Are MILF's worth dating? 6 pros & 6 cons (Episode 407)

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no matter what women say they live to be

objectified I don't want to fuck your

denarii what else can you offer me

besides sex I don't want to fuck your

personality either women want all the

accolades to be at the boss without any

of the responsibilities fly from

Philadelphia your man

Donovan sure what's up guys it's old man

Donovan sharp and welcome to the 407

edition of TSR live your daily dose of

redtail truth wisdom and awareness it is

Tuesday February 12th 2019 we are multi

casting live to three YouTube channels

three Facebook pages as well as Twitter

let's get right to it when guys reach

their mid-30s we are sold this myth that

older women make the best significant

others date and older women date an

older woman rather they tell us they're

mature their experience they treat you

better they don't have time for games

we've all heard this stuff before

interestingly enough they don't really

start to push the date an older woman

myth until of course we reach peak value

which is why I said mid to late 30s they

want the highest value men to date

potentially the lowest value women

incidentally enough that's no accident

anyway now to be fair to be fair a lot

of what I said is true older women do

tend to treat you better

older women can be more mature and they

damn sure don't have time for games

or much of anything else for that matter

as they are of course older women but

the reasons these are true are not the

reasons that the general public would

lead you to believe older women or milfs

I think or Cougars as they're called in

porn and American Pie they improve

themselves simply because time is

running out they've hit the wall men of

value won't commit to them outside of

maybe a one-night stand or fuck-buddy

arrangement and they're running out of


that's the

our truth now a lot of older women do

still retain some of their head turning

of the head turning assets that got them

endless dick in their 20s albeit at a

lower level men still want to fuck them

but the reason older women tend to be

more patient

the reason older women tend to be a

little bit more kind the reason older

women tend to be a little bit better

company is out of necessity not out of

the kindness of their hearts and their

strong moral character if women knew

that they had 100 years of physical

prime 100 years of looking feeling

smelling tasting like they're 22 years

old for 100 years they would spend 99

years 11 months and 2 weeks on the

carousel before they even begin to start

thinking about settling down and most of

those girls would probably push it to

the last day of year 100 the point is

guys is that older women are less

terrible because they have to be not

because they want to be if they were

still young and hot they'd still be

walking around like stuck-up high school

bitches whose shit doesn't stink but

father time always collects his debt for

having given any given woman absolute

power over men for the better part of a

decade we have older women out here who

appear to be good partners or good

girlfriends now before we go any further

let's define an older woman in red pill

terms this is simple an older woman is a

woman over 30 period that's it I don't

want to hear it

oh one more 30 is an older woman and

that is all there is to it listen guys

Devin is an older woman yes my

girlfriend is an older woman she just

turned 35 yesterday now fortunately for

her she still looks great in her

mid-thirties she's got the body of a 24

year old because she's a genetic freak

as you guys can see Devin got lucky but

she is a rare exception to the rule but

knowing that father time is undefeated

I've taken measures to preserve that

porn star body she's got for as long as

I can to make sure I still want to fuck

her for the next few years but I digress

way back

in episode 247 I debunked seven myths

about the fabled and fetishized Cougars

and milfs of the world that most people

are grossly unaware of one such myth is

that Cougars are easy take a listen

the next myth that was dispelled during

my time I guess in the jungle hunting

Cougars is that Cougars are older women

are easy to gain okay anyone who

believes this or tells other people this

hasn't that they've probably never

fucked a good-looking older woman and

probably never will if you think if

again you have to think of it in this

context if you think that a 42 year old

who's basically been I fucked by every

man since since you know she was a

teenager or probably even younger is

just gonna lift up her skirt if you just

walk up say hello and buy her a drink

you're you're out of your mind you're

that that's not even close to what


she's got years of men fawning over and

over time this this inflates were

already oversized ego to the point to

where she requires like like her

entitlement monkey is Bionic alright you

can't just walk up and do a couple of

parlor tricks and expect her to drop

work and expect her to drop her panties

you still have to have game to fuck

allure women now in that episode I

debunked six other myths and you guys

can check that episode out that's

episode 247 on donovan sharp calm or forward slash donovan sharp

all of that said older women do have

their advantages but they also have

their drawbacks and this is what i am

going to discuss tonight i'm gonna talk

about six pros and six cons of dating

older women based on my own personal

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check the chat to see who's in the house

