Are white women who date black men "contaminated?" (Episode 317)

Any white male who says it wouldn't bother him, at least a little bit, if he found out his white girl friend had dated a black man in the past is lying. The vast majority of white men consider this issue to be a deal breaker, though most would never admit it out loud.



But why do white guys automatically dismiss white women who have sexual pasts with black Men? Why do they consider this to be an unforgivable "crime" when they find out about her walk on the dark side? I will attempt to answer this questions in this episode.


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a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn of course her parents don't

have a problem with me being black she's

past the wall get your fat ass off the

couch start lifting weights and learn

game you're welcome so you got drunk at

a frat party then fuck the football team

you're not a rape victim sweetheart

you're a slut what's up guys it's her

man Donovan sharp and welcome to the 317

edition of TSR primetime your nightly

dose of red pill truth wisdom and

awareness let's get right to it guys I

want to tell you a story about a really

good friend of mine in North Carolina

we're gonna call her Vanessa I knew her

in paralegal school and we became fast

friends because she was kind of a listen

we didn't hook up but we became fast

friends because we both had sort of a

witty disposition we understood each

other she was the president of the

paralegal Club I was the vice president

the paralegal Club she also had a front

row seat to watch Amy systematically

destroy destroy me from the inside out

and again you guys can check that out on

read bill origins vol 2 you can also

check that out on return of Kings I

wrote an article about her called the

worst heartbreak of my life anyway like

I was saying nothing ever happened

between us she was one of the few girls

I actually didn't hook up with that

first cup of that first semester so

years later you know I find the Red Bill

moved to Vegas etc etc well we've been

texting back and forth hey how you doing

what's going on etcetera etcetera so she

meets this guy and things are going very


they have their issues like any other

couple does like any other normal couple

does but other than that things are

great right he has a kid he has a kid

she has a kid they move in together so

they're the Brady Bunch

things are still going great then they

plan to buy a house so every flake

everything is great he proposed to he

was gonna he proposed to he proposed

marriage then they find out she's

pregnant and they're both over the moon

about it so things are things are moving

very very fast but they both love each

other she's pregnant they're they've

started this life together

are gonna buy a house but then her

boyfriend asked her out of the blue if

her ex-boyfriend was black and that was

the beginning of the end

she told him yes she had spoken about

him before and I guess there were some

clues that he had maybe put two and two

together maybe he saw something on

Facebook I doubt that he did because

girls are very very they're keenly aware

white girls are keenly aware that dating

black guys is essentially a deal breaker

for most white guys and that's what this

episode is about but he called her all

kinds of names called her a nigger lover

said I knew you felt loose in there I

knew that your pussy felt loose I knew

it didn't feel good I always knew you

were a nigger lover I always knew you

had bad character you you're a mud shark

coal burner etc etc well she sent me a

screen gram of his text message to her

and it said and I quote guys next time

you date a white guy do yourself a favor

and don't tell him you fucked a nigger

it is a deal-breaker for all white men

this is what he said to her in the in

that text message I have a right there

on my phone now obviously a white woman

dating a black man isn't a deal-breaker

for all white men obviously there are

many factors involved not the least of

which is a man's sexual market value a

white guy with options a white man who

can sleep with and be in relationships

and pretty much marry any white woman he

wants is far less likely to get with a

white girl who's had a black boyfriend

than a white guy who doesn't have as

many options a white guy who has low

sexual market value will take what he

can write he'll take what he can get oh

you fucked a Quan De'Anthony and

lemarcus doesn't bother me now on the

inside it does bother him but he doesn't

have as many options as the high-value

white guy okay so he's he lets it slide

and doesn't make a big deal out of it

let alone dump her on the spot like a

high-value guy probably would if he

found out no white guys will say well it

doesn't bother me but we all know it's a

deal-breaker enough for white guys to be

having this conversation listen guys

stereotypes exist for a reason okay like

I'll put it to you this way black women

the stereotype with black women they're

rude they have attitude

they don't give head they're masculine

etc now we can point out the outliers

all we want to but you can't counter a

macro argument with a micro argument

conventional wisdom comes from a large

sample size of experience of experiences

by the masses black men also have a very

negative stereotype we cheat we have a

bunch of kids we're criminals we have

tattoos guys I don't take offense to

that be cut because I know even though I

know I'm not the stereotypical black man

guess what I embody a lot of the

negative stereotypes that black men have

in this country okay listen just because

I don't sound like a hood nigga doesn't

mean I ain't been in the handcuffs a few

times just because I don't have a bunch

of kids doesn't mean that I haven't

spent time in jail I got tattoos I got a

criminal record I have been to jail I

have cheated on plenty of girlfriends

before now white guys will say out loud

oh it doesn't matter but deep down it

most definitely does

let's not bullshit each other guys this

is how white guys feel if the average

white guy with the average white

girlfriend found out that she dated

fucked hooked up with or had anything to

do sexually with a black man she is

tainted in his eyes let's not pretend

this is true because it is and it's not

a hundred percent true 100 percent of

the time I don't want to hear this well

I know one no no no no no I don't want

to hear this well Donovan I don't care

yes you do

just because you don't tell anybody

doesn't mean you don't I'll say another

quick story good friend of mine down in

Reno or out in Reno

actually right she is the embodiment of

a mud shark

she fucks nothing but niggas has a

couple of makes kids etcetera etcetera

I've talked about her in the past her

sister on the other hand is a beautiful

white woman married to married to an

attorney I remember we were over at her

house one day I think you know we were

hanging out we were hanging out with her

sister and I remember on the way to the

house she's like yeah you know my sister

when she was in college he's to fuck


all the time I was like are you serious

she said yeah but don't tell don't tell

her husband like don't say anything

otherwise it would be finished okay


it exists this is a deal-breaker for the

vast majority of white men let's not

pretend that that's not the deal but

here's the thing there might not be

anything wrong with that being a deal

breaker right just because I'm a black

man but listen I can't take a fence for

somebody else's deal-breaker we all have

different deal-breakers with girls

some guys want date girls who smoke some

guys wisely don't date girls with kids I

mean the list goes on and on but this

deal-breaker seems to be shared by

pretty much every white guy everywhere

and the question is why why is it that

when a white guy finds out a white girl

has fucked around with even a single

black guy or had a single black

boyfriend or dated black guys in the

past he freaks out in dump sir why is it

a deal-breaker for white girls to date

black guys now before I get into this

I'm gonna go ahead and let you guys know

fuck your feelings black guys and white

guys fuck your feelings guys listen man

I'm gonna tell you some raw honest

truths about the both of us black men

and white men and if you don't like it

you can go somewhere else

I don't need niggas talking about you're

devaluing black men dude fuck that

that's not even close to what I'm doing

here and if that's what you think you're

a wannabe red pillar yura wannabe red

pill guy who's a dumbass and values

feelings over facts and white boys I

don't need y'all telling me well white

white guys have more game than black

guys or black guys don't have the

genetic advantage over us fuck that and

fuck you we have more game than y'all

because we have to and I'm gonna get I'm

gonna get into that a little bit later

necessity is the mother of invention

black women are insufferable and

impossible to deal with and most white

girls don't fuck with niggas and as a

result we have to have airtight game do

not get fucked over by black women and

to get any play from white girls so I'm

not trying to hear that now as far as

the genetics go look look at our sports

leagues look at look at them look at the

mr. Olympia winners over the past four

decades look at the greatest gymnasts of

all time

France just won the World Cup and half

that team is black case closed

end of discussion miss me with those

bullshit statistics and studies and

bless ties blah blah blah but listen man

the writing's on the wall I'm not trying

to hear that nonsense now here's the

thing guys I'm not here to disparage

white men or black men but you guys have

to understand something this is the

sharp reality this isn't the sharp echo

chamber or the sharp agree with black

people because I'm black this isn't the

sharp pander to white people so that

they like me this is T s r8l hard truths

that are sometimes hard but necessary to

hear and if you can't handle it then you

can get the fuck out I'm not trying to

debate you Pro blacks out here on this

shit y'all are always on some bullshit

y'all got a fucked up sense of

entitlement and reality just like

feminists I haven't listened I did an

episode called Pro blacks are just like

feminists it's episode 269 go and listen

to that y'all fake ass niggas out here

faking the funk like Michael Bennett did

in Las Vegas last year and taking zero


for your station in life fuck y'all get

off my dick get listen get out of this

radio show and white boys quit crying

and complaining that black dudes are out

here fucking all the white girls that

ain't the case most white girls want

y'all but y'all listen your problem is

that y'all are fucking bitches y'all

ain't masculine enough y'all aren't

afraid to check a bitch y'all are afraid

to raise your voices you're afraid to

tell a girl to give you her phone number

you're afraid to pull a bitch's hair

during sex you're afraid to smack your

girl's ass at random when she walks by

you guys aren't man enough and that's

why more white girls are fucking with us

but the good news is that you can change

that despite all of your shortcomings as

far as your sexual market value you guys

are still number one on the sexual

market totem pole but if y'all don't

step up y'all's game that's gonna change

quick don't take it personally

I call him like I see him I don't make

the rules but this is how it is again

I'm not trying to bash white guys or

black guys but you guys watch and listen

because I keep it all the way real even

if it's hard to hear sometimes and if

you want to change your life you need to

accept hard

that's truth truths and then do

something about it I love all you guys I

really do without you guys my show is

not here but I'm not here for the

bullshit so tonight I'm gonna give you

the three biggest reasons white guys

consider white girls to be contaminated

and for those listening I'm using air

quotes when they find out she's fucked

just one black guy my opening rent is

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gentlemen we now have a smoking gun

