Are black women really that bad?! The statistics back it up (Episode 349)




a woman never belongs to you it's just

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okay guys I'm not gonna waste any time

man we're gonna go ahead and get right

to it I am NOT a I am NOT a a guy who

really gives a lot of credence to

statistics as far as dating and

relationships are concerned and the main

reason for that like Oh give credence to

certain statistical you know studies

statistical anomalies and sets are set

or just depending upon the situation but

specifically with dating I don't really

give too much credence to that because

people lie right you know a lot of

people come out with these bullshit's

discipleship statistics well women cheat

less than men well we all know that's

not even close to true because we know

that women lie if women are gonna lie to

your face we know they're gonna lie on

surveys they do this to make themselves

look better anyway one such statistical

category that we're going to discuss

today is going to be black women and any

time I talk about black women and I

don't date them anymore etc etc I get a

lot of people I get a lot of white

knights I get a lot of black women who

want to come at me with things like you

know what Donovan you're full of shit

show me the statistics and my response

is always well I don't need statistics

to tell you that

women are at the bottom of the sexual

totem pole I don't need statistics to

tell you that a large a large percentage

of black women have kids out of wedlock

than any other race here in America I

don't need those things and they know

that I don't need those things but they

cling to this in order to maintain their

arguable you don't have the statistics

so I'm not going to I'm not gonna give

credence to this I'm not going to

concede to that well today is the day

that comes to an abrupt end I have my

man Carl from black label logic on with

me today and he has some really he's got

some pretty telling statistics about

black women of course black label logic

is Carl he obviously is a panelists with

myself on red man group

I'm sorry Saturday mornings at 10

o'clock a.m. Eastern 7:00 a.m. Pacific

so Carl listen man first thing I'd like

to do is welcome you to the program and

listen man thanks for making the time

for us that I greatly appreciate it well

thanks for having me on Donovan and I'm

a longtime fan of the show I think my

favorite episodes was somewhere in the

hundreds you did one on how to train

your girlfriend into a proper girlfriend

can't remember the number

absolutely oh my god you know it's it is

so weird man I do a I've done so many of

these episodes this is this is the 349th

official edition and I've done hundreds

more I've done hundreds more episodes

and I can never really I never really

can figure out which episode numbers

correlate with which ones but yes how to

train your woman to be your magic it's

definitely definitely a favorite of mine

Bruno goats in the chat says hey Donovan

did you do a pre-show I didn't do a

pre-show today but I'm actually I guess

while I'm on right now I guess I'll go

ahead make the announcement I'm gonna

move esraa live to five o'clock p.m.

