8 signs you're a fake Red Pill Alpha (Ep. 295)

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There are way too many keyboard gangsters out there there who talk the talk but don't walk the walk when it comes to women, attraction, and dominating life. Here are 8 traits every wannabe fake alpha has.




The Fake Alpha

On fake alphas

Expanding on the fake alpha



you're a fucking loser you live in your

mom's basement you probably have a two

inch cock you sound like a white guy lay


for what you're probably a virgin so

that's a no for Netflix and chill fuck

you I talk about how women ate shit

what's up guys it's your man Donovan

sharp and welcome to the 290 fifth

edition of TSR primetime your daily dose

of red pill truth wisdom and awareness

it is Thursday July twelfth 2018 good to

have you guys in today fYI we usually

have the we usually have the red man

group on Saturdays there is going to be

a red man group tomorrow and we are

going to talk about we are gonna talk

about the fact that a lot of guys think

that money and game money and looks

means that you don't have to have a that

you don't have to have game you know a

lot of people think that that as long as

you have money and as long as you have

looks you don't have to have game and so

we are going to we're going to dispel

that myth tomorrow hopefully we

hopefully we get a lot of call ins about

that let me bring up my chat here Paul

Fortuna wants to know why I took down

the show with alpha male strategies um I

was not aware that that show is down so

I'm gonna have to get my I'm gonna have

to get my I'm gonna have to get my my

patreon manager to to take a look at

that to take a look at that and I'll get

back with you I was not aware that it

was down so I'll take a look at that and

and get that all squared away and taken

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I'm not stream

on Facebook obviously because I'm in

facebook jail for three days gotten got

got into a Facebook fight with a bunch

of fat girls and of course you guys know

how girls are when you win an argument

you wouldn't when you win an argument

against them or when you make them see

the truth they go and report you and get

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well well we'll certainly will certainly

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den got a question here from Ivan najara

