Black women lie about their dating options; Black Men do not

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Since Prince Harry married post-wall slut bucket Meghan Markle, black women are coming out of the woodworks with wild lies about white men chasing them. Their tales laced with delusions of grandeur are as transparent as their sad attempts at mimicking femininity.



Black women are at the bottom of the sexual totem pole and they know it. But in order to cope with their decreasing desirability, even among black men, they make up these ridiculous fantasies about white men trying to drag them down the aisle. 


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Do women get validation from sexual harassment claims? (Negromanosphere article)


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in 2018 gentlemen we are entrenched in a

battle of sexes men versus women the

manosphere versus feminism feminists

would have us believe that feminism is

good for America despite the fact that

the evidence to the contrary is

literally all around us all the time

things are as bad between men and women

as they have ever been in human history

and feminism is to blame we've talked

about this forever there's no need for

me to belabor the point the manosphere

correctly points out that feminism is

the worst con job in the history of the

United States and at its core feminism

is really one giant shit test and we as

achill and we as men we are collectively

failing that ship test which of course

is why women are as bad as they are

right now now the fight between feminism

and the manosphere hails in comparison

in terms of the contentiousness and the

vitriol the outright hatred to the

battle within the battle that's been

that's festered over the last couple

decades and it's come to a head mainly

because of social media and streaming

platforms like youtube and that is the

battle between black men and black women

guys black men and black women fucking

hate each other man and now that those

of us who are able to articulate our

disdain for one another have a platform

to do it on that hate has exponentially

increased black might have had it with

black women and we let them know about

it all over the web every day black

women incidentally enough are exactly

the same way they write columns they do

videos they do all that stuff just like

we do then we do response videos to

their articles etc etc it goes back and

forth now here's the thing guys I'm not

gonna sit here and try to be above the

fray and talk about the fact that we

need to come together and support each

other or that black men need to be the

bigger people in this particular feud

and lift up and support black women that

ain't me never has been never will be

call me what you want call me immature

call me a coon call me a house nigger

call me whatever you want I don't give a

shit I could not give less of a shit

about the relations between black men

and black women if black people think

that makes that makes me short-sighted

if that thinks that if they think that

makes me lost or whatever or

her fake concern they pretend to have

for me then I guess I'll just be that

dude but there's something that I've

noticed that black women have started

doing in an attempt to fight back and

convince us that they don't want us

anymore what they are doing gentlemen is

they are lying about their dating

options on the market and ever since

Prince Harry married Megan Markel the

lies are they're increasing

exponentially these women are out here

to hell and everybody that they have

more options in men than we then we as

black men have options in women which we

all know to be 100% false now of course

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the number one thing that this is black