Eastern Standard Time

I tried to enlist and I'm glad I tried

the ten o'clock block I want to be the

morning Red Bull guy but I found just

you know just doing statistics and

studies as it were but I always got a

much bigger broader audience when I

broadcasted in the afternoon so today is

gonna be the last day that I brought I

actually have got drew Bay coming on at

10 o'clock a.m. on Wednesday morning but

after that I'm gonna move the show to 5

o'clock p.m. Eastern Standard Time

that's going to give you guys a lot more

opportunity to be able to

watch and listen to the stone and of

course I'll put it up on patreon the

very next morning so Carl let's go ahead

and get right to it man the title of the

show is our black limit really that bad

of course you know the I put in the

clickbait yes in the statistics that the

statistics prove that Carl has some very

telling and damning statistics with

regards to black women so Carl go ahead

and take it away men well just in

preface this these statistics are all

from government sources mostly from the

CDC I came across them accidentally

because I did a long post a while back

called the chalice in the crucible where

I went through a lot of dating

statistics especially thinking about all

the lies women tell about knock counts

etcetera and one side effect was I

figured out if you really need to hit a

slump-buster going for a black woman

without a high school education who

lives in poverty it is under 26 is

probably your best bet because they have

the highest notch count bar none of all

women Wow I'll get started here let's

see here there's the screenshare

excellent that's just real quick Carl

just said if you are looking for a

slump-buster you're gonna go for a black

woman under the age of 26

without a without a high school diploma

because those women have the highest

notch accounts in other words those are

gonna be the easiest targets so alright

Carl take us away men okay so I'm the

first statistic here is going to be the

age of loosing your cherry so in this

it's adults 20 to 59 years of age and if

you look at the statistic here you can

see that among mexican-americans 14.3%

were under 15 for non-hispanic whites

13.9% and for non-hispanic black 27

point five percent of women law adults

lost her cherry by by age 15 and you can

see the median Harris about 15 to 17

that's the standard for when a person in

the United States loses their cherry but

we have a couple of late bloomers and a

small proportion here

but the interesting thing here is you

see that you have a much larger

percentage of the population that's non

african-american that loses their

charity after twenty-one years so the

black community in general tends to be

sexually active at an earlier age Wow

so again what you were saying and if you

would could you could you blow that up a

little bit so that it I don't know if

you can do this so then it fills up the

screen I've got people there but we're

having a hard time yeah

let's see hey if you can't really I

can't really do that but what I'll do is

I'll make the presentation available for

anyone who wants to follow along on this

Hager just give me a second this is all

inclusive so yeah so again what Karl is

telling us is that in the black

community our black women black women

tend to be sexually active at an earlier

age now Karl's not here to talk about

the Y's and the house he's just gonna

tell us the light and again you guys can

call in if you want nine point four two

oh five five three five six while Karl

is working on that let's go ahead and

take our first phone call area code four

one three you're on live with Donovan

good yes area code 401 three you are

live okay all right no takers

all right call continue yeah I just the

link in the chat so anyone who wants to

can grab it from there and they'll get a

link directly to the presentation on the

on Google Docs okay double you can you

should be able to see a little clearer

now the next slide here is the age of

loosen cherry women by race and this is

the one of the interesting ones that and

the mexican-americans are apparently the

least slutty women in the United States

so if you're dating a Latina that's

under fifteen answer you're not the

fucker for non-hispanic white that's

eleven point six percent of the

population lost their cherry before

fifteen and almost twenty percent of

black women lost their cherry by the

time they were fifteen oh man

so one in five black women by the

I'm they lost their cherry or I'm sorry

let me clean this up for Morgan Mathare

Korda McArthur here who says Kenny plays

that saying carry over their sentence no

this is the way Carl talks if you don't

like it fuck off so the average age that

black women lose their cherry lose their

virginity to get their cherry popped

what if you want to say it is 15 years

old you're not even old enough to drive

at that point now mind you that is below

the age of consent the age of consent in

some states as 16 black women are losing

their virginity before the age of now

you can see if you add up the two lowest

category so you have something like

about 70% of black women have lost her

virginity by the time they hit seventeen

so that's some under the majority of

black women have lost their virginity

before they are actually legal Wow so

again seventy so seven out of ten black

women have lost their virginity by the

time they're seventeen so a black man

out there who is looking for his unicorn

his virginal black woman and see my

mother my mom got married at the age of

16 so she was the virgin bride but guess

what she do lost her virginity before

the age of seventeen so married or not

baby daddy or not whatever the case may

be that that's a huge number seven out

of ten black women lose their virginity

before they're even legal unbelievable

and if you look at and compare with the

other racists and non-hispanic white

about 50% of women have lost your

virginity by 17 and if you go by the

frigid latina is only about 30 to 33

percent so so again I don't start dating

and Latinas until they turn 18 okay good

very good excellent actually looks like

very good for one threes back in the

queue here area code for one three are

on live at Donovan hood hey what's going

on out of it I just want to I just want

to question you don't they right yes

okay so what's your point the last week

that the help other black guys we blank

women you know what you not like them or

these black men I'm bothering you you

know tell their bullshit I'm at one


yeah the point is is I do because I want

to there you go I play myself no yeah

that's it oh so you're sucker I mean all

what you want but I do whatever it's a

little black guy you know emotional I

mean again cold would you want there's

really not much emotion here these yeah

it's it's well again because this is

something I do do you need women I'd

date a black one before

do you date up I've dated them how they

allow my days in them I would I would

date one I've dated them before do you

date a milk I'm single

why would this okay so what's the

purpose of you calling up and police of

me alright you're mine fit my mindset in

terms of what hey guys listen keep it


if you're a troll if you're a white

knight if you're a black woman if you're

a black man if you want to call up talk

shit to me I have no I mean I got no

problem at listen at least a guy called

up and area code four and three are

certainly welcome to call back anytime

what it's interesting because I asked

him if he himself dated black women and

the answer was obviously no but he

couldn't admit that the answer was no

and my guess is that he would like to

