A conversation with "Devon Sharpe" (Episode 386)

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what's up guys that your man Donovan

sharp and welcome to the 380 sixth

edition of TSR live your daily dose of

red pill truth wisdom and awareness it

is Tuesday December 25th 2018 Merry

Christmas everybody hope everyone's

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alright well let's get right to it here

guys my guest tonight is none other than

Devin quote/unquote sharp I talk about

her all the time on the show I get

trolled sometimes because a lot of guys

might think I talk about our too much

and like I say to though guys those guys

go fuck yourself

Freeman labs.com for its last donovan

sharp I'm getting a stream labs link up

but for now helmet I give you the first

and last woman to appear on TSR alive

Devin Devin you with us I'm here hi

Merry Christmas

yep merry Christmas to you too how you

doing I had a wonderful Christmas thank

you very much I got a kitten I have a

beautifully detailed car I just like had

a really relaxing time and yeah I'm

happy to be here thanks right good stuff

good stuff so all of that most of the

question most of the questions

spent my tongue there most of the

questions have come yeah most of the

questions have come from my patrons so

my patrons miami j CJ Alonzo Nelson Mon

Marcus Richmond Robert Allen looks like

Kevin asked a couple Jacob and Alexander

ha Fiedler asked a ridiculous question

that I'm not gonna leak on the air yeah

we both know which one that is I might

read it just to troll them a little bit

we love you Alex let us start with the

let us start with the first one okay

this one is a spline mej than miami J

who was in the chat now as Latino

manosphere he says quote you've both met

me and know who I am what would you tell

my main chick on how to keep me so give

Miami J advice on what to teach his main

chick what to tell his main chick well I

don't know Miami J personally yes I've

met him but I don't really know much

about him but I don't see how the advice

could be any different from you know how

to keep any other man you know he'd be a

good woman you're you're loyal you don't

cheat on your pan

obviously trusting is a big one most

women don't know how to trust men and it

for whatever reason whether they're

raised by a single mom or you know their

dad was just a piece of shit or if

they've went through men like you know

you have better expression for that but

they have a hard time trusting men and

even worse they have a hard time

trusting themselves so a woman let me

ask you this so when you say trusting a

man because know a lot of people

watching this will trust Donovan like


you know just came from Vegas and isn't

that any other so to find what you mean

by trust are you mean trust there's an

infidelity or trust I mean what kind of

trust I mean is there at many different

kinds of trust elaborate actually yeah

you can trust a man who like takes

accountability for his actions who owns

his shit you can trust a man like who

you ask him to do something and he does

it or he tells you to do something

it's the right thing to do and you do it

and things work out you know Trust is

very it's not just like oh I'm gonna

trust him to not cheat on me you can

never trust anybody okay with that like

come on gonna have sure is gonna happen

you can only kind of mitigate that as

far as like you know basically being

your best person so that he doesn't

cheat on you but you can't trust

somebody I think in that regard I think

it's stupid but you know as far as Miami

Jays question like you know for the

woman you know if she trusts you like

and you really believe that I'm not

saying that he has to trust her I'm

saying that she has to trust him and

just making being a good decision maker

I think that's the best way to it right

sorry nope go ahead also like just being

kind affectionate and like doing little

things to keep the spark alive like

she's never just like settling in their

relationship she still does things that

make you appreciate her you know and

that actually turns around like um you

know like it says that she's not taking

you for granted so right listen listen

listen I mean we know about well you

know about that stuff that all that

stuff is in chicken soup for Chicken

Soup for the Soul and all that the the

trust I want you to really get into and

back up a little bit it's trust in

decision-making a lot of women dev don't

know how to trust men not vien not the

fidelity part right women are never

gonna trust men men are never gonna

trust women we get that but a lot of

women don't know how to trust men in a

way that allows them to relinquish

control what are your thoughts on that

remarry Devin is very very nervous I'm

not gonna lie to you she's really really

fucking nervous so I want you guys to

troll her in the chats to make her even


you know what I'll play this let's move

on to let's move on to the next question

we can come back to this one his second

question his second question is what is

the single most powerful thing Donovan

ever did which made you say he owns me

and I love it to yourself and I and I

love it to yourself in other words what

he is asking you is why and

correct me if I'm wrong here buy a bj

why is it why do you what makes you say

you know what I'm glad I'm with Donovan


first of all to answer the first part of

that question I'm just gonna put it this

way just moments of intimacy I'm just

gonna leave it at that

you mean sex sexual intercourse yeah

things that happen when that happened



listen lady in the street freak in the

sheets we all know all about it you're

listening to TS are alive with Donovan

Sharples this episode 386 we are live

with my girlfriend Devin sharp if anyone

smells of troll geysers go ahead and

time them out you know I don't I don't

need all that stuff in here let's go

down the Mod Squad nursin Jager poison

Jager Pop's the cherry on Christmas

Miami J gets sloppy seconds I am alpha

gets to fuck her in the ass and JC gets

the finish on her face while Jose s gets

to gets to gets to get it all on film he

gets it all on camera Ricky Bobby is in

the house Kobe underdog says Merry

Christmas uncle Donovan sharp I think

that that is probably Kobe Anthony

Jonathan Cornell good to see you whole

fighters in the house Colin calumny Mike

Shin erease in the house freelance Ronin

making an appearance on Christmas Day

the original TSR og let's see the real

DG says your interview on 21 studios

studios was dope bro appreciate that

Darien Zelda since you changed my life

mr. sharp I appreciate it man listen you

guys have changed my life too and I'm

not just saying that like I know I've

changed a lot of lives out there but you

guys have literally changed my life so

let's not get this twisted man this is

definitely a mutually beneficial

relationship Miami wants to know where's

Donna Claus hang on all right well great

we'll break out we'll break out Donna

Claus here I don't have the Hat but I

can there we are there we are all right

we'll give it give it give it a little

bit of effort leave that shit in there I

don't need that my spring my Santa Claus

they're here all right I'm nice and


Toby blog says Feliz Navidad um let's


Jake every partisans in the house very

