Anal Sex: Red Pill Edition

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Whether Men admit this or not most would love try to have anal sex with their woman. A lot of men Men would love to fuck their girl in the ass on the regular. The problem is, most Men have no idea how to get their woman to allow the to penetrate their back door. 



Worse yet, most Men don't understand the psychological implications of anal sex as far as women go. They don't understand that anal sex takes possession of a female in both body and mind. 

Don't be the guy who claims "not to like anal sex" because you can't get your girl to let you go back door. Soak in this education and turn your girl into your personal bowling ball because you know that's what you really want.

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anal sex gentlemen anal sex 101 red pill

edition I decided to do this episode

because those of you guys who listen to

me on the regular you guys know that I

use anal sex references a lot right well

your girl is texting you telling you she

loves you three minutes later she's

getting ass-fucked by her boss or you

know you'll be but I mean I'm always

talking about but fucking well the

reason I talk about blood fucking is

because I have blood fucked a lot of

girls I have had a lot of anal sex with

a lot of different girls I don't know

what the number is but it's a lot

it is easily into the double digits I

can tell you that so what I'm gonna do

tonight guys is we are going to talk

about different elements of anal sex

right the the necessary conditions that

need to occur the things that you need

to remember during anal sex the things

that have to be in place we're gonna

talk about why anal sex is is necessary

why it takes possession of a woman I

actually did a an episode a while back

it was episode 60 how anal sex makes a

woman yours we're gonna talk about that

a little bit and we'll talk about the

do's and don'ts of anal sex and then in

the end we're gonna get into what I like

to call the anal slut tell son of the

words characteristics visible or

otherwise on a woman that lets you know

pretty much if she's down to get fucked

in the ass so so we're gonna go ahead

and we're gonna go ahead and cover that


so let's go ahead and get on to it

the first thing that you have to

understand about anal sex and hang on a

second guys of course they need to open

my window here

my apartment is very very good

insulation so anal sex gentlemen is

reserved for the men that really really

aroused women okay now it's not quite

the same as blowjobs a lot of people

like to compare anal sex to blowjobs and

they're they're kind of semi related but

there's a little bit of a difference

here the thing is this a girl will suck

just about it she'll suck the cock of

just about every guy she fun right

they'll and because of a girl if she

starts fucking a guy she's gonna be

sucking his dick because she's turned on

now they always start off sucking your

dick every time but if your game isn't

tight the blowjobs fall off in the

recent way they fall off is because

she's not as turned on by you anymore

the novelty of you as has worn off right

and by the way here's a game tip guys

when your girls stop sucking your cock

abruptly she's sucking someone else's

dick okay she is cheating on you if your

girlfriend goes from sucking your dick

all the time to all of a sudden it just

drops off you suck in somebody else's

dick case in point I talked about this

girl all the time her name is Melissa

right Melissa I'm using air quotes

probably the friend with benefits that I

I caught feelings for this girl we did

we took trips together we had a great

time well guess what she all of a sudden

stopped sucking my dick right and it

never dawned on me that she was fucking

somebody else until I thought back hoes

he you know what she stops sucking my

dick all of a sudden like that's why

because of course she was fucking

somebody else she stops sucking my dick

so game tip guys if your girls when your

girls stop sucking your cock abruptly

she is absolutely fucking somebody else

anyway blowjobs are standard in the

beginning because the girl is turned on

by you but after a while like I said

before the novelty of fucking you wears

off and the frequency of blowjobs

dwindle right happens in every


now the blowjobs she does give you after

that initial period they're lackluster

they last 15 maybe 20 seconds basically

long enough to shut up about it

right like wait like we've all been

through that if your girl still loves

you and only you

she will suck your cock throughout the

relationship and dude she will give you

dude she will give you long deep

meaningful blowjobs okay dude my girls

dude my girl sucks my cock like it's the

first time she's ever sucked it every I

am NOT guys every single time man every

single time


how does this relate to anal sex it's

the same it's kind of the same thing

anal sex that is reserved for the men

that women love truly love then who

really turn her on

you can ever fuck a girl in the ass the

first time you fuck her I mean unless

she's an anal slut like a complete slut

and we'll get into that later a girl

will suck you're a girl is much more

likely to suck your dick the first time

you fuck her she is a lot less likely to

fuck you in the ass

I saw a gag reflex on there another game

tip ask a girl if she's had her tonsils

removed if a girl has had her tonsils

removed she does not have a gag reflex

that means she can deep throat okay

again if a girl has had her tonsils

removed she does not have a gag reflex

that means you can stick your cock all

the way down into her stomach

you'll be just fine that's another

that's another game tip and if you ask

her okay if you ask if she asks you well

why do you want to know if I had my

tonsils removed I want to know if you

can suck I want to know if you can suck

a good dick like dude just be honest

with you or actually you don't even have

to be that to rip well I just want to

know if you have a gag reflex and she'll

know exactly well why do you want it now

if I have a gag reflex oh I don't know

in case we play Yahtzee

and then we cat her I know what you're

talking about

or Starbright says there is a pleasure

paying connection when a work when when

a woman is totally into us men nor

Starbright is being very clairvoyant he

is absolutely right

now I'll put it to you this way guys

I've probably I can remember three maybe

four girls that I thought I fucked in

the ass the very first time I fucked him

and I never fucked him again ever okay

I listen a couple of them were what were

one-night stand I think I want to say

it's probably three maybe four I think

the other two or three were strippers

maybe they were cocktail waitresses I

don't remember exactly when I know they

worked at a strip club at some point or

the other the point is if I ever fuck a

girl in the ass the very first time I

fuck her I only fuck her once one girl I

remember this one girl let me go ass to

mouth and that's what I knew I was never

gonna fuck this girl again and listen it

was great taking my dick I never take my

dick out of her ass shoving in our mouth

and her all right that was great and

it's all porn style she but guess what

dude that shit's fucking nasty dude

fucking a girl in the ass is potentially

nasty as it is but if a girl goes asked

to mouth with you the very first time

you fuck her dude god only knows what

she's done with other guys guides

northstar bright says eighty yo

northstar bright yo you and I are

kindred spirits on this anal sex I

called the ATM machine I called the ATM

machine all right all right north north

Starbright knows about this shit but

typically you're never gonna fuck a girl