date black women but he can't date but a

guy up here talking shit about black

women I don't know he's feeling some

type of way he tried to call me he tried

to call me emotional I don't think I'll

think I'm being emotional you were just

talking facts here alright the area code

six one five I see you in the cumin I'll

let Carl get to

next slide Carl let's keep the party

going then yeah they say people are

triggered already I just want to see

what happens when I break into the STD

statistics oh yes hey listen area code

for one three he's gonna break into the

STD statistics so feel free to call back

okay so this is the next one this is

number of partners for well number of

females for partners and out of the

total population ages 20 to 59 and keep

in mind this is from 2007 and I don't

think hoes have gotten any more ho ish

in the past ten years oh good

so if you look at the average 45% of

Mexican American women have only had one

partner okay only 13% of black women

have only had one partner white girls

24.2 unbelievable listen go over those

statistics one more time

mexican-american girls black girls and

white girls in terms of part rocket look

over that one's over Oh Mexican American

girls forty five percent of them have

had only cero two one partner so that

means probably one nude non-hispanic

whites 24.2 of all they had one partner

and black women only 13% have only had

one partner Jesus Christ

so there is an 87% chance if you mess

with a black woman there's there's an 87

percent chance that she has had more

than one partner and as we know we all

know here at TSR towers if a girl is

fucked one guy she's gonna fuck a dozen

guys when she gets to 12 she's gonna get

the 24 not counts are exponential um

usually by the time a girl gets to five

not counts it usually goes up pretty

quickly from there so let's say a girl

mate and I actually actually went to

school with a girl who was a virgin and

she hooked up with one of my friends and

he was just he just used her he used her

for sex and she was he really thought

that they were gonna be together forever

she was very heartbroken about it but

she didn't have sex with anybody else in

college she actually ended up getting

married she lives in the Florida Keys

got married to another guy who got

married to another guy that was only the

second guy that she was ever with ahead

nine kids right so she she realized she

made a mistake she didn't become a slut

she kept her I guess what little

chastity she had left him now she lives

a good life but once a girl starts

fucking a lot of dudes it's not like

okay okay I've only slept with ten guys

if you slept with ten guys you've

probably slept with thirty and by the

time you get to thirty of probably in

the closing on 50 it's almost like

thirty gets it's almost like the

distance between 20 and 25 is a lot

longer than the distance between 25 and

30 and Carl I know you can tell me about

that because we're both men of a certain

age 25 from 25 to 30 it happened just

like that and I think the same thing

happens well and one of the interesting

things here I just noticed in this

backfield is if you look at the median

lifetime partner for all the women

partner gun for all the women in this

survey out of mexican-american woman the

median number of partners is 1.7

lifetime if you look at white couples

3.7 black girls five now that doesn't

really sound like a big deal but this

has to do a little bit with

distributions so I'm not gonna get into

the details of that but you look at the

next level two to six partners so that's

more that's more even between the races

so that proves what you were saying

because 41.5% of Mexican girls have had

between two and six partners one 44% of

white girls and 47% of black girls

between two and six partners and that's

that's not really a bad number because

statistically speaking for a long-term

relationship a woman with between two

seven partners is kind of the sweet

spots okay right right it is again it is

it is the sweet spot because if she's

between if you can catch her between two

and seven partners catch her closer to

two hopefully because by the time she

had seven Carl dude it's gonna mean dude

she's gonna hit the stratosphere before

it's too late

I mean we already you already know yeah

once she hit seven she's gonna hit

fourteen in the next couple of years and

then a couple years after that she's

gonna be in the high 30s that's before

he gets in the STD statistics I've got

another caller on the line

area code six one five you're on live at

Donovan go ahead well darlin uh this is

a crazy swinger I just got back from

Mexico City

yes for the weekend I highly highly

recommend it

cuz have you recommended if you haven't

gone okay

but gonna steal a little thunder here I

know this statistic well HSV rate that's

herpes simplex 2 then where they

generally for the genitals black women

48 percent oh my god dude

it's a coin flip it's a coin flip if

you're going to fuck a black woman that

she might have HSV I like my dick and

I'm just not willing to I'm just not

willing to go ahead cry a Craig stay on

the line Carl is that statistic accurate

he's saying 48% of black women have HSV

herpes simplex what's what actually had

a statistic on her best simplex but he's

gonna look that up that is and again and

again you know I had a caller on earlier

you know he you know later you're

talking shit about black women this and

then the other and listen he makes a

good point because well actually he asks

a good question right why do you why if

you don't fuck with black women why are

you talking shit about black women and

it's it's it's it's a good question I'm

not trying to steer men away from dating

black women black men away from from

from dating black women because at the

end of the day at the beginning of the

day black women is every black man's

first choice right like those are those

are the girls that those are the girls

that you like first and and again I I

tell people all the time but I didn't

just wake up and decide you know what

I'm just not gonna date black girls

anymore no it was a natural progression

in my overall game and here's how here's

why Craig the more value I accrued as a

man the better I got into shape the more

money I started to make the more options

I found myself having with women the

less visible black women became and you

know it's interesting like you ask well

why are black women becoming invisible

to me because black women have little to

no value to me now here's the thing we

can talk about how brothers are starting

to date outside the race but I think

it's something like 94% of black men are

married to black women so it's not like

some sort of mass exodus but to answer


student why am i talking shit no this

isn't talking shit about black women

this is these are the facts right I'm

not on here talking about oh you know

you should know listen you can do with

this information whatever you want to do

but when a guy like Craig comes on and

says that 48% of black women have HSV -

that's a fucking coin flip you can do

with those statistics whatever you want

all I'm doing is putting out the facts

this happens this has nothing to do with

feels this has nothing to do with

emotions the guy tried to get me all


this ain't about emotions this is about

facts and if listen if you love black

women that much hey more power to you

just understand that there are going to

be certain risks involved and I think we

all know and understand both Craig &

Karl the more women that the more men a

woman has slept with doesn't really

matter the the skin tone the let the the

