8 reasons she ghosts on you after the first date (Episode 342)




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right to it we've all been on plenty of

job interviews at least those of us who

have jumped from job to job at some

point in our adult lives

now listen some of you guys are lucky

enough to have only gone on maybe two or

three interviews during your entire time

in the workforce you know you've been on

the same job or the same career for 10

15 20 plus years but for guys like me

who have spent a good part of my 20s

getting you know three or more w-2s

everywhere and you guys know what I'm

talking about

we've all been on plenty of job

interviews now some interviews you know

didn't go well you know it didn't go

well you stumble through your answers

you know the interviewer picked up on

the that you were trying to

sell to either him or her and you know

your resume didn't really stack up

against the other candidates you're

looking at the other candidate like

Danny's got more education than me he's

got more experience than me then you go

in and you screw the pooch on the

interview that's life it happens can't

win them all then there are some

interviews where you know you killed it

your answers are on point you vibed well

with the interviewer your skill set

matches exactly what they're looking for

you leave that interview think it dude

there is no way I am NOT gonna get this

job offer they have to offer me this job

I nailed it then they call you

up a couple days later and say hi mr.


unfortunately we have decided to go in

another direction but we appreciate you

applying for the job good luck with your

future employment endeavors

you get off the phone you think to

yourself how the hell did I not get that

job I did everything right I nailed the

interview my resume was rock-solid and I

thought the interviewer liked me I

thought they were gonna hire me well me

personally I've also been on the other

side of this equation I've interviewed

many many people for many many positions

but the thing is and what a lot of

people who are not in the know a lot of

people who have never been supervisors

or people who have never been in charge

of other people is that most people you

interview are more than qualified for

the positions any anybody in here who

has experience being a supervisor or a

hiring manager knows that the vast

majority of people who apply for the job

the people that you interview most of

those guys are qualified for the

positions that you're hiring for they've

got the experience they look and they

sound professional they've got a good

work history their criminal background

check and drugs drug screen came back

completely clean but when discussing

particular candidates with myself and

other decision-makers me personally and

I can only speak for myself but I think

I can speak for a lot of other hiring

managers when I say this I don't use

their measurables to make my decision

and a lot of hiring managers I really do

feel I feel like they feel the same way

especially when all of the quantifiable

qualifications are basically the same

the reason any employer goes with one

candidate over another of course

assuming that experience professionalism

and Celer acquirements are all just

about equal the reason they pick one

candidate over another is something that

we've all heard of it's called the it

factor the intangibles the things that

you can't learn the things that can't be

taught the things that can't be coached

you can have two identical candidates in

terms of qualifications but if one

candidate has a more dynamic and

gregarious personality and maybe even a

chip on his shoulder but that's the guy

that I want selling $50,000 magazine ads

not the guy who bored me out of my mind

during his interview gentlemen girls are

exactly the same way now before you guys

go crazy

first dates are not exactly interviews

not even close to be honest with you

because you are the prize to be won not

her the problem is is that she doesn't

know that she thinks that she's the

prize to be won and she conducts herself

as such but most men don't know this

either and this is one of the areas

where most men go wrong on first dates

and first meetups they either allow

themselves to be interviewed or worse

they interview the girl guys again a

date isn't an interview it's a meeting

between a man and a woman to decide if

there is mutual attraction between you

two but men these days have zero clue as

to why they keep getting ghosted on by

all these women after the first date

they go on message boards they read

dating manuals they watch

videos that give the same humdrum advice

and it never ever works now sure a girl

may keep him around for a few more

Emile's and some more validation but

after that she ghosts on him because she

finds a guy who actually understands the

purpose of the date is too sexist to

escalate sexually to see where things go

guys also fail to understand that they

the guy they have a choice to say no I

don't want a second date with this chick

no I do not want to take this chick out

they go in with the specific intent on

trying to impress her and miss mentality

is what kills attraction like the

interview they think they killed it they

think they killed the date they think

they had all the marks they think they

did all the right things he opened the

car door asked her about her hopes and

dreams revealed some vulnerability about

himself and so on and so forth but then

they're completely shocked when women

completely go stun him they go

completely off the grid you don't have

that it factor guys you don't have that

it factor that girls are looking for

that girls love now you can't ask a

woman well listen I'm having trouble

dating what exactly are you guys looking

for what is the it factor listen women

can't describe what it is

they can't describe the edge factor

because the if the it factor varies from

girl to girl but by and large they are

they are all attracted to basically the

same things there might be variation

between the two but they are generally

the same

so women can't describe what that it

factor of attraction is they can only

show you whether you have it or not and

of course when they show you it's very

obvious they make it very obvious that

you do have the it factor well

fortunately for you guys I can show you

how to get that it factor that girls are

looking for and stop them from ghosting

on you so today I'm gonna talk about

eight reasons girls ghost on you after

the first date and what to do about

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Thursday October 4th 2018 and yeah

obviously I'm a little late coming on

the air this morning had a situation

that I had to deal with and and listen

this is this is life this is just how it


but I do apologize Burnie inconvenience

I know you guys count on me to be here

at 10 o'clock so every every once in a

while life gets in the way that's just

how it is the 21 convention gentlemen is

one week away I am making my final

preparations I'm finalizing my

Beach and I now have the time and date

that I am going to be speaking I am

going to be speaking on Sunday October

14th at 10 o'clock a.m. that's Sunday

October 14th at 10 o'clock a.m. okay

good my chat okay looks like my chat

feature is now working for for my live

skirt for my live stream so if you're at

the 21 convention if you're gonna go

this year it's gonna be on Sunday

October 14th at 10:00 a.m. I believed

listen don't quote me on this but I

think I think that Anthony Johnson is

gonna be he's gonna be streaming all of

the speeches live so I and I we're gonna

get all of the details in terms of where

you can find the 21 convention speeches

where you can watch them live you listen

for definitive answers on that

definitely be sure to tune in to the

Redman group I think Anthony's gonna be

you know tying up all the loose ends as

far as the as far as the schedule goes

and as far as the as the schedule is

concerned as a matter of fact let me do

this while I have this up and again this

is tentative Anthony is at this point

he's putting the he's puttin the

finishing the the final touches on the

on the schedule I don't know I don't

know I don't know really if I should be

releasing this or not but I don't think

there's any harm in letting you guys

know letting you guys know at least what

the tentative what the tentative

schedule isn't again don't quote me on

this this is just sort of a rough draft

and Lattimore is gonna be speaking on

the first day October 11th is gonna be

at 11 a.m. so that's that's that looking

forward to that

hopefully I'm actually like I said I'm

flying in on October 12th and so I'm

gonna get there the I'm gonna get there

the day after Rollo Tomassi is also

speaking on Friday Rollo now we all get

what our Rollo gets an hour and a half

rightfully so man Rollo definitely has a

lot he's got a lot to offer for sure

Allen or Roger curry is gonna be

speaking on Saturday October 13th

along with Richard Cooper and of course

I'm gonna be speaking on Sunday October

14 so I'm gonna be speaking on the last

day and then of course I'm gonna be

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we will be taping a live version of the

red man because we are all gonna be on

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not gonna be into this any of this you