says do I drop my blue pill friends yeah

it would probably be a good idea to drop

your blue pill friends um and again you

know I talked about this I talked about

this yesterday you know why most men

don't take the red pill why most men

reject the red pill and one of the main

reasons men reject the red bill is

because they're friends and they don't

want to be ostracized by their by their

friends and family and well what at main

reason when it what inevitably happens

is you actually have to drop your blue

pill friends I wrote a actually wrote an

article on Negro manosphere calm

entitled why most men are not your

friends listen your listen your male

friends will sabotage you they will dude

your blue pill friends will sell you up

the river for a piece of pussy and won't

even think twice about it so again do

you drop your blue pill friends at with

it spritz it would probably be a good

idea I wouldn't drop them completely you

know definitely keep them in your life

but you know again you know if you have

blue pill friends then you know they're

there they're certainly not going to add

to your life that's for sure you'll

you'll end up absorbing a lot of their

blue pill habit you'll end up you'll

you'll start to end up backsliding on

that sharp assist talks about the fact

that I've got 1,100 comments on that

Facebook meme post Horace Hall Horace

Hall actually sent me a meme that talked

about the fact that you know when black

men try to holler at white women we get

rejected but when we try to holler at

white girls they're they're much more


of course we got a bunch of butthurt got

a bunch of butthurt black bitches out

there talkin all this shit about how

it's not true which literally verifies

that it is true otherwise they wouldn't

really say shit about it

POC see on the Instagram site says do

you think the presence of overweight mom

makes you have any liking for women who

no no no no no no no no no no no no see

I'm getting a lot of guys cuz I also

posted something on on social media

about you know a fat girl in a bikini

and a lot of these guys are telling me

Donovan it's just a preference I think

she's pretty in the face listen man fat

girls are not a preference if you like

fat girls you are fucked up in the head

because here's the thing guys will tell

me all the time well some guys just

might like bigger women ok fair enough

but if he had a choice between bigger

women and beautiful women in shape women

they would choose the in shape women ten

times out of ten right like you can't

like you can say all you want well some

guys just might prefer fat women no guys

don't prefer fat women they like fat

women because that's the only thing

available to them at that time when you

say a man prefers big women what you

were saying is that if you had a fit

woman in front of him and a fat woman in

front of him then he would fuck the fat

girl instead of the thin girl no no no

no man no man on God's green earth would

ever fuck a fat girl in what would would

fuck a fat girl in favor of a thin girl

not gonna happen I don't give a shit

I don't care and one guy said well what

if a fat girl imprinted listen if the

first 60 girls you fuck were fat girls

okay they're not imprinted because guess

what as soon as you see a thin girl she

wants to fuck you you're gonna fuck

you're not going back to fat girls guys

who fuck fact listen you're not doing us

any favors by fucking fat girls I don't

want to hear she's pretty in the face

she's no no no fat girls are fucking

gross man and if you like fucking fat

girls then you're the problem this is a

you problem

guys who fucked fat girls are the reason

why skinny and in shape girls are

insufferable we got thirsty niggas all

over this up all over the planet all

over Facebook we got 22 thousand likes

we got 22,000 likes on a fat girl in a

fucking bikini

it's unbelievable a fat girl in a bikini

and we got 22,000 likes no I don't give

a shit

shit 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the number

to call if you want to get on the show

let's go to the phone lines area code 6

7 8 you're on live with Donovan what's

up hello yes sir you're on live oh how

you doing Donovan doing good how am I

talking to him oh there's men Desmond

what's going on this mom Atlanta all

right what's up des des in Atlanta what

you got on Oh

I'm chillin yeah I'm shocked that I even

got through I mean you know I don't want

to waste your time anything but I just

want to tell you you know thank you for

everything that you do you know yeah

absolutely man listen I appreciate you

listening to the show how long have you

listened to the show oh let me see this

is on July yep at least um the beginning

of this year a little bit before then

okay you know and I've been a patreon

for at least five months good good and

we appreciate the support man yeah how

much does he know you and I not gonna

honestly say that on this is my dish the

best investment that I make every month

you know right right yeah listened as I

listen I I do like getting phone calls

about this and thanks for the call

Desmond thanks for thanks for the

support you know thanks for calling into

the show yeah I listen I like it and

calls like this because guys listen I'm

human every once in a while every few

weeks I think to myself am I really

doing the right thing our guys really

getting something out of my material

like I get a bunch of praise and I get

likes and subscribers and patreon but I

you know sometimes I think to myself are

guys really getting something out of

this are they really getting yeah are

they really getting there's money there

their money's worth

four five bucks a month and every day I

think every day this week I've had at

least one or two callers call in and

just you know and and you know thank me

for the content so you guys will never

know how much that means man that really

that really helps to strengthen my

resolve and and carry on because while I

love doing what I do this does get a

little bit tough sometimes listen I'm

not asking anyone to feel sorry for the

fact that I do this for a living you

know I don't have to punch a clock from

9:00 to 5:00 but it does get tough

sometimes but those are the phone calls

that really really help me help me to

sort of push on crank out new content

for you guys so I greatly greatly

greatly appreciate you guys telling me


what's going on here all right let us

move on to the topic at hand eight

wannabe red pill alpha tails eight signs

you are a fake red pill alpha male there

are a lot of dudes out here gentlemen

out here talking a lot of shit we got

dudes out here talking about yeah I've

got seven bitches in my rotation bitches

ain't shit I fuck them and Chuck them I

got this bitch in my phone I can have

her over here in three texts or less I'm

fucking girls left and right all women

are like that

etc etc then you have your low-level MIG

t'ousand disguise these guys think

they're red pill guys but they've got

those low-level mgtow traits they play

video games five six hours a day they

have a fuck doll at home they've got

their little waifu doll at home okay

they genuinely hate women they're fat

they live in their moms basements and

it's funny because Corey Savage of

return of kings pointed this out a while

back he actually characterized this he's

a low-level make towels as male feminism

that's what he called it now that being

said listen we all slip up from time to

time nobody can be 100% alpha 100% of

the time and if you're paying attention

you'll listen you'll figure out at some

point that hey maybe I have some of

these traits and listen up listen I'll

be the first to admit that every once in

a while I will backslide so what I'm

gonna do is I'm gonna point out like I

said fake eight fake red pill alpha

tells this doesn't mean that you're a

fake red pill alpha but if you do these

a lot if these are habits you might want

to check yourself let's go ahead and get

to it number one you were all talk no

show you're the guy who can quote all

the pickup lines you know all the

answers to all the shit tests are you

gay no but my boyfriend is are you gay

what you haven't seen my website you

know all of that stuff buy me a drink

sure honey right after you buy me buy me

a drink you know all the red billowing

you know a Walt you know about the wall

all women are like that the cock

carousel not count etc etc you know all

that stuff but when the rubber meets the

road you ain't shit when you find

yourself alone with an attractive woman

say in an elevator or at the laundromat

you know if the ball is a strike up

conversation whether you free is like a

deer in the fucking headlights you ain't

shit here's the thing guys you can read

all the red pill shits you want you can

watch all you can listen you can watch

donovan sharp four or five days a week

you can read his material you can beyond

return to Kings illimitable ban etc etc

you can you you you can study all the

red pill game if you want but if you

don't apply it it's not gonna work

not a lot of guys out here who is

consumed red pill material for years

they haven't applied it yet

stop debating pick up theories on red

pill reddit and for God's sakes stop

talking to your friends about the red

pill stop telling them bitches ain't

shit stop telling about this listen stop

telling about the bitches that you're

fuckin and I'm using air quotes they

still know you ain't shit they know that

you are every bit as much piss and wind

as they are and until you get off your

ass and actually start living that red

pill life shut the fuck up we all know

that you're all talk and no show number

two the number two fake alpha trait is

you say shit like dating apps or for the

week you talk shit about Facebook you

talk shit about tinder you talk shit

about text game you're the guy who says

I only approach girls face to face

because it's what real men do no you

don't you don't approach women face to


you don't approach women on Facebook or

tinder you're you're you're not on a

dating site because you ain't shit

you're doing that to insulate yourself

from rejection oh you only approach

girls face to face well then why aren't

you doing it guys there's easy pussy out

there look and don't get me wrong

cold approaching is definitely a skill

and you definitely have to work on it it

takes a lot of practice takes a lot of


and trust and believe there is nothing

there's nothing like the rush that comes

from striking up conversation with a

complete stranger building sexual

attraction getting her number and

fucking her in the same day

solid gold guys nothing like I've done

it many times never gets old

but why pass up the easy pussy if you

know if if you don't have to if you can

just pick up your phone and start

swiping for ass like everybody else why

wouldn't you you say the juice isn't

worth the squeeze

cool I get it we'll get on tinder square

easy pussy get on OkCupid get on

match.com there's plenty of easy pussy

out there without having to put in all

the time and all the work well know the

reason why the reason why you don't want

to put in the reason why you're not

online the reason why you're not doing

online dating is because you know you

ain't shit you know the pussy is too

easy you won't know you you don't know

what you wouldn't know what to do with

the pussy if it kissed you in the mouth

never mind that it saves time money and

frustration it saves a man's it but by

get by doing online dating and I

wouldn't make that your your main source

a pussy cuisine but online dating is

about as easy as it gets

it's cheap and it's effective if all you

have to do is install an app and be

horny then why wouldn't you because you

ain't shit and you know you ain't shit I

only approach girls face-to-face well

then fucking do it let's see it tough


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just a few all right let's hit the let's