Limonov about black about black men the

reason why they lie about their romantic

options is because black men have far

more dating options than black women and

they know this I've said it before and

I'll say it again guys black women are

at the very bottom of the sexual food

chain yes there are many good-looking

black chicks out there yes they get

married yes they have babies yes they

have boyfriends and yes some of them

date and even sometimes marry non black

men some even date and marry white guys

but those are the exceptions to the rule

and extraordinary outliers because the

hard truth is that black women are

almost nobody's type guys no I'm not

talking about top one-percenters like

Paula Patton Kerry Washington Megan good

or any other black woman out there who

would get the attention of any race of

male I'm talking about the average

sister walk in the street the average

black woman that you see at the store

the average black chick you work with

the average sister you see out and about

okay those women don't get a second look

from most men out there including an

increasing number of black men the funny

thing is is that black women won't

acknowledge this fact nor are they

conducting themselves as such they were

at all these articles about how they're

done with black men and about how black

men ain't shit they hate us they want

nothing to do with this bla bla bla bla

bla okay fair enough you want listen you

want a jump ship it is your god-given

right to do whatever it is you want to

do but here's a question for you what

ship are y'all jumping - that's what I

want to know who's gonna wife y'all

bitches up who's gonna date y'all who's

honestly who's even out there looking

for you looking at y'all for a one-night


see that's the problem black females say

they're jumping ship they walk the plank

they look down but all they see is water

there's no other ship to jump to that's

there's not another pool out there

there's not another pool of men out

there who are willing to commit to them

long term

okay sure they may get lucky and score a

one-night stand with a non black man

who's looking to maybe try something

exotic for a night or get into a fuck

button fuck-buddy arrangement with a

white or or maybe a white guy who's in a

slump but at the end of the day the

average non black man doesn't want the

average black woman

and that's all there is to it and black

womens spare me with this well I know a

girl well I know the black girl who gets

hit on by white guys all the time or my

favorite I get hit on by white guys all

the time or I date white boys

exclusively you lyin ass bitches out

here ain't foolin nobody just because a

white dude looked at your ass at the

grocery store last week does not mean

does not mean you get to make up these

grandiose lies about your options on the

dating market we're not stupid we live

life to we see what goes on out there

and the shit you guys claim is happening

ain't happening because we see it two

black women act like they can say just

about anything and nobody will call them

out on it because they assume that

because we can't be there to verify what

they say that they can get away with

lying I remember I got into one unwisely

it I got into one Facebook argument with

a woman I think it was calling her a

slut or something and her response was

are you in my bed are you at my house

every night yeah that's real cute

unfortunately for you as far as black

women and sluts are concerned you are

guilty till proven innocent the burden

of proof is no longer on the accuser at

least not at least not as far as

slut-shaming is concerned you are guilty

till proven innocent these days you have

to prove that you are not a slut anyway

with regards to black women sweetheart

we're out here walking the streets every

day we go to work every day we see

what's going on out there we're not

blind and it's nothing like what y'all

say it is and you guys know it you guys

actually believe that we believe what

you tell us in these chats about all

these white but all these black women

marrying and dating white guys and about

how non black men just can't get enough

of y'all bitches but when we step

outside we don't see any of that and

it's always the same oh well I don't

know where you're getting your

information from or I don't know where

you live but it's not like that where

I'm at that's bullshit

yes other word listen other places are

different we get that but

male-preference is the same worldwide

which is why we know you guys are full

of shit

when you tell us about your white men

black women fantasies to make your fists

to make yourselves feel better about the

fact that your options on the dating

market are virtually non-existent there

are no articles talking about the

epidemic of black women who only date

white men

there are no columns discussing the

disturbing trend of white men marrying

black women black men aren't making

videos asking why hordes of white guys

are dating and marrying black women and

the reason for this is that there is no

epidemic there is no trend and if we

actually see it in real life you are

seeing an outlier something that rarely

happens and only happens with the top 1%

of black females don't talk to me about

the commercials you see or the movies

you see or or what you saw in a

television show that shit's made up that

shit's scripted now black men we ain't

got that problem we jump ship a long

time ago and when we did multiple races

of non black women were ready willing

and able to make our Queens but don't

take my word for it well outside and

take a look around

live life go to the mall go to the

grocery store go to the coffee shop go