the first time in the ass the first time

but typically you've got to be fuckin a

girl for at least a month

before you go back door on her and

you've got to be in her top 1% of dudes

she's aroused by there's got to be a

reason maybe you've got a huge dick

maybe she loves her personality maybe

you fuck her better than she's been

fucked in a while

maybe she loves her car maybe she loves

how you keep her ass in line like nobody

else kid maybe she loves the view from

your 14th floor Vegas condo and the fact

that you can score the highest grade

cocaine in the 702 with just one phone

call just sayin

whatever the reason okay she is aroused

by you and that's the reason she lets

you fuck her in the ass now back to


annal is almost equal to swallowing

almost swallowing is just below anal

okay again

suck on the guy's cock is easy

swallowing is load that's something a

girl does for a guy she is really turned

on by a guy she loves a guy she rides

and dies for girls listen girls don't

swallow for guys they just like a lot

they don't swallow for guys they're just

kind of into they swallow for men they

love guys they are extremely turned on

by there's no in-between so

you guys notice I am using the word

arousal aroused instead of attraction

and this is kind of red pill 101 here

there's a big difference between arousal

and attraction and I remember I was

doing a job in Boston back in 2014 I was

listening to Maxim our Seles Max

Kellerman Marcellus Wiley had a had a

had a radio show in LA and I remember

him asking like a female guest her

female co-host does money make it this

was back I think when Steve Ballmer was

about to buy the Clippers after the

after the NBA wrongfully took away the

team from Donald sterling and yes Donald

sterling is a racist yes that's morally

reprehensible but they violated his

First Amendment rights when they took

his NBA team listen being a racist is is

morally reprehensible it's not against

the law and it's not grounds to have

your wealth taken away from you anyway

so he asks does money make a man more

attractive and the girl said yes without

hesitation right if you guys know what

Steve Ballmer looks like he's an eyesore

but he's attractive because he's worth

two billion dollars you guys have to

understand the things that make a man

attractive are not the things that make

her pussy wet listen Alan Roger curry

and I agree on this point we are we are

lockstep with this point the things that

make a man attractive are not the same

things that make a woman's pussy win

okay here the here are some of the

things that makes a man attractive a

good job makes good money drives a nice

car has good credit has it has a 401k

owns a nice house etc now here are

things that arouse women here's what

makes women's pussies wet confidence

boldness a great physique visible

tattoos a devil-may-care attitude game

the ability to tease women without fear

etc now girls will vocalize attraction

when they hear of a guy oh he sounds

attractive but they will display arousal

they vocalize attraction they display

arousal they'll push their hair behind

their ears to expose more of their face

they blush that make eye contact with

you and then look down they will say a

man is attractive but watch her body

language if she is showing signs of

being turned on she doesn't find him


attractive he makes her pussy wet

tracted miss as beta bucks arousal is

alpha fox this is why women don't

divorce their husbands when they're

fucking their personal trainers okay the

husband is the the husband is the beta

bucks he's got the job he's got the 401k

he's got the stability right her

personal trainer at the gym has got the

domineering attitude he's got the

tattoos he's got the great physique

she's married to him she's fucking him

that's how that works

alpha fucks beta buggs yeah

the necessary conditions

the necessary conditions for anal sex

one we already kind of touched on

she has to be she has got to be turned

on by okay she has to respect you you

have to have her trained properly nice

you gotta be masculine okay you can't be

you can't be a beta bitch boy right like

we've all seen relationships where the

woman wears the pants in the


you think he's fucking her in the ass

hell no she's probably fucking him in

the ass

okay you got to be direct okay

you can't leave can't ask her to fuck

her in the ass you get can I fuck you in

the ass you just have to do it and we're

gonna talk about that later your game

has to be tight that listen game has to

be tight you got to be masculine gotta

be a red pill guy that's condition

number one condition number two and this

is very important guys he has to trust

you she's got a trust that you know what

you're doing


so if you're about to stick your cock

and her ass don't ever say well I've

never done this before okay if you're

direct about it and again we'll get into

this later okay

but if you're direct about it she'll

assume that you know what you're doing

and will relax and by the way her

relaxing is physically essential for

anal sex if a girl isn't relaxed your

cock is not penetrating that ass for

obvious reasons okay you guys ever heard

of lemon booty right it's true oh my god

is asshole as well yeah right

you are not sticking listen you are not

sticking your cock in a clenched asshole

a girl has to be relaxed to receive a

cock in her ass if a girl doesn't trust

you she can't relax period that's just

all there is to it

now sometimes girls will ask you if

you've ever gone backdoor on a girl

right like sometimes like I remember

Suzy the girl I talked about in Episode

one red pill awakening she actually

asked me about blood sex she's like you

ever do butt sex before and I was like

well yeah he's like I don't like it it

hurts and instantly I knew oh she wants

me and this is before I found the red

pill I said oh she wants I think she

wants but fucker right I ended up

fucking her in the ass I think like two

or three nights later if not that first

night right so anyway she she talked

about butt sex she asked me well have

you ever have you ever had a no sex

before and also cool yeah right even if

you haven't

act as though you act as though you have

done it a thousand times have you ever

fucked a girl in the ass yeah like

everything like of course I have like

who has it that's the impression that

you want to give that will help her feel

safe and relaxed now girls have also

more than one girl they have asked me

have you ever made a girl bleed this is

a big one you don't want to be tearing

assholes here and I always tell them no

now fortunately I've never made a girl

bleed by fucking her in the yes

but even if I had I would still tell her

no well yeah I tore a girl's asshole

before no you don't want to say that

always tell her no if she asks if you if

you have ever made a girl bleed a few

girls asked me beforehand did you hurt

other girls going back door and I tell

him I don't know and I don't care like

what am I like what am i doing fucking

the girl in the ass doesn't hurt of

course it hurts you're fucked you're

getting fucked in the ass and we'll get

into that a little bit later to always

act like you've done this before and she

will be relaxed always

this nigga Henry says he's over here


we've got 97 people watching on the main

channel we got 7 people watching on the

backup channel got a couple people

watching on YouTube

got a hundred and two people watching on

Twitter goddamn

how about that shit all right well let's

let's uh let's keep the train going this

is a very important section here nice

annal sex is the it is the ultimate sign

of physical and mental possession shut

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so why anal sex is the ultimate sign of