for whatever reason I think Devin's in

the kitchen Devin if you are watching or

listening I am very thirsty and very hot

I need you to bring me a glass of ice

water and I need you to turn on the fan

Devin Devin calling all white girls with

long blonde hair and pornstar buddies

daddy's thirsty and he's hot come take

care of your boy alright let's see

what's going on here in the chat mister

make pops the cherry hell fighter gets

sloppy seconds Lorenzo Davis hits to

fuck her in the ass Luigi consi gets to

finish on her face chase rubadoux gets

to get it all on video

area code 5 1 2 I see when the line will

be with you in just a second ryan

sullivan thought he was fourth he gets

to stand outside of the hotel room and

listen to all the fun from the outside

charles cab AEL good to see you in here

a little rocked

25:17 don't think i've seen you in here

before welcome to the towers mark Gordon

welcome to the towers Rob cruises in the

house freelance Ronin looks like the

notifications are working very very well

Winston wolf says most of the gentle G's

in the house very good Chris Von Erich

appreciate that Thank You dev make sure

you get that fan hey yeah turn on the

fan thank you low one low not a good

girl good girl

Iselle Ali says it's ironic that Western

civilization contributed so many

positive things to us yet modern

liberalism could spell it sin Wow very

profound truer words never spoken

Miami J's

the house jump Ellis meaty says it's a

mad fetish yeah maybe maybe listen man

guys never really started like in as far

as I know like an older women until the

advent of pornography so Armando Moreno

is in the house loveseat shout he says

that's a badass milf in that thumbnail

Donovan well loveseat shouty that is

Devin that is my girlfriend that's the

woman who gets the privilege of sleeping

in the same bed as me every night the

ass that you saw smacked at the

beginning that was Devin the moan that

you heard that was Devin the ass that I

stamped at the beginning that was Devon

Devon is Donovan's property Devon is

happy to be Donovan's property Devon is

no thumbnail Miami J says fuck the milfs

nothing more so Miami J has gone full

meathead red pill Minister Japp is in

the motherfuckin house

my man Minister jet one of the coldest

flame-throwing niggas on YouTube right

now his ass had a field day on cynthia g

minister jap could probably start

another youtube channel just talking

shit about Cynthia G you'd have 20,000

subscribers in 20 days I promise you

that shoutout to Minister Japp in the

motherfucking house good to see you and

here my friend Harry code five one two

hang tight I'm gonna be with you in a


good stuff

tomorrow RN says vasectomy years ago but

I never tell him straight up now you got

to keep that game on point brother

Fernando Trejo says senior citizen two

skilled Kyle Mitchell's in the house he

says older women are like Terrell Owens

at the end of his career when he was

begging for a job he's a total ass when

he was in his prime baby became really

nice when no one wanted him past 30 I

would beg to differ you see I live in

the city of Philadelphia and tio gave us

one and a half a really good years right

second year didn't really work out so

well teo was 31 when we got him he was

past 30s listen teo is the hot girl who

maintained some of his hotness and still

acted like he was 21 years old and he

got away with it because he's talented

but one of the Cowboys and the bangles

and other teams but yeah yeah listen

there were teams that had to deal with

his bullshit when he was past 30 I

listen I like the analogy though I like

the analogy very very nice

Fernando Trejo congratulating me once

again on the appreciate that lone

revolver is in the house

fitness for life Kareem hut is back well

kinda I told us an I told you niggas

that Kareem hunt was going to be signed

again I told y'all he was gonna be back

in the NFL y'all hate nest niggas y'all

white knight so Kareem hunt is done no

cream hunt is young and talented

yeah Ray Rice Ray Rice was passed the

football wall

Ray Rice was no longer productive so Ray

Rice was out of the league I took I told

y'all motherfuckers cream hunt will be

back and wouldn't you know it he's back

yeah he's gonna miss half the season he

might even miss ten games but listen

he's young and he's talented and he's


Michael mulatto is in the house as I'm

51 30 to 40 year old milfs are my go-to

straight up Michael Milano has all the

game that dood' stays fuckin I'm not

kidding excellent Kyle Mitchell says if

milord tio then I am the Seahawks that's

pretty good that's pretty good excellent


Danny Pacini says are those pics in the

screen - Donovan's right his girlfriend

yes Danny

yes they are yes they are

absolutely absolutely 91 for two oh five

five three five six is the number to

call if you want to get on the show got

a couple of callers on the line

area code nine one nine I'm gonna get to

you in just a second let us start out

with area code five one two you're on

live at Donovan go ahead hey Donovan how

you doing doing good brother hey doing

this is

good this is mr. pirate brain you see me

in the chest

ah yes absolutely yeah yeah I was called

in to chime in on that I'm older I mean

I'm in my 50 but I started messing with

all the women a while back I have one

daughter that I was fortunate enough to

get custody of and she was raised by me

oh good so I I didn't fall into that

child support trap um what I didn't want

to fall into it so I started fucking

with women it were past menopause you

know it was a choice sure you don't want

to knock him up yeah I don't wanna knock

come on you know and sometimes you find

some that realize that they've hit the

wall and they're grateful and sometimes

you find something they don't even

realize they hit the wall and it's full

of shit listen check this out

women are always the last to know that

they've hit the wall they're always the

last to know there are the last to know

and there are the last to acknowledge it

when they wake up one day and they're 37

they think holy shit

I'm past the wall I've hit the wall yeah

and you know this Western society to me

has ruined it for one I mean look this

morning I'm home I'm on disability I was

watching the view this morning you know

they had the Reyna Bobbitt on there no

yeah Lorena Bobbitt was on the view and

they were talking about abuse of what he

called a domestic violence I'm like and

I'm like how can I have this whole on

their talking about domestic violence

when she is the biggest most famous

perpetrator of domestic violence cuz she

admitted that he wasn't raping her so

what you got mad because he fooled

around with you right right unbelievable

man and if you know the difference is

right right even though she chopped

another man's dick off he didn't abuse

her that we know of he didn't rape her

he she just caught him cheating and she

cut his dick off if men ran around

cutting the tits off of women who

cheated on them we would have titless

women number one number two the first

time it happened we'd give em a life

sentence this is just others

this is the double standard thanks for

the call area code five one two yeah

thanks for the call area code five one

two I'm gonna get to the next caller

here yeah he's right

Lorena Bobbit is hailed as a hero and I

don't watch the view like I don't do it

I don't watch TV man like I have ESP

like I'm either listen to the ESPN radio

or I'm watching here or Fox you know Fox

Sports one I just don't but it doesn't

surprise me that Lorena Bobbitt is well

was on TV let's go to area code 949 okay

well looks like area code 949 was taking

care of some business so we are going to

take care of our business very good okay

so there there appears to be a slight

yeah there there looks like there is a

slight lip sync issue hang on a second

let me close here we go let me close let

me go so close Photoshop let me close

audacity what the fuck is my swear to

god man my goddamn computer is starting

to it's starting to act like with this

shit start act like a Windows computer

where it's fucking open and shit up that

has no business being opened up

unbelievable alright it's does that

sound a little bit I know that on the

replay on the replay the I I think the

sound like matches up or whatever but

we'll figure it out uh my bad actually

no that is not Devin's face in the

thumbnail I thought he was talking about

the pictures here on the right no the

woman in the thumbnail I just googled

you know good-looking older woman in a

bikini and there she was no the woman in

the photo the women on the thumbnail is

not Devin is not Devin yeah it looks

like I'm still out of all right well you

know that's that's just how it's gonna

be my guess is that the you know when

when I close BlogTalkRadio maybe that

will improve it I don't know I did not

restart my computer but you know listen

at least you guys can hear me so I think

we're I think we'll be okay let's take

one more phone call and then that'll get

for the nightmare code nine to five one

you're on live at Donovan go ahead there

he is come here bro in the house what's

up brother hey Dee woman

I'm doing great man got some good checks

got some credit cards that came in good

make good money so anyway I thought this

was related to yesterday of bouncing

Denton today with the whole thing about

the password and strength yeah oh yeah

yeah all right so anyway new prospect

she work she works out my gym 29

recently single mother of two finest

fuck okay so yeah so anyway so we talk

for a bit

and out of nowhere in lap nine days ago

a lot of Sunday Jazz me I want to do the

lift from dirty dancing like sail away

with a Patrick plank

yeah right yeah right right right right

right yeah and Jennifer gray yeah yeah

that one the time a lot and so what

happened oh well we try to your time so

it's just her run your tits in my face

then which was awesome and down so we

started text a little bit trying again