see what's going on in the chat here

all right excellent excellent okay you

guys are alive as fuck tonight modern

life dating says you are doing the right

thing brother hundred percent appreciate

that men Thank You MLD noses shit guys I

had him on the show recently he knows a

shit modern life dating com this guy

will triple your tender speaking of

tinder this guy I'll have you swimming

and pussy he'll have you back stroking

and pussy masculine says what the fuck

is up with these fat bitches trying to

say fat women are attractive I swear to

god he continues what bullshit men

decide what is attractive stop the

fucking simple those fat bitches and

bikinis should be shamed I could not

agree more

listen man the reason why fat bitches

are putting their pictures of themselves

up in bikinis is because niggas are

liking these pictures it is it listen it

blows my mind it blows my mic even it

dude if a man was born on a planet with

nothing but fat women and he fucked that

women his whole life and he saw one fit

girl guess what his preference is gonna

change guys fuck fat women because they

don't have any other options man fat

girls are easy pussy fortune listen I

have fucked a lot of chicks man I have

never fucked a fat girl

not even once even when I was a beta

dude I would dude when I was a beta male

I used to go dude I would rather go home

and jerk off than fuck a fucking fat

bitch dude fuck that oh my god fuck that


well she's got a pretty face dude some

dude in my Instagram says well Ashley

Graham has a hot face no there is

nothing hot on a fat woman

Ashley grandma's fucking fat she's not

hot well she has a pretty face no fuck

dad if a bitch is fat I don't see her

face like like are you kidding me like

we got niggas out here cape it up for

fat girls what are you doing what are

you doing you guys are fucking up the

game for everybody dude not listen

no wonder beautiful women are

insufferable we got niggas sippin over

fat bitches it's just unbelievable never

understand it sharp assists as women are

inherently dishonest with one another

one another as well you go girl you be

fat you were beautiful says the skinny

woman alright same thing happens when a

girl comes in and she she gets hurt she

gets a short haircut they say oh that's

cute they know that that's one less

woman she has to worry about as far as


dude bitches know it listen it's all fun

and games until you stop until you stop

getting attention from men so wait

editor Swede sensei says don't talk

about it be about it that's exactly


there you go you know these days these

days all I do is dating apps first date

five-dollar drinks at my place straight

up straight up machine wash team 305

says too many dudes buying into the

feminist body-positive nearest narrative

the thirst is real dude I don't get it


Hashim 305 gives us a shit test would

you leave me if I got fat yes but I

thought you loved me no matter what if

she tells you that say well I lied I

guess I was wrong

Captain Crunch 420 says a fifth of Jose

Cuervo works for me I look dude I don't

dude dude I don't care how fuck dude I

don't care how fucked up I am I'm not

fucking no fat bitch she's going to rape

me straight-up

ray oh my god a suit I remember I

remember this one party I went to in

Vegas man and this is the most fucked

I'm telling you this is the most fucked

up I have ever been ever so we were at

this chick's birthday for I don't even

know who the fuck she was and and we're

all drinking and everything was cool I

was nice I was feeling it right at the

end I took I took a shot of bourbon like

really strong bourbon then I took this

girl's drink and I don't know why she

told me that there was bourbon in the

drink it was in like a YUM oh my god it

was in like a water bottle like like a

water body take to the gym so I'm

sipping on it dude all of a sudden I

just go extra fucked up so we're headed

back to Downtown Vegas and I was just

like I was just

absolutely dude I was so fucked up like

I felt nauseous I felt like I was gonna

throw up I was in the back with a fat

chick and she kept rubbin she kept

rubbing in her hands on me like she was

trying to like get with me in the car

and I couldn't do it I was powerless

I'll dude I distinctly remember thinking

of myself I was so fucked up I was

trying to fight her I was like yeah yeah

like I was fucking I was like me yeah no


dude I was so fucked up this girl is

gonna have to rape me I said oh my god

it was fucking crazy

was unbelievable I was fucked up beyond

listen I was so fucked up I fell asleep

I fell asleep in my doorway my I like

the door was open I was laid out in my

doorway my next door neighbor comes and

kicks my foot he's like dude I woke up

I'm like what the fuck he's like dude I

thought you were dead I was like nah man

I'm good I was so fucked up the fucking

fat girl tried to rub up on my dick I'm

like nah fuck that I might be fucked up

not fucking with you

not doing it sharp assists rightfully

points out you think Donovan's chick

thinks if she gains 30 pounds he will

still love her yeah okay yeah exactly

listen man Devon knows what the deal is

and the thing is is I don't have to tell

her that I don't have to say now Devon

if you gain 30 pounds I'm gonna leave

you dude she already knows she knows

what the deal is fuck that right let's

move right along here number three the

number three fake alpha tell you look

for an easier way to digest the red pill

now you're the guy who's on the fence

you know the sexual marketplace is

fucked up you know women are sluts you

know that women are not made of sugar

spice and everything nice you know shit

is fucked up you know women are not to

be trifled with and you think to

yourself you know what Donovan's right

man like women are fucked up I can see

the proof but there's got to be a better

way you can't compromise and be red pill

you were either red pill or you're not

you got a yeah you got a lot of guys out

here who want to be purple pill they

don't want to completely digest the red

belt guess what purple pill guy girls

are still use

you for validation girls are still using

you for free meals you're spending money

in time and you're still not getting

laid you're still stuck in the friend

zone because you don't want to go all in

on the red pill because you're fucking

scared and look man if this is who you

are like if if if you're if you're not

if you don't want to digest the red pill

guys trust me I get it man

yesterday's episode I talked about why a

lot of men don't why a lot of men reject

the red pill dude I get it I understand

it trut listen trust and believe man

trust and believe I understand you're

getting no hate from me it is very

difficult to change your mind and

actions when you've been taught a

certain layer entire life you have to

reprogram yourself and that shit's hard

