8 signs your girlfriend is using you as an ATM

We all hear the term “gold digger” and it basically means a woman who is only interested in you because of the money you make. Now gold diggers aren’t interested in dudes whose net worth isn’t at or around at least 7 figures and they’re not interested in short term relationships with wealthy men.


Now I lived in Vegas for 7 years and I’ve been around, seen, and hung out with every level of “gold digger” and I’ve also had extensive conversations with men who have experience with a lot of these girls, I’m talkin’ night club owners, night club managers, bouncers, a top level Vegas D.J. I became pretty good friends, I hung out with a few strip club owners here and there, high level drug dealers, I mean I’ve talked to a lot of these dudes and gold digging women is almost always a topic of conversation when we’re sittin’ around shootin’ the breeze. Anyway, one thing that became very clear to me is that depending on their goals, not all these women have the same motivations. So before we get started here, lemme break a few of ‘em down for you guys based on what I’ve seen, heard and experienced so you guys can understand the difference in their characteristics in relation to their motivations.

Gold diggers are primarily looking to lock down a rich guy by getting him to marry her or get her pregnant. There are other kinds of gold diggers out there but most of ‘em don’t wanna be fuckin’ 10 rich dudes…..they wanna trap just one so once they’ve found a target they think they can latch onto, they concentrate their efforts on him and him alone.

But we’re not talking about gold diggers today, we’re talking about quasi sugar babies….in other words women who are using you as an ATM to fund their lifestyle. These are women who keep a few men in rotation who pay her bills, pay her rent, utilities, car payment, give her gifts, take her on vacations etc.

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today on the sharp reality eight signs

your girl is using you as an ATM machine

plus plenty of hate mail TSR life starts

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let's go ahead and get to let's go ahead