the less likely you are to be a good

wife mother girlfriend etc okay so I

grab the statistic real quick and the

interesting thing is he's right it's in

excess of 40 percent which is over twice

the average rate for the total

population let's see here these are

these are not just women but you can see

that in the black community in general

purpose simplex is over 40 percent

unbelievable man what do you say about

that Craig if you click on the link I

posted a Wikipedia one which is

basically it's a demographic National

Health and goes by country's national

health and nutrition did you put that in

the chat from the CDC yeah it's in the

chat okay

opposed to beginning yeah please do and

then if you go you know they go Europe

you know stop staring after if you click

on a United States

mm-hmm and they have a chart okay

there's 2005 to 2008 just be simply HSBC

by demographic gender aki women we're

gonna have a little bit more than man

they go age ago ethnicity so a white

woman non-hispanic is fifteen point nine

percent a black woman is 48 percent we

scored in this survey forty eight

percent black women

and an mexican-american 13.2 there you

go there you go Han listen this is this

is facts / feelings

nice right like listen man you guys know

my stance on black women not lack of

femininity the attitude hey that's not

what this particular podcast is about

these are the statistics in terms of

nagy count you know and and Carl also

has statistics on you know children out

of wedlock baby daddies etc etcetera we

haven't even gotten to that yet again

listen then this podcast is not here to

discourage you from dating black women

that's what you want to do fine but I'm

here to make sure that you have all of

the information going in for all you

guys out here talk about oh I'm gonna go

after my black Queens hey listen if you

want to do that more power - I'm not mad

at you I just want you to have all of

the information Craig man listen I

greatly greatly priest actually I want

you to stay on the line Craig because I

think this four one three guys is

calling back again hang on a second okay

four one three you're yeah four one

three you're back on with with Donovan

going out that women that's your opinion

doesn't Ronald white women according to

you when you do realize that if a white

woman who are very likely employed

because you know European culture a lot

of the kings and queens they're American

economy incest so if they don't like

their cream women who might be gay in

the employed with a great American

wonderful women mister are you willing

to have a white employed child with

missing chromosome as if so and you know

League that's a testament person you are

a man that is not good we were not

fucking oh oh now who's amazing oh who

is emotional now

this is bro I'm just saying like women

I'm like world Fanny

three on me oh go ahead six one five go

and respond forum three i'ma let you

respond them and put you on me again six

ones I'm good you got it Frank I'm just

saying statistically and this is like

the Megan Merkel thing right what she

gets most women are not going to fuck a

person of a royal household they don't

work luck with commoners right Jenny I

is a dude I'm probably not going to trip

fall and have sex with the Queen of

Spain or the princess of whatever the

hell probably not I'm just saying I I

had on my own I do well with women I

like European I like hispanic rushing

all but I'm just saying they're probably

not going to be members of the royal

family not world there's a lot of people

in general they okay it is real man

that's like European get down and by the

way how would you know that I'm a white

guy ever know why you're black you have

any Japanese did you have any statistics

the back because this is a statistics

related Junior I mean dude this embrace

all of the place you see them they make

their own bridge we talk about I mean

here we go daddy was no my dad was in

the service for 27 years actually try

again no cool swing it sweet sweet looks

right over here corner for white women


I mean was he yeah that's it keep going

you becoming you called you that oh man

are they good for with yeah this is

actually Karl this is that same guy who

called me when I was on and every good

four one three I just hung up on you

please feel free to call back you're

like a little I'm like a cat and you're

like a mouse I'm just kind of playing

around with right he called me up and

talked about uh you know your all of

your emotions nope this is facts over

feeling he told Craig to shut up and got

all stupid yeah he was the same guy that

called me on Oh Shh so I hope he calls

back again cuz he dude that guy will get

me all sorts of views so please by all

means very good for that's what I'll

call you Craig listen man I appreciate

you calling into the show man you said

you would highly recommend guys going

down to Mexico cities right well in

particular black guys like okay that'll

work we're gonna have to talk offline if

you get a free weekend

okay so city week look we we can we can

set something up it's like two hundred

eighty bucks round trip you you know I

actually like them I'd actually like to

have you on the show because it sounds

to me like you and I speak the same

language in a lot of different ways I've

screen capped your phone number I'm

gonna send you a text message I'd

actually like to have you on the show so

we can talk a little bit more about this

yeah any time we'll get offline we'll

talk we'll step it up

Craig Colin any time brother I'm a did

you soon all right to go okay girls so

um what what what's the next what's the

next band of statistics that we have

here well there was one more thing I

want to do on this slide before we go

into the next one on Parker account but

the fun thing here if you look at women

who have had over 15 dicks in them we

had the four point seven percent of

Mexican Americans you have nine point

six percent of white girls and twelve

and a half percent of black rose Wow so

more than almost double almost double

the amount of black women have had more

well only three percent roughly

difference between them so white girls

and black girls are not that far apart

slice oh so that's an interesting but

the Latina girls again they're kind of

holding out so I'm not sure if that's

sick a lying thing or what it is but

we'll see good stuff man alright well

let's go ahead and move on yeah the next

one and number of partners in the past

12 months and 19 percent of black girls

said that over - and only eight and a

half percent of white girls and Mexican

girls have had over two partners in the

past 12 months letter is real yeah the

no partners and the two or more partners

is similar for all of them except you

know there are fewer white girls that

have had no partners which kind of

supports the thing that they're the most

sought-after in the sexual marketplace

so 7 and 75% of white girls have had one

partner 70% of Latino girls and 60% of

black girls mainly because they end up

having one in five of them have had two

or more because om2 move on real quick

here now we move into the chlamydia

oh wow here we go now we're talking STDs

region and you know if you look at among

the black population 907 men per hundred

thousand have come in and fourteen

hundred and nineteen women and I think

one of the things you have to keep in

mind here we all we all know that you

know twenty percent of the guys are

fucking 80% of the women so there's a

certain logic in that

STDs was spread more among women that

are all banging the same guy right and

if you're in you want to you want to pay