try to I can do it it's close but yeah I

can get it there but point being um I

know it's getting real comfortable now

you know what I mean sure and yeah and I

don't honestly I don't know what the

back to that like everything in my old

self saying that she just wants to do it

because she looks at me as a friend but

right at the same time there has been

times when I pick her up she get up and

then I go down you know she falls down

on me you know I just grab her house

there you go there you go oh I'm sorry

let me let me thank you up there yeah so

I want to get your take on it in that

well it's just like a form of flirting

does you want me to go farther you know

I told Mike I even told her like dude we

gotta try this at the club one of these

days oh there you go there you go there

you go yeah yeah listen yeah listen it

sounds like it sounds like she

definitely is into you

she has two kids so that automatically

dismisses her for a long-term

relationship but yeah listen one thing

about listen one good the only good

thing about single mothers

is that they're easy targets they're

always looking to fuck they're easy to

fuck they're easy to game we all talk

about the fact let's are bad and sluts

or this and sluts are that well

absolutely but by the same token

so let's the sluts are easy pussy so

sluts are sluts are good for us all yes

sir and I agree with that completely

good stuff man

I don't like thank you man so what would

you do in that situation that what would

I do in that situation dude listen I

would I wouldn't like brother listen man

I would I would rinse and repeat man I

would I would keep up with the text game

I wouldn't take her to the club okay I

do like the I do like the fact that you

said hey we gotta try that at the club

sometime move off of the dirty move off

of the dirty dancing thing and tell her

hey you know what I've actually got the

the dirty dancing on video I've got it

on Netflix come over and we'll watch it

sometime boom there you go there's your


she'll know what's up okay good stuff

man keep me listen keep me posted

Charles Charles Caballero is in the

house Charles Charles is my guy man

Charles is my guy

Estrada he is the strongest he is the

strongest person or actually I'll put it

to you this way he has the strongest

handshake I've ever felt like straight

up I've never met anyone who has a

stronger handshake than wah si si is

definitely one of those people okay

let's go ahead and get started here the

pros and cons of dating older women the

first advantage is that older women are

better cooks at least the ones who are

in their late 30s early 40s now listen

most women in this country they don't

know how to cook especially younger

women usually you know 20 year old girls

28 year old girls or you know they know

how to make microwave hot dogs and tater

tots but older women the reason why they

cook better is listen they've been

around longer this is by virtue of time

right and listen all older women can

fuck-buddies one-night-stands it doesn't

matter what the relationship was at that

point or at that level most older women

can cook a lot better than younger women

now regardless of regardless of the

status that they were all of them could

cook they weren't all Michelin star

chefs but they were all above average

but but all of them had above-average

culinary faculty now Devyn she cooks

very very well and one of the reasons

that she cooks very very well is because

she worked in kitchens to pay her way

through Community College she had to

work her way through college

her mother is also a very good cook and

she happened to past and she happened to

pass that down to her daughter

so the first ring the first benefit to

dating older women is of course they're

better cooks number two this one's

pretty obvious better blowjobs right

older women suck dick a lot better than

younger women listen again it's because

they've been around longer older women

are world-class cock suckers now younger

girls are closing the gap there's no

doubt about that I think it's safe to

say that younger girls younger girls

have fucked more guys these days then

the older women did yesteryear the

average 20 year old girl has fucked far

more guys here in 2019 than the average

20 year old girl back in the 80s I can

guarantee you that of course they've got

the smart phones they can literally like

Jorge Bruno calls that it's a box of

Nicks you can literally just sum it dick

right to your location

all right but again this is simple math

the more cock a woman sucks the better

she gets out of it older women have

fucked more men than younger women then

then younger women this is just all

there is to it and if they fucked more

they'd have sucked more and we're

talking about women older women have had

20 years or more on the cock carousel

most dude most girls start fucking

around 14 15 years old so by the time

she's 34 35 dude she will suck the

colour off your dick if you're a black

man she will suck the black off that off

yo nigga dick nigga for real and if you

have a white dick she'll suck it so good

it'll be clear it's like shit like you

suck the white off my dick I can see

right through my fucking cock look at

that I can see her I can see my face to

see your face to my cock now as far as

sex is concerned older women don't

really fuck any better or any worse than


and for the for the record there's no

skill like women don't aren't good in

bed right yes like you can't say oh my

woman is great in bed yeah no women

aren't good in bed yes attractiveness

and willingness and blowjob skills do

make a difference but there's no real

skill in getting fuck they just lay

there and get fucked getting fucked

isn't a skill blowjobs are a skill and

older and older women are much better at

it number three and this this is a big

one older women almost never

turn you down for sex guys I've dated

plenty older women I fuck plenty of

broads in their mid to late 30s early

40s one dude one chick told me she was

47 she's probably put closer to 15

hottest shit she's from the LA plastic

everything but when dating older women

all of them

okay I've almost never been turned down

for sex the few times I did it was

because she was on her period and a few

times actually made her show me her

tampon right like show me your tampon oh

my god II can't believe it but that

bitch showed it to me didn't she I

begged em and show me tampons

during dude during the training during

the training process I'm wanting to fuck

she's like well I'm on my period all

right prove it to me she shows me your

tampon she's all incredulous all right

no problem looks like it's blowj a

blowjob and anal day

the reason older women don't turn you

down is they know that as a man of value

you've got options they know that

younger hotter girls are after you so

they want to keep your balls dreams so

you don't have any more semen for the

younger bitches listen guys women know

when a guy can fuck other girls okay

all she listen all older women can do is

be feminine be kind and be docile if

your balls are drained just just like I

said you don't have any more juice for

any other woman at least hypothetically

theoretically in their minds so the

third advantage to dating or fucking

older women is that they almost never

turn you down for sex if you are

watching on facebook twitter or on one

of my backup youtube channels come on

over to my main channel to watch the

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donovan sharp

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main YouTube channel to watch the rest

of this episode all right let's go uh

let's go back to the chat here as I

shrink the audience got to make sure I

don't mix the the wrong feed very good

that's impressive actually had quite a

few people watching on all of my on all

of my platforms good stuff

chief wildfire says phone lines down

this is nine for nine my bad yeah yeah

phone lines are down I think it's Sloan

down I think it was slowing it down you

were talking to somebody when I had you

on and I'm not a waiter so it is what it


Shawn see says kungfu grip sad boy says

they aren't worth it lower sex drive

maybe I know Devin likes to fuck Devin

likes the fuck Ryan Sullivan says what

is a nine and her 40s a series of Botox

injections very good Dani Puccini says

because they have no teeth oh fucking

hell that's fucked up man oh my god

freelance soreness says these young

chicks can't boil water without having

to call the fire - dude these young bit

dude these young bitches cannot cook to

save their lives dude man up listen I'm

trying to let you man seriously I'm

trying to let y'all know these bitches

out here can not fucking cook guys I've

told you about dude I dated a young hot

girl a name is Chrissy huge fake tits

met her when she was 19 fucked her until

she was 20

actually no I met her when she was 19 we

were on and off kinda sorta made her my

girlfriend I paid for cooking classes

she was an abject disaster she didn't

want to do it was fucked up oops I lost

the chat hold on where'd you guys go

there he are they're here

siobhan smiley says his a millennial he

can vouch for that absolutely REM ERP

says I love milfs Zuzu says a period

doesn't stop nothing but a sentence

that's funny as shit

freelance Ronin says Uzi you like

ketchup on the hotdog man listen I don't

care dude if I'm if dude if I'm horny

enough dude I will fuck a girl on her

period straight up

fuck that straight up it's not something

I do often but yeah I will fuck a girl

up dude I will fuck when I'm on my

periods what when a girl's on her period

Kyle Mitchell points out the obvious he

says Donovan is not the views target

audience no I am NOT no I am NOT the

rest of the benefits of dating older

women along with more of your comments

after the break we'll be right back

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with another track let's go to the chat