listen go back and listen to episode 294

why do most men reject the red pill

because the cost is high and most men

ain't willing to pay that price

they're just not there yeah and like I

said guys there is there is no purple

pill there just is it but we've all been

burned guys the writing's been on the

wall for years but at some point you

have to realize that treating girls like

princesses ain't gonna cut it you can't

listen you can't be the Alpha that girls

want to fuck and be the kind beta schlub

you can't have it both ways gentlemen

there is no one between masculine says

would love to hear an episode on what

makes a man purple that's actually

that's actually a pretty that's actually

a pretty good episode idea that's

actually pretty good I like that

number four the number four fake alpha

tell all you focus on is pussy now

listen guys the red pill the beauty of

the red pill is that we teach you guys

how to improve your lives in all aspects

we teach you guys you know financial

responsibility and I'm not a financial

guru all I tell you is look guys don't

spend your money on useless shit try to

save some money right listen there are

plenty of guys out there Dave Ramsey

Suze Orman she's a woman but she knows

her shit I'm not gonna lie

right we

teach you the importance of physical

fitness right you guys looking at the

screen now bad we teach you the

importance of style Kevin Samuels talks

about the fact that hey men if you look

the part people treat you differently

including women we teach you about

mental strength

don't be mentally weak put yourself in

mentally stressful situations take


put stress on your body and mind to

build a to build to build an iron frame

you do all these things guys if you

improve yourself in these ways guys

listen you're gonna be more attractive

to women anyway that's just the natural

side effect now granted you still have

to learn game okay you still have to

know how to handle women but any man

when you focus on women and solely women

and again what brings men to the red

bill is failures with women it's either

heartbreak or sexual frustration or

combination of both that's just how it

is but at some point you have to realize

that when you focus on women and only

women you're putting the cart before the

horse but what happens is when you focus

only on women is that eventually you're

gonna Plateau

okay so you're better with women than

you used to be right you're getting more

opportunities you're banging you know

you're banging girls pretty regularly

but guess what the only really bang in

fives and sixes every once in a while

the occasional seven if you only focus

on women you're not gonna progress you

will not break through and start banging

a hotter girls until you start focusing

on other parts of your life when you

start focusing on other parts of your

life at some point you will start

fucking seventh and eighth if you

continue to focus on other parts of your

life eventually you start being at nines

and tens it's a progression pussy women

success with girls that is just a side

effect of living the red pill life yes

women is the reason why we all find the

red pill I get it it's the reason I

found it but the more you focus on pussy

the you're it you're gonna end up

plateauing life is not all about just

fucking hot girls man don't get me wrong

it's fun

I live that

life but you have to have other shit

going on as well because then you start

looking and smelling thirsty you don't

want that thirst anybody on the internet

anybody on the web enabled guy who only

focuses on pussy isn't really living the

red-billed life any blog out there who's

just nothing but girls game attraction

they're not living that red pill life

cuz all they're doing is focusing on

pussy that's it when you focus on pussy

you will hit a slump and when you hit a

slump you start to wonder man is this

red pill stuff really the truth and I

really do in the right thing here then

you start to question everything but if

you're lifting weights if you're if

you're staying physically active if

you're saving money if you're

cultivating other skills if you have a

hobby start a blog whatever you will

survive a temporary dry spell it's not

gonna faze you if anything it will help

you to it'll help you throw yourself

into these things even more which

ironically will make you that much more

attractive to women you see how that

works number five that's a big one the

number five fake alpha tell your hater

this is where you fall into the basement

dwelling hentai porn jerking off make

towels you call men like me pussy pussy

worshippers big dick bottom level Mick

tails like to say well the juice isn't

worth the squeeze that's my best turd

flinging monkey thing nothing against

turd flinging monkey but he just uses

that too much he's checked out right

then we've got the referendum gangster

so I'm gonna get I'm gonna get to

referendum gangsters that's actually

number seven right

you see Donovan's woman you see

Donovan's woman on Facebook Twitter

Instagram you see she has these huge

firm tits she's got this unbelievably

tight ass she serve and dauntless and

she's serving Donavan meals she's all

dressed all slutty you know I'm gonna

beat the fucking breaks off of her dude

she told me she told me the other day

her uterus hurts her uterus hurts

because I've been fucking the fucking

life out of her right like you guys see

this stuff but haters say shit like well

you must have money or here's my


Donovan's girl must be fucked up in the

head for her to be doing that shit or I

wonder what her face looks like rather

than just acknowledging that da diamond

sharps got fucking game man newsflash

gentlemen my girl makes more than I do

okay that's right Donovan sharps woman

makes more than he does

that's Devin makes more than me she

makes more money than I do she doesn't

need me financially I could bounce right

now she be just fine she could bounce

right now I'd be just fine she makes

more than me so ain't the money don't be

a hater

don't take sideways digs at guys who are

trying to teach a little something well

Donovan you keep bragging about your

girl you're goddamn right I'm proud of

my girl I'm proud of where I am in life

and I do that to show you guys that you

know what you can do trust me I was the

if you guys know my story go to donovan

sharp calm man red pill origins volumes

1 2 3 & 4

I was dude I was the biggest fuckin

loser you could get I used to be fat at

a shape I was a fucking loser and now

I'm not here's an interesting thing this

is funny I'm actually just thought of

this my ex-wife Darcy sent Donovan

Sharpe a friend wicker a friend request

not two days ago I don't know how she

found me I don't know how it is she

found me but she knows who the fuck I am

now she sent me a friend request now

when I went to it the friend requested