and talk about what we are really all

here for today and that's the eight

signs your girl is using you as an ATM

machine now we all hear the term gold

digger okay like we've all heard that

for years and and it basically means it

basically means a woman who is only

interested in you because of the money

you make now gold diggers aren't

interested in dudes whose net worth

isn't at least isn't a round or at least

seven figures they're interested in

they're not interested in short-term

relationships with wealth with wealthy


now I lived in Vegas for a little over

seven years and I an guys I have been

around I've seen I've hung with every

level of gold digger and I've also had

extensive conversations with men who had

a lot of experience with a lot of these

girls I'm talking nightclub owners you

know night club managers bouncers you

know a top level Vegas DJ I became

pretty good friends with while I was

down there hung out with a few strip

club owners here and there high-level

drug dealers I mean I talked to a lot of

these dudes and gold-digging women is

almost always a topic of conversation

when we're sitting around shooting the

shit anyway one thing that became very

clear to me is that depending on their

goals not all the not all these women

have the same motivation so before we

get started here let me break let me

break a few of them down for you guys

based on what I've seen what I've heard

what I've experienced that you guys can

understand the difference in terms of

their characteristics in relation to you

know in relation to their motivations

now gold diggers are primarily looking

to lock down a rich guy by getting him

to marry her or to get her pregnant

however she can get her hands on his

money indirectly that's what she's gonna

do a marriage the pregnancy or


now there are other kinds of gold

diggers out there but most of them don't

want to be fucking ten rich dudes they

just want to trap one so once they think

they've found a target

they think they can latch on to they

concentrate their efforts on him but

we're not talking about gold diggers

today guys we are talking about what I

call quasi sugar babies qsr bees in

other words women who

using you as an ATM to fund their

lifestyles now these are women who keep

a few men in her rotation to pay our

bills pay our rent pay utilities car

payment you know give her gifts take her

on vacations etc now you might think

that these chicks are the same as gold

diggers and I am here to tell you they

are not there is a big big difference

between them between the two again gold

diggers are looking for long-term

commitment with wealthy men they're not

looking for anything short-term they're

not looking for anything temporary

they're not looking for a temporary

arrangement gold diggers are looking for

something permanent with a man who's

verifiable net worth is at least seven

figures that's the endgame for gold

diggers now sugar babies not quasi sugar

babies with sugar babies are gold

diggers who aren't looking to settle

down with one rich guy yet they've got

two or three rich guys in the rotation

again seven-figure net worth verifiable

or more quasi sugar babies or as I like

to call them husb

is what men like us okay men like you

and me will run into most of the time

because very I mean listen I mean very

few of us are millionaires and I mean

there are more non millionaires than

millionaires oh no no I mean

millionaires on the top what five

percent of the income these aren't women

who are looking for these quasi sugar

babies qsv these are women looking for

multiple men to finance their lives and

aren't looking for for marriage or

anything permanent just yet now the

difference is now the difference between

the QSB and a sugar baby or a or a gold

digger is that your net worth doesn't

matter all right so long as she sees

that you make good money you can afford

a nice lifestyle and can discern for

herself that your discretionary income

can take care of to take care of one

part of her finances she'll latch on to

you engage you for a potential

benefactor this is what happens this is

what they've told me and I'll get to a

few my stories later quasi sugar babies

are never ever dating just one dude

because one dude isn't enough to pay all

our bills okay he makes good money but

he's not rich enough to completely

finance her lifestyle so she usually

rounds up about four or five different

men and each one of them takes care of a

different bill she'll have she'll have

one boyfriend

electric bill one will pay her cellphone

bill which also means she likely gets a

new phone out of the deal

one boy takes care of the rent another

one takes care of her car payment one

boyfriend gives her a small weekly

allowance I've heard allowances of

between three and maybe seven hundred

bucks a week depends on the girl on the

target you know the the the targets

finances now these particular women I

want to end this is very very important

these particular women quasi sugarbabyz

QSB s they're not the nines and tens of

the world guys nines and tens aren't

quasi sugarbabyz because their looks

allow them to be top level gold diggers

they're like these women have the kind

of beauty that that rich men want to

take exclusive possession of these women

are beautiful in the face they have

great legs

great asses big perky tits most of the

time they're probably fake basically a

perfect looking woman and by the way

guys we're not gonna get into what

constitutes as beautiful or a ten we all

have different tastes and preferences so

there's no need to fill out the comments

section with she's not a ten because

guys beauty is highly subjective from

man to man but by the same token we all

know a woman that a hundred percent of

men would fuck if they had the chance so

we're gonna use that as our barometer

don't be the guy who sees a big-titty

blonde that you know you would fucking

say well I wouldn't get out of here with

that I'm not this is not that kind of

party we're all gonna be honest here if

you don't think she's a ten fine but if

you've if you'd fuck her and you know

most men would fuck her then we're gonna

call that woman a ten or a top level

gold digger potential prospect there's

no need to get sidetracked on a debate

regarding something as subjective as

Beauty preferences between one man or

another anyway for girls a nine or a ten

she knows she doesn't have to fuck as

many dudes because she can get more for

her looks one girl and one girl I know

actually one girl I knew actually said

said this to me at a party she said why

fuck five why fuck four guys for one

lifestyle we can just fuck one for one

and it made all the sense in the world

quasi sugar babies guys are are high 7s

and eight and a high seven is defined as

an average to below average looking girl

in the face but she has an unbelievable

body she's not ugly okay but she's not

beautiful like an 8 a 9 or a

but she's got it she's got a great ass

she's got great tits great legs flat

stomach long hair etc a high seven can

score a higher value male than a regular

seven because of her body which of

course is under her complete control so

you'll find that most quasi sugar babies

aren't 9s and 10s they generally fall

between an upper 7 and an 8 there are

exceptions to the rule but those cases

are rare indeed so take a look at the

screen guys and I will show you the

difference between women who could be

top level gold diggers if they wanted to

in women who can women who only could

really max out as quasi sugar babies

okay so this girl right here she is

obviously a 10 she is absolutely

gorgeous she's beautiful long blonde

hair she's got great tits you can see

she's got a flat stomach this particular

woman now you might think to yourself oh

no you know if you take a look she's not

so easy on the eye she's decent looking

but you can see she's got a nice fluid

she's got a flat ish stomach she's in

pretty good shape she has you know nice

big tits they're probably fake this this

kind of woman would probably max out as

a QSB this woman could absolutely be a

gold digger obviously she's got huge

fake tits probably at least a size D

flat stomach beautiful face long blonde

hair this woman right here now when you

look at her at first you say she's got a

great body but then look at her face you

know kind of a long nose she's kind of

attractive she could probably max out as

a QSB at the very most being a gold

digger is probably something she's tried

and been shot down it this woman

obviously can absolutely be a fucking

gold digger guys this is the kind of

woman that rich men who own jets and

billion dollar net worth and all that

this is the kind of woman this is the

kind of woman that these men would take

exclusive possession of they're not

gonna take exclusive possession of this

woman right here yeah look at her she

looks good I'd fuck her okay of course

I'd fuck her but she doesn't look she

doesn't look like this woman okay young

beautiful long dark hair gorgeous eyes

beautiful teeth big fake tits I mean

dude look at her stomach she probably

has an unbelievable ass but then by the

same token this woman right here could

probably be I don't know she could be a

QSB if she wanted to but she could not

be a gold digger this woman could

absolutely be a gold digger she is a

rock solid hard 10 she doesn't have fake

tits but she can see he has a beautiful

full face I mean she has great legs I

mean she's got a good hip to waist

proportional ratio again she could she

could lock down a she could lock down a

seven or an eight figure Net Worth kind

of guy and definitely get his commitment

so long as she is exclusive to him and

then of course now you look at this girl

she's got a she's got a smokin body

again we'd all fuck her but then look at

her face her tits are kind of small

listen she looks good I would hit on her

I'd fuck her but millionaires are not

gonna marry women that look like this

they marry women that look like this but

they don't marry women that look like

this so women who look like this are

really nothing more than than high-level

but then they're gonna max out sqs B's

now like I said most of us in here are

probably not millionaires all right

might myself included those guys the

millionaire's those guys have to worry

about the top level gold diggers we

don't but even if you're broke right now

or you don't make a lot of money right

now you'll eventually start making money

if you're living the red pill life and

trust me when I tell you guys women will

definitely start to take notice

including these QSB so I'm gonna give

you guys eight signs that your girl a

girl that you're dating girl that you're

seeing is one of these girls who is just

trying to use you as an ATM aka quasi

sugar baby so number one she's overly

curious about what you do for a living

now gold diggers are obviously gonna be

curious too for for very obvious reasons

but when you tell if you tell the gold

digger that you're an IT and you're

making 80 grand a year she's out okay

she's interested in 7 and 8-figure net

worth 80 grand a year is not gonna cut


the QSB doesn't hit the eject button at

that point because again she's looking

she's looking for six of you she's

looking for six or seven of you now she

finds out you're a forklift operator

who's making you know fifteen bucks an

hour she's gone if she finds out you've

got kids she's gone because she knows

that men with kids don't have as much

discretionary income and that's what

she's after

quasi sugar babies are after that

discretionary income they want you to

spend their discretionary income on them

she doesn't care if you have a

girlfriend okay she's not worried about

that she cares if you have kids she

cares if you are mayor

girlfriends can be expensive wives can

be expensive kids are always expensive

and unless you're a millionaire you

cannot afford her number two she rarely

has her purse or money with her not only

does she not pay because she can't and

will get we'll get more into that here

in a little bit she doesn't pay because

she wants to make sure that you can foot

the bill all the time every time for

dinners outings whatever if you ever ask

if you ever ask her to go dutch

or ask her to pay a QSB is not gonna

give up on you because she's trying not

to show her hand but if you make her pay

half if you make her behalf on a regular

basis she's gonna go son you now listen

a gold digger would bounce the very

first time you even suggest leaving a

tip that that's just how that is number

three she calls other women gold diggers

this is the same as sluts calling each

other sluts it

I mean basically takes one to know one

even though top-level gold diggers are

different from quasi sugar babies their

underlying objectives are the same which

is using a man for his money I do I used

to hang out with who owns a cleaning

business down in Spring Valley data to

grow he's to call women gold diggers all

the time that then she would literally

turn him or turn around and ask him for

money straight up like right after that

and of course his dumb ass gave it to

her but whatever the case may be you

know regardless of what that situation

was that calling other women gold

diggers that is a clack that is a

classic projection play in that it takes

one to know one

number four she doesn't have long term

goals or she does not voice them to you

any woman who is entertaining thoughts

of a long-term relationship whether it

be with you or anybody else will always

talk about her long-term goal she might

talk about wanting to start a family

down the line she might talk about where

she sees herself in a few years or

anything else related to a future with

or without you it doesn't matter Q s B's

are short-term goal oriented exclusively

they are only thinking about tomorrow

and maybe the day after but not much

more than that yes she wants to make

sure that you're gonna be paying her

bills long term but she's not gonna tell

you yeah my future plans are for you to

pay my rent for the next three years

obviously USBs and gold diggers are a

lot of things stupid or stupid is not

one of them that's for sure as always

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now the next short what's going on yeah

I think you were a first-timer I don't I

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welcome freelance Rona TSR and full at