know video cameras stuffer or Google

Hangouts thing like we usually do every

Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. Eastern

7:00 Pacific that's gonna be a blast man

I could dude I cannot wait to be able to

be onstage with guys like Rollo Tomassi

Richard Cooper Anthony the dream Johnson

you know Ryan stone and those guys

listen man this is gonna be a lot of fun

definitely definitely gonna be a

privilege for me to be sure so I'm very

very very much looking forward very much

looking forward to the 21 convention

guys it is it is it is going to be very

very exciting of course we're getting

Devin all set up and ready to go Devin's

gay hairdresser is actually going to

come he's gonna make a house call and

he's coming to the house to do her hair

and to get her hair done the way I want

it done it is expensive as but it's

it's it's certainly gonna be well worth

it and listen man like I said man if you

want your girl to look good you have to

invest like this is how it goes I pay

for all of her I paid for her hairdos I

paid for her I pay for her to get her

nails done I paid for her tanning I paid

for all that stuff I like her to look a

certain way she didn't have a problem

looking a certain way for me but by the

same token if it's my idea it's my dime

I tell her all the time she's like hey

let's go to Olive Garden all right cool

your idea you're dying so if I say hey

let's go to pj willa hands you know

let's let's go to cherry hill and go to

you know pj well hands fur for wings or

something like that or you know let's go

to Geno's or Pat's in downtown Philly

I'm gonna pay so your idea your dime

that is that's usually the way to handle

that so so yeah man October 14th Sunday

October 14th at 10:00 a.m. again it's

subject to change but I think Anthony is

beginning to solidify the

the schedule in terms of the speaker so

very very much looking forward to that

Patriots versus Colts tonight on

Thursday Night Football the last couple

at Thursday Night Football games have

been really like the matchups are great

we had the Vikings Rams last week we get

the Colts Patriots tonight Julian

Edelman is back he tore his ACL and

missed all of last season then of course

he got popped for peds probably steroids

and HGH to get back onto the field he

has served his four-game suspension and

he is going to be back tonight Gronk is

probable he's questionable to probable

Gronk is always hurt he'll probably play

Josh Gordon is probably a little bit

healthier too so listen personally I

think the Patriots dynasty is probably

over but that's just me man

I learned a long time ago and I think a

lot of people have to you don't bet

against New England I remember back in


you know the Patriots got they were

embarrassed on Monday Night Football by

the Kansas City Chiefs

they got dump truck and the very next

day everyone was on a the Patriots

dynasty is over nothing lasts forever it

was fun while it lasted etc etc well

they would go on to get to three of the

next four Super Bowls and win two of


so again listen the Patriots dynasty is

closer to being over then you know

they're certainly you know a little bit

closer to the end in the beginning but

again you never know man they might

catch lightning in a bottle

you know they've got James White he's a

decent running back and it appears that

Brady's gonna have some weapons to throw

to Gronk Edelman and Josh scored if they

can get that thing together they might

be able to reel off a few victories the

Yankees beat the Oakland A's in the one

game playoff last night for all you

baseball nerds out there listen this

sets up the this sets up the the Yankees

and the Red Sox to meet each other in

the American League Division Series

listen man

the Yankees Red Sox prop for a while was

the greatest rivalry in sports

we all remember you know the oh three

ALCS you know you know Pedro Martinez

throws down Don Zimmer

of course that was all that was all

started because Manny Ramirez

overreacted to a pitch

that was up and in it was high height

the benches cleared Don Zimmer goes

after Pedro Martinez he throws into the

side oh my god I can't believe it

then of course in Game seven in x-ray I

think it was Extra Innings Aaron Boone

hit the game-winning home run to to send

the Red Sox home then of course the

Yankees would go on to lose to the to

the then Florida Marlins thanks to one

Steve Bartman but then of course we all

remember the Oh for ALCS where the

Boston Red Sox were down three games to

none the Yankees had beaten the Red Sox

in game 3 19 to 8 and they were dead and

buried and they pulled off probably the

greatest and most improbable combat one

of the most improbable and greatest

comebacks in sports history winning the

next four games to win the American

League pennant and then of course they

went on to sweep the st. Louis Cardinals

in the World Series ending their 86-year

drought so the Yankees and Red Sox

certainly have a long documented history

of rivalry I'm certainly looking forward

to that series um I don't watch baseball

as much as I used to I used to watch

where I used to be one of those nerds

that watched regular season baseball but

when the playoffs come around I watch

every game I love playoff I love playoff


I don't watch basketball much definitely

watch the playoffs because it's just

more just more entertaining there's more

of a sense of urgency Giancarlo Stanton

and Aaron judge both hit home runs they

both hit Titanic shots listen

Aaron judge and Giancarlo Stanton those

are the two strongest athletes in the


Aaron judge hit a home run that left the

ballpark at 116 miles an hour that was a

record two or three innings later or two

hours later Stanton breaks that to our

old record and it's a home run that

exits the park at 117 miles an hour hit

at 473 feet

unbelievable these guys are just these

guys are monsters listen man these guys

are so strong it could probably listen

it's my assertion that both of those

guys could probably rip a tree clean out

of the ground man so looking forward to

that series Yankees and Red Sox is

always always entertaining if you have a

question comment or a story involving

someone you know about why girls ghost

on the first date give me a call nine

one four two oh five five three five six

if you have an unrelated

question about girls game relationships

sex or anything red pill related you

guys can hit me too if you disagree with

anything I say I would strongly

encourage you guys to give me a call if

you guys will excuse me I really have to

pee I'm gonna take I'm gonna take 30

seconds to go pee guys I will be right




all right tell you what men excellent


okay yeah oh yeah yeah man it's all you

would have had to take potty breaks the

last the last couple of days of course

I'm encouraged to drink more water

because I'm in my 40s and I got to take

care of my bladder and my prostate and

all that but it is what it is

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abbreviated version again I say this all