Miami Jay sent me an article that TMZ

posted this morning that included

pictures of one Asia Argento in bed with

a 17 year old kid as well as text

messages where she admits that she

fucked him now

you guys came out I'll actually put the

link up in the blog post I'll put the

link up in the blog post when when this

episode is over but in that blog post

I'll give you guys the highlights in one

of her text messages she says quote I

wasn't raped when I was frozen bullshit

you wanted to fuck him and he wanted to

fuck you and I'm gonna have more on that

in a minute but there was nothing

awkward about this sexual encounter you

both wanted it you took a selfie in bed

you both look like you were in

post-coital bliss

he's smiling she looks high as fuck

it looks like the sex was consensual I

was frozen was designed to make it seem

like he may have raped her like she

didn't rape him I was raped but I was

frozen bitch no you weren't he was

fucking you and you liked it and you

wanted him to don't try and make it look

like you didn't know what was happening

or that you were confused as to what

going what was going on you didn't fight

you didn't slip and fall on his dick

with all your clothes off you fucked him

and the sex was consensual but guess

what guys this wasn't rape whether or

not the note and you guys can check out

that article whether or not the note was

real or if he sent nudes two weeks after

or not listen we can't prove that the

note you know hey Asia I love you I'm

glad we met that could have been written

by anybody she says that he sent nudes

there's no way to prove that right you

know I mean like there there's there's

no way to prove that maybe that stuff is

true maybe it's not but if someone is

raped gentlemen they don't allow a

selfie to be taken with their attacker

after it happens the age of consent in

California is 18 but this kid who was 17

at the time obviously knew what he was

doing and knew what he wanted

Asia didn't rape him she didn't trick

him she didn't take him she didn't take

advantage of a sweet innocent boy who

didn't know what he was doing she threw

herself at a male who act that age

thinks of literally nothing but pussy

24/7 because his hormones are raging and

surprise surprise they had sex

who'da thunk it this wasn't rape guys

this accusation is every bit as baseless

as all the other this dude wants money

he wants notoriety and he wants


listen just because he's a man doesn't

mean I'm not gonna call him out on this

bullshit you guys know I call out girls

about false rape accusations all the

time bitches do this shit all the time

and it's wrong guess what when dudes do

the same thing it is equally as wrong no

we don't like Asia Argento

she's a self-entitled slut who cheated

on Anthony Bourdain she is one of the

well she was one of the main figures of

this bullshit hashtag me too movement

that doesn't mean she raped his kid guys

the sex was so obviously consensual

ridiculous and for us to pretend that he

didn't know that was what was happening

or that he was some sort of virginal boy

who was bamboozled into having a sex

with a woman two decades whose senior is


get this he also said he kept the

assault private out of fear and

embarrassment that sound familiar

does that sound like every public false

accusation made by a woman get the fuck

out of here with that you want money

that's why you bleep this shit that's

why you have bravely come forward with

this accusation Asia Argento didn't rape

you you guys had sex you're looking for

a payday just like every other bitch out

there accusing whatever movie star a

public figure I'm not buying it well the

board of trustees for Ohio State

University are allegedly meeting today

to decide the fate of one Urban Meyer

and listen they've been they've been

deliberating I think for eight hours or

something like that 810 hours I think

they're gonna try to keep Urban Meyer

listen the Urban Meyer's he's gonna go

down as one of the greatest college

football coaches in history Urban Meyer

has already won he won a national

championship ahead of schedule

he's got a loaded rust or second only I

think to Alabama to Alabama

maybe Clemson the Ohio State Board of

Trustees does not want to fire Urban

Meyer they never did what they're trying

to do the reason why they're

deliberating for so long is they're

trying they're thinking to themselves

how can we keep Urban Meyer but avoid

the public backlash Urban Meyer it it

has come out through the investigation

that Urban Meyer did the minimum right

now people can say well he lied and said

he didn't know anything about it

it's not against the law it's not

against the law to lie and people say

well you have to ask the question why

did he lie the reason he lied is because

of hashtag me too

he knows if someone found out that he

did the minimum then he would be exactly

in the position that he's in she's not

covering anything up he did exactly

everything he was supposed to do

according to his contract if Ohio State

fires him they can't fire him with cause

because he followed the protocol

he went up the chain of command he did

exactly what he was supposed to do he

did the bare minimum and I don't give a

shit that's in this contract that's what

the bare minimum is for if they fire

Urban Meyer

without cause they owe him thirty-eight

million dollars that's that's the amount

of money left on his contract but they

don't want they don't want to pay Urban

Meyer 38 million dollars and then have

to go out and hire another coach no they

want Urban Meyer on the sidelines

because Urban Meyer is probably one of

the top three probably wanted top three

head coaches in college football Nick

Saban one Dabo Swinney two Urban Meyer

three might even be tied for number two

dude he might even be number two Dabo

Swinney has won national title Urban

Meyer has three and Counting he beat

Nick Saban head-to-head in the national

championship game or actually in the in

the in the playoff bama was a won Ohio

State was a4z Kelley ran all over I

think and like 215 yards they are trying

to keep Urban Meyer but they're trying

to figure out how to avoid the public

backlash so stay tuned for that stay

tuned for that if you want to chime in

about why you think white guys discount

white girls who date black men give me a

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three you're on live with donovan go

