Black Men are moving to Brazil at an increasing rate and black women HATE IT (Rollo Tomassi)

A powerful documentary was released a few years back that detailed the mass exodus that was black men leaving the United States to move to Brazil because they could no longer tolerate the low quality black women in America. Rollo Tomassi joins me to discuss this trend and what it means for all races of American Men and women.



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platforms my guest tonight is of course

none other than Rollo Tomassi and he is

joining us this evening to talk about a

pretty a pretty moving documentary that

was put out back in 2015 and to make a

very long story very very short black

men are starting to move to Brazil at an

increasing rate and of course Essence

magazine came out with you know a

scathing article all black men are

looking for easy sex etc etc there's a

whole bunch to unpack and get into if

you guys want to chime in like I said

you have the number nine one five two oh

four nine one four two oh five five

three five six Rollo again man thanks

for making the time to to join us the

night man

sir I'm glad I'm glad we connected here

because I think it was when was the last

maybe it was Friday your Friday show or

Thursday show last week and you had I

think you are featuring your topic was

just like I think the state of inter

sexual dynamics between black men and

black women right when I was listening

in on that and I have a lot of black

listeners I have a lot of black readers

i I've been on your show I've been on

Alan Roger Curry's show and a lot of

that same topic it seems to come up a

lot right so here I am just like

listening to you and I'm like oh man

he's got to see this documentary and so

I I just linked you that documentary and

doing that we can talk about it because

I've been sort of about two weeks ago I

was defending it against you know what I

think a lot of people are seeing is this

sort of cultural shift but sort of a

sexual shift or gender shift right

between black men and black women right

right yeah um you know the the

interesting thing is I mean with black

men and black women we have been at war

with each other for god knows how long

and I was actually just talking to you

about this off the air yeah I mean I'll

post witty memes black women ain't shit

bla bla bla bla bla but when it really

comes down to it man like it like it in

an honest moment to me I think it's very

sad to see the state of black men and

black women they're really you know our

relationships with black women and their

relationships with us my relationship

with black women is non-existent I

haven't dated black women in a decade

and a half and I don't regret it one bit

and I think that and and for those of

you you know my black listeners who were

thinking were little my says white guy

what can he what can he tell us about

the black experience this isn't about

race this isn't about black and white

yes it's certainly contextualize and

there are certain elements you know of

black relationships that don't happen in

white relationships but all of our hard

drives are exactly the same black men

white men black women white women were

all motivated by the same things and so

the same the same red-billed principles

apply we go

of race nationality etc etc so let me

ask you in your opinion why do you think

like just going to the going to the

documentary these guys really I mean

these guys absolutely they laid it all

out there man and it was funny because

you can tell that they were sort of

pulling their punches because they were

on camera but I'm gonna tell you what


I can I can guarantee you that the

conversation was probably very different

when the cameras were off what do you

think about that yeah for sure I I think

the best thing about this documentary is

it's sort of a cross-section I think of

the black community as well because it's

like guys who are like you know college

professors and on average guy who is

just sort of like you know a car

mechanic or something like that we're

all discussing amongst themselves you

know not necessarily moving to Brazil at

first but to just like go down to Brazil

and take two months off right and oh

they're back in the 92 yeah we can you

know mean between American women

American black women and the black women

that they found and in Brazil now of

course a critic what are the critics

gonna say the critics are gonna say oh

yeah well that's just like sexual tours

right there they're just going off to -

you know get their groove on and then

they're gonna come back and they just

want to go out and you know find it easy

lay and that's not just something that

will get thrown against the black

community that gets thrown against a lot

of white guys who will say I'm gonna go

to Southeast Asia

there you go buy myself a wife well I'm

gonna go create or Russia right because

it's easy pickins there right well yes

in a way but why is it easy pickins is

because that the women did with the

women there first of all so he

socioeconomically they're looking for

the golden ticket right okay right you

can't you can't rule that out the thing

is is that the culture is so different

down there especially when it comes to

like something like Brazil you know

there's at that Latin culture where

women are if they're not taught to

directly respect men they learn sort of

a default respect for men right because

there's still that that need to be

feminine there's still that need to do

something for the man and I'd really

think that that's probably the best

place to start here is that feminism and

really just what I call the feminine

imperative has taught women

that they should never do anything

expressly for a man's pleasure I okay so

if you do something like that it is

against the strong independent woman

narrative and I will tell you that in no

other cultural context has that been

embraced than in them with black women

there's black women love that yeah it's

almost it's a stereotype that they are

you know it doesn't matter if they're

fat and sassy or whatever it's this no

it's the same thing

now I'm independent I make my own damn

money or she's that you know she walks

like the boss she talks like the boss oh

yeah the MIOSHA well it's like it's

there's this feeling that that they're

empowered they really took it to heart

when the femme Powerman narrative came

up and so I see a lot of that getting

sort of thrown at black men right now

and so that's kind of why I wanted to

have this conversation with you because

I think it's really important because

it's not just a black thing it's it's a

cross-cultural thing but it is impacting

our communities and different ways and I

think that this is probably yeah first

whether the femme Powermat narrative

like I was saying and then never doing

anything for expressly for a guy's

pleasure I mean that's what they call it

the female gaze like they don't like or

the male gaze then they don't like it

when you're gazing at them and they

don't you know I'm sure if you heard of

the male of the male gaze yeah yeah we

have no principle yeah absolutely well

one of the things is that like one of

the reasons that they are removing say

the swimsuit competition

from America right now is because they

don't want to cater to them they okay

right they don't want to try anything

that is expressly for the pleasure of

men and so I think as a part of that it

really sort of plays on this idea that

women can just sort of be this

autonomous singular homogeneous and

ultimately androgynous just kind of like

being or this thing I can take care of

its masculine side and its feminine side

and it doesn't care that it doesn't care

about femininity and it does care about

masculinity but only the aspects that it

finds empowering and so as a result of

that there's really no appeal for men

and so what are they gonna do they're

either going to go their own way mm-hmm

they're gonna go red pill to figure out

how things are gonna work or they're

going to they're gonna find

some way to solve that problem because

men are detective problem solvers that's

exactly what in the black community

they're starting to see that it is you

know for the black men that can do this

it is a better idea for them to go out

of the country to find a more feminine

woman and either bring her back or go

and move down there and find some way

because now we live in an arrow of what

we call a digital nomads right now if we

hope your money online you don't know

anywhere you want right yeah so I see an

Indian that documentary that's what they

talk about is like it's like basically a

collection of guy friends who all get

together and they go and spend two weeks

down in Brazil or somewhere else in

South America - I know Brazil was one of

the country remaining country but uh

because the women there are more

feminine they're more accommodating

they're more they're more they do things

they want to do do things for their man

because that's just how they are right I

mean maybe that's because they've got

the golden ticket maybe that's because

that's just the way they are

acculturated but one thing that you

cannot deny we could probably start the

conversation with this you cannot deny

that there is a marked difference

between the females in Brazilian culture

and black females in American absolutely

and you know I remember and by the way

we're obviously we're talking to Rollo

Tomassi if you want to get in on the

conversation nine one four two O five

five three five six red Jedi says they

say independent but they want your money

that's an interesting conversation there

but I remember they're there talking to

several of these women and one of the

women she you tell she is an older woman

she was actually quite attractive but

then another woman was fat right she's

like oh you know that it to me that you

know that that said everything but women

are women make up 67 percent of the

workforce and 67 percent of college