the time but this isn't something I want

to do but again the listen the current

environment has forced me to take

measures to make sure that I can stay on

the air and those of you guys who have

watched listen and read me over the

years understand exactly why this is all

right let me let me check my chats here

see what we've got going on I'm gonna

check I'm gonna check my Twitter feed

first see what we got going on let's see

here oh wait a minute everything is good

shout out to Justin Sutton on the

Facebook side says nice new studio

appreciate it appreciate it

catch me if you can is asking me what

kind of a watch are you rocking yeah

this is the this is the a DK quadruple 7

watch I bought it in Beverly Hills back

when I lived in Vegas you know I used to

go to LA a lot bought it in Beverly

Hills be the wristband is actually

custom made I got the wristband custom

made and of course the buttons are the

buttons are bullets like I got you know

12-gauge shotgun bullet one chest or 45


you know bullets as my button so yeah

and then of course this is just my this

is my workout you know basically a

generic Fitbit but yeah yeah this this

kind of represents my style but yeah

it's an antique a7 777 the yeah TK quad

7 all right Miami J wants to know do we

want to know when Socrates's party is

not yet at least I can't I can't give

that away right now I'm gonna weigh for

anthony johnson to to make the

announcements on that might again i

think he's gonna be making a lot of the

announcements in terms of locking down

the schedule about you know the speakers

the parties the you know the heroes

dinner the meet-and-greet and all that

stuff I think a lot of that's gonna be

covered this Saturday so stay tuned for

that shout out to rob Cruz very good

sharp assists rightfully points out that

they cannot test for HGH so yeah they

must have caught Julian Edelman they

must have caught Julian Edelman on

steroids because yeah they they they

can't test for HGH which is good

PO June 3 3 1 7 on the YouTube sites as

I go stood I got ghosted a few weeks

back a few weeks ago by a chick she was

touching and seemed really interested

but ghosted after a few days of texting

calling and the ladies wonder why we

don't take them seriously right exactly

exactly catch me if you can says Donovan

you should say I'm sorry not I apologize

yeah that's cute

of course he he is referring to he's

referring to the my appearance on the

brother pill podcast yesterday very good

Johnny Bravo says how come I've seen

hoes have successful relationships when

they aren't capable of relationships

yeah hoes don't listen hos love to give

the appearance that they're having

successful relationships but those

relationships are not successful and

it's funny we all know people lie on

social media all the time oh my god I

love my boyfriend I love my husband

guess what they're using that same

account to his best friend behind

his back little girl and again social

media is not an accurate depiction of

one's life it's just not what we at

least not for the most part you guys

follow me on social media listen I'm as

raw and as real as it gets

I don't fake the funk right like listen

my girl is hot I like her I make

her dress up and stuff you guys see

pictures of that all the time you know

but especially women women love to women

love to they create false realities for

themselves on social media so the answer

to your question johnny is hoes don't

have successful relationships they are

making you think that they have

successful relationships and to be

honest with you they're really not

they're really not that convincing to be

to be quite honest with you so that's

just all this is then silver-sweet

offers his advice to poke hoon 32

Bocconi says the texting was a failure

just call and text to set up the second

date you kill attraction by using too

much verbal communication rock-solid

game advice there my friend yeah right

and and I actually talked about this

during my live pre-show Q&A; I had a guy

in there ask me ask me about texting

shitty only text religious

reasons well yes and the reason why you

should limit your virtual interaction

with a woman is because she values your

a lot she values your live attention a

lot more if you're if you're texting all

the time then she has access she has her

attention all the time but if you're the

kind of guy who only shows her attention

when you are with her she's going to

value that attention more and she's

gonna act right that's just how this is

gonna be all right let's let's take a

look at these other chats my chat

software of course is acting up on on

restream so I'm gonna see if I can

refresh that shout out to Winston wolf

good to see you in here

Niklas Agha good to see you in here of

course I've already shot out catch me if

you can but caralho 1977 says finally I

don't have to sneak around at work to

listen to your podcast ss SOB's snot

SOB's snot says all the way from South

Africa Wow

good to see you in here good to see you

in here Vanessa Bryson 87 on the Twitter

side says guys walk past without a

second look I'm not really sure what

that refers to maybe I missed something

but s if you could if you could clarify

it what you're talking about and then a

voice crew says guys walk past without a

second look I'm not really sure what you

guys are talking about with the smiley

face and all that I don't know elaborate

Vanessa if you would Michael Clements on

the Facebook side said I had one female

that will constantly set up dates and

flakes on me yeah listen

a lot of guys ask me what should I do if

I set up a first date with a girl and

she flakes on me it's the same thing you

should do if you're if your girlfriend

cheats on you there is nothing to do you

leave her alone listen don't and a lot

of guys say well what if she had a

legitimate excuse I'll put it to you

like this if a female flakes on you

after the first date don't try to set up

a second date let her do that

hey I can't make it something came up

don't tech you know don't don't don't

don't don't respond just just ghost on

her but if she text you

back and says hey look you know I'd like

to you know I'd like to maybe try again

maybe her maybe her reason was legit but

if a reason was legit and if she really

does want to meet up with you then she

is going to try she's going to try to

she's gonna try to meet up with you

again but if you try to meet up with a

girl if you try to set up a second date

with a girl after she flaked on you

she's already lost respect for you'll

flake on you again

she'll basically you jus as a back-up

plan okay well if the guy that I'm

sleeping with that I really want to be

sleeping with if he doesn't if he

doesn't make it to the second date then

if he doesn't make it to this date that

I guess I'll take this other guy out

yeah shut up - Doug very good then

silver-sweet says an experienced dater

reads everything from her body language


Johnny Bravo says being ghosted after

sex on the first date is common - so

right like dude Johnny there's nothing

to be oh my god this girl ghosted on me

after after the first date and we had

sex great awesome that leaves the door

open for you to go out and have sex with

another girl I've listened I've had many

girls flake on me after sex on the first

date I put that in the one-night-stand

category dude didn't hurt me none listen

I got what you got what you wanted I got

what I wanted that was all there is to

it all there was to it

all right let me scroll down here de

says Aaron judge turned down a football

scholarship to Notre Dame to play

baseball he made the right choice Jeff

Samardzija very very good Notre Dame

receiver Stanton he was actually there

during the Brady Quinn years and and he

decided to play baseball he is now a

mediocre pitcher for the San Francisco

Giants at least that's the last I've

heard of him and he is that he is a

below average pitcher I think and he's

signed a five-year 90 million dollar

contract five-year 90 million dollars

guys make an 18 million air for 18

million a year for being a below average

Major League Baseball pitcher he did he

wouldn't snip that kind of money in the

NFL he probably could have played in the

NFL maybe a number three guy but he

wouldn't made that kind of money in the

NFL no way no way

Vanessa Bryson says I've never ghosted

anyone not my style

yeah that's like every again

you know all girls ghost at some point

like calling yourself listen I'm ghost

it on on people before I don't believe

anything women say I've never ghost of

anyone of course you have and that's

fine and then of course women like to

say well it's funny when when I make

when I make assertions about women you

know like oh you know you've slept with

blah blah blah are you in my bed were

you there no I wasn't but I don't I

don't I don't need to catch you to have

proof right like a lot of a lot of women

use this well if he doesn't know then he

doesn't know yeah we do know we have way

too much experience with way too many

women not to know in the pantheon of

dating as far as a woman is concerned

you are guilty till proven innocent so

it's best not to make the statement po

kun says to Ben silver-sweet I feel you

it was confusing though she would text

and I'd reply but I guess I should have

known better

whatever it is what it is men let her

let her go let her go Zach Brown says

the only reason women ghosts ghosts on

you is because you're not in her looks

or physical level um women ghosts on you

for many reason for many many reasons

maybe you're not maybe listen maybe you

don't look but maybe you're not her type

maybe you're not on her physical or

looks level but there are many many more

reasons women ghosts on you we're not

talking about flaking guys we're not

talking about setting up a date with a

woman and she flakes on you we're

talking about the woman shows up to the

date you go out on the date you don't

have sex with her and she ghosts on you

that's what we're talking about Shawn

Smith says I loved the how to handle

getting caught cheating yes that was a

that was one for the ages we actually

discussed this yesterday on the on the

brother pill podcast very very good show

that we had yesterday on the brother

pill podcast you guys definitely to go

check that out on the O'Shea Duke

Jackson vlog channel we're gonna get to

the good stuff here in just a second

guys just give me just give me a few

more minutes to get through all these I

like to address I like to address all of

the all of the all of the

statements here ultra ultra gamer turbo

alpha good to see you in here says a

brother's listening on my work

yesterday's show is 100% platinum advice

keep up the great work

yeah yesterday's show good god I do so

many of these shows I don't even

remember what was yesterday's show about

it was not about how to handle getting

caught cheating um man oh my god

I'm dude I'm getting old oh my goodness

I'm getting old somebody remind me about

what yesterday's show is about I I

completely forgot chubby one coyote aka

j-dub says dude I know got with a well

known from the hood wined dined the

works his phony tactics ruined his game

and she just cheated on him by getting

married to an alpha bodybuilder while on

holiday that's funny that's funny you

should Kevin Kevin court Kevin Court

Tillett Kevin cordially says playoff

baseball is fun to watch I totally agree

Zach Brown says nowadays women love

behaving like men in the past I've never

heard about ghosting it's the it's only

men who do that no women will ghost on

you two women will absolutely ghost on

you for sure red beast says listening

from my college any advice how to deal

with mental health issues for a man yes

CA see a mental health professional

that's what you should do Ashley me cap

says Donovan will the 21 convention be

streamed I think I think so I think so

ah yes Winston wolf yes surviving your


yes surviving your first year as a red

pillow air mail yeah listen dude that

was a two and a half hour show guys I

was absolutely I was absolutely wiped

out after that show man like I was dude

I was mentally and physically drained

that show took a lot out of me but it's

a labor of love man like I like that

that was a good show definitely

definitely needed to do that but yeah

Ashley kneecaps again I'm gonna get with

Anthony and find out I'm pretty sure

that the 21 convention is gonna be

screen is gonna be screamed but we'll

see what happens we'll see what happens

XTS antiox or whatever says girls that

ghosts are uninterested the number one

most men mistake is approaching girls

that aren't enamored by you I would

disagree don't get me wrong if a girl it

listen if if a girl is not feeling you

you can you can see it but I've had on

many many girls and sometimes you're

like dude the girl just doesn't really

seem interested well guess what a girl

might be feigning disinterest as they

wait to test you right like she

might be interested but she doesn't want

to come off this thirsty so she so she

wants to make it look like she's

uninterested but she doesn't give you

the shoe away now that doesn't

necessarily mean that she doesn't like

you but that doesn't necessarily mean

that she that that she likes you but

you'd be surprised if you stay in the

set hey listen you know you seem pretty

cool like just a lot you seem pretty

cool here put your number in my phone

we'll hang out sometime

dude you'll be surprised at how many

girls that you think are uninterested

will give you their phone number and

show up for the first date and they will

you on that first day and you'll

let her know listen you seem kind of

boring when I approach you and girls and

and I don't like to be the guy that say

well girls tell me no I don't like when

guys use their I don't like when guys

use anecdotes to win an argument because

we don't know we don't know what was

said we don't know what was is well like

well the reason I'm right is because

girls have told me this but I'm just

letting you guys know that every once in

a while girls will tell me the reason

why the reason why they seem

disinterested is because they get

approached all the time you never know

man she might be interested in you but

you might be the 18th guy that

approached her that day right or she

might be touched she just might have

gotten back from the gym there's so many

other factors involved she listen and

again a lot of guys take rejection

personally sometimes a woman might be in

you just caught her on the wrong day

dude maybe she's on a period maybe she's

PMSing maybe maybe she had a bad day at

work you just never know he listed yet

but with girls with girls luck is every

bit as important as skill this is just

how it is joby Juan coyote says never

tell a woman a joke on a date make her

be the clown at the bar then refused to

find it funny unless it is actually

worth a giggle that makes sense been

sober swig says spinning plates avoids

making mind games about crashed dates

Eric Bradley says chicks that get off on

ghosting dudes be the miserable only

ones by the time they're 41 yeah I would

agree zan Teac says I disagree if your

best option to her in terms of hypergamy

she will slip up and show interest on

some level Zante ox you seem to be a

know-it-all so I'll tell you what why

don't you give me a call and we can

debate this one-on-one yeah we can

debate this one-on-one if you're the

kind of guy and then what it sounds to

me is it sounds to me like you're

looking for what we call in the sales

game a laydown right if the customer

doesn't answer the phone or if when you

approach a customer what if a customer

doesn't come in with their American

Express card out and they're goofing

they're giggling and laughing at all

their jokes that I'm not gonna try to

sell them right so if you didn't if you

decided not to approach any girl who

wasn't staring in her direction and

swirling your hair and showing all this

interest in you don't know anything

about approaching you have to approach

just because she seems disinterested

does not mean that she is not interested

right now you're showing what appears to

be an experience and you're using you

know you're using red pill talk if your

best option to her in terms of hypergamy

you sound like a new red pill guy who's

trying to go toe-to-toe with someone

who's not a new red pill guy if you

disagree don't go back-and-forth of the

chat man give me a call 911 for two oh

five five three five six you make a good

point you make a good point but you

can't wait for you not every customer is

gonna come in ready to set ready to buy

customers don't protect what they don't

have if you're with a customer on the

sales floor and I swear to god I've got

to do I've got to do a a podcast on this

how sales relates to game but customers

don't protect what they don't have so if

a customer comes into your store into

your shop on to your Carla and they're a

little bit standoffish this means they

have money and they don't want to be

swindled out of their money

well if you approach a girl and she

seems to be a little bit standoffish she

knows that she's a high-value girl

because she's pretty she's not just

gonna all of a sudden start to show

interest in you right you have to you

have you have to bring that out of her

this is her this is her defense

mechanism now sometimes you're just

gonna approach girls who don't look

interested and they're not interested

this happens but if you're waiting for

rapid-fire obvious hey look at me

approach me aisle eyes

you're never gonna pick up chicks just

all there is to it

so as antiox has conceded he says LOL

yeah you're probably right

you don't to tell me that you know to

tell me that all right enough of me

running my mouth if you are watching on

facebook or twitter via periscope come

on over to youtube to watch the rest of

the show

just search donovan sharp and you will

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audience come on over to youtube - wait