here quickly before we get this party

restarted Winston wolf says the consult

is greatest like having a custom TSR OTS

our episodes starring you abram outlaw

is late no big deal

captain crunch forward to what he says

if you can push through mud you can fuck

through blood Wow Jesus Christ oh wow

the period the period jokes are RRR loud

and clear here guys jesus fucking christ

oh wow

Kevin II banya says I heard women love

getting fucked on their period some do

most don't I don't care dude if I want

to fuck I'm gonna fuck that's just all

there is to it I'm on my period

Marie I'm will fuck you and yes oh okay

fuck it I'll take it out hot dog in a

hallway is the name of a n ofx song Wow

hot dog in a hallway fucking hell man

some of these bitches feel that way that

is for sure

that is for sure okay let's continue

with the fourth advantage the fourth Pro

the fourth benefit of dating older women

they seem to have a little bit more

intelligence now this is another

byproduct of experience they've been

around longer they've seen more they've

learned more so they probably know more

a little more mature a little more

mature now there's still women guys

they're overgrown children remember

women grow old but they never grow up

but the older they get at least older

women at least they have some basic

knowledge right they didn't grow up in

the smartphone age right so you can have

an intelligent conversation with an

older woman not that this is a

requirement but it is nice if a woman is

250 pounds and a world-class

conversationalist I really don't give a


I'll converse with you until I got to go

but I'm not trying to fuck your

personality I'd rather fuck a hot air

head than an intelligent fatty again I

refer to my ex kind of girlfriend

Chrissy in Vegas smokin hot huge fake

tits long black hair guys she was as

dumb as a cardboard box man like I had

to sit glued I had to sit there and

explained the government to this woman

like we're sitting there laying in bed I

don't even think we're laying in bed I

think we're we were it we were we were

in my living room and I was on my laptop

I think I was actually we're gonna

return a king's article and I think I

had fox news on and something was

happening in some third-world country so

he's like I don't understand how these

things happen I said understand how what

things happened I'm half paying

attention cuz she's just running off at

the mouth I just don't understand how

all of this unrest happens in these

countries and people shooting each other

and I'm like well these things happen

Krissi she's like well where are the


and I'm like cops like this is a

third-world country and she looked at me

like she didn't understand what

third-world country is I said wait a

minute I said hold on hold on hold on I

said you do understand that not every

country has police officers right she

stole a confused and then it dawned on

me she didn't know what government was

she didn't know what the function of

government was so I had to literally

take her through step by step but I said

okay Krissi

if I go outside all right if I get on

the Las Vegas Strip in my car and I

Drive 100 miles an hour right down the

strip what's gonna happen she's like

okay well cops are gonna pull you over

the gonna apprehend you I said okay do

cops work for free well of course not

she says I said well who do you think

pays the cops and she said the city I

said right and who pays the city she her

eyes got very round I said why do we get

charged an extra 17 cents for a bag of

chips oh now we even know we even have

any food we didn't have any food tax or

income tax in Nevada right but I had to

explain the taxes and all that so

finally she got it I said yes the reason

why third-world countries are in a

constant state of unrest is because

there's no government that's why people

are gonna work for free I could not

believe I had to explain this to her I

explained the basics and she still

looked confused it was unbelievable

you never have to do that with most

older women there are some older women

who are airheads but jesus fucking

christ you almost never have to do that

with them listen there are a lot of hot

girls out there but hot girls aren't

intelligent because they don't have to

be intelligent dude Chris has been

beautiful all her life she's through

she's 26 27 now she's probably still hot

guess what until she hits the wall she's

not gonna really have to be smart she

can get whatever she wants for being

young and

and hot and last night act according to

her she said she was pregnant so she's

in real trouble anyway

older women know that their options are

limited so they have to develop

themselves in other ways this is just

how it goes and developing themselves in

other ways means sometimes tapping into

that intelligence so that you can have a

conversation of meaning ish a

conversation of meaning with a man of

value this this is how this goes number

five the fifth advantage to dating older

women is older women have more money and

they're more financially responsible now

older women again they're older so

they're a little further along in their

careers in their jobs so there's more

earning potential they're still

financially irresponsible but the older

they get the more they learn they become

more financially responsible as time

goes on right

so at 23 years old she thinks to herself

oh I'm gonna buy the hot new iPhone ba

ba ba ba ba ba at 43 she's like you know

what maybe I shouldn't pay $1,100 for a

phone maybe I shouldn't buy $10

Starbucks drinks twice a day six days a


they make subtle changes and they become

responsible here's the benefit if she

has her own money she likely doesn't

view you as an ATM the only time an

older woman a hot older woman would view

you as an ATM is if you're worth seven

figures that's it but none of us in here

are worth seven figures that's just all

there is to it

so older what listen she probably makes

more money right she probably has more

money to her name than younger women

they don't work older women don't

require you to pay for everything

they're not gonna require you to shower

with gifts they pick up the tab

quite a bit because they enjoy your

company they like doing that there are

exceptions but I haven't met one all

they usually were all older women

usually required to get good treatment

is just dick and maybe ten minutes a

company at a time now Devon she makes

great money so when we first started

seeing each other it was clear that she

it was clear that she liked me for what

I was not what I had right she never

hesitated to treat me and even now she

still pays for dinner sometimes

I make the rules he's like hey let's eat

out tonight all right cool we're gonna

go to XYZ restaurant by the way your

idea you are done yes Devin is still a

woman and she can be very financially

irresponsible at times of course because

she's a woman but the fact that she

makes good money because she's got over

a debt dude over a decade's worth of

experience in her field that is a

big-time benefit for sure the last and

final benefit of dating older women is

that they are much more appreciative why

well because sexual market value wise

they're on the back nine and they know

it they're not young and hot anymore

guys yes they do have options but they

know that their sexual market value goes

down with each passing day

so thinking with a high-value guy if

they actually happen to find one they're

much more appreciative because they know

they're with a guy who could fuck

younger women but he chose her at least

in the short term and they appreciate it

that gives them sexual validation even

older women I told that we are nothing

but fuck buddies dude told them straight


we are nothing but fuck buddies they

still worked hard to get my attention

they all treated me well do you need a

coke do you need coke do you need a beer

can I get you anything

their time is precious their time with

you is precious and they treasure that

time so they want to make the best of it

they treat you better older women she

treats you better because they

appreciate being in the presence of a

high-value male they don't get that they

don't get it that much anymore

when they were in their 20s they were

around high value guys all the time they

took it for granted but now that she's

38 39 years old it's not around so much

so she's definitely going to appreciate

it more and the reason they appreciate

it is because they know that there are a

few short years from being invisible to

men all right let's check the chat here

okay vantablack I just saw something the

focus of anti-black I just saw a