students and I remember one of the women

were saying well look I mean it's not

really a matter of we don't want to

serve our men it's not that we don't

want to have a home cook have a

home-cooked meal ready for him it's just

that we don't have time and my stance on

this Rollo is that you have to make a

choice and I think that there and women

are there maybe there are some that are

just now starting to figure it out but

they don't seem to understand quite yet

that you can't have

both ways if you want to be a career

woman listen I'm all for it we live in

America but you have to understand you

have to pay the price and the price of

the end and here's something else that

I'd like to submit to you the more

success the more money the more power

the more influence the more status a

woman attains the further she shrinks

her pool of potential suitors and that's

what a lot of these black women are

going through they think that they think

that the the more status and power money

they get the more options they have but

because of the way the female mind works

they want to date up they want to fuck

up they want to marry up they don't

realize they're sabotaging themselves

yeah and that's the way hypergamy works

right Hey hypergamy never seeks its own

level it always seeks at or above and if

it's at it's looking for something that

is above well it will settle for at but

it was bet they want a better than

deserved deal because I mean really why

wouldn't you mean that's that's how

you're gonna optimize you know I'll

fucks and Beta bucks that's that's how

you're gonna work that way I'm glad we

talked about this because one of the

reasons I brought this up with you

afterwards after last read madly yes

because we had that call from that one

woman who called in and she was oh the

woman from Florida yeah and you know I

actually thought that was a really good

call ibid to the I did to be genuine she

believes that all men want all men

really care about is looks and all they

care about is just the sexual aspect and

nothing more and from a very visceral

standpoint I have to agree with her yes

because that's where it starts yes

that's where it is but what comes after

that where's the value out where's the

value added once we've got past the

sexual side of things right now that's

nowhere because women like you were just

saying they're gone and they are there

and more power to them they're going off

to college they go under and earning

degrees they're going out and you know

through whatever mechanism mechanism

they're going into the workforce they're

more out I mean they're not as

represented as men in the workforce just

yet but they're becoming more and more

they certainly over-represented in

academia right now oh yeah so when you

look at that and just like we were

talking about before we see a woman who

especially in this in this documentary

they want some guy who is at or above

their what they believe is their sexual

market value and just like I was telling

that woman on red man group last

Saturday the the problem with that is is

that these women including the ones in

the in the documentary cannot separate

their sexual market value from whatever

it is that they perceive as their


they believe that if they make

themselves more like a man if they make

them vascularized in themselves more if

they achieve the same things as a man if

they freeze their eggs and decide that

they're going to you know put their

career and put their career before

everything else now honestly I think

that's kind of a load of shit but well

I'll tell you why in a minute but they

they decide that they let's just say for

instance that is a genuine concern of

them they want to go and do all that and

they want to basically live the same

lifestyle that they think or they see

sort of these apex men living and they

want to have it all just like you were

saying they think that later on they'll

be able to have kids which is another

big lie they think that they're gonna

meet mr. right at some point and their

whole lives are going to just perfectly

coalesce by the time they're 40 they'll

you know have achieved something in a

career and they're having the kids and

they think that they can have it all the

problem is is that in the in the course

of trying to have it all there's a lot

of consequences and a lot of it was

exactly oh man and one of those is is

that the more a woman makes herself more

masculine or she tries to do that unless

she is able to really apply herself to

being insightful or to actually even

want to create something in herself or

improve herself so that she has some

value added beyond just what the sexual

is so I see a lot of women complaining

today that men just sexually objectify

them right they just want to have yes

right that's all I care about but thing

is is that women make themselves sexual

commodities because there's nothing else

that they have of value on them how

they're encouraged not to develop

anything beyond that because why they're

told not to do anything expressly for

the play

of a man and also that's I see that as

now you you when you pick when you take

that principle and you move on with it

into the black community with these

women that we're looking at in the

documentary that turns into entitlement

yes because they believe that if they've

achieved all this stuff they are

entitled to having it all they think

that I have I've got my degree yeah I

started my own business I think I'm an

entrepreneur maybe I'm in middle

management now I have achieved what the

feminists you know dream of you know

sort of some sort of male equivalency if

not equality I am now living the male

dream now I want to have the female

dream as well well you can't have that

no because what it took to get you to

the male dream is conflicts yes you

sacrifice a lot of that femininity along

the way like in order to move up the

corporate ladder in order to be

successful you have to exhibit masculine

qualities and at some point along the

way you lose some of that femininity

permanently because you've been acting

like a man for so long your brain just

kind of forgets the muscle memory one

other thing I wanted to also and then

cicuta adult iriomote is when I asked

you if you wanted to talk about this

don't you simply because I'm writing a

post right now to probably come out

either tomorrow or Friday okay yes I'll

put my what triggered it was I was I

won't name names but I was having a

conversation about alpha females know

what what I call the myth of alpha theme

right of course how that's like well

there's an alpha female and she's in

charge and she you know knows what she

wants and she's basically the strong

independent woman well that trope or

that stereotype of that archetype of the

the strong independent woman doesn't

need anything else

wait she is self-contained like I said

she's this autonomous thing but yet she

still wants to have a man she still

wants to have a family she's a you know

and then wonders why she cannot have

that and so I was talking about why I

believe that the alpha female the idea

of alpha female is a complete fantasy of

feminism it's a complete fantasy of

women who are just like the ones that

are in this documentary

because if if you were to ask them are

you an alpha female they go hell yeah

I'm a I'm an alpha female and they would

go off and get sassy and get you know

and get what and they hate this term

bossy yes yes and they get upset when a

man calls them bossy or bitchy when when

it's in a work-related context well in

fact the matter is this you are acting

like a boss and you are acting like a

bitch so as that's what it takes that

now you understand what men have to go

through there you don't the achievements

that they have and so so they want to

say I'm an alpha female because I'm more

like a man I'm more like a successful

alpha male I'm more like because I've

built my life up around all of the

ideals that would make for an attractive

man and I got who has status he's got

money he's right social proof he's got

all this great stuff going Foreman's got

this education that they think that they

are entitled to she's got all that so

why would she need anything else right

for and really that's why I say it's a

myth because from a Darwinistic look a

woman who is a perfect you know


you know swimsuit model you know has a

physique like that and has that

sexuality and has that femininity that

is an alpha female it's not somebody who

looks like Sheryl Sandberg there was a

company that is not an alpha - no it is

that alpha female is a woman who men put

at the top of the female dominance

hierarchy rather than the male dominance

hierarchy so if you are a woman and

you're listening to this and you think

you are an alpha female because you have

all of this fantastic achievement you've

got your degrees and everything else I'm

gonna tell you right now you are only

that way because you look at alpha anise

from a male perspective and in a male

lens so if you were really an alpha

female you would be in a much better

shoe being much better shape I would say

I would say most strippers are probably

more alpha

the name fortune 500 CEO absent a reason

for that is because they're looking and

they've been taught this they've been

taught to think of success through a

male paradigm withdrew male male lens

and what would make a man attractive

well a man who has it was good-looking a

man who keeps us off the shape a guy who

has you know he's got ambition drive

he's got status is that social proof I

mean there's a list goes on and on and

on and I think that women believe that

if they can get that that will make them

more track there you go and the problem

is is it doesn't it makes you more like

a guy and guys let me pet or sexual men

don't want to get with other guy are you

going to get with a woman likes do not

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Rollo what I notice a lot of times when