full effect yeah listen Ronin man like

in the hate mail segment I was going

through some of my hate mail and I saw

you I saw you roast in those bitches

that was some funny that was some funny

shit Sharla smerch n't in the

motherfucking house yeah Charles I know

that all of this that I'm talking about

today is based on what I've seen heard

and experience down in Vegas so I know

that you can probably identify it or

relate to a lot of these a lot of these

stories whether you've experienced it

heard it or not down there in the 702

case you burner what's going on Charles

Martin said Backpage broads yeah there

you go

that's dead that's exactly right hey our

force has a new girls who are fucking

their landlords in exchange for rent not

on college not uncommon among college

students yeah listen man

every girl's pussy's for sale man that's

just sound listen girls use their looks

in there when the girls use their look

looks to get things from red pill wear

man they got to give up the pussy like

blue pill aware men who she's spending

time with me that's enough I like to

jerk off to you know what I think she

would look like naked nah man red pill

man they get that ass straight up even

deluxe saw black mastic speaks us that

sugar babies are junior gold diggers

yeah that's a good way to put it bgs

absolutely yeah junior gold diggers kind

of like the the junior bacon

cheeseburger or the whopper jr. I guess

if you want to call it even deluxe says

Scarlett Johansson is the barometer the

benchmark yes scholar Scarlett Johansson

is absolutely hot black Gnostic speaks

as a young Nicole Murphy's at ten I

agree with that

simply deep 1985 what's going on good to

see the regulars in here very very nice


Lexa's lol long-nosed Donovan is

ruthless goddamn right goddamn right

even Alexis I can smell the simplex from

here whoo yeah don't fuck bitches like

that dude hell yeah

good stuff very nice Louis key with a $5

contribution to TSR life we definitely

appreciate that Louis Keys a regular

contributor now so I appreciate that

Louis key thank you guys very very much

Kobe Anthony what's going on man good to

see you in here absolutely

Tara freelance Ronit says gotta burn

them like a case of the clap fuck yeah

man listen man hot girls who were sluts

dude they've listened man these bitches

have all kinds of fuckin STDs man yeah

yeah dude get him checked get it listen

if you're ever done in Vegas you're

looking to fuck a bunch of hot broads

dude gotta be careful out there

wrap your listen wrap your dick and loot

and use defense soap absolutely all

right well now that we got the shout

outs going on here

looks like the usual suspects are in

Alice let's go ahead and move on here

number five the number five way that you

can that the number five sign that she

is using you as an ATM as she never says

thank you for anything or she rarely

doesn't know you as a man you're never

looking for a thank you for doing

anything but if your woman never says it

out loud it me it likely means that she

feels entitled to what you've done for

her without her feeling obligated to

return the favor or be of or be of

benefit to you

me personally I don't care about

thank-yous I don't need them my girl

will say well thank you for taking me

out tonight or thank you for giving me

the night off in the kitchen and nine

times out of ten I'll say thank you by

sucking my dick later or would thank me

by sucking my dick later or thank me by

wearing those stripper heels tonight or

something to that effect and that's the

gospel fucking truth man like I say this

shit to my girl word-for-word and she

always giggles the point is the point is

guess is that actions speak louder than

words a girl can say oh thank you but if

she doesn't give you a blowjob or she

doesn't give up that ass

she doesn't really appreciate what

you've done for her the only way women

can really show true appreciation is my

letting you fuck them that's it they

don't really have anything else to offer

yeah if they can cook great if they're

decent company great but what we really

want is to fuck so if they're just so if

they're just saying thank you but not

giving up the ass is just lip service

it's like a dude who tells a woman oh

you're so beautiful but never fucks her

and again I'll use my girl as an example

she'll say something like well how do I

look in this or do you like this on me

now my answer is either no because I

don't like the way it looks on her or or

I'll tell her well you'll find out later

when my dicks in your ass okay I can

tell her whatever I want guys but unless

what she's wearing makes me hard and

makes me want to fuck her she knows the

she knows what the answer is regardless

of what I say I could say honey you look

great in that but if at the end of the

night I'm not trying to fuck her then

guess what she knows I've lied to her

and I'm not about that

if if a woman you're dating rarely

thinks you with her mouth which doesn't

which by the way doesn't require any

effort even if they're faking the funk

it it not only means that she doesn't

appreciate you for what you've done

this means she expects this from you for

nothing in return

every relationship guys from marriages

to dating to fuck buddy arrangements all

of those are give and take I give you

attention you give me pussy I give you

girlfriend status you give me pussy I

give you long-term security through holy

matrimony you give me the pussy a few

kids and dinner every night and then

give me pussy again

the cost is on both ends guys and cue

ESPYs make sure their costs are

comparatively lower than yours you have

to keep track of that stuff he must be

quasi sugar babies don't all say they

don't all not say thank you but a lot of

them do so watch for your watch for the

girl who never verbalized this her

appreciation it takes no effort and if

she's not putting in the effort then

she's definitely she's she's probably a

QSB number six she lets you fuck her

without a condom

now this isn't for the reason that you

guys might be thinking remember quasi

sugar babies aren't looking for anything

long-term they're they're not looking

for a relationship and they're damn sure

not looking to get pregnant because

again kids will effectively end her

lifestyle and lower her value on the


the real reason qsr bees let you raw dog

them is because she wants to get you

hooked okay look guys we all know


is the best listen especially to men qsr

bees know this and they use it as a bait

to hook and draw you in they know that

they know that more girls require dudes

they are fucking to use condoms than

ones that don't at least at least that's

what we would think so let me go

bareback more-or-less puts her above

those other women what switch puts her

in position to cash out with you now I

watch it again I want you guys know

right now when I was down in Vegas

I had a few Maine chicks you know I had

a few you know I had a few quasi semi

girlfriends but what they all had in

common was that I didn't have to use

condoms with any of them now

again of course I made sure they were on

birth control they were keeping up with

it and I never had any I never had

anything close to a close call like I

would be there and I was that dude I

would be there in the doctor's office I

would buy the birth control make sure

that it was real I would be there with

her when she takes it like I was I was I

was extra careful and because of it my

managed to get out of the 702 without

impregnating anyone that I know of but

the girls I wrapped up with didn't get

as much time didn't get as much time and

that was the vast majority of the women

that I fucked

but the girls I didn't have to use

condoms with always got much more of my

time and attention because again

unprotected sex is better than fucking

with a condom we all know it again qsr

bees are our car they are keenly aware

of this distinction so they make sure

you know upfront that I am a girl that

you can raw dog but be careful because

this is a strategy and a good friend of

mine had his girlfriend do this to him

once this this is plenty listen to this

so a good friend of mine he gets with

this girl she side she's probably like a

nine I mean she was really hot and we

think she was probably a stripper she

was probably a stripper before she met

him because she was around at night

which meant she probably wasn't a

stripper she was with my weakens anyway

when they first started when they first

started dating they never used

protection but about a month but after

about a month all of a sudden she told

him to start using condoms because she

didn't want to get pregnant even though

she was on the pill yes pregnancy is

possible on the pill as we all know but

it's over 99% effective well he thought

that she was fucking around on him which

is entirely possible and it may have

even been the case but he told but but

anyway he told me she called him from a

different number one night because her

phone had been caught off if she was

something like three or four dollars

past due some some crazy number like

that anyway he paid her bill she thanked

him and said she then said that she

would pay him back and he says to her

look don't worry about it it's fine it's

you know it's just three four hundred

bucks well obviously he put two and two

together and knew it here's the thing

after he told her not to worry about it

she told him not it was funny he told us

she told me not to worry about using

condoms for a while like I didn't get it

so after he fucked her that night he put

two and two together and knew that she

let him fuck her without a condom

because he paid her phone bill


right this is how court this is how the

woz I suck USBs work so from then on he

paid her phone bill so he could keep

having unprotected sex with his own


with with his with the with the woman

that he thought was his girlfriend guys

this is how these women operate they

give you the good shit early that gets

you hooked then take it away so they can

price gouging for it later and you keep

paying unprotected sex is a Q s B's

weapon of choice guys trust me they do

this all the time and listen they'll

also do it with the rent they'll do with

the electric bill to do with the car

payment pretty much any other bill they

have and they work in the same way and

I'm just just like you know she worked

with my baby all my rents do and I'm

gonna get kicked out or whatever oh

don't worry I'll you know foot the bill

for you oh good well guess what all of a

sudden my birth control now it works

they they talk about how they can't

afford this or that that they don't have

the money for the bill then you swoop in

to pay it for him all of a sudden

they're not worried about their birth

control pain birth control feeling funny

how that works all right guys definitely

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transvestites because I say you know

