ATTENTION BLACK MEN: Quit using your race as an excuse not to compete with Kevin Samuels (Episode 408)

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Donovan Sharp mobile app okay let's go

ahead an get to it here guys my guest

tonight is one of the best male image

and style consultants out there he's

been featured in 405 magazine splurge

magazine OKC and the Oklahoma Gazette

he's been on the television show living

Oklahoma he's one of the most

sought-after image consultants in the

country he made his first appearance on

TSR Alive way back in episode 1

41 gentlemen please welcome Kevin

Samuels to TSR towers Kevin thanks for

making time - first time man we greatly

greatly appreciate it

no problem well what's going on guys can

you get can you hear me I'm good yep

you're good I hear you loud and clear

you definitely got the upgraded mic so

for the second-straight show we are not

going to talk image consulting we are

going to talk about the red pill Kevin

Kevin is a guy who's always had red pill

awareness he just decided to channel his

red pill awareness into fashion and

image consulting but now he's gonna

start talking about red pill topics

head-on and today's topic Kevin is it's

not just about race right explain to

take my audience inside why you decided

to talk about this today well you know

as I peruse around YouTube and

especially how I kind of met you as I

met you in the black metal sphere the

Negro man sphere and one thing that I

noticed far too often when guys are not

successful in their personal life or

professional life rates tends to come up

a lot for a black man and I can die and

here's a thing there's a kernel of truth

to almost every objection but it's more

than about race we've talked about even

if something as simple as dating you

know there's that thing called the swirl

movement where black women are talking

about dating out and then but here's the

thing I want men to become the best

version of themselves period and then

let the highest caliber woman of all

stripes buy for their attention you want

to be the number one draft pick in your

Etro position and then in that it's not

about race because you think about

backing into failed quarterbacks they

used to say black men couldn't play

quarterback Friday so Warren Moon came

along warmoon Doug Williams Randall

Cunningham Randall Cunningham but now

now it's not even now it's not even a

question now it's like that's silly well

that's what I want the guys to get to

I'm about taking all the excuses away

from a guy that they can't control and

being and being race is one that too

many guys can fall back on and say well

I I can't date Becky because

she doesn't like black guys that's

bullshit and you talked about strip

strip club game escort game I used to

love to fucking hunt escorts and

strippers that said all day long no no

black guys don't want no

african-americans please I wanted to get

those two just to prove to myself as an

image not about race so that's why I

kind of wanted to get into it because we

take race away from all guys then they

gotta really look themselves in the

mirror and say am I really the best

version and I can be and can I get out

there and compete guy says that at the

end of the day you need to be able to

step in the ring with anybody and know

you can compete and if you can't you

need to do more work you can't say he

beat me up cuz he was white he beat me

up because he's a no no no no no no no

take race off the table and you way you

take race off the table as you put

yourself at the highest level I'm gonna

say this and I'm in for everybody who

still wants to fall back on race is

still an issue okay I don't see any

black professional athletes longing for

any feminine attention of women of any

stripes sure so if it really was race

was that critical it wouldn't matter

what you had here's the thing dude game

Trump's all yes there are listen race

plays a role and everything including

dating and I think what you mean to say

is that if black men acknowledge yes my

race does play a role in how I am

perceived by you know women of different

races but you can't use that use that it

as an excuse Terry and be Broussard says

races matter in dating this guy's

inaccurate and accurate nigga call him

by his name nigga like don't save this

guy don't don't don't come up in here

matter of fact Aryan why don't you give

me a call 3 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 I think I

think Darian I think he is I think what

he means to say is what you mean to say

and I think what Darian is doing is he's

taking what you said in a context you're

saying that race doesn't matter and when

you say that race doesn't matter what

you mean to say is it doesn't matter

just don't use it as an excuse don't use

it as a crutch I can't date white girls

because I'm black newsflash newsflash

I'm black and I date a badass white girl

right now I've dated a lot of badass

girls I have fucked a lot about ass

white girls listen if the fact of the

matter is is that most white women don't

don't openly date black guys then I'm

gonna use that as an excuse to say well

I can't date Becky so you know most most

Becky's don't want to date black guys so

I'm just gonna give up

fuck no dude I stayed on my grant I knew

I wasn't gonna date black women so I

expanded my horizons a little bit I went

with white girls latina girls has you

know Hispanic girls dominican girls etc

etc the number again is nine one four

two oh five five three five six I think

you and Darian are probably arguing

semantics but but again you know I think

that Darian and listen Darren you can

call in you know in case in case you in

case you think I'm wrong and I'm not

gonna play nice like if I disagree if

you want to tell you I disagree but you

know the things that you've said is it

really will Darian the things that dairy

in a said is very very broad let's get

specific Kevin didn't yes the words that

came out of Kevin's mouth his race

doesn't matter race obviously matters

what he means to say is that don't use

race as an excuse for your failure or

lack you know or lack of success you

know it doesn't work that way

listen maybe race was a factor maybe it

what maybe it wasn't a factor but if you

use that as that if you use that as an

excuse you're going to you're you're

gonna use that as an excuse not to dust

yourself off and try again so if you go

up and holler it 100 white girls you get

100 nose up fuck it white girls don't

want to date black guys I'm out this is

it I'm done that's that that I believe

is what Kevin was talking about you

notice you don't you notice Donovan how

when no matter how I said it you got it

yeah matter if I said race doesn't

matter it didn't bother you because you

know you can date whatever you don't

have to drill down into oh yeah race

does matter and see when I see guys like

this Darien guy the first thing I want

to do is I'm you don't have your avatar

up well what do you look like dude

what's your game like right you know I'm

common right I go to your channel and

I'm looking I'm like you know dude

please this guy's ignorant man he says

society doesn't work that way like no

shit not all black men are professional

athletes really because I play well I

don't know about you Kevin I play for

the Sacramento Kings and then in the

season I go play for the Cincinnati

Bengals I'm a black

professional athlete and Darian's sounds

like a fake-ass pro-black

and I still don't see Darien won the

light up there he is

and one of his channels tarik mushy yeah

tarik radio just sleepy yeah you know I

want to hear what he has to say yeah hey

listen man we're definitely we're takin

we're taking all comers we got three

guys on the line let us start with see

in Vegas see you're on live at Donovan

Kevin what's going on brother

hey listen to be clear I think the

overall point is taking walk-on make it

you stupid no dude seat listen see in

Vegas is totally cool we don't align up

everything always have we always

exchange a good idea so what you got men

in the middle yeah look if so you can't

use race as a factor to some extent you

know of course racist actors into

everything correct

it's a rising society but I can't say

you can't I'm not saying you guys are

discarding it wholeheartedly but this

doesn't want to think that a place into

but oh so it's whitey magic Duffy dude

yes we saw this game up right that's

that's the way that works there's a

system here that gives white men white

men and women apparently advantages over

us I am I wrong in saying that are you

wrong in saying that we get disqualified

for what now

let me he basically said this is that

he's talking white supremacy let me just

let me address this all that shit works

well on the general point but what

happens 101 when you are one-on-one at

the individual level it's about you see

this is where this whole argument falls

apart there yes race matters height

manners penis size manners national

structure matters everything matters

generally but when you 101 that's when

it matters you can be if somebody looks

like you over go ahead

when Kevin

there's statistics that say look they're

so qualified black men and you know call

