8 ways you turn her off in less than 2 weeks (Episode 345)




put your foot down because you're afraid

of your woman and she knows it a high

car payment is the quickest way to go

broke the deadlift is hard that's why it


so you're on birth control you don't

have a boyfriend but you're not a slut


what's up guys it's your man Donovan

sharp and welcome to the 345th edition

of TSR live your morning cup of red film

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grooming needs let's get right to it

those of you guys who have watched me

listen to me for any amount of time an

extended period of time

you know what understand that when it

comes to dating when it comes to

relationships it is extremely important

to set the tone from your very first

interaction with the woman if you come

off as a beta male if you set the tone

is a beta male then guess what she is

going to treat you like one if you set a

tone of dominance she is also going to

respect you as a dominant male if you

let her get away with things in the

beginning she's going to think that she

can get away with things moving forward

you guys get the point the problem is

this guys aren't doing that guys are not

setting the tone with their women a

bigger problem is that girls are using

these men now you would think that if a

woman has not turned on by a bet if

she's not sexually attracted to him if

she doesn't see herself engaging in some

sort of relationship regardless of how

serious or casual it may be you would

think that at some point early on in the

interaction that she would probably just

say alright I don't like the guy I'm

gonna bail out this guy is not worth my


he doesn't turn me on doesn't make me

feel anything

he doesn't make my pussy wet doesn't

make my vagina buzz I'm gonna leave him

alone wait for the next one no girls

aren't doing that anymore

girls are using these men they are using


for dates they're using men to get fed

there are women who date men they have

no interest in dating just to get fed go

online go on Google you'll see plenty

you you will see plenty of articles

where girls use dating apps like tinder

OkCupid just to get fed mum broke

tonight let me see if I can swipe right

or left or whatever it is and go get fed

tonight women do this women also keep

this keep these men around to get the

validation they do all of these things

knowing full well that they don't like

you they know full well that they have

no sexual interest in you whatsoever you

are merely a placeholder to feed her and

validate her until a man she really

likes comes along and that's when she

ghosts you there's the thing guys no man

has ever 100% alpha 100% of the time

myself included I listen man I feel shit

test from time to time I'm human I'm not

gonna pass them all no man ever passes

every single shit test but the longer

you're with a woman the longer you were

able to keep her line provided you laid

the foundation you select the trigger

girl properly and you set the tone for

the relationship the more leeway you

tend to get a lot of guys think oh my

god I can't feel a shit test or she's

out the door it depends on when you fail

the shit test the earlier in the

interaction with a woman you fail a shit

test the worse off you're going to be

but the first two weeks gentlemen the

first two weeks are critical I would

probably say maybe the first week but

girls are keeping guys around for just a

little bit longer just to get that

validation just to get fed to keep these

guys around so the first two weeks are

extremely critical a lot of guys and I

listen I know a lot of you guys watching

me on this right now I know a lot of you

guys have past experience with this

you'll date you'll casually date a woman

I get emails all the time I hear about

this stuff all the time

you'll casually be dating a woman for a

week or two

you take her on a few dates you guys go

do a couple of fun activities two three

maybe four dates over two-week period

then all of a sudden she ghosts this

happens a lot was almost every woman a

man dates you see this all the time guys

we'll only got guys will date a woman

for a week or two and then she ghosts a

guy gets two new two maybe three new

girls per month not that he's not that

he's having sex with but women he goes

out to that he goes out on dates with

listen man I took Devin I actually took

Devin out to eat before we before we

can't afford went outside the 21

convention and all around as you can see

these beta schlubs out with these women

and they're striking out there asking

them interview questions right

giving her validation before she even

earns it these are the kinds of guys who

speed date they date two or three new

women per month they never get any sex

and it's always on to a new girl why

because the girl ghosts on them they

always want to know why well today's

episode is going to talk about why these

women ghost on you after a week or two

eight ways gentlemen you turn her off in

less than two weeks my opening rent is

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includes your shipping I actually I