vantablack and for whatever reason it

disappeared oh there it is

vantablack off-topic how does one stop

exhibiting thirsty behaviors when said

one is thirsty is fuck going on two

years yes I know suicide is an option

get the fuck out of here with that

nonsense quit attention or I'm out of

here fuck outta here

you're gone Fanta black off-topic how do

you how do you stop exhibiting thirsty

behaviors when one is thirsty here's a

thought Donovan sharp calm man like guys

listen man I don't mind answering basic

questions but remedial questions like

that get the fuck out of here

and then he wanted to throw in the

suicide get that dude fuck you man get

out of here

fucking idiot oh look at that BK from

the Rockies beat me to it told him that

kill'd go to my website and get a

console yeah no shit

super kokujin 9:16 says raspberry Eclair

in full effect fucking hell somebody

would ask me would I eat if she was on

her period nigga I don't eat pussy

period that's all there is to it witson

wolf says she was like which world is

Earth yo

Chrissy was dude and I'm not one to say

well she's not the sharpest tool in the

snow Chrissy was dumb as fuck dude

dude she is as dumb as drywall like this

bitch was so stupid no the what dude the

one thing that she was extremely

intelligent on was diet and fitness

dude she could be a she's not officially

accredited the bitch could be a

dietician and she could be she could be

a personal trainer

the bitch knew had to stay in shape like

her diet was on point and it definitely

showed in her physique for real outside

of diet and exercise dude she didn't

know shit dude if you had told her that

we were in New Mexico because there's a

Las Vegas in New Mexico she probably

would have believed it the bitch was so


she was so fucking stupid ah goddamn

like this bitch used to just give me I

used to have to explain everything to

her I'm like oh my god Oh like I'm

starting to get a headache thinking

about it oh fucking sweet mercy and now

some dude has made the egregious mistake

and knocking her up now she's been a

stupid kid oh fuck

and the reason why the reason why I

actually reached out to her is because

she did she did she did a facebook video

like you know they do these Facebook or

YouTube videos of these skits and guys

and girls and interactions between men

and women and she did a Facebook out

what channel it was on but I looked at

it I was like holy fucking shit it's

fucking Chrissy like I'll dude I'm like

went through it frame by frame I'm like

yeah that was definitely her so I shot

our text she's like yeah that's me bah

blah blah then she starts talking about

our like alright blocker Abram outlaw

says Kellyanne is an airhead Abraham

sorry Abraham outlaw said Kellyanne is

an airhead let me ask you something

Abram outlaw do you hate Donald Trump I

want to know I want you to answer me two

questions Abram and I want to get into

this I know I know okay but I don't want

to get into this but but again Kellyanne

Kellyanne Conway is an airhead that is

the statement of a potential fake-ass


so I need to know two questions I need

to know if you hate Donald Trump and who

did you vote for in the 2008 election

the reason I ask these things is that

Kellyanne Conway is not an airhead

Donald Trump doesn't hire Donald Trump

doesn't hire airheads unless he has

fucking said airheads see stormy Daniels

other prostitutes other bitches that

he's fucking so I need to know those two

questions and then I'm gonna put it to

the jury to find out if Abram outlaw is

a fake-ass pro-black

here we go say yes he hates Donald Trump

who did you vote for in the 2008 and


in the 2008 and the 2012 presidential

elections I will wait I will wait on

that are unplugs has Donovan should you

fight over one of your plates I'm just

gonna let my silence answer that

question I don't want to be I don't

wanna be an asshole but that is a very

that's an unintelligent question no no

you shouldn't fight over your plates no

Abram out Hall Abram outlaw is not a

troll but Abram is showing that he is a

fake-ass row black

I hate Trump because he doesn't care

about the country oh now see now I'm

gonna get off on a tangent oh my sweet

mother of God

you know what Abram outlaw sounds like

he sounds like the Cleveland fans back

in 2010 when LeBron announced to the

world that he was taking his talents to

South Beach right all the Cleveland fans

burned his jersey why are you burning

LeBrons Jersey why do you hate LeBron

well it's not that he left us it's how

he left us we just don't like the way he

did it the 2010 Cleveland Cavaliers fans

sound like the jaded boyfriend you know

what I don't care that she dumped me I

just don't like the way she did it no

it's not how she dumped you it's that

she dumped you no man ever has said you

know what Devon dumped my ass

unceremoniously but you know what I'm

gonna stay on good terms with her

because she handled that quite well yeah

absolutely yeah you know what I like the

way she did that no of course not

your reason that you hate Donald Trump

is because he doesn't care about America

just say you hate Donald Trump because a

he's white and B you think he's a racist

but if you're gonna say you hate Donald

Trump to say you hate Donald Trump don't

call Kellyanne Conway an airhead because

you know goddamn well she's not an

airhead trial is now in session there is

the case my jurors oh look at this look

at all the investigation dude he's not

qualified yeah here we go

fake ass and we're

did you get where did you do where did

you where all these investigations Abram

did you get this on Facebook or Twitter

or Instagram right I'm putting it to the

jury guilty or not guilty is Abram

outlaw a fake-ass pro-black the TSR

towers jurors unit you guys need to

submit your votes if it is a guilty

verdict I am timing you out for no less

than three zillion seconds I'm not gonna

ban you not gonna ban you but I'm gonna

time you out for the rest of the show if

you show your face

CNN dude the facts are there oh wow

because CNN is not a slanted network

right Abram listen dude if you hate

Donald Trump because you hate white

people that's okay this is a free

country but don't insult my intelligence

by trying to roundabout tell me that you

hate Donald Trump because you think he

Hey okay so first first it's he doesn't

care about America and now it's he's not

qualified here we go Mike shit wait if

you're not in the jury don't oh jesus

fucking christ sorry all right guys all

right all right everybody is saying he's

guilty swayed senator guilty Kevin

Ibanez guilty sharp assist guilty Latino

manosphere Armando Moreno guilty guilty

from San Antonio Texas yep

he said come on man no no I'm coming

with the verdict he said it's all the

above and he is still trying to fight

let me ask you something let me ask you

something Abraham's dude you're guilty

as fuck but it's all right it's not

listen if you hate white people because

you're black that doesn't make you a

fake-ass pro-black what makes you a

fake-ass pro-black is trying to

disqualify white people and making us

think that it's something else if you

hate Donald Trump because he's white

just say you know what I hate that

racist cracker okay cool man

cool but don't tell me that Kellyanne

Conway is an airhead that's round about

that objection is that objection is


the verdict is guilty Abram outlaw you

are here remanded from from TSR towers

for the rest of the show you are hereby

a remanded he says I don't hate white

people you are in contempt mr. outlaw

you are in contempt court bailiff

Armando Moreno take him away

you are in contempt order you are in

contempt of court get them out of here

came from outlaw is guilty of being a

fake-ass pro-black time is ass out of

here all right hmm I hate to have to do

this but listen this is the court of

donovan sharp and i do not take too

kindly to fake-ass pro-black ass niggas

in here making statements like that

appreciate that Armando get him the fuck

out of here

excellent excellent okay let's continue

and by the way if you are a member of

the TSR STFU you just missed you just

missed a really good segment there in

the broadcast you got listen you guys

listening to this now you guys will hear

all the bullshit that happens you guys

pay 10 bucks a month so you'd have to

hear me run my mouth you want to hear me

run my mouth on this one that was really

really fucking good we just threw out a

fake-ass pro-black anyway let's give you

what you paid for we have talked about

the benefits of dating older women but

now we're gonna talk about some of the

drawbacks some of the not-so-great

benefits of dating older women let's