ahead hi what's up dollar selfies me

kobe Anthony hey Kobe what's up brother

I'm good that's what that's the question

do you feel that white women that have

black female friends like a tan in a way

because they pick up black female traits

like when they're there's white woman

that around a lot of black women have

female friends and they you know they

pick up the traits what's their take on

that yeah yeah absolutely white women

and it depends on the kind of black

friends they have right if if a white

girl if a white girl has black female

friends because there are a lot of white

women there are a lot of black women out

there who are quote unquote white watch

there are listen there are a lot of

black women out there who aren't hood

who aren't ghetto so if if a way if your

white girlfriend has black female

friends who aren't hood who work in an

office who like to drink Starbucks and

listen to you know Third Eye Blind like

every other white girl in the country

the only thing the only thing you hold

on COBE hold on sweetie hold on dude

okay the only

you have to worry about when when your

girlfriend has other friends the only

thing you really have to worry about is

her is her friends slutty they're their

slutty characteristics their slutty

habits rubbing off on your girlfriend

now your girlfriend's probably gonna

have sylheti characteristics anyway

right and of course we learn how to

train that but if if a white girl has

has black women friends who are hood

yeah you definitely should you

definitely should worry okay

and I one more question have you before

you mentioned your girlfriend data right

now hayleybay me younger woman like 20

or 19 yep oh yeah from this generation

like does it yep absolutely do it was

harder though okay no one good I want to

know what was difficult the women around

your age to the younger one they're both

the same older women and younger women

come with different sets of challenges

older women are Believe It or Not older

women are a little bit harder to game

than younger women like an old and I

don't like I think when I when I first

found the red pill I was hitting on

sixes and sevens

but then when I really hit my stride it

was only eight nine and ten so we're

gonna talk about this within the context

of eight ninth and tens older 8's 9s and

oral I don't know if you can be an older

or listen there are 37 year old tens out

there there are some women who maintain

their physical beauty but older

extremely attractive women are far

harder to deal with initially than

younger attractive women older

attractive women they've been they've

been on the carousel a lot longer they

have had male attention a lot longer and

a lot of guys think okay well I'm gonna

date older women because they don't have

time for games or they're easier because

they're desperate oh no no no that white

the quite be quite the opposite

do you think a woman who lets just take

a footy or average 40 year-old

attractive woman do you think a woman

who ever an attractive woman who's 40

years old who's been I fucked by every

man since she was 15 years old probably

even sooner than that so she's got two

and a half decades of men fawning over

her you think she's just gonna lift up

her skirt and pull down her panties if

you used to walk up and say hello and

buy our whiskey fuck no the older the

woman the the older the woman the bigger

the entitlement complex younger women

have their challenges too

so immediately my getting deleted could

that things very hard yeah well it seems

hard but I mean this is what's necessary

so I mean it was hard but like a hard

thing doing man oh yeah yeah oh listen

yeah it was very difficult listen I tell

guys all the time on my show listen if

you if you want if a girl wants to be

your main chick

one of the first requirements you got to

delete your social media I've probably

I've told probably a little over a dozen

women that they need to delete their

social media if they want to be my main

chick only three of them told me that

they would once ride it one told me that

she would hold on let me finish one told

me that she would and then she tried to

negotiate well what if I just

deactivated and then check it every week

no it was either all or nothing she says

you know what I can't do this and she

was out one girl deleted her social

media account and she actually did it

for three weeks but then I caught I

actually caught her on Facebook again

and then I dropped her she tried to get

back with me I said listen you can come

back but we're not gonna be boyfriend

and girlfriend I don't give a shit what

you do outside of these walls but if

you're on social media we're not that

you're not gonna be my main chick the

last and final woman who did it is the

woman that I'm with now she is off

social media you internet you will never

find her on social media so my batting

average I don't know what whatever 1/13

is ya know it's not easy but that's

really the only I mean the only way to

and here's the thing Kobe I want to I

want to make this clear a lot of people

say well you're being jealous and

insecure no no no here's the thing man

if a woman wants to cheat she's going to

cheat whether she's on social media or

not she will find a way but that doesn't

mean that I have to grease the skids for

her to cheat right like you can say well

I don't Yeah right you can say well I

live in a neighborhood where we can

leave our doors online listen if you

don't want to get robbed

don't leave your doors unlocked that's

the way I feel on that yeah I got

another caller who Kobe I gotta go

thanks for the call let's go back to the

phone lines area code six one two you're

on live with Donovan go ahead Donovan

was going on brother this David in

Minneapolis David in Minneapolis what's

going on man how you doing I'm doing

good I'm doing good I just want to try

me real quick about the topic of the

show I think that um the reason why a

lot of white guys may feel a certain way

when they woman dates

Brothers is because I think we represent

just alpha masculinity by default yeah I

think that sometimes you know that's

just uh some white guys are very

insecure about that real quick is that

you know I was dating a couple white

girls and uh you know I remember

specifically when there dudes found out

that they would date brothers they had

50 lines Mexican why do it or whatever

what if I'm our brothers they were like

oh hell that's right that's right and

it's funny because white and listen all

credit to white guys they try not and

here's the thing I want to make this

clear to the audience if you're a white

guy and you say and use and if you find

out you're not gonna tell us you're not

ever gonna tell anybody out loud listen

if I found out that Heather had dated a

Daquan I'm out no you're not gonna tell

that to anybody but that's the way you

feel but but just because you feel that

way doesn't mean you're racist

David is hitting the nail right on the

head and here's the thing David

we it's it's television and the media

they they may give white men an

inferiority complex white men are

consistently portrayed in TV movies

memes television whatever the case may


as latent betas like they're always

these weak man be Pam be soft beta males

and black men we are portrayed as static

