An open letter of apology to women from Red Pill Men

I feel sorry for women...I really do. Yes, they're slutty, insufferable, irresponsible, impulsive, disloyal, dishonest, make bad girlfriends and wives, and are generally useless outside of sex but it's not all their fault. Feminism has led them astray which has left them damaged far beyond repair.


Myself and the Red Pill community offer our deepest condolences to American women who have been turned into little more than fuck dolls for the pleasure of men. It's not all your fault ladies.

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what's up guys it's your man

Donovan Sharpe and welcome to this

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it is Friday October 27th 2017 and I

imagine most people are going to be

celebrating sluta win this weekend I

know a lot of kids are trick-or-treating

this weekend and adults are having their

flutter wing parties as well and yeah

guys I said slut a wean because listen

guys Halloween ceased Halloween as we

knew it cease to exist about 20 years

ago because women have found a way to

make absolutely every costume a slutty

costume now listen back women listen I'm

40 years old back when I was a kid

basically was cats devils and nurses

those were the only slutty costumes but

now I mean now everything is like

everything is a slutty costumes slutty

pirate slutty superhero slutty

construction worker slutty nun slutty

football player slutty teachers you name

it they have found a way to slut it up

and because and because the sole purpose

of Halloween for females in 2017 is to

look as sluttiest humanly possible while

also avoiding judgment for most people

I've appropriately nicknamed it slut

William so happy slow to wean him happy

slutty ween weekend everybody later on

in the show I am going to give you guys

21 Facebook memes I don't know if 21

Facebook memes some ecards whatever you

want to call them that confirmed red

pills for

so you'll you'll definitely want to stay

tuned for that but I'm gonna start with

doing something that I have never done

before and I've never done before on

this show and that is apologize to women

yes ladies

uncle Donovan's got a soft side and I'm

gonna share it with you tonight and a

letter that I wrote here goes

dear American women I'm sorry you were

born as females in the West because of

the toxic culture you've been marinated

in you will never fully appreciate just

how fortunate you are to have been

afforded the privilege lives you enjoy

none of this is your fault of course

whether you like it or not third wave

feminism is to blame and it is quite

literally stolen any chance you have for

true happiness as women from an early

age will be told that you are princesses

and deserve the best of everything

simply because you are born with vaginas

there is some truth to this but not for

the reason you've been raised to believe

you see you could be princesses and

eventually even someone's queen worthy

of the utmost respect the truth is you

are more valuable than men from a

reproductive standpoint but before you

pump your fists those titles and respect

that comes with them and the ones you

must earn this takes time temperance and

discipline unfortunately because this

has been bestowed upon you far before

you've earned it it is merely a moniker

and nothing more you were all rewarded

with something you didn't work for could

not understand and were grossly

ill-equipped to mentally process this

explains why you have a strong sense of

entitlement the only time you will be

treated the same as males as when you

were infants you will be coddled and

nurtured as you should be you will be

the center of attention wherever you're

taken because of your innocence and

representation of new life

you will start to notice a change in the

way you're treated compared to boys when

you become toddlers while the boys are

taught to share you'll be taught that

all you need to do is ask for something

and that it will be given to you because

you are a girl and that means you

deserve what you want if you do not get

what you want you are indirectly taught

to up the intensity of your request by

crying or throwing a tantrum until you

get it this trait will stick with you

for decades to come

and you will turn into overgrown

children which is far from attractive or

cute you will also begin to notice that

boys are punished more than you are

while your teachers and parents

sugarcoat or explain away your variety

temperaments the boys are often sent to

the corner and told that there is no

excuse for their reckless behavior at

some point they were given special

medicine to tamp down their energy this

tells you that they are inherently

flawed which will inflate your false

sense of superiority over males I'm

sorry that the depreciation of your

value as a female begins in earnest at

such young age when you reach high

school and for some of you even middle

school your insufferable behavior

continues to be rewarded and your need

for attention has become a full-blown

addiction like a heroin addict you'll do

anything to get your attention fixed to

validate yourself not the least of which

is giving away your most valuable asset

your virginity for the moment you

relinquish your flower to a male other

than your husband your expiration date

quickly moves ever closer to your

windshield and will soon be in your

rear-view mirror which objects are not

closer than they appear I'm sorry for