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and of course right here on youtube oh

there we go alright let's see we got

going on silent lord what's up mr. old

school writers says how got your haters

good on those less videos BG okay okay

he's talking about black mastic speaks

that charles merchant says the women

here are constantly pregnant is seven to

do it i'm telling you dude there listen

there are more hot bitches per capita in

this in in las vegas than any other any

other place I've ever been in the world

but there are a lot of pregnant bitches

walking around listen there's a lot of

fucking going on in Sin City man and a

lot of raw doggin and you see the you

see the you see the result of that when

they were walking around with their

belly bumps black Maxis black mastic

speak says me and my BFF when half on

the QSB for months right you barefoot

let it right right you pay her phone

bill up their electric bill we're on the

train on her jr. Rosa says my ex asked

me for fifty five hundred dollars to pay

off her car notes spent the night in

jail after I spit in their face yeah

yeah definitely worth it I bet your bill

is probably less than that better have

been fucking I swear to God fucking

bitches are so god they're like dude

like even though we're separated and I

know I'm fucking somebody else but I

need money bitch

go get the money from him fuck you fuck

out of here

all right let's continue one the number

seven reason why the number seven sign

as to why your girl could possibly be

using you as an ATM if she is young and

has faked it

but isn't married stay with me guys

because this is very important a young

girl with fake tits and is married more

than likely married the guy who paid for

her tits fine he gets her youth and

beauty paid for you know bigger set of

tits for exclusive or exclusive rights

to her vagina in exchange she gets to

live a great life without worrying about

money finds out works but a young girl

who has fake tits and isn't married

almost certainly did not pay for them

and I know this to be true because

multiple strippers have told me this

listen guys a couple of strippers me my

buddies you should do blow with on the


she told us it was funny when she told

us this she said any young hot girl any

Hut hot nine or ten never pays for a

boob job including including the two

that we were with it's always a man who

pays for them she was very specific now

I wasn't surprised particularly when I

heard this because again like rich guys

buy shit for women all the time but

strippers make good money so if they

really wanted fake boobs they could just

save up so I asked one of the girls I

said we guys are making like two grand

at night I mean couldn't you just saved

up and she said yeah but I'm bad with

money like she kept it real she says

plus I gotta pay the bouncers I got to

pay the deejay I gotta pay the poll dues

so even though I go home with a bunch of

cash on a good night I've never been

good at saving money so why save up when

I can just get somebody to pay for him

for me made all the sense in the world

so I said to her I said but but boob

jobs are only like five thousand dollars

like five grand right she says I said

you can have that just a few nights and

she says yeah if you want your tits to

leak or if you want him to hurt or look

funny or have huge scars but the best

boob jobs are like fifteen twenty

thousand dollars and then she says I

don't know any stage girls who saved

money like that especially when they

know they can get pretty much anything

they want anytime I want and guess what

guys she's absolutely right guys look

girls are terrible with money and hot

girls who take off their clothes for

strangers to make money blow it all the

time and never worry about it because

they can know they can get some dude to

pay a bill in their broke okay dude

strippers blow listen I've seen it with

my own two eyes man strippers blow their

money on cocaine expensive liquor drugs

expensive shoes and all that I mean all

that dumb shit depreciating a sex assets

dude one chick one chick these girls new

visa party with us sometimes got hooked

on heroin and she was I mean she was

fucking bad off but the point is is that

there's always someone to bail them out

if they get in trouble financially and

that's why they never saved money

now what's that what's all that got to

do with us this is simple and again I

want you guys to listen very very

carefully when I tell you this because I

guarantee you this was probably

something you don't know and ninety nine

percent of people out there don't know

unless you've spent time in the Vegas

night scene in the Vegas and the Vegas

nightlife scene most men who pay for

boob jobs for women are not rich let me

repeat that most men who pay for boob

jobs for women are not rich yeah they

make good money but they're not the

ballers okay

they're not pushing Lamborghinis or

living in a penthouse strip the these

guys might have some money saved up or

they might have really good credit but

they can't walk into a casino and and

get comped for a suite or get six-figure

markers okay so if a QSP gets are

hooking hooks and that guy and he ends

up eating it and he ends up either he

ends up either takin money from his

savings or financing the surgery this is

how that works guys rich guys don't have

to pay for boob jobs all right he can

afford to buy he can afford to buy the

girl who's already got the fake tits

okay rich guys rich guys let the not so

rich guys pay for boob jobs then swoop

in and steal the girl not having paid a

damn thing this is how it works every

time okay and this is where guys like us

come in now I'm not the guys I'm not

rich by any stretch of the imagination

but you know I've got a little bit of a

nest egg saved up and I could easily

afford to buy any girl a boob job and

like I said before if you guys are

living the red pill life it's only a

matter of time before you start making

good money and suck away some cash for a

rainy day when that day comes and a

quasi when that day comes okay

if a quasi sugar baby with small tits

targets you and finds out that you are

capable of fun of buying fake tits for

her and you do she'll send you that

breakup text the minute she wakes up in

post-op guaran-fucking-tee guys this has

happened to many many men out there I

listen I don't know any personally you

hear stories here and there but guys

just do a quick google search and you'll

see plenty of stories involving girls

using dudes to pay for their breast

enlargement surgery then ghosting on

them happens all the time okay so if

your girl starts talking about a boob

job and about how she wishes she could

afford him you know it's only a matter

of time before she asks you to pay for

them and if you do guys you can kiss her

ass goodbye

straight up she ain't sticking around

number eight the last and final sign

that your girl is using you as an ATM is

her lifestyle does not match her income

I dated a girl down in Vegas for almost

a year dude smoking hot mexican girl big

fake tits and by the way she was 19 when

she got him and yes she tricked some

dude into buying him before I actually

talked about that particular incident in

episode 30 wait a minute was either in

episode 30 or 37 I don't remember which

one but I've actually mentioned this

girl quite a few times I talked about

her in I don't know the episode numbers

but I talked about her at 13 reasons

your girls will cheat I mentioned her in

three ironclad ways to keep your keep

your woman woman from cheating I talked

about her extensively in the episode the

downsides of dating nines and tens and I

remember mentioning her briefly in eight

ways having attractive females having

attractive females friend can benefit

you I don't remember the episode numbers

but I know I've mentioned her quite a

bit throughout my podcast but anyway

she's a hard 10 I mean she she could

have any man she wants and all the rest

of that here's the thing I met her when

she was a waitress at Planet Hollywood

and eventually she got promoted to a

hostess but I mean listen and there's

not much of a difference in pay at least

not that I know of

we know waitresses and hostesses don't

make shit even the hot ones but this

chick lived in a two-bedroom

two-bathroom apartment near the strip

one of the bathrooms had at

tub she had a balcony with a beautiful

view of Las Vegas she drove a brand-new

Mustang without a car payment and of

course she had the fake tits all that on

a waitresses salary not a fucking chance

guys it was obvious to me from the start