probably got two maybe three hours of

sleep this morning

and so I need a Thunder hippo to to wake

my ass up I need a Thunder hippo good

strong cup of coffee got a little bit of

initial work done and so here I am I'm

on the air I know my start times are a

little erratic lately I've got a lot

going on just got back from the 21

convention I'm gonna talk about here in

just a few minutes but things will be

back on track within the next week or so

after I get back from Reno Nevada it is

Tuesday October 16th 2018

and yes I am back from the 21 convention

I actually got back early early early

this morning it probably got back here

maybe 1:00 1:30 in the morning

guys this was an unbelievable experience

it really really was this was one of the

coolest things I have ever ever done I

got to meet all the guys I got to meet

the speakers dude I got to meet ed

Lattimore at the dude I had an extended

had an extensive conversation with him

yesterday he's you know he's told me

he's gonna be relocating to Portugal

with his woman he so he's up to good


Alan Roger Kareem and I got to meet

shake his hand get a couple of pictures

of him get a couple of pictures with him

I met Richard Cooper of entrepreneurs

and cars got to do the Redman group the

Redman group live with him on the panel

I think Richard was actually on all

three panels I was on two out of the

three panels he moderated the first two

and I moderated the last one you guys

can find that online on either 21

studios or the Redman group you guys can

see you guys can see see what what's

happening there Ivan throne was

unbelievable dark triad man this is dude

I've been thrown as one of the most

imposing and intimidating people I've

ever met in my life the glisten the guy

is coolest shit good firm handshake but

dude like when Ivan throne speaks it's

like he is looking through your soul

it's oh my god was unbelievable there's

only two dudes there only two people at

the 21 convention that I would never

ever think about fighting one of them is

ed Latimer because his fucking

heavyweight boxer the other guy is Ivan

fucking throat

the guy is Russian and he's dude he's

probably six five

the guy was humongous very cool guy very

affable very willing to talk the man

loves the cigars I'm actually I actually

took a picture with him and at Lattimore

put those on put those on social media

but it was great to meet great to meet

those guys I meant Goldman unleashed

Goldman is a very cool guy very you know

it's interesting Goldman is I wouldn't

call him a pickup artist but I think he

focuses more on pickup game than

anything else he's a very interesting

guy man I was really surprised

when I met it easy he's a good-looking

dude he's got the Indiana Jones beard

going on with the hat and everything

dude George Bruno the Sultan of silver

George Bruno was the guy who got us all

ready and prepared before before we went

on stage to do our speeches or

presentations Redman group live we also

did our exit view exit interviews with

George Bruna and all of those again are

gonna be released here within the next

few days

dude George's I do George's great you it

was right down the road for me listen

right here in Philly and he is a he is a

professional barber and when I say

professional barber guys I mean he is

the barber who uses a straight rate

light like the old-school straight

razors to do to shave heads shape up

beards he did a wet shaving class he

actually shaved Richard Cooper said with

a with a traditional straight razor and

that was fascinating to me dude George

is a he's a an unbelievable guy man had

many many conversations with him did not

expect him to be the way he was

Mike dr. Sean T Smith who will be who

joins us on the Redman group from time

to time he as a his a he's a doctor in

psychology he wrote a book and I forgot

the name of the book escapes me but he

was a great guy Jack Donovan who was

absolutely jacked I call him Jack

Donovan you know talks about tribalism

you know warrior ISM etcetera etc and

then of course I met Rollo Tomassi of

the rational male he was totally cool

totally chill day and and you know it

was cool because I had breakfast and

Evan and I had breakfast with him every

day that we were there and so it was

really really cool to just be you know

just gonna sit down you know talk to him

pick his brain and associate with him

and of course I got to hang out with

with Socrates as well Devon had a great

time I'm very glad that she came she

represented me well she made great

friends with the wives and girlfriends

of the speakers you know had a real good

conversation with Ivan throw-ins woman

real good conversation with hunter

Drew's wife

so they've exchanged numbers and they're

texting back and forth and it was

it was good for her to come because I

remember I was having a conversation

with Hunter and I said yeah Devin had a

good time you know with your wife last

night if the hero's dinner and you know

they were talking drinking and talking

about the red pill and red pill husbands

and this and that the other and he said

yeah it's it's great it's great for her

to have someone to talk to and it not be

awkward or funny or fucked up or

anything like that

I said yeah man like this is like Devin

talk she tells me this all the time like

it's nice to have women who understand

what you know who understand this stuff

so it was it was great for her to come

listen man all of the speakers were

unbelievably awesome all of the

presentations dude I went to dude and I

got there Friday afternoon Friday

evening I went to every presentation all

the way up until the the wet shaving

class so that was you know I learned a

lot I actually met some I met a few you

guys I met Charles Caballero who's out

there got the shake is in if I forget

anybody's name that I met in person

who's watching I do apologize but I

specifically remember Charles Charles

was a great guy asked me a very very

good question gentlemen the hero's

dinner was awesome if you guys I'm

telling you man if you didn't get a

chance to go to the 21 convention this

year you gotta go next year the heroes

dinner was unbelievably awesome it was

it was it was it was it was it was in

the upper level of a restaurant

dude free drinks free food of course you

know Anthony Johnson took care all of us

dude we're all walking around drinking

drinks having conversations smoking

cigars having a good time eating dinner

you know you know eating good work you

know we're all meeting our wives and

girlfriends and kickin it with each

other taking pictures it was it was in

listen to you guys you know who came out

to see me you guys represented me well

man I really really really appreciated

the way you guys represented me it's

good that my listeners and my fans you

know came out you guys definitely

represented I listen man Anthony Johnson

put on a world-class event man dude it

was professional the accommodations were

top-notch the video equipment everything

was forever

organization the security I mean dude we

had I think we have two or three

bodyguards they're big dude big pop I

chicken eat motherfuckers man

fucking bit bouncers literally bouncers

so we were never in danger

we were always safe and and again pine

was you know pine the guy that that

that's done the Aikido videos with me he

was there as well and he was heading up

security at that point so shout out to

shout out to pine for representing me

well shout out to Miami Jay who I also

got to meet when I was down there so it

was listen man it was it was a great

time all around I cannot wait to do it

again next year man I can't listen I

cannot wait to do it again if you didn't

get a chance to go to the 21 convention

this year listen guys start saving your

money now you have to go

this isn't I'm telling you this is an

event of a lifetime and Anthony Johnson

he's got big plans for the 21 convention

number one he has taken it to Poland

next year the it was gonna be 21

convention in Poland in July doesn't

have the exact dates yet but as soon as

he does is going to announce it and then

of course he's gonna have another 21

convention in Orlando and October he was

thinking about Denver Colorado but opted

to opted to keep it in Orlando

Denver's definitely on the list of

cities for the for the 2020 21

convention say that three times fast for

the 2020 21 convention listen the icing

on the cake guys is that Anthony Johnson

he is he is in the process of building a

multi-million dollar facility for 21

studios guys yes multi-million dollar

facility for 21 studios he's looking to

host multiple events every year and he's

actually looking to do maybe monthly

events he's looking for investors he's

looking I mean Anthony Johnson has

really taken this thing to the next

level this is this is the red pill

summit this is the red pill pinnacle

this is it

and listen man I don't think I'm

exaggerating here when I say this is

gonna be a right guys this is going to

be a revolution this is a revolution man

and I feel privileged I feel absolutely

privileged to be a part of the guys I'm


that I'm getting in on what I believe is

the ground floor and if listen if

Anthony if Anthony wants to have me back


I mean I'm more than willing ready

willing and able so a shout out to

Anthony Johnson at 21 studios for

putting on a world-class event it was

again it was it was that it was the

thrill of a lifetime man it was it was

it's one of the experiences in my

lifetime that that I won't soon forget

all right if you want to call in if you

want to chime in about how men turn off

women within the first week of dating

then gave me a call nine one four two oh

five five three five six area code five

six one I see you in the queue and it

gets you in just a second if you have an

unrelated question about girls game

relationships sex or anything red pill

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you are not a millionaire like Winston