alphas we're always listen not every

black man is six five with a six-foot

dick who drives a fucking Lamborghini it

just doesn't work that way that's right

that's right know you you uh you hit the

nail on here I mean I agree with you on

there and I don't know why like some

white guys aren't secure about that

because I mean let's be real I mean if

you know white guy you kind of went in

by default in my opinion so I don't know

why you know they get intimidated by us

but I think you're right though but

anyway that's all I want to say brother

yeah I love your content man I love the

arm that their red pill Bachelorette

thing you did I was watching that like a

hood rat every time you say the date

preciate the call Dave Dave and

Minneapolis Colin listen Dave says he

doesn't know why white guys feel

insecure about that I know exactly why

because it's just what he said we as

black men we are represented as the

static alphas right and I'm gonna get

more into this later but but the average

but but again listen the average white

guy like we have a genetic advantage the

average white guy is like the average

black the average black man is bigger

faster stronger than the average white

guy I'm 6 1 235 pounds the only white

guys that I see who are even close to my

size are guys at the gym and and dudes

still none of them are as big as I am um

listen there are plenty of white guys

out there that are bigger than a guy

like me but genetically we're a bigger

faster taller stronger right I go

through this and I go through it all the

time man professional sports league 75%

of the NBA is black 80% of the NFL is

black even in baseball where black where

African Americans represent 8% of major

league baseball player for the top six

homerun hitters of all time or black

you've got Barry Bonds Hank Aaron Willie

Mays who's the fourth guy ken griffey

jr. all african-american so what is the

four so 67% if my math is correct four

out of six I don't know am i doing that

wrong anyway most of it most of the top

homerun guys in Major League history are

black the greatest gymnasts of all time

is an african-american girl by the name

of Simone biles if we gave a shit about

hockey we would dominate that too we

dominate track and field that requires

athleticism right like this is this is

how it listen even mr. Olympia the of

the last 31 years Lee Haney has one of

the last 30 years the only guy who has

one I think he won seven in a row as

Dorian Yates but the last 31 years Lee

Haney won eight in a row okay then it

was Dorian Yates then Ronnie Coleman won

eight in a row and Phil Heath has won

the last seven those are all black guys

we have the genetic advantage that's

just all there is to it so yeah listen I

know why white guys are feel insecure

about that I don't even want to say it's

insecurity it's just they don't they

just don't feel like they measure up but

they could just like David said they

have a natural advantage they're still

the most preferred guys out there good

call there by good call there by by

David in Minneapolis if you are watching

on Facebook Twitter

or YouTube come on over to donovan sharp

com2 watch the remainder of the episode

again my facebook twitter and youtube

audience come on over to donovan sharp

com2 watch the rest of the episode thank

you guys for tuning in I will see you

guys in just a minute let's go to the

chat here see who we've got in the house

Wow the chat is live tonight all right

let's see we got here wow you guys are

Lively anytime I talk race man the chat

and the phone lines blow up again 911

for two oh five five three five six is

the number to call if you want to get in

on the show freelance run in the

original TS ROG freelance also says that

Pro blacks and feminists are two sides

of the same coin same coin straight-up

Audrey says spit your truth bro up guys

can't handle it then I feel sorry for

him it's a tough pill to swallow but

again you can't make improvements unless

you under unless you understand what the

truth is

freelance says give that give that to

give that tough dog brother steel is

forged through heat and Hammer you're

goddamn right Audrey says even though I

live in Norway I am originally from the

Middle East and the girls over there act

like at just like black women therefore

I date white Scandinavian girls now

they're feminine and submissive if

you're the man to pull it out of them

excellent sharp assist says wait the kid

said he was rapey I said he was sexually

assaulted get the fuck out of here

that's some female shit rollo tomassi in

the house good to see you in here Rollo

Tomassi always welcome in the towers

swayed senator believes Urban Meyer's

gonna stay I think Urban Meyer's gonna

stay - I think Ohio State is gonna

figure out how to keep him think he's

gonna figure out I keep him mr. mink

says he was probably fucking her for a

come-up just like she was fucking

Weinstein she's he's getting paid just

like he did right dude listen Asia

Argento listen all these bitches

claiming Harvey Weinstein ray didn't

know he fucked you guys right you fucked

him because you knew that it would

further your career that's not rape


that way King King says how do I order

sex toys when I still haven't my parents

dude don't be a fuckin troll one more

thing out of him and ban him I'm not

worried about that nine one four two oh

five five three five six is the number

to call area code eight oh six you are

on live with Donovan go ahead

hello this is Donovan

this is Donovan how's it going it's

going good what's up what's up I'm big

fan of yours good I did you have a

question or a comment yeah um I want to

say I appreciate the advice you've used

good I appreciate the call area code 806

he was a little bit slow listen guys

when you call in have your comments

ready um you know this is this is a fast

movement show 806 if you want to call

back in have your thoughts together

brother sounded like you were high

sippin on grandpa's old cough medicine

referring from Dumb and Dumber now

before we get into why I believe white

guys discount white women who have dated

black men there are four categories that

I have put women in four categories that

white women generally fall into when it

comes to dating black men the first

category is the white girl who only

dates black men she done she bucks

nothing but niggas we called she's

called a mud shark the coal burner

Chateau Chateau hearties - no system I

don't really read him anymore because he

makes he's just overtly racist for no


he calls black guys didn't do I don't

quite like that the guy knows his shit

but I'm not umpty again he's one of

those uh you know he's really sort of

veering into the old right type of deal

but but he makes a good point about

white girls who date only black guys a

very they're very easy to recognize

she's the girl with the big hoop

earrings she's got the nose piercing

some of them have a piercing right here

in their upper lip they've got the

tattoo on it she's got a tattoo on her

tit on her tit she listens to hip-hop in

her car loud enough for people there and

by the way any white girl who is who is

bull who is listening to

hop who is listening to hip-hop in her

car loud enough for people to hear she

is advertising to the world i fuck black