gun but I blocked her I blocked her I

want no part of that fuck out of here

fucking Darcy but you didn't fuck me for

18 Oh again it was it was a two-way


I was a loser she was she was a bad wife

right and again if you're that guy who

is checked out of the sexual marketplace

cool man you're getting listen you're

getting no hate from me I don't believe

him to her fleeing monkey for doing what

he does but quit talking shit about

dudes like me because you wish you were

me go back to fucking your waifu doll or

Knopf to cartoon porn and shut the fuck

up about what I'm doing had to address a

hater talking about my woman he says I

know you're not white knight in fairy

girl nigga fuck you take your $10 a

month and go fuck yourself fuck out of


sweet senator says haters never want to

do what's necessary a hundred percent

right fake alpha tell number six oh this

is a good one the I don't care how hot

she is guy oh this guy dude I always

land to this guy you hear a lot of us

talk about our experiences with women


you're about me I rented a three-bedroom

house and an apartment for a woman who I

ended up never fucking right you know I

was a white night sip et cetera et

cetera I get it

when people hear these stories and see

where I am now there's always that one

idiot in area code six seven eight I see

you when the committee gets you in a

minute there's always at least one idiot

who says I don't care how hot she is I'd

be gone or you should have seen that


I'm gonna tell you like this guy's any

man who says this out loud has never

fucked an attractive woman you see guys

attractive women affect you differently

fucked in 9s and 10s gentleman is a

completely different experience from

fucking sixes and sevens being in a

relationship with nines and tens is a

whole nother dude it's another ball game

nines and tens come with an entirely

different set of rules there are

circumstances that there are

circumstances that you encounter with 9s

and 10s that you would never encounter

with even sevens or eights guys it's

just another world here's the bottom

line guys your woman will misbehave it's

inevitable it's what they're designed to

do no matter how well you have trained

your woman no matter how well you have

conditioned her she will misbehave part

of the gig gentlemen she's a woman but

the difference between red pillow Airmen

and wannabe red pill aware men is that

we five percenters us red pillow air

we done we understand how to mitigate

that behavior not only that we have the

balls to do it we also understand that

we can't just kick a woman to the curb

if she gets out of pocket once get out

of here with that man

gentlemen women aren't perfect guys you

have to check her you have to correct

that behavior no woman is ever gonna

come fully trained or perfect least of

all nines and tens further it is human

nature to give hot girls more leeway why

do you put up with why do you put up

with war with hot girls because they're

hot it's like the best salesperson in

the company right

the number-one sales guy in the company

he can afford to be Kevin in sales is

the best sales guy in the company Kevin

Kevin has to be at work at 8:00 if he

comes in at 8:45 his boss isn't gonna

say shit right Kevin takes personal days

every couple weeks just because Kevin

leaves early

the reason Kevin can get away with this

is because his sales numbers are at the

top every month so his boss is gonna

give him leeway but the minute Kevin is

not on top now they're gonna tighten the

screws professional athletes are exactly

the same way the more talented an

athlete is the more leeway he's gonna

get you think if Tom Brady knelt for the

national anthem do you think that the

New England Patriots we've got him oh

fuck no don't think so

Terrell Owens just inducted into the

Hall of Fame he kept getting chance

after chance he was described as a

locker room cancer bad team guy


why did teams keep signing him because

he was talented the more talented you

are as a player or as a salesperson or

or or whatever the case may be the more

people are gonna put up with you the

more leeway you get it's the same with

hot girls man now don't mistake me here

I am in no way condoning tolerating bad

behavior from any woman but men with

experiences with nines and tens that we

understand that training bad behavior

out of a nine or ten that's not gonna

happen overnight guys it takes time it's

consistency its sake it takes patience

and listen devyn my girlfriend she's not

a 9 or 10

she's a rock-solid eight guess what it

still took a long time to train bad

behavior out of her my girl dude my

girls an eight I still had to train the

bad behavior out of her it was still

difficult she's extremely attractive

these girls have been getting away with

this behavior their entire lives

you need to expect that she is going to

misbehave it is who they are if you show

her that you can put her in her place

and that you won't tolerate her

shenanigans she's gonna respect you

she's more likely to stay with you

so when a man says I don't care how hard

she used who she misbehaves only one

time she's gone any man who says that I

know that dude has never fucked any

woman over a six

that shit's Vegas fuck you ain't fooling

anybody with that nonsense nine one four

two oh five five three five six is the

number to call area code six seven eight

you are on live with Donovan go ahead

alright I got a quick question I've been

listening to you for a while yep what

got my attention this this show it you

said um that if you and your woman

separated if for whatever reason y'all

separated she would be fine but then I

think back to how many times I have

heard you say that on that if you leave

a woman to her own devices that she'll

never believe fuck up so that makes me

wonder now you're obviously an alpha

male which is why you're where you're

where you are is the fact that you know

she's gonna succeed

if you guys should ever separate because

you're an alpha male does that part of

it or do you mean financially or

romantically succeed financially that's

what you said you weren't too worried

about it so that's what I'm curious


yeah um well yeah I mean if I were to

walk out the door right now dude my

girls not going under right like again

she makes she makes very good money the

and the reason I made that point is

because you know there are guys who

comment on my girls pictures they say

well Donovan

must have money okay I you know listen I

make more money than the average man but

my woman makes more money than I do the

reason why she does what the fuck I tell

her to do is because I have trained her

to do so I listen I'm a high-value guy

and she recognizes that she wants a

high-value guy in her life so I that to

say listen Gabe listen as long as you

have game it doesn't matter how much or

little money you make now in terms of