a minute come on over to youtube to

watch the rest of the program excellent

so now hang on a second let me do this

time check here what I'm trying to do

guys were you 146 what I'm trying to do

guys is a lot of guys that watch my show

they're not really here for the

commentary in the meeting they just want

to get to the meat and potatoes I

totally understand that so now I'm gonna

start doing time markers when I put when

I put these videos up on patreon I'll

let them know hey episode 342 is up by

the way if you want to skip all the

commentary skip to 41 minutes and 46

seconds so there we go so let's get to

the nitty-gritty the meat and potatoes 8

reasons she ghosts on you after the

first date number 1 you took her to a

sit-down restaurant or to a movie

gentlemen there are many things that you

should never do on a first date with a

woman in 2018 and that is to take her to

a sit-down restaurant or take her to a

movie now back in the day that was the

thing to do in the 1940s 50 60 70s and

even as recently as the 1980s yes the

proper thing to do the proper place to

go to take a girl out on the first date

is to a dinner dinner in a movie that's

that that's the classic that's the

classic date well the 2018 girls are

they're not here for that

girls get dinner and movies thrown at


all the time that's the first reason you

shouldn't do it is that everybody does

it you are going to be the same guy she

went out with last night that she didn't

sleep with heard that she didn't want to

sleep with

you're not separating yourself from

other men don't be a date to these women

be an experience if you're an

experienced women will never forget you

that's another good reason why you

should never take a girl out to a

sit-down restaurant or a movie is she

ain't earned it yet you haven't earned

it listen your looks has earned you a

couple of shots at the bar I'm gonna get

to that here in just a second the third

reason you should never take a girl to a

sit-down restaurant on a first date is

because you're gonna have the hole

you're gonna have that's the same tired

humdrum conversations the same interview

questions and we're definitely gonna get

to that a little bit later on the fourth

reason you should never take a woman to

a sit-down restaurant on a first date is

that you can't physically escalate at a

restaurant you just can't do it unless

you're sitting next to her like when

Devin and I go to restaurants we rarely

sit across from each other we sit on the

same side we're boyfriend and girlfriend

this is just that this is just what we

do and she she likes to do this because

she wants to stay close to me that's

fine I get that but if you're on a first

date with someone then there's no need

to be sitting across from each other

unless you're sitting next to her you

can't really physically escalate and I

have never been on a first date at a

restaurant with a girl and I've made

that mistake many times what we sat on

the same side you can't physically

escalate at a restaurant physical

escalation is key especially on the

first date you trying to build

attraction try to build trust and if you

got this big table in this waiter and

all this stuff going on around you can't

happen another reason you should never

take a woman to a sit-down restaurant on

the first date is if she gets bored and

she will she's gonna whip out her phone

this is just how this goes and again

we're gonna get to we're definitely

gonna get to this later

never take a woman out on a sit the to a

sit-down restaurant on the first date

never ever do that you can't escalate

she's gonna get bored you're spending

listen if you take a woman out to dinner

as a man it is your job to pay

this is how it's done but she hasn't

earned that yet she has done nothing to

earn your she's done nothing to earn

dinner okay you look good enough for me

to ask you out but that doesn't entitle

you to $75 dinner complete with drinks

which will push the bill up over a

hundred bucks no that movies are a

definite no-no for first dates

first and foremost you can't use the

gift to get listen you can escalate and

flirt on all that when you're in line

but once the movie starts you can't

really do that I don't know a lot of

guys I think well I girls and movie

theaters dude you can't do that

anymore dude dude and I was a teenager

man when I was in my 20s duty stuff dude

I girls and movie theaters before

it ain't the same these days you got

people all around you got camera phones

all around you got the movie

attendant trolls are always looking for

people who aren't supposed to be there

looking for then listen you can't

do it you know what are you gonna do

talk over the movie Shh

you're gonna get all that then there's

the money again

she hasn't earned and I'm gonna tell you

what a movie and snacks that's about as

much as a sit-down date as a sit-down

restaurant she hasn't earned that yet

yes you look good enough for me to ask

you out but you have not earned the

privilege of getting a movie or a dinner

date or both now later on if she earns

it yeah that's a good idea maybe the

third or fourth date after you

her a few times you get to the movies

yeah you get the tickets I'll get the

snacks but movies are always a bad idea

for a first date there's no verbal

there's no verbal escalation there's no

physical escalation

so what should you do so where should I

take a girl on a first date well you

take her to a bar or coffee shop take

her somewhere simple I prefer taking her

to a bar bars and coffee shops those are

social places oh my god done and then I

thought you said never take a girl to a

bar or to a bar or club if you meet her

at the bar for a first date this is not

your girlfriend this is somebody you

want to if you guys have been

dating for six months now don't take

your girl to a bar but if you want to

save a little bit of money okay listen

I'll buy you a couple of $8 shots and

again we're gonna get to that here in

just a second but meeting a girl at a

bar or having

you know a five-dollar law it sayin

listen there's nothing wrong with

picking up her perper $4 coffee that's

fine if the date goes sideways fine the

point is is that a bar or a coffee shop

this allows you to physically escalate

and verbally interact drinking coffee is

a romantic experience for everybody

being at the bar is a social experience

for everybody you can build attraction

you can talk bars aren't really that

loud anymore

they're not clubs take a girl to a bar

or a coffee shop the most you'll spend

is 15 bucks and if it listen if it works

out great if it doesn't you're out 15

bucks but at least you had a latte and

maybe a few shots of something girls

ghost on men who take them to movies and

dinner as a first date because everybody

does it and then of course it's what you

do during that dinner and a movie that

causes her to go stunning she doesn't

want to be on the same date she's been

on for the last five years of her life

she wants something different which

leads me to number two the number two

reason why women ghost on you after the

first date is that you don't excite her

you don't excite her don't be a guy

being experienced gentlemen girls want

to feel something when they're with you

if a girl goes on a great date with a

guy she goes back she tells the roommate

she tells her mom or dad

well what happened What did he say well

I don't know we mentioned something

about X Y Z but oh my god I felt it was

unbelievable girls remember how they

feel when they're with you and if you

make them feel something if you take

them on that emotional well this is

later on next level game taking her on

the emotional roller coaster that's

gonna keep her that's gonna keep her in

check she's gonna keep her emotions

there for you but you have to make you

have to make girls feel excitement when

they're with you girls like to be

excited girls go on second and third

dates with guys who excite them guys who

keep them on their toes guys who keep

them guessing

I'm gonna drop some next-level game on

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granted so here's a go-to strategy of

mine this is how you create excitement I

dude I've done this dozens of times so

you meet the girl at the bar and I'm

gonna go a side track to a side track by

the way I know a lot of I guys are

thinking okay well Donovan you said buy

her a couple of drinks buy her a couple

of shots I thought you weren't supposed

to buy girls drinks I thought you were

supposed to maybe parlay that into going

Dutch a couple a couple of meet me at

the bar strategies to to go to the first

strata and there are many many stretches

I'm gonna be my top two so you meet her

at the bar nine 10 o'clock right when

the bartender comes over all right

what'll it be

well blowjob for me sex on the beach for

her she's buying and then look at the

bartender she's a keeper right okay guys

listen this gets everybody laughing

she's laughing because blow job for you

blow job for you sex on the beach for


oh by the way she's buying you're

putting it in her mind that she's buying

she's picking up the tab now of course

you just told a funny joke she likes you

you're vibing with her all right listen

man all right couple of $8 shots no big

deal sixteen bucks right no problem guys

I've done this dozens of times it works

every time

strategy number two you meet her at the

bar nine ten o'clock you ask her what

she's drinking okay she tells you that

she wants a bodkin coke so when the

bartender come over comes over hey

what'll it be

well she's buying me a whiskey sour and

I'm buying her a bodkin coke that

establishes that you're not paying for

all the drinks right listen you buy me a

drink I buy you one and you take control

she's she's buying me a whiskey sour I'm

buying her a vodka coke even-steven

right we like this 50/50 relationship

thing kind of make a big joke out of it

again this is to go to strategy anyway

anyway a few drinks in and I've already

got this planned in my mind a few drinks

in you just randomly say you know what I

just had a crazy idea you down the rest

of your drink you leave a tip for the

bartender you grab her by the hand and

you lead her out of the bar then you now

invariably she's gonna ask you oh my god

where are we going

she has no idea do not tell her where

are we going you'll see it's a surprise

guys her panties will be wet I don't

listen it doesn't matter where you take

her all that matters is that she doesn't

know it is the mystery it's the

excitement it's the spontaneity girls

love this they love it have this

pre-planned so hey you know what I just

thought of a crazy idea you down your

drink leave a fiver for that for the

bartender if you're a cheapskate like me

maybe a $10 maybe a $10 tip if you're a

millionaire like Miami Jay you grab her

by the handle wait hold on I'm not I'm

not done with my drink it you take her

drink you down it you down her Drake now

you are she's gonna laugh I've done this

I've done this dozens of times you take

her out you leader you lead her out

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number one so now she's got this now