just listen let's start with number one

man what's obvious their bodies are not

as tight in that episode the Cougar myth

I also pointed that out their bodies

just aren't as tight like I said at the

top of that up like I said at the top of

this episode Devin's body is

still unbelievably tight even though

she's in her mid-30s but again she is

the exception she's not special but she

is the exception and for those of you

think and for those of you out here who

think that I might actually think that

my girlfriend is a unicorn I can assure

you that I do not yes Devin has

qualities that I like but I never take

for granted that she could go feral at

any time for any reason she was on the

cock carousel out here just like

everybody else

you don't think I know she's got a high

notch count you don't think I know she's

fucked over a lot of dudes in the past

you don't think I know what she used to

get up to in her 20s there's nothing

special about Devin she simply decided

that I donovan sharp was worth

committing to and did what was necessary

to secure my commitment and trust me

when I tell you she worked her sweet

little lad off for that commitment and

she continues to do so to this day she

means a lot to me there's no doubt about


but she is not a unicorn nor will I

treat her as such anyway

older women are just not as useful their

bodies are not as useful there is a

world of difference between fucking a

26-year old and fucking a 46 year old

obviously 46 is way past the wall but

the fact remains is that one of the

drawbacks of dating older women their

bodies aren't as tight their tits aren't

as perky

it's just how it goes I have no I didn't

I swear to god man like and again yeah

I'm gonna brag on my girl here a little

bit Devin still has these big perky tits

she's 35 she's got these big perky tits

I I cannot I cannot explain it I can't

explain it the second disadvantage to

dating older women

they usually have children now Devin is

another exception to this rule she is

one of two older women that I have

actually one of two one of three older

women that I've dated exclusively who

didn't have kids when I met them but

again they're the exceptions guys guess

what the good-looking older women

they weren't chaste chaste versions in

their 20s they were out there fucking


most of them eventually get married

eventually she has kids the older she is

the more likely it is that she'll have

children guys again this is

a byproduct of time she's been around

longer she's fucked more guys she's more

likely to have children that's all there

is to it

number three the third disadvantage con

to dating older women

remember that appreciation that we

talked about in terms of the in terms of

the of the pros

well that appreciation could be

desperation disguised as appreciation

shout out to HS Lee 169 with the

five-dollar contribution shout out to

Cougars with no kids anyway

a woman's end game no matter what is

always a relationship always even if she

says she just wants to dick even if she

tells you she only wants to dick even if

she tells you it's all good nothing but

sex there's no feelings in the back of

their minds women know they want a

relationship if she likes you enough if

you spend enough time with her if you

fuck her good eventually she's gonna

want you all to herself she's going to

want a relationship with you she's gonna

want exclusivity now she might be

appreciative but she might also be

desperate gentlemen I have had tire

slashed I've had windows broken dude I

had sugar in my gas tank okay I actually

caught the bitch this bitch was 40 this

was like 44 45 years old she treated me

well and dude she was a goddamn dude she

was a goddamn smoke show jesus fucking

christ this chick was hot the typical

hot redheaded MILF dude dude oh my god

honestly probably some of the best I've

ever had in my life and she liked me a

lot but when I cut the cord she went

fucking crazy she went crazy

so her appreciation was appreciation

until I cut her loose then that turned

to desperation and of course neuroticism

let's go back to the sad actually saw an

interesting question here Kevin Ibanez

wants to know do Cougars last long

during sex

dude women don't last long during sex

Kevin Cougars don't last long during sex

dude they lay there and get fucked women

can get fucked for hours right yeah

listen I guess what you're saying is do

they tire out no women like to fuck

doesn't matter doesn't matter

Lorenzo Davis says he was found guilty

like ill Chapel in Chapel tomorrow RN

says mugga mugga he guilty Mahamaya he's


Ryan Sullivan says is Ivanka Trump a

cougar how old is Ivanka Trump ooh you

guys just gave me a good idea oh you

gave me a good idea I need a gavel

Devin if you were watching if you're

watching Devin I need you to order me a

gavel I need you to order me a gavel I

like that I like it order Court is now

in session

can't stand niggas like that Killian is

an airhead no she's not you fucking

idiot the fuck out of here and you know

she's not an airhead

I hate Donald Trump if you hate Donald

Trump to say hate Donald Trump because

he's white and people say he's a racist

don't give me this the research is out

there it's on CNN

yeah CNN is right down the middle right

they were dick clearly and Donald get

the fuck out here most niggas get their

news from echo chambers I need to know

how old Ivanka Trump is super kokujin

nine sixteen says Obama didn't do

anything for black people for both of

his terms especially for black men did

he light up the White House and red

black and green note he did not

absolutely listen man I don't have any

ill-will against Obama I didn't vote for

him either time he wasn't a bad

president but he wasn't a very good one

either that's my that's my stance that's

my stance

whoo Ryan Sullivan says which political

figures would you bang I'd bang Sarah

Palin I'd bang Michelle Bachman that's

it that's it those are the those are

those are those are the only two Sarah

Palin Michele Bachmann

Kyle Mitchell says 46 is under the wall

yeah Kyle's a goddamn Savage tonight woo

Denison Denver says one con of dating an

older woman is that they are not

available all the time they have working

kids that's a good thing if you're only

fucking a woman you don't need her to be

available all the time that's a good


Dennis in Denver says another one she'll

she will out her kids ahead of you you

were not a man of point a virgin Dennis

I think you're mistaking milfs or

Cougars for single moms right if you're

dating a woman who's in her 40s her kids

are to do her kids her teenagers with

her grown if you're fucking a 43 year

old woman let's say she had a kid at 21

right she had a kid at 21 do the math

she's got an 18 year old kid and kids on

autopilot he's in high school he's

smoking weed he's getting ready to go up

to college now uh-huh no no every older

woman that I ever fucked they were

always available because their kids were

grown this is how this works yes I do

need a gavel damn Sean seizes Domino or

sweet and low Domino definitely Domino

yes Ivanka Trump is a smoke show she's

37 is she a cougar yeah yeah yeah she's

a cougar no see I think I don't know our

cougars over 40 I don't know if I've got

rump is not a young spring chicken

our mundo marina says Donovan I knew

there was something up with that dude

hence why I asked if he was a troll yeah

listen Abrams in here a lot right but I

don't like listen just because you're a

fake-ass pro-black doesn't mean that I

don't like you like I don't mind

fake-ass Pro blacks who watch my show

just keep your fake-ass pro-black ass to

yourself sharp assist says we need a

Judge Judy into clip oh my god the chick

in Hawaii is running for president Jesus

fuck do you know what I'm running for

president fuck it

Oh apparently Alexandria Cortez is 29

and she's got nice tits okay all right

yeah isn't that Alexandria Cortez or

Acacio or something like that

Lorenzo Davis says what about Michelle

Obama would you bang her

no dude Michelle Obama will kick my ass

have you seen the traps on that bitch

hell no fuck out here fuck out here

NY Kia 31 says all these women think

they are going to be like Jennifer

Aniston there's just one problem with

that they cannot afford H G H oh no he

didn't no he didn't

I got Devon on HGH now so I can preserve

that bought that hot body of her of hers

the rest of the drawbacks to dating

older women and we close out the show

when we come back don't go anywhere

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Tuesday February 12 2009 teen be sure to

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get into the last three cons Court is