this particular attention if you're in

the Midwest or the Northeast because

that's one of the things I noticed and

that's why you grab this statistic here

is that if you're in the Northeast or

the Midwest wrap your shit up oh-ho so

if you're in the Midwest to the


wrap your wrap your dick and gentlemen

listen you heard it here first

and you can see that the rates of STDs

in general are higher in the black

population with chlamydia because it's

almost let's see where are the whites


137 whites versus 907 black men and 283

white girls compared to fourteen hundred

and nineteen black girls okay good stuff

good stuff okay so you know yeah but

before we move on I think I've got area

code four one three back on the line

here with this area code four one three

so based on the statistics that you just

heard about STDs sexual partners etc etc

have you change your stats or have you

changed your stance am I still a coon my

still a coon ass nigga or have you

changed your mind on that well let me

just say I respect the showdown great

class now I just want us having the

conversation someone said that is a

racist Mexican odor I said I'm not black

and white this is not bigoted Mexican

first I'm Puerto Rican and second of all

I think I know what the problem is with

Donovan black wouldn't see y'all no and

the black community black one the

preferred dark-skinned white guys

light-skinned black guys stereotype no

light-skinned black eyes not little big

no Thor scant black guys got big dick so

you know you know the black woman they

know what get down and play tell them

all Thunder that's a little dick no I'll

take dark guy you know boys came black I

like Donovan himself devil he hurts his

feelings you know so I should really the

reason why he probably didn't get

involved with - he was in its feelings

he was hurt that another guy sounds like

a white guy right guys are little things

everybody knows that but you know that's

resets point okay well hold on good

I'm here I understand that somebody else

is actually here for you I got Stevie

Williams on the line Steve the Dean we

got a we have what appears to be a

Puerto Rican who wants to keep up for

black women I don't know if you would

call that a nigga Rican I don't know if

you would call that a nigger e Cancun I

mean Steve help me out here what we got

going on

well well this is just a problem with

these weak excuse my language these

weak-ass men they all first off they

worry about what the next man is doing

which is kind of similar to me and third

off your skin color has nothing to do

with Donovan is a man doctor could

choose if the chick is yellow green or

blue what does it matter to you would he

pick he's not trying to mess with you

and screw you

so how you gonna sit there and call him

out on something when you acting like

you're in love with him or something

what kind of man trade is that then call

the manager go to what you know the

black man without daddy huh every night

on Fox News a wheel you can see my daddy

where's your daddy yet can I turn

where'd you come from no what did you I

came from watching these feet that's

where I came from

that's right to get along see the

problem is you want to talk about white

people dig it's really odd it's just

talking about dicks

you're talking about men and you're 90

seconds with his choices I think you

need to go talk to your mom and tell her

that cut the biblical cord and learn how

to become a goddamn man because you're

the reason why you lose with women

because you're too worried about other

men instead of worrying about yourself

and all that hold on actually Steve

actually I'm gonna correct you here he

did talk to his mom I've just gotten

confirmation that his mother is right

there in front of him eating engage life

this is why and again he jumped on them

all in my feelings but he's the guy who

really sounds emotional and emotional

men usually are raised by single mothers

so let me ask you area code for 1/3

there is your father I think I'm in also

with the truth you got turned down


I'm talking about me I'm talking to you

go back to ghetto you belong now yeah

he's out I'm not gonna I'm not gonna I'm

not gonna tolerate belligerents like

that Steve this is what we're this is

what we're dealing with Steve and here's

the thing Steve this guy's not even

blind he's fuckin so in your opinion

Steve why would men of other races were

tricking men and maybe he's one of these

Puerto Rican men who has a black mother

right like maybe he's that guy who has a

black mother that that might be why he's

feeling some type of way about and we're

not talking shit about black women here

we're just giving statistics Steve like

I'm not telling men what they should or

shouldn't do we're just giving

statistics about black women and this

guy just called up and decided to try to

air me out apparently I ain't got no

daddy I'm all of my feelings I don't

know what well Donovan you can always

tell the guy that gets women by what

they say on the radio again he's more

worried and concerned about what you're

doing instead of itself so it's either

jealousy or envy that you're dealing

with right there big dog yeah

that's how it is man guys he has Steve

the Dean Williams you guys can listen

he's a world-renowned dating coach Steve

I'm actually gonna have you on a little

bit later I'm gonna I'm gonna give you a

call a bit later cuz I just I just

confirmed another another broadcast that

I'm gonna be doing here we're actually

gonna be talking about gab being taken

down because the Pittsburgh shooter and

I'm gonna have a guest on it I'd like to

get your opinion on that but Steve

listen thanks for thanks for making the

time to call in and and handle mr. Erie

code for 1/3 man I think it's obvious

where that guy is coming from and where

he's probably going no doubt man I

appreciate you totally get his panties

out a lot all right guys that's it for

the phone calls I can't take any more

phone calls I wanted to save some for a

little bit later okay Carl I didn't mean

to hijack the show didn't mean to hijack

the show so let's move on look you're

next you're next you're next statistics

what are we gonna talk about now well

now we're going to move on to the fun

stuff namely gonorrhea

so again if you're in the Midwest or the

they strap your shit out but you might

want to consider it and if you're in the

south too just to be safe but the

interesting thing here is that more

black men actually have gonorrhea than

black women really yeah I'm not really

sure what the deal is with that because

black women are dominating the STD

statistics and apart from gonorrhea so I

thought it was kind of strange but God

knows okay maybe they got it that men

having sex with black women who knows

yeah let's see and then we have syphilis

which is also an interesting one because

then black men have that a lot more than

black women so I'm not sure if maybe

when someone realizes they have syphilis

they start using the condom they should

have been using to begin with ooh you

know what's interesting man I have a

really good friend of mine in Reno and

he and listen God blow actually it's

it's her friend she started fucking her

and she started fucking the guy that was

supplying her and her husband pills and

of course that broke up the marriage and

this and then the other and every time

she fucked some he gives her syphilis

he's a black guy there's another girl

that I knew a long long time ago she did

on her husband with a black guy he ended

up getting her syphilis I remember her

sending me a picture of I think I think

was amoxicillin or whatever if syphilis

is easy to clear up she just you know