having to break the news to you that

college is the worst thing that can

happen to you as a woman the endless

drinking partying sex romps with hordes

of male spring breaks and continued deep

programming of your biological harddrive

while fun and exciting accelerates your

depreciation in value you will think

you're well beyond your wheel you'll

think you're well on your way to

becoming a strong and independent woman

who has it all but this is not what is

happening to you everything around you

tells you that College is the path to

true happiness but you will later come

to realize that campus life has damaged

you far beyond repair and unfortunately

you will have

this epiphany much too late so now

you're in your early 20s you've got your

degree in women's studies the world is

your oyster and your best days are ahead

of you you're not even thinking about

marriage at this point and why should

you you've got plenty of time to keep

the party going so there's no rush to

lock a man down and have a family men

will always be around so you'll walk

down the aisle with your soul mate when

you're damn good and ready in the

meantime you'll continue to drink and

sleep around until you get it out of

your system before you settle down after

all the strong and powerful women in

sitcoms movies and reality shows put off

marriage and children to have fun and

they have it all so why not you too I'm

sorry to tell you that the answer is an

emphatic no time passes quickly and

before you know it you're pushing 30

you've had a few relationships some

heart Blake break plenty of drama

because it was totally his fault you

cheated on him and maybe an abortion or

two your breasts are beginning to sag

you put on a few extra pounds and your

skin doesn't glow like it once did in

your teens and 20s

oh sure you're still getting attention

from men but dear but you're not quite

as attractive as you used to be your

friends will tell you you're as hot as

ever and that you're aging like a fine

wine but the lack of attention from the

men that used to make your vagina buzz

like a beehive in your college days is a

grim reminder that you're being lied to

oh sure but you are far from a bottle of

Dom Perignon you're more like a gallon

of milk

you still look drinkable within your

container push-up bras but padded jeans

and makeup helping your cause

but your smell and texture betray you

when you're opened and for that I am

truly sorry I'm sorry that you aren't is

physically viable as a long-term partner

the good news however is that you'll

still be considered for one-night stands

ruch has stated in the past that the

wall is softer than we think he says

that no matter how many cocks your semen

stain vaginas have been penetrated by

there will always be a man available to

rescue you from your bad decisions and

save you from Spenser them I'm sorry to

tell you ladies that he is only half

right yes there will be plenty of

thirsty men who will put a ring on it

but a couple of kids in you and give me

the white picket suburban life you think

you're entitled to but the men willing

to forgive your past transgressions are

far from the ones you dreamed of ending

up with in your Disney and rom-com

fantasies you see what you didn't

realize while you were getting plowed

through your teens and twenties is that

the more men you share your bodies with

the less able you are to sexually pair

bond with your husband or any other male

for that matter this leads to

dissatisfaction with the life you didn't

deserve in the first place and

inevitably leads to divorce oh it's not

that bad you'll laugh it up with your

friends about how you nab the kids and

half of his money you'll parade your

tattooed flavor of the week and brag

about the headboard rattling sex you

have with the kids at their pathetic

father's for the weekend but after

discovering that being that being a

single mother is neither as glamorous

nor as marketable as you once thought

you'll become bitter and blame everyone

but yourselves then one day you'll wake

up at 38 and wonder where all the time

has gone and why you don't have what you

deserve at this point your lives are

effectively over and for that I am truly


you can tell yourselves you don't need a

man or that there are other things that

can give you fulfillment but your

biological makeup tells you otherwise

you know full well that the only thing

that will make you truly happy is to

belong to a man who loves and takes care

of you

you'll hold out hope that the man of

your dreams is still out there and he

may very well be unfortunately he views

you as nothing more than a slump-buster

to fill his time between younger and

more nubile versions of you you've got a

raw deal ladies and I feel bad for you

because you're destined to be miserable

you were sold a bad bill of goods by

those evil men and women and it has cost

you to happiness

you are never told that a stay-at-home

mom is every bit as valuable and

important to a nuclear family as the

breadwinner we're that your degree

doesn't attract men to you in droves you

were told to seize the day live for the

moment in Yolo how are you supposed to

know what long-term consequences were

please accept my apology for the unfair

lives you have all been born into each

and every one of you deserves better

sincerely Donovan okay well let's take a

look at the chat and see who we've got

in the house all right

excellent excellent all right okay mr.