wolf who asks are any of the Avengers

planning to be in Poland I'm not a

hundred percent sure if I'm going if I'm

if I'm gonna go and listen Anthony

Johnson he takes care of all the

accommodations so it's not written for

me it's not a matter it's not a matter

of being able to afford to go or

whatever the case may be

I'm just not I don't know maybe I don't

know maybe I'll go maybe I won't we'll

figure that out that that remains to be


you're gonna have to ask the other guys

on the red

and group if they if they plan on going

911 for two oh five five three five six

is the number to call if you want to get

in on the show let's go to the phone

lines area code five six one you're on

live Donovan go ahead

Donovan my brother it's Bobby one eleven

how are you my mommy what's going on

brother how you doing in good man listen

it was great meeting you

that's the heroes yes and yeah it was

just it was awesome I've been listening

to you all this time called you on the

red man group a couple of times and uh

it was great man I I was laughing till

the next morning on that pound me too

thing man we had a good laugh

now let me now now that was you who gave

that to me correct that was me yes so so

I'm gonna set the record straight guys I

put a I put out I put this out on social

media I think I did this on Facebook

maybe Instagram I did on scram it's

probably already taken off and

definitely Twitter and it was hash tag

me too equals pound me too with a

question mark the guy on the line is the

guy listen he gave me that tweet right

there I said you know what I'm gonna

post it right now I said I'm gonna give

you fuckin credit so Bobby won 11 is

responsible for that tweet Bobby listen

man it was listen let me ask you a

question here like what was the 21

convention like for anyone listening for

anyone watching just sort of give us

give us your experience on the 21

convention the good the bad the ugly how

did it go man how did you like the event

you know a man I loved it it was I mean

the speakers were as great as I thought

they would be

I mean you translate very well in person

like you do over the phone and video

which I thought was awesome and and I'll

tell you what I was pleasantly surprised

by okay for all of your listeners that

are maybe newer to the manosphere or

maybe even people that have been

following the manosphere

I mean the manosphere is pretty much

web-based I mean that's what makes

something like the 21 convention so

awesome is that you get to meet people

in person right and you know you talk

all the time about keyboard gangsters

and stuff like this and you know one of

the downsides of the manosphere is it is

crawling with trolls man

yes and a lot of people that I'm sure a

lot of people that came to the 21

convention I don't even know if you

thought if this crossed your mind

Donovan like what if there some trolls

here you know like what if it's a bunch

of red pill wannabes trying to try to

act you know what they think is red pill

and maybe you know trying to start some

shit with people who disagree with them

whatever nothing could be further from

the truth man we're all the guys there

were just friendly guys good humble guys

looking to better themselves they and

they were in all different shades some

of them and pick up some of them were

LTR some of them were married divorce

you name it and it was just a bunch of

guys just a couple hundred guys trying

to better themselves and they shook

hands they're easy to talk to easy to

get along with Hanson I felt like I was

at church a lot of time it was dude I'm

gonna tell you what man the there are a

lot of great they dude there are so many

great things about the 21 convention by

far and away my favorite event was the

heroes dinner do it I haven't had I'm

gonna tell you what man I haven't had

that good of time and listen this was

just a few hours after I got off the

plane I landed at a quarter to five

Miami Jay came to pick me up I'm in my

hotel room at 6:00 I'm in I'm in the I'm

in the the conference hall by 7 o'clock

he calls me out Donovan sharp dude

couple hours later we're all at the

heroes dinner dude I was exhausted

before we went to the heroes dinner dude

got a few whiskey sours often and it was

dude it was on and poppin freelance

Ronin Bobby actually makes a very good

statement that is spot-on and I said

this for years

he says give me a second give me one

second yeah What did he say he said he

says the trolls ain't coming up off no

money he is a hundred percent right and

it's interesting because yeah Anthony

Johnson and we of course we all had

concerns about trolls and and you know

would be infiltrators etc etc but I was

never worried I don't think Anthony was

either and money is the reason why

here's the thing man trolls do what's

free and easy this is why trolls comment

on your YouTube videos this is why

trolls comment on on Twitter because

it's free and easy listen trolls ain't

coming up off any money and if trolls

aren't gonna come up off of five bucks a

month to become my patron to troll me

they're damn sure not coming up

off of 11 13 15 $2,400 to come to the 21

convention so the fact that Anthony

John's that Christ it out of the he

priced it out of the truck dude he could

have made the 21 convention $150 we

still would not have been infiltrated

is it possible yes does it likely do not

a chance in hell man that was never

gonna happen so good observation there

man oh yeah and I'll tell you know

speaking of trolls I'll tell you another

thing that was kind of ironic I don't

know if you know this Donna mint but

right behind the hotel where the event

where the the convention was that there

was a gay pride for oh yes listen I was

listen I was I was well aware of this

Devon and I and I forget what state was

it might have been was it Freddie it

might have been I think it was either

Friday or Saturday we went to lunch we

went to good we went to the Publix

grocery store that was right behind

I forget what street that well yeah

right behind right behind

and so he walks in the public - we

walked right past the parade matter of

fact when the speakers were on my AJ was

in the back and he text me he's like yo

get back here now I went back to the

back it was Saturday okay there ya it

was Saturday Miami Jays text me he's

like yo get back here now so I run back

to I run back right back to the back and

there's the fucking gay pride parade

while the 21 convention is gone dude

that was unbelievable that was crazy and

you know meet Donovan I'm a red pill

jokester man I should do red pill

stand-up cuz I was joking behind I was

hitting I was like hey ty I was like I

hope they don't find out the manosphere

is here because they might try to do

some some some some day game on us but I

did it if it wasn't if it's not with

them it wouldn't be day game it would be

gay game like oh wow and also you know

you should you should explore this to

Donovan because it was an interesting

question we were talking about are gay

women female make towels I think they

are man yeah that was something that we

did talk about our are gay women female