physical and mental possession there are

a few reasons why the first of which the

asshole is the one that is the least

penetrated nice of her three holes her

mouth her pussy and her ass her pussy

gets the most action her mouth gets the

second most action and her asshole is a

distant third okay that's not an


okay remember I every guy gets the pussy

some guys get the mouth very few men get

the asshole

if any but the real reason

the real reason anal sex is the ultimate

sign of physical possession taking

possession of a woman is because it is a

physical risk and it's almost like a

zero-sum game for women because worst

case scenario √°ndale sex hurts

best case scenario it's uncomfortable

now a lot of you guys say well girls say

they like it listen a lot of girls say

talk about how they love it but they

only say it to impress a guy they only

say it to impress men that they really

like and not to sound like a prude oh I

will you'll never no no no I love anal

sex right they think having experience

makes them makes them more attractive oh

my god I love anal sex I've been but

fuck by all 50 guys I fucked last summer

no sweetheart that doesn't make you or

attractive right but girls talk about

they say they love anal sex but they

don't yes some girls do like anal sex

but most of them don't okay they don't

like it they tolerate it so if a girl

allows you to fuck her in the ass to

penetrate her through her anal cavity

she really likes you because the truth

is guys most girls are indifferent to

anal sex okay they don't have strong

feelings about it one way or the other

as far as pleasures as far as pleasure

is concerned yes some girls have a

g-spot close to where the anal cavity

ends but the truth is is most girls just

tolerate anal sex as long as it doesn't

hurt too much okay I think maybe I can

enjoy this oh this is kinky my boyfriend

loves fucking me in the ass

no girl ever says hey babe let's have

anal sex tonight because right like

because she wants to get fucked in the

ass no girl wants to get fucked oh yes I

want to get fucked in the ass that's a

no-no doesn't work that way she says it

to turn you on

or to make you happy right if she know

if she really wants to impress you like

if it's Valentine's Day whoo I'm gonna

give a mail tonight right or if it's

your birthday one gonna give him


anal right

even though anal sex doesn't really do

that do anything for them best-case

scenario okay she does it anyway and the

reason for that is because she has

really turned on by him

she's aroused by him she loves him

very few women very few women prefer

anal penetration to vaginal penetration

that's just how it is

looks like we got somebody timed out at

Calhoun says Erica needs to get back to

God side acknowledge that Jesus weeks on

Ibiza Sam no Sodom and Gomorrah I me a

Southern Fried Baptist where you from

Nicki from Alabama North Carolina

Mississippi or Mississippi

ozzie 4:11 and Instagram says have to go

to have to go to the Caribbean they love

it and it's a must I didn't know it

I guess they liked getting butt-fucked

down there in the down there on the


dude watts

a minute


servus Horton says with the right Lube

Anil feels like a virgin pussy

I totally here goes another hey Decatur

88 don't rook do not request to come

live with me get out of here man

dude I hate man if you're that same

motherfucker man I don't give a shit get

out of here I'm not bringing you on my


dude I cannot stand this shit I got a

dude I got a bunch of fucking nobody's

trying to come on with me get out of

here man get the fuck out of here

cancel get out of here man then the

fucking text like everybody else dude

like you just jump right in you want to

just come on with me

dude I'm Donovan sharp man

and I would normally say I hate to sound

like a dick but no I don't hate sound

I'm like a dick I work very hard to get

where I am he just wanna come on the

fuck out of here man

dude I hate it when people just try to

come on in my videos dude get that oh my


one dude hit me Donovan I want to do a

video with you who like dude you've got

8 followers man you got to put in work

jesus fucking christ get the fuck outta

here man about to block this dude

about the block this one anyway I'll do

that I'll do that later I'm not trying

to waste y'all's time I hate when this

my hate



now if you fuck a girl in the ass one

thing you have to understand

is that you are in the top 1% as far as

your as far as as far as sexual

attractiveness her sexual attractiveness

totem pole um derm uh you know what I'm

gonna go ahead and I'm gonna go ahead

and do the I'm gonna do the O'Shea rule

don't orange me guys don't orange me

don't go at Donovan sharp do not orange

me actually you know what the only

people who can orange me and go at

Donovan sharp or my mods if you and I'm

laying down the ADAC right now if you

are not a mod ok if you were not a mod

you cannot orange me understand me I

don't like to see that on here if you

are not a mud do not orange me so your

German German Taylor says have you ever

used butter to have anal sex with a

chick no I don't use food

no of course

we'll get into that later too

anyway remember guys a girl letting you

go backdoor a girl is not letting you go

back door unless you make her pussy

really wet consistently unless you

really really really turn her on okay

guys a girl could be fucking eight

different niggas okay the one fucking

her in the ass that's the one she likes

that's the one she wants to be with the

one she blows for 20 minutes and then

swallows the kid is the same guy fucking

her in the ass and that's the guy she

wants to be with if you fuck a girl in

the ass you are in the minority if a

girl is fucked 100 guys maybe three have

fucked her in the ass if that girl's

fuck a lot of guys that suck a lot of

cock but they swallow and have butt sex

with only the men they want to be with

the men that they really like the men

that they love men that they are turned

on by that's how it works

at dawn of an underscore sharp is where

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get that Jesus freaks in here you sodomy

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I'll tell you what the one thing that