Holt's cool writer says what clearly

didn't get the day clearly didn't get

the get the gag oh I almost had you

there swayed senator good to see you in

the house good to see you guys in the

house Cooper squared good to see you in

here as well call me Anthony I see you

got your so you got your original

original screen name back truth from

Troy listen Troy I saw your comment you

know on the main channel you said every

time the show goes live I get it

afterwards well obviously you figured

out now that I do my I do the show live

from this channel and then I upload it

to the other channel so it's good to see

you in here haven't seen you in here in

a while and that that's that's probably

the reason do do la shout-out to you my

friend thanks for coming in here Jaime

Morales says I finally catching you live

huh let's go ready to writ let's get

ready to receive this knowledge

absolutely mr. Demetrius shoutout to you

$10 super Chad I appreciate that

appreciate that thank you very much mr.

Demetrius $10 super Ted Thank You mr.

old school writer says slutty football

player yeah there are girls out here

there are girls out here that are

dressing up for Halloween as slutty

football players like the lingerie

football league

listen basically basically any any and

every costume that has ever been thought

of has been slut if I'd buy women it

doesn't matter a slutty pastor slutty

angel slutty nose doesn't matter if you

can name it it can be solidified this is

this is this is this is what they do

suade senator says get those likes up

yeah guys listen definitely definitely

liked the video definitely liked the

video he even deluxe haven't seen you in

here in a little while said he can hear

the hood rats hissing already yeah yeah

yeah fuck those bitches fucking hood

rats mr. old school writers says I

thought you were going Derek Jackson on

us for B for the big for the big big

cash no fuck no listen I'm listen I've

said it once and I'll say this again


Derek Jackson he I'm telling you guys

right now Derek Jackson does not believe

one word he says on YouTube not one

Derek Jackson he is probably as red pill

aware as any man is in the manosphere he

is simply listen and I'm not listen I

wouldn't I will never hate on Derek

Jackson Derek Jackson should have a ski

mask on when he does his when he does

his videos because he is robbing these

poor women blind listen he's a

good-looking brother who has decided to

he's decided to make a mint of money

telling black women what they want to

hear well it's at listen Steve Harvey

much the same way Tyler Perry much the

same way listen Derek Jackson is just

the same as Steve a Steve Harvey and

Tyler Perry they tell black women what

they want to hear they get rich I can

not say I'm women listen guys do not

believe for one second that Derek

Jackson believes what he actually talks

about there is absolutely no way he

believes any of that noise no way

Barry CEO $2.00 super Chad appreciate

that man thank you I really appreciate

that he says I'm just here to trick off

the fan free let's run it in the house

$10 super tempra sheet that man TSR and

full effect you're goddamn right you are

goddamn right Jeffrey eight says degree

in women's studies believe it or not man

listen there is a there is a degree out

there called women's studies I don't

know what you use it for I don't know

like do you major in women's studies

minor in feminism I don't know how that

works but but that that is probably as

that is as useless a degree as I can

think of to be quite honest with you

hold on I just

berries CEOs does Donovan got that the

young and the restless' music in the

backround yeah very similar very similar

yeah I just looked for some royalty few

royalty-free sad piano music on YouTube

oh my goodness

job freelance said he had to pull over

to listen to this straight up straight

up good shit Eric P in the house with

the ten dollar super chat appreciate

that he says what up Donovan it's payday

are you ready for the 49ers to get

crushed by the Eagles this Sunday I am

man um listen man I'm not I'm not gonna

be that guy well those could be listen

we're gonna win that game by three

touchdowns but this is one of those trap

games and Doug Peterson the Eagles head

coach needs to he needs to make it

crystal clear to the Eagles listen you

guys had a big big win on Monday night

the 49ers just got humiliated by the

Cowboys and listen humiliated football

teams football teams that have their

pride hurt the week before they often

play very well the very next week so not

that I'm saying that the 49ers are gonna

have a chance to win this game but you

never know you never know but we should

win that game handily going away

appreciate the super chat man thank you

very much for that so wait senator says

that letter was perfect man yeah yeah

hey listen listen I'm a thoughtful guy

you know uncle Donovan's not all about

bitches and hoes okay you know I'm

trying to tell the ladies that I do feel

sorry for them in a way you know they

were born into this sewage and you know

just it stands to reason that you know

someone should reach out to them and

show them a little bit of compassion

show a little bit of compassion for the

ladies show the slut some show the slut

some love spider good to see you in here

shout-out to you my friend DD law says