men towels and I think you know what

there's too much meat on the bone for me

to explore that I think that I think

that I'm definitely gonna use that as a

show topic so I have stolen now two

things from body 111

blow up dolls they use those yeah

exactly exactly uh Miami J wants to know

who's on the line this is Bobby 111 man

he probably doesn't remember remember

who you were because dude I'm the big

black question yeah the big black dude

who was asking all the questions listen

he's the guy that gave me the Instagram

the incident I don't know if Miami J was

I knew he was near but I mean dude we

were all in conversations and everything

okay all right yeah that boy yeah that

was oh you wear glasses to know yep

no no I don't wear glasses there was

somebody that wore glasses who's who's

name was also Bobby but I remember who

you were because you showed me a picture

of your girlfriend oh yeah

yep absolutely okay okay yeah yeah he he

remembers he remembers yeah pound me -

yep there it is he remembers he

remembers before I let you go here Bobby

again anyone who is on the fence about

the 21 convention you don't have to do a

sales pitch just let them know what your

experience was like what you got out of

it and why you're glad you did it you

know man I'm gonna say something that

it's probably gonna come away from left

field but you know I left a 21

convention a better Catholic man Wow

like I'm I'm a practicing Catholic and

and it's funny when we talk about trolls

because I and pine and Miami Jay will

remember this a lot of guys were like

compliment me pretty much the whole time

there and I wasn't intending to do this

but like I asked the very first question

to Socrates because he gave a talk on LT

yards no I and I leaned more

yeah and I'm an LTR guy and you know I

told him look I'm a practicing Catholic

you know I've been with my girl for 16


you know we're waiting for marriage and

and I was expecting like some trolling

on that because hey it's red pill right

but but it's not true red pill I mean I

I just think that true red pillars are

the are the men that we saw at the

convention not the guys that you read

about in the subreddit forums that troll

each other and and stuff like that it's

just a gathering of men it's a male

space and and by the way there were New

York Times reporters that time was

warning me about yes and chick walking

around yes yes

yes yes right yeah there was an

infiltrate man yeah listen there was a

New York Times reporter I'm not gonna

say her name on the air but she wanted

like like she tried to infiltrate the 21

convention she actually wanted to she

wanted to sit down and do interviews

with the Redman group and dude we were

we listen man we were not here for that

here's how it happened she actually

found out George Bruno took a selfie at

the cigar bar when you guys were doing

the sabar the the cigar bar and the

whiskey thing and he took he took a

selfie of course I guess there's only

one of them there's only one cigar bar

in downtown Orlando she goes right to

the cigar bar well she walks in and

immediately she starts trying to talk to

one of the attend I don't know this

because I wasn't there I'm just going by

what I heard but she starts trying to

talk to one of the attendees and Goldman

unleash who was the fucking MVP of the

night spotted her immediately he walks

right over to he grabs our hey right

this way you know I'm gonna take you

right to Anthony's gonna answer

questions and learn and and walked her

right out the door she didn't get shit

she actually wrote a hit piece on Jordan

that this chick wrote a hit piece on

Jordan Peterson and then wrote another

hit piece on Rollo and Rouge so she was

just there to get the dirt you know she

and she tried to reach out to a few of

the speakers you know in terms of hey

you know I'd like to sit down a habbit

nah nah nah we weren't we were not here

for that man oh yeah but no it was great

meeting you man and yeah absolutely

you know you know I felt like just

hanging out at the heroes doing I felt

like man this do feels like somebody I

went to high school with that's that's

how I felt about you man oh cool I

appreciate it man and again the reason

like I mean obviously I did the 21

convention for many many reasons but but

one thing I try to one thing I try to

convey to to my listeners and my viewers

as I adjust myself to my listeners and

my viewers is that I am who I say I am I

have the same personality on the air as

I do in person and off the air you know

if I tell my girl that if I told my girl

to look a certain way she's gonna look a

certain way Devon listen Devon was at

the arrows dinner and Devon was looking

good like every guy that I'm saying so

it's it's one of those you know it's one

of those deals where it helped to sort

of solidify my brand

one thing that I listen if I don't

accomplish anything the one thing I do

want to accomplish is that listen what

you see is what's really real like I'm

not one of these fake alpha guys who is

right way on the air and then when you

get and when you when you get me a

person it's a completely different story

no that's one thing I wanted to let guys

know listen man I'm I'm the same guy and

the real guy through and through was

definitely great meeting you Bobby

likewise sir all right well uh listen I

look forward to meeting what meeting up

with you next to your brother yes sir

man all right take care man great job


Bobby 111 yeah wheat dude I'm gonna tell

you what dude that fucking heroes dinner

was out of control that was nutty that

was nutty that was a great time that was

a fucking great ass time dude Jesus

Christ God oh my god Blaine I'm telling

you what man that was that was one of

the coolest things I've ever done

I'm telling you all right let me go to

the chat here before we start to get

into the nuts and bolts of what we're

talking about here yeah I'm gonna try to

try to cut down running my mouth to

about a half an hour get to the good

stuff first

Lonnie Booker on Facebook says what's up

ashame jackson on facebook what's going

on says Jonathan bad all this guy is

hilarious I've been told Winston wolf

Ronnie Brooks Booker Booker Lowe 1977 or

mondo Moreno in the house you down with

OPP okay hey you know with OPP because

7:58 skater Greg on the Twitter side JC

freelance Ronan spins spins E says looks

like you got some Sun in Florida yeah

yeah definitely definitely

Peter stoick off thinks he's first no

Peter you're actually first on the other

channel but I appreciate it should I

have - Travis Young Ozzie 411 appreciate

a minute says hey Donovan awesome 21

appreciate that love it Nick low saga

shout out to you said I did a great job

thank you very much

very good mr. Jackson the jack man red

Jedi in the house mask you lion of

course pug dad shout-out to you

freelance Ronan does the patreon deal is

a steal don't pass that up support

rental media yeah man a dude

I put out one guy bless his heart

deleted his pledge and I couldn't hate

because in his and I don't know who he

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patreon hey listen man you're going