to the city go to the country go

anywhere you want and you will regularly

see black men with non black women jump

online and you'll see scores of columns

written by black men and women talking

about the epidemic of black men who date

white women you'll see a shitload of

articles discussing the trend of black

men marrying white women go to YouTube

you'll see video after video of black

women asking why black men are dating

and marrying white women at an

increasing rate

so black women see what black women can

say whatever they want they can talk

about all these mythical black women you

know that that they know that can have

any non black man they want and they can

even lie about how they get hit on by

white guys from sunup till sundown but

at the end of the day they're not

fooling anybody we as black men are

their only option and they fucking hate

us for it

the number one reason black men have it

better than black women is because we

have far more options than they do on

the dating market and they know it we

talk shit about him they get angry they

talk shit about us and we don't care

because we know we don't have to deal

with their bullshit if we don't want to

and a lot of us have already made that

decision and it pisses them off so they

lie about their romantic options to save

face another factor that makes us as

black men

more attractive to other races of

females is the way we are stereotyped

now black men in America are thought of

and this Asteria stereotypical stuff

we're thought of as criminals we're

thought of as lazy people who don't want

to work we're stereotyped as deadbeat

dads who never stick around you know to

to take care of the kids that we father

were thought of as players who cheat all

the time and can't be faithful we're

thought of as less intelligent than

other races then there's the athletic

stereotype then the bigblackcock myth

and then of course we're said to be more

physically abusive to women than any

other race well with something okay they

actually in as far as stereotypes are

concerned with something that that's how

it is all right now

I'm not here to debate whether or not

these stereotypes are true or false and

if I'm being honest I've got a lot of

those stereotypes myself so I'm not

gonna be the guy who bitches about the

false portrayal of black men no not

every black man fits all those

stereotypes but real talk a lot of us

fit a lot of them that's how it is like

if we're keeping it 100 a lot of us fit

a lot of those stereotypes myself and

myself included stereotypes just

stereotypes don't just come out of

nowhere guys they're there for a reason

fair or unfair this is how it works the

black woman stereotype is angry hyper

masculine bossy bitchy loud most of them

are fat they don't listen they're not

submissive they don't like sucking dick

they have an attitude problem they have

weaves they weren't fake hair the list

goes on and on now again I'm not here to

debate whether or not these stereotypes

are true or false the fact of the matter

is is that not all black women fit all

of those stereotypes but real talk most

black women fit most of those

stereotypes fair or unfair that's just

how it is just like I said about us

black men this shit doesn't come out of


it doesn't just it doesn't just appear

out of thin air these stereotypes exist

for a reason the difference between our

perceived stereotypes however is that

our stereotypes as black men makes us

more arousing to the opposite sex notice

I said aroused right arousing I didn't

see attractive rollo tomassi points out

the the fact that there is a

huge difference between attraction and

arousal beta males are attractive

because of because of what they can

provide alpha males are arousing because

you know because they're perceived to be

able to fuck good right good genes good

dad you know the bad boys are arousing

the good guys are attractive I remember

I was listening to this one I think was

Maxim Marcellus a long time ago and they

had this woman on I forget who she was

and they keep Max Kellerman asked her

straight up he said does money make a

man more attractive without without even

hesitation she said yes max said well

you don't even know what he looks like

she said I don't have to know what he

looks like if he has more money he's

attractive well guess what she could

she's envisioning an ugly fat slob

because what he is still attractive

because he has money at RIT just because

a woman is attracted to you doesn't mean

that she is physically aroused by you

there are a lot of there a lot of women

out there who attract who are attracted

to a lot of guys that are not physically

arousing these are the guys that we like

to call beta bucks these are the guys

that women cheat on these are the guys

that women marry and then go fuck the

bad boy anyway

a man's red-flags makes him attractive

to women

a woman's red-flags takes them out of

the running for long term relationship

status actually let me let me back up I

actually I don't want to contradict

myself a man's red flags a man's red

flags makes him arousing to women a

woman's red flags takes her out of the

running for long term relationships that

is a little little little verbal kungfu

there and think about it guys regardless

of the race of the man or the woman if

if the woman meets a man with let's just

play the scenario the scenario out here

guys if if the woman meets a man with

tattoos he's a smoker he's an asshole he

shows signs of being violent towards

women he has a criminal record did time

in prison and all the rest of that not

only is that woman more aroused by him

okay then she would be a squeaky-clean