that it's classic R it's his classic

material yeah you know Desmond Isabel or

Adam and Isabel good to see you in here

man shout-out to you I don't think I've

seen you in here before I could be wrong

but but I may not I may not be says

Donovan stays lit you're goddamn right

listen man I stay Gaslight in these

fucking hoes like force like like all

jokes aside I don't feel dude I don't

feel sorry for these hoes these listen

man and it's so funny like there are so

many women in red pill in the

red pill women's reddit I've got my

microphone at a different place guys

you'll have to forgive me for the yeah

the red pill woman's read it they they

feel sorry for themselves and they talk

about oh I feel so sorry for myself I

was a slut in my teens and 20s and my

notch count is above 100 and feminism is

to blame nah bitch feminism are not

women inherently no that's sleeping

around passing their pussies around is

the wrong thing to do listen most

slut-shaming comes from women like all

of the slut-shaming like a guy shouldn't

slut shame in it

dude 95% of the slut-shaming comes from

women because women know how easy it is

to get dick I've taught listen I've

talked about that ad nauseam ad nauseam

loyalty squared says a tear humbles

dropped oh my goodness Kolby Anthony

says hey Donovan I have a very good

question to ask ask you what can a woman

offer a man besides sex and life

experience Kobe you're gonna have to

super chat that question and I will

answer it for you my friend aunt James

big shout out to you big shout out to uh

- and James - dollar super chat you were

also a Donovan's den subscriber so big

shout out to aunt James appreciate the

love truth from Troy and certainly

question what would a degree in women's

studies get you to be the bitch in HR

you know what you might be right Troy I

can't imagine another profession I can't

I can imagine another profession where

woman's of women a degree in women's

studies would would actually benefit a

woman in the workplace I can't think of

another profession except for HR good


shout out the truth from Troy Road

awakening says woman's shout out to you

wrote awakening I don't think I've seen

you in here before you're definitely a

first-timer Road Awakening says Women's

Studies degree will get you a job in a

call center I know too personally

Melissa listen dude a GED will get you

in it will get you a job in a fucking

and listen listen let me not hate on

GEDs my ex-wife's my ex-wife

Darcy her brother he was he was the

typical high-energy kid they put him on

ritalin he

the bed he was the he was the

quintessential bad kid gave up on him he

ended up getting his GED this guy makes

like 40 something dollars an hour

working for a factory that makes carbon

that makes carbon-based materials for an

for an aircraft manufacturer that has a

government contract like that dude is

that dude is absolutely killing it he

has fucking killing it how do I sound

guys because yesterday I was told

rightly told that I had I was a little

bit muffled said my mic was muffled so I

I messed around with my with my mic a

little bit and adjusted some settings

just you know one or two you guys just

let me know that I'm that I sound you

know that I'm good that I'm loud and

clear that I'm not too close to the mic

like this that you guys can hear me okay

okay solid excellent excellent thank you

thank you guys very much thank you guys

very much

Oh Eric P says the sound is better yeah

the sound is actually gonna get even

better than tonight because I've got a

and I don't know what it's called I'm

not a sound expert but this thing right

here the connector part that goes into

the microphone I think it's called an XL

is something with an accident I'm

getting that to a USB converter so I

will be able to plug my microphone

directly into my USB port which will

which will give me much clearer much

better sound this this mic has a

three-and-a-half millimeter jack and I

had to buy a buy I mean this is a this

is a pretty this was a pretty I mean

this isn't like a $500 mic but you know

it's a pretty good mic but I had to get

a power supply because because this

right here goes to a three-and-a-half

millimeter Jack so I bought a power

supply off Amazon for like 18 bucks so

I'm glad that I'm glad that I sound loud

and clear I had to make some adjustments

had to had to separate myself from the

mic I've never done anything like this

there we are swayed senator there an XLR

cable perfect perfect see that see that

listen man I don't guys I don't know

anything in life okay I don't know much

but I know money and I know women and

that has gotten me this far so so uh do

AP says oh my sites are didn't see the

music coming even ever take a look at

the purple bill the purple pill debate

subreddit Donovan no I never have I have

heard of it but I've never been in there


I might I might take a stroll through

that that would be a good I think that

would be some good fodder for uh for a

Walt for my a Walt segments

good to have you guys in today last

Friday night me and my lady listen me

and my lady had a fantastic night at the

at the casino that we went to of course

well you know anytime you go into a new

casino you have to get the the casino

card because you you know that's just

what they do so they gave us ten dollars

worth that likud win ten to five hundred