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shut up to Jon Snow back for the second

day in a row super cook urgent 916 says

just in time for Valentine's Day

explore options with a bad joke anal sex

is a shitty job haha c'mon

Danse nose has definitely been applying

your principle principles of your

villain series stop texting women all

the time and have been more efficient

ready to hear about anal


stuff oh wow

DJ Batman says PJ Batman says but a love

Kristin girl Christian girls like anal

sex yeah of course they do Christian

girls do it all man

dude preachers daughters man those are

some of them those are some of the

freakiest fucking bitch

alright let's see who's in the towers

parada nation - that ought to you

chase LeBeau bright shout out to you

retro fan delay the beast I hope I'm not

I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly

Donelle good to see you in here

simply teat 1985 says this should be

good absolutely

baby wants to know what are my thoughts

on Kyle Kuzma I don't know I don't know

enough about him I don't really don't

know enough about Kyle Kuzma I know he

played well for the Lakers but that

might have been a system thing that Luke

Walton put in place so I don't know

we'll see

yeah Donnell says DeMarcus Cousins has

problems there he just tore his Achilles

and he is dude he is a is

duteous super telling I think he just

had like a 40 point 20 rebound game or

some shit like that but he's a head case

nor Starbright thinks lebron is going to

be a Laker or with the Thunder with a

massive pay cut that would be injury

anti-gravity 74 yeah through sex listen

girls our girls always take the coward

Luigi out man

how it is

oh you guys are killing me chocolate

starfish and listen man we were we got

all of you we got all the degeneracy

says can't keep a straight face with but

fuck that's Cruz 96 productions

speaking of which I'm gonna watch

after porn ends part 2 after porn ends

part 2 guys I didn't know there was a

part 2 until a viewer an Italian guy

said yeah there's an after porn ends

part 2 on Amazon so I think I'm gonna

watch that I might watch that tonight

jump Ellis methi says hey little cream

pie yeah I've done that before yeah I

have pulling my load in a girl's ass and

yes I know you can get a girl pregnant

fucking her in the ass like I get it but

luckily for me I don't have any kids

that I know of

anti-gravity 74 says Donovan what about

anal sluts how can a kn'l how can a

tapas Esser she gets fucked annaleigh by

every guy yeah if you're fucking a girl

who guzik up who's been fucked in the

ass by a lot of guys and you'll tell

here's the thing you'll tell you can

tell the girl is an anal slut

if if the first time you try it she lets

you fuck her in the ass and then after

you fuck her in the ass she doesn't

treat you any differently after you have

anal sex with a woman it's it's like I

said man something happens in her mind

it is as though you possess her because

you were doing something that rarely is

getting done to her if ever so if you're

the first guy to fuck a girl in the ass

and a lot of times it really is man like

listen don't get it twisted guys yes

girls are hoes yes girls are sluts but

there are a lot of girls running around

here who have never been fucked in the

ass before it's almost like it's almost

as though they even lost their virginity

or if they've been fucked in the ass by

one guy one time and then you fuck her

in the ass I'm telling you she treats

you better she starts cooking for you

she starts dressing sluttier because she

wants more anal sex she she wants to

feel what she's never felt before right

so a girl can cheat I mean she might

have fucked 239 guys if she's never been

fucked in the ass you fuck her in the

ass it's like taking her virginity all

over again don't get me wrong it ain't

the same thing but it's almost the same

effect it's weird that this happens I've

seen this I've listened I've experienced

this firsthand many many times many many


yes dolly the bee says even hoes won't

give up anal to any dude that's exactly

right man that's exact I'm Adam I'm here

to tell you guys

anal sex is like like like dude the

asshole that is the new cherry right cuz

dude every girl there's no such thing as

virgins anymore and honestly in the next

ten years there might not be anything

any such things as anal Virgin's girls

might be getting fucked in the ass at 13

14 15 years old they probably are now


I mean dude amy was 19 years old when I

was fuckin ah dude I fucked her in the

ass all the goddamn time 19 years old

remember you lost her probably lost her

anal cherry to the to the dude who went

to prison for

like you're having 74 it says what about

girls with I got mixed children haircuts

yes that is a niggle slut tell


Gervais Orton says a blowjob should be

15 minutes tops

okay okay listen if she's on her period

as she blows you till you popped the top


dollie the Beast says love the gag

reflex yeah see I don't like the gag

reflex because that means the blowjob is

almost over you don't want to make her

puke on your dick right

but yeah like there listen there is

there something about making there's

something about choking a girl

oh there is no I was just sent a message

from a viewer says if a man ejaculates

into a woman's rectum during anal sex no

pregnancy kennis can occur since human

eggs only reside at a woman's

reproductive tract if any of the semen

made its way into the vagina the sperm

could possibly make its way into the

uterus and fertilize an egg however this

scenario is unlikely well that's what I

was talking about right like it's not

impossible to get a woman pregnant

through anal sex it's just highly highly

unlikely and like I said I don't dumb I

don't have any I don't have any kid who

knows there might be a little Donovan I


they're not garnishing my paycheck yet


Derby's Horton says if she spits on your

dick she's a keeper

door Starbright deep throat is the

gold-medal oral for sure yeah dude

yes of course dude like don't suck the

tip of my dick up dude at Lake I want my

balls on your chin like I want the

nutsack on the chin like I'm sure I want

you to suck my whole dick like all 24

I've got a 24 inch cock I need you to

suck all 24 inches I'm just kidding guys

I got it I got a two-and-a-half inch

dick that's public record I don't care

do 1/2 inches guys

I call it my call my two and a half inch


then fascist white girls suck the worst

cock no no no no no no no dude white

girls dude white girls can suck some

fucking dick dude you kidding me

fuck outta here with that dump Ellis

Metis says that white girls suck good I

have heard that fat girls give the best

at Ivan Utley for me even in my bata

days I have never had the misfortune of

a fucking fucking a fat girl or even

getting head from a fat girl

but yes theoretically speaking yeah that

I I guess that would make sense thing

kofi fi taa says this live stream is

wild clearly a first-time are good to

have you in here listen we keep it real

ah-ah see 411 disagrees with Ben fesses

no they're the best absolutely

dude white girls can dude white girls

will suck the black off your dick dude

rate up

Tabou smash says how to practice anal

sex safely there is no way to practice

anal sex safely right anal sex is like

skydiving like you can't practice it

have to do

Todd says ATM and then MTA meld - oh god

it asked him out then melt - ass that

listen that's always my rule with anal

sex right you can get a girl to blow you

can fuck her in the pussy dude the

asshole is the last hole if you fuck her

in the ass that dick is not going in any

other hole and if she wants you to stick