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Hashim Jackson says doesn't O'Shea live

and pull on it that's gonna be crazy yes

O'Shea lives in Poland yes he does buff

beard fitness day it says slay those

white girls I most certainly will

absolutely buff beard Fitness agrees

with freelances why would you pay to

troll listen again trolls do what's free

and they do it's easy

they're never gonna pay the troll

absolutely not ozzie 411 says so true

that heroes dinner dude that heroes

dinner was so on point man like dude

like we got there like Devon and I I

forget what time we got there but then

they started passing out these

wristbands and we were like well where

do these four they said these are

wristbands that give you open bar free

drinks for two hours here I looked at

Devon I said man you better give me one

of these motherfuckers you're not gret

dude I probably had maybe six whiskey

sours man whiskey sour on the rocks

extra sour and dude dude I was oh my god

I was lit dude Devon had like four or

five vodka and cokes dude we got back to

that dude we got back to the hotel room

dude I beat the oh my god I beat the

brakes off her holy shit like we were

both fucked up I said put on my heels

he's okay putting gave me the blow job

of a lifetime and I'd fucking fucked her

six ways from fucking Sunday God that

was so good dude that was so good pussy

that night for real hmm very nice Justin

Sutton says I can't wait to go to the 21

convention one day worth every penny man

worth every fucking penny Green Machine

shoutout to you chase LeBeau back in the

house black man being brutally honest

with everyone that's an interesting

that's an interesting name Johnny Olsen

says respect all those Kevin and sales

gentlemen yes Kevin and sales made in a

parents during my speech Leroy Slobodan

says keep up the good work done

appreciate that

yeah freelance Ronin seems to think that

too many videos yeah listen I got a I've

got a I've got a lot of I got a lot of

um I got a lot of content that's just

how that is it's gonna be and guys again

the times of my content the times of my

of my start show the times I start my

show is gonna be a little erratic over

the next week or so because again I'm

leaving I just got back from the 21

convention and I'm going I'm going out

to Reno to how to take care of some take

care of some business down there I

forgot some loose ends decided to tie up

so Winston wolf says the New York Times

paid their troll yes they did I didn't

get shit

Reggie Ames has found Donovan's channel

a year ago and it's completely changed

my life the red pill is a life changer

appreciate that Reggie buffed beard

Fitness says texting a girl for no

reason throughout the day will turn her


ASAP you ain't lyin hell no both beard

fitness says Donovan I hope you're

drinking those sours with egg white nah

I wasn't that wasn't man I'll just I'll

just admit bug dad said did Walton

Goggins from the shield attend the 21

convention no he did not he did not yes

Christopher fer ish talks about my hat

make women great again Anthony Johnson

unveiled this at the 21 convention he

unveiled that at the 21 convention

alright let's get to it

eight ways you turn her off in less than

two weeks

number one you commit to soon right and

when I say commit too soon this this

makes you the male version of a slut

women are the gatekeepers for sex men

are the gatekeepers of commitment and

the reason why were the gatekeepers of

these certain things is because it's

what the opposite sex wants the most

okay women are the gatekeepers to sex

because it's what they can get the

easiest right but it's what men want

most women can get again women can get

sex anytime they want it's the

commitment that they want they're not

the gatekeepers to commitment men on the

other hand are the gatekeepers to

commitment we can get listen we can get

female friends all day long what we're

really after is the sex well when you

take a woman out on a first date and she

fucks you on the first date

you might keep her around and fuck her

for a little while but you're not you

don't respect her a man with any game a

man with any respect for his time his

well-being his health his mental health

will never ever ever commit to a woman

he fucks on the first date because a

woman who fucks on the first date is a

slut and sluts make bad wives and

girlfriends we know this well the male

version of a slut is also someone who

gives up what he has been charged with

being the gatekeeper to women doesn't

gatekeepers to sex so if they give that

away too easily we don't respect him

when you give away her commitment too

soon to a woman she doesn't she does not

respect you she may keep you around for

attention validation free meals etc etc

but she doesn't really take you

seriously the male version of a slut

committing to soon there's when he asked

her to be your to be your girlfriend

after the first date after the second or

even third day hey listen I know you

know things are kind of moving kind of

fast but I would really like you to be

my girlfriend after the third day she's

thinking what like dude you've known me

for 15 minutes you don't know me all you

know is that you want to fuck me and now

you want to commit to me no girls are

turned off like that now they're gonna

they're not gonna tell you that to your

face this is done on a subconscious

level right like a girl a girl is not

going to tell you that you have turned

her off she will show you that you have

turned her off and she will show you

this by not fucking you oh she'll keep

you around

she'll keep you around again for the

free meals the validation etc etc but

committing too soon turns her off you

are validating her you say things like

you're not like other girls here's

another thing guys say that is and I

have no idea why I would like to

introduce you to my mother introduce you

to your fucking mom dude you've been out

on two dates with her some guys talk

about introducing women to

mothers after the first day what are you

doing then after week and a half two

weeks they wonder why these women ghost

on them because you were committing to

soon you don't know her and she knows

you don't know her

see women ain't shit and they know

they're not shit but if you're but if

you're the kind of man who's too stupid

to understand and know women for who and

what they really are

she'll punish you again subconsciously

she's like okay well I know I'm not shit

women will never say this consciously

they know that they're not a low quality

woman no she's a low quality woman a

slut knows that she's not worthy of

commitment so if a man comes along who

can't see through her bullshit if a man

comes along who doesn't recognize that

she's not worth committing to commits to

her she's like nope this guy didn't have

it this is why sluts relentlessly chase

after men who don't commit to them

because these men clearly recognize that

sluts don't warrant commitment and if

and and if they find a man who

recognizes that sluts don't want

commitment that's the kind of man they

want they want a man with backbone a man

with red pill awareness a man that knows

how to handle women he recognizes that

sluts make bad girlfriends I want this

guy because he is a man number two over

your over gaming her I've written an

article on return of kings called can a

man ever have too much game I've also

done and I've also done a couple of

podcasts on over gaming her when I say

Oprah gaming her this means being

meathead read bill guy right overusing

asshole game just being a complete


now again being a douche bag asshole

game definitely works on girls the

general rule of thumb is that the

younger and hotter your target is the

more asshole game is worth is required

to fuck her and keep fucking her but if

you don't know if you can't distinguish

the difference if you can't distinguish

the difference in terms of when to turn

the jerk boy facet on and off

you're not she's not gonna stick around

it may work for a little while but after

a week or two she's made like okay this

is just an act like this guy is just a

total douchebag right don't get me wrong

girls love douchebags they've been

sitting out there

girls fuck douchebags girls have

unprotected sex with douchebags we know

this to be true but these douchebags

also know when to turn on the charm

don't act like the fucking the Jersey

Shore guys right down the road from here

don't act like those guys 24/7 no listen

it's required but don't overdo it

over gaming a woman means texting back

after six hours well she texts me back

if she texts me I'm gonna wait two hours

before texting her guys girls see

through this stuff

they see through this Oh God is

listening especially if who you are in

person is not who you are a text game

if you meet up with a girl and you go

out on a first date she already knows

you're fuckin made a meal she can girls

are very very good at sniffing this out

then all of a sudden she starts texting

you and now you want to be mr. fucking

I'll fuck what I texted this

motherfucker twenty minutes ago he

hasn't texted me back yet now it's two

hours dude fuck this guy he's trying to

be someone he's not is there any someone

he's not he's red Neil Strauss he

listens to Donovan sharpies inauthentic

fuck this guy over gaming her also means

flirting with other girls in front of

her dude no too soon too fucking soon

listen you take a girl out on a date

maybe you fuck around maybe you fuck her

after the second date you guys are kinda

sort of seeing each other you're not

close too serious dude it's been 10 days

since you took her out on the first date

and you're gonna flirt with other girls

in front of her dude no too soon you're

over gaming her the only reason you

should flirt with girls in front of your

woman is if she gets out of pocket and

you've been with her for a while you

don't have enough time and to be

flirting with other girls in front of

her don't do that shit stop that you're

being a fucking idiot the only reason

why you should flirt with other girls in

front of your woman is if you are trying

to activate passive dread game here's

the thing guys girls no one recognized

Dredd game why because girls have the

internet too right guys you gotta

smarten to fuck up I did everything I

was supposed to do

I was the Donovan sharp douchebag I did

all the red pill game I waited three

hours before texted her back why did she

go study because you're a meathead

fucking red pillar you fucking idiot you

fucking over gamed her you didn't have

it you didn't have enough alpha cred the

is it you can't over game a girl unless

you have that alpha cred you've got to

have that alpha equity you can be a

total you can be a total fucking

douchebag for 48 hours straight if you

have the equity if you're at if your

alpha equity is down here guess what you

can't over game a chick can't do that

the fuck out of here man again you're

trying to cut you're trying to cash your

tickets gonna bounce you don't have

enough alpha cred in the bank doesn't

work that way black men being brutally

honest with everyone says I knew someone

like that he lost that every time

exactly too many guys out here trying to

be two red pill trying to be two alpha

quit fucking over gaming your woman

here's another way men like to over game

their women is they don't maintain a

three-to-two ratio the golden ratio I

talked about this I've talked about this

before Chantel hearties the sixteen

commandments of poon one of the sixteen

commandments of poon is to maintain me

three to to the golden ratio every three

things she does nice for you you do two

nice things for her right no no we're

not talking about long-term

relationships here but again within the

first within the first couple of weeks

if if she really likes you and she's

texting you she keeping up with you

she's checking in she comes over she

gives you a fucking blowjob etc etc and

she's doing right by you and you okay

I'll give her bag of Skittles be a

skills man as Royce he likes to say

Chantelle hearties guys she's fucking

gone he can't be a skittles man if you

don't have that fucking alpha cred you

idiot you take a girl out let's say you

take a girl I don't know for drinks okay

you guys have a couple of drinks you run

up a $25 tab okay you pick up the dead

take him back to apartment you fucker

okay so she's a slut you're not gonna

come in let's say the next day she comes

over she brings over food and she fucks

and such you spending time together

great she leaves your house perfect the

next morning she sends you a text

message hey babe I'd love or pay

whatever your name is

I'd love to I had fun last night I'd

love to hang out again like I can't get

enough to you come over tonight you go

over to her place she makes you a nice

meal you fuck her now at some point

she's gonna say all right I really like

this guy but I don't get the impression

that he likes me all he's doing is

fucking me obviously she's a slut but

again you cannot you cannot over game

sluts let's understand what's up

at that point yes skin in the game don't

be stupid fuck I'll give her five to one

she's got to do ten nice things for me

for me to give her too for me for her

too for me to give her one thing she

cooked me dinner people can dress like a

slut for me she bought me a shirt I give

her bug books qoodles dude fuck that you

fucking idiot you fucking douche bag

meathead fucking red pill fake alpha guy

get the fuck out of here with that dude

where'd she go so does she was totally

figured my approach no you fucking idiot

you're trying someone you're not and it

doesn't fucking work

I despise guys like that it's fucking

ridiculous if you are listening on

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you guys understand exactly why this is

let me hit the chat one last time here

okay very good Hashim Jackson wants to

know what made you go red pill initially

bruh oh my god that question is way too

long to answer I would highly recommend

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show so i'm going to go ahead and say