she took she sent me a picture of the

yellow pill on her tongue so listen I

can't figure it out but but I think

those statistics back it up at least

anecdotally as well as statistically so

that that's all that that's very very

okay so now that we dealt with kind of

the small consequences of the pregnancy

the ones that can be treated with a pill

okay we're going to start to move into

the ones that well they could be covered

by a pill if someone didn't forget to

take it at least one-third of the time a

month and now we're looking at birth

rates so this is just birth rates for

women aged 10 to 19 by age race and

Hispanic origin so we're just going to

look at the

let's see your our the birth as these

kind of go back about 20 years but if

you look at the most recent one from

2010 because they end up yes well almost

twice the birth rates between

non-hispanic white and black women okay

and then you have the Latina women

somewhere well the average is thirty

four point two and black women are

dominating at fifty one point five and

then you have the these are just fifteen

to nineteen saving you a lot of young

girls becoming mother's here am here we

are the baby mop that let the baby mama

statistics so get me give me the

percentages of or actually no I don't

want to I don't want to hide I don't

want to hijack this thing from you so

basically your we're about to get into

the percentage of black women who have

kids out of wedlock as opposed to other

racism yeah the wedlock oneness the next

one will go straight into that one here

just for the hell of it and you can see

here the Earth's two unmarried mothers

the average here is 40 point 8 okay but

white women thirty five point nine Asian

or Pacific Islander seventeen the

American Indian or Alaska native 65 and

black women seventy two point five

percent oh my god seventy two point one

percent and what is that statistic again

that is births to unmarried mothers so

you know I can't blame the four one

three caller for asking if you haven't

seen your dad daddy because quite

frankly seven in ten black men haven't

hey hey hey listen

area code four one three if you're

watching listen men we are a fair I'm

gonna take it from Fox News listen we're

gonna try to be fair and balanced area

coat now here's the thing area code four

one three he asked this to me as an

insult because he was in his feelings he

was emotional but what he didn't realize

is statistically the answer would have

been yes at least seventy percent of the

time but by asking me her you haven't

met your daddy yet well listen I happen

to be the exception to the rule but area

code four one three to your credit my

friend the exception does not make the

rule I knew my father from the Thai dude

I've known my father my entire life so I

mean listen Donavan sharp junior and

incidentally not that's why I called him

DJ in the article that I wrote on return

of Kings the true story of a carousel

riding military wife so 70 percent so 7

out of 10 black women have have children

out of wedlock and there was another

there was another statistic that a

statistic that you talked about earlier

in terms of 70 percent 70 percent of

black women have had more than 15

partners I think by the age of 20 or

something like that this is one Glen

I'll grab the statistic so that was 12.5

percent of black girls have had more

than 15 partners but if you add up the

two top categories so above 7 that's

well let's say an even 40 percent of

black girls thirty percent of white

girls and twelve thirteen percent of

Latino girls have had over seven

partners listen the math makes sense men

the math makes sense and again listen

I'll give credit where credit is due to

area code for 1/3 that's well called a

column for 1/3 his anger is his angers

legit man like I've written articles in

the past I've written an article called

three reasons I don't blame black women

for being angry but again statistically

speaking man like this backs everything

up so when people come at me and here's

another thing here's another thing Carl

that that I think that you can address a

lot of black men and black women who

came up for black women like to say

things like well there are more white

girls who have children out of wedlock

than black women more white women on

welfare than black women that's

absolutely true but that is

statistically it's statistically

dishonest we're not going to talk about

the sheer number because listen black

women make up 7 percent of the

population here in America

white girls make up I mean they make up

a much larger percentage so while there

may be more white women numbers-wise

volume wise the statistics don't lie

we're talking about percentages so

that's almost like saying well this guy

hit a hundred home runs last season well

if he played three hundred

yeah that would be plenty of opportunity

as opposable this guy only hit three

home runs well he only played three

games so again statistically that's

being dishonest you have to be accurate

with that so just because more white

women have children out of wedlock the

black girls that has nothing to do with

percentages I just wanted to put that

out there

no it's very important and you make a

good point here to look at the

percentage of the population if someone

is 10 percent of the population but is

responsible for let's say 90 percent of

all the fraud out there then that is an

important statistic the raw numbers

don't really matter if you're trying to

look at how frequent a phenomena is or

how much you can localize it in one

population right like I'm perfectly

aware you know me you know I'm a white

guy in my highly educated white guy so

if you're looking for a serial killer

who maimed and killed about 40 women I

understand if I'm racially profile yeah

so the other one I want to look at and

this my final slide so we're getting

towards the end of his statistics here

but births to mothers under 20 years old

although the overall racist that's nine

point three percent of all births oh

good for white girls eight and a half

and for black girls fifteen point two oh

dude say that one more time dude so so

the the the the average the statistic is

nine percent but for black women it is

how many how my fifteen point two

fifteen point two percent so that's

roughly that's what about thirty to

thirty five percent higher than the rest

of the population and again these are

women who have children under the age of

twenty my guess Carl is that if not for

birth control that number would probably

be a lot higher across the board but to

be fair listen and black women have

access to birth control just like

everybody else but nine percent to

fifteen percent that is one third that

is one third higher than the national


this is on well the thing for me that I

kind of got out of because I found some

of these statistics because I was doing

the long essay on sexual market

statistics um well back end I didn't

think too much on it but for this show I

decided to call you know specifically


black girl statistics and the STD

statistics and I came away with two

lessons from this number one has always

used a condom because birth control

pills the IUD etc they do not protect

from STDs hoarseness and number two the

date that has proposed to have next week

with a black girl I just cancelled that

one okay okay well there you go so Carl

had a date with a black girl he said

nope I'm just I'm canceling it that way

and again Carl this has nothing and let

me ask you something do you have

experience with black women yeah not

much but a little bit okay right and so

again I want guys to understand I want