it back in i'll dude that's a nasty

bitch never fuck her again never fuck

her again

Durbin says some women claim they come

more from Adel you know what I wouldn't

I wouldn't I would listen I can't

discount that man and the reason for

that is because girls have been fucks in

their pussy buy so many dicks for so

long like animal is the only thing they

can really feel

kofi says thanks for putting me up on

game absolutely blue Sol new comer says

you're the real one of the realest men

on YouTube straight up Real Talk fools

'if rebellion says money can make them

attract him attractive but does it give

them the tingles good question of the

answer is no good question of vivre

belly in very good question that's the

point yep there you go that is the point

Rach at anti-gravity 74 says this stream

is whoa hey listen man I'm keepin it 100

I'm keeping it 100 men y'all niggas

always asking you guys are always

laughing about the fact that I talk

about fuckin girls in the ass all the

time well there's a reason because I

have fucked a lot of girls in the ass

absolutely Donnell agrees exactly don't

ask look her dead in the eye and finesse

her drawers love it

turpis Horton says I love it when women

jump and say wrong hole that's a shit

test if she says wrong hole be like no

that's not the wrong hole bend your ass

over and then it's on

two minutes remaining on my Instagram


Kevin Howard says oh yeah I waited all

week for this one does listen up make

towels because you can't perform anal

hot sex dolls you better watch out man

they're gonna make they're gonna make a

they're gonna make sex dolls be able to

receive anal sex like now you could fuck

her in the ass the asshole upgrade for

your soaks doll

oh my god that's fuckin crazy fuckin sex

doll that's

beef rebellion mandus get listen beaver

ability is a young kid I think he's like

16 17 years old he says if a woman

brings it up it's on their mind if it's

on their mind they wanted this is

exactly the same thing as a woman saying

and you can forget about sleeping with

me tonight like this isn't about sex

yeah that means you want me to fuck you

right it's on your mind because you want

me to fuck you

the Stiga Henry says Donovan you're the

realists keeping it 100 appreciate that

this nigga Henry says he's never fucked

a fat girl either

lucky for you

love it and Nick Calhoun sodomy is a sin

America needs to get back to God and

make America great again all niggers

must die

security escort Nick Calhoun out of the

tie out of the out of the towers listen

we got you know actually Nick you know

what Nick needs

he doesn't need Jesus he needs a blow

job if dude if Nick got him some head

that would loosen his ass right up oh my

god this head is great I feel like I

want to talk about fuckin girls in the

ass now fuckers like

I don't know why Jamel Taylor jemelle

have you ever used butter to fuck a girl

in the ass that's weird man

ah here's a good question Alex Raj our

exes hey Donovan isn't a woman licking a

man's asshole the ultimate sign of

possession no that is not the ultimate

sign of possession no because you are

the one getting the thing done to you

right like dude having a woman do

something to you like a girl is sucking

your dick right like you're getting a

blowjob that submissive but her licking

your asshole no that's not the ultimate

sign of it

oh you're missing the point and I'm

gonna get to the rest of the signs a

possession good question but no

Donelle says but a nigga really haha he

says some dudes use olive oil but that

might break condoms and we'll get into

that too

it's chase LeBeau says Swiss Army anal

lube for the fucking win

whoa everybody's getting odds you're

about yeah I'll leave your bail alone

man like I listen I like butter on my I

like butter on my toast right I like

what are on my bagels I like butter on

my pancakes

I don't like butter on my dick man come

on guys

and of course Thomas Ford said saw to be

swallowed in the sea y'all go burn

inhale hey two strippers for Thomas

Ferdinand and Nick over here they both

need some head

shut out to Raynald cherry with the $10

contribution on the PayPal link

appreciate that my friend

Oh got a thick girls do it better

George McEvoy McEvoy says Donovan

Donovan women get pleasures from anal as

well at all to do with the proximity of

nerves between the rectum in the vagina

yeah okay well I'll go with that

hahaha Frank Martinez says make anal

great again shout out to Frank by the

way guys

Frank is a very interesting guy I think

I think that Frank is probably a

Colombian drug dealer he told me what he

does for a living I don't believe and I

think he's a Colombian drug lord so

those of you who are into cocaine hit

Frank Martinez and he will get you the

100% high-grade Boca as we like to call

it in North Las Vegas beef rebellions

has Donovan can do any fucking voiceover

that racist redneck place beats betta


praise Jesus I lived in North Carolina

on and off for 20 years oh yeah I our

Johnson says wrong hole that is the shit

test that is the success really they

stay they stay slip and shit pass I

don't understand what that means but yes

you're right that is absolution durm all

German tailors as Donovan can you tell

us some of your anal horror stories I'm

gonna get to that I'm gonna give you to

aunt Laura's stories I'm gonna get to

that at the end I'm gonna get to that at

the end


Fred Walker says I like anal to Jerry

Sandusky you idiot


all right well we are off we are who we

are off to a great

that sharp assist all ya the mods are

cleaning it up the mods are cleaning it

up man wait list when you talk about

anal sex men the freaks come out at

night the freaks come out for anal

let's move it right along here gentlemen

now another reason why anal sex is the

ultimate sign of possession is because

when you are fucking her in her ass she

is at your mercy and she likes it

gentlemen a girl knows that you could

inflict serious pain through anal sex

now some girls actually like this pain

but that of course is for another

episode right but when a girl allows you

to penetrate her asshole

she is subjecting herself to the risk of

pain which makes her vulnerable to you

a woman who allows herself to be

vulnerable in this capacity okay

belongs to that man he has taken mental

hmm physical and sometimes even

spiritual possession of her women love

being at the mercy of a man guys because

it is the ultimate surrender it is the

very definition of being submissive she

is exposing herself to you and risking

pain to give you pleasure she belongs to

you in every sense of the word now when

she's fucking other guys after you

fucked her in the ass if she's fucking

other guys guess what she is still

thinking about you because she belongs

to you she might not even fuck them


right if you take her anal virginity if

a girl is fuck another dude she might

stop plucking them and just only fuck

you this is how it works

when you fuck a girl in the ass okay

again I'm not a hundred percent sure on

that but theoretically it makes sense if

we're gonna call the asshole the new

quote-unquote cherry

okay one girl I went back door on like

after we I could after we got done she

said it was a little bit painful right

and she said it was a little bit painful

but I kind of liked it and I said oh

really she says well yeah she says I

don't want a man to hurt me right I

don't want him to hurt me

but I like to know that he could if he

wanted to that right there

speaks to the natural inclination for

women to surrender to someone physically

superior to them a man women know that

they don't respect a man that they

aren't physically inferior to anal sex