that she was the type of girl who used

men for money because there's no way she

could afford her lifestyle with the

money she made alright she might have

been a stripper but why make a few bucks

an hour standing up all day when he

could spend a few hours shaking your ass

and making four figures in one night

doesn't make sense the point is that if

you meet a hot girl who has name brand

everything 70 70 inch flat-screen TV he

lives in a luxury apartment drives a

nice car but tell you what tells you she

works at the mall okay or she works at

KFC or whatever the case may be you know

that her lifestyle is financed by other

men which means you're gonna be the next

one on her roster if you let her all

right let's go back to the chat see what

we've got here one Titan says when did

you leave Vegas and would you go back


I left Vegas a little over one year ago

and I would abso-fucking-lutely go back

man listen I think man I think about the

702 all the time la Las Vegas has a very

very special place in my mind because

that's listen that's where I found the

red pill that's where I came of age this

is where I became the man that I am


but things down there we're getting a

little bit rowdy I call it the best

worst place I've ever lived because God

Almighty like the lifestyle down there

was awesome

I mean it was I mean it was great but I

mean there's a lot of trouble to get

down in there there's a lot of trouble

to get into down there I mean I was

always getting into fistfights because

of course I'm a hothead I ended up

having to get anger management it's

doing a lot of drugs man doing a lot of

coke and you know at some point you can

be as careful as you want with this girl

or that but it's only a matter of time

before he fuck around and pregnant some

bitch and then you're on the hook for 18

years so I mean and listen it was also

an age thing I mean dude I'm 40 years

old I mean at some point I need to I

need to settle down and grow the fuck up

so I did the whole fast Vegas lifestyle

for a few years but

but but I grew out of it I enjoyed it

but I definitely grew out of it and

looking back I know I made the right

choice but would I go back you're

goddamn right I would you're a goddamn

right I would oh my god Charles Martin

says my wife wants to leave Vegas I use

Vegas to keep her in line that's right

hell yeah hell yeah oh god I miss that

fucking place see we've got here one

Titan says I've dated a few strippers

they all pop pills and stayed up yes

listen guys the only good thing about

dating strippers is that you get the

fucking nine and a ten and their arm

candy you can use them as social proof

when you date when you're when you're

dating or fucking a stripper and you

take her out in public you attract other

attractive girls because they see that

you're in the company of attractive

girls that's called pre selection that's

the only thing good about them guys

these women are vapid they are slutty

their attention whores they're they're

fucking picky they always complain

they're as dumb as a fucking box of

rocks they're always on dude every

stripper I have ever dated has or fucked

is always on pills or doing drugs or in

rehab I mean it's oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

listen like the the best sex you'll ever

have with a stripper is the very first

time you fuck her after that it's like

fucking hell man the-the-the comparative

cost of B to fuck or even fucking a

stripper like a fuck buddy arrangement

man it's just it wears on you like

they're hot to be sure like dude

strippers are the hottest woman you'll

ever fuck with dude they they they cost

way too much in the way of time and

attention that's for goddamn sure Jesus

Christ let's see what we got here

mister old school writer says they take

a money therefore okay or a good on a

good s yeah right

Charles works it says funny I never had

a woman try to con me into paying their

bills or because it's I don't or because

I don't ha yeah because you don't hi

site I mean you know certain men out

there make targets of themselves and you

guys know me man I live a I live a very

modest lifestyle and listen I'm red pill

aware I mean you know even though I'm

even though I drove a really nice car

when I was down there and had a really

nice apartment I didn't flaunt it yeah

okay yeah my car was a big reason why

you know girls would come on to me

sometimes but but by the same token I'd

I gave zero indications that I was gonna

be anybody's simp fuck that Jima says

buying a stripper fake tits has to be

the symphysis you can do dude

if you buy a stripper fake tits you are

literally you are lighting your money on


absolutely even deluxe says have been to

Vegas several times have a good friend

there it feels like a giant strip mall

the techno douche clubs on the strip or

terrible Fremont is better

ah good lord man yeah I can't argue with

that I can't I can't argue with that I

can't argue with that

yeah I listen like I said I I'm biased

towards Las Vegas because that's where I

that's where I grew up and and came of

age as a red pill red pill aware male

but but yeah it was it was one of the I

mean yeah listen Vegas you know a lot of

friends that I lower a lot of my friend

lists and people come and go from Las

Vegas all the time they come out there

because they think they're gonna live

the kind of lifestyle that most people

think that they're gonna live and when

they don't they gotta figure out that

it's just it's basically just a tourist

attraction it's not it's not really a

sustainable lifestyle it's not really a

good place to worry I mean you can

listen you can look leak and live down

in Summerlin down and you know maybe in

Henderson maybe North Las Vegas out in

the suburbs there but I mean dude ninety

percent of the time I spend in Las Vegas

was either on or near the strip so very

fast very very fast life so

mr. Olsen mystery later says what kind

of car do you drive

yeah that it's not wise for me to

divulge that information I mean I

appreciate the question but I'm not I'm

not here to talk about that simply deep

1985 says I thought the best stripper

sex is when the the best Ripper sex is

when the club is empty and you and her

can put on a private show on stage

yeah listen that only happens on porn

movies now I don't know I will tell you

this back on this back in the quote

champagne room where private dancers are

being held guys listen I don't know how

it is in other kinds of strip clubs but

in every every strip club in Las Vegas

without exception girls are getting

fucked in those private in those private

lap dance rooms when you get out when

you get a lap dance from a girl in Vegas

like when a dude goes back for a lap

dance with a girl in Vegas dude it is

assumed that he is going to fuck her so

when a girl walks up and says you know

you know do you want a lap dance guys

got men who were in Las Vegas know that

he is about to get his dick wet

straight up listen I don't know what the

percentages are but dude you walk back

there and it's it's like a hallway with

rooms on either side dude you hear

bitches getting pounded you hear bitches

getting pounded into submission in every

fucking room that is what happens do it

in Las Vegas man anything goes dude

anything goes

shout-out to Darren Brown with the $5

contribution he says preach keep up the

good work I appreciate what you're doing

thanks a lot there and I really

appreciate that thank you for your your

contribution like I said man I really

enjoyed doing this man I'm I'm fortunate

to be at a position in a position in

life not to have a nine-to-five not to

have a punch have to punch a clock and I

mean I really like do this it takes a

while to put these shows together on a

daily basis it takes a few hours but but

I really enjoy doing it man and I really

do appreciate the support thank you very

much for the contribution

cushitic elephant calisthenics Ezio

Donovan what are your political views

are you conservative or a Republican

well given the fact that you looks like

this that this person is is a troll

because he says the Oreo finally decided

to show his face

oh my feelings are hurt I'm a Republican

you cannot be you cannot be red pill

aware and be a Democrat so there you go

there's your there's there's your answer

okay my name says Las Vegas food nasty

dude what restaurants are you eating it

okay even deluxe says most Las Vegas

buffets are disgusting - the wind the

Bellagio and a few others I don't

generally eat at buffets because that

that's those are the all-you-can-eat


I don't know your you're probably right