fight back men who go into job interview

ever and you get discriminated against

that's where you see I'm not talking

statistics I'm not tellin fam see that's

why I cut that completely apart I said

you not statistics

not black demographic calm not eating

this shit hold on hold on a second

one-on-one of black men goes into a job

interview he could be discredited

outright that's one on one and he could

win two and guess up guess what I'm a

corporate hold on fam hold on hold on

bump your break your brakes dude I'm a

corporate image consultant I help I work

with guys applying for jobs

I actually hire professionals look dude

every argument you can make I can make

three counter arguments it comes down to

you as an individual

it's me if it's me that means I'm better

wait please finish this book with saying

I respect I understand what you're


however you're one guy even Donovan said

that this outlier situation hey I get it

you might be you said you might be the

magic guys but statistics and all across

the board

dude one guy so he gets knowns as

evidence thing by the way I'm not saying

hey rich means everything but at the end

of the day there's a system out here

that insulates the interlaced white

people you're right

good easy even hang on hang on Kevin no

no no listen listen see you're right

you're absolutely right we do point out

the fact and I got other callers see I

appreciate the call very very good

points that he's making there there's

definitely there's definitely a system

in place and yeah you have to be you

know outliers but guess what that's what

this shows about you have to make

yourself the outlier

I remember I want I'm ago I watched a

and I'll get through four one three or

next six seven eight and two six seven

and it was starring Don Cheadle and it

was about a basketball player by the

name of Earl the goat Manigault mm-hm

he was at duty was an unbelievable

basketball player he was back in the

1950s or 1960s and he was talking with

Forest Whitaker's character because he


thinking about maybe going into the NBA

and by then his life was kind of coming

apart because he had some issues he got

a girl pregnant cetera et cetera then

reports Whitaker was trying to sort of

prop him up right he was like yo you

know you could be in the NBA that it uh

and you know Earl Don Cheadle's

character said man they only take two

niggas in the NBA everywhere and you

know what Forest Whitaker said he said

and you could be one of them right see

in Vegas listen I respect the hell out

of that dude I really do but but keeping

these things in the back actually

keeping these things in the front of

your mind is what black men you listen

we're not and I'm not saying that see is

saying that we are blind to this Kevin

and I are black we see this stuff and in

and we experience this stuff every day

but if you keep that stuff in the front

of your mind

I'm gonna go holler at this white girl

but chances are she's not gonna want

she's not gonna let me holler you're

you're you're almost hamstringing

yourself before you even start because

here's the thing

listen if your game is tight enough if

you're confident enough if you're about

your shit maybe a girl who wouldn't

otherwise give you a shot you know what

I don't normally date boobs like this

but I kind of like this guy's vibe ease

look him in the eye good handshake he's

making me feel some type of way let me

give this guy a shot you go into a job

interview this guy knows he's not gonna

hire a nigga but then somebody walks in

there who talks just like his son well

wait a minute

I don't hire black guys but this guy

doesn't really talk or sound or even if

I sounded like a hood nigga he's like

you know what hmm this guy's confidence

I don't normally hire black guys because

you know we want to take care of our own

but this is what the manosphere is all

about you could be outlier so so again

with all twist with all due respect to

see in Vegas I don't want to hear that

the system is against us listen we know

this we know that we don't we don't need

statistics to tell us can I ask you a

question I'm good if we had the

conversation and seeing Vegas wants to

have and we talked about it for an hour

two hours three hours what next sure

right I mean I will say in corporate

America the higher up I went I was the

only black face around I was in major

account sales national account sales I

was a National Account Manager basically

these are titles to where it the higher

up you went the wider and mail it got

writing the thing I was there they're

young I wouldn't and funny thing is the


people were in customer service and on

to in the telemarketing department who

were doing this almost the same job I

was doing if they would have decided to

come over here and compete he could have

done it too but hey I hear what you're

saying seeing Vegas but at the end of

the day would you see a woman it's

one-on-one that's right

I am sorry I've dated and fucked too

many women whoo

you're the first guy I've ever been with

first black guy I've ever been with what

makes me so special and what mate what

makes me different than any of these

other guys what what makes you what

makes you different from all the other

black guys who have tried to holler

because they have tried to holler the

difference is you you are that you are

the outlier here's the thing if ten

niggas go up and try to holler at a

white girl who doesn't date black guys

azar she's probably gonna shoot down

most of them but the one or two guys

that she doesn't shoot down those are

the outliers just like Forest Whitaker

told Don Cheadle's character and you

could be man that girl don't fuck she

don't fuck black dudes machine fuck the

nigga sense bla bla bla bla bla I can

frame niggas but you know our dad is all

on our shit yeah you could be one of

them we listen this is what we teach in

the manosphere is that you could be the

outlier let me read a comment here I

actually saw a comment and I don't know

I don't know if it can be McGinnis says

this is funny this is funny he says

quote this is funny I hear white guys

complaining all the time that black guys

get all the girls also my white

girlfriends on record previously told me

they don't tape that guys so we got

white guys complaining who all the black

guys good old Rhys and black dudes

talking about we'll all the white guys

get all the badass white girls here is

what those two groups of people have in

common is no game if you're a white dude

and you see all the white girls fucking

niggas that's because niggas got game if

you're a black dude who says well hey

the the the deck is stacked against us

yes we know and acknowledge that but

this is what listen

iron sharpens iron yes we have to work

twice as hard we have to work twice as

far to get twice as hard to get half as

far we know all that but it's up to you

not to Sears a thing Kevin it's it's we

choose not to give it power right and

it's not like we're disqualifying the

fact that race is we know race is a

factor that is obvious I don't need

someone to tell me Donovan you

when you go out here man like they see

you as a black man no should have been

black my entire life right but i-i've

been around this I've been around this

long enough I decided not to make it an

issue now when I get pulled over by a


you better believe my black ass is gonna

let you know I'm saying like listen at

that point raises definitely a

motherfuckin issue but but again when

you're in situations where you're going

in for a job interview are trying to

holler at a whi curler or a non black

woman listen you know you're fighting an

uphill battle and you know that the odds

are stacked against you does that mean

that you give up did James bustard James

Buster Douglas was a 42 to one underdog

against Mike Tyson did he say you know

what Mike Tyson is 38 no with 30 with 36


he hasn't been past the fourth round in

15 of his last 18 fights

there's no I'm gonna win I totally gave

up against Tony Tucker nobody thinks I'm

gonna win fuck it I'm just not going to

do it

guess what James Buster Douglas shot the

world right right

you can't James Buster Douglas still had

to step into the ring and fight Mike

Tyson right he was the outlier he was

the first guy that did it dude many came

and many fell but James Buster done that

did it you understand you can't beat

yourself before you get into the ring

you might dude you might be fighting the

biggest baddest motherfucker out there

you might be going and working for white

man corporation LLC and they're looking

for one nigga in 300 people and you know

300 niggas lined up for the job

interview yes what you could be the

person they hire though you could be the

first black guy that a white girl wants

to get a taste of this we teach you to

be is to be the outlier let me tell you

another part of the reason that's so NIC

so such a negative thing if it's always

front of mine you are you are almost

always going to miss read situations if

let's say you have a co-worker and you

have a conflict and you just have an

argument but if you think race first or

race always is eaten is he doing this to

me because I'm black I mean it becomes a