good jock to to Josie to 26 women love a

detailed carpet doing that forever

absolutely okay well you guys are active

in the chat these nuts says I wish I can

see a face lovely authentic non weave

hair good choice bro no you can't see

her face and again hosing ESS I love the

icon with her face completely covered

awesome Josie says no face deez nutz as

why I want to see her beauty

no you fucking idiots come on man you

guys know why Devin's never gonna show

her face come on it's privacy you guys

know that don't be stupid

don't be stupid over broad says it's

privacy lads of course capital Francis

in the house Christopher Moore is it

more or Miller because the San Francisco

Giants just have a third baseman named

Bill Miller okay so I guess Deez Nuts

all right there's actually a question in

here from Kevin ah Kevin pneumonias

wants to know Devon is your father as

masculine as Donovan aye

well I don't know as masculine but he is

a masculine man he led the household

with an iron fist

yeah I mean he's a good dude

my dad all right yeah your dad's a cool

dude he's a Browns fan so we'll have to

forgive him for that

oh and he's also a Miami Dolphins fan

which could you pick two worse teams

well was it I mean the Browns are

actually looking listen the browsers

that the Browns have won seven games

straight up you know poop on their

parade or anything

I don't know here's a question can Devon

conspicuously speak I'm sorry could

speak and Devon consciously spot the

difference between an alpha and a beta

yeah can everybody yeah very good


I I think that that's I think that's

pretty obvious

okay Oh counts finest rolling me on the

Sixers right let's get to a bye

here's an interesting question by

Coryell he wants to know do you have

conversations to us do we have

conversations about marriage or where is

this headed I'll write you answer that

question we both really have no interest

in marriage because honestly I've always

felt that marriage without kids is

really pointless it doesn't really do

anyone any good yes my answer is no we

don't yeah

marriage is a construct for the family

unit so right gotcha gotcha

all right here's an intrical Alonzo

Nelson actually asked quite a few

questions we're not gonna get to all of

them is gonna get the most interesting

ones the very first one he asked was a

very interesting question he says 11

what advice would you give to women who

are dating red pill aware men though men

pretty much the same response that I

gave to Miami Jay at the start of this

is be a good woman don't cheat be

trusting you know that's the normal

things it's really not that difficult

right no not really but you know there's

nuances all of those things and in order

to you know to be kind you need to be

selfless and you know a lot of people

these days don't know how to be selfless

they're just caught up in their own

little world they're stuck in social

media and these feedback loops that just

basically rot their their their

psychological well-being you know so

it's hard to find a woman who a woman

who doesn't value that feedback loop is

actually healthier like mind body and

soul cuz it's like you know it's just a

bunch of crap that she's valuing herself

on instead of like real things well the

thing is this is you know dating a red

pole where a man who certainly comes

with its challenges as I'm sure you

could probably talk about but I think at

the end of the day I think what a lot of

what a lot of women need to understand

is that these solutions are very simple

want to know what it takes to be a good

woman otherwise otherwise we wouldn't

really be having these conversations but

be a good woman has quite literally been

trained out of women to the point where

you have to train women to forego habits

situations circumstances that could that

could lead to cases of infidelity case

in point dev we've just looked and I'm

not going to give too much criteria

information but you know your company

you know I guess we call it like the

blind bubble study or the review yes

here's the thing quite literally all of

Devin's co-worker says Devin is

brilliant she knows what she's talking

about but she doesn't really interact

with us too much and you've kind of

caught some heat with your boss you

didn't participate in Secret Santa

blah-blah-blah-blah-blah talk to us like

my audience inside the balancing act

right you don't want to put yourself in

position to to I guess to to threat no

relationship token you got a job to do

so how do you separate that how do you

walk that line this is a great point I

mean I could talk for an hour about this

because it is not it's so difficult to

navigate the workplace even in a company

where the culture is laid-back and you

know it's it's like they encourage you

to you know whatever play pinball at

lunch or they provide you know like

there's a lot of things that my work

that's like walking through a minefield

and and it's you know so the first thing

is like I control the way that I dress I

control the way that I interact with

people I also check in with you so that

you know when I'm meeting with people

you have access to my schedule you know

what's happening and when it's happening

so if you want to listen in to make sure

that like what I'm saying I'm doing I'm

actually doing hold on oh my god Devin

it sounds like you might be suggesting

that I am controlling and possessive oh

my goodness yeah so there we go you know

and honestly like I don't really feel

the need to you know play basketball

twice a day with people in my division

in order to fit in I'm there to work

right like we were doing this they were

doing this one picture for social media

or something they're like come on you

know and I'm like I'm here to work not

get my picture taken and the girl is

like okay and walked away and I think it

helps it like maybe just because I'm a

little bit older than most of the people

on my company most of them are in their

20s that they just kind of back off and

not like you know but also the worst

people are the women because if you're

not one of us then you know you're like

they are like okay so I'm not like

kissing people's asses and I'm not going

out of my way outside of work to get to

know everybody

but dude the only people who have a

problem with it are the women the men

don't give a shit

they don't care you know no one's ever

said oh she needs to get more involved

in team activities that wasn't a woman

it's ridiculous that's enough the point

is is that is that it is a minefield and

I think what a lot of women need to

understand that high-value men men who

are actually worth or you know worse

what is it worth their salt good god I'm

having a brain fart but basically if if

you are if you're worth your salt right

if you're a man who's worth your salt

navigating your workplace is not gonna

be easy because guys like me I see shit

and acknowledge it that most guys do not

and will not address yes that's true and

you see shit that I don't even see like

things that I always thought were

completely harmless

you've made it very clear that they are

potential to you know be very harmful

and so while sometimes we don't see eye

to eye on a lot of that I respect you

enough to say okay if that's what he

thinks that's what it is that this is

what we're doing now another question