dollars worth of free play we got ten

dollars worth of free play I of course

lost all of mine in ten minutes

but dude my girl ended up racking up she

she probably won about a hundred dollars

just off of that and it took us a while

to core two to three hours dude she got

on these machines and she was hitting it

fucking big and dude after drinks and

everything she walked away with in her


I don't know 70 80 bucks so all it cost

us - all it cost us for that night aside

from dinner which of course I picked up

the tab on that but I picked up the tab

at dinner she's supposed to pick up the

tab at the casino guess what she she

didn't she didn't spend any money or she

think that she picked up the she picked

up the humor I picked up the dinner and

and so all she ended up having to pay

for was the uber so she may not like a

bandit we had a great night

came home I absolutely fucked her brains

out and it was like listen anytime you

can go into a casino and not leave and a

suspenders and you know and a barrel and

suspenders come home and fuck the life

out of your girl it's definitely a good

night so

Oh freelance ronan says XLR connectors

are balanced we're three-and-a-half

millimeter jacks are not see I've got

the XLR connector right here and the

other end is a three and a half

millimeter jack that plugs into the

power supply well the power supply has

another XLR connector that goes from

from the power supply to to a 3.5

millimeter jack into a USB converter

into my computer so the fact that I'm

able to sound half decent you know it's

it's it's it's a miracle to me but but I

ordered one off Amazon I ordered an XLR

to a two USB cable so I'm gonna go from

the mic directly into the computer so we

should be good alright well let me stop

yammering on let me get to the next part

of the show and that is 21

Facebook memes that will confirm red

pill truths now I've had Facebook for a

few years and even though I only

activated I don't I activated for short

periods of time

every so often maybe once once every

couple weeks maybe once a month

depending on how things how things are

going just to check in on family friends

whatever I don't do all the posting or

anything like that other than with

donovan sharp and you guys can certainly

add me i've managed to accumulate some

pretty telling means or some ecards or

whatever the what whatever these

pictures whatever these pictures that

are supposed to be you know that are

supposed to show the world who we who we

really are so I've chosen 21 that best

reflect red pill truth as we know it in

the manosphere now for those of you

listening and not watching on youtube

i'll try to be as descriptive as

possible but it's probably best that you

it's probably best that you guys watch

this with your eyes on youtube to get

the full effect and some context so here

we go

latina women are wait a minute jump the

gun on that okay so number one it says

i'm the author of my life unfortunately

i'm writing in pen and cannot erase my


this one was posted by a single mom

surprise surprise who is admitting to

the world what i'm gonna do you guys is

i'm gonna read these you guys can see

these oh i'm gonna give you the red pill

the red pills translation to these so

this one again this was posted by single

mom who is it

to the world that sport fucking her way

through her 20s has rendered her unable

to para bond with a man and that she

can't shake memories of the ass-to-mouth

load she swallowed or the gangbang she

participated in she participated in and

fucking three guys in one day at three

separate times but making it sound like

her life as something as profound as a

novel then she can't change that's

always funny to me

ah yes this one number two I may not be

skinny but I'm freakin awesome and

that's basically the same thing uh no

it's not

and she knows it's not obviously posted

by a fat chick who knows damn well that

being awesome ain't the same as being

skinny listen we ain't trying to fuck

awesome sweetheart we're trying to fuck

skinny try again okay this third one

here real men like curves only dogs go

for bones you know it's funny the the

girl in the picture is skinny I mean

just just an observation this again this

was posted by another fat girl trying to

shame men who have physical standards

the real men D quote real men she's

talking about by the way those are the

95 percent of men who won't admit that

they don't like fat chicks but they have

to fuck them anyway and if that makes me

a dog than Wolf Wolf bitch I don't give

a fuck alright this next one number 4 it

says quote after everything I've been

through I'm still smiling not because

I'm strong but because I'm crazy

and that just scare you this one was

posted by that same single mom who

posted number one who seemed to have

more boyfriends than kids shit like this

is funny because nothing a woman does

really scares anybody any fear that a

woman can elicit is because of a man

nobody's guys listen nobody's really of

afraid of a woman per se if a woman says

don't mess with me or don't piss me off

or now that should really scare you what

this means is that she'll get someone to

kick your ass or call the cops to throw

you in jail any power or fear or

influence a woman wheel's is because of

men nobody's scared of women and they

know it number five it says quote any