fucking a relic around your neck it

really is man

so here's the net-net of it even if you

go for the job and you don't get that

one job you still took your shot it's no

different than let's say let's just say

me Donovan a bunch of the guys went out

and everybody saw the hot blonde and

everybody wore the hot blonde and let's

say Brad got

hot blonde but I still took my shot and

got the hot brunette and still winning

right right you know Michael Jordan

famously said you miss 100% of the shots

you never take our technology 911 we got

plenty colors on the line 911 for two oh

five five three five six is the number

call area code four one three you are on

the line good was that

Darien what's up man I told you to call

it matters come on put you down say

again oh dude dozens hundreds Duty kid

me of course just as many black women

Kevin hang on what and your point is

what Darren Darren look at my screen bro

okay you are not Darian my friend that

is my troll era code four one three who

likes to call in every once in a while I

knew I recognized his voice Darian is

that dude or whatever the fuck his name

is he is that nigga who hates on dudes

like me right he literally just like if

he hasn't been watching we just sat here

and said yes we understand that race is

a factor we get it we understand that

but we don't we don't use that as a

crutch we don't use that as an excuse to

beat ourselves before we begin he asked

me how many white girls have you have

have rejected you dude hundreds probably

more than that you made my point for me

brah look at the screen look at look at

that dude look at those legs look at

that ass look at those titties there's

plenty where that came from

I get the fuck out of here dude somebody

somebody get the Darian D broussard out

of here Aaron you gave yourself away

Darian is

we call a and I don't even think therein

is black I think he's Hispanic but

anyway so Darian you're out there and

again this is what we're talking about

and I hate to be repetitive but I want

to make it crystal clear what we're

talking about here race is a factor in

everything it has to be because we're

human beings we have eyes we have ears

we get it but it's just like Kevin said

too many black men use this at it's like

a right it's like a noose around your

neck everything bad that happens to you

you blame on your race and at some point

it becomes too psycho it starts to

psychologically fuck you to where you

start to hate yourself well if this

happened to me because I'm black and

that happened to me because I'm black I

don't really think I'm black and then

you end up going the sammy sosa route

and get me and getting skin lightening

products and things of that nature going

back to what you said just right at the

beginning of the show I just wanted to

address before we bring on the next

caller here okay black women cannot

swirl okay

just because black just because a black

woman we dated a white guy once or twice

doesn't mean she can swirl no Cynthia G

was the world's biggest proponent of

swirling and symphony G and Cynthia G's

ho ass got knocked up by an ain't shit

nigga right well Cynthia G was out here

swirling like she thought she was you

would have you would have thought at

least that she could take one white dick

right like one white guy right so what

woman can't swirl um and and here's

here's another thing that I wanted to

talk about as far as dating we got a lot

of black men out here that says I can't

date white women or I choose not to try

to date white member because I don't

think I can so I'm gonna hate on guys

that do mm-hmm

Darry an area code for one three who

called in and are you've been rejected

by a bunch of white women yeah whatever

like listen that's a non-issue like I

said we choose not to give it power yes

it is a factor but if that's in the

front of your mind if it's a noose

around your neck if it's a if it's your

ball and chain you're never gonna get

anywhere in life

okay you're gonna shoot yourself in the

foot every time well those kind of

thought processes also follow this when

I would say okay networking go to a

Chamber of Commerce me I don't want to

go to a chamber I don't want to do white

stuff eat beef wellington it's white

stuff I'm like are you kidding me I'm

like you can be that you

can be really what it is Donovan for so

many these guys it just gives them

license to be average or below average

and not have to compete yes man well you

you don't have to actually compete

against the best of the best so when you

don't get the best you can blame it on

everybody else other than yourself

starting out saying first of all I'm

just thinking about the mindset of a guy

who trolls mail spaces I'm like you

obviously aren't living your best life

no not he probably he watches me every

day and he secretly envies me this is

why why it's like I want I wish I could

be more like that or I wish I had that

kind of confidence or whatever but

because I don't I have to make it that

it can't be because of a system of white

supremacy okay

system of white supremacy exists but

still one on one individually that's why

guys don't like this stuff what do you

do and you ask where are you at in your

life where are you winning in your life

and more often than not these guys

aren't winning anywhere in life well

anybody who anybody who calls me up on

my show more than once to talk shit

about how shitty I am you know that you

know that that's that's pretty obvious

let's go back to the phone lines I got

area code two six seven two oh eight and

six seven eight you guys are the next

three in line I had somebody hang up but

I don't know what happened there


area code two six seven year on live at

Donovan Kevin good hey what's up

probably doing them agree with you guys

I'm a black man in America and I

definitely agree with you guys

I'm definitely believe that it's about

the man himself right he's not hundred

percent a factor but my story is I'm a

I'm a pretty good-looking now I get two

signals from all types Orion like black

woman in Spanish woman but as a black

man I noticed we still have a uphill

battle in the dating game like let's say

I go to like a country white bar or

whatever it is the white woman will like

me but there's also a stigma that that's

present from the white guys judging them

or the other white females judging that

right they're not gonna shortly they're

not going to outward

pull you in and start square dance in

the middle of the floor no she's gonna

wait figure out at the car be like you

know like what's up if you think it's

bad to cut you in Weston go to a Mexican

club whoa yo shit I'm tell you when I

lived in the motherfucker fuck you oh no

bro yo listen Real Talk man I dated this

Mexican girl when I was in Vegas right

and we went to like a Latino I've

actually been to Havana in Atlanta twice

and everything was cool there it was a

mixed crowd you know pretty much

asthmatic we went to this little

underground rinky-dink whatever whatever

and I'm usually not afraid physically

when I'm when I'm in a place but yo

don't we need these motherfuckers we're

looking at me I'm like yo these

motherfuckers are about to take their

you or kill you and you better across

the border I was like y'all might end up

in Mexico on a goddamn body bag in this

motherfucker for real because we're the

only group the black communities only

community would allows people into our

spaces they're not supposed to want you

to come take their women they're

supposed to guard their territory and go

ahead and listen she was the baddest

bitch in the club that was probably so

what you have to do is you got to

respect those guys territory fuck her in

the bathroom fuck her in the parking lot

I mean don't expect her to sit there and

do the squid man I'm trying to tell you

like she dude she was all over me and

you know I'm enjoying myself and I'm

looking around man and I remember this

one dude this bird motherfucker had all

these fucking glasses he kept looking at

me as shaking his head I'm like yo and

I'm getting ready I'm like you know what

if these motherfuckers gonna jump me man

I'm I can't I can't beat them all but

I'm fucking taking somebody's eyeball

like somebody's got to pay ain't bully

for me that that that never came to

fruition but goddamn I learned I learned

off the RIP you go to them because it's

amazing that if there was this little

bizarre and the bizarre turned into a

massive Club I'm like four three blocks

on shrugs everywhere my name little

bitty Coronas and shit and red boots

with the tips and shit like this oh my

god I walked in because I like to saw it

means across the street

Tejano I was in there Tejano and these

dudes it was almost like Eddie Murphy in

what was it 48 hours guilty yeah not and

I came in I was like okay and I read

situations I'm like okay cool just look

ahead don't fuck up cool and you know

what I banged a bitch that but I

wouldn't go sit around be like yeah man

fuckin country ass beat you smooth the

fuckers yeah yeah I do they're gonna

track your ass out and string you up

haricots 208 and six seven eight I'm

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holding your on live with not abandon