guys please hit on me right devyn again

there these are these ho tendencies

right she liked to listen to hip-hop in

the car when I wasn't there I fucked

around and I turned on the recording

device on her phone and I aired her ass

out I said listen if you want to go fuck

niggas that's cool with me but I'm not

gonna be a part of it so now she doesn't

listen to hip-hop in her car without me

that's how that goes now some guys might

say well Donovan how do you know she

doesn't because I record her because I

record her ass I have the ability to

court record her surroundings on her

phone anyway mud sharks coal burners as

we like to call it they don't care if

they are seen in public with black men

in fact they like it they like that

attention oh my god she's with a black

man can't believe it

now some of these girls can be hard to

spot but most of them art they usually

listen they usually have a couple of

makes kids again again the big hoop

earrings are obvious I remember I was

fucking this one girl and she's like

white guys don't ever hit on me she's

like I just don't know why it's like are

you kidding me you don't know why you

don't know why white guys don't hit her

and she's like no I was like dude you

were you wear hoop earrings all the time

that is a dead giveaway she's like well

if if I wear hoop earrings and publicize

like you were with a black dude if you

wear hoop earrings at all you fuck

niggas when they were the black eye or

not if you're out and about and you're

wearing hoop earrings a white guy's not

gonna approach you fuck's wrong with you

even delux says oh my god he tvind

alexis nailed it i like it he says um

excessive makeup hoop earrings sweat

pants in public long fake nail smokes

Newports bingo Wow he even deluxe just

fuckin nailed it yes any white girl who

wears Jordans definitely fucks niggas

and only niggas wow wow he in the deluxe

is on point he the deluxe is definitely

on point with that let's go to the

second category white girls who date the

second category is white girls who date

attractive high-value black men

these are the women who are attracted to

attractive men regardless of whether

he's black or white if he's a black man

he's got game if he's in good shape if

he has his shit together if he charms

her panties off if he's got social proof

if he's financially responsible she's

gonna date him simply because she finds

him attractive now these girls don't

mind being seen in public with black men

but they're definitely conscious of it

they like him enough to take the risk so

to speak if they can see like long-term

potential they don't mind being seen in

public but they are conscious of it now

these are typically high-value girls the

eights the nines and tens maybe a few

high sevens heathen oh my god listen

listen peroxide blonde greasy hair ASA

listen what dude he the deluxe Ismail in

this this is unbelievable

mr. mink says fat ass throat listen

there a lot of bad ass white girls out

there I don't know that they I don't

know that that's a mud shark giveaway I

don't know anyway the third category are

white girls who fuck niggas on the low


they don't date black men they damn sure

don't get seen in public with him but

they fuck niggas on the low and it's

only fuckin nothing more no dates no

public stuff just fuck buddies one-night

stands etc now only a few know nobody

knows she fucks niggas maybe if maybe a

couple of our of a really close friends

no but our family her co-workers have

Facebook friends don't know about her

escapades with black guys and that is no

accident the fourth category of course

is white girls who don't mess with black

guys at all listen maybe they're afraid

of the backlash and the drop in sexual

market value as far as white guys are

concerned which is what this episode is

about or maybe maybe listen mate a lot

of them just aren't interested listen

most white women don't really fuck with

black guys like that black guys just

aren't her type she likes black guys she

might feel a few black men attractive

but not enough to pursue or allow

herself to be pursued she's not messing

with him listen there are black women

out there that just don't have a taste

for white boys they'll acknowledge oh

that's a good-looking white boy but not

enough for me to want to fuck him or

pursue him so let's get into the three

main reasons that I believe why white

guys automatically discount white girls

who have fucked with black guys

I don't listen I'm not gonna preface

this by saying in my opinion I guess it

is my opinion but I'm just gonna keep it

I'm gonna keep it all the way real here

guys this is I think this is I think

this is as close to accurate as possible

I really do

number one we have more game guys listen

like I said man I don't make the rules

now here again now white guys are almost

every girl's type right from grade

school to high school to college white

guys get far more opportunities with

girls than any other race without even

trying now that's not to say that other

races don't get opportunities but the

difference is that white males don't

have to create their own opportunities

white as much as black men Hispanic men

Indian men Asian men etcetera

now again no shade on white guys this is

not a slight against them listen they

were born white that's not their fault

we always say we play the hand were

dealt well sometimes life deals you a

good hand write something listen I mean

what are you supposed to do apologize

that you were born a white man apologize

at your 6-4 built like a Greek god with

a square jaw of course not and any man

who throws shade on guys for not having

to try hard to get girls exactly like a

female you're just being a hater because

you would be saying the same thing if

you had those same genetic advantages

but the fact of the matter is is white

guys have it the best but that's exactly

why we as black men have better game

than they do having to work harder to

get opportunities with white women that

tightens up our game really quickly

listen man when I first started out in

game I didn't hit on black women at all

I just didn't do it what listen there

are a lot of black girls who live in

Vegas not a lot not a lot of them come

around the Vegas strip and I wasn't

interested but guys I got shot down left

and right and it took me a while to

realize that to realize it because I was

hitting on non black women as a black

man so I had two choices I either had to

tighten up my game or go back to fucking

with black girls and I damn sure wasn't

gonna I wasn't gonna go back to being in

black chicks so I chose door number one

it's like it's it's like girls who it's

almost like girls who was always who

have always been beautiful I say this

all the time

hot girls are useless because they've

never had to be useful all they have to

be is present and they get their pick of

the best men available here regardless

of what their skills are their

personality doesn't matter if you're a

woman who's a 10 you can hit the guy you

want to be with bottom line that's it

now it's not to that degree with white

guys but in the sexual marketplace being

a black man is like being a girl who's a

six or a seven we have to work a little

harder to be successful with attractive

women as they have to be a work a little

harder to be to get with attractive men