is a manifestation of this mental

requirement for sexual attraction has to

be you take possession of a woman's body

through anal sex because she willingly

puts herself in a vulnerable state to

make you happy she's naked or almost

naked maybe she's wearing heels right

and she's exposing herself to a painful

ordeal for you

deep down meant deep down guys mentally

she likes that you have this control

over her okay she likes that you could

that you could hurt her she doesn't want

you to okay but like the girl told me

she likes to know that you can

nor Starbright says only watch porn

while kegeling Wow Northstar Brite is or

star Brite seems to know his shit about

this stuff our persistence is this this

episode is going to end up on patreon I


I don't know maybe maybe many people

let's see how many people we got

watching that 92 people watching man

yeah this is I don't know maybe this

ends up on patreon maybe it doesn't

we'll see what happens

we'll see what happens so now let's get

to the main event how to fucking girl in

the ass I'm gonna give you got in the

guys by the way it's very simple there's

no elaborate ruse there's no you don't

have to do anything in particular you

just have to remember three key things

to fuck a girl in the ass okay number

one do not ask just like I told you guys


number two use lubrication a lot of guys

think though they watch porno he just

sticks his dick in her ass no there's a

lot of work involved and I'll get to

that later number three go slow at least

in the beginning go slow let's go

through all these

let's go to number one here

don't ask while you're fucking her can I

go back door or do you want to go anal

and don't try to indirectly ask

permission by being the fake alpha and

saying I'm gonna fuck you in the ass no

because she's gonna tell you no no no

all you have to do listen was listen

very very carefully gentlemen because I

have guys I've done this I've done this

way too many times than I can count

all you have to do to let him know to

let a girl know that you are trying to

fuck her in the ass it's very simple

simply press the head of your cock

against her asshole don't act like it

said don't act like it's an accident

don't laugh like it's inadvertent

fucking do it

you take your dick out of our pussy and

press it against her asshole this lets

her know in no uncertain terms what you

are angling for you don't want to be shy

about this you want to be bold just like

you were bold when you walked up and got

our phone number okay like that's how

this works

yeah somebody uh Kevin man you're out of

your dude out here

yeah somebody banned Kevin man I'm not

doing that juries and

yeah somebody get him out of here Yemen

man's gone No

now when you do this when you take your

cock out of her pussy and press it up

against her asshole one of two things is

gonna happen she will either jump and

completely move her ass away from you

meaning she doesn't want to do it or she

won't meaning she's open for it now if a

girl doesn't want to have anal sex if

she doesn't want you to fuck her in the

ass trust me she's not gonna leave any

doubt right she listen she's gonna move

her asshole as far away from your dick

as possible she might even say no or

something to that effect if she shit

test you says wrong holes be like no not

the wrong hole you try it again if she

moves okay well she doesn't want to do

it all right cool let me get up and

clean up I wanted to fuck you in the ass


but if she doesn't right if you press

the head of your cock against her

asshole and she doesn't move

relax that doesn't necessarily mean she

wants to have anal sex but she is open

to the idea all right she might want to

give it a listen

she might be open to she might want to

give it a try until you put the head in

and then she'll chicken out that's not

gonna be plenty of signs I'll press the

head up against my head of my cock up

against her asshole she doesn't move I

can tell she's nervous all right all

right cool

I get the lube on I stick the head no no

no no I'm sorry I don't want to do this

hey it's okay like don't worry about it

it's cool no problem but my cock is been

in your ass I'm like it's over like I

gotta go clean up I got a shower okay

okay no problem right we'll get into

that in a minute too

but if she doesn't run away she is open

to the idea at which points like I said

you should grab the lube and proceed

very slowly and I'll get to that just a

second now some girls will actually move

their asses closer to you sometimes

they'll back that ass up

meaning they definitely want to get ass

fuck it rarely happens but it does

happen but when you want to go back door

leaves zeroed out as to what your

intentions are I'll say it again you

press the head of your cock against her

asshole and see what she does and go

from there you can even make it more

conspicuous spread her ass cheeks with

one hand and don't stick your cock in

her ass press the head of your cock

against her asshole and see what happens

now keep in mind guys that just because

she doesn't want to when you when you

try it the first time doesn't mean she

won't want to try it at a later date

okay here's the thing

beat listen listen carefully the first

time you try anal sex on a girl who's

never done it before she will almost she

will almost always resist okay

but after after that right she's gonna

think about it she's gonna talk to her

friend she's gonna do some research on

the do's and don'ts of anal sex for

women and the reason she's doing this is

because she likes you she's like oh my

god I hope he still wants to fuck me he

wanted to fuck me in the acid I wasn't

ready or I had to take at that point I

knew I had to take a shit

right you know and and we'll talk about

that in a minute as well I I wanted to I

just wasn't ready don't worry he'll do a

research he'll talk to her friend she'll

watch youtube videos she'll read blog

post and when she feels better prepared

she'll be more open to it okay now she's

not gonna come to you and say hey

Donovan I know you didn't I know I

didn't let you fuck me in the ass before

but I'm ready for it now it doesn't

happen that often

I think that's happened to me three

times hey Donovan like girl sent me a

text message hey I know you wanted to

have anal sex I just wasn't ready but

I'm open to trying it if you want to try


fucked her in the ass right that almost

never happens don't don't count on that

you have to be the aggressor and the

reason why that's happened to me is

because I've tried to fuck so many girls

in the ass at some point girls are gonna

come back and say hey let's try it again

that doesn't happen unless you try it

hundreds of times and by the way I get

turned down more than I'm successful I

say if I try to fuck ten girls in the

ass I might fuck four of them I have

about a 40 to 45 percent conversion rate

that's just how it is it's just how it

is now getting turned down for anal sex

the first time this has happened to be

plenty of times

right I tried the first time okay she

isn't down fourth in a few days later I

try again and she lets me or she lets me


and afterwards here's the thing

afterwards after you fuck a girl in the

yes and this was the very first time

she's ever had anal sex they always want

to have a conversation about it right

because I've never done it before

they'll tell you yeah I talked to my

friends or yeah you know I read a few

posts about breathing and relaxation and

all that stuff

shout out to flus and PRP be with the

five-dollar super chat says e a GL es


hashtag fly Eagles fly appreciate that

appreciate the support

you guys got to remember

you guys have to remember if she resists