don't know they look good from afar but

I'm an ala carte I'm an ala card guy

don't really participate in disgusting

but you're probably right effort I've

heard I've heard similar stories to that

Coby Anthony says it's Las Vegas a

conservative state I don't know but the

Senator Harry Reid I think he just

recently retired he is a staunch


though the thing I love about the state

of Nevada is that even though it's run

primarily by Democrats

it's got Republican values I mean the

dude the gun laws here are a lot dude

you can walk into any pawn shop you show

your ID dude you can get a dude you walk

out with a 350 dollar pistol in 15

minutes you know so long as you don't

have Orrin cell for your arrest

I mean you're good to go and no state

taxes I mean you would think that it's I

mean you would think that it's a

conservative state but again Senator

Harry Reid I think he was the senator he

was a sinner here for I don't thirty

years he's as old as dirt but yeah my

guess that my guess is that um that

Nevada is probably a conservative state

but run by Democrats Charles Martin says

the hottest women are down on the strip

Fremont Street is for is good for slum

bus there's 100% agreement and it's good

for slip busters because they always

look better when they're playing that

John Bongiovi it's my life on the on the

over on the overhead screens that they

have the sinister minister says I am

moving to Las Vegas what do you think

sinister Minister if you don't have any

kids if you don't have a mortgage if you

don't have any obligations if you don't

have anything tying you to the place

that you're at now fuckin do it

absolutely fuckin do it Las Vegas is

absolutely the best city for any man for

any red pill aware male you've got to go

down there dude that dude that place

will tighten your game up dude you'll

get more pussy than you ever imagined

it's unbelievable man most of the girls

I have fucked in my life are in Las

Vegas Nevada straight up straight up

yes Charles merchants nails it on the

head says Nevada is far better for men

than California

abso-fuckin'-lutely guys the only two

places in California maybe California is

not a good state high taxes it's broke

run by fucking liberals every minutes

it's it's ridiculous I mean listen it's

good to visit down it's good to visit

there and you know I mean I've been to

Santa Monica a few times I've been to LA

you know been to San Diego Oceanside


do you wanna blah blah blah blah blah

but but yeah if don't listen don't move

to LA thinking you're gonna live that

Hollywood life if you really want to

live that Hollywood life without the

Hollywood budget moved to Las Vegas you

don't have to make very you don't have

to make very much money at all to live a

great life in in an lvg

aka ckg fxs brother sharp you sir are

the man appreciate that oh good this

calisthenics troll says you can be red

pill aware and not be republican either

I'm conservative and came from okay fine

dude whatever listen man I'm not gonna

sit here and debate that's that that's

not what I do okay fine you got your

shine all right you're right

whatever I don't care huh I didn't know

that Charles Charles Barton says strip

properties required them to fly to fly

in fresh food daily probably right huh

about that now that I didn't know Kobi

Anthony says how is property good to buy

property in Las Vegas

um rephrase that copy I don't think I

quite understand your question think

there might be a might be a typo there

black plastic speaks absolutely says la

is expensive

oh dude 100% sure Charles Mertzon says

California's Beach's rocky yes they

fucking do do Newport Beach man whoo

baby dolls all over the goddamn place

dude Santa dude Santa Monica dude long

man yeah that place is a fucking

California is beautiful but it's it's

it's impossible to live man like it's a

great place to visit listen that's why

Snoop Dogg lives in Las Vegas now man

wake dude he got he got tired he getting

popped for fuckin guns and she's like

fuck this no taxes

none of the liberal bullshit I can fuck

bitches on the strip shit sign me up

black mass Expedia's home prices are

going up fast I am well aware of that

for sure the interest rates just went up

too so it's or they went up a couple of

times so I know I know all about that


the profit of thought Siri says you need

a mod for your troglodytes brother sharp

yeah I do I do

sharpest this wasn't available this

evening so Kyle Mitchell asks is it

easier to get laid in Las Vegas than

Atlanta or New York you of oh oh my god

of course dude Las Vegas is the oh my

dude I could do a hole I could do a five

part series on why red pillow where a

man should move to lv2 lv gnv

listen Vegas like you now don't get me

wrong you can't be a fat sloppy guy you

know acting like a beta if you're if you

are in half decent shape you're half

decent lookin dude and and you're a half

decent dude but dude just have a little

bit of game you will get laid and if you

actually get into shape and start

running solid game on chicks dude you

will be brought you will be knee deep

and quality ass on the regular I am here

to tell you I'm here to tell you Oh even

though Lex says I live in Atlanta and

have zero problems yeah listen he's an

Deluxe's obviously you've got tight game

I've run game on chicks in Atlanta you

know I've had some success I've had some

some some success down there it's just

easier in Vegas I don't know maybe it's

the lifestyle I don't know but yeah I

mean yeah like dude like if if you do

well in Atlanta and have zero problems

he the deluxe so you can fucking dude

you'll probably leave Vegas with eight

kids and 15 STDs man looks like

calisthenics is wised up and says Las

Vegas and Phoenix are great cost of

living is cheap good blue-collar and low

taxes you can buy a four-bedroom house

for 100k yep in Phoenix yep yep same

house would cost 700 K in San Diego now

that's what I'm talking about

calisthenics there you go

I was seriously considering Phoenix for


um not too not too long ago so I can

certainly I can certainly attest to that

says do chicks moved to Vegas to be hos

yep sure do that was Chima Chima asks

dude chicks moved to Vegas to

absolutely silent lord system I might

have to consider moving to Las Vegas

would not mind leaving Illinois bond

Illinois behind for a bit dude do it

what are you waiting on man what are you

waiting on holy fucking shit dude

holy dude you gotta do it you're living

in Illinois oh my god you know what you

know what in December and January when

it's fucking three below zero and people

in Vegas or what in the 50s and the foam

mm-hmm yeah you move out there

Darren brown says how fit are the women

in Vegas in Utah do the outdoors culture

hiking biking 80% of the woman here are

fairly fit Las Vegas has a higher

percentage of hot girls but it certainly

has certainly has a lot of fit and a

unfit and ugly girls as well III can't

put a percentage on it but I will say

this I recently went to New York City a

few weeks back and one thing that I

noticed right out of the gate when we're

walking around is that there were no fat

people around because New York City is a

it's a walking City if we listen if we

had girl be a man if we had those girls

in Las Vegas men at me it'd be a

playground but but yeah yeah listen

there there are point there listen there

there are plenty of baby dolls in Vegas

for sure yeah calisthenics has interest

rates are going up though thanks to

Trump it's past four percent now blah

blah blah blah blah listen I get it

I listen I know that interest rates are

going up and now you are talking shit

about Trump so you my friend are band

fucking hell dude sharp assist type

something in the chat so I can make you

a mod so you can start so you can start

bashing these bastards silent Lord said

yeah I'm used to it up an itching to

move I never considered Las Vegas before

I'd have to look into listen be research

land I'll be I'm here to tell you Las

Vegas is and for everybody but but trust

and believe that it is I love it I mean

that that I mean my hometown is

Philadelphia PA that's where I was born

I wasn't raised there because I'm a

military brat but but dude like

Vegas is that that's that's my quasi

hometown okay so sharp assist is there

so I am going to add you as a moderator

so sharp assist you now have a Monta now

you are now a moderator so if you see

anybody in here actually yeah just just

nifty just nuke these fuckers Trump

ashes it's going up because of Trump

stupid idiot dumbass

okay let's get to let's get to my

favorite segment your favorite segment