listen you guys have vibe you guys are

eating the chemistry is great you're

sexually escalating you're socially

escalating you're making jokes with the

bartender right now all of a sudden oh

my god where's he taking me doesn't

matter where you take her all that

matters is that she doesn't know girls

will do girls love this excitement and

take her on an adventure date take her

bowling to do go to the go-cart track

take her mini golfing take her take her

to the local carnival ride the ferris

wheel anything adventurous anything to

get anything that encourages you to get

up and move around this will make a huge

impression on her gentlemen she'll feel

excitement and she'll tell all listen

she'll tell all of her friends about you

her friends gonna go home well how'd the

date go the next morning her friend is

gonna say oh I guess the date went

really oh my god I love this guy really

well what did you do well we met at the

bar and he was funny and we had this

connection she'll say and then all of a

sudden he just grabbed me and just

whisked me off to the go-cart track we

had the weird we had a wonderful time

girls want to feel excited when they're

with you generate that excitement have

this in your mind don't just listen

be spontaneous but you have to have this

planned in your mind right so if you

know you're gonna take her bowling then

have that planned out you know what I

just had a crazy idea flight over from

the bartender come on you're coming feel

like I don't have my girl voice that

she's oh my god I didn't finish my drink

you take her drink and down it now you

have right I guess you just bought

drinks for I guess that round was on you

all right come on guys our panties are

going to be wet I've used this dozens of

times and it rarely fails me all right

let's go back to the chat very good

excellent excellent oh wow you guys are

active in the chat I love it I love it

XT an ox wants to know are the phone

lines open yes the phone lines are open

nine one four two oh five five three

five six to get in on the conversation

and how to handle getting caught

cheating mr. old school riders in the

house the chat is lit yes catch me if

you can of course talks about when you

get caught cheating do not say I'm sorry

say I apologize two very different

things Miami Jay in the house says I

have a 34 year old blue pill buddy who

shows up on a first date with oh my god

and takes them to expensive restaurants

and movies he's broke and complains he

never gets laid oh my god

guys listen listen I would like to think

that if you're watching my show you you

should already know that you never bring

flowers to a woman on the first date

dude this ain't do this ain't in 1940

the dude what the are you

doing flowers on the first date oh dude

Miami Jay you gotta give you that guy's

phone number man like seriously like

dude if you're bringing flowers on a

first date dude I will give you a free

15 minute consultation holy

Brett Lane said dancing class great date

idea totally agree totally agree Jumby

Juan Kincaid I wanna call him Jimmy one

code he says and experience that

scolding yes don't be a date don't be a

guy be inexperienced be inexperienced

think of it that way Shawn Smith says

how about bowling yeah absolutely


Miami Jay says and he swears women like

traditional gentlemen and won't take any

advice well if they like traditional

gentlemen how come you're broke and your

dick is dry I come on man

ultra gamer turbo Alfa says Donovan I

was banned on O'Shea's Channel I think

it was one of those female mods that was

tripping a few shows back on the brother

pill she didn't like the truth I was

spitting I'll reach out to O'Shea for

you on that that's one thing that that

O'Shea and I have a fundamental

disagreement with as

we'll never ever ever ever make any

females a mod on my channel

women are governed by their emotions and

I don't want anybody who is governed by

their emotions any sort of any sort of

control over the flow of my channel or

show so I'll talk to you I'll talk to

O'Shea about it see if we can get you

back on mr. old school Ryder says best

head at the movies do it I do it I've

gotten countless blowjobs at the movies

up until I turn maybe 20 to 23 years old

after that can't do it yes King Nick

says bowling is a great second activity

date in my opinion I've used that

several times I personally like to keep

first dates cheap with drinks and find

out if we like each other first King

Nick just dropped red pill knowledge the

reason you take her to coffee or a bar

is to minimize your investment because

here's the thing guys you might decide

that you don't like this girl and again

too many guys are so thirsty they don't

have that abundance mindset this they

like once they get there oh my god she

looks great I think I'm gonna like her

and it's easy to do if you don't have

much experience with women but you have

to have that mentality that look girl

like this is not a guarantee like just

because I showed up doesn't mean I'm

gonna like you so if you act right

during coffee ordering ordering ordering

drinks then yeah I'll whisk you off to

the go cards or bowling or some sort of

adventure game but you've got to earn

that being a bitch and talking

about your cats in your 13 million

Instagram followers that's not gonna get

it done yeah check please cheese fan

I'll catch you later

ah Zante oxide are not to pronounce this

is how do I feel about laser tag or rock

climbing great ideas great Wow great

ideas laser tag

rock climbing go to those indoor

skydiving places yes very very good

ideas very very good ideas men yes

absolutely perfect for Kino and

conversation yes yes brilliant brilliant

peasant Emmanuel says don't take women

on dates she's using you for a free meal

ticket don't spend more than $40 on her

yeah Manuel I think you overshot it on

this one right I appreciate you for

tuning in but gotta pull back a little

bit it's got to pull back a little bit

no and again you know yep you have to

watch right listen I understand don't

take women on dates some call them

didn't call it meetups but she has to

earn that $40 just earned that hot

listen I'll spend a listen man I'll

spend 13 15 bucks on a couple of drinks

so long as you spend 13 15 bucks but if

I don't like you I'm not taking you on

that second activity that's how that

goes good comment I I you know I

understand she probably is using you for

a free meal ticket but again as a red

pill aware of mail you here's the thing

if you find a woman using you for free

meal for a free meal if you get that

idea then your game wasn't tight enough

chips puts you into the beta bucks

category oh man she's probably using me

for a free meal if she's using for a

free meal that she's not attracted to

you she's using to get fed and as

someone with red pill awareness you can

usually pick up on that right away

then silver-sweet says personally I

don't like those stores

I don't like Starbucks but girls do girl

all girls love Starbucks totally agree

joby one coyote says just get an outdoor

putting green and teach them how to

swing a golf putter I used to take my

LTR to the driving range and she used to

reward me deeply good very good Santee

access plus you get to see how well she

takes directions work ethic yeah these

are all good all good

go-cart racing is a good one for a first

date yes it's very good and again I use

this to flirt with women be like listen

just because you just because you look

just be

you have above-average looks does not

mean I'm not gonna kick your ass out on

the go-kart no you're not I'm gonna kick

your ass listen I'm sorry to disappoint

you pat on the head but you're going

down oh and I'm gonna kick your ass on

the go-kart track too wink-wink

nudge-nudge red beast says what if you

don't drink take her for coffee take her

for coffee good very very good very very

yeah de says drink cranberry juice yeah

there you go

listen you just because you go to a bar

doesn't mean you have to drink you know

yeah get a Shirley Temple alcohol free

cocktails at the bars and all that

that's not gonna win you any favors with

the girls oh I don't drink that has good

boy written all over you so you're gonna

establish yourself in some sort of way

good very very good comments very very

good comments Jervis Horton good to see

you in here again says make her play

pocket pool that's funny

yeah ultra gamer says those female mods

let the power go to their heads often

yeah they do and I've told though Shay

behind the scenes I'm like yo you got to

get ahold of your bitches like they're

in there dude they're they're in

there up the game right like

dude one girl one girl on the brother

pill podcast like she was in there what

did she say she said something attention

whore E and I said stop the

thirst-trapping-- and this bit this

bitch had the audacity to tell me nah

you chill out Donovan yo yo I aired that

I was like yo who the do you think

you are just because you've got a wrench

you can talk to me Niall kind of way nah

that and if I see I'm dude I'm

telling O'Shea you need to take her

wrench away her oh Sh a V tricking

me Jurgen all right

eighty Strato coaster says when we

asking where are we asking questions you

have to you have to you have to be a

little bit more specific all right let's

move on let's move on

reason number three why women ghosts on

you after the first date you interviewed

her every guy asks the same questions on

these boring ask dates what do you do

for a living where do you see yourself

in five years what are you looking for

in a relationship do you have do you

want kids do you like to cook

are you traditional woman what do you

like to do for fun girls are bored with

this they hate this plus they

always give the same answers based on

what they think you want to hear every

girl out there listen a purple haired

feminist will tell a guy she's a

traditional girl because that's because

she knows that's what guys like to hear

a girl who's never seen a stove in her

life will tell you she knows how to cook

because that's what guys like to hear

girls are master actresses to the

untrained eye but for guys who a red

pill aware like me if she tells me she

can cook really what do you cook what

kind of style do you cook do you take

cooking classes did I mean how did you

learn to cook mrs. your mom did you

gonna call in every school quiz her just

because she says it doesn't make it true

too many girls these days assume that

you assume that if it comes out of their

mouth then you can take it at face value

no that

women lie and they lie all the time call

him on it here's another reason why you

should never interview a girl and this

is another reason why you should never

ask her about relationships when you ask

about relationships like what are you

looking for in a man what are you

looking for in relationships guess what

guys she assumes that you're thinking

about a relationship which elevates her

value above yours because she's not

thinking about a relationship with you

and her mind she thinks to himself this

dude doesn't even know me and he's

already talking relationship guys that

is a major-league turn-off do not

interview women

so what do i do Donovan well how do I

not interview her number four the fourth

reason why women ghosts on you after the

first date is the answer to number three

is you didn't make her qualify herself

to you now what do i what do you mean

Donovan when you say make a girl qualify

herself to you make her prove that she

is worthy of your time and attention

that's all now there are many other

psychologically deep explanations and

this and that and the other but that's

really what it is you are you're

quizzing her you're making her prove

herself to you unfortunately for most

men as she shows up then she's good to


well she shows up then that's really all

I need that's good enough for most most

men but you guys have to understand