the very first time you try to fuck her

in the ass she likely hasn't she likely

hasn't done it before okay

which means which doesn't mean she

doesn't want to try it later on down the

line you got to be patient and you've

got to be persistent and yes I actually

yes someone just reminded me before you

fuck a girl in the ass don't warn her

you have to just do it listen girls were


if you tell a girl I'm gonna fuck you in

the ass tonight she's gonna think about

it and she's gonna come up with a reason

not to not to see because you know what

she she's thought about getting fucked

in the ass oh my god I'm gonna shit on

his dick it's gonna hurt he's gonna tear

my asshole I'm gonna bleed no don't give

her time to think about it even if you

tell her I'm gonna fuck you in the ass

in the three seconds it takes you to put

on the Lube she mean like no I'm sorry

no no no no no no you press the head of

your cock against her asshole

and let the chips fall where they may

understand you're gonna get turned down

more than you're gonna get received so

to speak but persistence and patience is

the key

let's talk about Lou number two use

lubrication now my go-to is always

fractionated coconut oil now

fractionated coconut oil is liquid

coconut oil okay

liquid coconut oil it how can I put this

liquid coconut oil fraction fractionated

coconut oil that works best whether

using a condom or not like I fuck girls

in the ass with a condom I've Rondon

girls yes right now I'm fractionated

coconut oil that's the 100% cold-pressed

coconut oil that's solid until it hits a

certain temperature then it turns to

liquid you don't want none fractionated

coconut oil you want fractionated

coconut because you can buy a little

bottle you can keep by your bed etc etc

now I've also used Astroglide okay but

you guys have to make sure that it's

condom compatible okay a lot of listen a

lot of lubricants aren't condom

compatible meaning the Lube is only

gonna work for a few strokes but then

the spermicide and the latex dries up

the Lube and you gotta use more which

means you got to stop and having to stop

and start that's a pain in the ass

literally pain pun definitely intended


now there are plenty of other Luke

there's plenty of other lube out there

to give you plenty of research but

whatever lubrication you guys use for

anal sex hang on a second

oh gee we got people in here anybody

listen sharp assess the mods if you guys

see anybody in here mentioning Jerry

Sandusky just block them like give me a

break what this is Rick they're probably


anyway make sure that whatever

lubrication you use make sure it is

silicone based okay

silicone listen some silicone based

lubrication it is the best for anal sex

it lasts the longest it's the thickest

it's the most companies it's the most

comfortable for both the man and the

woman and you don't have to use a whole

lot okay like that's that's how it works

yeah somebody asked who the fuck is

Jerry in listen beef rebellion you're

gonna have to google that I'm not going

to talk

another pro tip always make sure that

you keep the lube by your bed just so

that you know just so that your girl

knows okay just so you know the girl

knows that just so your girl knows that

anal sex is always on the table let her

know listen I can fuck you in the ass at

any time okay

Dervis Orton with the five dollar super

chat says have you fucked chicks that

sniff rush I don't know what that means

clarify Gervais clarify

damn a lot of trolls in here we got in

we got people in here talking about

cardi B give me a break with that man

alright number three

the third tip with anal sex go slow

go very slow listen we all watch porn

right like we've all what like and again

just like um god I forgot his name the

the other anal sex guy

Northstar something or other says that

he only watches porn when you are edging

or when you are Keeley right or kegeling

right so we've all watched porn and the

girl walks in you know she sucks the

guy's 15 inch cock right and then they

cut right to the next scene and then

he's balls deep in and pounded her ass

as hard as he can she's screaming all

over the place right it does not work

this way

not even in port nice between between

the blowjob and the pounding he had

listen he had to work his dick in little

by little off listen they don't show you

that on porn because it's bad porn it

takes too long they know that your

degenerate asses want to get to the good

stuff so they cut right to the action

that you guys want to spank it to the

money shot as they like to say it this

is very very simple okay very very


you put the head in slightly you lube up

your dick you put the head in slightly

it just stacked a hit stick the head in

three or four light thrusts very slowly

after a few light thrusts you go in an

inch further Russ three or four times

very slowly very gently right don't want

it inch further thrusts three or four

times okay now I've got a two and a half

inch dick so I'm good to go after what

the third the second or third set you

repeat this until your cock is all the

way in her ass

now you can't start pounding yet guys

just because your balls deep in the ass

does not mean you can start pounding

like that porn star and work this way

you have to stroke her very slowly and

very carefully I would recommend at

least 30 strokes guys count if you have

to okay you have to understand guys you

are very gently stretching out her colon

a little by little every time you thrust

in her colon is slowly stretching and

adjusting to your dick all right so

after at least 30 strokes all the way to

the balls balls to the wall balls to the

hill they go a little faster for another

30 then a little faster for another 30

until you're at full throttle as far as

speed is concerned well you're fucking

her fast but you're not pounding her yet

guys you're not done yet

need a fucker you need to fuck her fast

but gently for about five minutes before

you can turn up the intensity you do

that little by little as well five

minutes at a time and by the time

everything by the time everything is

lubed up okay harasses her ass is

adjusted her spit well it's your

sphincter : whatever her ass is adjusted


she's used to your cock now you can

pound her as hard and as fast as you

want to gentlemen it takes a very long

time to get to this point again it takes

time and takes patience do not rush this

understand this you can never go too

slow okay

listen a girl is never gonna tell you

hurry up and pound my asshole she wants

you to take your time you got to

remember she's still apprehensive she is

still at your mercy and she is trusting

you not to injure her there's way too

much there are way too many trolls in

here so I'm gonna go ahead and yet this

is probably the same guy

yeah probably the same guy I'm gonna go

ahead and announce this right now guys

this this this episode is going directly

to patreon this is this has gotten too

this has gotten way too much this has

got way too much troll and I think the

troll who's in here talking about Jerry

Sandusky's probably the same guy just

you know just listen just keep blocking

him he keeps


yeah that guy's probably gonna try to

yeah this video is going straight to

patreon guys so

I'll leave it up for I'll leave it up

until maybe tomorrow maybe tomorrow

evening and then I'll then I'll put this

on patreon anyway

so again guys she's still apprehensive

she is still at your mercy shows she is

trusting you not to injure her you can

pound her ass like you guys can see it

like you guys see in porn but you have

to go slow

so one last thing here

and I'll get to my I'll get to my horror