let's get to the hate mail your fucking

loose I live in your mom's beast you

probably have a too much fun have you

ever seen the pussy you're probably a

bird you sound like a white guy so

that's a no for Netflix and chill it's

hate mail time where we get to read the

emails and comments of those who try to

hate on Donovan sharp listen men these

kinds of bitches these kind of dudes

they would never confront a guy who

looks unlike me face-to-face so they

feel it necessary to try to troll me

whatever whatever what we like to do

here is we like to make fun of them so

let's get started

Valerie hilts says this guy's half-baked

and I don't even know who the fuck uses

half-baked anymore you can look at her

you can look at her picture and see

she's old she continues strength does

not belong to men nor does it belong to

women does not matter the size a person

is it is the knowledge of how to fight

what you are saying is absurd physical

strength can belong to anyone for

instance myself I was strong I worked

hard every day of my life I worked in

the woods picking up firewood and

whatever needed to be done my biceps

were seven and three seventeen and

three-quarter inches around I could

carry two 50-pound bags of potatoes I

could benchpress 150 no problem and yes

I can actually fight very well so

strength doesn't belong to men knowledge

is power Valerie it sounds like you're a

man sounds like those sets Valerie a

hunter you're being dishonest you

conveniently left out the part about men

being stronger than women what about a

weaker and it doesn't matter how

strongly or if a woman fights a man

she'd get destroyed yourself included I

don't care what she benches I don't care

how big her biceps are how many potato

sacks she can carry her how well she can

fight strength only belongs to men

because men are comparatively

I've said it before and I'll say it

again I would destroy Miesha Tate and

Holly home and Rhonda I don't give a


they're their fucking professional

fighters on that they're women I'm a man

I would destroy those bitches inside of

ten seconds no doubt our next one comes

from Ava Wilson she says quote this

nigga looks terrible has skin of an AIDS

victim oh boy

women who look like this gentlemen have

no business seeing anybody who looks

terrible Wow

I mean dude this bitch is a fucking

grenade Jesus Christ oh my god oh yeah

yeah so now Porter says Oh what's this a

face reveal you're below average looks

doesn't warrant that cocky attitude you

have there so she's already misusing the

English language there but anyway so

she's ignant let's be honest you're only

getting laid because you're over six

feet tall well spoken and heaven above I

have a dry Q unlike the average Negro

male most blacks most black males in

this part of the country on in this part

of YouTube look like a shave dude

Jackson they got blue balls and mad and

are mad and bitter because black women

they want don't want them so she

basically said you're only getting laid

because you're over six feet feet tall

well-spoken have an above-average IQ and

you look good oh my mistake

I guess that has nothing to do with me

back of the classroom actually nails it

he translates this perfectly he says

translation Chanel poor would like a one

she would like one ticket for the

donivans sharp D train guys he nails

that and it's so funny because Chanel

makes all the excuses as to why I get

laid okay she can't call me ugly because

she knows I look good but she can't say

that or she looks bad so she says below

average girls never use adjectives like

below average when talking about the way

men look either what's good or he

doesn't should now no she wants the D

and it pisses her off that's that's what

that comes down to this one comes from

organic Queen so weird that's a weird


you are one flat nosed brother if other

races of women makes you happy come up

off the black woman black women name I

can't even understand what the fuck she

said another black girl who wants the D

I got calling me ugly

if call me ugly sure only come back to

the truth about black woman I've struck

a nerve which means she knows there's

truth and what I've said

call me organic queen fuckin bitch

Eloise Baker says Universal Universal

multiply so many pathetic weak black men

black men like you are the reason why

the black community is so messed up if

y'all don't stand up and be men you're

going to be extinct Wow

this bitch's mad she's talking about

extinction and everything oh yeah

anime avatar damn you look like you look

like that then I these bitches don't

make me see good these bitches don't

make any sense damn if you look like

that then I know most of the men here do

as well good riddance fuck faces dude

every one of these bitches talking shit

about my looks it's like a girl telling

a dude she wants to fuck that she's not

fucking them it's like a shit test that

they use halfway through a date when

they say sex is out of the question

tonight or I'm not sleeping with you

tonight and then half an hour you're at

half an hour lady or niggas in her mouth

just say nigga I want your balls but

you're wrong about what you said and

leave it at that just keep it 100 I am

mad at you KB wordsmith says I'm a black

woman doniphon and I've never had any

goals of being the head of boss of in

control of anything but myself and me oh

oh and maybe staff oh there it is

there's the TEL and none of the black

women i call friends or family think

that way or even talk about crap like

that oh she doesn't swear she must be an

upstanding classy black woman not sure

where you're getting this sports mixed

in with a little misrepresentation and

unfair broad brush painting of an entire

group of individuals interesting oh yeah

this chick is one of those people who

want people to think that the perceived

exception makes the rule then she uses

the term broad brush painting of an

entire group of individuals then tries

to sound even more intelligent by saying

interesting as if she's sitting at her

computer in a three-piece pantsuit with

the arm of her glasses in her mouth

pondering the finer points of my opinion

you stupid like the rest of them and if

you think you're fooling anyone here

you're dumber than I thought fuck out of

here with that Marcus father says bro

you sound like Rush Limbaugh another

hater who doesn't listen to the show and

he's a simp okay but the good news is is

that I'm sure that I'm sure this

particular statement has gotten him

plenty of pussy from the five women who

liked this comment since he posted it oh

yeah yeah and that is gonna do it for

hate mail I'm gonna tell you what man

I'm gonna tell you what man these these

people who send in these hate mail I

don't like any guys listen 90% of the

hate mail that I get are from people who

black women and black men who talk shit

about the about the black women about

the black women videos they crack me up

man they crack me up ol well we don't

care about you then bitch why is you

commenting get out of here oh you ugly

ass nigga bitch see what suck my dick if

I give you half the chance to fuck out

of here okay let's see what we got here

let's go back to hold on oh man I gotta

go back now good this is a good ass shit

Oh solid oh ok so sharp assistant now

has the now has the wrench

so yeah watch out you fuckin trolls even

that Lexus cost of living is low in

Vegas but so are the salaries keep that

in mind yes that is absolutely true that

is absolutely true Grand Admiral games

says lived in Vegas for a stent thought

about going back since it's cheaper than

California yeah you definitely need to

reconsider that that that decision my

friend Kyle Kyle Mitchell says is Vegas

only good during the hot season December

through May or a year round how is the

employment seen for professionals

doctors lawyers at cetera

if you're gonna move to Vegas you have

to be able to withstand the heat in and

listen I mean I'm not gonna sugarcoat it

here guys and you do June July August

September yeah I mean we're talking

we're talking into the triple digits

like 115 degrees 117 degrees I think it

was 100 I think was 109 down there today

so so if you're prepared for the weather

if if if you can take measures in terms

yeah I mean sunscreen and all and all

that jazz do dice to ride my bike in the

Vegas and the Vegas heat I used to ride

might but now of course I didn't ride 30

40 miles like I did up there in Reno you

know because the heat wasn't that bad

but yeah the heat is certainly something

that you're gonna have to contend with

as far as the employment scene for