woman can be a mother but it takes a

badass mom to be a dad - this is a

classic exact lassic example guys of a

woman overestimating their importance


under estimating the importance of

fathers number six oh this is a good one

women and for those of you listening

it's it's a hot woman with big fake tits

sitting in the water she's got a nice

belly chain yeah she's probably what an

eight and a half or a nine it says women

something to put your dick in this this

was actually posted by a dude that I met

at one of the call centers they used to

work at down in Vegas and this post

actually gave me the impression that he

may be on the brink of discovering the

red pill

I haven't actually haven't talked to him

since I left that place I hope he did

cuz he was a cool guy he really really

was number seven I want a divorce and

then down on the bottom it says is that

you with another woman guys the best way

to fuck a bitch up in the head is when

she tells you she wants to break up or

that she wants a divorce just say cool

or say oh thank god I was thinking the

same thing but I was waiting for the

right time to tell you I'm glad we're on

the same page guys listen to me when I

tell you I've done this exactly twice

since takin the red pill and both times

we broke up and both times I kept

fucking them guys listen dred game works

gentlemen even Winnie your girl starts

it this that's next-level type shit guys

use it number eight

finally a man who respects me for who I

am and treats me as an equal time to

friends home this was another this was

another one posted by a friend of mine

and the shitstorm he caught from all the

bitches on Facebook was funny to see any

time you tell truth on shit like this it

always brings out the bitches who know

it's the truth but then they want to act

like whoever posted it is off his rocker

like they're so wrong oh my god

number nine it's got a picture of Sofia

Vergara she's she I'm gonna see like

close to 30 I think she's she's in her

40s maybe I do die would fuck them do

not fuck the soul out of that bitch

anyway on the top it says if you want to

date a Latina don't complain about the

attitude when you act like a pendejo

okay straight up guys listen this is

absolutely true I've talked about this

in episode 20 in episode 55 take a

listen Latina women are fuckin handful

trust me they've got fiery personalities

if a man's not equipped to handle their

spirit their passion or their hair

trigger jealousy which we all know can

escalate very quickly and very loudly

regardless of regardless of your game

frame they'll chew you up and spit you

out all right

the fact of the matter is guys that

Latinas they can be very they can be

pretty intimidating dating Hispanic

girls guys has many more pros than cons

but trust me when I tell you guys you

can't have any pussy in you guys I'm and

I'm dead fuckin serious you got to have

rock-solid Flint frame listen you can't

feel any shit tests with hot mexican

chicks guys trust me trust me of all the

women that have blown me out of all the

women that have turned me down in the

most humiliating ways I would say that

at least 50% of them were Latino girls

straight up man you listen you cannot

have any bait aways about you when you

step to these chicks straight up number

10 it's got a picture of a girl you know

with her panties down to her knees

saying don't forget no panties day June

22nd now this was posted by another fat

chick who wants people to think that she

is fuckable enough for men to get

excited about the fact that she's

telling people that she isn't wearing

any panties that day even if she wasn't

fat guys it's just another way that

women brag about being sluts no panties

day fuck out of here with that number 11

so it's not a picture of a girl in a car

scene it says the face that women make

when a guy with no beard and no tattoos

hits on them it looks like the little


got like a little bit an event attitude

guys this this confirms that women fuck

bad boys you can say what you want you

can say well I don't know two guys with

tattoos or douchebags and this nigga

guys women are turned on by dudes with

beards and tattoos there are no

exceptions number twelve

this one says quote and one day you'll

wake up at 11:30 a.m. on a Sunday with

the love of your life and you'll make

some coffee and pancakes and it'll be

all right I forgot who this one was

posted by but it's a telltale sign that

she obviously watches way too many

romantic comedies pancakes don't make

relationships better sweetheart they

make you fat number 13 it's got a

picture of what looks like a a tribal

type owl it's actually pretty cool

picture it says quote dude

don't underestimate me I know more than

I say think more than I speak and notice

more than you realize this was an older

lady who was actually pretty hot for her

age I'd say she was like maybe 44 or 45

years old but she worked at the call

center what did the call center I worked

at which which tells you all you need to

know about her right call center you

know call center hoes anyway her posting

this picture this is typical female

inverse projection guys women women will

tell everyone they'll tell everyone

around them that they have XYZ traits or

that they have XYZ personality and

they're none of those things because

it's what they want in a man girls do