goodbye to my facebook and twitter

audiences here there we go oh crap

fucking hell i hate this guy damn come

on come on I got the shit stuck in

between come on god damn it I hate it I

salutely fucking despise there it is I

despise it when shit doesn't work

properly I have very I have very very

little patience very little patience for

this kind of stuff but everything is

good everything is good Hashim Abdullah

says passive Dredd is when girls flirt

with you in front of your girl

and you allow it active Dredd is when

you initiate the flirting 1000% on point

that is 1000% on point Hashim Abdullah

that is the comment of the day I'm going

to read that again

passive Dredd is when girls flirt with

you in front of your girl and you allow


active Dredd is when you in

she ate the flirting could not have put

that better myself

Santino Sosa says I just blocked this

hole last night for trying to lie and I

caught her up these hoes you know


dude don't speak an emoji dude don't

speak in the Mo's you just these hoes be

like dude up 41 man I don't speak

Millennials I don't speak in emojis you

gotta spell it out that is pretty clever

though these hoes be lyin NY Kia 31 says

dudes who pretend to like everything

that she likes yes very very good

alright let's move the number three

number three of the eight reasons you

turn her off in less than two weeks

bad grooming gentlemen this is red pill

101 but I think it is worth putting in

here hang on Green Machine says what is

M WGA hashtag it is make women great

again make women great again you got a

yeah you got a look at the whole package

got a look at the whole package but yes

bad grooming will turn a girl off very

very quickly if you have bet list if you

have bad breath that's a deal-breaker

man like she might go out on dates with

you just to get fed but she ain't

getting close to you she ain't giving

you she ain't giving you no tongue she's

not kissing you right if your hair and

your beard or unkempt listen women like

men who take care of themselves you

don't have to be a pretty boy primping

all the time but you have to have your

shit together dirty fingernails dirty

fingernails will also get you go stood

on end listen I know a lot of you guys

you know some guys are mechanics you

work outdoors guys clean your fucking

fingernails man because if you go to

finger a pussy guess what you could give

her a UTI because you have dirty fucking

fingernails and girls know that they can

get UTIs from dirty fucking fingernails

and guess what happens if she gets a UTI

you cannot form you can fuck her it's

just going to be very uncomfortable bad

grooming basic grooming this is red pill

fucking 101 and dudes are

still out here fucking this up all the

time all the time man

get your shit you don't have to have a

professionally styled hair just make

sure that your hair is done make sure

your facial hair is neatly Kent and

groomed brush your fucking teeth use

fucking deodorant use a nice cologne 50

$60 bottle of cologne I like Sauvage

that's my go-to you got to look good and

smell good do not listen bad grooming

dude there's so many good-looking guys

out here that could be so much better

with women if they would just tighten up

their grooming again this is basic red

pill 101 and guys stay fucking this up I

cannot understand this for the life of

me I can't understand it

then silver-sweet making an appearance

in the towers Ben silver sweet actually

asked a few questions during the Redman

group alive yeah I think he asked a

question when I was moderating the

Redman group live very very good panels

I was uh that was that was a lot of fun

number four the fourth reason why you

turn her off in less than two weeks is

you are not a control freak let me say

that again women are turned off by you

if you are not a control freak if you

are not controlling this goes along

those lines never ever ever listen to

women for dating advice don't be

controlling don't be possessive no no be

controlling be possessive now you have

to be a man you have to be a man of

value we see those spoofs all the time

we see those cartoons those memes where

a fat ugly guy goes up and asks Cheryl

what she's doing for lunch and she's

like HR then good-looking Brad tall

good-looking Brad with the beard in the

tie Kevin and sales walks up and says

hey what are you doing from us she's

like oh nothing right girls like

controlling possessive men who are worth

submitting to if you ain't shit and you

try to control them possess her she will

call you controlling and possessive but

if you were out of control freak if you

don't take charge if you don't take

control you are going to turn her off

gentlemen listen man you are the leader

this is what women want from you girls

look for that immediately you pick the

activity you pick the venue you order at

the restaurant you order at the bar you

handle all of the communications why is

this important

you ask well if a man has everything

taken care of if a man is controlling

everything around him and around the

girl she can relax and when a woman is

relaxed she will have sex with you if a

woman has not relaxed she is not going

to fuck you guys I don't care who she is

or how tight your game is if you are not

a control freak women are not going to

follow you

women want to follow they don't want to

lead no matter how much they tell you

the opposite I'm here to tell you guys

be a control freak control everything

around her from where you sit to what

she wears to what you eat you do all the

ordering at the restaurant you handle

all communications with everybody she

should only be communicating with you

girls love this shit

Devin loves the fact that I order for

her at restaurants she loves it

got somebody commenting on my video here

on the Facebook side I never mind it's

it's too late I can't see it fuck him

pour her number five the fifth reason

the fifth reason why women are turned

off by you in less than two weeks is

you're too passive guys you're too

passive listen man if you don't direct

the conversation you don't control the

interaction if she's the one asking all

the questions then she's in control

think about when you go to an interview

you're interviewing for a job the

interview has your interviewer has your

your resume in front of them so what was

your experience before then really what

happened there did you leave that jobs

you get fired how do you feel about X Y

& Z tell me three things you'll always

be somebody three things you'll never be

interview questions what is your idea

the interviewer is in control the

interviewee is the one being controlled

if she's at

in question she's in control you ask the

questions not her don't ask your

interview questions maybe maybe if maybe

when maybe when you're asking the

questions at that point maybe if you

know what's really going on you make her

qualify herself to you make her qualify

herself to you you control the

interactions you being too passive as

you don't allow yourself to be the

leader you are allowing yourself to be

led right you are allowing her to walk

in front of you the only time your woman

or a woman should walk ahead of you the

only time a woman should walk ahead of

you and I'm actually starting to change

my mind on this is if you are taking her

to a restaurant and you are being led

you are being led by the server to your

table and I'm thinking that I should

walk ahead of Devin from now on so I can

pull out her chair so that she could sit

in her chair so no a woman should never

ever walk in front of you

now if you're gonna get to the door

first you're going to hold the door open

for your woman so that she can go in and

then you walk in front of her do not

allow yourself to be led women like to

follow this is what they do you don't

initiate conversations you don't

initiate sex guys girls want men who are

aggressive who go after what they want

at all times you want to know why

subconsciously she's thinking well if

he's passive with me he's gonna be

passive with other men if you can't

stand up to your woman if you can't

stand up to a woman then how can you

stand up to a man right like listen as a

man you're supposed to physically

protect your woman presumably from other

men should he try to attack her this is

listen this is never gonna happen but

women still like to know that they're

with a man who can defend her physically

if you're afraid to stand up to her

mentally if you're afraid to stand ups

or if you're afraid to control her then

you're going to what

think that you're gonna be able to stand

up to another man if you are again if

you're a passive with her she's going to

assume that you're passive with other

men this is a big-time big-time turnoff

Muni says Donovan ordering for a woman

at a restaurant is very dicey really is

that what you think

outcast drew says Donovan what was your

transcendent transcendental red pill

moment God everyone's asking me what my

red pill origin was my transcendental I

don't even know if that's a word my

transcendental red pill moment I don't

think I had a red pill moment maybe I

need another gimme give me another

definition be a little bit more clear

the reason I searched how I found the

red pill is that after I moved to Vegas

I got a got a job at a call center

started fucking this big Teddy Mexican

girl she was probably five in the face

five and a half if I was drunk not very

good looking but you know she had a

decent body well I knew that she was low

quality even before I had red pill

awareness and I was probably pretty

close to finding it at this point but I

knew that she was a low quality woman

and so after three weeks of dating her I

it only took me a week to figure out

that okay this bitch is low quality but

I stuck around a couple of weeks more

because she was dissing dude she was

fucking good bet she sucked the meanest

dick gave me the good pussy etcetera

etcetera so I stuck around two weeks

longer then I probably showed up so I

drove over to her house I said look

Suzie this isn't working out I think

it's time to break up she was completely

cool completely indifferent completely

complaining dude she was like all right

cool that's what you want I'd never

experienced that before in my life

anytime I broke up with a girl there was

always some shit that had gone down Suzy

was completely flatline cool all right

good excellent so I go back to I go back

to where I was standin stay with a

friend of mine at the point

time and I get a call from a mutual

friend of me and Suzi's and she's like

yeah heard you broke up with Susy early

I was like yeah you know wasn't really

working out she's like alright well

she's actually doing okay because she is

going out on a date tonight

I'm like what going out on a date like

what the fuck like this girl was

supposedly head-over-heels but when I

broke up with her she was completely

indifferent so I got on the computer

that night and I googled I think it was

my smartphone and I googled why do girls

get over breakup so easily

I found men are better than women calm

and then subsequently return of Kings

calm and then that opened the floodgates

so I don't really know if that is my

transcendental red pill moment hopefully

then answered your question if it

doesn't gonna pass get a little bit more

specifically Motor City kid says go back