black men and and this is so funny we

keep saying black men black women black

men and black women have the same

conversations as white men and white

women but for the for the purposes of

this discussion women like to use apex

fallacies when attempting to shame men

for wanting femininity so they say oh

you want hot dumb girls well not at all

I like a woman that can have a

conversation but it's not working

where else they say you want a mother

yes you want somebody to love yes yes I

want dude I love that well the truth is

is that 10 10 alpha males out of 10 will

take a dumb hot woman over an educated

woman if we're gonna talk apex fallacies

as far as submissiveness they say oh you

want a submissive woman oh you just want

a woman just just shut up and do what

you say no we want women who know their

place who trust our judgment and only

raises concerns if they think that that

there's something that we're not seeing

as far as wanting girls in shape oh you

want skinny twigs no we want women who

are in shape we don't we don't want fat

girls you're intimidated by education

but by women who are educated no

educated women give us headaches

they want to prove how educated they are

and they're a fucking headache right

like it's interesting how women

feminists black women whoever they

always try to shame men for actually

wanting to wanting feminine qualities

I've never understood why that is

yeah well it's because they devalue

femininity and they over value

masculinity that because they see it

just like we're talking about in the in

the apex fallacy they see all of the

traits that would make them a trucker

that would make a man attractive to a

woman they believe that if they can

emulate that and if they can live they

really want to live as if they are men

and in doing so they have they have to

start their own business you know they

have to find social proof I didn't think

about all like I was just saying that

laundry list of all the prerequisites

that women have for four men in the long

term okay right remember I separate

arousal from attract yes so yes it's a

man attractive long term perspective

like the bated breath 401k reliable car

good job long term like he's gonna he'd

be a good father he's he's smart he's

educated he makes money he's got a shit

together family for the arousal side

that's whatever you said whatever listen

Rosa you know listen tattoos handcuff

necklace temper problem etc whenever you

ask the woman what is it that you're

looking for in a guy she's going to tell

you all of the qualities she finds

attractive yes that's what she finds

arousing because if she were to say and

I should say I shouldn't say all of them

because now that open hypergamy or

hypergamy is becoming more openly

embarrassed right now women are more

eager to say yeah I want a guy who's got

guns I want a guy who's got it

yes yeah now they can be honest in the

past when hypergamy was really concealed

and they weren't happy to put it in

commercials and put it in you know Fifty

Shades of Grey or whatever else then you

know there are I think there's a kind of

like two sets of women there's the ones

who are embracing open hypergamy and

they're happy and sassy and they're

usually the ones who are right around

their sexual market value peak which is

right around there early you know early

to mid-20s and then there's the women

who would rather you didn't talk about

that because they are now 29 to 31

they're looking for a long-term partner

right now remember they don't want they

they want they want he let's talk about

dumb and ignorant they want dumb

ignorant beta guys babe isn't waiting oh

yeah beta isn't waiting who don't know

any better so that they can they can

think that their ship has finally come

in right so yeah I mean the problem that

we that you run into with these women is

that they they think that because they

have they are entitled to a man who is

at or above their sexual market value

because they have quote unquote put in

all the work for that they think that

they've gone to school they've you know

paid their dues they've you know climbed

up at least a little ways through the

corporate ladder and that now that

they're where they're at and they find

that other men don't want to have

anything to do with them they have to

find a reason why men are not honest

what do they do they go and they find

ways to ridicule me there you go they

infantilize men they say oh you're

afraid of your ear commitment-phobic

right you can't handle a real limb a

strong woman you're afraid you're

threatened by a woman who makes more

money intimidated look at the statistics

for women who out-earn their partners is

a recipe for the world my god before I

is that because women need a man who has

a dominant capacity for a capacity for

dominance but also a an overarching

competency in a lot of different is one

of those ways is making more money or at

least busting your ass enough to get to

the point they need a man who's superior

in every way including the money they

make they want a man who's bigger

stronger faster smarter and makes more

money than them that is the that hits

all the marks for hypergamy a--

and if you watch that if you watch the

what's called black I think it's called

bachelor nation is what it was called

and that's the documentary we're talking

yeah here yeah if you look at that that

is that pretty much the the nuts and

bolts of the controversy or the conflict

between between black women and black

men is that black women believes that

they are entitled to a guy who is at or

above it there look they think that

they're going to be able to guarantee

optimizing their hypergamy because they

and did all these things that feminism

and a feminine imperative encouraged

them to do they said they will honestly

believe that if they got a college

degree and they started their own

business and they you know did charity

work or if they're religious maybe they

went into missionary or something like

that right right all the some stuff they

believe that if they do more of the

things that would make a man successful

that it will make them successful and

that men will be attracted to that and

the reason that that is appealing to

women is because why because men are

primarily attracted to the physical yes

unlimited access to unlimited sexuality

and we want and the hotter the better

and so that is what that is our primary

requirements like probably for all of

the things that women want that big

along what I think oh I see calls it the

486 bullet point list of men's lists is

maybe one or two long there you know

yes attractiveness and exclusivity from

there on everything else is value added

and here's the tragic part is that even

with those simple requirements women are

solvent work you don't want to add any

value to the items that would make them

more attractive to men why because

because they're not supposed to do

anything exclusively for the pleasure of

men it's and to me again in an ruched

sort of describes feminism as removing

all shackles from women and placing them

on men sexually but I think it goes I

think it goes far beyond that and I

think what I think the underlying theme

here that you pointed out is that if a

woman does anything exclusively for the

pleasure of men she's looked at as weak

I remember I had a conversation with one

woman when I was living in Vegas I think

I lived there for six months and she

says well I want to like like I I don't

need him I want a man but I don't need a

man and I said why can't you admit that

you want that you need a man she's like

well because I don't want to appear weak

I said her name was Carla said Carly

needing a man doesn't make you weak it

makes you a woman and I think that women

are women are denying their femininity

and it's making a miserable because they

are fighting what they are programmed to

do this is why

feminism is a conflict like I know there

have to be feminists out there that

think to themselves you know what

why if feminism is such a good thing for

America then why am I so fucking


why do I I fucked seven guys in seven

days why do I feel like I'm alone it's

always the same story yeah well I was

gonna say as like when I was mentioning

the blog post I'm working on which is

the fallacy of the alpha female that was

brought up by someone we know mutually

and I'm not gonna mention her name but

she's a quote/unquote marriage counselor

who's never been married is a woman who

has never really had much of a serious

relationship never had kids and she's 38

years old man it might seem like I'm

poking fun at her it might seem like I'm