now in session

order in the court negative

says Jennifer Aniston is it old hood

Nick towel you stand accused of being

meathead red pill guy but I need some

information from you Nick tell so

jennifer aniston isn't all that hot let

me ask you a question

big towel would you fuck Jennifer

Aniston would you have sexual

intercourse with Jennifer Aniston worse

if she was in your bedroom right now

order in the court

I need answers Nick Tao who makes the

assertion that Jennifer Aniston isn't

that hot I'd like to know if you would

fuck her I'd like to know if you would

fuck her if Nick towel does not answer

the question in the next 30 seconds you

wait here we go he says yes but that

doesn't make her hot order Nick tell

Nick's house stands accused of being

meat head red pill guy so Nick Tao says

just because I fuck her doesn't make her


okay it is if if that's what you think

so she's not that hot but you'd still

fuck her right so what you're trying to

do and when I say meathead red pill guy

you're the guy you're the guy who sees a

ten and says she's not that hot no

Jennifer Aniston is not a ten

but Jennifer Aniston is still hot no she

doesn't look like she did back in the

early 90s but she's still at goddamn

smoke show Nick Tao says I'm a meathead

but not red pill so much oh is that


well then Nick towel you got to get the

knot now wait a minute hold on hold on

everybody everybody everybody everybody

be cool everybody be cool almost almost

almost let my almost let my craziness

get the better of me

Nick towel that's a confession he says

I'm a meathead

so that is that's a confession so Nick

towel now stands guilty by virtue of

confession Nick towel you are hereby

banned not banned okay you are hereby

timed out for the remainder of the show

time out Nick tell Nick towel says dude

their chicks hotter than Jennifer

Aniston that's all I'm saying

yeah no shit Sherlock there are many

women hotter than Jennifer Aniston

that's not that's not the point you

would fuck her you know Jennifer Aniston

is hot your let me ask you another well

actually he's not gonna get the chance

to mix how is the guy when a bunch of

guys say oh I'd fuck her she thought

he's the guy I don't think so see Knicks

I would have us believe that his sexual

tastes are so much more exquisite

there's that a man on the face of this

earth that wouldn't stick his cock in

Jennifer Aniston and by saying that

she's not that hot that's not the point

you'd fuck her any woman that you would

ever fuck you would not you would never

say she's not that hot she's pretty but

she's not that hot get the fuck out of

here nobody buys the fact that you are

sexually selective I would never feel

you I would fuck Jennifer Aniston but

that doesn't make her hot I'd stick to T

pin but that's as far as I would go

guilty get him out of here bailiff or

mondo get him out of here

this Court is adjourned okay let us talk

about the last three Khan's the last

three drawbacks the last three

not-so-great elements of dating milfs

older women hot moms Cougars whatever we

want to call him call them number four

older women are much more deceptive and

far better liars once again this is a

time thing they have more experience

older women have more experience live

they have more experience setting up

lies they have more experience cheating


older women have money yes they're more

financially responsible yes they will

suck the black off your dick they're

more pleasant to be around but the

flipside is that they are world-class

liars now don't get me wrong 20 21 year

olds they will still lie in sheet 40 and

41 year olds those girls have lied for

three fucking decades one woman that I

used to date she used to stick to the

lies she's to stick to him she thought I

would never find out her problem was

that she talked too goddamn much have to

lie she told me I actually figured out

within the first few months then she

finally admitted okay I lied you got me

she just talked to God damn much number

five should be like a 4b but women are

much better cheaters oh my god they're

much better cheaters dude older women

know how not to get caught

they don't had a cheat and get away with

it if you want to get serious understand

if you want to get serious with an older

woman you do understand older women or

professional cheaters guys they are

professionals they've got two plus

decades of doing this shit just because

she's 41 does not mean she is not a

branch swinger gentlemen they operate

just like 20 year olds guys think man I

didn't see that coming like what the

fuck happened

wait you were dating Julie yeah like

Julie well you know I thought you know

it doesn't have time to

fucking games and you know she just

dumped me out of the blue and she's

dating somebody else man she's been

fucking that dude for the last month and

a half brother

the older the woman that better

the cheater number six the sixth and

final disadvantage con whatever to

dating older women is that they're much

more entitled yes they know that they

are past the wall yes that they they

know that they are on the back nine they

have less dating options they're lower

sexual market value that doesn't mean

they're not still entitled again women

grow old but they never grow up their

entitlement does not dwindle with age

like I've told that collar a little bit

earlier women are always the last to

know that they've hit the wall the only

woman the only time a woman no she's at

the wall is by prolonged repeated

rejection prolonged the guy she used to

be able to fuck reject her for a solid

year then she starts to maybe understand

you know what I may not look as good as

I used to even after six months of

rejection prolong consistent rejection

she still guess she thinks she's still

got it and there's all sorts of excuses

that maybe guys just don't want

relationships right now

maybe there's maybe there's a dating app

every excuse under the Sun to deny the

obvious you are not attractive anymore

sweetheart or at least not as attractive

as you were eventually it's gonna hit

her like a ton of bricks and a lot of

times it takes a dude just telling her

straight-up look sweetheart you're just

too old

I don't date women your age I just don't

do it but because they know that their

past the wall but just because they know

that their past the wall that doesn't

mean they're not entitled again dude

she's been i fucked by every person with

a dick and balls since the age of 16

years old or even younger so the average

45 year old woman who's good-looking

she's got three decades of men fawning

over her guys

that's how it is you think you're just

going to

again you think you're just gonna you

know get the drawers if you just walk up