and watch TSR from the beginning

freelance ronan says he asked that

episode he breaks it down perfectly

absolutely yeah muni says Donovan says

that ordering for a woman at a

restaurant is very dicey so you're

either a woman or a troll we're gonna

quickly we're gonna quickly find out I'd

actually like to know why your your

other percent fucking wrong but just for

shits and giggles I'm gonna be the mouse

I'm gonna be the I'm gonna be the cat

playing with the mouse for a little

while before I kill it so either call in

to defend your position or you can put

it in the chat and I'll tell you what

Muni if you don't call or defend your

position in the chat I'm gonna ban you

from my channel I'm gonna ban you from

my channel if you disagree you got to

tell me why you disagree number six the

sixth reason

the sixth reason give me a second there

guys boy it looks like we have a troll

on Facebook two seconds guys oh never

mind nope never mind we're good

anyway the six reason why you turn her

off within just a couple of weeks you

mirror her body language okay you

rather but you read a dating handbook

that was written by a woman and that

woman told you foolishly to mirror her

body language in order to turn her on

abso-fucking-lutely wrong wrong

don't mirror her body language doing

this shows her that you can and will be

led by a woman when you mirror a woman's

body language this means you don't have

body language of your own and women pick

up on this stuff why are you gonna

mirror a woman's body language why are

you going to be a why are you gonna

allow yourself to be led by a woman you

fucking idiot like what are you doing

never read dating books by women guys

it's fucking bitches man this is a huge

turnoff guys you are the leader you are

the leader not her you lead her with

your body language

she needs to mirror your body language

in the old listen the only reason you

need to pay attention to her body

language is to figure out okay am I

gonna fuck this girl at the end the

night or am I not

don't mirror fucking body language

that's bullshit and guys do this

throughout the date they do this in

there and suing interactions if I mirror

her body language it's gonna turn her on

it shows that I'm in tune I'm in tuned

with her spins II says whoring for a

woman is only dicey if she is masculine

and or you are not are unsure not

confident yeah yeah that makes sense

spin Z that makes sense yeah if you're

not if you're not if you're number one

if you're if you're with a masculine

woman if a masculine woman is sitting

across from you at a restaurant then

guess what you've already fucked up you

have taken out a masculine female to a

restaurant so you should have done that

in the first place you should have took

them for drinks at Smiley's it fucked or

six times in six days and discarded or

never take a masculine woman out for out

to dinner

number one number two if you are unsure

or you're not confident yeah ordering

for a woman is going to get dicey but

guess what this is where you have to you

have to break free you have to break

free women to love it

when you order for them they love this

shit and other women like it too

dude when I'm out with Devin and I'm the

only one talking to the waiter or

waitress yeah she'll have the bodkin


I'll have the whiskey sour she'll have

the chicken parmesan I'll have the steak

mmm marsala women love this shit they

love seeing a man take control they love

it freelancer and it says ordering for a

woman is old-school as was heavily

stressed years back the feminazis are

the ones trying to derail it Kyle

Mitchell making note of might make women

great again love it

men Silver's week says read bill is like

driving the same car you have in pickup

with the strongest engine Wow very good

analogy I like that likely but uh got I

got a sheep my fucking nose ears hmm I

gotta shave my nose hairs in my ear

hairs man dude I should have stuck

around for George Bruno a little bit

later on number seven the seventh way

the seventh reason seventh way you turn

a woman off in less than two weeks you

pay too much attention to her especially

on dates you were over interested you

act too invested even when she's fucking

boring you act fascinated Oh tell me

more tell me more about your orange cat

named Auto well please please tell me

I'm I'm just so fascinated by your

boring fucking job your boring fucking

life news flash gentlemen girls know

when you're not interested they're not

stupid and when you act interested in

something that is obviously not

interesting this is going to turn her

off because you were being disingenuous

if a girl is talking about something

boring change the subject if you change

the subject and she goes right back to

it say listen like I tried to give you a

clue to change the subject I don't want

to hear about your cat and just do it if

she wants to oh my god you're so fucking

rude there's no answer for that fine

fine then so fucking be it be the guy be

the guy who doesn't want to listen to

the bullshit she talks about guys now

the protocol on eight date

with a woman Meetup oh god Winston wolf

says burn those nose hairs with some

nose command dude do not do do not

fucking tent me man dude I don't dude

that's one reason I moved all the way

out one of the reason one of the

advantages of moving all the way out

here to Philly I don't know where the

fucking cocaine is man I could I could

fly dude I could fly to Vegas right now

I know six places I could go buy dope

right now can't have that in Philly so

good idea though good idea you know it's

interesting when I was doing blow every

weekend I never really had to trim my

nose hairs anyway when you're out on a

date with a woman okay when you talk

look her right in the eye look her right

in the eye when you talk when you talk

strong eye contact if she breaks eye

contact with you she looks down at her

phone if she looks away stop talking

until she makes eye contact with her I

contact again so you're telling her yeah

you know I was actually shipped off to

South Korea yeah I mean you know I saw

that you looked away but yeah I was

actually shipped off to South Korea and

you know the craziest thing happened to

me when I was out there this is what you

do when you are talking make strong eye

contact with her period strong eye

contact with her the entire time lock

eyes if she breaks eye contact you stop

talking until she makes eye contact with

you again now when she talks look around

her but not at her I'm not saying that

you completely turn when she starts

talking but when she starts talking to

him I think my beard needs to be trimmed

when she starts talking you know kind of

look over her shoulder a little bit look

off to the side every once in a while

make a make a couple of milliseconds eye

contact with her then look off she will

continue talking she's gonna continue

talking because now she's worked because

now she gets the idea oh wait a minute

I'm boring I need to I need to make it

not boring old immature and if you're

really interested now you're gonna make

oh wow okay well that's fascinating tell

me more

be genuine be genuine about it make

enough eye contact with her to let her

know that you're not ignoring her but

never look at her directly for more than

a few seconds while she's talking what

this up consciously does is it tells her

that what you have to say is more

important than what she has to say

girls respect that and this is a

big-time turn-on no doubt number eight

the eighth and final way reason men turn

off men turn off women within the first

couple weeks he'll fighter on the

YouTube side says nice trick loving this

on my lunch break very good good to see

you in here he'll fighter number eight

you're way too agreeable you agree with

everything I forget who said it in the

chat you know disagree politics religion

ambiguity you always agree with

everything gentleman that's thirst right

well if I disagree she might get mad so

let her get mad if you agree with

everything she says she's not gonna know

who you are number one number two she's

gonna think that you're scared she's

gonna think you have no backbone if you

say you disagree if you disagree say you

disagree man he's not gonna hurt she's

not gonna kill you

now if it's early if it's early on in

the interaction she will respect you for

disagreeing with you for disagreeing

with her because she doesn't want to

fuck shit up with you right it's okay

for a girl to agree with everything

you're saying you're the man you're the

leader you were the prize she recognizes

that she doesn't want to fuck things up

but if you disagree with her no you know

what I actually see it another way I

disagree with you and here's why tell

her you disagree with her do not be

afraid too many guys out here agree with

everything a woman says then in a week

and a half

they ghost on you two weeks they ghost

on you and you wonder why it is because

you are too agreeable

freelance Ronan says brah you hit it on

the head we aren't interested in car TV

oh dude dude if I'm out on a date with a

girl like back in Vegas if they start

talking about cardi B of the Kardashians

I put my hand to be like yo whoa the

Kardashians are gonna are off-limits

well you can talk about that with your

girlfriends not with me I'm no I'm not

here for that

I stopped that dude I stopped that

immediately outcast Druze says thanks

for taking my question that's a fancy

word for awakening okay all right JC

says the last chick I was with went from

sleeping with me every night for two

weeks to breaking up with me because I

seemed disappointed when she canceled

plans because something came up with her

kid okay he's just learning about the

red pill shows me I made all kinds of

mistakes no more single moms know um

you're kind of on the right track

there's nothing wrong with fucking

single mothers nothing wrong with

fucking them but don't commit to him

never you listen using the fuck around

with using to stick your dick in he's

gonna get your dick wet between girls

yeah when she says you seem disappointed

you probably acted like a little bitch

you probably threw a little bit of a man

fit you know she cancelled plans because

something came up with her kid I'm

calling bullshit I think she canceled

plans because she probably was she was

she's fucking somebody else but she used

her kid as the excuse and deep down

inside you probably knew that was the

reason that's why you acted a little

disappointed because if it really was

something with her kid and you really

believed her you wouldn't made a big

deal about it now when a single mom

cancel split but it's a single mom fuck

but he cancels plans with you shrug it

off alright big fuckin deal big fucking

deal then that's how you do it I know

tell me I'm wrong Motor City kid says I

view menu online and once at the


less time is spent flipping through a

menu and BS conversation with a waiter

or waitress that is actually good next

level game there man

that's good next level game again never

take a woman out to dinner unless she

earns it never take a woman out to

dinner on a first date that is rule

numero uno first date first Meetup

take her for coffee take her to a bar

right if you have a good time with her

if you guys are vibing okay maybe take

her out to dinner on the second or third