dev question right listen there are a

lot of times where I piss you off right

you're pissed you're upset oh I can't

believe he said this to me he yelled at

me about this and all I can't do

anything right and listen listen I know

you I live with you what goes through

your mind because again most women will

make goofs when they go through you know

a little frustrating tips where your man

is telling you hey I told you to do this

you didn't do it and so now I'm coming

down on you

or you know I piss you off for some

reason or another or if you're just not

on your a-game and I call you on it what

goes through your mind and what keeps

you around what keeps you from saying

you know what fuck does this just isn't

worth it anymore well it comes down to


I mean I know that you're looking at all

for us and that's that's primarily the

guiding force there

I really don't sometimes I'll get

frustrated but I wouldn't ever say I get

angry because if frustrated comes out of

like hey this is really what this is and

I wish you could see it you know like

yeah but I yeah I definitely don't I

don't get angry also I don't hold

grudges like I don't go to bed and wake

up mad like I don't like know a person

so I'm like I'm the kind of person who

wants to learn understand and move past

and not repeat so you know we have we

have a couple trip up sometimes and

things blow up and you know we both want

to be here so that's why we get through

it and you know at the end of the day

like if it's not worth it to you you

would leave and if it's not worth it to

me I would leave so yeah you know it's

it's not like we're holding each other

captive here and this leads me into

another question that I wanted to ask

you on the air a lot of women a lot of

soy boys a lot of would-be slowboys

hangers like to say oh my god

you know like Devin does this she does

that how can you be with such a

misogynistic ass well there must be

something wrong with you Devin you're

mentally ill you have low self-esteem

you have fatty issues there is no my god

I can't believe it okay what people say

to people what do you say to people who

tell who say things like hey listen

women and these relationships with these

quote corner quote red pill men they're

psychologically damaged they've got

daddy issues they have low self-esteem

what would you say they would call those

people young

and how to have it learned what works


honestly I mean you know blue pillar

relationships could work for a long time

but they're not gonna work for for the

tire or length of time you wanted right

I mean at one point you know a woman

will start you know what is it she'll

start having resentment because he's not

doing a B or C or she's doing XY and Z

and she shouldn't feel she shouldn't be

or some other bullshit thing like you

know like and so there's there's okay I

think the difference most the biggest

difference between are like a blue pill

man and a red pill man is that a red

pill man takes responsibility and

accountability for everything in the

relationship so like not necessarily for

everything she does but for everything

that he does so taking those two things

taking responsibility and accountability

is a very rare especially you know with

people under 30 and I don't know like

those are two things that you have in

abundance you know like you own you own

your shit you know that's that's again

that's that's what's required I actually

got a question in here what Billy fries

wants to know what Devon does for work

she does internet marketing yellow

maserati wants to narrow Devon do you

want kids no all right

that was actually Alonso's fourth

question here's another question

do you understand oh do you understand

the red ball in the manosphere in

general have you read or watched any Red

Bull content like rollo tomassi rational

male book series or watched the

documentary divorce score I have seen

divorce court we watched it together on

our social justice yes

I just bought myself a copy of the

rational male for Christmas I had read

the first couple of chapters online and

let me let me stop you sweetheart you

have met Rollo Tomassi that was set up

for you supposed to drop the name your

killer yeah well yeah I mean I've been

exposed to red pill content

I was very early in my exposure when we

met so it's not like it's was a blast in

the face when I found out about it so I

guess like I've listened to every single

one of your shows and Redman groups and

you know I I like to be an active

participant and what's going on in your

world so yeah like you know I agree with

it otherwise you know things would be

very different between me and you yes

they absolutely would there was another

question ah

Kennedy Banyas wants to know how

different are you Devon with Donovan

then your last boyfriend night and day

but Donovan is mostly because of

Donovan's very different I don't really

want to go into detail but any

proprietary information about hey you

listen you boards the subject let's go

ahead and go there question number three

from Alonzo Nelson what is your opinion

on black women and their dating choices

in men agree with one of his views on

black woman Devin you were on the spot I

have never dated a black woman so I

don't really know I don't know fair

enough yeah right I think that I don't

know maybe that was alright twenty seven

boards wants to know what's your opinion

of Philadelphia is you love it here

alright alright absolutely love it here

I was an Eagles fan way before we moved

here and I am just really happy to be

here I love the people I love the vibe I

love the weather believe it or not and

yeah it's great

good very good yeah I listen I like I

guess I like Philly it's it's growing on

me it's it's growing on me okay let's

see here's here's a question what do

your female friends and family think of

Donovan and his red pill ways female

friends you know you know your speech at

the 21 convention was about the cost of

the red pill and what you didn't really

mention in your speech because it was

speech for Ben is the is the cost of

what it is to be with a red pill man I

mean I've had friends just completely

because I'm not on social media they

don't ever contact me you know I've lost

friends who's just like I disagree with

you being with this guy because I have

this impression and never like texted me

again and I was like after six months

I'm like I guess we're not friends


you know like won't reply or anything

like that I mean people actually

honestly don't know how to have

friendships without social media or work

so it's you know it's impossible I have

made some friends online with some

females like oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

right yeah yeah she was awesome

so it was great at the 21 convention to

actually like hang out with the other

women there and we all got along it's

really fun but you know in real life you

know I have at work like you know my

best friend at work is a female who's a

project manager you know and she's maybe

25 I mean so it can't be that good of

friends you know I don't know I guess I

guess I guess the worst thing is that

like I miss like my closest friends but

you know you reach out to her I mean you

guys are opening

lines a little bit more if we're talking