Kevin you go ahead can you hear me yes

sir you know what crackers in this

motherfucker come on brother school for

underprivileged youth and it catered

mostly to white and black kids you know

the ages between 18 and 25 looking for

education and to get out into the

workplace and it was interesting so it

was like a small town and you can just

see the dynamics and I tell you what we

had top 30 girls about 60 guys and the

black guys always rose to the top when

it comes looking for girls because they

had game and you know even the ugly

black guy little white girls now the fat

girls that we had anyone anything to do

with black guys so you know I know race

matters I'm an old man I understand that

but as far as the inner

actual pure intersectional part of it if

you got game you got color doesn't

matter game Trump's all man thank you

much for the call haricots 208 it's

interesting we get stories like this all

the time D we says brother stand out no

matter where we go and I think the

reason why the reason why brothers have

tighter game Kevin is because we have to

write when we go out and we try to

holler at non black women we got a have

tighter game because non black women

have far more options in black women

black women are at the bottom of the

sexual totem pole okay the only the only

dudes check-in for black women on the

regular are black men right and B the I

would say the top tend to pull percent

of black men ain't checking for sisters

anymore right right right

we decided we've decided we you know we

want we want a higher quality of female

so we decided to start now when we first

jumped into the white girl into the why

coral pool we're like oh shit is that

here ain't play and they got fuckin dick

of all color shapes and sizes you know I

got him so I gotta tighten my game up

right it's a like being a black man

Kevin to make a sports analogy being a

black man in the dating in the dating

world if you want to eat non black women

it's like being a professional athlete

that lives in Denver Colorado the Denver

Broncos they play if you notice the

Denver Broncos are almost never sucking

air in the fourth quarter when they're

in other places why because they live in

the Mile

City they train at high altitude the

reason their lungs are stronger is

because they have to be they have to

adjust to the environment around them

have you been to Denver I have been to

Denver yeah I've been to Denver and by

the way I've been to Reno no no I'm

sorry it's a little I know no scratch

that no no I lied I just lied I've never

been to Denver I've been to Reno which

is 4,500 feet above sea level my bad for

that snafu I've been to Virginia City

which is maybe 10 or 12 miles north of

Reno 6,000 feet above sea level

Devin and I went on vacation of Hawaii

we went up mountain Mauna Kea were

14,000 feet above sea level dude

breathing it was like breathing through

a straw now if we stayed up there for

days on end I guess what our lungs would

have to adjust and the black man who

wants to date non black women we quickly

find out by trial and error that it's a

little bit tougher for black

guys than it is for white guys so what

do we do do we sit around and cry about

it I'm not gonna go huh I'm not gonna go

holder that would grow because she

doesn't date black dudes I'm a guy sit

here and sit home in and and feel sorry

for myself well I'm a black man so I'm

not gonna get that job no we adjusted

our game we tightened everything up and

we went and we get we got back out into

the dating market and it also helps that

the average white guy is a fucking

sniveling ass beta okay

listen a lot of high-value white guys

just don't have the game this is just

how it is I love the competition

honestly I like to fight but I want to

say something about yeah when I went to

Denver I was up there for two weeks for

training dude nosebleeds dude it takes a

while to adjust just walking walking a

slight incline you're like God yeah yeah

to be breathing like this but see the

thing is when you date any I mean I've

dated across the board I've dated Korean

women I've dated Japanese women I've

dated French Spanish and you know

Caucasian I mean you know North American

white women I mean German women love

black men oh but here's the thing

knowing that you can I could drop

Donovan sharp

anywhere on the planet and Donovan sharp

would survive before it's you you will

figure out how to do it right you could

drop me anywhere and I would figure out

how to survive and this is a good say

that we would thrive immediately no no

no no no just survive all we're gonna

bloody our nose but eventually we figure

it out when there's a thing you have to

like the fight you have to want to fight

it's like my job in being an outside

sales look when I was in outside sales

you playing golf if you a white male or

a white female that's what the outside

sales organizations look like and yes

I'm Kevin in sales for everybody's in it

the inside sales organization is

primarily black female and male but the

outside sales it's it's almost night and

day but the thing is they're doing the

same jobs except over here they're

making fifty thousand dollar base salary

they got a car allowance they have an

expense account and they only have to

come to the office once a week selling

the same products yeah the thing is if

you want to get out there you have to go

learn how to knock on 50 doors add a

deer or rejection how to put on a suit

and a lot of times you didn't want to do

that work I love that

fucking work I love the hell I love it I

like to taste my own blood and here's

the thing you become better you become

better to where if you decide you want

to just eat a two piece in the biscuit

you can do that if you want sushi you

can do that - it's your see what I'm

saying gentlemen black man anybody who

thinks race make yourself the best

version of yourself and then you hold

all the cards to do what the fuck you

want and then make it a choice not a

half two dudes straight listen the the

higher you increase your value the less

your deficiencies manner right and this

and your race is not the only time of

somebody's race is a deficiency is it is

when he is in an environment that is

predominantly one race okay and you drop

a white dude you drop a white boy in the

middle of Bankhead guess what he's the

one that's at the disadvantage right

look this is just how this goes nine one

four two oh five five three five six

slit is the number to call

I got area code six seven eight and any

time I get a phone number from Atlanta

caller I want to make sure that you're

not in Bankhead I got to make sure

you're not in College Park

I got to make to you in IB road oh

they're Highway Riverdale East Point you

ain't in any of those areas are you

because if you are your time is limited

go ahead Callie pause okay hold on

Darren real quick real quick

that wasn't Tyrion that called us before

that was right right

all right Dario all right Dario this is

the real Darien be Broussard instead of

that hatin as nigga who called earlier

okay I did speak I mean kind of like the

basis of how I look at things that's

kind of through the same lens of you