guys to understand that this isn't now

listen I've done plenty of shows that

discourage men hey don't date black

girls they're not for you listen man if

you want to go against that and there

and listen man guys like O'Shea do

Jackson Minister Jeff we have

conversations about this all the time

they say look Donovan like I love black

women man like they're my sisters I'm

gonna be hard on them but I'm always

gonna love black women man like I'm like

that listen I got I got no problem with

that all the show is designed to do is

to give you the raw statistics again oh

by the way Hugh Jackson got fired today

Hugh Jackson head coach of the Cleveland

Browns has been fired

he is 336 and one in two seasons in

three seasons so that was a good move

there by the Cleveland Browns

I just want guys to know and understand

that I'm not discouraging you because of

what I feel in my experiences no these

are the statistics statistically with

regards to STDs not counts you know

children out of wedlock children under

the age of 20 guys that the statistics

don't lie lack women come with the

highest risk of all this listen this

does not mean to say that you're not

gonna find a black woman who could

possibly be a woman of quality that's

not what I'm saying but we as black men

if you're a black man and you want to

date black women more power to you just

understand that the deck is stacked

against you the odds are not in your

favor so if you're a black man thinking

about dating outside your race listen

you now have the statistics here's

another thing Carl this does not mean to

say that Mexican girls and white girls a

lot of guys like to call me up and say


worship women no no no I don't worship

any women are you kidding me this is why

we ended up here in the manosphere in

the first place because we all used to

worship women women are not made of

sugar spice and everything nice but we

quickly figured out okay women are not

we're not supposed to be worshipping

women we have to work on ourselves but

again like I said before somewhere along

the way Carl I decided it was just a

natural progression in my overall

development as a man that the the the

the the more value I obtain for myself

the less attractive black woman became

to be and now we have the statistics

that back it up well there's also the

fact that once you have options you

start to be more discerning in your

selection like I put out the Twitter

thread the other day where I was kind of

going through what I called the what's

it again the pain in the ass to

depravity oh yeah the work to hotness

ratio because you know if you're in a

slump you are going to bang a three or a

four just to break the slump but you're

not going to put up a hell of a lot of

work into it but if you have like a

seven or an eight you're gonna be

willing to put in more work to bangle

you may want to take her out for a date

or two properly with Christine three

okay if you're out that you're drinking

and you're drunk and you just want to

bring someone home you might grab or at

last call right right yeah absolutely

just like you said slump Buster's row

click guys before I get to the comments

and I'll probably do this for about

another ten minutes I'm gonna read some

of the comments here and Carl and I are

gonna address some of the comments guys

be sure to follow Carl on Twitter at

Black Label Logic just like it sounds

you can also find his website called

Black Label logic calm this guy has

dozens of rock-solid red pill articles I

would like to I would actually like to

have you on a little bit more frequently

maybe once every couple of weeks or so

man because a lot of times when we're

dealing with matters of relationships

and women and dating and sex that istic

snoozer women and women don't really

understand it's not that they don't

understand statistics Carl but they they

make their they make their romantic

choices based on emotion the girl that I

told you who was fucking her drug dealer

that she knows the guy has chlamydia but


he had his dick was good enough she

keeps going back fucking this guy every

time she fucks this guy she has to take

a plan b pill and she ends up catching

chlamydia a couple weeks later but she

continues to fuck this guy right so

women are not going to really take this

information if there was some sort of

informational module like this don't

date black better don't date this kind

of guy know women aren't going to pay

attention that but we as men we we we

got to be logical if she looks good fine

but you have to understand that there

are certain types of women who come with

a higher inherent risk you guys can

follow me on twitter at Donovan's den go

to donovan sharp calm for fur for all of

my material if you want to become a

patron and just feel you guys know I'm

taking this video down as at the

conclusion of this broadcast there's no

way I'm leaving this video up on YouTube

I am taking this video down so if you

want me if you want to be able to

re-watch or re listen you guys are gonna

have to go to it you're gonna you're

gonna have to go to my patreon page and

this is not something I want to do guys

but you guys know listen we had the

Puerto Rican eat at the Puerto Rican

with a nigga Rican guy calling in and

calling me a coon in this that the other

you don't think other black women are

trying to flag this video right now you

don't think other black women are gonna

try to take this take this stuff down no

I've got I've got a I've got a I've got

to record this stuff I've got to take it

off and I have to make sure that I can

stay on the air at all cost

alright Carl let's get to the let's get

to the chants here before we end this

thing here Oh Marcus says Carl's website

is full of some crazy next-level

knowledge still have a not a lot more to

read their next level game what

encouraged you why did you start Black

Label Dodger because the stuff that you

talk about Carl it's not remedial this

isn't for guys who have just well this

isn't really for guys who have must have

found the red pill this is if you've

been in the game for a while so what

kind of things normally write about well

I do a lot of different stuff most of

the time it's either statistics or

really kind of high level game stuff

that's more on the what I call macro

it's kind of the higher level view of

things or the general principles of that

type of things so I put up a post that

was referenced in the chat know called

the engineers dilemma which is

an analysis I did that you have a lot of

guys who are really kind of medium to

high IQ guys and they're really good

with planning and they they're

perfectionists and instead of getting

out there and just learning by doing

they want to kind of have the perfect

plan like you know the guy who he's been

researching lifting for a year and a

half trying to find the best program but

he still hasn't touched a barbell right

that type of guy so getting them to

actually do and get some progress I

don't know what they're doing because

that was one and I put out one about

anger the other day which is a post I

was writing for a long time about the

role of anger yes because I want us get

angry and there's a certain logic behind

why you get angry because you have kind

of enlighten but you have to look at it

this way that a lot of guys don't know

any better so they can be angry with

their fathers for not teaching them

right but their fathers are probably

data as well right

speaking of anger how do you explain

obviously arrey code for one three he's

an angry guy right a lot of men when

they find the red pill and they figure