about the same person sure and as far as

my family goes they don't know anything

about the red pill they don't care they

judge you know they met you they like do

my I'm sure my dad appreciates how much

you know about sports and how just bold

and brash you are like you're not afraid

to say or do anything so you're not

intimidated by him which is great you

know like why would you be but it's not

ly you know yeah so I mean he'll my

family sent you a Christmas present so

oh yeah yes they did listen a lot of

guys want to know this what is your

opinion on feminism feminism feminism is

a lie that hurts both men and women

I think feminism hurts women more

because literally from school age were

taught that we need to be strong and we

need to like be educated we need to be

all these things in order to be happy no

we need to be that to make a living but

we don't need it to be happy and all

gets lost like I remember like I don't

know like there used to be a time where

you know you stay home you raise kids

then that alone is revered and that's

that's what the father is a proud about

he goes home to his family

right and now it's broken it's broken

I also you know it's also not just

feminism but it's also the economic

situation that we're all in it's like

who can have three kids and not work to

income on a food you know have to income

home right you know you know would you

just basically pick your poverty are you

gonna be you know poor you know in the

home or you're gonna be poor lacking and

love and affection while you're working

if you can't serve two God's that's what

this comes down to he can't listen if if

and this is the this is the quagmire

when it comes to quote/unquote single

moms that's why single moms make

terrible wives and girlfriends because

you can't serve two gods because if

she's a great girlfriend and she's a

single mom I mean she's a shitty mother

right what if she is a great mom and

guess what she's gonna be a shitty

girlfriend you can't you can't really

win you're can't avoid

like that it's really difficult to

divide your your time and your energy

and energy is a big thing because women

could have affection for 14 kids and

love for her husband and you know have

like are their endless and their ability

to you know take care of people and love

people but but at the end of the day if

you don't have the energy you can't do

shit and especially with the American

diet most people don't have the energy

to get out of bed nonetheless take care

of three kids and their husband at the

end of the night ridiculous okay we got

a question here but from Chase Rubin who

says when it comes to responsibility and

accountability that Banamine demand have

did Donovan have to demand authority to

get authority or did you give Donovan

authority by his nature of being an

authority I think what he's asking is

did did I have to demand it from you or

did you just relinquish control like I

guess that's what he's asking oh you

just had it so I didn't need it alright

fair enough and a lot of guys it's funny

a lot of people think you know and of

course I make jokes right I'm gonna let

Devin out of the cage too you know

on the show today and things of that

nature I think a lot of guys what they

need to understand and I said this on my

show many times before at the end of the

day we can talk about this red pill and

do this and punish the good and you know

punish the bad reward the good but at

the end of the day you can't make a

woman do something she does not want to

do being submissive does not mean being

submissive being forced to be submissive

no being submissive as a female to a man

means relinquish in control and in order

to relinquish control you've got to

trust that man here's another question

Devin how is Donovan's leadership style

dictator no yes with compassion at times

but a dictator okay here's another


hold on no fighter says what you think

about possessive this is a good question

what do you think about possessive women

who want a beta male how do you perceive

the men submitting his role hey man

people are free to do whatever they want

to do if you want to live your life

being a carpet that go ahead get walked

on I mean just not gonna work because

you're gonna be unhappy in 15 years and

you're gonna want to kill yourself

here's another question boy freeze wants

to know does being in a red pool a

relationship feel natural you recommend

more women follow through oh yes

definitely you know one thing like when

we started living together was the fact

that you wanted to make sure I had

enough time energy and whatever to make

you happy right so there are things that

you do to work together so that at the

end of the night I want to suck your

dick just sleep on the couch after

cooking dinner check this out

I don't know you remember this episode

the male end of the bargain

right listen I used to tell these niggas

all the goddamn time look man check this


every once in a while I'm like wrecking

the floor I might do the dishes I might

clean the kitchen I'm not doing it to be

sweet I'm not doing it for choreplay I'm

doing it to remove as many speed bumps

as necessary dude you suck in my dick to

me getting that ass that's what that is

this has nothing to do with proving to

you or anybody else that I'm the sweet

no no no no no no this is purely selfish

out of my head now maybe we think it's


okay fine doesn't matter to me as long

as there are the least amount of speed

once that lead from the door to the

bedroom that's what I do except for the

speed bumps that include like getting

all dressed up and you know what's

required you must be this tall to ride

and you ain't all enough till you're in

the meals hurry like I think the

difference between the blue pillow

relationship in the red pillow

relationship is

blue pill relationships are built on

expectations whereas red pill

relationships are based on like

realities and responsibilities and you

can expect somebody to do something all

day long but if you can or if you if you

know it is your job to do it you have no

problem doing it that's what you're you

know that's what you're supposed to do

so anyway sorry all right freelance

ronan says donovan or devon and Donovan

how did you two meet

do you want to order you want me to tell

it you can tell it all right well um


saw an article that I wrote on return of

Kings she thought it was funny and

clever and cute and she was at a time in

her life where she was seeking answers

and because she thought that I was funny

in the way that I wrote what she

actually liked when we actually like met

up we actually were talking on the phone

texting she's like you know what you

talk like you write and the rest is

history so yeah she found me because of

because of return of King so I guess

ruch maybe a matchmaker I don't know but

yeah that's that's what I want on

vacation in Hawaii we broached the topic

of maybe maybe and it was interesting it

was funny because we used to talk about

bizarre well in bizarro world

if we live together XY and Z and then

trend I think we made I think we made

fun of the fact that we were in bizarro

world because Donald Trump won the

election yeah yeah dude we had gotten

back from what we had been back from

Hawaii not even two weeks do not even

for two weeks like we had been back from