good guy she's more likely to commit to

him long term it's fucked up but it's


not that that's ever a good idea for a

woman to do but women today consistently

give their commitment their time their

hearts their emotion their everything to

men with a laundry list of red flags we

see it every day

now if a man on the other hand meets a

woman who's covered in tattoos has

piercings at her nose or navel does

drugs has bright green hair yeah well

fuck her a few times we'll use her as a

side chick or a fuck buddy but we ain't

wife in that bitch up

we ain't commit to that oh because a

woman's red flags don't earn her

commitment from men while a man's red

flags while a man's red flags gets

commitment from women let me repeat that

a woman's red flags doesn't earn

commitment from a man but uh but a man's

red flags earns commitment from women

like I said we'll fuck her for a little

bit but guess what a fuck buddy ain't a

commitment I'm committing to fuck you

that's it I'll even go one step further

let's take this one step further if a

man does commit to the hoe with the

green hair in the tattoos he is not the

man she wants commitment from only

low-value men commit to women with red

flags okay and don't come at me with

stories about a woman with purple hair

and a face tattoo who's married because

you because what you're leaving out is

that her husband is a fat ass loser who

works at Burger King and plays video

games all night long that's what you're

leaving out on the flip side of that it

ain't the ugly low-value chicks who take

the bad boys off the market guys it's

the hot girls it's the beautiful women

that do again we see it all the time so

don't give me the well if low value men

commit the sluts then low value men are

the only ones the bad boys can attract

that's a negative the bad boys of the

world will fuck the hottest chicks they

get commitment from beautiful women on

the regular and we all know this now

applying it to the african-american race

the same thing applies with the black

male stereotype versus the black female

stereotype black men who were thought of

as violent abusers who cheat on their

women or who have a bunch of kids you

don't take care of because he's been in

and out of jail he gets sexual interest

from women of all races gentlemen white

girls black girls Mexican girls

Asian girls Indian girls all races

whether the stereotype is true or not

for any pertinent for any particular

reason that doesn't matter the fact is

that a black man's perceived red flags

are arousing to women it attracts women

get or not say whatever you want okay

say whatever you want this is what

happens now on the other hand the black

woman stereotype is unattractive to men

if any race of man sees a black woman

and not a word comes out of her mouth he

is thinking she's probably a loud bossy

bitchy angry woman who doesn't suck dick

whether that's true or not doesn't

matter the fact of the matter is that a

black woman's perceived red flags

perpetuated by the stereotype or

unattractive to men of all races and

that's one of the major reasons why we

have far more opportunities with women

of other races than black women do with

non black men now I'm sure I'll see

women in the comments section or women

who are women who are attempting to call

in they'll say shit like well pussy and

everything or sex and everything or

there's so much more to relationships

with with there's so much more to life

than relationships with men basically

saying that they don't need a man they

can pretend that they don't want

relationships they can pretend that none

of this is true they can pretend that

they don't need a man but we all know

they're not being honest because we all

want meaningful relationships guys men

and women this is how we're made men and

women regardless of race are all

hardwired to desire a relationship of

consequence with persons of the opposite

sex black women included so that when

they get hit with truthful shit like


a lot of them respond with the well men

ain't everything

or I don't need a relationship or a man

or I don't care about not about having

marriage or a boyfriend so in case any

black women watching this okay

understand that we know that those

comments are bullshit post them if you

want but you're not fooling anybody with

that response call response Colin if you

want we're not buying that nonsense now

all of the responses I get from black

women when I do shows like this tells me

that they know that I'm telling the

truth this is white this is white fucks

with them so much this is white bugs

them so much this is why they can't help

but post these long diatribes in my

comments section telling me how ugly I

am or how my mother's a whore or how I'm

a sad little man with a little dick who

ain't shit when they do this guys I know


they know I'm telling the truth give you

an example personal example if I watched

a video about black men and saw that

none of it applied to me what the fuck

would I care for if it ain't true why

would I be mad why would I jump why

honestly why would I jump in the comment

section and post some long epithet about

how wrong they are about me if it

doesn't apply to me I don't give a shit

I got six telling me I'm ugly I'm no

good I'm this I'm that I don't care

because it's not true black chicks

overreact to this stuff because there is

a basic fundamental understanding and

inner acknowledgment of these

uncomfortable truths and they have to

live with that

every day of their lives and that's why

they lose their shit over stuff like

this all right let's hit the comments

section and then we will hit the phone

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