trying to tear her down but I will tell

you that she is a warning from four

women all over the world

she's a cautionary tale man he's a

cautionary tale and it's not like I'm

trying to say you know what fucking you

doing up here

but well that's what I'm saying what I'm

saying is you know it's it's tragic

because she bought into that lie she

bought into the idea that you first of

all that you can have it all and she

bought into the idea that she can be an

alpha female but then still mix that up

somehow with you know being feminine and

being cutesy and wearing red dresses and

we're going out and really not having

any real long-term prospects at 38 why

is that well it's because you're trying

to play both side there you go and you

can't do that

yeah well you can't serve two masters

because you don't have one you'll hate

the other and when you're all happy to

be a very loving you know feminine woman

you know like you were saying that that

other ones are Carly whatever she was

doing that that she doesn't want to

appear weak right well when you what's

the opposite of that well it is a woman

who wants to be an alpha female who

looks overly strong or too strong or too

more too much like a guy right and to

alight and I tell guys this all the time

too because guys do this as well guys

will try to identify with the feminine

we always tell guys you need to be a get

in touch with your feminine side and you

need to be

you know you need to learn some more

feminine trio you need to understand

feminine side of things and so what guys

do is they end up making a competition

out of it they decide who can be the

most you know feminine identify yes of

course they vacantly believe that likes

attract but then they find out that they

end up turning into the telephone bitch

and so they they realize that they're

why is that because there is no

attraction there because it is not like

does not attract like this opposites

attract masculine traits of feminine

feminine attracts investment and it's

not that hard to understand oh it's like

it's a very citizen said I told like we

talked about the blue pill and how guys

are blue pill conditioned all this time

right and how that sets you up for being

sort of a blue pill day to jump us be

like well there's also a I want maybe I

shouldn't call it blue pill conditioning

for women and that blue pill housing for

women is to teach them to be the strong

independent woman trope okay so that

they don't have any dependency or any

need for for men whatsoever like you're

just saying and we evolved not to be

adversarial to each other we we evolved

not to be independent from one another

we have right to be complements to one

another and so when you have the blue

pill that teaches men to be more needy

and more more supplicating and then you

have another blue pill that teaches

women to be autonomous and completely

set apart from anything that would you

know first of all for the pleasure of a

man oh god forbid but but should turn

that woman into an autonomous thing that

doesn't need anything yes yeah I'll tell

you what they're the the strengths of

conventional masculinity offset the

deficits of conventional feminism yes we

need the same the strengths of

conventional femininity deficits of

conventional masculinity but we live in

a world that says no you all need to be

just separated from each other

yeah that's why that's one of the

reasons I really get bent out of shape

because of me too because what's me to

doing it's polarizing the sex is that


it's generating us segregating us and so

III really think that it's a sad state

for women who get to their finally I

think we're finally seeing maybe the

first or second wave these generations

of women who are realizing that they

couldn't have it all I mean the baby

boomers are just sort of phasing out

right now yep

genomics is gonna be x in that and then

maybe the the one that came right after

that I don't think was generational but

uh yeah

and so now we're starting to see women

who are entering into late 30s and early

40s who are realizing that they fucked

up that their that's why that's why

they're freezing their eggs that's why

they want to freeze these eggs and say

oh well maybe I have a second chance

maybe I can stall for more time until I

find the right guy you know because

obviously clearly it's not about my

career anymore it's me not being able to

find the right guy at 35 36 years old

and I'm sorry

time's up yeah right and you can't blame

a man for that it's not the men you're

the common denominator sweetheart so

anyways I'm just bringing this back to

the topic at hand here is a a lot of

black women are suffering from this in

the same way that white women are the

same way that really any Western women

are yes all right now and so when when

you put a black man who is looking for

that femininity he's looking for that

compliment to his masculinity and all

these findings women who are as

masculine as he is what's he gonna do

he's gonna go look for it somewhere else

that's right so he's gonna I mean this

is not me trying to encourage guys hey

leave the country go to you know go to

Burma and find something you know in the

fields and bring her home oh don't

listen go to Burma but don't bring it

back here yeah but you collect it you're

going to find that in other cultures I

mean help me even just like going for I

you you're your girlfriend get white for

your girlfriend no she's definitely my

girlfriend no no I'm not married no or

have crossed over into that and to see

well what about this culture what about

this or even socioeconomic status

looking in other places and so what's

gonna happen is if black women are gonna

be very pissed off because they think

that black men are are bound to only

look at them to only you know oh

we set them promises they don't see that

there's no value there's no incentive

for them to do that and for me to say

you need to create more incentives you

need to add more value to you so that's

me being a misogynist that's me being an

asshole right thank you look you need to

have something else and then what am i

met with oh you just want a mother oh

you guys just you want to make it easy

yeah you guys don't want to live up to

the prerequisites and the the honor and

Duty that we're setting up for you you

don't get to be a man until you man up

and marry me that's that's what there's

you know the interesting thing is and

we've got a caller in the line I'm gonna

bring them on here in just a second

the the one thing that's extremely

comical about this whole black men

versus black women thing

well when black women say oh fuck y'all

niggas we're gonna go and we're gonna

date other races of men we don't trip

right and the reason why we don't trip

is because we know we have a ship to

jump through to jump to if somebody

snapped their fingers and every black

woman disappeared guess what black man

we'd be alright we have more options

than black women but black men are net

black men are jumping ship and we see

that dude we see this outside everyday

you don't need any studies you don't

need any statistics you don't need

anything you don't need all you need to

do is go outside and you can see that

black men are checking out by the

truckload that's why one and one tragic

thing that I failed to mention here one

tragic thing that women aren't getting

because again they've been taught this

by their own blue pill they don't

understand that their sexual market

value is perishable oh yeah hey oh my

god so they're really they wake up in

their 32 or 35 years old make a holy

shit I can't compete with nope the woman

I was at 23 go man and and I need to

either fight I either need I think when

I talk about the Epiphany phase which I

usually peg at about 29 to 31 years old

I see that in a sense that that's really

where women acknowledge that they can't

keep it up forever forever right and

that's when they really realized that

but you try telling a woman that when

she's 22 23 you know I'm not rubbing

here you need to think

you need to think of the future yeah

wish we did 9/11 for two oh five five

three five six is the number to call if

you want to get in on the show area code

six one five you are on with Donovan and

roll oh go ahead you guys roll oh I've

got all your books Thank You Donna we

have talked a little bit I'm a swinger

and it's not just Brazil let me show you

that okay yeah um I'm in a group we

travel some of the guys work for the

airlines so we get passes so I've been

to Frankfurt Germany loved it

Switzerland loved it and Switzerland

love me let me be clear about that um

