the red pill

lifestyle well if you know it's

interesting what a lot of big towels see

and this is a misperception that I'm

definitely going to I'm definitely gonna

I'm definitely gonna point out is that

most men find the red pill can most men

find the red pill and the MiG tile

community because of heartbreak or

sexual frustration because of a woman

that has wronged them nobody finds the

red pill if they go bro

nobody finds the red pill if they get

fat nobody finds the red pill if they

have to file bankruptcy no people who

find the red pill people who find the

manosphere are going through some

bullshit with women this is why they

find it and they have two choices they

can either get better with women which

is what the red pill endorses or they

can completely check out and not deal

with women at all which is presumably

what demag tell lifestyle is all about

but again I know migt aus who crush

pussy on the regular and these guys

clearly identify themselves as

McDowell's but they you know but they're

all about crushing pussy so you know

there are people out there who say well

Muto's who've just completely checked

out with women no not all of them so I

think like I said I think there are a

lot of common misperceptions about mgtow

is out there that we're definitely gonna

get straight but yeah Thea what you just

described was the red pill

initially the the initially the purpose

for living the red pill life is to

become better with women but the more

you learn about the red pill the more

that you begin to realize wait a minute

like the red pill is not all about women

yes women are great but live if you're

living the true red pill life at some

point you begin to understand that

having access to beautiful women is

merely a side effect of the red pill

lifestyle from my understanding the MiG

Tao the make Thai lifestyle they want

the bottom rung make Thai lifestyle they

want nothing to do with women no

interaction at all so we're good like I

said we're at we're definitely gonna get

that straight

see listen Theo nails it again man he

says uh and in cells take it as an

excuse to be in in so only see okay so

cap crunch 420 says for me MIG tile is

about not getting validation from women

you get them by self-improvement yeah

again this is here's the thing the red

pill teaches that to write like again

just because the red pill is that this

is exactly what the red pill is about

like this this is this is exactly what

we teach in the red pill no you're not

getting your validation from women you

get my self-improvement

but by living that red pill life and and

getting validation from yourself you're

a much less thirsty like if you're like

if you're out on a meet up with a woman

and you're just doing things on your own

and not trying to get validation from

the woman you in essence become more

attractive to her so again I think the

red pill and the MiG tile community I

think I think there are a lot of things

we have in common that we're not aware

of internal validation absolutely and

faeo nails it and in cells take it as an

excuse to be an N cell I I definitely

agree with that sharp assist has gotten

off the phone with the power company

says that call suck but save me a

shitload of money good stuff


ah yes Mad Men is also a very good very

good red pill show excellent excellent

excellent five one six six six six nine

nine six eight is the number to call if

you want to get in on the show let's go

to the phone lines

area code three one two you are on live

with Donovan what's on your mind hey

how's it going doesn't don't I'm fan

good good doing good what's up yeah I

was just thinking about something I'm in

the middle of the career change right

now I've been in security for the past

seven years and I'm trying to get an IT

and one thing I notice is that 99.9% of

all the HR people I deal with our women

so I it's pretty I pretty much come to

the conclusion that I and everybody else

is going to have to learn game anyway

because right now it seems like you're

gonna have to learn game just steam and

get a job that's exactly right get a job

you can't eat that's exactly right

then we know you want to happen that

listen that that is one listen that is

100% correct and it's interesting my

girlfriend my girlfriend has a job and

the Human Resources person is a man that

is the listen dude I've heard of human

resource people all over the place that

is the very first time I've ever seen or

heard of a male human resource person

personnel but just like you said 99 dude

99.9% of human resource people are

females they literally get to decide

whether you get a job or not now you're

obviously a first-time caller longtime

listener tell us how you found the rib

how did you find my show how did you

find the red pill what was it a series

of events was it a was it was it an aha