this all the time and listen I said this

before pro game tip ask a woman what

kind of woman she is and you'll and she

will tell you in no uncertain terms the

kind of man she wants without even

knowing it number 14 so it's got a black

guy with a bunch of tattoos putting a

what appears to be a diamond necklace

around around a light-skinned woman on

the top it says fake chick who has it

all or I'm sorry fake chick wants a man

who has it all then on the bottom says a

real woman helps her man get it all now

obviously a black girl posted this one

which is funny because black women

aren't even close to being remotely

interested and helping a man to build


okay they want the finished product and

a mint and get this guy's a man doesn't

need a woman to help him get anything

but kids which is a bad idea with black

chicks in the first place number 15 has

a picture of a wedding ring and it says

a wedding ring is the smallest handcuff

ever made

choose your prison mate wisely this one

was also posted by a woman which goes to

show that women know what marriage

really is number 16 it's got a couple of

hot girls drinking something out of a

Grey Goose drinking liquor or whatever

on the top and says single moms be like

and then on the bottom it says I live

for my kids listen no deed you elaborate

on this one guys I'll just refer you

guys to ms ODEs 105 and 109 now this one

is a graph and says why I'm single and

of course the biggest you know you know

part of it looks red part of it looks

green says because I look like a truck

or because I because I'm poor - very -

Piatt graph - very small slivers and

then the vast majority of it is because

I treat girls nice now this one was

posted by a buddy of mine who seemed to

be finding his way to the red pill until

he posted this the very next day and the

picture on the screen for those of you

guys listening as a guy standing in line

with a with a box of tampons and a bunch

of cupcakes and it says this guy is an

example of a very smart man I don't care

how long you've been with a woman three

things you should never buy a woman or

tampons cupcakes or rings period number

19 this one was - this one was too easy

but I had to put it in here has a

picture of a black woman wearing what

looks like a pantsuit it says I'm a

strong and independent woman who don't

need no man why can't I find a good man

well I'll tell you why because black men

don't want women who think they're

strong and independent because they're

loud and angry all the time that's why

next picture number 20 black and white

picture of Nicki Minaj looking pissed

off about something maybe one of her ass

maybe your ass is leaking or ass

plants were leaking or something I don't

know but it says can someone come in my

life and not waste my time now this one

was actually posted by a younger girl

maybe 23 24 at the time and it surprised

me guys because it's usually older women

who talk about not wanting to waste time

with this guy are that because they're

either close to the wall or past the

wall and they need to lock down - dude

quick before she loses all of her

attractiveness my guess is that this

chick might have had a chick or two I

don't know I just thought it was kind of

odd this is this is something that an

older woman might post or someone who

was in the middle of writing the

carousel and finally number 21 shows an

attractive girl - attractive smaller

woman who appears to be bench-pressing a

hundred and thirty five pounds it says

her boyfriend is making all the

sandwiches if this were true

she'd be fucking the guy spotting her

because it's definitely not her

boyfriend listen girls say they want to

be men because they want all of the

accolades that come with masculine

qualities plus this photo is bullshit

anyway guys if you listen the weights

that are on that bar are what are called

bumper plates and you can tell that

their bumper plates my texture what

bumper plates are guys is that they are

their weight that are designed to raise

the bar off of the ground when someone

is unable to deadlift 135 pounds or more

which is 45 pounds on each side so

rather than using a 10 or a 25 pound

plate which are which are much smaller

meaning the bar would be much lower me

which means you'll be putting stress on

your lower back which of course leads to

back injuries they created five and

10-pound bumper plates I'd have even

seen some 15 pound ones out there - so

so that people can deadlift lighter

weights without having to damage their

backs with the smaller plates this

bitching bit this bit just not been - no

135 so don't be fooled by shit like this

alright well let's check the chat one

last time as we round for third and head

for home

mr. wood the great shout out to you my

friend I think this is the first time

I've seen you in here says I was

watching periscope periscope rather Sena

saw a couple of women talking I can now

say that women don't know what the fuck

they're saying yeah I mean yeah join the

club man this way or here Kevin Samuels

in the motherfuckin house what's going

on brother good to see you in here guys

you definitely need to follow Kevin

Samuels subscribe to his YouTube channel

this guy's Kevin Samuels knows his shit

when it comes to men's fashion your

vestment game your thread game this

listen this guy will put you together

put you together from top to bottom you