we recognize that we have market

deficiency so we make up for them in

other areas listen sixes and sevens with

female sixes and sevens

they know they don't look like 9s or 10s

so what do they do they make sure they

stay in great shape they make sure they

cook better they make sure they suck

dick better they fuck better listen I've

said this plenty of times before

dude sex is so much better on average

with 6s and 7s then it ever was with

nines and tens guys listen I have fucked

a shitload of sixes and sevens and they

are much better listen pussy for pussy

woman for woman they are much better in

bed than the average nine or ten I'm

here to tell you if you guys if you guys

think that a nine or a ten is gonna fuck

you like the porn stars you jerk off to

you'd think again think again dude again

not listen hot girls are useless because

they don't have to be useful that

includes being in bed you think a 10 is

gonna give you a blowjob

like pick a pick a porn star on whatever

dot-com no oh dude all nines and tens

have to do to elicit a favorable sexual

response is to take off her clothes Oh

oh my god did she lick trick dick she

gives you a hell of a half-hearted blow

they were like oh my god she gave me the

blowjob when I light up my life no she

didn't that six you picked up at the

fucking club last night or last week

dude she fucked the color off your dick

and couldn't wait to do it again

swallowed every drop of your load you

think a ten is gonna swallow your load

fuck no hell no as black men to get back

on track here we know we are not the

pervasive choice of white women with

options pretty white girls even me

listen here's the thing guys even

beautiful black women prefer to be with

white guys dude look at Serena while

Paula Patton zoe saldana

Tandy Newton Stacy - all are married to

or are dating white guys and because of

this market deficiency and let me

reiterate here that I'm characterizing

this as a market deficiency meaning

speaking strictly sexual because I know

niggas watching this are gonna send me

messages talking about how dare you say

white men are more valuable than black

men how dare you pedestal lies the white

man I am talking strictly about the

dating market from a sexual context the

sexual marketplace all things being

equal most girls prefer white dudes

that's how it is as black men and black

men we know and acknowledge this at

least red pill aware black men

so what did we do what do we do to start

attracting higher quality females we

tightened up our game the average white

guy doesn't have the game level the

average black man does because he

doesn't have to work as hard to sleep

with beautiful women again this isn't to

say that white guys don't have game of

course they do

illimitable man Rollo Tomassi Troy

Francis Roush the mecca the manosphere

all-stars those guys have stupid crazy

game for sure but they're at an

automatic advantage from the jump

because of their skin tone and because

of this we as black men have to tighten

up our game to compete for higher

quality girls so when a white guy finds

out his girlfriend had a black

ex-boyfriend one of the reasons he wants

out is because he knows that dude

probably had much tighter game than he

does he knows that he knows that black

dude kept her in line better didn't take

her shit flirted with her better made

her dress the way he wanted her to dress

all of this is going through her through

his mind no man wants the sloppy seconds

of a man who's perceived game level is

that much higher than his beer

regardless of color so they leave 911

for two oh five five three five six is

the number to call if you want to get in

on the conversation let's see what else

we got here

Miami Jay says of course according to

social justice warriors you should

apologize for being white yeah in that

fucking hilarious

Darcy Mills says no one gets to choose

the meat suit they are issued red Jedi

said he fucked the nine and she

complained I was too rough right cuz

nines and tens aren't used to getting

nines and tens aren't used to getting

plowed they're not used to getting

pounded man they're just not dude that's

just how it is I keep turning my light

because you guys can see it's getting

progressively darker so the lighting the

lighting has to change so please bear

with me but yeah like 9s and 10s aren't

used to getting the piss pounded out of

them man yes red Jedi says sixes and

sevens never to sixes and sevens never

complained when you're rough this is how

it is man that's how it is let's move to

the second reason why white guys

discount white women who have dated

black men in the past David fuck

whatever the bad boys stereotyped the

nigga stereotype for some reason every

time a white girl says she has a black

ex-boyfriend the white guy assumes that

he's a hood nigga who's muscular ripped

up all tatted up into jail roughneck

nigga now men of all races know that

women are aroused by delinquency they

marry listen they marry the accountant

but they fucked the ex-con this is how

they operate when a white guy visualizes

his white egg his white girlfriend's

black ex he sees the stereotypical black

man and like David in Minneapolis said

it intimidates him he subconsciously

thinks to himself there is no way

subconsciously he doesn't think this to

himself but subconsciously he thinks

there's no way I can elicit the same

feelings when it within her that I can

he'll never say it out loud though right

his insecurities will manifest itself

into anger he'll call her name so call

her a slut he'll call her a nigger lover

a mud sour coal burner

you know drilling for oil any derogatory

name he can think of but what he's

really saying is that I am angry that

you've been with someone who excites you

more than I am capable of even the


of blue pill men know that girls love

the bad boys man they know girls love

dudes with beards and tattoos they know

girls they know that girls love that

brash cockiness they know all that stuff

everybody does this is common knowledge

that says I'm not breaking news here so

when a white guy finds out his white

ex-girlfriend has a black X he assumes

that blacks at that black X is a

tatted-up bad-boy drug dealer who gave

her pharmaceutical grade hits at that

emotional rollercoaster that they know

women love sharpest said whoa Donna

venosus let's check out this link that

he put in here flesh-eating STD

allegedly making the rounds okay

oh well Wow

it's called Donovan houses Donovan OSIS

which is spread through sexual

intercourse with an infected patient or

by coming into contact with a patients

infected ulcer is typically seen in

India New Guinea and somewhere else now

the ad is popping up Wow Donna venosus

how about that shit damn there's a

fucking disease named after me about


Miami J doing his best ETF 42 impression

with the question how much do you think

the cock size myth plays a role damn you

Miami Jay before I get to number three

which is exactly which is going to going

to answer Miami jeans question if you

want to tighten up your beer game go to

1821 man-made calm that's the only place

you need to go the paste the clay and

the pomade will have your beard looking

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I've used these products for almost a