like Donovan start as far as like this

being at Vanderbilt I kind of like see

everything you're saying just been cool

for wisdom like I see how like I guess

being a black guy I mean it seems like I

get what he's kept what Kevin is saying

that I D like being the best version of

you how that can help compensate for

just obvious racial bias in the dating

market place

for me like Pacific alive noticed

distinguishable differences like when

I've seen like white guys with the same

phenotypic attributes as me it seems

like their options are almost limitless

as compared to mine so you take a white

guy at 65 that played college football

he's dating the same women that your

average black professional athlete is so

I was kind of going through the basis of

that but I see what you guys you guys

are absolutely right if the piece of 65

alpha male course of course he should

and and thanks for the call Darren and

by the way Darian ion i unbanned you

from the channel that was that okay yeah

yeah yeah no problem that was that that

was a hatin ass nigga area code four one

three that nigga actually came in on the

sneak tip right no funny shit he

actually listen he got me that was funny

well-played area code four one three

well played um I said a long time ago in

episode 35 actually all things being

equal most women prefer white guys and

then the the the greatest the biggest

hater in TSR history guy a guy goes by

the name of Ralph Hayes says that's not


because I'll bet you if she came home

with LeBron her parents would love

LeBron and they wouldn't go for that

race shit

that's very true but if there were a

light version of LeBron then her parents

would prefer that she date the white

LeBron than the black LeBron and she

would date the white LeBron before she

dated the black LeBron all things being

equal okay most women prefer white guys

but but this is the advantage is that

you don't have to make things equal

right like if if if the white equivalent

of Donovan Sharpe order just all of a

sudden appear guess what

now I'm gonna lift more now I'm gonna

tighten up my game more now I'm gonna be

on my grind more dude you never ever

ever never ever ever allow yourself to

be outwork by somebody else that's it

that is it and see in in here's the

funny thing if we're going to speak

specifically to black guys you don't

realize that as far as the sexual value

chart you're very fucking high up there

women want to experience some black dick

they really do they all do now whether

or not they want to marry you or be out

and you know your girlfriend that's a

whole other so all that hold of a

subject and that's not

we're talking about I'm talking about

you hold all the fucking cards you guys

if you watched my channel you know what

I think about marriage and all these

other things anyway

I want you on your purpose on your grind

and a woman that's dealing with you is

FBI feminine beautiful inspirational

she's an accessory and a Don fucking

turbo on top of your motor you can still

get we need to go we don't need a turbo

to get there all right let's go back to

the phone lines Erie code 209 you're on

live with Donovan go ahead

the first one is um I noticed that a lot

of guys you know who say like I'm all

the things aren't fair or you know race

whatever this is that you annoying to

them they probably have a democratic

mind forever like when they move over to

hey you know what I have to take care of

myself I have to you know take care of

my own eyes and they're you know we

start getting to the man stuff the guns

they start unknowingly probably

switching into a Republican mindset a

lot of people I'm California a lot of

people out here you know they complain a

lot and it's a democratic thing so no

doubt but when I was in Ohio

people thought way differently right

that's a blue-collar state man those

people know how to work their hands salt

of the earth work hard yeah yep I gotta

agree with that because you know my

channel I talk about I would you work in

at least 60 hours straight up getting

out there getting your hands dirty

good going good yeah and you know

another thing also was um

Bossier thing oh yeah that uh yeah cuz

I'm a Hispanic man and I noticed that

like a lot of black guys complain about

this and that but it really doesn't

matter because you guys do have the edge

you know like all they have is that

stigma from you know way back when

everyone what happened but like with

Hispanics all you hear is like the

border stuff you know and like this and

that you know and we don't we aren't

really talked about at all we have like

one movie out and it's a feminist movie

that Lolita movie or whatever you know I

know that I know that you know if I can

if my grammar if I can take my best foot


speak write act write say the right

things probably manipulate better but

just know the situation's there's the

next man next to me I know that at least

nine times out of ten I'm always going

to trump whether he's black white

anywhere mmm-hmm oh man I come in and

take away correctly you know what I mean

now I know what you mean thanks for the

call area code 209 let's mow through

these haricots 602 you're on live with

Donovan and Kevin go ahead yeah I'm

gonna let you go but I'm gonna put you

on mute because you're getting a lot of

interference gotta fix that let's go to

area code 608 you're on live with

Donovan chemical a long way with a kite

sorry I'm deleting again so I might be a

bit out of breath but now you're good

one of the fun one of the issues that I

see especially when it comes to black

males is that they like exposure so one

of the an all black to be up until I was

about 17 18 years old and then of course

I transferred to a state white right


my options are in Wisconsin was very

limited from the african-american signal

standpoint um so I had to just had to

learn how to adapt to a different scene

a different environment and that's where

I think a lot of African Americans are

lacking right they don't have that calm

exposure to people of all different

races and elements all right since then

you know I've become a executive in the

corporation where I'm course one of you

know one of probably the only asking

America man now in the sales at the

sales executive notebook like describe

this make the last two and a half years

in Malaysia hmm I like the analogy that

you got users being able to be dropped

off anywhere in the world I'm sure

survive it's absolutely true but the

only reason you guys are able to do that

and we're able to do that is because

they're barely exposure from yeah it's

not just with white people it's just

this was everybody even white people

have that same sort of yeah MD do well

when they are exposed to African

Americans they end up you know having a

limited vision as well as so Bethenny

today is about

petition you know the whole us in

general is about competition whether

you're in corporate America whether

you're thinking and you have to compete

and that's what I think are my brothers

and sisters have to learn how to do is

freaking gender grinding because be the

best that you can be

oh I'm just leaving the German we're

saying Jose California right now and