will absolutely be dressed a fucking

kill I promise you Kevin Samuels man go

- bye Kevin Samuels calm and James says

single mothers live by meme quotes like

- like it's biblical truth yes yes yes

listen the mean was invented for single

mothers guys single mothers that all

single mothers do and it this is without

exception all single mothers do on

Facebook is post these witty memes about

what they deserve and how strong they

are that's all they do

that's all these memes are for the night

man shout-out to you my friend I don't

think I've seen you in here before shout

out to you he says quote fat girls will

never take responsibility for their

actions no they won't

they never have and they never will

freelance wrote and says don't forget to

like the video absolutely guys as you

come into the chat like the video like

this video simply deep 1985 yeah man

deep slack it on me lately brother

usually the first guy in here good to

see you in here anyway my friend better

late than never

better late than never Charles March it

in the motherfucking house see merch

brother from another mother down in the

702 says keep on Latinas mouth full and

she can't run her mouth straight

could not agree more I've listened man i

baited plenty of hot mexican girls man

but it took a while to figure out how to

man dude I should do a series because

hot latina girls guys I'm telling you

they come with a whole other set of

circumstances they really really do but

once once the Latino once a latina sees

that because they're beta their beta

radars are on high if you have any beta

treats about you guys they're gonna

sniffing the fuck out you can't fake the

funk with a Mexican girl you cannot fake

the funk with a Latina poor especially

Puerto Rican girls absolutely not but

once they see that you are the real deal

dude they melt in your hands like Godiva

chocolate I promise you they listen they

are the best girls to have around but

dude but seeing the girls are four grown

men only

that's my retort to derek jackson

antigravity 19 or anti-gravity 74 good

to see you in here a lot of late comers

that's alright guys better late than

never you can always watch on the replay

absolutely the mayor of New York $5.00

super Chad I greatly appreciate that my

friend says I only get a chance to hear

you live on Fridays like your work Rock

of the Marne love appreciate that man

listen all of the super tonight preciate

you guys very very much thank you thank

you guys very much all the super Jets

shout out to all you guys

mister would the great $5 super chat

shout out to you mister would the great

thank you guys very much let me go back

through and give a shout out to all of

my all of my contributors mister

Demetrius $10 merry CEO $2 freelance

ronin $10 Eric P $10 ant James $2 to

mayor of New York $5 mister would the

great $5 guys I greatly greatly

appreciate absolutely every single penny

man every single penny thank you guys

very very much like I said man I'm very

fortunate to be well I don't want to

quell I guess I can call it fortunate I

was I was very very smart with my money

and fortunately for me I don't have to

have a nine-to-five I do I mean I listen

I get up at 4:30 every morning to work

out when I work out after I get done

working out I'm back here by 7:30 this

is I come home at 7:30 and I work on

this I do articles I do podcast I new

shows and even though this isn't easy

man I I can't I I mean I cannot tell you

how much I love doing what I do I mean

and I have endless like I think about

the stuff all the time all you have to

do when you guys to would you take the

red pill man it's like it's like having

x-ray vision every time I see something

a situation anything it's all like you

there's always a red pill angle to to

what you're seeing at what you're living

and I mean I man I can make I can make

full-fledged episodes out of just seeing

an interaction at the grocery store why

you should never I should do I should do

a podcast why you should never let your

woman push the grocery cart in front of

you what I listen when I go to the

grocery store with my girl I push the

cart and she walks behind me like I'm

not gonna be walking in behind her with

a grocery cart what if she pushes the

cart or not doesn't matter

don't let her walk in front he fuck that

you were the leader that there is

nothing more fucking Bey defied and

pussy fide than walking behind your

woman pushing the cart while she hold up

her little list and she tells you get

this no fuck that fuck that fuck oh my

god fuck that dude and I'll tell her and

sometimes my girl doesn't listen my girl

knows that she is not to walk in front

of me but listen she gets caught up in

the moment she's looking for stuff

whatever the case may be and she'll

start to edge ahead and I'm like woo woo

woo Oh sweetheart let's back it up

it let's let's back it up fuck that I'm

I am the fucking leader I don't give a

fuck I do not give a shit yeah thank you

guys all very much for your donations I

greatly greatly appreciate it listen um

I've got I've got a few more changes on

the horizon gonna make a few changes for

Monday's show and Monday's show is

definitely gonna be a good one that's

gonna do it for this edition of TS or

Alive be sure to follow me on twitter at

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