Buenos Aires who loved it great time

beautiful women and then if you go

places I'm black so if you go places

where you're a commodity you're scarce I

mean if you go to South Africa it's not

going to be you're not going to be

particularly rare course not but if you

go to Poland Romania right Iceland you

know it people people are very indigent

all of the other markers of masculinity

right like I work out I look like I work

out you know sure I can handle business

and in the bed are all all of that other

stuff you know being true you will fare

infinitely infinitely more Mexico City I

go to Mexico City whenever some stupid

stuff happens I go to Mexico City for

the weekend have a ball absolutely have

a ball site so you think that it's you

think that this problem is mostly

localized to the United States are like

Western cultures like like the UK or

like maybe Western Europe yeah what

definitely westernized you know I've

heard Australians and grumblings down

there yeah I'm less familiar with Canada

definitely United States definitely UK

yeah the German women go hard oh my god

they go hard

and it's interesting because they

actually they have what they call black

to white party so they will have parties

with the concept of drawing in black man

so you get in you know you usually at a

club or whatever you have to pay more as

a guy girls getting free important or

whatever so yeah you get in at half

price on these for these parties okay I

can see Donovan's like the gears in your

head or turn right now well you know

it's interesting man I've I've never

been a swinger I've never been to like a

swinger party but it is interesting man

like when you and I mean we're only been

to Vegas you know plenty times you go to

any and most casinos by the way have

night clubs in them but if you go to let

me think about let me think of a casino

in Reno the one the the one that's at

the GSR I always forget yes sir y'all

are Lex Yeah right right you go to the

Lex nightclub and it's funny you go into

the Lex and all of their advertisement

appears to be catering to white girls

and black men it's so like it's it's so

funny like even the advertisements and

you get in there and you're like with a

white girl like you know what I think

maybe they kind of want us I don't I

don't want to reveal too much but GSRs

been one of my accounts and yes you're

absolutely that is worked with their

design departments you already know

what's up man that's and in six one five

that's um it's interesting that you say

things like you know German women go

hard you had a great time down in

Argentina and it just it just goes back

to what Rolo said I think that this

problem it's not just with black women I

think it's just I think the problem is

indicative of Western culture the UK

Australia Canada I've heard as bad

specifically Toronto you hear guys

talking about that all the time why do

you think why do you think in your

opinion all of these all of these other

kinds of women are so much more feminine

than they are they listen feminism is

everywhere it's not like it's not like

the world is belonging to what are they

are they really more feminine though or

is it that they're just primed to have

sex I mean he's we're talking about it

you know I talk about domain dependency

quite a bit we're talking about a domain

where there is a pretense of sexuality

there's gonna be sex had here because

this is what you're this is what you're

looking for it's not like those people

are there to go look for a husband to

you know have kids with to their

thirties a lot of singles but but I mean

still there there's a difference I mean

I'm certain that you know I mean

considering that we live in a me-too era

I mean that's what he's talking about is

could could be very dangerous in this

country and in a few other countries yes

absolutely no I totally agree man six

one five thanks for the call

we're gonna move on to the next caller

911 for two oh five five three five six

is the number called caller

looks like you're calling from another

country you're on the line give us your

name and the country calling from hi my

name is Marcus I'm calling from the UK

yeah what's going on Marcus are you

doing in I'm all right thank you um I do

apologize I'm not following the traffic

she just woken up because it's like

coming up to one o'clock here okay

I just wanted to basically you say I'm a

big fan I'm one of your patrons okay

just say thanks for the work that you

guys do really really appreciate it

it's been a lifesaver literally a

lifesaver for me good good very good and

listen if you are a patron of mine you

can send me a private message on patreon

at any time and I will get back with you

so if there's anything you want anything

you need questions comments show ideas

anything man hit me and I'll hit you


yeah no problem you guys I came across

some your channel initially I'm also

basically I just went on Google and just

typed in why women so messed up man it's

just crazy

I've came Donovan sir Jim Donovan

I got monument last year I had a really

messed up situation with a girl right

and I was a crossroads bitch video I was

like what what do I do now why women's I

messed up what am I going to do my life

why is this happening to me or my 30

years old

what I do right and you know you have

that moment when you come across red

clothes stuff and literally you just

start watching things every single day

Shawn yep and you don't want to do

anything else yes the red pill lens you

start saying things you like it's

interesting is like when I get guys are

saying that when I complain about guys

who are teaching purple pill stuff I

think that they're really doing probably

a greater disservice than they even

realize that they're doing because of

guys like this once you have unplugged

you don't go back into the matrix no you

don't have you know you don't go you

don't get to go back because even even

if you went into like a complete denial

you will still see things going on in

your peripheral right there you go

okay didn't Rolla say something about

that imma go and you will see that you

will see things that will confirm

principles that you have gone into

denial about and you will not there'll

be a cognitive dissonance that you will

have to stay on top of all the time

this is the thing I think guys are bored

like like we all were born as men and

women right and we all and we call it

red pill knowledge but it's not really

red pill knowledge as men we are

attracted to the feminine and females

are attracted to the masculine we know

we know what a feminine woman should

look like we know what a woman looks

like if we want to fuck her women are

they're the same thing the problem is is

that that is that Western civilization

has tamped that down to the point where

men have to come out of the closet so to

speak as heterosexual right I had to

come out of the closet as heterosexual I

had to come out of the closet as a

traditionalist right to come out of the

closet as a conservative and I think

that's where a lot of men sort of it's

the same way women struggle with

feminism they're miserable because

they're they think what they're doing is

the right thing but they're miserable

men are miserable because girls aren't

girls aren't falling at their feet like

we were promised like treat her well

bring her flowers just because listen to

her problems etc etc well guess what

she's you're doing all that with her but

but all she's doing with you is talking

to you on the phone about guys like me

who are digging her in the ass every

night and and and leaving are not doing

any of theirs stubble Donavan never does

this or does that I'm listen the juice

is worth the squeeze for me and I think

that's where a lot of guys get

frustrated yeah yeah exactly

there was one point in the documentary

where and it was so funny like like the

two main women that were talking they

they seem to sort of again

double down and justify their position

they didn't seem to want to give up or

admit the fact that maybe just maybe the

reason why I don't have many options and

Men is because of my career they would

never ever think in a million years that

that might be what's holding the back I

remember one woman said I make all the

money it's almost like they have they

have this mentality well I make all the

money so that's all I should have to do

and it was it was it was it was the fat

one well I'm educated I've got my degree

blah blah blah blah blah well sweetheart

that's not how it works we're not trying

to fuck your degree right and that's

where they try to make or they kind of