ready to do a Bock yes tonight but

appreciate the show guys you guys are

both inspirational killing it Kevin

you're doing great Donovan I found you a

no sir Channel keep doing your thing

guys appreciate it man word up man

thanks for the call Erica so - I will

say this that I did a show yesterday

talking about sales see he mentioned

sales and that is one of the things I

wish more guys when being in sales makes

you have to be competitive especially

outside sales it is so good for your

life your game I mean knocking on doors

it's cold approaching having to get out

there and eat what you kill takes a man

into a can-do kind of place because

guess what

you can decide to give yourself a raise

at any time and I find it interesting

that when I meet guys who are

entrepreneurial minded or kind of sales

minded they tend to be more broad more

rugged individual they tend to just have

this kind of outlook when you find

people and then and then opposite also

stands Santa throws clutches is funny he

said it's more than race gets only 145

concurrent views if you have it's all

about race it be 541 all right you know

it's it's interesting to sort of tied

the red pill into the race thing I

compare black men who use race as an

albatross or see their race as the ball

and chain as an excuse not to compete

with other races of the world I compare

those guys to in cells and MIG towels

mmm but they're both running from is the

burden of performance in cells a husk

Yulin burden of performance in cells and

mig tiles think that you know what if I

want to fuck a girl I should be able to

fuck the hot girl just because I have a

dick I shouldn't have to try and they

don't say I shouldn't have to try their

actions with their actions imply this

they complain so much about what girls

or and what girls aren't rather than

adjusting to the environment yes girls

suck yes it's like we gotta play mind

games and this and the other yes it

sucks we have to do this in any other

but this is the masculine burden of

performance more is expected of men than

expected of women this is how this is

okay as far as black men competing with

other races of men it's the same thing

it's because the white man is holding me

back I didn't get that job because

because I'm black she doesn't want to

date me because she doesn't date black

guys she doesn't want to date me because

she has a white boyfriend nigga compete

you have to compete you know and again

racer the factor but if you are actively

and voluntarily allowing yourself to

believe that your race is a detriment

than you are in essence checking out of

the competition

even even if you decide to compete right

even if you decide to compete even if

I'm James Buster Douglas on February

11th 1990 and I step into the ring

against Mike Tyson I'm thinking myself

man I'm gonna get beat he's gonna get

his ass kicked and if you watch that

fight if you watch that fight Kevin

Buster Douglas came out swingin mm-hmm

dude he didn't go in there and lay down

like razor ruddock he didn't go in there

and lay down like Gerry Cooney he didn't

go in there listen listen I'm gonna make

two comparisons V that oh my god I think

it was either the idea for the WBO it

was when he unified the belts against

Michael Spinks you could see in Michael

speak Michael Spinks at that point I

think had lost only one fight mm-hmm

Tyson was about to be the youngest

heavyweight champion in the world he had

just turned 20 years old Yuni and

Michael Spinks sighs he didn't want any

parts of Mike Tyson no I said you know

he hit him there first time he was Mike

Tyson through eight punches it became

the youngest heavyweight champion in the

world right

Mike's new he's gonna lose that fight

Buster Douglas said you know what the

odds are against me but I'm not gonna

lay down if he's gonna beat me I'm going

down swinging and Buster Douglas rounds

one through ten he dude he was giving

Mike those hands Mike didn't now of

course there are other factors involved

on't want to get into that but they're

telling you that you have to have if

James Buster Douglas let's just let's

just call it what it is if Buster

Douglas fights Mike Tyson 40 42 times he

wins one time that's it he gets knocked

out the other 41 times but guess what he

decided to make it that one he decided

to step in the ring and say you know

what I might

this fight right but if Mike Tyson is

gonna beat me he's going to have to earn

this w tonight right and he made fuckin

history and then of course he gets

knocked up by Evander Holyfield me

twenty-four million dollars off the but

this is what you have to do you cannot

be afraid to compete in sells big towels

you've got to compete for pussy this is

how it is it's the way it's always been

black men you're gonna have to compete

again white guy is another racist this

is how it is just because the odds are

stacked against you does not mean you

don't step under that turnbuckle and

throw those fucking hands mmm well I'll

tell you you know I know race is at

issue now I'm gonna tell a story about

college my freshman year I went to I

went to you nervous University Oklahoma

the campus is 73 percent Greek that

means people in some form of return even

if it's business music whatever Kappa

Alpha Theta was basically a white

debutante like sorority I'm gonna call

the woman's name her name let's just

call her Becky

my roommates name was Lee Whitehead he

was a landok alpha I met her at a at a

beta party

and I met her at the frat house we

hooked up that night in my car we kicked

it for two years and the thing is we

were laying in a bed one day she's like

I like you because you're black but

you're not black black and it's just oh

my god oh my god I didn't mean they race

I'm like you just swallowed my nuts I

know you don't mean them your building

is her sorority sisters little she

blonde hair green eye you know all I

don't think comes from money her father

was a biggest executive at Anadarko

Petroleum we could never be seen on the

yard together because her father was a

rabid racist when she knew that if she

saw if anybody saw her walking holding

hands with me it would get back to her

dad it kind of actually made it hotter

though because he had to keep it on the

down-low oh yeah yeah first two years of

college we would meet and fuck in my

room or in her apartment we had to kind

of keep a secret but my junior year the

beginning of her junior year or into my

sophomore to gain energy we had to break

up she said it's time for me to go and I

knew what she meant she had to go find

her husband she will she came to school

to major in Mrs

her job was to come be a housewife and

she to this day is a rich well-to-do

housewife she accepted but she had her

fun with me and she went on about her

thing we could have mentioned what was I

expect that woman to do go against her

multi-millionaire father go against her

multimillionaire life and just go live

with me and no no yeah you know what it

was she and she went and here's the

thing that didn't bother me because on

the other side if I had an affair with

me and my daughter would I prefer her to

be with a black man obviously now the