now in terms of if I were to ever leave

her would she be okay financially yes

she would be okay financially and she'd

be okay romantically so again she

doesn't need me she doesn't need me at

all she doesn't need me prediction

doesn't need me for money all right does

that answer your question

I appreciate ya okay well six seven

eight thanks for the call nine one four

two oh five five three five six is the

number to call if you want to get on the

show let us move right along number

seven the number seven fake alpha tell

you are a referendum gangster now let me

explain to you what a referendum

gangster is you're the guy who thinks

that one beta trait means that a guy is

a beta male right you say Donovan Sharpe

and I'll get to this in a second Donovan

Sharpe has a temper problem

he's a beta male right a lot of people

say oh J Simpson is a beta male I

actually wrote about this on return of

Kings couple summers ago

ESPN released probably the greatest this

was the greatest sports documentary of

all time in my opinion Oh J made in

America talked about the life and times

of OJ Simpson the murder

you know the trial etcetera etcetera

well I wrote that I wrote about the fact

that Oh Jay Simpson was an alpha male

but it was weird because in the comments

section guys were telling me Oh Jay

Simpson is a beta he had one itis right

never mind the fact that OJ was swimming

in pussy before during an actor he was

married to Nicole never mind the fact

that he won the Heisman Trophy never

mind the fact that he's an NFL he's a

Pro Football Hall of Famer never never

mind the fact that he was a movie star

not a very good actor but he was a movie


never my

the fact that he was a millionaire never

mind the fact that he took what he

wanted when he wanted without apology no

he killed his ex-wife because he had one

itis one beta trait makes him a beta for

life again I'll use myself as an example


Donovan Sharpe has beta traits for one I

have a temper problem it is well

documented a while back I did an episode

called the five alpha male archetypes

and in that episode I talked about the

fact that a man who lets his emotions

get the better of him it's got some

grown-up to do guys listen I've always

been a hothead I've been a hothead since

I was a kid I've been in a lot of fights

I get I get aggravated I get hot over

dumb shit all the time sometimes it's a

blessing sometimes it's a curse yes it

is a beta trait uh here's another beta

treat sometimes I get sucked into

explaining things to my woman explaining

things to my woman more than I should I

tell you guys all the time listen

there's no need to sit there and explain

your logic and rationale to your woman

every once in a while I'll get sucked

into doing that right that's a beta

trait but that doesn't make me a beta

male guys again all alpha males have

beta traits you can't be 100% alpha 100%

of the time the guy who uses the 1 beta

trait as a referendum that's just

another hater he's looking for that one

thing that he can use to disqualify a

man he secretly envies and wishes he was

9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the number to

call caller you are on the air with

Donovan good hey Donovan Jonathan

Jonathan bye man what's up brother this

is a modern life dating on the line here

listen dude I've got a story for you

regarding these fake red pill dudes that

I think it's hilarious that you're

talking about it right now

yeah is it me a friend right yeah I got

a friend and he was he was on a small

vh1 television show I'm not gonna say

his name or anything but there were 10

episodes and he was on eight out of the

10 he got eliminated on the 8th episode

okay okay and I I've seen this guy go

from complete nobody to you know

d-list celebrity overnight right right

but he's still blue pill inside and

these bitches to this date are taking

him to the fucking cleaners why they

they treat him like such a fucking

little bitch they tell him like you're a

faggot they he pays for these girls

flight hotels Oh Renault she's daughter

like DJ trip in uh in China and the

girls like why are we flying first class

I can't believe we're only staying at

the Hilton and treating him like

complete shit so even if you get the

women even if you have the money you

have the look you have the fame these

bitches will still smell the bitch

asking you and exploit you and then

leave your ass Jesus cloud man I just

wanted like reiterate what you're saying

is 100% true and your audience like

needs to know that this is legit it has

to come from the inside you can't buy

your way into this right right now

listen absolutely 100%

listen man again you can read all of the

you can read all of the you know all the

internet stuff you want you can consume

all the red pill material that you want

but if you if you don't internalize this

stuff and actually go out and apply it

you're not gonna be shit that's just all

there is to it definitely agree I mean I

got another buddy real quick sure the


he does pretty well for himself well

he's 33 is a good-looking guy he tries a

fucking Lamborghini and he's doing okay

and he he's tolerating a girl right now

I'm counseling the guy his girl punched

him in the face you're thinking like oh

I gotta fix her I gotta support her I

got a help from my dude you have a

fucking Lambo get that bitch out the

fucking door have an abundant mindset

and get out there get yourself a nice 21

year old Pizza bass and be like hey

bitch let's go roll around in my lambo

and you can give me a fucking blowjob

right straight dude dude I Drive a



like what the fuck so yeah just wanted

to chime in man keep doing the good work

you're doing absolutely show but I just

I just wanted to reiterate to your

audience that what you're saying is 150

percent true that shit needs to come

from the inside because if you're broke

and you can get pussy you're rich you're

gonna have like crazy cocaine orgy was

man you know I know all about that man

Jonathan hey listen man thanks for

calling in brother awesome take care

yourself bro I'm gonna keep listing you

the man dude later on Jonathan from

modern life dating all right let us move

to number eight the number eight oh wait

a minute I got a caller on the line nine

one four two oh five five three five six

area code 206

I think that's Seattle so I guess we got

some West Coast listeners area code 206

you're on the line with Donovan go ahead

yes hello hi um I want to respond to the

color before the previous one okay good

Dadda most women would be okay with or

that your one would be okay with

finances and dick but would you know

that would be alright but emotionally

you know most women with an alpha man

well you know really never find another

man who expects more of them and you

know when it comes down to it all other

men will parent and pale into comparison

they will be as you say alpha widows I