have to they're forced to work yeah well

brightener yeah

to rationalize why it is that men don't

want that they don't want to get with

them why well first of all you're fat

second of all it's it goes against what

everything that they've been taught

they've been taught that if they achieve

like a man then they will be attractive

like a man right and I think a lot of

them particularly women who are

overweight believe that it will

compensate for their lack of being you

know hot and and feminine and they think

that they think that it's going to

offset right the more they achieve the

more money they have the more a guy will

want to be with them

well in fact of the matter is a guy can

be as poor as you you know poor as he

can be and a woman can be as rich as she

can be it's not any more of an

aphrodisiac for her to you know to want

to get with that person I mean why why

is I mean why is Oprah Winfrey still you

know still single right you know why she

never we never see about a mr. Winfrey

where I talk about wasn't a whole lot

its Stedman right it's it's she's on and

off with Stedman but guess what Stedman

does it Stedman uses Oprah for publicity

right I don't know if he even fucks

Oprah but dude Oprah's been fuckin with

Stedman forever but Steadman's not

committing to her because she's Oprah

sweetheart you're overweight and you're

rich like like you need to switch that

you need to be listen you need to be hot

and poor like that's what you and again

it like we say that tongue-in-cheek but

that's really what it comes down to and

remember one woman says well what should

we do apologize for our education

apologize first success and to me that

is so condescending yeah well I mean and

that's thing is

because why would they say that because

they have invested a lot of themselves

in that invested their egos in that

they've been vested a lot of time you

know going to school they've invested a

lot of hard work I'm under stand if I

was a guy and the tables were turned

yes of course you know you know and I

had been told well you know all you got

to do is go and you know bust your ass

and and drive a Ferrari and make a lot

of money and be a millionaire and women

will drop into your laps well for a guy

yeah that might work the thing is is

like that's not any insurance that your

wife isn't gonna go want to go fuck boom

that's what I'm saying man and this

listen this rolling your fucking genius

this points directly to the difference

between attraction and arousal listen

without even knowing what a man looks

like dude he might be worth seven

figures he might drive a Ferrari not

even knowing what he looks like that's

gonna make you a truck listen check this

out there's a new show on Amy well

actually don't even know if it's on

anymore but it comes on right after the

Bachelorette it's called it's called a

proposal and basically what it is is

it's it's speed-dating it's maybe it's

one woman and then a bunch of guys or

it's one guy in a bunch of women and

they've had a couple of millionaires on

there and you can see the women getting

all oh my god blah blah blah and almost

every single time the millionaire that

comes out he's a decent looking guy but

who you know he's a little evil he's

beautiful even enough and you can just

see the arousal just draining from their

faces they still want to marry the guy

listen just because she marries you

doesn't mean she wants to fuck you man

and I think that's where women and this

is where women sort of cross pollinate

with each other they think it's okay to

want to fuck a guy but not want to marry

him and vice-versa but one woman said we

want to feel one woman says I'm not

saying I depend on you but I like to

know that you can't I like to know that

I can like what the shit is that man

yeah well that's because that is that's

but that's a woman's alpha fucks side

having a discussion with her baby it's

it's it's those two aspects of her hind

brain that are having big ego well yeah

and yeah and that's the other thing is I

am when I was just talking about earlier

I was getting in a discussion about

women freezing their eggs and needing or

feeling like

one of the reasons that they're making

so much money off of this procedure

right now is because they're playing on

women's and securities that they're

never going to find the right guy right

and so what are they gonna do

it's not about career ism it's not about

focusing on the career its effect that

matters they can't find the right guy

why can you not find the right guy well

because you have not done anything to

put any value add it into yourself you

have not because you have denied the

biology you've denied the you know the

reality of the fact the reality of the

fact that men want to find you sexually

available and sexually attractive women

always talk about how it's that they

they've they feel like they are their

men make them into sexual commodities no

women have made themself sexual come on

that's why there's no cos all they do is

like we're saying about they build

themselves up and they put themselves

into that they they take control of

their own long-term security right right

they've got a degree they can take care

of themselves yeah that's why they like

I make my own damn money you know I got

today I need a man because it's because

that is security for them in the long

term and so they feel like they have to

do that so what's left well if they can

do all that stuff what is a guy going to

provide for them a guy has to be would

have to first he would have to be at

least as affluent as she is at very

least the only way he could actually be

an equal to her is to be more educated

more affluent you know have a shit

together more than she does and those

guys are not going to be interested in a

got a woman who has spent all this time

to get to her she has because one of the

reasons that men hit their sexual market

value peak later is because for a man it

takes longer to create yourself it takes

longer to write possess or to reach your

greatest potential so that's why we see

guys get pissed off at me at this I say

you know what your greatest potential

will be right around 35 36 years old

that's when he'll be hitting your stride

and if you've stayed single you will

know the game well enough that you can

you can look for a woman who has 5 to 7

years younger than you and then if if

you decide that you want to you know and

what if for whatever reason want to get

into modern marriage today where at

least you do so from an informed and

educated position

and you have you have all of this going

for you and at no other point in your

life will you have at least the

potential to have the most of what women

want in a guy arousal wise attract

exactly a man women and that's why I say

the same truth is true for women at 22

to 20 ohms and that's why men always say

that Ain doesn't matter if they're 15 or

there are 75 years old they always say

that a woman between the ages of 22 and

24 years old is at her most go it looked

for now here's the other thing is when I

was talking about that the the freezing

of the eggs yeah talk like a little

while ago and how you know women are

like pushing themselves into this and

and you know making money well the women

who never find the women who never find

the the right guy mr. perfect right

right they go okay well fine screw it

I'm gonna have to do this myself I'm

gonna go and do artificial insemination

I want kids I don't care for the guys

here or not

fuck it I'm having kids I'm gonna

unfreeze my head hopefully at forty five

years old

you know maybe God will smile upon me

and a miracle will happen and I'll be

able to carry this kid to term

now whose sperm do I want to impregnate

yeah what do you think that's gonna be

do you think that's gonna be the smart

educate Oh sir knows it is a fortune 500

CEO no nope not you know who's gonna be

it's gonna be the guy who was a was the

you know 19 20 year old buck who plays

on the water polo team for you know some

you know for Harvard or something like

that it's not going to be it's gonna be

they're gonna base that on as visceral

as Darwinistic as as you know nuts and

bolts hyper hyper gammas as they can

possibly lean towards because this goes

back to a concept that's called the sexy

son sexy son's theory okay man they want

that good-looking guy to be the father

of that's right children you go and in

no other place can we do something like

that we cater we legislate women to

complete and optimize their hypergamy

how great is it and whatever what if I

said to you today I said look Donovan

you want to have a kid no problem