date never the first date a very good

game knowledge thereby mother city kid

good tip there NY Kia 31 says that was

the hardest thing for me to learn at

first holding eye contact with a woman I

had to mentally will myself to do it

yeah that's something I've never had

profits something I've never had trouble

with because you know because again

again I have the sales background but if

you make strong eye contact with a woman

she can't help but look at you she can't

open look at you Winston wolf says how

about if she's always digging around on

her phone yeah if you are out on a date

with a woman and you're at a sit-down

restaurant and she has her phone out

okay you simply say hey could you put

that away for me let's have a

conversation right if you listen if

you're a little bit more aggressive like

I am I will reach over and be like

you're going sweetheart you're on my

time oh no that's okay I'll let you have

that later some girls oh my god I can't

believe he took my phone one girl said

oh my god I can't believe he took my

phone I said oh my god I can't believe

you're on you're on your phone sitting

in front of me and I looked her dead in

the eye and she cracked up laughing like

she was pissed at first but then she

realized holy shit I'm out on a date

with it I'm out I'm out on a date with

this good-looking guy who drives a

badass car has a really nice apartment

and I'm sitting here fucking around on

my phone she realized that I fucked her

that night and the night after girls

respect bold as they respect confidence

how many guys

how many guys has a woman ever met who

has ever told her hey put your phone


Devon never brings out her phone at

dinner ever she knows the rules if you

allow your woman to fuck around with her

on the put a woman to fuck around her

phone on the first date she's gonna be

fuckin around her on her phone all the

time you don't have to be an asshole

about it just be cool about it if you

see her if you see her messing with her

phone do me a favor do me a favor could

you put that away so we can have a

conversation right again listen a lot of

guys try to do it nicely so they don't

come off as an asshole guess what when

you tell a woman to put her phone away

dude there is no way to do it without

coming off as an asshole sometimes you

can come off as a big asshole sometimes

it a little as a little asshole but

guess what's gonna rub her the wrong way

it's gonna rub her the wrong way but but

but again she rubs you the wrong way if

you're trying to have a conversation

with her and she's on her fucking phone

and here's another thing she's on her

fucking phone when you're having a

conversation with her she doesn't

respect you in the first place hey do me

a favor put that away would you you're

on my time and not on your time all

right check please

and you get the fuck up out of the you

leave the tip and get out of here never

ever tolerate that disrespect from woman

fuck dude fuck debt degrade 315 radical

says everyone hates yes men even women

do absolutely Motor City kid says what

are your thoughts on a woman that feels

the need to disagree and challenge your


it depends that depends I don't mind if

a woman challenges my logic or if she

disagrees I listen I have no problem

with that but if her rebuttal if her

argument sounds like something that is

not her own idea that's when I'll call

her out on her bullshit so for example

let's just say not that you should be

discussing politics or religion on a

first date but let's just say she asks

you what do you think about abortion

tell her now if a woman asked me what I

think about abortion let's tell her

straight up don't be afraid to piss her

off I think it's wrong I think women get

abortions because they don't want to

ruin their bodies like they can give all

the reasons they want but at the end of

the day they just don't want to ruin

their nubile bodies well she'll tell you

will no that's really not the case

because 20% of women this and and she

starts giving statistics I say well hold

on sweetheart

what do you think I don't want to hear

it well I don't want to hear what you

read on Twitter I don't wanna hear what

you read on Facebook I want to hear

about Oracle what

you think why do you disagree with me

like I might listen if I wanted to hear

that I could've just picked up my phone

and gone to the Internet and gotten

those answers I wanna hear what you

think I wonder what your ideas are

that's what I take exception if and

again it's very easy to figure out that

you're talking to someone who has their

own ideas

Adam krauser for example a guy who

called in he called in and you know

about black women or whatever and I

completely mode him over why because the

shit that he was talking was just

straight rhetoric black women are Queens

Derek Jackson is good for the black


these are none of his original ideas

this is why I this is why I mowed him

down I called him on his bullshit night

motivated he didn't have his own

original ideas this is why he couldn't

defend his position this is why he told

me on two different occasions during

that call yeah you know what you make a

good point there because he didn't have

a real rebuttal he didn't have his own

ideas so I don't mind if a woman

disagrees listen she don't have does she

not have to agree it's me but when you

defend your position I don't want to

hear what somebody else said I want to

know that what you're telling me is your

own idea don't tell me what Twitter said

don't tell me what Facebook said don't

tell me what Jezebel ER or HuffPost said

don't tell me what you saw on YouTube I

want to know what you think and if she

sticks to it she sticks to that bullshit

idea I'm like all right fine fine all

right well thanks listen thanks for

giving me the Internet's answer

Vico says be careful don't engage in

arguments in early stage um now don't

get into arguments but by the same token

don't be afraid don't walk on eggshells

right because again if a girl knows that

you're in girls know that guys that want

to get into arguments orally on because

they don't want to fuck it up and so

they push the boundaries they push the

limits they shout you know they

challenge your authority they shit test

you right but if you don't have the

backbone to tell her you put your

fucking phone away then she's gonna be

then again those are the kinds of things

that start arguments do not be afraid to

do things that start arguments if she

likes you enough she's not gonna want to

fuck it up either so yeah listen don't

be careful not to engage in arguments

but by the same token be a fucking man

and if you have an argument with a girl

then so fucking be it there's there's

other pussy out there


Motor City kids is sorry for typo no

problem be great 3:15 says I disagree

with that arguments over a disagreement

enhances the attraction between two

people of the opposite sex yeah I'll buy

into that

how am I into that listen just because

you get into an argument with a girl on

the first date doesn't mean she doesn't

still want to fuck you what that tells

her is that okay this guy can go toe to

toe with me he's not just gonna let me

do and say whatever it is I want to do

and say be great 315 says he loves

looking girls in the eyes I love it dude

there's nothing there's nothing like

making and keeping eye contact with a

girl that you don't know a girl that you

just first met nothing like it JC

updates us on the single mom thing says

I didn't make it a big deal I just said

okay but she felt like I was upset even

though I told her I wasn't I didn't say

a negative or tore I smiled kissed her

and told her to get some sleep that's

bullshit jay-z like you're not giving us

the whole story either she's lying or

you're lying right she told you that you

seemed upset so you may have done

exactly what you said that you were

gonna do but the tone of your voice the

context maybe your body language to her

those of those things told her that you

seemed upset she wouldn't just pull that

out of thin air now

if you really did do what you said that

you did then she's lying right she just

came up with bullshit so when she tells

you she made a big listen I believe he

probably didn't make a big deal out of

it but something in your body language

your your you know the tone of your

voice they were there there was some

unspoken things in there you wanted her

to know that you were not okay with what

was happening but instead of just saying

hey look like this is fucked up this is

bullshit and of course the reason you

did that is because you didn't want her

to come back and please the ultimate

whoa listen my kid comes first

all right yeah you got it all right so

in the future if she cancels plans

because something comes up with her kid

then guess what you don't fuck her for

48 hours man don't let her dude

the very first time a single mother

withhold sex from you or cancels plans

or flakes on you for any reason

you ghosts say all right cool don't even

worry about it don't even worry about it

JC says she's my neighbor so I know she

wasn't with anyone else you don't know

JC you know listen man I love you dude

you don't know shit you don't know shit

man and if she was your neighbor then

why wouldn't she just bring the kid over

to your place or why wouldn't you just

go over there after the kid fell asleep

you got to give me the whole story man

gotta give me the whole story

Armando Moreno says at the end of the

day gentlemen it is important to

remember that relationships aren't work

work implies a man better conforming his

identity to better fit the feminine

imperative good comment there motor city

kids said I swear this gaem works

perfectly with dealing with Latinas and

Caucasian women yes this this game

doesn't work with black women this is

why I don't mess with lack women anymore

Larry Slobodan says if she don't act

like it you can point to the door and

say you're free to go whenever you want

yeah there you go there you go I said

that goes good very very good comment

there very good comment there let me

check the chat here very good very very

good excellent very very good be sure to

catch me tonight on the brother pill

podcast tonight at 7:00 Eastern 4:00

Pacific on O'Shea Duke Jackson's vlog

channel tonight's episode is gonna be


O'Shea Duke Jackson and of course lar

movement we are going to be discussing

who cheats more men or women that the

listen that is going to be a very

interesting discussion we actually

talked about it for a little while on a

previous episode I think it was maybe

either Wednesday or Thursday of last

week but but yeah yeah we actually had a

woman call in and try to argue with me

about why she thinks men cheat more than

women and you could hear you could

actually hear her

maile in agreement she couldn't admit it

and I understood it so we decided to we

decided to go ahead make an episode rest

listen Motor City kid nailed on the head

yes of course women cheat more than men

right well we're gonna talk about it

because we want women to call in to tell

us why they think it men to call in to

to tell us why they disagree or why they


yes freelance earning I am rowan and i

am talking about gourmet thursday you

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content I'm still gonna be doing still

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