know that I would you know myself with

my man never never you know find a man

who expects you know left like if I

found a man like who expected less of me

I was wondering what's wrong with them I

would like wonder why he's not holding

me accountable and wondering like why

doesn't he wonder what I'm up to and

it's it's you know it's it's hard to

today I'm sorry I'm fumbling a little


that's alright take your time I'm not

usually I mean I mean listen I'm taking

it hold on I've taken phone calls on air

before it and I'm usually I'm usually

very wary when when women call this is

that you're actually the first woman

it's called my show women women usually

stay away but what you're saying what

you're saying seems to make sense so

take your time you know it's a lot

listen as long as you're not doing this

to attention whore I'm good with it but

but I'm telling you right now 206 if you

start to if you start to beer in that

direction then that's going to be it so

you're you're doing good so far so just

you know go ahead and get to the point

okay well I just have a really quick

point like if you know if a man didn't

hold me accountable

I was wondering what's wrong with him

this point like if I actually had to

start dating again I would be like you

know hey why doesn't this guy question

like who I'm talking to or what I'm

doing or you know I'm like I'd be like

you know you know he just takes

everything for granted I'm like does he

really love me like like that was I

would just wonder that you know because

if a man doesn't hold a woman

accountable for her actions or you know

her her you know her not actions but the

way that she behaves you know like I was

just wonder like if he's not questioning

things does he really care does he give

a shit you know like after being with a

man who really like you know kind of

holds the reins tight what's a guy like

doesn't you know you might like him but

if he doesn't hold the reins tight you

wonder if you really give this shit like

it's gonna look let you get away with

shit like crazy paying attention you

know like so it's just it doesn't it's I

know that's like kind of you know the

quantico alpha little thing but that

really like you know once you are used

to a standard of behavior every person

you meet after that will want that

expectation and and so like you want

them to hold you to the same standard

right and when you when you don't have

that it's really hard to to to come to

terms you know with subtly

Yeah right no I get it and I think in

and and again 206 uh hmm I certainly

appreciate the call and I'm glad that

you're I'm glad that you're not

attention whoring while I have you on

the line here we have you know we've got

quite a few people watching this is a

small show as you can as you probably

can understand I don't know how long you

have or or or haven't been watching but

when you talk about a man holding you

accountable I don't I don't know if

you're privy to my strategies or

technique or whatever and to be honest

with you I don't care I want to get your

thoughts okay art well that's good you

you're okay that's that's that's good

what are your thoughts because I'm the

type of guy right like with my own woman

okay my own woman has gone as she has

completely given up all autonomy she has

I have access to her phone she you know

there's a key logger on her phone I know

who she's texting I know what she's

doing on her apps a lot of guys say and

I'm not doing this for validation if you

disagree with that fine I'll just you

know I'll say fuck you and hang up the

phone and that'll be that but what are

your thoughts on on on keeping a man's

trust in that regard because again a lot

of guys a lot of women to say well

Donovan you're insecure not I mean

you're that's not I've been your that

and a lot of guys say well listen yeah I

don't want to do that because that's

mate guarding behavior what if your man

whoever he is I don't know if you have a

boyfriend or not but if your man were to

tell you hey look

Eric o2o6 that's what I'll call you aids

see or whatever I want to access to your

phone at all times what would what would

be your thoughts what would be your

thoughts on that how would you respond

to that do you think that that's do you

think that's going too far or would you

be willing to do something like that I

mean you got nothing to hide you got

nothing to hide I mean you know I kind

of like to think that everything should

be aboveboard I mean I wouldn't expect

my man to do the same but you know I

understand that the dynamics are

different so I don't know like I think

like if he expected that of me and you

know every now and then like he has his

own ways of doing being similar to that

I'm not quite the same thing but you

know like I'm always about it because I

don't have anything to heart I want to

build trust I am ready like like I I

just I just know that things are the

same between men and women I

like I just want his trust I want him to

know that I'm representing him well and

I'm doing the things that like are

conducive to you know our long-term

relationship and I don't think women

really understand that like they're all

defensive like there's your privacy like

there's really enough privacy when

you're living with somebody or you're

you know sleeping with them every night

you know like there's a lot that doesn't

really work you know and and I don't

know like I just really wish I really

wish that way you know like hard to say

like I wish that men could understand

well like a lot of recomment understand

how women think but they don't really

quite understand the intentions or the

habitual behaviors that come along with

how women think

okay listen utterly the rules and I

don't want to I don't want to get too

far that's right I don't want to get too

far into the weeds listen 206 thanks for

the call I'm just gonna move on to the

next caller yeah listen 206 made again

she made she made some pretty good


um listen if you're a man or if you're a

woman who are listening to that you know

hey listen if if your man wants access

to your phone

she said it best if you have nothing to

hide then what's the problem right let

me see your phone what you don't trust

me well sweetheart I don't trust anybody

I want full access to your phone no no

lock on your phone you don't trust me

well no not yet again I don't trust

anybody like this is how that works so I

thought that was gonna go sideways there

for for a little bit she got a little

bit rambling but you know for the most

part I think she I think she made pretty

good points

I suppose they I suppose I suppose the

the issue is with with the caller from

Atlanta not Desmond from Atlanta the the

the other guy is that he said well

listen if she's gonna be if she's gonna

be well off financially and with dick