Hawaii less than two weeks Trump wins

the election couple months later you

know we had a come-to-jesus conversation

and the rest is history so so yeah

that's that's how we met hang on a

second oh crap well you guys are coming

in fast and furious with questions yeah

dev come on relax oh here's a good

question by jeopardy clerks I say Devin

would you ever do a podcast to help

women become more or pill acceptable

that's an interesting question dev why

don't you answer that why no I think

he's talking about

talk about fur for women if women want

to know more about how to be a red pole

woman they could just you know block

those google it and figure it out like

everybody else

wait a minute shouldn't they just go to

the subreddit red pill women you don't

want to go there I yeah I have a

tendency to get banned from that's I've

read it a lot because they they say who

you know we advocate for threesomes and

all kinds of weird shit like what the

fuck is going on here doesn't make any


absolutely I call him out on it and I

get a 30-day ban again yeah it is what

it is here's another question

um Ricky Bobby wants to know how long

did it take you to make the decision to

drop other quote options and commit to


say that again how long did it take you

to make the decision to drop your other

options and commit solely to me when we

started talking about like possibly

moving in together and being a

relationship okay fair enough here's

another question from our Cascio what

behaviours which behaviors that you

encountered in men turns you off and

which of Donovan's behaviors make him

different from other men I think that

that's sort of a recurring theme okay

the worst behaviors this from Jacob no

this is from a guy named Ricky Bob okay

we had another question like this from

yeah okay like the worst thing is he

blames others or anyone other than

himself for his problems like he lacks

accountability like that is the most oh

it's the most gross thing I dude can do

is say oh well I didn't get the

promotion because so-and-so wore a green

dress to work that day or something you

know what I mean just you know just own

your shit and that's one thing I love

about you is like like you control your

life and

there's things that you can control

there things you can't control but it's

like a guy saying oh she didn't like me

because I'm not six foot tall but really

it's because he's 350 pounds and he's

five foot eight you know what I mean

like that's the kind of things like just

oh oh nourish own your life all right

here's a fun question nursing a gear

wants to know seven how did you get

through Donovan's boot camp

now we're talking okay

resiliency competitive nature you say I

can't do something I'm gonna tell you I

can Devin you are not competitive

sweetheart I like good things I like

doing okay there we go yeah get out of

here with that competitive stuff it was

your ex relative you're attracted to a

competitive man right away come on come

on yeah I remember one point you said

you'll never get through this and I'm

like get through what and I didn't even

know like what was going like it was

such a slow unfolding of things that I

didn't even realize what was happening

until after the fact

that's quite a conversion game that is

that is the bring the point where I was

suggesting things before you did and I

was just doing it like I was like okay I

can see where this is leading let me

flesh out this picture right right right

and at some point it starts to click

right but I think what I don't know

there are many things that got you

through the training and listen I've

told guys on the show before it was not

easy no it was not easy man listen there

were a lot of difficult conversations

there were a lot there were a lot of

there was a lot of yelling there were a

lot of Tears there was going why am I

doing this why am I doing this

yeah yeah this was this was to yourself

because I didn't ever hear that I was

like well wait a more courts your self

while you're doing this then I guess I

guess that's over I guess that's it

but at the end of the day like I said

you got through it and and that's and


we're here for um Andrew once the no

Devon what is your favorite meal to cook

my favorite meal to cook like to eat or

to cook yeah listen favorite Devon who

didn't say what's your favorite meal he

just asked you what is your favorite I

mean cooking is cooking all right let's

see all right moving on okay interesting

oh here's an interesting question from

Marcus Richmond he won and this is kind

of a long-winded question but stay with

me once when a why do women shit test

why do women cry when they want to

manipulate what do they look for in a

man - almost confirm if you will that a

guy is a true white belt

wow this is very very long-winded seven

why do women should test and just be

honest I mean women should test when

they are questioning their trust in

there man what kind of trust any cut can

I rely on his ability to do something

that he said he would do can I rely on

him to be the man who is that I was

attracted to it can can I trust him to

you know take control the situation is

he gonna let me get away with this shit

right like here's here's the white

people women get awful widowed

it's because they're in a relationship

with a man who doesn't let him get away

with bullshit and then all of a sudden

they realize that they date 90% of the

other man and these guys aren't even

paying attention and you're kind of like

what the fuck like do you even care like

why why would you know so doubt to me

would be a nightmare like like I don't

think I could ever take another man

after you because all men are ruined for

me you know like that's the thing it's

like it's like okay you know I took my

phone into the bathroom oh you know

that's been trained

you don't what are you just gonna sit

there and and Mull it over in your head

and not say anything like it's fucking


why that's interesting why is that

important and not just particularly to

you dev why is it important for women to

understand why it's important for men to

train these because a lot of energy and

again like you I mean you listen to my

my my undercover slut tells series I did

last week and yeah I know and so a lot

of women don't understand that a lot of

their normal behaviors like taking their

phone into the bathroom going out with

their friends for a happy hour after

work they don't understand that a lot of

these a lot of these characteristics or

are considered to be healthy and normal

and that they're encouraged so why is it

important that a woman been a woman not

scuffled a guy says hey listen when

you're with me or on my time put your

fucking phone away or you don't take

your fucking phone to the bathroom why

is it important for them to understand

the why because it makes women think

that either they aren't paying attention

or that they don't care okay spins wants

to know Devin how often do you listen to

Donovan's show oh good stuff yeah that's

right because I obviously am here think

I hear think I smell it before I hear

I'm like man I'm starting to get started

got it here on the screen obviously

showing off your food showing off your

ass now here's an interesting question

yeah yeah hey listen you know listen you