out that women are fucked up they want

to blame other men and we actually

talked about this on the Red Bank group

this past Saturday you are morally

reprehensible you're turning these women

into sluts you're you're part of the

problem you say enjoy the decline you

want quality women butts around here

fuckin these girls on the first date

then we got guys like area code four one

three who he's not angry at women at all

or at least it doesn't appear to be he

wants to call up and call us all kinds

of names because we're trying to put the

truth out there how do you explain that

kind of mentality why do men out there

get angry at other men when we actually

talk facts over feelings I think it's

ego investment for the most part they're

invested in a certain worldview and if

you contradict that worldview especially

if you do it with stats and facts

they're going to react very negatively

because they have to reject it it's a

sociological phenomenon I think it's

called some subjective perception yes

where we tend to disregard things that

contradict our deeply held beliefs but

also why we're honorable to a

confirmation bias because we always tend

to accept the things that confirm our

worldview so you have a guy who's

running beta game he might strike out

with a hundred

50 women but then he gets one girlfriend

and that kind of validates his model Wow

see this is why I have you on Ned

because this is why I'm glad I'm I'm

actually see I'm not as really I'm not

as articulate as you guys and I want to

see I don't want to say that I'm not as

articulate but you guys have a unique

way of putting things much more

succinctly than I do this is why I have

a two hour radio show because it takes

me two hours to say three things but

then I have guys like you on who talk

about things like cognitive dissonance

you know confirmation bias etc etc you

guys put it so succinctly so thank you

for making me look good by making

yourself look good

Armando's I say Donovan thanks for

bringing Carl in the show is education

and insightfulness is simply spectacular

let's see neat says no father in the

household so that means Annie boy from

school can walk right in women who grow

up with us

without a father are slutty or by

default we talk about daddy issues all

the time what do you think about daddy

issues in that regard I think daddy

issues your justice

well there are constructive things

because I actually have that in my

chimney or by oh now that I'm looking

for girls with a little bit of daddy

issues and impulse control problems but

I think daddy issues are just girls that

never had a strong masculine role model

so they're used to having a very pliant

command so when they get the opposite

they real respond very positively to it

it's kind of the same thing as a guy who

grows up with a domineering mother he's

going to go one out of two ways he's

either gonna become a complete pusher

more or he's gonna become a hyper

masculine let's call it assholes to use

that time for lack of a better turn

gentlemen you have listened to episode

three the 340 ninth edition of TSR live

our special guest today was Black Label

Logic my man Carl again you guys can

follow them follow him on Twitter at

Black Label logic be sure to visit his

website for slash

donovan sharp stay tuned guys because

i'm gonna be back here live in one hour

with Rollo Tomassi hora

sort of a cross over to this gab dot ai

gab calm got taken down because the

Pittsburgh shooter apparently made some

sort of reference to yeah I'm almost

like how elliot rodger Gabe's a rental

community a bad name by referencing red

pill you know rental vernacular etc etc

etc then of course you know the red pill

sort of they kind of caught that

crossfire this Pittsburgh shooter the

guy that went in and killed eleven or

twelve people in the synagogue he

referenced gab and so gab has been

temporarily taken down and has actually

looked at now the general narrative is

is that it is a white what rola just

texted me he says they're calling it a

white supremacist sanctuary what are

your thoughts just real quick before we

before we cut this feed what are your

thoughts on them deep platforming the

platforming material like this which

again this is why I have to take this

video down because again this is what

happens to us so an entire website just

got taken down because some idiot went

up with the shut up a synagogue and

reference Gabe that AI what it what are

your thoughts on that well two things

number one Isis is currently doing

recruitment on Twitter so yep I'm if

you're going to start D platforming or

taking sites down because they're being

used and let's go less-than-ideal things

then you should probably take down every

social media network Wow but number two

I think the biggest problem is that

these platforms they're claiming that

they don't have any editorial control or

responsibility over the content that's

posted and I I have no problem with that

position is a well entrenched legal

position but if you're going to use

algorithms to filter content you're

gonna ban people you're going to delete

posts then you are in fact performing

the role of an editor so at that point

it becomes very hard to say that you're

not an editor of sorts and I think if

you kind of deep platform all these

sites they'll just gonna keep popping

back up somewhere and in the end you're

gonna have people out there an echo

chambers that are never contradicted and

what's gonna happen is you're gonna end

up making those less than palatable


sees more prevalent by blocking them an

echo chamber it's like you know the

movie American History X yes very good

movie man that was a really good movie

yeah we Edward Norton character there

he's kind of in the beginning of the

movie he's in an white nationalist echo

chamber where no one's ever

contradicting it he gets put in jail and

he has a relationship with a black guy

and he actually comes to realize that a

lot of his perspectives are wrong and

that's what happens when you're exposed

to things there are not in the echo

chamber but if people are only hanging

out Necco Jane first then you know

you're gonna keep getting confirmed your

opinions confirm them they're only going

to be stronger and become more extreme


listen that's an excellent reference man

for anyone who hasn't watched that movie

American History X that is that is

probably one of the most read I would

read pill undertones all over the place

probably one of the more racially

relevant movies of our time excellent

movie that was Edward Furlong was

actually in that movie

along with Edward Norton I think beverly

d'angelo is in that another guy American

History X you guys gotta check that out

listen Carl again thank you very much

for making time for us today

as always you brought the pain you

brought the knowledge you managed to get

you managed to get a troll to call in

and call me all kinds of names

unfortunately he didn't really you know

sling any arrows at you so I had to take

them all but I got I got my man Steve

Devine winds to come in and and put the

guy in this place but again thanks for

making the time for study that I greatly

appreciate it I think my audience list

yeah thanks for having me I mean a

longtime fan of the show so it was great

to be on here other than for calling out

a troll randomly in a conference room

very good stay tuned guys I will be back

on air at 1:30 p.m. Eastern Standard

Time with Rollo Tomassi we are going to

talk about gab being temporarily shut

down because of that Pittsburgh shooter

thanks for tuning in guys we'll see you

next time

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