and say hello fuck no no no no she's not

gonna say to herself you know what I'm

just gonna lower my standards because

I'm 45 no they're not doing that they

still require game I'm gonna give you a

bonus con I'm gonna give you a bonus con

number seven older women have a hardened

exterior they are bitter and very sullen

again devon happens to be the exception

to the rule it I don't know how this is

Devin still has a twinkle in her eye I

don't know how it is she's still at she

acts like a teenager around me she's all

touchy feely and I love you Anna

it's annoying sometimes but it's a good

problem to have but again hardened

exterior the bitter the sullen that's

time they've had multiple dude they've

had a few kids maybe a divorce or two

but they're not married or in a

relationship and they're pissed most

high value men look at older women as

temporary fuck toys until they can find

a younger hotter girl to try to commit

to these bitches were sluts all do

there's 20s that one-night stands

unprotected sex with DJs have had

abortions they devalue themselves have

had threesomes all of this makes them

bitter they don't trust anybody they

have that thousand cock stares younger

girls are still young and hot yeah

they're sluts but they still have that

youthful exuberance they still have that

glow they still have that innocence

because they think they have all the

time in the world until of course

they're on the carousel long enough to

have the innocence literally fucked out

of them so what if I'm not married at 26

years old she thinks I'm gonna be young

and hot forever so I'll just take my

time there blissfully ignorant time is

just a construct she's 26 that the world

is on my size before she know is it ten

years and two borscht ins later she's

got that same look on her face that

jaded older women have that she used to

make fun of yes older women are more

pleasant to be around

but a lot of times like I said it's just

decorate desperation to keep you around

make no mistake about the fact that she

is probably hiding that benefit hiding

that bitterness now mm the benefits of

dating or the the the drawbacks of

dating older women can be mitigated if

she has enough qualities that elevates

her life

unfortunately most older women don't

have enough qualities to keep a quality

man around mm all right let's hit the

chat here one more time before we close

this motherfucker out yeah do the book

at his ass dude I dude I swear to god I

hate motherfuckers that tell me that

good looking girls oh she's not hot get

out of here yeah I fuck her but she's

not hot he's the guy who says a hot girl

has to be a 10 so if she's dying she's

not hot dude I've seen sevens that were

hot shout-out to freelance running with

the $5 contributions is great show

Donovan it's been fun but I got a run

again Congrats on the app appreciate

that gets her hands on that mobile app

guys it's a game-changer mr. Jackson is

bailiff number two says all rise

Department one of the red pill District

Court is now in session

judge Donovan sharp presiding please be

seated I like that that's good I'm gonna

have to come up with a sound effect for

that I might have to do that

cuz I hate motherfuckers that come in

here trying to fake the funk so what the

cheese so what the cheese 5-3 105 pounds

has size D tits that stick straight up

when she lays down and has long blonde

hair doesn't mean she's hooked Oh get

the fuck out of here me a break

it's Esley 169th says example of an

older woman branch swinging they branch

swing just like just like younger women

Sonny age says the better your looks the

less game you need negative that's a

negative you see the better you look the

better you look the more opportunities

you get listen being a good-looking guy

will get you a lot of opportunities that

doesn't mean it gets you pussy and even

if it gets you pussy when she figures

out that you're just a sheep in wolf's

clothing in other words you are a gilded

alpha you're not really an alpha male

you just look like one she's gonna be a

batterer they're Sony or a ton eh don't

don't allow yourself to be lazy like

that Sony or Tony I don't know you

pronounce that don't don't let yourself

be lazy well if you look good you don't

need game no that is that dude that is a

negative that is a dude oh my god dude I

have fucked so many girls who have like

these Adonis looking boyfriend's they

don't have game they don't have game

Antonio captain says going mode one with


saves time absolutely and James says I

have a few milfs at my job I'd rather I

would slay but I'd rather keep my job

David Thompson says nothing but the

truth being spoken I've experienced them

all thank God I'm red pill and I see it

for what it is much appreciated no


appreciate that our plexus how to

prevent yourself from getting attached

well easy you fuck other girls to keep

yourself from being attached to one

woman you fuck other women listen when

you fuck one woman exclusively over an

extended period of time guys we're human

we are going to catch feelings right

I have exclusively fuck Devon for a year

and a half I'm attached this is how this

goes this is it dude this doesn't mean

that I won't walk the fuck up out here

if I need to but this is just what

happens fuck multiple women if you

multiple women it's much more difficult

to catch feelings for multiple women if

one acts up you go fuck together it's

right pill 101 Abu Zakaria says what's

up Donovan do you come back to the

brother pill um I might drop in and make

an appearance on the on the brother pill

I might Mickey I might make a cameo

Ryan Sullivan says Hollywood actors are

like television doctors I'm not an alpha

but I play one on television right so

long to chase rubadoux he's got to go

great show today guys great show today

we took wheat we $10 in contributions

shut up to a Chesley 169 with the $5

contribution shout outs a freelance

Ronan with you $5 contribution

absolutely put a couple of guys in the

TSR jail

game warden says milf equals mud shark

and left field

yeah listen older good-looking women

yeah they start fucking niggas y'all

they start fucking niggas listen there

are a lot of young hot white girls who

just don't fuck black guys but if

they're unmarried and they know that

they're never gonna get married to a

high-value guy yeah they start they come

over to the dark side this is what

happens this is what happens yeah again

great show as always I don't know when

the brother pill is gonna be on but yeah

I'm gonna make a I'm gonna make a cameo

there definitely

sooner than later that's gonna do it for

this edition of TS are alive be sure to

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