know what's gonna do it

kimberly duenas said cool good luck with

the podcast no Devin's not doing a

podcast I know if he is talking to me or

not a lot of guys and a lot of women say

oh my god I can't believe what I'm

seeing on the screen is your girlfriend

know that her ass is all over the

Internet she knew what are your thoughts

on that well it's embarrassing I gotta

admit being at the 21 convention and

knowing that everybody

what bum looks like yeah that's not not

a favorite feeling but you know in a way

like a kind of you know it's it is a

compliment and it kind of like satisfies

that like you know internal need what is

that the attention-seeking need the

whole ocean apart yeah honestly listen

keep it real it makes me feel a little

bored come on man all right 100 how do

you feel like not have been putting your

ass on the air I fucking love it because

guys drew over my egg right there right

there there is breaking news Internet

you guys really think the TFR alive

would not have been sharp I've got my

girlfriend Devon on the line with us


there was actually oh this is a funny

question by nursing area says Devon be

honest would you consider yourself high


what is what does that mean like I get

my nails in my hair done yeah but it's

not really a big deal everybody does


so what is high maintenance um I don't

know like in the man world a girl who's

high maintenance is a girl who is who

constantly requires attention oh that's

it like you constantly require attention

oh my god I don't feel like he's

stalking me hey we should go do this and

all that stuff no no you and I both know

that you know we need some time to

ourselves every now and then yeah and

you're very upfront with your feelings

so if you're feeling a sword away you

tell me right away

and that's the thing I really love I

don't hold it all in no you don't it's

just great where compensations like when

I'm feeling some type of way is

Donovan's earned this was another

question is Donovan's temper as hot as

he says it is yes

it's probably hotter when when you come

into the living room and pull out the

stool that school is broken

I broke the stool oh no no I brought one

and a half I broke one stool completely

hold on hold on one and a half I broke

one stool completely the other one I

split like I split I split the top of it

but it's still it's still viable and

nobody sits on it anyway we just use it

we just use it for show please tell the

people in chat I'm not answering

questions of a sexual nature Devin is

not answering questions of a sexual

nature let's see er let me see here got

some good questions here instantly

turned off yeah we got that why do women

shit test when you feel about the

current state what is it that drew her

to you I talk about talk about that all

the time um Jacob Jacob out here we go

Jacob says with every past relationships


were there any traits in a man you could

point out and say quote I don't I didn't

like that and vice versa yeah I think I

already covered this you know just lack

of accountability you know and also

anything like a little hold on clarify

that for my audience what do you mean

lack of accountability the lack of

accountability is like you know taking

ownership of your own problems of your

own situation you know I would say

someone who blames or gaslights or

things like that just like the general

attitude is defeatist rather than okay

this is wrong I'm gonna fix it you mean

I don't have a defeatist attitude okay

of course I don't

okay now your stick to the fucking


damn it we went over this one over to 16

times alright alright here's here is a

fun question what made the traits does

Donovan have give us give us uh because

I don't have any as far as I'm concerned


what of course what later traits what

bethe traits do I have that you think

would surprise our viewers I think I've

talked about a couple of ADA traits that

I may or may not have but we'll see what


you sweet-talked animals no no don't you

fucking get into goddamn details even a

pet i sweet-talked animals next fucking

shit man I was an I love animals I love

my animals fucking owl man

I did not expect that one yeah yeah

listen one more beta straight and that's

it I don't know I think if you have a

beta trait it's probably your lack of

control around sweets yes yes yes yes oh

I love sugar so I love sugar oh my god

yeah like I never get any dessert yeah

no no you never do

you never do and you're you're you're

good at making them you're good at

making them for sure what about me what

were some things about me that surprised

you when we started living together

surprise me about you well I mean you're

the probably one of the most disciplined

people I've ever met I mean you you set

a schedule you stick to it like you

you're consistent with your decisions a

lot of people go one way and then go

another way and you just can't really

rely on them where with you I can

you know if you say you're gonna do

something you do it and also like I also

have a little bit of a learning curve

with lingo oh yeah like when I would

tell you that you're stupid you're

stupid it means that you're funny I'm

like what is why are you calling me

stupid and you're like no it's means

you're funny and I'm like I didn't know

that Oh remember I said and this was

funny we make like a thing out of it

right I said I'm finna go get I said I'm

okapis J's and then I said it is my

intention to purchase a pair of Michael

Jordan tennis shoes at the store today

there you go right I think things would

call that Ebonics but yeah but you know

the learning curve with the lingo god I

can't even like there's always there's

always weight like we watch the

documentary about Jam Master Jay Jay

Master Davy the the turntables the DJ

fer up for Run DMC and we had to pause

that like every five seconds so that was

that's right that's right

let me think ah Rob says did Donovan

make you into a feminine woman or were

you always naturally feminine that is

how listen that's a really good question

yeah I you know growing up I was kind of

like you know kind of a classic tomboy

like you know was an athlete and you

know just kind of Rosa you know just

didn't really care about things and

honestly like when we met I didn't even

have my ears pierced nope I never I

never had my nails honest again Devin

why did you get your ears pierced

because you told me to write this was

the beginning of our training I said


Devin wanted to know listen I want to

know how to be a feminine woman you seem

to know your shit about women I need you

to help me Andy teach me I said well the

first thing you need to do is

number one get your ears pierced and

they need to get a pair of high heels

right and you had these little one or

two I was like no no no those those yeah

those those are heels back there

those are heels back there getting back

to the question scared the shit out of

me when I bought them I never thought

I'd be able to walk in them and then he

just told me to practice make dinner

them that I had learned there you go

make dinner in heels

gentlemen if listen if your girl cannot

wear stripper heels tell her to make

dinner in heels but again go back to

your childhood you always a tomboy you

didn't really you know it's not I don't

know like I've seen pictures of you and