then why would she be upset if you left

well if this is where game comes in

right if you're a man that's worth

having around outside of money and dick

women are gonna stay with you like I

said my own woman dude my own dude my

own woman could go out and get more dick

than I could ever get pussy in my life

just how it is women men are not equal

in that regard women can get far more

sex than men my girl makes more money

than me it's the same thing now would

she be devastated if I left I don't know

I'd like to think that she would be

either way it doesn't matter it doesn't

matter I know that I'm not here because

of the money I make I know that I'm not

here because of the dick that I put down

she can get that anywhere she's got that

already she's with me because I'm

donovan sharp she's with me because I

hold her accountable she's with me

because I demand her best she's with me

because she enjoys working for I for my

affection she knows that my affection

isn't cheap she understands that all

right it's starting all right very good

let us move on to the last and final

fake alpha trait number eight never

refresh my screen there number eight you

think all women are the same you're the

guy who takes a Walt way too far you say

all women are like that this is the guy

who thinks that all women should be

treated exactly the same he thinks that

you should punish women all the same he

thinks that you should talk to women all

the same he thinks that you should

reward women all the same he thinks that

you should run the same game on women

any man who has experience with women

knows that this is not how it works for

example I'll give you a perfect example

sixes and sevens are much harder to

approach than nine ten tens now some

guys might think well what that I mean

are you kidding me why is that simple

sixes and sevens get approached more

guys think that sixes and sevens are

easier to fuck and they are so they get

approached more it just it and listen

when you get approached a lot you take

that stuff for granted you get a little

bit more picky that's just how it is

so asshole game is what's best if you're

trying to hit on sixes and sevens nines

and tens if you try to come at a 9 or a

10 with asshole game dude dude she will

curb you she will curb you quicker than

you know quicker than you can imagine

right so yes you have to be bold when

approaching nines and tens but if you

want to come at them with asshole game

you're going to get curbed you're out

nines and tens are much more pleasant

when you approach them you don't have to

use asshole game nines and tens will

give you an honest try because they just

don't get approached that often they

will actually give you the opportunity

to build attraction on the flip side

sixes and sevens are almost too easy to

fuck as soon as you get past all those

shit tests your golden 9s and 10s on the

other hand are impossible to fuck on the

listen I've pulled off I pulled off the

same day lay with 9s and 10s maybe I

think twice and it might not do it it

might not even been it might not have

even been that many times 9s and 10s are

extremely hard to fuck on the first date

any man who takes a cookie-cutter

approach with women tells on himself

right listen the way you reward sixes

and sevens as opposed to nines and tens

are different I've talked about the fact

they have to use a three to two ratio

for every three good thing she does for

you you do two good things for her and

different girls require different ratios

some require three to do some require

three to one some require four to one

depends on the girls and that ratio is

not necessarily dictated by a woman's

sexual market value dude updated 9s and

10s where I've had to use a three-to-one


but then I've used a 3:1 ratio on some

nines and ends they'll walk all over you

just depends on the girl one size does

not fit all and with any man who thinks

that all women should be handled the

same or fake fucking alphas that is a

100% bonafide fake alpha tel is when you

think when you take the notion of all

women like that - all women are the same

that's just all there is to it alright

let me check the chat here mr. meek says

I love how Donovan's John immediately

got tight yeah yeah I don't like I said

man I don't like I don't mind see this

is the thing man this is what happened

with kitten I knew the reason kitten

called into the show is because she's an

attention whore right any

woman who calls into my show is a

fucking attention whore

maybe 206 was looking for attention

maybe she wasn't I don't know

she'd I mean she was directly talking

about the guy who you know who talked

about the fact that well listen if a

woman if a woman is good if your woman

is good to go

you know as far as dick and finance is

concerned why would she why would she be

devastated if you left her or why would

you think that she would be well Eric

o2o6 says listen a man who holds a woman

accountable yeah this is what women want

I don't know but yeah I like like

anytime I hear a female voice on the

line man I'm just like that

so she you know she handled herself okay

she started rambling at the end it was


masculine says women have a very hard

time with men telling them not to

attention whore yes they do yes they do

sharp assist says women can't think on

their feet yeah that's exactly right

modern light dating says ugh cancer

holiday and all these has caught me a

beta fuck of I care

fucking kitten Jesus Christ she has

completely disappeared like she is

nowhere to be found it's fucking

hilarious dude it really is

guys be sure to tune in tomorrow

tomorrow tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 p.m.

Eastern Standard Time

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youtube and look for entrepreneurs and

cars and like I said guys we are going

to we're gonna be talking about looks

versus game versus affluence right is it

money is it looks is it game you know I

mean how you know how much you know

basically if you're a musclehead if

you're a good-looking guy do you need

game if you're rich do you need game

this is going to be a very this is gonna

be a very very good broadcast and

Anthony's gonna be broadcasting that

over like five or six YouTube channels I

think a total of two hundred and seventy

thousand people are gonna have access to

this so this is gonna be good this is

gonna be good and of course will be

taken will be taking calls on that as

well so I'm looking forward to that

that's gonna do it for this episode of

TS our primetime my thanks to all of my

callers my thanks to cap crunch 420 mr.

mink ml via minish I'm not gonna be able

to get to them all next episode is on

Monday I am no longer on Sunday evenings

I will see you guys Monday tune in

tomorrow for the red mangrove

entrepreneurs and cars thanks for



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