thing is guys race is going to be there

but what do you do in spite of now that

doesn't mean she was the only chick I'd

kicked it with but I learned from that

point on they look they're gonna be some

hurdles that it's going to be that some

people choose relationships based on

more than sex race anything else

sometimes it's a matter of duty you're

gonna be hard to break that kind of

stuff but we have an opportunity in this

country to really be able to as men of

all stripes kind of go anywhere we want

to if we're willing to do the work 911

for two oh five five three five six is

the number to call area code six three

oh you're on live at Donovan 602 you're

next good doing good god bless you

brother Donovan I just got put onto your

channel from Kevin's channel just

recently and I think it's awesome

appreciate one thing I do in college was

excuses are Tuesday and conferencing

used to build monuments of nothingness

those who thought of themselves exactly

well where'd you who's you playing there

you go I've got about 23 years in the

game and let me tell you something I

learned from that experience and

everybody doesn't get this type of

mentality at 18 I pledged at 18 years

old in her matter what color you are it

doesn't matter uh how you approach

women it doesn't matter how you approach

life you have to go into these

situations knowing that you're the best

person at that time I had a good friend

of mine telling me as a freshman the

freshmen said and we are the commodity

we are don't men in college right yep

and I'm today a minute you know what

you're right we're a black men in

college when I was growing up in Chicago

they told us we would live we wouldn't

last in the Year packed past 18 years


that's right and then I hear I hear a

lot of guys doubting themselves when it

comes to women let me tell you fellas

something right right now women love

hunters you eat what you kill hearing if

you do not eat what we kill what are you

gonna do fellas you're gonna starve

that's right that's just how so it

doesn't whether you're out being an

alpha male is that stuff is notated

through through nature mm-hmm right you

guys have to stop giving excuses for

everything you come across real talking

I'm gonna let you guys go I've had a

woman tell me right

you know you've been giving me too many

excuses and then I have to think about

it I said wait a minute

I'm not even built like that then I'm

not yeah I gotta get out here

be the best person that you can be but

also listen to the og listen to the chap

that got the key if you don't have these

type of people in your world in your

cypher get them in your cypher you can

do by yourself it's not the world isn't

built like to be to operate as alone if

that right the lion would never have a

pride right never have a pack

this is not how life goes if you need

help as it's the message and the the

knowledge base is out there I'm gonna

leave you guys with that go monster all

to pro set out to you Greek a man this

is a great this is phenomenal I love

your feel appreciated

very very good call yeah this this is

accountability man could you imagine

what it would be like if could you

imagine if Donna and I were both single

and on the town in Vegas and we just had

a camera following us could you imagine

the level of epicness that would happen

right there was there was the yeah that

was rock yeah that's fine Oh what

happened go here yeah I can hear you no

you're you were talking about something

in Vegas and then I was I was saying

that when talking about being hunters

and and that's the kind of thing you got

guys you need to tap into your animal

side you need to tap into your predator

I was talking to Donovan the other day

about predator gaming and loving to

fight the Predators and hunting

predators hmm right you guys need to

actually I've said it on my channel if

you are man and you've never taken

martial arts or box and you need to you

need to learn how to fight row hands

brother learn how to fight wrestle you

need to you need to get hit in the

fucking face taste your own blood and

realize you can deal with it then you

need to get out there and do some man

shit go cut the yard digs and ditches

get your hands dirty and you talking to

the pretty ass fashion dude this kind of

shit makes your balls bigger you want to

get out there and throw some weights up

on my channel when I say we getting into

all this this year get your manhood up

I'm sitting here smelling musk Cologne

because I talk about it's the most

masculine fragrance no and I did that

video yesterday guys you can offend your

own masculinity by just getting out

there and embracing your masculinity I

don't call that toxic masculinity

I call it infectious masculinity

straight up a couple quick things here

before we get to our last caller area

code 602 excellent excellent comment by

asa harvey Tom Brady was a six round

draft pick did that stop him

nah he battled like a man should listen

and and Tom Brady's the perfect example

he is probably the least athletic player

in the NFL he's the oldest player dude

Tom Brady is just days older than I am

right mm-hmm does he let that stop him

no he didn't say what was me I'm a


I got drafted in the sixth round

my-my-my combine tapes are famously

terrible no this guy worked his ass off

right I know this guy knows that he is

physically deficient so what did he do

he worked on other area he worked on

other parts of his game that he had

control of her tom rape he didn't have

control over his athleticism there's no

way he was gonna be able to run like a

donovan mcnabb there's no way he can

outrun linebackers but you know what he

could do

he has razor-sharp instincts he could

watch film until his eyes bleed right

there's nothing Tom Brady hasn't done

and it's because of that work I think

it's that fire that it's that fire that

birds he didn't sit around a crime

upback that he actually the only time he

ever cried about getting drafted in the

sixth round was in an interview it was

in an interview he did with Chris Berman

a year after he had won his third Super

Bowl that's one number two is NSO's

clutch you are absolutely on the TSR

jury and all right let's I've got about

five more minutes because I got to get

Devon down to her down to her personal

trainer I gotta make sure she looks like

this or late 30s early 40s let's go to

area code 602 602 you are on with

Donovan and Kevin right yes sir that's

good hey I just want to say you know I

love being a black man because of the

black man competing there there's really

nothing to compare but you have to have

that instincts to compete you know my

late uncle he was a World War two

veteran in this is a guy that came from

that era and he told me the difference

between an average baller and a

hall-of-famer his mindset that's right

you know the guy who don't compete who

don't you know put in the grind put in

the work is the same guys later on down

the road is gonna have marriage problems

relationship problems girlfriend

problems that's it because they don't

want it could be that's it and to me

I've like now I'm gonna I'm gonna be an

outliar that's exactly what I said my