you were younger it's not like you were

you know look like Pippi Longstocking or

you know you had short hair you look

like a girl but you know your inner

Spears like that seems to be standard

then you got your nails done then the

heels came right I never didn't even own

any lipstick like I just didn't like my

lip balm yeah but you know like I just

didn't really get it you know I mean I I

guess I was a bit of a late bloomer but

I still like you know I mean crap now I

go to the nail salon every other week

you know and I get my hair done every

two to three months like the color and

everything and it like it's expensive

I don't know but I honestly didn't

didn't know my own potential but

obviously you saw something worth

investing in which is maybe a little

less Devon if you started with engineer

a partner for how long would you give

him a chance to change before you check

out that's a good question

probably three months to six months you

know okay you you you talk about it they

promise to change three months go by and

they don't still don't change three more

months go by you're out you by that

point you don't care anymore

that's the tack on to you before has it

Robert Allen on patreon once the

reformed a female's perspective does age

difference really matter between a man

or a woman or is it just an arbitrary

constructs of society for manners of

good shape

all kept and accomplished all other

things are equal really what a number on

his age make a difference to a woman

here's the thing I'm 41 and your turn to

35 in February so that is well then also

in 42 so what five and a half six years

apart but there are some relationships

out there where older men 45 are dating

very young women 20 I don't think and I

don't think you can put like a number on

that but what are your thoughts on older

men dating younger women older women

dating younger men etc etc I think age

disparity goes beyond physical

attraction I mean if you're a 20 year

old and you think that 65 year old guy

looks hot I guess you know but it's kind

of just as weird as if like an 80 year

old was dating a 30 year old it's just

kind of weird but I mean I think like

you can be attracted to someone all day

long you could just they are the they

just give you tingles a second you see

their face or there's some 65 year old

motherfuckers out there they got that

kind of game right but at the end of the

day right like if you can't stand being

around that person because they don't

can't hold a conversation with you then

you're just kind of like what you're

just basically it's a vanity thing it's

just like oh this is my trophy whatever

and you're not you know you don't really

getting everything you need out of that

person you know um here is another

question a very interesting question

wants to know do you think you had a

skewed or unrealistic idea on your

sexual market value at some point in

your life and do you think that almost

every woman does I had no idea what

sexual market value was when I was young

like I have no idea I mean did I think I

was better and I deserved a better man I

kind of missed the lesson on Mary Huff

when I was younger I just thought oh we

get along and you know we have chemistry

and that's it you know I never

I never really thought like oh well what

can he do for me you know that was never

my mindset going into anything so I

can't really answer that question to be

honest I don't I didn't really have that

mindset even really I'm sure they're

stopped alright you answer the question

like there's another question Oh Julia

Joseph's wants to know what do you wish

you did better for Donovan clean yes

yeah that's for Wilson

Devin cooks dude Devin cooks very well

as you guys can see me over my over my

shoulder here alright

your your cleaning skills like when

you're motivated your laundry skills

yeah but you listen heels and wheels

there we go my my pardon me but okay

clean anything else I do better for you

I guess work out - yeah listen you you

listen I keep listen I keep trying to

tell you you were 34 about to be 35 no

you were blessed by the genetic gods I'm

telling you what dev tell you what once

she gets to be other side it there I'm

sure listen and you listen you already

know what's up

listen explain to my viewers what

happens if you get fat you go that's it

that's right that's all there is to it

yellow Maserati says how did you and

Donovan meet you were in the chat before

that question was asked right you're

gonna have to rewind or sign up on

patreon to to to find that out we

already we already said that

Lorenzo Davis says question into

Lauren's our men enough with the

all-caps dude so Devin fear starting a

family worth professor Donovan we

answered this question he also wants to

know will you marry Donovan blah blah

blah blah blah um me see here

Wiki me chorus must as only looks better

oh my bad I didn't mean to time him I

didn't mean to I'm gonna unhide you on

the channel that's very lazy that's very

that's listen only looks matter when it

comes to women when it comes to men yes

what's matter the most but if you're the

kind of guy who says hey matter because

women choose men based solely on looks

that is well I don't know Evan let me

ask you a question what like what

matters as far as information like you

know like what about me makes me

attractive to you cuz I'm not a Tara

like I'm a decent looking guy but I'm

not fucking Brad Pitt or whoever the

fucking best looking guy is what about

me makes me attractive and arousing and

all that good stuff

other girl who walks other than looks

well I don't know if you told your

viewers this or not but there was a

period of time where we were just

talking where I didn't we know what you

look like right and you know obviously I

was attracted to you before then you

know because I was still following your

instructions right and so I think that's

really telling you know just your your

dominance your confidence your just

there's I don't know there's just

something about you that made me go this

guy's got his shit together and I need

to listen to what he has to say

you know so I think if anything just

confidence I remember the first time I

saw you like you totally surprised me

and I was like holy crap this one is

he's a big dude like his stature you

know is a thing but also it was like you

walk the walk you're consistent you're

always the same and I love that about

you see a lot of guys listen a lot of

guys like to say well Donovan's not

really this guy he's different on camera

than he is off Cameron off camera

Cameron um what is my personality like

on camera what's my personality like off

camera 21 convention etc the same are

you sure yeah yeah except yeah sometimes

when you're inebriated you kind of relax

yeah I'm introduced you to a Long Island

Iced to you is probable do that was lit

yeah listen I don't drink much to my

tolerance to this load this is good and

yeah that was when that was a good trip

um James Martinez says Devon said she

would marry des but des doesn't want to

marry Devon how do you guys reconcile

the difference well here's the thing

Devon said she would write I said I'm

not interested so Devon how do you

reckon how do you reconcile the

difference doesn't really matter we

don't have kids all right fair enough