women want to work for your attention

they want to earn your affection and the

reason they want to work for attention

and earn your affection is because they

want to know it's worth something if you

give a woman attention and affection for

nothing she's not going to value it

because she didn't work for it

women value what they are required to

work for your attention and affection

included this is why again the male

version of a is a male who gives a

woman attention and commitment for a

little to nothing a man's attention

a man's resources a man's affection

those are his man a man's time those are

his most valuable commodities a woman's

most valuable commodity is her vagina

most men little every man wants vagina

so when you give away what is easy to

give away when you give it away for

nothing we have no respect for you if I

you on the first date all right I

mean you for little al but you are

not going to be every you're not gonna

be my girlfriend ever ever I don't

respect you well if you give away your

commitment or your time or attention

after the first date she's not gonna

respect you either yeah she may date you

for a while but she's not thinking about

staying with you she doesn't respect you

dude she's me behind your back

because I made her work for my attention

in my affection if you give a woman

attention if you give a woman validation

just for showing up again she doesn't

she doesn't value it

make her work for it so how do I make

her qualify herself to me I'll give you

guys a few examples okay you tell her

you know what you're not a bad-looking

girl but you seem pretty close minded

she's gonna say oh no I'm very

open-minded and she will go on to

explain how open-minded she is again you

you called her out listen you don't

really seem very open-minded make her

qualify herself to you instead of saying

I like girls who are open-minded

oh I'm open-minded oh really oh that's

great that's not qualifying a woman

you're taking her at her word make her

prove it to you you're an above average

looking girl but you don't really seem

open-minded to me and I don't really

like girls who are close oh no no no I'm

not close-minded I'm open-minded

that is qualifying herself to you

proving that she is worthy to be in your

presence here's another one you seemed

pretty laid-back which is good but

laid-back girls can also be a little bit


I like easygoing girls she'll say oh no

I'm so easygoing oh I don't get stressed

out about anything again you're making

her qualify herself to you now the

difference is you got to get in her

kitchen holler out listen listen

laid-back girls can be a little bit

uptight make her listen don't be afraid

to say this this is just a first

date it's not life or death it's a

date that's all it is here's

another one you know I like your hair

but is it always this blonde you see how

ambiguous that is I like your hair but

is it always this blonde I like your

hair but is that always this brown is it

always this red you don't let her know

that you like or dislike you with that

question you say listen I like your hair

but is it always this blonde maybe she

thinks oh my god is it too blonde is it

not blonde enough and she'll say no no I

like to change it up right

she's qualifying herself to you she oh

no no no it's not always this blonde I

like to change it up then she'll ask

well I like to change it up why I get

bored easily and she's gonna say oh no I

am NOT boring like you ask all my

friends I am NOT boring she's qualifying

herself to you you're putting the shoe

on the other foot guys you were make

her prove herself to you nursing Jaeger

says an ambiguity is totally key you're

asking her an ambiguous question you

want an honest answer oh I love your

hair does it always look this good

that's not an ambiguous qualification

question you know I like your hair but

is it always this blonde um I do like to

change it up she's still confused why

man I get bored easily oh no I am NOT

boring you don't give a about her

hair you're making or qualify herself to

you you know I like the way you smell

her hair your hair smells interesting

what kind of shampoo do you use you

didn't say your hair smells good you

didn't say your hair smelled bad he said

it smells interesting that's ambiguous

interesting is that good or bad what

kind of shampoo do you use

um I use a Garnier Fructis I don't know

if that's around anymore I use vo5 she's

qualifying her decisions to you here's

another one you know I like your shoes

but they look expensive and I like girls

who understand the value of a dollar

this does two things you acknowledge

that you like her fashion sense you

acknowledge the fact that you like her

shoes but you're letting her know what

that statement I like girls who

understand the value of a dollar what

you are telling her is that listen if

this thing goes any further you were not

gonna use me as an ATM money is an

object to me I am NOT that baller guy

regardless with how much money you think

I do or don't have you are letting her

know listen like this is not a sugar

baby sugar in any arrangement so when

you say I like girls who understand a

value of a dollar

oh no no like I got these at 50% off and

I love to save money again she is

qualifying herself to you now when

you're getting a girl to qualify herself

to you you always give a small

compliment then here too with the

qualification statement right so when I

said you're not a bad-looking girl you

can even say listen you know you're

you're a pretty girl right like don't

say oh my god you're hot you're a pretty

girl but you seem pretty close minded

there's the compliment the qualification

question I like your hair but is it

always this blonde you like her hair but

now the ambiguous question I like your

shoes but they look expensive I like

girls who understand the value of a

dollar that's how that works

even if they're lying even if they're

lying even if she never changes her hair

even if she paid 478 dollars for those

shoes it doesn't matter it makes them

appreciative it makes them appreciate

your company even more you're making her

work for her for your affection in your

time girls like this girl's correctly

assume that you want to them but

making them qualify themselves to you

makes them work harder and it puts them

in the mindset that they have to prove

themselves to you even if it's just to

get the dick the reason why girls flake

on guys or I'm sorry the reason why

girls ghost on guys after the first date

is because you're not qualifying or

you're not making or qualify yourself to

you everything she says everything she

does you're giving her bail oh I love

your shoes you have great fashion since

oh I love your hair

it's compliment compliment compliment

you don't like everything about her you

just wanna her make her qualify

herself to you girls listen whether

girls think or say they like it or not

deep down inside they need it Shawn and

Tampa famously said if it pisses off her

conscience it turns on her subconscious

if it pisses are off consciously it

arouses her subconsciously what's at the

chat get an update on the chat here red

beast says play pool with her if she

can't aim go behind her and help her out

yeah it's funny that's how that's the

way a lot of porn let me start right

that's pretty funny all right let's see

don't scroll down too far

Winston wolf says I need to hear that

dude I'm Donovan sharp outburst

again yeah dude I'm like dude do you

know like do you know who I am

get out of here man hey you guys like

the beta Donovan voice Ben silver-sweet

says avoid politics religion and

religion and issues has topics on first

dates speak about traveling all girls

like to travel dude 100% agreement Ben

silver-sweet droppin read bill knowledge

as usual yeah listen tell stories dude

listen listen dude when I used to go on

first dates with girls I used to tell

all kinds of stories yeah I mean my

brother were in Casablanca - Falls ago

right like tell tell stories about

places you've been things you've done

and don't brag about it just and don't

say hey by the way know if an

opportunity presents itself then you

take that opportunity don't make it a

point to hey you know by the way I like

to travel

no you have to organically introduce it

into the conversation discovery Trump's

disclosure and we're going to talk about

that a little bit later on Winston wolf

says I always wonder do you curse on

first dates or do you clean it up know

do you know that the f-bombs go

that that I don't give a like

what am I on a date with a 12 year old

no you're on a date with a woman she

never heard nobody unless you ain't

never heard nobody curse before nah man

let it fly

potty mouth and don't apologize and

don't say excuse my French but that

no that

that's it listen this is a beta this is

a bead and get out of the habit of

saying excute pardon my french no no no

no no no I'm not apologizing for my

friends I'm not gonna Paul I'm not gonna

not leave you precursor hey I'm about to

swear so I'm gonna call it French to be

Janice a claw but that no no poor

denied no don't harden my French

don't pardon me that swear

nursing Jaeger says Donovan look deeply

in her will air in her eyes while you

talk look away or busy while she talks

dude listen man Nursing Jaeger just won

the comment of the day guys this is hair


this is dude this is red pill game 101

this is another this and again this

won't be the one reason a woman flakes

on you but it'll be a part of the

confluence of events if you are wrapped

with attention with your eyes furrowed

when she's talking about what happens

her in the fourth grade she's gonna lose

attraction for you you're gonna seem too

interested never ever ever look a woman

in the eye when she's talking unless you

were genuinely interested in what she's

saying and by the way you're almost

never going to be genuinely interested

in what she's saying so while she is

talking don't look at her maybe look off

to the side make eye contact with her

every once in a while just to show her

that you're listening so so I'm gonna

look at the camera so she's going on and

on and on I'm looking over here I'm

looking at the waitresses ass I'll give

her a quick look just to let her to and

listen girls don't need you to look at

them when they're talking they're gonna

talk through it regardless

girls girls aren't gonna say look at me

when I'm talking to you of course you're

not gonna do that either but when you're

talking you look her right in the eye

look her right in the eye because what

you have to say is far more important

than what she has to say to you but when

she starts talking yet that's when you

start to divert your attention a little

bit rock solid game by nursing Jaeger or

I'm sorry nursing Jaeger very very good

I did not think I didn't think about

this for this episode but you were

absolutely right do not be wrapped with

attention oh my god please tell me all

about how your dog Snuffy got ran over

by you know by a truck when you were 2

years old no that you're not

interested in that dude look away

yeah uh-huh yeah give the boring answers

done enough and if she makes a joke I

feel like you're not listening to me I'm

sorry what you know oh my god you know

guess what guess what she's turned on by

you because you're not paying close

attention tell me more of so interested

no you're not that's some beta

that's a Beta Phi dumb that the

out here hear that nonsense

very good very very good

they're minors in Jaeger excellent can

PD says not having sex on the first date

is beta hashtag ETF 42 you guys will

find out why in a minute

Armando Moreno says I'm spitting that

fire xt zani ox or whatever says even

better than ice shoes did your mom buy

them that falls under the neg category

it falls under the neg category

resurrection of Kenneth Thomas Grand

Master troll that is a mouthful of a

handle says good to see you back on the

tube appreciate that ah nursing nursing