you can have a kid no matter what where

we're gonna set you up man and you know

what we can free some of your sperm you

don't even worry about it we're gonna

we're gonna keep you you can have fun

until you're ready okay you're ready

it's 30 you're 38 years old

great check this out we've got this

great pussy Bank we got this great

ability Bank over here see all these

chicks right here you can breed any one

of them and you can have kids with that

one and with that one imagine me telling

a man that they can go do that thing

that we're gonna facilitate your best

interest when it comes to your

biological sexual imperative imagine me

saying now that is exactly the blue pill

for women tells them that's what

feminism tells yeah it's a feminine

imperative promises them don't worry

about it you could freeze your eggs

everything would be cool don't worry

about it you doesn't even matter if you

find mr. right you can go and have the

hot stud who jerked off into a jar and

now you can have his his you know seed

his beer there yes and hot damn you got

you got the best genetic bet I mean you

are a Darwinistic evolutionary jackpot

success why because we make it easy for

you we do just say here you go you can

have whatever you this is unbelievable

as we draw this to a close I'd actually

like to get your opinion on this it is

my assertion I think I talked about this

either YES on yesterday's short maybe

episode 308 I think that hypergamy I

think it's in and I think a lot of guys

mischaracterize I pardon me a lot of

guys will say well my girlfriend cheated

on me because of hypergamy no your

girlfriend cheated on you because you

got fat and you stopped putting her in

her place that's why I think that

hypergamy is good for men I talked I

talked about I talked about the fact

that unconditional love is for the weak

if you're a man and you want a woman to

love you no matter what it's gonna be a

long wait but even if that existed Rollo

if women loved men unconditionally then

guess what we would the best jeans would

be men out of existence because women

would fall in love with these pasty soft

unmotivated men no square jaw no fiery

attitude no take-charge alpha

personalities so and women have

exploited hypergamy they're using a

hurt men emotionally right but by the

same token I like the fact I like the

fact that I am judged on my merit I like

the fact that that that this is a

meritocracy and hypergamy to me is the

truest form of meritocracy as there is

in the world if I don't keep my shit

together Devon's walking out the door

and she can tell me well Donovan I love

you no matter what

listen it's very sweet of you to say but

if I were to balloon up to 312 pounds

like I was five six years ago then your

ass is gonna be out the door and if you

do the same thing my ass is gonna be out

the door do you think hypergamy is a

good write it right do you think

hypergamy is good for men do you think

it's bad for men or is it somewhere in

the middle I think we would not be

having this discussion right now we

would not be and living in the society

we are right now we would not have

advanced to the state that we are

technologically sociological wherever we

are if it were not for effort yes I am I

will say that that one of the it's a

blessing and a curse okay yeah there we

go because we want to feel we want to

think that we have evolved above it we

want to think that for men we have to be

in control of our sexuality all the time

we have because we're always on that's

right no days off no and that and the

reason for that is because in our

evolutionary past we had to we had to be

able to hit it quit it get the fuck out

sorry we didn't other dude might come

around and beat her ass for dipping out

for breeding with his woman right and so

we had to be really really

johnny-on-the-spot when it came to shit

like that that is a that well it was an

evolutionary benefit for us to do that

right and a you know civil society maybe

that requires us to at least exercise

some sort of self control over our

sexuality okay really that's what when

it comes down to you know women creating

laws against guys who are doing catcalls

and whistling out on your street or some

right street harassment with the fuck

okay well whatever but the thing is is

that it the reason that you even need

that is because we have to have we are

because the majority of men can control

their sexuality right and I think that

what has happened in the wake of

hormonal birth control which we've only

had since you know that the mid 60s

right right

we have unfettered hypergamy and just

like you were saying before it wasn't

reinsurance Roissy who was saying that

the the goal of feminism is to maximally

unrestricted sexuality and maximum well

so that was Royce he okay man men's

men's I've courted this enough to know

men's sexuality okay so while we are

restricting and putting all as many you

know checks and balances we possibly can

on a man's I think was it was a Jordan

Peterson was saying it we're we're close

we're fast approaching a time where any

male sexual expression of male sexuality

will be outlawed it will be a hate crime

I agree I agree and so I mean that's

that's where we're pushing towards but

on on to your point here when it comes

to hypergamy we have maximally

unrestricted and unfettered hypergamy

and women and women I think didn't

realize this until probably maybe the

early 70s or the mid seventies and okay

I started realizing that that they could

they could actually do something about

that and so yeah one of the things I

think that guy's make I've got a if

anybody has a question about this go

look on my blog I have a post on there

called mist was it the mistakes or

fallacies of hypergamy or something like

that where guys you know I was just

correcting a lot of the most common

misconceptions of hypergamy but what has

happened is women no longer are in

control of that hyper kamee the church

is gone we used to have the church as a

social control we used to have I mean

there is a time where if you got

pregnant out of wedlock oh wait or

letter you have a chip you out oh yeah

now we and now just like what I was

telling you we have sperm banks were met

we can facilitate exactly what we would

have put that poor girl away for back in

the you know in the 40s and 50s remember

congratulate over that you know people

are going to be people no matter what we

have we have entered into a and era

where we are expecting women to

self-police their own sexual strategies

just like we have asked men to do so for

a very long time we're saying you need

to control your second you know you need

a Johnny you need to control your sexual

nature okay we don't

tell a woman that we say no you're it's

all free game go ahead girl you do you

go girl you don't you want it out of

your system yeah exactly and so what

we're the conflict that we're running

into you right here is that we want

women to police their own hypergamy and

they will never do that because it is

not on their best interest at least

their own hypergamy why because exactly

what you said here it's evolutionary yes

it's evolutionary yes and what it does

is it it cuts deep but it also benefits

do that's right so that's right now if

you are if you are on the outside of

that you know I mean life isn't fair man

like I'm not fair and you I'll tell you

what though is it doesn't mean every

chick is gonna be like every woman is

high Pergamus but they are only able to

exercise that hypergamy according to

what they can attract very guarding to

what they can they can pull off okay and

yes do we facilitate hypergamy from for

women yes we do but the thing is I hear

but we're talking about this I get into

this discussion with Meg tells all the

time because they said well you know

women can do anything right that's it

the government on their side yes they've

got you can have sprint you know we were

just talking about them me being these

you know strong independent women who

don't need anything and there's the

autonomous things right now they have

they don't have to police their own

sexuality they can make claims at me to

claims and cash in on you know frivolous

claims if they want to when it comes to

you know sexual misconduct allegation

they can do all of this stuff and yet

when they get to 38 years old they're

lonely and they're still going why is

that what you wear that we're all the

guys we're all the nice guys where are

the guys that we're supposed to be here

for me now that uh you know my eggs are

thawing out of the freezer here and what

what you know how come there's no mr.