that was a that was a good question

let's see um spins wants the knurl Devon

do you think your politics shifted being

around retinyl ideas all right we'll

talk about that like that's something I

was not aware of yeah I I think that my

eyes by politics kind of fall in line

with yours

you know like you you know how you say

like women are chameleons and that they

kind of like adopt you know like the

opinions of the strongest male around

you know I like it was partly that but

also partly like really realizing that

this just fucked up like it's it's bad

out there it's like these people are you

know like like the what do you say it's

like the Liberals they've jumped the

shark man like things are like like you

know people like people like calling

their babies

SURS or whatever the hell it's like what

the hell like it's that's things are

going way off the tracks you know and so

I don't know if it takes a hard right to

correct up but there's got to be

something in the middle and you know

it's kind of like with politics it seems

like things go it's like it's like it in

exchange it goes left right left right

like nobody can like I don't know like

nobody can figure out what they really

because it's constantly swapping sides

so you know here's a very good question

mr. nice guy wants to know Devin how do

you feel about your man being so heavily

involved in the manosphere does it worry

you no I really didn't know much about

the manosphere before we met and it's

part of who he is and it doesn't worry

me at all I don't know why it would all

right let me see here

all right give me one there was actually

another really good question give me a

second here

JC says do you lose attraction for a man

if he's too affectionate or seems like

he cares too much about your needs well

if he puts my needs at the expense of

his own then yes I just say like part of

you know accountability is self-care and

if a man does something that hurts

himself in order to please me or like

for example spends all his money on a

dinner that he can't afford or a gift or

something like that like that's like you

know it's a turn-off like you just don't

you like you know if you know it's if he

cares too much I don't think that men

need it like she said consciously

control how they dole out attention you

know or care to a woman you do what

comes naturally but if you're going out

of your way to make to find validation

and doing that then you're on the wrong

path okay see you later to Miami Jake

he's got a run let's see a couple more

questions here

Ricky Bobby wants to know do you guys

get social this is so funny everybody

wants to know listen we're not having

kids like and then Ricky Bobby says do

you guys a social pressure there's

actually pretty good question do you

guys have some social pressure from

family friends etc marrying or having

children and what do you say to them nan

lian yeah kids is not an option so just

get off the topic no I mean what I want

to be in here

I'm gonna tell people my personal

business but it's not an option

all right let's see here there are a

couple of other quite what about the

rapper sup guys so bear with us what are

some signals well here's an interesting

question 7 if you could change one thing

about yourself what would it be I

probably want to be 10 years younger

y'all wouldn't we all okay let's see

actually 41 ah I look better now at 41

that I ever did at at at 31 I'll take

the 21 year old body with the 34 year

old tits put that together that'd

probably be the pressure on HGH I'm

trying to tell you all right well um I

think this is James Martinez wants to

know what you guys consider a private

marriage no I'll answer that yeah that's

no absolutely not no no speaking of

which James works here's you actually

set this up for me tomorrow same

bat-time same bat-channel

myself and anthony dream johnson we'll

be talking about private marriage we're

gonna talk about the ins and the outs

the legalities what does it mean can she

divorce rape you blah blah blah etc etc

Davidoff says your biological clock is

ticking Devon yeah all right well that's

gonna earn you a band come on man like

if you're gonna troll and lynched and at

least do it at least be original at

least be original come on you know

anyone that um no fighter says does dot

does Donovan have to keep it always

honest with you or does he keep stuff in

fours in a quarter and you let him be I

don't know what that means

does it does it Donovan he'll fight or

type that in again man what are you

drunk or does he keep nothing wrong with

eggnog or does he keep stuff forwards in

the corner I don't know now that's fine

Kevin no worry about it

what is what he's asking he's wants to

know I don't know type it again so I put

it again

I think that he's asking if you're

always honest with me or do you keep

stuff in a corner and like keep things

from me so the doc listen I can tell you

that the answer to that is no I listen I

am NOT that dude who says hey Devin we

need to you know we need to hog right if

I got an issue with something you said

or did or didn't do right

oh no no no dude I'm calling your ass at

work you like this that's not a good

time I'm like dude fuck your time go

somewhere you can talk listen you know

you go somewhere you can talk then you

know what serious when you call me at

work my stomach drops

what is it what it is and listen I guess

I guess the last question is it's not

easy being with me it's it's it's not

it's and it's right it's well a line

wants to know what is Donovan's quote

boot camp like I guess that seamlessly

dovetails into that one you don't know

and you're that you're in it until

you're really deep deep deep doubt the

tunnel there you go the rabbit hole the

rabbit hole has it there you go yeah

very good

well they listen um this has been fun I

told you that this would not be a

disaster Devin was very very nervous

very nervous about coming on to the show

so he's worried about people throwing

her and this and that and the other

oh no and no Devin is not sharp assist

everybody thinks that Devin everybody

thinks that you are sharpest there's no

you watch my show you're cooking dinner

while you give me a second

our custome wants to narrow or Devin did

you ever want yeah come on man

like dude enough with the Kurds hi kiss

mrs. D BJ what time you private marriage

is a bad idea

yeah dvj is a smart guy and Anthony

Johnson has been through a he's been

through a private marriage so that'll be

a very interesting show tomorrow at 5

o'clock listen thanks for making the

time for us tonight

um you a great guest and didn't you say

you have some appetizers or something to

make oh yeah I got some pastries the

interview Billy Fermi says thanks for

the show so that's gonna do it for this

ignition of TSR live again tomorrow

evening 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time I

am going to be on with Anthony dream

Johnson we're going to answer the

question does it is a private marriage

is a private marriage does that keep a

man from getting divorce raped is that

the Silver Bullet as far as marriage is

concerned she'll be a good show thanks

for watching guys enjoy your enjoy the

rest your Christmas and we will see you


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