stories here in a minute if you press

your cock against her asshole okay and

she doesn't run away meaning she seems

to be open to the idea of trying anal

sex half to go through with it don't be

all talk and no show guys even if a girl

is scared of anal sex

she will endure it for you if she really

likes you and if you let her know you

wanna fuck her in the ass and she gives

you that unspoken permission okay to try

right by not running away and keeping

her asshole there for you to penetrate

you have to penetrate her if you don't

she'll think you're scared and if she

thinks you're scared she will lose

respect for you it listen even if she

didn't really want to but was willing to

try she might be thinking ain't gotta be

really going through with that but then

later on she'll think well why did he go

through with it was he scared it's not a

big deal at the time guys but trust me

when I tell you that will start to seep

into other things she thinks about so if

you press the head of your cock against

her asshole you'd better be ready to

butt fucker if you ever pull a gun and

pointed at somebody you better be ready

to squeeze the trigger my friend okay

you can't get scared and back out you've

got to go through with it


anal sex ain't always clean okay

accidents do happen

I remember one girl I was fucking in the

ass ever listen everything was going

everything was going perfectly fine


I took my dick out to put in a little

more Lube and she fought - she fucking

farted and she's in there oh that's okay

I'm good so I put a little more now now

it stinks so I put a little more Lube on

I started fuck her in the ass 30 seconds

later she shit all over my dick dude it

was at her place thank God all over the

bed it was it was absolutely fucking

just it was absolutely disgusting

another anal sex app accident happened

with Amy oh my god this was fucking


so I'm fucking her in the ass we are we

are at the quasi crack house that I was

living at because my stupid ass was

still chasing her she was fucking she

was fucking me and then fucking the ex

baby daddy the guy that she eventually

married and got killed and all that and

I'll never forget like we're right there

we're right there on the couch and she

has one leg like up on the on the on the

hand or whatever and I'm sitting there

fucking her in the ass and all of a

sudden it got really wet and I'm like I

didn't come dude I took I took out my


and it was and again it wasn't like

solid shed it was like the liquid shit

like all over my ass guys yes I've been

cheated on okay and I honestly it's

probably happened to me a little over a

half a dozen times it happens guys

that's the risk I fucked a lot of girls

in the ass so guess what getting your

dick shit it on is gonna happen

obviously you want to scrub yourself

down use defense soap but that is the

downside to this for it listen all of

this is great but you guys have to

understand there's ups and downs to

everything that's the risk pro tip for

your girl make sure she does not have to

poop make sure she doesn't have to poop

before anal sex okay guys make listen

make sure her colon is empty

make sure listen make sure she poops

right let her know listen obviously you

don't want to tell her hey we're gonna

have anal sex tonight but if she gets

the idea that you guys might just you

know if you're already fucking her just

let her know hey look like I'm back here

and I'm fucking you in the ass if you

feel the urge

let her know if you feel the urge let me

know I'll pull out you go to the

bathroom and handle your business I've

had to do that a few times too few girls

who said okay I think it's throw up let

me let me get out she gets up she runs

to the bathroom she blows up the bed she

blows up the toilet and that's that

right like this is how it happens this

is how it happens and again you guys know that

when you have to poop you can always

hold it back for a few hours until you

get home it doesn't work that way with

anal the feeling has to be completely

gone if you if you if a girl has held

out for a few hours and then you fuck

her in the ass trust me trust me dude

the Hershey Highway is definitely coming

it's definitely coming

we're gonna hold an end things here with

the Adel slut cells feel free to add

them in the chat

giel Brandon store boss says I don't

mind it all if I get shit on my dick do

once dude one chick was telling me that

her boyfriend is fucking her in the air

she says I shit all in my dick he just

kidding shit all on his dick he just

kept going I was like oh fuck yeah

that's the bad side to anal sex if it's

clean it's all good right and guys it's

never in between it's never a little

dirty it's either totally clean or it's

just completely a mess

shut up - Kevin Howard with the $2

superjet says Donovan dropping gems as


Ricardo Johnson says I'm not afraid of

getting cheating on my dick i like shit

especially liquid diarrhea oh this is

totally going on patreon fuckin now

okay so be the anals are the the anal

slut tells these are the things that you

can see on a woman which makes her more

more which makes it most likely that she

has been fucked in the ass or than the

average girl a tongue bar right

obviously a tramp stamp meaning a tattoo

just to be on the small of her back an

eyebrow ring pussy piercing gauged out

earring gauged out ears a neck tattoo a

foot tattoo is definitely an anal slut

tell and foot tattoos hurt like girls

say foot tattoos hurt the most if she

can endure that kind of pain

and guess what oh my god Jervis Horton

just said two girls one cup jesus

fucking christ you guys remember the

first time you watched that video like

dude my friend it was like Gooden two

girls one cup I was like ah that shit

was crazy

another anal slut tell is a dark asshole

right the reason listen the dilation and

the contraction makes the makes the


it makes the sphincter darker because

it's stretched out a lot it almost looks

like a balloon not because it's

stretched out this is why porn stars get

their ass holes bleached right dark

assholes look bad on camera that's how

it is so if your fucking you girl from

the back and you spread her oh my god

she's got a dark Hessel she's been

fucked in the ass a lot that's probably

why your star bright says foot tats or

sexiest fuck to me well that's because

Nora star bright you know that that's an

anal slut tell and like me you like anal

sex that's why they're hot to you

um fake-tits is also in anal slut tell

I'm telling you this right now I fucked

a lot of girls with fake tits they all

took it in the ass if look guys if you

ever fuck a girl with fake tits she will

take it in the backdoor guaranteed

guaranteed and of course the last and

final slut tell is she like super rough

sex she likes being choked she likes

being smacked she likes getting her all

girls like getting her hair pulled but

not like to the point where it hurts

dude girls who like anal slut anal sex

do they like having their hair pulled to

the point where they're looking back at

you they just like to be just fucking

those are a few of the anal slit

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Christ you listened and oh man you guys

you guys are coming with the fucking

jokes today hey I also have my banned

from YouTube series and this will be

probably on that series does size matter

the Cougar myth why women to be why

women need to be trained like dogs you

know two things black women can learn

from white girls and so on and so forth

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TSR live thanks for watching I'll see

you guys Monday


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