right hasn't showed up they still want

it's the same thing when I talk to guys

are mixed I they say oh the juice is

worth the squeeze yeah but you still

want the juice that's right I love it

women who still want the juice you can

give them a whole fuckin world and take

that away from them that'll be the one

thing that they want they still want

that guy because men and women were

evolved to be complementary to each

other and go in it sooner or later come

to that conclusion even the women in

this documentary the real

I'm either gonna be alone for the rest

of my life or I'm gonna have to do

something right and a lot of women don't

even come to that point they're just

like I do i do I again you can do what

you want

over here alone by yourself because guys

don't laugh and have anything to do with

you and what are they gonna do they're

gonna go blame it on the guys we're

gonna you know guys make a big deal out

of it but hypergamy is a net benefit to

the human race no I agree evolutionarily

it's very very cruel but it is a net

benefit that's what has made mates makes

us stronger that's why women don't

settle for at or below they go for at or

above whereas men don't have an

attraction floor they you know no we

would like to have sex with women who

are nines and tens but if it's after

2:00 a.m. nobody's ugly we can only get

with a six ok we're okay with it right

you know we would like to I think what

is it Tom like this explains it this way

is that you know guys have to take a

piss okay if we would like to take a

piss and you know the the bathroom at

you know Steve Wynn's casino in Las

Vegas or we will but you know taking a

piss in a dirty garage or a dirty -

gasps - whatever's good you know takes

care of the same thing women are not

like that women we want I want to take a

piss and nice fancy in the Bellagio with

a gold seat yes that's what they want

because that is what and thank God for

that because yes the work has made

that's what well first of all is what

has created male dominance higher so

that we can even you know have the

things that we have right now because

you were just talking about a little

while ago you're glad to be a man

because you're basing your your this is

a mirror basically yes on merit that's

right about women don't do that women

are all about socializing it or

collectivist they want they want to

spread the wealth whereas men reward

based on merit and so why do we even

have that because of hypergamy because

women have selected the guys that they

think are the best they're a guy that

they they get with the best guy that's

maybe a step of hopefully a step above

them but they going for the best that

they can get and then I just just to

finalize this year a lot of I'm sure

that people will listen to this and

they'll go well aren't guys hyper

goodness then

as I know only women are high programís

because that's that's all false

equivalency because and we could

probably do a whole show oh of course

Oh course of course but that's a false

equivalency that the equivalence is men

do not have an attraction for women do

have in a trance exactly that's what

makes them my Pergamus and it's also why

I say that men and women approach love

from different from different

perspectives right women will not allow

themselves to fall in love with somebody

who didn't at least have the perception

have the perception that he might be a

good high Pergamus bet for her life okay

you have to when women when women fall

in love with a guy they passed that love

or that emotion through a hyper Gama's

filter okay so at some point even if the

guy is like this you know loser this

alcoholic you know drug music you know

abusing whatever at some point that guy

got through that filter

there's no point he had to he had to

pass through that and that's why I say

women approach love from an

opportunistic perspective just like you

were saying before how your girlfriend

would leave you if you turned us right

you know fat slob or whatever the same

thing I've been married for 22 years and

I would expect my wife that's right

oh yeah you know what you're and you're

right to do so I do because check this

out because if because if she didn't if

she didn't she doesn't have any value

we're gonna take one more phone call

here airing code seven five seven you're

on you're the last caller the night

you're on live with Donovan and roll oh

go ahead yeah yes we are with them this

is the freelance Ronan what's going on

I'm doing well man you know doing really

well man I tell you what you guys are

really really bringing a fire tonight

and Donovan who's been bringing a fire

died after night brother

yeah I've been listening and a lot of

times I can't catch you live due to my

schedule and all but I've always make

sure I catch you on the replay man it's

you guys are doing a great thing and

honestly I think you guys are going to

start a serious red pill Renaissance

here in this world and all I can say is

you're doing great work brothers great

let's play that's the plan I appreciate

the call freelance and yeah freelance

Ronin no BRABUS a listen he is the TSR


dude this listen this guy is he was

listening to me before I showed my face

like I remember this guy and all that

he's followed me on all these platforms

getting kicked off and it's always good

to hear from him roll oh man it's uh

it's been a pleasure man now once again

thank you definitely you definitely

brought the Thunder you know a lot of a

lot of good hard knowledge to hear you

know red-billed truth is hard for women

to hear it's also hard for women to hear

but but again you men have to understand

that hypergamy is not a bad thing man

and that's that's one thing I really

wanted to one thing I really wanted to

get through is that hypergamy is

evolutionarily necessary women women

make their sexual decisions they can't

be if women if women base their sexual

decisions on logic and rationale and

reason then guess what

I wouldn't I wouldn't look like I do

write notes and I once weighed 312

pounds now I look great part of that is

because of hard work the other part of

it is that I have good genetics you know

what I'm saying like dude I'm 6 1 I'm

225 pounds right so if if my if my


if my mother based her decision on my

father you know based on rationale and

reason and guess what I'd be a you know

I'd be a 5-2 pipsqueak but I'm not this

is just how it is now we are a better

race we are a better human race because

of hypergamy in fact really I don't

think we would exist if it weren't for

my burger I agree because we would not

yeah exactly you would not be who you

are genetically if it weren't for women

you know looking or at least having that

innate desire to have at or above their

own let me go man and just to finish up

your I was gonna say is that anybody

listen to this for I understand you have

a lot of a large black you know

listenership sure I don't suggest go

check out bachelor nation you can find

it on my blog it's linked on my blog

it's bachelor name the name of the the

posts if you just search bachelor nation

on my blog you can find it or it's also

on youtube I think as well but

definitely have a look at that you get

an idea of what we're talking about here

and you know I hate to leave people

without giving them I kind of like a

solution or something to do

maybe that's something you want to stir

yeah it's a start I mean awareness is

where it comes from the sorrowing is

half the battle but I mean what do you

do about that well first of all I think

that what you can do is first of all

tell other guys and yes read the word

yeah I'm happy have these discussions

I'm always big on discussions

particularly when it comes to my books

and stuff like that but you know even

even my books aside I think it's

important to have these discussions you

know whether it's you know a couple of

black guys a couple of white guys but

whatever sure whatever because men are

men all right and that's one of the I

think that's is one of the greatest

strengths of the manosphere is that we

collect where we're an aggregate of

men's experiences and we take all that

information and we develop what we

talked about here you know we we come to

conclusions we develop you know ideas

based on this and if somebody wants to

call and say oh you're full of shit let

me tell you I'm all ears because I'm

about the process right I'm about you

know I always I'm big on saying that the

red pills of praxeology and that's rice

it's just basically an understanding

that humans behave in certain ways and

why they behave in those ways and I

think that really we need to start

looking at how we can at least in some

way get to the next generation of women

and say you know what you're being sold

a bill of goods it is absolutely oh shit

and and you guys you know what hypergamy

is not your enemy it is you can use

hypergamy to your best guess if you know

how to do it and those these are just

some things I think that guys need to

really really think about but anyway if

you're listening to this or watching

this go check out bachelor nation and

and get back with me and ask me or ask

for Donovan you know what you or tell us

what you think about it excellent Rolla

thanks for coming on man I'm not gonna

be on the red man group by the Saturday

because I'll be in Atlanta but dough

will definitely talk to a man got it all

right take care

good rollo tomassi making an appearance

here on TSR prime time you know again

roll it like I said man roll Oh from my


he is absolutely one of the most

brilliant minds in the manosphere you

know him and illimitable man I feel I

feel very fortunate to have access to

those guys and it's it's it's the the

crazy part is is when I discovered the

red pill roll

wasn't even around he was actually I'm

so swab net and I remember I remember

reading him at that point and and I

remember when I you know just a few

years ago I think I discovered him back

in 2012-2013 this guy used to be one of

my heroes man and to be able to have

regular conversations with this guy on a

on a weekly basis on the Redman group

and on my show when he actually asked me

to come on today to get a request from

Roland amassing to come on my show it's

just it still blows my mind man I don't

think I'll ever get used to this kind of

I don't think I'll ever get used to this

and I think that's that's what makes

this that's what makes this a lot of fun

um that's gonna be this this episode is

gonna be the last one of the week I'm

flying out to Atlanta tomorrow morning

gonna be down there I'm gonna be down

there until Sunday so there's not gonna

be any TSR prime time until of course

you know Monday evening at 7 p.m.

Eastern 4:00 Pacific but do not worry my

patreon posts are still gonna be coming

strong it's gonna be 2 to 3 patreon

posts every day I've actually reached

back into some of the archives I'm gonna

I've archived some of my some of my best

episodes for you guys to make sure that

you got you know just to make sure that

that you guys get the content I've got a

couple of ask Donovan's in there you

guys obviously saw the hate mail that I

got but yep gonna be down in Atlanta

this weekend so um like I said visiting

some family and we're gonna we're gonna

see how that works out so I will see you

guys on Monday at 7:00 Eastern 4:00

Pacific that's gonna do it for this

episode of TS or prime time my thanks to

all of my callers Tia freelance Ronan

specials thanks goes out to Rollo

Tomassi for yet another great episode of

TSR prime time thanks for listening guys

I'll see you guys on Monday

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