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go to 1821 man-made calm for all of your

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five five three five six is the number

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if you want to chime in on why you think

white guys discount white girls who date

black men you know the number to call

heathen deluxe says Donovan did you hear

about the thought who held the tinder

social experiment in a New York City

Park you know what somebody sent me

Jonathan from modern life date he

actually sent me a link I'm probably

gonna address that I'm probably gonna

address that one tomorrow yeah yeah I

certainly heard about that um I remember

uh Shoshana Roberts a couple years ago

did a catcalling experiment like she

walked around in the Bronx or whatever

and and you know all these niggas were

hollering her OC mail thirst like bitch

you're a decent-looking white girl

walking around in Harlem what the fuck

did you expect let us go to the third

and final reason listen this is this is

the third and final reason this puts the

nail in the coffin the big black cock

myth when white guys use words like

ruined or tainted when talking about

white girls who a fuck black dudes

they're talking about the big black cock

the number one culprit in perpetuating

the myth that all men have enormous

dicks is interracial pornography right

white dudes watch this stuff they see

they see these black dudes with these

enormous dicks banging these pretty tiny

little white girls who are screaming and

squirting all over the place and they

assumed that every black man has a cock

like that and fucks like that okay the

example that I gave at the top of the

show he said to her he said to her all I

can think of this is this is this is the

Vanessa thing all I can think of is you

sucking his black cock in it makes me

nauseous the reason it makes him

nauseous is because he's assuming that

her ex-boyfriend was choking was choking

her out on a 17 inch dick he's seen

plenty listen this dude has seen plenty

of dick being sucked before we've all

watched porn he's no different so it

ain't the dick sucking that makes him

sick it's the thought of a bigger dick

than his penetrating his now pregnant

soon-to-be ex girlfriend this is the


one reason white dudes flip out when

they find out their girlfriends had a

black ex-boyfriend and make it act like

it's not the case but it is what it is

but guess what if black male porn stars

had small dicks this wouldn't be a

problem it ain't about the color of the

dick gentlemen it is about the perceived

size of the dick and as I said to David

and Minneapolis black men are portrayed

in the media and in pornography as

having the biggest cocks in the world by

a wide margin it's exaggerated for those

of you not buying into the size versus

color of the skin argument think of it

this way

take him it this way imagine you were on

the internet browsing through porn and

you came across the clip of your

girlfriend getting pounded by a huge

cock guess what you're gonna be sick too

but not because he's black or white but

because his dick is a lot bigger than

yours and guess what else the color of

the actor skin is of no consequence it

doesn't matter if he's black white

brazilian whatever doesn't matter all

that matters is that his dick is a lot

bigger than yours and when you see when

you see proof that your girl has taken

dicks a lot bigger than yours it fucks

with your head right listen as men we

would like to think that we're the

biggest and best our girl has ever had

it's an ego thing it's a possession

thing this is this is how we're wired I

did I say this about Devin all the time

I know I'm not the biggest cock she's

ever taken I don't got the greatest

lover she's ever had there's nothing I

can do about that I don't give a shit

well if you've taken the red pill you

know this will never ever be the case

you will never be the biggest you'll

never be her best myself included I like

like I said I'm I know I'm not the

biggest or the best my girls ever had

that's a fact it's not something I'm

particularly keen on I guess what that's

part of the day that's part of the gig

if you settle down with an American

woman you are going to have to resolve

your mind to the fact that you will

never be the biggest dick your woman's

ever had and the sex that you have with

her isn't the best she's ever had again

part of the gig part of the bargain that

said even though we know these things we

don't want it thrown in our faces man

we want to keep at least a small part of

our blissful ignorance yes we know we're

probably not the biggest through the

best when she sells us oMG are the

biggest and best that I've ever had and

listen to her credit bless her heart for

trying to stroke our fragile egos when

it comes to our dicks right but even

though we know this we don't want to see

the proof okay so you know your girl is

lying to you we don't want to see the

proof we don't want to know and when a

white guy finds out his white girlfriend

has a black ex-boyfriend the proof is

essentially right in his face he assumes

that her black ex-boyfriend has a

two-foot-long dong as thick as a soda

can and all he can see in his mind is

his girlfriend screaming and squirting

all over the place as that nigger runs

his long thick cock in and out of her

all night long because he thinks every

single solitary black man has a 27 inch

dick who can fuck for five hours

straight without a break at the end of

the day this is the issue yes the fact

that we have more game factors in yes

the bad boys stereotype is definitely in

play but the real issue white men have

with white girls dating black men is

that they assume that they've had a huge

dick in them at some point or another

and they feel sexually inadequate they

feel like they can never please her like

the baseball bat of a cock bat LaMarcus

had when she was fucking him after

Vanessa's boyfriend called her a nigger

lover and told her to get her shit and

get out he told her again and I quote I

knew you felt loose and there you have

it gentlemen and you can say well

Donovan that's only one white guy yeah

keep telling yourself that you know I'm

right you give any white guy sodium


and they will tell you exactly what I

told you which is the reason

they'll tell exactly what I told you

they will tell you the reason I don't

date white girls who have dated black

guys is because I know she's probably

had bigger dicks than mine that's it

that's it

all right last chance to call in 911 for

two oh five five three five sixes then

I'm gonna call if you want to get in on

the conversation

sure McCain says sighs always plays a

role regardless of skin color if a chick

said that her ex was six five 250-pound

linebacker dude what would be a thing

about that's right exactly right

like if Devin told me that she had dated

Luke Kuechly well shit I got to move on

Luke Luke Kuechly is of course one of

the best linebackers in football plays

for the Carolina Panthers Luke Kuechly

is 6-3 250 something pounds wouldn't

matter if you Luke we're black or white

or it wouldn't matter you did it a fuck

of NFL linebacker you're an alpha Widow

now here's the thing Devon is never ever

ever dated a guy like me right like

that's the one thing that I have going

for me is that I know beyond the shadow

of the doubt she has never dude she's

never seen a guy like me like dude she's

fucked plenty dude she ain't never

fucked with a dude like me man she and

that that much I know

when you take the red pill man and you

become the person that you were supposed