Yeager has added against his speak about

fun girls are all about fun maker

qualify herself as being fun and just

let her know is it man I don't do boring

girls if you're boring I don't have any

time for you oh my god I'm fun I'm not

boring very very good buff beard fitness

says hoes love would you rather question

would you rather questions rear their

suck my dick her welcome yeah I don't

know about that spins e says cleaning it

up talk about the language that is false

advertising yeah that's beta dude don't

be afraid to swear in front of women

dude that in any here good job

excellent excellent buff beard Fitness

says never lean Ford when talking to the

girl always lean back in your chair like

you really don't care yes again when

you're went when you're talking to a

girl you want to have you want to have

good posture but you want to look her

directly in the eye

right then when she starts to talk maybe

lean off to the side make eye contact

brief eye contact with her every once in

a while but never give your never give

her your full attention and girls will

subconsciously recognize this they'll

say okay well maybe I'm boring him let

me talk about something more interesting

yeah me and my family went to Australia

last year oh did you what part of

Australia did to go to now she knows

that she has your attention

listen you can look her in the eye if

only if she says something that

interests you but guys girls go stun

guys after the first day because he just

seems so interested in everything I said

yeah you know I decided to switch toilet

paper from Scott to Charmin really tell

me all about it

tell me all about it tell me more I'm

going to lean in cuz I care so much

about your toilet paper now get

out of here with that the out of

here nobody gives a about toilet

paper bitch yeah break

desi 68 19 says listening to Donovan has

changed my life thank you boy I

appreciate that prod by kid Ali says

what if I'm boring

I've been severely disabled since I was

16 years old I don't know any disabled

people that are boring just like I know

this like I know very few ugly girls who

don't have personality alright let's

continue on so I forgot who it was who

did there et it there they're famous

they're their best et f42 impression

another reason why women ghost on you

after the first date you didn't try to

her you did not try to her I

did a show a while back called why you

should always try to her on the

first date and you guys can go check

that out just again do a quick search on

Google YouTube whatever why should

always try to her on the first date

but again here's the thing man if you

don't try to her on the first date

then she listen she might ghost on you

don't be a gentleman here's the

thing man one reason why I should try to

a girl in a first date is just

shows your masculinity girls don't want

bitch boys girls want masculine men

masculine men try to women this is

what we do trying to her shows that

your testosterone levels are high right

not listen we're all familiar with that

with the regular testosterone high

testosterone markers muscle mass muscle

muscle tone facial hair body hair

nothing ridiculous and oh by the way a

high sex drive

subconsciously girls

want the best jeans they're not all

physical but there are some there are

some that are mental now you can look

masculine but not ler you can look

masculine but still be a beta bitch boy

listen I see a lot of guys at the gym

they look the part but then they're at

but but then they're there with their

girl and you see oh wow dude that guy's

benching 375 and he's following his girl

around like what the is wrong with

that picture

a lot of guys look the part but they're

not the part if you look masculine and

don't try to her and don't try to

her that's even worse

here's the thing she might even think

you're gay like this is how it is man

girls think to themselves like they'll

go home and tell their friends he didn't

try to me tonight

are you kidding like oh my god he was

hella hot yeah

I think he might be gay like girls

actually think this showing masculinity

throughout the date is great don't get

me wrong but if you don't finish the job

by trying to her she'll think that

you're running it she'll think that

you're fake or that you're running

PUA game right like you're always in

your all your all it's all fun and games

until the rubber meets the road she

didn't even try to me what the

your actions at the end of the night

need to met need to match your actions

at the beginning in the middle you need

to be congruent trying to her on

the first date doesn't mean you're not a

gentleman oh it's trying to be a

gentleman no no I know plenty of

gentlemen who girls on first dates

all they want to listen you can be a

gentleman all you want to if you don't

try to her she's not gonna remember

you being a gentleman sure remember that

you didn't try to her and then she

starts to question your sexual

orientation your sex tried she starts to

question to her own sexual

attractiveness and of course your

masculinity and if she questioned your

masculinity she questioned your manhood

and if a woman even starts to question

your manhood she's already lost

attraction for you and it listen it

doesn't matter what you look like it

does not matter if she's lost attraction

for you guess what she's gonna do guys

she's going to ghost on you after the

first date a guy can be a total dick a


douchebag throughout the whole date

she'll go out on a second date with him

because he tried to her on the

first date she probably did but then

she'll Stonewall the gentleman who tried

to respect her by not pressuring her

into sex outta here

why did she ghost me because you didn't

try to her that's why girls will

never say that but they know it another

listen another reason why you should

always try to her on the first date

is that shows her that you're not afraid

guess listen men girls admire

fearlessness fearlessness is another

masculine quantity quality if you don't

try to her she'll think you're

afraid to try man girls do not respect

fear in men girls say well I want him to

be vulnerable da-da-da-da-da no she

doesn't she says that because romantic

comedies tell her that that's what she's

supposed to like girls don't respect

that men you can do you can give

her all the excuses in the world I was

just trying to respect you or I wasn't

ready yet

or whatever or whatever guess what she's

going to assume that you were just

afraid to her and ten times out of

ten she's right you didn't try to

her because you were afraid that she'd

reject you let's keep it 100 that's why

you didn't try but what most men don't

understand is that girls resisting sex

doesn't mean she doesn't want to have

sex with you if she doesn't want to have

sex with you she would not have come

back to your place

to look at your vintage record

collection in the first place now

something might have changed during that

time maybe the uber ride maybe the cab

ride was was too long going back to your

place in which case you need to tighten

up your your first date logistics but as

long as she's still there after you try

to her you still have a chance

and every sluicin if she is still there

after you try to her she wants you

to try again guys this is a test

this is what we call last minute


dude dude dozens of girls have rejected

my first second and third advances guess

what they're still in my living room I

can't really and most of them I

them most of them I them this is

just how this goes but this is a

test it subconsciously they're thinking

you know why

let's see how he handles rejection let's

see how persistent he is and an even

deeper in her subconscious let's see how

badly he really wants to me this is

an ego trip man he's tried to me

four times I projected him four times

there how much longer I can do this but

I love the fact that he will stop at

nothing to me if she listened if

she doesn't leave she wants you to try

again if you're that dude if you are

that dude who gives up after the first

time she'll assume that you're like this

in all parts of life she'll assume that

you give up after the first try with

work with money your friends and girls

don't want to be around a guy who gives

up girls don't want to be around a guy

who doesn't go out and and get what he

wants they want a man who pushes forward

they want a man who is persistent if

you're that dude I'll give you one

example here guys you try to the

girl she stops you from taking her

panties off okay but she stays and don't

get me don't get it twisted when girls

know with that when you when you go to

take their panties off they know that

you were trying to him if she

stops you from trying to take her

panties off she doesn't want you she

doesn't want to right then but if

she stays she wants you to try again now

don't don't misunderstand me that

doesn't mean she wants to you just

because she's there and wants you to try

again that does not mean that she is

gonna sleep with you that night that's

just how that is listen man some girls

can actually resist the first date sex

okay but it all said but just because

she and again that doesn't mean she

wants to you but it also doesn't

mean she doesn't want to you but if

she sticks around she definitely wants

you to try again if she didn't want you

to try again guess what she would do

guys she would leave that's what she

would do they don't want to be listen if

they don't want to a guy that I

listen this guy's probably gonna try

again he's been trying to he's been

escalating all night long oh my god he

tried to me um I gotta go I let the

cake burn in the oven I got a cold

control my friend okay hey no problem

see you later

this is I've listened I've tried to

girls they didn't want to they left

cool man I didn't take it personally no

no problem I guess it just wasn't in the

cards can't with him all guys that's the

game here's another example you try to

the girl she stops you from taking

her panties off and she leaves

immediately or ask you to take her home

newsflash gentlemen she does not want to

you something you did or didn't do

turn her off between the time you

brought her home and the time you tried

to her something you did or didn't

do turn her off if she leaves or asks

you to take her home she doesn't want

you to try again which is obvious

because she is attempting to remove

herself from the stitch from the

situation if she sticks around she wants

you to try again she wants to know you

have thick skin and can handle adversity

and push through to get what you want

which is her maybe she you maybe

she does it but she will respect you if

listen if she agrees to a second meetup

she likes you like let's say let's let's

say she you tried to her and she

does it right you try a few more times

she doesn't okay whatever listen fine

whatever but if she if she arranges if

she if she agrees to a second meetup

yeah she probably likes you if she

respects you he acts like a man he

wasn't afraid he went for it I'll give

an example a girl I dated by the name of

Dede her name is Deanna we all called

her DD I actually mentioned her in a

previous episode how I avoided a false

domestic false domestic violence

allegation you guys should definitely

check that out anyway we had been

for I don't know three four

weeks and I'll never forget she asked me

why did it take you so long to me

like she asked me this now keep in mind

this was early on in my red pill

development but the answer was that I

was scared man

like I was scared like all of a sudden I

have I don't know she's probably seven

maybe a seven and a half of I was drunk

eight with makeup I don't know but I was

scared dude I was afraid of the

rejection I was brand new to the red

bell here's this girl in my house what

do I do

fortunately it didn't hurt my chances of

her because about a week after

our first meetup I her seven

times in one night guys no lie I had a