moment how did you end up in this

community um basically it's the

combination of things one thing led to

another but in general I was just tired

of my life and trying to figure out you

know how to fix it and basically one

thing just led to another good good very

good excellent excellent um let me ask

you one more question before you go why

the career change so you said you've

been in security for how long how long

have you been in security um I work for

the TSA for seven years and then I had

some health issues so I had to quit and

then wiping out the job getting over the

health issues I just decided one day you

know it's time to you know get back to


so I applied for a few security jobs I

got one the first time it was funny my

first job back I um it was a man the

interview me and he liked me so much

that I got a promotion on the first day

I had just applied for security officer

in the next thing you know on my first

day is like yeah your supervisor now I'm

like uh what Wow how did that happen I

just I don't know I went in went into

the interview interviewed well we

clicked and yeah yeah just happened yeah

but um eventually because I'm in Chicago

I got tired of the same old same old I

realized I needed you know a shake-up

okay so I decided to really relocate to

Phoenix Arizona I'm in Arizona right now

very nice or Obama I've been here for

about about a month or so I had a few

offers I had to offer an IT field but

the job was too far and right now I'm

staying with my grandmother because of

health issues and you know to be closer

sure sure and I got um it took a while

because I had to apply to get my a guard

car because you have to have a a guard

card here to do security right so I've

gotten a few security job so right now

I'm just waiting to start good well good

for you this location is a it's a huge

change but listen listen I was gonna say

let me ask you let me ask you that

because I had actually I was considering

moving to Phoenix not too long ago like

I was going to relocate from Reno I was

in Vegas moved to Reno I was actually

gonna I was actually going to

I was actually gonna move to Phoenix and

I ended up out here in Philly

what is the lifestyle like what is the

level like what how is your life change

how is your lifestyle change from

Chicago to Phoenix it's got to be pretty

fucking drastic yeah it's like it's like

night and day

it was weird with my grandmother with in

the hospital when I was in her house by

herself I was kind of creeped out

because it's like super quiet here like

I don't know if you feed the pictures of

like old school like suburbs in the 50s

that's what her neighborhood looked like


right it's so quiet you could hear the

door creak and I'm used to being in the

city where there's all kinds of noises

and stuff and coming out here the

lifestyle super slow there there's a ton

of mountains around here which I'm not

used to that the illinois' flat sure and

since I picked the worst time to move

because it's the summer and I'm trying

to sign now what's worse a Chicago

winter or a phoenix summer yeah man

listen I'm not really one I'm like I

don't like cold weather

I mean I'll deal with it if I have to

obviously I'm up here in Philly Philly

winters are absolutely brutal but me I

like warm weather I lived in Vegas for I

lived in Vegas 28 years I lived in

Hawaii twice I've lived in Florida but

yeah I mean listen which is worth which

is worse Phoenix summers or Chicago

winters listen you know I'm voting for

Phoenix summers man like that that's me

maybe maybe maybe at some point you'll

decide one way or the other

but I'm telling you right now you are

going to love Phoenix Arizona I've been

there dude I've been there several times

the lifestyle

I'm the lifestyle all alone like absent

the temperature the lifestyle alone is

gonna be unbelievable dude it's only 60

degrees on Thanksgiving Day man you you

absolutely cannot beat that I appreciate

the call man good luck out there in the

602 I think that is the area code for

Phoenix good luck with IT and call him

to show anytime man thanks for calling

all right take care all right bud so

yeah so so again this guy you know took

the plunge and he decided hey listen I'm

gonna go

there I'm gonna help grandma she's

having some health issues listen he's

gonna love Chicago oh he's good he's

gonna love Phoenix PTIN at noon

Phoenix is just a better lifestyle than

Chicago any day of the week man and just

like sharp assist says listen at least

it's not human it is it is that dry heat

that's that's that's definitely how that

goes well that's gonna do it for this

edition of TS r prime time follow ad and

like me on Twitter Facebook and

Instagram again be sure to tune in this

Saturday morning 9:00 Eastern 6:00 a.m.

Pacific thanks for watching guys we'll

see you Monday

Donovan SharpeComment