to be dude trust me girls won't see you

coming they all hate it and love it all

at once dude then it's dude I have made

Devon cry many many times this is just

how I am dude dude I hold my girls to a

high height listen she's listen tonight

she's cooking me steak and broccoli and

I've got her dressing up in a slutty

outfit the Serbian and I will put those

pictures up on social media yes I will

that's all there is to it like Devon has

never ever ever had a man to require her

to buy an entire wardrobe of slutty

clothes Devon has never had a man who

were wires her to check in when she gets

to work

Devon has never ever ever had a man who

immediately calls her out on her

bullshit when he smells that bullshit

never so that's where I know at least

I've got something on somebody

right I can take I can take a little bit

of comfort in that

heathen deluxe says the same marketing

quote guru who put that girl up to that

in Harlem is where is responsible for

this tender experiment as well yeah

right Shoshana Roberts right eternal one

says do white girls go through phases

where they like to date black men or

were just trying to make me jealous

um listen man weren't listen we're not

that important to women as we would like

to think a white girl is not fucking

with niggas to make you jealous right

because she knows you're not gonna get

back with her if you find if she finds

out that if you find out she's fuckin

Daquan what she knows she knows you're

not taking her back no she's not doing

that to make you jealous she's doing

that so that because that's what she

wants to she knows you're gone after

that freelance ronan says blue bill

dudes seem to be extra addicted to pussy

I think that says pussy I don't know why

it's I don't know why it's um editing

these out editing swear words I hate

that shit so it really hits them harder

mentally Yeah right

oh my bad Devon's making chicken fajitas

oh that's weird

I thought out a couple of steaks yeah

well whatever

ah yes Miami Jay yes yes yes we need two

more we need two more guys for the TSR

fantasy league we have two more slots

open Miami Jay is that is that is this a

10 12 or 14 team League I forget okay it

looks like red Jedi wants in I love on

Miami Jay is talking she said grab your

y-chromosome and sign up Oh Devon says

she's changed her mind because she wants

us to have okay all right well looks

like I'm having steak for lunch tomorrow

sharp assists

it doesn't help that blank it doesn't

help that it pairs the tiniest girls

with the biggest dudes so it's really

abnormal looking yeah listen important

does this to write like girls who girls

who do porn are not like Devon like

she's 5 6 write like 135 pounds right

listen she she she carries her weight

very very well you guys know what kind

of body she has body of a porn star

but dude Devon couldn't be a porn star

dude she's too large right she's not an

Amazon but she's not teeny-tiny like the

average porn star honestly the audits

the the the average porn star and I

don't have the stats for this but the

average porn the average female porn

star probably 5 to 5 310 pounds maybe

right maybe got these maybe got these

niggas who were 6 4 6 5 with dicks that

are the size of these girls and yeah

yeah it gives you complex yes

Deadshot's ed which is worse if he sees

her doing that shit with him that she

won't do with him yeah I had a guy on


um and I forgot who he was I don't want

to call his name out but he told me and

this is so funny this is just so sad

he's just so in the dark he's like yes

my girlfriend loves me but she says

she's not really a sexual person I was

like dude she doesn't want to fuck you

she's alpha Widow ba ba ba ba ba well

the next day he says well I found out

that she was sexually abused so that's

why she's not a sexual person non niggah

she's definitely a sexual person if she

was sexually abused you're not

attractive enough to suck your dick or

to let you go back door like you don't

want to admit that to yourself right

like I had to give him the hard truth

dude like you're not attractive enough

at least not right now for her to want

to do these things with like that like

like this is how it is he just didn't he

just didn't want to he did not want to

didn't want to come didn't want to come

to come to terms of that

oh there we are

yes why do you suspect some white some

white porn stars won't fuck with black

men you know it's interesting I watched

the I watched a series on I forget was

on Netflix it was called after porn ends

and after porn ends part two on after

porn ends part two some of the poor

girls were talking about the strategies

right they say listen when when when you

first go like when you first go into the

business don't do anal and don't do

interracial you wait you save that for

later to give I guess to extend your

porn life so so I guess I mean I guess

theoretically if there is a porn star

who's maybe 20 to 23 years old

she'll I guess just do straight she'll

just do straight porn with white guys I

think one girl said and then when they

start to get a little bit older into the

milf category they'll still hold on a

little bit longer but then when they're

about to fall off the cliff then they do

interracial and that's when their

careers are completely completely

resurrected so the reason why a lot of

white girl porn stars don't fuck don't

fuck black men black porn actors is

because not that they don't want to but

they don't because it's almost like

they're giving too much too soon they

want to extend their careers as as as

long as possible

damn Deadshot says there's porn for that

too sharp assists us by 295 pounds is

the average female porn star Jesus

fuckin Christ it's like I'm it's like a

child ah okay

I listen so sharp assists did some did

some research as far as the the the

progression of the average female porn

star it goes solo then lesbian then

hetero then anal then interracial and

then gangbang and then of course the

last is interracial anal gangbang right

Deadshot says we're do donkey shows fit

into the mix I don't know who knows

there's porn for everything dude there's

porn for everything I even heard of

wrote like one girl I forget I was

talking about a rosebud porn it's

fucking crazy some shit like that yeah

it hides offensive words for me but if

but if I rest my if I if I hover my

cursor over it then I could see what it

is oh wow chase LeBeau just put up an

interesting article that talks about

it's an insight an insight a study of a

10,000 porn stars wow this is

interesting for the first time in that's

it Wow Wow

oh this is fascinating oh this is


this is fascinating yeah yeah I'm in I'm

in I'm in dude this is fascinating I

always I always love to I really like to

know like pornography it fascinates me

because you think to yourself what kind

of women are doing this like why are

they doing this what are the statistics

that's definitely something that I'm

definitely gonna check out so shout out

to chase LeBeau for that particular

article how about that

damn boo keiki would probably be the end

of the proverbial porn road I don't know

what bouquet key is stars used very

loosely pun intended I don't know what

bouquet key is or but CAC I don't know

what that is you know that is well

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TSR primetime I'm gonna go eat my

chicken fajitas and fuck my slutty

girlfriend thanks for tuning in guys

same bat-channel or same bat-time same

bat-channel tomorrow thanks for watching

guys have a good night


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