professionals I'm not I mean I'm not a

doctor or a lawyer I didn't know I mean

I know a lawyer a really good one at


but I don't really know I mean listen if

you're a doctor a lawyer my guess is

that so long as you pass the bar in the

state of Nevada I mean you'll be

employed listen there's all kinds of

crime down in Las Vegas if you're a

criminal defense attorney guess what

you're gonna make a mint that's it

pet keyboard warriors that's funny Bob

AIF says quote Annie well any full-grown

man could kill a woman with his bare

hands it's a video game of it it's a

video game of one guy beating up three

women exactly exactly

Charles Martin says grenade yeah that

bitch was fuck dude that bitch was fugly

like dude that bitch was ugly that bitch

was uglier than homemade sin man we'll

talk about this nigga looks terrible


fuck are you talking about oh yeah yeah

ba babe says that that woman shouldn't

be talking about anybody being ugly good

men good thing men are judged based on

their wallet and not and not their looks

that actually pitch oh my god you wanna

know what the sad thing is that bitch

probably has a notch count into the

triple figures man this is how it is

that bitches ugly is that bet bitch is

ugly as hell bitch dude that bitch gets

more dick than I get pussy I promise you

even Deluxe's hotep Oh drive that's

funny see what else we got here

you de Celine has Donovan really angry

about these comments no of course not

give me a break dude when black but just

talking about huh you're so lively you

know not you're talking about now that

doesn't confirm to me that that that

they know I'm right

like get out of here what that I don't

really get angry about this shit that

Bob Bates is a bro you don't look okay

no I appreciate that appreciate that

good shit Charles Martin says as a man

I'd never judge another man's looks yeah

you know like dude one of my best

friends lives in Atlanta

Paul I refer to miss pole up mentioned

up here on the or Paul use air quotes

here listen man like he's a listen he's

tall I mean he's he's he is as close to

my equal as it can be he's got underwear

model looks rock-solid game he's a

good-looking dude man good-looking dude

either deluxe as Vegas has dry heat so

any from anyone from the south and used

to the humidity will be fine yes


the dry listen 117 degrees is still hot

but it is it's it's it's tolerable

because it is 100% dry heat I mean Vegas

is the desert

love that fucking place see what else we

got here all right

banaz straight Tarleton says you yo

Donovan heed your advice go ahead and

type in your question man

Kyle Mitchell says if they care enough

to leave hate comments you struck a

nerve black ticks will never like this

show unless unless they are hot and

dating a white dude right that's exactly


listen if anytime anytime someone and

again anytime someone gets emotional

enough to leave a comment like that

about a show or on a show dude just like

you said that means that means I've

struck a nerve meta means there's truth

in I mean there's definitely truth in in

what I was saying and they know it

they're not stupid but they expect me to

believe that they're stupid or they

expect they expect me to be stupid what

will make non Tarleton's question plenty

of ways to contribute to TSR life do

like Darren brown and Lewis key you can

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again special thanks out to those two

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okay deep 1985 says great show Donovan

appreciate that man thank you thank you

like I said man I really I work hard on

this stuff man like I really try to make

sure that I'd Moran like I never get on

here and I'm a

I never and I want you guys to and I

really want you guys to understand what

I'm telling you and that this is this is

the gospel truth I have never gone about

my day and looked at my watch and said

oh shit it's almost 5 o'clock I better

get on and start talking nah man like I

start I start putting again I start

putting together my show probably about

10 o'clock Eastern Standard Time now I

don't spend that entire time I have

other shit that I have to do but it

takes all it takes a while to I mean it

takes a while to put the show together

so I want you guys to know that I'm not

just mailing it in up here I mean I'm

not I'm not just sitting down and just

talking a bunch of shit like I really

try to bring you guys good quality

content that's for sure okay so tarleton

says black dude living near Boston and

I'm going out with a handful of my white

friends how should I maximize my chances

to bag white girls and what should I do

differently to set myself apart and bars

or clubs well because you're black you

were already setting yourself apart what

I would do at least in the short term

give you some action ilat actionable

advice that you can use tonight to set

yourself apart all you have to be is

there but don't act like the

stereotypical black dude don't be a

stereotype because you're gonna you're

gonna scare white girls away and I think

any white girl who pays attention to you

because you're acting like that

stereotype you're you don't want to I

mean listen if you're looking to get

laid and that works for you great but be

very very bold understand now understand

that you are in Boston but the fact that

Boston is one of the most racist cities

in the world girls tend to push back

with that and I mean if you walk up and

start talking to a girl she may reject

you she may not but you're taboo in that

regard so be bold

definitely definitely make sure that

girls see you with your white friends

that gives you social proof definitely

if you after I get off of this show I

would recommend you I forget what

episode that is give me one second here

I'll actually look it up for you

it's called it's called five tips bear

with me here for a second because this

was some this was some quality shit that

that I dropped a while back actually had

an article on return of Kings as well

where is it well this is a while back

man it's been a one-man I made a lot of

fucking episodes it's called five tips

for four four black guys who want to

date non black women I can't find it

right now probably because I'm in a

little bit of a hurry but it's called

five tips for black men who want to date

non black women and yeah you'll you'll

have to find that I'm having a little

bit of trouble finding it but it's

definitely in the it's definitely in the

episodes page you can also find it you

can also find it right here on the

YouTube let's see yeah black plastic

speaks definitely got to get Donovan on

for a hangout yes we were gonna do it

and I totally fucked or a dude I missed

the connection because we got our time

zones fucked up but I will definitely we

are definitely gonna do a hangout

sometime soon that's for sure said yep

Donovan Steve Steve and Alan Roger curry

yeah dude I've done several episodes

with Alan Roger curry he is the fucking

man he is dude he is an OG man love that

dude I actually talked to him the other

day man he is he's a rock solid dude man

he really he and I are simpatico he is

he is simpatico but yeah you dude myself

allied myself a RC and Steve the bean

man like we could we could wreck some

shop ah

and says I'm the furthest thing from a

stereotype then bruh you've got dude

you've got it made man you've got it

made listen I'm here to tell you if you

if you if you look like the average

black dude but you are not the

stereotype dude white girls will throw

their pussy at you just add water let's

see the profit of thought Siri says

brother sharp the format of this

platform is official one of the better

quality shows for sure thank you I

appreciate you saying that man I really

like I said I tribe and like I really do

work on this thing to make it you know I

want it to look good I want it to sound

good I want this to be a quality show so

I definitely appreciate that shout out

to one Titans for the $2 contribution

via super Chet I greatly greatly

appreciate that thank you for your


Talton says my weaknesses redheads and

brunettes so minimal makeup makes me

melt alright fair enough fair enough

well guys I'm gonna leave it there for

tonight that's gonna do it for this

episode of TS are live with Donovan

sharp my thanks to all of you who

contributed to the show today like the

video get it to 100 likes follow me on

Twitter at Donovan underscore sharp and

don't forget to bookmark the Amazon link

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see you Monday




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