mind said - would you go out and defeat

and always get better always improve

mm-hmm good stuff man I appreciate the

call area code 602

I remember I was watching

the herd with Colin Cowherd a while back

and he had Tony Gonzalez on and I

remember Colin and and Colin Cowherd

he's extraordinarily cerebral right and

he he really like he really dives into

the mind a professional athlete mindset

what he's thinking etcetera etcetera and

I remember 20 Gonzalez who by the way

congratulations to him he was elected to

the Pro Football Hall of Fame he's gonna

be inducted in August um but he asked

Tony he said what percentage of guys in

the NFL right now do you think could be

Hall of Famers he said 100 percent he

said are you kidding me Tony Gonzalez

says everybody in the NFL has Hall of

Fame Hallet mm-hmm he says but but but

then Colin suffocate

what percentage of NFL players do I do

just enough to stay on the field he said

85 percent and come on blow it away he

said are you serious like yeah you know

you see him in the work you know you see

him working out and in the playbook

but most guys do just enough to stay in

the league right so then Colin says okay

well what percentage of guys do enough

to be good or great in the league he

said probably about maybe 10 maybe 11 12

percent he said okay well how many

players do enough dude do what it takes

to get to the Hall of Fame he said two

maybe three percent at the room they're

at right there again that right there is

the difference okay so what Tony

Gonzalez is saying is that everybody in

then in the NFL has the physical skills

to compete but it's what you do in the

offseason what's you what you're doing

off of the playing field that makes a

difference we are born men we are

capable of doing these things we are

born with the desire to compete if a man

doesn't compete it's not because he

can't it's because he doesn't want to I

mean that the fetus mindset oh I'm too

short I'm not white I'm a black man you

know I'm bald I'm not muscular

all of those are excuses don't worry

about things that are out listen you

can't control your height you can't

control your race okay but you can

control your finances you can control

your body you can control your diet you

can control your discipline you can

control your habit your your habits this

is you do and again listen most listen

most black guys most black men listening

to this they listen they're gonna

they're gonna go rah rah rah and they're

gonna tell us we're right then they're

going then then they're gonna go right

back to they're right back to their

lives right and that look that's fun

but only a very very small percentage of

people do what it takes how many of you

guys out there how many of you guys out

there have girlfriends right a lot of

guys are gonna raise their hands okay


how many of you guys have hot

girlfriends though they raise their

hands you know got girlfriends that look

like this let me ask you another

question how many of you guys out there

have hired a personal trainer for your

woman to make sure that she stays

attractive right

like that is that's the difference

that's the difference between a man with

that mindset and a man is doing status

quo if you want your woman to stay look

in the way she is there are things that

you need to do she's a woman

you have to lead her to the water and

you gotta make her drink you shouldn't

have to do this for yourself as a man

you should already have that discipline

instilled in you mm-hmm well when it

comes right down to it you said talent

talent is overrated

yeah salute a guy who has work ethic and

discipline when it comes right down to

it I look at all the guys who look at my

channel look at your channel and also

the kind of stuff when it comes right

down to it I've said on my channel

you're gonna have to put in thousands of

hours and spend thousands of dollars to

get better you're young and if you're

not willing to accept that reality then

don't complain about the outcome

don't tell me you're broke if you're not

working at least 60 hours a week you're

poor go get a job at Kwik Trip 7-eleven

or whatever they paint about 13 to 15

dollars an hour that's an addition of

200 to 300 hours a week flip some shit

on eBay get it done take that money and

invest in yourself

dr. red pill says don't be like Diddy

and get a mail personal trainer for your

girl no dude come on man dude I'm

Donovan fucking sharp dude I'm away dude

I'm away I'm way way uh two more things

last thing is Devin and I had a

conversation she's like man you're

spending $600 a month for for my

personal trainer you're paying an extra

$300 a month so you can be down there

with me we're spending $300 a month on

HGH for the both of us she's like man

that's $1,200 a month yes that's a lot

of money but guess what never ever

listen be frugal with your money make

good decisions but never spare any

expense when it comes to investing in

yourself and I know you sign off on this


100% if you're gonna get a good pair of

jeans by a hundred and fifty dollar buy

it buy the one hundred and fifty dollar


don't let them $7 Walmart specials gonna

flip imma get you have to buy another

pair in 27 days okay don't

I either don't don't buy you know $60

dress shoes you know spend you know

spend five six hundred dollars on some

Ferragamo 's never ever spare any

expense when it comes to investing in

yourself and the last thing that I

wanted to point out is know I never ever

ever allow women to comment on my

channel right I just don't I just don't

want I just don't live in commenting on

my channel I have my reasons I'll give a

fuck that's good

somebody was saying and I need to be at

the 21 convention

you just never know you never know man

about me and I've already put a bug in

Anthony's ear so definitely I'm

definitely working on that we need to

get the a lot of people say Kevin's the

black tenor Guzzi how do you know that

tan or Guzzi is not the white Kevin's

there you go you gotta go to the trainer

and again go to the trainer listen thank

you all for uh for joining us tonight

shoutout to everybody who called in yes

even you know haricots at four one three

the resident TSR hater who perpetrated

like he was was the guy's name Darrien

Darrien um tech NHC says damn never knew

HGH was legal this dudes trying to get

my ass in trouble nigga do some research

for you Donovan tattoo yeah he's got the

Donovan tattoo tryin to get my ass in

trouble with the are niggas know where I

live man I live in downtown Philly good

luck trying to find my ass music type

shit Kevin as always it's been a

pleasure listen we do this every

Wednesday if you guys want more of Kevin

you guys can find him on you guys can

actually go to his website by Kevin

Samuels comm that is B why Kevin Samuels

calm again he does fashion and imaging

consulting you guys also need to check

out his YouTube channel

he's definitely definitely the man is

gonna be here every Wednesday Kevin any

last words get your ass out and do some

work what's up that's gonna do it for

episode 408 of TSR alive I will see

y'all niggas tomorrow night peace out


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