six pack of condoms I used them all up

right so I pulled out the seventh time

and gave her a facial which by the way

she absolutely loved not trying to

her on the first date shows fear

gentlemen women know this and no matter

what you tell her she'll know it's the

fear that's keeping you from making a

move to and again if she thinks

you're afraid she will lose attraction

for you and ghost on you after the first

date that's all there is to it let's go

back to the chat here all right and you

guys are you guys are alive Mike Larry

says thanks Donovan I'm learning a lot

keep the shows comin brother you know it

not gonna stop even if they take me off

YouTube just go to donovan sharp calm

I'll do I mean I've got streaming

software that I can use that's that is

expensive but guess what I can access at

any time so they're never gonna take me

off the air so I'm not worried about


Rob Cruz very good comedy says don't

worry if she's not talking or is in

silence be comfortable with silence

that's true

she also might not be interested or she

might not be interesting some girls are

just boring but if she's hot try

something Rob Cruz absolutely says no

need to make her talk by bringing BS

into the conversation if she's silent

yeah be comfortable with uncomfortable


very good excellent Dark Dragon 99 says

be a savage gentleman if need be good

advice very very good advice Harrison

Yeager says no means maybe maybe means

yes right exactly that's exactly right

buff beard Fitness says Donovan after

you try to on the first date if she

declines makers make sure you smack her

on the ass when she leaves the date

shows your health the dominance I've

never done that before

suppose that could work listen listen

here's the thing if a girl does not if a

girl is not turned on by you and you try

to her dude she's gonna leave but

dude I like dude I don't get me wrong

yet it's very hard for a girl now listen

once I get you back to my place it's a

done deal

but a few girls have resisted me and

girls will dude girls will tell me like

a she's like no please and I'm like

alright alright just like oh my god

she's like I want to you so bad but

I want you to respect me she's like I

don't want you to say don't take it I

was like dear don't take adverse ladies

just sex it's all good besides I got

another three hours to try anyway and

she'll laugh then I'll try again she's

like oh my god you're making this very

hard not all girl listen not all girls

gonna you in the first date she's

how this is oh Joby one coyote says when

she says you are not coming home with

her on the first date she wants you to

come home with her that's actually a

good test answer well listen you're

not coming home with me on the first

date oh great that means we're going to

my place awesome

check please just let it roll right off

your back Stephen B says Donovan how

would you square this with Mark mantains

if it's not hell yes then move on

philosophy I'm not familiar with mark

mantains if it's not hell yes then move

on philosophy but you have to understand

that girls if a girl want not all girls

that want to sleep with you not all

girls that want to sleep with you are

going to just let you

right listen most girls will tell you

hell yes but there are a lot of girls

listen a lot of girls out there just are

not gonna sleep with you on the first

date they're not gonna sleep with you on

the first try they're trying to maintain

some semblance of femininity that's all

they're trying to do man like just

because she doesn't like if she doesn't

say hell yeah if she doesn't say oh my

god me if it well if she doesn't

get on her knees and starts looking like

no no no man no girls like to be pursued

girls like to be chased the girls don't

want to just give up the flower as soon

as you as soon as you put your hand on

our tits no so I guess I disagree with


Mike Larry says how do I set up a

consultation with Donovan I need to chop

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set up your and set up your 30 minute

consultation so it's up to you plenty

ways to save good very good

let us continue

another reason why reason number seven I

think I'm on number seven I don't think

I'm keeping track of the numbers but by

the way we're on number seven the

seventh reason why women ghost on you

after the first date if you didn't allow

discovery you disclosed this goes back

to what I said a little bit earlier

discovery Trump's disclosure don't tell

her about who you are allowed her to

discover the good things about you

a lot of guys get caught up in trying to

let a woman know everything about them

on the first date so that she knows

everything about you relax if she earns

the privilege of spending more time with

you then you can allow her to

organically learning these things listen

allowing a woman to naturally learn

these things without you having to push

the narrative about you that's discovery

right this has a much more profound

effect on girls in many ways now another

reason discovery is better than

disclosure is when you tell a female

something she's probably not going to

fully believe you guys say a lot of

to girls to impress them a lot of listen

a lot of people say a lot of things

especially when they're trying to

impress someone telling a girl something

or disclosing something you want her to

know doesn't necessarily mean she

believes you because of this she'll

always be looking for proof of what you

said was true so if you tell her I speak

Spanish really tell me something in

Spanish uh who know those today's no

discovery Trump's disclosure when a

woman discovers something about you she

knows it to be one 100% true especially

if she doesn't get the impression that

you staged anything and listen guys a

lot of men do this they staged things

I'm here to tell you right now it's a

bad idea because most women have a sixth

sense for sniffing out listen

fortunately for me I've never been

thirsty enough to stage anything okay

there's no need to prove anything

because she's just seen it with her own

two eyes

again when you try to impress a woman

this reeks of thirst right and and the

reason you're doing this the reason why

you're disclosing all these things about

you is because you know your game isn't

where it needs to be which is fine which

is fine I get it you're trying to build

attraction but again discovery Trump's

disclosure like that's how this works it

has a much more profound effect on women

bragging about yourself and this is what

she's going this is what she's going to

characterize this as bragging about

yourself guys comes off as attention

seeking it comes off as needy for her

validation and it signals thirst now she

might keep you around if you tell her

you make $100,000 here but she won't

you she'll guys like me who

let my actions do the talking

so the seventh way a lot of a lot of

women ghosts after the first date or

just keep dating you and never give you

the is because you talk too

goddamn much don't never ever ever let a

woman know your financial status man do

not do it the eighth and final reason

women ghosts on you after the first date

and this is this is a reason that most

men are grossly unaware of you were

meathead meathead red pill guy and you

drastically overused asshole game years

ago when I was just getting my feet wet

with red pill style game I went listen I

went out on a date with a really

good-looking 30 I think she was 32 or 33

old mother of two I know listen I get it

what are you doing dating single moms

Donovan listen man like this is this is

listen we all gotta start somewhere this

is this is where I started now it was

obvious that she was attracted to me

because she actually approached me I was

at the bike shop and she started making

conversations with me about what with

like what the best what the best bicycle

motivators were right I

the opportunity what does she talk like

this random woman now she looks pretty

good she has nice big tits why she asked

me about Oda meters oh wait a minute

she's attracted to me took me a little

while but I figured it out seize the

opportunity got a number and set up and

set up the date anyway on the date guys

I teased and nagged her so much that by

the end of the night she literally she

flat-out told me I don't want to see you

again because you're being it you were

being a complete douchebag the entire

time now she did me a favor because most

girls will just ghost on you rather than

just telling you straight up but I laid

it on so thick that she felt like she

had to tell me now during the date she

called me an ass her name was Linda now

that I think of it she called me an

asshole several times but because I

hadn't really mastered the art of

reading context reading body language

verbal tone nonverbal cues etc would at

least within the concept of game I

thought she liked it after all if a girl

calls you an asshole they want to

you right no not every time now

obviously I know better now but I had no

idea that she wasn't calling me an

asshole and the way girls do it when

they're turned on by you what that

experience and really a few others

taught me was that asshole game is to be

deployed at certain times and under

certain circumstances at varying degrees

right and only with certain girls a

general rule of thumb guys is that the

younger and hotter your target the more

asshole game is required to like


again that that's a general rule of

thumb it's also extremely important to

know when to turn it on and when to turn

it off don't get me wrong guys don't get

me wrong the hot 23 year old blonde with

huge tits and a tight ass she will

punish you with impunity

if you don't tease the out of her

and put her in her place consistently

but knowing when to transition from

asshole douchebag to charmer and then

back again it's very important it's very

important to distinguish between these

two and no one to go back and forth and

the guys that know how to do this the

best are the most successful as women

hot girls want to know that you're not

intimidated by their me

which is why asshole game is necessary

in the first place like sweetheart

listen you may look good you might be a

9 or 10 but that doesn't mean I'm not

still gonna teach you like

I honor than you before I do die

girls like you all the time that's

the attitude you have to have in your

mind but by the same token they also

need to be shown that you can act like a

grown man and charm her panties off she

needs to see that and again young hot

girls are more attracted to older and

more mature men than frat boys far more

often than not even if they're looking

for just an alpha it's just how

they are

knowing when where and how and to what

degree to use asshole game it is

absolutely key if you want to close if

you want to close the deal with pretty

girls if you overuse it most girls will

just ghost on you and you never get a

second date so the eggs reason why girls

ghost on you after the first date is

that you're trying to be too much of an

asshole your meathead red pill guy all

right let's hit the chat one last time

here alright okay both beard fitness

says it has been my experience if you

are jacked as and lean you don't

have to talk but she will want to I


like listen I tell people all the time

you change your body you change your

life this is how it is buff beard

Fitness loves the white girls do a

better sign absolutely Joe be one coyote

says the less you uncover the less she

can test your level very good

very good excellent oh my god Winston

wolf says my friend disclosed his salary

on the first date than asked for a

relationship when he was turned down for

a kiss two years later they're engaged

oh my god oh my god dude

like when you hear about the stuff that

makes you

cringe man oh god I'm embarrassed for

that guy Jesus Christ Shawn Smith wants

to know when are you hooking up with

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